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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
July, 1890


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Thursday, July 3, 1890

Circuit Court.

T. Doolin vs R.S. Nelson, replevin; order of dismissal set aside by agreement and case continued until next term.

The following cases were continued by consent:

J. Mayberg Hat Co., J. Harris & Co. and A. Fellenstein vs M. Summerfield, accounts; Paul Ellenburg vs J.C. Dodson, replevin.

M. Korg vs M. Summerfield, account; continued.

In re W.E. Appleby, redemption; dismissed by petitioner at his costs.

L.O. Nieder, of Shannon county, permitted to sign the roll of attorneys.

Continuances were granted in the following cases: Wilson Bros., attachment; Lippincott, Johnson & Co. vs same; Harrington & Co. vs same; Sames A. McNally vs same; Rothschild Bros. vs J.C. Dodson, replevin; Nellie Herman et al vs J.C. Dodson, replevin; Benj. Hirschland vs same; Harrington, Goodman et al. vs Rothschild Bros. et al, injunction; Harrington et al vs First National bank et al., equity; Oucesluys Bros, vs Herman Bros., note; Jacob Miller, Sons & Co., same; Albert Rothschild et al vs J.C. Dodson, replevin; Leopold Fetchheimer & Co. vs Herman Bros., attachment; Kahn Bros. & Co. vs Herman Bros.

Wm C. Peck vs Julia A. Clark, administratrix, bill in equity, dismissed by plaintiff.

Scott Investment Co. vs T.B. Holland, equity, dismissed at plaintiff's cost for want of prosecution.

J.S. Boarman vs James R. Vaughan, contract, appeal from J.P.; judgment for defendant.

J.C.F. Kinney vs J.C. Dodson, replevin; change of venue to Christian county.

William W. Tuttle vs D.E. Davis, forcible entry, appeal from J.P.; trial by court and defendant found guilty of forcible entry and detainer as charged; judgment of restitution for $80, being double the damages and $4 per month rent from date of judgment until possession is restored.

Bennett Dying.

Mr. Gus Clements is in receipt of a letter from Warden J.L. Morrison, dated 30th ult., stating that Mr. F.A. Bennett is rapidly sinking and his death momentarily expected. He was recently pardoned and intended to return to this city.

Thursday, July 10, 1890

Mortuary Matters.

E.H. Lair, sexton of Maple Park Cemetery, reports the following interments for June:
June 1. - Mrs. A.L. Burton, of pneumonia, aged 43 years, 10 months.
June 4. - Mrs. Lula Merigold, pneumonia, 39 years.
June 8. - Edgar Hooper, congestive chill, 1 year, 6 months.
June 10. - Jerome B. Hilligoss, killed by railroad cars, 35 years, 4 months.
June 12. - L.C. Masten, bowel trouble, 5 months.
June 16. - Annie F. Fallin, consumption, 22 years.
June 17. - Hellin Russ, congestion bowels, 3 weeks.
June 18. - Charles E. Clements, inflammation of bowels, 5 months.
June 20. - Geo. H. Tuttle, marasims, 11 months, 18 days.
June 23. - Henry B. Fimtley, heart trouble, about 65.
June 30. - Grahan Speer, inflammation bowels, 2 months.

County Court.

Superintendent Levan of the alms house, has submitted his report for June as follows: Number of inmates, June 1st, 1890, 52; admitted, 4; dismissed, 8; total July 1st, 48. Total expenses, $301.29.

J.B. Rainey, John W. Britain and E.D. Paulsell appointed a jury to assess damages in opening road petitioned for by W.B. Singer et al.

Ordered that the bill of J.C. Dodson for 43 days services as sheriff at $3 per day and 43 days services for deputy at $2 per day be referred to the prosecuting attorney for a written opinion as to the amount of fees the sheriff and his deputies are entitled to in waiting on the courts.

E.E. Colby, county surveyor and commissioner, reported that he had measured the masonry for bridge built across Spring branch near Ash Grove by T.J. Rearden, that the work had been completed according to contract and recommended its payment. A warrant for $190.97 was therefore issued to Mr. Bearden.

A.E. French, Joseph French and L. Walter, by their attorney, filed a motion to dismiss petition and proceedings in road petitioned for by Marion Davis et al, overruled. J.W. Lisenby, L.H. Murray and L.T. Watson appointed jury to assess damages in opening same.

Road petitioned for by S.S. Strunk et al referred to county commissioner.

Road petitioned for by J.M. Ryrie ordered opened.

Ordered that George T. Johnson, overseer district 4, be authorized to pay over to H.S. Mason, overseer of district 2, and Wilson Morton, overseer district 3, the proportionate part of money belonging to their respective districts, which the said Johnson received from George Thorn, the money to be divided between districts, 2, 3 and 4 in proportion to the taxable wealth of the territory attached to said districts from old road district 11.

Ordered that the old road between the points of intersection of the change of road petition for by Mary F. and T.A. Sherwood and James W. Peacher be and the same is hereby vacated as a public road, the road commissioner having reported that said change of road is in as good condition for travel as the old road.

J.C. Dodson allowed $215, waiting on court forty-three days.

Ike Altschul granted dramshop license.

Road petitioned for S.S. Strunk et al, heretofore referred to road commissioner, rescinded.

Road petitioned for by W.G. Perkins et al continued.

C.M. Bennett, road overseer, allowed $26.50.

Samuel Woods, A.B. Appleby and Ernest Kemmberling appointed jury to assess damages in opening road petitioned for by A.J. Schell et al.

Charles A. Haden, James Oneal and Charles Galloway appointed jury to assess damages in road petitioned for by F.A. Snyder et al.

