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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
June, 1890


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Thursday, June 5, 1890

Circuit Court.

Mary E. Smith vs Joseph Smith, divorce; trial by court and decree for plaintiff on payment of costs.

Fannie Crenshaw et al vs Phillip Snyder, injunction, motions for new trial and in arrest filed.

Domestic Sewing Machine Co, vs S.E. Bailey, T.P. Bailey interpleader; trial by court and judgment against T.P. Bailey and securities on appeal bond for $95.

Andrew Farrow vs Catherine Jefferson et al; judgment of dismissal set aside, on payment of costs.

Sarah Davis vs Thomas McCown continued by consent.

Jeremiah Mills vs George S. Rathbun et al; dismissed by plaintiff as to first and second counts; evidence heard and case continued for further hearing June 12th, 1890.

Locomotive Engineers' Mutual Relief Insurance Co. vs Tharsia Span et al; change of venue to Laclede county.

C.M. Anderson vs William Anderson; ordered that in further relief as prayed for in petition her maiden name of Clara May Mills be restored.

Warren & Co. vs W.B. Pool; judgment for plaintiff by default for $307, debt and damages.

Charles Wezler vs S.A. Raymond; default entered against defendant, judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $222.25.

James McMehen vs Wm. L. Jordan; interlocutory judgment.

Charles Wezler vs Wm. McPherson; judgment for plaintiff by default for $402.20.

Alms House Report.

R.W. Levan, superintendent of the alms house, submitted his report for May. Inmates May 1st, 56; admitted during month, 10; dismissed, 16; leaving 50 on hand May 31st. The total expenses were $295.20.

The court dined with R.W. Levan, superintendent of the alms house, and witnessed a contest between road graders this afternoon in Charlie Bennett's district.

A warrant for $3.50 was issued to pay Mary Matlock's daughter's fare from St. Louis to Springfield.

C.A. McBride presented a deed of release from the Lombard Investment Co. releasing the deed of trust on a tract in 7, 29, 22. It is therefore ordered that a warrant be drawn in favor of Mr. McBride for $3,425, balance due him from Greene county for purchase of alms house site.

W.W. Donham presented fee bills for $1,874.79, which were allowed.

A large number of accounts were allowed, among which $2,051.55 was in favor of J.W. McCullah for cash paid J.J. Gideon, R.A. Anderson and W.H. Lyman.

Samuel Reynolds appointed road overseer district 21, vice John M. Hill, resigned.

W.A. Bodenhamer loaned school funds to amount of $350.

Dramshop licenses granted to J.F. Oberholtzer and Kirby & Burks for six months.

John W. Washam and Philip Schneider, road overseers, allowed $35.31 and $25 respectively.

James M. Camp, back tax attorney, ordered to compromise the back tax assessed against Drury College for $600 for years 1878 and 1887.

The county surveyor was ordered to survey and establish the lines of road petitioned for by James R. Bladen [Bladew?] et al.

G.A. Owen, road overseer, allowed $49.50.

Probate court.

Estate of Rebecca H. Ashmore; executor ordered to expend $30 for building a cistern.

Inventory and appraisment filed approved in John Hulse estate.

Estate of R.Q. Banfield; continued until July term, 1890, for final settlement.

Administratrix of John Hulse estate ordered to turn over to widow all household and kitchen furniture; widow ________ $400 statutory allowance.

Partnership estate of Bray and Cravens; settlement continued to July term, 1890, for determining objections filed to said final settlement.

Adjourned till court in course - Monday, July 7th.

Memphis Route Notes.

Mrs. Dr. H.R. Bentley came in yesterday from Mountain Grove.

M.L. Wyatt, a prominent grain shipper of Birmingham, Ala., arrived yesterday and is looking after his interests.

Charles Deitz, a commercial tourist, departed this morning for Sedalia.

A.J. Bates, wife and Charles Roach started last evening for San Diego, Col.

Charles Robinson has gone to Pendleton, Oregon, to purchase a car load of stock.

John Schmook, sr., and son John left this morning for Kansas City. From there they go to Boonville. They expect to return Thursday night.

Capt. Gardner, president of the New Orleans water works, leaves tonight for home. He is well pleased with the Queen City during his brief stay.

J.J. Frey, general superintendent of the M., K. & T., arrived last evening and departed for the south this morning.

Jail Items.

