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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
March, 1891


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Thursday, March 5, 1891

Mortuary Matters.

Following interments were made in Maple Park cemetery for February according to Sexton Lair's report:
February 1st - Master Clare Randall, of congestion of the brain, aged six months.
4th - Miss W.A. Salyers, membranus croup, aged 7 years.
13th - Mr. Andrew Ebert, rheumatism, aged 17 years; Miss Mary Vaughan, asthma, aged 2 years and 6 months.
14th - Mr. M.C. Thompson, consumption, aged 63 years.
16th - Mrs. Belle M. Search, peritonitis, aged 35 years.
21st - Master Marcus L. Meyer, lung trouble, aged 1 year and 2 months.
25th - Mr. J.W. Cartwright, injuries received from a wreck on the Frisco railroad October 3d, 1889, aged 30 years.

Criminal Court.

State vs Charles H. Leach, grand larceny; general continuance granted.

State vs G.M. Smith, assault; jury failed to agree; case set for trial Mar. 4.

State vs W.T. Bradley, forgery; plea guilty to first count on two separate indictments.

State vs Jesse Cook, assault and battery; motion to set aside forfeiture of recognizance filed.

State vs Watts, selling liquor in violation of local option law, defendant recognized in sum of $300; second county selling liquor to minor; defendant recognized in sum of $200.

State vs T.L. McCall, arson in third degree; case continued till July term.

State vs J.A. Dameron, three cases of selling liquor to minors; change of venue granted to Christian county.

State vs H.A. Owens, charged with feloniously assaulting Davy Jones by stabbing him several times with a knife; continued till next term.

State vs John H. Sweezee, obtaining goods by false pretenses; forfeiture of recognizance, scire facias to defendant and securities.

State vs John Layton, robbery and larceny; defendant arraigned and pleaded not guilty.

State vs W.P. Wood, arson in second degree; nollied.

State vs T.B. McCall; same entry. They were charged with burning the Flat[lock?] school house.

The grand jury returned five indictments.

The case of the city of Springfield vs S.C. Huston, charged with keeping open his barber shop on Sunday, was argued before Judge Oliver at great length Saturday. Messrs. Delaney and Stillwagen appeared for the defendant and City Attorney E.D. Merritt for the city. Mr. Huston was fined by the city recorder for keeping open his shop on Sunday in violation of the ordinance ena_ted by the city council a few months ago, and took an appeal to the criminal court. The case was very ably argued by the counsel of both sides and quite a number of decisions read. Judge Oliver took the case under advisement until Monday morning.

The grand jury appeared in open court and through their foreman returned ___ ___ bills of indictment.

State vs Karl Kamerer, grand larceny; T.J. Delaney appointed to prosecute, prosecuting attorney of Webster county having been of counsel for defendant.

State vs John H. Sweezee, obtaining goods by false pretenses; forfeiture of recognizance; alias capias ordered.

State vs Walter S. Tucker, obtaining signature fraudulently; motion to quash indictment sustained and defendant discharged. He had been charged with fraudulently securing a signature to a deed at Ash Grove. T.J. Wrightsman was the prosecuting witness, and alleged that the defendant had fraudulently represented that he had bought a certain property formerly belonging to Wrightsman and had lost the deed and granted a quit claim deed.

City vs D.M. Miller, disorderly house dismissed at cost of city.

State vs Sim Armstrong, gambling; nole prosequi.

State vs Chas. Jordan, assault; grand jury failed to indict, defendant and securities discharged.

State vs R.D. Henderson, obtaining property by false pretenses; same entry.

State vs Sam Fields, assault; same entry.

State vs Pat Hennessy, assault; same entry.

State vs Pat Brady, assault; same entry.

State vs M.C. Hayes, felonious wounding; defendant recognized in sum of $800.

State vs M.C. Hayes, murder first degree; defendant recognized in sum of $7,000. The securities are P.H. Gilespie, Marion Davis, F.M. Donnell, Pat Hayes, M. Hays and T.J. Delaney.

State vs Wm. Lemmons, burglary and larceny; nolle prosequi as to indictment returned Feb. 19, a new one having been returned.

State vs John H. Sweezee, obtaining goods under false pretenses; nolle prosequi as to indictment returned Feb. 27, a new one having been returned.

State vs E.A. Wood, assault; continued on application of defendant.

State vs George Adams, gambling; case set for March 4, 1891.

State vs Samuel Thayer, keeping bawdy house; verdict of guilty and fine of $20. Sent to jail.

State vs Joe Armstrong, keeping gambling house; nollied.

State vs James A. Davis, assault; forfeiture of recognizance and scire facias and alias capias issued.

State vs R.H. Sweeney, selling liquor in violation of local option law; nollied.

State vs James Hayes, gambling; forfeiture of recognizance and scire facias and alias capias issued.

City of Springfield vs Ed Hyder, carrying concealed weapons, appeal from recorder; case set for trial March 4, 1891.

Jack Higgs pleaded guilty to gambling and was fined $10. He failed to liquidate and was jailed until March 17.

State vs D.P. Welch, assault; jury trial and verdict of ---- [nothing more was printed here]

State vs Mike Hennessey, felonious assault; continued by consent.

State vs M. Ford, selling liquor in less quantities than five gallons; motion to quash field.

State vs Samuel Thayer, keeping bawdy house; motion for new trial filed and overruled.

The grand jury will likely adjourn soon, as they inspected the jail yesterday and appeared well pleased with its neat appearance, good order and kind treatment of prisoners.

Probate Court.

Estate of Clara L. Danforth, minor; bond of J.T. Gray, curator, for $2,500, with T.E. Burlingame and E.D. Parce securities, filed and approved.

Estates of Bessie P. and Mary F. Danforth, minors; same entries.

Cosby & Rubby allowed $22 against estate of James Russell, deceased.

Dr. C.C. Clements allowed $81.50 against estate of J.M. Jarrett, deceased.

Estate of William J. Wommack, minor; final settlement filed, approved and curator discharged.

Estate of R.L. Tinsley, deceased; final settlement continued until April term, 1891.

Estate of J.M. Watson, minor; ordered that W.T. Sloan, curator, pay to W. Schweider $49.10, for clothing furnished ward.

