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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
April, 1890


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Thursday, April 3, 1890

Dickens Tea Party.

The St. Agnes Guild will give a Dicken's tea party on the twelfth of April at the residence of Mr. J.E. Phelps. The menu will be a most dainty one and every one is invited to come as a representation of one of Dickens numerous character and add to the pleasure and amusement of the evening. The young lady waitresses will be attired in the novel costumes attributed to Dickens' heroines.

Mrs. ex-Gov. Johnson left on last Tuesday for her home in Piqua, Ohio, after a pleasant visit in our city of four weeks duration.

Mrs. Henry Eaton left Friday morning for a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Hopkins, of Alton, also her young grand daughter, Miss Janet Hopkins.

Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Fowlkes are entertaining two of Tennessee's charming daughters, Misses Willie Pickard, of Nashville, and Lillie White, of Waverly.

Mrs. Dr. Robberson accompanied by her daughter Miss Georgie, left for St. Louis on Monday night for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Belle Dunn.

Stern Pollard, of Fayetteville, has spent some pleasant days in our city as the guest of N.W. Rountree and family.

Mrs. B.U. Massey and little daughter Alice, departed Wednesday morning for Kansas City for a two week's visit with Mrs. Holmes, of that city. A portion of the time will be spent with Mrs. John Newton, of Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

Miss Dittrick has issued cards for a large reception to be given Wednesday, April 2d at 4 o'clock.

Miss Hattie Foote's many friends in this city are glad welcome her in their midst once more. She is the welcome guest of Miss Hattie Schuler, on Walnut street.

The Century club's meeting at the residence of Mrs. J.E. Phelps on last Monday evening was a most enjoyable one. They will meet next week with Miss Alma Onstott on St. Louis street.

Mrs. R.G. Noland is expecting a pleasant visit from her sister Miss Bessie Tarr, who will arrive next Monday. We hope her stay in our city will be an enjoyable one.

The S.L.S.C. will meet next Saturday at the residence of Mrs. G.A.C. Woolley on East Walnut. The subject for study will be Dresden.

Mrs. H.W. Cockerill left Tuesday morning for a visit of several weeks in Glasgow with relatives and numerous friends.

Miss Agnes O'Day arrived Tuesday evening from St. Louis, having been called here by the illness of her brother-in-law, Mr. Noblett.

Joseph Pray and family of Sioux Falls, Dakota, arrived in our city on Friday morning and will make this their future home, having purchased a beautiful house in Woodland Heights.

The Isaac Payton Comedy Company in a repertoire of popular dramas will appear at Perkins Grand next week every night and matinees on Wednesday and Saturday. This troupe is well known for its excellence and all who patronize it will find themselves rewarded.

Miss Kate Sproule who was expected home on Friday last, was detained by a friend's illness and arrived on Tuesday morning after an absence of three months.

Mrs. Geo. Rutherford will leave next week for the south and will probably remain in Georgia several months.

The Au Fait Club will hold a business meeting at Mrs. Frank Grubbs on Tuesday at 3 o'clock to arrange for a party to be given shortly after Easter.

Miss Allie Appling, of Lebanon, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Allie Leavitt, on Campbell street.

Mrs. Dr. C.F. Wright is visiting friends and relatives in Lebanon.

Miss Lizzie Parks is convalescent from a long and painful attack of "la grippe."

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. T. Keet returned Wednesday from a couple of days visit to St. Louis.

Marriage of Mr. George W. Duncan and Miss Ellza Gottfried.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. C. Gottfried, 615 Boonville street, was well filled with friends and relatives at 7:30 o'clock last evening, the occasion being the marriage of Mr. George W. Duncan, representing a prominent Indianapolis mercantile firm, to their daughter, Miss Eva Eliza Gottfried, a native of Springfield. Rev. J.S. Myers, pastor of the South street Christian Church, performed the ceremony in an impressive manner. After receiving congratulations, viewing numerous handsome and costly presents, etc., the guests were treated to a sumptuous repast, consisting of all the delicacies. The happy couple departed on the midnight train for Kansas City en route to Fort Worth, Texas, their future home. THE LEADER wishes them all the bliss imaginable.

Maple Park Interments.

E.H. Lair, sexton, furnishes the following interments for March:
March 1st - Millie V. Litten, of croup, aged six weeks.
7th - Fannie Granade, whooping cough, two months.
11th - Will Nick Smith, pneumonia, 36 years, Annie R. Sperry, la grippe, four months.
21 - James Williams, brain fever, eight months. Maria E. Brown, general debility, 52 years.
22 - Eunice Juneman, congestion of brain, one year.
25 - W.E. Bowden, moved from Thomasville, Ga., 35 years.
29 - Infant son of J.O. and C.O. Williams.
31 - Robert Fallin, pneumonia, 19 years.

Circuit Court.

C.B. Holland vs J.B. Ramey, note; dismissed by plaintiff at his costs.

Julia Nix vs Monroe Nix, divorce; continued on motion of plaintiff.

Ehret Warren Manufacturing o. vs S.H. Epley; dismissed by plaintiff at its costs.

Remadka Bros. vs the Thompson Manufacturing Co., trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages; on first count, $445.45; second, debt and damages, $23.92.

Amanda Cornelison vs Frisco Railway Co.; continued on motion of both parties.

R.F. Kennedy vs J.C. Dodson; continued on motion of plaintiff, costs to abide result of suit.

Mary S. McCracken vs Calvin McCracken; continued on motion of both parties.

James Weller vs Shield Barb Wire Co.; stricken from docket, case being erroneously docketed.

E. Coady vs F.E. Atwood; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $2,166.65, and lien declared and sustained.

Amanda Cooley vs S.D. Cooley, divorce; order to file petition and issue process. Cruelty and failure to provide is alleged. They were married in June, 1888.

Elizabeth Sisney vs J.A. Sisney, divorce; alias summons to sheriff of Greene county.

Harry B. Rogers instituted divorce proceeding yesterday against his wife, Helen Virginia, whom he married in Saline county, Mo., February, 1880. Plaintiff alleges that she used vile language and accused him of infidelity, threatened to blow his brains out, etc. A son was born of said marriage, for whose custody he asks.

