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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
February, 1891


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Thursday, February 5, 1891

Charged With Petit Larceny.

Constable Shackleford and G.B. McKnight, deputy, this morning arrested Albert Wilkerson and William Wright on Mill street, near the cotton factory, on charges of petit larceny. W.E. Chester alleges that they stole some cotton packing from a car on the Memphis route, valued at $1. Each gave $100 bonds to appear for trial before Justice Fath this afternoon.

Circuit Court.

Ellen L. Clusky et al. vs Peter Burns, ejectment; order to docket case for the purpose of permitting plaintiffs to file bill of exceptions; bill of exceptions filed.

Wilson Bros. vs Herman Bros., account, attachment; judgment set aside on suggestion of plaintiffs for irregularities; default entered against defendants; evidence heard for plaintiff, jury waived, and general judgment against defendant, D.H. Herman, for $505, debt and damages, and special judgment against Charles H. Herman for same amount, to be levied out of and on the goods and property attached.

Kahn Bros. & Co. vs same; same entry, except that amount is $577.04.

Harrington & Goodman vs same; same entry, except that amount is $7,129.

J. Hammerslough Bros. vs same; same entry, except that amount is _______.

Lippincott, Johnson & Co. vs same, judgment set aside on suggestion of plaintiff for irregularities; general judgment against C.H. Herman for $1,440, debt and damages, and special judgment against C.H. Herman for same amount; change of venue to Christian county granted.

Ondeshings vs same, note; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages $301; dismissed by plaintiff as to C.H. Herman.

Jacob Miller and Sons & Co. vs same, account; same entry, except that amount is $482.50.

Frisco Railway Co. vs Jacob Schrist and John Lamb, foreclosure; continued as on applications of plaintiff.

William Kidwell vs T.J. Brown, note; continued by consent.

E.B. Hayden vs F.G. Curran; continued till next term.

Lydia E. Knott vs Hattie Hancock, quiet title; case heard and defendant ordered to bring suit to try title, returnable at next term, or in default thereof to be forever barred.

Benj. Hirschland vs J.C. Dodson, replevin; jury failed to agree and were discharged.

Jefferson Zine vs Elizabeth Zink, partition; judgment of dismissal set aside, on suggestion of plaintiff, and all costs heretofore made taxed to plaintiff and case reinstated.

Nellie Herman et al. vs J.C. Dodson, replevin; plaintiff, Daniel Herman, takes non suit; jury returned the following verdict: "We, the jury, find the issues for the plaintiff for all the property described in the petition except the trunk, as to which we find the issue in favor of defendant, and we assess the value of the trunk at $8.
I.N. Brockman, foreman,"

L.J. Sawyer was granted a divorce from her husband, W.N. Sawyer, and maiden name of Lettie J. Wilson restored.

Caroline vs John Lindsey, divorce; decree for plaintiff on payment of costs.

S.C. Lee vs M.N. Gillett et al. mandamus; C.V. Buckley special judge; petition and application for change of venue filed.

G.D. Milligan & Son vs Payton & Son, note; motion filed by plaintiff to advance case on docket.

Agnes McFarland vs. John La Force, bill in equity; judgment for defendant and bill dismissed.

J.H. Bouslog vs. Ausherman and Ausherman, covenants of warranty; demurrer sustained.

Belle Young vs. City of Springfield, dower; trial by court, jury waived, evidence heard and case taken under advisement.

Leopold Fechheimer & Co. vs. Herman Bros., attachment; trial by court, jury waived and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages; first count, $277.50; second, $276.20; third, $275.60; fourth, $275.25; fifth, $274.75; sixth, $548; seventh, $547.20; eighth, $546.60; ninth, $546; tenth, $545.40; eleventh, $545; twelfth, $457; fourteenth, $6,564.40, interest 6 per cent.

A.B. Norton vs. A.B. Harris, attachment; ordered by the court that J.C. Dodson, former sheriff of Greene county, be and is hereby allowed $30 for trouble and care of attached property and $80 for rent of house.

Paul Ellenburg vs. J.C. Dodson, replevin; jury find issues in favor of plaintiff.

Fechheimer & Co. vs. D.H. Herman, bill in equity; dismissed by plaintiffs at their costs.

Albert Rothschild et al vs. J.C. Dodson, replevin; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for possession of the property in controversy; no damages found or assessed.

Wilson Bros. vs. Herman Bros., attachment; plea in abatement withdrawn and attachment sustained; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $505.

Kuhn Bros. & Co. vs. same; same entry except that amount is $597.04.

J. Hammerslough Bros vs same; same entry except that amount is $1,739.50.

Harrington & Goodman vs same; same entry except that amount is $7,129.

James A. McNally vs Herman Bros., attachment; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for $1,440, debt and damages; by agreement of parties this judgment in no way to effect the right of interpleader to proceed with the case.

Ondeshigs Bros., vs same, note; trial by court, jury waived and judgment for plaintiff for $301, debt and damages.

Jacob Miller and Sons & Co., vs same; same entry except that amount is $482.50.

Rothschild Bros., vs J.C. Dodson, replevin; trial by court, jury waived and judgment for plaintiff for possession of property and for no damage found or assessed.

The regular panel of petit jurors is as follows: J.C. Gardner, A.M. Hood, I.N. Brockman, H.D. Jarrett, J.W. Peacher, H.Y. Schell, F.M. Shockley, W.H. Ward, William Mathie, J.M. Stewart, Louis Lyon, George Lawrence, A.J. Ferguson, S.G. McCracken, W.H. Perkins, M.T. Edmonson, J.D. Frazee, T.L. Calloway, J.H. Houston, T.M. Allen, W.E. Connelly, George Burge, E.H. Lair, and Benj. Kite.

The sheriff was ordered to sumon twenty-four to serve on the regular panel of jurors for the present term.

Belle Young vs City of Springfield, ejectment; demurer sustained and plaintiff permitted to amend petition; second amended petition filed by plaintiff.

James W. Taylor et al. vs James T. Tallmann et al., to cancel deed; case set for Feb.. 4, 1891, by agreement of parties.

Jane A. McDaniel vs City of Springfield, damages; plaintiff takes non suit with leave to move to set same aside and jury discharged.

Horn & Gilchrist vs Augusta Smith, assumpsit; jury failed to agree and are discharged.

C.L. Dalrymple vs  T.S. Wilson, contest of election; application for change of venue filed.

McFarland Carriage Co. vs J.H. Hocker, note; motion for judgment notwithstanding answer.

Frisco Railroad Co. vs M.J. McCormack, C.H. Waddle, S.M. Williams, J.F. Dagley, M.P. Robertson, Fred King, Vorhees & Ward, foreclosure; continued as on application of plaintiff.

Criminal Docket.

