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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
May, 1891


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Thursday, May 7, 1891

Grand and Petit Jurors.

The clerk of the United States District Court, Miss Lathim and Judge J.W. Silsby, Jury Commissioner for the western district of Missouri, drew the grand and petit jurors for the May term of the United States District Court which convenes on the 18th day of May in this city, and the following names embrace a full list of both juries, the first twenty being the grand jury and forty others being the petit jury.


B.Y. Acuff, Greene county; A.S. Sybyer, Texas; Thomas Harden, Newton; John L. Mooney, Greene; T.D. Miller, Christian; W.W. Clark, Douglas; T.P. Sims, Ozark; C.C. Craig, Texas; George S. Warner, Laclede; Thomas B. Hammond, Stone; John Holman, Howell; William Merrill, Douglas; A.L. Parrish, Taney; R.S. Branson, Taney; N.C. Adams, Howell; J.Y. Herston, Christian; J.M. Hannah, Howell; P.B. Mayo, Greene; Thomas J. Robertson, Webster; H.N. Sheppard, Ozark.


John A. McIntosh, Polk county; W.H. McBride, Dade; George W. Garrison, Christian; J.C. Woody, Christian; William Darrall, Douglas; George Eleman [Elcman?], Webster; Joel Casad, Douglas; F.W. Randler, Dallas; J.W. Cunnihgham, Texas; Benjamin Cooper, McDonald; James Reinmiller, Newton; Ruff Hughes, Dade; W.P. Elson, Greene; H. Callahan, Laclede; A.N. Bishop, Howell; W.H. Howard, Greene; W.D. Craig, Lawrence; William Jenkins, Greene; George T. Tudor, McDonald; C.H. Greer, Webster; Samuel Shelton, Webster; Henry West, Greene; W.L. Peck, Taney; W.J. Lee, Webster; John Christian, Pulaski; Jack Johnson, Dade; R.C. Forrester, Greene; R.S. Brown, Taney; J.A. Hape, Webster; James A. Baker, Ozark; George W. Rutherford, Greene; E.T. Stebbins, Laclede; J.W. Ingram, Newton; G.C. Sanders [Sonders], Ozark; M.J. Clifford, Greene; T.J. McFarland, Cedar; Josh Roberts, Newton; A.A. Brawbery, Douglas; J.M. Haworth, Taney; Alex Evans, Greene.

New Arrivals.

A fine daughter registered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Loyd P. Halleck, 1,329 Broad street, yesterday.

Hon. A.H. Wear, the accomplished attorney, is beaming with joy today because it is a girl. Hunter "wears" his honors with becoming modesty and only regrts that she was not a boy, as be wanted a Democrat.

Criminal Court.

court met Monday morning, pursuant to adjournment, being a continuation of February term, 1891. The following persons were organized into a grand jury and put to work: I.N. Brockman, (foreman) Marion Davis, Lem Austin, W.T. Webb, A. Demuth, T.J. Smith, O.H. Mitchell, A.J. Oliver, John Potter, Charles Perkins, John Ford and W.M. Armstrong. They will probably complete their work this week, and it is doubtful if any cases will be tried.

John Thompson, charged with stealing a pair of shoes from the Boyd Shoe Company, was released this morning as an insolvent.

The grand jury was in session yesterday. I.N. Brockman is foreman, W.M. Armstrong sheriff and T.J. Smith clerk. The jury is composed of well known citizens, some of whom have held office in years past, such as justice of the peace, county collector, county assessor, county clerk, deputy sheriff, etc. Since the grand jury convened we hear rumors that several well known citizens have fled to pastures green, where they can hunt, fish and commune with nature on the mountain tops. Others are no doubt sighing, "Oh, for a lodge in some vast wilderness!"

W.N. Mullen has been recognized in sum of $200 to appear before the grand jury as a witness the fourth Monday in July, 1891.

The grand jury appeared in open court yesterday and, through their foreman, returned three indictments.

Fletcher McFarland, colored, who is charged with an attempt to ravish a respectable white lady at the residence of John L. Holland recently, was indicted, arraigned, pleaded not guilty, bond fixed at $800 and case continued to July term, 1891. In the meantime he is in jail.

William Ferguson was also indicted for robbery, arraigned and pleaded not guilty. He is the man charged with assaulting and robbing John Lunney at Campbell station a few days since. He is still eating at the expense of Greene county.

Fred Hudson, colored, previously indicted for carrying concealed weapons, was arraigned pleaded guilty, fined $50 and costs and, in default of payment, was committed to jail. He is assisting the rock beaters to manufacture macadam.

The grand jury expects to complete its work and adjourn today.

William Penn, colored, was also indicted for feloniously assaulting Mr. Harman.

Probate Court.

Estate of James W. Dryden, deceased; letters issued and bond taken in vacation approved.

Estate of Irwin Skeen Gilmore, minor; bond approved.

Estate of Minnie Sanford, minor; final settlement approved and curator discharged.

Bonds approved in estates of James G. Headlee et al., minors.

Estate of J.L. Hoyal, deceased; last will admitted to probate; his wife gets the bulk of the property; J.L. West appointed executor without bond and letters issued.

Estate of Lewis D. Brooks, deceased; property goes to his wife; Eva. E. Brooks, widow, gives bond of $10,000 and letters issued.

Petition filed for sale of real estate and publication ordered in D.S. Holman estate.

Estate of Maud Rook (formerly Williams;) final settlement approved and curator discharged; balance, $528.50.

Estate of Harry Williams, minor; annual settlement approved; balance, $484.66.

Sale of real estate ordered in estates of Ellis L. Headley et al., minor.

Estate of Aubrey Thackery, minor; curator ordered to pay $25 in addition to order for $50 heretofore made for expenses to Colorado.

Estate of Mattie B. Troutman, minor; curator ordered to expend not to exceed $300 in purchase of piano for ward; he is also ordered to expend $65 for her board, education and support for one year.

Samantha J. Robertson allowed $172.20 against J.M. Jarrett estate.

Estate of M.L.A. Huntington, minor; curator ordered to expend $208 for one year's support of ward; annual settlement approved; balance of $466.69 due curator.

Estate of John F. Atzert, deceased; final settlement approved; balance due estate, $241, which is ordered distributed among heirs and administrator discharged.

County Court.

Saturday afternoon the court transacted but little business and adjourned until Tuesday, 5th inst. Among the business transacted was the following:

J.S. Cravens' property was ordered sold because of insufficient security on school loans.

Ordered that Ash Grove school district 30, 24, be constituted a road district.

Ordered that Judge A.W. Lincoln be permitted to expend $100 in extending the general index of the records of the probate court.

Personal property of S.D. Blades for 1890 ordered reduced from $1,200 to $604 -- clerical error.

Bonds of R.J. Farris, R.E. Hindman and C.P. Utley, road overseers, approved.

J.L. Carter, road overseer filed annual settlement showing balance of $28.65, which was ordered paid into treasury.

J.D. Peers was allowed $37.50 for benefit of Board of Associated Charities.

Milton Allford appointed road overseer of district 4, 28, 20.

Samuel Woods allowed $126.75, salary, etc.