Cleaves and Fletcher vs. Phillip Eisenmeyer, account; dismissed by plaintiffs at their costs.

Shiff, Sommers & Co. vs., same account; same entry.

R.S. Lomax vs. Alexander Clapp, note; change of venue to Webster county.

Greene county ex rel. and to use of Joseph Martie, selling liquor to minor; continued on application of plaintiff.

C.B. Holland vs. G.W. Small, note; change of venue to Webster county.

H.A. Tatum vs. Frisco Railway Co., damages; continued till next term.

Collins Drug Co. vs. Thomas Brown, account; judgment nil dicit for plaintiff for debt and damages, $197.38.

R.S. Lomax vs. G.B. Holland, note; dismissed at cost of plaintiff, having been settled.

Rawak & Co. vs. Marcus Summerfield, account; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $18.02.

Clayman Bros. vs. F.E. Atwood, mechanic's lien; dismissed at costs of plaintiffs.

Clark D. Osborn & Co. vs. George F. Berry, attachment account; dismissed by plaintiffs at their costs.

Criminal Court.

State vs John Adams, sodomy; plea of guilty and, being under sixteen years of age, he was sentenced to jail for thirty days, having already served five months in jail.

The case of M.C. Hayes has been continued till next term. He was indicted for murder in the first degree.

William Penland was tried on charge of grand larceny, which resulted in a hung jury.

Franklin Davis Acquitted.

Franklin Davis, charged with murdering Enos Russell last January near this city, after a jury trial of several days, was acquitted Friday and has gone home to his family. Able counsel represented both sides and the arguments were listened to by a large number of spectators.

The Spring Boom Has Commenced in the Queen City.

A.L. Decker is building a four-room cottage on State street.

Charles Vogel has commenced the erection of a fine twelve-room country residence, five miles southeast of the city, to be finished throughout with hard wood. The estimated cost is $3,000.

B.M. Seward is making preparations for building a handsome five-room dwelling in Fairbanks' addition. The estimated cost is about $2,000.

A.R. Dixon has commenced the erection of another residence on Robberson avenue and Dale streets. This makes four he has built this season.

J.C. McConnell, of the Globe clothing house, and Tom Daniels are substantially improving their property.

H.H. Diggins, corner Main and West Walnut streets, is having new walks laid, sodding his yard and improving his property generally.

W.T. White, corner of Nichols and Main streets, is building an addition to his store.

S.B. Chinn, engineer on the Memphis route, is improving his house on New Street.

J.D. Frazee is grading the yard and building a fence at his suburban residence on Calhoun street.

Mrs. M.J. Parkhill, in northwestern part of city, has commenced the erection of a three-room house.

Charles E. Jones, the dentist, has about completed a ten room house in Highland Park.

A.M. Hood has completed a fine house adjoining it.

Will McLaughlin has completed a substantial tenement house on North Main Street.

J.T. Taylor, an employe of the Memphis shops, has completed a dwelling in the south part of town.

Judson Chamberlain is laying a fourth class walk on north side of Mill from Campbell to Main Streets.

Thursday, April 10, 1890

A Sad Accident.

Alf Jay, Thomas Bull and M. Keener were fishing in James river at noon today when the former met his death in a sad manner. In attempting to cross S.N. Ingram's mill pond the boat went over the falls and Mr. Jay was drowned before he could be rescued.
The body lodged under the dam and it was three-quarters of an hour before it could be recovered. It was left on the bank and Mr. Keener immediately came to town and notified Coroner Paxson, who went out about 3 o'clock this afternoon and held an inquest.
The accident occurred in Clay township. We understand deceased has a brother working in the Frisco shops.
Several years ago John Ingram, son of the owner of the mill, met his death in a similar manner.



The marriage of Miss Alice Skinner and Mr. John S. Wood was quietly celebrated at the College street Christian church, Wednesday evening, only the immediate relatives and near friends of the contracting parties being present. Elder O.A. Carr performed the solemn service that plighted the happy young couple forever in Hymen's bonds, whose yoke is light where love is the guiding star. The sweet young bride wore a lovely white cashmere dress with trimmings of lace and corsage garniture of natural flowers, white gloves and a fragrant boquet of roses. After the ceremony the bridal party went to the pretty new home on College street, where they will be at home to their many warm and well wishing friends in this city.


The circle met this week with Mrs. J.S. Atkinson, on Benton avenue, and a very pleasantly instructive reunion followed. Next Monday's meeting will also be with Mrs. Atkinson and the following programme will be in order: Roll call; Thoughts on Easter Circle; Latin course - Mrs. Peck and Miss Geiger; Physics - Mesdames Atkinson and Hill and Misses Cowan and Ramey; Paper, "Hannibal," Mrs. Noe; Questions on philanthropy among the Romans, circle.

Col. John S. Phelps and wife leave next Tuesday evening for Jefferson City where they will probably visit a couple of weeks.

Miss Sallie Latham is visiting in St. Louis, the guest of friends.

Miss Bessie Ferguson returns next Wednesday morning from St. Louis after a pleasant fortnight spent in that city.

Cards are out announcing the marriage of Miss Mary Louise Jones to Mr. Otis Milligan of this city. The ceremony will be performed at high noon on April 16, at the residence of Mr. H. Jones, Neosho, Mo.

Mrs. George Curtis to the regret of many warm friends in this city, left Friday morning for her future home, Parsons, Kas., Mr. Curtis having located there.

Mrs. Dr. Robberson has returned from St. Louis, accompanied by Miss Georgie. They spent a most delightful week visiting Mrs. James Dunn.

Mrs. Ed A. Barbour departed Monday for her parents home in Lebanon, Tenn., where she will make an extended visit.

Judge Sherwood's family have removed to their lovely home in the country, Oakwood, and will there be at home to their many friends.

The Century club's meeting with Miss Alma Onstott on Monday evening was a most interesting one. The next meeting has been postponed indefinitely, as their evening has been appropriated for larger entertainments for several weeks to come.

Mesdames Duke, Carmack and Mrs. Donaldson will give a large reception to their many lady friends Thursday afternoon of next week at 3 o'clock.

Mrs. J.A. Stephens will leave Monday morning for an extended visit in Galena, Kas.