The docket of the Criminal Court, which convenes the third Monday in February has been completed and shows 97 cases, but others will be put on from time to time. The most important case is that of state vs M.C. Hayes, charged with murder in the first degree. There are also about twenty-five cases against parties for burglary, grand larceny and perjury.

SUES ED O'Day FOR $10,000.
Yesterday Caroline Chandler, through her attorney, Houston James, instituted suit in the Circuit Court against E.C. O'Day for $10,000 damages. The suit grows out of an article published in the Democrat some time ago. The same facts as those in the recent slander suit are recited. That case has been transferred to the Criminal Court.

J.Harris & Co. vs M. Summerfield, attachment on account; jury return verdict for defendant; attachment disolved.

M. Korg vs same; same entry.

Addie Morton was granted a decree of divorce from her husband, De Morton, who is serving a five year's sentence in the penitentiary for attempting to criminally assault a young lady in this city.

Agnes McFarland vs John S. LaForce, to quiet title; trial by court, evidence heard and case taken under advisement.

In re incorporation of the Progressive Spiritual Association of Springfield, Mo.; petition of incorporation filed.

State ex rel. John Potter vs John Neice, delinquent taxes; dismissed by agreement at defendant's costs.

J.C. Dingle vs M.G. Ellis et al., to quiet title; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

Peale & Powers vs Mary J. Robinson, administrator, note; judgment for plaintiffs by agreement and consent of parties for debt and damages, $100.

S.J. Prophet vs J.O. Diemer et al., contract; continued by agreement.

A.C. Evans Manufacturing Co. vs. Springfield Implement and Buggy Co., account; jury trial and issues found for defendants, E.B. Hayden and F.J. Curran; plaintiff's damages assessed at $732.85; judgment accordingly; motions for new trial and in arrest filed.

R.S. Lomax vs L.D. Routt, note; trial by court, jury waived, evidence heard and case taken under advisement.

First National Bank of Quincy, Ill., vs Springfield Furniture Manufacturing Co. et al., note; judgment heretofore rendered set aside by agreement and consent of parties.

County Court.

A large number of accounts were allowed.

The Exchange Bank was designated as the county depository for two years, it being the highest and best bidder, subject to the approval of the bond to be hereafter filed, and the clerk is ordered to return the other bids with checks thereto attached to the banks presenting same.

The road overseers were ordered to settle the second Monday in April.

M.F. Britain borrowed $500 school money.

Bond of Dr. E.A. Roberts, in sum of $5,000, approved as coal oil inspector. The securities are: L.H. Murray, Lee Holland, T.J. Delaney, W.G. Porter and L.T. Watson - an unusually strong one.

William A. Wood, road overseer of district 29, and P.M. Julian, overseer of district 7, filed annual settlements, which were approved.

Ike Altschul granted dramshop license for six months.

The school enumeration lists, five years old were ordered burned.

The Bank of Springfield was allowed $125, rent of rooms for U.S. Court from January 8, 1891, to April 8, 1891.

Queen City Furniture Co. allowed $77.75, furniture for sheriff.

J.D. Peers, for benefit of Board of Associated Charities, allowed, $10.

Treasurer Woods asked that his salary be raised to $2,000. No action. The legislature is today considering a bill to reduce the salaries of county treasurers. It is admitted by all who are familiar with the duties of said office that the treasurer receives a smaller salary in proportion to the work and responsibility, than any other county officer.

In matter of loan of school funds to Charles Best an order was made to sell property.

A. Demuth, ex-county clerk, presented his settlement for 1890, which was examined, approved and an order made to turn over excess of fees, amounting to $493.13. The total fees received were $5,242.63; expenses, $4,749.50; balance, $493.13.

Following accounts were allowed:
E.E. Colby, services...$19.50.
F.M. Shockley, labor...$21.60.
J. Winfield, jury on Pickering road...$1.50.
J.H. Patton, same...$1.50.
Thomas Barrett, same...$1.50.
John C. Day, waiting on probate court...$90.00.
J.N. Webster, clock...$4.50.
Board of Charities for Mrs. Miller...$10.00.

Court is expected to adjourn this afternoon until next Monday, Feb. 2.

L.K. Anderson presented his appointment as deputy county clerk, which will be approved.

M.A. Murray was appointed a justice of the peace for Campbell township.

Road petition of A.S. McLin et al. continued until next term.

Road petition of frank Heilbig et al. dismissed.

Valuation of merchant's statement of Youngblood Grocer Co. ordered reduced from $3,500 to $2,500, on account of clerical error, to apply to school tax only, the collector having paid the state and county tax.

Ordered that the order heretofore made naming certain roads on which prison labor be used be amended as to substitute the Nichols street road for the Carthage road.

Adjourned until next Friday at 2 o'clock p.m., at which time the Exchange Bank is expected to have its $300,000 bond ready, having been chosen as the county depository on account of the highest bidder.

Probate Court.

Estate of John F. Atzert, deceased; final settlement filed, and it appearing that there were unpaid claims allowed against the estate, and that all the personal property belonging to said estate had been exhausted, it is ordered that said final settlement be continued till next term of this court and that the administrator proceed to sell certain real estate at public or private sale for cash.

Estate of T.H. Godey, deceased; claim of Hargadine-McKittrick Dry Goods Co. for $156.53 allowed; first annual settlement filed.

Estate of John Kincaid, deceased; receipt of creditors filed, settlement approved and executrix discharged.

Adjourned until Saturday, 7th inst.

Estate of William Meathers, deceased; report of sale of real estate approved; final settlement approved and administrator ordered discharged.

Estate of Josiah G. Danforth, minor; ordered that J.R. Bartlett be appointed curator of the estate of said minor as successor to A.B. Appleby, resigned; bond of $3,200 approved; final settlement of A.B. Appleby approved; balance due estate, $1,809.19 in notes and cash, and receipt of J.R. Bartlett, his successor, taken and Appleby discharged.

Estate of John B. Saunders, deceased; receipt of Susie M. Calhoun, sole legatee, filed and executor discharged.

J.W. Wier allowed $16 against J.W. Clements estate.

Estate of Mattie Bell Troutman, minor; Harvey Murray appointed curator and ordered to give $4,000 bond.

Estate of Joseph Chamblee, minor; final settlement approved and curator discharged.

Estate of Barthton Ballard, minor; curator ordered to pay Minerva Ballard $6 per month for month ending February 28th and March 30th, 1891, for support of ward.

Annual settlement approved in estate of Theresa Godby, minor; curator ordered to expend $215 for schooling and board of ward for ensuing year.

Estate of Ryan Reed, minor; T.B. Reed appointed curator and bond of $1,500 approved.

Estate of Lewis Beshears, minor; annual settlement approved.

U.S. Commissioners.

George Twitty, charged with cutting timber on government land on the line of Christian and Douglas counties, was brought in last night by Deputy Marshal Eldridge and had a preliminary examination today before Commissioner Silsby.