Road petitioned for by Joe Mullings et al; Chas. Bedell, James Wallace and Matthew Prater appointed jury.

George Melburn, T.W. Wade and M.F. Britain appointed jury on road petitioned for by W.J. Walker et al.

Ordered that that part of the Springfield and Bolivar road running through the New Ozark Heights addition be vacated.

The judges intend visiting the new county farm this afternoon.

Road petitioned for by E. Scott et al dismissed on account of irregularities.

Following petitions referred to county commissioner: J.W. Grigg et al, M.C. Raper et al, L.H. Murray et al, J.W. Owen et al, Nancy Adams et al, W.H. Park et al, C.A. McBride et al.

Road petition of Joseph M. Sims withdrawn.

Mary S. Boyd gave new securities for school loan.

A.A. Lindley awarded contract for painting four bridges at $200.

A warrant for $175 was ordered drawn on road damage fund in favor of G.W. Delo; also David Bowman $6.

Mr. Zink, road overseer, ordered to proceed without delay and repair bridge over Wilson creek on the College street road.

In matter of road petitioned for by John Hagerty et al it was ordered continued till costs of marking out and securing right of way are paid by petitioners.

Road petitioned for by E.E. Barnes et al; Joseph Winfield, John Y. Fulbright and L.A. Rountree appointed jury to assess damages.

A.B. Appleby, Samuel Woods and Ernest Kemmling appointed jury to assess damages in road petitioned for by S.H. Irby et al.

J.W. McCullah, county treasurer, presented quarterly settlement. Examined and approved.

The following roads were ordered open: Road petitioned by Morgan Bull et al., William Murray et al., G.A. Owen et al., John C. Price et al., J.J. Hall et al.

Probate Court.

The following business has been transacted in vacation:

Estate of Phillip Koffenberger, deceased; heirs file waiver of right to administer and S. Dingeldein granted letters of administration after filing bond in sum of $500.

Estate of Emma J. Paulley, deceased; J.A. Moon presents an instrument in writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Emma J. Paulley, deceased, attested by Lizzie Stokes, Isabel Martin and Julia J. Stokes, witnesses and clerk granted certificate of probate. Her father, B.M. Berry, gets all the property except $1, which goes to her husband, J.C. Paulley.

Estate of Andrew J. Jones, deceased; ordered that no letters of administration issue and that the property be turned over to widow.

Estate of Lena C. Day, deceased; George S. Day presented the will of deceased, made March 15th, 1886, and attested by Dr. L.T. Watson and Newt. Williams. Clerk issued a certificate of probate.
She bequeaths her home place on College street to Lena E., daughter of Ruth and Jessie Homan.
To Ruth and Jessie Homan, $1_0 each. Their seven children, Willie, wards, of Philadelphia, $800.
To Ruth Homan, all-wearing apparel, with privilege of giving Mrs. Lizzie McCluer such articles as she may see fit.
To Lena E. Homan, her coral and hair pins, plain gold ring and silver spoons marked "Leftrich."
To Essie Godbey, her diamond ring and Bible.
She gives her books to Mesdames I.T. Watson, ("Female Poets of America"); J.L. Holland, ("Tennyson"), Mrs. Lawrence, ("Mrs. Hemans") J.F. Bryan, ("Byron"), Essie Godbey, photograph album, L. Ruth Homan, hymn book.
To her husband, George S. Day, the rest, residue and remainder of the property. He is also constituted executor without bond.

Estate of John M. Drake et al., minors; report of sale of real estate by curator approved.

Same entries in estates of Oscar Miles, minor, and George Long.

Sixth annual settlement in George W. Houser estate approved; balance due estate, $171.30.

Estate of William Miller, deceased; first annual settlement approved; balance due estate, $18.36.

Payton & Son allowed $54.55 against John Hulse estate.

Inventory and appraisement approved in Alfred Hosman estate.

Estate of Walter Farmer, deceased; inventory approved; bond taken and letters granted by clerk in vacation approved.

Inventory and appraisement approved in Phillip Kaffenberger estate.

Same entry in Nelson Wadlow estate.

Estate of Tillman Barnes, deceased; receipt of state treasurer for $13.96 for distributive share of one of the missing heirs filed and administrator discharged.

Sale bill approved in Margaret Hamilton estate.

Estate of Marcus Boyd, deceased; annual settlement approved and continued to October term, 1890.

Estate of Kindred Rose, deceased; annual settlement approved and continued to October term, 1890.

Estate of W.G. Hobbs, deceased; report of sale approved and deed ordered.

Estate of Solen Wright, petition for order to compel J.A. McConnell, curator, to make final settlement; ordered that he appear and show cause why he should not do so.

Estate of Calvin B. Kitchell, deceased; order to sell real estate, either public or private.

Inventory and appraisment filed in Lena C. Day estate.

Estate of Chauncey H. Clarke, minor; Gertrude M. Clarke appointed curator and files bond.

Estate of F.M. Watson, deceased; L.T. Watson, administrator, files final receipt of Margaret Anderson for $234.74½ and is discharged from further liability.

John M. Arnold appointed curator of Charles Love and ordered to give $100 bond.

Estate of George Tedrick, deceased; additional appraisement filed and approved.

Estate of R.S. Coulter, deceased; final settlement of C.H. Coulter, administrator, filed.

Estate of Joseph Gott, deceased; Nancy Gott, executrix, acknowledges execution of deed to B.A. Barrett to certain lot in Gott's addition.

Estate of Joseph Gott, deceased; order for specific performance of contract for sale of real estate to B.A. Barrett; deed made and acknowledged.

Estate of John Hulse, deceased; ordered that administrator make a deed of relinquishment to M.A. Frame for certain real estate held under contract of purchase by deceased during his life time.

