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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
July, 1890


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Thursday, September 4, 1890

The Courts.

Estate of Mary C. German, deceased; additional inventory filed and approved.

Estate of Bird Looney et al., minors; bonds of W.M. Looney, curator, as security approved in sum of $200 in each case.

T. Doolin allowed $34.95 against John B. Murphy estate.

Estate of John C. Montgomery, minor; bond of guardian, Fannie Hardin, for $100 approved.

R.R. Pu_m_n allowed $160.87 against William E. Witherspoon estate.

Estate of Julia B. and Georgia Gorman, minors; final settlement of J.D. Gorman, administrator of Mary C. Gorman, former curator, filed showing nothing in her hands. Approved.

Estate of Ruthia Gorman, deceased; application for letters of administration granted D.L. Gorman and bond of $800 ordered.

Estate of William J. Keena, minor; bond of Hannah Justis, curator, for $600, approved. Same entries in estates of Hannah Keena and Ida Justis.

Estate of Ellen K. Tracey, deceased; ordered that executor be authorized to expend $225 for monument for grave of deceased.

Estate of Alice B. Huff, minor; annual settlement approved; balance due estate $415.19. Same entries in estates of Maggie and William F. Huff; report of money loaned filed and approved.

Ely Paxson allowed $28 against Ellen K. Tracey estate; W.P. Patterson allowed $20; first annual settlement approved.

Estates of Richard and Jackson Cannefax; A.T. Hart, permitted to clear some land for cultivation and ordered to give $75 bond for faithful performance of contract.

Estate of Nathan Bray; continued to October term, 1890, for final settlement.

Estate of J.C. Montgomery; settlement continued to July term, 1891.

Estate of Franklin Moore; continued to October term, 1890.

Estate of George M. Cox, deceased; court having ordered all fifth class demands paid, and the executrix having failed and refused to pay such demands, ordered that execution issue therefor.

Estate of H.C. Rose, deceased; final settlement of administrator filed.

County Court.

Court met this morning, September 1st, Judge Bowerman absent.

Sarah E. Morris and husband loaned $400 school funds.

Road petitioned for by W.G. Perkins et al. set for hearing Tuesday, September 2d.

William A. Wood, road overseer, allowed $33.75 and W.L. Gamble, same, $16.75.

W.J. Freely allowed $5 for testing water supply at alms house.

A.A. Kirby granted dramshop license.

A warrant for $10.80 was ordered drawn on poor fund in favor of Martha Liedsey[Lindsey?] to convey Charles Long to deaf and dumb asylum at Fulton.

A.J. Shiel, road overseer, allowed $39.87.

county surveyor. [This sentence was just stuck in there - don't know what it goes to.]

A.. Demuth allowed $32.40, services as county clerk.

Ordered that the sheriff proceed at once to the state lunatic asylum at St. Joseph and bring back J.N. Trenary, T.F. Hensley and M.P. Collier, who have been reported incurable, and deliver them to the superintendent of the Greene county alms house, R.W. Levan.

T.A. McDaniel loaned $110.86 school money.

W.G. Crane presented an account of $10 for coffins, but only $4.50 was allowed.

Ordered that a proposition enforcing the law restraining domestic animals - horses, mules, asses, cattle, hogs, sheep and goats - from running at large be submitted to the qualified voters of Greene county at the next general election.

Road petitioned for by W.G. Perkins et al. continued till the third day of the next regular term.