Road petitioned for by W.C. Potter, near Ash Grove, ordered opened.

The judges were each allowed $42 for services rendered.

The bond of J.H. Welch, road overseer district 2, 30, 22, approved.

The following parties renewed their dramshop licenses for six months: Burks & Bibbs, A.L. Knight, J.C. Rule, J.C.F. Kinney, F.P. Agnew, Dameron & Kinsella, John Kelly, Kirby & Peters, Chipman & Lambird.

County court was in session this morning, but very little business was transacted. Bond of C.A. Beckley, road overseer, approved, and five accounts allowed, one of which was for $20 in favor of T.F. Spragins to send Nathaniel Moss to Red Bluff, California.

The treasurer was ordered to transfer the road funds of 1890 to 1891.

Mrs. J.A.H. Colby's property reduced from $1,000 to $600 for year 1890.

Road petition of Reilly & Heffernan referred to Road commissioner.

Phillip Schneider's annual report as road overseer approved.

Bonds of Phillip Schneider, W.R. Watson and W.F. Rhea, road overseers, approved.

Several accounts were allowed, the largest being that of W.W. Donham, $174.25, for services in circuit and criminal courts.

J.I. Weir was allowed $500 for building a barn on the county farm and T.F. Spragins $271.80, services as clerk. Several minor accounts were also allowed.

Schoner & Keener granted dramshop license for six months.

Adjourned until Monday next.

A List of the Parties burned Out -- No Insurance.

The following facts are learned from the Dun Mercantile Agency concerning the big fire at Winona, Mo., last Saturday morning:

W.R. Sills, drugs -- burned out; saved most of stock; only loss of consequence was by removal of goods.

Robertson Bros., saloon -- burned out; saved most of goods, but damaged considerably by removal.

A.B. McGarvey, postmaster and stationery -- burned out; saved stock but lost postoffice fixtures.

J.M. Huggins, grocer -- burned out; saved most of stock; loss small.

James A. Robinson, lunch room and confectioner -- burned out; saved most of stock and fixtures, though in a damaged condition.

C.R. Hasler, drugs -- burned out; saved most of stock; loss small by removal.

Vincent Anderson, flour, feed and seed -- burned out; loss small; saved most of stock.

Church & Kissell, general store -- burned out; saved most of stock; loss small.

Buffington & Reary, livery -- burned out; loss on stable, $300 or $400.

John J. Bowen, jeweler -- burned out; saved most of stock; loss small.

J.D. Grady, saloon -- burned out; saved most of goods and no loss except damages by removal.

A.J. Jones, drugs -- burned out; saved most of stock; slight damages by removal.

None of the above parties were insured and nearly the entire business portion of the town was burned.

Maple Park Interments.

Interments made in Maple Park Cemetery in the month of April, 1891, according to E.H. Lair, sexton:
3d -- Geo. Eberth, of suicide, aged about 40 years.
16 -- Chas. E. Wooldrige, congestion of the stomach, aged 11 days.
17 -- Lena M. Adams, meningitis, aged 9 years.
18 -- Ressey E. Oldam, measles, aged 1 year, 8 months.
26 -- Mrs. L.S. Greene, nervous prostration, aged 67 years.
The following bodies were moved from the Hooper farm, two miles east of the city; Harrison Cane, Mrs. Cane and Charles Hooper.

Thursday, May 14, 1891

Criminal Court.  

[The top part of 2 columns got cut off and were not microfilmed; don't know how many paragraphs are missing.]

State vs William Collins, grand larceny; defendant arraigned, pleaded not guilty and O.H. Travers assigned as counsel to defend.

State vs William Penn, felonious assault, defendant and Alfred Adams recognized in sum of $500 to appear at July term, 1891.

City of Springfield vs William Henson and Kate Lowry, keeping bawdy house, appeal from city recorder; defendants dismiss appeal and cases remanded to city recorder who disclaims __ther jurisdiction, whereupon defendants are remanded to jail for further investigation.

A. Wise, burglary and larceny, and William Collins, grand larceny.

Court will likely adjourn today.

Ross Matthews, after serving a short jail sentence for vagrancy, was released as an insolvent.

The following cases were disposed of this morning.

State vs George Cook, assault with intent to kill; defendant gave $600 bond to appear at next term.

State vs William Henson, keeping bawdy house, appeal from city recorder who had fined him $90; judgment of recorder affirmed and defendant committed to jail in default of payment.

State vs Kate Lowery, keeping bawdy house; plea of guilty and fine of $5 and costs; committed to jail for failure to --the rest is illegible.

--several illegible words-- __chard Garvin, embezzlement, ___endant and securities, John __y and C.D. Rogers, recognized in sum of $500 to appear at July term; defendant arraigned and pleaded not guilty.

City of Springfield vs G.W. Jones, assault, appeal from city recorder; recognizance set aside on payment of ____; defendant pleaded guilty, fined $__ and costs and ordered to jail until same is paid.

State vs H.M. King, embezzlement; defendant arraigned, pleaded not guilty and recognized in sum of $800 to appear at July term, 1891.

Friday C.M. Burdett and George Steubenger, charged with conducting a confidence game, pleaded not guilty; Burdett filed an $800 bond to appear at July term, but the other defendant was unable to give a similar bond and was remanded to jail.

G.H. Goodwin, charged with attempting to rob, pleaded not guilty.

Circuit Court.

C.W. Stephenson was linced [licensed?] to practice law.

C.F. Lodge vs John Daggert et al., appeal from justice of the peace; motion to quash execution overruled.

S.W. McLaughlin vs W.H. Daniels, lien; dismissed by plaintiff at his cost.

Mary A. Bymaster et al. vs Julia a. Lambeth et al., dismissed by plaintiff at her cost.

Dennis D. O'Brien vs Kate D. Wygal, ejectment; plaintiff deposits $15 as security for court costs.

Same vs W.D. Sheppard; same entry.

Springfield Grocer Co. vs Payton & Sons, appeal from justice of the peace; motion to dismiss appeal overruled.

Annie B. Hinkle vs Luther G. Hinkle, replevin; set for trial May 28, 1891.

R.S. Dayton vs J.T. Greenwade, note; bond for costs filed and approved.

P.H. Smith, curator, and John L. McCraw, curator, vs Narcissa Comstock and husband, partition; George A. Dillard, W.H. Bristow and George Young appointed commissioners to partition land and report at present term of court.

--several illegible words-- of J.N. Webster;  assignee well at public ____ remnants of assigned goods, __r giving notice by hand bills posted.

In re assignment of C.E. Blossom, F.R. Porter assignee; ordered that assignee be discharged.

Motion for costs sustained and plaintiff given till June 5, 1891, to file obligation in libel suit of W.P. Gibson vs Filmore Nicholson et al.

J. Meyberg Hat Co. vs M. Summerfield, account; case dismissed at cost of plaintiff by agreement and all parties waive any right to action for damages on attachment.

J.H. Bouslog et al. vs W.H. Fink et al., injunction; application for change of venue filed by defendant.

Real Estate Investment Co. vs S.A. Haseltine et al., damages; case continued.

Margaret J. Dyer vs Frisco Railway Co., damages; dismissed for want of prosecution.

