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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 November, 1909

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Friday, November 5, 1909

Adam Becker Brings Bride From Wisconsin

Wednesday, October 27, at 8 o'clock occurred the wedding of Adam Becker of Worthington to Hannah Bosland at Ogdensburg, Wis., the bride's home.

Miss Marguerite, sister of the groom, and Miss Bessie Johnson, a friend, acted as bridesmaids, while the groom was attended by the bride's brother, Edmond Bosland and Oscar Engbretson. Little Helen Bosland and Donna Mortan, aged 3 years, were flower girls.

Mr. and Mrs. Becker left Thursday for Sheboygan, Milwaukee and other points in Wisconsin, but expect to be at home in Worthington after Dec. 1st.

Real Estate Transfers

October 28 to November 4th

E.F. Buchan to Magdalena Mae Clark, se of lts 7 and 8, blk 27, Worthington;
Chas. V. Pendergast to Annie E. Lundgren, lt 4, Paulson's add to Worthington;
Elmore C. Stearns to Eva L. Stearns, se of 4-104-40;
John Hunt to Wm. Morgan. se of 23-101-40;
Geo. E. Cunningham to August Sieve, sw of 7-103-41;
Tenges H. Kruse to Oscar A. Morse, ne of 33 and n of nw of 34-101-41;
Chas. W. Davis and wife to Edith Holihan, lt 12, blk 14, Wilmont;
Edith Holihan to Clara L. Reaney, lt 12, blk 14, Wilmont;
John W. Christians to wilke Christians and others, se of 35-101-42;
John Brink to Marshal J. Hubbard, lt 8, blk 5, Bigelow.

G. Estes and Wife go to N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Estes, an aged and well known couple, who for the past 37 years have resided on a homestead in Elk township, left Monday in company with their daughter, Mrs. C.S. Mabee, for the latter's home in Ithaca, N.Y., with whom they will make their home. Mrs. Mabee has been visiting with her parents and her sister, Mrs. Theo. Hendricks, north of Worthington for nearly a month. Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks and two children expect to leave in about two weeks for Santiago, Cal., where they will make their home. Mr. Hendrick's health has been poor for some time and physicians advise the change of climate as a possible benefit.


Boy to Mr. and Mrs. Ole Carlson, Monday evening, Nov. 1st.

Boy to Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Wells, DeWald, on Monday morning, Nov. 1st.

Boy on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Abbott in this city.

Married at Probate Office

Miss Annie Holtzer of Windom and McClellan C. Patterson of Council Bluffs, Iowa, were married at the probate office in Worthington Tuesday by Judge Cory. They left the same afternoon for Windom, their future home, Mr. Patterson being mail clerk on the Northwestern road between Minneapolis and that city.

Additional Local

Strayed from the Worthington Stock Yards, one red hog, weight 270 lbs. please inform Oliver and Madison.

Miss May Kirk is visiting her brother and family at Rockwell City this week.

Miss W.E. Riden of Iroquis [Iroquois], S.D. spent a day with the Harry Steffens family on his way home from a visit in Iowa.

Alvin Langley returned Monday to his home in Rolette, N.D. He accompanied the corps of his wife to Worthington Thursday afternoon, when services were conducted from the M.E. church and the remains interred in the local cemetery. Mrs. Langley was formerly Miss Eva Darling, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Darling of this city.

Mrs. Mary Martens of Newkirk, Okla., visited in the city between trains Monday with Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Fitch, while on her way to South Dakota points for a visit with relatives.

O.H. Tillman, proprietor of the furniture store at Wilmont, passed through the city Monday in company with his wife, enroute to Siloam Springs, Ark., where Mr. Tillman will receive treatment in an effort to regain lost health. They expect to remain there during the winter.

A.J. Kannal and Ed Murray were passengers for Rushmore Monday, where they will paint the alrge store building of Senator S.B. Bedford.

Mr. and Mrs. F.C. Davis of Adrian were in our city Monday between trains. Mr. Davis made arrangements for the disposal fo 640 bushels of potatoes to local merchants, receiving 50 cents per bushel for the same. The potatoes are a portion of Mr. Davis' crop for this year.

C.B. Ward, proprietor of the Western hotel, made a business trip to Sioux City Monday.

Mrs. A.H. Clark visited with relatives at Fairmont over Sunday.

Chas. Abbott, who is traveling salesman in South Dakota, stopped over Sunday with his family in this city.

G.W. Patterson went to Windom Tuesday on business.

Mrs. D.H. Keller returned Tuesday to her home at Winona, after an enjoyable three weeks' visit with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. C.S. Hilary in Elk.

L. Triplett, proprietor of the Sunnyside store Tuesday moved his household goods to this city from Lake Wilson, having rented the residence of John Ramage on 3rd avenue.

Miss Leatha Shore visited over Sunday with Miss Anna Graves at Bigelow.

Mrs. D.S. Long of Adrian was an over Sunday guest at the home of her son, J.A. Long, who resides near this city. Monday she left for Tracy, this state, for a visit with other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Snow, formerly of here are now residing at Freeport, Ill., having moved from Rockford, that state. While yet residing at Rockford, Mr. Snow had the misfortune to receive severe burns in the explosion of an engine boiler. Mrs. Snow was Miss Nettie Fitch of this city.

Mrs. S.B. Bedford of Rushmore was a visitor in the city Monday.

Gust Rudquist has accepted a position with Dr. Ray Humiston for the winter.

Mrs. Alvin Langley Grew to Womanhood in Worthington

Eva L. Langley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Darling, died at her home in Rolette, N.D., Tuesday afternoon, October 26, 1909, at 1 o'clock, aged 25 years and 15 days.

Eva Darling was born October 10th 1884 and resided in Worthington with her parents until a few years ago. Here she spent her childhood days attending the public schools, from which she graduated as salutorian of the class of 1905. She then taught a very successful term of school in Nobles county.

She was married Aug 14, 1906 to Alvin Langley, who was then conducting a barber shop in Rolette, N.D., at which place they made their home until she was called to final rest a few days ago. To this marriage were born two children, Dale Winfred, aged two years and another infant boy.

Mrs. Langley was a member in good standing of the Modern Brotherhood of America. She was faithful and affectionate, always performing her allotted task cheerfully. She was kind and honorable and delighted always to add in anyway to the happiness of all with whom she came in contact.

The remains were brought to Worthington Thursday afternoon and services conducted from the M.E. church by the Rev. Ralph Carleton. Interment was made in the Lakeside cemetery.

Her loss is mourned by a husband, two children, her mother and father, four brothers, two sisters and other relatives besides numerous friends.


Miss Clara Foelschow Tuesday afternoon accompanied the child of Mr. and Mrs. James Gibson of Sheldon to that place. The child had been under the care of Mrs. Foelschow during the period of Mrs. Gibson's sickness in the Manson hospital in this city, when she was suffering from an attack of appendicitis.

William Eastman, who for three weeks has been the guest of his cousin, Frank Eastman in the city, returned Tuesday to his home at Minneapolis.

Mrs. P. Peterson and son, Frank of Rock Rapids visited several days this week at the home of her father, Wm. Marr in this city.

Paul Schulz of Elk was operated upon Tuesday at the Manson hospital.

Dr. Walker of Hot Springs, S.D. formerly of this city, assisted in an operation at the Manson hospital Tuesday upon Mrs. P.T. Geyerman for appendicitis. Dr. Walker was on his way in company with his wife to Chicago, where he intends to make additional study of medicine.

