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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
January, 1890


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January 2, 1890

Boone Township
Ash Grove, Dec. 26.

Miss Nellie Watts has returned from Clinton.

John Maple received a daughter as a Christmas gift.

Prof. G.W. Turner has returned from Marshall, Texas.

Mrs. William Greenstreet died Friday night.

W.W. Spragins underwent a surgical operation last week in order to save his life.

There is much complaint on account of a scarcity of freight cars.

Mrs. Robert Greathouse of Fayetteville, Ark., is the guest of friends.

Anna Booth, who was recently married, took some pounded glass and strychnine last Friday night with suicidal intent. A physician was called and she recovered. No cause is assigned for the rash act.

The Drury College Cadet Corps gave a creditable entertainment in the city last Thursday night.

Misses Janie Corum and Jennie Murphy returned from Bolivar, where they attended school the past three months.

The Select Knights.

Last Saturday evening about thirty members of the Springfield Lodge, No. 39, Select Knights, of the A.O.U.W., met at Ozark for the purpose of organizing a new lodge at that place. They left Springfield at 6 p.m., in a private car accompanied by the Gehr band, and on arriving at Ozark were met at the depot by a large number of prominent citizens, who conducted them to the Taylor home, where they were tendered an elegant reception. After the festivities had ended they were conducted to the hall, where the new lodge was organized with a membership of about forty. Officers were installed. After the meeting adjourned the visiting members returned highly gratified with the hospitality with which they had been received. The following is a list of the excursionists: H.R. Gehr, Geo. Green, Joe Jones, M.C. Early, F.Reckenberg, S.A. Baker, T.M. Kinney, Wm. Oaken, A. Lobmeyer, W.H. Lamson, R.A. Dickerson, J.F. Paul, J.W. Payne, J.P. Paul, Bert Cowles, John Gehr, D. Foraler, Albert Davidson, Wm. Lawson, Chas. Sams, Ira Jacqwith, L.E. Ott, James Sams and A.C. McKnight.

County Court.

Valuation of James H. Thornbill's personal property reduced from $80 to $10.

Lots assessed to Robert Pate and W.F. Steffin ordered stricken from books - double assessment.

Miss Dovey H. Stone, 20 years old, residing at the North End, was ordered sent to the Nevada insane asylum on the testimony of James S. Scoggs and Fred W. Henschey, witnesses, and a certificate from Dr. Clements, county physician.

A warrant for $80 to pay Dovey H. Stone's expenses at Nevada asylum was ordered drawn.

Following accounts allowed:
A Demuth, services; $90.15.
John Mack, digging grave; $4.25.
H.G. Mullings, services; $5.00.
O.B. Smith, services; $5.00.
M. Bowerman, services; $5.00.
T.P. Ruddle, hauling; $1.00.
D.E. Davis was allowed $494, balance due on jail building, Judge Mullings dissenting.

A.B. Appleby, superintendent, filed his report stating that D.E. Davis had completed his contract for building the new county jail according to plans and specifications and that all indebtedness against said building has been discharged. Report approved and building accepted.

Adjourned until next Monday, January 6th.

Another $5,000 Damage Suit.

Dr. S.W. Moreland comes to the from, today with a $5,000 damage suit against the city, alleging that on Sunday, August 11th, 1889, while walking on the Washington avenue sidewalk, between Chase and Atlantic streets, his foot caught in a hole in said sidewalk, throwing him violently around so as to twist and severely strain his foot and limb generally, and especially injuring the knee, and he was only prevented from falling by catching to the fence near by. Inflammation set in and continued for several weeks, rendering him unfit for business, that he has not yet fully recovered and the injuries are likely to be permanent, etc.

Orange Blossoms.

Mr. Sherman Petitjohn and Miss Fannie, accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Webber, will be married January 8th at Church of the Immaculate Conception.

On Thursday, January 9th, at 530 South street, William L. Shields will lead Miss Ella Harmon to the hymeneal altar.

New Association.

A branch benevolent association of the retail liquor dealers of Missouri has been organized in this city with the following officers:
President - J.C. Rule.
Vice-president - John A. Dameron.
Secretary - C.A. Murphy.
Treasurer - John Kelley.
Directors - Charles Brhemer, J.L. Agnew, A.L. Knight, John Kinsella, A.P. Routh.

January 2, 1890

Attempted Jail Delivery.

The fifteen prisoners in Cell No. 3 of the county jail made another attempt to escape last night by burning the ceiling over the cage. When W.T. Brown, acting jailer, and Harry Vaughan, deputy sheriff, went in at 9 o'clock to lock up they discovered their work and nipped the scheme in the bud. All the prisoners were immediately locked in the cage. This is the same cell where a similar attempt was made a few nights since. Eleven darkeys and four whites are confined in this cell and they doubtless wished to enjoy New Year's.

Charged with Grand Larceny.

George Sappington, colored, was arrested near the Molloy farm, yesterday afternoon, by W.B. Hinnman, deputy sheriff, brought in and lodged in jail to await a preliminary examination before Justice Dalrymple today, on charge of stealing a gold watch and silver spoon from the dwelling of W.W. Blackman, a substantial farmer, residing six miles west of the city. This darkey has been behind the bars several times during his long residence in Springfield, and [several illegible words] at the state capital in the near future.

Horse Thief Captured.

On Sunday night, Dec. 22d, the horse and buggy of George Hayes was stolen from the rack at Yenkley's Chapel, west of Republic. He was attending church at the time and for several days afterwards was unable to obtain a clue. Parties scoured the country in all directions in search of the thief. Sigel Rose, a neighbor, telegraphed yesterday that he had arrested a man named Richards at Fortner Hill, Dallas county, who is charged with the crime, and is on his way to Springfield. Defendant had disposed of the property, but it had been recovered. Richards formerly worked near Republic.

January 9, 1890

In Default of $5,000 Bond in Each Case He is Committed to Jail.

The case of state vs M.C. Hayes, charged with feloniously shooting George Robins and John Hayes, the letter carrier, was, on motion of the prosecuting attorney, continued until the 16th inst., when it will be heard before Judge Brewer. The bond was fixed at $5,000 in each case, in default of which he was committed to jail for safe keeping. The cause of the postponement was to await the result of the wounds. The deplorable affair is still the all-absorbing topic on the streets.

Death of Joseph Gott Last Night - Brief Sketch.