Miss Hattie Foote will spend a portion of the coming week with Miss Abbott.

Mrs. W.A. Dennis returned this week from a trip to Paola, Kas., to visit Mr. Dennis' parents and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry McElhaney's friends in this city have received invitations to attend a reception to be given at their home in Neosho the 19th inst. in honor of their 12th anniversary.

Probate Court.

Annual settlement approved and report of money loaned filed and approved in estate of E.B. Bryan, minor.

Third annual settlements filed and approved in estates of Alexander, Gilman and Joseph Hopper, minors.

Estate of George T. Bryan, deceased; claim of W.W. Donham, on certified fee bill in case of George T. Bryan vs. S.J. Gott for costs, allowed for $17.30.

Estate of A.M. Saffarans, deceased; application of J.C. Cravens for letters of administration de bonis non filed; it appearing that W.E. Bowden, administrator of said estate, is dead, ordered that letters de bonis non be issued to J.C. Cravens upon giving bond in sum of $950.

Estate of baker Russell, deceased; claims of F.P. Stutzman, $3.05; and Wood & Griffith, $19.38, allowed; proof of notice of resignation of administrator filed; resignation accepted and order of discharge on approval of settlement; C.N. Russell, being a non-resident, his letters were revoked and he was discharged from further liability.

Estates of Rosina A. and Florence C. Stratton, minors; report of sale of land filed, approved and deed ordered.

Estate of Baker Russell, deceased; widow, Martha Russell, granted letters of administration de bonis non and required to give bond of $400.

Estate of George I. Waits, insane; final settlement of J.W. Clayman, guardian, filed.

Estate of W.H. Swinney, $2,113.09; Lula M. Silver, same; Belle Swinney, same; Laura Swinney, same. Settlement approved and administrator discharged.

Estate of J.T. Hubbard; claim of Goode & Cravens for $35.58 allowed.

Partnership estate of Bray & Cravens; petition for order upon J.C. Cravens to produce books and papers of said partnership filed.

Estate of Sophia Parsons, minor; bond of curator filed and approved. Same entries in estates of Ralph A., Flora G. and Mary C. Parsons.

Estate of J.C. Hagewood, of Pond Creek township; last will admitted to probate. The will was made March 19, 1890, J.H. Bourland and W.M. Chastain attesting witnesses. He first directs that his just debts be paid his executrix as soon after death as may be convenient; second, gives his wife, Martha F. Hagewood, all the property and effects, both real and personal, as long as she remains unmarried; fourth, he appoints his wife executrix.

Estate of Rebecca Gaines, deceased; final settlement filed showing nothing in hands of administrator. Approved and administrator discharged.

Final settlement in Benj. Hagewood estate filed; balance due administrator, $38.__ [the rest is illegible.]

Estate of John Owen, deceased; Cynthia B. Stephens applies for letters and ordered to give $300 bond.

E.M. Chambers vs estate of Baker Russell, deceased, on note for $100, heard and taken under advisement.

Estate of John F. Eccleston, deceased; J.M. White allowed $90; report of sale of lots 11 and 12, block 9, Woodland Heights addition, to George W. Miller examined, approved and deed ordered.

Estate of H.H.B. Farmer, deceased; claim of Craig & Martin for $12.60 allowed.

Circuit Court.

Ferily Burns and husband vs L.A. Robertson et al; continued by consent.

M.E. Rogers vs G.W. Rogers, divorce; decree for plaintiff and custody of child awarded her.

Matilda A. Henderberger has instituted divorce proceedings against her husband, John H., alleging that he is an habitual drunkard and that he abandoned her. They were married in Philps county February 6th, 1886, and she asks the custody of the female child, aged three years, and the restoration of her maiden name, Matilda A. Baker.

In Re-assignment of M. Kush, R.Y. Thomson, assignee; report of commissioner, H.C. Young.

Nancy A. Massey vs Margaret Piper et al., partition; cause heard and decree as prayed for.

State ex rel. and to use of M.D. Cordray vs George D. Emery, attachment; dismissed by agreement at defendant's costs.

Belle Young vs C.W. Thrasher, dower; jury assesses plaintiff's damages for detention of dower at sum of $241.

Anna B. Renkle has instituted divorce proceedings against her husband Luther G., whom she married in Greene county April 19th, 1881, alleging that she lived with him until about March 16th, 1890, when he on divers occasions, in fits of vicious and ungovernable temper, abused and villified her, using obscene and vulgar epithets. Not content with this she states that he dragged her violently by the hair from a chair and struck her body with his fist, inflicting bruises and causing bodily pain that prior to said marriage she was a widow and had a son, nine years old, who was also assaulted and abused by him without just cause, compelling the lad to remain away from her home and refused to permit her to visit him, therefore she had to see him secretly; that her boy has no means of subsistence other than that furnished by her of her own sole and separate property; that, desiring to furnish her son with suitable clothes and underwear as cheaply as possible, her son, at her request, on March 15, 1890, brought to a neighbor's some cloth or domestic for drawers, and that defendant went there, met her son, secured the cloth and brought it home; that he was so angry that he burned the clothes, used vile language to her and said she should not go around the neighborhood meeting her son; that people were always talking about her improper conduct with her said son, thereby charging her with a vile crime with said son. Plaintiff asks the custody of two children born of said marriage - Henry A., aged five, and Edward, aged two.

Belle Young vs C.W. Thrasher; motions for new trial and in arrest filed.

F.J. Curran vs. H.C. Bright; mo-[motions?] filed by plaintiff to set aside judgment and enter proper judgment as of February 1, 1890, filed and sustained, and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages; first count, $400.80, second, $376.72.

R.L. McDonald vs Missouri Lumber Co.; attachment proceedings dismissed; no suit to be maintained on bond; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff for debt and damages, $312.12.

Redenhour Grocer Co. vs same; same entries as above except that judgment is for $614.36.

Frank R. Massey vs Charles Swanson et al.; motions for new trial and in arrest overruled.

W.G. Joyner vs J.D. Olier & Co.; judgment against defendant and securities for $143.20.

Wolf & Kreamer Furniture Co. vs B. Zwang; continued till next term.

