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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Globe
 March, 1910

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Thursday, March 31, 1910

New Uniforms.
The militia company has been fitted out with a complete outfit of the new "Olive Drab" service uniforms this week. The suits are the same as those worn by the regular army and as their name indicates, are dark olive green in color. This color was adopted by the goverment on the grounds that on account of the similarity of color between the uniforms and grass and foliage, they would be practically invisible at a short distance.
Messers. Elmer Tripp, John Hoffman, Will Denkman, George Fulweiler and Art Erskine came up from Round Lake Tuesday to attend the meeting the Odd Fellows and take the last degree in that lodge. They were accompanied by Clyde Tripp and Earnest Bahls who attended militia drill.
Ole Berg left Tuesday for Sioux Falls, S.D., which place he will make his future home. Mr. Berg has purchased an interest in a clothing store owned by Abe Light, formerly of this city, and will cease his blacksmithing work in this city. His family expect to join him in his new location of Friday of this week.
Miss Genevieve Mann was taken ill with diptheria Saturday. The attack was, however, a very mild one and immediate precautions were taken to avoid the spread of the disease.
VAIL-BARNES -- Seward.
The township of Seward was stirred on the 23rd inst. by wedding bells which signified the marriage of J.C. Vail and Ora B. Barnes, both estimable young people of that community.
The bride, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Barnes who have resided here the past four years, and the bridegroom having grown up in the county. The bride looked charming in a beautiful gown of white French lawn trimmed with embroidery and lace and carried a boquet of lovely white carnations. Her cousin, Laura H. Meyers, also dressed in white, was bridesmaid and her brother, Howard Barnes acted as best man. Little Dorothy Vail a cousin of the bridegroom acted as flower girl carrying the ring imbedded in a rose.
Dr. C.P. Dolan made a professional trip to Bigelow Wednesday.
M.E. Lawton was in Brewster Tuesday on business and visiting briefly with friends.
Wm. Maynes came over from Luverne to attend the meeting of the Masonic lodge, Monday evening.
John Eggleston went to Sioux City Wednesday to take up his duties as fireman on the Omaha road in that city.
Mrs. W.S. Wyatt left Wednesday for Charlestown, Virginia, where she was called to attend the funeral of her mother.
Prof. E.C. Meredith of the Worthington public schools, went to Sheldon, Iowa, Monday on school business.
Mrs. D. Cramer went to Sioux City, Wednesday, at which place she will visit for a few days with her daughter.
Mrs. Guy Hancock, left Tuesday for her home in Doone, Iowa, after a visit of several days here with her mother, Mrs. E. Muck, and friends.
Rev. Stove, of Bigelow, was here Wednesday visiting with Martin Chetfield also of that place but who is now being treated at the Humiston hospital in this city.
Mrs. W. James and son, Jack, went to Adrian, Monday afternoon, where they joined Mr. James and visited briefly at the home of his brother in that place.
W.H. Harvey who has been buying horses in Worthington and the immediate vicinity for the past few days, returned to his home at Sheldon, Monday afternoon.
Harry Tripp made a short business trip to Round Lake Thursday.
Alois Renshaw, of Rushmore, was a Worthington visitor Saturday.
Miss Mildred Lewis is spending the spring vacation in Wilmont at the home of her parents.
T.A. Palmer, Worthington's music dealer, went to Rushmore Tuesday morning on business.
Mrs. Geo. Chandler came down from Austin Tuesday to visit with her daughter Mrs. Manly P. Thornton.
K.V. Mitchell, cashier of the Citizen's National Bank, of this city, went to Brewster, Tuesday, to visit briefly with friends and transact business.
Vincent Abbot went to Brewster Monday where he has been offered a position as barber in the shop at that place.
Dr. A.B. Williams and wife, of Wilmont, went to Sioux City, Tuesday for a visit and to attend a shrine meeting.
Miss Florence Dahlberg of Joliet, Illinois arrived in this city Saturday. She has accepted a position with Vic Anderson.
Herbert Noren is working in DeVaney's pool Hall succeeding Harry Bloom who is going into partnership with his father.
Miss Gertrude Geyerman and Miss May Heathcote left for their home at Brewster Friday to spend the spring vacation.
J. Olson and daughter left Tuesday for Fergus Falls, Minn., where they will visit for about two weeks with relatives and friends.