We regret to announce the death of an estimable and highly esteemed citizen, Mr. Joseph Gott, aged 78 years, which occurred Monday night at his home, corner Center and Boonville Sts, where he had lived many years. He had been ailing for several months and his death was looked for almost any time.
Deceased was born in Shelby county, Ky., August 24th, 1812, being the son of Jonathan and Grace Gott, who were among the early settlers of Kentucky. Mr. Gott removed to this city in 1845. He was a carpenter for several years. The Campbell residence was erected by him and now stands south of town. His widow, Mrs. Caroline Gott, survives him at the ripe old age of 84 years. They were married in 1857, and two children are left to mourn his departure - Jane and Ben - each resident of the city and county. Harvey, the son of L.C. Likins, deceased husband of Mrs. James Hines, was his adopted child and cared for in his will. He also leaves twelve grand children and three great grand children. In politics Mr. Gott was a staunch Republican.
Mr. Gott lived an upright, honorable life, generous, humane to all and passed away without an enemy in the world. He well knew that death was approaching and recently made a will in which all his children, wife and grand children were remembered. He was worth about $2,000.
The funeral will take place at 11 o'clock Wednesday morning under the auspices of the Masonic fraternity, of which he has been a member in good standing for forty years, and the remains will be laid to rest in Maple Park Cemetery. Rev. Pierce, of the M.E. church, will conduct the religious exercises.

Acquitted of Felonious Assault.

Justice Dalrymple had an interesting case before him yesterday, which terminated at 3 o'clock. Conductors John Lydon and James Coffee and Amod Tuck, brakeman, all employes of the Frisco, were tried on the affidavit of D.W. Gould, an ex-engineer of the same road, who charged them with felonious assault on him December 31st, 1889.
Gould testified that he passed defendants near the Ozark hotel; that Lydon called him back; that Coffee or Tutt struck him on the back of the head with brass knucks and knocked him insensible.
The defense proved by five witnesses that no one struck him but John Lydon, who used his fist, and that Coffee, Tutt and Parsons helped take the revolver from Gould.
At the conclusion of the preliminary examination Judge Dalrymple discharged the defendants, and the North Side sensation was over.
D.W. Gould is being tried today before Justice Evans on the affidavits of R.B. Carmack and John Lydon, charging him with assault and carrying concealed weapons. Eight or ten witnesses will testify and Judge Evans has reserved seats on the table.

John Hayes, a Letter Carrier, and George Robins, Colored, the Victims.

A sensational shooting scrape occurred on West Walnut street about __ o'clock Saturday afternoon near Clark's meat market. Mick Hayes, while intoxicated, deliberately pulled a revolver - 38 calibre - and shot John Hayes, his cousin, under the left shoulder, the bullet striking his spinal column. The victim fell to the sidewalk and was soon carried to Paul Day's drug store, where physicians did all in their power to relieve his suffering.
George Robins, colored, aged about twenty-five, was also shot through the left side, the bullet cutting the lower part of his lungs. John Hays was attempting to prevent his cousin from shooting the colored man when he was shot. The darkey, as we understand, did nothing to warrant the unprovoked assault. After the shooting he was conveyed to the office of a physician, had his wound dressed and Policeman Roberts conveyed him to the house of a colored woman, said to be his sister.
After the shooting Mick ran away and told Mr. James Hayes that he had shot Johnny. Deputy Sheriff Wade Hindman shortly afterward arrested Mick Hays at home and took him before Justice Brewer, who required him to give $5,000 bond, in default of which he was sent to jail to await the preliminary examination.
Up to 9 o'clock this morning the condition of the injured men was some better, but fears are entertained that they cannot recover.
It is difficult to get the facts, owing to the many conflicting statements, but they will undoubtedly be developed at the preliminary examination. The affair is to be deplored by all good citizens and is another strong argument against carrying concealed weapons.
T.J. Delaney has been employed to defend Mick Hayes.

Business Changes.

R.E. Brumage has disposed of his interest in Hotel Ullmann to A.A. Button for $2,605.

Hatfield & Tracey sold their feed store, 315 South street, to John McKee and the stock is being invoiced. Mr. Hatfield will remain with the new firm until February 1st.

The Ball Extracted.

Several surgeons and physicians performed an operation on John Hayes yesterday afternoon and succeeded in extracting the bullet, which was lodged in the spinal canal. He bore the dangerous ordeal bravely and his condition is as well as could be expected under the circumstances.



The January term convenes Monday, January 13th. W.W. Donham, circuit clerk, who has just completed the docket, says there are 768 cases - eleven more than last term. Of this number eighty-one are divorce suits. The room has recently been greatly improved and is neater and more convenient.


Wesley Kincaid vs Melvina Kincaid, executrix John Kincaid, deceased; hearing set for Saturday, January 11th,k 1890.

Estate of Chas. Altinger, deceased; order to sell personal property at private sale granted.

Estate of John Anderson, minor, bond of J.F. Eccleston, taken in vacation, approved.

Partnership estate of Murphy Bros., John R. Murphy deceased; bond taken and letters granted in vacation approved.

Inventory filed and approved in G.W. Ballard estate.

Estate of James Russell, deceased; inventory and appraisement approved.

Estate of R.H. Kelley, deceased; claim of R.H. Swinney for $9.80 allowed.

Phillip Carey Manufacturing Co. was allowed $9 against John G. Garnett estate.

Estate of Z.M. Rountree, deceased; application of N.M. Rountree for refusal of letters granted and ordered that widow take property of deceased.

Estate of Toliver H. Godey, deceased; ordered that letters granted and bond taken in vacation approved.

Estate of Lulu Rose Collings and E.M. Collings; final receipt filed and E.C. O'Day, curator, discharged from farther liability as such curator. Same entry in Lillie Rose estate.

First annual settlement approved in Hixey Thomas estate.

Estate of George Long, deceased; sale of property ordered for cash or upon such terms as deemed proper.

Estate of R.H. Ashmore; executor ordered to expend not to exceed $30 for tombstone at grave of deceased.

First annual settlement approved in John Kincaid estate.

Estate of M.B. Lloyd, deceased; report of sale of land in Taney county approved and deed ordered.

Inventory and appraisement filed in John G. Garnett estate; petition for sale of certain personal property at private sale ordered for cash at not less than three-fourths of appraised value.

Inventories filed in estates of David M., Laura W. and Joetta Ross.

Estate of M.B. Loyd, deceased; administrator acknowledges deed to Levi T. Taylor for sale of land in Taney county; order made to sell personal property at private sale.

M.C. Vinton allowed $8.50 against J.T. Hubbard estate.

J.M. Tune & Co. allowed $18.25 against M.B. Loyd estate.

Estate of William Holden; final settlement filed, showing $1.65 due administrator; approved and administrator ordered discharged.

Jake Marx allowed $21.95 against J.T. Hubbard estate; ordered that administrator accept the proposition of John Wallis for the payment of $40 in satisfaction for seven notes due estate, signed by William W. Myers, for $7 each, due one each six months after twenty-four months from date, March 24th, 1888.

Estate of Elizabeth Long; claim of Thomas Long vs administrator of said estate; set for hearing January 11th, 1890.

Estate of Grant Marley; settlement continued to January term, 1891.

Brookline Cemetery Association allowed $8 against M.B. Loyd estate.

Estate of Jacob S. Beeber; settlement continued to January 11th, 1890.