Miss Anna Vogt of Brewster submitted to an operation at the Manson hospital one day the latter part of last week.

The new walnut chairs for the juvenile tables at the library arrived this week and the new tables for this department are expected in a few weeks.

Constable Reddy Brings in Man From Ellsworth

Constable W.J. Reddy and deputy G.H. Premo of Ellsworth brought a fellow, who gave his name as McCoy to Worthington Wednesday afternoon, he having been arrested at Ellsworth Tuesday night on a charge of intoxication.

He was given an immediate hearing before Justice C.W.W. Dow at which he pled guilty and was fined $30 or forty days in the county jail. He went to jail.

When arrested at Ellsworth the day before, he offered such resistance that it required two men to place him in the lock-up.


Attorney C.F. Gilbert of York, Neb., was here between trains Wednesday and expressed himself as being very favorably impressed with Worthington saying that it was one of the prettiest cities he had seen in his extensive travels of the past year. He said, however, that he thought the citizens here do not fully appreciate the beauty of Lake Okabena.

Dr. Weidow and wife drove Friday in their auto to Aberdeen, S.D., where they will visit for a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson.

J.P. Jensen and Frank Litz of the Luverne Lithozite manufacturing company were in the city this week installing a lithozite floor in the operating room of the Humiston hospital.

L.W. Abbott went to Adrian Wednesday afternoon on business connected with his office as county superintendent of schools.

Loraine Laconics

Annie Christensen, daughter of Jens Christensen, started to school again Monday, after a week's illness with pneumonia.

The Club O I C met at the home of Mrs. H.A. Veeder, Oct. 20. A very pleasant time was spent in a social way. A fine lunch was served. They next meet at the home of Mrs. G.B. Hildyard Nov. 17, Wednesday.

Jens Christensen is tiling these days. Lewis Skow is foreman of the work.

The school house of district 106 has just been treated to two coats of paint out side and one in side, which greatly improves its appearance. Miss Sibley who is teaching is enjoying its fresh appearance.


N.P. Karpen returned to his home at Sibley Wednesday after spending several days with his wife, who has been visiting for the past month at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. Sjoholm, south of town.

Peter Lenz, Jr. of Adrian was a business visitor to the county seat Wednesday.

Cole Guernsey was taken suddenly ill Saturday, being troubled with an ailment, to which he has been subject for years.

The children of room 7 in the school, under Miss Clark contributed $1 to the Johnson Memorial fund which has been sent to the commission in St. Paul.

Hotel Wilmont is rented to Will Thompson of St. Paul. Mr. and Mrs. Chute retire from the hotel business and will soon return to Worthington. Mrs. Chute was here Tuesday.

Rev. A.H. Thurau and wife of Rushmore were in the county seat Wednesday attending to business matters connected with the Presbyterian church of which he is pastor.

Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Pannell went to St. Paul Wednesday forenoon to meet their daughter, Miss Alice, who is returning from Drinkwater, Canada in company with Mrs. Chas. Pannell, who will visit in Worthington for some time. Miss Alice Pannell has been in Canada for nearly two months.

Miss Blanche Carr Wednesday afternoon entertained the sewing club, which comprises about eight or ten of the young ladies of the city who are making a study of this branch of domestic science.

Dr. J.N. Gould and wife went to Fairmont Monday, where they joined his father and together they left for Grand Rapids, north of which place they will spend two weeks outing in hunting.

Mrs. R. Wetheral Tuesday evening entertained the pastor, organist, and members of the choir of the Presbyterian church and their husbands and wives, if they occasioned to have one or the other.

Dr. C.P. Dolan left Monday night for Minneapolis, from which place in company with a number of friends from his home town, Waterville, Minn., he will go to the northern part of the state for a month's hunting expedition.

Miss Opal Marten, who underwent an operation at the Manson hospital the past week for appendicitis, returned Wednesday to her home at Round Lake. She was brought here from Windom, where she had been attending school when she suddenly took sick.

A.M. Renner went to Heron Lake Monday on a business trip.

Charles Won, Worthington's popular laundryman, visited with friends in St. Paul from Saturday until Monday.

Mrs. H.I. Dibble of Adrian visited from Saturday until Tuesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Miller near Org.

Local Intelligence

Miss Margaret Brooks visited Friday with friends at Sibley, Iowa.

Matt Winters of Adrian was in the county seat Monday on business.

Mrs. George Pfarrer spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. J.P. Hein at Brewster.

Miss Harris Fortney of Magnolia visited with friends in Worthington over Sunday.

Mrs. Wm. Knapps and two children went to LeMars, Iowa Monday for a few days visit with relatives.

Eugene Smith went to Adrian Saturday to visit with his brother, Burr until Sunday evening.

Mrs. Nick Casareto visited between trains Saturday with John Casareto and family in this city.

Pete Peters, the Bigelow auctioneer, was in the county seat Tuesday between trains, and visited this office.

Mrs. R.E. Smith visited Saturday and Sunday with her mother, Mrs. H. Bassett at Rushmore.

Mrs. Fred Mitchell and Mrs. C.C. McCune visited with relatives at Brewster Saturday and Sunday.

Milton Ludow [Ludlow] returned Monday from Rushmore, where he has been visiting friends and relatives since Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Durfee of Reading were in the city between trains Saturday on their way to Sheldon for a visit with relatives for a few days.

Miss Grace O'Day, who is employed as teacher in the Fellows school, visited over Sunday with her parents at Adrian.

Mrs. J.S. Frink was a passenger for Luverne, Minn., Saturday where she visited friends and relatives until Monday.

J.J. Kies and Stelle S. Smith made a business trip to Jackson Saturday in the latter's auto, returning the same day.

Roy Volk, who has been working in the vicinity of Worthington for the past month as a farm hand, returned Monday to his home at Mankato.

Oscar Blood, who has been working at Sioux City for the past few weeks, spent Sunday with his wife in this city.

William Kelly of Grundy Center, Ia., who has been threshing, in this vicinity for several months returned to his home Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. G.R. Lawrence returned Tuesday from Minneapolis, where they have been for nearly a week.

Chris Hansen went to Adrian Tuesday afternoon to visit friends until the following day.

Mrs. F.E. Little, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. M.E. Lawton in this city, returned Tuesday to her home in Champagne, Ill.

Mrs. P.A. Heinel, who has been visiting the past week with her mother, Mrs. G. Anderson in this city, left Friday for her home at Watertown, S.D.

Robert Carlston, formen [foreman?] of the crew of men employed in building the new school house, spent Sunday with his family in Mankato.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Reeves returned Saturday to their home at Hastings, Minn. They had been here in attendance at the funeral of Mrs. Alvin Langley, the late wife of Alvin Langley, a brother of Mrs. Howard Reeves.

Mrs. Petrina Johnson returned Saturday to her home at Lakefield, Minn., accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. A.J. Fauskee, who she has been visiting for some time.

Mrs. J.S. Moothart of Cando, N.D. was called to this city Saturday by a telegram announcing the serious illness of her husband's father, Edwin Moothart, who has for some time been making his home with his daughter, Mrs. A.H. Weils near here.

H. Keller of Sioux City passed through this city enroute to Wilmont, where he has farm interests. Mr. Keller formerly lived at that place.

Mrs. R.G. Stephens passed through the city Monday on her way to her home at Luverne, having been to Deadwood, S.D. to attend the funeral of her father, Wm. Minard, who died at that place Oct. 7th. He was troubled with heart disease and died a very easy and quiet death, while sitting in a rocking [chair?] during the absence of the rest of the family.

