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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 October, 1909

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Friday, October 1, 1909

Miss Bertha Blood, nurse at the Manson hospital, was called to Rushmore Saturday afternoon to care for a patient of one of the doctors at that place.

Miss Eva Parish of Brewster enjoyed an over Sunday visit from her friend Miss Florence Hill of Brewster.

John Vaske, who has been visiting in Lismore for a few days, returned to his home in LeMars Monday.

Peter Elser and wife, who have been visiting with the Nic Hamel family in Wilmont for the past week, returned to their home in Alton, Monday.

A.P. Rose and wife and children of Jackson came over Friday to visit with Mr. Rose's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rose. Mr. Rose returned to Jackson Monday. His family will remain the balance of the week.

J.P. Hein of Brewster passed through here Monday on his way to Adrian, to which place he had been called by the serious illness of his mother.

Claude Wood of Windom spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood.

Rev. G.G. Schmid left Monday for Wabasso, to be present at a district meeting of the German Evangelical association. Mr. Schmid appears on the program twice: once to deliver a lecture and again to read a paper.

Fred Lynch transacted business in Round Lake Saturday.

Rufus Grapes of Adrian assisted in the judging of the horse races at the fair this year. J.S. Grapes and wife of Adrian were also in attendance at the fair and while in the city were the guests or Mr. and Mrs. John Kunzman.

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Landes of Adrian attended the fair on Friday.

R.G. Bethel of Clarion, Ia., stopped here on his way from Seattle and visited with C.J. Williamson.

Joseph Detrs, who has been spending a short time visiting in Wilmont, returned to his home in LeMars Monday.

Benj. Hildyard left Monday morning for Des Moines, where he will attend the Highland Park College of Commerce.

Mrs. A.M. Renner had as her guests Friday and Saturday Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Low of Minneapolis and R.A. Grout and wife of Luverne. Friday evening Mrs. Renner entertained a number of out of town friends who proclaim their hostess a royal entertainer.

Peter Shaw and David Littlechild, of Sibley, who attended the Worthington fair Friday, say the fair this year is the best county fair they have seen anywhere in southern Minnesota for several years.

Additional Local

Miss Mabel Peterson and Misses Alice and Elvere Hagberg and Herbert Hagberg of LowMoor, Iowa, returned home Monday after a few weeks' visit with relatives in this vicinity. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Andrew Hagberg and her mother Mrs. Bordin, who will visit with them for a short time.

Rev. J.F. Glover of Sibley conducted the services in the Congregational church Sunday.

George Kunzeman, the popular and efficient reporter for the Advance-Herald, spent this week at Mitchell, S.D., visiting relatives and inspecting the corn palace there now. He will return Monday.

E.A. Post of Reading was at the state fair Friday. He brought his invalid son Fred with him.

W.H. Booth and wife of Fulda returned from Seattle last week. They are the parents of Mrs. W.M. Shanks of Worthington.

Several prize winning horses are for sale at the Graham Lake stock farm by T.C. Thaming.

Henry Kunze and wife returned from a short visit at Sioux City on Friday.

Because he intends to leave the city soon with his family, John Ramage has resigned as a member of the library board. His successor will be appointed by Mayor Ronan soon.

Henry Nystrom, a clerk in the Citizens' National bank, and Miss Josephine Thompson, living south of the city near Indian Lake, were married Wednesday evening in the Swedish Baptist church. They left on a short wedding trip. They will live in this city.

S.F. Pepple returned Saturday afternoon from Sibley, where he had been for several days at the bedside of Thos. Finley, who is quite seriously ill. Mr. Finley is an old comrade of Mr. Pepple, having served in the 21st Ohio regiment with the latter during the war of 1865.

G.W. Hesselroth, formerly of this city, but now of Graham Lakes, was here the past week, treating his house in Clary addition to a new coat of paint. He returned home Saturday.

Miss Alice Oakes, of Rock Rapids, is visiting at the home of Mrs. Geo. Penman this week.

J.E. Bease and wife visited with friends and attended the fair in Worthington a couple days of fair week, returning Friday to their home at Sheldon, Iowa.

Mrs. G. Wahl, residing northwest of town, left Friday for Des Moines, Iowa, where she will visit with relatives for a couple of weeks.

The Misses Hilda and Bertha Peterson spent Sunday with friends at Rushmore.

Miss Myrtle Thompson of Rushmore visited with relatives in Worthington a few days the latter part of last week and also attended the fair, returning home Saturday afternoon.

Miss Myrtle Thompson of Rushmore visited with relatives in Worthington a few days the latter part of last week and also attended the fair, returning home Saturday afternoon.

August Anderson, who has been visiting during fair days with John Johnson in Loraine, returning Saturday to his home at Valley Springs, S.D.

Mrs. Eva Swartwood returned Saturday to her home at Currie, Minn., after spending several days with relatives in Worthington.

Loren Clark, who is in a general store business at Aurora, Iowa, left Saturday for that place, after visiting for nearly a week with his parents in this city.

Mrs. E.W. Albertson, who has been the guest of her aunt Mrs. Ira Mishler for two weeks, departed Saturday afternoon for her home at Sanborn, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Coss of Magnolia are this week the guests of Mrs. Nellie Mott, the mother of Mrs. Coss.

Among fair visitors Friday and Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. S. Fagerness, Misses Minnie and Jennie Hanson and brothers, Henry and Oscar, of Rushmore.

Mrs. J.P. Biltgen returned Saturday from a two weeks' visit at Bigelow with her daughter, Mrs. John Salstrom, who together with the latter's husband and children accompanied her home for a visit over Sunday.

John Wood now has a position as traveling salesman for the Henry Wissbeck Grain company of Milwaukee and just returned home Saturday from a three weeks' trip on the road in the interests of that concern.

William Wood returned Friday night from nearly a month's vacation spent in Seattle and various other western points. He reports having had a very good time and says that he would not give his experience for a good many hundred dollars, even if he could.

Mrs. Ethel Greig of Magnolia, who has been visiting with the family of J.A. Smith since Friday, left Saturday for Rushmore, where she will visit over Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Renshaw.

Mrs. E.E. Ober and daughter, Mrs. Ella Tifft, of Loraine, left Saturday for Canton, S.d., where they will visit relatives for a couple of weeks.

Local Intelligence

J.G. Murphy of Adrian attended meetings of the county commissioners at the court house Thursday and Friday and incidentally took in the county fair, which he states was good.

H.L. Nowka, a clarionet [clarinet?] player of Magnolia, who completed a two days engagement with the Worthington Concert band at the Windom fair and one day at the fair here, left Friday afternoon for his home.

Mrs. Oscar Sterling and children went to Minneapolis Friday morning for a week's visit with relatives.

Mrs. M. McWilliams returned Friday to her home at Oshkosh, Wis., after a three weeks' visit with her sister, Mrs. J.H. Scott, in this city.

Miss Marguerite Becker and Mrs. Dick Manuel, of Brewster, attended the fair a couple of days this week, returning home Friday.

Frank Huber, of Indianapolis, Ind., visited a few days this week with his sister-in-law, Mrs. H.H. Collard. He was on his way home from South Dakota, where he had been to register for land in the new opening and expects to move to Dakota in a few weeks.

A.O. Hendricks of Adrian presided as one of the judges at the horse races at the fair this year.

Miss Hilda Nelson, who is teaching school in Indian Lake, visited with her parents at Adrian from Friday until Saturday afternoon.

D.V. Palmer of Lake Park, who has for a number of years held the position of time-keeper of the races at Worthington District fair, filled that position again this year. His wife and children also attended the fair.

Mrs. Sadie Evans of Dodgeville, Wis., and her daughter Louise of St. Paul, visited Mrs. R. Prideaux last Sunday. Miss Evans is librarian for the state tax commission, coming from New Haven, Conn., last June to take the place. Mrs. Evans is a sister of Mrs. Prideaux and is still in the city.

James Sowles and cousin, M. Davis, visited with friends at Heron Lake Saturday.

Herbert Smith has purchased The Advance-Herald at Worthington. He is a newspaper man of varied experience and there is no question of his ability to give the people of Worthington and Nobles county an excellent newspaper. --Mankato Free Press.

It will be a great surprise, no doubt, for the readers of our paper to learn that Chas. Hamstreet has sold the Advance-Herald. The readers of the Advance-Herald will be served as well in the future as they have been in the past. Mr. Hamstreet has informed us that he intends to move with his family to Clear Lake, Iowa, where his parents now reside. We welcome the new proprietor, and regret very much to lose from among us Mr. Hamstreet and his good family. May success ever attend them. --Rushmore Enterprise.

Chas. Hamstreet has sold the Worthington Advance-Herald to Herbert H. Smith, of St. Paul. We know nothing of Mr. Smith, but he is probably a capable newspaper man and will no doubt keep the paper up to the high standard set by Mr. Hamstreet. --Adrian Democrat.

The Worthington Advance-Herald, edited by Chas. Hamstreet, was sold to Mr. Herbert H. Smith, of St. Paul, an experienced newspaper man who took charge of it immediately, and will keep the paper up to the high standard made by Mr. Hamstreet. --Jackson Republic.

Senator S.B. Bedford of Rushmore attended the fair Saturday afternoon.

James Mann, who is employed by the Omaha railroad at their pumping station at Luverne, spent Sunday with his parents.

Mrs. Elmer Tatge of Magnolia, who recently underwent an operation at the City hospital, was in the city Saturday for further medical treatment.

