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1748/9 William EAGLE in Rushford Norfolk

see1798 William EAGLE of Norfolk marries Ann Brand

and William EAGLE born around 1748 looking for birth in Norfolk


Norfolk Rushford St John the Evangelist Tr 08 Feb 1748/49 William to Henry & Ester EAGLE

Rushford is 3 1/2 miles east of Thetford

Looked but could not find a burial or marriage for this Wm in Rushford

Or a burial anywhere in Norfolk

So this means he disappears from Norfolk and could very well be the Wm who appears to Scotland with the Dragoons.
However our Wm does not use Henry of Ester for his own children or his sister Elizabeth

HENRY EAGLE to ESTER KELLER 19 JUN 1745 Euston, Suffolk, England
Messages: Form submitted by a member of the LDS Church

Although across the border Euston is only 2 1/2 miles from Rushford along the Rushford Road

see finding their birth etc etc
Looking for Henry Eagle and Hester Keller re 1748/9 William EAGLE in Rushford Norfolk 

The 1745 marriage in nearby Euston, Suffolk must be parents of William born in Rushford. Henry seemingly born in Elveden. Ester could be from Notts. First born Elizabeth in West Stow. No burial etc found for any of the family or any other baptisms. The whole family seemingly vanish so it seemed to be a good case for this man being our William. But none of these names Henry Hester  or Elizabeth were used for William and Ann's children 

Rest of Page is Checking if any other events for Wm born Rushford

And not finding any

Ignoring Marriage at Catfield

from LDS
William Eagle   Mary Holmes marriage date: 05 Jan 1768   Catfield, Norfolk, England
Catfield is 60 miles NE of Rushford the other side of Norwich

William Eagle 10 Feb 1733 Dickleburgh, Norfolk, England Wm. Eagle Mary
William Eagle 10 Feb 1733 Norwich, Norfolk, England Wm. Eagle Mary
very likely as Norwich is only 16 miles from Catfield

could not find anyother Eagle event at Catfield in 18th Century

So no evidence linking this Wm to the one born Rushford -

Ignoring Marriage at Rougham

also from LDS
William Eagle to Jane Nichols 20 Jul 1784 Rougham, Norfolk, England
Rougham is 30 miles north of Rushford

If 1748 Wm he would be 36 at this marriage
I cannot track any other Eagle events to Rougham

So no evidence linking this Wm to the one born Rushford


Burials in Norfolk which are in time frame but not 1748 Wm of Rushford

Norfolk Kings Lynn St Nicholas 11 Aug 1770 William Son of Thomas EAGEL

Norfolk Kings Lynn St. Nicholas 21 Dec 1774 William son Thomas EAGLE

Looked at these also when checking 1747 William EAGLE in East Dereham Norfolk
Both too old
East Dereham St Nicholas 13 Dec 1789 William EGGEL Age    75
East Dereham St Nicholas 31 Dec 1805 William EAGLE 70 Married Man From The Workhouse

I could not see any other burials in Norfolk up to 1790s which looked like 1748 Wm

Ruling out a 1781 marriage in Hardingham

There is this
Norfolk Hardingham   St George At Marriage 09 Dec 1781  William EAGLE to Sarah FENIX
Both of Hardingham and made their mark
Witnesses John FENIX (one reading Tewse) and William Surname JENNEY
Hardingham is 23 miles north east of Rushford
IGI also has Sarah as Ferin but her children say mother Fenix

Their children in Hardingham
07 Jan 1784 Elizabeth William EAGLE & Sarah FENIX
08 Oct 1786 Mary William EAGLE & Sarah FENIX
03 Nov 1782 Williamson of William & Sarah EAGLE
28 Mar 1810   Elizabeth   dau of   Wm.   Sarah   EAGLE Age 26
18 Aug 1813 William EAGLE   52 Abode Hardingham
presumably Sarah's husband and this makes him born 1761
clearly 1781 marriage is not Wm born 1748 in Rushford





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