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Other Documents

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This section contains some of the other types of important genealogy reference data.  The pictures on this page are auto thumb nailed.  Click on the image to view a larger version.  You will need to press your browser's back button to return to this page.

Family Bible - Langford/Hosey

Started by Martha Frances Taylor Langford and passed down to my Great Grandmother, Lela Dever Ranney Langford.

A view of the bible.

Note:  It was rebound in 1952.


Genealogy Page 1 Genealogy Page 2 Genealogy Page 3

Edited by Roswell D. Hitchcock, DD. LL.D - Late President Union Theological Seminary, NY and published by J. A. Whilmore & Co.  The publishing date page was apparently lost or removed during the 1952 rebinding of the Bible.


Credit for these magnificent documents are given to all of my Wade and Cox cousins.  Thank you for digging this out for us for me to photograph.  It is interesting to note that Martha Frances Taylor Langford also dedicated much information on the children of her first marriage to James R. Hosey.

Railroad Retirement Board


Warren, Raymond N.

(My Great Uncle who married my Great Grandmother after my Great Grandfather, Lee Ingrim Warren died).

Click here to see his entire retiremnt


Langford, George (1 of 2)

Warren County, NC

Benjamin D Lankford's Grandfather

Langford, George (2 of 2)

Warren County, NC

Benjamin D. Lankford's Grandfather

Langford, John (1 of 2)

Warren County, NC

Benjamin D. Lankford's Father

Langford, John (2 of 2)

Warren County, NC

Benjamin D. Lankford's Father

The copies of these documents are courtesy of Bill K. Langford, who is a descendant of Benjamin D. Lankford as well.  Thank you Bill as these are obviously cornerstone documents in our mutual Langford Research.


Langford, John


King & Queen County, VA

Source: Virginia Land Office Patents,

Number 9, 1697-1706, Page 686

Langford, John

August 16, 1756

Lunenburg County, VA

Source: Virginia Land Office Patents,

Number 34, 1756-1765, Pages 112 &113

Langford, John

July 7, 1763

Lunenburg County, VA

Source: Library of Virginia



Langford, John

August 15, 1764

Lunenburg County, VA

Source: Library of Virginia

At this time I feel that is probable that the father of George Langford, Sr. (the Great Grandfather of Benjmain D. Lankford) was this John Langford.  These land related documents will be but one element of proving or disproving the next generations.

Law Enforcement


Sheriff Campaign Flyer for Everett Langford

Kentucky Sheriff's Association (1950-1951) - Cover Kentucky Sheriff's Association (1950-1951) - Pg. 101  
Credit for these wonderful documents are given to my Uncle, Eric Langford.


Life Time Hunting and Fishing License

A bizarre yet interesting documentation of Birth Dates


Langford, Everett

Langford, Lela Dever Ranney

Courtesy of my Wade and Cox Cousins.


Media Research Bureau, 1110 " F " Street, Washington, DC circa 1946/47 -

titled " The Name and Family of Lankford"

Courtesy of Leon Lankford



RESEARCH WARNING:  The items produced by the Media Research Bureau were known to have very large errors and omissions in them.  Their work was specifically identified by the American Society of Genealogists as being not accurate.  Therefore, I recommend reading the above mentioned documents for entertainment and interest and would not rely on them as a primary source by any means.  The rest is up to you and your research.

Tax Records


Lankford, John

Lankford, H?




Correspondence and sources found from other Researchers

This section contains genealogy related correspondence that I have received from other researchers or from correspondence sent to me.  It is important to maintain the integrity and credit for the information sited below.  I am merely placing these documents here as it affords us an opportunity to all share the same data.  If you wish to use any of these documents for your own personal use, you will need to contact these great contributors directly.  If I have incorrectly annotated any of the items below, please accept my apologies and contact me so that I can fix it immediately.  Thanks. End of disclaimer.

A Merchant's Account Book, Hanover County, Virginia, 1743-1744.  Taken from the Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, Volume 35, No. 1, February 1, 1997.  Abstracted by Edgar MacDonald. 

Generously contributed by: Mary Ann Tyre

Click here to read this abstract.



Letter Regarding Benjamin D. Lankford to Jeff Davis from Seth Warner



Response Letter from Seth Warner to Jeff Davis.  I have chosen to censor the  name/address in the center as it is of a living descendant of Benjamin D. Lankford.  For those of your that don't know, Seth Warner did some significant Langford/Lankford research in the Warren County, NC area.  He like many of us (myself included) would like to see some sort of disposition of the 55 1/2 acres given to a Benjamin D. Lankford in John Langford's will (see above for copy of will).



George Lewis Walter Letter, dated August 1935

Generously contributed by: James R. Thomas II via Nola Duffy


Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
Page5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8


Note:   The above documents are letters that Nola Duffy obtained copies of.  They are genealogically important for the Langford lines in Warren County, NC as they are genealogical reflections from a testimonial.  Nola was kind enough to give me permission to post these documents.  While the Langford information is based on his personal knowledge and memory, he did rely on another source for the earliest  Pegram information which later research has shown to be inaccurate. As for the copy we both now have, the original is in the hands of:  James R. Thomas II <>