W.A. Jackson vs George S. Rathbun; motion to require security for costs sustained; defendant given until first day of next term to file bond.

A.D. Shelby vs J.G. White; motion to set aside sale, quash execution, cancel sheriff's deed, etc., sustained.

E. Coady vs F.E. Atwood; motion for new trial overruled.

Ira S. Haseltine vs Frisco Railway Co.; defendant failing to appear and prosecute its motion, and plaintiff demanding hearing of the same, motion in overruled.

Circuit Court Adjournes.

Judge Hubbard this afternoon adjourned circuit court until Thursday, 24th inst., at which time there will be no trials, but he will rule on motions for new trials and bills of exceptions. On April 28th he goes to Forsyth to hold court, after which he returns to Springfield to begin a three-months term of court, commencing May 12th.


Numerous accounts were allowed. Among the larger were J.C. Dodson, $860.75, waiting on courts; W.P. Whitlock, $300, two mules for county farm; J.T. Rice, $150, making maps; Springfield planing mill, $201, for booths; J.J. Gideon, $250, salary for first quarter; W.W. Donham, criminal fee bills, $2,014.40; E.E. Colby, services, $130.50; Geo. D. Barnard, records and supplies, $237.85; Keet, Rountree & Co., merchandise for jail, $151.75.

There was a failure to elect a road overseer in district 22 last Tuesday. W.C. Cook was therefore appointed until next annual election.

E.E. Colby, surveyor, ordered to survey and mark out that part of Brookline road in 26, 29, 22, dividing the northwest quarter of said section 26 into east and west halves.

Bond of G.A. Owen as road overseer district 17 approved.

John Potter, collector, presented annual settlement. Examined, found correct and ordered spread upon the records.

The following road petitions were continued till Monday, April 21st: James Bickering et al., J.T. Stratton, E.E. Barnes et al., J.P. McCraw et al, J.D. Jarrett et al., Morgan Bell et al., Marion Davis et al., Lewis Stephens et al.

Road petitioned by A.S. Shiel et al.; [r]eferred to county commissioner in connection with the road petitioned for by S.H. Irby et al.

Road petitioned for by T.J. Price et al ordered open.

Roads petitioned for by W.G. Perkins et al., Isaac Ferguson et al., J.G. Magill et al, continued till first Monday in May, 1890.

G.I. Blanchard made affidavit that Manley W. Eaton is insane and he was ordered sent to Nevada asylum. A warrant for $65 was ordered drawn on the poor fund to pay his expenses.

Narrow Escape.

Follis Banks, while delivering groceries on South Grant street, had a narrow escape this morning. In attempting to get into the wagon the ponies became frightened and overturned the wagon on him. Fortunately he was uninjured. The groceries were scattered in all directions.

New Lumber Company.

The Hummel Lumber Co. have filed articles of association. Capital stock, $8,000. The stockholders are Lynn Hummel, B.L. Stephenson and Wm. R. Pickering.

Thursday, April 17, 1890

County Court.

Bonds of the following road overseers approved: R.P. Norman, district 13; W.P. Cook, 22; C.M. Bennett, 24; W.I. Gamble, 12; Samuel Smith, 25.

Probate Court.

Estate of Annie Naughton, deceased; refusal of Cornelius Carr and Michael Kearney to act as executors. T.J. Delaney appointed and gives $1,600 bond; letters issued.

Estate of Ambrose Fondren ordered into hands of public administrator.

Estate of John G. Garnett; widow selects as her allowance $400 in money.

Silsby Stove Co. allowed $56 against T.H. Godey estate.

Estate of William Duffy, minor; annual settlement of Andrew Myers, curator, filed showing balance due estate of $184.50. Approved. The balance due in James Duffy estate is $123.60.

A citation was ordered issued against John L. McCraw to file inventory and appraisement in estate of Hugh H.B. Farmer.

J.P. Hubble & Bro. allowed $12.50 against D.H. Elwood estate on an insurance policy of $635.

Estate of Edno Onstott, minor; John B. Onstott, curator, files final settlement showing balance of $1,127.50 due estate. Final receipts filed and curator discharged.

First annual settlement filed and approved in estate of George W. Bennett.

Annual settlement approved in estates of Willie A. Bradley et al. and Cora L. Gorman et al.

Estate of W.A. McElhaney, deceased; administrator reports $878 in his hands not needed for purposes of administration; order to loan it granted.

S.N. Weil & Co. allowed $187.70 John C. Ellston estate.

Final settlement in Asa Lyman estate continued to July term.

Administrator ordered discharged in Tillman Barnes estate upon filing final receipts.

Estate of Albert Gibson, minor; report of sale of real estate filed, approved and deed ordered; ordered that $461.25 be loaned to Wm. Young.

A number of claims were allowed against the estate of John R. Murphy, deceased.

Estate of P.A. Danforth, deceased; continued to July term, 1890, for final settlement.

Estate of John S. Waddill, deceased; same entry.

First annual settlement approved in Louisa Ross estate.

A.M. Crabb allowed $81.35 against B. Loyd estate.

Estate of George I. Waits, insane; objections to the final settlement of J.W. Clayman, guardian, filed and same set for hearing April 14th.

Estate of M.B. Loyd, deceased; I.N. Brockman, administrator, ordered to rent the real estate; alias order of tale [sale] of lands in Stone county made.

First annual settlement approved in Oscar Bymaster estate; balance due $12.25.

Estate of Edward Howell, deceased; final settlement filed and approved; balance due estate, $294.27; administrator ordered discharged upon filing final receipts.

Estate of Thomas C. Kelley, minor; Jane Kelley, curator, files annual settlement showing balance of $571.51 due estate. Approved.

Estate Wm. E. West, minor; first annual settlement approved; balance due estate, $640.35.

Estates of Harvey, Maggie and Jimmie Patterson, minors; curator allowed $12.11 for support of each ward; annual settlement approved.

Wm. Schroder allowed $2.40 against estate of E.L. McElhaney; J. Echelberry, $10; W.P. Patterson, $10.

Estate of Robert Cates minor; report of sale of real estate approved and deed ordered.

Estate of George T. Byron, deceased; affidavit filed to set aside allowance of fee bill probated April 8, 1890, in favor of W.W. Donham, clerk, for $17.30, set aside and ordered to be reheard.