John Kinsinger, who was also arrested by Mr. Eldridge in Pulaski county for a similar offense, was taken to Rolla, where United States Commissioner Corse bound him over in sum of $300 t await action of May term of district court in Springfield.

Barry County News.

Seligman, Mo., Feb. 1. - County court convenes tomorrow.

Geo. Stapleton, of Joplin, was visiting friends at Seligman Saturday.

Miss Alta Goodnight, of Cassville, is at Springfield receiving treatment for a throat disease.

There has been a new mining camp started near the Henderson mines, called the Dodge diggings.

Mill McCluse, of Cassville, is visiting his brother's at Jefferson City.

Lee Roller, late of Seligman, has returned from a wild western trip. He was in every state and territory in the West.

Sam'l Hankins has been appointed postmaster at Butterfield, vice W.L. Block resigned.

Three boys of Springfield were lodged in jail at Cassville Thursday, for breaking into a car at Monett.

The Henderson mines near Purdy are now the center of the mining excitement in this county. Many parties of Cassville are investing in them.

Elby Kemper, of Cassville, broke into the Roller Mill at that place one night last week and extracted $55 from the cash box. He was soon found out and is now lodged in jail.

Mr. Beacher, of Marionville, is looking over this county for a location.

Geo. H. Lockwood, of Washburn, an old man on the latter side of life, filled himself with "tangle foot" one day last week and raised a disturbance by firing a shot at a young man named Murray.

Some one writing under the nom de plume of "R.U. Medlin" for the Cassville Democrat has received considerable attention from other papers on account of the subject he treated. Numerous predictions are made about him, some say that he is an ex-salvationist; but we will say with some knowledge of the office, an ex-Baptist preacher.
--W.O. Frost.

Thursday, February 12, 1891

Gossip From the Grove.

Ash Grove, Feb. 5. - The bridge gang is working on the long trestle over Sac river.

J.H. Likins is seriously ill and a Springfield physician was down to see him yesterday.

John Thorn and George Leeper have sold three car loads of cattle to Bert Pyle, of Kockwood, who shipped them to Kansas City.

A pleasant birthday party was given Monday evening in honor of Miss Josie Harshbarger.

M. Brock, of White Sulphur Springs, Mont., is visiting his brother and looking for a location to establish a stock ranch.

It is rumored that a public meeting was held at Stony Point last night with a view to taking steps to ferret the Jesse Kennedy mystery.

The Demorest silver medal contest takes place in the opera house Friday evening.

Conductor Reed, of the Clinton branch, is happy over the arrival of a daughter.

A "box festival" will be given Saturday evening by ladies of the M.E. Church.

A horse fell with Perley Fultze Monday night, breaking the young man's shoulder.

-- Crazy Quilt.

On the McElhany Land Northwest of Town.

Mr. R.L. McElhany owns a tract of land lying south of the Greenfield road and north of the Bolivar Branch of the Frisco, which he rents. Recently he authorized the tenant to dig a well. When about twenty feet down solid rock was reached, and for a few days no further work was done. A miner from Joplin passed by and was attracted by the appearance of the clay and stone from the excavation and after a careful examination found traces of lead in both. Mr. McElhany will continue to shaft in search of precious ores. He has the best hopes of the entire community in his prospect. The land adjoins Capt. Henry Misner's on the north.

Probate Court.

Estate of William Adams, deceased; relinquishment of Mariah Adams, widow of William Adams, deceased, filed.

Estate of Miles Judkins, deceased; application of widow for refusal of letters filed; cause heard and order refusing letters made; property turned over to Agnes Judkins, widow, and order to collect and sue for and retain the same.

Estate of Alvis Riggs, minor; T.J. Delaney appointed curator and bond of $200 approved.

Estate of Willia[m] Riggs, minor; same entry.

Estate of J.B.F. Jennings, deceased; petition for sale of real estate filed and order of publication made; none of the heirs being residents of Greene county, the court orders that no personal service be made.

Appraisement approved in estate of George Murrell, deceased; widow's $400 statutory allowance granted.

Estate of W.D. Pickel, deceased; administrator ordered to pay Margaret Pickle, widow, $100 on first year's support.

Estate of Squire Horn, deceased; petition filed for sale of real estate heard and order of publication made; ordered that Andrew Horn, resident heir, be served with a copy.

T.M. McClelland allowed $7.80 against estate of W.D. Pickle.

Parce & Burlingame allowed $80.45 against estate of Martha A. Campbell, deceased.

J.W. Harshbarger & Son allowed $3.80 against estate of Martha A. Hamilton, deceased.

Estate of M.B. Lloyd [Loyd?], deceased; report of sale of real estate approved and deed ordered.

Charles C. Alexander allowed $51 against estate of Hester Weaver, deceased.

Estate of J.T. Hubbard, deceased; claim of E.T. Robberson, trustee, allowed for $100 on jail subscription.

Estate of William Kelley, minor; proof of publication of notice of and petition for resignation of curator filed.

Adjourned until next Saturday, the 14th inst.

County Court.

Ordered that the clerk deliver to the treasurer the Exchange Bank's check for $4,211.11, the same being its bid for the county funds for two years, the money to be placed to credit of the road fund.

The county judges yesterday morning inspected the approaches to the new bridge being constructed over Sac river on the Bolivar road.

Court reconvened in the afternoon, at which the following business was transacted, Judge Appleby being absent:

John W. Washam resigned as road overseer of district 1, 28, 24, and W.M. Laney appointed to fill the vacancy.

The Board of Associated charities was allowed $37.50 for benefit of the city's poor.

Four accounts were allowed, after which court adjourned until 10 o'clock this morning.

A.S. Killingsworth loaned school funds amounting to $250.

A number of accounts were allowed, the largest being to E.E. Colby, $34.80, for services, and James Beveridge, $270, for constructing approaches to Sac River bridge.

Ordered that the treasurer transfer $270 from the road to the bridge fund to pay James Beveridge.

About ten bids were opened for the superintendency of the alms house. After examining them the court awarded the contract to Howard Grantham, of Ash Grove, for ensuing year at a salary of $100 per month. He will take charge March 1, 1891, and is required to furnish a $2,000 bond.

The treasurer was ordered to transfer the current expense and poor funds of 1890 into same funds of 1891.

Adjourned until next Monday, 16th inst.

Circuit Court.

In re petition of Christian Church of the village of Republic, incorporation; order to file petition.

In the matter of incorporation of the Progressive Spiritual Association, incorporation; ordered that this proceeding be referred to J.C. Cravens to examine and make report to this court whether or not same came can be incorporated under the statute.

Eagle Machine Works vs W.H. Pursley, contract; trial by court; jury waived and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $217.50, interest 8 per cent. and by consent of parties stay of execution until June 1, 1891.

State ex rel. and to use of John Potter, collector, vs William O. Mead, delinquent taxes; judgment for plaintiff on pleadings for debt and damages, $16.02 and costs.

