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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Globe
 August, 1911

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Thursday, August 17, 1911


Will H. Doeden and Miss Alice Bloom, of this city, were united in marriage on Wednesday of this week August 16th, in the Presbyterian parsonage by Rev. Sowles. Peter H. Doeden, of Brewster, a brother to the groom, and Miss Emma Strom acted as best man and bride's maid. The young couple left immediately after the ceremony for Minneapolis on their honey moon.

The bride is one of Worthington's most highly respected young women, having graduated from the Worthington high school in 1909 and having spent the most of her life in this place. She is the first one of the class of 1909 to commit matrimony. The groom is a highly respected young man and is at the present time employed by the Smith Implement Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Doeden will make their home in Worthington, he having recently erected a dwelling in North Worthington.


F.C. Turner left Tuesday morning for a business trip to Canada.

Richard Benson, of Wara, Sweden arrived here last Thursday and will make his future home here with his brothers, John and Gus.

MEREDITH -- Died, of a complication of troubles, at 2:00 o'clock p.m., Tuesday, August 8th, 1911, after a protracted illness, Miss Effie B. Meredith, aged 36 years, 1 month and 4 days. The body will be taken to Lynnville, leaving on the Iowa Central at 7:00 o'clock a.m., Thursday, August 10th. Funeral from the Friends' church at Lynnville at 2;00 o'clock p.m., Thursday, August 10th Rev. H. Hanson officiating. Interment in Lynnville cemetery by the side of the mother, who died a little over a year ago. The deceased is survived by a father, C.O. Meredith, who resides north of the city, and Ernest C. Meredith, superintendent of the public schools of Boone. The casket will be open at the Cheesman undertaking parlors on High avenue West this afternoon and evening and friends may call at that place. The sorrowing relatives have the sympathy of a host of friends in their bereavement. -- Oskaloosa, (Ia.,) Daily Herald.

Local News Items

T.R. Hildyard left Monday for Astoria, Ore., where he intends to spend the winter.

Master Edward Doeden left Monday for Brewster, where he will visit for a week with his brother, Peter.

G.B. Hildyard left Tuesday for Mullenville, Kan., where he will spend the winter with a view of locating.

Mrs. H. Olson left Monday morning for Brewster, after visiting for a short time with her daughter, Mrs. Robert Erickson.

Geo. Goodell, formerly of this city, but now of Sioux Falls, visited friends here the first of the week and transacted business.

Mr. and Mrs. Hans Chushirst, of Sargeant Bluffs, Iowa, visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jens Christenson the first of the week.

G.V. Fox, of Duluth, Minn., arrived here the first of the week and is the new wire chief for the Worthington Telephone Exchange.

Mrs. W.A. Moeller of Kenton, S. Dak., left Monday afternoon for her home, after visiting or about a week with her mother-in-law, Mrs. H.D. Moeller.

Mrs. G.B. Hildyard, of this city, Mrs. Marriage, her sister, and Mrs. Eliza Austin, of Mullenville, Kas., left Thursday night for Mullenville, where Mrs. Hildyard will spend the winter with relatives.

Mrs. Oscar Sterling and children left Saturday afternoon for their home in Hilyard, Washington, after spending the summer visiting her parents and other relatives and friends in Worthington.

J.H. Kruse, of Doon, Iowa, moved to Worthington with his family last Thursday. He has been conducting an elevator at Doon, but as the same has been closed up, Mr. Kruse will conduct a farm south of Worthington.

Mrs. David Bear and children departed the latter part of last week for Minneapolis, which city they will make their future home. They have made Worthington their home for a number of years past and have a host of friends here who regret their departure.

Mr. and Mrs. William McKinney are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby boy, born Saturday, August 12th, 1911.

Mrs. Rouse, of Ceylon, Minn., arrived here Tuesday afternoon for a visit of a few days at the home of her brother, Dr. J.N. Gould.

Mrs. J. Sprague, who has been visiting here for the past week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood, departed Saturday afternoon for her home in Fairmont.

Mrs. F.B. Duster, of Remsen, Iowa, arrived here the first of the week for a few days visit at the home of her mother, Mrs. P. O'Connor.

Miss Jeanette Clark and friend, Mr. Alfred Falkenberg, of Minneapolis, arrived here the first of the week for a visit of a week's duration at the home of her mother, Mrs. William Clark.

Peter T. Wick returned Saturday morning to his home in Jackson after a few days' visit here with his sister, Mrs. William Schrader. He was accompanied by his sisters, Misses Martha and Dora, who have been visiting here for some time.

Mrs. A.B. Cook, of Erbana [Urbana], Ill., who has been visiting in this city at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles E. Sims, departed the latter part of last week in company with her little granddaughter, Miss Helen Sims, who will visit at Erbana for several weeks.

David R. Long left over the Rock Island for Waterloo, Iowa, to look for employment.