Jay Owen & Co. allowed $8 against estate of D.S. Holman, deceased.

Estate of J. McCord Watson, minor; W.T. Sloan, curator, ordered to pay C.H. Heer Dry Goods Co. $26.65 for clothing furnished ward.

Estate of J.H. Likins, deceased; executrix files bond of $2,000, with W.T. Chandler and E.A. Hurt securities which is approved and letters testamentary issued.

Estate of Joseph Gott, deceased; Nancy Gott, widow, granted her $400 statutory allowance; executrix ordered to pay widow $50 per month for first year's support.

Estate of Marcus Arehart, minor; R.C. Viles appointed curator and bond of $200 approved. Said minor is a resident of Idaho; sale of real estate ordered for cash at not less than three-fourths of its appraised value.

C.B. Stevens vs estate of John Owen, deceased; plaintiff required to give security for costs.

Estate of Eliza J. Henslee et al., minors; ordered that curator pay C.M. Henslee $10 out of the estate of said minors.

Ely Paxson allowed $30.50 against estate of Jane Pursley, deceased.

Estate of William B. Finley, minor; ordered that the appointment of James Weller, curator, be revoked for refusal to qualify.

C.B. Stevens vs estate of John Owen, deceased; continued to April 13, 1891, and plaintiff allowed until that time to give bond for costs.

John W. Mack allowed $2.50 against estate of Jane Pursley, deceased; D.D. Denton also allowed $2.

The estate of William B. Finley, minor, was ordered into hands of John L. McCraw, public administrator.

Estate of Charles A. Clayton, minor; bond of A.B. Clayton, curator, with C.N. Chappell, G.W. Turner and Cora A. Clayton securities, filed, approved and appointment made.

Inventory and appraisement filed and approved in estate of James Murphy, deceased.

Estate of Jane Pursley, deceased; petition for sale of real estate filed and publication ordered.

Adjourned until Saturday, 7th inst.

County Court.

J.W. Weir and M.M. Monroe were awarded the contract to erect a $500 barn on the poor farm.

S.A. Reed, superintendent of the alms house, presented his report for February, showing the total expenses to be $265.48. Inmates first of month, 49; admitted, 0; dismissed, 2; on hand at end of month, 47. The new superintendent, Howard Grantham, assumed charge today.

A large number of accounts were allowed, the largest being to A.D. Allen, $170, for seventeen days services.

Jeff Poteet granted dramshop license.

Wood & Griffith allowed $246.60, blankets for jail.

Martha Gorsuch made application to be admitted to alms house. Granted.

The road overseer of district No. 24 was ordered to notify all taxpayers in his district to appear for work for the purpose of opening the Mill street road and Fremont avenue; also the new road from the National Cemetery north to Division street.

Howard E. Cable was loaned school funds to amount of $100.

The property on which J.S. and Melissa Cravens borrowed $700 school money was ordered sold, they having failed to give additional security after having been notified.

C.C. Hill was allowed $59.95 for coal, Springfield Planing Mill Co. $35.98 for work at jail and Sims & Overman $20 for stationery furnished circuit clerk and recorder.

J.W. Chipman Charges His Wife with Stealing, Adultery and Wants a Divorce.

J.W. Chipman, through his attorneys, Messrs. Kersey & Goodwin, created a sensation Saturday by filing a petition with Circuit Clerk Donham against his wife, Anna, asking for a divorce at May term of Circuit Court.
The petition, among other things, alleges that the couple were lawfully married in Christian county January 6, 1885; that the plaintiff continued to live with defendant as her husband from and after the day and year aforesaid until on or about February 10, 1891, when she "took up" with a man bo [by] the name of Cook and left plaintiff's bed and board, going to Texas or some other state to the plaintiff unknown; that plaintiff is employed at fair wages by the month and had saved from his earnings $1,083; that said sum was at plaintiff's house on Washington avenue, where plaintiff and defendant was living and residing as husband and wife; that when defendant left with said Cook she took the aforesaid money without plaintiff's knowledge or consent; that since defendant has absconded with said cook, plaintiff has learned that defendant has been intimate with Cook and has on divers times, since the month of September, 1890, been guilty of adultery with said Cook.
Mr. Chipman, recently went to Texas in search of the guilty pair, but failed to get a clue.

Thursday, March 11, 1891


Douglas Hayes, Fonton Cox and Jas. Calvey were arrested Friday morning by Officers Richardson and Cassity, on complaint of E.Q. Whistler, charging them with highway robbery last night. He makes an affidavit alleging that they stole from his person one gold watch, valued at $200, $4.50 in silver coin, one card case containing a note, cards, etc., valued at $2, and one oxidized silver chain valued at $5.
Defendants were taken before Justice Fath and each pleaded not guilty. Each demanded an immediate trial, but the state postponed the preliminary examination until Monday, 9th inst. Each defendant was required to give $500 bond. Cox and Hayes furnished bail and Calvey was committed.

The boys were also arrested on charges of petit larceny. J.C. Welch, who purchased Culley's Cate, had them arrested on charges of stealing three cans of oysters and some celery, all valued at $2. They were required to give bonds of $200 each to appear for trial tomorrow morning. Cox and Hayes gave bonds and Calvey went to jail.

Mr. E.Q. Whistler, who was assaulted and robbed, is a traveling salesman from Pittsburg, Pa., and started to walk from the Metropolitan Hotel to the Memphis depot last night, expecting to board the 11:20 passenger train. When he reached the corner of Main and College streets he was suddenly halted by three masked men. they went through his pockets and forcibly took the property heretofore mentioned. He abandoned the trip, came back and notified the police at once.

A New Cemetery.

Articles of incorporation of the Antioch Cemetery Company, formerly known as the Brick Church burying ground, in Campbell township, west of Springfield, were filed for record yesterday with Recorder Wilson. The regular annual meetings of said company shall be held the first Monday in May of each year. The officers of the company are: President, L.A. Biggs; secretary, C.A. Ferguson; treasurer, J.F. White.

Alleged Mule Thieves.