C.E. Lodge vs. J.M. Keesler et al., appeal from justice of the peace; appeal dismissed by appellant and judgment against appellant and securities for costs of the court.

John H. Klumpf vs. W.H. Daniels, motion to quash execution; motion to quash execution overruled and costs adjudged and taxed against defendant.

Cunningham Bros. vs. T.M. Kinney, attachment; jury failed to agree and were discharged.

John Potter ex rel. vs. D.M. Evans, delinquent taxes; dismissed by agreement at costs of plaintiff; costs paid.

William A. Smith vs. ----- Goodall et al., replevin; judgment for plaintiff as per stipulations for possession of the property in question and one cent damages and costs of suit.

Jacob McLaughlin vs. Erwin Ellis, damages; case continued at plaintiff's costs for this term.

W.H. Owen vs. Frisco Railway Co., motion to retax costs; continued by agreement and consent at defendant's costs.

Grand Rapids Furniture Co. vs B. Zwang; bill of exceptions; judgment by default and damages, $201.35, interest 6 per cent.

Laclede Car Co. vs Springfield Electric Motor Power Co., motion for execution against stockholder, H.F. Fellows.

B.V. Milstead vs Equitable Mortgage Co., venue from Jasper county; case continued and set for trial April 2d, 1891.

William G. Reeth vs J.P. Allen, damages; jury return verdict for defendant.

J.H. Balderson vs J.W. Hardesty et al., to cancel deed; dismissed by plaintiff at his cost.

Greene County National Bank vs A.Y. Jones, note; dismissed by plaintiff, suit having been compromised.

J.L. Lemons vs R.C. Stone et al., mechanic's lien; dismissed for want of prosecution at costs of plaintiff.

A. Featherstone vs A.R. Sprague, note, appeal from justice of the peace; continued by consent of parties.

Henry Wiley vs John Hainey, replevin; same entry.

James T. Wilson vs L.D. Routt; trial by court, jury waived and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $712.30, interest 6 per cent.

James W. Gaylor et al. vs James T. Tillman, to cancel deed; court hears evidence of plaintiff and decree as prayed in petition.

Jane Seaton et al. vs M. Watson et al., partition; report of commissioner filed; ordered that the per diem of the commissioners be taxed as costs.

W.S. Miller vs W.B. Daniel et al., note; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs and plaintiff permitted to withdraw instrument sued on.

George W. Burden vs L.C. Crutcher, damages; dismissed at costs of plaintiff for failure to file obligations for costs.

Missouri Land and Live Stock Co. vs James Baucomb, foreclosure; sheriff acknowledges deed.

E.B. Thomas vs Mrs. W.H. McCown, foreclosure of mortgage; dismissed at cost of plaintiff, case having been settled.

Cole Manufacturing Co. vs William Jenkins, attachment on account; continued to await determination of appeal.

William E. Cook & Co. vs same, same entry.

W.M. Weaver vs John Harlan, venue from Jasper county; judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $567.50, motion for new trial filed. On the 3d of September defendant and Isaac Perkins made a wager on the presidential election. On the 9th of November, 1888, before the result was known, plaintiff demandd of the stakeholder, Harlan, his $500 deposited, which was deposited, hence the law suit. Suit was commenced January 23d, 1889, in Carthage and change of venue taken to Greene county.

J.C. Cravens et al. vs L. Rossiter et al., ejectment; dismissed by plaintiff as to L. Rossiter; jury called and case being tried.

Thursday, February 19, 1891

William Maxwell Surrendered by His Bondsmen - Attempt to Escape.

Some time during last December William Boyd was struck in the mouth with a rock by William L. Maxwell at Ash Grove and knocked senseless for a time. He was arrested and gave $500 bond for his appearance before a justice of the peace to answer a charge of felonious assault. His bondsmen, B.H. Wilson and E.A. Hurt, Friday surrendered him to the proper authorities, fearing that he was about to skip the country. Constable T.J. Bearden, of Boone township, brought Maxwell in last night on the train and lodged him in jail to await action of the grand jury, which convenes next Monday. As the train was leaving Bois D'Arc the prisoner suddenly jumped off and attempted to escape, but the constable soon covered him with a revolver, induced the conductor to stop the train and both parties arrived in the city on time.

Criminal Court.

Criminal Court will convene on Monday morning, 16th inst., by Judge Oliver, at which were present the honorable judge, Prosecuting Attorney Havens, Sheriff Day and Clerk Donham.

The sheriff and deputies were sworn and entered upon their duties.

The judge charged the grand jury fully concerning their duties, in an able and interesting manner, and they are at work this afternoon.

Isaac Robertson was excused from further service on regular panel of the grand jury, he not being found. L.T. Watson was substituted.

The sheriff returned into open court the following persons on venire of grand jury as drawn by the county court: D.D. Berry, J.M. Ocarr, John McGregor, Josiah Keith, T.J. Sparkman, Jonah Wickersham, I.N. Hosey, J.L. Hollingsworth, S.M. Brake, H.H. Neaves, Isaac Robertson and Samuel Blackman.

Ordered that D.D. Berry be excused from the regular panel of grand jurors the present term on account of sickness in his family. Samuel Blackman failed to appear, and the sheriff returned the names of J.H. Hines and James F. Wilkerson as substitutes.

L.T. Watson was appointed foreman of the grand jury, which is at work this afternoon.

State vs L.K. Haseltine, contempt of court in not appearing to answer as a witness; defendant arraigned and discharged on payment of costs.

Same entry in case of State vs T.H. Garlick, contempt of court in not answering subpoena as witness.

State vs Ira S. Haseltine, contempt in not answering subpoena as witness; defendant arraigned and it not appearing to the court that defendant had not been subpoenaed he was discharged without day [??].

Rufus Douglas, for good cause, was excused from regular panel of petit jurors for this term. Reed McElhany was substituted.

W.C. Crane, Jacob Long and Henry Potter, summoned to appear as petit jurors, were relieved from further service and Tom Wooldridge, E.A. Wright and Charles Evens substituted.

A.S. Justice was excused from service on petit jury on account of sickness. John Ford was substituted.

The regular panel of the petit jury consists of George Rutherford, F.M. Donnell, Ellis Paxson, John Ford, C.A. McBride, Hays Carter, Albert White, James Decker, Barrett Lemons, Chas. Evans, M.D. Wood, E.A. Whight, Ben Alsup, E.B. Moon, Joel Phillips, J.H. Jenkins, G.W. Campbell, Thos. Wooldridge, T.B. Denby, Rirey Hindman, A.S. McClain, W.H. Payne, Reed McElhany and Pryor Squibb.

State vs W.W. Garoutte, contempt in not answering subpoena; defendant arraigned and discharged, having been justified by sickness.