Following accounts were allowed:
W.W. Donham, miscellaneous...$283.30.
H.C. Tompkins, work...$9.45.
Springfield Plumbing Co., supplies...$1.10.
John Mack, digging graves...$5.00.
Taylor & Son, supplies...$24.00.
D.D. Denton, hauling...$6.75.
A.B. Pierce, merchandise...$10.50.
R.M. Stancill, medicines...$78.55.
John Mack, burying pauper...$2.50.
Parker, Ritter & Nichols, stationery...$2.10.
W.W. Donham, expressage...$2.95.
T.J. Jessup, molasses...$10.40.
C.C.H.H., coal...$12.15.
Sims & Overman, supplies...$54.75.
Annie Mooney, stenographer...$240.00.
John Mack, burying infant...$1.75.
R.C. Forrester, supplies...$4.35.
Mrs. R.W. Levan, sewing...$11.80.
E. Speaker, supplies...$1.25.
John C. Day, work...$7.20.
Hursh, Southworth & Mack, merchandise...$34.14.
J.Q Brown, blanks...$ .70.
Springfield Hardware Co., supplies...$22.75.
Headley & Dunphy, merchandise...$69.94.
E. Speaker, merchandise...$10.30.
Springfield Milling Co., merchandise...$32.80.
R.W. Levan, salary, etc....$112.55.
Eugene Jones, wood...$38.15.
Hummel Lumber Co., supplies...$23.95.
J.W. McCullah, salary...$125.00.
Sarah Ferrell, cook...$20.00.
J.M. White, three coffins...$13.50.
W.W. Donham, circuit clerk, presented fee bills chargeable to Greene county, aggregating $880.45, which were allowed.

Thursday, September 11, 1890

Boone Township.

Ash Grove, Sept. 4. - A fine daughter has arrived at the home of R.N. Edwards.

Miss Allie Pottenger, who has been teaching music near Springfield, has returned home.

Mrs. H. Goforth died Monday at Everton. She had many friends here.

Miss Carrie Sawyer and Maud Stephens, of Springfield, are the guests of Misses Laura Boone and Ophia Doolin.

Isaac Coalson has sold his residence to Charles O'Kelley.

The public schools opened Monday with an enrollment of 265 pupils.

Luther Wilson, seven years old, who was severely burned about the head with powder recently, is slowly recovering.

Rev. S.F. Vance, of the First Presbyterian church, has gone to Chicago, where he will remain permanently.

A fruit evaporator has been established here - something long needed.

A strike in the cooperage department of the lime works occurred Monday. The employes were receiving three and one half cents for each barrel made and demanded four cents. The men gained their point and resumed work.

The mother of J.S. Poindexter died Wednesday.

Mrs. J.M. Johnson, who has been ailing the past nine years, is not expected to survive many days.

The mines are in a flourishing condition and business is lively among our merchants.

The Farmers' and Laborers' Union have elected the following delegates to the county convention which meets near Springfield next Saturday, 6th inst: E.A. Hurt, James McCrory, J.R. Marsh, J.H. Lybarger, S.L. Nicholson and W.A. Seehorn. James Hodge and J.C. Freeman were nominated for justices of the peace and J.R. Marsh for constable.

Probate Court.

Probate court was in session Saturday, Judge Lincoln on the bench, and a great deal of business was transacted. Court will not be in session next Saturday on account of the fair.

Estate of Oscar Farmer, deceased; voucher of E.F.W. Meier on demand filed, and settlement being examined is approved and administratrix discharged.

Estate of George Thorne, deceased; petition of administrator filed for private sale of personal property heard and order made at highest market price.

J.F. Fowler allowed $30 against estate of C.J. Mott.

Estate of Henry Mellon, minor; final settlement of Martha Mellon, curator, filed; balance, $6,339.93. Approved and curator discharged.

Estate of Ella Summers et al, minor; settlement continued to October term, 1890, and citation ordered for S.H. Julian, curator.

Estate of Florence Kern, minor; settlement continued to October term, 1890, and citation ordered for John H. Kern, curator.

Estate of Frederick Truman et al, minors, same entry and citation ordered issued for Lewis A. Truman, curator.

Estate of Phebe Newton, minor; same entry and citation for Jerry Whitsell, curator.

Estate of John E. Craig, deceased; same entry; citation for Neil S.B. Craig, administrator.

Estate of Nathan Cox, deceased; same entry; citation for Matilda Cox, executrix.

Estate of James Wiseman, minor; same entry; citation for Lafayette Hudson, curator.

Estate of Elizabeth Cunningham, deceased; same entry; citation for S.H. Julian, administrator.

Estate of P.A. Danforth, deceased; same entry; citation for Chas. H. Goffe, administrator.

Estate of David M. Ross et al, minors; same entry, citation for G.A. Renfro, curator.

Estate of George Petty et al, minors; same entry; citation for Wm. S. Petty, curator.