Henry Howard, who has been serving a short sentence for assault and battery, was released this morning as an insolvent.

R.L. Simmons was incarcerated yesterday on charge of embezzling a buggy and harness valued at $60, the property of Sam McCluer. The alleged offense is said to have been committed June 2. Defendant had a preliminary examination this morning before Justice Hyde.

Sheriff Dodson received news yesterday that three suspicious individuals had been seen sulking around a few miles this side of the Christian county line, south of Springfield. Suspecting they were some of the escaped prisoners he and some deputies spent all night scouring the woods, but failed to get track of them. Postal cards and telegrams have been sent in all directions, and every officer in southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas has a description of the fugitives. It appears impossible for them to elude capture many more days. Some of the men evidently have friends near this city who are hiding them in the brush and supplying their needs. It is believed they will commence traveling in a few days when they think the officers have abandoned the trail.

Paris Springs Notes.

The farmers of this vicinity meet here on the 7th inst. to discuss things of interest to themselves. The Hon. C.P. Cook, of Round Grove, Mo., is expected to be present.

R't. Rev. Silvester Tuttle, D.D., bishop of the Episcopal church of Missouri, will preach at Lawrenceburg at 8 p.m. on the 18th inst.

Dr. J.M. Allison has just had his elegant residence painted and decorated in the most beautiful manner.

Dr. Allison returned Saturday from a visit to his father at Humansville, his mother accompanied him home.

The Springfield friends of Mrs. John Coombs will be gratified to learn of her being superintendent of a flourishing Sunday school near Lawrenceburg. Your correspondent visited the school last Sunday to find the house beautifully decorated with evergeens and flowers and filled with people. The superintendent presided over the school with all the grace and dignity of the most trained worker. The school has been in progress over a year and has surmounted many difficulties. Mrs. Coombs did not miss a single Sunday last winter, many times she being the only person present, but she persevered and by good sense and judgment has at last been crowned with success.

On Saturday morning last, James Cameron of Greene county came near being drowned while fishing in Turnback near here. He and his party were seining when he got beyond his depth and sank for the third time. His companions after several attempts for his rescue got out of the water leaving him to his fate, when Robert Kimmons, an old fisherman came up and brought the drowning man to the shore. He was recussitated in the course of half an hour, Mr. Kimmons was attracted to the spot by the screams of the party and had it not been for his timely arrival Cameron would have drowned.

Judge R.H. Landium, of Mt. Vernon, has announced his candidacy for the state senate from this, 18th district. He was called out by the request of about sixty prominent Republicans of the county.

The school at this place closes on the 13th inst. with a picnic. Rev. W.H. Sons will deliver an address to the school on the moral and religious duties of the teacher and their effects upon the community. Dr. Allison will speak on the value of time and opportunity in the acquirement of an education.

Death of Mrs. Frank Merigold.

After a long lingering sickness Mrs. Capt. Frank Merigold died last night. Death is no respecter of persons. He strikes down the good, pure and innocent with as much remorselessness as the vile, the corrupt and the guilty. Wealth cannot bribe him. When he places his hand upon his victim all the gold of Gould, Vanderbilt and the world cannot induce him to withdraw his grasp. The prayers of fathers, mother, brothers, sister, husband, were unavailing. The grim vissaged monster was inexorable and snatched from earth to eternity a life that adorned the world. Born in this city, where she spent her early days, her soul takes its flight to the Better Land from the spot that was the scene of her first and last earthly joys. With the entire community The Leader weeps with the afflicted husband, the devoted son, the inconsolable father, mother, brother and sister, and hope all will so live as to join her in the angel land to which she took her flight.
Deceased was born in Springfield in 1851. The funeral takes place at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

Medal Winners.

The Queen City Gun club gave their second shoot of the season at the fair grounds yesterday afternoon for two medals.
First shoot, medal on singles, twelve points, won by A. Clas, who scored 9; Colgrove, 8; Mark Helman, 7; Ed Fay, 6; John Kelley, 3.
Second shoot, four pairs double birds, eight points. Helman won, scoring 5; Colgrove, 4; Clas, 3; Fay, 3; Kelley, 3.

Maple Park Interments.

