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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
September, 1891


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Thursday, September 3, 1891

Criminal Court.

State vs Red Wilkerson, gambling, four cases; defendant and D.H. Herman recognized in sum of $200 in each case.

State vs William Frances, robbery; jury return verdict of guilty of robbery in first degree: punishment assessed at five years in penitentiary.

State vs John McMurray and Jack Thompson, grand larceny; John Thompson withdraws plea of not guilty and sentenced to two years in the penitentiary.

State vs William Droegnuller, selling liquor on Sunday; continued by consent.

State vs W R Henson, arson; continued.

State vs Robert Fenton Cox, James Calvey, Charles Fisher, Buck Dodson and William Baker, burglary and larceny, continued.

State vs J M Dugan, burglary and larceny; nollied as to first, second, third and fourth counts of indictment; plea of not guilty withdrawn and plea of guilty to grand larceny; defendant sentenced to two years in the penitentiary.

State vs John French, felonious assault; application for continuance filed and sustained.

State vs Daniel Achres [Acres?] et al., burglary and larceny; formal arraignment waived as to John Austin; plea of not guilty; bail fixed at $600.

State vs Allen Wallace, assault, appeal from justice of the peace; judgment of affirmance, the appellant failing to prosecute his appeal.

State vs G.D. Clark, carrying concealed weapons; continued by consent.

State vs Fred Lippman, manslaughter; continued.

State vs James A. Gideon, burglary and larceny; jury trial and following verdict returned: "We, the jury, find the defendant guilty as charged in the indictment and assess his punishment at five years imprisonment in the state penitentiary, and in addition to the burglary we further find the defendant guilty of grand larceny and assess his punishment at three years in the pen. S.A. Spencer, foreman."

Price Routh was recognized in sum of $200 for selling liquor on Sunday.

State vs John R. Brooks, seduction; continued by agreement.

Julius and Ed Dingledine pleaded guilty to selling liquor on Sunday and were each fined $1.

Court took a recess until 3 o'clock this afternoon and will be in session one hour.

Judge Oliver will sentence Peter Renfro, convicted of murder in the first degree, next Monday. Under the law the date of execution can't be less than thirty days nor more than sixty from the trial. The date of execution has not been determined yet.

Sheriff Day and guards expect to leave next week for Jefferson City with the following prisoners, whom they will deliver to the warden of the penitentiary: Charles R Fulcher, burglary and larceny, two years; John Thompson, grand larceny, two years; George Strubinger [Struberger?], confidence game, two years; James A. Gideon, burglary and larceny, eight years; William Francis, robbery, five years.

State vs Peter Renfro, murder first degree; motions for new trial and in arrest overruled, with leave to file testimony on motion in arrest, affidavit for approval filed.

State vs E C Powell, obstructing road on motion to retax costs; case dismissed as to E C Powell.

State vs John Schoner, felonious assault; defendant as principal and L O Nieder, James Orchard and J R Young recognized in sum of $800 to appear from day to day; defendant waives formal arraignment and enters plea of not guilty.

George Dowery was tried on charge of assault with intent to commit a rape on his nine-year old step-daughter. Defendant was represented by W H Johnson, ex city attorney. The jury hung - nine to three - and were discharged.

The fine of R M Jones, convicted of carrying concealed weapons, has been reduced from $100 to $50.

State vs C Fulcher, burglary and larceny; ordered that the billiard balls now in possession of sheriff be delivered to the original owner.

State vs W G Campbell, working on Sunday, appeal from justice of the peace; continued by agreement.

State vs Daniel Healey, criminal libel, venue from Lawrence county; appeal granted to St. Louis Court of Appeals, time to file bill of exceptions by prosecuting attorney extended until September 15.

State vs Daniel Acres et al, burglary and larceny; defendant, Robert Finley, arraigned and plea of not guilty withdrawn; count as to burglary nollied; defendant enters plea of guilty as to petit larceny and sentenced to thirty days in jail.

State vs Peter Renfro, murder in first degree; evidence in support of motion in arrest of judgment filed, consisting of certificates as to population of Greene county; affidavit of defendant filed as to insolvency; ninety days given from this date to file bills of exceptions in said cause.

