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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
August, 1890


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Thursday, August 7, 1890

Hon. Fletch Mack Departs this Life - Brief Biographical Sketch.
In the death of Hon. J.W.D.L.F. Mack, which occurred last Monday at his home in Clay township, six miles south of Springfield, Greene county lost an estimable citizen. He had been in failing health for the past two years and his death was not a surprise to his many friends and relatives.
Deceased was the son of Judge John and Sarah V. Mack, was born in Maury county, Tenn., January 15th, 1921, consequently was 69 years old at time of his death. His great grandfather was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, his great uncle being killed at the battle of New Orleans. He grew to manhood in his native county and in 1852 moved to Green county, Missouri, locating in Springfield. In 1855 he accepted a position of deputy circuit clerk and held it until 1859, when he was elected circuit clerk and recorder and served until 1861. He was also appointed county attorney April 15th, 1865, having been appointed to the bar in 1856. From 1863 to 1866, inclusive, he was a member of the state senate from this district, having been elected by the Republicans. For some time he was adjutant general of the Forty-sixth Missouri regiment, U.S.A. He was editor of the Springfield Journal from 1862 to 1865, the office being located on Boonville street, near Pine, and 1867 to 1870 he served the county as prosecuting attorney. He practiced law until 1875, when he moved to his present farm, containing 340 acres. He was a Mason, member of the Christian church and has been married twice, and twelve children were born of both unions, his first wife having three and the last nine.
The funeral takes place tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, conducted by Rev. J.S. Myers, after which the remains will be conveyed to Hazlewood cemetery for interment.

Probate Court.

Widow of Joseph Coaker allowed $50 for first years support; annual settlement approved after disallowing amount paid to Isadore Burns and heirs of deceased showing balance of $57.05; administration discontinued for want of assets.

Inventory and appraisement approved in estate of Lydia Longcrier, deceased.

Estate of Nina J. McKenna et al, minors; appointment of curator and bond taken by clerk in vacation approved.

Estates of Benj. F. and Belle Stokes, minors; annual settlements approved; balances, $256.45 and $254.05.

Estate of B.S. Whitson, minor; annual settlement approved; balance, $620.12.

Estate of Emory J. Thomas, minor; Celia t. Thomas appointed curator and bond of $400 approved.

Administrator of J.T. Hubbard estate ordered to expend not to exceed $100 for monument at grave of deceased.

Estate of George J. Wiley, deceased; final settlement approved and executors ordered discharged on filing receipt of trustees under the will for use of widow for amount due the estate.

Settlement in J.P. Moore estate continued till January term, 1891.

Estate of Eliza J. Henslee et al., minors; ordered that curator pay C.M.  Henlee $5 for each of said minors for the purpose of buying school books.

Estate of Alfred H. Kelley, deceased; report of sale of real estate approved and deed ordered.

Estate of E.J. and Irwin Thomas, minors; petition for sale of real estate granted.

Estate of Emily J. Riley, deceased; August Lohmeyer, a creditor, files application to enforce administration on said real estate; there being no person in Greene county competent to administer the estate is ordered into hands of John L. McCraw, public administrator.

The following business has been transacted in vacation:

Mrs. Emma B. McKenna appointed curator for Nina, Josephine and Francis J. McKenna. Bond of $500 for each minor given.

Criminal Court.

Arch McAdams, charged with carrying concealed weapons, after a jury trial, was convicted and punishment assessed at a fine of $50 and costs and to serve thirty days in jail, defendant to work under direction of sheriff as required by order of county court.

George Richardson pleaded guilty to lewd and lascivious conduct and was sentenced to six months in the county jail, judgment to be credited with seventeen days already served in jail.

State vs M.C. Hayes, murder; continued by agreement.

Same vs same, felonious wounding; same entry.

A motion for new trial filed in the case of W.C. Miller.

State vs John Justice et al., grand larceny; application filed by prosecuting attorney for continuance.

George Snoover, charged with stealing jewelry, clothing, etc., from H.M. Heckart, who was arrested at Lamar, pleaded guilty to burglary and larceny and was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary.

State vs Lou Hill, assault and battery; jury return verdict of not guilty.