S.M. Stewart, who has disposed of his interest in the Citizens bank, left Sunday for Chicago, where he has other business interests to look after. Frank Glasgow has been appointed by the directors of the bank to fill the vacancy caused by Mr. Stewart's departure.

Mrs. B.B. Morris left Monday for Bowen, N.D. to attend the marriage of her son, Claude Mackey, to Miss Anna Jorgeson of that city. The marriage took place Wednesday at the home of the bride's parents in Bowen. The Jorgeson family at one time resided on a farm near Org.

John A. Boberg shipped his household goods this week to Mordesto [Modesto?], Cal., with the intention of leaving with his family about the middle of November for that place to live. Mr. Boberg was residing at San Jose, Cal., at the time of the San Francisco earthquake and a short time afterwards moved with his family to Mordesto, Cal., where he resided until moving back to Worthington a couple years ago.

B.H. Bunkers of Remsen, Iowa, spent the past two weeks in Worthington and vicinity looking after farm interests, returning home Saturday.

Mrs. A.J. Williams, accompanied by Mrs. A.M. Hagermen who has been paying her a visit of several days, went to Brewster Saturday for over Sunday visit with her brother, A.M. Hagermen.

Loren Clark, who for several months has been conducting a general store at Aurora, Iowa, disposed of his store about two weeks ago and since has been making his home in Worthington.

Mrs. J.S. Paine and mother, Mrs. Andrew Everett, who have been visiting in this city with the former's father-in-law, J.M. Paine for a few days, returned Saturday to their home at Lyons, Neb.

Clerk Humiston of the district court left for Brownsville, Texas, the first of the week for three weeks. He will look after some land he recently purchased there which he expects to put out in sugar cane.

W. Moothart of Firth, Neb., and Mrs. N.J. Koser of Sibley arrived in the city Saturday to visit with their father, E. Moothart, who resides a few miles west of town, with his daughter, Mrs. A.M. Wells. Mr. Moothart is seriously ill being troubled with heart trouble and dropsy. Mrs. Koser returned home Monday and her brother expects to return home the middle of the week.

Miss Jennie Beckley, librarian at the public schools, visited from Friday until Monday with her brother, Eugene at Blue Earth.

Sterling Lawton visited his brother, Edward in Minneapolis Sunday and from there he went to Wayzata, Minn., where he has secured a position as stenographer.

Mrs. C.C. McKune of Faribault, who has been visiting with her daughter, Mrs. Fred Mitchell in this city for some days, accompanied the latter to Rushmore Tuesday, where they will be the guests of relatives for a short time.

Miss Elva Chrysler, who has been teaching music in Worthington and the neighboring towns for the past year and a half, expects to give up teaching here and will leave the latter part of next week for Chicago, where she will prepare herself for concert work. She will receive private instruction and expects to equip herself for the new work in about two years. Miss Chrysler was a favorite among her pupils as well as in social circles and her departure from the city is regretted.

Mrs. I.B. Redding, who was called to this city about three weeks ago to attend the funeral of her brother, J.J. Bingham, returned Tuesday to her home in Chicago.

Mrs. C.E. Kilburn and daughter, Beatrice, went to Sioux City Tuesday to visit the former's sister, Mrs. E. Kruck until the following day.

Miss J.E. Gilfoy, was the guest of friends at Madelia from Sunday until Tuesday afternoon.

O.S. Myhre, photographer of Luverne, Wm. Kartrud, implement dealer at that place and Ole Halvorson, a farmer north of there, have been camping and hunting the past week at O.H. Fauksee's place near Ocheyda lake. They returned home Tuesday, as the birds are not flying because of the warm weather, but they expect to return in a few days to continue their sport.

Card Of Thanks

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Saxon wish to thank their many friends for their sympathy during the illness and services over their late son, Eddie, Oct. 23.

Friday, November 12, 1909

Real Estate Transfers

Nov. 4 to 10 1909

Mathias Huss to Peter J. Lenz, 100 acres of se 14-103-40;
Peter J. Lenz to John Reifenberger, s of nw 30-102-42;
Elmer H. Bassett to H.C. Constable, lt 1, blk 13, Rushmore;
H.C. Constable to August H Thurau, lt 1, blk 13, Rushmore;
W.C. McCulloch to Eva Krizer Fray, lt 6, blk 34, Worthington;
Frank E. Eggleston to Josephine Hulser, 2 acres in se 23-103-41;
Otis Bigelow to Edwin Ray Humiston, lts 8 and 9, blk 18, Worthington;
Elizabeth Anton to Ebba Grelson, lt 3, blk 28, Worthington.

Former Pastor of M.E. Church Died at Gentry, Ark.

Rev. J.M. Bull, formerly pastor of the M.E. church in this city, died at his home in Gentry, Ark., one day last week and on Wednesday was buried at that place. This information was given by Dr. W.J. Taylor of Pipestone, who had charge of the funeral and who stopped off Monday in Worthington to renew old acquaintances, while on his way home from Gentry.

L. Clark Locates at Mankato

Loren Clark left Monday for Mankato, where he will enter the real estate business.

Mr. Clark for a number of years conducted a shoe store in this city, until his stock was burned with the A.O.U.W. building last year. He then engaged in the general store business in Aurora, Iowa, which business he continued in until a few weeks ago, when he disposed of his stock and returned to Worthington. Mr. Clark is a very able business man and is well respected in this community by his numerous friends, who wish him success in his new undertaking.


Boy to Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Myrum Sunday morning.

Boy, Nov. 5th born to Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Dow.

Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Karpen, Nov. 8th.

The child of Mr. and Mrs. August Lemke born Nov. 5th, died Sunday afternoon at the age of three days.


Mrs. G. Karl is this week visiting her niece, Mrs. R.E. Smith in this city.

Mrs. Renn of Wilmont has been visiting the Henry Stephens family for several days.

Miss Belle Dow went to Rushmore Tuesday for a visit of a week with her sister, Mrs. C.E. Boddy, and from there she will go to Magnolia to visit another sister, Mrs. A. Walker for a few days.

Nick Klaras moved his household goods to this city Monday and hereafter will make this his home, having bought the Boberg residence. He and his wife and children went to Adrian the same afternoon for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Hendricks.

Sunday afternoon occurred the marriage of Miss Eleanor M. Tabler to C.W. Harman of Minneapolis, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cloud three miles east of town. Dr. L.L. Sowles of the Congregational church officiated and the ceremony was performed in the midst of immediate relatives and a few chosen friends. They left Monday for Minneapolis, at which place they will make their home.


Mrs. George Eggleston went to Yankton, S.D. Wednesday, where she will visit relatives for a week.

A large new furnace boiler is this week being installed in the Carnegie library.

John A. Roth of George, Iowa visited Wednesday with his brother, G.W. Roth in this city.

James Boddy, who has been working in Canada for the past few weeks, returned home Saturday.

 John Johnson of Indian Lake returned Monday from Sioux Falls, where he had been in attendance Friday at the cattle sale of his cousin, August Anderson, who resides near that place.

Dr. Henry Weidow and wife returned Wednesday from Aberdeen, S.D., where they went in his auto the first of last week for a visit with relatives.

The Ladies Aid society of the Methodist church will serve a chicken pie supper in the church parlors Friday, November 19. come and get a good hot supper for 25 cents.