Mrs. Ruprecht and Grey of Bigelow attended the fair a couple days this week, returning home Saturday.

Mrs. Daniel Shell left Saturday afternoon for Omaha, Neb., where she will be the guest of her daughter Mrs. W.L. Clement for a week.

Miss Margaret Schmidt of Dundee, who has been visiting for several days with her cousin, Miss Alice Duba, returned home Saturday.

Miss Joan Kitzeman, who has been the guest of Mrs. F.R. Durfee for [the rest of this paragraph is missing].

Mrs. G.W. Hunt, who has been visiting with her daughter, Mrs. J.S. Hunt, for a few days the past week, and attending the fair, returned Friday to her home at Rushmore.

Theo. Opsata, who visited Thursday and Friday with his brother-in-law, Wilson Abbott, returned Friday to his home at Luverne.

Lewis Vogel, who is employed as a farm hand at the Peter Hawkinson farm, went to Fulda Saturday for an over Sunday visit with his brother Albert and family.

Erastus Church left Saturday for Minneapolis, where he will remain in the Soldiers' home until April.

F.C. Turner has purchased a second hand Ford touring car which is almost as good as new. He got the car at a bargain; the owner, who had paid for about half of the machine, recently died, and the company took the auto, and balanced accounts and sold it again to Mr. Turner.

Mrs. C.H. Hurlbert and child arrived in the city Saturday from Doon, Iowa, and will visit for a few days with Mr. Hurlbert's mother, Mrs. E.L. Hurlbert and family.

Mrs. Dr. Dodge of Adrian was a fair visitor.

The Misses Hastings, Beckley and McCune entertained a number of school teachers and others informally last Friday evening.

Miss Josephina Freisth of Humboldt [the rest of this paragraph is illegible].

Who has accepted the call to the
Congregational church in this city.

Regular meeting of the Yoeman Monday night.

Dr. Humiston has moved his office to the hospital although that building is not fully completed.

Geo. W. Wilson's daughter, Irma, was married on the 25th to Robert A. Stuart at Everett, Wash. Mr. Stuart is connected with the Canyon Lumber Co. of Everett.

Ross Nelson and wife spent a portion of the week at the corn palace at Mitchell, S.D.

Vic Strom went to Mitchell for a few days last Wednesday.

Dr. Dodge was a passenger for Minneapolis Wednesday morning.

I.F. Kelly went to St. Paul Monday night.

Dan Shell went to the twin cities Sunday night on business.

There will be a meeting of the Cemetery Association on October 6th, 1909, at 7:30 p.m., in the G.A.R. hall, for the purpose of electing officers and the transaction of any other business that may before the meeting. The Cemetery Association is composed of all lot owners, and all are entitled to a vote at this meeting. E.C. Pannell, President. Wm. Chaney, Sec. & Treas.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Mayer a ten pound boy last Friday.

Mrs. E.A. Totge who was operated on at the City Hospital two weeks ago left for her home in Luverne Friday, feeling quite well.

Geo. Bonde of Reading and Ashley Abbot of Indian Lake township were operated upon at the City Hospital last week.

Mrs. Frank Smith from Org had an accident which nearly resulted in the loss of one of her eyes. While driving a cork into a bottle a small piece chipped off and entered her eye. She is being cared for at the City Hospital and her physician hopes she will not loose her sight.

Friday, October 8, 1909

Local Intelligence

Mrs. J.H. Maxwell went to Windom Monday for a week's visit with her daughter, Mrs. W.A. Peterson.

Mrs. John Sullivan returned Monday morning from Brewster, where she spent Sunday with her daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. G.R. Lawrence made a short visit ___ friends ___ Sioux City from Monday afternoon until Tuesday.

Rev. W.H. Knowlton of St. James held services at the Episcopal church in this city last Sunday. He returned home Monday evening.

Mrs. Grant Morrison and son, Harold, went to Sioux Falls Monday afternoon for a brief visit with her sister, Mrs. A.E. Whiting.

Attorney J.A. Cooley, of Kirksville, Mo., was in Worthington from Sunday until Monday afternoon, when he left for Adrian, accompanied by Col. J.A. Town.

Miss Nina Canfield, of Luverne, who visited over Sunday with her brother, A.L. Canfield, and wife, in this city, returned home Monday afternoon.

Miss Clara Prideaux and her aunt, Mrs. Sadie Evans, of Dodgeville, Wis., who have been visiting in Worthington for several weeks, spent Sunday with relatives at Rushmore.

Rev. N.F. Douglas, Sunday school field secretary for the Diocese of Minnesota, will hold service and preach at St. John's Episcopal church on Sunday evening, October 10, at 7:30 o'clock. Everyone is invited.

Joe Taylor and wife and two of his sons, who for the past ten years have resided four miles west of Worthington or in the immediate vicinity, loaded their goods Monday at this point and left for Haswell, Colo,. where he and the boys will take up claims.

H.R. Free left Monday for Cresbard, S.D., accompanied by his father Robert, with whom he has been visiting for the past week. The son's home is at that place and the father will work at his trade as carpenter in that city during the coming few months.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Prideaux and their guest, Mrs. Sadie Evans of Dodgeville, Wis., went to Adrian Monday afternoon to attend the funeral of Mrs. James Jones, Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Jones, who died Saturday night, was the mother of County Attorney E.J. Jones, whose many friends sympathize deeply with the bereaved son.

Mrs. Martha Hackett Dies Sunday at her Home in Indian Lake

Mrs. Martha Hackett, aged 79 years 10 months, died 8 o'clock Sunday morning at the home of her son, George, in Indian Lake. The cause of her death is thought to be dropsy.

Deceased leaves seven children, four boys and three girls, to mourn her loss. They are in numeration George S, with whom she has resided since her husband's death, which occurred several years ago, E.L. of Pamo, Idaho; F.N., of Deland, S.D.; Larond of Sioux Falls, and the girls, all of whom are married, are Mrs. J.D. Hammond of Canistota, S.D.; Mrs. H.B. Miller, of Fairmont, Minn., and Mrs. W.D. Mix- [the rest of the article got cut off].


Milton Burrows returned Tuesday to his home at Truman, Minn., after a visit with his brother-in-law, Leonard Spencer, since Monday.

Farewell Party Given Mrs. Wm. Chaney

The Twentieth Century Club gave a farewell party for Mrs. Wm. Chaney at the home of Mrs. C.P. Dolan, Wednesday afternoon, October 6th. Mrs. Chaney and her husband leave in a few weeks for California, where they will make their future home.

Sorem Re-Union in Ransom

Olaf Sorem's home in Ransom township was this week the scene of a happy family re-union. Forty-seven relatives, representing three generations of the family, gathered from various parts of this and adjoining states to celebrate the great event.

Mrs. Chas. White and daughter Hazel arrived in the city Monday from Sioux Falls, which place they have made their home for the past year. Mrs. White has two grown sons residing here, together with her husband, and will make her home with them. She states that she likes it much better in Worthington than Sioux Falls, because she has dwelt here so long that it is more like home.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Fisher arrived from Moline, Ill., and will visit the remainder of the week with J.S. Kies and family.

Mrs. Anna Gould and Mrs. Hahn of Shell Rock, Iowa are visiting at the home of Harry Steffens this week.

Here in Worthington

Miss Florence was the guest of friends at Sheldon over Sunday, returning home Monday morning.

Miss Ella Horton, who has been the guest of friends in this city since Friday, returned Monday to her home at Elmore, Minn.

Mrs. Wm. Burchard spent Sunday with her brothers, Edward and Alfred Witte, at St. James.

Mrs. J.E. Forbes went to Woodstock Monday for a few days' visit with her daughter, Miss Amy, who is instructor in the schools at that place.

Dr. E.C. Dieckhoff left Monday for Woodstock, Minn., to look over land interests at that place. From there he expects to journey westward into the Dakotas and perhaps even as far as Idaho, expecting to return home by next week Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Ferguson, of Dana, Iowa, have been in Worthington and Wilmont since Saturday looking over the country with the intention of locating here if they could find land which was suitable. they left Monday for Butterfield, to look over the land at that place, before locating.

Attorney Charles Crandall, formerly of this place but now located at Boise City, Idaho, arrived in Worthington Monday to be present at the fall term of court at which he will have charge of several cases, which are to be heard at that time. While here he is endeavoring to meet all his old acquaintances and friends.

Mrs. George Knicht, who has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. Theodore Feit, for about six weeks, left Monday afternoon for her home at Port, Neb. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Feit, of Chenoa, Ill., have also been visiting for the past two weeks with their brother and sister, respectively, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Feit, but left for their  home in Illinois on Wednesday.

Dick Wetheral, the popular Rock Island engineer, and wife, left Monday for a two weeks' visit with friends and relatives at various points in Iowa and Nebraska.

Additional Local

Mrs. E.R. Humiston left Tuesday for Minneapolis for a visit with friends and relatives.

Harry K. Steffens left Wednesday for Red Wing for a two weeks visit with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Fish visited with relatives at Brewster between trains Sunday afternoon.

J.R. Butcher attended the dance at Rushmore Tuesday night, returning the following day.

The International Sunshine Society realized $29 at a tea held at the home of Mrs. J.C. Williams last Friday.

Attorney Garritt Klay of Orange City, Iowa called at the Probate office in Worthington this week on legal business.

Mrs. C.B. Ward went to Sioux Falls Tuesday afternoon for a couple of days' visit with her sister, Mrs. Frances Anderson.