Last Saturday Constable Shackelford arrested William J. Sharp and James Burns, on complaint of Ben Henson, who charges them with stealing two mules of the value of $100. Burns was found a mile and a half north of town and Sharp was in the wagon yard, corner Campbell street and the city lot. Defendants were arraigned before Justice Chinn, who required each to give $300 bonds. In default they were committed to jail until witnesses can arrive from Dallas county. Defendants protested their innocence and claimed they purchased the mules from Henson.

A Fire and Failure.

The following items are obtained from the R.G. Dun Mercantile Agency:

Bolivar, Mo., March 8 -- J.C. McCarthy, dealer in drugs and music, was burned out today. No insurance. Had stock in store of about $2,000. Not likely to resume business.

T.C. Rinear & Co., grocers, were also burned out. They had a stock worth $350 to $400.

Ritchie, Mo., March 8 -- T.H.B. Armstrong, dealer in hardware, etc., have made an assignment. Liabilities $2,200; assets, $1,200.

Probate Court.

Estate of William Meathers, deceased; administrator files receipts and is discharged.

Estate of Phillip M. Tinsley, deceased; curator files final receipts of all the heirs and is discharged.

Estate of T.H. Godey; claims allowed as follows: J.W. Weir, $45; T.D. Halliwell & Co., $5; Journal Printing Co., $19.85.

Settlement approved in estate of Alban Phillips.

W.H. Lyman allowed $9 against estate of Hugh H.B. Farmer.

Dr. Wilhelm Rienhoff allowed $206 against estate of Lulu Merigold.

Estate of Charles A. Clayton, minor; sale of ward's interest in lot 11, block 19, North Springfield, ordered for cash, either public or private.

Estate of Alfred Hosman; $400 statutory allowance granted widow.

A.R. Dixon allowed $23.10 against D.H. Elwood estate.

Estate of M.P. Robberson, deceased; certified copy of judgment of Peal & Powers against deceased for $100 filed.

Estate of Mary Bonell, minor; resignation of curator accepted; he is ordered to make final settlement and will be discharged on filing receipt of successor.

Estate of Bessie Danforth, minor; final settlement of A.B. Appleby, former curator, filed, showing $18.07 in cash and $1,298.80 in notes; settlement approved and curator, having filed receipt of T.J. Gray for the above sums, is ordered discharged.

Estate of Clara L. Danforth, same entry except that cash is $29.32 and note is $1,304.40.

Estate of Mary F. Danforth, same entry except that cash is $33.07 and note $1,300.

Estate of Emma H. Danforth; annual settlement filed and approved; balance, cash, $8.31; note, $1,616.80.

Estate of Rana Winstead, deceased; ordered that administrator turn over to curator of estate of Clarence A. Winsted, minor under 16 years, all the household and kitchen furniture, valued at $37.25; also $400 as his statutory allowance; first annual settlement approved; balance due estate, $285.95.

Estates of Cora B. and James T. Bird, minors; curator ordered to pay $5 to Sallie Bird, mother of said minors; curator also ordered to pay $5 to Katie Bird, minor.

Estate of H.B. Farmer, deceased; J.L. McCraw, administrator, resigns and ordered to make final settlement; Robert Grattan Noland appointed administrator de bonis non and bond of $800 approved.

Estate of Solomon Wright; curator pays all costs in said estate and ordered discharged from further liability.

Estate of William Massey deceased; continued to next term.

Estate of H.C. Williams; same entry.

Estate of Solomon P. Tracy; same entry.

Estate of S.R. Bridges; same entry.

Estate of Nancy Fondren same entry.

Estate of H.A. Hammond; same entry.

Adjourned until next Saturday, 14th inst.

Criminal Court.

State vs D. Welch, assault; motion to set aside judgment taxing costs against D.P. Hill filed.

Charles Lyman pleaded not guilty to gambling.

State vs Ed Hyder, shooting across a public road; nollied.

State vs Charles Priest, keeping gambling house; continued by state.

State vs Ashby Neal, carrying concealed weapons; set for trial March 20, 1891.

State vs Bert Bennett, obtaining property by false pretenses; order to issue scire facias for defendant and securities.

State vs Hugh McDonald, felonious assault; defendant arraigned and pleaded not guilty; Hugh McDonald, Ed. C. O'Day and M. Keener recognized in sum of $500 from day to day.

State vs Ed Williams, killing quail; defendant arraigned and pleaded not guilty; defendant and G.W. Rutherford recognized in sum of $100 to appear from day to day.

State vs D.P. Welch, assault; judgment against D.P. Hill canceled and costs taxed against the county.

State vs G.M. Smith, assault; judgment against B.P. Tutor canceled, and costs taxed against the county.

The case against Charles Lyman, gambling, was nollied, he not being the person properly indicted.

State vs Marion Price et al., disturbing religious worship; case as to defendant, Marion Price, set for trial March 21, 1891.

The case against Hal Coker, gambling, was nollied.

The following prisoners were discharged from jail as insolvents: For vagrancy - William Hellman, William Devine, George Black, J.W. Ne_l, John McHenry, James Donohoe, Frank Sammon, Joseph P. Williams, __ Foaley, John Smith, Thomas Malone, William Reynolds; for disturbing the peace - Jake Hammons, James Keyser, Sam Denny, Belle Miller, Emma Fields, Lizzie Fields; for boarding moving trains - Peter Roberts, Ed Hester, Ed Campbell, Frank Brown; for petit larceny - Bert Atchinson; for assault - George Richards, John Weson, William Marley.

James Kirk was tried by a jury on charge of burglary and larceny and found guilty on both counts. His punishment was assesses[d] at four years for burglary and two for larceny. Sentence of court not pronounced.

State vs Isaac Hill, disturbing the peace; D.P. Hill and D.M. Evans recognized in sum of $250 to appear at July term.

Same entry as to Frank Hill.

Barney Miller discharged from jail as an insolvent.

State vs George Campbell and B. Weaver, grand larceny; severance granted and trial set for 9 o'clock Wednesday morning.

The grand jury, after returning thirty-six indictments since convening, submitted a report on the jail and adjourned.