Belle Bumgarner married Geo. W., in Dallas, Texas, March 31st, 1883, but on October 31st, 1886, she alleges he deserted her without just or reasonable cause, for which she has instituted divorce proceedings. She asks the custody of her daughter, Margaret L., aged four years, and prays that her maiden name of Belle Russell be restored.

Lettie J. Savage is unable to live amicably with her husband, William N., whom she married in Greene county June 16th, 1889. Her grounds for divorce are abandonment and failure to provide. She asks that her maiden name, Lettie J. Wilson, be restored.

James River Railroad.

Mr. Robinson informs us that an error was made in the County Court proceedings concerning the right granted to R.L. McElhaney, I.D. Robinson and J.R. Owen to construct and operate a railway from the east end of Walnut street to James river. Mr. Robinson says the capital stock is $200,000 with $100,000 paid up.

Thursday, July 17, 1890

A Bright Outlook.

Plans are being prepared for a three-story brick addition to Jess & Sturdy's carriage factory, corner Pearl street and South alley. The addition will have a frontage of fifty-five feet and be seventy-five feet deep, to be north of the present site. The estimated cost of this improvement will be between $5,000 and $6,000. when completed the whole works will be 75x100 feet. Work will commence inside of two weeks, or as soon as the bids are all in and the contract let. The capital stock of the firm has been increased, but the capacity will not be doubled until the first of next year.

Mr. Fox, of the electric light factory, is having a handsome dwelling built on Campbell street.

S.B. Fields is building in Crescent addition.

W.H. Daniel has commenced the erection of a nine-room house in Crescent addition.

Mrs. Thomas Green is having a two-story dwelling erected on West Elm street.

Major L. Ellenburg and J.B. Richardson are preparing to have gas mains extended to their residences on South Grant street.

The Eagle Mills are erecting an elevator, which will have a capacity of 100,000 bushels.

J.A. Stoughton contemplates the erection of a large livery stable, corner Boonville and Pacific streets.

H.S. Blankenship is figuring on a two-story business house on Commercial street.

W.R. Henson is building his tenth house in Woolley, Porter & Hubbell's addition.

C. Driscoll is preparing to build three seven-room cottages on Pine street.

C.J. Swanson is building a large hotel on Lynn street.

W.T. Davis will build a fine dwelling in Highland Park addition.

George Knelle is building a substantial addition.

Brick-laying commences Monday on D.H. McDaneld & Co's Chicago hide and wool house, North Campbell street. S.H. Epley has the entire contract.

Work is progressing rapidly on the Cumberland Presbyterian church, a $17,000 structure.

D.C. Kennedy is building a cottage on Mt. Vernon street.

A large force is at work on the three-story house of Dr. Nixon, east of Sittler's, on St. Louis street.

The first stories of the Campbell school building and the Metropolitan Electric street railway power house are expected to be completed today.

Springfield property is attracting the attention of Florida capitalists, D.C. Wells, sr., of Hillsborough county, having recently invested $17,800.

We understand Henry Scholten has decided to erect a commodious brick shortly on South alley, where the "Black Crook" saloon now stands, to be used for bottling works.

Sensational Suit.

Anna L. Haines has instituted divorce proceedings against her husband, J.W., for September term of circuit court. She alleges that they were married October 24, 1881, at Erie, Neosho county, Kas.; that she continued to live with him until the latter part of November, 1888; that he then deserted and abandoned her without just or reasonable cause; that a daughter named Pearl, now seven years old, was born of said marriage, for whose custody she asks.

James T. Ryder, who married his wife Minnie in Dade county, November 14, 1885, wants a divorce on the ground that she abandoned him without reasonable or just cause and has been absent three years.

Nannie DeBois wants a divorce from her husband, Frank, whom she married in DeSoto, Jefferson county, in 1887. She charges him with being a habitual drunkard, for which reason she abandoned him. Plaintiff asks for the restoration of her maiden name, Nannie Bruce.

Flora Kreider, four miles southwest of Springfield, who married her husband John in Burks county, Pa., November 14, 1858, alleges that she has continued to live with him until July 15, 1890. She alleges they had scarcely been married more than three years until he was guilty of adultery in Pennsylvania with Mary Paul and others, as he has since admitted; that since that time he has so abused plaintiff as to render her life intolerable; that they moved to Greene county eleven years ago; that since coming here he has been addicted to habitual drinking, is very cross and uses the severest kind of profanity and, black-guardism in the family and before the smaller children; that for ten years his treatment has been cruel and barbarous; that he has often struck her with his fist and told her to go away from him; that he offered her eighty acres of land to leave him; that she is the mother of seven living children by defendant and has had six more that are dead; that she has tried to live with him to save family disgrace and for her children's sake; but the abuse and ill treatment is more than humanity can stand; that the children are now nearly grown, the youngest being eleven years old, a boy; that on July 15th, 1890, he pushed her out of the house, told her to go and commence suit against him, as he wanted to get another woman, and remarked that he would kill her if she got more than her share of the property; that he has often threatened to kill her for any trivial matter he might take exception to, as he would have it. She further alleges that he is possessed of property to the value of $16,000 and she asks the court to grant her such part as is just and proper, etc.

Probate Court.

Estate of R.L. Campbell, minor; ordered that curator be authorized to pay ward $25 per month for his personal expenditures; curator's report of money loaned filed and approved; annual settlement approved; balance due estate, $12,551.21.

Estate of Charles Love, minor; bond of curator filed and approved for $100.

Estate of M.H. Williams, insane; final settlement of D.B. Delzell made by his securities filed and approved; he having paid all funds in his hands the court orders his discharge.