Frisco Railway Co. vs Joseph T. Bagby, foreclosure; dismissed by plaintiff.

Same vs M.P. Robertson; same entry.

State ex rel W.E. Summers, administrator; estate of William Summers, deceased; venue from Howell county; dismissed by plaintiff.

State ex rel. Robert Reed vs Howell county et al., dismissed by plaintiff.

E.A. Wood, vs L.K. Demore, ejectment; order to file petition and issue process.

William O'Mead vs P.J. Muilberger, ejectment; same entry.

Rogg & Mack vs Thompson Manufacturing o; motion for execution against J.J. Hibler as stockholder filed; order to docket cause.

The same entries were made in four other cases.

The sheriff and deputies, Green, Owen and Wilkerson were sworn touching their duties and qualifications in summoning juries.

A.W. Lincoln vs Thompson Manufacturing Co., to recind purchase of stock; dismissed by plaintiff at his cost.

J.W. Jones et al. vs same; same entry.

Andrew Farrar vs Catherine Jefferson et al., to quit [quiet?] title; final decree against defendants forever barring them from arresting or claiming title to the land in question.

P. Barracklow vs Missouri Lumber Co., account; dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution.

In re assignment of J.H. Kern, A.W. Adams assignee; ordered stricken from docket; no assets in hands of assignee.

Eliza Hodge granted a divorce from her husband, Robert P.

State ex rel. Robert Reed vs Howell county et al.; dismissed by plaintiff.

County Court.

Road petitioned for by F.A. Snyder et al. ordered opened.

James R. Bell appointed commissioner to sell and make deed to F.M. Morris for tract in 9,30,20.

The collector was instructed to receipt William Roberts for personal tax for 1890 and take up receipt for $4.41 paid on wrong assessment, allowing him credit for said amount in payment of his taxes for 1890.

The account of W.W. Donham for $78.80, judgment against Greene county, allowed.

Sims & Overman allowed $72.75 for services.

Bonds of the following road overseers approved: M.W. Alford, E.V. Bass, L.L. Nicholson, George A. Williams and W.F. Brown.

Several accounts were allowed.

After approving the bond of George W. Jackson, road overseer, allowing several accounts and transacting other minor business, the County Court yesterday afternoon adjourned until Wednesday, 20th inst.

Probate Court.

The will of Thomas Long, formerly a resident of Hickory Barrens, was probated this morning and letters of administration will be granted to James Long on filing bond of $2,000. The instrument is dated July 24, 1889, and S.W. Headlee and Miles Boord are attesting witnesses. His son, James Long, gets a tract of land in 1, 30, 21, the household and kitchen furniture and all money, bonds or notes that he owned at the time of death. His daughter, Mary Burk, and sons John and Patrick, and other relatives each receive $1. James Long is appointed executor.

F.P. Clements makes application for letters of administration in estate of George Adams, deceased, and ordered to give $1,000 bond.

First annual settlements approved in estates of John R. Murphy et al, minors.

Inventory and appraisement approved in John Bowler estate.

Appraisement approved in estate of J.W. Dryden, deceased.

Inventory approved in estate of Patrick Gorman, deceased.

Estate of Joseph Gott, deceased; objections of Jane Hines at first annual settlement and same set for hearing May 16, 1891.

Estates of Vada and Ethelyn Lloyd, non-resident minors; petition for sale of real estate granted.

E.B. Brown allowed $11.20 against estate of C. Hagewood, deceased.

J.L. McCraw, public administrator, ordered to take charge of the estate of John A. White et al., minors.

Mary Pearce allowed $66.90 against Albert J. Zimmerman estate.

Curator discharged in estates of David M. and Joetta Ross.

Estate of Ozias Bailey, deceased; ordered that the order made January 5, 1891, appointing William Goodlet administrator, with will annexed, be rescinded, the court finding that there had been no administration on said estate in Lawrence county.

Estate of Richard Kelley, minor; ordered that curator be allowed to pay ward $75 per month for his support.

Estate of M. McMillen, minor; settlement filed and approved showing nothing; administration discontinued and curator discharged.

Estate of Roger Q. Banfield, minor; final settlement of A.J. Murray, former curator, heretofore filed on his resignation, approved and, having filed receipt of J.S. Owen, his successor, for the amount due estate, he is discharged.

Estate of Josiah Delph, deceased; will, dated April 23, 1891, witnessed by James P. Agnew and W.S.C. Dillard, admitted to probate. He bequeathed his property as follows: To his wife, Lydia Kelph [Delph?], all his property, both real and personal except his tools and tool chest, which goes to his son, Edward; to his daughter, Laura D. Cooper, $1. His widow is appointed executrix without bond and letters were granted her by the court.

D.D. Denton allowed $14 against estate of Kate Dickson, deceased.

Estate of Rachel Rockwood, deceased; J.M. White allowed $60; W.S. Gilchrist, $7; M.O. Milliken, $9; Reed & Barrett, $12.45; inventory and appraisement approved; H.S. Hill allowed $25.70.

Estate of Rachel Kelley, minor; ordered that curator pay S.H. Horine $290.30 for money expended for necessaries from February 1 to May 9, 1891.

Inventory and appraisement approved in estate of Stephen Heffernan, deceased.

Partnership estate of Bymaster & Lambeth; ordered that administrator pay 45 cents on the dollar of allowed demands against said estate.

Estate of Emmet McDaniel, deceased; ordered that administrator pay all first class demands allowed and 30 cents on the dollar on all allowed fifth class demands.

Adjourned until next Saturday, 16th, inst.

Railroad Rumblings.

J.R. Groves, Supt. of Frisco Rolling Stock, was in the city yesterday and left last night for Paris, Texas. He said that there are 125 passenger coaches on the line; 5,000 freight cars, 160 engines and 20 sleepers running from St. Louis to Galveston and El Paso. Mr. Groves is not only a competent railroad man but he is a courteous gentleman.

Some of the Frisco switchmen say that Henry Roberts has given up the Pacific House, as he was always a good landlord to them. But it will be observed elsewhere that his house was "pulled" all the same.

L.K. Spafford, a prominent official of the Memphis route, came in from Kansas City last night.

H.K. Bates, of the Memphis route, came in yesterday from Fort Scott with his wife and son, who are visiting Mrs. Dan Stewart. He returned last night to Fort Scott.

George Hoyt, train baggageman on the Frisco between Springfield and Burrton, Kas., accidentally shot himself this morning at Monett. Hoyt was exhibiting his pistol to James Amber, the brakeman, having previously taken the cartridges out. Amber subsequently replaced the loads, without Hoyt's knowledge, and in fooling with the weapon Hoyt shot himself in the right hand, the ball entering the palm and tearing its way through, lacerating and tearing the leaders. Mr. Hoyt came in this morning suffering severely from the wound, but at noon was much relieved by the attentions of a physician.

Conductor E.L. Fay goes to St. Louis tonight to attend the Conductors' convention now in session in that city.

General Manager Morrill, of the Frisco, is today looking over the Texas division of his road in a special car.

From the Mines.

