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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 March, 1910

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Friday, March 4, 1910

Local Intelligence

Hospers (Ia.) Tribune: James Runger and family went up to Worthington Sunday to visit relatives for a few days.

Mankato Review: Mrs. A.T. Latta and mother, Mrs. E.B. Cutler, have returned to their home in Worthington after a two weeks' stay in the city.

Beaver Creek Banner: W.M. Christianson of Worthington, came down Monday and leased the old Peter Jordan house near the Omaha depot, and will make Luverne his home. Mr. Christianson is a farmer and last year was drowned out in Nobles county. He will try Rock county soil.

Fulda Republican: The golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. S.H. McMasters, of Kinbrae, will take place next Monday. The knot will be re-tied by Rev. Wm. Woodly, of Fulda, and from invitations sent forth it is expected that a large company will be present and celebrate the occasion by partaking of the wedding dinner.

O.H. Tollefson, of Hardwick, manager of E.A. Brown's elevator at that place, was frightfully burned Friday by an explosion of gasoline, and that his life was saved was due only to the prompt and energetic work of a number of men who saw his predicament.

A.L. Swenson, who has resided on his farm near Org for the past eight years, shipped his goods Tuesday to Sebeka, this state, where he has purchased a farm. He sold his farm near Org to Mrs. Chas. Gustafson, whose son, Victor, will manage it.

H. Young and wife, of Luverne, visited between trains with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Buchan. The young couple were on their way to Yakima, Wash., where they will reside in the future.


A large number of the members of the First Baptist Church went to Org on the 1:40 train last Thursday to celebrate the 28th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. King of that place. The afternoon and evening was spent in a social, jolly way in which everyone present participated heartily. At 5:30 a bountiful wedding dinner was served.

The guests presented Mr. and Mrs. King with a beautiful silver berry spoon and silver cake fork as tokens of friendship and esteem in which the recipients are held by all who know them.

They also presented Mrs. Geyerman, who goes to Hot Springs, S. Dak., to make her future home, a beautiful linen piece as a token of love and remembrance.

The party returned on the late evening train, having spent one of the "jolliest" days in many a year.


Dr. J.N. Gould went to Okabena Monday on professional business.

Miss Emma Moss is spending the week at the home of Mrs. G.G. Schmid.

E.J. Jones made a business trip to Adrian, Monday, returning the following day.

Mrs. W.M. Evans returned Monday from Los Angeles, Cal., where she has been visiting for a month.

Mrs. Charles Larson went to Sioux Falls, Monday, where she will visit for several days with friends.

Miss Sophia Kraft, who is employed at the T.A. Palmer home, spent Sunday with her parents at Brewster.

T.P. Wick, of Jackson, visited from Friday until Monday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Shrader.

John Olson and Tom Gunderson, of Adrian, were transacting legal business at the county seat Monday.

Miss Charlotte Boddy visited from Monday until Wednesday with her brother, Charles Boddy, at Rushmore.

Rev. G.G. Schmid went to Racine, this state, Monday morning. He will assist in a revival now in progress at that place.

Miss Emma Grams, graduate nurse of the Mankato hospital, arrived in this city Monday, to accept a position as nurse in the Manson hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. I.S. Noggle, of Sioux Falls, S.D., spent Sunday at the E.J. Helmick home in this city. They returned home Monday afternoon.

G. Schmid, who has been visiting for a week at the home of his son, Rev. G.G. Schmid, in this city, left Monday for his home at St. Paul.

Mrs. Ira Alvord left Monday for Lake Benton, where she spent several days visiting her father, Rev. D.D. Day, pastor of the Baptist church at that place.

John Jensen, who has resided for a number of years on the Bigelow farm, south of town, shipped his household goods and farm implements to Struble, Iowa, to engage in farming.

Eugene Beckley came down from Blue Earth City, Saturday, and visited until Monday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Beckley. Mr. Beckley is employed as miller in the large mill in that city.

Robt. Jappman and J.W. Cyicky arrived in Worthington Monday from Jefferson, Iowa. The former has purchased a farm south of this place and the latter will assist him in managing the same.

Lewis Johnson sold to Ludlow & Christensen hogs which averaged over 300 pounds and brought $8.50. This price has never been duplicated since the town was built and it is claimed that hogs have never been as high since 1870.

Dr. Gould reports that his father's condition is somewhat improved, but he is still very weak. Dr. Gould was called to Fairmont about two weeks ago, at which time his father was not expected to live. He is thought to have heart trouble.

John Johnson last week disposed of his farm, four miles southwest of Worthington to W.H. Stiegelmeyer of Larchwood, Iowa. Mr. Johnson has purchased the Peterson residence across the Omaha tracks and moved into it last Saturday. Mr. Stiegelmeyer arrived Saturday to take charge of the farm, and his family came Monday morning.

Martin J. Scott arrived Monday from Culbertson, Mont., to look after land interests in this vicinity. He reports climatic conditions in that state as superior to that of Minnesota on account of the dryer atmosphere. He states that when the thermometer registers 30 degrees below zero there, the cold is not so noticeable as it is here, when the reading of the thermometer is but 20 degrees below. He exhibited samples of grain raised on his land there, which were of excellent quality. He thinks that the west is the best place for an opportunity for a young man to get a start in life, by taking a claim or homestead.

W.R. McLeod, of Rushmore, was in Worthington Monday, having some dental work done.

Miss Kittie Chaney, who is attending high school in Worthington visited over Sunday with her parents at Dundee.

C.F. Long, of Adrian, was transacting business in the county seat Monday.

Mrs. Mary Wey and Miss Emma Nelson, of Magnolia, where shopping in Worthington Tuesday.

Reuben Stowe went to Bigelow, Monday, to assist Albert Selburg on his farm there for a couple of weeks.

Miss Marjorie Ostrom, of Bigelow, visited from Saturday until Monday with her grandmother, Mrs. Katie Kain.

Miss Verne Porter, of Hills View, S.D., visited for several days this week at the home of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Green.

Miss Sophia Ellingson departed Monday for Hot Springs, S.D., to accept a position in the dining room of a restaurant at that place.

W.E. Kain arrived Monday from Chicago, having been called to Worthington on account of the serious illness of his mother, Mrs. Katie Kain.

Mesdames M.C. Carr and James Suddaby went to Sioux City, Iowa, Monday to see Lillian Russell in her popular success, "Wildfire," at the auditorium in that city.

Oliver Thompson returned Tuesday afternoon from Heron Lake, where his wife was operated upon that morning at the hospital. Her condition is reported precarious.

Robert McFarland, of St. Paul, scale inspector for the Omaha, was here Monday inspecting the company's track scale. He reports the scales in good condition and that they tested very nearly correct.

Roy Devaney, who has been employed at R.L. Morland's drug store for the past three months, was called to his home at Pipestone Monday on account of the serious illness of his mother.

I.F. Kelly departed Tuesday for Galveston, Texas, where he will spend a week or so, in looking over the country and in fishing. He expects to travel all through that state before returning home.

