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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
March, 1890


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Thursday, March 6, 1890

Literary Society.

The Central school literary society of room No. 8 held a delightful meeting with Miss Mary Kelley on South Jefferson. The following interesting program was well rendered: Recitation, Ben Hirschland, essay, "Rats," Harry Sprague; reading, "Stanley's Travels," Miss Kelley. Those present were: Lizzie Ferguson, Carrie Sawyer, Lucille Dunklin, Sylvia Joneman, Gussie Wilson, Messrs. Ben Hirschland, Joe Myers, Maurice Kenton, Harry Sprague, Robert Hall, Curtis Dixon, Homer Sutter, Irving Steeve, Ney Patterson.

Mrs. Milner's Lunch

Mrs. James R. Milner entertained a few friends on Wednesday at lunch. The rooms were prettily decorated as they were the night before at the golden wedding and Mrs. Comings appeared in her bridal array. A very pleasant afternoon was spent and a most delightful lunch was partaken of. Those present were Mesdames D.M. Noe, J.C. Flanner, A.C. Geiger, C.S. Neiswanger, E.C. Haines, E.O. Stonebraker, Ben Murray, F.J. Carnack, W.C. Crutcher, Donaldson, Hawkins, Erskine, Calkins, Bailey and Misses Mary Flanner, Mary Milner and Rose Moore.

Notes And Personals.

Mrs. T.U. Townsend, of Kansas City, formerly of this city, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Flanner, and her many warm friends in this city.

Mrs. C.S. Neiswanger and daughter, Helen, also Miss Alice Lilley, returned from Chicago Tuesday night, after a very enjoyable two months spent in the lake city.

R.D. Johnson returned from Elk Creek, Mo,. on Wednesday night.

Mrs. Florence Gillespie departed for her home in San Jose on Thursday night. Her six weeks' visit among relatives and old friends has been most enjoyably spent in greeting old acquaintances.

Mrs. C.R. Fulbright, nee Miss Laura Hornbeak, of Sparta, is visiting her father, John Hornbeak, and family, on Jefferson street.

Mrs. A.C. Kilham spent a portion of last week in Carthage, attending her sister's (Mrs. W.C. Betts) crystal wedding.

Miss Bessie Robberson is spending a few weeks with her sister, Mrs. Belle Dun, of St. Louis.

Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Curran returned to their home on West Walnut street after having spent a portion of the winter in Col. Fellows' residence on Main street.

Miss Lizzie Jones returned last night after an absence of four weeks, which have been happily spent at Memphis and Germantown, Tenn.

Mrs. T.H. Riley spent last Sunday in St. Louis.

Cards are out for a large party next Thursday at Miss Florence Hall's to be given in honor of her visiting cousin, Miss Corinne Hall.

Miss Sallie Moore is expected to arrive from Little Rock Tuesday night on a visit to Mrs. D.M. Noe.

Mrs. Dan Nichols returned Thursday from St. Louis where she spent a portion of the week with Mr. Nichols.

Mr. Harris, special pension agent, ...[this is all it says; see sentence below.]

Mrs. Tune is enjoying a short visit from her mother, Mrs. Henderson. They will leave together for her mother's home in Kingman, Kas., this evening, where Mrs. Tune will make a short stay.

The Century club met with Mrs. Phelps this week on Monday evening and a most delightful meeting it was. They will meet with Miss Onstott on next Monday evening.

Will Archer left this week for his home in Boston to the intense regret of many fair friends as well as staunch ones of the sterner sex.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Keet leave next week for Chicago, where they will make a four day's visit.

James Oneil will appear Friday night at Perkins Grand in his splendid production of Monte Cristo. Mr. Oneil's superiority as an actor is too well known to need comment and his representation of Dumas' wonderful hero is superb.

The Pickwick band and orchestra will give one of their sacred concerts tomorrow afternoon at Perkins Grand. The selections on the program will delight the public and to those who fail to attend it will be a source of regret.

[This might go with the sentence above??] ...and his wife who have friends in the city, have taken rooms at Mrs. Eddy's on West Walnut. They will be in Springfield for some time and we feel assured that their stay will be a pleasant one.

Miss Fanny Clark is quite ill with pneumonia at her home on Mt. Vernon street.

Thursday, March 13, 1890

Probate Court.