Estate of G.W. Temple; claim of Maggie Temple against said estate filed; it appearing that said claimant is administratrix of said estate the court appoints Charles D. Rogers administrator ad litem for the purpose of said litigation; claim heard and allowed for $57.

Estate of Harry Sheppard, minor; annual settlement approved; balance due estate, $7.25.

Estate of Rebecca H. Ashmore, deceased; first annual settlement approved.

Estate of George W. Temple, deceased; first annual settlement approved; it appearing that there are unpaid claims and no personal assets the executrix is ordered to sell certain real estate to pay the debts.

J.C. Howard vs V.J. Stillwagen, administrator J.G. Garnett estate; claim filed and set for hearing July 18th.

Estate of Hartwell Ivey; widow ordered to select of the personal property her $400 statutory allowance; administrator ordered to give credit on notes.

Estate of William J. McDaniel; petition for sale of real estate filed; sale ordered , public or private, for cash, proceeds to be reinvested as court shall hereafter direct.

Annual settlements approved in estates of Theresa Godby and John S. Waddill.

Estate of Hartwell Ivey; commissioners heretofore appointed to set out homestead to widow refused to act and court appointed J.C.T. Wood, D.L. Bradshaw and T.B. Holder to act as said commissioners, who are to report at October term.

Estate of George Stone; ordered that administrator be authorized to deposit $650 in the Springfield Savings bank for one year.

Estates of Ralph and Jamie Holland, minors; annual settlements approved.

Estates of Emma Snowden et al, minors; report of sale filed; approved and deed ordered.

Estate of James Duley, minor; annual settlement approved; balance due, $642.38.

Annual settlements approved in estates of Ernest H. Favor, Matthew, Louis, Jacob, Charles and Henry Walter.

Estate of Martha J. Phillips, deceased; final settlement approved; balance due estate, $43.77; ordered distributed among heirs and executor discharged on filing receipts.

Partnership estate of Bymaster & Lambeth; ordered that the matter pertaining to the order of sale of real estate be continued to next term.

Report of sale of real estate approved and deed ordered in estate of George Long, deceased.

Estate of William McClure; waiver of right to administer upon said estate by Susan McClure, widow, filed and letters ordered issued to F.M. McClure upon filing bond of $18,000.

T.J. Gray allowed $2.50 against Richard Noblett estate.

Estate of E.L. McElhaney; application to sell at private sale a lot of wheat of this year's crop now about to be threshed granted.

Final settlement in M.H. Mack estate continued to October term, 1890.

Estate of Austin D. Kilham; final settlement approved; balance due estate, $2,000.

Harrison Machine Works vs John G. Garnett estate, claim of $14.29 allowed.

Estate of D.H. Elwood; claim of the Bank of Springfield on six notes, aggregating $1,023.55, allowed.

Estate of George T. Bryan, deceased; administrator allowed credit for $2.90, amount paid Blake & Co., and $19.40 paid J.F. Bryan; first annual settlement approved.

Estate of Lulie Merigold, deceased; Frank Merigold allowed $1,416.10.

Estate of William B. Findley, minor; James Weller selected curator and ordered to give bond. Same entry in Robert Findley estate.

W.A. Hall & Son, allowed $41.15 against Lulie Merigold estate, and Ely Paxson $221.50.

First annual settlement approved in Hester Weaver estate.

Additional sale bill approved in Elias P. Hine estate; administrator ordered to expend $27.50 for tombstone for grave of deceased; annual settlement approved; balance due estate, $1,140.61; David L. Hine appointed curator.

Eli Paxson allowed $37.50 against Squire Horn estate.

Estate of J.G. Garnett; C.D. Behler's claim allowed; administrator ordered to pay widow $40 per month for first year's support.

Estate of Charles A. Speers; final settlement approved. Balance due estate, $414, which is ordered distributed and executrix discharged.

Estate of George Tedrick; final settlement approved. Balance due estate, $46.45, executor ordered to pay Eli Paxson $40.45 and Plummer & Morrow $6 and be discharged.

Estate of J.W. Lambeth; administrator makes application to compromise a number of accounts and a judgment in the circuit court for $200 at not less than 50 cents on the dollar. Granted. Annual settlement approved.

Estate of John D. Brown, minor; ordered that curator expend $50 for benefit of said minor.

Inventory and appraisement approved in William E. Witherspoon estate.

Estate of Edwin S. Blackwell; final settlement approved and curator discharged.

Estate of Charles Sheppard; first annual settlement approved; balance, $8,771.90; report of money loaned approved; curator allowed $150 for support of ward.

Estate of Bertha Wells; annual settlement approved; balance, 65 cents. There being no assets administration discontinued.

Annual settlement in Josie Wells estate approved.

Estate of Mattie Quisenberry; curator ordered to pay Ellen Robinson, mother of said minor; $6.50 per month for next twelve months.

Same entry in Gracie Quisenberry estate.

Estate of Lulie Merigold; application to strike from inventory the 75 shares of stock in Vicksburg street railway company, because same had been previously sold to and paid for by Eugene Martin, filed by executor, who is discharged from any further liability of same; application to sell seven bonds of said road filed; also claim of Frank Merigold filed.

Estate of Sarah Baum; settlement of curator approved; balance due estate, $325; report of money loaned approved. Same entries in estates of other minors.

First annual settlement approved in Elizabeth Rose estate.

Estate of James Gilmore, minor; annual settlement approved; balance due curator, $8.47. Same entries in estates of George and Minnie Gilmore except that the balances due curator are $6.22 and $61.38.

Estate of John S. Phelps, minor; third annual settlement approved.

First annual settlement approved in M.B. Loyd estate.

