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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Globe
 March, 1912

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Thursday, March 7, 1912

Indian Lake Township Farmer Dies At His Home on Thursday.

P.A. Johnson, a well known and highly respected farmer of Indian Lake township, died at his home on Thursday, Feb. 29th. The deceased was 58 years and 11 months of age and had resided in this county for the past sixteen years.

Mr. Johnson came to America on July 16, 1884. He made his home in Chicago for some time and later moved to Sac County, Iowa. In 1896 he moved to this state, and located on a farm in Indian Lake township that same year.

Mr. Johnson is survived by a wife and ten children, three boys and seven girls. Two sons-in-law, J.E. Thomas, of Duluth, and Clarence Thomson, of Indian Lake township, and two sisters residing in Sweden, also mourn his loss. Mrs. P.A. Johnson and a niece from Chicago, were among those present at the funeral, which took place on Wednesday, March 6th, when the remains were laid to rest in the Indian Lake cemetery.

Members of the Palmer Family United After a Period of Ten Years.

A happy family reunion was held at the home of T.A. Palmer on Tuesday evening. Among those present were the following: Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Palmer and son, of Rennick, Ia.; S.J. Palmer and son, of Chadron, Neb.; E.W. Palmer, of Osage, Ia; Mrs. C.F. Kuehne and son, of Davenport, Ia., and Mrs. Albert Albertson, of Cherokee, Ia.

While in this city, the above mentioned relatives also visited at the home of their sister, Mrs. Ira Mishler. Both Mr. and Mrs. Mishler and daughters were present at the reunion.

Tuesday evening was the first time the members of the Palmer family have been together for ten years. The last reunion was held at Waterloo, Iowa, ten years ago. The years that have gone have effected many changes in passing and the happy family had many topics of interest to discuss on Tuesday evening. Possibly the happiest person present, was Mrs. John Palmer, mother of the Palmer family. Mrs. Palmer has resided in Worthington for a number of years, and at present is making her home with her daughter, Mrs. Ira Mishler.

To Be Erected By the Worthington Bath House Association of This City.

Worthington is to have a new boat house this spring. The Worthington Bath House Association have decided to erect a building 100 feet long. Work of construction will commence at once and the building will be completed early this spring.

On February 9th, the city council, meeting in regular session, passed a resolution requesting all parties owning boat houses on the lake shore to remove same within thirty days after notice had been given. The reason for such action on the part of the council, was the repeated requests form residents along the lake shore, that the boat houses be removed because of the fact that they presented an unsightly appearance and obstructed the view of the lake from the residences in that vicinity. This, along with the fact that Worthington is yearly increasing in popularity as a summer resort and the demand for more boats must in consequence be met, influenced the Bath House Association in their decision to erect an up-to-date boat house, such as would serve all purposes. With the completion of the new boat house, new boats will be added sufficient in number to meet all demands during the coming summer. The boat house will also furnish accommodations for private boats and launches, belonging to citizens and visitors of Worthington during the summer months.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Globe; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained May, 2009.

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