W.G. Myers informs the Advance-Herald that he intends to open his drug store in the north half of the Peterson-Switser block on or about April 1. He states that the name of his store will be the Red Cross Drug Store.

J.N. Duba, who has been employed as tinner in the hardware store at Lake Park, Iowa, for several months, resigned his position there this week and moved to Brewster. Some time ago he quit a similar job at Brewster to accept the position at the former place.

Mrs. E. Songers, who has resided above the Advance-Herald office, for some months, moved her household goods Monday to J.E. Gaiser's farm north of town. Mr. Gaiser has engaged her to keep house for him. Mrs. Songers has been in very poor health for the past year and thought that the change would be beneficial.

G.J. Savidge, well contractor of Sioux City, was in Worthington Monday. He appeared before the city water commission that afternoon and explained a number of the intricacies of the city wells to that body. The original profile of the wells had been lost, and Mr. Savidge, who drilled the wells, presented them with a new plan of the wells. Mr. Savidge is also well inspector for the Omaha road and from here he went to Hartford, S.D., to inspect a well for that company.

Mrs. D.T. King of Bigelow was shopping in this city on Tuesday.

Mrs. P.D. Pederson visited Tuesday with a sick friend at Heron Lake.

Mrs. Al Dougherty, of Rushmore, was in this city Tuesday between trains.

Mrs. James Storey arrived Tuesday from Storden to spend a week with Mrs. F.M. Jones.

Mrs. Thos. Eide and brother, O.M. Sorem, of Bigelow, were business visitors to this city Tuesday.

Mrs. George Tunstall, of Luverne, was the guest of her nephew, F.M. Jones, from Saturday until Tuesday.

Mrs. A.C. Dickens returned Monday from St. Paul, where she has been visiting friends since last Thursday.

Harry Webber arrived in this city Tuesday from Fulton, Ill., and will work in this city as a farm hand.

Mrs. S.C. Pixley arrived Monday evening from Lake Crystal for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. C.A. Peterson.

Mrs. Ling moved Tuesday from Harris, Iowa, to this city and will occupy the Carl Arneson residence in Clary's addition.

W.R. Rogers left Tuesday afternoon for Brownsville, Texas, where he will look over the country with the view of locating there in the near future.

Mr. and Mrs. John Watson, who have been visiting for two weeks with their daughter, Mrs. R.L. Morland, returned Tuesday to their home at St. Paul Park.

Mr. and Mrs. Christensen and family, moved this week from their farm northwest of town, to Luverne, in which city they will reside in the future.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Cowles, who formerly resided near Rushmore, moved to Worthington Tuesday and will take up their residence in the Wilkinson home in Clary's addition.

J.F. Flynn left Tuesday for Vail, Oregon, to look after land interests, and expects to be absent about a month. Mr. Flynn states that this will be his eleventh trip to the coast in the past year and a half.

Miss Gertrude Berg went to Sioux Falls., S.D., Tuesday, for a few days' visit with friends. She came down from St. Paul last week Thursday and expects to return to that city the latter part of this week, where she will visit for some time with relatives.

Mrs. V. Colman arrived Monday from St. Paul for a visit with her son, D.B. Colman, before the latter leaves for Oregon, which he is contemplating doing in a few weeks. Mr. Colman and his brother have land interests there and are going there to improve the land.

Mr. and Mrs. Morrell Ramage, accompanied by the latter's sister, Miss Florence Webb, departed Tuesday morning for Eugene, Oregon. Mr. and Mrs. Ramage expect to make their home at that place and the latter will spend several months in the west. Mr. Ramage's parents moved last fall to Eugene, where they are yet located.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Dale came from Bigelow Tuesday, and spent the day in this city. Some of their friends suspected that they were on their honeymoon trip. Upon investigation, however, it was learned that they were married a week ago Wednesday at Rushmore and are now making their home on his farm near Bigelow. Mrs. Dale was formerly Miss Thompson, of Rushmore.

W.V. McCall and W.W. Milbrath, of Lakefield, completed this week the work of remodeling the old Bear blacksmith shop, which is to be used for a produce house for the Fairmont Creamery company. An office department has been placed in one corner of the building and the remainder will be used for a produce house for the company, the two above named gentlemen having charge of it. An adv. of the concern appears elsewhere in this issue.

J.S. Kies left Tuesday for Rochester, where he will undergo an examination by the medical authorities of the hospital. He has been suffering for the past five years from an inexplicable cause. At times he is attacked with abdominal pains lasting for about eight hours, after which he again recovers. The attacks occur at varied periods, ranging from three weeks to six months. The last attack occurred Saturday evening, from which he had not fully regained his normal strength on Tuesday. His many friends hope that he may be benefited by his treatment at Rochester.

Dr. Vail,  of Rock Rapids, Iowa, was transacting business in Worthington Tuesday.

Mesdames H.A. Bassett and S.B. Bedford, of Rushmore, were shopping in Worthington, Monday, between trains.

David Fauskee and Robert Smith went to Heron Lake Tuesday to do some plumbing for a party at that place.

Mankato Free Press: Mrs. M.S. Slade, Mrs. B.M. Cutler and Mrs. A.T. Latta of Worthington visited in the city several days last week.

F.R. Durfee, who for many years has farmed near Reading, left this week for Michigan, where he will re-engage in farming. Mr. Durfee is well known in this vicinity and has many friends, who wish him well in his new location.

Fairmont Independent: Dr. and Mrs. J.N. Gould of Worthington spent several days in Fairmont this week being called here by the illness of his father, Dr. J.W. Gould. They returned home Wednesday. Dr. Gould's condition being improved.

Mankato Free Press: Joe Hildyard of Worthington, who has been attending the Mankato Commercial college since September, secured through the school a position as bookkeeper with the Campbell Milling company of Owatonna. He began work day before yesterday.

F.C. Burkhardt passed through the city Tuesday from Wilmont to Viking, Alberta, Canada, near which place he has a homestead. Mr. Burkardt spent about two months in Wilmont visiting friends and relatives.

Miss S.E. Coggins has just returned from the cities, where she purchased her spring stock of millinery.

J.F. Ullrich left this week for Sioux City, where he will attend an auto exhibition and study the various points in all the popular gas wagons. He will be gone all the week and on his return he will be pleased to talk with prospective buyers and any interested in autos. He has not yet seen any machine that can discount the Overland in his estimation.

Business Snaps

Wm. Peters, foreman at the Omaha round house, has a bran new assistant. The new assistant, however, was not dispatched by the railway company. The little fellow arrived on Monday, Feb. 21. [Birth of William Daniel Peters, according to the MN Historical Society's Birth Index.]

Oscar Lowry, the evangelist, closed a successful series of meetings at Anaconda, Mont., last Sunday evening. From there he expects to leave for Waukegan, Ill., where he will conduct evangelistic services.

Alvin Langley, who has been spending a couple of weeks at the J.E. Darling home, returned Wednesday to his home at Rolette, N.D. He was intending to leave last week, but owing to the sudden illness of his son, Dale, who is with him, he was detained.