State vs Thomas Sampey, contempt of court in not answering subpoena; defendant arraigned and discharged on payment of costs.

Forfeitures of recognizance were set aside in liquor cases against Ira Overturf, he having pleaded guilty and being fined $5 in each.

R.M. Jones, carrying concealed weapons; was recognized in sum of $100.

State vs A.J. and Ben Montgomery, burglary; case set for trial March 16, 1891.

The case against John Courtney, carrying concealed weapons, was nollied.

Frank Donly pleaded guilty to gambling and was fined $5.

State vs Joe Mayfield, exhibiting deadly weapon in rude, angry and threatening manner; case dismissed at cost of defendant.

State vs Paul McDaniel, petit larceny; pleaded guilty and sentenced to ten days in county jail. He belonged to a chicken thief gang.

Carrol[l] Russell pleaded guilty to assault and battery and was fined $5 each on two indictments. He paid.

State vs Chris Rule, selling liquor to minors; case continued.

State vs John Kelley, same charge; issue joined and jury sworn.

State vs Robert Doyle, felonious assault; nollied.

City of Springfield vs John Liggett, disturbing the peace, appeal from justice of the peace; continued by agreement at defendant's costs.

State vs John Smith, manslaughter; nollied. He put up a wrong prescription for a woman at Ash Grove through mistake some time ago.

State vs John and Robert Foster, nuisance; defendants enter plea of guilty and each fined $5.

William Hellman, William Marley, William Devine and Jake Hammons were released from jail as insolvents this morning.

State vs J.F. Oberholtzer, selling liquor to minor; plea of guilty and fine of $50; defendant and F.A. Heacker recognized in sum of $125 to appear March 10, 1891.

State vs Chris Rule, same charge; continued till next term.

State vs John Kelly same charge; jury failed to agree and were discharged.

State vs Charles Dubbs, selling liquor on Sunday; nollied.

State vs William Walker, carrying concealed weapons; continued by consent.

State vs John Liggett, disturbing the peace, appeal from city recorder; continued by agreement.

State vs George Campbell and Barnett Walker, grand larceny; Weaver pleaded not guilty; forfeiture of recognizance in case of Campbell.

State vs Hank Hay and Mattie Colier, attachment, contempt in not answering subpoenas; defendants discharged on payment of costs.

State vs John Brown, larceny and receiving stolen property; continued by consent.

State vs James Wilson, assault; application for continuance filed.

State vs D.S. Watts, selling liquor in violation of local option law; nollied.

City vs E.A. Wood, appeal from city recorder; continued by consent of parties.

City vs Frank Agnew, selling liquor on Sunday, appeal from city recorder; judgment of recorder affirmed for failure to prosecute appeal on part of defendant; judgment against defendant and securities for costs.

State vs Walter Rose, disturbing the peace, appeal from city recorder; set for trial March 17, 1891.

State vs Marion Price et al., disturbing religious worship; defendant Ed Gueringer arraigned; plea of guilty and fined $1.

State vs Margaret Turner, gambling; pleads guilty as to Margaret McKinney and fined $1.

The grand jury returned one indictment - W.L. Maxwell - for feloniously assaulting F.M. Boyd at Ash Grove.

George Campbell, indicted for grand larceny in connection with Garnett Weaver for stealing a pocket book, $31, a watch worth $10 and a railroad ticket, valued at $10, from Justice Coolie at Nichols Junction, was unable to furnish $300 bond and was committed to jail this morning. His case is set for March 10.

County Court.

The following accounts were allowed:
T.S. Wilson, transcribing records...$284.80.
P.C. Freeman, road juror...$1.50.
Sims & Overman, printing...$60.00.
W.P. Cook, same...$1.50.
Jeff Headley, same...$1.50.
John Mack, burying two persons...$4.25.
Thorne Publishing Co., docket book...$25.00.
Same, binding books...$15.00.
J.W. Speake, making 12 coffins...$42.00.
George Daigler, merchandise...$2.30.
J.C. Dodson, summoning regular panel of jurors...$8.40.
Fairbanks' book store...$13.10.

James T. Wheeler loaned school funds amounting to $300.

Ordered that the school fund mortgage of J.S. Cravens for $700 be closed, and that the property be advertised by the sheriff and sold as the law directs.

Sealed bids will be received up to noon, February 23d, for the erection of a barn on the poor farm.

Samuel Woods, county treasurer, was allowed $132 for salary, conductor's punch and postage for one year.

George W. Arnold, of the United States Land Office, was appointed commissioner to sell certain school lands located in other counties than Greene.

John C. Day was allowed $10 for waiting on Probate Court, and L.M. Hubble $2 for furnishing room in which to hold an election.

Adjourned until next Monday, 23d inst.

Circuit Court.

T.A. Layton, administrator of Jane Herrell vs W.P. Henslee, venue from Taney county, replevin; motion for new trial filed.

J.W. Jones vs George H. Cory, attachment, appeal from justice of the peace; motion for judgment nunc pro tunc sustained; judgment same as February 2, 1891.

Thomas Clark vs Ira Overturf, damages; continued by agreement.

Cunningham Bros. vs T.M. Kinney, attachment; dismissed by agreement at costs of plaintiff.

Agricultural Insurance Company of Watertown, N.Y., vs A.M. Foster, et al., bond; dismissed as to A.M. Foster; trial by court and forfeiture of bond for $500; judgment against Aug. Lohmeyer execution to issue against Lohmeyer for $173.85, interest 6 per cent.

J.C. Cravens et al vs William Rositer, ejectment; judgment for restitution of premises according to finding of jury.

Mary S. Melton et al. vs Nancy B. Fitch et al., dower; continued by agreement.

Lewis Bradford Pharris, by next friend G.W. Davis, vs City of Springfield, damages; judgment of non suit or dismissal taken by plaintiff and judgment against Davis for costs.

Stephen Johnston vs Springfield Furniture Manufacturing Co. et al., note; continued by agreement.

Martha J. Ragsdale vs John O'Day, dower; insanity of plaintiff suggested; case set for trial Monday, February 16, 1891.

State ex rel. Thomas Laycock vs Elizabeth Stone, bond; case set for trial March 3, 1891, by agreement.

C.E. Lodge vs J.M. Keesler et al., appeal from justice of the peace; motion to set aside judgment of dismissal filed.

State ex rel. and to use of L.C. Lee vs M.N. Gillett et al., mandamus; motion to strike out plaintiff's motion for peremptory writ of mandamus overruled; plaintiff's motion for peremptory writ overruled.

In re petition of Progressive Spiritual Association of Springfield, Mo., incorporation; J.C. Cravens, special commissioner as to the lawful right filed report, which was examined and decree pro forma granted.

Thomas Allen was discharged on payment of costs for contempt of court as witness.

State ex rel. and to use of John Potter, collector, vs Harriet Steel, delinquent taxes; judgment against defendant for costs.

