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Newspaper Articles
from The Springfield Leader (Weekly),
Greene County, Missouri
February, 1889


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NOTE: These February issues of 1889 are right after the January issues of 1890, on the same microfilm roll.

February 7, 1889

Circuit Court

State vs. Fletcher McFarland et al., malicious trespass; judgment against defendant and securities.

State vs. John Chasteen, embezzlement; same entry.

Roger Williams was arraigned and pleaded guilty to selling liquor on several counts. He was fined $50 on each.

The probabilities are that E.S. Reynolds, who was recently sentenced to two years in the penitentiary will give bond and take an appeal.

P.G. McAndrews, after a jury trial, was found guilty and fined $10 for disturbing the peace.

State vs. John F. Bucktill, disturbing religious worship; continued by consent of parties.

State vs. Steve Layton, gambling; dismissed at defendant's cost.

The court is busy selecting jurors in the Cy Bearden murder case today.

W.F. Steel was recognized in sum of $200 on charge of carrying concealed weapons.

E.F. Reynolds gave bond of $2,000, with E. Plummer, Ophelia Parrish and Mary E. Reynolds securities, and was granted an appeal to the supreme court.

John H. Boyts et al., ex parte, partition; report of commissioners filed, approved and confirmed; final decree of partition; B.U. Massey allowed $100, as attorney's fees, to be taxed as other costs.

George Atterbury was fined $15 for assault and battery.

Pleas Lister, who stole a mare from Mr. Galbraith, of Taylor township last August, pleaded guilty and will serve two years in the lower house for his enterprise and industry.

The panel in the Bearden case was completed yesterday. The list will be submitted to the defense and forty-eight hours given for challenges. All the witnesses in other cases except this have been excused until next Thursday. Everything is expected to be ready by Monday in the Bearden case, when the trial will commence.


Albert B. Appleby, of Franklin, appointed commissioner, vice Judge Kite, resigned, to select a site for a county jail.

James Bair, late in the county recorder's office, has been appointed deputy clerk in place of B.F. Lawson.

Motion to dismiss overruled in road petitioned for by Stafford, Hyde et al.

Road petitioned for by D.C. Stafford et al.; motion to quash report of commissioners sustained; T.E. Burlingame, T.J. Whitlock and J.Y. Fulbright appointed jury to assess actual damages.

Mary E. Phillips loaned $160 school money.

J.T. Carter was appointed road overseer of district 38, and filed his bond, which was approved.

Henry S. Thurston borrows school money to amount of $325.

The school tax on personal property of J.B. Moore for 1887 ordered reduced 40 cents on the $100.

E.E. Colby, county surveyor, filed report and estimate of cost of filling a pond near Bois D'Arc.

Road petition of J.W. Barron et al. dismissed.

Personal tax assessed against A.C. Ballard for 1888 ordered stricken from books.

Overturf & Co. granted dramshop license for six months.

Benj. Kite presented his resignation as commissioner to select a site for county jail, which was accepted and Albert M. Appleby, of Franklin township, appointed instead. He gives as a reason that he is getting old and is unable to attend to such duties as would be required of him.

F.A. Roberts presents bond in sum of $5,000, as coal oil inspector, which was approved. His bondsmen are Chas. H. Goffe, T.J. Delaney, A.R. Berry, Lee Holland, L.T. Watson, L.[J.]H. Murray, W.G. Porter and J.S. Owen, all substantial ______.

It was decided to postpone the opening of road petitioned for by Seth Tuttle et al. until Mrs. Ann Kane, the person in possession thereof, shall have sufficient time to harvest and remove the crop now growing thereon.

Tax assessed on lot 30, block 10, the property of C.B. Holland, ordered stricken from books double assessment.

B.T. Grantham's resignation as overseer of road district 7 accepted and William Coble appointed.

P.D. Stanfield reappointed road overseer of district 20.

Resignation of L.A. Biggs as road overseer of district 30 not accepted.

J.W. Hines appointed road overseer of district 9.

A warrant was ordered drawn on poor fund in favor of Constantine Riedle for benefit of James A. Hensley.

Lee Vickery appointed road overseer of district 43[13?].