Estate of Mary Young, minor; ordered that curator expend $42.50 per quarter, beginning June 1, 1890, for board and clothing of said minor.

Estate of John T. Young; same entry.

Estate of John H. Boyts, deceased; John W. Plank appointed administrator ad litem to defend suits; claim of L.A. Boyts for $512 allowed; same also allowed $715.35 and $162.35.

Estate of Mary B. Bryan; Fannie C. Bryan appointed curator and ordered to give $1,000 bond.

Same entry in Geo. T. Bryan estate.

Annual settlements filed and approved in estates of R.V., John P., James E. and Robert B. Campbell.

Eliza McMillan appointed curator of Malcom M. McMillan estate and ordered to give $500 bond.

Annual settlement approved in Alban Phillips estate.

George N. Lynch allowed $44 against John G. Garnett estate.

Estate of H.R. Emmons, deceased; settlement approved and administration discontinued for want of assets.

Final settlement in Oscar Farmer, estate.

E.M. Chambers allowed $100.45 against Baker Russell estate.

Dr. William Reinhoff allowed $7 against J.H. Boyts estate; also petition to sell personal property at private sale granted.

Estate of E.D. Robberson, deceased; petition for sale of personal property at private sale granted; additional inventory filed and approved; settlement filed and approved; it appearing that there are debts due and unpaid, and not sufficient personal assets to pay same, it is ordered that administrator sell lot 3, block E, in railroad addition to town of Bois D'Arc, either at public or private sale.

Will Probated

The will of Annie Naughton, made March 5th, 1890, G.A. Ramsey and E.M. Robertson attesting witnesses, was admitted to probate Thursday. She makes the following disposition of her property: To her sister, Maggie Donahoe, $500, which is to be considered full payment for a loan heretofore advanced to her of $300; to Father F.J. Curran, for saying mass for her soul and that of her husband's, $50, to be paid out of first money collected for estate; provides that just debts and funeral expenses be paid, and that a sum of money necessary to erect suitable headstones for herself and husband be used; the balance of the personal property of every kind whatsoever is given to her adopted son, Will Naughton, formerly called Will Lamb; Father F.C. Curran is appointed curator and guardian for her adopted son; Cornelius Carr, sr., and M. Kearney are named executors of the will.

Circuit Court.

Henry Cluskey et al. vs W.H. Park; judgment for defendant.

Tully Williams vs O.H. Mitchell; same entry.

Same vs J.W. Hall; same entry.

In real estate assignment of M. Hirsch, R.Y. Thomson, assignee; final settlement of assignee approved, assignee allowed $100; Silsby & Buckley $35 for attorney fees and H.C. Young $10 as commissioner.

John Schmook vs Maggie Banks et al.; decree of partition as prayed for in petition and court finds that the property cannot be divided in kind, and decree and adjudges it to be sold on terms of one third cash and one-third payable on or before one year with 8 per cent. interest.

Wants A Divorce.

Lucy Brown alleges that she inter married George Brown in Greene county October 5th, 1881, but wants a divorce for the following reasons: Tha[t] since said marriage he has treated her in a cruel and inhuman manner; that about December 29th, 1889, without cause, he struck her on the head; that in January, 1890, while she was confined to bed by sickness, he struck, beat and tore the clothes from her person; that on March 26th, 1890, while she was walking down Jefferson street on her way to church, he struck her with great violence, without cause of provocation, knocking her to the ground and injuring her head and limbs; that he also used vile epithets, etc. Plaintiff asks for custody of their three year old son Roy and wants defendant to pay costs of action.


The following divorce petitions have been filed with the circuit clerk since April 10, 1890, for May term:

David W. Lightfoot vs. Mary Lightfoot. Plaintiff alleges they were married in Greene county February 1, 1882, and continued to live together until June 13, 1885, when she received the visits of other men during his absence and went walking and buggy riding with them; that they were of bad repute and did all these things without his knowledge or consent. No children were born of said marriage.

Theodore T. Payton and Celia J. Payton were married in Vermillion county, Ill., October 18, 1883. They lived together until October 5, 1889, when a separation ensued, he charging that she committed adultery with F.E. Wynn and other persons at Danville, Vermillion county, Ill., in September, 1889, and at various other times, wherefore plaintiff wants the bonds of matrimony dissolved and asks that all the rights and privileges of a single person be restored to him.

Rertha [Bertha?] Bringleson is tired of her husband, Gus, whom she married in Sweden in April, 1856, alleging that he abandoned her without cause. She asks that her rights as a single woman be restored.


The case of state vs. Sherman Pettijohn, formerly clerk of Miller & Jones', has been continued by Justice Brewer until next Monday, the 21st inst. He is charged with making a second mortgage on property without reciting the facts therein.


Morten W. Wilson and Miss Ida f. Harris, both of Bois D'Arc, were married in Springfield yesterday by Justice William Cotter, of Center township.

Licenses were also issued to William Thomas and Cora Bagley, Springfield, and John S. Leclercq, Paris, Texas, and Nettie J. Smith, this city.


Mrs. Jane Ann Russell died near Brookline last Thursday, aged 74 years, and was buried on the Baker Russell farm. Deceased was an aunt of Enos Russell, recently killed by Franklin Davis.

Thomas Britain, after an illness of less than twenty-four hours, died at Republic last Wednesday of hemorrhage of the brain. He leaves a large circle of relatives and friends.

Miss Lizzie West died Sunday morning of consumption, aged sixteen years, Rev. O.B. Jones conducting the funeral service this morning, after which the remains were conveyed to Hazlewood cemetery.

The First.

J.P. Potter, one of Greene county's most enterprising farmers, brought in the first new wool of the season. The whole lot was purchased by Koenigsbruck & Boehmer, corner West Walnut and Campbell streets.

Thursday, April 24, 1890

Ash Grove And Vicinity.

Mr. Redfearn, of Leeper prairie, contemplates locating in Springfield.

Mr. John Perryman is on the sick list.

The dwelling of Mrs. Y.D. Waddle recently caught fire and the family were awakened nearly suffocated. The flames were extinguished before much damage resulted.