E.A. Tripp, John Michelson and Fred Hegardt of Round Lake attended Odd Fellows lodge in this city on Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Fred Trunk entertained the Royal Neighbors very royally at her home north of town Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Louis Johnson of Rushmore passed through the city Tuesday on his way home from Sioux City, where he had been on a business mission.

Mrs. E.L. Gillette made another of her regular weekly trips to Heron Lake Tuesday, at which place she conducts a branch millinery store.

Dayton Staubus left Wednesday for Minneapolis to accept a position as manager of lunch counter on the Milwaukee road near that place for the Murphy System Co.

Hand's orchestra of Sheldon passed through the city Tuesday on their way to Rushmore, where they had an engagement to play at the dance at that place that evening.

Mrs. E.E. Ober of Loraine is this week enjoying a visit from her sisters, B.F. Bowen of Milwaukee, Wis., and Mrs. Daniel Bocock and daughter, Miss Mable of Tolono, Ill.

James Ramage, at one time an esteemed citizen of Worthington arrived in the city Sunday from his home at Spokane, Wash., and will transact business in this locality for several days.

Dr. L.L. Sowles of Dodge Center, who has been given a call by the Congregational church of this city will preach his first regular service next Sunday morning at 10:45 and again in the evening at 7:30.

Mrs. George Pfarrer, who has been visiting for the past two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. Groth at Iona, returned home Tuesday afternoon accompanied by her father, who will be her guest for a few days.

Register of Deeds Harry R. Tripp was laid up this week Wednesday on account of a severe cold which settled in his stump leg, so that he was unable to walk that day but was again able to be about on the following day.

Only one more week to have your photos made at reduced prices as this sale closes Saturday, October 16th. Cabinet $2.00 per doz. Large family groups $6.00 and other sizes accordingly. Satisfaction guaranteed. Miss C. Free.

Tin showers for a prospective bridegroom is rather a unique affair, but such was given the Editor of this paper one day last week by the nine teachers, who are among the star boarders at the Turner boarding house.

J.D. Rippberger, the efficient mail carrier on Route 2 for the past several years, is this week enjoying a ten days' vacation. Tuesday he left for the northern part of the state for a visit with relatives at Red Wing and St. Paul and also visit in northern Wisconsin at Eau Claire and Colby. During his absence John Apel, his substitute is delivering the mail on route 2.

Dr. J.T. Smallwood went to Windom Tuesday to assist Dr. DeCoster of that place in an operation. On Tuesday evening he was met there by his mother, who he accompanied to Minneapolis for a visit with friends until Saturday.

Mrs. M.C. Lloyd of Lake Mills, Ia., arrived in the city Wednesday for a visit with Mrs. D.W. Anthony and family for the remainder of the week.

G.W. Moothart of Firth, Neb., and L.L. Moothart of Madison, S.D., left Wednesday for their respective homes at those places. They were called here Saturday together with their cousin, Will Brown, of Primghar, Iowa on account of the serious illness of their father, Edwin Moothart, who resides with his daughter, seven miles north of town. The father has been suffering with heart trouble and dropsy for the past year and last Saturday there was a turn for the worse and the two sons and nephew were summoned, but Mr. Moorhart is now improving. [Note 2 different spellings of the name.]

Recently advanced from pastor of the local
M.E. church to the position of district superintendent
for a new district in this part of the state with
headquarters in this city.


Howard Myers was a passenger to Luverne Wednesday, at which place he transacted business for several days.

Editor Herbert H. Smith of the Advance-Herald left Wednesday for a two week's vacation in Idaho.

Mrs. A.H. Kalkrener of Lake City arrived in Worthington Tuesday for a three weeks' visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Bedient.

Miss Pearl Buxton and Mrs. T.B. Wilson of Minneapolis were the guests of friends in Worthington between trains Tuesday while on their return home from a visit at South Dakota points.

For Sale or Rent -- The s.e. , sec. 12, Ransom twp and the s.e. of sec. 33 Hersey. I.F. Kelley.

Mrs. E.J. Helmick returned Wednesday from a two weeks' visit with J.S. Tolverson and family at Fulda.

Messrs. James DeVaney, Will Schaeffer, Albert Anderson, Earl Barkelew, Chas. Loveless and Arthur Hildyard composed an auto party to Rushmore Tuesday evening to attend the dance.

Miss Anna Strom and Hilda Peterson departed Tuesday evening for Seattle, Wash., at which they will spend the winter, this being their second trip to the west.

H.A. Thurber disposed of his household goods at auction Saturday and together with his wife and child, will leave for Talent, Ore. on Tuesday next, which place they will make their future home.

Mrs. F.M. Ellis arrived Tuesday from California and will visit for several weeks at the home of her brother, C.W.W. Dow, before returning to her home at Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Selma Burns and five children left Wednesday for their home at Chicago, Ill., after spending a very pleasant three months visit at the home of her brother, C.A. Cedarblade, who resides in Seward.

Miss Sarah Thomas of Sibley is visiting this week with her friend, Miss Jennie Beckley, arrived in this city Tuesday.

Miss Alice Thornton departed Tuesday for her home at Lee Center, Ill., after a pleasant month's visit at the home of her brother, Manly, who but recently moved from Adrian to this place.

Chas. Sussmilch of Eldora, Iowa, who has been visiting since Saturday with his cousins, Bruce Yale and M.J. Barber, left Tuesday for Redwood county, this state to look after land interests.

Rev. J.V. Hawk of Neligh, Neb., formerly pastor at Bigelow about five years ago, was the guest of G.A. Cahoon from Saturday until Monday, when he left for his home in Nebraska.

Mrs. Thos. McCullough of Sioux Falls arrived in the city Tuesday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood. Her husband will join her here about Saturday and a few days later they intend to leave for Long Beach, Cal. to spend the winter.

Miss Maud Anderson came over from Adrian Tuesday and the following day submitted to an operation at the Manson hospital for a complication of diseases.

Joe Franck of Minneapolis, who for the last four months has been passenger brakeman on the main line of the Omaha between that city and Sioux City, was this week transferred Worthington-Mitchell branch with headquarters here.

Miss Anna Mork left Tuesday for her home at Granite Falls, accompanied by her brother, Olaf. Miss Mork has been at the hospital of her uncle, Dr. B.O. Mork, for the past three weeks, during which time she submitted to an operation for appendicitis.

John S. Parker and wife, who have had charge of the lunch counter at the Omaha depot for the D.H. Shaver News company for the past ten months have been assigned another position by the company and left Tuesday afternoon for Minneapolis. During their stay in our city, they have become the friends of many, who regret to hear of their departure. They will be succeeded by James Isom and wife of Joliet, Ill., who have been in the employ of the Union News company in a counter at that place for the past several years.

Chas. Hamstreet has sold the Worthington Advance-Herald to Herbert H. Smith of St. Paul. Mr. Hamstreet made a good paper of the Advance-Herald during the past year and a half and we regret to learn that he intends leaving the state. Mr. Smith is an experienced newspaper man and will no doubt continue to give the people of Worthington a good paper. --Lakefield Standard.

Miss Mable and George Kunzman returned Saturday afternoon from Mitchell, where they spent the past week visiting with relatives and attending the Corn Palace. The palace this year surpassed all previous ones in beauty. The United States Marine Band, which concluded a week's engagement at that place Saturday, rendered very creditable programs in the building twice daily.

Friday, October 15, 1909

Well Respected Woman Succumbs to General Paralysis After Long Illness.

To the Adrian Democrat are we indebted for the following account of the death, burial and obituary of the late Mrs. James R. Jones, mother of County Attorney E.J. Jones.

Mrs. James R. Jones died at her home in Adrian, Saturday night, October 2nd, aged 67 years, 2 months and 18 days. Her health failed about three years ago and general paralysis gradually developed. Until very recently, however, she was able to go out on short drives and to be wheeled about in her chair. But it was long ago known to her family and friends that her case was hopeless, and thus her death was not unexpected.

The funeral was held from their residence at two o'clock Tuesday afternoon Rev. William Backus, Unitarian, of Minneapolis, delivering a cultured and comforting discourse. The attendance was large and many were unable to find room in the house, but remained on the lawn. Many beautiful floral offerings were brought or sent by friends.

At the cemetery the services were in charge of Eureka Chapter O.E.S., of which decedent had long been a prominent member.

Annie Higgins was born in Stratsbury, Ireland July 14, 1842, and came to America with her parents in 1859 and settled in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, where she married James R. Jones on March 2nd, 1870.

Six children were born to them viz: Mary, May E. (Mrs. J.C. Becker) and Edwin J. Jones were born at Dodgeville, Wisconsin; William A. and Pearl E. (Mrs. W.J. Thompson) were born at Bigelow, Minnesota, and Ethel A. was born at Adrian.

Mary died in infancy at Dodgeville and William A. died in infancy at Bigelow.

The family moved from Dodgeville, Wisconsin to Bigelow, Minnesota, in March 1856, and from Bigelow to Adrian in October 1879.

She is survived by her husband and four children, all residing at Adrian, except Edwin J. Jones who resides at Worthington, Minnesota; also by an adopted son Alfred M. Feathers who resides at Lismore, Minnesota and by four brothers, Robert and Thomas Higgins, California, James Higgins of St. Louis and Edwin Higgins of Kansas City.

Mrs. Jones was one of the best of women, and her death is deeply mourned, not only by her husband and children but by all who knew her well in the community in which she lived so long.