State vs. Harrison Tuttle, disturbing the peace; defendant arraigned and pleads not guilty; issue joined and jury sworn.

State vs Lula J. McLaughlin, keeping bawdy house; change of venue to Christian county.

Jim Huddleston and John Spencer, after serving jail sentences for gambling, were discharged as insolvents. Spencer also disturbed the peace and made an assault. George Ray also regained his liberty.

State vs John Thorn et al., contemplates witness; defendants arraigned and discharged; costs assessed against Greene county.

State vs T.J. Smith, grand larceny; defendant withdraws his plea of guilty, pleads guilty and sentenced to the penitentiary for two years.

State vs John Justice et al., grand larceny; case set for trial August 8th, 1890; motion for discharge by defendant, Jay Wright.

State vs A.J. and Ben Montgomery, burglary and larceny; case set for trial August 11th, 1890.

Clarence Camp was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to grand larceny.

The grand jury returned two indictments and retired for further business.

State vs Stanley Norman, contempt in not appearing as a witness; arraigned and discharged upon payment of costs.

 The case of Harrison Tuttle, disturbing the peace, was continued till next term.

State vs H.M. Tulor et al, arson; nollied as to Sherman wiley.

State vs John Smith, manslaughter; continued by agreement.

F.J. Smith, alias A.L. Gray, John Carter and Clarence Camp were sentence to the penitentiary Monday by Judge Oliver. Smith got two years for horse stealing; Carter three years for breaking into a Frisco box car at Nichols Junction and stealing merchandise; Camp four years for stealing horses belonging to Mr. Owen and Dr. Clements. All parties pleaded guilty.

C.B. Evans permitted to sign the roll of attorneys.

State vs Albert Strotzky, petit larceny; defendant discharged from jail, having paid fine of $10 assessed by court on modification of verdict of jury and payment of one-half costs, he having been tried in connection with Frank Hufnagle.

Grand jury returned thirty-eight indictments and retired to consider further business.

The appointment of J.H. Kershner as deputy sheriff of Greene county was approved.

State vs W.H. Tucker, obtaining signature fraudulently; set for trial August 12th, 1890.

James McMehen was recognized in sum of $200 to answer to charge of carrying concealed weapons.

J.G. White, after a trial by court, was acquitted on charge of carrying concealed weapons.

State vs Albert Sirotzky, petit larceny; trial by jury and fine of $60.

The case of state vs James Wilson, assault, was continued on application of defendant.

Circuit Court.

Ada R. Danforth et al, by next friend, F.S. Heffernan, vs Emma H. Danforth et al; amended petition filed and J.P. McCammon appointed guardian ad litem for minor defendants; decree of partition and interest of parties determined as stated in petition; court finds that the land cannot be divided in kind without prejudice to the others; ordered that the land be sold - 20 per cent. cash and balance payable on or before five years from date of sale, deferred payments to bear 8 per cent. interest, payable semi-annually, deeds of trust to be taken to secure deferred payments, all mortgaged liens and taxes to be discharged out of first cash payment; A.B. Appleby appointed special commissioner to sell the land and required to give $10000 bond for the faithful performance of his duty.

Menderson & Weil vs. Henry Ames & Co.; non-suit made absolute.

Jeremiah Mills vs George S. Rathbun, motions for new trial and in arrest overruled.

Lucy Potter vs F.W. Potter, divorce; dismissed by plaintiff.

James Weller vs Shield Barb Wire Co.; motion to set aside judgment overruled.

Mary Whitsett vs E.L. Busch; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

S. Gabrinis & Co. vs M.C. Elliott & Co.; same entry.

Allen Bros. vs Missouri Lumber Co.; appeal granted to St. Louis court of appeals.

Sampson Bass vs Isaac Kissee; motion for judgment notwithstanding answer is overruled.

N.R. Alvey vs E.T. Thomas; case dismissed as per stipulations.

Matilda Henderberger was granted a divorce from her husband, John H., on payment of costs.

Sutter and Bryan vs. B.S. Chinn; judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $2.49.

Unhappy Couples.

J.M. Tune vs Helen Tune; divorce; abandonment.