Wm. Wood reappointed road overseer of district 21, and G. Thorne of district 11.

J.D. Jarrett appointed road overseer of district 27, in place of J.S. Lewis, when his term expires.

Additional security required in school loan of George E. Comegys, who wishes to borrow $600.


Estate of R.[H.]A. Arbuckle; application filed for refusal of letters; upon testimony, it appearing that there is not sufficient personal property to satisfy widow's statutory allowance, it was ordered that all the personal property be turned over to her as her sole and absolute property, and that she be empowered to sue for and collect same as though she were administratrix.

Estate of Russell F. Orcutt; widow makes application for her $400 statutory allowance; order made to turn over property asked for and take receipt; administratrix ordered to pay widow $250 as first year's support.

Petition filed for sale of real estate of Leopold Baum et al.; sale ordered, either private or public, for cash.

I.S. Wunder vs Sarah A. Atzert, administratrix of John F. Atzert estate; affidavit for appeal filed and granted.

Estate of Giles T. Newbill; annual settlement of John L. McCraw, public administrator, filed and approved. Balance due estate, $152.87.

Crist Bros. allowed $28.70 against estate of William R. Reeves.

Estate of Theresa Godby; annual settlement of George S. Day, curator, filed. Balance due estate, $557.50. Approved.

Partnership estate of Bymaster & Lambeth; administrator ordered to rent 60 acres at crop rent, lessee to expend not to exceed $60 for fencing, to be taken out of the crop rent.

Annual settlements filed and approved in estates of M.J. and T.L. Jones.

Estate of Nathan Cox; annual settlement filed showing balance due administratrix of $29.70. Settlement disapproved; ordered that administratrix be charged with the amount of the appraisement, $306.61, and allowed credit for all vouchers in her settlement except voucher number 7, for $12.50, which claim has never been probated in this court.

Estate of Martha Chambers; curator ordered to expend $25 for clothing.

Estate of Jacob S. Beiber; final settlement filed and continued to April term, 1889.

Estate of A.G., W.L. and Nancy E. Murray; settlement filed showing $34.66 in hands of curator belonging to said estate. Curator allowed $34.66 for support of said minors, and administration discontinued for want of assets.

Annual settlements filed and approved in estates of Wallis and Lon O. Burney.

Same entries in estates of C.C., W.A. and R.L. Jones.

Estate of Sylvester Blackwell, insane; Peter Blackwell, guardian, pays $13.40, costs in full as per order of court, and is discharged.

The Cooper Pharmacy was allowed $9.02 against George Vandiver estate.

First annual settlement filed and approved in Mary A. Mills estate.

D.C. Murray allowed $16.60 against M.P. Robberson estate.

Routh & Gault allowed $4 against Andrew Hanna estate.

Estate of Mary A. Galbraith; final settlement filed and approved and curator discharged.

Annual settlement filed and approved in estate of M.C. Massey.

Estates of George and Daniel McMillen; bonds of Eliza McMillen for $900 each, with O.M. Hea_ttey[?] and L.H. Murray securities, filed and approved.

Estate of Andrew Hanna; petition for sale of real estate filed and order of publication made.

Estate of Elizabeth Cunningham; annual settlement filed and approved.

Estate of L.E. Goodrich; curator files annual settlement. Balance due estate, $1,086.52. Approved. Balance due in L.H. Goodrich estate, $336.49. Approved.

Estate of H.M. Goodrich; curator files annual settlement showing balance of $1,086.42. Approved.

Estate of Daniel McMillen; final settlement of J.W. Lisenby filed, showing balance due estate of $278.19. Approved and curator ordered discharged. Balance due in estate of George M. McMillen, $264.64; balance due in Malcom McMillen estate, $291.19.

February 14, 1889

Hazelwood Interments.

John Mack, sexton, furnishes the following report for January:

January 1. - Arthur Jackson, whooping cough, aged one year; Mary Nelson, overdose of laudanum, 17 years.

January 4. - A.W. Mathewson, cancer, 72; John Welch, consumption, 47.

January 7. - ----- Harmon, croup, two months.

January 9. - William Maxson, pneumonia, 25.

January 13. - Ralph Avery, whooping cough, 17 month; Ida Leir, pneumonia, 17.