Mother of Mrs. G.W. Hill Dying

Mrs. W. Youngblood, mother of Mrs. G.W. Hill, is very ill and is thought by the doctors to be dying of cancer of the stomach at her home in Estherville, Iowa. Mrs. Hill, of Alton, Iowa, passed through this city Saturday enroute to that place in response to a summons she received announcing the critical illness of her mother. Mrs. Hill was formerly a resident of Worthington, having removed to Alton about six months ago.

Editor of the Advance-Herald Brings Bride from the West.

At the home of the bride's parents, two miles from Weiser, Idaho, Thursday, Oct. 14, occurred the marriage of Miss Essie M. Donnan to Herbert H. Smith, editor of the Advance-Herald. The couple started east immediately and will be at home to their friends after Nov. 15 at 803 Third Ave., this city.

The wedding was a simple affair attended by a few relatives of the bride and groom.

Mrs. Smith formerly lived at Independence, Iowa.

Number of Worthingtonians Leave This Week for Ore., Wash. and Cal.

This week six families, most of whom have resided in Worthington for a number of years, left for Washington, Oregon or California.

H.A. Thurber and wife and son, Burton were the first to make their departure, leaving Tuesday afternoon via Omaha for Medford, Oregon to make their future home. The next parties to leave were the John Ramage family, who shipped their goods on Tuesday and departed on Thursday for Eugene, Oregon, where they intend to live permanently if the climate proves suitable.

Preparatory to leaving for Spokane, Wash., J.R. Robson loaded his household effects on Thursday. His family left Wednesday night for that place and Mr. Robson will follow this week.

Those with California as their destination were Wm. Chaney and wife, who left Thursday for Orlando, Cal., and the John Scott and Michael Sorem families, who emigrated together to Mordesto [Modesto?], that state on Friday. Mrs. Sorem is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Scott.

Mrs. A.J. Olund returned to her home at Bigelow after a visit since Sunday with her brother, O.H. Nystrom, and family. She was accompanied by her niece, Miss Frances Nystrom, who will visit with her aunt for several days.

Mrs. C.W.W. Dow and her sister-in-law, Mrs. Ellis of Washington, D.C., who is visiting here, went to Bigelow Monday for a few days' visit and from there they will go to Rushmore and Magnolia to visit other relatives.

W. Thievoldt, who disposed of his barber shop at Round Lake about three weeks ago, passed through the city Monday, accompanied by his wife and two sons, enroute to Redmund, Ore., which place they will make their future home.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Walbran of Tracy, Minn., visited over Sunday with the E.M. Crosby family, while on their way home from Sibley, where they had been visiting with Mrs. Walbran's mother. Mr. Walbran was at one time employed in Hart's store at this place.

Mrs. Elmer Jones, whose husband is employed in Latta's store, went to Dundee Monday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Mattison. She was accompanied there by her little four-year-old sister, Miss Irene Mattison, who has been paying them a visit.

Miss Mildred Powers, who taught in the Worthington public schools last year, but who is this year engaged as instructor in the Emmetsburg, Iowa, schools, visited from Friday until Sunday afternoon with her former roommate, Miss Eva Parish, in this city.

S.E. Taylor of LaCrosse, general manager of the Colman Lumber Co., was in the city between trains Tuesday, and called at the office of that company here.

Eversole Family Leave City

Mrs. Harvey Eversole and two children left Saturday for Wessington Springs, S.D. for a month's visit with relatives, at the end of which time they leave for Delrey, Ill., where she will join her husband who left Monday for that place. Mr. Eversole and family have resided for a number of years on a farm five miles north of Worthington on the fair grounds road, but have decided to leave for his native state, Illinois, and this week shipped his goods to Delrey, near which place they will make their home on a farm with his parents.

WANTED -- Good competent girl. Inquire of Mrs. G.R. Lawrence.

Sam Stewart returned home Saturday from a week's visit in Chicago Ill.

Harry R. Tripp is spending a few days at round Lake this week with relatives.

Mrs. F.A. Baker arrived Tuesday from Magnolia for a visit with the D.W. Anthony family.

Albert Mayor held the lucky number which drew the $10 box of candy at the drawing last Wednesday at the Nelson cafe.

E.R. Humiston returned Tuesday afternoon from Minneapolis, where he had been spending a few days with relatives.

Mrs. Cora Maxwell returned Tuesday to her home at Sibley after visiting since Sunday with the J.H. Maxwell family.

E.D. Groth, who has been visiting his daughter, Mrs. George Pfarrer for the past week, left Monday for his home at Iona.

Rev. Nathaniel Franklin, the Anti-saloon man, will preach at the Swedish Mission church next Sunday morning at 10:30 o'clock.

Miss Violet Saxon, who is teaching in the Edgerton school, spent Sunday in Worthington with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Saxon.

Miss Grace Geyerman returned to her home at Brewster Monday after an enjoyable week's visit with her sister, Mrs. A.B. Montgomery.

Jas. R. Jones of Adrian visited with his son, E.J., between trains Monday while on his way to the twin cities for a visit with relatives for a few days.

There will be a reception for the new pastor and the new district superintendent and their wives in the M.E. church parlors from 8 to 10 o'clock Tuesday evening, October 19th.

Willard Crever, passenger brakeman on Nos. 6 and 10 between Minneapolis and Sioux City, visited from Thursday until last Sunday with his parents, Thos. Crever and wife in this city.

Henry Nystrom, who is employed at the Citizens National bank, returned Saturday from a week's vacation spent in Sioux Falls, S.D., and Willmar, Princeton and the twin cities, in this state.

Moulton Smallwood went to St. James Saturday to meet his mother and brother, Jet, who were returning from a few days' visit at the cities. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Mary Cashel, mother of J.A., who visited with them until Monday, when she left for Ellsworth to visit another of her sons.

H.J. Blume, who a few months ago re-engaged in business in the rooms in the Maccabee hall, this week moved his outfit to the upstairs in the Harry Lewis building, which place he formerly occupied before closing business. He has now the advantage of a sky-light and is prepared to do all kinds of first class photography.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Bryden of Rushmore visited over Sunday with the latter's brother, J.H. Scott, in this city.

Fred Parker, who recently suffered another stoke of paralysis at the home of his father-in-law, Peter Thompson in this city, left Wednesday accompanied by nurse Miss Lillian Saxon, for his home at Duluth.

J.C. Thom ex-sheriff of Nobles county was over from Rushmore a few days the fore part of this week and paid this office a call. Mrs. Thom accompanied him here the same day for a visit with friends.

Chas. C. Miller of Bristol, Iowa, was among those who attended the stock sale of Patterson & Erickson on Tuesday afternoon. As was on his way in company with his wife to Adrian to visit the latter's mother, Mrs. A. Johnson, who resides at that place.

Miss Anna Walkup, nurse at the Manson hospital, accompanied Dr. P.T. Geyerman to Brewster Monday to care for a patient at that place, who is suffering from a severe attack of typhoid fever. The case is that of Miss Myrtle Meinberg, who is now recovering from her illness.

Leslie Austin, one of the assistants at the post office, is enjoying a ten days' vacation. Sunday afternoon in company with his wife, he left for Minneapolis for a few days visit and from there they go to Princeton, this state to remain for the remainder of the ten days, visiting with relatives.

Mrs. E.J. Leatherman, who is traveling for the Goodrich Drug Co. has been making a house to house demonstration of a certain drugs sold by that company in this vicinity. Tuesday she returned to Worthington from Adrian where she has been since Monday in the interest of the company.

The German Lutherans have completed arrangements for the purchase of old Swedish church and will move the same to the lots back of the J.M. Messer place. The Swedish Lutherans will then begin the construction of a new $10,000 edifice to replace the present church, which is entirely inadequate.

Mrs. J.H. Mitchell, of Sheldon visited between trains with her brother John Ramage and family. She was accompanied home by her nieces, Misses Josephine and Mary Ramage, who were joined there on Tuesday by their parents, and sister, Miss Helen, where they visited until Wednesday when they left for Eugene, Oregon, which place is to be their home in the future.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Beckley of Minneapolis arrived in the city Saturday for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Beckley. Mr. Beckley returned Sunday evening, because of his duties in a Minneapolis printing office, which required his attentions, but Mrs. Beckley will visit here the remainder of the week.

Mrs. J.P. Biltgen left Sunday morning in company with her daughter, Mrs. M.A. Marple of Minneapolis for Los Angeles, Cal., where they will spend the winter with the latter's brother, P.C. Steffens.

S.M. Stewart made a business trip to Brewster Monday.

Mrs. E.K. Smith went to Sioux City Friday on a shopping expedition.

Miss Kathryn Humiston visited with friends at Bigelow between trains Saturday.

Mrs. John Webster spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. C.A. Whitney, at Sibley.

Mrs. Pat O'Connor spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. Frank Duster at Fulda.

Mrs. H. Steinhagen, who is the foreman of the Round Lake Graphic, was in Worthington between trains Saturday.

Mrs. John Salstrom of Bigelow, who has been visiting in the city since last Thursday, returned home Monday afternoon.

O. Pulscher returned Monday to his home at Sibley after a visit over Sunday with H. Johnson, who resides on a farm near this city.

A.S. Engh and Oscar Olson came up from Sioux City Saturday for a few days visit with the former's daughter, Mrs. James Suddaby.

Frank Mitchell of Brewster visited over Sunday with his brother, Karl, who is employed as cashier in the Citizen's National Bank.