The appointment of J.F. Havens as deputy circuit clerk was approved.

Margaret J. Dyer vs Frisco Railway Co., $5,000 damages; motion to dismiss filed by defendant.

R.S. Lomax et al. vs John Wallace et al., note; judgment for defendant on demurer, plaintiff failing to file amended petition.

R.C. Forrester vs W.A. Camp, account, appeal from justice of the peace; jury failing to agree are respited till Friday morning.

W.M. Weaver vs John Harlin, venue from Jasper county; wager - money had and received; motion in arrest of judgment filed.

J.C. Cravens et al. vs William Rositer, ejectment; motion for new trial filed by defendant.

C. Eckas & Son vs Kate Graber, notes; appeal from justice of the peace; order to docket case.

Springfield Lumber and Cooperage Co. vs A.A. Lindley, account; jury trial in progress.

Solomon P. Tracey vs J.M. Wilkerson et al., to cancel deed; motion to strike out second amended petition overruled; Virginia E. Tracey made and permitted to remain party plaintiff; leave of court granted giving her permission; demurrer to second amended petition filed; leave given to amend petition by adding an allegation that Mary A. Wilkerson is the wife of J.M. Wilkerson and demurrer to second amended petition overruled; defendant files motion to require plaintiff to elect on which cause of action in petition he will try; motion sustained with consent and at suggestion of plaintiff; plaintiff's select allegation of insanity on which to try case and allegations of fraud stricken out; separate answers of Mary A. and J.M. Wilkerson to last amended petition filed; replication of plaintiff; issue joined and jury sworn.

J.M. Keesler et al. vs J.H. Bouslog application for change of _____ sustained; C.V. Buckley selected as special judge and assumes his duties in the case.

Charles Price vs W.D. Pickle, account; appeal from justice of the peace; orders to docket and to file motion to quash execution.

L.B. Pharris vs City of Springfield, $5,000 damages; order to issue process.

L.A. Updegraff vs J.C. Day, replevin; orders to file petition, to issue delivery and summons.

James R. Milner vs same; same entry.

Springfield Lumber and Cooperage Co. vs A.A. Lindley, account; jury found issues for plaintiff on second count of the petition for $149.40; issues were found for defendant on second count.

R.C. Forrester vs W.A. Camp, account; appeal from justice of the peace; jury failed to agree and were discharged.

W.M. Weaver vs Jonh [John?] Harlin, wager, money had and received; appeal granted to St. Louis court of appeals; bond filed and approved; defendant and appellant given till April 1, 1891, to file bill of exceptions.

Sampson Bass vs Isaac Keesee, sheriff's deed; sheriff's deed acknowledged to Isaac Keesee.

Report of commissioners filed in J.W. Swindler assignment.

State ex rel. and to use of John Potter, collector, vs Jacob Neff; dismissed at cost of defendant by agreement of parties.

Same vs J.W. Berry; same entry.

G.W. Custer vs J.C. Day and Household Sewing Co., temporary writ of injunction granted.

Report of W.C. Crane, commissioner to sell Hank Hay real estate, approved. The net proceeds amount to $428.51. Harvey Murray was the purchaser and the insurance policy was ordered transferred to him.

Road change petitioned for by J.J. Hall; ordered that the old road be vacated between points of change.

Dr. W.C. Noel was appointed jail physician at a salary of $200 per annum.

In re rejection of accounts due W.W. Donham, allowance of claim, appeal from county court; judgment against Greene county on trial by court for $69.50.

W.A. Jackson vs G.S. Rathbun, commissioner; demurer sustained; amended petition filed.

State ex rel. and to use of S.C. Lee, mandamus; mandamus refused and judgment against plaintiff for costs.

In re incorporation of Christian Church of Republic, incorporation; decree pro forma.

Solomon P. Tracey, by guardian, vs J.M. Wilkerson, to cancel deed; hearing postponed until Monday, 16th.

State ex rel to use of Purdy Fowler vs W.W. Channey et al., venue from Hickory county, official bond; set for trial March 27, 1891, by agreement.

S.M. Ramsey vs Leroy C. Noble et al., to reform deed; ordered to file petition and issue process.

W.G. Porter et al. vs same; same entry.

Lucinda C. Parsons et al. vs same; same entry.

Lewis B. Farris vs City of Springfield; motion and affidavit for change of venue filed.

S.A. and S.C. Haseltine vs Gertrude A.H. Clark et al., partition; decree of partition as prayed for in petition; J.W. Lisenby, Charles H. Goffe and J.M. Cowan appointed commissioners and ordered to report at present term of court.

Lydia E. Knott vs Mollie Moore, to quiet title; order of publication ordered.

J.M. Keesler et al vs J.H. Bouslog, equity; dismissed by plaintiffs at their costs.

J.C. Dodson vs R.S. Lomax, to cancel deed; demurer overruled; defendants elected to stand on demurer; final judgment for plaintiff as prayed for in petition.

City of Springfield vs Thomas E. Cox et al., ejectment; dismissed by plaintiff; judgment against plaintiff for costs.

A. Vaccais & Co. vs J.C.F. Kinney, account; judgment for plaintiff nil dicit; debt and damages, $391.35, interest 6 per cent from this date.

Laclede Car Co. vs Springfield Electric Motor and Power Co. and H.F. Fellows, motion against stockholder on judgment, motion for judgment heard and sustained against stockholder, H.F. Fellows for judgment, $829.33, and for costs of principal, $9.40; also for costs of this motion.

State ex rel. and to use of John Potter, collector, vs Susie Bennett, delinquent taxes; dismissed at costs of defendant by agreement of parties.

Western Land Co. vs J.H. Bouslog, ejectment; orders to file petition and issue process.

State ex rel. and to use of John Potter et al., collector, vs W.H. McAdams, delinquent taxes; dismissed at costs of defendant by agreement of parties and upon payment by defendant of $38.01 of taxes.

Probate Court.

Estate of William and Alvin Riggs, minors; inventory filed by T.J. Delaney, curator, and approved; petition filed for an order to sell real estate.

Estate of D.S. Holman, deceased; petition of J.T. Bryan filed for sale of personal property at private sale; sale ordered for cash at not less than three-fourths of appraised value; J. Rodecker allowed $4.80, J.M. Doling $49.93 and J.L. Holland $1,710 on note of $2,050.

H.S. Hill allowed $38 against estate of J.W. Clemmens, deceased; and William M. Smith $8.

Estate of A.L. Galbraith, deceased; relinquishment of right to administer upon said estate filed by Nicholas Rhodes, Henry and James Caldwell, heirs of said deceased; estate ordered into hands of John L. McCraw, public administrator.

J.E. Taggart appointed curator of estate of Laura E., Della M. and William H. Taggart and ordered to give $250 bond.

Estates of Kate Hardin and John C. Montgomery, minors; sale of real estate ordered, public or private; for cash.