Arthur Hildyard has accepted a position with the Alex Campbell Milling company at Owatonna in the bagging department of that institution. He left Sunday evening for that place in order to enter upon his duties there Monday. His brother, Joseph Hildyard, is employed by the same company.

Miss Thilda Strand, who was taken suddenly ill with appendicitis at Adrian two weeks ago, Tuesday, while attending a play at that place, was brought home Saturday, still in a very critical condition. It was necessary to convey her to her home upon a cot as she was unable to walk. She is at present getting along as well as could be expected.


Mrs. Oliver Thompson, accompanied by Mrs. E.G. Larson, left Monday for Heron Lake, where she will enter the hospital. She has been in very poor health for some time.

Friday, March 11, 1910

Real Estate Transfers

(Feb. 25 - Mar. 1)

Jas. Craugle, etux, wo W.O. Tilman, se 1-104-42; $5920.00.

Gerhard R. Hartman, etux, to Peter Ruffing, lts 9, 10, blk. 21, Adrian; $1050.00.

Thos. A. Palmer, etux, to R.H. Kay, lt 6, McLean's sub div of blk 47, Worthington; $150.00.

Abbie S. Ames (widow) to J.J. Kies, s of sw 5-104-40; $1.00.

John Wagner, e of nw 28-101-40; $3600.00.

Fannie Coons and husband to Mary Gray, 1-6 int. in lts 3 & 4, blk 9, Round Lake; $100.00.

The Wilmont Town Lot Co. to Isabella M. Klinck, lt 9, blk 18, 1st ry add Wilmont; $125.00.

H.H. Stokes to Louie Birch,  w of se 26-104-41; $3840.00.

Harry B. Lewis, etux to Thos. Hagge, lt 9, blk 6, Clifton add Worthington; $125.00.

Maggie M. Bass to John L. Mangleson, lt 2, blk 12, Tripp's add Round Lake; $30.00.

G.W. Patterson to Gustave E. Sjoholm, etal part of sec. 25-102-40 containing 39.37 acres in deed record 46; $3979.00.

Edw. Ellofson to Henry Pfeil se of 11-101-40; $7000.00.

G.A. Hagberg, etux to Daniel Shell w of se 24-102-41; $4800.00.

Daniel Shell to G.A. Hagberg se 1-101-41; $8000.00.

Local Intelligence

Matt Arends is again located on his home farm three miles south of Wilmont.

James Montgomery, of Worthington, visited with his old friends and neighbors in Wilmont a couple of days.

Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Cline and family will move to Adrian, to make their home until Mr. Cline decides on a location.

Mrs. Sam Rathlisberger and daughter, Miss Lillian, went to Iona, Monday, for a visit with the latter's three brothers.

Clarence Thompson, of Indian Lake, returned Monday from Minneapolis, where he visited with relatives since Saturday.

J.G. Sturm, who has farmed the Johanning farm for a number of years, has moved to the W.M. Cline place three miles southeast of Wilmont.

F. Nelson, of Alta, Iowa, arrived Saturday in Worthington. On Monday he entered upon the duties of his position as clerk in Hart's store.

Messrs. C.E. Clarkson, C.W. Connell, Richard Ross and John Kohn of Luverne, accompanied the Luverne teams here Saturday evening as "rooters."

G. Flora, of Sibley, roadmaster for the Rock Island, was inspecting the Hardwick branch this week. He passed through this city Tuesday on his way home.

P.D. VanHorssen has moved with his family from the farm five miles south of Wilmont, where he has lived for a number of years to a farm two miles south of town.

J.W. Burkhart and Chas. Taylor, of Reading, loaded their car here to be shipped to the eastern part of Wyoming, where they have taken homesteads. The families followed later.

Dr. R.N. Adams, secretary of the Northwest Presbytery, occupied the pulpit of the Presbyterian church Sunday evening. He left Monday morning for his home at St. Paul.

Luverne Herald: Judge P.E. Brown, accompanied by Ray Humiston, of Worthington, left Monday night for Brownsville, Texas, near which place both own land. Mr. Brown expected to be absent about ten days.

Mrs. W. Klacy, who has been visiting for some days at the home of her daughter, Mrs. George Weidman, left Monday for Edgerton, where she will visit another daughter. Mrs. Klacy resided in Worthington about three years ago, but is now located at Crosby, N.D.

Miss Nellie Plotts returned Monday from the Twin Cities, where she has been studying the latest styles in millinery, and transacting other business in the interest of the millinery business of Mrs. E.L. Gillette. She was accompanied here by her sister, Mrs. J.A. Carter, of Warwick, N.D., who will visit for several days in this city.

Mrs. Frank Grammp, of Princeton, Ill., and Mrs. M.A. Yates of Monmouth, Ill., passed through this city Monday on their way to Brewster, where they will attend the marriage of their nephew, Roy Hammond, who is to be married to Miss Anna Burquin on Wednesday. The newly wedded couple will reside on a farm near Brewster.

Wm. Flynn, who has his right ankle badly wrenched at the round house last December, where he was employed, was able to come up town Monday for the first time since the accident. He is now around on crutches, but expects to be back to work in about ten days. The ligaments were so badly torn at the time of the accident, that amputation of the foot at the ankle was thought to be necessary.

Mrs. Mary Stibble, who underwent an operation at the hospital at Heron Lake, last week, arrived Monday for a visit with Mrs. P.D. Peterson in this city. She accompanied her daughter, Miss Anna, who has been staying with Mrs. Peterson for some days, to her home at Westbrook on Monday afternoon.

Local News

Indian Lake has organized a baseball team for the season of 1910, with Will and Fred Doeden as the battery.

W.G. Myers went to Sacred Heart, Monday, to look after the interests of his hardware store at that place.

Miss Flora Deuth returned Monday at Org from Lemars, Iowa, where she has been spending the past week with friends.

Joe Nazarenus left Thursday for Great Falls, Mont., where he will spend several weeks looking over the country and visiting with relatives.

Dr. J.N. Gould went to Fairmont, Monday, where he visited until the following day with his father, who has been in poor health for some weeks.

J. Anthony of Janesville, this state, stopped from Tuesday until Wednesday with his cousin, Dave Anthony in this city. He was on his way to Iowa.

Mrs. E.W. Kilburn, of Sioux Falls, who has been visiting for the past week with her son, C.E. Kilburn in this city, returned Tuesday to her home.

Mrs. H.B. Fish, of Wilmont, visited Monday between trains with Mrs. Ed Johnson in this city, while on her way to Adrian, for a few days' visit with relatives.

George Lutz, who disposed of his farm implements at auction on his farm near Bigelow some weeks ago, has accepted a position with the Western Implement company in this city.

Wm. Johnson was in the city last Saturday and could not resist the temptation to buy an 18 single disk Kentucky drill which the Western Implement Co. is selling like hot cakes this season.

Rudolph Manning was in from Elk township last Saturday and invested in one of those 22 single disk Kentucky drills that the Western Implement Co. is selling to so many farmers this season.