H.T. Smith allowed $60 against Ann Smith estate; administrator ordered to expend not to exceed $25 for tombstone and fixing grave of deceased; inventory filed and approved.

Annual settlement approved in H.M. Goodrich estate; balance due estate, $1,152.35.

Estates of L.H. and L.E. Goodrich; minors; Annual settlement approved; balances $355.31 and $1,152.42.

Western Publishing Co. allowed $30.20 against John F. Eccleston estate.

James Hayes allowed $6 against J.T. Hubbard estate.

Estate of B.H. Robertson, deceased; waiver of right of widow to administer filed. Thomas M. Jackson granted letters and files bond in sum of $1,500.

Dr. J. Echelberry allowed $32 against J.T. Hubbard estate.

C. Gottfried allowed $45 against J.T. Hubbard estate on note.

Lucy Eccleston allowed $3,500 against her husband's estate; petition for sale of interest in real estate (lots 11 and 12); sale ordered, public or private; Sam McCluer allowed $6.50 against same estate.

Dr. William Reinhoff allowed $16.50 against Mary M. Payne estate.

Estate of Florence C. Stratton, minor; bond of Demelda A. Stratton, curator, approved for $200. Same entry in Rozena Stratton estate.

Murray Bros. & Co. allowed $3 against J.T. Hubbard estate.

Estate of W.A. McElhaney, deceased; ordered that administrator loan $1,100 at 8 per cent. interest, the same not being needed in payment of debts.

W.R. Harris allowed $4.15 against estate of Mary M. Payne; also I.R. Lowe's account for $5.

Estate of S.F. Gibson; claim of Phillip Garten for $66.66 allowed.

Widow makes application for refusal of letters in Daniel Hoffman estate.

Estate of E.L. McElhaney; administrator ordered to turn over to widow certain personal property as her $400 statutory allowance; administrator also ordered to turn over all household and kitchen furniture belonging to said estate, there being less than $500 of the same.

Estates of Florence C. and Rozena A. Stratton, minors; petition for sale of real estate filed, heard and sale ordered, either public or private.

Estate of George McMillen, minor; ordered that curator be authorized to purchase certain property for use of said minor.

Haggerdine, McKittrick & Co. allowed $277.21 against T.H. Godey estate; Philps, Dodge & Co., $332.20; Cook Lyman Smith & Co., $138.75; Merrick Thread Co., $39.55; Wallace & Chitwin; $67.75.

Estate of George McMillen, minor; annual settlement of curator approved; balance due curator, $55.36.

Estate of Day McMillen; ordered that curator be authorized to purchase for minor certain personal property; settlement filed by curator; balance due curator, $26.80.

Ellen E. Elwood, widow, makes application for letter in estate of D.H. Elwood; granted and she files bond of $10,000, which is approved.

Second annual settlement filed and approved in estate of J.C. Kinney, deceased.

Estate of M. McMillen; settlement continued to April term, 1890.

Improvement Items.

T.E. Sheppard, 981 Concord street, is erecting a four-room cottage at a cost of about $800. It is being furnished in fine style.

J.F. Gibson is making substantial improvements to his property, corner Locust street and Euclid avenue.

F. Hessel, corner Campbell and Webster streets, has a large dwelling nearly completed.

Mr. Justis has commenced the erection of a fine residence on West Locust, near Euclid avenue.

Mr. Reynolds has the contract to erect three cottages in Englewood addition.

Sam Lowry has recently completed a two-story building corner Commercial and Lyon streets and is occupying the first floor with a stock of goods.

Want Divorces.

Clara May Anderson, who was married to her husband, William, in Clinton, Henry county, January 12th, 1886, states that they lived together until the latter part of October of that year, when he left her without any cause whatever; that defendant was convicted of bigamy in the circuit court of Henry county last September and is now serving a term of two years in the penitentiary for said crime. Plaintiff therefore asks a divorce and the restoration of her maiden name, Clara May Mitts.

Damie Pence has instituted proceedings against her husband, Joseph M., on the grounds of abandonment and failure to support. This unhappy couple was married in Greene county on Decoration day, 1886. Plaintiff charges defendant with having sold all the property which came to her as a gift from her father; also that he led an idle, easy and dissolute life. She asks that her maiden name be restored.

Policemen Acquitted.