Miss Agnes Lamb passed thru this city Tuesday on her way from Adrian to Windom to enjoy a few days visit with friends in that city.
The following marriage licenses were issued this week. Birt O. Blakney and Josephine Sisk, Johan Hoble and Katy Wilmers, John J. Dilly and Nancy Herren.
Mrs. Oliver Thompson of Indian Lake returned Tuesday from Heron Lake where she has been in the hospital for four weeks undergoing two operations for appendicitis.
Mrs. Oliphant, of Blue Earth, is spending a couple of weeks with her daughter, Miss Oliphant, who in connection with Mrs. E.H. Hall, conduct the Variety store in this city.
Mesdames W.E. Evens, Geo. Wilson and Wm DeVaney went to Bigelow Wednesday to be present at the home talent play "My Awful Dad" played there on that evening.
Roy Devaney, employed at R.L. Morland's drug store, resigned his position the first of the week and went to St. James to take the examination for brakeman on the Omaha.
Misses Stone and Atchinson who have been assisting in Dr. Humiston's hospital for the past few days, returned to Minneapolis Wednesday to take up their duties in the City hospital there.
H. Peter Lewis who conducts the general store at Wilmont was in this city Wednesday shaking hands with acquaintances on his way home from Minneapolis where he had been for a couple of weeks on business.
Ernest Thompson of Indian Lake, was in Worthington, Wednesday in order to receive his new motor cycle which was shipped him from Chicago. It will be a small matter for Ernest to run up to the hub every day now and partake of the luxuries of the city.
Local Information -- Of The Week

Clifford Loveless spent Easter with his parents in this city.

Mrs. Wm. McKinney is visiting friends at Hospers for a few days.
Miss Lauretta Ferguson is visiting with friends and relatives in Brewster this week.
FOR SALE - 8 head of good farm horses. Inquire of F.E. Eggleston, at Worthington Hotel Livery.
Mrs. Spencer spent Sunday with her son Leonard returned to her home at Truman Minnesota, Monday.
Miss Mabel Fagerman and Geneviene [Genevieve?] Lane of Sioux City spent Sunday with Mrs. John Fitch of this city.
L. Tripplett made a business trip to Lake Wilson Monday. Mr. Tripplett is conducting a store in that village.
Wilson Abbott and little son made a business trip to Pipestone Tuesday. Prof. Abbott is the director of the band in that city.
Rev. G.A. Cahoon was in the city Saturday enroute to Windom where he will preach the Easter sermon in the M.E. Church.
Luther Salstrom, assistant cashier of the Wilmont First National Bank, was in this city Monday transacted business and visiting with friends.
Arthur Sather has resigned his position as passenger brakeman on the Omaha road and expects to go to work for the Tuthill Lumber Co. of this city.
Miss Hulda Sathe from Jackson Minnesota, visited with her sister, Mrs. John Keng of this city, for a few days the fore part of the week, returning to her home Wednesday morning.
Mrs. Clayton, the Royal Neighbor lodge deputy, went to Bigelow Monday on lodge business. She expects to return Thursday and finish up Worthington when she will return to her home in Pipestone.
J.K. Baker, wife and son Berry, went to Minneapolis Tuesday to have their son treated for paralysis of the spine. Mr. Baker expects to remain during the entire treatment.
A.E. Caldwell who will be remembered by Worthington people as the publisher of the "Globe" 6 years ago, passed thru this city Monday on his way to Minneapolis. Mr. Caldwell is now on the staff of the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader.
E.L. Nance returned to his home at Edwall Washington Monday. In speaking of the west, Mr. Nance said that although many people considered it the "Land of Golden Opportunity," we some times overlook the possibilities of Minnesota. For a young man the west is a good place to go undoubtedly but what's the matter with Minnesota.
W.G. Myers made a business trip to Lake Wilson Tuesday.
John Webster left Monday for a journey thru the northwestern part of Iowa.
Ed. Ulrich who spent several weeks in Ohio with relatives, returned to this city Tuesday.
T.C. Ager and family left Saturday for Mankato to visit relatives and friends over Easter.
Mrs. Em. Rasmussen left Sunday night for Minneapolis for a month's visit with her father.
