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The Crowe Family

Thanks are due to Ray and Margaret (Crowe) Grove who supplied me with a book they had compiled about the family which filled in many details enabling me to update this family page. I can do no better than quote from their book regarding the origins of the Crowe Family.
"... Our search for the origin of the CROWE family ended with the birth of the first family member in Ireland and based on his place of birth and the family history of military service it is possible that [he was not an only child]. Proof of this still eludes us but it is logical to assume that Timothy was the son of a serving soldier stationed in Ireland so his parents could have been [from elswhere in the British Isles]..."

Descendants of Timothy Crowe - b 1803

To the 6th generation.

Timothy Crowe, born on 20 December 1803, Palmerstown, Par Palmerstown, Co Dublin, Ireland, died on 4 July 1845, Loodiana, Bengal, India (age at death: 41 years old).
Married on 4 July 1832, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, Ireland, to Maria Haughey, born on 23 February 1817, died on 19 June 1843, Cawnpore, Bengal, India (age at death: 26 years old), with

  • Charles Henry Crowe, born on 7 May 1833, Castlebar, Co Mayo, Ireland, died on 5 February 1900, Upton Park, West Ham, London (age at death: 66 years old).
    Married on 5 January 1857, Salem Chapel, Cogan Street Independent, Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, to Louisa Dunkin, born in 1831, Charlton, Kent, died after 1881, with
    • Charles Patrick Crowe, born in 1860, Kuladahee, India.
    • Maria Fonseca Crowe, born on 22 March 1861, Bombay, India, died on 28 March 1861, Bombay, India.
    • Timothy Benjamin Humby Crowe, born on 20 June 1864, Karachi, Sindh, India (Pakistan), died on 5 October 1914, Esquimallt, Victoria, B.C., Canada (age at death: 50 years old).
      Married to Lydia Thomas, born in 1873, Middlesex, London, died on 23 May 1939, San Fransico, CA (age at death: 66 years old), with
      • Eric Louis Crowe, born on 22 March 1899, 68 Rotherfield Street, Islington, died on 21 January 1953, 10 Aylett Road, South Norwood, London SE25 (age at death: 53 years old).
        Married on 21 September 1920, Victoria BC Canada, to May Banks, born on 11 January 1904, Peel Street, Longbridge Hayes, Staffs, with
        • Mary Crowe, born in 1921, Victoria, BC, Canada.
        • Victoria Crowe, born on 21 February 1924, Alamenda, Alamenda Co, CA.
        Married on 9 September 1936, St Andrews Church, Hillingdon, Middlesex, England to Elsie Florence Dobson, born on 25 September 1916, Croydon, Surrey, with
        • Eric Louis Crowe, born on 23 September 1937, Uxbridge, Middlesex.
          Married in September 1962, Croydon, Surrey, to Marion ??.
          Married (1970-1975) to Ann ??.
        • Valerie Irene Crowe, born on 20 November 1939, Uxbridge, Middlesex.
          Married in 1963, Croydon, Surrey, to Frederick Charles Mears, divorced in 1985 with
          • Lisa Mears, born in 1964, Dartford, Kent.
            Married to Martin Beckley divorced about 1996.
          • Wendy Mears, born in 1966, Canterbury, Kent.
          Married in September 1985, Northampton, to Reginald Coleman.
        • Rita Sylvia Crowe, born on 30 October 1943, Epsom Hospital, 49 Dorking Road, Epsom, Surrey.
          Married on 15 September 1962, Holmesdale Baptist Church, South Norwood, London SE25, to Peter Langdon Goff, born on 4 December 1939, Branksome House, Hyde Lea, Stafford, with
          • Bruce Duncan Goff, born on 31 July 1969, Wokingham Hospital, Wokingham, Berkshire.
          • Stephanie Dawn Goff, born on 4 June 1972, Wokingham Hospital, Wokingham, Berkshire.
            Married on 9 June 1995, Chineham, Basingstoke, to Lee Goodall, divorced in December 1998.
      • Arthur Victor Crowe, born on 21 January 1903, Poplar, London, died on 20 May 1935, Alamenda, California (age at death: 32 years old).
        Married on 13 December 1925, Oakland, Alameda, CA, to Ida Pearl Parker, born on 29 December 1905, Susanville, Lassen Co, CA, died on 15 April 1954, Salinas, Monterey Co, CA (age at death: 48 years old), with
        • Margaret Leland Crowe, born in 1927, California.
          Married to Melchoir Ray Brenner Grove, with
          • Debra Anne Grove, born in 1953.
            Married to Michael Patrick Maher, with
            • Kathryn Anne Maher.
            • Erin Elizabeth Maher.
            • Kelly Marie Maher.
          • James Russell Grove, born in 1955.
            Married to Beverley Frances Hambey, with
            • Breanna Frances Hambey Grove.
          • Jon Eric, born in 1960.
            Married to Lisa Marie Jensen.
      • Robert Harold Crowe, born on 18 October 1907, Toronto, died on 16 August 1965, San Fransico, CA (age at death: 57 years old).
        Married on 29 May 1952, San Fransico, CA, to Alice Marion Allen, died on 25 March 1960.
      • Irene Margaret Crowe, born on 2 November 1909, Toronto, Canada.
        Married to Joseph Earl Keegan, born on 5 August 1911, San Fransisco, CA.
    • Alfred Theodore Emanuel Crowe, born on 13 February 1866, Karachi, Sindh, India (Pakistan), died on 19 November 1866, Karachi, Sindh, India (Pakistan) (age at death: 9 months old).
    • Kathleen Elizabeth Daisy Crowe, born on 4 October 1867, Karachi, Sindh, India (Pakistan).
    • Harry Patrick, born on 11 April 1870, 3 Woods Building, Walworth, London.
  • Alfred Gwilliam Crowe, born on 3 November 1835, Fort St George, Bermuda.
    Married on 7 September 1867, Edinburgh??, to Sophia ??, born about 1849, Manchester, England, with
    • Florence Crowe, born in 1869, Dublin, Ireland.
    • Alfred Crowe, born in 1871, Cahir, Ireland.
    • Harriet Crowe, born in 1873, Newbridge, Ireland.
    • Harry Crowe, born in 1876, Southport, Lancashire.
    • Frank Crowe, born in 1877, Southport, Lancashire.
    • Algernon Crowe, born in 1881, Hammersmith, London.
  • Matilda Mary Ann Crowe, born on 28 September 1839, Fort St George, Bermuda.
  • Emily Margaret Maria Crowe, born on 6 December 1841, Berhapure, Bengal, India.

Total: 37 persons (spouses not included).

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