Sam Greathouse pleaded guilty to gambling and was fined $10 and costs.

State vs Maud Lewis, keeping bawdy house; defendant arraigned and pleads not guilty; defendant and John Pearce and Lewis Beck recognized in sum of $300 from day to day, etc.

The Petit Jury.

The Leader is under obligations to S A Spencer, of the late petit jury, showing the ages, nativity, politics and choice for president of each individual member, as follows:

W W Neece, aged 35, born in Missour, Republican and favors Blaine for president.

W T Zink, 32; Pennsylvania; Democrat; Cleveland.

C G Noblett, 39; Missouri; Republican; Blaine.

J D Jarrett, 39; Missouri; Republican; Blaine.

H F Williams, 57; Kentucky; Democrat; Cleveland.

C Peabody, 67; Democrat; Cleveland.

B F Fielder, 67; Tennessee; Prohibition Democrat; Blaind [Blaine?].

A Demuth, 57; Pennsylvania; Republican; Blaine.

J L Mooney, 59; Ireland; Republican; Blaine.

David Strickland, 44; Virginia; Democrat; Cleveland.

S A Spencer, 60; Kentucky; Demorat; Gray, of Indiana.

W L White, 53; Virginia; Democrat; Clevelend.

William Mathie, 56, Scotland; Republican; Blaine.

F M Mikesell, 39; Indiana; Democrat; Cleveland.

W W Jackson, 49; Ohio; Republican; Blaine.

Frank Cowan, 38; Ohio; Democrat; Cleveland.

John Depue, 32; Illinois; Republican; Blaine.

T G White, 47; Virginia; Democrat; Cleveland.

J H Gilbert, 60; Virginia; Democrat; Cleveland.

J H Doran, 63; Tennessee; Democrat; Cleveland.

Charles Jenkins, 64; Connecticut; other not given.

J T Watson, 44; Tennessee; Democrat; and Democrat.

T F Jessup, 49; Springfield, Mo., Alliance; General Weaver.

W H Preston, 46; Tennessee; Republican; Blaine.

Judge Oliver discharged the jury yesterday.

Alleged Peace Disturbers.

Tom and Marion Price were arrested this morning by Constable Shackelford and Deputy G.B. McKnight on charge of disturbing the peace of Frank Falander August 16. The case was set for trial September 8th, before Justice Chinn.

Charged With Grand Larceny.

Mrs. Robert Campbell, colored, yesterday swore out a search warrant in Justice Chinn's court against Ellen Wright and Emma Mills, white persons, charging them with stealing a pair of gold spectacles and a silver watch some time during the month of August. G.B. McKnight, deputy constable, who never fails in this direction, made a thorough search and found the property at the home of Mrs. Wright. The watch was buried in the ashes in the cook stove and the spectacles concealed under a table. The defendants were taken before Justice Chinn and placed under bonds to appear tomorrow morning for preliminary examination. Emma Mills is only twelve years old and claims she found the spectacles in Bob Campbell's yard. Mrs. Wright told the officer she bought the watch. The stolen property is valued at $15.

Thursday, September 10, 1891

Probate Court.

Probate court met Saturday, pursuant to adjournment, and transacted the following business:

Estate of Taylor C. Dingle, minor; appointment of William D. Sheppard curator and bond taken in vacation by clerk approved.

Same entry in estate of John H Dingle, minor.

Estate of John Knott, deceased; letters granted to W W Coover and bond taken as administrator of estate of John Knott, deceased, by clerk in vacation, examined and approved; inventory filed and approved.

Estate of William Ellis Taft [?], deceased; will admitted to probate by clerk in vacation approved; bond taken and letters testamentary granted to F A Wishart by clerk in vacation approved.

Estate of Thomas Smith, deceased; order made by clerk in vacation placing the administration of said estate in the hands of J L McCraw, public administrator, approved.

Estates of J F and Thomas A Fry, minors; appointment of William C Grigg as curator and bonds taken by clerk in vacation, approved.

