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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
May, 1890


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Thursday, May 1, 1890

Death of Mrs. Sarah Townsend.

The many friends of Mrs. T.B. Townsend, 303 Mt. Vernon street, regret to learn of her death at 10 o'clock last evening, caused by heart trouble. Deceased is a native of Tennessee, came to this city at an early day and would have been 60 years old May 3d. She is a sister of the late Wash Anderson, belonged to Westminster church and leaves a husband and five grown children, two of whom reside in California. The remains will be interred in Maple Park cemetery Wednesday afternoon.

Young Folks' Party.

Harry Schmoke entertained a number of young friends most delightfully on Thursday evening. The evening hours passed most swiftly away in ____ and games that are so delightful to budding youth and womanhood. A very pleasant feature of the occasion was the good supper served the young people by Mrs. Schmoke and they did justice to it in a noble manner. Those present were: Misses Alta Eversol, Josie Oliver, Grett Turner, May Orr, Lillian Butterworth, Mamie Gott, Nettie Buckley, Mallie Rodgers, Masters Jas. Stewart, George Agnew, Fred Parry, Dan Stewart, Eddie Patterson, John McCann, Lon Wakefield, Arthur Wyman, Glen Farris.

Mrs. Dr. True[?] is the guest of Mrs. Jerome S. Boarman, on Jefferson street, today. She has also spent several days of this week with Mrs. D.C. Kennedy.

Miss Minnie Walts, from Bolivar, is visiting friends on North Jefferson street.

Mr. and Mrs. O.M. Headley, accompanied by their sister, Miss Delle Headley, left on Friday morning for a six weeks' visit to Excelsior Springs.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Boarman are domiciled in their new home on Jefferson street.

Mr. and Chas. T. Keet and Col. H.F. Fellows left on Tuesday for Corpus Cristi, Mexico. Mr. and Mrs. Keet will probably remain some time, but Col. Fellows returns next week.

Miss Grace Smith left for her home in Neosho Friday after having spent a very pleasant winter with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Keet.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Tune returned from a visit to her parents in Kingman, Kansas, on Wednesday and have gone to housekeeping in Chas. Keet's house on East Walnut street.

Miss Ora Carl, who has made many warm friends in our city, to their regret left last Thursday for her home in New Albany, Indiana.

Mrs. H.H. Adams returned from Ohio last Saturday night after having spent the winter there.

Mrs. Geo. Clark's guest, Miss Harding, of Fredonia, Kan., who has spent the past four weeks visiting here leaves for her home via Carthage today.

Mrs. Noel Kinney, of Raleigh, is the guest of Miss Nellie Fay, on Commercial street.

Major Ellenburg and wife expect to soon occupy their new home on Grant street. Their many friends are looking forward to house warming.

Will S. Wade left for Washington, D.C., Thursday night.

Mr. and Mrs. O.W. Brady, after a delightful visit with Springfield friends, leave to-night for their home in Davenport, Iowa.

Rev. Thomas and wife, of South Carolina, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Russell on St. Louis street. Rev. Thomas has accepted the pastorate of the Westminster Presbyterian church.

Miss Hattie Sue is visiting Mrs. Virgie Atkisson in Quincy, Ill.

Vernon Kellett is entertaining H.F. Addee, of Delhi, N.Y., who will probably remain in our city several weeks.

Mrs. Dr. Cox spent a portion of this week in this city visiting her sister Mrs. E.E. McDaniel. Miss Lizzie McDaniel accompanied her to St. Louis on her return there on Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Louis Lyons will entertain a number of Miss Mabel's little friends this evening in honor of her birthday. A delightful time is anticipated.

J. Ferris is visiting friends in Wisconsin.

J. Daily, of West end, is rusticating in Taney county.

Circuit Court.

James Kaun et al. vs H.E. Howell; dismissed by agreement, each party to pay his own costs.

Minerva Morrow et al vs Enoch Plummer; continued till next term.

In real estate assignment of M. Hirsch, R.Y. Thomson assignee; vouchers and receipts of assignee presented, assignment finally closed and assignee discharged.

John F. Bryan vs Fannie Bryan et al; report of commissioners approved and decree as per report, attorney's fees allowed, to be taxed as costs, plaintiff and defendant each to pay one-half.