J.L. Smith allowed $13, balance due on note, against D.S. Holman estate.

Estate of G.W. Temple, deceased; report of sale filed, approved and deed ordered.

First annual settlements approved in estates of Lee, John B., Anna M. and Emma Snowden.

A.B. Clayton chosen curator of Charles A. Clayton estate and ordered to give $500 bond.

Estate of William L. Coombs, deceased; final settlement heretofore filed approved and curator discharged.

I.J. Edmonson chosen curator of estates of Daisy and George Edmonson and ordered to give bond of $250.

In Uncle Sam's Clutches.

J.W. Yoes, a deputy United States marshal from Fort Smith, Ark., arrived last night and brought in Albert Gunnels, on a writ of removal, who had been in jail there on charge of breaking open several letters. The prisoner is considered a desperate character and was securely shackled. He was lodged in jail to await a preliminary trial before Commissioner Howell. The case was worked up by Postoffice Inspector Spooner, who accompanied Mr. Yoes to this city.

Thursday, February 26, 1891

A New Church.

Articles of association and the pro forma decree of the circuit court incorporating the Christian Church of Republic were filed for record with Recorder Wilson yesterday. The officers consist of two elders, two deacons, a secretary and treasurer. The board of trustees is composed of W.D. Sparkman, chairman; W.G. Blanton, secretary, and Charles H. Rhule, treasurer. The elders are W.D. Sparkman and T.J. Wallace. Deacons - William Rhule and J.B. Rainey, the former being secretary and the latter treasurer.

Going to the Pen.

R.L. Catoun, five years for forgery, and James Ryan, burglary, were taken to Jefferson City Monday by sheriff Day. While there Mr. Day will consult the Greene county members of the legislature and protest against the bill now pending depriving sheriffs of mileage in civil cases. In place of reducing mileage in civil cases Mr. Day says he is in favor of increasing in criminal, otherwise sheriffs will not feel like making strenuous efforts to apprehend criminals.

Criminal Court.

Andrew Baker is being tried for shooting Isaac Field in a saloon about two years ago.

State vs. R.M. Jones, Jr., attempt to rape; grand jury failed to indict and defendant and securities discharged; judgment against Josephine Smith for costs.

State vs. Jacob S. McCluer, rape; defendant discharged, grand jury failing to indict; judgment against J.H. Tipton, prosecuting witness, for costs.

State vs. Mike Hayes and Frank Cole, keeping gambling house; dismissed as to Cole on payment of costs.

State vs James Dameron, selling liquor to minor, set for trial February 27, 1891.

City of Springfield vs Kinney & Eaton, keeping open after hours; continued by consent.

City of Springfield vs M.D. Miller, keeping disorderly house, appeal from justice of the peace; case set for February 28, 1891.

Sheriff Dodson, ex sheriff, yesterday filed his report of fines, forfeitures and penalties from August 15, 1890, to January 1st, 1891. Total collected, $855, all of which were paid into the county treasury.

State vs Andy Baker, assault and battery; defendant found guilty and punishment assessed at a fine of $100. F.M. Donnell was foreman of the jury. Defendant was sent to jail for failure to pay.

J.F. Wilkerson is sheriff for the grand jury and J.H. Hines clerk.

City of Springfield vs Albert Silberberg, obstructing sidewalks; case continued till next term by agreement.

State vs Henry Bryant, keeping gambling house; one-half nollied as to first count; defendant arraigned and enters plea of not guilty; issue joined and trial in progress; verdict of guilty and jury recommended a fine of $200 and costs.

T.J. Sparkman, for good cause, excused from further service on grand jury and J.H. Houston substituted.

Indictments were returned against William Lemmons, burglary, and J.A. Catoun, forgery, both of whom are in jail.

State vs Elmira Gates, contempt for failing to answer subpoena; dismissed at cost of county.

State vs James Farrell; same charge and same entry.

State vs J.R. Gorman, embezzlement; nollied.

State vs E.A. Wood, assault; continued till March 2, 1891.

State vs G.B. Neff, gambling; forfeiture of recognizance and alias capias ordered.

State vs W.W. Mullings, keeping gambling house; application for change of venue filed, alleging prejudice of inhabitants of Greene county; defendant and securities recognized in sum of $300.

Same vs C.R. Cardwell, same charge; application for change of venue filed.

State vs Arnet Kinney, gambling; nollied.

Homer Matthews and John Duckworth pleaded guilty to gambling and were fined $5 each.

State vs George W. Yandle, exhibiting deadly weapon, change of venue from Webster county; nollied and costs taxed against Webster county.

State vs James Davis, keeping gambling house; application for change of venue filed.

William Lemons was arraigned on charge of burglary and larceny and pleaded not guilty; O.H. Travers assigned as counsel for defendant.

James Ryan pleaded guilty to burglary and was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary. He is the man who attempted to burglarize Brasher's drug store a few weeks since and was caught in the act by officers.

Jim Gamble, who has been in jail on charge of carrying concealed weapons, was arraigned and pleaded not guilty.

The grand jury returned one indictment up to noon, and that was against James Ryan for burglary.

State vs M.J. Catoun, forgery; defendant arraigned, pleaded guilty and sentenced to five years in the penitentiary. He recently attempted to forge a note on Riley Hindman and John Smith at Ash Grove.

Joseph Chambers was acquitted on charge of carrying concealed weapons.

W.L. Maxwell pleaded not guilty to feloniously assaulting Boyd at Ash Grove; John A. Patterson and George Pepperdine assigned as counsel to defend him.

George Peck fined $10 for gambling.

George Adams will be tried next Saturday, 28th inst., on same charge.

The case against Charles Kinney, gambling, was nollied. He will be tried March 4th for selling liquor on Sunday.

John Skelton and B. Richardson were each fined $10 for gambling.

City vs Jesse Cook, assault and battery; judgment of city recorder affirmed.

City vs G.D. Clark, violating city ordinance; appeal from city recorder; set for trial March 17.

James Kirk pleaded not guilty to burglary and Houston James assigned as counsel to defend.

The grand jury failed to indict Chas. Hammons for burglary and he was discharged.

The same entry was made concerning John Brooks, charged with seduction.

James Gamble pleaded guilty to carrying concealed weapons and was sentenced to a month in jail.

Four indictments were returned by the grand jury.

State vs. James Ferrell, contempt; dismissed at cost of county.

The case against Vernon McPherson, larceny, was nollied.

Taylor Smith was recognized in sum of $300 for keeping a gambling house.

State vs. Frank Galloway, violating local option law; continued by agreement and state witnesses recognized.

State vs. Pat Brady, felonious wounding; stricken from docket.

State vs. J.W. Crank, selling liquor unlawfully; motion filed by defendant to quash indictment.

Dolph Morris, after a jury trial, was fined $25.

Lafayette Headley, charged with embezzlement, filed application for change of venue.