January 18. - William Netherington, pneumonia, 32.

January 19. - Infant of H.J. Majors, convulsions.

January 20. - Flora Fredricks, tonsilitis, 5.

January 24. - George Lasell, pneumonia, 9; George F. Rice, whooping cough, three weeks.

January 27. - Geo. Bennett, pneumonia, 32.


January 7. - Athena Thornton, pneumonia, aged 21 years; Louisa Blakey, pneumonia; Bertie Wagner, inflammation of bowels, 9 months.


Notwithstanding the song of the blue bird cannot be heard, and winter still lingers, numerous private residences are being erected in various portions of the Queen City. A representative of a large lumber company informed us today that their sales were equal to those during the summer last year, and the outlook is unusually promising this spring for a mammoth boom. Among the buildings in progress we will mention the following:

Chas. W. Foss is having a four-room dwelling erected in Woolley, Porter & Hubbell's addition.

John Wrightman is building a three-room cottage north of the Frisco track.

W.M. Shumaker is erecting a six-room house.

Charles Bollman, residing on Nichols street, will soon have a three-room house completed.

E.M. Wolf, the contractor, is building a house.

J.M. York is erecting a dwelling on Mt. Vernon street.

Fred Strabe is building a house on Mt. Vernon street.

Mr. John, contractor, is building a three-room cottage for Mattie Childs.

John F. Bigbee is having a new plank walk constructed in front of his lot, corner Grant and West Elm streets.

Work has commenced on the foundation for the foundry and car shops to be located at east end of Phelps avenue and the Boulevard.

A.R. Lee has commenced to erect an elegant residence corner Main and Phillips streets. He also has under contemplation several other houses.

Dissatisfied With the Verdict.

The colored people, as a rule, are of the opinion that Cy. Bearden did not get justice. Green Fulbright is circulatting a petition to raise funds to aid the defense. A notice was read in the African M.E. Church yesterday, signed by James Stone and others, calling for a meeting for the defense committee tomorrow night.

Jail Items.

Arch Kinney was committed to jail last night by the recorder to await examination on charge of stealing coal from the Gulf railroad company.

Robert Jeffries, after a trial before Justice Hyde yesterday, was fined $1 and costs on charge of assaulting J.H. Faunce. In default of payment he was jailed.

He also fined George Lamb $15 for assaulting Jeremiah Oneal. Defendant failed to liquidate and will be released from jail March 5th.

Harry Sackett and Henry Gordon have been endeavoring to escape from jail lately and required so much watching that the services of Major Lyman were secured and he has chained them in cell No. 2.

Newt. W. Herrell, whose case was recently remanded to the Greene circuit court, was brought in Saturday and lodged in jail to await a new trial at the May term of court. It will be remembered that he was sentenced to the pen, for fifteen years for murdering Amos Ring in Taney county.

Rosa Short and Arizona Williams pleaded guilty to burglary and larceny yesterday and sent to the alms house this morning. It is believed that "Bandana" is bordering on insanity.

Large Funeral.

The funeral of Mr. Frank Crawford Sunday afternoon was probably the largest ever held in this city. Seventy-one carriages, about 65 Knights and Brotherhood men and others on foot made a long procession, probably seven hundred people, who followed the remains to the grave in Maple Park Cemetery. It is estimated that 2,500 were at the church, many being unable to get in.



William C. Price vs William G. Roberts et al., attorney's fees; plaintiff required to file additional security for costs on or before February 16th.

Motion for new trial overruled in case of Mary C. Bachman vs J.D. Williams, to cancel deed.

Harry Woodard vs D.C. Martin, venue from Jasper county; bond filed and appeal granted to supreme court.

Eleanor A. Terry vs Henry Terry, divorce; trial by court and decree for plaintiff on payment of costs; name of plaintiff changed to Eleanor A. Asbell.

Rebecca Adair vs Hugh Cook; motion for new trial overruled.

City of Springfield vs Carson Appleby, appeal from city recorder; case dismissed at defendant's cost by agreement.

Edith A. Phelps et al. vs Mary Phelps Montgomery, partition; decree of partition and J.Y. Fulbright, Geo. L. Dillard and J.W. Lisenby appointed commissioners to divide real estate.