Benson Bros. will sell wall paper beginning Nov. 12th. Call early in order to secure best pattern.

Robert Foelschow of Raymond, Minn., and Edward Foelschow of Gordon, Wis., arrived in the city Saturday in order to be present at their father's sale held on Monday. They returned Wednesday.

The roof on the armory building is completed and most of the windows have been placed into the building. Grading about the building is done and work on finishing the interior of the structure is now progressing.

Miss Elva Chrysler, the popular music teacher, left Tuesday afternoon for Sibley, where she will visit with friends until Monday, when she will leave for Chicago, Ill., to take up her study of concert work.

Mrs. A.M. Schroeder of Jackson visited Monday and Tuesday of this week with her aunt, Mrs. J.E. Peterson. From here she went to Rock Rapids to visit relatives for a few days before returning home.

Mrs. O.H. Harris and Mrs. L.D. Veltum, who have been visiting for a week at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Goodrich, left Wednesday afternoon for their homes at St. Paul.

Mrs. John Kraft and sister, Mrs. J.E. Stonesifer, left Monday afternoon for Paullina, Iowa, where they will visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Culp, for a week and to be in attendance at the marriage of their youngest sister on Wednesday of this week.

Misses Nina Rosenberg and Helen Wood of Rushmore were in the city Tuesday, the latter taking her last regular musical lesson from Miss Chrysler that afternoon. Miss Chrysler having left the city for Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Rathisberger of Iona this week moved their household goods to Worthington with the intention of locating here permanently, they having rented the Wilkinson residence in Clary addition.

Mrs. James Cowin of Minneapolis passed through the city Tuesday enroute to Adrian, where she will look after farm interests. Mrs. Cowin formerly resided at Adrian and spent one summer in Worthington residing in the Moberly property near the lake shore.

Mrs. J.N. Duba of Brewster was in the city between trains Monday on her way home from Lake Park, where she had been visiting her husband, who is employed as tinner in the hardware store at that place.  They expect to move to Lake Park in a few days.


Mrs. M. Sweeney of Chicago, Ill., visited between trains Wednesday with her niece, Mrs. W. Gilchrist, while on her way home from a visit in South Dakota points.

Mrs. M.C. Lloyd, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Anthony for nearly a month, left Wednesday for her home at Lake Mills, Iowa.

J.W. Wolven left Wednesday afternoon for Denver, Col., where he will spend a week looking after business interests.

Vic Anderson returned Wednesday from the Black Hills in South Dakota, where he has been for the past week looking over the country.

Wm. Burchard, manager of the local creamery, and I.F. Kelley attended a convention of buttermakers of the state at Mankato Wednesday.

Nels Olson and daughter, Miss Ellen, went to Fairmont Tuesday, where they will spend several days with friends and acquaintances.

Mrs. B.H. Ohde of St. Paul stopped off here Wednesday for a visit [with] the S.F. Pepple family, while on her way home from Kansas on a visit with relatives.

Mrs. A.R. Smith of Dundee, who has been visiting since Saturday with her mother, Mrs. Carl Leistico, in this city, who is seriously ill, returned home Monday.

M.P. Karpen of Sibley was in the city Monday and Tuesday getting acquainted with a new boy, which arrived in the family, born Sunday morning at the home of parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. Sjoholm, with whom she has been staying for several months. Mr. Karpen is caring for a farm of his father's near Sibley, during the absence of the latter on a visit.


B.J. Sullivan of Rushmore transacted business in the city.

Miss Emma Nelson of Rushmore spent Tuesday with friends in this city.

Mr. and Mrs. WM. DeVaney spent Sunday with relatives at Bigelow.

Col. B.S. Uden was a business visitor to Heron Lake Monday.

A.B. Cook of Champagne, Ill., who has been visiting with his daughter, Mrs. C.E. Sims, for over a month.

Mrs. Fred Mitchell was the guest of friends at Rushmore Sunday.

Miss Bertha Thompson spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents at Windom.

Mrs. P. Grelson of Minneapolis arrived Saturday for a visit with her father-in-law, N. Grelson, and family.

Dr. A.R. Schmid has purchased the dentistry business of Dr. Dodge and can be found in Dr. Dodge's former office over Latta's store.

Miss Carrie Hanson visited with friends and relatives at Adrian Sunday.

Roy Newman made a business trip to St. James Saturday.

Joe Bisch visited between trains Saturday with his sister, Mrs. John Kraft, at Brewster.

Senator S.B. Bedford and Burr Ludlow last week received their new touring car.

James DeVaney went to Dell Rapids, S.D. Saturday for an over Sunday visit with friends and relatives.

Mrs. Frank Anderson of Sioux City was the guest over Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. James Tolles.

Miss Bridget McCall, one of the Seniors in the high school here, spent Sunday with her parents at Brewster.

Mrs. J.W. Thuemmler of Minneapolis is visiting this week with her daughter, Mrs. J.S. Kies, in this city.

Misses Lillian Wemple and Lois Renshaw of Rushmore were in Worthington between trains Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Marr returned Tuesday from Ash Creek, where they had been visiting their daughter, Mrs. P. Peterson over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Hawkins and children went to Paullina, Iowa Tuesday to attend the marriage of Mrs. Hawkin's sister Miss Hazel Culp on Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. C.C. McKune, who has been visiting for a week with her daughter, Mrs. Fred Mitchell, returned Saturday to her home at Faribault.

Mrs. August Johnson of Dundee, who has been visiting at the Newton Fauskee home since last Thursday returned home Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Prummer and daughter, Freda, of Lake Wilson visited between trains Saturday with the A.J. Osborne family, while on their to Beaver Creek to attend the golden wedding of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Prummer.

Mrs. M. Fickle of El Reno, Okla., and Mrs. Uptagrafft of Esbon, Kan. arrived in the city Friday for a visit with their sister, Mrs. A. Osborne. Saturday Mrs. Osborne's cousin, Mrs. E.H. Reynolds and two daughters, Miss Ruby and Ruth, came down from Lake Wilson for a few days visit.

Mrs. O. Lucter of Avoca, Minn. visited the Ole Carlson family Friday and Saturday.

J.E. Long went to Tracy, Minn. Monday for a couple days visit with his brother, Frank.

Typewriter repairing and cleaning. Prompt and efficient service. Phone J.E. McElligott.

Mrs. J.J. Vollman and Miss Anna Walker of Round Lake were visitors here Saturday between trains.

Miss Lena Reynolds of Bigelow was in the city Saturday having some dental work done. She was accompanied by her sister, Miss Bessie.

Mesdames Walter Dunbar and J.A. Suddaby entertained their husbands and Messrs. Oscar Kunzman, Victor Strom and Will Boddy at a 6 o'clock duck dinner Friday evening.

J.E. Long accompanied his mother, Mrs. D.S. Long, who has bee his guest for the past week, to her home at Adrian Saturday for an over Sunday visit.

Mort and Orie Pennin, who for the past six months have been employed in this vicinity as farm hands, left Tuesday afternoon for their home at Adna, Wash., where they will spend the winter.

Peter Lenz, the Adrian hardware dealer, came over in his auto and took home with him three new buggies, which he attached to the rear of his auto. The procession presented quite a novel appearance.

Mrs. F.H. Lyon, who has leased her farm, left Saturday in company with her three youngest children for Pierre, S.D., where they will visit for a short time with relatives and from thence they will go to Spearfish, S.D., near Hot Springs to spend the winter.