Estate of John W. Wadlow; order refusing letters and property turned over to widow.

Estate of David M., Joetta and Laura M. Ross, minors; report of sale of real estate by curator approved and deed ordered.

Estate of James Russell, deceased; ordered that all household and kitchen furniture be turned over to widow; widow also gets $400 statutory allowance.

Estate of W.L. Chapman, deceased; annual settlement continued till April term, 1890.

Second annual settlement approved in J.P. Moore estate.

James Miller allowed $136 against estate of Charles L. Miller; report of sale of real estate approved and deed ordered.

Annual settlement approved in John Kincaid estate.

Proof of notice of final settlements filed in estates of G.W. Sittler and Spencer Watson.


A warrant for $8 was issued on the poor fund in favor of M.A. Waddle for benefit of D. Floyd for quarter ended January 1st, 1890.

Road petitioned for by W.F. Cooper et al ordered open.

Roads petitioned for by W.G. Perkins et al and William Banister, set for hearing first Monday in February.

Application of G.H. Sease for correction of error in real estate assessment ordered referred to prosecuting attorney for an opinion as to the power of the court in said cause.

Road petitioned for by John Hyde et al; motion to dismiss heard in above cause.

E.E. Colby, county surveyor, ordered to procure right of way from Charles C. Lydig for change of Springfield and Buffalo road, petitioned for by C. Lydig et al.

Noah Houck allowed $6 for keeping Rebecca Houck for quarter ended December 31st, 1889.

A. Robb allowed $101.60 for putting in sewer for new jail. Judge Mulling is absent, else he would have dissented.

Ordered that L.A. Biggs notify one Tolander to remove an obstruction on public road known as the College street road near Dingledein's brewery.

he Herald was allowed $18.35 for printing.

E.E. Colby, commissioner of roads and bridges, reports that in pursuance of an order dated August 19, 1889, he proceeded to advertise as per order and after twenty days to offer at public outcry the contract for the furnishing of material, erection and completion ready for travel of a wooden truss bridge according to plans and specifications thereof. Judsen Chamberlain, being the lowest bidder, was awarded the contract for $323. He was ordered to give bond of $630, with two good securities, for faithful performance of said work.


Ernest Ferguson's appointment as deputy recorder approved.

Road petitioned for by L.K. Haseltine et al. set for hearing first Monday in February, 1890.

Road petitioned for by John C. Price et al referred to county surveyor to view and report as to the practicability of opening said board.

Road Petitioned for by W.W. Freeman et al referred to surveyor.

Roads petitioned for by William Murray et al, R.F. Lay et al. G.A. Owen et al., J.J. Hall et al. referred to road commissioners.

Roads petitioned for by A.C. Persing et al and G.W. Hines et al referred to county commissioner Colby.

Road petitioned for by L.T. Robertson et al.; change granted and ordered open.

Road petitioned for by Townley Rose et al ordered open.

I.N. Deaton allowed $10, services as road overseer.

Ruful Gosnell allowed $10 for keeping pauper.

The school tax on J.T. Wilson's personal property was ordered reduced from $2.75 to $1.37.

A number of double assessments were corrected and numerous accounts, the largest being $436.10 for benefit of patients of the St. Joseph asylum.

Ely Paxson, coroner, presented a statement of costs for holding inquests on bodies of J.B. McDaniel, $34.73; L.M. Cooper, $35.43; Oliver Cobb, $25.65; unknown woman, $33.85; George Schrable, $29.55. Harvey Murray, a justice of the peace at Ash Grove, also held an inquest over the body of Isaac Ward, the costs amounting to $21.70.

Road petitioned for by John Hyde et al. ordered dismissed on account of irregularities.

Valuation on lot 13, Smith's addition, assessed to A.R. Fearn, reduced from $1,600 to $1,000.

The school tax of J.H. McClanathan ordered reduced from $6.40 to $1.60.

Judge Sherwood's property ordered reduced from $5,000 to $3,600, on account of clerical error.

E.E. Colby, county surveyor, was ordered to establish the boundaries of road petitioned for by J.H. Reynolds et al.

Springfield Hardware Co. allowed $36, material furnished for sewerage at new jail.


The Woman's Missionary Society of Grace M.E. church will meet at the parsonage next Tuesday afternoon, while the ladies sewing circle is to be held at Mrs. Ely Paxson's Thursday afternoon.

S.J. Bunker has been elected superintendent of Benton Avenue M.E. Sunday school.

January 16, 1890


Grand Jurors.

George Leeper, Boone township; A.B. Appleby, Franklin; S.G. Appleby, Cass; J.W. Britain, Pond Creek; George Campbell, Clay; M.P. Johnson, Washington; Frank Smith, Jackson; Robert Dillinger, West Center; John McGregor, W.W. Jeffries, W.A. Reed and T.E. Burlingame, Campbell.

Petit Jurors.

J.D. Boone and W.P. Elson, Boone; W.N. King and R.A. Vaughan, Roberson; G.J. Biggs and R.E. Hamontree, Cass; W.W. Garoutte, Pond Creek; E.H. Britain, Republic; J.S.R. McCracken and N. McCorkle, Clay; Jake Treverbaugh and A.B. Caldwell, Taylor; J.M. Winsett and R.M. Winn, Jackson; J.W. Frame, Center; J.B. Neal, Brookline; Emmett Edmondson, Dave Burgess, Thomps. Walker, J.C. Gibson, Thomas Kershner, William M. Armstrong, F.M. Donnell and W.G. Porter, Campbell.


J.H. Murphy allowed $250 on note against J.T. Hubbard estate.

Fannie Hunt allowed $4 against Belle Hardin estate.

Estate of Thomas Weaver, settlement approved; balance due estate, $300.

Same entry in estate of Campbell, Joseph and Fred Weaver.

Sale bill filed and approved in estate of A.M. Boston; L. Dyer & Co. allowed $29.60 against said estate.

Settlement continued to October term in estates of Andrew, John and Daniel Coward.

Estate of Dora Patterson, deceased; settlement of administrator filed showing nothing in his hands; discontinued for want of assets.

Annual settlements approved in estates of John B. Sanders, Harry P. Merrit and Leander C. Williams.

E. Sander allowed $18 against estate of O.P. Gray.

Estate of Mary A. Mills, deceased; motion for an order on administrator to sell notes belonging to said estate.

Annual settlement approved in William Grant Roberts estate; balance due $_73.15.

First annual settlement filed and approved in estate of William Orcutt, deceased.

Estate of John T. Smith, deceased; ordered that the deposition of John O'Day be opened and filed.

Annual settlements approved in estates of J.W. and M.C. McCrosky.

Estate of William S. Butcher, deceased; claim of A.H. Julian for $6 allowed.

First annual settlement approved in A.J. Goodwin estate; balance due, $250.97.