A. Featherson vs A.R. Sprague; motion for new trial overruled.

Same entries in cases of Louisa and Harrison Sell et al vs B.T. King & Co.; Alemania Fire Insurance Co. vs same; Morris & Bro. vs Southwestern Implement Co.; Sechler & Co. vs same.

Ordered that court adjourn until court in course Monday, May 12th, 1890 and the judge signed the records.

A $10,000 Damage Suit.

William G. Joiner has instituted suit for $10,000 damages against the Frisco railroad company for injuries sustained January 25th, 1890, at the Robberson avenue crossing, claiming that while riding in a spring wagon a locomotive collided with it, throwing him violently to the ground, seriously bruising, hurting and wounding him about the legs and hips, since which time he has been totally disabled.

Charged With Robbing The Mails.

M.P. Parker, a postal clerk on the Frisco, who has been running from Monett to Burton, Kas., was arrested two or three days since and taken to Topeka, Kas., where he will answer to a charge of robbing the mails. After he was suspected the clerk relieving him untied a New Orleans package and found eight letters broken open rifled. Parker is about 30 years old and has a wife and child at Liberty, Clay county. He will probably be admitted to bail in sum of $1,000. Postoffice inspectors J.T. McClure and J. McGee worked up the case.

Thursday, May 8, 1890

County Court

Road petitioned for by W.P. Singer et al referred to county surveyor.

Ordered that sealed bids be received up to 10 o'clock Monday morning, 12th inst., for the erection of a wooden fence 10 feet high and 182½ in length, with two gates, same to be on jail lot.
Following accounts allowed:
W.E. Foley, plans, etc....$333.75.
Springfield Republican, Printing for contractors and board of ________...$567.90.
J.W. McCullah, salary...$125.00.
J.W. Washam, road overseers...$7.42.
R.W. Levan, salary, etc....$83.50.
G.W. Douglas, work...$3.75.
R.N. Creson, road overseer...$6.00.
J.W. Richardson, stove...$10.00.
W.T. Webb, waiting on court...$10.00.
Sarah Ferral, salary as cook...$18.00.

Dramshop licenses issued to Grier & Dameron and Schoner & Winkle.

R.P. Matthews loaned school funds aggregating $500.

Rights and franchises were granted to the Kickapoo Transit Co. providing the same shall be in operation within six months and keep the streets in good condition and repair within twenty-four inches on each side of the track, etc.

The same entry was made concerning the Union Rapid Transit Co. on the extension of Campbell street between the city limits where it crosses Campbell street to a point at or near the southwest corner of Doling park, etc.

M.A. Mays loaned $240 school funds.

W.W. Donham allowed $85, services at criminal court, and $89.25 for January term circuit court. He was also allowed fee bill for $33.80 in case of Philip Schneider vs Greene county.

O.B. Smith allowed $96.40 for services; M. Bowerman, $70; H.G. Mullings, $76.

A.D. Allen allowed $90 for nine days services as official stenographer.

B.A. Brunson allowed $43.25, merchandise.

Following roads ordered opened:
Road petitioned for by John B. Glass et al., G.W. Hines et al., A.C. Persing et al.

Dismissed: - J.G. McGill et al., A.H. Hubbard et al.

Withdrawn: - Isaac Ferfuson et al.

Michael Sheedy appointed overseer road district 23.

Alex, Evans, Fred Zeigler and Thos. Gurley appointed jury to assess damages in road petitioned for by Wm. Murray et al.

Chas. M. Bennett, Porter Freeman and F.M. Donnell appointed jury to assess damages in road petitioned for by W.G. Porter et al.

A.B. Appleby, W.W. Jeffries and Samuel Woods appointed jury to assess damages in road petitioned for by John C. Price et al.

Road petitioned for by T.J. Smith et al., continued till second day of July term next.

County surveyor ordered to establish lines on that portion of roads petitioned for by S.F. Campbell et al. and J.M. Black et al,. that have not been established heretofore.

Road petitioned for by W.J. Walker et al. continued till first Monday in July next.

Road petitioned for by J.M. Ryrie et al.; I.N. Brockman, C.B. Owen and Joe Putman appointed jury to assess damages.