Estate of John Krider, deceased; will admitted to probate by clerk in vacation, approved.

Estate of Thomas E Cox, deceased; bond taken and letters of administration issued to John H Cox approved.

Estate of Charles Frank, deceased; order placing the administration of said estate in the hands of public administrator approved.

Estate of Fred Graven, minor; bond of J W Lisenby, curator, approved.

Estate of George Eiler Gorman, minor; James D Gorman selected guardian and curator and ordered to give $1,000 bond.

C Gottfried allowed $25 against estate of Daniel Ellis, deceased.

J R Whitlock allowed $11.50 against estate of C T Jacobs, deceased; J H Jacobs allowed $88; W C Wadlle, $26.

W H Cowden allowed $1 50 against estate of Thomas Long, deceased.

M B Potter allowed $6.30 against estate of C W Aiken, deceased.

Additional inventory and appraisement filed and approved in estate of J W Dryden, deceased.

Estate of Barthlow Ballard, minor; curator ordered to pay Minerva Ballard $12 for two months' support, ended August 6.

Estate of Bryant Reed, minor; inventory of curator, T B Reed, filed and approved.

Inventory and appraisement approved in estate of Daniel Ellis, deceased.

Estate of Daniel Farrer, deceased; inventory approved.

Estate of J L Hoyal, deceased; sale bill filed and approved.

Estate of George Walters, minor; final settlement of C H Heer, jr, curator, filed and approved; curator discharged.

Estate of M C Reed, deceased; final receipts filed by administrator and administrator discharged.

Estate of Thomas Smith, deceased; application of Carson Smith for revokal of the appointment of John L McCraw as administrator filed and prayer of said application granted, the court finding that there are distributees of said estate legally entitled to administater; Henry Smith waives right to administer; application of Carson Smith granted, bond of $800 approved and letters issued.

Estate of Kate Hardin, minor; curator ordered to pay Miss Ada Evans and partner $5 as tuition; accepted; Fannie Hardin appointed guardian and required to give bond of $100.

Estate of Kate Hardin and John C Montgomery, minors; report of sale of real estate filed, approved, deed ordered, acknowledged and approved.

Estate of Kate Hardin, minor; ordered that curator expend for board and washing for next school year $15 per month; for clothing, $50; for tuition, $75; traveling and incidental expenses, $50, the school year beginning September 15.

Rock & Frederick allowed $2.75 against estate of Daniel Ellis.

Estate of C T Jacobs, deceased; P M Julian appointed administrator ad litem so that the claim of F M Jacobs can be considered; the claim, amounting to $123.25, was allowed.

Estate of Kate Hardin, minor; final settlement of E D Jarrett, guardian, filed, approved and said Jarrett relieved from further liability on his bond.

Estate of Daniel Ellis, deceased; petition for private sale of personal property filed; ordered that the sale be private for cash.

Rainwater-Bougher Hat Co allowed $199.50 against estate of T H Godey.

Estate of J M Murrell, deceased; settlement continued until next term and ordered that administrator sell certain described real estate for cash, subject to the homestead of widow and minor children, to pay debts.

Edd Quinn allowed $4 against estate of Rachel Rockwood.

Estate of J W Clements, deceased; sale of real estate ordered for cash.

Estate of Rachel Rockwood, deceased; petition for sale of real estate and publication ordered.

The Wife of a Good Man, and the Mother of Distinguished Children.

When Mrs. R.J. McElhaney passed away into the great unknown last night she left behind her many friends and admirers, but she also left children whose ability in the financial world will make the bank of which Mrs. McElhany was a silent partner one of the leading financial institutions of the Southwest, if indeed, it be not the foremost bank, in point of solvency already. Mrs. McElhany has been a good mother and certainly a devoted wife. A few days since R L McElhany was elected to the presidency of the State Bankers' Association, and that is a compliment to Mr. McElhany which his dear dead mother can look down upon from her realms of space and waft her sweet benedictions.
The funeral will occur on Saturday, and as Mrs. McElhany has lived here for fifty-six years it is presumed she will be honored by one of the grandest funerals ever witnessed in this city.

Funeral of Mrs. McElhany.