Miss Emma Ferguson who is teaching school in Tracy is spending the spring vacation at her home.
Lloyd Grimes of West Brookman Illinois is visiting his uncle Harry Tripp. He intends to locate here.
Miss Emma Grelson left for Minneapolis Tuesday where she will visit with friends for a week or two.
John Fitch started to Hot Springs, S.D., Monday, for a short stay with friends and incidentally to benefit his health.
John Wilson the efficient "baggage smasher" at the Omaha depot, spent Saturday and Sunday in Minneapolis.
Mrs. E.J. Helmick went to Sioux Falls Friday for a few days visit with relatives. She was accompanied over by Mr. Helmick who returned Saturday night.
Miss Marjorie Shell arrived the latter part of last week from Milwaukee where she is attending school, for a visit of a week at her home and with friends in this city.
Mrs. C.A. Whiting came up from Sibley, Saturday, to visit her sister, Mrs. John Webster of this city. She returned to her home Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. N. Klasy left Tuesday for Crosby, N.D., at which place she resides on a homestead. Mrs. Klasy has been visiting relatives and friends here for the past month.
Mrs. Ira D. Alvord was suddenly taken ill Friday with an attack of acute pneumonia. At last reports her condition was very serious. Her many friends hope for her speedy recovery.
Chas. Paine of Loraine township sold to Ronan Bros. Saturday, 30 hogs that averaged 214 lbs. each at $10.10 per hundred, amounting to $648.30. Just now hogs are a "sure thing" goldmine.
Mesdames Denkman, Gentmen and Miss Clara Ackerman came up from Round Lake to meet Mrs. Goodman of Minneapolis and accompanied her to Round Lake where her husband is conducting an auction for Fred Tripp the general merchant of that place.
Master Donald Patterson is visiting friends in Brewster this week.
Mrs. Anna Davis went to Adrian Saturday to attend Easter services in that city.
Miss Orpha Saxon is spending vacation week visiting with relatives at Windom.
Miss Ida Yeske is visiting with friends and relatives in Bigelow during the spring vacation.
Miss Edith Clark accompanied her mother to Heron Lake Saturday to spend Easter with friends.
Mrs. John Milton returned Saturday from Jackson where she has been for the last week on lodge business.
Arba Bedford and Milton Ludlow came over from Rushmore Tuesday and visited here briefly with friends.
Miss Lois Low, principal of the Wilmont school was in Worthington, Monday, and visited briefly with friends.
Dr. W.J. Dodge came down from the cities Saturday to spend Easter with his sister, Mrs. H.S. Hobson.
Mrs. R.A. Ames and her three daughters who have been visiting J.A. Smith and family, returned to their home in Montana Monday.
Dr. E.C. Dieckhoff went to Milwaukee, Monday, for a few days visit with friends. He expects to return about the middle of next week.
Bert Smith who has been working at Round Lake, passed thru here Monday on his way to Pipestone where he has a position in an automobile garager.
Ben Potter quit the Omaha road last week and accepted a position with the Worthington Concrete and Tile Company starting on his new duties Monday morning.
John Sather left Saturday afternoon for Washington state where he intends to make his future home. His many friends wish him unbound success in his new location.
R.E. Hall of Wood Lake Minnesota who has been visiting Dr. Mork returned to his home Monday. Mr. Hall expressed himself as very well pleased with Southern Minnesota.
Misses Florence McIntosh and Bernice Weidman arrived Saturday from Sioux City where they are attending Morningside College, to enjoy two weeks vacation with relatives and friends here.
Mrs. John Euerett [Everett?] underwent an operation for appendicitis Tuesday, at the city hospital. Mrs. Euerett has been in a serious condition for sometime, the operation finally becoming a necessity. Her many friends hope for a speedy recovery.
In Memoriam.
Mrs. Lena Carlson of this city passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Nelson, last Tuesday, March 22, 1910, aged 88 years, death resulting principally from old age.
Her sweet face made sunshine in a shady place. If strangers felt the charm of her rare courtesy and joyous, sunny temperament, how much more so the members of her own household upon whom she lavished all the sweet earnestness and careful culture of her mind and nature. Strong and potent was the influence of this loving heart which gave of its gifts so generously. The spirit of her love was not weakness but strength. Gently, almost unconsciously, it coerced those coming in contact with it, to strive for if not to attain the realization of her high ideal.  She leaves two daughters and one son to mourn her death.