R.B. Moberly, of Sioux Falls, spent Sunday with friends in Worthington. He states that the little fellow who arrived in their home about three months ago is growing every day. His name is Russell Lewis Moberly.

Judge George D. Bingham and wife, of Salem, Oregon, arrived in this city Tuesday for a visit with his cousin, Daniel Shell. They have been visiting in New York, and are now on their way to their western home.

Mrs. A.R. Ames and two daughters, of Pipestone, are visiting this week at the home of her sister-in-law, Mrs. J.A. Smith. From here they will go to Lewiston, Mont., to join Mr. Ames, who went to that place some weeks ago, to file upon a land claim.

Ralph Long, who was formerly employed in the Omaha freight depot nights, has resigned his position. Monday he went to Adrian to look after business interests at that place. The position at the depot is now occupied by Ray Kunzman.

H.D. Moeller left Tuesday afternoon for Bucklin, Missouri, to be absent about a week. He will look over the country, so he states, so that in case he wishes to dispose of his property in Worthington, he may go there, if the country proves suitable.

Someone this week shot and killed the collie owned by McGowan, and shot and wounded the collie of A.E. Hart. Mr. Hart states that he is quite positive that his dog was not dangerous either to stock or persons, and that he knows of no reason why the dog should have met the fate that it did.

Roy Devaney, who was called to his home at Pipestone last Monday on account of the serious illness of his mother and brother, returned Tuesday to Worthington to resume his position in the R.L. Morland drug store. He reports the condition of his mother and brother as greatly improved.

Miss Bridget McCall and Miss Hildur Noren went to Rushmore, Saturday, to witness the talent play, Erlandson, given by the lecture bureau of that city that evening. Miss Kat McCall, sister of Bridget, took part in the play. Miss Kate McCall accompanied her sister to Worthington where she visited over Sunday.

J.A. Cashel, Walter Sullivan and George Kunzman were initiated into the Yeomen lodge Monday evening at the regular meeting of the organization. The first and second degrees were bestowed upon the new members, after which the lodge retired to the Nelson restaurant where light refreshments were served.

Bernard Sobol and Ole Berg went to Sioux Falls, S.D., Sunday. The former returned home Monday, but the latter remained there, he having entered into partnership with Abe Light, formerly of this city. The store was opened several weeks ago. Mr. Berg expects to close his blacksmith shop in Worthington unless he can find a buyer for the same.

Marriage licenses were issued this week to Anton Olsen to Laura Ovidia Johnson, and Roy Hammond of Jackson county, to Annie B____ of Nobles county.

Arthur Hildyard returned Tuesday evening from Owatonna, where he has been employed in the Owatonna mills in the shipping department. Owing to a shortage in wheat, the mill at that place has temporarily closed.

A.W. Wassberg, of Luverne, has accepted a position as foreman of the Advance-Herald, and began work this week. For a number of months he has been employed in the mechanical department of the Rock County Herald, previous to which time he was employed in this office. He and his wife, whose parents reside here, will be cordially welcomed by a large circle of friends.

Mrs. Peter Thompson returned Monday from Sioux Falls, S.D., where she had been in company with her husband in attendance at the funeral of their son-in-law, J.W. Parker. The latter died at that place Wednesday evening of pneumonia after but a short illness. The funeral was held Saturday. Mr. Thompson did not return home until Wednesday. Not long ago, another son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, no relation previous to marriage to the deceased party, died at their home in this city.

Miss Clara Prideaux, who is just recovering from an attack of heart trouble, enjoys the unique and highly creditable record of having held the office of deputy auditor for the past twenty-one years. She began her services for the county in November, 1888, under Auditor E.S. Mills, and has served continuously since that date. During this period, three other auditors, namely, John Kindlund, Ed Tripp and E.C. Pannell, have held office for this county. Miss Prideaux's many friends will be pleased to know, that she is now able to sit up for a short time each day, and that she is rapidly convalescing.

Mrs. D.W. Chute came down from Wilmont Saturday to her home here in town.

Mrs. N. Klaras and children visited in Adrian on Saturday.

We are informed that on March 7, a boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Pepple at Bemidji, this state, March 7.

The home of James Montgomery was placed under quarantine last Saturday for scarlet fever, Miss Ruth Montgomery being the victim.

Miss Helen Smith came down from Wilmont with Mrs. Chute and is helping her to get fixed up in her home on 10th ave. and McMillen st.

Mrs. John Kunzman, who has been at the hospital for the past two weeks, returned home Saturday, and is rapidly recovering from her illness.

Frank LePachek is again employed as night operator at the Omaha station in this city. He returned Friday from a two months vacation spent in Wyoming, Kansas and Colorado.

J.F. Ullrich returned from the Sioux City auto show more convinced than ever that in the Overland machine he has the best all-round machine on the market. See his new advt. this week.

County Supt. Abbott has been commissioned by Gov. Eberhart as a delegate from this county to the conservation convention to be held in St. Paul from March 16 to 19, inclusive.

Miss Mona Kies, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Kies, is suffering from a severe attack of diphtheria. On Monday she and her mother were placed under quarantine at their home. Her many friends wish her a speedy recovery.

Charles E. Sims returned last week from the annual meeting of the cement tile men at Armstrong, Ia. His many friends will be pleased to learn that he was re-elected secretary of the national association, a deserved recognition of his ability and enterprise.

Elk Township elected the following officers: Robt. C. Free, supervisor for three years; John Apel, town clerk; A.F. Eshelman, justice of peace; John Gaiser, constable; Henry Kunze, E.F. Speilman, J.O. Soderholm, Paul Wassmond [Wassmund?], D.J. Andresen [Andersen?], Frank Bicknese, S.R. Thompson, and E.A. Larson, road overseers.

Friday, March 18, 1910

Local Intelligence

Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Barron, of Rushmore, were in this city Monday.

Misses Selma Nelson and Esther Noren visited with friends at Brewster, Sunday.

W.H. Sievert, of Wilmont, was having some dental work done in this city Monday.

Peter Lewis, of Wilmont, passed through this city Monday on his way to the Twin Cities.

Wm. Shanks shipped this week four thoroughbred Duroc-Jersey hogs to parties at Coleton, S.D.

Mrs. I.H. Dibble, of Adrian, came over Monday for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Miller.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Downes, of Rushmore, visited Saturday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cole Guernsey.

Luverne Herald: Miss Winnie Anderson went to Worthington to accept a position as a teacher in the schools of that place.

Luverne Herald: Mrs. J.F. Frink, of Worthington, arrived Friday and visited a short time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Beers.

Mrs. N.J. Lorge, of Adrian, visited Monday between trains with Mrs. P. O'Connor, while on her way home from Wilmont, where she had been visiting with friends for a couple of days.

P.D. Moore, who is assisting in the compiling of the history of Rock and Pipestone counties, was in Worthington Monday on business. He returned that afternoon on to Luverne, which place is their headquarters.