Mary E. Reed alleges that she married John W. Reed in Black Hawk county, Iowa, July 19th, 1885, and lived with him until March 14th, 1888, when he absented himself without reasonable cause and has failed, neglected and refused to support and maintain her. She asks that her maiden name, Margarett E. Stuhlmiller, be restored.

Levina Fortman yesterday instituted divorce proceedings in the circuit court against her husband, Edwin J., whom she married November 1, 1864, in Dolphin county, Pa. The grounds are abandonment and cruel treatment such as to endanger her life.

County Court.

Petition to vacate Warren Forest and Park avenues and alleys lying parallel thereto, between West and Marion avenues and between Division and Lynn streets, running through Highland Park, Granted.

W.E. Foley, architect, presented report showing completion of alms house and a warrant was allowed for services.

Ely Paxson, coroner, presented itemized statement of costs, amounting to $28.89, for holding inquest on body of John B. Carpenter, who recently committed suicide by hanging.

John P. Hubble & Bros. contract for insuring alms house was rescinded on ground of failure to comply with its terms.

Ordered that the policies written by A.W. Ollis & Co., James R. Milner, Whitlock & Bills, L.M. Hill & Co., H.H. Simmons, Porter & Hubbell, and W.H. Pipkin & Co., aggregating $10,000 be approved.

The state auditor was ordered to draw his warrant in favor of J.W. McCullah, county treasurer, for the amount of state school moneys apportioned to Greene county by the state superintendent.

Road petitioned for by S.S. Strunk et al., continued till Monday, August 18th, 1890.

Carpenter's Relatives Heard From.

Coroner Paxson yesterday received two letters from relatives of John B. Carpenter, who committed suicide near the city recently.
James L. Carpenter, a son of deceased, writes from Siloam Springs, Ark., under date of August 2. Among other things he says his "father was formerly a man in good circumstances and a man of some note when he lived in Effingham county, Ill. We knew that he had met with reverses, but were ignorant of his reduced circumstances."
Mrs. Anna M. Nokes, of Cincinnati, Ark., wrote: "I expect deceased was my father. It seems dreadful to think of him taking his own life and without anything to eat. I heard he was in Springfield and supposed he had gone to my stepmother in Northern Missouri."
Both parties asked for full particulars of his death.


A daughter of Gustave Schroeder, 1228 Gold street, died yesterday afternoon, aged twenty months, and was buried in Maple Park cemetery this morning.

Mrs. M.M. Thompson writes to Hon. L.H. Murray that J.B. Thompson, who was a resident of this city for years, being the step-father of Mrs. Murray, died on the 24th inst. of la grippe in Westminster, Cal. He was born in 1800 and bid his family good-by just before he died and requested that his wife write to his friends in Springfield bidding them farewell.

Thursday, August 14, 1890

Criminal Court.

John Files was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary, having pleaded guilty to larceny and burglary. He stole a razor, pocket book and other small articles from the dwelling of George Croutch near Republic.

F.E. Lewis pleaded not guilty to grand larceny and a jury is trying the case.

The case of state vs Price Roummans, robbery, was continued on application of defendant.

G.E. Richardson permitted to sign the roll of attorneys.

The following parties were discharged from jail as insolvents: State vs Fred Hudson, assault and battery, James Ryan, Quill Rich and Norman Smith, petit larceny.

The case of the state vs L. Freund and John Brown, larceny and receiving stolen goods, and Robert Doyle, felonious assault, were continued on application of defendants.

State vs John Schoner, lewd and lascivious conduct, and Jesse Cook, grand larceny; nollied.

Following cases were continued generally: Alfred Offner and S.W. Cobb, grand larceny; Ben Howard and Henry Pedley, burglary.

State vs Thomas J. Brown, grand larceny; forfeiture of recognizance and alias capias; scirafacias to defendant and securities to Greene county.

State vs D.S. Watt, selling liquor in violation of local option law; J.S. McGill, state witness, recognized in sum of $300 for appearance at Christian county circuit court.

State vs A.J. and Ben Montgomery, burglary; continued till next term, September 15th.

The case of state vs. F.E. Lewis, charged with breaking open a trunk in the baggage car of a Frisco train, was concluded Saturday and resulted in a hung jury.