Change in Springfield and Osceola road, petitioned for by G.R. Watson et al., accepted by the road overseer and the old road is vacated between the points of intersection of the change as petitioned for.

F.W. Atwood allowed $125, rent of rooms for United States court.

B.H. Robinson, Robert Vaughan and J.R. James appointed a jury to assess damages in road petitioned for by J.J. Hall et al.

Road petitioned for by A.C. Persing et al. ordered opened.

John M. Hall resigns as road overseer district 21.

M.O. Bedell appointed road overseer district 33.

Following accounts allowed:
J.C. Dodson, waiting on court...$54.00.
W.T. Webb, same...$66.00.
A. Demuth, services...$281.00.
W.S.C. Dillard, services...$82.50.
J.C. Dodson, waiting on court...$15.00.
E.E. Colby, services as surveyor...$137.70.
J.T. Rice, services...$36.00.

Dramshop licenses were renewed as follows: John Kelley, Gott & Murphy, Kinsella & Reed, T.J. Dugger, J.C.T. Kinney, A.L. Knight, Kirby & Burks, J.C. Rule, P.H. Gillespie and F.P. Agnew.

W.W. Donham, circuit clerk, presented fee bills chargeable to Greene county in criminal cases aggregating $1,186.51. Allowed.

M.A. Hayes was required to give additional security on loan of school money.

Road petitioned for by James Pickering et al. referred to road commissioner.

Alms House Report.

R.W. Levan, superintendent of the alms house, submitted his report for April. Number of inmates April 1st, 56; admitted, 6; born, 1; dismissed, 10; leaving 53 May 1st. The total expenses were $229.14.

Probate Court.

Annual Settlement approved in estate of John McClure, deceased.

Estate of Baker Russell, deceased; bond of Martha J. Russell, administratrix de bonis non, approved and letters issued.

Claims were allowed against the following estates: William Denby against Hartwell Ivey, $19.40; D.D. Denton against Hugh H.B. Farmer, $7; Abel, Back & Fitzgerald against T.H. Godey, $53.77; Glaser Bros., $403.82; Z. Eberling et al, $127.96; Goodbar, White & Co., $24.25; D.S. Watts against Polly A. Hunt, $13.75; G.W. Anthony against Harriet Holmes, $18.15; R.L. Stokes against Annie Naughton, $7; W.K. Russell against Baker Russell, $106.45.

Real estate ordered sold, either public or private, in estate of John B. Snowden et al, minors.

Estate of Rosa M. and W.S. Buckner, minors; order made at July term concerning sale of land set aside for failure of purchaser to comply with terms of sale; report of sale of tract in 32, 30, 24, to C.H. Heer et al. approved and deed ordered.

Estate of W.D. Pickel, deceased; W.J. Williams will be granted letters upon filing bond for $4,500.

Estate of Richard Noblett, deceased; letters granted Annie E. Noblett, who files bond of $1,000.

Estate of E. Witherspoon, deceased; John B. Glass files bond of $600 and letters issued.

Estate of B.F. Noblett, deceased; new bond ordered, both securities on old one being dead.

Annual settlements approved in estates of Geneva Rose et al.

Former administrator in Baker Rose estate files receipts of his successor for amount fund in his hands on final settlement and discharged.

Estate of M.L.A. Huntington, minor; ninth annual settlement approved, balance due curator, $414.39.

Maple Park Cemetery.

Interments made during the month of April, 1890:
2nd. Harry Banks, of brain trouble, age 3 months.
2nd. A.V. Guerringer, of consumption, age 40 years.
3rd. Hall; a child of A.P. Hall, age 3 months.
18th. Mrs. Lydia A. Morris, of dropsy, age 63 years, 4 months.
20th. Mr. Ernest F. Webber, suicide, age 25 years.
27th. Mrs. Laura Hardesty, age 26 years.
27th. Mrs. Sidy B. Noel, of consumption, age 64 years.
28. Mrs. Sarah B. Townsend, of heart disease, age 60.
29th. Perry; infant of E.J. Perry.
30th. Bessie Bunker, of bronchial trouble, age 1 year.

A Sudden Death.