Mrs. Ole Rykhus, of Mankato, and Miss Carrie Hanson, of Minneapolis, arrived in the city Saturday for a visit with their sister, Mrs. H.H. Myrum. The former left Monday for her home, but the latter will spend about ten days in Worthington.

Luverne Herald: Geo. M. Taylor, accompanied by his little daughter, arrived Tuesday from Ludden, N.D., on a visit to his sister, Mrs. Nellie Mott. Wednesday Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Mott went to Worthington for a few days' visit with friends in that city.

Mrs. J.E. McElligott and two children, Morris and Luella, left Tuesday morning for Cassville, Wis., at which place Mr. McElligott is now located as superintendent of the electric light plant. The family have many friends in Worthington, who will regret their departure, but who wish them all manner of success in their new home.

Luverne Herald: A.O. Wensburg, and Ed. Halverson, foreman and machine operator, respectively, at the Herald office, relinquished their positions last Saturday. Mr. Wensburg and his wife left for Worthington where he will work for the Advance-Herald. Mr. Halverson left for Alberta, Canada, where he will shortly move his wife from Springfield, S.D.

W.M. Rouse, of Lake Park, Iowa, has been in this city for the past week, making preparations for the opening of a store in the building formerly occupied by the Johnson and Bolke millinery store. He has the agency for an air gas burner for cook stoves, which will be the principal article in which he will deal. Mr. Rouse is a brother to F. Rouse, who is employed as fireman on the Rock Island between here and Lake Park.

Carlos Dow, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.W.W. Dow, of this city, was married at Pullman, Wash., Wednesday, to Miss Elizabeth Thayer, formerly of Minnesota. Mr. Dow, junior, is now practicing law in that city. He is a graduate from the Worthington high school and the law department of the Minnesota university. His many friends and former classmates with him all the joys and comforts that married life affords.

Jackson Republic: A.P. Rose, author of the Jackson County History, has received an installment of the new history from the printers and they will all be distributed as soon as possible. The books have an attractive appearance containing 586 pages bound up in fine shape. Every home in Jackson county should have one of these histories as the information obtained from one of them is invaluable to persons who are in any way interested in Jackson county.

Local News

Born -- a girl to Mr. and Mrs. John Blixt, east of Worthington.

Rufus Grapes and A.J. Rice were in this city between trains Tuesday.

Ralph Long went to Adrian Tuesday, where he has been offered a position.

Mrs. J.D. Everett, who has been seriously ill for some weeks, is recovering rapidly.

John Recker, of Adrian, and Herman Sassen, of Haverhill, Iowa, were here on business Tuesday.

Miss Irma Thilie, of St. Paul, an experienced milliner, is with Miss Coggin's millinery shop.

Ole Landberg and Q. Kall left Tuesday afternoon for Denver, Col., where they will transact business.

Karl Vares of Britt, Iowa, was visiting last week with his brother-in-law, Chas. Foelschaw, in this city.

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Wilson came up from Little Rock, Iowa, Wednesday for a visit with his father, I.N. Wilson.

Mesdames Frank Kerr, Roy Thom and Miss Emma Shroeder, of Rushmore, were shoppers in Worthington Tuesday.

Andrew Gustafson, of Round Lake, and B.F. Young, of Elk township, attended Odd Fellows' lodge here Tuesday night.

W.M. Frost, who has been the guest of his sister, Mrs. Harvey Morgan, for three weeks, left Tuesday for his home at Eureka, Montana.

Mrs. H.B. Miller, of Fairmont, who has been visiting for several days with her brother, G.S. Hackett, returned Tuesday to her home.

Ancel Thompson, went to Heron Lake, Wednesday, for a visit with his mother, Mrs. O.T. Thompson, who is at the hospital in that city.

G.B. McMurty, of Fairmont, was transacting business in this city Tuesday, in the interests of the Equitable Life Insurance company of Iowa.

Rev. C.J. Gall, pastor of the Congregational church at Ellsworth, and daughter, Miss Lulu, visited with Dr. Wm. Jennings several days the fore part of this week.

C.W. Davis, of Kinbrae, correspondent for this paper, attended a meeting of the Masonic blue lodge in this city, Wednesday evening, when the third degree was exemplified.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Koons, and the latter's mother, Mrs. J.H. Wallen, of Storm Lake, Iowa, who have been visiting for the past two weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Burger in this city, left Tuesday for their home.

Herman Balser, of Adrian, was in this city Monday. He accompanied Miss Agnes Holdgrafer to this city, the latter being on her way to Sheldon, Iowa, where she will visit for a short time before returning to her home at Haverhill, Iowa.

Luverne Herald: Rev. Morse returned from Waseca, this state, Saturday, after attending the district conference of ministers. Enroute home he stopped at his former home, Madelia, and spent a short time with friends. At Worthington he was joined by the district superintendent, Rev. Cahoon, who came here to conduct the quarterly conference. Rev. Cahoon delivered two pleasing lectures on Sunday at the Methodist church in this city. Upon his departure he went to his home at Worthington.

A.E. Yeske, who resides eight miles south of city, is one of the old timers of this section of the state. While in the city recently, he volunteered the information to a reporter that he had been reading the Advance-Herald for a quarter of a century. He came up from Illinois to this county about 25 years ago, locating south of this city on a half section of land. He is one of the army of pioneers of Minnesota who has passed through all of the experiences of early frontier life and is a firm believer in the great possibilities of the state.

At a local meeting of the city school board the entire corps of teachers was re-elected as follows: E.C. Meredith, superintendent; Anna Bernard, principal of high school; Carrie A. Bachtle, Mrs. Julia B. Hensel, Mary Cruikshank, H.L. Brereton, Julia B. Hyladd, Elizabeth Thompson, Eva L. Parish, Mrs. Olivia Borklund, Mary E. Ash, Maud Horswill, Mino B. Willock, Edith B. Clark, Melita Roberts, Freda Otto, Martha Wick, Minnie Nelson, Ida Nelson, Margaret Brooks and Jennie Beckley.

G.W. Patterson left Tuesday afternoon for St. Paul, where he transacted business.

C.A. Bird, president of the bank at Ellsworth, was transacting business in Worthington, Tuesday.

Miss Minnie Custard, of Okabena, visited from Tuesday until Wednesday with Mrs. C.O. Ford.

T.R. Hildyard returned Tuesday from Currie, where he had been looking after the interests of his farm at that place.

Otto Brown, of Sioux Falls, S.D., was the guest of his cousin, August Wass, of near Org, from Sunday until Tuesday.

John E. Salstrom, cashier of the Bank of Bigelow, was in that city one day this week, greeting many old friends.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Steinhagen, of Round Lake, returned Tuesday to their home at Round Lake after visiting several weeks with relatives in this city.

Owing to the burning out of the chimney on the residence of Tom Hogan, in which L.C. Eastman lives, a small fire was kindled in the shingles upon the roof. A fire alarm was turned in, to which the firemen were quick in response, which is very commendable for the company. The fire was extinguished before the company arrived at the residence, however.