Ordered that the administrator distribute $5,000 among heirs of William S. Butcher estate.

Estate of John T. Smith; administrator ordered to enter satisfaction of record of deed of trust made by James Long to John T. Smith.

Estate of William S. Butcher; administrator allowed credit for error in inventory; additional inventory approved; annual settlement approved.

Estate of Kafie Panley et al; annual settlements filed and approved; widow allowed $30 each for support of minors.

Estate of M.B. Loyd, deceased; administrator ordered to pay widow $50 as part of her first year's support.

Estates of Edwin Mills et al. continued till October term, 1890.

Estate of Jacob R. Beiber, deceased; final settlement approved and administrator discharged.

Estate of Mary Watter; executor ordered to turn over to curator of minor children the proceeds of sale of personal property.

Estate of Rosa Buckner; curator allowed $75 for commission and extra services in said estate; also ordered that he pay Thrasher, White & McCammon $20 as attorney's fees; curator allowed $35 against Walter S. Buckner estate; attorney's fee, $10.

Estate of Elizabeth Long; amended interplea of Thomas Long.

Amended settlements approved in estates of Anna Firestone et al.

Estate of M.L. Kelley, minor; annual settlement approved, showing nothing, and administration discontinued.

Estate of Robert Cates, minor; T.A. Wakefield, curator; files bond, which is approved; inventory approved.

Annual settlement approved in Junius M. Rountree estate.

Estate of Lillie Shutt; affidavit filed by T.J. Delaney asking an inquiry into her sanity; hearing set for Friday, January 17th, 1890.

Annual settlements approved in Rosa and W.S. Buckner estates; report of money loaned filed and approved.

Annual settlement approved in estates of Mary Walter, Mary D., S.W. and James F. Atzert, Lulu, Mamie Claude, Waldo, Clara and Bernie Adams.

Estate of J.M. Cheeseman, deceased claim of A.R. Dixon for $8 allowed.

Wesley Kincaid allowed $39 against John Kincaid estate.

Final settlement approved and administrator discharged in N.W. Haun estate; balance due administration $7.82.

Estate of John F. Atzert; final settlement of Sarah A. Atzert (now Raymond), approved and administrators discharged.

Estate of Kate Hardin, minor; Emmett D. Jarrett selected annual settlement guardian of her person, and ordered to give $1,000 bond.

Annual settlement approved in estate of Isaac Dyer.

Estate of Clara, Anna and Allen Crenshaw, minors; annual settlements approved.

Estate of James M. Beckley; annual settlement approved and administration discontinued for want of assets.

Estate of William Gneedig; ordered that certain real estate be sold for cash, either public or private.

Annual settlement approved in Hattie Smith estate.

Estate of Quincy Cauble, minor; annual and final settlements approved and curator discharged; ordered that curator have $28.71 for support of ward. Same entries in estates of other heirs.

Estate of T.H. Godey, deceased; administrator ordered to pay widow $400 for first year's support; inventory and appraisement approved.

Estate of Elizabeth Long; ordered that administrator pay to Thomas Long the amount of claim, court finding that the money in controversy belonged to Thomas Long instead of estate of deceased.

Widow's $400 statutory allowance made in estate of T.H. Godey.

Estate of Thomas Ingle, deceased; application for letters de bonis non. with will annexed, filed by Thomas Laycock, who is ordered to give bond in sum of $80.

R.H. Swinney allowed $4 against estate of A.M. Boston.

J.R. Deputy allowed $2 against M.B. Loyd estate.

Hospital Site.

The generous offer of Mrs. Rebecca Champman and Mr. W.S. Farmer to give two acres of land for a hospital is beginning to create emulation. Col. Babe Harrington comes to the front and offers two acres one and a half miles southwest the Square, on Grand avenue for a site. The case is still open. Next.

January 23, 1890


George McCauley, corner Jefferson and Division streets, died Monday night of peritonitis, aged 12 years. The remains were interred in Hazlewood Cemetery this afternoon.



Estate of Hugh H.B. Farmer; information filed of death of said person, stating that he had no relatives in this country who are entitled to preference in administering on said estate, therefore it is ordered into hands of John L. McCraw, public administrator.

Estates of D.E. Allen et al, minors; annual settlements approved.

Estate of Mary M. Payne, deceased; will presented, proved and admitted to probate; Moses T. Harris granted letters testamentary and required to give $700 bond; bond approved. The property was bequeathed to her children.

Estate of P.A. Claywell, deceased; final settlement continued to April term.

Estate of Mary A. Mills, deceased; interplea of Sarah E. Merrill heard and granted; order to pay Emmett Owen a share of said pleader and that his cost be taxed against the share of said Emmett Owen.

Estate of Frank E. Anderson, minor; report of money loaned filed and approved; balance due, $791.46.

Estate of Mary J. Jones; Annual settlement approved; balance, $98.99.

Final settlement approved and curator discharged in George and Mamie Green estates.

Estate of Sterling Smith, deceased; ordered that executor pay all legacies specifically made in the will of said deceased.

Estate of Calvin B. Kitchell; petition filed for sale of real estate and publication ordered.

Estate of George W. Ballard, deceased; ordered that the administrator of said estate pay to curator of minor children the sum of $400 as the statutory allowance, there being no widow; administrator ordered to pay minor children $250 for first year's support.

Estate of Ira, Jerome and Barthlow Ballard, minors; curator ordered to pay John F. Ballard $1.50 per week for support of minors from August 1st, 1889, to January 1st, 1890.

Estate of Otto Ballard, minor; curator ordered to pay John F. Ballard $24 for clothing and board, the $24 to be taken from Otto's share in the $240 allowance.

Estate of M.E. Hightower, insane; annual settlement approved and administration discontinued for want of assets.

Estate of John R. Murphy, deceased; Effie M. Murphy, widow, granted letters of administration and bond of $15,000 ordered.

Estate of Alma W. Murphy, minor; Effie M. Murphy appointed curator and required to give $2,500 bond.

Estate of T.H. Godey; claim of $25 allowed against said estate; first year's support of widow increased to $720.

Annual settlement approved in Geo. E. Batson estate; balance due, $709.13. Same entry in Cordia Batson estate except that balance due is $702.89.

Estate of Mollie Bassinger, minor; curator ordered to expend $4 for clothing and $6 for books for ward.

T.J. Delaney allowed $27.50 against Charles Altinger estate.

McCluer Bros. allowed $21.50 against Belle Hardin estate.

Estate of John G. Garnett, deceased; McCluer Bros. allowed $11 for services.

Settlements approved in estates of M.E. Daisy and C.G. Bryan; also reports made of money loaned, which were approved.

Final settlement filed in J.A. Dittrick estate.

Second annual settlement approved in Robert Cannefax estate.

Final settlement filed in partnership estate of W.E. Redfearn & Co.

Estate of John S. Smith, deceased; final settlement approved and order of distribution continued.