Mrs. James F. Robertson, residing on north Benton avenue, died this morning under peculiar circumstances. She has been in a healthy physical condition since her marriage and removal from Kansas, and her first child is only four months old. Mrs. Robertson has recently been religiously inclined, and while that is not a premonition of death it was inferred by her friends, as alleged, as a prophecy. At any rate Mrs. Robertson breather her last this morning without any previous intimation of the event.
It happens that a young sister of deceased was in the room at the time as was also the husband and baby, and they allege that they heard a rattling sound and presently found Mrs. Robertson dead. The fact that the attending physician is not required to give a certificate of the death cause, and because there was no evidence of physical strangulation, there was no good reason why the peculiar manner of the death should not have been investigated. Mrs. Robertson was healthy prior to yesterday evening and it is said had no excuse to commit suicide.
Without casting any reflections upon the parties to this affair it seems necessary that the people should know from what cause this woman died. If there is no law requiring attending physicians to state the disorder from which a patient dies it is time that such a law be enacted.

Thursday, May 15 1890

The Courts

Inventory and appraisement filed in estate of Richard Noblett, deceased; administrator ordered to turn over all household and kitchen furniture to widow, in addition to some provisions for first year's support.

V.S. Bartlett allowed $3.65 against estate of John F. Eccleston.

G.D. Milligan & Son allowed $67.17 against T.H. Godey estate.

S.W. McLaughlin allowed $16.65 against George W. Bennett estate.

Inventory and appraisement filed and approved in estate of J.C. Hagewood.

Dr. J. Echelberry allowed $5 against Mary M. Payne.

Estate of S.R. Bridges, deceased; settlement heretofore filed approved; court finds that the personal estate in hands of administrator is totally insufficient to pay the debts presented and allowed, therefore it is ordered that administrator sell all or as much of the real estate as will pay same.

First annual settlement approved in estate of John T. Rathbone.

Estate of John G. Garnett, deceased; ordered that the note of Charles Galloway be stricken from inventory and administrator be given credit.

Estate of William G. Hobbs, deceased; objection filed to second annual settlement withdrawn, settlement approved and sale of real estate ordered.

Bonds filed and approved in estates of Mary B. and George T. Bryan, minors.

Partnership estate of Bymaster & Gambeth; petition for sale of real estate filed.

Estate of W.L. Chapman, deceased; annual settlement continued to July term, 1890.

Estate of Harriet Holmes, deceased; the court finds that the house inventoried as belonging to said estate is the property of Louis Holmes, therefore ordered that administrator turn same over to said Holmes and have credit.

Will of George McGee.

A copy of the will of Geo. N. McGee, who died in Ray county, was filed for record yesterday with the recorder of deeds. The instrument is dated February 12th, 1880, and attested by J.T. Jobe and Noah Davenport, witnesses. He bequeaths all his property to his wife to sell and dispose of as she sees proper for the support of herself and children.

Bound Over For Burglary.

Ed Bryant and Arch Kinney, colored, had a preliminary examination before Justice Dalrymple yesterday afternoon and, in default of $250 bond, each were committed to jail to await action of the next grand jury. Defendants are charged with stealing $35.70 from the Gulf roller mills office recently. The case against Charles Wallace, charged with the same offense, was dismissed.

Circuit Court.

Hazen B. Carter vs. unknown heirs of George W. Rives, deceased, to quiet title; case heard and decree as prayed for in petition.

P.B. Perkins vs. C.K. Dyer continued till next term.

Same vs. B.F. Bakrow, contract; trial by court and judgment for defendant.

Wolf & Kramer Furniture Co. vs. B. Zwang, account attachment; interlocutory judgment.

White Sewing Machine Co. vs. S.E. Gilmore, attachment; dismissed by plaintiff at its cost.

Mrs. J.H. Handy vs. B.H. Brubaker, K.C., F.S. & R.R. Co., garnishee, account; ordered to foot of trial docket.

Joseph Redmond vs. Mary E. Graves, special tax bill and lien; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

Circuit court convened Monday morning, 12th inst., for the May term. Among the cases disposed of were the following.

Sarah Hurst et al vs City of Ash Grove, mandamus; continued, by order of court until next term.

D.E. Davis vs. Grace M.E. church, account; dismissed by agreement of parties at cost of defendant.