The services were held Friday at the Swedish Lutheran Church where a large number of friends and relatives gathered to pay the last tribute to the esteemed deceased.
In Memorian.
Died, at the home of his son Dr. J.N. Gould in our city, Dr. John G. Gould, of Fairmont, Minn., aged 66 years and 10 months.
For some time past Dr. John G. Gould was troubled with anemia and about two weeks ago decided to abandon his veterinary practice at Fairmont and come to this city to reside with his son, hoping that the rest and change would better his failing health.
But he is gone! Friday evening at 7 o'clock he answered the Master's call. Another name is stricken from the list of the living and the death of another loved one is being mourned. He was a man of excellent habits, fine moral character, and sturdy constitution and he continued to be active in his accustomed pursuits till long past the age at which men ordinarily drop out of the ranks of the workers.
Dr. Gould leaves three sons, all living and practicing veterinarian surgeons, to mourn his death besides many friends in this part of the country. His wife preceded him to the Life Beyond about two years ago.
The remains were taken to Fairmont Monday for interrment in the cemetery at that place. Dr. and Mrs. J.N. Gould and Harold Oakes accompanied the body to be present at the funeral.
Ed Ulrich, went to work at the D.W. Anthony Barber shop, Thursday afternoon.
S.S. Smith and Ira Mishler made a short business trip to Brewster Thursday morning.
Geo. Saxon left Thursday for Waupton North Dakota where he has been offered a position.
Andrew Gustafson and Fred Hegardt of Round Lake, attended Odd Fellows lodge here Tuesday night.
Miss C. Hardwick left for her home at Kinbrae after a short visit with her mother, Mrs. A. Hardwick, of this city.
E.F. Baldwin, of Birchwood, Wis., arrived Saturday for a weeks' visit at the home of his daughter, Mrs. D.W. An__ey.
Walter Gilchrist, the genial barber at the Anthony Barber shop, went to Alton, Iowa, Wednesday for a brief visit with his parents.
Mrs. F. Sluterman returned to her home in Ash Creek, Wednesday, after a few days visit in this city with her sister, Mrs. John Everett.
Miss S. Anderson left Wednesday for her home in Minneapolis after attending the funeral of her mother, Mrs. Carlson, who was buried here Friday.
Henry M. Roshon arrived from Joplin, Mo., on Thursday of this week. Mr. Roshon has been employed in the lead and zinc mines at that point for the past fifteen years. He will visit with relatives here for some weeks.
The second and third degrees of Odd Fellowship were conferred on Messrs. James Isom and Frank H. Peterson of Worthington, and Walter Denkman, J.P. Hoffman, Geo. Fullwiler, A.H. Erskine and E.D. Tripp of Round Lake Tuesday night, after which the members enjoyed lunch at one of the local restaurants.
The wedding ceremony took place at high noon, Rev. Woolly of Fulda, Minn., of the Methodist Episcopal church making sure the nuptial knot was tied. The guests numbered about sixty, coming from the state of Nebraska, Worthington and the local town and townships. After the ceremony a substantial wedding dinner was served.
[The above paragraph seems to have been misplaced from somewhere else in the newspaper.]
County Happenings
From our Vast Army of Correspondents.
Arnie Olen visited at Adrian, over Sunday.
F.V. Thom transacted business at Luverne, Saturday.
Miss Kate McCall spent Easter at her home, in Brewster.
Mrs. Kienietz is visiting with her son Richard, this week.
H.L. Fagerness visited over Sunday with friends at Luverne.
Miss Elsie Boyce visited over Sunday at her home, in Adrian.
Mr. R.W. Oakes visited at Worthington, Saturday afternoon.
Miss Lois Renshaw visited at Worthington, last Saturday afternoon.
Pearl Hunt is visiting at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. George Hunt.
Clarence Clark and daughter Floris and Miss Mable James visited at Little Rock Thursday.
A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Clark, Sunday. All concerned are doing nicely.
Miss Rowena Feathers, who is teaching at Lismore, visited at home from Friday until Sunday.
Mrs. A.P. Dahlberg and Mrs. John Dahlberg visited at Worthington Thursday between trains.