As the sun was sinking below the western horizon Saturday afternoon a solemn procession moved from the late residence of Major R.J. McElhany, down Boonville street, headed by a hearse containing the mortal remains of Mrs. R.J. McElhany, the cortege moving toward Maple Park Cemetery.
Religious ceremonies at the house were conducted by Rev. Dr. Hughey and were affecting and impressive. He was worthy of his theme. Mrs. McElhany was a woman in whom was blended all the christian virtues. During her residence of some fifty years in this city she grew with each year in the affections of all who knew her and those who knew her the longest loved her the best. Not a pretentious but a sincere Christian; not an ostentatious but true friend. Her alms were not paraded with a flourish of trumpets, but in secret, her left hand knew not what her right hand doeth. See that poor old woman, bending beneath the weight of years; see those moistened eyes and downcast look! That poor mortal has lost her best earthly friend. Such is a simple illustration of many.
The long procession of mourners attested the profound sorrow that prevails the community at her death. Old citizens who have not been seen beyond their own immediate premises for years were there, notable among whom were the venerable General C. B. Holland, Sterling Matlock, Capt. A.H. Julian, Mrs Hackney, and others. As the hearse entered Maple Park the sun was giving his farewell glances to the world, bathing the cemetery with a flood of light and shadow which added to the solemnity of the scene - the light beconing us to eternal life - the shadow all that we leave on earth.
Slowly, sadly, the mourners approached the grave, where, side by side with husband and father who had so recently preceded her, the mortal remains of Mrs. McElhany were deposited in earth from whence they sprung and the spirit had departed. Just as the mound was finished and the lovely floral emblems placed upon it, the sun cast his last beam upon the grave and plunged beneath the horizon, the mourners returning to their homes, wondering who would be the next.  MORE INFO

Judge Fath Sends Five to Jail.

James Simmons, Thomas Kelley, John Kelley, James McCormack and William Smith, arrested by Constable Shackelford and deputies for vagrancy, after a trial before Justice Fath this morning, were each fined $20 and costs. They failed to pay and went to jail.
James Simmons, James McCormack and John Kelley were also tried for assaulting T.F. Rogers. McCormack was sentenced to thirty days, Kelley forty and Simmons fifty, in the county jail. John Spencer was acquitted on charge of disturbing the peace.

Hurt by an Exploding Shell.

Herschel, the fourteen year old son of J.M. Camp, loaded a 44 calibre shell yesterday with powder and paper, which he ignited. It exploded and a piece of the shell struck him above the right eye, cutting a deep gash three inches in length and plowing along the skull. The wound was probed and his condition is critical this morning. He had a narrow escape from death. If crysipelas does not develop the lad will recover soon. this should be a warning to other boys.


A grand child of Capt. J.H. Moore, who died at Monett yesterday, was buried today at Hazlewood Cemetery.

A.A. Osborn, of Fair Grove, was buried Monday.

Fined at Ash Grove.

J.M. Camp has returned from Ash Grove, where he had been before Justice Allen prosecuting Mrs. Mary E. Wallace, charged with assaulting her daughter-in-law by striking and beating her. The case was tried by a jury and defendant was convicted, being fined $12.50 and costs, amounting to $46.20. She paid $18 and was granted a short stay. Mrs. Wallace is a member of the Methodist church and religious circles were considerably excited over the trial.

Arrested on Two Charges.

Charles Swim, who has been wanted for seduction and grand larceny in Webster county since last September, was arrested last night under instructions from J.F. McKnight, deputy sheriff, and is in jail awaiting the arrival of an officer from Marshfield, who is expected on the evening train. A.S. Stovall, constable of Ozark township, was telegraphed concerning the arrest. Swim is considered a tough character and has been dodging in and out of Marshfield for some time, but succeeding in evading the officers.

Thursday, September 17, 1891

Circuit Court.

J B Perkins vs C K Dyer; continued on stipulations.

Same vs O M Headley, contract; continued on stipulations.

W H Owen vs Frisco Railway Co., venue from Laclede county, motion to retax costs; passed on request of parties.