E.M. Hodge vs Anderson Hodge, replevin and partition; continued on stipulations until next term.

J.O. Diemer vs G.W. Sanor et al, to reform deed, dismissed by plaintiff at his cost.

Joseph Redmond vs A. Biggs et al; dismissed by plaintiff at his cost.

Anna B. Henkle vs Luther G. Henkle, divorce; leave given by consent of parties till third day of September term, 1890, to defendant to answer without prejudice or postponement.

In re application of Charles L. Saur to have name changed to Charles L. Gehrs; case heard and decree as prayed for in petition.

Springfield Hardware Co. and G.D. Milligan & Son vs John H. Roberts, order to docket cases.

James G. Gaines vs D.S. Dorrell; decree for plaintiff that contract was mortgaged; crop taken possession of and rents since to date are $200; waste in fruit trees and removing house, $40; deduct $154.10, the mortgage debt with intest [interest] thereon for about six years at 6 per cent; deduct ordinary repairs, etc., leaving about $5 due plaintiff by judgment for possession.

County Court.

Road petitioned for by Lewis Stephens et al continued until second day of July term, 1890.

Ordered that J.T. Kelso, overseer of road district 8, is hereby directed to call out the taxpaying road hands and open the road petitioned for by James C. Hughes et al.

Peters & Bremeh granted dramshop license for six months.

E.E. Colby allowed $119.10, services as county surveyor.

Road petitioned for by Marion Davis et al. referred to county surveyor.

Sarah A. Robb vs Alexander Robb, divorce; continued by consent of parties.

Julia Lambeth, administratrix, vs M.L. Hoyal; note; continued by consent of parties.

Mary C. John and husband vs Frisco Railway Co., damages; continue till next term.

Michael Hough vs Frisco Railway Co, damages; motion for costs sustained; twenty days given plaintiff to file bond.

D.B. Williams vs same; same entry.

The case of J. and L. Seasonwood vs. B.L. Sheppard, account, was decided today in favor of plaintiff, who got judgment of $132.16 for debt and damages.

Ella R. Mack vs. L.V. Mack et al., partition sale of real estate; continued by consent of parties.

Sarah A. Robb vs. Alexander Robb, divorce; same entry.

Joining Hands.

Robert L. Simmons and Mary F. Trantham, of Robberson township, will be married tonight by Rev. J.R. Noble, of the Baptist Church.

Justice W.A. Sewell will marry S.R. Rogers and Margaret Bailey, of Walnut Grove.

R.T. Gardner and Miss M.L. Shimp were united in marriage May 13th at the residence of the bride's father, J.E. Shimp, West Calhoun street, V.A. Carr officiating. The throng of guests were delighted with the entertainment furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Shimp.

Catamount Killed.

George W. Dooly, residing ten miles northeast of Springfield, shot and killed a catamount on Sac river last Monday evening. The animal was three feet in length and eighteen inches high. For some time past neighbors had been missing ducks. Dogs at last "treed" it and a gun made short work of the "varmint." Mr. Dooly exhibited one of its feet to admiring crowds today. This is the first "wild cat" killed in Greene county for years, and it had evidently strayed from its usual haunts.

Remodeling the Old Jail.

The county court has ordered Maj. W.H. Lyman to take the cages out of the old jail and remove them to the new alms house. Work commenced yesterday and the old cells will be converted into neat offices. Two additional windows will be put in. The court is to be commended for removing an eyesore of long standing.

Thursday, May 22 1890

Badly Hurt.

A.B. Crawford, while walking home with a young lady from the dedication of Fairmount mission chapel last Sunday evening, slipped into a ditch on St. Louis street, and severely wounded himself. The lady bravely offered to rescue him, but he managed to get out without broken bones and disfigured so far as his beauty is concerned only temporarily. He is still somewhat under the weather but hopes to resume a normal appearance before long.

Circuit Court.

Southwestern Land and Zinc Co. vs German American Insurance Co.; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $562.

Same vs Fireman's Fund Insurance Co., same entry.

H.R. Bemmel et al. vs W.D. Garwood, note, judgment for plaintiff by default for debt and damages; first count, $82.50; second, $26.60.

Union Malleable Iron Co. vs C.J. McMaster, account; interlocutory judgment.