Mr. James Isom was initiated into the Independent Order of Odd Fellow at their regular meeting Tuesday night. Messrs. A.H. Erskine, Elmer D. Tripp, George Fulwiler, Walter Denkman and J.P. Hoffman of Round Lake, and Jat. Isom also took the first degree. After the close of lodge the members present, about thirty-five, went to Mr. Steffen's restaurant, where they enjoyed a midnight lunch.

There are now three cases of scarlet fever, and one of diphtheria in this city all of which are in a very mild form, however. Those exposed are Bevins Austin, who is quarantined at the home of his aunt, Mrs. C.J. Smallwood; Beth Humiston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Humiston, whose residence is quarantined; Ruth Montgomery, daughter of Jas. Montgomery, who is likewise under quarantine. Miss Mona Kies who has had an attack of diphtheria, has now almost recovered from her illness.

W.O. Robinson, general agent for W.M. Martin, dealer in New Mexico lands, attracted considerable attention while in Worthington this week, on account of his extraordinary height, being 7 feet tall. It would have been necessary for the reporter to stand on tip toe, if he wished to look into Mr. Robinson's vest pocket. Mr. Robinson states that his parents, sisters, and brothers, were all very tall and were in reality a family of giants. He and his two brothers, who were each equally as tall as he, and one of whom survives, for a number of years traveled with the Barnum and Bailey circus, but since 1892, he has been engaged in the real estate business.

Local News

Chas. O'Brien, of Brewster, was transacting business in this city Tuesday.

Rufus Grapes and A.J. Rice, of Adrian, were in this city between trains Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. I. Milton, of Bigelow, were shopping in this city Tuesday between trains.

John Recker, of Adrian, and Herman Sassen, of Haverhill, Iowa, were here on business Tuesday.

Magnolia Advance: H.M. Rider sold his farm in South Dakota last week and has bought another in Nobles county.

Chas. Speed, of Primghar, Iowa, was in Worthington the forepart of this week looking over some horses belonging to Patterson & Erickson.

Mrs. Roy Lewis returned to Mankato, Monday, where she will her studies at the normal, after a short a vacation spent with her parents in this city.

The Schaub brothers of Alton, Iowa, have purchased the farms of A. Nazarenus and son, Joe, north of town. The new owners moved onto the farm this week.

Rev. C.J. Gall, pastor of the Congregational church at Ellsworth, and daughter, Miss Lulu, visited with Dr. Wm. Jennings several days the fore part of this week.

Jackson Pilot: A.P. Rose has just received and is now delivering the history of Jackson county. The book is a gem and the Pilot will have more to say of the edition next week.

A. Rush, one of the old timers in this section of the country, was over from Rushmore last Friday. Mr. Rush came to this county, Iowa, 22 years ago, and has seen Southern Minnesota grow populous and wealthy.

Garfield E. Morrison, representing the state bureau of labor industries and commerce, St. Paul, was in the city several days last week gathering facts and figures for that office. He travels over the second congressional district.

Jackson Republic: A six weeks' summer school will be held in Jackson, commencing June 20, with the following: Conductor, C.C. Baker, Jackson; instructors, E.C. Meredith, Worthington; J.J. Norby, Mankato; Margaret M. Wilson, Minneapolis; Mrs. J.E. Spooner, Northfield.

Local Intelligence

Adolph Herman made a business trip to Brewster, Wednesday.

Mrs. P.D. Peterson went to Windom Monday where she had some dental work done.

Mrs. A.A. Goodrich visited over Sunday with her daughter at St. Paul, returning home Monday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Glasgow went to Sioux Falls, S.D., for a visit with friends and relatives.

Miss Lottie Bedient left Tuesday evening for Lake City, where she will spend a month with her sister.

Nils Leave left Wednesday for Denver, Col., where he will hereafter make his home with his two sons, who reside there.

Wm. Burchard, manager of the Worthington creamery, moved with his family into the Post residence south of the power house.

Mrs. Louise Alkin, who has been employed as cook at the Ross Nelson restaurant for some time, left Wednesday for her home at Lakefield.

Miss Rose Perry, of Adrian, visited over Sunday at the M.P. Mann home, while on her way to up Minneapolis, where she has employment.

Chas. Martin and C. Black, of Worthington township, invested in Success manure spreaders this week at Agent Renner's busy corner.

John Sather, left Wednesday for Algona, Iowa, where he will visit relatives for a short time before leaving for Washington State.

J.F. Ullrich has moved his auto quarters to the warehouse near the ten cent livery feed barn where he will be pleased to meet all interested in looking over, or buying the Overland auto.

Will Wickstrom, of Bigelow, bought a 20 single disk Kentucky drill Monday. Alfred Mohlberg, of the same place, also invested in an 18 single disk Kentucky drill, bought of the Western Implement Co.

William Rippberger came up from Rock Rapids, Iowa, Tuesday for a couple of weeks visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Rippberger. He is employed as clerk in a dry goods store in Rock Rapids.

Mankato Free Press: Tony Bienapfl, of Adrian, is visiting his cousin, Policeman Frank Bienapfl. He has bought forty acres of fruit land near boise, Idaho, and will move there this spring and engage in fruit raising.

Svante Kall, janitor at the court house, has been laid up since Friday, suffering from inflammation of the knee. He is only able to be about with the use of a cane. He states that about three years ago, he was affected with the same trouble.

Torrance's this week received a new delivery wagon from the Racine-Satley company at Omaha, Neb. This is but one of the many improvements that the store is contemplating. E.L. Anderson, the driver, has good reason to be proud of his new vehicle, and to carry his head skyward.

John Tryon this week moved his barber shop from the Davis building, near the Western hotel, to the room in the Western Implement Co.'s building, recently vacated by C. Larson, the shoemaker. The latter on account of his age, has retired from actual business, but will repair shoes at his home.

Mrs. Wm. DeVaney returned Wednesday from Los Angeles, Calif., where she has been visiting for several months with her mother, Mrs. J.P. Biltgen, who has been in very poor health. When Mrs. DeVaney left California, her mother's health was much improved.

John P. Greenland, of Round Lake, passed through this city Tuesday enroute to St. Paul to attend the Minnesota conservation congress, which is to be held March 16-19. Henry Dierks of Round Lake, was also appointed by the governor as a delegate to this convention.

John Johnson, leaves Worthington for the spring and summer. He expects to return to the city next fall and his son, who resides in Minneapolis, may return with him. He is one of the old-timers of this section of Minnesota and belongs to the army of old subscribers to the Advance when it was in its early life.

A.M. Haynes and wife, two sons, C.D. and H.G., and daughter, Mrs. A.H. Gates, of Mandon, Missouri, arrived in Worthington, Thursday of last week, with the intention of locating in Worthington. Being unable to secure a suitable residence in this city, they returned on Monday of this week to their former home in the south.


Special correspondence.

Mrs. Crystal, of Lakefield, came up to visit her sister, Mrs. Fred Dring and other old friends.