Estate of Cranville Hatcher, deceased; same entry; citation for Thos. F. Newberry, curator.

Estate of H.J. Lindenbower, deceased; same entry; citation for S.H. Julian, administrator.

Estate of James Gilmore, deceased; same entry; citation for James K. Gilmore, executor.

Estate of Cora Belle, James and Katie Bird, minors; petition filed by curator for sale of real estate of said minors in Callaway county granted.

Estate of George K. Patterson, minor; E.R. Shipley, curator, ordered to pay Whittaker & Evans $12 for necessaries furnished said minor.

Following estates continued to October term, 1890: R.E.L. Leathers et al., William Klein, Isaac Danforth, P.A. Klein, Catherine E. Garrott, Emma F. Morelock et al., Clara Jones et al., Sylvester Blackwell, Bray & Cravens (partnership).

Estates continued to January term, 1891: William Massey, Asa Lyman, John W. Mallicoat, Mary A. Mills and E.D. Robberson.

J.C. Squibb allowed $32.55 against Frank C. Babbett estate.

Estate of Lee Campbell, minor; ordered that R.J. McElhaney, curator, bid on the lands to be sold under deed of trust given by George Knott (James R. Vaughan trustee) for benefit of Lulie Mergold (formerly Campbell) to the amount of debt coming to his ward, and, if purchaser, take deed to himself as such curator.

Estate of Lulie Merigold, deceased; same order as above, except that Frank Merrigold, executor, bid amount of debt due estate of deceased.

Estate of James Gilmore, deceased; exceptions filed to executor's final settlement heard and ordered that said executor be charged with a balance of $1,886.42 instead of $335.99 as shown in said settlement.

L.M. Hubble & Son allowed $5.18 against William Gneedig estate.

Estate of John B. Robinson, deceased; final settlement filed July 16th, 1890, approved; balance in administrator's hands, $549; ordered distributed and administrator discharged on filing final receipts.

Estate of L.J. and Alonzo N. Height, minors; E.J. Conklin appointed guardian and curator and ordered to give $100 bond in each estate.

Thursday, September 18, 1890

Boone Township.

Ash Grove, Sept. 11. - Miss Mary Swindler is afflicted with typhoid fever.

Mrs. Addie Hammond is trying the Lebanon magnetic water.

Miss Cordelia Morrison, of Stockton, is visiting here a few days.

Miss Lulu King has accepted a situation in a millinery establishment, having come from Kansas.

Jeff Gilmore and wife are in Meridian, Texas. The former expects to spend the winter there.

Nevia Doolin, of Sullivan county, is the guest of her uncle, Dr. Doolin.

Mrs. David Ferguson and son Robert, of Springfield, have been visiting Mrs. David Mayes.

Frank Shehorn and family have moved here from Howell county. Amos Ballah and family, late of Thayer, are also new citizens.

B.H. Wilson is at Aransas Pass, Tex., where he is making investments.

George Miller and family, from Archer City, Tex., have recently located here.

Charlie Moore has gone to St. Louis to study medicine and surgery.

Prof. W.C. Sebring has decided to become superintendent of the Sarcoxie public schools.

W.P. Elson and J.P. Frame are entertaining Mr. Wright and family from Kansas City.

The colored school has thirty-four pupils enrolled, in charge of Harrison Harvey.

Five car loads of cattle have been shipped to Garden City, Mo., from this station recently.

Prof. Doyle, of Nebraska, has moved his family here. He will teach in the college.

James Barham has gone to Colorado Springs in hopes of benefiting his health.

Miss Mattie Waddle is visitnig her sister at Waterloo, Kas.

Mrs. J.M. Johnson died near this city last Thursday, leaving three children. She was paralyzed about nine years ago, since which time the patient sufferer has been confined to bed.

Barry County.

Seligman, Mo., Sept. 15. - Abundance of rain.

Exeter is bothered with meat market thieves.

The water courses of this county are out of their banks.

A. Reagan and family, of near Seligman, departed for Louisiana last week, where they will make their future home.

The Seligman Sunbeam has been changed to a five colum[n] four page folio which makes it a nice paper.