Interments made in Maple Park cemetery in the month of May, 1890, as furnished by E.H. Lair, sexton:
7 - Infant of J.W. McIntire.
11 - Edward Wessler, bronchetis, aged 1 year, 1 month, 11 days.
12 - Homer Howell, hip disease, 16 years, 10 months.
14 - Infant of W.B. Burk.
12 - Arthur Bunker, liver and kidney trouble, 2 months, 2 days.
14 - Thompson E. Mason, kidney trouble, 69 years.
22 - Mr. A.H. Haines, heart disease, 65 years.
25 - Frank W. Bright, scarlet fever, 3 years.
27 - Mr. [Mrs.?] Sarah R. Smith, consumption, 66 years.
29 - Wm. P. Cunningham, two weeks.
s1 [31?] - Mr. Daniel Wonderly, dropsy of the heart, 72 years and 11 months.

Wedding Bells.

J.R. Hoffman, of St. Francis, Cheyenne county, Kas., and Miss Eva J., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Lawson, were married on West Walnut street yesterday and have departed for Kansas, where they will reside in the future. They will stop a few days in Omaha while en route.
The ceremony was performed at 7:30 o'clock last night by Rev. J.S. Myers in his usual happy manner.
Those present were: Capt. D.C. Dade, wife and daughter Agnes, James E. Dulin and wife, F.A. Wright and wife, Miss Bamber, Amos Reed and wife, Miss Ella McKintree, G.S. Whitlach, Judge F.F. Fine and son, George Raymond and wife. Miss Clara Knapp, Ed M. Lawson, of St. Francis, Kas.
The groom is president of the Citizens' bank at St. Francis, while the bride is a most estimable lady.
After congratulations, viewing tokens of esteem, etc., an elegant supper was heartily relished by all. The gusts departed well pleased with the courteous treatment they had received.

Thursday, June 12 1890

Criminal Notes.

Sam Denny and John Carson, who assaulted J.M. Finney in Happy Hollow Monday afternoon plead guilty yesterday before Justice Hyde and gives a fine.

In the case of the state vs J.S. Dudley for felonious assault, defendant was held to answer to the criminal court. Dudley slashed J.G. Voris in the neck on the 20th of May, and the testimony at the preliminary trial showed that the assault was entirely unprovoked. the circumstances surrounding the affair demonstrated that Dudley intended to kill his victim, and the bond of $500, which Judge Hyde required, was considered about one-third of what the ferocity of the defendant would have justified.

Horse Thief Located.

A few days since Officer W.B. Hindman arrested T.J. Smith on suspicion of being a horse thief and he has been in jail to await a preliminary examination. A telegram has been received from J. McCullough, city marshal of Fort Scott, who claims to know about the animal found in Smith's possession. The Fort Scott officer is expected to arrive on the evening train and will take the prisoner back, provided there is no trouble about a requisition.


A.J. Minard is in Birmingham.

Chief Engineer Horton is in Memphis.

J.J. Hibler was in Joplin yesterday.

J.G. Newbill departed for St. Joe last night.

Mrs. W.H. Rinehart has returned to Atchison, Kas.

Miss Alice Long has arrived from Mound City, Kas.

Mrs. H.N. Williams is visiting her parents in Boston.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scholten are spending a few days in St. Louis.

Miss Laura Schell is entertaining Miss Florence Hoffman, of Sedalia.

Hon. Samuel W. Headlee, of Franklin township, was in the city yesterday.

Miss Eva Lisenby has returned from Afton, I.T., where she had been teaching school.

The first ney [new] hay of the season arrived today, which was purchased by Newt Williams.

Hosea Walker has returned from New York to spend his vacation. He is a student at Bellevue hospital.

J. Glenn, lately of the Frisco shops, has gone to Denison, Texas, as machinist, leaving many friends behind.

Mrs. Rebecca Conlon, principal of the Campbell school, is visiting relatives at Union, Franklin county.

G.W. LeFarge, late of the Frisco machine shops, has gone to Galveston, Tex. to the M.K. & T.C. shops where he has been employed.

William Goodson and Alice Southern, of Gates, and John Good and Mrs. Lydia Bryant, of this city, secured licenses to marry today.

Dr. J.M. Morgan, of Monett, is in the city, as is also Dr. W.L. Griffith, of Lamar, both in attendance on the Eclectic Medical Society.

J.H. Hicks goes to Hof Springs for a week or two in the interest of the proposed railroad extension in that direction, as well as for his health.