Born -- To Mr. and Mrs. Reemts, of Reading, Minn., aug. 12th, an eleven pound son.

Mrs. L.W. Abbott left Wednesday afternoon for Pipestone for a visit with relatives.

G. Eggleston left Wednesday morning for International Falls, Minn., for a short visit with relatives.

Mrs. L.R. Gholz expects to leave the first of the week for a two weeks visit with her sister, who resides in Ames, Iowa.

Mr. P.C. Steffens who has been engaged in missionary work in Los Angeles, Cali., will speak in the M.E. church next Sunday morning.

Clerk of Court Martin issued the following licenses to wed this week to W.H. Doeden to Alice Bloom and George Kraft to Sadie Brink, of Nobles county.

Mrs. F.B. Duster, accompanied by her brother, Ray, departed for her home in Remsen, Iowa, on Tuesday of this week. Ray will visit there for several weeks.

Mrs. J.W. Thuemmler, of Minneapolis, who has been visiting in this city, left Wednesday for Mankato, her home. While here she had been the guest of her daughter, Mrs. J.J. Kies.

Nick Miller, of St. Cloud, who is employed at the Worthington Creamery, was married on the 17th inst., at Slayton, to a young lady of that city. They will make their future home in Worthington.

Miss Mabel Hogan, daughter of Mike Hogan, returned Saturday evening from St. Paul for a short visit with her parents, before going to Buffalo, New York, where she will be employed during the winter.

Thursday, August 24, 1911

C. Myre Broke Neck By Falling From Apple Tree Tuesday Eve

C. Myre, an old gentleman of 76 summers, of this city, met instant death on Tuesday evening of this week, when he fell from an apple tree on the Telander place, where he was engaged in picking crab apples.

The accident resulted from a decayed limb breaking, upon which Mr. Myre was mounted. The heavy limb of the tree struck him in the head after the fall to the ground and broke his neck, having fallen from a height of about 15 feet.

The deceased is the father of Mrs. A. Maher, of Worthington, and his grandson, Albert Maher was with him when the accident occurred and notified a doctor from a nearby telephone. Coroner Williams, of Wilmont, viewed the remains about nine o'clock p.m., and corroborated the accident.


Anna M. Johnson was born in Chicago, May 11th, 1879. Died August 22nd, 1911. Age 32 years, 3 months and 11 days.

Miss Johnson was raised from childhood (3 years) by Mr. and Mrs. Grundsten, of this city, who sincerely mourn the death of the loved one. The funeral services were held from the Grundsten residence in Worthington at 1:00 p.m. today and interment was made in the Worthington cemetery.

A number of friends who the young lady made during her childhood days and during the time of hre residence in Worthington unite with the Globe in extending sympathy to the bereaved ones.


Miss Elsie Armstrong left Thursday for Mankato, where she will visit with relatives and friends briefly.

J.F. Butters, of Sioux City left today for his home after a few days visit here with his sister, Mrs. N. Barnes.

M.P. Mann received a telegram today from a brother at Portland, Oregon, announcing the death of his sister, Miss Myrtle. She has been living with her mother in Portland since the two left Worthington over twenty years ago, and was one of the early settlers of Nobles county. Four brothers and her aged mother mourn her demise.

Local News Items

Miss Charlotte Boddy went to Rushmore Tuesday to visit with her brother Charles.

J.H. Maxwell visited with his daughter, Mrs. Peterson, in Windom, for a few days this week.

Dave Baldwin and family from Waterloo, Iowa, are visiting at the home of D.W. Anthony.

Mrs. Rouse, of Ceylon, Minn., returned home Saturday, after a few days' visit with her brother, Dr. J.N. Gould.

Mrs. Thumbler returned to her home in Minneapolis, Saturday, after a few days' visit with her sister, Mrs. J.J. Kies.

Mrs. M.C. Carr accompanied her daughter, Mrs. Selby to her home in Edgemont, S. Dak., where she will visit for some time.

Miss Jennie Clark and friend departed for Minneapolis, Monday, after a pleasant week's visit with her mother in this city.

Charles Deuell and Chris Hanson went to Adrian, Tuesday, to be in attendance at the burial of their cousin, Miss G. Johnson.

Born -- To Mr. and Mrs. Ned. Prigsley, of Seattle, Wash., on August 3rd, a daughter. The little miss will be christened, Amelia Bliss Prigsley.

Mrs. Adolph Thomte departed on Tuesday for her home in Lisbon, N. Dak., after a visit of several weeks here at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Bryan.

Fred Netter, who has been employed by the Tri-State Telephone Co., of Sioux Falls, arrived home last week for a brief visit with relatives and friends.

Lloyd and Milt Kimmel left this morning for Waterloo, Iowa, where they will be employed.

I.A. Kellum, baggage juggler at the Omaha depot, spent Sunday in Bingham Lake with his parents.