A couple of errors appeared in last week's issue, which we wish to rectify. The first was in the local stating that Miss W.E. Riden of Iroquis [Iroquois], S.D. spent a day with the Harry Steffens family on her way home from a visit in Iowa. She visited with the Henry Stephens family. The other mistake was in announcement of the removal of Mr. and Mrs. Snow from Freeport, Ill. to Rockford, that state. This should have read Mr. and Mrs. North. Mrs. North was Miss Nettie Fitch of this city.

Lewis Scow, who has been tiling for James Christianson near the city for the past two weeks, returned Monday to his home at Jackson.

F.D. Mitchell, cashier of the Brewster State Bank, visited over Sunday with his brother, K.V. Mitchell, cashier of the Citizens bank.

W.J. Kannal, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Kannal, has been confined to his bed for the past two months troubled with nervous prostration.

Dr. Ray Humiston went to the twin cities the first of the week to purchase supplies for his new hospital and expects to be absent several days.

Miss Agnes Westby, who is attending high school in Worthington, accompanied her mother to their home at Bigelow Saturday. Mrs. Westby has been visiting for the past week with friends in this city.

Among the winners in the land drawing at Aberdeen, S.D. were a number of Nobles county parties comprising two from Worthington. The two from this city were J.C. Dwyer and Andrew F. Collins, who held the lucky number 8076 and 7023, respectively. Others were Al Dougherty of Rushmore, number 6515, Robt. Fagan, Ellsworth, 6534, Robt. J. Jones, Reading, 6943 and D.C. Nickles, Reading, 8051.

Mrs. Wm. Burchard and daughters, Misses Minnie and Dorothy, visited friends at Brewster between trains Saturday.

Mrs. Marvin Nicholas and daughter, Mrs. Mary Lillenworth of Monona, Iowa, came Saturday for a visit with the former's brother, J.A. Smith and family.

Friday (this) evening the members of the congregation of the Union Congregational church will give their pastor, Dr. L.L. Sowles and family a reception at the church parlors.

Albin Vihlen of Round Lake in company with Oscar Roos of Worthington left Monday morning for Austin, Minn. where they will enter college. The former will take a course in commercial science and the latter will study mechanical engineering.

Local Intelligence

Mr. and Mrs. T. Suchomel of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, are this week visiting with relatives in the city.

Miss Leonora Klessig of Bigelow spent Tuesday with friends in this city.

Mrs. A.M. Renner went to Adrian Monday for a few days visit with her mother, Mrs. J. Roll.

Mrs. G.A. Cahoon went to Mankato Monday for a few days visit with friends.

Mrs. A.C. Dickens visited over Sunday with friends at St. James, returning home Tuesday afternoon.

Several bricklayers employed on the new school building returned Tuesday to their homes at Mankato, the brick work on the building having been delayed because of a delay in the arrival of the steel cornices for the structure. The brick work is now nearly completed and in about another week it is expected that the workmen will begin to put the roof on.

Miss May Kirk returned home Friday night from a visit with her brother and family at Rockwell City, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Lemke of Chicago, Ill. arrived in the city Saturday for a visit with the Rudolph Lehmann family.

Miss Gertrude Reynolds of Ocheyedan, Iowa arrived Monday for a visit with her uncles, A.J. Osborne and Wm. Cloud.

Misses Nancy and Ida Clark went to Mankato Tuesday for a few days visit with their brother, Loren. From there Miss Nancy will go to Slayton for a visit with her sister, Miss Maple, who is employed as stenographer for the Western Implement Company.

John H. Scott writes the Advance Herald a letter, announcing that they arrived at their destination, Modesto, Cal., on Nov. 18. They left Omaha on the 15th and were on the road three days and three nights, stopping off at a number of places on the way. Among the stop-overs was one at Kimbal, Neb., where they met Mr. Clower, who was at one time editor of the Bigelow Signal as well as postmaster at that place. He is this year a candidate for the office of county superintendent in that county. He also states that Mr. Clower had taken up a homestead of 640 acres of land near Kimbal.

Miss Milderd Everetts of Anthon, Iowa, is spending a week's vacation with her aunt, Mrs. L.D. Barnes, in this city.

Mrs. B. Brink arrived Tuesday and will visit for a few days with her daughter, Mrs. C.W. White, and family.

Herman and Henry Burchard went to Brewster Monday, where they will attend German school during the winter.

Miss Addie Rowe of Rushmore visited over Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Orvie Anderson, six miles north of this city.

R. Prideaux accompanied his two grand children, Richard and Edith Prideaux, who have been visiting here since Tuesday, to their home at Rushmore Monday.

Mrs. M.L. Holbrook went to Marshalltown, Iowa, yesterday to be present at the funeral of her brother, Peter Olson of Chicago, who was suddenly killed in the Northwestern yards there, where he was employed as switchman. The burial occurs Sunday.

Rev. M.J. Aschim went to Windom Saturday, taking with him a box of books, the former Junior library of the Congregational church, the use of which books having been donated to the Sunday Schools of the district. He intends to place the books in the Dale Union Sunday School, seven miles north of that city, which was organized a year ago by Rev. Aschim and which now has an enrollment of 73 scholars.

Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Kelley and family, who have been conducting the Burlington restaurant since last June, left Monday morning for Alfa, this state, where they will engage in the drug business. They came here from Kenneth. Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Farmer, who were married here Friday at the Swedish parsonage by Rev. C.M. Johnson accompanied them to that place, where they will make their home for a time. The bride was formerly Miss viola Cook of Mason City and the groom's home was at Spirit Lake, Iowa.

Messrs. Oscar and Herbert Noren, who have been working at Hanley Canada, for the past seven months, returned Monday to Worthington, where they will spend the winter.

W.H. Snook, formerly of this city, but more recently of Luverne, was in the city Tuesday between trains enroute to LeMars, Iowa, for a visit with friends and to transact business.

Miss Tillie Johnson wenr to Miloma Monday morning to meet her cousin, Mrs. A.J. Fauskee, who returned home from Lakefield, where she has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson for the past week.

Dr. S.B.S. Wilson of Olathe, Kansas, brother of G.W. Wilson, the local attorney, thinks that he could make his fortune with Lake Okabena at his home not far from Kansas City. "It seems to me that the people here don't begin to appreciate the lake," he said. He is visiting his brother for a few day(s).

Between three and four hundred people attended the Charles Foelschow sale Monday of this week and the prices received for goods were exceedingly fair ones. The Foelschow family will, however, continue to reside upon the farm until about march 1st, the date when possession is to be given to Robert Spear of Eldora, Iowa, who some weeks ago purchased the place. Mr. Foelschow is contemplating moving to Minneapolis in the spring.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Linch left Tuesday afternoon for Sioux City, where they will visit with relatives and friends for a short time, after which they will leave for South Dakota points. Mr. Linch was a foreman at this office until last Saturday.

E.N. Moore, who has been visiting since Friday with his niece, Mrs. A.J. Osborne in this city returned home Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. E.H. Reynolds and two daughters, who were also visiting with Mrs. A.J. Osborne, cousin of Mrs. Reynolds, accompanied Mr. Moore to their home at Lake Wilson.

D.W. Anthony, proprietor of the barber shop with the big sign, is agent Estherville Steam Laundry.

Friday, November 19, 1909

Plenty of Money for Home Mission Work Here

Rev. M.J. Ashim, the Sunday school missionary, says that he has met with ready response in soliciting subscriptions for the work in this part of the state. He has been canvassing the counties in this vicinity for several months and has found the people very generous.