Miss Ollie Pierce, after attending the Christian Endeavor meeting in St. Louis, leaves for Chicago and other points in Illinois to visit relatives.

Miss Mamie Murphy, after a year's absence in New York, has returned. She had been attending the art league for perfecting herself in her chosen profession.

Bentley Rountree and J.M. Doling, the veteran young fishermen, went out on Finley creek on a piscatorial excursion bent, meeting with phenomenal success if their stories are strictly unembellished.

F. Defoe and his betrothed, Miss Bettie Gates, one of Springfield's fairest young ladies, left for St. Louis Monday, and they will no doubt return two made one. Mr. Defoe has been a popular machinist at the Frisco shops, and his friends wish him happiness in his new career.

The following delegates from the First Baptist church will leave this evening for St. Louis to attend the National Christian Endeavor convention: W.T. Bigbee, Geo. Myers, Theo Goff, Mr. Waters, Misses Rose Underhill, Mary Myers, Mamie Baldwin, Maud King, Lottie Dalrymple.

Was Not Poisoned.

Wm. B. Findley, who died suddenly last Saturday, was last seen in his yard about 11:30 a.m., and his sons, on coming home from work about 5:30 o'clock, discovered the body lying on the floor in the west room of 1022 East Division street.
The coroner held an inquest Saturday night before the following jury: James H. Smith, S.W. Moreland, John L. Bossert, T.W. McNeese, J.M. Stewart and Morris M. Rathemel [sp?].
The jury failed to find a verdict and adjourned to meet Monday night. There being a suspicion that death was caused by poison, as deceased had vomited where the body laid. A post-mortem examination was held Sunday morning. As a result no poison was found in the stomach and Monday night the jury returned a verdict that he died of cerebral hemorrhage.
The remains were interred in Hazlewood cemetery Sunday afternoon.
Deceased leaves two sons, aged fourteen and sixteen. His wife was killed in the tornado that crossed Division street about six years ago. He possessed very little property, but owned the lot and little two-room house thereon. Deceased was a laborer for the Springfield Car and Foundry Co.


Mr. W.M. Yenawine, superintendent of the Missouri and Kansas Telephone Co., died at St. Joseph Saturday last at noon, of congestion of the brain. Mr. Yenawine was well known in this City and Southwest Missouri, having been in the employ of the Frisco at Carthage, and was highly esteemed. He leaves a wife and one child and innumerable friends to mourn his death, and his place will be hard to fill in the telephone company.

Matrimonial Crumbs.

Married, on the 8th inst., by Rev. Clement Combs, pastor of the Congregational church, J.F. Brooks, Jr., and Miss Rilla Howell, both of Republic.

R.B. Batson and Miss Gillis A. Hagewood were married last Sunday at the residence of Squire Hacking, in Pond Creek township.

Circuit Court.

T.W. Kersey et al vs D.B. Cates, to set aside sale; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

R.S. Lomax vs S.M. Whitlock, hybrid wheat note; judgment nil dicit for plaintiff for debt and damages $476.05, interest 10 per cent.

Lucy Potter vs F.W. Potter, divorce; continued on application of plaintiff.

Greene county ex rel and to the use of Joseph Martin vs Frank P. Agnew, selling liquor to minor; dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution; motions to set aside judgment of dismissal and for costs sustained and plaintiff given till June 13 to file bond; set for trial June 26.

H.A. Tatum vs Frisco Railway Co. damages; set for trial June 20.

Ely Walker Dry Goods Co. vs S.B. Means et al, account; dismissed as to F.E. Means and case continued.

J.A. McDowell vs City of Springfield; continued by consent.

Amelda Hawkins vs Zachariah Hawkins, divorce; continued by order of court.

Memphis Paper company vs Thompson Manufacturing company, account; dismissed by plaintiff at its costs.

Joseph Holden vs William A. Huff et al, to reform deed; trial by court and decree for plaintiff as prayed for in petition; costs taxed against plaintiff and judgment accordingly.

The First Congregational church was incorporated.

A.P. Harris vs A.B. Norton, attachment; bond for costs approved and case set for trial June 18th.

H.A. Tatum vs Frisco railway company; case dismissed for failure to file obligations for costs.

Amanda Cornelison vs same company; continued by agreement.

M.A. Bundy vs same; continued till next term.