Miss Anna Berryhill, of California, is visiting her parents near Washburn.

Circuit court will convene the first Monday in October.

The family of Henry Peel are being disturbed considerably by some unknown parties.

John Plummer, of Cassville, who has been in Indiana some time, returned home last week.

John Fanner, of near Seligman, had two mules killed in a thunder storm Friday evening. Al McCann, of Seligman also had a horse killed.

Barry county sent several large delegations to the reunion at Pea Ridge, Ark., last week.

Dr. H.S. Gordon, of Exeter, left last week on a business tour through Texas. He will be gone about two weeks.

Two new churches are to be built in Purdy this fall. This will make four churches in Purdy and not a saloon in town. In that respect the banner town in Barry county.

Seligman, Exeter and Purdy are running their evaporators in full blast. Many thousand pounds of evaporated fruit will be shipped from this county this fall.

Exeter, the noted dry town of Southwest Missouri, has at last sunk a well that will furnish the town with all the water they need.

W.B. Dean, of Will's Point, Texas, formerly a business man of this county, has been visiting relatives at Seligman.

Samuel Smith, of near Cass ____ is pushing the mining business in the Roaring river hills near Eagle Rock. He reports as having taken out a few hundred pounds of mineral and jack.

The Seligman Weekly News has suspended and the people of Seligman who want to read of the interesting events that take place around their homes now look to John G. Munger of the Sunbeam for them.

Charles Ray and Charles Bryan attended the senatorial convention at Pierce City last Monday, and W.A. Wear, George W. Eden, Charles Landis, James George, S.L. Wart, W. Hailey, C.D. and W.D. Manley the congressional convention at Monett, Tuesday.

State Offenders.

William Jordan, arrested for throwing rocks at William M. Patterson, has been fined $1 and costs by Justice Brewer.

The case against Thomas Johnson, arrested for stealing a $1.50 hat from M._. Jones, was tried before Justice Brewer and defendant fined $10 and costs. In default of payment he went to jail.

Harry Thompson has been arrested on charge of stealing a coat, valued at $5, was committed to jail to await trial. The theft was committed Sunday.

Several men were arrested Saturday night for stealing goods from the store of C.J. McMaster, and they now await trial, some of the property having been found upon them.

The Baby Show and Ladies' Horseback Riding Awards.

The following parties were awarded the blue ribbon Saturday afternoon under the head of baby show - specials:
Brightest boy under eighteen months old - Mrs. W.W. Wilkerson.
Brightest baby under one year old - Mrs. Mazie Shook.
Prettiest baby under one year old - Mrs. Tabor.
Brightest baby under eighteen months old - Mrs. L.E. Hensley.


Premiums were awarded Wednesday as follows:
Best lady rider, gold medal by association - Miss Lida Robberson.

Thursday, September 25, 1890

Criminal Court.

State vs W.E. Kirk, breaking fence, appeal from J.P.; by agreement judgment of justice affirmed; fine of 25 cents.

State vs. John Smith, manslaughter, continued by agreement.

State vs. Andrew Baker, felonious wounding; alias capias ordered, returnable instanter.

State vs. F. Baer, keeping bawdy house; forfeiture of recognizance; alias capias ordered, returnable instanter.

State vs. M.C. Hayes, murder first degree; continued until next term; attachment ordered for George Rabins, returnable at next term. The other case - felonious wounding - was also continued.

The local option cases against Henry Searcy and D.S. Watts were sent to Christian county on change of venue.

State vs. Ben Howard, burglary and larceny; order fixing bail at $1,000.

State vs Batsey Nibler, grand larceny; defendant arraigned and enters plea of not guilty; H. Weir appointed counsel for defendant.

State vs Riley Eddings, failing to return marriage license in ninety days; judgment of nolie presequi.

George T. Edmisson, of Buffalo, Mo., permitted to sign the roll of attorneys.

State vs Arch McAdams, carrying concealed weapons; discharged as an insolvent.

The case of State vs F.E. Lewis, grand larceny, was nollied.

William R. Davidson, charged with assaulting a boy while he was policeman, was fined $100 by a jury.

B.S. Chinn bound over in the sum of $200 for carrying concealed weapons.