Following is the report showing the condition of the Greene county jail:
To the Honorable Judge of the Criminal Court, Greene County, Mo.
Sir - The Grand Jury of Greene county beg leave to submit the following report:
We find, on examination of the jail, that it is kept in good condition - clean and neat as is possible under the circumstances. The prisoners say they are well treated and have no complaint to make. We find some of the locks to the inside cells out of repair and would recommend that they be put in good condition. We find, also, that the present capacity of cell room is inadequate to satisfy the demands made upon it.  -L.T. Watson, Foreman.
J.H. Hines, Clerk.

The case against M. Ford, selling liquor in less than five gallons, was continued.

State vs John Krump, gambling; continued till July term, 1891.

George Adams was tried and acquitted on same charge.

State vs M.C. Hayes, felonious wounding; motion to quash filed.

State vs F.P. Knapp, obtaining property under false pretenses; Grand Jury failed to indict and defendant and securities discharged.

The jury in the case of State vs G.M. Smith, charged with assaulting a pupil named James Newson, returned a verdict of not guilty.

Will Coleman, attached for contempt, was discharged on payment of costs.

Pete Fagg, charged with gambling, was acquitted. Other cases against him for selling liquor on Sunday and gambling were nollied.

State vs A.P. Routh, selling liquor to minor; nollied in two cases.

State vs A. Fulcher, burglary and larceny; bond fixed at $800, defendant having pleaded not guilty.

Frank Watterson and Thomas Galbraith each recognized in sum of $100 to appear at July term to answer to charges of disturbing religious worship.

State vs B. Pursley, disturbing the peace; B. Pursley, S.B. Fields and Steve Galbraith recognized in sum of $100.

State vs M.C. Hayes, motion to quash indictment; after a lengthy argument Judge Oliver reserved his decision.

The cases against M.C. Hayes, felonious wounding and murder first degree, were continued this morning until next term.

Several gamblers were fined $5 and $10.

State vs James Coleman, gambling; defendant arraigned and pleaded not guilty.

George Peck, after serving a short sentence for gambling, was released from jail this morning.

County Court.

Sims & Overman allowed $127, supplies for county officers.

C.C. Moss, $1 for setting pipe.

C.W. Day, $25.20, for sidewalk.

R.A. Hampton, road overseer, $30.

H.C. Crow was appointed tax attorney by .O. Bedell, collector.

T.J. Bearden resigned as constable of Boone township and George E. Comegys was appointed in his place.

T.A.H. Grantham's bond as superintendent of the alms house for $2,000 was approved. His securities are J.F.G. Bentley, James G. Grantham and Z.T. Murphy.

The account of Justice J.J. Gilliland, $41.82, for holding inquest over remains of an unknown man near Bois D'Arc, was allowed.

J.C. Day, sheriff, was allowed $89 for services.

County Surveyor Colby opened several bids for rip-rap work on Sac river bridge. Robert Crenshaw was awarded the contract at 45 cents per superficial yard, his bid being the lowest. The highest bid was $1.44 per yard.

Bond of George E. Comegys, constable of Boone township, filed for $1,000 and approved.

E.E. Colby allowed $25, services in securing right of way of roads, etc.

W.W. Donham allowed $3.60 for incidental expenses.

The county judges each allowed themselves $20 for services.

Ordered that the tax returns of the Frisco Railway Company be certified to the state auditor.

Adjourned until the 16th inst.

Chicken Thieves Jailed.

Will Hider and Will Spires, residing on Nichols street, west of the city limits, were arrested yesterday by G.B. McKnight, deputy constable. Defendants were taken before Justice Chinn, pleaded guilty, each fined $1 and costs and committed to jail. They stole eighteen chickens from Ben Brown, colored, brought them to town in a sack and attempted to sell them to H.H. Fatum. Before the trade could be effected officer Cassity "smelled a mice" and frightened them away.

Mr. T.J. Greenwade, of Willard, has renewed for another year his pleasant relationship with The Leader, which has existed for twenty-four years. He came to Greene county from Maryland in 1867, and has been a friend of this paper ever since, although differing with us in 1874, when the Greenback issue was in its glory. He is now in full fellowship with Democracy on silver and tariff and says the Alliance has destroyed sectionalism in politics, former Rebels and former Radicals standing together at the polls and advocating the same cause. He says the Greenback party laid the foundation for this fraternity.

Barry County News.

Seligman, Mo., March 9. - The cold wave arrived yesterday.

The tender sex of Monett are soon to organize a brass band.

John Gillman, of Cassville, has moved to Aurora.

Cassville is greatly in hope of getting a railroad.

The Cassville cornet band has been reorganized.

White river has been very high.

Mrs. S.R. Reynolds, of Cassville, is visiting relatives in Mt. Vernon.

Henry Collins and lady, of Seligman, departed for Newton county last week.

Miss Gusta Edens, of Cassville, has returned from Springfield.

The mining interest in this county is booming with promising results.

Several hundred head of cattle have been sold in this county in the last week.

Mr. McCay, of Seligman, returned Friday from a pleasant visit to friends of Aurora.

Charley Adkins, of Standley, I.T., has located at Seligman.

Prof. N.L. Maiden is a candidate for re-election to the office of county school commissioner in this county.

The preliminary examination of Jas. Lane, who shot and killed Thomas Hendricks at a dance in Monett a short time ago, was held before Justice Bedford, of that place, Thursday. Lane was held in $2,000 bond to await the action of the grand jury at the April term of the circuit court in this county.

Thursday, March 19, 1891

The Barn of W.A. Banks and Dwelling of Mrs. Aumoth Burned.

About 11 Monday night the barn of W.A. Banks, on Cherry street, was discovered ablaze and entirely destroyed. By hard work three horses, a cow, two wagons and a buggy were saved but the corn and hay were a total loss. The fire department of district No. 1 arrived too late to render much assistance. W.D. Massey was one of the first to discover the flames and rendered valuable assistance. The barn was insured in the German American for $200, making the total loss about $50. During the fire large sparks flew on the dwellings of J.C.B. Ish, Ed Stonebraker and M.E. Bunger and they were kept busy for a time. The origin of the fire is unknown.