In matter of alleged insanity of Lillie Shutt; jury trial and verdict of inity [?]; J.H. Duncan appointed guardian of person and estate and required to give $100 bond.

Annual settlement approved in Veda Phillips estate; balance due, $550.04; report of money loaned filed and approved.

Estate of Willard W. Dewy, minor; continued until January term, 1891.

In the matter of alleged insanity of Lulu Murphy; trial by following jury: C.M. Greenlee, M.C. Vinton, Perry Langston, R.H. Porter, T.A. Wakefield, A.W. McCroskey, James Wilkerson, N.J. Snow, B.B. Havird, W.D. Hughes, T.J. Howser and E.G. Wadlow. After hearing the evidence the following verdict: "We, the jury, find Lulu Murphy of unsound mind and incapable of managing her affairs."

W.A.C. Murphy appointed guardian, who files bond in sum of $75, with S.C. and S.A. Haseltine as securities, which is approved.

Estate of James Squibb, deceased; executors ordered to turn over to widow, Rachel Squibb, the balance of personal property, amounting to $338.55, as her absolute property and take receipt; final settlement filed, approved and executor discharged on filing receipt of widow.

Annual settlements approved in estates of Arthur, Charles W., Matrie and Grace Quisenberry, minors.

Alonzo, son of Minerva Davis, minor, aged sixteen years, selects Brannick Wilkerson curator of his estate, who accepts and gives $25 bond, which is approved.

Same entries in estates of David T., Ida A., D.J. and Charles C. Davis, except that A.M. Davis is curator.

Estate of Murphy Bros.; inventory and appraisement filed and approved; petition for private sale of personal property granted.

Estate of John Bymaster, deceased; application for letters of administration de bonus non filed by George T. Frazier granted, who files bond of $300 and letters issued.

Kerr & Wyatt allowed $17 for medical treatment against A.M. Boston estate.

Estate of E.W. Hurst, deceased; final settlement approved and executor discharged upon filing final receipt.

Estate of Dorsey Gray; first annual and final settlement filed, approved and administration discontinued for want of assets.

G.A. Ramsey allowed $5 against estate of John T. Rathbone, deceased.

Estate of of Floyd Kelley, deceased; final settlement approved and order of distribution continued; petition to compromise certain notes filed and granted.

Annual settlement approved in C.G. Beshears estate.

Second annual settlement approved in estate of Mary A. Mills; balance due estate, $1,621.02; ordered that administrator distribute $1,500.

Annual settlement approved in estates of Susie, William and John B. Cox.

Estate of Thomas Ingle, deceased; bond of Thomas Laycock, administrator de bonis non, with the will annexed, approved and letters issued.

Estate of Mary A. Mills, deceased; motion of Sarah E. Merritt, interpleader, filed; J.R. Milner, administrator, enters appearance and hearing continued til Saturday, January 18th.

Estate of Elijah W. Hurst, deceased; final settled January 15th approved and executor discharged.

Estate of James A. Wommack, deceased; ordered that the administrator expend $15 in erecting a monument over grave of deceased.

Estate of Robert Cates, minor; petition for sale of real estate filed; sale ordered for cash, either public or private.

Reports of sales approved and deeds ordered in estate of Alvin and Mary R. Wommack, minors; curator acknowledges deeds.

Estate of Fred J. Rowland, minor; final settlement approved and curator discharged.

George Merrell allowed $55.80 on note against estate of John Harkness, deceased; also $197.95, $42.10, $31.95, $30.60, $132.60 on notes against said estate.

Estate of Alfred H. Kelley, deceased; order for sale of certain real estate, either public or private, for cash.

Estate of W.B. Anderson, deceased; widow allowed $645.89 for first year's support.

Estate of J.M. Merrell, deceased; petition for sale of real estate filed and order of publication made.

Appraisement filed and approved in estate of John H. Boyts, deceased.

William T. Smith, aged 19 years, heir of W.B. Smith, selects George W. Smith as curator, who accepts and ordered to give $400 bond.

Same entries in estates of John H., Albert H., George W., Nora S., Clara B. and Harrison Smith.

Estate of Jacob A. Dennis; annual settlement approved; balance due estate, $135.94.

Estate of William C. Dennis; annual settlement approved; balance due estate, $135.94; M.A.C. Dennis is curator of both estates; report of money loaned approved.

Estate of David Lowrie, deceased; final settlement approved and distribution ordered.

Estate of W.B. Anderson, deceased; final settlement approved; there being nothing to distribute, administrators ordered discharged.


Henry Westmoreland vs. T.J. Delaney et al.; motion to set aside non-suit sustained and case reinstated.

St. Louis Refrigerator and Woodenware Gutter Co. vs. Missouri Lumber Co., A.H. Rogers, garnishee; order to docket.

E. Coady vs T.E. Atwood, mechanics' lien; motion to set aside judgment heretofore rendered sustained, execution quashed and lev. vacated; motion for leave to answer filed by defendant.

The Heilman Machine Works vs Charles P. Tuttle et al., note; judgment for plaintiff by default for debt and damages, $647.50.

Rosenheim, Levis & Co vs M.E. Timmons, notes; dismissed as to Mary E. Timmons; judgment for plaintiff by default for debt and damages; first count, $371.20; second, $372.

Annie N. Townsend vs A.J. Minard, note, judgment for plaintiff by default for debt and damages, $2,563.

R.W. Caswell et al. vs E.H. Marshall, notes; judgment for plaintiff by default for debt and damages; first count, $167.92, second, $120.06; third, $120.06; fourth, $138.70.

S.H. Horine vs W.H. Kershner, note; judgment for plaintiff by default for $190.30.

R.E. Everett vs Nancy Heckart, note; judgment for plaintiff for $1,968.06.

Thomas Merritt vs W.A. Knott et al., note; judgment for plaintiff for $541.

Case & Willard Thresher Co. vs Southwestern Implement Co., money bad and received; James R. Vaughan chosen special judge and case set for hearing January 23d.

Same entries in case of Morris & Bros., and Sichler Co. vs same defendants.

W.P. Hubbard, by next friend, F.M. Wolf, vs A.L. Smith, money had and received; W.C. Price elected special judge, trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages.

Wood Manufacturing Co. vs H.C. Bright et al. account; interlocutory judgment against E.B. Hayden.

Bridgeport Organ Co. vs A.A. Pond, bill of exchange; judgment by default; debt and damages on first count, $107.50; second count, $105.

J.E. Taggart vs Mollie Taggart, divorce; trial by court and decree on payment of costs; costs satisfied.

O.T. Worman vs H.H. Williams, account; interlocutory judgment.

_.A. Brown & Co. vs B.M. Brownlow; sheriff acknowledges deed.

Daniel Patrick vs Amanda Patrick, divorce; trial by court and decree for plaintiff.