Estate of Lulie Merigold, deceased; ordered that executor be authorized to compromise seven bond of Vicksburg street railway company at best terms possible and at not less than 20 cents on the dollar; order of private sale made for above.

County Court.

J.C. Wooters & Co. and Routh & Kirby granted dramshop licenses.

W.W. Donham presented fee bills amounting to $473.__ and $455.90 of said amount was allowed.

A. Demuth; county clerk, presented a statement showing condition of county and township school funds on the 30th of June, 1890. The principal of the township school fund is $16,631.86; interest, $321.63; county school fund, $39,270.09; interest, $1,349.02; total principal, $55,901.95; total interest, $1,670.65.

Thursday, July 24, 1890

The Anderson Case.

Lebanon, Mo., July 21 -- The jury today brought in a verdict of not guilty in the case of state vs. Ed. Anderson charged with murdering his father.

County Court.

Ely Paxson allowed $28 against Ambrose Fondren estate.

Annual settlements approved in estates of James F. Estella and Maud Means; balances, $1,600.42, $1,618.06 and $1,702.97.

Final receipts of administrator filed in John Dean estate.

Estate of Alfred Hosman; petition to sell ten fat hogs at private sale granted.

Estate of Alma W. Murphy; permission to sell lot 8, block J, Walker's railroad addition to Ash Grove, granted.

Estates of Grace M. and Wilbur P. Hammond, minors; third annual settlement approved.

Estate of Dora McDaniel; John W. Brittain, curator, files final settlement, approved and curator discharged.

Estates of Martha R. and Sparlin N. Williams, minors; curator files settlement showing no property in his hands; administration discontinued and curator discharged.

First annual settlement approved in Margaret and W.H. Hamilton estates.

Estate of R.A. Clark, deceased; ordered that administratrix pay to Julia Clark, widow, $1,200 for first year's support of herself and family; $400 statutory allowance also granted; she also gets all the household and kitchen furniture; first annual settlement approved and claim of E.H. Lair for $4 allowed.

Third annual settlement approved in Allen M. Shelledy estate.

Estate of Barthlow Ballard, minor; curator ordered to pay Mrs. Minerva Ballard $12 for board of said minor.

Appleby & Rutherford allowed $1.65 against J.C. Ellston estate.

Annual settlement approved in estate of Lewin Henry.

Alcena Fisher borrows $350 school funds.

E.E. Colby, surveyor and ex-officio road commissioner, authorized to take relinquishment from Z.G. Murray and Jacob Rosenberger to the approaches to the Sac river bridge through their lands.
Following accounts were allowed:
J.T. Carter, road overseer...$41.50.
B.H. Robinson, juror...$2.25.
J.R. James, juror...$2.25.
A. Demuth, canceling warrants...$16.75.
E.E. Colby, services as road overseer...$86.00.
Springfield Gaslight Co., gas for jail...$9.00.
Springfield Water Co., water for court house...$37.30.
A. Demuth, postage, etc....$2.85.
W.T. Zink, services as road overseer...$73.83.

W.P. Cook allowed $41.35 as road overseer and $13.50 for work on Jefferson road.

Court adjourned until Wednesday morning.

Criminal Court.

Judge Oliver convened the July term of criminal court Monday. After the grand jury had been empanneled, sworn and charged, they retired to consider of indictments and presentments. J.W. Peacher is foreman.

The petit jurors were discharged until Monday, 28th inst.

Joseph Logan and Orathan Cravens were discharged from jail.

The case against Ira Overturf, carrying concealed weapons, was nollied.

The case against Mrs. J.C. Conby, disturbing the peace, was dismissed.

Miss Annie Mooney was appointed stenographer.

James Huddleson and John Spencer pleaded guilty to gambling, fined $5 and costs each and they will beat rock.

A.H. Young and John C. Kelley were fined $1 and costs for shooting on public highway.

Will McDonald, witness, recognized in sum of $100 to appear in case of John Schener et al.

State vs. D.C. Watts and Henry Searcy, selling liquor in violation of local option law; applications of prosecuting attorney filed to supply last indictment.

S.C. Kirk permitted to sign the roll of attorneys.

John Cravens discharged from jail as insolvent.

City of Springfield vs Alex Johnson, carrying concealed weapons; set for trial July 28, 1890.

State vs Lulie McLaughlin, keeping bawdy hosue; set for trial July 28th, 1890.

The case against Charles T. Cottrell, grand larceny, was continued by consent.

Joe Mayfield's trial set for the 28th on charge of exhibiting weapon an[d] rude manner.

State vs S.W. Moreland, concealing mortgaged property; set for trial the 28th inst.

City vs E. Zabek, disturbing peace; same entry.

The case against William Johnson, disturbing peace, was continued by consent.

City vs Joe Miller, carrying concealed weapons; set for trial July 28th.

Forfeitures of recognizance and alias capiases ordered in cases of state vs Arnet Kinney, gambling, etc.

State vs J.F. Oberholtzer, selling liquor to minor; set for trial July 28th.

Motion to quash indictment filed in case of state vs George F. Julian, disturbing religious worship.

The case against Squire Claypool, petit larceny, was dismissed on motion of prosecuting attorney and costs assessed against the county.

Costs assessed against county in cases of State vs Mary Anderson and J.W. Decker, contempt of court.

Martin Henry Hall, charged with obtaining money by means of false pretenses, was ordered discharged from prison, his case having been nollied. He was convicted at the last term under section 1.561 , and would have got two years in the pen, had not the supreme court declared the section unconstitutional. This section of law is the one under which the Bohemian oats men were indicted.

Probate Court.