Bank of Higginsville vs Rodney D. Rightmire, note; judgment for plaintiff by default for debt and damages; $110.35.

Martha E. Pollard vs George S. Catlin et al., ejectment; obligation for costs filed and approved.

Missouri Land and Live Stock Co. vs Daniel Lockhart, to foreclose contract, default entered against defendant, evidence heard for plaintiff and decree of foreclosure and sale of land in suit to pay debt and damages amounting to $337.90.

Same vs James Baneam; same entry except that damages amount to $346.10.

Robert Watts vs F.E. Atwood, mechanic's lien; dismissed at cost of defendant by agreement of parties.

Springfield Hardware Co. vs same; same entry.

F.H. Williams vs same; same entry.

J.M. Rice vs same; same entry.

Margaret Bryan vs Lafayette Bryan, divorce; trial by court and decree for plaintiff on payment of costs.

Exchange Bank vs Joseph Martin et al, note; judgment for plaintiff by default for $1,691.43, debt and damages.

Mary A. Bymaster et al. vs. Julia A. Lambeth et al., partition; continued by consent of parties.

A.M. Owen et al, vs. Jacob Bell et al., partition; sheriff's report of sale approved.

C.B. Holland vs. M.F. Hedspeth, note; continued by consent of parties.

In re assessment of B. Zwang, F.M. Wolf assignee, to require assignee to give bond and quality; case dismissed at cost of petitioners.

W.G. Joiner to J.D. Ober & Co., account; order to docket cause.

George W. Briscoe vs Mary Briscoe, divorce; trial by court and verdict for plaintiff on payment of costs.

Sarah M. Hurlburst vs. Horace Hurlburst, divorce; decree for plaintiff on payment of costs; custody of minor child also awarded to her.

John H. Eldridge vs. Mary L. Eldridge, divorce; trial by court and decree for plaintiff on payment of costs.

Took Appeals.

John Liggett, recently convicted of disturbing the peace and fined $10 and costs by Recorder Dade, has taken an appeal to the criminal court. Harrison Tuttle, convicted by Judge Hyde for a similar offense and fined $15 and costs, has also appealed to the same court.

Probate Court.

Estate of F.M. Watson, deceased; final settlement heretofore filed approved and $1,878.04 ordered distributed among the heirs; administrator discharged.

The will of John Hulse, a Frisco engineer, who was killed at or near Cherryvale, Kas., dated April 15, 1890, was probated Saturday. He bequeaths to his wife and children $1,500 and his Springfield property; to his mother, $1,000, to his brother Albert, $500; to his son Hugh, a watch. Widow will be granted letters on filing bond of $1,400.

Estate of Mary Young, minor; curator ordered to expend not to exceed $350 for piano for ward.

J.L. McCraw, public administrator, ordered to take charge of Clara Culbertson estate.

Estate of Alfred Hosmer, deceased; last will and testament admitted to probate and matter continued for hearing testimony on codocil thereto.

Estate of Mary C. Gorman, deceased; application of J.D. Gorman for letters filed and ordered that letters issue upon filing bond of $1,000.

Estate of Belle Gibson, now Belle Drake; final settlement filed; ward acknowledges satisfaction in full and curator discharged.

Estate of Malcolm McMillan, minor; bond of Eliza McMillan, curator, filed and approved.

Estate of James Russell, deceased; administrator ordered to distribute $800 among the heirs.

Estate of James M. Murrell, deceased; second annual settlement approved; there being no personal assets left to pay claims due, the administrator is ordered to sell certain real estate.

Estate of Oscar M. Miles, formerly McElhannon; petition for sale of land filed and set for hearing May 31st, 1890.

John L. McCraw, public administrator, ordered to take charge of the estates of Lillie F. Wilkerson et al, minors.

Estate of W.D. Pickel, deceased; bond taken in vacation approved.

Inventory and appraisement in S.H. Noblett estate approved.

Estate of Charles Sheppard, minor; petition filed for private sale of twenty-five shares of street railway stock granted.

Ash Grove Cemetery Association allowed $25 against Polly A. Hunt estate.

Estate of Green Austin, deceased; receipt of W.W. Robertson, one of the distributees, for amount in full of his share filed; administrator ordered discharged.