Everett Christensen went to Round Lake, to help Andrew Jensen husk corn.

Line No. 16 now has four more phones, namely, Jens Christensen, August Williams, Herman Leistico and J. Fitzgerald. The new patrons have been working to get this service ever since early last fall.

Mrs. Roose suffers very much with rheumatism, and has been ill for three weeks.

Mrs. Henry Williams has returned from a visit to her son, Orie, who is convalescing from a severe spell of rheumatism.


Mrs. Kate Lutterman is spending a few weeks with relatives at Sibley, Ia.

The seventeen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Good died of appendicitis at his home Sunday morning, March 13.

Mr. Sam Lemen and son Harold, left Monday for Wyoming, where the former has taken up a homestead.

Mr. and Mrs. B.T. Young pleasantly entertained, Mr. and Mrs. Lemen and family, Sunday.

Little Willie Buss is somewhat better at the present writing. His many friends hope that he will have a speedy recovery from his long illness.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Malenke were very pleasantly surprised last Thursday evening, when about two dozen young people gathered at their home. The evening was spent with music and dancing, after which a bounteous supper was served.

Hilko Lutterman, of Wilmont, is spending this week with his brother, H. Lutterman.



The deceased, Mervin Willard Good, was born in Summit Lake township, January 11, 1893, and died, March 12, 1910, aged 17 years, two months and one day. He had always lived in the township, where he was born. Mervin was sick only about two weeks. His illness started with what was supposed to be the la grippe, but developed into appendicitis, which resulted in blood-poisoning, terminating fatally.

The deceased was a bright promising, manly boy with many friends, and with a promising future before him; but our wise and kind Heavenly Father thought it better for him to dwell and develop in that land, where there are no temptations, sorrows or pain - where the soul is not hampered by a body that becomes ill and a heart that becomes sore.

The parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Good, four brothers, three sisters and many friends are left to mourn his early death.

The bereaved have the sincere and heartfelt sympathy of the entire community.

The funeral was held in the Reading Presbyterian church and interment took place at Summit Lake cemetery. Dr. L.L. Sowles, of Worthington, officating.

Friday, March 25, 1910

Peter Thompson and Wife Pass Eventful Period in Life.
Pioneer Couple Prevented by Death in Their Family from Entertaining in Honor of the Event.

Last Friday, March 18, marked an event of especial interest in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson of this city, an event that comes only to a few in their lives - a golden wedding anniversary. What a wealth of memories are crowded into that space of time! How much history of one's life, home and country is represented in that half century! Coming to this state in 1858, Mr. Thompson has witnessed the virgin landscape and blooming prairies yield to the magnetic touch of man and a great and magnificent commonwealth develop from the wild and picturesque regions of the frontier. Within this scope of years our own pretty little city has grown from the lines and [the rest of this article got cut off].

Local News

Ralph Long, went to Adrian Tuesday, where he has been offered a position in the W.M. Kline Implement House.

Karl Vares, of Britt, Iowa, was visiting last week with his brother-in-law, [this is all that was printed of this article].

Henry Seward and his son W.G. Seward were in from near Brewster Monday and called in to see the editor.

Arthur P. Rose and daughter, Elaine, of Jackson, spent Friday night with his parents, S.N. Rose and wife.

Lecturer Coming - Robert Parker Miles, will deliver closing number of Lyceum course on Monday, April 4th.

The Advance-Herald has been informed that B.S. Uden has disposed of his residence property to Mrs. F.H. Lyon.

Lake Park News: - The Misses Eunice and Mae Schuck, of Worthington, are visiting at the Otto Schmuser home.

Luverne Herald: - John Frink, of Worthington, arrived Saturday to join his wife, who is staying at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dave eers, during Mr. Beers' illness.

Heron Lake News: - M.E. Lawton, of Worthington, was in town Friday on a big land deal. Mr. Lawton made the News a call. He says more people want to buy Minnesota land than ever before in his recollection.

Heron Lake News: - A number of Heron Lake Masons went to Worthington last evening to participate in degree work at that place. J.A. Mansfield, of Lakefield, went along to deliver the lecture, and there is no man in the state that could do it better.

Lake Park News: - Married, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.G. Palmer, March 16, occurred the marriage of Mr. Elmo L. Bush and Miss Glennie S. Palmer. Rev. Richards, pastor of the M.E. church officiated. Little Floy Gail Palmer, sister of the bride, acted as flower girl, carrying white roses and the ring. The little Helen and Harriet Palmer, of Worthington, cousins of the bride, were the ribbon bearers carrying the colors pink and white.

Jud Duell returned this week to Worthington, after having been absent for several months, during which time he has traveled extensively.

Louis Stark and friend, F.A. Schall, who have been visiting for several days with the former's uncle, George Stark, left Friday for their home at Chilton, Wis.

Mesdames C.L. Goodell and L.R. Duxbury and the latter's son, Charles left Tuesday for Barnum Minn., the former's home. Mrs. Goodell will visit there for several days.

R.F. Hubbard this week shipped his ditching outfit to his home at New Auburk [New Auburn?], this state. Mr. Hubbard has had the machine in operation in this county for the past fall, and during the winter was repairing the same in this city.

Winona Reporter: - A number of the Masons were at Worthington Wednesday evening upon an invitation from the lodge there to see how Masons are "made" in our sister city. S.A. Brown, C. Reipke J.O. Thompson and Andrew Quevil made up the party.

Mrs. F.E. North arrived Sunday from Freeport, Ill., for a two weeks' visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Fitch. Mrs. North, nee, Miss Nettie Fitch was at one time employed in this office. She called to pay her subscription for the paper and, incidentally renew old acquaintances of the force.

Mankato Free Press: - F.E. Halden of Minneapolis, an architect, who has planned many school houses, including those now being constructed at Worthington and Wadena, was in the city yesterday looking over the ground preparatory to submitting a design for the proposed new Mankato high school, in competition.

S.F. Pepple returned home Monday from Hot Springs, Ark., where he has been spending the winter, he having been there since December. Mr. Pepple in speaking of Hot Springs as a resort, states that there are few places which can excel is estimation. The population of that city is estimated at about 18,000, but the visitors to the city annually would exceed 100,000.

Arvid Sahlbom, arrived Tuesday for a few days visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Sahlbom. He was on his way to Minneapolis, to do some line work for the Western Union telegraph company with whom he has been employed for the past seven years.

Mrs. George Pfarrer, in company with Mrs. H.F. Mohrman, who has been her guest for the past three weeks, left Tuesday for Iona. The former will visit for a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. Groth, and the latter returned home after having recovered from two weeks illness, during which time she was at the Manson hospital.

Miss Martina Smith went to Sherburn, Friday, to attend the play, "Esmeralda," which was put on by her aunt, Miss Harriett McCune, for the benefit of the Athletic club at that place. Miss McCune also presented the play, "Evangeline" for one of the churches there, which was a very great success.

Mrs. J.B. Isaacson, of Allison, Iowa, was in Worthington, between trains Monday, while on her way home from Adrian, where she had been in attendance at the marriage of Miss Laura Johnson to Anton Olson, which was held at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Johnson.