J.J. Hibler returned yesterday from Aurora, where he has large mining interests. He says that the Summit City Mining Company has delivered to the Pittsburg smelter fifty-eight tons of jack and there is an inexhaustible supply, apparently, left. M.J. Morris, is vice president and superintendent, and the prospects are bright for a profitable season.

Knight Templars.

A special conclave of St. John Commandry was held last night when the Order of Temple was conferred on Chas. H. Gardner, one of the well-known conductors of the Memphis. The work was excellently done and was witnessed by a goodly number of members and visiting Sir Knights from a distance.


Recorder Wilson was kept busy this morning and issued the following marriage licenses:

Kirk Morris and Rosine I. Pipkin, both of this city.

Robert H. Bowers and Elizabeth A. Grishan, all of Springfield.

James G. Smith, an employe at the Memphis freight office, and Miss Emma Leneger, both of this city, and W.E. Drum, of Bois D'Arc, and Mrs. Maggie Robinson, of Yeakley, will have a double wedding this evening at the home of Thomas Yeakley near Bois D'Arc.

Marion G. Crocker and Maud D. Ramey, a Springfield couple, were married on the 12th inst. by Rev. W.M. McAllister.

Thursday, May 21, 1891

The Courts.

Martha J. Ragsdale vs John O'Day, dower; defendant given five days to plea from present date.

Arlina Jones was granted a divorce from her husband, William W.

Mat Hoffelt, assignee of John Shonorth vs Armstead Hall, foreclosure; dismissed by plaintiff at his cost.

Western Trust Co. vs S.c. Jackson et al., injunction; motion to dissolve temporary writ of injunction.

In re assignment of C.L. Melton, G.G. Campbell, assignee; bond of assignee filed and approved.

Brook & Fenton vs Charles Tiede, attachment; order to docket cause.

T.M. Kinney vs Charles Miller and Frisco Railway Co., account; order to docket cause.

Irwin W. Jenkins vs Thomas H. Bradley, ejectment; order to file petition.

Sarah Davis vs Thomas McCowan, ejectment; trial by court and judgment suspended.

Eli Walker Dry Goods Co. vs S.B. Means et al., account; dismissed by plaintiff at its cost.

Amanda Cornelison vs Frisco Railway Co., damages; dismissed by plaintiff at her cost.

T. Doolin vs R.S. Nelson, replevin; continued by consent of parties.

The foreclosure cases of the Frisco Railway Co. against nineteen defendants were continued on application of plaintiff.

Turnbull Wagon Co. vs H.E. Craig & Co., account; judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $1,264.56.

Viola Provence secured a divorce from her husband, David.

S.E. Grote Paint Store Co. vs William Mathie, note; judgment for plaintiff by default; first count, $154.47; second, $203.48.

J.S. Kendrick vs W.H. Lyman, note; judgment for plaintiff by default for debt and damages, $156.05.

Horn & Gilchrist vs Augusta Smith; demurrer overruled and trial in progress.

W.C. Keys vs Western Land Co. et al., appeal from justice of the peace; judgment against appellant and securities for debt and costs.

Bank of Commerce vs L.L. Murphy, appeal from Justice of the peace; same entry as above.

Elizabeth Conn vs S.O. Franklin et al., appeal from justice of the peace; same entry.

Augustus A. Lesley was granted a divorce from his wife, Frances A.

Hopkins Weller Drug Co., G.D. Milligan & Son, Moffit West Drug Co., S.G. Lang & Sons vs Henry Searcy, attachment; dismissed by plaintiffs at their cost.

Lucy c. Acock vs George H. Ramsey, note; judgment for plaintiff by default for $2,692.85.

In re to petition George Hodges, habeas corpus; George Hodges remanded to city marshal to be brought before this court Saturday morning at 9 o'clock.

George W. Hodges was convicted January 16, 1891, of running a gambling house, before Recorder Dade, and fined $50 and costs. He paid $25 and served four days in the cooler. A stay of proceedings was granted by Mayor Parce until May 11, when the defendant was rearrested on the old execution and reincarcerated. Yesterday morning his attorney instituted habeas corpus proceedings, on the ground that the ordinance under which he was convicted is invalid, for the reason that in fixing the penalty for the violation of the ordinance the City Council did not comply with the requirements of the charter.
The city attorney claims that Hodges' only remedy was by appeal and that the validity of the ordinance cannot be inquired into under habeas corpus proceedings.
The case was argued about two hours last night before Judge Hubbard.

Frank Calvin vs Susan and T.D. Halliwell, labor account, appeal from justice of the peace; dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution; judgment against plaintiff and securities.

Lydia E. Knott vs Hattie Hancock, to quiet title; defendant having failed to bring ejectment, it is ordered and decreed that they be forever barred from arresting title on premises.

Benj. Hirschland vs J.C. Dodson, replevin; continued by consent.

Harrington and Goodman et al. vs Rothschild Bros. et al., equity; dismissed at cost of plaintiffs for want of prosecution.

Bunker Bros. vs J.M. Steward, appeal from justice of the peace; judgment against appellant and securities.

Springfield Grocer Co. vs A.W. Swain, note, appeal from justice of the peace; ordered that J.C. Dodson make report of proceedings of sale of attached property; report filed.

Stewart & Hale vs S.J. Prophet, appeal from justice of the peace; motion to affirm judgment sustained, and judgment against appellant and securities.

Frisco Railway Co. vs C.O. Waddle, foreclosure of contract; order of publication in Springfield LEADER.

M.C. Early vs H.W. Cockerill, appeal from justice of the peace; motion to affirm judgment of justice sustained, and judgment against appellant and securities for debt and costs.

Bunker Bros vs Cody & Filley, appeal from justice of the peace; same entry.

Lydia E. Knott vs Mollie Moore et al, to quiet title; default entered against defendant; evidence heard and decree to plaintiff as prayed in petition.

Loeb & Loucheim vs M. Sumerfield, account; judgment by default for debt and damages, $345.

Caroline Chandler and Marteticia Chandler vs Ed C. O'Day, unlawful detainer; set for trial June 2, 1891.

A.F. Conrad vs Judith Conrad, divorce; case dismissed.

Robert Dillinger ordered discharged from regular panel of petit jurors.

T.H. Jones vs T.B. Ward, motion for costs heard and overruled.

E.T. Robberson and J.W. Jenkins, assignees, vs George E. Jeffries and Irwin W. Jenkins, jr, to revive lien; evidence heard and judgment reviving lien entered.

In re to petition George Hodges, habeas corpus, defendant, after a hearing, discharged and costs taxed against city council.

James B. Lawrence vs Joseph LeCompte, ejectment; judgment for plaintiff for possession of the property in question and $75 damages and for monthly rental value, at the rate of $4 per month until restitution be made.

Mary Motley vs James Baker, partition; case having been settled, is stricken from the docket by consent of parties.

J.W. Chipman vs Anna Chipman, divorce; decree of divorce granted plaintiff.

Central Furniture o. vs W.J. Hauck, F.M. Wolf, garnishee; dismissed by plaintiff and garnishee discharged and allowed $5 for answering; judgment against plaintiff for costs.

Harrington et al. vs First National Bank et al., equity; dismissed by plaintiff and judgment against plaintiff for costs.