J.M. White allowed $42.75 against Annie Naughton estate.

Private sale of certain personal property ordered in J.C. Hagewood estate.

Estate of James Duffy, minor; final settlement heretofore filed and approved and curator discharged.

Estate of L.A.D. Crenshaw, deceased; Fanny S. Crenshaw, administratrix, files final receipts and is discharged.

Additional inventory and appraisement filed and approved in estate of John McDaniel, deceased.

Estate of Wm. Roberts, minor; sale of real estate ordered, public or private.

Estate of Charles Rountree, minor; final settlement filed and approved; final receipt of ward acknowledged and curator discharged.

Adjourned until next Saturday, the 24th inst.

Jail Items.

John Beck, charged with feloniously assaulting A.T. Kuhn, an employ of James Reilly, was sent to jail last night to await preliminary examination before Justice Hyde.

The Pitmans are still in jail awaiting requisitions so they can be taken to Berryville, Ark.

Fell From a Bridge.

About 10:30 o'clock Saturday night the three-seated carriage of Mark Gault, driven by Thomas Hill, was overturned at the Pine street bridge, between Campbell and Main, demolishing the vehicle and slightly injuring the driver. E.B. Thomas, a passenger, escaped by jumping. The accident was caused by the horses becoming frightened and there were no banisters for protection. It should be repaired and the proper safeguards thrown around it before some person is killed.

Charged With Swindling.

O.B. Martin, charged with fraudulently conveying property, was brought before Judge Evans yesterday afternoon and bound over in sum $300 to appear for trial on the 27th inst. Katie Pearson, a colored woman from Buffalo, Mo., who made the complaint, alleges that defendant deeded her a lot in Springfield which he did not own for forty acres of her land in Dallas county.


A.T. Kohn, who was beaten over the head with a pick handle Saturday by John Beck, is in a critical condition. Two physicians were called in this morning. His recovery is doubtful.

Thursday, May 29 1890

Circuit Court.

John Y. Jones vs Frank Lee Jones, to decree title; F. Ward appointed guardian ad litem of F.L. Jones, J.M. Jones, Vernie Frazier and Arthur Frazier; trial by court and decree for plaintiff as prayed for in petition and costs taxed to plaintiff, including fee of $5, allowed guardian ad litem.

Thomas W. Kersey et al vs H.E. Howell, ejectment; dismissed by plaintiff at their costs.

B.U. Massey vs W.C. Price, garnishment, D.B. Haeberle garnishee; continued by court with party approving.

Marion Kitchell vs B.R. Brewer et al, equity; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff as prayed for in petition and rents and profits $12 per month.

A.L. McDonald & Co. vs Missouri Lumber Co., account; trial by court and general judgment on account for plaintiff for debt and damages, $312.

Ridenhour Grocer Co. vs same; same entry; debt and damages, $614.30.

John Heckart vs same; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

W.H. Williams vs J.C. Dodson, replevin; dismissed by plaintiff at his cost; ordered that plaintiff restore to defendant the property described in petition or pay the assessed value of $250 at option of defendant.

Lampson Store Service Co. vs Thompson Manufacturing Co., contract; default entered against defendant; judgment for plaintiff on first, second, third and fourth counts, aggregating $559.

J.E. Miller, vs F.E. Atwood, mechanic's lien; case dismissed for want of jurisdiction.

Henry Moore, vs same; same entry.

J.C. Gear vs A.E. Coombs et al.; dismissed at cost of plaintiff as per stipulations.

Luther D. Juckett vs Ruth Juckett, divorce; trial by court and decree for plaintiff on payment of costs.

Robert M. Kent vs Isaac Hollingsworth, ejectment; motions for new trial and in arrest of judgment filed.

Charles H. Heer Dry Goods Co. vs Madam De Hagen, account, case set for trial on the 27th inst.

Robert Owen vs Allen W. Beeson et al, dismissed at cost of plaintiff for failing to give security for costs.

George W. Ward, divorce; trial by court and finding for defendant on her cross; decree for defendant on payment of costs and maiden name, Grace Turner, restored.

Springfield Grocer Co. et al. vs A.W. Swaim, attachment; sheriff ordered to sell attached property and return proceeds to court in twenty days.