State vs D.T. Irby, disturbing peace of family; defendant, J.B. Alsup and H.M. Bird recognized in sum of $200.

State vs Charles H. Leach, grand larceny; application for commission to take depositions granted and order to issue commission.

State vs Walter S. Tucker, obtaining signature fraudulently; continued by agreement.

State vs Henry Searcy, selling liquor in violation of local option law; application filed to supply files sustained and supply to lost indictment filed.

State vs D.S. Watts, same entry.

The case of state vs G.W. Wrightsman, same charge, was nollied.

Probate Court.

Plano Manufacturing Co. allowed $18.75 against A.H. Kelley estate.

Estate of William D. Pickel, deceased; order made to sell personal property for cash at not less than three-fourths of appraised value.

Estate of George Thorne, deceased; ordered that the action of clerk in vacation in taking bond and granting letters be approved.

Sale bill in estate of Lydia Longcrier approved.

Additional inventory filed and approved in M.H. Mack estate; private sale of personal property ordered.

Estate of J.C. Hagewood, deceased; widow granted $400 statutory allowance, executrix ordered to turn over to widow all the household and kitchen furniture; widow also gets 400 pounds bacon, one barrel sorghum, fifteen bushels wheat and $300 as first year's support; claims allowed as follows: J.W. Sanders, $80; P.E. Sweeney, $3.90; R.T. McDaniel, $19.50.

Estate of John W. McDaniel; third sale bill of administrator filed and approve; second annual settlement filed.

Annual settlement filed in James M. Cheeseman estate.

J.P. Ralston allowed $7 against Harriet Holmes estate.

First annual settlement approved in Baker Russell estate; balance, $5.35; widow files petition to have homestead set out; Granberry Rose, F.L. Hardy and Isaac Pfaff appointed commissioners, to report at October term of court.

Adjourned until next Saturday, 16th.

New Divorce Suits.

Elissia Austin married her husband, Green, in this county March 20th, 1885. They now have a daughter five years old. She alleges that defendant, without cause, struck her with his fist and a large shoe, seized her by the throat, choked and threatened to kill her, for which she asks a divorce.

Frances M. Bacon, of Republic, is tired of living with W.O. Bacon, whom she married in Kansas City April 29th, 1890, and alleges that she lived with him until August 5th, that defendant has contributed nothing whatever to support her, and has endeavored to defraud her of property, actually persuading her to mortgage her real estate and property, valued at $5,000, and afterwards having said mortgage transferred to himself, representing to her that it was necessary in order that he might go into business; she also states that he compelled her to take disagreeable and dangerous medicine for a certain purpose not necessary to state.

Isabella Matthews charges her husband, William L., with adultery, failure to support, abandonment, etc. This couple was married in Polk county, November 26th, 1882.

John Roth filed a petition Saturday against his wife, Kate, asking for a divorce on the ground of desertion and has been absent at least one year. This unhappy couple was married in St. Louis, February 1, 1887.

Charged With Counterfeiting.

M.T. Wilson, formerly of Texas, a bricklayer, who has been here about a year, was arrested Saturday evening by W.H. Thomas, on the charge of passing a counterfeit dollar on Norman Yates. The preliminary examination was commenced at 2 o'clock this morning before Commissioner Howell.

Other Jail Items.

S.S. Burtinson, who was arrested in Wright county on charge of timber cutting, was committed last night to await a preliminary examination before United States Commissioner Silsby.

Robert Finley, charged with stealing watermelons, was committed yesterday by Justice Hyde.

Lewis Gaines was jailed yesterday for gambling.

"Pea Ridge," George Hayes and Sam Denny were released today as insolvents.

Thursday, August 21, 1890

Fred Spencer Not A Murderer.

Fred Spencer had a thorough examination by the grand jury on charge of murdering D.R. Bogue, near Plainfield, and it was ascertained that Bogue had worked for Joe West, of Center township, for four weeks after the supposed murder and has gone off to some other part of the country, consequently no indictment was returned and defendant was released from jail, after being imprisoned twenty days, and went home Friday.


Ed Bryant and Arch Kinney were arraigned and pleaded not guilty to grand larceny.

State vs R.H. Sweeney, grand larceny; defendant and securities recognized in sum of $800.