With the Churches

Rev. Paul J. Gramness of Rice Lake, Wis., who is visiting Rev. M.J. Aschim, the S.S. Missionary will preach Sunday at 10:30 A.M. at Calvin school house and at 3 P.M. at Rust school house.

The Young People of the Swedish Mission church will have a social at the Tabernacle the evening of Thanksgiving day.

Methodist -- ev. Ralph Carleton, pastor preaches in the morning on "Why Give Thanks," evening "Dead Sea Fruit." Special music at both services.


Mr. and Mrs. H.I. Jasper, who were married at LeMars, Iowa Tuesday of last week arrived in the city Saturday to visit the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Free. The bride was formerly Miss Coila Free conducted a photograph gallery in Worthington for the past several months, and her husband is likewise an efficient photographer and has a good business at LeMars, Iowa.


Walter Moeler, mail clerk on the Milwaukee road between Sioux city and Aberdeen, S.D. spent Sunday with his parents Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Moeller in this city.

Mrs. Charles Wenzel of Lester, Iowa, who has been spending a week at the home of her brother, J.A. Lemke returned home Saturday.

Miss Stella Anderson, who is teaching in a school near Reading has been spending a two weeks vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Beckley in this city.

Mrs. H.G. Beckley and son Gerald returned Saturday to their home in Minneapolis after a five weeks visit with her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Beckley.

Miss Sarah Thomas visited between trains Saturday with Miss Jennie Beckley in this city, while on her way home from a visit with relatives at Windom.

Rev. C.M. Johnson of the Swedish Mission church will preach in the Robinson school house, nine miles south of town on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 21st at 3 o'clock.

Walter Goerndt, who was buttermaker at Ward, S.D. until about a week ago, when the creamery burned, arrived in the city Friday for a visit with his brother, Ed, who is employed in a similar position at the local creamery. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Goerndt have likewise been enjoying a visit from Mrs. Goerndt's grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Kraft of VanHorne, Iowa, who have been here since Friday. They left Monday for Harris, Iowa, where they will visit a son, before returning home.

Mesdames W.M. Evans, M.C. Carr, J.A. Suddaby and Miss Anna Ellingson spent Monday at Sioux City, returning the following day.

Mrs. D.S. Long, who has been visiting for a few days in Minneapolis, returned Saturday to her home at Adrian.

V.E. Fritz of Ocheydan was the guest of his sister, Mrs. John Seline,  from Saturday until Monday of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Vollmer came down from Fulda Monday for several days visit with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Sowles.

Attorney John Flynn, who about two weeks ago returned from a three months stay in the west, went to Omaha last Thursday on business, returning home Monday of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Marten and two children of Ellsworth visited over Sunday with relatives in Worthington.

Mrs. J. Peters and son, Lional, of St. Paul, visited here over Sunday with her son, W.J. Peters, and wife, returning to their home Monday.

The Baraccas, a boys class of the M.E. Church and the Philathea auxiliary, composed of girls, gave a very enjoyable entertainment at the M.E. parlors Friday evening to about eighty young people of the city.

Conductor E.M. Crosby and brakeman A. Haffey on the Rock Island between here and Lake Park, have been spending a week's vacation at Round Lake duck hunting. They came home Friday laden with a large number of good sized birds.

Notice the splendid display of Clifton Indian Pottery in F.C. Brace's window. There pieces of pottery are reproductions of the best examples of pre-historic Indian pottery, the only complete and original collection of which in the world, is to be found at the Smithsonian Institute at Washington, D.C. Prices on the various pieces range from 35 cents to $4.00.

Mrs. J.T. Davis of Minneapolis, who has been visiting with relatives in the city for the past two months, expects to return home this week. Her husband has been employed in South Dakota for some time by the Huwit Security company, for whom he is installing steel road bridges. He spent Sunday with his wife in this city.

Rev. Anton Dahlgren, missionary of India and Rev. J.A. Johnson a clergyman from Sweden lectured at the Swedish mission church Friday evening. The former left for Windom Saturday, where he preached Sunday and Rev. Johnson went to Sioux City the same day, where he will conduct religious meetings.

Father of Mrs. A.M. Wells Dies Monday Morning

Edward Moothart, aged 77 years, who has been making his home with his daughter, Mrs. A.M. Wells, east of here on a farm, died of heart failure at 1 o'clock Monday morning, after an illness of several months.

He is survived by a wife and eight children, three girls and five sons.

A son, Levi, arrived here Monday for a visit with his parents, not knowing of his father's death until after his arrival. W.H. Brown, a nephew, who has been at the bedside of his uncle since Saturday, left Monday morning for his home at Primghar, having taken suddenly ill himself. He is register of deeds of O'Brien county, Iowa.

The funeral was conducted Tuesday afternoon from the Dunkard church in Elk township of which he was a member and interment was make [made] in the Elk cemetery.

Horse Breaks Wrist

H. Nystrom, an aged man of Bigelow last week Thursday had the misfortune to have his wrist broken as the result of being kicked by a horse. Mr. Nystrom was at a social in Indian Lake and entered the barn at the place, behind a strange horse, which kicked him. He is this week staying with his son, O.H. Nystrom in this city and the wound is fast healing.

Local Intelligence

I.F. Kelley made a business trip to the twin cities Monday evening.

Auctioneer George Bonde of Reading went to Sioux City Tuesday on business.

John Anderson of Sioux City visited with Joe Perkins here Monday.

Chas. Chermack went to Minneapolis, where he has a brother, whom he will visit for a short time.

B.F. Reyman of Beloit, Wis., arrived in the city Tuesday for a few weeks' visit with relatives.

Daryl Philips, one of the members of the second foot-ball team, who played at Sibley last Friday, visited until the following day with friends at that place.

Miss Elsie Yost, who for some time past has been staying with Mrs. John Milton, left Friday for her home at St. Paul.

Editor Mattison of the Rushmore Enterprise and wife were the guests of Worthington friends Saturday and Sunday.

Herbert Noren who last week returned from Canada, has accepted a position in Hart's store as clerk.

A strong capable girl is wanted by Mrs. F.R. Coughran.

Frank Devlin, blacksmith for Joe Loveless went to Windom Monday for several days' visit with his family at that place.

Miss Cecelia Dahlquist, who for two weeks has been the guest of the Tripplet family, left Tuesday for her home at Woodstock.

Mrs. W.J. Peary and son, Sydney, arrived in the city Saturday afternoon for a visit with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Prideaux.

Mesdame's John Kraft and J.E. Stonesifer returned Saturday from Paullina, Iowa, where they attended the marriage of their younger sister.

Mrs. Burr Ludlow and two children of Rushmore spent several days at the home of her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Ludlow, returning home Saturday.

Mrs. A. Sullwold visited from Tuesday until Thursday of this week with her mother, Mrs. C.F. Malcome at Sioux Falls, S.D.

Miss Daisy Pokett, who is employed at the Worthington hotel, went to Luverne Tuesday to visit a few days with her mother, Mrs. Simon Pokett.

Mrs. Julia B. Hensel and daughter and sister, Miss Hensel, of Minneapolis, who arrived Friday for a visit with the former, accompanied by Miss Carrie Bachtle went to Brewster Saturday, where they spent Sunday with friends.

Attorney J.A. Cashel accompanied his mother, Mrs. Mary Cashel Tuesday afternoon to her home at Winona, Minn., where he transacted business. Mrs. Cashel arrived that morning from Ellsworth, where she had been visiting another son for a few weeks.