Henrietta C. Wommack et al. vs John W. Ezell et al., partition; sheriff ordered to sell property for one-half cash and the other half on twelve months credit at 8 per cent. interest, secured by deed of trust on the real estate.

Ed Reynolds was given thirty days in which to file bill of exceptions.

The case against Pike Thompson, assault, was continued by consent.

Hager Battle, Charles Pea and Mary Rollins pleaded guilty to grand larceny and each was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary.

H.E. Havens was appointed counsel to defend Henry Gordon, charged with grand larceny, and case continue to May term.

Attachments were ordered for witnesses in case of George McDonald, charged with burglary.

John Brown, grand larceny, sentenced to two years in pen.

W.E. Millsap vs. M.E. Millsap, divorce; answer filed.

Chas. N. Dickinson permitted to sign roll of attorneys.

Thomas Almond discharged as an insolvent.

The sheriff returned the following special grand jury, who returned two indictments, through their foreman, J.J. Campbel: W.T. Morrow, J.G. Flanery, Geo. Loveless, C.M. Greenlee, E.J. Baldwin, T.B. Townsend, William Bristow, J.J. Campbell, J.W. Plank, A.O. Mack, A. Banks and James Keet.

The following special grand jury was summoned yesterday: J.L. Agnew, John Griffith, T.W. Keet, D.D. Berry, J.C. Crenshaw, W.H. Westmoreland, J.W. Plank, J.A. Stephens, G.A.C. Woolley, H.M. Langston, J.W. Lisenby (foreman) and J.T. Walker.

George McDonald, after a jury trial, was found guilty of burglary and punishment assessed at three years in the penitentiary.

Harry Sacket is being tried for robbery in the first degree.

Fred Lindenbower, malicious trespass; defendant discharged as an insolvent.

Harriet A. Cooley vs Stephen D. Cooley, divorce; order to docket and answer filed.

Greene county ex rel. and to use of D.M. and W.M. Sims vs A.F. Kinney et al., selling liquor to minor; motion by Haseltine to set aside judgment against security for costs.

The grand jury failed to indict Bud Williams on charge of grand larceny and he was discharged.

The grand jury returned one indictment and, having further business, retired to consider of indictments.

R.K. Goode was appointed by the court to defend Rosa B. Short and Arizona Williams, (Bandana) charged with burglary and larceny.

John Hennesy vs. Emma J. Hennesy, divorce; order to file petition and docket case.


Estates of Ida, Mary and Cyotha Reeves, minors of Williams R. Reeves; James Stone, curator, files bond in sum of $350. approved. Inventory filed and approved.

Estate of Willie N. Bradley; bond of curator for $100, with Preston Gilmore and I.N. Hasten as securities, filed and approved.

Estate of Coleman M.M. Bradley; same entry.

Estate of L.B. Williams, final settlement filed and approved; final receipt duly acknowledged of ward filed for balance due and curator discharged.

Estate of Jacob Longcrier; final receipts filed as per order of distribution and administrator discharged.

In the matter of vacating judgment in case of William McDaniel, Jr., vs J.L. McCraw, public administrator, having in charge the estate of Emma McDaniel continued until Saturday, March 9th, 1899[?], at cost of estate.

Partnership estate of Schmook & Herring; petition filed for discontinuance and revocation of order, and prayer of petition granted and administrator discharged.

Estate of John A. Brackett; order of sale heretofore made is hereby set aside; petition for sale of real estate of minor filed and sale ordered, either public or private, for cash, and funds reinvested.

Additional inventory filed and approved in Otto Herring estate.

Court adjourned until Saturday, February 16th.

Dissolution Notice.

The partnership between Hocker & Link has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. --J.H. Hocker, Ivan Link.

February 21, 1889

Circuit Court.