A.J. Kannal has established sign painting parlors in the building occupied by A. Amondson as a repair shop.

Mrs. John Long, of Reading, left this morning for Stanwood, Ia., and vicinity, for a visit with friends and relatives.

The Misses Iva and Vivian Goodrich arrived home Wednesday, after spending a week with their aunt, Mrs. James Sutherland, of Sioux City.

Miss Elizabeth Ludlow and Master Bedford, of Rushmore, are visiting at the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Ludlow, this week.

Mrs. G.A. Cahoon and sons, Guy and Sidney, departed Wednesday morning for Kimbal, S.Dak., where they will visit for about ten days with relatives.

Mrs. J.N. Clark, who has been visiting in this city with her daughter, Mrs. Frank Cutler, left for Lake Preston, S.D., Wednesday for a visit with friends.

Miss Turner, of Windom, is visiting this week at the home of her uncle, Axel Sterling.

Mrs. C. Hanson, of Mitchell, formerly of Worthington, is visiting at the H.P. Larson home this week.

Mrs. A. Collins left today for Iron River, Wis., where will visit for a few weeks with relatives and old friends.

Mrs. Eloise Brant, generally known as Grandma Brant, formerly of this city but now of Minneapolis, is visiting with friends in Worthington.

Mr. Butters, brother of Mrs. N. Barnes, spent a few days here the middle of this week, while looking after his land interests near Bigelow.

Miss Maggie Apel returned the latter part of last week from Pontiac, Illinois, where she has been visiting for the past two months at the home of her sister, Mrs. Robert Hughes.

The Globe is sorry to chronicle the death of C.W. Mennie the Adrian photographer. Mr. Mennie died very suddenly in his studio on Tuesday of this week bout 8:30 p.m. of heart failure.

Mrs. T.J. Alexander and sons, Ross and Carrol, who have been visiting her sister, Mrs. J.E. Norris and brother I.A. Roshon, for some time past, departed Tuesday for her home at Pataskala, Ohio.

H.W. Schmid and family departed Wednesday of this week for Cedar Falls, Ia., where they will visit with relatives for a few weeks. From that place they will go to Dubuque, Ia., which place they will make their future home.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ellsworth Heeter arrived here on Monday of this week from Alexandria, Minn., where they have resided during the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Heeter are at present making their home at the M.P. Mann residence.

Mrs. F.C. Jatho and daughter, Miss Clara, from Holstein, Iowa, who visited here for a week at the home of the former's sister, Mrs. Henry Apel, of this city, and other relatives at Rushmore, returned home Tuesday afternoon, but they expect to visit this city again in September, expecting to make the trip in their automobile.

Miss C. Haack is now employed in Frank's Cafe.

Thursday, August 31, 1911


The following marriage licenses were issued recently by Clerk of Court Martin:

Frank Lovnan to Rose McCann, both of Nobles county.

Paul Sommerfield to Catherine Broich, both of Nobles county.

Henry Drissen to Josephine Schmitz, both of Nobles county.

William Heselbeck, of Osceola county, to Anna Bernhadena, of Nobles county.

Johan W. Peterson, of Ramsey county, to Winnifred F. Jones, of Nobles county.


Born -- To Mr. and Mrs. Russel Moberly, of Sioux Falls, S.D., Aug. 15th, 1911, a son. Mr. and Mrs. Moberly were former Worthington residents.

Dugal Sutherland, of North Battleford, Sask., Can., brother of Mrs. W.E. Davis, visited at their home a couple of days the latter part of last week.

Miss Amelia Forceia, of St. Paul, arrived in the city the first of the week and will be employed as head trimmer in the millinery establishment of Mrs. Peterson.

The Willmar Tribune of last week contains an announcement of the death of Thos. H. Olson, of Willmar. Mr. Olson died on August 26th. He was a relative of Mr. Peter Thompson, of this city. Mrs. Hannah Parker, of Sioux Falls, was in attendance at the funeral.

Miss Margaret Malcolm left Wednesday for Luverne, where she will visit for a few days with relatives.

George Wyckoff, who has charge of the Boys' Club, of St. Paul, spent a few days at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.V. Wyckoff.

Theodore Hinrichs and family returned Tuesday of this week from Ithaca, N.Y., where they have been for some time past. They also visited in Wisconsin with relatives before returning to Worthington.

Miss Eva and Verda Triplett, formerly of this city but now of Slayton, arrived here Wednesday for a visit with friends.

Otis Bigelow and Oscar Blood and family returned Thursday from Colchester, Conn., where they have been visiting for some time past with relatives and friends.

Mrs. M. Wick and Mrs. Dunn, of Jackson, Minn., made a short visit in Worthington the first of the week with the former's sister, Mrs. William Schrader. They are on their way to Everett, Wash., where they expect to teach.


----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Globe; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained May, 2009.

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