State vs James A. Dameron, selling liquor to minor; continued till next term.

William Walker's case for carrying concealed weapons was continued till next term.

State vs James Wilson, assault; same entry.

State vs. William R. Davidson, assault, appeal from J.P.; motion for new trial overruled; appeal granted to St. Louis court of appeals; recognizance of defendant with J.W. Allmon, J.L. Randle and G.T. Edmison as securities in sum of $400 for defendant's appearance for judgment.

State vs. W.H. McKinney, indictment for cruelty to animals; recognizance forfeited; alias capias ordered.

City vs. E.A. Wood, misdemeanor; continued by agreement.

City vs. Frank Agnew, selling liquor on Sunday; continued by agreement.

State vs. G.B. Neff, gambling; defendant and W.H. Thomas and J.T. Walker recognized in sum of $100.

Grand jury returned thirty-six indictments and retired to further consider of their findings.

Circuit Court.

George L. Robinson vs William Jenkins et al., note; judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $813.66.

E. Sander vs Missouri and Kansas Telephone company, injunction; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

G.D. Milligan & Son vs Kincaid & Dalrymple, note; judgment for debt and damages, $279.75.

Divorces were granted to Rosa J. Elam, Sarah O. Peathrow[Heathrow?], Mary Goodwin and Francis Corbett.

C.B. Holland vs A.J. Potter et al., note; judgment by default against Potter and M.B. Potts for debt and damage, $245.15.

Meyer Bros. Drug Co. vs B.F. Grove, account; dismissed at cost of defendant by agreement of parties, and defendant waives all right of action on bond.

John Crossman admitted as a citizen of the United States on testimony of William Gunter and William Donahou; also Walter E. Brown on testimony of William S. Jennings and Joel F. Fowler.

John Heckart vs J.A. Biggs et al., note; continued on motion of plaintiff.

Annie Hague granted divorce and awarded custody of children.

Central National Bank vs S.A. Brownlow et al., note; judgment by default against defendant for debt and damages, $115.90.

Greene County National Bank vs J.W. Jenkins et al., note; continued by agreement.

John M. Harkey vs Sarah J. Harkey, divorce; dismissed at plaintiff's costs.

Frederick Hoffman vs William B. Spiers et al., ejectment; judgment for plaintiff by default of defendant for possession of premises and writ ordered.

Jake Rothschild vs R. Wings; continued at costs of defendant by agreement of parties.

Divorces were granted Kittie Wier and Belle Burngamer.

J.S. Kline vs. J.W. Harshbarger; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

Haseltine Bros. vs. L.M. and W.M. Sims, account; set for trial October 6th.

Sarah A. vs. A. Robb, divorce; dismissed by plaintiff at her costs.

C.B. Holland vs. M.F. Hedgpeth, note; continued by consent.

Missouri Land and Live Stock Co. vs. A.C. Lovett, contract; special judgment against defendant for $229.16.

P.B. Perkins vs. O.M. Headley, contract; continued on stipulation.

H.T. Rand vs Thompson Manufacturing Co., to rescind purchase of stock; stricken from docket because not revived at third term after suggestion of death of plaintiff.

Same entries in several other cases.

George Foote permitted to sign roll of attorneys.

Greene county ex rel. vs. Jane Goodwin et al.; motion to set aside judgment and quash proceedings overruled.

A divorce was granted T.B. McAuliff.

J.B. Hall vs James Lockhart, attachment; plaintiff's debt and demand fixed at $379; A.B. Pence allowed $15 as attorney fee and found to owe defendant $172.12; special judgment against Pence for $156.12.

Armelda Hawkins granted a divorce and awarded custody of children.

M.C. Jones et al. vs Frisco Railway Company, damages; motion to dismiss at plaintiff's costs sustained.

C.H. Heer Dry Goods Co. vs Madam M. DeHagen, account; judgment for plaintiff for $9.40.

John vs Fannie Hendricks, divorce; decree for plaintiff.

Austin Banfield vs Elizabeth Carter, construction of will; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

Charles Lake vs S.J. Doyle, appeal from J.P.; same entry.

W.H. Owen vs Frisco Railway Co., motion to retax costs; continued on application of plaintiff.