Horn & Gilchrist vs Augusta Smith; same entry.

William M Barren vs Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis Railway Co., damages; set for September 30 by consent.

Lula M Brown vs Thomas A Huff et al., to set aside will; time extended till Saturday, September 19, to file obligation for costs.

M C Early vs Springfield Republican Co., account, appeal from justice of the peace; judgment for defendant as per stipulations filed.

James Weller vs H C Sprinkle, damages; passed on request of parties.

Joseph W Hall et al vs Mary Church et al; passed to abide ejectment suit.

Sarah Davis vs Thomas McCowan, ejectment; passed on request of parties.

F Doolin vs R S Nelson, foreclosure of contract; continued on request and by agreement of both parties.

Frisco Railway Co. vs William E. Aushenburak, foreclosure of contract; passed till Monday, 21st, on request of plaintiff.

Same vs Fred Miller; same entry.

E Coady vs R D Stone, account; dismissed at costs of plaintiff for failure to file obligation for costs as per order of court made at last term.

James Burns vs Richard Littleton, replevin; judgment for plaintiff for possession of the property, plaintiff to pay all costs; judgment against plaintiff and surities on bond for all costs.

S L Henderson vs L C Henderson, divorce; change of venue to Newton county as per stipulations.

J A Smith vs Robert A Moore, debt; obligations for costs approved and motion to dismiss overruled.

James H Reynolds vs Polly Reynolds, partition; cause heard and decree of partition. The court finds the land cannot be divided in kind, and ordered that sale of the same be made by sheriff and division of the proceeds according to the interests as found by the court.

State ex rel of E C Powell et al. vs Justice B S Chinn, mandamus; return of defendant to alternative writ filed.

Foster Burns vs Phoenix Assurance Co. of London, insurance policy; dismissed by plaintiff and judgment for costs.

John Heckart vs L M and S M Biggs, attachment; trial by court, jury waived, and judgment for plaintiff; first count, debt and damages, $95; second count, $91; third count, $84.50; fourth count, $82.50; fifth count, $78.25; sixth count, $75; seventh count, $1,500, all to bear 10 per cent interest.

Rebecca Chapman, administratrix, etc, vs Washington Merritt's executors, compel payment of money; evidence heard and case taken under advisement.

James Evans vs William Gair, notes; motions and affidavits of garnishees to set aside default filed.

James C McDaniel vs Charles W Garoutte, damages; motion for costs filed.

George W Wyatt vs John B Smith and Benj Lippman, damages; motion for costs and answer filed.

Anna B Hinkle vs Luther G Hinkle, replevin; set for September 25 by consent.

James C McDaniel vs Charles W Garoutte, damages; motion for costs sustained and plaintiff given until October 16, 1891, to file obligation.

W G McLaughlin vs Dwelling House Insurance Company; defendant given thirty days to plead.

John W Bowles vs George W. Lewis, S A Brown & Co et al., garnishees; leave to defendant to file plea in abatement on or before October 1, 1891.

W H Wyman vs The Charles Wright Medicine Co., W E Butler et al., garnishees; plaintiff given till Monday, 21st inst., to file interrogatories to garnishees.

Stewart & Hale vs S J Prophet and J O Diemer, Henry Park, garnishee; order to docket; interrogatories to garnishee filed.

A C Thayer vs M D Welsh & Co., K C, F S and G R R Co., garnishee, order to docket cause; plaintiff comes in and discharges the railroad company and costs of garnishee taxed against plaintiff.

Probate Court.

Settlements have been continued and citations ordered in most of the following estates:

Estates of Baker Rsusell, Ella Summers et al, William Greedig, Margaret Hamilton, W H Hamilton, Squire Horn, D H Elwood, Clara Culbertson, Richard D Kelley, Thomas Ingle, P A Danforth, H C Williams, Ruth Fulbright, Sylvester Blackwell, Henry Morelock et al, Lula Murphy, F Gardner et al, Isaac Danforth, Harry A Hammond, Bymaster & Gambeth, Geo W Gorman, Nancy Fondren, Stephen R Bridges, Samuel Bloom, Granville Hatcher, John B Cox, Lewin Henry, Ambrose Fondren, John Owen, Jennie M Jackson, Henry Moore, et al, S H Noblett, Benj S Vinton, Thomas C Kelley, Solomon P Tracey Abraham Burns et al, Hartwell Ivey, James Wiseman, Fred Truman et al., E P Hine, John E Craig, (citation for securities and public administrator ordered to take charge) Nettie Tinsley, Emmet McDaniel, R C Conley.