John Wallace is boasting of a thirteen pound son.

The residence of William Turk, in the New Site district, was consumed by fire last week. Origin and loss un [the rest of the line is unreadable].

The Squibb children tendered their mother a surprise on her seventy-third birthday last Monday. Fourteen children were present, thirty-two grand children and three great grand children.

Miss Gwyn Allen is the guest of Kansas City relatives.

Alex Murphy is enjoying the sights of Chicago.

Al Krepps has returned from a year's sojourn in the Sunny South.

Thomps. Mason, formerly of this city and Springfield, is reported to be lying at the point of death in Fayetteville, Ark. He is the father of Bion Mason, who was killed on St. Louis street, Springfield, many years ago by Charles Layton at a dance on Christmas eve.

Forty young people attended a party at W.C. Crane's last Thursday evening and had a most enjoyable time.

F.M. Kelley & Son have been awarded the contract to build a Baptist church in the Center school district for $1,039.65.

The family of George I. Farris will shortly arrive from New London, Ohio, and locate permanently. He recently purchased a half interest in the Hoover mill, three miles north of this place.

A number of millers met here Tuesday night to form a Southwest Miller's Association.

Edward Gibbs died Tuesday of pneumonia, aged 13 years.

An inquest was held Tuesday over the remains of J.B. Clay, who committed suicide by cutting his throat. Justice Waddle had the following jury summoned: Jasper Weir, A.P. Murphy, R.L. Stubblefield, William Brunson, George Comegys and S.B. Lovall. The verdict of the jury was to the effect that deceased killed himself while in a state of temporary insanity. The funeral took place Wednesday in the Baptist church, Elder C.F. Corum officiating, after which the remains were shipped to Marshfield, his former home.


Miss Bessie Skinner leaves next week for Denver to visit friends, probably remaining a month.

Mrs. B.U. Massey returned Sunday morning from a delightful visit of two weeks spent in Ft. Leavenworth and Kansas City. She departed on Monday for Neosho to attend the Jones Milligan wedding.

Miss Fannie Crenshaw spent last week visiting Misses Edith and Lucy Phelps on Dollison street.

Mrs. J.C. Crenshaw returned Thursday evening after a very pleasant month spent in St. Louis with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Russell.

Miss Harding, of Fredonia, Kas., is the guest of Mrs. Geo. Clark, on Walnut street.

The Misses Garnett, on Kimbrough street, are entertaining Miss Lizzie Marx, of St. Louis.

Miss Sallie Latham returned this week from an enjoyable visit to St. Louis friends.

Mr. and Mrs. James Smyth after having spent four very pleasant weeks in our city will leave for their home in Mobile, Ala., next Monday night.

Mrs. Henry Eaton has returned from a visit to her daughter, Mrs. George E. Hopkins, in Alton, Ill.

Mrs. O.W. Brady nee Miss Etta Peck, arrived last week to visit her parents and her many friends in this city.

Miss Mamie McIntyre is visiting friends in St. Louis.

Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Cockerill returned this week from a visit in Glasgow, Mo.

Mrs. H.S. Ivett is in Joplin visiting friends.

Miss May Sheppard returned Saturday from a three months' sojourn in California.

Mrs. Walter Williams is entertaining her friend, Miss Hazen, of Kansas City.

P.P. Chandler is enjoying a visit from his friend, Mr. Henbleim, of Pittsburg, Kas.

Mesdames Dan Nichols and T.H. Riley are visiting in St. Louis this week.

The Au Fait held a business meeting at Mrs. E.H. Dyer's, on St. Louis street, last Tuesday. They will give one of their delightful parties next Tuesday evening. Mrs. Phelps will entertain them, assisted by Mrs. Dyer and the Misses Phelps. A delightful time is anticipated.

H.C. Booth, of Aurora, came up on Monday evening to attend the Pickwick reception.

Mrs. Morby and Mr. Al Gale, of St. Joseph, Mo., arrived Wednesday morning to attend the Hardy-Denton wedding.

Among the Springfield friends who attended the Jones-Milligan nuptials were Messrs. and Mesdames Ben Massey, McLain Jones, G.D. Milligan, F.R. Massey, Misses Jennie and Hattie Rathbun, and Messrs. F.A. Wishart and E.H. Dyer.

Mr. Tarr and wife, of Wellsburg, Va., are the guests of their daughter, Mrs. R.G. Noland.

Mrs. J.E. Phelps returned Wednesday from a fortnight's visit in Jefferson City and St. Louis.

Miss Allie Whitsott, of Golden City, arrived Monday to attend the Pickwick party and returned to her home Tuesday.

Mrs. Dameron, of Marshfield, arrived this week to visit her son, Mr. James Dameron, of the north side.

The high tea given by the St. Agnes Guild at the residence of Col. J.E. Phelps last Saturday night was quit a successful one. A very dainty menu was served and enjoyed by all. These socials are quite a pleasant reunion for the young people of our city.

Probate Court.

Annual settlement filed in estates of Thomas F. Payne, minor, and Samuel F. Gibson, deceased.

Inventory and appraisement filed in estate of Hugh H.B. Farmer.

In regard to objections to final settlement of J.M. Clayman, guardian of estate of George I. Waits, insane, a motion was filed an overruled to charge guardian with $25 instead of $150 received from insurance company.

final settlement filed in L.A.D. Cranshaw estate; list of unavailable notes returned filed.

Estate of Gertrude McCullah et al.; settlement continued to July term.

J. Lindsey & Son allowed $35 against John Jones estate; first annual settlement approved.

F.M. Parsons allowed $27 against M.B. Loyd estate.

Estate of John R. Murphy, deceased; R.H. Livingston allowed $109.50 on note, and Paul C. Barbee $114.10 on notes.

John Wrenn, insane, ordered removed from the Nevada asylum and placed in the care and custody of his sister Mary in St. Louis.

Ely Paxson allowed $24 against Hugh H.B. Farmer estate.

Second annual settlement approved in George Vandiver estate.

Inventory, appraisement and sale bill approved in Polly A. Hunt estate.

Administrator ordered to expend $45 in M.P. Robberson estate for tombstone for grave of deceased; second annual settlement filed.