National Exchange Bank vs A.M. Haswell et al., note; continued by consent and agreement of both parties.

James Reilly and S.H. Horine vs Fred Schmeidel, attachment; continued on application of plaintiff as to the garnishment.

William Kidwell vs F.J. Brown, et al., note; judgment for plaintiff nil dicit against defendants for debt and damages; first count, $101.12; second, $7.

William W. Whaley vs W.J. Walker, note; case set for May 22, 1891.

Springfield Cigar and Tobacco Co. vs A.W. Swain, appeal from justice of the peace; dismissed by plaintiff.

A.J. Potter et al. vs Alfred Adams, note; evidence heard and judgment for plaintiffs for damages, $322.50.

Sophia Nelson vs James Nelson, divorce; decree of divorce to plaintiff. Her husband was convicted of highway robbery in Henry county and sent to the penitentiary for five years.

Probate Court.

Mrs. B. McDonald allowed $33.50 against estate of George Adams, deceased.

Estate of Hannah Clayton, minor; Joel F. Fowler appointed curator and bond of $50 approved.

Estate of Mary Walter, deceased; executor ordered to distribute $2,138.50 among heirs.

Estate of Jacob Walter, minor; final settlement approved and curator discharged.

Estate of Mary L. and Washington Edmonson, minors; A.A. Adkinson selected curator and bond of $500 in each approved.

Estate of Joel Rickets, insane; Margaret A. Rickets, his wife, asks that a guardian of his person and estate be appointed, as he is in Asylum No. 3.

Sale bill of administrator approved in Timothy Wood estate.

Appraisement approved in estate of George Adams, deceased.

Inventory and appraisement approved in estate of J.L. Hoyal, deceased.

Estate of R.L. Tinsley, deceased; W.T. Sloan, administrator, files receipts and notes as per division by agreement.

A.J. West appointed curator of estate of Jesse C. Hoyal, minor, and ordered to give bond of $2,000.

Estate of John Bowler, deceased; widow's $400 statutory allowance granted; widow also allowed $300 for first year's support.

Estates of Matthew M., William D. and Robert Hoyal, minors; J.T. West appointed curator and ordered to give $2,000 bond in each estate.

Estate of Albert J. Zimmerman, deceased; petition for sale of real estate filed and order for publication ordered, there being no heirs in Greene county.

Julia Hamilton allowed $83.35 against estate of Rutha Gorman, deceased.

T.H. Adams allowed $6.25 against estate of George Adams, deceased.

Estate of John Bowler, deceased; claim of W.S. Gilchrist for $15 allowed.

C.C. Hill allowed $6 against Rachel Rockwood estate.

Estate of George C. Watson, minor; final settlement approved and curator discharged.

J.M. White allowed $61.75 against estate of John Bowler, deceased.

Adjourned until next Saturday, 23d inst.

Railroad Rumblings.

Five car loads of sugar have arrived over the Memphis from New Orleans consigned to local grocers.

Large lots of lumber are arriving over the Memphis for building purposes.

W.S. Warren, Frisco car accountant has returned from St. Louis where he has been on business for the company.

H.S. Buchannan, formerly under H.S. Warren in the car accountant's department of the Frisco, but now with the Kansas and Texas coal company, is in the city spending a few days with old friends.

Mr. Marshall, auditor of the Kansas and Texas coal company, has been shaking hands with friends in the city, and has gone west on department business.

Charles J. Brown, chief engineer of the Frisco, passed through the city yesterday en route for headquarters.

J. Shirley Carson has resigned his position in the office of the Supt. of Rolling stock on the Frisco.

W.D. Garwood, Frisco Gen'l. Baggage Agent says that while in the Indian Ty., last week he saw a magnificent meteor, apparently as large as the moon, shoot across the heavens, and illuminating the landscape with its bright light. It exploded with the sound of a cannon, and was heard miles away.

E.B. Goldsberry, Frisco Traveling Auditor, in the city today on business.

One of the U.S. fish cars passed over the Frisco last night with a cargo of Potomac shad for Pacific slope waters.

Mrs. J.H. Bagby, wife of Frisco baggageman Bagby, goes to visit relatives in the vicinity of Rolla tonight.

A chicken car bound East from Kansas over the Memphis this morning was a lively spectacle, the roosters keeping up a vigorous crowing for the entertainment of the seven-year old spring chickens who were disposed to be despondent.

W.L. Poterfield, ticket agent of the Memphis is in receipt of a Remington No. 5, latest improved type writer, and desk, and he is now prepared to conduct his correspondence in the highest style of art. This is, perhaps, the only instrument of the kind in the city, and its owner is justly proud of its superior qualitites.

The managers of the Memphis road arrived in the city last night on a general inspecting tour in their private cars and left this morning for Kansas City. Those composing the party were Geo. H. Nettleton, president and general manager; J.S. Ford, secretary and comptroller; W.W. Fagan, general traffic manager, and L.K. Spafford, superintendent of bridges and buildings.

C.E. Fearl, general passenger agent of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, has been shaking hands with friends in the city.

Judge I.F. Parker, attorney for the Frisco, was in town yesterday on business and left for St. Louis last night.

Rev. Pearson Closes His Work.

Rev. R.G. Pearson, the evangelist, on account of ill health, closed his work last night by holding services in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the tent will be shipped to St. Louis tomorrow. Union services will be held by the city pastors until after Wednesday night in the above mentioned church. A thanks offering was tendered Rev. Pearson last night and about $200 raised. He leaves tonight for his home at Asheville, N.C.

Jail Items.

The following United States prisoners were committed to jail yesterday by Judge Philips to serve out fines and costs: John Rissenger, one day fine and costs; Thomas Pruitt, thirty days in jail and fine of $100 and costs; H.H. Perigo, fine and costs and ten days in jail; James Fleetwood, fine and costs or imprisonment.

Maggie Carter was committed for arson and released in an hour on bond. She was arrested on the oath of Giles Hardin.

Henry Stiles was brought here from Fort Smith, Ark., on writ of removal, to await trial.


Harver D. Bryan, of Sparta, and Lillie M. Alexander, of Greene county were married on the 17th inst. by Rev. James T. Howell, of Rogersville, Mo.

Licenses issued this morning to John F. Hutchins and Viola Provence, both of Ash Grove; Lewis N. Lowers and Mary A. Kapp, all of Springfield.

Circuit Court.

G.D. Milligan & Son vs D.A. Robertson et al., account; case continued at cost of defendant.

P.B. Perkins vs F. Bakrow, contract; former judgment of this court set aside under mandate of the court of appeals and judgment for plaintiff under said mandate for debt and damages, $106.65.

P.B. Perkins vs C.K. Dyer, subscription to stock of opera house; judgment for plaintiff as per stipulations of the parties for debt and damages, $40.25.

Same vs same, contract, appeal from justice of the peace; same entry except that amount is $106.90.

Current River Lumber Co. vs James S. Cravens et al., mechanic's lien; ordered that J.H. Bouslag and J.D. Frazee be made parties defendant May 13, motion to set aside said order filed by plaintiff; answer of defendant Cravens filed by leave.