Richard M. Jones et al. vs C.C. Wrightsman et al., damages; trial by jury, who find issues for defendant, Robeneau.

Richard M. Jones et al. vs C.C. Wrightsman; verdict for plaintiff for $145.

Jane Seaton et al. vs Jane Goodin, dower; trial by court and case taken under advisement.

Permelia C. Ward vs. James T. Ward, divorce; decree granted plaintiff.


Bond of the Champion Wrought Iron Co. for erection of bridge over Sac river, on Bolivar road, approved. It is for $6,000.

The merchants' tax of Appleby & Rutherford was ordered reduced from $5,000 to $2,500.

J.S. Millikin awarded contract to erect a wooden truss bridge over Dry Sac for $326.75, Judson Chamberlain failing to give bond.

E.E. Colby ordered to proceed to survey and locate the road petitioned for by James C. Hughes et al.

Road petitioned for by Sue E. Campbell et al continued till first Monday in February, 1890.

Same entry in regard to road petitioned for by J.M. Black et al.

This is the day fixed by law for the assessor to make his report, but, being sick, he was not ready and court adjourned until first Monday in February.

Coroner's Inquest.
The Railroad Not to Blame - Condition of the Injured.

Coroner Paxson held an inquest last Tuesday over the remains of D.C. Harman, the fireman who lost his life in the railroad wreck near Mansfield last Thursday afternoon. The jury consisted of G.E. Williams, Ad Clark, L.E. Hooper, William Burks, Gabe Young and William Yandles.
Conductor Mike Short and two brakemen named Widdowson and Dowdy were the only witnesses who testified, but they utterly failed to throw any light as to the cause of the accident. The conductor, in coming around the curve, was in the caboose and the first thing he knew the cars were piled up in the ditch. Fifteen miles an hour was their schedule time, and all testified that the train was going at the rate of between twelve and fourteen miles when the wreck occurred. The engineer, Mr. Howland, who had a leg crushed, was the first one rescued. Then George Hughey was attended to. The body of Harman was not bruised, and his death resulted from suffocation and scalding steam.
Widdowson, one of the brakemen, was riding in the cab with young Hughey at time of the accident and jumped through the window, resulting in a broken arm.
One of the brakemen also testified that they were on the lookout for a work train before the accident occurred and were not running at a high speed.
The jury returned a verdict to the effect that the deceased was suffocated and scalded to death.
It was thought last night that Howland would have to have his leg amputated.
George Hughey, who was severely scalded on the arms and face, is much improved and we hope to see him out soon.
W.W. Fagan, general superintendent, came in last evening on a special and departed today for the South. It is supposed he has gone to view the scene of the wreck.


Some weeks ago the Chamber of Commerce appointed a committee to visit Boone, Marion and other counties in northern Arkansas to collect statistics and interview the citizens regarding the extension of the Chadwick branch. Gen. John E. Phelps, Hon. John McGregor, Col. J.P. Tracey and Col. E.S. Finch, after spending over a week in that fertile region, awakened much enthusiasm among the people and found them anxious to have railroad connection with the "Queen City of the Ozarks." As a result of their labors exhaustive reports and maps, showing the resources of that section, have been prepared and they are entitled to the gratitude and thanks of the people in this city for their unselfish devotion and energy in behalf of Springfield. Since their return the representative and substantial business men are fully posted and realize the valuable trade which can be brought here by securing a southern extension. Once get railroad connection in that section and there would be no trouble in securing a northern outlet, as a number of roads would have a lively tilt to reach here first.
The Meeting.
About 7:30 o'clock last night the Chamber of Commerce was well filled with prominent citizens, including Rogers & Baldwin, John McGregor, L.B. King, J.P. Tracey, A.R. Fearn, L.W. Hubbell, James Reilly, W.J. Boling, Ben Hirschland, W.D. Sheppard, Capt. George M. Jones, G.D. Milligan, Dr. L. Ullmann, F.R. Massey, G.S. Catlin, C.S. Tomlinson, Charles H. Goffe, X. Hawkins, Judge W.D. Hubbard, George A.C. Woolley and numerous others.
On motion of W.D. Sheppard John McGregor was elected chairman protem in the absence of J.W. Powers.
Mr. McGregor called the meeting to order, when the secretary, J.P. Tracey explained its object, which was to appoint a large delegation, visit the general managers of the various railroads and see what could be accomplished in securing a southern extension from Chadwick. The colonel stated that this was one thing that all citizens could heartily unite on and he had asked the Merchants' Exchange to co-operate and appoint a committee to act in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce. H saw J.F.G. Bentley and he promised to do all eh could in making the movement a success. Mr. Tracey said he was one of a committee recently appointed to select thirty men to visit Kansas City and St. Louis, and submitted the following, who had signified their intention of going:
Those Who Will Go.
W.D. Sheppard, John McGregor, R.L. Bone, C.H. Goffe, N.M. Rountree, S.H. Horine, R.L. McElhaney, Geo. M. Jones, F.E. Headley, H.D. Silsby, C.S. Tomlinson, L.W. Hubbell, G.S. Catlin, G.D. Milligan, L.H. Murray, J.P. Tracey, X. Hawkins, R.S. Eddy, F.S. Heffernan, D.C. Kennedy, H.F. Denton, James Reilly, R.E. Everett, W.G. McLaughlin, G.A.C. Woolley, E.S. Finch, T.B. Holland, L. Ullmann, A.R. Fearn, E.D. Paroe[Parce], T.E. Burlingame, J.F.G. Bentley, G.A. Ramsey, and F.A. Wishart.
Remarks were made by Messrs. Boling, Hubbell and McGregor in regard to details.
Mr. Catlin wished to know how many on the delegation would pledge themselves to go, whereupon twenty present answered in the affirmative.
Mr. Tracey suggested a meeting be held Thursday night to map out a program and fix a time for starting, but no action was taken.
L.T. Bell advocated the chartering of a car, get out flaming streamers advertising the city and take up a popular subscription to foot expenses. No action.
Mr. McGregor suggested that the Chamber invite an unlimited number of representative citizens to go.
On motion of Mr. Tracey the report of committee to select names was recommitted with instructions to extend list and invite all citizens to go.
New Members.
The following new members were admitted into the Chamber: Dr. R.L. Ramey, D.D. Denton, E.L. Weaver, Ben Hirschland and I.N. Smith, the latter an insurance agent recently from Marshfield.
When Will They Start?
No definite time was fixed as to when the delegation would leave, and George M. Jones suggested that more attention should be paid to details in order to insure success. Due notice will be given, however, when they are ready.
There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

January 30, 1890



L.J. Loser vs Thompson Manufacturing Co., on confession of judgment; motion filed by James Abbott to dismiss proceedings; answer of Abbott filed.

S.A. Brown & Co. vs James Craddock, possession, appeal from justice of the peace; dismissed by agreement of parties at defendant's costs, judgment against appellant and securities.