B.U. Massey vs W.C. Price, D.B. Haeberle, garnishee; dismissed.

C. Brockelbrink vs Pat Hayes et al., equity; dismissed for failing to prosecute.

Ella vs Thomas S. Gray, divorce; interlocutory judgment.

Probate Court.

Estate of Gordie Z. Whitney, deceased; widow allowed $15 per week as first year's support; executrix ordered to pay widow's $400 statutory allowance.

R.K. Walker and Hartwell Margrath allowed $3 against Lulie Merigold estate.

Estate of Marshall Nichols et al, minors; petition of curator to sell real estate for reinvestment granted.

Estate of Lulie Merigold, deceased; executors ordered to loan $9,250 for not to exceed one year and nine months.

Estate of William Russell, deceased; Charles D. Rodgers refuses to qualify as administrator de bonis non; estate ordered into hands of Joan L. McCraw, public administrator.

Estate of Ida Justis et al.; petition of curator for sale of real estate heard and ordered.

Estate of Lena R. Canfield et al., minors, bond of W.H. Cauble, curator, filed with Elias Cauble and Foster Creed as securities. Approved.

Estate of H.J. Lindenbower, deceased; objections to final settlement over-ruled; final settlement approved, and there being no balance in hands of administrator he is discharged.

Estate of Elizabeth Cunningham, deceased; final settlement heretofore filed approved and balance on hand, $70.95, ordered distributed.

Estate of John S. Bigbee, deceased; final settlement heretofore filed approved; balance of $62.70 ordered distributed.

Settlement approved and curator discharged in estate of C.G. Beshears.

Curator in George H. Brown estate allowed $14.65 for support of ward.

Sale bill filed and approved in Geo. Thorne estate.

Estate of John W. Poland, deceased; administration discontinued.

Estate of W.H. Brown, minor; curator allowed $24.98 for support of ward.

Estate of S. Taylor, deceased; relinquishment of right to administer upon estate filed; application of John H. Taylor for letters filed and granted; bond of $200 approved.

J.W. Robertson et al. vs J.P. Gilmore, executor estate of Jas Gilmore, deceased; affidavit for appeal to circuit court from judgment on objection to settlement filed, appeal granted and bond of $300 ordered.

Estate of J.D. Brower, minor; final settlement of curator filed, showing balance of $195.66; ordered distributed and curator discharged.

Estate of Barthlow Ballard, minor; J.L. McCrow, curator, ordered to pay Mrs. Ballard $12 for support of said minors.

Borum & Woolridge allowed $3 against J.F. Eccleston estate.

Estate of O.P. Gray, deceased; H.F. Denton allowed $9.

Public administrator ordered to take charge of estate of Mary Reynolds, deceased.

County Court.

W.A. Stratton, road overseer, allowed $30.35.

Dr. W.P. Camp, county physician, ordered to examine into the sanity of Tom Burk.

E.E. Colby, county commissioner and surveyor, ordered to advertise for bids for the construction of approaches to bridge at ford on Bolivar road on Sac river.

J.H. Patton, E.C. Powell and Joe Winfield appointed a jury to assess and report upon damages in opening road petitioned for by James Pickering et al., to report first Monday in October, 1890.

E.E. Colby, surveyor, allowed $186 for services.

J.W. McCullah allowed $10.75 for buying ticket for Mrs. Matlack to St. Louis.

Ordered that J.W. McCullah furnish transportation to Mary Alice Mooney and her father to Fulton deaf and dumb asylum. The same includes transportation for the return of Mr. Mooney.

Before adjourning yesterday afternoon the following business was transacted:

Ordered that the bid and specifications of the Springfield Plumbing Co. be accepted for the erection of a water tank on the Greene county poor farm, providing bond and contract for the fulfillment of same be furnished by said company.

Following accounts were allowed:
M. Bowerman, services...$10.00.
H.G. Mullings, services...$10.00.
O.B. Smith, servcies...$10.00.
W.T. Webb, services...$14.00.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Weekly Leader; March 2, 1876 - June 6, 1878 / March 10, 1887 - Oct. 30, 1890; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained October 22, 2005.

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