H.H. Snow and W.T. Brown, policemen, were tried Saturday by a jury in Justice Brewer's court on a charge of assaulting James G. White by hitting him on the head with a "billy." A large crowd was present and the trial continued till late in the evening. It appears that White was resisting arrest and made an attempt to draw a pistol when he was struck. L. Rick, foreman, returned the following verdict: "We, the jury, find the defendant, Snow, not guilty." The case against Brown was dismissed by the prosecuting attorney.

Thursday, March 27, 1890

Accidentally Shot.

A sixteen-year old servant girl employed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ely Paxson, corner College and Main streets, was accidentally shot in the foot yesterday while carelessly handling a target gun. The morning papers, in attempting to report the accident, made some ludicrous "breaks," claiming she was a "daughter" of Mr. Paxson, etc. Ely is forty three years old and was greatly astonished to learn that he had a "daughter" at his home. A coroner's inquest would settle matters.

Criminal Court

A jury is being empanneled in the Davis-Russell murder case. The killing occurred last January.

William Miles, after a long trial, was acquitted Saturday night of the murder of Nat. N. Kinney, the once famous Bald Knobber chief. He was immediately rearrested and jailed to await trial for the murder of the late Sheriff Branson and Detective Funk in Taney county, the grand jury having indicted him and his brother James. A change of venue will be asked to Christian county, where the case will be tried before Judge Hubbard, if granted. James Miles will also ask for a change of venue to the same place. Judge Hubbard has criminal jurisdiction in only two counties now - Taney and Christian - and the Miles brothers do not wish to be tried in Taney, believing that prejudice exists among a majority of people.

Aaron Wilkerson, charged with carrying concealed weapons, who has been serving a jail sentence since February 15th, was released yesterday as an insolvent.

The following jury is trying Franklin Davis for the murder of Enos Russell: E.G. Wadlow, E.H. Britain, H.J. Dutton, N.A. McCorkle, R.M. Winn, F.M. Shockley, J.A. Gibson, J.H. Shackelford, James Gear, William Morton, Jacob White and Hunter Day.

Charles Boyd pleaded guilty to perjury and sentenced to two years in the pen.

W.E. Grayston signed the roll of attorneys.

Appointment of John Schmook as deputy clerk approved.

W.W. Garoutte excused from regular panel of petit jurors.

M.C. Hayes, charged with the murder of his cousin John, will be tried next Saturday. He was released on bond of $7,500, Seth Tuttle and Marion Davis securities.

John Adams pleaded not guilty to sodomy.

Henry Pedley and others pleaded not guilty to burglary.

State vs A.J. Montgomery, burglary and larceny; defendant gives bond.

State vs S.C. Hogan, same; continued generally.

Circuit Court

E.A. Williams vs. R.C. Stone, mechanic's lien; dismissed at costs of plaintiff.

H. Palmer, J.A. Rice, J.E. Miller, M.R. Johnson and Charles Mills vs same; same entries.

C.C. Mengell, jr., Bro. vs Missouri Lumber Co.; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for $275.

Woolley, Porter & Hubbell vs A.B. Crawford, partition; dismissed by plaintiffs at their costs. The land in question was the former site for the proposed government building on St. Louis street.

Susan Wagner vs David Wagner, divorce; decree granted on payment of costs; custody of child awarded to plaintiff.

Michael E. Short granted a divorce from his wife, Etta, on payment of costs, and awarded custody of child.

An Unhappy Couple.

Herman Lindquest and Caroline Lindquest were married in the city of New York July 24, 1875, and lived together happily until July 10, 1887, when a cloud appeared and darkened their pathway. He charges her with separating and refusing to live with him; that she is guilty of such treatment as to endanger his life; that she offered such indignities as to render his condition intolerable; that there were four children, all boys, aged 14, 9, 4 and 3 respectively, born of said marriage that defendant is possessed of a house and lot in Springfield, valued at $2,500, which was purchased with his money; that defendant had to property or money when he married her; that he [the rest is illegible].

Circuit Court

Sarah T. Twigger vs John E. Twigger, divorce; order to file petition and issue process for next term. Plaintiff alleges that defendant used abusive language and charged her with having committed adultery.

John Bumgardner vs Carrie Bumgardner; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

Belle Young vs Christian Church et al; continued by agreement of parties.