Clementine Shutt vs Lillie Shutt et al, to reform deed; dismissed by plaintiff at her costs.

J.F. Lamb vs J.D. Bush, account; motion to dismiss overruled; trial by jury of six men and judgment for plaintiff for $106.40.

All cases against the Missouri Lumber Co. have been continued.

Cynthia A. McCracken vs John H. McCracken, divorce; dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution.

J.L. Knowles vs Clara M. Knowles, divorce; same entry.

Andrew Farrow vs Catherine Jefferson et al., to quiet title; dismissed at plaintiff's cost for want of prosecution.

Frisco Railway Co. vs S.F. Kaggs, ejectment; continued.

Sarah E. Gott vs James W. Gott, divorce; trial by court and decree for plaintiff on payment of costs, custody of children awarded her.

Laclede Car Co. vs Springfield Electric Railway and Power Co., contract; plaintiff permitted to withdraw instrument sued on by leaving an attested copy.

J.F. Lamb vs J.D. Bush, account; motion for new trial filed.

Annie Crenshaw et al vs Phillip Snyder, injunction; motion to dismiss filed.

Probate Court.

Estate of McCord Watson, minor; bond of W.S. Sloan, curator, for $500, approved. Same entry in estate of George C. Watson estate.

Estate of John Hulse, deceased; bond of $1,400 filed, approved and letters issued to widow.

Estate of A.A. Loudermilk, deceased; final settlement filed and approved; administrator discharged, there being no assets.

Estate of Washington Merritt, deceased; widow granted her $400 statutory allowance; also $400 for first year's support.

Estate of Alfred Hosman; codicil to will probated.

Estate of John Wrenn, insane; proof of notice of resignation of guardian filed.

Estate of William J. Davis et al., minors; report of sale approved and deed ordered; money ordered loaned.

Estate of Eliza J. Henslee et al; same entry.

Estate of William Massey, deceased; settlement continued until July term, 1890.

Estate of Hartwell Ivey; deceased; petition of widow to have homestead and dower assigned in real estate of deceased filed.

E.M. Robards vs estate of William G. Hobbs, deceased; hearing of petition for nunc pro tunc order of allow since continued until July term, 1890.

Louis Weber et al estates; curator ordered to give bond of $100 each.

Estate of A.M. Saffarans, deceased; order appointing J.C. Cravens administrator de bonis non is set aside; estate ordered into hands of J.L. McCraw, public administrator.

T.J. Watts allowed $18 against Ambrose Fondren estate.

Estates of Ira, Jerome and Barthold Ballard, minors; ordered that curator pay Minerva Ballard for board of each of said minor children for eight weeks' board beginning March 1, 1890.

An Infant Found Dead.

A small boy found the remains of an infant about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, corner Jefferson and Webster streets. It was wrapped in some old rags. Coroner Paxson was notified and the inquest postponed until 8 o'clock this evening. J.M. Jarret, William McKerrell, A.W. McCroskey, Henry Ahern, R.W. West and Mr. Beck have been summoned as jurors. Foul play is suspected.

For Stealing a Horse.

M.S. Rose got in from Lebanon this morning where he appeared against Dave Richards whom he arrested last December for stealing a fine horse from Thos. Yeakley, this county. Richards yesterday pleaded guilty and was sentenced to the penitentiary for two years.

The Mystery Unsolved.

The coroner's jury held an inquest last night over the remains of the unknown female infant found on corner of Jefferson and Webster streets Monday evening. Only one witness was examined and no light was thrown on the parentage or cause of death. The remains were interred in Hazlewood cemetery.

He Beat His Wife.

Andrew Herrick appeared before Justice John Hyde yesterday on the charge, if the chirography of the prosecuting attorney misleads not, of battling and waltzing his wife. The testimony showed that Andrew beat his wife and kicked her without due provocation or excuse, and for such mal treatment was sent to jail for thirty days.
Judge Hyde thinks that if Attorney Duncan's penmanship and that of the lamented Greeley were compared their similarity in point of illegibility would be surprising to the most indifferent beholder.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Weekly Leader; March 2, 1876 - June 6, 1878 / March 10, 1887 - Oct. 30, 1890; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained October 17/22, 2005.

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