Annual settlements approved in estates of Chas. I. Moore et al.; also reports of money loaned approved.

Estate of Mary B. Humble, minor; curator allowed to expend $32.45 for support and clothing of said minor; curator files annual settlement showing nothing in his hands belonging to minor; approved and administration discontinued. Same entries in Jesse B., John W., Charles S. and Amanda L. Humble estates.

Estate of D.H. Elwood, deceased; ordered that administratrix turn over to widow all the household and kitchen furniture and that she be allowed $200 for first year's support; report of sale of personal property approved.

Estate of Baker Russell, deceased; administrator allowed permission to withdraw final settlement filed April 8th, 1890, for purpose of amendment; amended settlement approved and administrator ordered discharged upon filing receipt of administratrix de bonis non for $99.50 cash and note of E.M. Chambers for $106.56 and balance on Levi Taylor's note for $69.

Final settlement in Austin D. Kilham estate continued to July term, 1890.

Widow in D.H. Elwood estate takes $400 as her statutory allowance.

Estate of William Jasper McDaniel, minor; Mrs. Emma McDaniel chosen curator and bond of $3,000 approved.

Administrator of P.A. Claywell, deceased, ordered to expend not to exceed $25 for tombstone at grave of deceased; final settlement approved; balance in cash, $805.27; one silver watch, worth $10, note of J.W. Cotter for $7.72 and one share in Western North Carolina railroad company, No. 450, for $100, which is ordered distributed among the heirs.

W.T. Chiles, Jr., selected curator of Richard D. Kelley estate and bond of $200 approved.

Estate of Ambrose Fondren, deceased; final settlement approved; curator ordered discharged on filing receipt of administrator for $156.08.

Estates of Robert L. and Mary Fondren, minors; annual settlements approved; balances, $151.38 and $162.65.

Second annual settlements approved in estates of Bertie and Charles B. Short.

Administrator ordered discharged in Edward Howell estate on filing final receipts.

William McClure allowed $108.40 against estate of William P. Whittenburg.

A.M. Boston estate; widow allowed $400 in personal property; administrator ordered to expend $100 for tombstone at grave of deceased.

Second annual settlement approved in C.B. Kitchell estate.

Fourth annual settlements approved in estates of Zephia F., David J., and Dora L. Neil.

Estate of John Owen, deceased; appointment of Cynthia B. Stephens as administratrix revoked; she having refused to fill bond; estate ordered into hands of public administrator.

Final settlement of administrator filed in estate of Jacob Keller, deceased.

Fourth annual settlements in estates of Lizzie and Alexander Weaver approved.

Curator allowed $3 for expenses in behalf of Wm. Austin estate.

Estate of Nelson Wadlow, deceased; W.C. Wadlow appointed administrator, files bond of $467 and letters are granted.

Annual settlement approved in estate of Wm. Austin, minor.

Estates of Marshall, Frank, Roy and Leonora Nicholl, minors; annual settlement approved; balance due each ward, $235.08.

Annual settlement in James Stephens estate filed; balance due, $122.63.

Estate of Cynthia Reeves et al., minor; first annual settlement approved; balance due, $57.50.

Estate of F.M. Watson, deceased; ordered that administrator pay to curator of Claude Watson $250 for schooling said minor, before order of distribution is made in said estate, and that the $250 be not taken into account in said distribution; final settlement ordered filed.

Estate of Charles A. Speers, deceased; continued till July term, 1890, for final settlement.

Estate of Flora D. Dorsey, minor; A.S. Appleby, former curator, files receipt of J.H.W. Dorsey, present curator, for $108.45, and said former curator ordered discharged.

Estate of L.A.D. Crenshaw, deceased; ordered that ----- Crutcher, administrator ad litem, be allowed $25 for his service in suit in court.

W.P. Miller allowed $23.50 against Susanna Miller estate.

Kate Griffin allowed $10 against Annie Naughton estate.

J.G. Turpin allowed $32.75 against Polly A. Hunt estate; also H.L. Hawkins $8.

Estate of Martha A. Campbell; H.L. Hawkins allowed $26.50.

Estates of Maggie, Frank and Edward Wallace, minors; third annual settlements filed and approved; balances of $131.10 due each minor.

W.H. Cowden allowed $17 against John Harkness estate.

W.G. Crane allowed $24 against Frank C. Bobbitt estate; administrator allowed credit of $2.75; George W. Robinson allowed $11.75; annual settlement filed and approved; balance due, $1.05; the personal estate being in sufficient to pay the debts due, the administrator was ordered to sell certain real estate.

Annual settlement approved in M.C. Phillips estate; balance due estate, $124.01.

J.H. Wilson, curator of Mabel Johnson estate, files third annual settlement showing balance due of $421.11. Approved.

Estate of Elsie Coward, minor; second settlement filed and approved; balance due, $21.50.


Mrs. A. Eversol's personal property reduced from $875 to $88 - clerical error.

F.P. Agnew, J.C. Rule, Kirby & Burks et al presented a petition to reduce saloon licenses from $800 to $600. Judge Smith made a motion that an order be made granting prayer of petitioners, which was overruled by Judges Bowerman and Mullings.

Bond of Eugene Jones, road overseer district 10, approved, also Preston M. Julian, district 7; S. Pipkin, 32; H.S. Mason, 2; George P. Julian, 4; John W. Jones, 27; J.R. Mullinax, 4; John W. Jones, 27; J.R. Mullinax, 6; R.A. Hampton, 5.

George A.C. Woolley allowed $15 expenses incurred in purchasing county farm.

J.W. McCullah allowed $88, money advanced for freight and drayage on Sac river bridge.

Four sealed bids were opened for the erection of buildings advertised by the county clerk for the poor farm, near Nichols Junction, as follows:
R.E. Everett...$15,196.
Axel Skoog...$14,462.
Thomas Conlon...$14,500.
R.A. Anderson...$13,350.
Each bid was accompanied by a certified check for $1,000.
Mr. Anderson, being the lowest bidder, was awarded the contract and the necessary money will be appropriated to pay for the work. We learn there is $8,136.30 in cash in treasury and notes for $12,000, making a total of $20,136.30.

Circuit - Divorces.