State vs Joseph Penn, gambling, three counts; plea of guilty and fine of $5 on each.

State vs W.P. Woods and F.L. McCall, arson third degree; recognizances forfeited; capias to Greene county.

State vs Joe Holmes, receiving stolen goods; grand jury failed to indict and defendant discharged.

State vs J.S. Dudley, felonious assault, defendant arraigned and pleads not guilty.

State vs Forshee and Cates, grand larceny; severance granted to Forshee; continued by state.

State vs Andrew Baker, felonious wounding; alias capias ordered to Greene county, returnable at September term, 1890.

State vs John W. Yandle, carrying concealed weapons; change of venue from Webster county; jury trial and verdict of not guilty.

Three colored men - Chub Love, Russell Neece and Will McIntosh, charged with highway robbery, were released after being confined a year.

Jay Wright Sentenced.

Jay Wright, charged with stealing cattle from George Thorn, after a jury trial, was convicted and Judge Oliver sentenced him to two years in the penitentiary.

In the criminal court this morning the case of state vs S.A. Haseltine, charged with making false affidavit in the Powell road matter, was decided in favor of defendant by a jury, and the other case was dismissed by the prosecuting attorney. Greene county will have to pay about $1,000 costs for this fun.

City of Springfield vs John Brunaugh, keeping vicious dog; evidence heard and case taken under advisement until Tuesday.

State vs Charles T. Cottrell, grand larceny; forfeiture of recognizances set aside on payment of costs, aggregating about $15. It will be remembered that defendant was on trial last February for stealing a horse in Barry county over a year ago. While the jury was respited he managed to escape from a deputy sheriff. J.P. Allen and five other securities have been making efforts to capture him and succeeded in locating him at the North Side Saturday, where, it is said, he was trying to slip his children away, their mother having died. Defendant is in jail and no doubt will serve an additional term in the penitentiary for making his escape from an officer.

State vs Jay Wright grand larceny, sentenced to two years in the penitentiary for stealing cattle; motion for a new trial overruled.

Charles Wallace and Henry Howard were released from jail as insolvents.

Jay Wright, under sentence of two years in the penitentiary for grand larceny, was granted an appeal to the supreme court.

Probate Court.

Tuthill & Russell allowed $6 against Lulie Merrigold estate.

Estate of Lydia Longcrier, deceased; ordered that administrator expend not to exceed $30 for tombstone for grave of deceased.

Estates of Mattie E. and Joseph Trevathon, minors; sixth annual settlements approved; balances due each, $135.92.

Estate of Mary M. Payne, deceased; ordered that the executor take charge of and rent the real estate belonging to said estate for the ensuing year for cash.

Estate of William McClure, deceased; sale bill of administrator approved.

Inventory approved in George Thorn estate.

Additional inventory approved in Lena C. Day estate.

Estate of Pearl Farmer, minor; final receipt of former minor filed and curator discharged.

Inventory approved in Emmet McDaniel estate.

Grabill & Robberson allowed $12.50 against John G. Garnett estate.

Estate of Leander C. Williams, minor; final settlement filed by curator showing balance of $77.27 due ward; ordered that settlement be approved od [?] filing receipt for same.

W.H. Lyman allowed $66.40 against estate of John F. Atzert; administrator files petition for sale of real estate.

The will of Wm. Lamb, late of Strafford, made July 23, 1890, Solomon and Robert Forrester attesting witnesses, was probated. After all debts are paid the remainder goes to the widow. Martha J. Lamb, executrix, is required to give bond of $2,000.

Estate of Jasper McDaniel, minor; sale of land to George McDaniel for $1,000 approved and deed ordered.

Estate of Wm. Jasper McDaniel, minor; sale of land to M. Jess and Chris Sturdy for $145 approved and deed ordered.

Estate of Wm. Jasper McDaniel, minor; sale of land to F.H. Sheppard for $280 approved and deed ordered.

Estate of Emily T. Hubbard, insane; second annual settlement approved; balance due estate, $2,226.24.

Mrs. M.A. McElhaney allowed $176 against estate of W.A. McElhaney.

Estate of William Gneedig, deceased; first annual settlement, showing no balance due estate, filed and approved.

