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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Globe
 May, 1912

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Thursday, May 30, 1912

Death Comes After An Illness of Three Days, at Haswell, Colorado.

Mrs. Margaret Ryan, for many years a resident of this city, died at Haswell, Colo., May 25th, after an illness of but three days following a stroke of appoplexy. The body was shipped to Worthington for interment, the funeral being held this morning at nine o'clock.

Mrs. Ryan was born at Sligo, Ireland, Nov. 20, 1848, and migrated with her parents to Canada at the age of three years. She was united in marriage to John Ryan on Jan. 27th, 1869. While still a resident of Canada, fifteen children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Ryan, twelve of whom survive her.

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan moved to Nobles county in 1883, and located on a farm two and a half miles west of this city. A few years after the death of Mr. Ryan, which occurred on July 29, 1895, Mrs. Ryan moved to this city with her family. Since then, and until five weeks previous to her death, she resided in this city and during that time made many friends, in fact with all she came in contact. Although called upon to bear many great trials and sorrows, Mrs. Ryan was always of a patient and cheerful disposition and a kind and loving mother.

In October, of last year, Mrs. Ryan took up a homestead at Haswell, Colo., on which she took up her residence about five weeks ago. She was residing there when she was stricken with appoplexy, May 22nd. Her death resulted three days later. The children who survive Mrs. Ryan are: Messrs. John and Peter Ryan, of Minneapolis; Thomas Ryan, of Omaha; Miss Mary Ryan, of Sioux City; Miss Marguerite and Robert Ryan, of Haswell, Colo.; Misses Lizzie, Agnes, Dorothy, Catherine, Theresa and Patrick Ryan, of this city.

The many friends of Mrs. Ryan were grieved to hear of her sudden death, and join with the Globe in extending to the family the deepest condolence and sympathy.


G.B. Ireland and Robt. Kerr left for Sheldon, Friday, for an over-Sunday visit at their homes at that place.

D. Groth, of Iona, arrived in this city Friday. During his stay here he visited at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Geo. P. Pfarrer.

John F. Flynn went to Crookston, Sunday afternoon, for the purpose of looking after some land interests at that place.

Mr. James McGlahen and daughter, Mrs. John Baker, returned to their homes in Edgerton, Saturday, after a short visit at the home of Robert Black.

I.K. Cole visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Fitch Thursday and Friday morning. Mr. Cole is a former resident of this city and was one of Worthington's first citizens. He left this city thirty years ago and since that time has resided in Coleby, Wis., his former home. Mr. Cole tells many interesting tales of the early days of Worthington's history and recalls vividly many of the important events of the early 80's. Mr. Fitch is also one of Worthington's oldest residents and his memory of the early days extend back almost to the foundation of this city.

William M. Stevens, Jr., and Miss Hannah Stoneberg were married last Monday morning at 8 o'clock by Rev. L.J. Fihn, at the home of the bride's parents in this city. Miss Jeannette Stoneberg, of Worthington, a cousin of the bride, was the bridesmaid, and Earl Stevens was best man.

After the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served. Only members of both families were present.

The groom was raised in this county, and is a sober, steady and industrious gentleman. The bride is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. L.P. Stoneberg, old and respected citizens of this county. She is an ideal young woman.

The happy couple left by way of Iona for Sioux City ande Odebolt, Ia., where they will visit relatives, after which they will take up housekeeping. The groom has a good position in a butcher shop. We extend congratulations and best wishes. --Slayton Gazette.

After an illness of more than 8 months, Mrs. John Glovka died at her home in Adrian Monday afternoon, at 1:05 o'clock, of heart failure and tumor, aged 63 years, 3 months and 11 days. The funeral took place Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the M.E. church, the sermon being preached by Rev. Smith, of the German Lutheran church, of Rushmore. Interment was made in the Adrian cemetery.

Mrs. E.R. Pickett arrived from Luverne Tuesday afternoon, for a brief visit at the home of her sister-in-law, Mrs. S.E. Peters.

Mrs. Ida Cox, who left for Washington several weeks ago, was called back to this city Tuesday morning on account of the serious illness of one of her children.

Clerk of the Court, P.J. Martin, issued the following marriage licenses during the past week. On May 24th, Clem. H. Olberding to Miss Thresa R. Lenz, both of Nobles county. May 28th, Harmon Marion, of Luisa county, Iowa, to Miss Eleanor Knaack, of this county. The last mentioned couple were married in this city.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peterson arrived from Minneapolis, Tuesday. While in this city they will visit at the home of the former's sister, Mrs. Alma Peterson.