Mrs. W.V. McCall, wife of one of the managers of the Fairmont Creamery station in this city, left Monday in company with friends from the northern part of the state, for Hot Springs, S.D. From thence they will go to Yellowstone Park for several months outing.

Oscar Blood went to Sioux City Tuesday to attend the convention of Laymen's Missionary movement, which was held Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Mr. Blood was a delegate to the convention from the M.E. Church of this city.

C.F. Modisett and Wm. Beckman, of Bigelow, were in Worthington, Monday, buying machinery for their farms near that village.

Fred Howard went to Dundee, Monday, for a few days visit with his sister, Mrs. D.R. Chaney.

Alrich Rabenberg returned Monday to his home near Org, after spending nearly two weeks with relatives at Adrian.

Claus Groninga, of Org, was the guest of friends near Rushmore over Sunday.

Miss Louise Voss and Mrs. Augusta Harthun, of Brewster, were shopping in Worthington, Tuesday.

Real Estate Transfers

(March 1-16)

Jno. B. Hennekes to P.J. Bauer, 13-102-43; $18000.00.

Jennie E. Matthews to E.E. Lovrein, lts 6 & 7, blk 14, Butler's add, Ellsworth; $175.00.

Mary Sands to J.B. Hennekes, lts 8, 10, 11, 12, blk 14, Adrian; $2250.00.

F.A. Zehringer, etux, to Lafe Uren, lts 1 & 2, blk 8, Adrian; $1600.00.

Alfred M. Feathers to F. Reker nw 8-103-42; $10000.00.

M. Molitor, etux, to James Glovka, lts 1 U 2, blk 12, Adrian; $900.00.

J.F. O'Conor to E. Buckley, nw nw 29-104-43; $5000.00.

E.E. and M.T. Taylor, etuxs, to M.D. Hughes, se 22-103-40; $9300.00.

E.R. Humiston to Janet Greene, n 36-102-41; $15750.00.

Geo. Zeiter to E. Koessler, 18-104-42; $6400.00.

J.W. McClain to J. VerSteeg nw 15-104-43; $6400.00.

C.N. Peterson to A.M. Vail sw 5-102-41; $6000.00.

A.J. trand to S. Rathlisbeger, blk C, Clement's add, Worthington; $2000.00.

V. Gerber to F. Hosner, se 27-104-41; $8800.00.

Jas. Chermack to Mary E. Shilling, nw 16-102-40; $10400.00.

Chas. Eunich to Wm. A. Wick, lt 21, blk 8, Wilmont; $800.00.

F.L. Applegate to W.T. White, sw 4-40-104; $8000.00.

J.S. Loucks to L.P. Hanson, e of ne & ne of se 25-103-39; $10800.00.

Isabell M. Klinck to H.B. Bremer, lts 9 & 10, blk 18, 1st ry add Wilmont; $1175.00.

A. Nazarenus, etux, to F.P. Schaub, ne 24-103-40; $1175.00.

A. Nazarenus to C.C. Schaub se 13-103-40; $8640.00.

Michael Haubeck to J. Meyer, sw 6-104-40; $7275.00.

Juliane Torbeck, etal to C.H. Pickett, s of sw & s of nw 16-101-41.

F.V. Thom, etal, to School Dist 81, 1A, where schoolhouse stands of se 26-103-42.

Bartholomew Owens, etux, to Chris J. Ivers e 7a south of r.r. of e of se 19-102-41.

Chas Afkind, etux, to U. Klingenberg, se 2-101-42.

Rose T. Halferty and husband to Jesse E. Milton, n of ne and n of nw 16-101-41.

S.B. Bedford to Alfred M. Feathers, blk B, Ludlow's add, Rushmore.

Michael Sorem to C.H. Puckett, ne 15-101-41.

Henry Ivers, etux, to Lambert W. Roe, et al, sw 34-103-41.

Allen P. Dahlberg to J.H. Bryden, lts 6 & 7, blk 6, Rushmore.

C.A. Dahlberg, etux, to Aug. Olson, int. lts 11, 12, 13, 14, blk 9, Rushmore; $1550.00.

Jno. Hilfers, etux, to H. Hoffenkamp, sw 33-103-41; $2500.00.

A.E. and R.E. Stenzel to J.B. Ludlow, lts 25, 26, blk 7, Rushmore; $1850.00.

Frank Duba to A.C. Miller lts 3 & 4, blk 2 and sub div of 1, 2, 8 & 9, Brewster; $370.00.

Andrew Johnson, etux, to Louis Wiener, w of sw 11-104-40; $5000.00.

Jno. Wolf, etux, to Sebastian Mack, s of nw and n of nw 6-103-39, also ne and w of se 1-103-40 (362.44 A); $21746.50.

Ronan Bros. to J.R. Smith e of ne & sw of ne 10-103-41; $6050.00.

Walter H. Walker to Elmer D. Tripp, lt 4, blk 22, Tripp's 2nd add Round Lake; $30.00.

Local Intelligence

Dr. Wm. Jennings went to Waseca Tuesday, where he delivered a lecture that evening.

Bert Smith, of Brewster, was in Worthington between trains Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sorem went to Minneapolis Tuesday, where they will visit with their three daughters and a son, all of whom are married. They expect to be gone during the entire summer.

Mrs. Elon Williamson was the guest of friends at Luverne Monday and Tuesday of this week.

J.A. Cashel and wife and 15 months old son, Charles Rogers Cashel, left Tuesday for Winona, where they will visit for a short time with his mother.

A. Rust, who resides south of town, went into Sioux City, Tuesday, to purchase some cattle, if he could find suitable ones.

E.L. Nance, who is now located at Edwall, Wash., is visiting in Worthington this week. He states that he has a very good business in the general merchandise store at Edwall, which is 30 miles west of Spokane.

A.P. Rose and P.D. Moore, who are engaged in the work of publishing a history of Rock and Pipestone counties, were in Worthington over Sunday.

WANTED - Girl for general housework. Enquire of Mrs. C.R. Bishop.

Will Tomford came down from Brewster, Monday, on a business mission, returning home in the afternoon.

Henry Ehlers went to Adrian Monday for a visit with friends.

Mrs. H.C. Franck and son, Paul, arrived Monday from St. Paul, for a few days' visit with friends in this city. While in the city, she will be the guest of Mrs. W.M. Evans.

Nic Casareto, of Sibley, is visiting here this week with his brother, John Casareto.

Rev. H.r. McKee, Baptist minister at Bemidji, visited from Monday until Tuesday with Rev. I.H. Alvord.

A.C. and L.M. Chase, who have been visiting for the past week with friends in Worthington, returned Tuesday to their homes at St. Paul. They are brothers of Miss Elsie Chase of this city.

Mrs. F.A. Duxbury, of Caledonia, this state, was the guest of her brother in-law, L.R. Duxbury, in this city, from Monday until Tuesday.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained November, 2007.

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