Sue E. Campbell vs P.H. Campbell, partition; order to docket cause.

Hannah Poland vs Josiah Norman, Cents, etc. order to docket; evidence heard and case taken under advisement.

C.R. Hunt vs George Leeper, replevin, appeal from justice of the peace; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs; judgment against plaintiff and securities on appeal bond for costs.

A.P. Harris vs A.B. Norton, attachment; set for trial June 18th.

Haseltine Bros. et al vs G.M. Edds, attorney's fee; continued by consent of parties.

John W. Poland et al vs Josiah Norman, ejectment; evidence heard and case taken under advisement.

John W. Poland et al, in an effort to eject Josiah Norman, received an adverse verdict.

J.E. Baker vs C. Brooks; on a note for $130.85 each on two counts with interest at 10 per centum.

The case of R.F. Dodson vs J.C. Dodson; replevin was taken under advisement.

Teriby Burns and husband vs L.A. Robertson et al, ejectment; continued by consent.

The account of H.C. Bright, sued for by Hoover and Groves, was dismissed by plaintiffs.

In the ejectment suit of Ellen L. Clusky et al vs F. Steingrandt; an alias summons was issued to cover an error in the original service.

Eugene Jones, on a covenant of warranty, secured a judgment vs Mary W. Delaney for $227.10.

In the case of Martha E. Polard vs S.W. Atzert et al on ejectment proceedings; a separate answer was filed by the gas company.

In the case of Hannah Poland vs Josiah Norman for rent, judgment was rendered in favor of plaintiff with decree for costs to satisfy lien.

A Rusty Divorce Mill.

Only two cases were heard in divorce matters Saturday, Matilda Henderberger wanted to part with her worse half, but concluded to continue the case to ascertain whether John H. Might conduct himself demurely in the future.

Lucy Brown asked for a divorce on those subtle and many grounds upon which separation may be secured. George made a poor showing and was out of the battle from the first round, Mrs. Lucy being given the custody of a minor child, with judgment for costs to pay attorneys' fees and expenses.

Francis T. Watson vs Jane Goodin et al., dower; objection to report of commissioners filed.

J.A. Moon was permitted to practice law in this state.

Michael Hough vs Frisco railway company, damages; motion to be allowed to prosecute as a poor person.

Proceedings were dismissed, for good cause, against J.F. Dann for not answering subpoena.

A Valuable Dog.

Robert Jack wants $500 damages from the Frisco railway company, alleging that on May 5th he was the owner of a valuable dog, an Irish and English setter, which was run over and killed by locomotive No. 32.

County Court.

J.D. Smith loaned school funds amounting to $350.

C. Greenlee allowed $100 for work in clerk's office.

J.W. McCullah allowed $10 for apportioning road tax fund of 1889.

Ordered that a warrant of $25 be drawn in favor of R. Jenkins for building a bridge.

E.E. Colby, county surveyor and ex-officio commissioner of roads and bridges, reports that J.S. Milliken, contractor, has completed the bridge across Dry Sac creek according to contract, has done additional work to amount of $50, and recommends the payment of same, in addition to contract price of $326.75, which report is examined by the court and approved.

Criminal Crumbs.

Wilford Tyree, who was sent to jail by Justice Hyde for receiving stolen goods, was released yesterday as an insolvent.

Jasper H. Kelley, charged with assaulting Mr. Richter near Ash Grove may 24, was tried yesterday before Judge Hyde and the jury fined him $25 and costs. Defendant will endeavor to give bond and take an appeal. In default of bond defendant was committed to jail.

The trial of T.J. Smith, charged with horse stealing, will take place on the 16th inst., before Justice Dalrymple.

William Saxton, of Christian county, was arrested yesterday by A.D. Shelby, special deputy, on charge of making a felonious assault on James H. Riddle on the public highway by striking him on the forehead with a rock. Defendant gave $300 bond to appear on the 14th inst., at which time his preliminary examination will take place before Justice Evans. The prosecuting witness sustained painful injuries between the eyes. A physician dressed the wound and he is able to be out.

James Murphy and G.W.A. Cooter were each fined $10 and costs by Justice Dalrymple this morning for assaulting E.S. Blackwell, a street car driver on the Nichols Junction line. In default of payment they are boarding with Sheriff Dodson - strawberries and cream.

George Ray, charged with assault and battery on Aaron Wilkerson, pleaded guilty this morning before Justice Brewer and was fined $1 and costs.