Mrs. F.G. Gregg of Magnolia, accompanied by her father, W.C. Renshaw, of Rushmore, was in the city Monday having some dental work done.

George Whitham, who has been visiting in this city since Thursday at the home of his sister, Mrs. Wm. Hastings, left Monday for his home at Pontiac, Ill.

Mrs. W.A. Hawley returned Friday from the twin cities, where she had been on business connected with the millinery business of Hawley and Suddaby.

F.H. Gutzler arrived in the city Monday from Salem, S.D., for a few days visit with his cousin, Mrs. Frank Dean, who he has not seen for a number of years.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lundgren, who have been the guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gust Lundgren for the past two weeks left Monday for their home at Des Moines, Iowa.

Mesdames Harvey Rue, C.P. Dolan and the latter's sister, Mrs. C.A. Wagner of New Richland, Minn., who is visiting in the city, went to Sioux City Monday for a few days visit with friends.

Peter Olson Dies Suddenly

Peter Olson, aged 69 years, 4 months and 4 days, died early Wednesday morning at the home of his son, Charles, on the Hurd farm, three and a half miles north of town.

As the old man has been ailing for several years his death was not altogether unexpected, although he has been seriously ill but since Monday. As no medical attention had been given the old man, Coroner Williams deemed it best to hold an inquest over the body and pronounced death due to chronic trouble.

The funeral was held at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon and interment was made in the Worthington cemetery.


Mrs. Wm. Shrader held a party at her home Saturday night in honor of Miss Mildred Powers of Emmetsburg, Iowa, a former teacher in the public schools in Worthington, who was visiting in the city from Friday until Sunday afternoon.

Dr. Wm. Jennings, who has been under the weather the past week is again able to be about.

Miss Coggins millinery store now has some additional new hats on display, which were received this week from the city.

Miss S.E. Coggins returned Monday from the cities, where she has been since Saturday, purchasing additional fall stock for her millinery store.

Mrs. J.B. Morton is reported as very seriously ill at her home in this city.

The M.E. Church is this week being re-painted an olive drab with chocolate trimming. C. Synkerson and crew are doing the work.

Misses Susan Dingwall and Ella Langseth of Round Lake, accompanied by Messrs. L. Langseth of that place and Elmer Lundgren of Worthington spent Tuesday at Mankato visiting with friends.

Fred Howard went to Dundee Tuesday for a visit with his niece, Miss Grace Howard, who leaves Thursday for Ponak, Alberta, Canada, to join her father, Willis Howard, who resides at that place and with whom she will reside in the future.

Mrs. L.L. Sowles and daughter, Mrs. McClean Slade, arrived here Monday from Dodge Center. Dr. Sowles has rented the house this week vacated by Rev. Alvord on 5th avenue, Rev. Alvord and family moving Tuesday into the John Scott house in Clary addition.

The New Cash Variety store for bargains. Just opened in George W. Wilson building next to Harry Lewis' store.

Useful articles ranging in prices from 5 to 50 cents for sale at the New Cash Variety store in the George Wilson building. Miss E.H. Hall, proprietor.

Miss Anna Haulstein of Reading is employed at the Nels N. Nelson restaurant arriving in the city Friday.

Dr. Hough of Sibley called on Drs. Weidow and Mork Monday of this week.

Rev. Ralph Carleton, the new pastor of the Methodist church is reported on the sick list this week.

Mrs. Sadie Evans, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. R. Prideaux went to St. Paul Sunday afternoon for a visit with her daughter before returning to her home at Dodgeville, Wis.

Friday, October 22, 1909


Miss Frances C. Reed and Robert E. Russell were married Wednesday at noon at the home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reed, Clary addition. They will live on the Jacobson farm near Brewster. Rev. Ralph Carleton officiated.

prominent Adrian Woman Dies at Home of Her Daughter

Mrs. Mary Weinandt-Hein of Adrian was buried last Saturday from St. Adrian's church. She was one of the early settlers of Nobles county.

She was the grand-mother of Mrs. A.M. Renner of this city and mother of Mrs. N. Weinandt of Minneapolis, whose husband was at one time the editor of the Herald here.

Worthington Young Man Brings Bride From St. Paul

The marriage of Miss Laura Ayars and Walter Pfeil took place Thursday afternoon at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Ayars, 1540 Charles st., Rev. W.J. Gray, officiating. Miss May F. Zshoeke and Miss Adelaide Williams were the bride's attendants. George Pfeil was his brother's best man. Mr. and Mrs. Pfeil have gone to their future home, Worthington, Minn. --St. Paul Daily News.

The newly wedded couple will reside on a farm, belonging to the groom's father, south of Ocheyda lake.

Popular Worthington Young Lady Is Bride of Iowa Man

Wednesday at 12 o'clock noon the marriage of Miss Lena Apel and Edward G. Rathisberger of Iona was solemnized at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Henry Apel in Clary addition. The ceremony was performed in the presence of but a few immediate relatives and was a quiet affair.

The newly wedded couple expect to leave in a few days for Iona near which place they will begin married life on a farm of the groom's.


A girl Sunday morning to Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Falkner, who reside near the Rock Island depot.

A girl Friday to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Myers, who reside a few miles east of town.


Mrs. F.M. Ellis, who has been visiting for the past two weeks with her brother C.W.W. Dow, in this city, left Monday for Minneapolis where she will spend a short time with relatives before returning to her home at Washington, D.C.

Fred Kuhl was a passenger Monday to Fargo, N.D., where he went to look after land interests.

Additional Local

A Halloween entertainment will given in the parlors of the M.E. church on Friday evening, October 29. Oysters will be served beginning at five o'clock. there will also be candy booth of home made candy.

Miss Minnie Davis of St. Paul arrived in the city Tuesday for a visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Humiston.

Mrs. James Gibson, who has been in the Manson hospital for the past two weeks suffering from typhoid fever was able to return to her home at Sheldon Tuesday.

Miss Mattie Dietrich came down from her home at Lake Crystal Tuesday and will keep house this winter for her brothers, Walter, Albert and Gus, who are employed on the Omaha railroad at this station. They have leased the rear of the W.M. Evans house near the electric plant.

Walter Comer held the lucky number of $1.00, which drew the $10 box of candy at the drawing at the Nels N. Nelson restaurant on Monday.

Nels N. Nelson this week received a fine lot of new, up-to-date postal cards, consisting of comic, name, souvenir, greetings from Worthington, etc. Call in and see them.

Mrs. R.A. Early and Mrs. C.L. Spain and three children arrived in the city Tuesday for a visit with the N.A. Early family, living southwest of town.

Mrs. Mary Dodge, of Luverne, visited between trains, Tuesday, with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Robinson, in this city.

Mrs. Effie Dodge, of Adrian, visited between trains Tuesday, with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Wolven, in this city.

Walter Dietrich went to Lake Crystal Saturday night for an over Sunday visit with his parents, at that place.

F.B. Duster, who for the past year has been connected with the Fulda Republican, served [severed?] his connection last week with that publication and on Saturday passed through this city enroute to Remsen, Iowa, where he will visit for a short time. His wife came with him as far as Worthington and will visit for a time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pat O'Connor in this city.

Henry Tietenberg of Wilmont visited between trains Monday with his daughter, Miss Julia, who is employed in the mechanical department of the Globe.

Frank Spartz of Wilmont marketed a carload of potatoes in Worthington Monday, T.L. Mitchell being the purchaser.

Miss Maude Anderson, who submitted to a successful operation at the Manson hospital last week, returned Friday to her home at Adrian.

Dr. Mork and family went to Wood Lake, Minn., Sunday in their auto, where they visited for several days with her folks, who reside there.

Dr. Oscar C. Long of Tipton, Iowa,  who has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Long the past week, Wednesday for Frankfort, S.D., to visit his brother. From there he goes to Redfield where he expects to take up his profession of optician.

J.M. Zbornik and wife of Sumner, Iowa, are visiting relatives in this vicinity.

Elmer Rome and wife arrived in Worthington Sunday from Wayzata, Minn., for a visit of a few days at the home of Mr. Rome's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Loveless. The couple were recently married and came to this city on their honey-moon.

Maj. E. Norwood representing the Christian Volunteers with headquarters in Minneapolis, was in the city this week, soliciting contributions for a rescue home for girls to be erected by his organization, probably at Zumbrota.

Mrs. Catherine Kain left yesterday morning for Glenham, S.D. to visit her son for two weeks.

Miss Estella Carlson wishes all pupils that are preparing to take music lessons to call at her rooms at 1410 Third Ave.

Dr. C.C. Pratt of Minneapolis was in the city this week working for the interests of the Anti-Tuberculosis movement in the state. It is his intention to put on an exhibit here if suitable arrangements can be made.

Walker Berry returned this week from the Dakotas, where he has been engaged with a threshing crew for the past six weeks.

Miss Caroline Bish was a passenger to Brewster Wednesday, where she will visit with her sister, Mrs. John Craft, for a couple of weeks.

Mrs. W.T. Hayes and two children went to Mankato Wednesday for a visit with friends and relatives for a few days.

A.M. Renner of the Western Implement Co. made a business trip to Heron Lake Monday. He was accompanied there by his wife, who visited with friends during the day.