Estate of A.M. Saffarans, deceased; final settlement of W.E. Bowden, deceased, made by J.C. Cravens, on of his securities as administrators of A.M. Saffarans, approved and security ordered discharged on filing receipt of W.E. Bowden's successor; receipt filed and securities discharged; final settlement of J.L. McCraw, administrator, continued to October term, 1890.

Estate of A.H. Kelley, deceased; first annual settlement approved; balance, $5.50.

Estate of R.A. Clark, deceased; claim of D.D. Denton for $18 allowed; Ely Paxson allowed $85; annual settlement approved.

Estate of John B. Beiderlinden, deceased; final settlement approved; balance due, $694.91, which is ordered paid to Nancy Beiderlinden, the only legatee under the will, and executrix ordered discharged on filing receipt.

Estate of Francis Rouffly, deceased; settlement approved and administration discontinued for want of assets.

Estate of Martha Bacon; annual settlement approved and final settlement continued till October term, 1892.

Annual settlement in estate of John T. Young et al, continued till October term, 1890.

Estate of James H. Webb; final settlement approved and curator discharged.

The grand jury is at work, but no indictments have been returned.

George H. McCann & Co. allowed $13 against John C. Ellston estate.

Dr. H.S. Hill allowed $72 against estate of Lulie Merigold.

Final settlement approved in R.Q. Banfield estate; balance due, $916.72, ordered distributed and executrix ordered discharged upon filing receipts.

Final settlement approved in Austin D. Kilham estate and administrator discharged.

Estate of Georgia Gorman; James D. Gorman selected curator.

Inventory and appraisement approved in estate of Mary C. Gorman.

First annual settlement approved in Martin A. Holder estate; balance $55.20.

First annual settlement approved in Ada I. Ross estate.

Annual settlements approved in estates of Lewis and Clara West; balances due in each estate, $217.24.

Estates of Marion, Lewis and Walter Nelson; first annual settlement approved; balances due each ward, $110.54.

First annual settlement approved in Charles L. Miller estate; balance, $263.07.

First annual settlements approved in estates of Albertis, Follis and Fred Banks.

Estate of Mary M. Bassinger; final settlement approved and curator discharged.

Annual settlements approved in estates of Ella, John and Thomas Bassinger.

Estate of Albert Gibson, minor; G.A. Dillard, curator, files third annual settlement; balance due estate, $482. Approved. Report of money loaned approved.

Estate of Charles E. Dillon, minors; order appointing R.R. Dillon curator revoked, he having failed to give bond.

S.H. Lair allowed $25 against Lulie Merigold estate for putting in vault at cemetery.

Estates of Belle Tinsley et al; settlements continued to July term, 1891.

Second annual settlement in Mary B. McDaniel estate.

Estate of James B. Robinson; final settlement filed.

F and L. Union.

List of officers elected by the Greene County Farmers' and Laborers' Union at the meeting held in Springfield, July 11th and 12th, 1890:
H.G. Mullings, President.
Wm. McKerall, vice president.
T.S. Wilson, secretary.
J.M. Wilhoit, treasurer.
E.B. Moore, lecturer.
R.P. Mathews, assistant lecturer.
S.C. Bayless, chaplain.
W.T. King, door-keeper.
C.G. Noblet, right steward.
T.B.S. Denby, left steward.
J.T. Watson, sergeant-at-arms.
M.V. Ingram, business agent.
T.S. Wilson, delegate to state convention.
Among the more important things done was the passage of a resolution introduced by Brother P.F. Vaughan, demanding of our state legislature the early passage of a law requiring that all books needed for use in our common schools be published by the state and furnished to the people at cost.
The general public might also be interested in knowing that our meeting was largely attended and our proceedings reasonably harmonious. We were eminently successful in keeping the order out of the domain of partisan politics though there seems to be an unalterable determination to oppose for office the men who oppose our demands regardless of their partisan affiliation.
In difference to the wishes of our brethren in the west end of the county, our next meeting will be held at Ash Grove, Oct. 3, 1890.
Respectfully submitted, .....T.S. Wilson, Secretary.

The Most Popular Young Lady.
Following shows the order in which the young ladies stood in the Diamond Ring voting contest at H.M. Heckart's Saturday, July 19th:
1 Miss Fannie Walker.
2 Miss Toncie Tucker.
3 Miss Sallie Hall.
4 Miss Fannie Crenshaw.
5 Misses Minnie Wakefield and Maud Walker.
6 Misses Kate Sherwood, Annie Hardy and Lizzie Jones.
7 Misses Annie Williams, Nellie Fay and Alma Orstott.
8 Misses Lizzie McDaniel, Cora Clayton, Fannie Clark and Lucy Phelps.
9 Misses Jennie Rathbun and Maud Carson.
10 Misses Jetta Clay and Alma Price.
11 Jisses Jessie Balderson, Emma Weaver and Allie Mindon.
Judges John G. Newbill and F.H Shipman.

Thursday, July 31, 1890

Public and Private.

Oscar Newman is building a four room cottage corner of State and Guy streets.

Col. Sam Moore has just completed two handsome houses on State street, near Grant.

Street Commissioner Warford has graded and guttered Evans street from Walnut to Grand avenue, and did a good job.

Poles for the electric railway have been erected on State street from South to New. It is the intention of the company to go south to Grand avenue, thence east to South, making a circuit.

Mrs. McDaniel is building an addition to her home on South street.

T.J. Boyd has completed two dwellings on Evans, near Mt. Vernon, and intends to build two more.

The West Walnut street railroad is to be extended south on Fort street to Forrest avenue, thence west to the Preacher Park.

