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This page was last updated on Sunday, September 16, 2007 10:16 AM

Many of you have been asking where some of the places I acquire information from.  Some of the links on this page are good sources.  Other pages are merely listed for other researchers convenience.

Disclaimer:  I make no warranties nor will I prove or disprove any of the information contained in the following links.  I am merely listing them for your convenience.  Selecting one of these links will open a new window.  If a link does not work, please e-mail me so I can update the link or delete it.  Thanks.

Other Personal Langford/Lankford Researchers Websites


The Langford Family

A site maintained by Peter Langford.  Contains some English Langford genealogy.


Langford Family Ties

A site maintained by Glenn Langford.  This site has heavy Florida genealogy connections.


Langford and Lankford Resources

This site was maintained by the late Carol Middleton.  It contains a significant amount of Langford research data.  I highly recommend this site for its sheer volume of Langford/Lankford related information.


Sherlene's G-Log.  Making sense of the census (Fording the Langs, at present)

This outstanding Langford/Lankford blog site is maintained by Sherlene Hall Bartholomew who has some deep Kentucky Langford roots.


Front Porch Rocker News

This is yet another excellent Langford/Lankford blog site maintained by Poldi Tonin, a Langford descendant.


My Dekalb County, Alabama Connection and Beyond

This site is maintained by Glenn Ray Lankford, Jr. and contains some great data on his line.


The Lankford Family Tree

This website by Lynn L. Crow on his Lankford ancestors has some great photo's and the research that he has done on his Lankford's.


House of Proctor Genealogy

This is an incredibly well laid out web site containing a good deal of information on the Pulaski and Rockcastle County, Kentucky Langford's.


Ancestors & Posterity of Fielding Langford



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Record Acquisition & Research Resources


Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

300 Coffee Tree Road
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Phone:(502) 564-8300

This is an outstanding sources for older Kentucky records.  I have used KDLA primarily for marriage records.


Kentucky Vital Records Index

The Kentucky Department of Vital Records contains a great deal of information on our more recent ancestors.  I word of caution however, their primary records begin in 1911.  I would recommend that if you are looking for anything before 1911, use KDLA.


National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

This is an invaluable source for many types of records.  Obtaining records from NARA can be quite expensive so ensure you know exactly what you are requesting. I have been especially fortunate with War of 1812 Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records.


Library of Virginia Land Office Grant Search Database


Ancestral Tracks

This is a record finding, printing and scanning service offered by Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie.  She has some good raw source material for just about anything in Warren County, NC.  I have now used her on several occasions and I can't say enough good things about the quality work she produces and sends.  This is not a free service, but can really help to fill in some of the blanks.


Find a Grave

This site is incredible for finding out tombstone/gravesite information on ancestors.  I would like to thank Mary Ann Tyre for showing me this website.


Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archives

This website is a good source if you have Southern Baptist Roots.


Military Organizations in Colonial North Carolina

This website is maintained by Joel S. Russell .  It is an excellent resource to better understand some of these military units that our ancestors were in.

An excellent source for finding genealogy information.

This is a pay based web-site that has an emphasis on the Revolutionary War Period and some other documentation.


Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet


Newspaper Archives

This is pay based web site that lists newspaper articles going back several hundred years.


Ancestry Connections Surname Registry


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USGENWEB Resources


White County, Illinois


Butler County, Kentucky


Ohio County, Kentucky


Archives Project, Ohio County, Kentucky


Warren County, Kentucky Genealogy


Stoddard County, Missouri


Bute County, North Carolina


Granville County, North Carolina


Warren County, North Carolina


Mecklenburg County, Virginia


Lunenburg County, Virginia


Smith County, Tennessee


Virginia Parish System

This is an excellent resource by William F. Boogher that explains the different Parish's that were associated with the counties of Virginia.


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Kentucky Genealogical Society

I am a life member of this society and obviously enjoy it a great deal.


Lunenburg County, Virginia Historical Society


National Genealogical Society

I just recently picked up a 3 year membership to this society and look forward to learning a great deal from other members in this society.  Thank you Poldi for recommending this one to me.


North Carolina Genealogical Society


Ohio County, Kentucky Genealogical Society
Ruth Goodman
317 N Main
Beaver Dam, Kentucky 42320

Single membership dues are $11.00 per year and they furnish newsletters about every 3 months.


Stoddard County, Missouri, Historical Society

Sec. Mary Thorn

14874 County Rd. 294

Bloomfield, MO 63825


Southside Virginia Genealogical Society


Virginia Genealogical Society


General Society of the War of 1812


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Langford/Lankford Forums


Rootsweb Langford Forum (This one is my personal favorite).


Rootsweb Lankford Forum


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Other Interesting Items


Animated Flags Images



The Wayback Machine

This is an amazing website that lets you recover antiquated web pages that have been removed from the mainstream internet.  Thank you Mary Ann Tyre for finding this website.


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