Estate of Mary C Gorman, deceased; settlement disapproved and continued to next term.

Estate of Thomas Smith, deceased; inventory and appraisement approved.

Estate of T H Godey, deceased; first annual settlement approved.

Estate of H C Rose, deceased; final settlement continued till next term.

Estate of D S Holman, deceased; sale of real estate ordered.

Estate of Solomon P Tracey, insane; ordered that John L McCraw, guardian and curator, join with wife of said ward in the sale of property described in petition.

Estate of W H Mitchell, deceased; claim of Martha Tovery continued till Monday, 14th inst., for hearing.

Court will be in session next Monday 14th inst.

Estate of Ella Ballard, minor; ordered that curator pay D.W. Nichols $10 for books and clothing for said ward.

Estate of Solomon P. Tracy, insane, guardian appears and acknowledges deed as guardian to real estate.

Estate of B.H. Finley, deceased; claim of Dr. C.S. McClain for $2.50 allowed.

E.H. Lair allowed $5 against estate of Daniel Ellis, deceased; Jake Marx also allowed $8.65 against same estate.

Peter Blackwell, curator of L A and M A Grubbs, minors, allowed $356.78 against estate of J L Hoyal, deceased.

Estate of Aug T Jeffries, minor; application for appointment of curator filed; M Steineger appointed and bond of $100 approved.

Same entry in estate of W T Jeffries, minor.

Estate of C C Bridwell, deceased; application filed for refusal of letters on estate heard and, being no property than allowed the widow, ordered that no letters issue and widow, Mary C Bridwell, take property.

Stancill & Morin allowed $6 against estate of Daniel Ellis, deceased.

Estate of Bulah O Payne, minor; Mary A Payne appointed curatrix and bond of $100 appointed.

Court adjourned until next Saturday, 19th inst.

Land Sales.

John S. Flavell to E.B. Thomas; quit claim to lot 7 in La Fontaine Place addition...$150.

M.H. Merriman to E.W. Sprangler; 44 feet off south side lot 16, Ozark Land Company's third addition...$790.

W.A. Stephens to S.O.C. Mason; lot 10, block G, in Swinney, Perriman and Chandler's addition to Ash Grove...$900.

Jesse J. Peirce to Berry F. Murphy; 10 acres in 21, 30, 20...$40.

H.J. Likens to B.F. Hawkins; lot 11, block E, Walker and Bentley's addition to Ash Grove...$500.

Springfield Building and Loan Association to S.H. Wickiser; lot on south side of Pacific street...$1,400.

Thursday, September 24, 1891

Probate Court.

Ely Paxson allowed $117 against Daniel Ellis estate; S.A. Brown & Co., $18.07; W W Donham, $119.20.

Ely Paxson allowed $35.50 against Washington Shackleford estate.

Dr C S McClain allowed $6 against Rachel Rockwood estate.

J R Milner allowed $6 against estate of J G Garnett.

Dr. William Rienhoff allowed $3 against estate of John Bowler.

Martin Tovery vs Calvin Mitchell, administrator of William H Mitchell estate; claim of Martha Tovery disallowed for $3,042 on account and costs taxed to plaintiff.

W R Watson allowed $4.87 against A M Boston.

Hamilton & Washburn allowed $15 against estate of Martha A Campbell.

Estate of Henry C Young, deceased; administrator ordered to turn over law library to H C Young.

Robert Wilks allowed $4 against estate of Thomas Smith, deceased; Oliver Coleman, $4; Will Christopher, $4; George Wise, $4; James Headley, $4.

Marsh & Griffin allowed $5 against estate of Polly A Hunt.