Ivie McKenzie is Injured in the Head in Practice Game

Ivie McKenzie, while engaged in a practice game of foot ball at the fair grounds Wednesday evening, ran into Arthur Turner, sustaining an ugly bump just above one of his eyes. When struck he was knocked senseless, but soon recovered, but at times bereft of his senses and would talk out of his head. A physician diagnosed the case as probably a cracked skull or a concussion of the brain. He fully recovered his senses by the next morning.

Here in Worthington

Carl Larson, who is employed nights in the Omaha freight depot, had the misfortune to bruise one of his fingers so badly Saturday night as to require the services of a physician to dress the wound. He was handling freight when a box fell upon his finger.

The city is this week having a new cement crossing laid from the Oliver & Madison meat market across to the Tuthill Lumber Company's yards, which is a long needed improvement.

Major Harry Hobson has been appointed a member of Governor Eberhart's executive staff, a position which he held under the late Governor Johnson, during his term as the chief executive of the state.

C.S. Hilary, who resides five miles north of this city on the east Fulda road, left Wednesday for the hospital at Rochester, to consult the physicians in regard to an ailment for which he had an operation about a year ago, but which operation did not produce the desired results.

Miss Cora Miller, the eight-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Miller of Bigelow, was brought to the Manson hospital Saturday evening for an exray examination of one of her shoulders. The little girl in the afternoon was thrown from a horse and upon examination was found to have had her shoulder fractured. The shoulder was set and the child returned home that evening with her parents.

C.E. Sims went to Brewster Monday to do some surveying, preparatory to laying some tile in that vicinity. He says that business is such that they have all they can do to attend to it and the prospects are very encouraging.

Farewell Address To Dr. Cahoon Who is Now District Superintendent.

Tuesday evening about two hundred people gathered at the M.E. church parlors at a reception held in honor of the new pastor, Rev. Ralph Carleton and for the retiring pastor, Dist. Supt. G.A. Cahoon and their families.

A farewell address to Dr. G.A. Cahoon was delivered by D.B. Kumler and a speech of welcome for Rev. Ralph Carleton was given by E.W. Goff, both of which speeches were appropriate ones.

The parlors were very prettily decorated for the occasion and light refreshments were served. After a short musical program a social time was enjoyed until ten o'clock.


D.H. Keller of Winona, who has been looking after farm interests in this vicinity for some days, returned home Wednesday.

James Ramage returned again to Worthington for an extended visit with friends, after spending a few days in North Dakota.

Workmen are engaged this week in leveling the lawn in front of the new Humiston hospital.

H.B. Lewis left Thursday for Letcher, S.D., for a visit with his sister, Mrs. Roy Tibbetts the latter having returned Tuesday to her home at that place in company with her husband and two children after a pleasant visit of nearly a week with her father and brother in this city.

Mrs. J.J. Kies entertained a number of guests at her home Tuesday evening in honor of Miss Olga Glasoe, former principal of the Worthington high school, and who is visiting in this city.

Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Anderson visited from Sunday until Monday with Mrs. Anderson's cousin, Ole Carlson.

More Changes

Following the change in a number of the business houses of the city during the past months, comes the announcement that J.W. Wolven has sold his interest in the hardware business of Humiston and Wolven to J.D. Humiston, his former partner. This transfer was made last Friday.

Mr. wolven is as yet undecided what he will do.

Dr. W.J. Dodge has also sold out and Dr. A.R. Schmid of Springfield, Minn., will take possession of his office and assume his practice next week. Dr. Schmid is a young man, having graduated from the density [dentistry?] department of the state university last June and is amply equipped to give entire satisfaction.

Miss Sarah Thompson of Sibley, who has been the guest of Miss Jennie Beckley for the past week, left Monday for Easton, Minn., where she will visit other friends for a few days before returning home.

Local Intelligence

Miss Marie Wendt of Sioux Falls is visiting this week at the home of her sister, Mrs. A.W. Little, in this city.

Frank LePatche, operator at the Omaha depot, visited with friends in St. Paul Saturday and Sunday.

A.C. Crane, who has been employed on the section of the Omaha Road at this point for the past several months, last Saturday severed his connection with the company and Sunday left for his home at Audubon, Iowa.

Wilmar Sims, who formerly resided in this city with his parents, but more recently of Sheldon, Iowa, visited over Sunday with Lawrence Durfee. Wilmar was a member of the Sheldon foot ball team which defeated the Worthington high school team here Saturday.

A.M. Hunter who has been spending several days visiting the E.E. Oberg family in Lorain, left Sunday afternoon for his home at Canton, S.D.

W.E. Moses, of Northfield, visited with friends in Worthington over Sunday. Mr. Moses was formerly proprietor of the Gray-Nelson hardware store in this city.

Miss Cora Dow, instructor in the public schools at Heron Lake, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.W.W. Dow in this city.

Mr. and Mrs. WM. Kahl and daughter, Miss Lorne, who have been visiting the Wm. Kloth family for the past week, left Saturday for their home at Holstein, Iowa.

G. Irwin, erecting engineer for the Red Wing Tannery Co., visited a few days this week with Supt. J.E. McElligott of the electric light plant, returning home Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Larson of Okabena were the guests of A.J. Fauskee and family over Sunday.

Mrs. Gene Segrist and Mrs. D.L. Jones of Richland Center, Wis., arrived Saturday for a visit with the J.F. Cass family.

Miss Grace Hagerman, who visited a few days this week with her sister, Mrs. A.B. Montgomery in this city returned Saturday to her home at Brewster, accompanied by the latter, who visited over Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Hagerman.

Attorney E.H. Canfield of Luverne visited between trains Monday with his son, A.L. Canfield, in this city.

Rev. Edstam, pastor of the Baptist church at Indian Lake, went to Lake Sarah, Minn., Saturday where he delivered a sermon in the Baptist church at that place Sunday.

Sterling Lawton, who for the past five months has been traveling for the Success Magazine, returned home Saturday, having completed his engagement with that company.

Mrs. J.D. Everett of Ash Creek visited between trains Saturday with her sister, Mrs. J.M. Seline, while on her way to Westbrook for a visit with other relatives.

Pianos tuned - expert work, guaranteed. L.A. Gregory, Adrian, Minnesota.

A large amount of stock and farm machinery will be sold at public sale on the old Oliver farm a mile and a half northeast of Worthington, Friday, Oct. 29, by Mitchell and Stewart. The sale will include farm machinery from sulky plow, seeder, harrows and disc to separator and wagons. Also 8 head of cattle, 7 head of horses, and over 30 sheep and 10 pigs. Free lunch at noon. Sale begins at 11 o'clock, B.T. McChesney, auctioneer; Karl Mitchell, clerk.

Mr. and Mrs. John Lawson and son, George, are spending the week with relatives at Omaha, Neb.

G.P. Ostrom of Bigelow was in the city between trains Monday consulting a physician in regard to an abcess which has formed beneath one of his arms. The abcess was lanced and it is expected that he will not be laid up.

Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Walsmith, of Lyons, Neb., who have been visiting since Friday with their niece, Mrs. C.H. Sibley, left Monday for Lakefield, Minn., for a visit with their daughter, before returning home.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan DeVaney, who have been visiting with relatives in Worthington for several days, left Saturday for their home at Chicago, Mr. DeVaney is there employed as a linotype operator for the Dunthrop & Warren Printing company.

Pat O'Connor has been seriously ill the past week troubled with a tumor on the kidneys. Mr. O'Connor has suffered more or less for the past several years from the same cause, but this is the first time the pain has been so severe for a number of months.

Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Renner returned Saturday from Adrian, where they had been in attendance at the funeral of Mrs. Mary Weinandt-Hein, the grandmother of Mrs. Renner, which was held at the Catholic church at that place Saturday morning.

Messrs. Harry Williams and Arthur Sather came home to spend Sunday having been at Iowa points canvasing for the King-Richardson Co. the boys have now been canvasing for about two weeks for a school reference book for that company.

Dr. W.B. Vail of Wayne, Neb., arrived in the city Monday for a few days' visit with friends.

Miss D.A. Williams came down from Brewster Saturday for a visit of a few days with her brother, Auren, who resides north of town.

Pat Carlson, who has been visiting for the past two weeks with his sister, Miss Estella, who has been teaching music in Worthington for the past month, returned Monday to his home at Paulina, Iowa.

Mrs. C.E. Boddy of Rushmore visited over Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.W.W. Dow, in this city.


Chas. Foelschow has sold his farm of 177 acres on the west side of the lake for $17,500 to Robert Spears of Eldora, Iowa. Mr. Spears takes possession March 1, 1910. Mr. Foelschow is yet undecided where he will locate. Mr. Foelschow intends to hold a public sale of his personal property Nov. 8th and has engaged Col. J.N. Holbrook.

Mrs. W.A. Saxon and little daughter were the guests of friends at Sibley between trains Monday.

George Dow drove up from Bigelow Monday and visited for a short time at the home of his brother, C.W.W. Dow.

Friday, October 29, 1909

With the Churches

Rev. E. Vestlund of Windom occupied the pulpit of the Swedish Mission church last Sunday.

Rev. O. Brose of Egan, S.D., will occupy the pulpit of the German Evangelical church next Sunday.

Dr. Jennings preaches morning and evening in the Presbyterian church. He addressed the Cottonwood county Sunday school convention Thursday evening.

Dr. Sowles will take "Doorkeepers" as his theme at the Union Congregational church Sunday morning. In the evening: "From Mire to Christ." Special music is always prepared for every service of the year. Non church-goers are specially invited to the evening services.

Real Estate Transfers

October 21 to 28th.