A. Featherstone vs A.R. Sprague, note, appeal from justice of the peace; continued, neither party being ready for trial.

Ransom F. Hudgins vs Reuben T. Trogden et al., injunction; dismissed by agreement of parties, all costs to be paid by defendant except the fees of plaintiff's witnesses, which plaintiff must pay, and judgment accordingly.

Thomas Clark vs Ira Overturf, damages; dismissed by plaintiff and judgment for costs against him.

Jacob McLaughlin vs Erwin Ellis, damages; same entry.

B.A. Barrett vs C.C. Headley, note; judgment for plaintiff by default for $182.

S.J. Prophet vs J.O. Diemer et al, contract; dismissed by plaintiff at his cost.

Robert S. Crenshaw vs Frank Tolander, account, appeal from justice; passed till May 29.

Most of the day was consumed in the case of William H. Owen vs St. Louis and San Francisco Railway Co, motion to retax costs, amounting to about $1,000. Hon. L.P. Parker represented the company and J.P. Nixon, of Lebanon, appeared for plaintiff.   The case was brought here on change of venue from Dallas and Laclede counties, and grows out of one of the Granger suits about fifteen years ago for overcharges in transportation of wheat. The Supreme Court once overruled a motion to retax costs and Mr. Nixon raised the question of the Supreme Court's jurisdiction to pass on such a motion when it was originally filed in that court. Various other knotty questions have been raised. Judge Hubbard, after hearing the evidence and arguments, expects to pass on the case today or tomorrow.

County Court.

Ellenburg & Kerr and J.L. Agnew granted dramshop license.

Bonds of J.G. McBride and G.C. Wallis, road overseers, approved.

John C. Day allowed $87.30 for miscellaneous services.

J.D. Jarrett allowed $56, services as overseer of prisoners on road work. J.H. Keller allowed $24 for same.

A few other smaller accounts were allowed.

Thursday, May 28, 1891

Marriage Licenses.

Four couples were made happy yesterday, as follows:

William B. Cook and Mrs. Harriet E. Causey, Springfield.

John Lair and Miss Kittie Mason, Springfield.

Dr. Almus P. Evans and Maud A., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William M. Stephens, were married last night.

Another Failure.

Horatio S. Fischer, cigar manufacturer on South street, failed yesterday. The following notice is posted on the door:
"The stock of goods and fixtures, together with all accounts belonging to H.S. Fischer, are now in the possession of Charles D. Rogers as legal representative of M.J. Fischer, mortgagee.  Charles D. Rogers, Att'y."

Circuit Court.

Sherman Riley, vs John Handy, replevin, appeal from justice of the peace; continued by agreement.

E.B. Hayden vs Frank J. Curran and H.C. Bright, damages; order of publication to Springfield LEADER.

Cole Manufacturing Co. vs William Jenkins, attachment on account; case stricken from docket, being erroneously docketed.

William E. Cook & Co vs William Jenkins, attachment on account; continued by consent of parties to await decision of court of appeals in another cause.

R.C. Forrester vs W.A. Camp, account, appeal from justice of the peace; continued by consent of parties.

James S. Lawrence vs Joseph LeCompte, ejectment; motions in arrest and for new trial filed.

Mrs. J.H. Handy vs H.B. Brubaker, account; motion to affirm judgment of justice against garnishee.

Mamie E. Gatewood vs William Gatewood, divorce; decree granted plaintiff and custody of child awarded her.

William G. McLaughlin vs G.H. Goodwin, unlawful detainer; motion to set aside order of dismissal overruled.

In re petition of W.M. Henson, habeas corpus; case set for trial May 20; neither party being ready for trial case continued until today and prisoner remanded to custody of sheriff.

In repetition of Kate Lowrey, habeas corpus; same entry. These parties were committed to jail for keeping a bawdy house.

Mary S. Melton et al vs Nancy B. Fitch et al., dower; continued on request of both parties.

Solomon P. Tracy, by guardian, J.L. McCraw, and Virginia E. Tracy, vs J.M. Wilkerson et ux, to cancel deed and sale; dismissed by plaintiffs at their costs.

F.M. Goddard et al vs City of Springfield, damages; same entry as above.

Ellen L. Clusky et al vs E. Sander, J.J. Robertson, Edgar P. Cloud et al., J.G. Willeke and John Fahy, ejectment; continued by request of both parties.

Stephen Johston [Johnston?] vs Springfield Furniture and Manufacturing Co. et al., note; dismissed at costs of defendant by agreement of the parties.

City to use of J.T., S.A. and A.H. Gray, three separate suits on special tax bill; dismissed by plaintiff.

Ruth Blair vs William Comfort, account, appeal from justice of the peace; judgment of justice affirmed against appellant and securities.

R.L. Goode et al vs John A. Glass et al, to reform deed of trust; decree for plaintiff as prayed in petition.

W.P. Hubbard vs J.S. Boarman, check; dismissed by plaintiff.

Western Trust Co. vs S.C. Johnson et al, injunction; advanced by consent and trial set for 25th inst.

James T. Neville and J.C. Cravens, recently appointed a committee to examine into the petition of William G. McLaughlin to disbar G.H. Goodwin, a practicing attorney, have made their report. They beg leave to say that they have examined said complaint and suggested to complainant that said complaint first lodged in this court is deficient in certain formalities, not affecting the substance of said charges, whereupon said complainant has caused his complaint to be amended, and at his request we herewith present the same to the court with the statement that said charges are of too grave a nature to be passed without investigation, and in justice to the accused, as well as to the dignity of the court and profession, we recommend that a citation pursuant to the statute in such case made and provided be served upon said G.H. Goodwin, and that he be required to answer said charges and submit himself to a full examination and hearing touching the same.

Margaret A. Smith secured a divorce from her husband, Bolen [Rolen?] G., and had her maiden name of Halbrook restored.

James Evans vs William Gair, notes; interlocutory judgment against garnishees; motion to strike out plea in abatement.

Samuel Leggett vs J. Whitebill et al., attachment; notice of appeal filed.

F.M. Wolf vs Charles Hufnagle, appeal from justice of the peace; same entry.

D.C. Skaggs vs Frisco Railway Co.; same entry.

D.L. Black vs H.I. Devoe, appeal from justice of the peace; motion to affirm judgment of justice filed.

W.P. Hubbard vs J.S. Boarman, check; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

M.C. Early vs H.W. Cockerill, appeal from justice of the peace; motion to set aside the judgment of affirmance sustained and case reinstated for trial; motion to dismiss overruled.

Agnes Cody vs Bunker Bros., damages; motion for costs sustained and plaintiff given till June 13th to file obligation for costs.

B.S. Raymond vs Manufacturers' Accident and Indemnity Co., appeal from justice of the peace; motion to dismiss filed by defendant and overruled; instrument sued on filed.

C.B. Leach vs J.M. Lane and the Central National Bank, note; answer of the bank and leave given defendant Lane to answer forthwith.

In re petition of Kate Lowry and W.M. Henson, habeas corpus, defendants discharged and costs adjudged against City of Springfield.

Final naturalization papers were granted John Voelkner and Charles Schoenick, subjects of Germany.