Following are Wednesday's proceedings:

A petition was filed by P.B. Berkins, Chas. E. Brooks and F.S. Heffernan, who have associated themselves as a company and ask the incorporation of the Perkins Grand Opera House Co. The capital stock is $60,000, number of shares 600, of the par value of $100 each, and the same has been paid. P.B. Perkins holds 525 shares aggregating $52,500; F.S. Heffernan, 50, amounting to $5,000, Chas. E. Brooks, 25, valued at $2,500. They are also directors for first year. This association is formed for the purpose of buying real estate, erecting buildings, own maintain and operate opera houses and theatres as permanent establishments and places of amusements, including lectures, scholastic exercises, and for public hall. P.B. Perkins is president, F.S. Heffernan secretary and Chas. E. Brooks treasurer.

Grabill & Strotz vs A.F. Kinney; acknowledgment of sheriff deed to F.S. Heffernan for certain described real estate.

F. Strauss & Co. vs A.F. Kinney; same entry.

W.W. Donham, circuit clerk, files statement of fines collected, which is ordered entered of record and money converted into county treasury.

Statement of J.C. Dodson, sheriff, showing fines collected heretofore, filed, ordered entered of record and money paid into the treasury.

In matter of assignment of Queen City Grocer Co., J.W. Silsby assignment; final report of assignee filed and prayer to be discharged granted.

Harry Wood vs D.C. Mastin et al., venue from Jasper county, to cancel sale, etc.; ordered to enter filing bill of exceptions nunc pro tunc.

Joe Jattison vs Bert Milholland, appeal from J.P., attachment; motion for rule on justice to require him to amen his docket to conform to transcript.

Jane Herrell vs D.R. Riggs, administrator et al., venue from Taney county, replevin; motion by defendant to dismiss sustained; sheriff ordered to retake property and deliver same to defendant; judgment against plaintiff and securities for costs.

William R. Haskett vs W.F. Dunn, to decree title; motion for new trial.

B.F. Stout vs Jennie Stout, divorce; affidavit as to non-residence; order of publication.

Meyer Hirsch, subject of Germany, received final papers of citizenship.

B.F. Northrip vs Elanora Northrip, divorce; case heard and decree for plaintiff; the care and custody of children were awarded to defendant, plaintiff to have privilege of visiting them at reasonable times.

State vs Cy Bearden, murder first degree; motion for new trial filed and overruled; defendant sentenced to 99 years to pen.; affidavit for appeal to supreme court filed and granted.

The grand jury returned an indictment against John Thompsom [Thompson?] for grand larceny and were discharged.

Waghtell & Weihl vs G.S. Gahan, attachment; petition asking an order to sell attached property filed; sheriff ordered to sell attached property.

Joseph Goaky vs Julius Goaky, debt; motion by defendant to retax costs.

E.B. Hayden vs F.J. Curran, account; motion by defendant in arrest of judgment.

James Kee pleaded guilty to felonious wounding and was fined $15.

Harry Sackett pleaded guilty to robbery and was sentenced to three years in the pen.

R.E. Bailey, charged with obtaining money by means of cheat and fraud, was recognized in sum of $500, with B.U. Massey, Seth Tuttle and H.M. Heckart securities.

Report of assignee filed in Dewit Lippman assignment.

Suit Against The Frisco.

Mr. Brown Craig, of Lebanon, has instituted suit in Laclede county against the Frisco Railroad Company for $5,000. It will be remembered that his son, while braking on the cars, was killed at Crocker a few months ago. The young man was well known by the railroad men in this city.

Joe Vernon, the colored lad who was recently sentenced to two years in the pen for stealing a watch, formerly resided at Lebanon, where he bore the reputation of being a good, honest boy. The attractions of a great city were too much for him and he succumbed.

Ordered that sheriff employ two extra guards over and above the number allowed by law, having twelve prisoners or convicts in charge, as follows: Cy Bearden, murder second degree. 99 years; Henry Sackett, robbery, three years; George McDonald, burglary, three years; Harry Gordon and John Brown, grand larceny, three years; John Thompson, Mary Rollins, Joe Vernon, Ben Adams, Pleas Lister, Hager Battle, Mary Gray, each two years for grand larceny.

Aaron Wilkerson, after serving a jail sentence for petit larceny, was discharged as an insolvent, as was also Robert Jeffries for assault.

P.J. Cunningham vs G.S. Gahan, attachment; order to file petition, bond and affidavit; order approving bond and to issue process.

