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Polaris 1941
Yearbook of North High School
Minneapolis, MN


Faculty & Office Staff

Ms. J.F. Abbott Mr. H.J. Gregory Velma Seder Ms. B.H. Thorpe
Ms. A.D. Lawrence Ms. C.K. Horsch Ruth Normann Alberta Noble
Stella Adams Ms. M.R. Gould Mazie Shannon Ms. A.G. Davidson
Agnes Glasoe Ms. D.R. Lindsten Laura Sherman
Gladys Hobbs Clara Nelson Ms. B.B. Pierce
Ms. E. Crittenden Freda Raich Ms. G.G. Shephard

Harriet Apel Ms. H.R. Konig Ms. P. Farseth Lillian Nelson
Edith Holtz Ms. E.C. Hall Ms. M Lundeen

Joseph Brom Ms. M.R. Hart Mr. H.B. Street Ms. M.Z. Clarke
Myron Leslie Mr. K. Spaulding Ms. H.C. Madigan

Social Science
Ms. H. Austin Ms. L.H. Edquist Florence Felt Ms. B.M. Whittier
Mr. K. Friedman Mary Gould George Jensen Ms. M.C. Moses
Mr. A. Lindman Ms. W. Mandeville Elsie Matson Esther Quello
June McLaird Ms. E.G. Robinson Mr. M.A. Olson

Physical Education
Lewis Burnett Esther Haveson Elsie Lang Tom Kennedy

Mr. P.A. Davis Ms. M.L. Krefting Mr. J.H. Santee Jane Drum
Mr. S. Perrin Mr. C. Smart Mr. J.R. Huston Ms. M.D. Putnam

Ann Viken Mary Walkup    

Domestic Science
Ms. F. Claussen Ms. H.F. Eayrs Ms. E.E. Siehl Ms. M.P. James
Ms. A.E. Swennes

Industrial Arts
Mr. T. Breckheimer Mr. H.L. Fetzer Mr. F. Rheinhart Mr. J.J. Jacobi
Mr. O.A. Ringwalt

Ethelyn Bros Esther Frazier Jane Thickins  

Mr. R.A. Crawford Mary Creglow Ms. S.C. Holmberg Ms. R.E. Sims
Mr. E.H. Kast Carl Larson Ms. M.O. Larson
Ms. AmM. Lerschen Elva Nygaard Mr. G.H. Pollard

Mr. J.C. Cleary Mr. R.T. Tenney Mr. A.M. Nervig Mr. H.W. Ranks

Clerical Staff
Ms. A. Anderson Ms. A. Jennings Ms. M. Anderson Ms. M. Miller
Ms. B. Birkman Ms. M. Woodyard Ms. T. Murphy
Ms. A. Bullard Ms. F.M. Martin

Mr. C. Burmeister Mr. B.C. Hoem Mr. J. DeMarsh Mr. H.F. Kobs
Mr. F.W. Peters Mr. H.J. Hecker Mr. M. LaJeunesse
Mr. R. Peterson Mr. R. Peterson Mr. E. Shephard

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