Mary Rice granted a divorce from her husband, Isaac.

Martha J. Ragsdale vs John O'Day, dower, suit revived in name of Martha J. Ragsdale by her guardian, R.J. Ragsdale vs John O'Day.

Motions for new trial in and arrest overruled in case of H.C. Sprinkle vs James Weller, equity.

David Wood et al vs George Leeper, money had and received; dismissed by agreement of parties at defendant's costs.

D.B. Williams vs Frisco Railway Co., damages, application for change of venue granted and case sent to Dade county, in the Twenty-fifth Judicial Circuit of Missouri.

Henry Clusky et al vs C.W. Mitchell, L.T. Watson, A.E. Clark, ejectments; continued by agreement.

J. Meyberg Hat Co. vs Central National Bank, replevin; continued by agreement.

G.D. Milligan & Son vs Payton & Sons, note; case advanced, on application of plaintiff, and set for trial June 3, 1891.

Green & Dygert vs Commercial Union Insurance Co., insurance policy; motion by plaintiff to make Lombard Investment Co. party defendant.

Springfield Abstract and Title Guarantee Association vs E.B. Thomas, account, appeal from justice of the peace; motion to dismiss filed by defendant.

J.T. Lamb vs J.D. Bush; time extended per stipulations till August 1, 1891, for filing bill of exceptions.

James McDowell vs City of Springfield; time extended in which to file bill of exceptions thirty days after May 28, 1891.

W.F. McFarland vs W.P. Rainey et al., account; bond for costs approved.

Tulley Williams et al vs City of Springfield, ejectment; continued by consent of parties.

S.H. Horine vs Oscar G. Hamilton, note; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

M.M. Alexander and Jose Winfield, administrators estate of Kindred Rose, deceased, vs D.A. Abbott, D.B. Gates garnishee, garnishment; dismissed by plaintiffs at their costs.

A Featherstone vs A. Robb, note, appeal from justice of the peace; motion to affirm judgment of justice heard and sustained against appellant and securities.

Veda E. Onstott vs Lewis Hughes, to quiet title; case stands to await result of ejectment suit.

T.T. Brown vs Isaiah Rogers, appeal from justice of the peace; motion to affirm judgment of justice filed.

August Holzle vs G.W. Blankenbeckler, to enforce mechanic's lien, appeal from justice of the peace; demurrer withdrawn and motion to dismiss filed by defendant.

B.O. Martin vs Sampson Bass, commissioner; judgment against appellant and securities.

W.A. Jackson vs G.S. Rathbun, commission; application for change of venue filed by defendant; C.V. Buckley, special judge, refuses to act and J.T. White agreed upon, takes oath and trial in progress.

Sarah Davis vs Thomas McCowan, ejectment; case continued by agreement until next term and evidence to be heard anew.

A.D. Allen, court stenographer, being sick, Miss Alice M. Mooney, was appointed for one day only.

W.H. Owen vs Frisco Railway Co., venue from Laclede county; motion to retax costs and for new trial filed.

Margaret Byrne vs J.C. Dodson, replevin; continued by agreement.

B.O. Martin vs Sampson Bass, commission; motion to set aside judgment, affirming judgment of justice affirmed.

Thomas F. Richards vs Frisco Railway Co., damages; application for leave to sue as a poor person filed.

In re-application of prosecuting attorney for authority to levy sinking fund tax; orders to file petition and issue process; petition heard, granted and clerk to deliver a certified copy of order to County Clerk.

B.F. Milstead vs Equitable Mortgage Co., venue from Newton county, to cancel deed of trust; jury find issues for plaintiff and assesses his damages at $1,048.48; appeal granted to St. Louis Court of Appeals.

J.B. Hall vs James Lockhart, A.B. Pierce garnishee; account; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff against James Lockhart for $368; judgment against garnishee on answer for $157, being $172 less $15 allowed him for answering.

George B Smith vs George W. Burgess; demurrer heard and overruled; leave granted defendant to answer.

Bunker Bros. vs J M Stewart, appeal from justice of the peace; motion to set aside judgment of affirmance sustained, and judgment of May 16, 1891, set aside and case reinstated.

Sarton Bros. vs Western Land Co., appeal from justice of the peace; motion to dismiss filed by defendant.

W H Rambo granted a divorce from Mary R Rambo.

Frisco Railway Co. vs J W McDaniel; acknowledgment of deed by F M Donnell, former sheriff of Greene county.

County Court.

Martin J Hubble made the following affidavit yesterday concerning the much disputed Carthage road: "I located the Carthage and Mt Vernon roads under an order of the County Court dated January 12, 1867. It was my understanding that i was to locate those roads not less than forty feet nor more than sixty feet. I located said roads a uniform width of forty feet, made my report and filed same with plat showing said location on April 1, 1867, which said report was approved by the court and ordered filed, to the best of my knowledge and belief."

The road petition of Mr Ryrie granted and the road ordered vacated in Brookline township.

Petition of D M Young to change Galena and Springfield road; order to vacate in accordance with the petition.

Dramshop license granted Oscar Fath.

A D King and James Davis, both of Republic, loaned $275 and $200 school funds.

H E Steinmeyer, city assessor, recently put in a claim for $30, services on board of equalization and appeals, and $15 was allowed.

George H Cook, by attorney, T J Gideon, filed motion to dismiss road petitioned for by L H Murray et al, which was overruled and case continued till 25th inst.

W H Lyman allowed $212 for overhauling and making attachments to eight cell locks at the county jail and putting extra shields on bar to door.

Adjourned until Monday, 25th inst.

Bond of J D Hutchison, road overseer, approved.

Ordered that M J Hubble be summoned to appear before the court Thursday, 21st inst., as a witness in the Carthage road case.

F M Morris loaned school money to amount of $100.

Several accounts were allowed.

The account of the Probate Clerk, amounting to $16.75, costs accrued for investigating the alleged insanity of Joel Rickets, was disallowed, the court holding that there was no use to empanel a jury in this case, for the reason that the records of the County Court were sufficient evidence of his insanity. Judge Lincoln referred them to chapter 86, sections 5,513 and 5,518, Revised Statutes of 1889. Judge Lincoln is at a loss to know how he is going to appoint a guardian to take charge of a man's person and property until he has been declared incompetent, by a jury of twelve men, to manage his own affairs. Mrs. Margaret Rickets, wife of Joel, who is in the Nevada asylum, wanted a guardian appointed for the purpose of making application for a pension and there is no property in the estate excepting the contingency of a pension. The judge is willing to lose his fees and only wants the others paid as the statutes direct. All but two or three dollars of the account go to the jury, witnesses and sheriff.

Judge Baker was allowed $60 for rent.

W.S.C. Dillard files bond of $2,500 as assessor, with James P. Agnew, J. Fenton and G.D. Dillard as securities. Approved.

In the road damage suit of George Cook, colored, vs L H Murray, the following jury was summoned: S F C Roberts, John Foley, W S Johnson, J C Gardner, E L Weaver and J H Houston. After hearing the evidence the following verdict was returned: "We find Cook damaged in sum of $81.50." By this verdict, under the law, the county will have to pay the costs.