Fred F. Mayfield vs Frank Smith et al, contract, appeal from justice of the peace; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

Southwest Lead and Zinc Co. vs Firemen's Fund Insurance Co., venue from Jasper county; continued by court under stipulations.

S.C. Frost vs D.S. Dorrell, account; trial by jury and issues found for plaintiff; damages assessed at $60. J.M. Cowan foreman.

Household Dewing Machine Co. vs W.F. Payne, notes; judgment of dismissal as to fifth count set aside; judgment on four counts set aside; case ordered reinstated; case set for hearing January 27th, 1890.

A.B. Pierce vs S.G. Allen, account, appeal from J.P.; judgment by default for plaintiff for $19.20.

Peters Saddlery and Harness Co. vs W.B. Raymond & Co., account; judgment against W.B. Raymond and F.C. Harman by default for debt and damage, $275.63.

James G. Gaines was arraigned for contempt of court and discharged.

Warran F.P. Whip Co. vs W.B. Rennolds et al. account; judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $290.

Mary J. Cox vs J.A. Hursh, note; judgment for plaintiff for $92.

W.E. Appleby vs W.R. Conley et al, note; judgment for plaintiff for $268.

H.A. Tatum vs Frisco Railway Co., damages; motion by plaintiff to prosecute as a poor person.

W.H. Smith Hardware Co. vs Harrison and Louisa Sewell, judgment; decree for plaintiff for debt, interest and costs, Louisa Sewell to hold real estate for all creditors, and especially for plaintiff; decreed that the land be sold for plaintiff's debt, interests and costs.

Haseltine Bros. et al vs D.M. and W.M. Sims, attorney's fees; application for change of venue, alleging prejudice of judge.

Same entry in case of same vs G.H. Edds.

Lauranie Johnson vs Robert Johnson, divorce; trial by court and decree for plaintiff.

William H. Nichols vs William Young, ejectment; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

Henry Westmoreland vs T.J. Delaney, ejectment; trial concluded and case taken under advisement.

Missouri Land and Live Stock Co. vs William H. Clouse, foreclosure judgment for plaintiff by default for $510.75; decree of foreclosure on vendor's lien against land.

Robert Walker, a native of Great Britain, files declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States.

Lizzie W. Warner vs W.J. Warner, divorce; order to file petition and issue process. This couple were married September 28th, 1862, in Indiana. Her husband afterwards accused her of committing adultery with various persons. She alleges that he failed to provide and abandoned her; that about November 20th, 1888, he returned and promised to reform and she permitted him to live with her again; about June 14th, 1889, he again abandoned her; she has resided in Springfield the past two years and asks that defendant pay all mony and $100 for attorney's fee.

R.E.M. Mack appointed deputy sheriff by J.C. Dodson. Appointment approved by court, he takes the oath and enters upon the discharge of his duties.

A.M. Owen et al. vs J. Bell et al.; sheriff files report of sale of real estate.

William J. Payne vs Stanard & Jones, injunction; trial by court and decree for plaintiff divesting title to the farm lands described in petition out of defendants and reinvesting title in plaintiff, W.J. Payne, and divesting title out of plaintiff to house and lot in city of Springfield and house and lot in Portis, Ark., described in petition and reinvested title thereto in H.R. Stanard, defendant, and that parties execute mutual deeds in execution of this decree and that the plaintiff be reinvested with all the personal property mentioned in the petition, and that the plaintiff have the proceeds of the sale of the grocery store mentioned in petition and that defendant waive all right to suit for damages on injunction bond, and plaintiff pays to defendant Jones $800 in cash and pay all costs of this suit; received discharged from further responsibility of any property and relieved of all obligation as such receiver.

Annual settlement approved in estate of Aubry L. Thacker, minor.

Estate of Albert Gibson, minor; petition for sale of real estate, filed, examined and sale ordered, either public or private, for cash.

Estate of M.B. Loyd, deceased; report of failure to sell certain described real estate; application for new order filed and sale ordered, either public or private, for cash on such terms as the court may approve.

Estate of James Squibb, deceased; receipt of Rachel Squibb, widow, filed for $338.55 and executors discharged.

Final settlement filed, approved and executor discharged in Nancy A. Rose estate.

Estate of George W. Stitler, deceased; final settlement approved and executrix discharged.

Gustav C. Widmeyer, a native of Great Britain, granted papers of final citizenship on evidence of C.E. Phillips and J.C. Dodson.

L.J. Lozier vs Thompson Manufacturing Co.; confession of judgment motion for execution to issue against James Abbott as stockholder for amount due on subscribed stock.

Newton & Fricke vs W.B. Strong & Son, attachment; dismissed by plaintiffs at their costs as to W.B. Strong; judgment by default on evidence heard for plaintiff for debt and damages against W.B. Strong, Jr.; first county, $296.85; second count, $701.

Nancy F. Bledsoe vs Hale F. Bledsoe, divorce; trial by court and decree on payment of costs; custody of minor children awarded to plaintiff; costs paid.

S.M. Brake vs J.C. Dodson, replevin; dismissed by agreement of parties at defendant's costs.

M. Hoffman vs M.E. Williams, attachment; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs as to S.M. Brake, defendant.

Haseltine Bros. vs W.M. and D.M. Sims, attorney's fee; dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution; motion by plaintiffs to set aside judgment; judgment of dismissal set aside.

Jerome Dickerson vs Olney & Patterson, attachment on note; dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution.

C.B. Holland vs M.F. Hedgpeth, note; continued by consent of parties till next term.

Greene County National Bank vs Irwin W. Jenkins et al, note; same entry.

Excelsior Stove Works vs S.M. Loyd, notes; judgment for plaintiff by default against defendant for debt and damages; first county, $272.63; second, $518.85; third, $615.24; fourth, $612.21; fifth, damages $20.

St. Louis Stamping Co. vs S.M. Loyd, account; trial by court, evidence of plaintiff heard and judgment by default for $958.34.

The Case and Willard Thresher Co. vs J.P. Glass, note; judgment by default for debt and damages; first count, $161.65; second, $127.27.

C.B. Holland vs W.A. Norman et al, note; judgment by default for debt and damages, $228.86.

Same vs same; judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $196.50.

Same vs C.W. Clapp et al, note; dismissed by plaintiff at his cost as to C.W. Clapp, judgment by default against other defendants for debt and damages, $364.60.

Same vs Irwin W. Jenkins et al, note; judgment by default for debt and damage for $224.75.


Settlement continued to January term, 1891, in estate of Lillie J. Dewey, minor.

Estate of Rebecca Gaines, deceased; administrator ordered to expend $30 for monument over grave of deceased.

Estate of Mary Walter, deceased; executor ordered to pay V.J. Stillwagen $150 as attorney fee.

First annual settlement approved in estate of W.F. Barham, deceased.

