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NameSarah Sharp BERRY347,1706,7,159
Birth12 Mar 1788, Washington Co., Virginia1706
Birth6 Apr 1788, Kentucky, Virginia957
Birth12 Mar 1788, Kentucky
Birth12 Mar 1788, Washington, Virginia358
Death18 Oct 1874, Linn Co., Missouri1706
BurialDryden Cemetery, Linn Co., Missouri957
FatherFrancis BERRY (~1754-1816)
MotherSarah SHARP (1753-1834)
Birth18 Oct 1784, Washington Co., Virginia347
Birth18 Oct 1784, Augusta Co., Virginia
Death21 Dec 1858, Linneus, Linn Co., Missouri347
BurialDryden Cemetery, Linn Co., Missouri
FatherDavid DRYDEN Jr. (~1736-~1818)
MotherBarbara BERRY (~1746-<1811)
Marriage27 Jun 1805, Washington Co., Virginia
ChildrenNathaniel Julian (1807-1865)
 Constantine Francis (1809-1882)
 Jonathan Augustine (1811-1877)
 Eliza Amelia (1815-1899)
 Sarah Harriet (1817-1872)
 Caroline Lucinda (1818-1891)
 William Wallace (1818-1897)
 Thomas Louis (1819-1897)
 Louisa Marcella (~1822-1904)
 Oscar Decatur (1823-1900)
 Bowen Armstrong (Died as Infant) (1825-1825)
 Virginia Ann (1827-1924)
 John Quincy (1830-)
 David Nelson (Died as Infant) (1832-)
 Gabriel Shackelford (Died as Child) (1832-1835)
Notes for Sarah Sharp BERRY
Notes for William (Spouse 1)
NOTES for William Dryden & Sarah 'Sally' Sharp Berry:159
Carol's NOTE: Marriage date comes multiple sources , but this marriage NOT shown in "Marriages of 'Washington Co., Virginia" It is most likely that this marriage occured in either Washington Co., Virginia or Sullivan Co., Tennessee. More research into where Francis Berry Jr/Sarah Sharp lived in 1805.

Carol's NOTE: Conflict from Leslie P. Dryden showing death in Linn Co., Missouri and James Pederson 1707 showing death in Lineville, Wayne Co., Iowa. These may be quite close in proximity. More research.

Whitley Co., Kentucky 1818 Deed Index:
1:75 12 Mar 1824 [Thomas Mahan] & w [William Dryden] 130a on Meadow Cre
1:313 20 Sep 1830 [William Dryden] & [Charles Gatliff] 130a on Meadow Cre database: Missouri Bible Records, Volume 1. [database online] Provo, UT:, 2000. Original data: Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather, comp. Bible Records of Missouri, Volume 1. Chillicothe, MO: Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, 1963.
This collection of Bible records was compiled by long-time researcher, school teacher, and professional genealogist Elizabeth Ellsberry. The database is the first volume in a series of Bible records that includes such information as births, marriages, probate information, and deaths of individuals who settled in Missouri. Bible records can often give researchers added value, value that traditional vital record sources cannot.

For there with all the happy infant band, Who have so soon and safely crossed the flood Shall
Marshall's little sainted spirits stand The Purchase of a dying Savior's blood.
Submission then should bid us cease to mourn, And hopes immortal our sad spirits fire. Although our loved ones can no more return, We may to heaven, their bright abode aspire.

About 1959, Mrs. U. C. Dryden, Purdin Missouri, called me and ask me to come and copy the Dryden Family Bible because she wanted to have the records preserved for her descendents. At that time, I was unable to get all of the information copied because the Bible contained so much material. About two weeks later, Mrs. Dryden sent the Bible to me in Chillicothe for me to be sure and get everything copied.

This old Bible of my Grandfather Dr. N. J. Dryden's came into my possession January 20 1926. Signed: Dr. U. C. Dryden

Notes on the Dryden Family taken from my files:
William Dryden, 4th son of David Dryden, Jr., born Oct. 18th 1784 in Virginia, died Dec. 21, 1858 migrated from Washington County, Virginia married Sarah Berry, born April 6, 1788, died October 18, 1874.

Children of William and Sarah (Berry) Dryden were Nathaniel J. Dryden, Constantine F.
Dryden, Augustine Dryden, Caroline L. Dryden, Eliza A. Dryden, Sally H. Dryden, William H.
Dryden, Thomas L. Dryden, Louisa Dryden, Oscar D. Dryden, Virginia A. Dryden, and John
Q. Dryden.

Nathaniel J. Dryden married in Chariton County, Missouri Martha H. Russell, born in
Buckingham County, Virginia. They had: Flerence Dryden, Adelia Frances Dryden, William
Russell Dryden, Sarah Ann Dryden, Thomas Marshall Dryden, Nathaniel Constantine
Dryden, Martha Caroline Dryden, David Clifford Dryden, John Augustine Dryden, Robert
Henry Dryden, Nancy Eliza Dryden, Mary Flood Dryden, Emma Julian Dryden, and Louisa
Virginia Dryden.

Constantine F. Dryden died in Texas 1882 married Rebecca Burford.
Augustine Dryden married Eliza Liggett
Careline L. Dryden married Jonathan J. Dryden in Daviess County, Missouri
21 October 1841.
Eliza A. Dryden married Thomas J. Martin.
Sally H. Dryden married William W. Maxwell in Livingston County, Missouri
17 September 1840
William H. Dryden married in Linn County, Missouri 13 September 1843
Martha E. Reynolds.
Thomas L. Dryden married in Linn County, Missouri 9 May 1850 Sarah A. Maxwell.
Louisa Dryden married in Linn County, Missouri 20 August 1846 William Purdin.
Oscar D. Dryden married in Linn County, Missouri 5 Dec. 1844 Martha Ann Ogan.
Virginia A. Dryden married Thomas Maxwell 28 March 1850 in Linn County, Missouri.
Carol's NOTE: Correspondence to Leslie P. Dryden probably from Ruby Berry Stallings 1706 cites the following additional children for William Dryden/Sarah Sharp Berry: Bowen Armstrong and Gabriel Shackelford Dryden with notation that they died young. Leslie P. Dryden cites the following additional child: David Nelson Dryden with a birth/death date in same year. NONE of these three names appear in the Bible Record of Nathaniel Julian Dryden. It is possible that Ruby Stallings had access to a bible record of William Dryden/Sarah Sharp Berry. The bible record shown above is in reality the bible of one of their sons, Nathaniel Julian Dryden.
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