Estate of Emmet McDaniel, deceased; first annual settlement approved; balance due estate, $81.95.

Estate of S.S. Bridges, deceased; settlement continued until October term, 1890.

Final settlement in Giles T. Newbill estate continued until October term, 1890.

Estate of Cordelle Beaty, deceased; administration discontinued for want of assets.

Estates of John Prater, Charles Means, William Massey, Bymaster & Lambeth (partnership) and Jessie McDaniel continued until October term, 1890.

Settlement in W.L. Chapman estate continued until July term, 1891.

Circuit Court.

The following parties instituted divorce proceedings yesterday:

Grace M. Shero vs Philip Shero, failure to support and maintain. She first separated from him in June and afterwards in August, and asks that her maiden name of Presson be restored. This unhappy couple were married in Grayson county, Texas, November 18, 1883.

H.F. Cordes alleges that he married his wife, Margaret, in Morgan county, Mo., August 9, 1870, and continued to live with her until May or June, 1889, when she abandoned him without any cause, that plaintiff is a railroad engineer and was thrown out of employment in Sedalia in the spring of 1889; that he came to Springfield July 10th, 1889, and obtained employment on the Memphis route, and from that time on has written letters to defendant trying to induce her to come, live and abide with him; in fact he has visited Sedalia four or five times within the past year to see her, but she absolutely refused to come, although he has furnished her with money and provisions the past year.

County Court.

O.B. Smith presided in the absence of Judge Bowerman, and was authorized to sign all records, warrants, etc.

Ordered that lot 11, John Lair's addition, assessed to H.C. Bright for 1888 and 1889 be stricken from tax books on account of double assessment.

Ordered that Peter Blackwell be granted school loan applied for and the record be satisfied in relation to loan heretofore granted.

Samuel A. Reynolds, road overseer, allowed $20.25.

E.E. Colby files report relating to painting bridges. Filed.

A.A. Lindley allowed $200 for painting bridges and H.S. Cox $15.75 for work on cages at new alms house.

Bonds of William Sutton and Yates & Lee as dramshop keepers approved.

R.E. Bailey allowed $49.81 for 293 feet of lightning rod at the new alms house.

J.C. Dodson allowed $140.75 for summoning 261 witnesses, before the grand jury.

George D. Barnard & Co. allowed $80.75, records for recorder.

W.S. Brower allowed $16.50, services as road overseer.

J.C. McManus allowed $5.

Road petitioned for by W.G. Perkins et al. continued until first Monday in September, 1890.

H.H. Simmons allowed $45 for insurance on alms house.

John W. Mack allowed $4.25 for burying two paupers.

Road petitioned for by S.S. Strant et al.; motion to dismiss overruled and petitions referred to county commissioners.

J.D. Human loaned school money aggregating $302.17.

Following accounts were allowed before adjourning to first Monday in September:
J.C. Dodson, for waiting on courts, balance due on prisoners, etc...$204.80.
J.R. Milner, insurance...$45.00.
Wood & Griffith, merchandise...$11.48.
Republican printing and plats...$24.75.

Memphis Route Items.

Joseph Stodeny, a carpenter in the shops, left last night for Kansas City and will return with a bride.

John Gallagher leaves in a few days for San Francisco to attend the annual Firemen Brotherhood convention.

Mrs. Frank Kennedy, of Kansas City, is the guest of Mrs. W.C. Lyle on Scott street.

W.C. Stith, general freight agent, is in the city today on business pertaining to his department.

Mrs. James Dulin, wife of the popular engineer, is expected home shortly from an extended visit in Evanston, a suburb of Chicago.

C.D. Roberts leaves in the morning for El Dorado, Tex., and contemplates locating at Galveston.

E.F. Smythe, traveling freight agent, has returned from a northern trip.

E.J. Perry and family are expected home from Wisconsin in a few days.

James W. Fuson and Dr. W.B. Tunnell, of Seymour, came in last evening.

Miss Lizzie Reuter, of New Orleans, after a visit here, left for home last night.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Weekly Leader; March 2, 1876 - June 6, 1878 / March 10, 1887 - Oct. 30, 1890; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained October 25, 2005.

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