Lawrence Deal, a peace disturber, also pleaded guilty and was fined $1 and costs.

Federal Offenders.

William Manning and John Nowl, charged with intimidating homesteaders in Douglas county by firing into their houses, were brought in yesterday by T.A. Wakefield and R.M. Roper, deputy United States marshals, and will have a preliminary examination before Commissioner Howell as soon as all the witnesses arrive.

Thursday, June 19 1890

Circuit Court.

M.M. Watson vs Josie Anderson et al, note; dismissed by plaintiff at his cost; leave to withdraw instrument sued on by leaving attested copy.

Andrew Pierce et al vs Elijah Osborn et al, order by court that Kenna and Sherwood be permitted to withdraw their names as attorney for plaintiff.

Frisco Railway Co. vs S.W. West, foreclosure of contract, judgment for debt and damages, $186.84 same to be lien.

Same vs same; same entry except that judgment is for $273.57.

Same vs John W. Wallace; same entry except that judgment is for $163.56.

Same vs Harris Vance; same entry except that judgment is for $341.67.

Same vs John Snow; same entry except that judgment is for $119.15.

Same vs C.H. Wilkerson; same entry except that judgment is for $168.17.

State ex rel and to use of John Potter, collector, vs Patrick McNellis et al, delinquent taxes; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for $89.50.

Frisco Railway Co. vs David Logan, ejectment; judgment for one cent damages and possession.

Same vs George C. Billingsly; same entry.

Same vs S.M. West; same entry.

Same entries in the cases of John Snow, J.P. Lloyd, Harris Vance, J.P. Lloyd and Harry Smith.

Frisco Railway Co. vs George C. Billingsly; judgment for plaintiff for $232.18.

Reynolds, Tippin & Yarbrough vs Republic Canning Co., appeal from justice of the peace; dismissed by agreement, each party to pay half the costs.

Martha E. Pollard vs Geo. S. Catlin et al, ejectment; dismissed by plaintiff at her costs as to C.H. Goffe.

Same vs S.W. Atzert et al, dismissed by plaintiff as to Henry Eaton.

J.A. McCullah vs A.Z. Chambers et al., to construe deed; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

W.E. Hale et al vs W.D. Crothers, account, appeal from J.P.; dismissed at costs of defendant by agreement.

R.M. Sharp vs City of Carthage, money had and received; dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution.

W.G. Campbell et al vs G.S. Catlin et al, money had and received; plaintiff takes non suit, and judgment against plaintiff for costs.

Theo Ollenshermer & Bros. vs Thompson Manufacturing Co., account; trial by court and ordered that execution issue against James Abbott for $797 and costs of motion.

Jecy Jamlin vs Doug Hamlin, divorce; trial by court and decree for plaintiff on payment of costs.

Tiler Town Manufacturing Co. vs. B. Zwang, account; judgment for plaintiff by default for debt and damages, $552.

Ellen A. Clusky vs M.E. Latshaw, Charles Newman, P.A. Day, Lora Horn, Marion Davis et al, John W. Hatfield et al, Frank P. Craig, ejectments; continued by consent.

James W. Gaylor et al vs James H. Tallman et al, to cancel deed; continued by consent.

Bertha Bringleson vs Gus Bringleson, divorce; trial by court and decree for plaintiff on payment of costs.

Jacob Lippman vs R.G. Campbell et al, equity; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs; motion to quash execution; application for the appointment of a receiver.

Probate Court.

Letters testamentary were yesterday granted in vacation to R.L. and Mary Hosman in estate of Alfred Hosman. Bond of $1,500 filed, with T.A. Hosman, J.B. Hosman, A.M. Gilmore, Isaac Hamilton and J.D. Boone securities, within ten days after service of notice on them.

Estate of Norville Milligan, minor; G.D. Milligan appointed curator and gives bond of $100.

Same entry in estate of Alvia D. Milligan estate.

Estate of Lydia Longcrier, deceased, R.L. Longcrier filed bond of $1,200 as administrator and letters issued.

Estate of Alma W. Murphy, minor; petition for sale of real estate filed by A.J. Murphy, curator.

Estate of G.Z. Whitney, deceased; petition of widow for first year's support and $400 statutory allowance filed.