A vacant house on Madison street, said to belong to Mrs. M.G. Aumoth, was totally destroyed about 7 o'clock last night. It was probably not insured. Loss unknown. Supposed to be the work of an incendiary. A large crowd was present to watch the firemen, who arrived too late to save the structure, but prevented the flames from spreading to adjoining buildings.

The dwelling of James Gilmore, near Willard, is reported to have burned Sunday morning. Most of the furniture was saved.

Society's World.


Mrs. Jake Mars returned this week from a delightful visit to relatives and friends in Cincinnati.

Miss Lizie McDaniel departed Wednesday morning for a week's visit to friends in Ozark and Christian county.

Mr. Jules Desbonne left for St. Louis Friday night to spend several days visiting relatives there.

Mr. Harris Pritchard, after spending several days quite pleasantly among Springfield friends, departed for Kansas City on Wednesday.

Mrs. Lizzie Sheppard, accompanied by her little son Charlie, returned Tuesday morning from Riverside, Cal., where she had been to attend the wedding of her daughter, Miss May Sheppard, to Mr. Murray Langmuir.

Mr. Xavier Heer returned Monday from a fortnight spent in New York.

Miss Alice Porter arrived home Monday from a pleasant sojourn in Florida.

Mr. Julian Cleland is the guest of his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Cleland of East Walnut street.

Mrs. H.F. Jones, of Neosho, arrived Tuesday night and is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Otis L. Milligan.

Invitations have been issued for the wedding of Miss Annie Marshall and Mr. Geo. Meyers to occur on the 19th at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Buck on South street.

Prof. Law will give a recital this afternoon in the conservatory room in which he and a number of his pupils will participate.

Mrs. Will Hinseley and little daughters, Muriel and Jo, of Oscaloosa, Iowa, will arrive next week and will be entertained by Judge C.H. Evyns' family.

Miss Jennie Harris returned Friday morning from a visit to her mother in Hannibal, Mo.

Mrs. Frank Faulkner arrived last night to visit Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Baker and friends on the North Side.

The Courts.

A sensation was caused Friday afternoon when it was learned that William G. McLaughlin, manager of the lumber yard on corner of Main and Mills streets, and W.R. Henson, a carpenter, had been arrested on a warrant sworn out by W.H. Daniels, carpenter, charging them with arson - burning two houses belonging to W.R. Henson in October and February 4th. We learn that both houses had numerous mechanics' liens on them, in favor of various parties, and were insured.
Both men were arrested by G.B. McKnight, deputy constable, taken before Justice Chinn and he required each to give $500 bonds to await preliminary examination before him on Thursday, April 2.
Mr. McLaughlin is one of our most enterprising young men, stand high in business circles and The Leader hopes he will be able to prove the grave charge false.

A Fugitive Captured.

Policeman W.T. Brown yesterday afternoon arrested Noah Vaughn, colored, on a telegram from Laclede county, stating that he is a fugitive from justice. Defendant was jailed on a commitment issued from Justice Fath's court, to await the arrival of an officer from Lebanon. It was not stated what crime Vaughn is alleged to have committed. Defendant was employed in the kitchen of the Metropolitan Hotel.
Sheriff Goodall arrived on the evening train and took the prisoner back, where he will have to answer to a charge of seduction.

Criminal Court.

State vs William Lemmons, burglary and larceny; continued by agreement of parties and bail fixed at $500.

State vs J.W. Cate, appeal from justice of the peace, exhibiting deadly weapon in rude, angry and threatening manner; on motion of prosecuting attorney information was nollied.

State vs W.L. Maxwell, felonious assault; defendant arraigned and pleaded not guilty; bail fixed at $500.

State vs J.H. Sweezy, obtaining property by false pretenses; same entry.

State vs James Marx, carrying concealed weapons; jury return following verdict: "We the jury find defendant not guilty as charged in the indictment."

Barnett Weaver was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary for grand larceny.

State vs Charles Kinney, selling liquor on Sunday; continued by agreement of parties.

State vs Charles L. Fulcher, burglary and larceny; continued till next term; bail fixed at $700; Thomas McGrath and J.J. Parks, state witnesses, recognized in sum of $100 to appear on first day of July term.

State vs Dan J. Holland and Harry Lewis, burglary and larceny; John A. Patterson and George Pepperdine appointed counsel to defend; V.J. Stillwagen appointed to defend Lewis.

State vs George Campbell, grand larceny; defendant sentenced to three months imprisonment in Greene county jail, being a commutation of punishment of two years in the penitentiary on verdict of jury, defendant being under 16 years of age.

Only two unimportant cases were disposed of by Judge Oliver this morning. Two young men pleaded guilty to shooting quail and were fined $1 and costs.

State against Dan J. Holland, burglary and larceny; case set for trial on 23d inst.

State vs Ed Evans, grand larceny; general continuance.

State vs Frank Agnew, two charges, selling liquor to minors; continued till next term.

A.H. Brisban pleaded guilty to gambling and was fined $10.

State vs Henry Horton and Frank Rogers; defendant Horton arraigned and pleaded not guilty; defendant and securities recognized in sum of $200 to appear at July term, 1891. Same entry concerning Rogers.

State vs A.J. and Ben Montgomery, burglary and larceny; continued till next term on application of defendants.

State vs John H. Sweezy, obtaining property by false pretense; E.C. O'Day assigned as counsel for defendant.

City of Springfield vs G.D. Clark, appeal from city recorder, disturbing the peace; continued by agreement of parties.

In the case against Walter Rose for disturbing the peace, appeal; trial set for March 20th.

State vs E.C. O'Day, criminal libel; continued.

Jack Higgs, having worked out his fine for gambling was released from jail.

Chris Eslinger plead guilty to gambling and was fined $10 on one count and $5 on another.

D.S. Watts for violation of local option law gave bond in two cases in sum of $300.

County Court.

T.H. Jones loaned $250 school funds.

Several small accounts were allowed.

The court was occupied mostly in looking after railroad returns of the valuation of their property.

Mollie Huffman allowed $4 for taking care of poor person.

Ordered that $125 be appropriated and set aside to pay for rip rap work on approaches to Sac river bridge.

L. Dyer loaned $500 school funds.

Probate Court.