The Perkins Grand Opera House Co. was granted permission to incorporate.

Joseph W. Hall et al. vs Mary Church et al., to quiet tittle; order to file petition, docket case and issue proper service for defendants.

E.S. Finch et al. vs J.W. Cato et al., ejectment; motion for new trial overruled; appeal granted to supreme court.

Mary C. Backman vs J. Watts Williams, to recover land; ordered that the clerk receive into custody $725, as prescribed, which shall be paid by plaintiff for benefit of defendants.

Alfred M. Boston vs Joseph Mullinax, injunction; trial by court and injunction made perpetual.

Same entry in case of George Boston vs same.

Victoria Best vs Wm. T. Saunders, conversion; motion filed by defendant to require plaintiff to give security for costs.

Nancy A. Bledsoe vs Hale F. Bledsoe, divorce; ordered that writ of summons issue, directed to sheriff of Christian county.

Pettingill & Moore vs P.M. Jones; motion to retax costs sustained.

Judgment Against Herman.

The tailors obtained judgment against D.H. Herman yesterday in Justice Evans' court. Mr. Herman took an appeal to the circuit court. He did not deny that the work had been done, but claimed that by striking they damaged his business. The outcome will be watched with interest.

Jon and Ephraim Haynes, charged with cutting timber on government land in Douglass county, near Vera Cruz, after an examination before U.S. Commissioner Jones yesterday afternoon, were each bound over in sums of $100 to await action of the district court here in May.

Probate Court.

Estate of William Miller; letters granted and bond taken in vacation by clerk approved.

Estate of George W. Bennett; letters issued and bond taken by clerk in vacation approved.

Estate of R.L. Campbell; settlement filed and approved; report of money filed and approved.

Estate of Marshal P. Robberson; report of sale filed, confirmed and deed ordered.

Chappell & Co. allowed $2.34 against estate of William Meathers.

George M. Gibson allowed $125 against Henry C. Young estate.

Estate of L.A.D. Crenshaw; report of administratrix on rent of farm filed.

W.D. Delzell allowed $20 against estate of James Parten.

In the matter of estate of W.B. Smith, application by widow for refusal of letters filed and application granted; letters refused and personal property turned over to widow.

Morris & Bouldin allowed $31.10 against James Parten estate.

T.J. Jackson vs James M. Camp, administrator for Jas. Parten; claim filed and case continued to Saturday, February 23. Same entry in regard to Ellen Jackson.

Oppenheimer & Co. allowed $86 against estate of John F. Atzert.

Elizabeth Jane Zink allowed $53 against estate of Josiah Zink.

Partnership estate of Bymaster & Lambeth; settlement filed and approved.

Attachments were ordered in estates of Nancy A. Rose, Ida Weaver and Emily J. Hunt for N.W. Farris, Jane A. Weaver and Elizabeth Hunt, returnable February 23d.

Estate of Henry Cannefax; final settlement filed and approved; ward acknowledges receipt and curator discharged.

Court adjourned until Saturday, February 23d.

Criminal Capers.

The Recorder has fined Henderson Boone $50 and costs for carrying brass knucks.

John P. Willis, a deputy U.S. marshal from Butler, Mo., came in Saturday with Samuel C. Peden, a judge of the St. Clair county court, whom he was conveying to Jefferson City for refusing to levy bond taxes.

A Mr. Gates was arrested at Mr. Vernon Friday by Joe Gates, deputy U.S. marshal on a warrant charging him stealing $140 from the Adams Express Company in the Indian Territory. He will have a preliminary examination before Commissioner Jones Tuesday. If held he will be tried before Judge Parker at Fort Smith.

Henry M. Tudor was arrested Saturday night by Marshal Hayes and lodged in jail on charge of stealing a pair of gloves from Marcus Summerfield and a pair of pants from Jake Marx. He was out of luck, as the goods were too large and he fell into the pit besides. He was recently bailed on charge of hog stealing. The case was continued by the recorder until 21st. inst.

John Clark, who is supposed to be a confederate of J.S. Marcus in stealing a mare belonging to J.B. Gault, was arrested Saturday and brought in yesterday. In default of $300 bond he was committed to jail by Justice West to await preliminary examination next Wednesday.