Leonard Herman, aged 14 years, and Emery White, aged 13 years, the latter who was stopping with relatives near Hadley, Minn., and the former, residing with his parents near that place, left home about two weeks ago according to one of the exchanges and nothing had been heard of them since. Emery White has been for a number of days in the city, staying with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Spurgeon White, and it is supposed that his companion is likewise in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. F.B. Duster and the latter, a sister, Miss Winnie O'Connor left Tuesday for Fulda, from which place Mr. Duster will move his house goods to Remson, Iowa, where he and his father have purchased a restaurant, which they will conduct.

Emil Leistico of Stewart submitted to an operation for appendicitis as the Manson hospital on Tuesday of this week. Mr. Leistico was married the latter part of last week to a Minneapolis girl at her home in that city.

Mrs. Carl Bishop entertained a number of her lady friends at tea Wednesday afternoon.

Prof. Henry Anderson of Brewster left for Chicago last week. He will soon be back to fill his old position.

H. Gerdes of Brewster was operated upon at the Manson hospital one day the latter part of last week.

Wilbur Graham, who has been tiling in this vicinity for a number of weeks, left Tuesday for his home at Sherburn, this state.

Mrs. Pattis, of Reading, who has been visiting relatives in the city for a number of days returned home Saturday afternoon.

G.H. Beard, auditor of the Fairmont Creamery company, was in Worthington Monday and Tuesday of this week inspecting the local station.

J.H. Behnken, the land agent for Texas land, left Tuesday afternoon in company with a large number of Iowa land seekers for the Panhandle section of the Lone Star state.

G.A. Dieckman of Fulda passed through the city Tuesday enroute to Wilmont, where he goes to transact business.

Claude Johnson, who during the summer months has been carpentering for Herman Peterson, left Monday evening for his home in the northern part of the state.

Dr. A.J. Simpson, who has been stopping at Brace's for a couple of days the past week, left Monday for Slayton.

Mrs. Chas. Hill of Sioux City visited Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. G.R. Lawrence in this city, while on her way home from Minneapolis, where she has been for a week with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Mitchell went to Rushmore Tuesday to visit relatives until the following day. They expect to leave in about two weeks for Vale, Oregon, where it is his intention to engage in the fruit farming.

Mrs. Fred Olson and children arrived from Iona Thursday. They will reside in this city.

Dr. O.C. Selby, assistant state veterinarian of South Dakota, located at Redfield, S.D., is this week visiting with his parents in Worthington.

Miss Stella Anderson will hold a basket social in her school, district No. 15, three miles north of Reading, on Wednesday evening, Nov. 24th.

Mike Hogan, yard master for the Omaha, was arrested Saturday on complaint of I.H. Thomas for violating the state law in leaving a train of cars on a railroad crossing in the city so as to blockade the same, for more than ten minutes. He was released on personal bonds of $50, until Tuesday afternoon, when he was given a hearing. As the complainant failed to offer sufficient evidence to convict the defendant, on application of the county attorney, Mr. Hogan was released.

Dr. Ray Humiston returned home Tuesday from Minneapolis, where he has been on business and from the northern part of the state where he enjoyed a few days outing. He and William Madison went from Minneapolis to Grand Rapids, Minn., where they were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. J.N. Gould. While there they tasted of venison from a deer which Mrs. Gould shot previous to their arrival. Among other game Dr. Humiston and Mr. Madison secured what is known as a Canadian dig-dig, an Indian term applied to an animal resembling a porcupine. They expect to have the animal stuffed.

Members of the Grand Army of the Republic are the recipient from the government of a very tasty and ornamental paper weight, which is something of a model of the new penny in enlarged form. The medal is struck from brass and is about three inches in diameter. On one side are the dates 1809 and 1909 on either side of a relief of the head of Abraham Lincoln, in commemoration of whose 100th anniversary the medal was struck. On the other side is a relief of holly within which the significance of the medal is stated in words.

Mrs. Ed Eggleston, who was threatened with the first stages of lock jaw, was operated upon Friday evening and is now rapidly recovering from her illness, of nearly three weeks. About three weeks ago Mrs. Eggleston complained of pains in her limb, and a physician was summoned, whereupon it was found that a brad in her shoe had irritated the ball of the foot and caused tetanus germs. The limb continued to give her pain and last Friday she was unable to move her jaws, the muscles having become rigid. An operation was deemed best, as she is now able to sit up.

Miss Fern Schoonmaker of Bigelow visited here between trains Saturday with Mrs. W.A. Hawley.

An article in the paper last issue stating that Misses Nancy and Ida Clark had gone to Mankato for a few days visit with their brother, Loren, should rather have been that they went there to attend the marriage of their brother to Miss Anna Hedberg, who at one time resided in Worthington with her parents, but now lives at Mankato. Mr. and Mrs. Clark left last week on their honeymoon trip for Chicago. Mr. Clark as stated in last week's paper will engage in the land business at Mankato, where they will be at home after December 15th.


WANTED -- Woman to do small washing at home. H.H. Smith, this office.

C. Gronger of Org was trading in Worthington Monday.

Dr. W.A. Saxon spent Sunday with his family in this city, returning to Welcome, Minn. on Monday.

Mrs. W.F. Scott and three children spent Sunday with Mrs. F.D. Graves at Bigelow.

Fred Hegardt of Round Lake was the guest of Register of Deeds Harry R. Tripp on Wednesday.

Ed Jones visited with relatives at Adrian Saturday afternoon, returning again in the evening.

Ross Nelson, proprietor of the Nelson cafe, made a business trip to Mountain Lake Wednesday.

Dr. G.A. Cahoon, district superintendent, preached in M.E. church at Slayton Sunday last.

Friday, November 26, 1909

Clyde Hansberger and Miss Myrtle Turner Wed Thursday Noon

Clyde Hansberger and Miss Myrtle Turner were united in marriage Thanksgiving at high noon at the home of the bride's parents in this city in the presence of immediate relatives and intimate friends, Rev. G.A. Cahoon and Rev. R. Carlton officiating. Owing to the fact that this issue of the Advance-Herald was published early, a detailed account of the marriage was not possible.


M.E. Lawton transacted business in Brewster Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tripp and Miss Clara Ackerman came up from Round Lake Monday evening to attend the concern [concert?] at the Methodist church that evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mullen left Tuesday morning for Harpers Ferry, Iowa to attend the funeral of his brother, Innes Mullen, who died there on Monday.

G.E. McQuatters of the Austin Plumbing and Heating Company was in the city Monday looking after the installing of the heating plant in the new school house.

Anton Larson, who has been visiting for several days with friends in Worthington left Tuesday for his home at Ossian, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. G.R. Lawrence went to Marshall, Minn., on Monday in order to be at the home of Mr. Lawrence's parents on Thanksgiving day to partake of the turkey.

Miss Maud Cooper was the guest of Mrs. Roy Lewis between trains Saturday, while on her way home to Adrian from Wilmont, where she has been visiting with friends for a few days.

Messrs. Harold and Reuben Oakes, Jet and Moulton Smallwood from here, Dell Scott and Miss Alida Bedford, and Miss Knutson of Rushmore attended the foot ball game at Minneapolis Saturday.

Mrs. Wm. Reschke came up from Sheldon, Iowa, Saturday for a visit with her brother, Adolph Herman, who resides west of town, and who has been suffering for some time from rheumatism.