J.T. Bearden awarded contract for superstructure of bridge across Spring branch at Leeper's ford, near Ash Grove, for $300. He gives bond, which is approved.

The iron truss bridge across Sac river, on Bolivar road, accepted and the Wrought Iron Bridge Co., Canton, Ohio, contractors, allowed $2,906.80, balance due.

Lee Vickery allowed $3.84, cash paid for road tools.

E.E. Colby allowed $63.50, services as county surveyor; R.A. Anderson, $1,500, work at alms house; C.M. Bennett, 119 for road scraper.

J.E. Warden's account for $55.50, medical services, disallowed; also claim of F.C. Wemett for $48.50 for boarding pauper.

Brown & Murphy granted dramshop license.

Henry C. Green allowed $14 for waiting on criminal court.

M. Bowerman allowed $6.25, expense n visiting Sac river bridge.

Beat His Wife.

David Pritchard and his wife could not get along harmoniously, so he conceived the novel plan of using violence. This scheme proved a total failure, for David was brought before Judge Dalrymple yesterday and for attempting to maintain his marital rights was fined $20. As the case stands Mrs. Pritchard thinks the fine too light and her worse half thinks it too heavy. But you can't satisfy everybody.

A Bad Man.

George Peck was up before Judge Evans yesterday on a charge of stealing pillows, crockery, etc. from his wife, with whom he was not living, and selling them to a second-hand dealer. George was shown to be a tough customer and was sent to jail for 10 days where he may repent at leisure. The second-hand dealer was required to return the property which had been stolen and Mrs. Peck once more sleeps under a sheet and on a pillow.

Thursday, June 26 1890

Kicked by a Horse.

Saturday afternoon as Isaac Van Pooser, who lives on the corner of Robberson avenue and Pine street, opened the stable door to give his horse some hay the animal kicked him back into the yard where he lay for some time unconscious. He was discovered by a woman who thought him dead, and he was removed to the house. Dr. Barnes was summoned and ascertained that both feet of the beast had struck Mr. Pooser in the abdomen, and that he was prostrated more perhaps from the shock than from any necessarily fatal injury, but as he is 65 years old it is probable that some time will elapse before he recovers.


William T. Elliott, of Paris, Texas, and Miss Nettie Baughman will be married this evening.

Isaac B. Dyer and Minnie L. Brune, residing a few miles from the city, are to be married tonight.

Mr. Rolla McCracken and Miss Patty Hubble, a well known couple of Clay township, will be married tonight and give a reception tomorrow at home of Mrs. M.J. McCracken. The bride is a daughter of Mr. Levi M. Hubble.

At the residence of the bride's parents, North Grant street June 24th at 8:30 p.m., Mr. John D. Curtis and Miss Laura L. Sutherland were united in marriage, O.A. Carr officiating.

Counterfeiters Jailed.

Floyd Cole and George Ashley, recently arrested at Aurora on charge of passing counterfeit money, had a preliminary examination last Friday before United States Commissioner Silsby. Fifteen counterfeit dollars and a number of bogus nickels were found in the possession of Ashley, while Cole had a few nickels. The evidence showed a clear case against defendants and they were each required to give bond in the sum $1,500. In default both were committed to the Greene county jail to await action of October term of United States District Court in this city. A few days since these men passed several counterfeit dollars on street car drivers - at least they so testified in court.

John Hall, a Christian county timber cutter, after an examination before United States Commissioner Howell last night, was bound over in the sum of $100.

Circuit Court.

Victor Sommers & Co. vs James M. Adams, J.G. Russell, garnishee; motion to discharge garnishee sustained; garnishee dismissed; judgment against plaintiff for costs; garnishee allowed $10 as attorney fee for answering.

A.P. Harris vs A.B. Norton, attachment; trial by jury and verdict for plaintiff for $795.

Francis T. Watson vs Jane Goodin et al., dower; objection of Jane Goodin overruled; report of commissioners approved and each allowed $5 as costs.

Pat Hayes vs J.C. Dodson, replevin; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for possession of property.

V.N. Bray vs W.L. Richards, attachment; continued by consent.

W. Wyman vs George L. Taylor, account; same entry.

William Fagate vs George Long, account; continued by agreement.

D.A. Sartell et al vs T.E. Burlingame, damages; set for trial July 7th, 1890.

John Morris et al vs T.J. Jenkins et al., account; demurrer sustained; dismissed as to B.F. Rathbone.