The scheme to establish a pleasure resort on the James is attracting attention in the vicinity of the McCracken mill. There are handsome grounds that could be converted into a park. The extension of the east Walnut street line to some point in that vicinity is not a myth. The Mauzey farm, just below the McCracken mill, is spoken of and is a beautiful place.

The Kickapoo railroad is within a mile of the National Cemetery. By extending it the business of the road would be greatly increased and the public accommodated.

In various parts of the city the wooden sidewalks are tattered and torn and dangerous. The condemnation committee should look out.

Criminal Court.

The grand jury failed to indict William Walker on charge of felonious assault and he was discharged; judgment for cost against John L. Goodwin, prosecuting witness.

John Carter was arraigned for burglary and larceny and pleaded not guilty.

George Snoover, who is in jail for stealing jewelry and other articles from H.M. Heckart, was arraigned and pleaded not guilty; James M Camp was appointed to defend him.

J.C. Conley, charged with disturbing the peace, was discharged.

J.R. Marsh discharged from service on regular panel of petit jurors.

Berry Fields, contempt; arraigned and discharged on payment of costs.

L.D. Clouse, disturbing the peace; released from jail as an insolvent.

State vs Isaac L. Hart, libel; information quashed and case sent to St. Louis court of appeals.

City of Springfield vs Alex Johnson, carrying concealed weapons; appeal from city recorder; continued by agreement.

City of Springfield vs Toy Job, same charge; set for trial Monday.

State vs W.R. Davidson, assault; appeal from J.P.; set for trial Monday, July 28th.

State vs Albert Serotzky and Frank Hufnagel, appeal from J.P., petit larceny; set for trial Monday, July 28th.

State vs Arch McAdams, carrying concealed weapons; set for trial Monday, July 28th.

State vs Robert Downing, disturbing the peace, appealed from J.P., information dismissed and costs taxed against the county.

City of Springfield vs John Liggitt, disturbing the peace, appeal from city recorder; continued by agreement till next term of court.

R.L. Bone, for good cause, excused from service on regular panel of petit jury during this term. E.G. Wadlow was substituted.

William Reed, not having been summoned, being out of the county, did not appear and the sheriff was ordered to return into court the name of some suitable person to serve in his place.

W.C. Miller was tried by the following jury for lewd and lascivious conduct, having pleaded not guilty; J.C. Howard, R. Hindman, Gid Bingham, Toney Ward, Virgil Pursley, W.A. Pursley, John Granade, Green Fulbright, Riley Morris, G.A. Dillard, F.M. Turner and B.F. Grantham. After hearing the evidence the following verdict was returned: "We, the jury, find defendant guilty as charged in the indictment and assess his punishment at six months in the county jail. John Granade, forman."

State vs Isaac Teague, selling liquor in violation of local option law; forfeiture of recognizance set aside at defendant's cost.

State vs Joseph Mayfield, exhibiting weapon in rude manner; continued by agreement.

City of Springfield vs Joe Miller, carrying concealed weapons; same entry.

City vs Toy Jobe, same offense; dismissed by city at its cost.

Sylvester Harless, charged with misdemeanor, discharged from jail as insolvent.

George F. Julian, charged with disturbing religious worship, pleaded not guilty, was tried by a jury and acquitted.

The case of W.R. Davidson, assault, was continued by agreement.

State vs Lula McLaughlin, keeping bawdy house; physician's certificate as to defendant's health filed.

The case of city vs E. Zable, disturbing the peace, was dismissed at cost of city.

Silas Meathers pleaded guilty to disturbing a meeting and was fined $1 and costs.

The case against W.E. Kirk, breaking fence, was continued by agreement.

The cases against S.S. Cox, Smith and Bailey, charged with obtaining money under false pretenses, were nollied.

State vs Wm. Walker, carrying concealed weapons; forfeiture and alias capias ordered.

Dr. S.W. Moreland, after a jury trial, was found guilty as charged in the information and punishment assessed at a fine of $10.

Probate Court.

Estate of Floyd Kelley, deceased; final receipts of Homer and Monroe Kelley, distributees, filed and administrator ordered discharged.

Estate of Hixey Thomas, deceased; final settlement filed showing balance of $14.50 in hands of administrator; administrator ordered to pay certain claims and be discharged.

C.H. Heer Dry Goods Co. allowed $6.38 against Lulie Merigold estate; Dr. James A. Goslin also allowed $30.

J.G. Cash et al, vs estate of Anna Hanna, deceased; claim dismissed for want of prosecution and cost charged against plaintiff.

Joseph Martin vs E.A. Hanna; dismissed at cost of defendant.

Estate of A. Hanna, deceased; final settlement approved and administrator discharged.

Estate of James Dumars, deceased; inventory filed and approved.

Anna Wood allowed $5 against estate of Anna Naughton.

Estate of Mary M. Payne, deceased; order to pay $400 to estate of Minda Payne rescinded; executor ordered to pay curator of Minda Payne, et al, minors, $50 each.

Administrator ordered to distribute $625 among heirs in estate of J.W. McDaniel.

Estate of Mary Fondren, deceased; motion filed to require administrator to make distribution of money on hand.

Estate of James F. Atzert, minor; petition of B.S. Raymond filed; $60 allowed.

Estate of Mary D. and S.W. Atzert; same entries.

Estates of Mary D., J.F. and S.W. Atzert; petition of Sarah A. Raymond filed.

Estate of Frank A. Jones, minor; final settlement filed and curator ordered discharged.

Estate of Robert L. Fondren, minor; W.K. Morris appointed curator and required to give $800 bond.

Estate of James Dumars, deceased; Joe Dumars filed claim for $140 for funeral expenses; there being no co-executor George W. Arnold is appointed as administrator ad litem to defend against said claim; after hearing said demand is allowed; first annual settlement approved.