William Hodge, colored, became insane at a religious meeting last Sunday, was arrested by the police and the court sent him to the alms house this morning.

B.G. Johnson borrowed school money amounting to $155.08.

An order by the Circuit Judge to the County Court concerning the levy of taxes for a sinking fund was received and ordered spread upon the record.

In the matter of levying taxes for sinking fund purposes it was ordered that the prosecuting attorney make application to the Circuit Court for an order authorizing and commanding this court to levy a special tax of 20 cents on the $100 worth of all real estate and personal property upon which tax may be legally levied to provide a sinking fund for the payment of the bonded indebtedness, consisting of funding bonds issued under the provisions of article 1, chapter __ Revised Statutes of 1889, and of the articles ___ datory thereof. The interest levy is 22, current expense, 35; poor, 3; road, 10, total without state or school __ cents on the $100 valuation.

John R. Marsh loaned $300 school funds.

Road in Brookline township, petitioned for by J N Moore et al., ordered opened.

Road petitioned for by G W Hayes et al., ordered opened.

John W White and G W Jackson, overseers, ordered to open road petitioned for by Singer et al.

Personal property of A C Holdridge reduced from $383 to $183 for 1889.

P M Julian appointed road overseer of district 2, 30, 23.

Adjourned until next Monday, June 1.

Probate Court.

Annie Thorne allowed $56.16 against estate of George Thorne, deceased.

Inventories approved in estates of George Adams and J W Dryden, deceased.

Estate of Isaac Dyer, deceased; annual settlement approved, balance due estate, $30.

Estate of James Long, deceased; bond of James Long, executor, approved and letter testamentary issued.

Greene County Bank allowed $84.80 against estate of J M Jarrett, deceased.

Estate of Elizabeth R Raymond, deceased; Dr A C Williamson files application to enforce administration and citations ordered for E B Raymond and others, returnable June 6.

Estate of Alvin Reimer, minor, final settlement filed showing balance due curator of $8.75. Approved and curator discharged.

Estate of Hedwig Reimer, minor; same entry.

Letters of administration on estate of Charles T Jacobs, deceased, granted F M Jacobs and bond of $800 approved, relinquishment of right to administer filed by Victoria Jacobs, widow.

Estate of Patrick Gorman, deceased; appraisement approved; all personal property named in appraisement ordered turned over to widow as her $400 allowance.

Inventory approved in estate of Jane Pursley, deceased.

Estate of James W Dryden, deceased; ordered that the widow be allowed amount of grain and provisions on hand and named in petition and the sum of $500 as her first year's allowance; claim of W M McCrosky for $15.15 allowed; petition of widow filed for $400 statutory allowance granted, and she elects to take same in cash; inventory approved.

Estate of J C Montgomery and Kate Hardin, minor; report of sale of real estate approved and deed ordered.

Estate of Jesse McDaniel, minor; final settlement showing balance of $197.35, approved and curator discharged.

Estate of John W Wommack, deceased; final settlement approved and curator discharged.

Estate of James W Dryden, deceased; ordered that administrator turn over household and kitchen furniture to widow.

J P Ralston allowed $6 against estate of George Adams, deceased.

Estate of Daniel Ellis, deceased; will presented and admitted to probate, Seth Suttle and John J Hibler, witnesses. The instrument is dated October 19, 1885. After the payment of all just debts he bequeaths to his widow, Anne E Ellis, absolutely in fee simple a tract of land in Lawrence county; during her natural life she also gets the use of the house and lot on Olive street; the above are in lien of the marriage contract and settlement entered into between them before marriage; said devises are in lieu of all dower interest which the widow may have in any of the property and are made upon this condition: That if the widow makes or claims dower then said devises are null and void; the household and kitchen furniture is bequeathed to the widow; his nephew, Richard  W Ellis, gets $300 for ten years, amounting to $3,000; Bell L Ellis, his granddaughter, all the silver spoons formerly belonging to her deceased grandmother, Halcom G Ellis and Bell L Ellis, grand children, $100 each; all the rest and residue goes to John P Ellis, of St. Louis, and to his heirs and legal representatives. John P Ellis and Anne F Ellis are appointed executors.

Estate of Daniel Ellis, deceased; codicil to will presented and admitted to probate, R L Ramey and E J Baldwin, witnesses. He revokes the $3,000 to his nephew, Richard W Ellis, to be paid by his executors out of the income, or, if necessary, out of the body of the estate, and in lieu gives it less any and all sums which now are or hereafter may become owing from him or from his estate to his son, John P., or to his heirs, said balance to be paid in ten equal annual installments by the executors.

Ely Paxon allowed $73 against George Adams estate.

F T Stewart allowed $2.65 against John Bowler estate.

Estate of Joseph Delph, deceased; inventory approved; ordered that executrix pay to widow $265 in money, as part of her $400 statutory allowance, and turn over all the household and kitchen furniture.

Whitehead & Patterson allowed $12.35 against estate of George Adams.

C C Clements allowed $50.50 against estate of D S Holman, deceased.

Inventory approved in estate of Dora Fais, deceased; Ely Paxson presents claim for $25 and, he being administrator, John Potter appointed administrator ad litem; claim allowed; petition for sale of real estate filed and order of publication ordered, to be at least twenty days before July term.

Adjourned until June 6th.

Barry County News.

Seligman, Mo., May 25. -- Of lawyers Cassville has twelve.

The apple crop in this county will be some shorter than was expected.

A new depot will soon be built at Monett and the switch yard improved.

Samuel Smith has a promising mining prospect near Eagle Rock, on Roaring river.

The G.A.R. reunion will be held at Monett in August, with Col. Wm. Holliday commander.

Wheat harvest will be a few days earlier than common this summer.

The closing exercises of the Cassville High School promises to be very interesting.

The mining prospects on Stansbury creek, this county, are said to be excellent. {Cassville Republican.

The Washburn Prospecting and Mining Company have a subscribed stock of $1,000. They will soon begin prospecting.

G.E. Harris, of the Cassville Republican, attended the Grand Lodge of the I.O.O.F. at St. Joe, last week.

Will Dean, of Wells' Point, Texas, is visiting his brothers at Seligman and Washburn. He will not return home until July.

Mrs. A.J. Roller, of Seligman, returned from Cyclone, McDonald county, Sunday, where she had been visiting relatives.

J.W. Grafford of this place, has a minie ball in his possession that is said to have been pitched up on the Wilson Creek battlefield, near where Gen. Lyon fell. He treasurers it very highly. {Cassville Democrat.

The physicians of Monett, have organized a society called The Monett Medical Protective Society, for the purpose of facilitating collections.

John G. Mauger, of the Seligman Sunbeam, and Chas. Ray, of the Cassville Democrat attended the editorial convention at Lebanon.

Scott Stubblefield left Sunday, to assume his duties as mail clerk on the Missouri Pacific, between Kansas City and St. Louis.

J.B.W. Bennington, of Cassville, has purchased the Verona Independent, and will shortly take charge of the paper. Its name will be changed to the Verona Sentinel.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Weekly Leader; Nov. 6, 1890 - Nov. 12, 1891; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained  December 5, 2005.

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