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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
February, 1890


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Thursday, February 27, 1890

Circuit Court

Norris & Bros. vs Southwestern Implement Co., James R. Vaughan special judge; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $761.50.

Sechler & Co., vs same, James R. Vaughan special judge; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages no second count, $407.

F.E. Headley et al vs John Weir; trial by court and decree reforming deed as to southeast quarter of southwest quarter, 24, 28, 23, and judgment for defendant for all the lands in controversy; motions for new trial and in arrest overruled.

A.S. Crothers vs Lucy C. Acock, damages; motion for new trial coming on to be heard, and the court being of the opinion that the verdict for damages assessed on the fifth count was excessive, requires plaintiff to remit $65 of the $100 damages assessed on said fifth count or suffer in default thereof the granting of a new trial, and the plaintiff by his attorney consenting to a remitter of said $65 so that damages for which judgment will be rendered is $35 on said count, and in order to carry in effect said remitter the judgment rendered on the 30th of January, 1890, is now set aside to be rendered and re-entered now for $400 damages on first count and $135 damages on the fifth count of his petition; wherefore it is now adjudged that plaintiff recover on the first count of his petition $400 damages and in the fifth count $35 damages and all costs in this suit; motions for new trial and in arrest overruled.

R. Jenkins vs M. Brown; ordered that land be sold by sheriff for cash and report at next term.

Norris Bros. vs Southwestern Implement Co., account; plaintiff takes nonsuit on first count of petition.

Wood Manufacturing Co. vs H.C. Bright, account; motion to set aside judgment overruled.

Amanda J. Galland vs James G. Galland, divorce; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for divorce and name changed to maiden name, Amanda J. Gardner, on payment of costs.

R.E. Childers vs Chas. _.B. Childers, divorce; trial by court and decree for plaintiff, who is awarded custody of children.

M. Steineger vs E.G. Pa__h; motion to affirm judgment sustained and judgment accordingly.

Springfield Grocer Co. vs same, same entry.

R.S. Lomax vs Alexander ___app; same entry.

William Gair vs Gabe Young; same entry.

C. Lamb & Sons vs Missouri Lumber & Co. attachment; trial by court and judgment against defendant for debt and damages, $503.25.

F.M. McDavid, who has heretofore been licensed to practice law in this state, was permitted to sign the roll of attorneys.

Nancy A. Massey vs Margaret Piper et al, to reform deed; cause heard and decree for plaintiff as prayed in petition reforming deed.

Mary F. Payne vs William F. Payne, divorce; trial by court, and decree for plaintiff on payment of costs; custody of infant daughter Beulah awarded to plaintiff.

Criminal Court

Only three gambling cases were disposed of yesterday. Sim Armstrong pleaded guilty to permitting setting up of a gambling house on premises and fined $50; fine and costs paid.

James Morris pleaded guilty to gambling on Sunday and fined $1; fine and costs paid.

State vs T. Morris; same entry.

State vs John O'Brien, selling liquor without license; case continued generally as to indictment.

State vs George Rollins, gambling; alias capias for George Rollins.

State vs T. Henry Jones, wounding cows; motion dismissed by defendant asking to retax costs, and costs of motion taxed against him.

G.E. Anderson pleaded guilty to gambling and was fined $5; fine and costs paid. Same entries in two other cases.

M.H. Hall pleaded not guilty to burglary and larceny.

The case against Taylor Smith, adultery, was nollied.

C.F. Hall was indicted for obtaining money by false pretenses.

A.J. and Ben Montgomery pleaded not guilty to burglary and larceny.

J.T. Neville was assigned as counsel for J.S. Marsh, indicted for burglary and larceny.

Greene County Cases

Tuesday, March 25. - State ex rel. D.L. Griffith vs M. Bowerman et al.

The Southwest Lead and Zinc Co. vs Phoenix Insurance Co.

Thomas A. Sherwood vs William G. Neal and H.C. Fox.

City of Springfield vs M. Ford.

State of Missouri vs Fannie S. Crenshaw.

Wednesday, March 26. - L. Dyer & Co. vs H.E. Balsley, T.P. Bailey interpleader.

Charles H. Heer Dry Goods Co. vs Citizens' Railway Co.

Charles Christensen vs G.A.C. Woolley.

Fannie S. Crenshaw, administratrix, etc. et al Martha Thomas, vs L. Ullmann.

Harwood & Bouslog vs J.O. Diemer.

Mrs. Mary E. Pitcher vs John W. Jones, Joseph W. Jones and Harrison Jones.

Wednesday, March 26. - Jacob Lippman vs R.J. Campbell et al.

M.D. Wells & Co. vs Jones Bros.

No Inquest Held.

Ely Paxson, coroner, visited the home of the late Mrs. John Elkins, who died suddenly, and decided an inquest unnecessary. She had been complaining of rheumatism a few days previous, which is supposed to have reached her heart, causing death. Deceased leaves three children, aged respectively one, three and seven years. The remains were interred near the home of her husband instead of Hazlewood, as was at first reported.

Oregon County Prisoners.

Sheriff Pierce, of Oregon county, passed through the city last week with Wm. Brigane, Jas. A. Stacey and W.G. Sprague, charged with murder, and Ben Jones, charged with forgery. They have been confined in jail at Marshfield and were en route to Alton for trial. Brigane was tried once, but the jury disagreed, standing eleven for acquittal and one for conviction.

Peter Gibson Dies in Bed - Inquest Held This Morning.

Peter Gibson, a colored laborer, aged about 63 years, residing on an alley between Washington and Reston avenues, was found dead in bed this morning.
Coroner Paxson was notified and decided to hold an inquest. Accordingly the following jury was summoned: A. Banks, (foreman) G.W. Cassity, J.L. Agnew, Henry H. Kaiser, J.A. Routh and W.H. Thomas.
Only one witness, Celia Gibson, wife of deceased, testified. She stated that her husband was in good health yesterday and went to bed about 9 o'clock last night. He did not complain of anything in particular. He had eaten a hearty supper. About 11 o'clock I heard him snoring very loud. About 6 o'clock this morning I asked him to get up and make a fire, but discovered that he was cold in death. Occasionally he complained of pains in his chest.
The jury returned a verdict to the effect that deceased came to his death from natural causes.
The remains will be interred in Hazlewood cemetery. Relatives in St. Louis and Carthage have been telegraphed.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Weekly Leader; March 2, 1876 - June 6, 1878 / March 10, 1887 - Oct. 30, 1890; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained October 17, 2005.

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