Estate of Nancy Fondren, deceased; ordered that $225 be distributed among heirs.

Estate of Hartwell Ivey, deceased; report of commissioners to set off homestead and dower filed, examined and approved; first annual settlement filed and ordered to be approved upon the administrator filing the receipt of Anna Belle Ivey, widow, for $100 paid on her $400; administrator ordered to sell certain real estate to pay debts.

Estate of C.D. McAdams, deceased; annual settlement approved and continued to October term, 1890, for final settlement.

Inventory and appraisement approved in estate of William McClure; administrator ordered to turn over all household and kitchen furniture to widow and 400 pounds of bacon, 80 pounds of lard and $500 in cash as first year's support.

Administration discontinued for want of assets in estates of Lizzie and Eveline Gambell, minors. Each heir received $9.15 from balance due estate.

Dr. Bartlett allowed $47.75 against John Kincaid estate.

Estates of A.R. and May Walker; first annual settlements approved; balances due, $115.04 and $438.95.

Estate of Ralph Walker, minor; first annual settlement approved; balance due $438.95.

First annual settlement approved in Roena Winstead estate.

Estates of Lillie F. Wilkerson et al; final settlement of David Wilkerson, security on the bond of A.B. Wilkerson, late curator of said estate filed.

Estate of Austin Denny, minor; continued until July term, 1891.

Administration discontinued in estate of Elizabeth Long, deceased.

First annual settlement approved in Geo. M. Cox estate.

Final settlement approved in Walter Farmer estate and W.T. Sloan, curator, discharged.

Additional inventory approved in Geo. M. Cox estate.

Second annual settlement approved in Henry Farmer estate.

Inventory and appraisement approved in estate of W.D. Pickel, deceased.

Estate of John Hulse, deceased; report of surrender of real estate to M.A. Frame to lot 34, block 43, North Springfield, filed and approved.

Annual settlement approved in Nora Gaddy estate; balance $438.25.

Estate of Wm. Cobbs, deceased; final settlement approved; balance due estate, $8,032.16. The court finds that Horace B. Cobbs is the only heir and money ordered distributed. Administrator ordered discharged on filing receipt.

Estate of John H. Rogers, deceased; fourth annual settlement approved and further settlement continued to July term, 1891.

Estate of Francis Webb, deceased; final settlement approved; all debts having been paid and the estate being indebted to administrator $411.60, administrator is discharged.

Estate of Philip H. Tinsley, deceased; continued to October term, 1890, for final settlement.

W.C. Price vs C.H. Goffe, administrator of P.A. Danforth, deceased; motion heretofore filed and heard now overruled.

Estates of Thomas J. Crenshaw, minor; ordered that Fannie S. Crenshaw, guardian and curator, apply $198.66, the amount of his distributive share in L.A.D. Crenshaw estate, toward payment of his portion of the $1,500, amount of homestead, etc.

Same order to other minors.

Miss Elizabeth Craig allowed $20 against Lulie Merigold estate.

State vs. Joseph Loch, assault and battery; continued by consent.

State vs. George F. Julian, disturbing religious worship; motion to quash indictment overruled.

Several cases against liquor dealers were dismissed, continued, nollied, and some pleaded guilty and were fined.

State vs. J.G. White, carrying concealed weapons; set for trial July 28th.

Same entry in case of state vs William Walker.

Motion filed to quash information in cast of state vs W.R. Davidson, assault.

Same entry in case of Arch McAdams, carrying concealed weapons.

State vs W.E. Kirk, breaking fence; set for trial July 28th.

Several gambling cases were disposed of by nollie, pleas of guilty and continued by agreement.

County Court.

Mary Alice Mooney, eleven years old, was ordered sent to the school for the deaf and dumb at Fulton.

T. Rose allowed $197.67, balance due for building bridge across dry creek.

The court ordered that block 2 be attached to the town of Strafford.

John P. Hubble and Bro. awarded the contract for insuring the alms house proper for five years, being the lowest bidder, at $3.75 on the $100. It is further ordered that he insure said building for $10,000. Porter & Hubbell secured the tornado insurance for $2,000, or at the rate of 75 cents on the $100.

A number of accounts were allowed, the largest being that of W.H. Lyman, $380, for removing steel cages from old jail and contract work on cages.

R.E. Bailey was awarded contract for putting lightning rods on the county alm house at the following price: Three-fourths inch copper coated lightning rod for 17 cents per foot complete, to consist of three points and two down rods.

Adjourned until next Monday, August 1st.

Charles Long was ordered sent to the school for deaf and dumb at Fulton in September.

Order appointing jury to try matter of damages assessed by commissioners in road petitioned for by W.G. Perkins et al, was rescinded, and a motion was filed to set aside report of jury and appoint a new one.

A warrant for $10 was ordered drawn in favor of W.C. Price for benefit of L.M. Mooney.

J.W. Hall granted a dramshop license.

After allowing a few accounts court adjourned until next Monday, 28th inst.

U.S. Commissioner's.

John Sullinger, charged with counterfeiting in McDonald county, was brought in this morning by Deputy Marshal Thomas, who arrested him on a capias. Defendant will be required to give a new bond or else go to jail to await action of the next term of court.

Barn Burned.

The barn of Coog Thomas, who lives about five miles east of town on the Marshfield road, had his barn destroyed by fire Saturday. The grain was insured but the building was an entire loss. He will rebuild at once, the new structure to have more than usual architectural pretensions. The loss was not much more than $500.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Weekly Leader; March 2, 1876 - June 6, 1878 / March 10, 1887 - Oct. 30, 1890; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained October 22/25, 2005.

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