Jasper N. Grapes to Herman Schneider, lt 4, blk 1, Faragher's add., Adrian;
H. VanRooyen to G.W. Rohlf, sw. , sec. 30-102-40;
Simon S. McKenzie to Karl Anda, e of ne 5-103-43;
John S. Randolph to Jas. Tighe, lt 2, blk 2, Hersey;
Jas. H. Maxwell to Chas. W. Davis, lt 12, blk 14, Wilmont;
Wm. McLean to C.W. Davis lt 7, McLean's sub div blk 47 Worthington;
Annie E. Lundgren to John Peterson lt 6, Paulson's add., Worthington.

Donald Sullivan, Aged One Year, Nearly Loses Sight of an Eye

Friday afternoon Donald, the one year old child of Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Sullivan met with an accident which came near costing him the loss of sight of one eye. The little fellow was playing with a finger-nail file when he fell, the point of the file entering his eye. Upon examination it was found that the file had not penetrated the pupil of the eye and hence the sight would not be lost. The parents left Friday evening for Northfield, where the boy will be placed under the care of an eye specialist.

Mrs. Alvin Langley Dies at Her Home in Rollette, N.D.

J.E. Darling received a telegram Tuesday announcing the sad death of his daughter, Mrs. Alvin Langley at her home in Rollette, N.D., that morning. The exact cause of her death is as yet unknown.

The remains were brought here Thursday and the funeral held in the M.E. Church the same afternoon with interment made in the Worthington cemetery.

Sister of Mrs. E. Ober Dies Suddenly While Visiting

Mrs. Emma Bocook of Tolono, Ill., who for the past three weeks has been visiting with her sister, Mrs. E. Ober in Loraine township, was taken seriously ill Thursday with an attack of diabetes and on Saturday afternoon about 5 o'clock passed away to the latter's Home.

Mrs. Bocook was accompanied here by a sister, Mrs. Elsie Brown of Milwaukee, who was present during the sickness and at the time of her sister's death.

E.R. Tafft and his sister, Miss Ella, of Sanborn, Iowa, a nephew and niece of the late Mrs. Bocook, came up from Iowa Sunday and accompanied the remains to Tolono, Ill., where interment will be made. Mrs. Elsie Bowen also accompanied them to that place.


Mrs. A.R. Albertus returned Tuesday from Owatonna, Minn., where she was in attendance at the funeral of Mr. Albertus' father, G.F., who died here last week.

Here in Worthington

John Miller will have a sale of live stock and farm machinery at his farm 7 miles southwest of the city next Wednesday beginning at 10 o'clock. He has a considerable quantity of good stock for sale.

Mrs. Hawley the past week bought out the interest of Mrs. Suddaby in the millinery firm and will conduct the business herself. Mrs. Suddaby will remain in the store until Nov. 1.

Frank Wilson is temporary superintendent of the city power plant vice J.E. McElligott who resigned at the last meeting of the council.

Eddie Saxon, the 14 year old son of John Saxon was buried at Indian Lake Wednesday. He died last Saturday of tumor on the brain. There are three other children.


Miss Mabel Kunzman visited with friends at Org Tuesday.

Mrs. Fred Mitchell is this week enjoying a visit from her mother, Mrs. C.C. McCune of Fulda.

Miss Alta Thompson of Fulda, is visiting this week with her aunt, Mrs. C.M. Olson in this city.

Pete Benson, J. Neuroth, R.H. O'Day and W.B. Tregoning of Adrian, who have been serving on the jury in court the past week, returned home Tuesday as all jury cases were completed by that day and the jurymen dismissed.


Girl Oct. 27 to Mrs. A.J. Kirk of Rockwell City, Iowa.

Old Employe of the County Tenders Resignation

F.A. Stevens, who for the past twenty some years has served Nobles county in the various capacities of clerk of court, deputy clerk of the court and court commissioner, Oct. 18 tendered his resignation as court commissioner, which office he has held for nearly twelve years.

Mrs. Stevens resigned his position because of old age and failing eye sight and will be succeeded by C.M. Cory, who was appointed by Judge Brown.


J.G. Mitchell went to Hospers, Iowa Wednesday on land business.

Local Intelligence

G.B. Hildyard is paying highest market price for poultry.

J.E. McElligott made a business trip to the twin cities Tuesday.

Col. B.S. Uden was a business visitor to Heron Lake on Tuesday.

G.W. Roth was a business passenger to Currie, Minn., Tuesday.

Vic Anderson transacted business in Hawarden, Iowa, on Monday.

Mrs. C. Moen of Heron Lake is this week a guest of Mrs. J.S. Kies.

Chas. Foelschow went to Brewster Tuesday to post bills for his sale.

J.G. Mitchell and J.J. Kies made a business trip to Wilmont Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Pannell visited with relatives at Lake Park Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. DeVaney spent Sunday with relatives at Bigelow Sunday.

C.J. Ivers and wife of Rushmore were in Worthington between trains Monday.

Mrs. Thos. Prideaux came over from Rushmore Wednesday for a visit with relatives.

Mesdames J.D. Humiston and E.J. Wolven visited with friends at Sioux City Tuesday.

Mrs. Frank Glasgow went to St. Paul Monday for a couple of days visit with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Mohr of near Reading visited with friends at Luverne Tuesday.

Mrs. Helen Dunnecliff of Chicago, Ill., is this week visiting with Mrs. A.C. Dickens.

D.C. Hopkins of Minneapolis was this week looking after farm interests in Worthington.

Mrs. C. Anderson came over from Sioux Falls Tuesday for a visit with Miss Laura Leland.

Robert Reed went to Adrian Tuesday on business connected with his office as state inspector of oil.

G.W. Patterson went to Sheldon, Iowa, Monday, where he transacted business for several days.

A.R. Smith of Dundee visited over Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Carl Leistico in this city.

Mrs. A.P. Miller went over to Adrian Wednesday to visit a few days with her daughter, Mrs. J.H. Dibble.

D.C. Hopkins of Minneapolis was in the city a few days this week looking after land interests in the county.

Friday evening Nov. 5 a Rebekah lodge will be organized as an auxiliary to the Odd Fellows in Worthington.

W.C. Davey of Rushmore, a mem- (sic) of the jury in court in Worthington the past week returned home Tuesday.

Mrs. J.N. Gould was a passenger for Bigelow Tuesday, where she visited between trains with Miss Laura Kain.

John Skrable of Elbron, Iowa was in Worthington Tuesday looking after improvements on his farm near this place.

John Reifenberger of Adrian and John Weinandt of Brewster were in Worthington Monday on court business.

Miss Emma Schroeder of Rushmore visited between trains Monday with Mrs. John Mitchell and family in this city.

Wm. Shrader went to Morris, Minn. on Tuesday, where he expects to remain for about a week transacting business.

Dr. Manson and Emil Nelson went to the twin cities Saturday morning to attend to some business matters of the former.

Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Potter of Florence, Neb. are this week the guests of their nephew, Ben Potter and family in this city.

Mrs. J.W. Dodge and trimmer, Miss Esther Anderson of Adrian visited over Sunday with friends and relatives in Worthington.

All members of the Birthday club present at the meeting at the home of Mrs. J.S. Kies Tuesday report a very pleasant time.

Miss Linda Neumann of Wheaton, Minn., arrived in the city Monday for a visit with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Schwartz.

Mrs. I.T. Branigan of Rock Rapids, Iowa, arrived in the city Monday for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. E.K. Smith, a few days.

A marriage license was this week issued by Clerk of court to Chas. Larson of Jackson county and Louise Welden of Minnehaha.

Mrs. E. Poppitz of Heron Lake, who has been visiting with her mother, Mrs. A.H. Clark, over Sunday, returned home Monday.

W.A. Hawley gave an exhibition of the Humiston ponies at the Adrian opera house Saturday night to a large and appreciative audience.


Manning Plotts visited friends at Sioux Falls, Tuesday.

Joseph Taylor and family have arrived safely at Haswell, Col., and are enjoying themselves with the new sights of a new country.

Do you know we are going to load a car of poultry next week. Bring in all you have to sell. Our prices are right. C.A. Pederson, agent.

Mrs. C.A. Wagner returned Wednesday to her home at New Richland, Minn., after a weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. C.P. Dolan.

Mrs. Ross Nelson was called to Windom Tuesday by a telegram announcing the sudden illness of Mr. Nelson's sister, Miss Hannah Nelson.

Mesdames H.A. Ehrisman, Thos. Prideaux, J.E. Shore, and J.C. Thom were visiting friends and relatives in the county metropolis Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Holbrook and Charles and William Loveless were among others from here, who attended the dance at Adrian Friday evening.

Miss Ella Langseth of Round Lake and Miss Susan Dingwall of this city left Monday for Madelia, this state, for several days visit with relatives.

Miss Olga Glasoe, who has been visiting in the city for the past week left Monday for St. Paul, where she will be the guest of friends for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Rathisberger, left Monday for Iona, near which place they will make their future home on a [word missing?] of Mr. Rathisberger's. Mrs. Rathisberger was Miss Lena Apel.

Miss Clara Forrett of Adrian visited with friends in Worthington between trains Tuesday on her way home from Alton, Iowa, where she had been the guest of friends for a week.

Mrs. R.F. Schoonover, who has been visiting for a week in Worthington with her daughter, Mrs. J.A. Anderson left Wednesday for Stewart, Iowa, where she will visit with relatives for a short time before returning to her home at Kewanee, Ill.