Mrs. Fred Wilkens and two children of Marcus, Iowa, is visiting this week at the home of Jack Wick.
Mrs. Thompson from Minneapolis was in town day last week soliciting the children's home and calling on friends.
Mrs. August Beerman returned from Worthington Monday where she has been visiting friends and relatives.
Miss Bertha Ivers left Friday for a visit at Brewster. From there she will go to Keystone, Iowa, to learn the dress making trade.
Miss Ethel Black who has been teaching at Windom came home Friday morning for a few days visit during the spring vacation.
Fred Kelly, night man at the depot, returned from Blakely this state Thursday where he had been to attend the wedding of a friend.
Chas. Morton, Sam Wilson, and Earnest Herman went to Ocheydan, Thursday, on a fishing trip. We have not been informed as to their luck.
Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Bedford and Rev. Babcock returned from Sioux City, Friday, where they had been to attend the Laymen Missionary Convention.
Word was received Monday that Miss Laura Cooper and Boyd McChord were married at Sundance, Wyoming. Their many friends wish them joy and happiness.
Miss Nettie Rowe who is teaching in the Ransom district returned to her home at Adrian Thursday afternoon. Friday being a holiday most of the teachers had vacation.
Miss Mabel James was called to her home in Little Rock, Tuesday, to care for her mother who is sick. During her absence Miss Freda Green is filling her position in the Prideaux store.
Harm Rust was a business visitor to Rushmore Tuesday.
W.A. Wahl and family were county seat visitors Saturday.
Tom Voss is confined to his home with an attack of rheumatism.
Valentine Gerber lost a valuable horse the fore part of the week.
John Sisk is moving on the C.T. Tupper farm, west of town.
Report says that J.R. Pettis, ill at Worthington, does not gain any.
J.A. Good returned Tuesday from his trip to Chicago, with livestock.
County Superintendent Abbott was visiting schools in this locality Tuesday.
Mrs. F.G. Bullick visited her husband at the Humiston hospital Tuesday.
A deal was closed Saturday, where-in R.C. Free becomes the owner of the residence property owned by S. Fair, formerly known as the Uphoff house. We are glad to welcome this estimable family to the village.
W.F. Moss has just completed a large barn on his premises, south of town.
Frank Turner, of Worthington, was circulating among friends in this place Tuesday.
D.G. Crippen is building a substantial addition to the residence on the farm he recently purchased, north of town.
J. Davis and family arrived Saturday from Sioux City. Mr. Davis is employed in the blacksmith shop of Codward Klessig.
Rev. James Wray, of Fergus Falls, will preach in the church at this place next Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. He comes as a candidate.
Mike Fury left last week to take up a claim near Aberdeen, S.D.
Miss Myrtle Lindquist is spending her vacation at home in Fulda.
Mrs. Joseph Fury who has been very sick with pneumonia is recovering.
Chas Swanson left for South Dakota Monday where he expects to work through the summer.
Miss Christance Larson spent Friday and Saturday in Kinbrae with her friend Myrtle Ridgeway.
Miss Lettie Smith who teaches a few miles from town visited with her mother Mrs. H. Smith over Sunday.
Roy Harding and his sister, Miss Low, have returned to Winnebago to resume their work for the balance of the year.
M. McGlin of Lakefield, who was looking after business here for a couple of weeks has returned to Minneapolis.
C.W. Davis met with an accident last Thursday while coming into town in his auto the car was damaged somewhat but no one injured.
Mrs. B.F. Holland was taken quite seriously ill last Saturday evening and has been confined to her bed but at present is thought to be improving.
Tom Voss is on the sick list this week.
Christina Wassmund is visiting with her brother Ferdinand.
Earl Heckert commenced working for Mr. Lobeman on Monday.
Henry Mohr has returned home after an absence of three months.
Jeanette Sietsema spent Friday and Saturday with friends in Worthington.
Mable and Elmer Soderholm attended church at Worthington Sunday.
Wm Temple spent Saturday and Sunday with his uncle, Mr. Ben Voss.
Mable Soderholm is assisting Mrs. Will Hawkins with her sewing this week.
Mae Calvin is home from high school at Worthington for a week's vacation.
Ben Voss is hauling lumber for a new house, which he expects to build on one of his farms.


----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Globe; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained May, 2009.

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