Estate of Henry C Young, deceased; W D Sheppard exhibits written assignments of Chas G., Henry C and Robert E L Young, and executor ordered to pay to Mr Sheppard the interest of said heirs when the same shall have been determined by the court.

E T Robberson allowed $8 against estate of S R Bridges.

Dr I R Lane allowed $8 against estate of J W D L F Mack.

Estate of James W Brockman, deceased; affidavit of administrator to set aside and vacate order of allowance in claim of Aug Lohmeyer, coroner, for 31.17, allowed June 13, 1891, and said order is vacated and ordered tried anew. After hearing the evidence the claim was disallowed.

In matter of last will of George Ghen, deceased; instrument purporting to be the last will rejected.

Estate of George Ghen, deceased; letters ordered issued to Thomas A and James A Ghen upon filing bond of $1,500; bond filed and approved; Rose & Thomas allowed $57 against said estate.

Annual settlement approved in estate of Jennie M Jackson; H.F. Fellows, curator, files final settlement, which is approved and curator discharged.

Estate of Nancy Fondren, deceased; administrator ordered to make final settlement; final settlement filed, showing balance of 591.35, which is ordered distributed.

Mitchell & McClay allowed $8.55 against estate of Rachel Rockwood.

Final settlement filed in estate of Joseph Gott, deceased.

Adjourned until next Saturday, 26th inst.

County Court.

Ordered that the road petitioned for by W O Wade et al, be ordered changed and located according to the latest survey of the county surveyor.

Ordered that $180 be appropriated to the road district of Ash Grove, to be expended in general road work.

A number of accounts were allowed.

Ordered that K Appleby, James Dyser, Bud Moore, Charles Moore, Ed Barnes, B Hunt and C Shater be transferred from road district No. 2, 30, 21, to 4, 30, 21.

Adjourned until Saturday, September 19.

F M Hoyt vs Charles E Brown, replevin, appeal from justice of the peace; motion of surety to be discharged filed.

Rothschild Brothers vs Jacob Rothschild & Co, account; default entered against defendant and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $1,005.32, to bear 6 per cent. from 18th inst.

Western Furnishing Goods Co vs W F Payne, D H Ettien, garnishee; garnishee discharged, plaintiff having failed to exhibit interrogations.

McCormick Harvesting Machine Co vs J B Fielder and T J Kershner, note, appeal from justice of the peace; proof of notice of appeal filed.

Headley Grocer Co vs Henry Cordz, G D Milligan & Son, garnishees; garnishees discharged, plaintiff having failed to exhibit interrogations.

Circuit Court.

Jeff Brock vs William Hunt, appeal from justice of the peace; motion to affirm filed.

Edwin Fuhr vs Dora B Fuhr, divorce; answer filed.

B F Spurlin vs Catherine Spurlin, divorce; default entered against defendant; evidence heard for plaintiff and decree of divorce granted on payment of costs.

John O'Day vs The Springfield Railway Co., receiver; demurrer filed.

Mansel Putman vs Irwin Jenkins, note; dismissed by plaintiff with leave to withdraw the instrument sued on by leaving a copy.

Laura Vaughan granted a divorce from her husband, Columbus, and awarded custody of child.

A Feltenstein vs M Summerfield, account; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for $216.

Samuel Woods vs J N Clark et al., notes; default entered against defendant and special judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $365, to be levied of the property attached or the proceeds thereof.

National Exchange Bank vs A M Haswell et al., note; continued by agreement.

James S Lawrence vs Joseph LeCompe et al., ejectment; motions for new trial and in arrest of judgment overruled.

Robert S Crenshaw vs Frank Tolander, account, appeal from justice of the peace; appeal dismissed and costs taxed against the plaintiff.

Charles A Hubbard vs Gulf Railroad Co., damages; motion to set aside non suit filed.

State ex rel John Potter; Collector, vs A J Potter et al., delinquent taxes; ordered stricken from docket, the case having been disposed of last term.

Ellen S Clusky vs E Sander, J J Robertson, E P Cloud and J G Willeke and John Fahy, ejectments; continued by consent of parties.