Inventory and appraisement in estate James H. Likins filed and approved.

Inventory approved in estate of Noah Hampton, deceased.

Estate of Mary Reeves, minor; ordered that James Stone, curator, expend $7 for clothing and school books for said ward.

Estate of Isaac Clifford, deceased; ordered that letters testamentary be issued to J.M. Spencer upon his giving bond in sum of $2,200; J.M. Spencer appointed executor and bond of $2,200 approved.

L.H. Garnett allowed $306.42 against estate of J.G. Garnett, deceased.

William Pruforck allowed $59.80 against estate of D.H. Elwood, deceased.

Estate of W.S. Bacon, insane; ordered that guardian, L.M. Bacon, give notice of his appointment as such by five consecutive publications in some daily newspaper published and printed in Springfield, Mo.; ordered that guardian pay Barbour & Stillwagen $50 attorney fees for services rendered to date.

Estate of Mary A. Mills, deceased; final settlement continued to April term for final distribution.

Estate of Wiley C. Carpenter, deceased; letters issued to Mary A. Carpenter after her bond of $1,600 is approved.

J.M. White allowed $38.25 against estate of James W. Clements, deceased.

Estate of John Wood, deceased; application for letters of administration de bonis non with the will annexed filed by J.M. Wood and granted; bond of $4,000 approved.

Estate of G.W. Temple; motion to set aside order approving report of sale made February 14, 1891, to James H. Cook, heard and sustained; order approving said sale set aside and for naught held.

Estate of Kate Dickson, deceased; letters issued to George E. Dickson, bond of $500 having been approved.

J.E. Tefft allowed $24 against estate of Jane Pursley, deceased; J.P. Ralston also allowed $53.

Estate of Hartwell Ivey, deceased; the sale heretofore ordered to William J. Crawford rescinded and new sale ordered.

A.G. Brauer allowed $12.29 against estate of D.H. Elwood; J.B. Bullard, $238.50; Andrew Geisel, $51.29; Chas. W. Frick, $16.90; Smith & Davis Manufacturing Co., $14.40; Hagey Bros., $30; W.H. Elwood, assignee for C.G. Hill, allowed for $29.27; J.H. Dewy Furniture Co., $153.25; John Kelly, $123.25; F. Logeman Chair Manufacturing Co., $135.02; W.H. Elwood, 183.25, $163.15, $163.75, $327, $177, $850.50, $153.50, $187.90, $203.67, $378.53, $378.53, $331.25, $199.33 and $235, all on notes.

Estate of Kate Dickson, deceased; inventory and appraisement approved; petition for private sale of five shares of stock in Home Building and Loan Association filed; sale to be for cash, administrator to report his proceedings to court.

Circuit Court.

W.D. Tatlow, who has been employed in the circuit clerk's office the past four years, was admitted to the bar.

J.R. Decator filed a petition against his wife, Jeanette, for divorce, alleging adultery and abandonment.

O. LeBlanc filed a declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States.

Augustus A. Lesby vs Francis A. Lesby, divorce; orders to file petition and order of publication.

Amanda Ross vs L.F. Crutcher, equity; dismissed at cost of plaintiff by plaintiff for failing to file obligation for costs.

O.L. Phillips vs A.J. Oliver, account, appeal from justice of the peace; judgment rendered February 21, 1891, set aside as per stipulations filed, and judgment as per stipulations against defendant for costs only.

Bunker Bros. vs John A. Dygert et al., account; by agreement the garnishee of the Commercial Union of London allowed $15 for answering garnishment and garnishee discharged; by agreement the garnishee of the Dwelling House Insurance Co. of Boston allowed $15 for answering garnishment and garnishee discharged; same entry concerning Lombard Investment Co.

Massey Herndon Shoe Co. vs L.W. Keene, attachment; motion to set aside dismissal of garnishee in vacation filed.

S.W. Moreland vs City of Springfield damages; continued by agreement and at request of parties.

W.A. Jackson vs G.S. Rathbun, commission; case set for trial March 21, 1891.

Samuel H. Horine vs Oscar G. Hamilton, note; alias writ to sheriff of Greene county to bring in defendant.

Harry H. Fatum vs John Wightman, damages; motion for costs sustained, and plaintiff given till first day of next term to file obligations for costs.

Springfield Grocer Co. vs A.W. Swain, note, appeal from justice of the peace; interplea dismissed at costs of W.S. Swain, interpleader, having failed to file obligations for costs.

Alexander and Wirefield Evetro & Co., Kindred Rose, deceased, vs James Abbott, attachment, garnishment; continued on application of plaintiff.

W.F. McFarland vs W.P. Rainey et al., account; continued by agreement.

J.B. Ross vs J.S. Atwood et al., note, appeal from justice of the peace; same entry.

E.B. Mahoney vs A.W. Ollis, damages; plaintiff takes non suit.

Martha J. Ragsdale vs John O'Day, dower; motion to revive suit and order on defendant to show cause at next term of this court why same should not stand revived.

Margaret Byrne vs J.C. Dodson, replevin; continued by agreement.

State ex rel John Potter vs H.E. Howell, delinquent taxes; judgment for plaintiff for $147.90 taxes and costs, to be levied of the land described.

Same vs C.M. and Henry Huffman, same; defendant discharged on payment of costs.

Same vs R.A. Kimmons, same; same entry.

Same vs W.H. Miller, same; same entry.

Same vs Mary E. Abbott, same; same entry.

State ex rel. John M. Wood, attorney general, et al. vs M. Bowerman et al., injunction; motion for new trial overruled; appeal granted to St. Louis court of appeals.

Lewis Hughes vs. Samson and Martha Watson, ejectment; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for damages, $25, possession of premises and $3 per month rents until restitution is made.

Death of Mrs. Healy.

Johanna, wife of M.J. Healy, died Tuesday morning, 17th inst. The funeral services will take place at the Church of the Sacred Heart tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock.

An Attempted Burglary.