Rev. G.G. Schmidt and wife left Wednesday for Faribault to attend a Forward Movement convention of the German Evangelical association which is to be held in that city from Thursday until Sunday. Rev. Schmid is on the program for three lectures and on Sunday morning he will occupy the pulpit of the M.E. church of that city.

Miss Clara Frenz and Mrs. Andrew Besser and little son, arrived in the city uesday for a visit with Mrs. Alfred Albright, sister of Mrs. Besser.

Mrs. W.T. Hayes returned Tuesday from Mankato, where she has been visiting for several days with her father, Joseph Beach.

Saturday evening an invitation dance was given at the home of the Kunze brothers, west of town. All present report a most enjoyable time.

Mrs. Albert Krusmark departed Wednesday for her home at Slayton, after a week's visit with the Fred Myer family, east of town.

Mrs. Eva Swartwood came down from Currie, Minn., Monday afternoon and will spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. John Donovan in this city.

Attorney C.M. Crandall, who has been in the city the past three weeks looking after legal business, departed Wednesday for his home at Boise, Idaho.

Joe Frank, passenger brakeman on the Worthington-Mitchell branch of the Omaha, visited from Tuesday until Wednesday with his parents in Minneapolis.

Mrs. E.K. Smith and two children and sister, Miss Inez Branigan departed Tuesday for St. Paul where they will be the guests of relatives for a few days.

Mrs. O.C. Fuqua, who has been the guest of friends and relatives in Worthington and Round Lake for the past week, left Monday for her home at Matlock, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Neal of Lamberton, Minn. and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bicknese of Green, Iowa, are guests this week at the Frank Bicknese home north of town.

Mesdames D.J. Jones and Eugene Sigrist, who have been the guests of the J.F. Cass family in this city for the past two weeks, departed Monday for their home at Fulda.

Mrs. Alex Bonnin, who resides five miles north of here, visited with Mr. Bonnin's sister, Mrs. Ed Burger, at Mankato for a week, returning home Wednesday.

Mrs. A.O. Wensburg, who has been paying a visit to her father, A.O. Wensburg, returned Tuesday to her home at Luverne, where her husband is employed in the Journal office.

L.W. Abbott accompanied by his wife and daughter, Garnette, left yesterday for Minneapolis to attend the teachers' annual state convention held there the last three days of this week.

W.M. White of Lindville, Ill., who has been visiting in this city for the past two weeks with his brother, L.A. White, returned home Tuesday. He was accompanied as far as Sheldon by the latter.

Editor A.J. Schaeffer of the Adrian Democrat was in the city between trains Monday on his way to Hot Spring, S.D., for treatment for hay fever. He expects to be gone for several weeks.

Miss Emma Vogt of Brewster was in the city, Tuesday to consult a physician in regard to throat trouble, which necessitated the removal of her tonsils. She was accompanied here by her mother, Mrs. Peter Vogt.

Fred Filk, who formerly resided on the Miller farm west of Worthington writes M.E. Lawton from Wheaton, Minn., that he is well pleased with his new location and that land is wWorthington$60 to $75 an acre near there.

John H. Scott who left Worthington for Modesto, Cal., with his family some days ago writes the editor of the Advance-Herald that they had a pleasant trip and arrived at their new home safely, although a little tired. A number of former friends called on them the day after they arrived and made it pleasant for them. At Sacramento they were entertained by Mrs. Scott's sister.

Monday, Mrs. Anton Nelson departed for Rushmore, called there by the serious illness of her daughter, Mrs. T.H. Prideaux.

Mrs. M.E. Gillson went to Okabena, Monday afternoon, for a short visit with relatives.

George Filman, of south of Fulda was posting sale bills for a neighbor, in our bailiwick, Monday.

Additional Local

Outhwaite Kumler went to Trosky, Minn., on Saturday on a business trip.

Miss Freda Olson of Org visited over Sunday with the E.L. Johnson family.

Dr. P.T. Geyerman made a trip to Brewster Saturday on professional business.

Rev. Westlund of Sweden occupied the pulpit of the Swedish mission church Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. F.F. Austin of Bigelow were the guests of Worthington friends over Sunday.

Mrs. L.C. Davis arrived in the city Saturday for an over Sunday visit with Mrs. M.C. Carr.

Dr. W.A. Saxon returned Saturday from Welcome, Minn., where he has been for the past two weeks on professional business.

Mrs. W.A. Saxon returned Saturday from Windom, where she has been visiting the past week with relatives and friends.

Mrs. E.E. Norman went to Sioux City Saturday for a week's visit with her sister, Mrs. H. Sage.

Mrs. A. Kruck returned Saturday to her home at Sioux City after nearly two weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. C.E. Kilburn, in this city.

Roy Mead of Kinbrae, who has been serving on the jury the past week, returned home Saturday for an over Sunday visit with his family, the jury having been dismissed until Monday.

Mrs. J.E. Erickson has been visiting in Pipestone with friends.

G.W. Patterson returned Saturday from Chicago, where he had been on business.

Joe Mackay went to Windom Saturday, where he played with an orchestra for a dance in the evening.

Mrs. G.A. Lincoln went to Missouri Valley, Iowa, Saturday to spend Sunday with her husband at that place.

John Haseman of Beecher, Ill., returned Saturday to his home, having been attending court here the past week.

Mrs. Claude Wood came down from Windom Saturday and spent Sunday with her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood.

Among others who attended the Worthington-Windom football game at the latter place Saturday were Harris and Miss Lillian Darling.

Mr. and Mrs. D.F. Murray and Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Fennell, who reside on farms near this city, have been visiting at Jeffers, this state.

Misses Mabel Fouts and Eva Ryan, both of whom are teachers in the public schools at Sioux City, visited over Sunday with W.R. Rogers and wife in this city.

A.W. Tierney, John S. Tolverson and H.F. Haseman returned to their homes at Fulda Saturday, having been in Worthington the past week on legal business.

Wm. Peterman, of Waconia, Minn., who has been in the city several days the past week looking after his interests in the Worthington creamery, returned home Saturday.

Frank Beckring of Leota, who has been one of the jurists in the district court here, visited with relatives at Sheldon, Iowa, over Sunday during the recess of court.

Geo. B. Johnston and wife and two children returned Monday to their home at Pipestone after a very pleasant over Sunday visit at the M.C. Carr home in this city.

Mesdames Jas. Hughes and Will Roberts, who have been visiting for the past week with their cousin, Mrs. John Frink, returned Saturday to their homes at Luverne.

Wm. Ronan and his two nieces, Misses Blanche and Ella May Ronan, who have been visiting for several days at the home of his parents in Hawarden, Iowa, returned home Monday.

Mrs. R.F. Schonover of Kewanee, Ill., stopped off here for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. John Anderson, while on her way home from Kansas City, where she has been visiting relatives for several weeks.

Mrs. J.H. James and son Jack, went to Sioux Falls, S.D., on Saturday, where they will remain for several weeks with relatives. Mr. James is now traveling in that state, and while in South Dakota will make Sioux Falls his headquarters.

Mrs. J.W. Gray of Sauk Center, Minn., who has been visiting for two weeks with her son, L.H. Gray, in this city, returned home Monday.

Mrs. Chas. Duel and her sister, Miss Clara Hanson, who have been visiting relatives in Mankato for the past week, returned home Monday.

Messrs. Oscar Kunzman and Victor Strom left Monday for Aberdeen, S.D., to file on some land in the great land opening in the western part of that state.

Wm. A. Poole, district manager of the Yeomen lodge, with headquarters at Pipetone, passed through this city Saturday on his way to Beaver Creek, on a business trip in the interests of that organization.

Miss Ethel Bloom, who is teaching near Westbrook, this state, visited over Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Bloom, in this city.

John Webster made a business trip to Sibley and Sheldon, Iowa on Saturday.

Miss Marguerite Becker left Monday evening in company with her brother Adam for Ogdensburg, Wis., at which place Mr. Becker will be united in marriage to Miss Hannah Bosland of that city on Wednesday of next week.

Messrs. W.B. Tregonning, Dick O'Day, Phil Landes, Peter Benson and John Nuroth of Adrian, who have been serving on the jury of the district court, spent Sunday at their homes at Adrian, court having been dismissed until Monday morning.

A party of hunters, consisting of Sam Hamilton and Barney Esser of Adrian and Messrs. Ole Hansen, Chas. and Henry Kline and Ray Adams of Magnolia, passed through this city Saturday en route to Heron Lake, where they expect to spend several days hunting.

Rushmore visitors to our city were very much in evidence last Saturday. Among others were Misses Lois Renshaw, Clara Malmquist, Belle Scott, Mesdames Jno. Dahlberg, Geo. Thompson, H.A. Bassett, Joe Mitchell, Fred Gregg and Editor Martin Mattison of the Rushmore Enterprise.

Albert Nyberg returned Saturday to his home at Rushmore, having been in court in Worthington the past week as witness in the case of John Engbart, of that city, versus the Omaha railroad company in a suit for damages for a carload of stock which were frozen to death at Heron Lake last winter during the blizzard.

J.G. Henderson, one of the jurors at district court here, returned to his home at Brewster Saturday for an over Sunday visit with his family.

Miss Alice Poe, who has been the guest of Mrs. Ralph Smith in this city for the past week, returned Saturday to her home at Triumph, Minn.

Mesdames D. Cosgrove and J.H. Shaw of Bigelow were in the city Monday on a shopping expedition.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained November, 2007.

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