State vs A.C. and Samuel Thayer, keeping bowdy [bawdy] house; application of A.C. Thayer for continuance sustained and case continued till next term; case of Samuel Thayer set for trial March 2.

State vs O.C. Champlain, disturbing peace, appeal from recorder; nollied.

State vs W.L. Maxwell, assault, appeal from justice of the peace; stricken from the docket.

State vs Charles Baur et al., petit larceny, appeal from justice of the peace; continued as on application of defendant.

State vs E.H. Hughes, disturbing the peace, appeal from justice of the peace; nollied as to information.

City of Springfield vs G.W. Jones, violating city ordinance, appeal from recorder; forfeiture of recognizance; alias capias for defendant.

The case of state vs M.C. Hayes, murder first degree, is docketed for Wednesday, 25th inst.

John French was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to robbery.

State vs. Robert Nibler, burglary and larceny; nollied.

State vs. Batsy Nibler, grand larceny; stricken from the docket.

State vs. M.C. Hayes, felonious wounding and murder in first degree, two cases; set for trial March 5.

City vs. S.C. Huston, shaving on Sunday; set for trial February 28. [Notable item]

The case of State vs. George M. Smith, a school teacher, charged with assault, was commenced first this afternoon.

Probate Court.

Estate of Otis Ballard, minor; ordered that the curator expend $10 for suit of clothes for ward.

Estate of Laura E. Taggart et al., minors; bond of J.E. Taggart, curator, approved.

Estate of Emma Snowden, minor; final settlement approved and curator discharged.

J.H.F. Baldwin granted letters in estate of William Adams; deceased; and ordered to give $300 bond.

A jury, consisting of M.T. Edmonson, Hunter Day, James Gear, A.W. Ward, W.I. Burks, E.H. Lair, J.A. Routt, F.M. Mikesell, H.R. Payne, T.J. Smith, W.P. Dabbs and J.B. Tatlow, was appointed to enquire into the alleged insanity of William S. Bacon and returned the following verdict: "We, the jury, find William S. Bacon to be of unsound mind and incapable of managing his own affairs.  -E.H. Lair, Foreman."

The court appointed L.M. Bacon guardian of his person and estate; bond of $1,000 approved.

Estates of Daisy and George Edmonson, minors; bond of I.J. Edmonson as curator approved and appointment made.

The estate of Jane Pursley, deceased, was ordered into the hands of J.L. McCraw, public administrator.

Estate of J.H. Likins deceased; will filed and admitted to probate; letters ordered to executrix, appointed by testator, ordered on filing bond of $3,000. The will was made March 28, 1888, in the presence of J.G. Turpin, J.D.L. Waddle, H.S. Duncan and John M. Wood, attesting witnesses, L.C. Likins, Hanna McKnight, M.J. Starr, Mary A. Hawkins, Sarah J. Walthall, Martha A. Mahoney, Elizabeth Miller, Harriet McCord, Mary A. Trewett, James H. Marsh, Louis A. Marsh, J.R. Marsh, and Caroline R. Hannah, all heirs, each get $1, while his wife, Hannah Likins, is to receive all other property, both real and personal, after all debts are paid, if any exist. His wife is appointed executrix.

Estate of Clara L. and Mary F. Danforth, minors; same entries.

J.W. Mack allowed $3 against D.S. Holman estate.

Estate of W.S. Butcher, deceased; final settlement approved, showing balance of $1,307. Approved and administrator ordered to distribute equally among ten heirs, each of whom will receive $130.69 45 [?]. Administrator discharged.

T.J. Delaney selected curator for Mary D. Atzert, minor.

Partnership estate of Murrell & Long; sale bill filed and approved.

A.J. Potter allowed $7.83 against D.S. Holman estate.

Estate of Frank Watson; final settlement approved; balance due estate, $16.35; curator files final receipt and discharged.

Adjourned until next Saturday, 28th inst.

A jury declared Martha J. Ragsdale insane, after an examination. She is now in the asylum at Nevada. R.J. Ragsdale was appointed guardian of her person and estate and bond of $800 was filed and approved.

Estate of William Kelley, minor; final settlement of W.T. Chiles, curator, filed; balance due estate, $39.05; curator allowed $5 for services.

Estate of W.D. Alford, deceased; ordered that administrator turn over to Grizilda Alford, widow, all the household and kitchen furniture, amounting to $61.20; also all the personal property, amounting to $197, as part of her $400 statutory allowance.

Estate of Lulu Adams et al., minors; petition of curator filed for sale of real estate granted, sale to be either public or private for cash.

Estates of Alvis and William Riggs, minors; petition for sale of real estate granted; also ordered on such terms and considerations as the court may approve.

William S. Bacon, insane, was ordered conveyed to asylum at Nevada by guardian without any unnecessary delay. Guardian authorized to use $300 for present use.

Estates of Laura F. Taggart et al.; petition for sale of real estate granted.

Estates of Cora Bird et al.; ordered that curator pay Sallie Bird, mother of minors, $2_.

Estates of Nancy Fondren, deceased; administrator ordered to distribute among the heirs $35 for each.

J.T. Gray appointed curator for Bessie P. Danforth, minor, and ordered to give $2,500 bond.

Circuit Court.

Eagle Machine Works Co. vs J.H. Reynolds, note; orders to file petition and issue process.

Ordered that Frank McKnight be and is hereby appointed deputy sheriff of Greene county, Mo.

D.B. Williams vs Frisco Railway Co.; $20,000 damages; passed by consent of parties.


Alden E. Flint, lately proprietor of an upholstering establishment on South street, died in St. Louis this morning of consumption. He is a nephew of Mrs. C.B. McIntire. His brother Reed leaves tomorrow for that city to attend the funeral.

The friends of Conductor John Cartwright will regret to learn that he is dangerously sick at the home of Mrs. Walters on Boonville street, and doubts are felt of his recovery. LATER: He died at noon today.

A Missouri Daughter.

Thursday, during the thunder storm, the monotony of the darkness was relieved at the residence of Mr. Dan Brown, of Roberson avenue, by the sudden appearance of two bright little starry eyes looking out from the face of a young lady about a minute old, who came to board with Mrs. W.T. Howard, the daughter of Mr. Brown, whose home is Peoria, Ill. The Leader congratulates Mrs. Howard on the good fortune of having the little Miss visit Missouri first.

Only Four Interments.

The following interments were made in Maple Park cemetery in the month of January.
January 10. Mrs. N.G.N. Clark, of general debility, aged 85 years.
January 18. Mrs. Emily N. Redmond, of Peritonitis, aged 56 years and 2 months.
January 27. Infant of William Neagler aged 8 weeks.
January 31. William Sabin, of heart disease aged about 65 years.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Weekly Leader; Nov. 6, 1890 - Nov. 12, 1891; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained November 14, 2005.

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