Miss Mary Wilson returned from Pipestone, Tuesday. she had been at that place about a week, during which time she had visited her brother and two sisters, who reside there.


F.A. Grahlman returned to his home in Windom on Saturday after a brief visit at the home of his brother-in-law, J.C. Jenks and family.

Mrs. J.N. Elston arrived from Windom on Saturday. While in this city, Mrs. Elston visited at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Fred Christensen.

E.O. Olson, proprietor of the Worthington Creamery, left on Monday evening for Swift Falls, for a visit of a few days with family friends and relatives.

Henry Henrick and Jacob Meester arrived in this city from their home in Ellsworth on Friday to appear as witnesses for John Winterboer, whose application for citizenship papers came up before the district court on Friday.

Pat Brown was a Sibley visitor Saturday of last week. He left for that city on the afternoon train to look after some business interests. His son, Clarence, also spent Sunday out of town, visiting friends and acquaintances in Bigelow.

Fred Dring, a former Worthington resident, but at present residing in Manitoba, Can., is visiting family friends and acquaintances in this city. His brother, Joseph, whose home is in Council Bluffs, Iowa, also spent a few days in this city during the past week.

R. Schober left during the past week for Springfield, Mo. Mr. Schober spent several days at that place visiting at the home of his parents before returning to this city.

Glen Eggleston, who for the past few months has been firing on the G.N. railroad, with headquarters at Sioux City, returned to his home in this city on Monday. while here he will visit at the home of his parents.

R.H. Laird arrived from St. Paul the fore part of the week. Mr. Laird will remain in this city, having secured employment at the Omaha depot, as operator. He relieved J.F. Coughlin, who has been transferred to Merriam Junction.

Clerk of the court, P.J. Martin, issued license to wed during the past week to the following parties: On February 24th, Fred Smith to Miss Bessie Van Horsen, both of Nobles county; Feb. 27th, H.P. Meimders to Miss Jennie Sherfield, also of Nobles county; Feb. 28th, John Garmes to Miss Rose Bunning, both resident of Jackson Co.


Mrs. P.J. Silver arrived from Brewster on Tuesday. While in this city Mrs. Silver will visit at the home of her mother, Mrs. J.M. Ferguson.

Miss Metta Ruhberg left for Storden on Saturday to spend Sunday at the home of her parents. She was accompany by her sister, Miss Maud, who had visited her for the past week. Miss Metta returned to this city on Monday, but her sister remained in Storden.

F.D. Hulser, accompany by his sister-in-law, Mrs. W.C. Hulser, arrived in this city from South Dakota on Monday. They intended to continue their journey to their home in Reading, but irregular train service prevented, so they were forced to spend the night in this city.

John Garms and Miss Rosie Bunning, both residents of Round Lake, were married in this city on Wednesday, Feb. 28, by C.M. Cory, judge of probate court.

Mrs. E. Olson arrived from her home in Bigelow on Wednesday. While in this city Mrs. Olson visited at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nels Olson.

Mrs. J.W. Martin came up from her home in Round Lake on Monday, for a short visit at the home of her brother, Harry R. Tripp and other family friends. E.A. Tripp, of Round Lake, also visited at the home of Harry Tripp on Wednesday.

G.W. Hutton, who recently purchased forty acres of land near Hinckley, Minn., shipped his household effects and farm machinery to that place during the week. Mr. Hutton has for the past number of years resided on a farm about one-half mile south of this city, and is one of the most thrifty farmers in this locality. Otis Hankins, another well-to-do farmer, who resided four miles north of this city, also moved to a farm recently purchased by him near Hinckley, Minn., during the past week. Mr. Huttons' family left on Wednesday, but Mrs. Hankins and family will not leave for their new home until sometime next week.

Clerk of the court, P.J. Martin, issued license to wed during the past week to the following parties: On February 24th, Fred Smith to Miss Bessie Van Horsen, both of Nobles county; Feb. 27th, H.P. Meimders to Miss Jennie Sherfield, also of Nobles county; Feb. 28th, John Garms to Miss Rosie Bunning, both residents of Jackson Co.


----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Globe; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained May, 2009.

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