Henry Clusky et al. vs C W Mitchell, L T Watson and A E Clark; ejectment; continued by consent of parties.

J C D Dinble vs Amanda J Dembowski and Simon Dembowski, note; dismissed by plaintiff at his cost, with leave to withdraw the note by leaving a copy.

E F Smith et al vs M F Patterson, equity; demurrer overruled and defendant given ten days to answer.

G D Milligan & Son vs D A Robertson et al, account; continued by consent of parties.

The Western Land Co vs John A Dygert and George Greene, note; judgment for plaintiff, by default of defendants, for debt and damages, $696.32.

McCormick Harvesting Machine Co vs J F Leedy, note; judgment for plaintiff, by default of defendant, for debt and damages; first count, $106.30; second, $103.80; third, $102.80.

Keet & Rountree Mercantile Co vs P T Prophet et al, note; ordered that the suit stand revived in the name of James T West as executor in charge of the estate of J L Hoyal, deceased, as a party defendant; default entered against defendants and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $1,044.82.

Sherman Wiley vs John Haney, replevin, appeal from justice of the peace; defendant failed to appear, jury waived, evidence heard and finding for plaintiff; judgment for plaintiff for recovery of saddle.

R.C. Forrester vs W.A. Camp, account, appeal from justice of the peace; jury trial and verdict for plaintiff for $1.30, and judgment for plaintiff for that amount, but that plaintiff pay the costs of this suit.

The following persons compose the regular panel of petit jurors: J.W. Peacher, C.C. Atkisson, J.W. Allmon, John D. Porter, B.J. Gott, A.W. McCroskey, T.W. Smith, J.W. Jones, W.C. Lynch, J.W. Williams, George D. McDaniel, Charles H. Evans, M. Maurer, John L. Mooney, Thomas H. Hymer, C.L. Dalrymple, F.M. Shockley, Seth Tuttle, E.D. Jarrett, G.N. Webster, D.C. See, J.D. Van Bibber, E. Plummer and E.H. Smith.

F.M. Hoyt vs. Charles E. Brown, replevin, appeal from justice of the peace; judgment of the justice affirmed and judgment accordingly against defendant and sureties on delivery bond and sureties on appeal bond.

One of the First Straight Colored Juries in the State.

Justice Chinn had a case before him today which is worthy of more than passing notice. Joseph, Daniel and George Gray, all black, were charged with having disturbed the peace of William Huddleson, who lives about six miles out of the city. When the case came on for trial as all the parties involved were Negroes, the defendants demanded a Negro jury. Constable Shackelford acceded to the demand and one of the first colored juries in the West considered the case.
It was unique all through. It was not only a Negro jury, and Negro belligerents, but the prosecuting attorney is a violent Republican sectionalist, while Tom B. Love is a Democrat from top to toe, and he and his associate, C.D. Rogers, won, hands down.
The case coming the day after the celebration of Emancipation, and the prosecution being represented by a professed antagonist to all Democratic methods, while the defense was successfully conducted by Democrats, one of whom won his maiden spurs in the contest, is a political picture upon which the artists of the bloody shirt may ponder.

Hotel Change.

Col. J.W. Hall contemplates abandoning the boniface business and engaging in something else. He is negotiating with a company who will take charge of the Metropolitan, if arrangements are perfected, on the first of October. If the deal is consummated J.H. Holly, of St. Louis, will be placed in charge.

Bridal Bulletin.

The recorder of deeds, Mrs. T.S. Wison, was greatly astonished yesterday at the unusual demand for marriage licenses, six being issued - two in the morning and four in the afternoon. Those not heretofore published are:

James C. Blackburn, of Bois D'Arc, and Miss Ellie Spragins, of Ash Grove, sister of the county clerk.

Frank Spencer and Miss Annie Thornton, both of Springfield.

Andrew Wyre and Miss Lizzie Riddle, both of Strafford.

George A. Stephens and Miss Minnie Vaughan. The groom is only 20 years old, but his father, William M. Stephens, gives consent.

 ----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Leader; Nov. 6, 1890 - Nov. 12, 1891; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained January 9, 2006.

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