Last night about 9 o'clock a burglar tried to enter the residence of Mr. L. Sutter, on Washington avenue. Mr. Sutter was attending the lodge meeting and his wife and son were in the house. The burglar tried to enter the house from the side door. Mrs. Sutter was attracted by the noise and opened the door, when the burglar fled. Mrs. Sutter was as brave as Hercules at first, but after the burglar had fled she succumbed to fear. Herself and son remained on guard until Mr. Sutter returned. These nocturnal visits are becoming too frequent and measures must be adopted to stop them and punish the night hawks.


A child of John Tinsley died Monday and was buried yesterday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. John Wright are bereaved, having two children to die yesterday on Locust street of pneumonia - an infant and three year old daughter.

The wife of Martin Haley died yesterday and will be buried in the Catholic Cemetery tomorrow morning.

The two-months old infant of George Mygatt died this morning.

Bound Over.

In the case of the State vs. Dedrick, of St. Louis, charged with having stolen clothing from the Frisco Hotel, Judge Sheffield bound defendant over in the sum of $500 to answer to a higher court.

Thursday, March 26, 1891

Sent to Jail.

George Akins and Joe Vaughan, charged with stealing salt meat from G.H. Mase, were committed to jail by Justice Fath yesterday afternoon, in default of $200 bond each, to await a preliminary examination on the 21st.

Thomas Reese, for same offense was sent to jail for ten days on a plea of guilty.

W.R. Collins, who has been in jail five or six times, will also have a preliminary at the same time as Akins and Vaughan, he being implicated.

Nancy Terry was fined $1 and costs for disturbing the peace of Ellen Carmack. In default of payment she was committed to jail.

Criminal Court.

State vs George West, gambling; defendant discharged from jail, having worked out fine and costs.

State vs Ben Porter, same; defendant and security recognized in the sum of $100 to appear when needed.

State vs Walter Rose, disturbing the peace of an assembly; issue joined and trial by jury in progress.

State vs Joseph Coleman, carrying concealed weapons; nollied.

State vs Dan J. Holland and Harry Lewis, burglary and larceny; severance asked and granted; affidavit for continuance as to Holland filed; case continued, same entry regarding Lewis; recognizance fixed in each case at $700.

State vs George Eldridge, gambling; plea of guilty and fine of $10; fine and costs paid.

State vs Karl Kamerer, grand larceny, change of venue from Webster county; motion for dismissal filed; witnesses discharged by agreement, and no costs adjudged by court.

State vs Charles and Herman Bauer, grand larceny; witnesses discharged by agreement of parties, and no costs adjudged by the court.

State vs Herman Bauer, perjury; same entry.

State vs Frank Calvin, gambling; continuance granted on application.

Marion Price was tried by a jury on charge of disturbing religious worship; adjudged guilty as charged in the indictment, and punishment assessed at a fine of five dollars.

The case of the State vs Hugh McDonald, felonious assault, was continued by consent.

G.B. Neff was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to gambling; bond fixed at $100 and, failing to give same, he will go to jail.

Frank Coley was recognized in sum of $100 for gambling.

P.G. Dedrick, a representative of the St. Louis Chronicle, charged with grand larceny, was before Judge Oliver yesterday and gave $500 bond to appear when wanted.

Circuit Court.

State vs Belle Young, delinquent taxes; dismissed by plaintiff at her costs.

E.S. Jeffrey & Co. vs Levy & Weinberg, attachment; alias writ of attachment to sheriff of Greene county.

Luella M. Flanery granted a divorce from her husband, George.

Martha Sterling vs James Sterling, divorce; dismissed for want of prosecution.

J. Samelson & Co. vs C.W. Prince, account; judgment for plaintiff for $83.75.

John Morris vs T.J. Jenkins et al., appeal from justice of the peace; dismissed for want of prosecution.

Winters & Wright vs Gustin & Gustin account; same entry.

Caroline Chandler et al. vs E.C. O'Day, forcible entry and detainer; defendant ordered to give new appeal bond of $500 and case continued until the 6th day of next term.

A.E. Evans Manufacturing Co. vs Springfield Implement and Buggy Co., account; motion for new trial overruled.

Geo. W. Erskine vs D.C. Morrow, injunction; demurrer overruled.

W.S. Myrick vs J.C. Edmonson et al., appeal from justice of the peace; dismissed by plaintiff as of non suit.

David McHaflie vs D.R. Payne et al., note; plaintiff takes non suit as to Payne; judgment by default against Alex Clapp; first count, $92.20; second, $172.50.

Central National Bank vs A.R. Snyder, attachment; general judgment against Snyder for $186, and special judgment against the lands attached.

Motion for new trial overruled in case of Lewis Hughes vs Samson and Martha Massey, ejectment.

City ex rel. P.H. Martin vs J.M. Adams, special tax bill; motion to review and set aside judgment overruled.

G.D. Milligan & Son vs D.A. Robertson et al., account; motion to set aside judgment sustained; case reinstated for trial and continued to next term.

J.C. Cravens et al. vs D. Rossiter et al., ejectment; appeal granted to supreme court.

Daniel Carbaugh vs Samuel Shoop et al., equity; recognizance for appeal in sum of $1,000, executed by defendants, filed and approved by order of court; execution suspended until decision of case in supreme court.

A.F. Combs vs L.M. Patrick, commission; judgment for plaintiff for $50 and costs.

Doc Reed vs Fannie Gossenheimer et al.; dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution.

E.M. Hodges vs Anderson Hodges, replevin, venue from Hickory county; same entry.

Charles Coons vs J. Neal, account; same entry.

T.M. Kinney vs Charles A. Miller, account, appeal from justice of the peace, judgment by default for plaintiff; debt and damages, $39.20; ordered that execution issue.

Frank R. Massey vs C.B. Short, unlawful detainer; dismissed at costs of plaintiff for want of prosecution.

A.D. Shelby vs J.G. White, motion to quash execution; dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution.

John McMuray vs John Lamb et al., account; dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution.

William A. Smith vs James A. Miller et al., bill of equity, appeal from justice of the peace, dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution.

J.B. hall vs James Lockhart, account; continued by consent of parties.

John W. Greene vs S.H. Horine, damages; dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution.

City to use of J.H. Hinkley et al. vs J.T. Gray, special tax bill; continued by consent of parties.

W.A. Jackson vs G.S. Rathbun, commission; continuance granted until next term.