Estate of Joseph Chandler, minor; annual settlement approved.

Estate of W.P. Whitlenberg; Elizabeth A. Whitlenberg waives right to administer and John P. Whitlenberg granted letters; ordered that he be required to give bond of $2,000; bond approved.

Annual settlement approved in Giles T. Newbill estate.

Estate of John Hutchinson; final settlement approved and administrator discharged.

Estate of Belle Hardin; final settlement approved and curator ordered discharged on filing receipt of E.D. Jarrett, administrator, for $3.

Estate of Benjamin M. Fulk; application for refusal of letters filed and granted; widow ordered to take all personal property.

Estates of George Potter et al; settlement filed showing no assets and administration discontinued; curator discharged.

L.T. Watson allowed $9 against Hannah Kelley estate.

Dr. J.E. Tefft allowed $10 against Belle Hardin estate.

Annual settlement approved in estate of Edward Sherman, minor.

Estate of William Massey, deceased; annual settlement continued to April term, 1890.

Annual settlement approved in estates of Wallis Burney et al., minors.

Estates of R.L., C.C. and W.A. Johns; same entry.

Estate of A.J. Thompson, deceased; final settlement approved; balance due estate, $114.65.

Estate of John H. Boyts, deceased; inventory of real and personal property filed and approved; executrix ordered to turn over to widow all the household and kitchen furniture, appraised at $92.25; claim of Dr. E.T. Robberson for $12 allowed; ordered that executrix turn over to widow 150 bushels of potatoes, appraised at $22.50; six head hogs, worth $36, and nine shoats, worth $18, and pay to her $523 as first year's support.

Annual settlements filed and approved in estates of M.A. and L.A. Grubbs.

Partnership estate of Bray & Cravens; final settlement filed.

Estate of P.A. Danforth, deceased; Annual settlement approved and continued to April term, 1890, for final settlement.

Estate of John S. Waddill, deceased; continued to July term, 1890, for final settlement.

Estate of Jackson Thomas, deceased; final settlement of executrix filed.

Estate of Ella Ballard, minor; ordered that curator pay Mrs. Nichols $10 for expense of said minor.

Ash Grove

Mrs. Howard Granthan is dangerously ill with pneumonia.

Mrs. Jacob Lippman, of Springfield, has been spending several days with relatives.

John Cotter has sold his house and lot to Cyrus Poage for $1,000.

Finley Hargrove, formerly a college student here, was recently married at St. Paul, Neb.

W.P. Thurmond is preparing to move to Texas, having resigned his situation in Murphy's store.

Nearly everybody has had the influenza here.


Mrs. J. Hunt, residing in south part of town, while seriously ill Saturday, accidentally took an overdose of morphine and lingered in an unconscious condition until 11 o'clock Tuesday night, when she died. The[she?] had resided here many years and leaves a husband and three grown children.

Building Notes.

W.A. Peters is preparing to build a six room house.

Green & Daggart are erecting a two-story Queen Anne house in Woodland Heights addition.

S. Dingeldein is making substantial improvements at his brewery.

It is estimated that three hundred dwellings are in process of erection in various parts of the city.

Mr. Burgess, civil engineer of the Memphis route, will soon move into his new cottage.

J.D. Jaquith, one of the second ward councilmen, has completed his new dwelling.

George S. Day's five-room cottage in McCluer addition will be finished in a few days.

A Little Boy Frozen to Death.

Walter Douglas, seven years old, was recently frozen to death near Cedar Gap. His parents left the day before to attend a funeral, instructing their sons, aged eleven and seven, to stay all night at a neighbor's. The boys failed to go and shortly after dark, finding the doors locked, crawled into a manger at the barn and went to sleep. When the oldest brother awoke the next morning he found his little brother frozen to death. The survivor was barely able to make his way to a neighbor's house.

Dropped Dead.

Mr. Jacob Thomas, aged about 65 years, ate dinner and spoke about enjoying unusually good health. While reading a newspaper about 3 o'clock p.m. Saturday at home he suddenly expired to the astonishment of his family. Dr. Barrett was called, but could do nothing to revive him, as the vital spark had fled. Deceased resided in J.L. Holland's house, corner Pearl and East Walnut streets, and recently moved to town. He had resided near the Crenshaw farm for many years and was well known. His sons in Mississippi have been telegraphed. Heart disease is the supposed cause of death. The funeral will probably take place next Monday. An inquest had not been decided upon at the time of going to press.

Republic Notes -Republic, Mo.

The local immigration movement is booming. Mrs. Fred Balmer has presented her husband with a son. A twelve-pound daughter has also arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Garoutte.

The following parties are on the sick list: A child of William Riley; F.R. Pierce; a child of Bunce Wade, dangerous; Mrs. Combs; Mrs. Parrish.

Mrs. Blankum, wife of Rev. Thomas Blankum, died suddenly on the 22d inst. Her demise is regretted by a large number of friends.
Prof. Spraggins has received a telegram announcing the death of his father near Ash Grove. Deceased was afflicted with dropsy, 68 years old and had been a resident of Greene county for twenty years.

The flouring mill owned by the Drace Milling Co. was totally destroyed by fire Sunday at Billings. The building was three stories high, frame, with roller burrs and cost $16,000. Insured for $8,000. Over five hundred bushels of wheat and other grain was consumed. Supposed to be the work of an incendiary. We understand the company will rebuild.

The residence of T.B. Youngblood, three miles northeast of this place, was burned Monday night. The contents were all destroyed. Loss about half covered by insurance. Origin unknown.

While Mr. J.K. McConnell was standing in front of the bank counter a few days since talking to W.W. Coover, his five-year old son, who had accompanied him, picked up a large revolver and succeeded in discharging it. The bullet went through the little fellow's coat sleeve, but fortunately he escaped injury.

S.J. Gott shipped a car load of stock Monday, mostly hogs.
Five car loads of cattle and two of hogs left here this week.
Mr. Mitchell, of Stone county, shipped a car load of hogs from this station Tuesday. K.R. Hendrix, of same county, sent out a car load of cattle.
J.C. McCall and Messrs. Williams and Whitlock shipped considerable stock Tuesday - three cars of cattle and one of hogs.
The value of stock shipped from this point last week is estimated at $25,500.

Mrs. Will Spencer went to Springfield Tuesday.
Mrs. Tilitha Hodge, of Stone county, is visiting relatives north of this place.
Hon. H.E. Haveus is expected to address the Harrison and Morton club at Republic February 1st.
W.S. McCleary has returned from an extended tour through Southern Illinois and parts of Kentucky and Tennessee.
Rev. Clement Combs, pastor of the Congregational church, has returned from Siloam Springs, Ark., where he had been assisting Rev. V.E. Loba in conducting protracted meetings.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Weekly Leader; March 2, 1876 - June 6, 1878 / March 10, 1887 - Oct. 30, 1890; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained October 10, 2005.

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