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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Question #1.  Jeff, you have the Surname of Davis, why such an interest in the Langford/Lankford Surname?


  • My mother is a Langford.  I am also very close to my Langford Uncle and was raised around my Langford ancestors.


Question #2.  Why is the  spelling of the Langford/Lankford Surname recorded in so many variations?





Question #3.  What is the correct spelling of the Surname?


  • There is no "correct" way to spell the surname.  However your ancestor's spell it for your line is your correct way.  I know many Langford's, Lankford's and even one Lanford.


Question #4.  What are the known spelling and transcription variations of the Surname?

(As contributed by the many active researchers on the Langford-L List on  Keep these spelling variations in mind when you are researching your ancestors.


  • Landford

  • Lanford

  • Langeforde

  • Langfard

  • Langfart

  • Langford

  • Langfort

  • Langfurd

  • Langord

  • Langleeford

  • Lankford

  • Lankfard

  • Lankfort

  • Lankfurd

  • Linkfart

  • Linkford

  • Linkfort

  • Longford

  • Longfort

  • Longfort

  • Longfurd

  • Sangford

  • Sankford


  • Be careful when trying to tie in Lunsford, Lunceford, etc.  This is a unique Surname unto itself.

  • Sometimes you will hear the abbreviated term of L-ford or Lford to summarize any and all spelling variations.