Same vs E.L. Weaver; continued by agreement of parties.

Same vs City of Springfield; same entry.

Harriet A. Colley vs D.D. Colley, divorce; dismissed for want of prosecution.

P.J. Cunningham vs G.S. Coham, attachment; dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution.

Mendeson & Weil vs Henry Ames and Co., account; continued as on affidavit of defendant, costs to abide result of suit.

Henry Cordz et al vs C.W. Chappell et al, account; dismissed by plaintiff at their costs.

Jacob Reitz vs Mary Reitz; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

James H. Noble, jr., vs George Hodson, ejectment; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for possession of the premises and one cent damages.

Sarah O. Rand, executrix of H.T. Rand, deceased, vs Charles Hooper et al, garnishment on execution; costs paid, proceedings dismissed and garnishees discharged.

Kate Baxter vs Ed Baxter, divorce; ex parte trial (defendant not appearing) and decree granted on payment of costs; costs paid.

Probate Court.

Estate of Hugh H.B. Farmer, deceased; sale bill of personal property, amounting to $383.91, filed and approved.

W.C. Wadlow allowed $34 against estate of William P. Whittenburg.

Estate of Polly A. Hunt; order heretofore made appointing J.E. Hunt administrator of estate is hereby rescinded for failure to give bond as required; Sherman Hunt, a son, relinquishes right to administer and A.T. Weir appointed, accepts and gives $800 bond; letter ordered.

Estate of Sophia Parsons, minor; Mrs. Lucinda Parsons selected curator and bond fixed at $200.

Estate of Ralph A. Parsons, minor; same entry as above except that bond is $400.

Estate of Mary C. Parsons, minor; Lucina[Lucinda?] Parsons, curator, required to give $200 bond. Same entry in estate of Flora G. Parsons.

Inventory and appraisement filed in estate of D.H. Elwood.

Estate of B.H. Robertson; same entry.

Estate of D.H. Elwood; petition for sale of personal property granted; order to sell at retail for cash until an opportunity is given to sell the entire stock.

Estates of Evalene and Lizzie Gambill; H.T. Lydon appointed curator and ordered to give bond of $60.

Estate of B.H. Robertson; widow given household and kitchen furniture and $400 statutory allowance.

Estate of T.H. Godey; report of sale of goods filed and approved; several claims allowed; curator ordered to sell personal property at private sale.

Estate of Josiah Zink; William F. Leonard allowed $36; J.C. Zink, $59.35; H.M. Zink, $180.85.

Estate of George I. Waite, insane; inventory filed and approved; petition for settlement with guardian and sanity of applicant filed; jury ordered, sworn and verdict that Waite is sound of mind and capable of managing his own affairs; ordered that guardian make final settlement and turn over all property to said ward.

Estate of Emma Snow et al, minors; petition for sale of real estate refused.

Pansy McBride was adopted by A.W. Herrick and wife and her name changed to Herrick.

Estate of Melissa J. Hubble; final settlement approved.

Estates of Ira, Jerome and Barthold Ballard, minors; ordered that curator pay Mrs. Minerva Ballard $12 for board of minors for eight weeks from January 1, 1890.

Estate of J.C. Ellston; R. Jenkins allowed $20.50 and J.R. McCabe, 75 cents; petition for private cash sale of personal property granted.

Estate of John H.M. Garrett, minor; bond of J.D.L. Waddle, curator, filed for $250.

Appraisement filed and approved in Harriet Holmes estate; sale of personal property ordered.

Estate of Nancy Fondren; ordered that administrator pay John Fondren $10 for services.

Estate of James Gilmore; final settlement continued to April term, executor to make final settlement then.

Adjourned until court in course, April 7.

W.L. Mack, clerk of the probate court, has completed the docket for April term. There are 119 cases.

Improvement Notes.

C.R. Mark is preparing to build a three-room house on Scott street.

S.P. Huff will soon have a ten-room house completed in Crescent addition.

William Cummings, of the Frisco shops, is putting the finishing touches on a nine-room house in Woodland Heights addition.

C.J. Swanson will soon have three ten-room houses completed in Walnut street addition and the foundations are in for three more.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Weekly Leader; March 2, 1876 - June 6, 1878 / March 10, 1887 - Oct. 30, 1890; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained October 17, 2005.

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