We regret to learn that Bob Levan, son of the superintendent of the alms house, died about 8 o'clock last night of heart disease, aged about 17 years. He is a native of Pennsylvania and a great favorite in the public schools. His father went to Forsyth a few days since and will be notified. The remains will probably be interred in Maple Park cemetery.

Mr. John Dunn, of Lebanon, Tenn., died on the 14th inst., leaving a wife and four children. The remains have been shipped to his home for interment.

John Kilfoy died early Saturday morning of Bright's disease near Norwood, aged 72 years. The remains arrived here this morning and were interred in the Catholic Cemetery.

Mrs. Susan Miller, residing on Park street died Sunday morning of pneumonia, aged 72 years, and was buried in Hazlewood Cemetery this afternoon.

Recorder's Court.

Jesse Murphy and Alonzo Harris were fined $1 and costs yesterday for jumping on a moving train of the Gulf railroad. In default of payment they are in the calaboose eating bread and drinking water.

William Vandiver and John L. Johnson, colored, were treated to the same ___ ___ ______.

County Court.

R.B. Hay, late road overseer, was ordered to turn over to his successor all tools in his possession.

Phillip McGuire loaned school money to amount of $700.

As the meeting of the county court February 5th W.W. Donham, circuit clerk, presented a bill to the amount of $69.50 for office furniture, audited and approved by the Hon. W.D. Hubbard, circuit judge. The judges disallowed the bill. Mr. Donham has filed an appeal bond and will test the matter before the circuit court.

In the matter of road petitioned for by T.A. Jones et al. John Moore, T.E. Burlingame and R.O. Parker were appointed commissioners to assess actual damages, to report on first day of April.
Following accounts were allowed:
J.H. Perkins, road overseer...$20.00.
Ira Hodges, services...$8.00

R.B. Woodward resigns as road overseer of district 32 and C.B. Ramsey appointed instead.

Bonds of W.A. Wood, Lee Vickery and W.F. Cooper, road overseers, approved.

W.W. Donham, circuit clerk, presents an abstract of fees collected for quarter ended December 31st, 1888, aggregating $1,012.93; which are examined and approved.

C.H. Evans, acting coroner, presented bills amounting to $53.90, costs in holding inquest over remains of Chas. Nason, William Miller, George Lowery, C.O. Browning and Ed McLean, the men killed by a switch engine on the Frisco Sunday, February 3d.

Taxes assessed against C.J. Patten for 1888 ordered stricken from books, same not being subject to taxation for that year.

E. Paxson, materials furnished dead, was allowed $27. A Lohymeyer also allowed $18 for coffins.
E.J. Burden, hauling...$2.50.
Republican, ruled sheets...$2.00.
W.T. Webb, services...$15.75.
J.R. Ferguson, freight, etc...$8.50.
Mosler, Bowen & Co., vault...$97.50.
Geo. D. Barnard & Co., blank books...$15.00.
J.T. Kelso, work...$10.00
W.N. Lyman, jail work...$22.00.
A. Demuth, express and postage...$1.60.
H. Nelson, work in recorder's office...$65.00.
Geo. Kirkpatrick, caring for pauper...$10.00.
H.C. Green, hauling pauper...$2.00.
W.B. Hindman, conveying pauper to Nevada asylum...$32.90.

President Ingalls presented a communication asking if the court would furnish quarters for the Drury College Cadet Corps. Permission was given them to use the third floor of the court house free of charge.

Lot on Market street assessed against C.F. Scholten for 1888 ordered reduced from $1,500 to $1,000.

Road petition of J.T. Fielder et al. dismissed on account of irregularity.

J.R. Gammon, road overseer, allowed $12. J.S. Owen, road overseer, also allowed $4.

Matrimonial Victims.

The following couples were yesterday afternoon licensed to marry.

John A. White, aged 37, and Miss Nancy M. Johnson, 30, both of Springfield.

James A. Barr, 32, and Miss Matilda C. Cheatham, 16, all of this city.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Springfield Weekly Leader; March 2, 1876 - June 6, 1878 / March 10, 1887 - Oct. 30, 1890; The Library Center, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; obtained October 10, 2005.

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