Bettie Black wants a divorce from her husband, Richard, whom she married in Greene county December 29, 1837, alleging abandonment and failure to provide.

John Hendricks states that he married his wife Fannie in Osage county, Mo., March 16, 1885, but that she afterwards deserted his bed and board, went to St. Louis and is living in open adultery. Therefore he asks to be divorced.

Mortimer P. Bundy, through his attorney, yesterday instituted suit against the Frisco railroad company for $20,000 damages by reason of injuries sustained to his head and spine about March 18, 1889, while engaged in loading a freight car with agricultural implements in the rear of Parce & Burlingame's warehouse.

Charged With Obtaining Goods Under False Pretenses.

John W. Robinson has been arrested on charge of obtaining goods to value of $17.05 from the store of David Ferguson by false representations and fraudulent pretenses some time in March. Defendant gave bond to await trial before Justice Evans tomorrow 18th inst.

John Sherman In Jail.

From Henry Greene, deputy sheriff, who returned from Kansas City this morning, we learn that John L. Sherman, charged with the murder of W.C. Wrightsman, was committed to jail to await a preliminary examination on the 22d inst. On the way there defendant did not talk much about the affair, but denied the grave charge against him, saying he is well satisfied that Wrightsman is alive. He appears unconcerned and believes he will be discharged. The grand jury is in session and W.E. Grayston will probably remain until the preliminary examination has been concluded. It is said that Mr. Wrightsman has insurance on his life aggregating about $33,000 and that the companies refuse to pay same to his widow until it is shown conclusively that he is dead. The case is very mysterious, to say the least. The preliminary examination is expected to show some important developments and will be watched with interest.

A Ludicrous Case.

George Denton, about 21 years old, came here from Ozark two or three weeks ago seeking employment. The first place he visited was the old street car barn, occupied by Bob Crenshaw. Some of the teamsters sent him around after a "meat augur" and had considerable fun. When he returned, weary from walking, Jack Rothy borrowed his watch and told Denton next morning that somebody had stolen it from him. Failing to get it he had Rothy arrested on charge of fraudulent conversion of property. Defendant was lodged in jail to await trial. Yesterday the case came up before Judge Evans, but the watch having been returned the case was dismissed at cost of defendant. Rothy and friends, however, made up a purse and paid the costs.

Col. Leathers Discharged.

Col. W.F. Leathers, who stabbed Chris Dunn a week ago last Sunday, had a preliminary examination before Judge Evans yesterday and was discharged. The wounded man appeared in court and wanted to withdraw the charge of felonious assault, but the court insisted on hearing the testimony. At the conclusion the evidence did not warrant the judge in binding defendant over to the grand jury and he admonished the colonel to throw away his barlow knife, which he agreed to do. At the instance of the judge defendant and plaintiff shook hands and departed in peace. "Uncle" Charley is a great admirer of R.G. Ingersoll, but a good Samaritan nevertheless.

Minor Offenders.

Fred Sommerfield, charged with plowing on Sunday, was fined $1 and costs by Justice Dalrymple this morning. A stay of execution was granted until Saturday.

Thomas Morris, charged with embezzlement, pleaded guilty in the same court this morning, fined $1 and costs and, in default of payment, committed to jail. He is charged with converting to his own use a shovel, valued at $1, the property of J.T. Reeves.

St. Louis Court of Appeals.

The following Greene county cases have been disposed of by the St. Louis court of appeals:

City of Springfield; resp., vs M. Ford, app.; affirmed.

State to use of D.L. Griffith, app., vs M. Bowerman et al.; appeal dismissed.

W.S. Lowry, resp., vs St. Louis and Hannibal Railway, app.; affirmed.

L. Dyer & Co., resps., vs H.E. Balsley and T.B. Bailey, apps.; reversed and remanded.

Jacob Lippman vs R.A. Campbell, affirmed.

U.S. District Court

J.W. Silsby, U.S. District Clerk, and Ed. Merritt, jury commissioner, drew the grand and petit jurors yesterday for the May term of the U.S. District Court to be held in this city the 19th of May.
John M. Jackson, Cedar county; John T. Eagan, Polk; Frank Graham, Dallas; L.B. Rupard, Laclede; James Dickerson, Pulaski; L.C. Danaway, Dade; R.E. Hudgins, Greene; R.A. Johnston, Wright; Alexander Hyde, Webster; Frank Trail, Texas; William Schoen, Lawrence; George W. Fox, Christian; H.F. Huffman, Douglas; William Chapin, Howell; Henry Greeley, Barry; W.W. Ballard, McDonald; O.F. Douglas, Stone; J.B. Rice, Taney; T.A. McDowell, Ozark.
W.W. Frost, Barry; T.T. Robertson, Christian; Geo. A. Dillard, Greene; Wesley Stone, Douglas; W.W. Lacey, McDonald; K.P. Goodall, Laclede; M.Long, Webster; Finis White, Lawrence; W.R. Thompson, Barry; James P. Lee, Christian; M.L. Trible, Newton; John C. Simrell, Cedar; E. Cearley, Wright; J.M. Briddle, Newton; A.A. Pendleton, Christian; Jos. Logney, Pulaski; A.J. Thompson, Webster; H.B. Livingston, Howell; J.W. Newill, Dade; W.H. Johnson, Howell; John McDonald, Pulaski; Frank A. Garee, Cedar; J.B. Ingram, Polk; P.R. Stephens, Dade; Dallas Seabourn, McDonald; A.N. Fisk, Polk; Wm. Childers, Newton; J.F. Brown, Cedar; Cyrus Mayfield, Webster; T.F. Spraggins, Greene; L.M. Hill, Greene; Lee Gardner, Laclede; T.M. Northcutt, Newton; D.A. Ellis, Barry; C.C. Clendennin, Laclede; A.K. Maxwell, McDonald; Jas. Robertson, Webster; J.P. Collier, Christian; Thos. N. Applebey, Greene; Jas. W. Jones, Greene.
Mr. Silsby, clerk of the court, informs us that the docket is unusually large and that there are a number of important cases.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Weekly Leader; March 2, 1876 - June 6, 1878 / March 10, 1887 - Oct. 30, 1890; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained October 17, 2005.

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