Theodore F. Payton vs Celia Payton, divorce; trial by court and decree for plaintiff on payment of costs.

In re petition of Clara L. King to sell real estate as wife of C.L. King; order to docket; decree as prayed in petition.

 George W. Burden vs M. Ney Smith, attachment; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs; judgment against plaintiff and securities for costs.

T. Doolin vs R.S. Nelson, replevin; dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution; judgment against plaintiff and securities for costs.

E.B.A. Calvin vs J.D. Bush, account; same entry as above.

Amanda Kincaid vs W.L. Barr; dismissed at cost of plaintiff.

John W. Janip vs Jesse Cook et al., note; dismissed by plaintiff as to Jesse Cook, appellant, and judgment against plaintiff for costs.

Mantle & Cowan vs M. Hirsch, account; judgment by default, on hearing evidence of plaintiff, for $319.75, interest 6 per cent.

Ed C. O'Day vs James L. Goodwin, ejectment; trial by court, on evidence of plaintiff, and judgment for possession.

Miss Mollie Calloway acted court stenographer yesterday in the absence of A.D. Allen.

Jeremiah Mills vs George S. Rathbun et al., contract; trial by court and judgment against Rathbun and Johnson on third count, $52.30; fourth, $12.50.

F.S. Heffernan vs John Kelley, debt; plaintiff takes non suit; judgment against plaintiff for costs.

John H. Noble, Jr., vs George Hodson, unlawful detainer; trial by court and judgment for possession.

Joseph H. Hudgings vs Harvey Murray, appeal from J.P.; continued by consent.

Andrew Pierce et al., vs Elijah Osborn et al., set for trial June 30th.

Samantha Allen vs Henry Allen, divorce; decree for plaintiff on payment of costs and maiden name of Sarah Compton restored.

New Suits.

Following are among the recent new suits filed for September term of circuit court:

Richard K. Kelley vs F.C. and Mary Wernett, damages and malicious prosecution. Plaintiff alleges that on June 29, 1889, he was arrested on complaint of Mary Wernett, charging him with committing a misdemeanor obtaining board and lodging in the hotel of defendants by means of a trick deception and false and fraudulent representations, etc.; that he was tried in Justice Brewer's court and sent to jail for six days; that he was damaged to the amount of $2,000, for which he asks judgment.

W.G. Campbell et al, vs G.S. Catlin et al.; suit for $560 damages. Plaintiffs allege that defendants conspired to cheat, swindle and defraud them in the purchase of a certain lot to be used for the erection of a colored church thereon.

Lelia Babbitt wants a divorce from her husband, Fontaine F., whom she married in Fayette county, Ky., February 5, 1887. The grounds are neglect, abuse and calling plaintiff vile names.

Cornelia Spurlock alleges that her husband, Archie, fails and refuses to provide for her and has abandoned her. They were married in Colorado Springs, Col., about nine years ago.

The case of the State vs Mrs. McGlaughlin accused with having broken in the door of another woman's house with an ax, was continued by Judge Evans until, as he says, "the dog days are over," the prosecuting witness being prostrated by the heat.

Showed His Heels.

Isaac Ballyen, a half breed, who was fined $1 and costs by Judge Evans last Saturday for disturbing the peace, consented to pay his fine, but when he went down stairs to get the money he quietly folded his tent, like the Arabs, and as quietly stole away. He is now an unknown quantity in the local judicial problem of right and wrong.

Not Guilty.

Neil Russel and John Fallen were tried yesterday before Judge Evans on a charge of robbing Robert Tatum on the 12th of May, of a certain sum of money, but the testimony showed that party were all on a spree together and that Tatum spent the money himself of which he thought he had been robbed. Russell was rearrested on the charge of assault and battery.

Caught at Last.

Charles H. Leach, indicted here for stealing cattle from Messrs. Haseltine and Zink over a year ago, was arrested at Charleston, Mississippi county, a few days since by Sheriff Beauchamp and jailed to await the arrival of an officer from Springfield. Harry Vaughan, deputy sheriff, went after the prisoner, arrived yesterday and lodged him in jail to await trial at next term of the criminal court.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Weekly Leader; March 2, 1876 - June 6, 1878 / March 10, 1887 - Oct. 30, 1890; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained October 22, 2005.

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