Stein & Lyon vs Thompson Manufacturing Co., James Abbott stockholder, motion for execution against stockholder; judgment set aside by agreement and consent of parties.

Joseph Benedict and William Yeaman vs Judith A. McFee, mechanics lien; orders to file petition and issue process.

Robert B. Davis vs L.A. Davis, divorce; order to file petition.

John Olison was naturalized, T.J. Delaney and August Johnson being witnesses.

R.S. Lomax vs L.D. Routt, note; finding and judgment for plaintiff for $192.90 debt and damages, to bear 10 per cent interest from date.

R.S. Dayton vs J.T. Greenwade, note; application for commission to take depositions filed by plaintiff.

State ex rel. and to use of John Potter vs David Powell and John A. Gillespie; deed acknowledged.

David Wood et al. vs George Leeper, money had and received; depositions opened and filed on part of plaintiff.

Agnes McFarland vs John La Force, bill in equity; appeal granted to supreme court; appellant given ten days to file appeal bond of $200 and thirty days to file bill of exceptions.

D. Lippman vs J.O. Diemer et al., account, appeal from justice of the peace; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

Western Land Co. vs J.H. Bouslog and L.C. Lee, contempt; ordered that plaintiff give new bond in replevin suit in sum of $1,500; bond filed and approved.

City to use of R.H. Martin vs E.P. Rogers, special tax bill; demurrer sustained; judgment for defendant on demurrer.

Daniel Carbaugh vs Samuel Shoop, equity; appellant given sixty days to file bill of exceptions.

L.D. Routt vs J.N. Murray et al., note; motion for new trial overruled.

Jane Seaton et al. vs M. Watson et al., partition; report of commissioners approved; ordered that the land not divided be sold and proceeds be equally divided between the eight heirs, except the proceeds of Mary Anderson's part, and it to go to her mortgagee to the extent of the mortgage. Terms of sale: One-fourth cash and balance in one, two and three years, equal installments, to be secured by notes and deed of trusts and bear 8 per cent interest from date of sale, to be made by sheriff, costs to be paid out of proceeds.

Circuit Court.

Court met this morning, pursuant to adjournment, all the judges being present.

Miss Annie Mooney, court stenographer, was allowed $120 for services.

A.J. Butterworth allowed $7 for labor.

Ab Kirby & Co. were granted dramshop license for six months.

Mrs. Lethune Burke presented a petition declaring her husband, Thomas, insane. Citations were ordered for the following persons, who are required to appear as witnesses before the court at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning: Dr. Bartlett, John Bolles [Boiles], James Kent and W.C. Kelton.

Valuation of Helen M. Rogers' lot reduced from $1,500 to$1,065 on account of erroneous assessment.

Personal assessment of William Hecht reduced from $416 to $156 on account of error.

W.W. Donham, circuit clerk, allowed $606.50, bills of costs in criminal cases.

T.P. Ruddle allowed $6 for hauling coffins to the cemetery.


Birthday Dining.

Major Ellenberg celebrated his sixty-second mile stone on Thursday most appropriately by giving an elegant dinner to the members of his family in this city, all enjoyed the day, also the feast of good viands prepared for them and wish for the hospitable Major and his estimable wife many happy returns of the day.


Mrs. John Wall is entertaining Mrs. Schlaholz, of St. Louis, this week.

Mr. Rob Boyd returned Thursday from Chicago, where he recently graduated from the medical college.

Mrs. Ben Fay, who was quite ill this week, is very much better and her many friends are delighted.

Mrs. J.B. Sherman leaves for Joplin next Wednesday, where she will be the guest of friends for some days.

Chas. McGregor's many friends are sorry to hear that he is ill with la grippe.

Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Noe will move into the handsome house of Col. Lisenby, on East Walnut street, the first of April.

Miss Rose Clayton has spent the past week very pleasantly the guest of Mrs. Paul Ellenburg, of West Walnut street.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. House, Belleville, Ill., and Mr. T.B. Allen, of Memphis, arrived Thursday night to attend the Marshall Meyers wedding.

Mr. Judd Hill, of Kansas City, spent Tuesday in our city, the guest of his sister, Mrs. Jas. Barton.

Miss Bessie Graham, who has been a guest in our city for some days, departed for her home in St. Joseph on Thursday.

Mr. J.D. Williams and family, of Pickwick Place, are entertaining Mrs. W.H. Williams and mother, Mrs. Carroll, of Minneapolis.

Mrs. W.R. McCullough, who has been the guest of her son, Mr. Ed. McCullough, for several weeks, returned to her home in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Thursday night.

Dr. Cleland returned from Council Bluffs Wednesday evening, where he had journeyed to assist in a marriage ceremony and to deliver a lecture on his journey abroad.

The engagement or one of our prominent young professional men and a charming debutante in social circles is announced to the friends of the family.

Mrs. James H. Barton, accompanied by her little son and daughter, will leave for a visit of several weeks to relatives in Carthage next Wednesday.

Misses Lizzie McDaniel and Jo Aumoth depart next Tuesday for St. Louis, where they will spend a week quite pleasantly.

Among next week's attractions is the Comedy Co., of One of the Bravest, promises a most entertaining evening to all who attend a number of delightful specialties will be introduced that will delight all.

Blind Boone, the famous musician, will give a concert both Sunday afternoon and night at the Grand for the benefit of the Hospital Aid Society. A worthy cause to be aided and a musical treat, two great attractions that should induce all to participate.

The Athene circle will celebrate the fifth Monday in March, Dickens' day. The literary and musical program will be appropriate for the occassion, the circle will convene with the president, Mrs. Cook, of Poplar street.

Next Saturday night the thrilling play of Golden Gulch will be the attraction at the Grand is one of the exciting representations of our Western life and they are always enjoyed by the theatre-going public.

Mrs. Anna departed this week for San Francisco where she will spend some time with her son, Mr. T.R. Townsend, who is located there and from thence she will go to Washington to visit her other son, Mr. Jas. Townsend, who now lives in Tacoma.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Weekly Leader; Nov. 6, 1890 - Nov. 12, 1891; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained November 14, 2005.

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