W.A. McKinney left Tuesday for Deer Grove, Ill., to accompany his wife home who has been visiting her parents there for nearly three weeks. While there she had the misfortune to fall and break a leg.

Charles Stanton, a former Worthington boy, is now located at Portland, Oregon, where he has a position with a smeltery, he having charge of the moulding of steel frames for window and door casings.

Miss Gertrude Geyerman and Freda Lees, two of the popular young lady Seniors of the high school, and Miss Bernice Moffit, also a student of the high school, spent Sunday with their parents at Brewster.

R. Bonde of Story City, Iowa, who has been in the city since Friday, purchasing horses preparatory to shipping a carload to the Chicago market, went to Heron Lake Monday to look at some horses there. Mr. Bonde last winter shipped six carloads from Wilmont, Worthington and Brewster, and this winter he expects to ship about eight carloads, the car he is about to ship now is the third one.

Messrs. Will Humiston and David Herlein returned Friday from Pine county in the northern part of the state, where they have been on a two weeks hunting expedition. Mr. Herlein succeeded in killing two deer and Mr. Humiston one, which they brought home with them. They state that the deer are plentiful but the undergrowth is so thick that it is difficult to sight them.

Pianos tuned - expert work guaranteed. --L.A. Gregory, Adrian, Minnesota.

Mrs. Westby and two daughters, Misses Susan and Carrie, were in Worthington between trains Saturday. The latter two were attending the meeting of the teachers of Nobles county at the court house held that afternoon.

Ellen, Daughter of P.J. Anderson Is Ill With Diptheria

Miss Ellen Anderson aged 14 years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Anderson was taken suddenly ill Monday noon at her home in this city. A physician was summoned at once, who diagnosed the case diptheria and placed the home under immediate quarantine. The two boys, Carl and Albert and the father are quarantined out.

The case is the only one in town and is not a serious one, being in its first stages. The patient will doubtless recover in a short time.

Local Intelligence

E.J. Wolven was a passenger for Brewster Monday morning.

Mrs. H.H. Collard is reported on the sick list this week.

Walter and W.J. Seward of Brewster were business transactors in the county seat on Tuesday.

E.V. Voak made a business trip to Brewster Tuesday morning returning in the afternoon.

Robert Smith made a business trip to Minneapolis Sunday evening returning home again Monday evening.

Give the Estherville Steam Laundry a trial order. Best of work guaranteed. D.W. Anthony, agent.

Henry Bish went to Brewster Monday, where he has the contract for the erection of two large barns in that vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Roth left Tuesday for Burlington, Wis. to spend Thanksgiving at the home of her mother, Mrs. A. Patterson.

Glen Porter, who has been visiting for a week with his uncle, J.F. Green, in this city, departed Tuesday for his home at Baraboo, Wis., to partake of Thanksgiving turkey under the parental roof.

Rev. J.W. Hjerstrom of Chicago will arrive tomorrow and during the coming week will conduct evangelistic meetings in the Swedish Baptist church in Indian Lake.

Mrs. J.A. Smith, and Mesdames Marvin Nichols and Mary Fillenworth, her guests, returned Monday from Rushmore, where they had been visiting over Sunday with Mrs. smith's sister, Mrs. W.C. Renshaw.

Mr. Jehn, manager of the Hanford Produce station at Bigelow was a business visitor to Worthington Tuesday. Mr. Jehn proved himself to be a royal entertainer of the transients at the depot, while waiting for his train. He amused the lookers-on by carving monkeys, lions, Indian heads and other figures from peach pits, in which line he was quite proficient. It is understood that he carved an elephant from ivory for a watch charm for Taft, for which he received great approbation.

Miss Tillie Chapa of Kinbrae, visited over Sunday with her sister, Miss Anna, who is employed in this city.

Tom Hogan left Wednesday morning for LeMars, Iowa to spend Thanksgiving with his parents.

Miss Hilda Hesselroth of Brewster visited with friends in Worthington Monday and Tuesday.

U.G. Selden of Sioux City was the guest of friends in Worthington Tuesday.

F.W. Leistico, who has the contract for the erection of the large new livery barn at Brewster spent Sunday with his family in this city. The structure is now about half completed.

Mrs. W.J. Parry and son, Sydney spent Sunday with relatives at Luverne returning home Monday and on Tuesday went to Rushmore to spend the day with her brother, T.H. Prideaux.

Frank Eggleston returned this week from his two weeks hunting trip to the International Falls. He failed to secure any game, but states that his trip was an enjoyable one despite this fact.

Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Carr and two children, Miss Blanche and Kenneth, left Tuesday morning for Eau Claire, Wis., to spend Thanksgiving at the home of his father, H.A. Carr.

C.C. Collins of Traer, Iowa, has been in Worthington for five weeks making arrangements for the building of a new barn on his farm near here. He has been unable to secure carpenters and says this country is too prosperous. Every one is so busy it is impossible to secure help. Mr. Collins purchased the farm a number of years ago at a bargain and states that he has not regretted the purchase yet.

Fred Bloom of Woodstock, Minn., visited from Friday until Saturday with his two sons, W.E. and A.R. in this city while on his way home from Savannah, Ga., where he had been in attendance at the 20th triennial convention of the Royal Arch Masons, held there the past week. Mr. Bloom has passed thirty-two degrees in the lodge and is now Grand Representative of Grand Chapters Mississippi and West Virginia, which he was representing at Savannah.

M.E. Lawton made a business trip to Estherville, Iowa on Monday.

J.J. Kies transacted business at various Iowa points Monday.

L.W. Webster of Ocheydan, Iowa, who has been the guest of his sister, Mrs. J.A. Snyder, for several days returned to his home Saturday.

Mrs. Robert Erickson and sister, Mrs. J.C. Gruys, who has been staying at the home of the former for some time, went to Brewster Saturday.

L.H. Gray and A.H. Canfield went to Bigelow Monday to make arrangements for the installation of a heating plant in the W.C. Wyatt residence.

Rev. Edstam of the Swedish Baptist church in Indian Lake preached Sunday in the church at Lake Sarah in the absence of a regular pastor at that place.

Thomas Jones, who resides south of town with his parents, went to Brewster Monday to get a horse, which he purchased last week from a party at that place.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Poppitz of Heron Lake, who have been spending a week with her mother, Mrs. A.H. Clark in this city, returned home Tuesday.

The young people of the Swedish Baptist church in Indian Lake will hold a social at the church parlors Thanksgiving evening.

Mrs. J.T. Davis, who has been visiting for two months with her father, Wm. Sowles in this city returned Saturday to her home in Minneapolis.

J.E. Carlson, contractor and builder of elevators, who has been engaged since June in erecting two warehouses near Davenport, Iowa, returned home Sunday. He expects to leave soon for Dakota, where he will build a couple elevators for the Skewis grain company.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mitchell left Monday morning for Faribault, where they will visit for a short time with her mother, Mrs. C.C. McKune, after which they will go to Brooks, this state, where they will be the guest of his sister, Mrs. Wm. Schroeder for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell from thence go to Brogan, Oregon, which place they will make their future home.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gregg of Rushmore were Worthington visitors between trains Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. D.V. Lees of Brewster were visiting with friends in Worthington Saturday and Sunday.

Edward Ulrich, barber for M.E. Fish, rode the goat of the I.O.O.F. lodge Tuesday evening for the initiatory degree. He and L.W. Abbott then leaped astride the "Billy" together for the second degree, which they withstood bravely.

Messrs Oscar Kunzman, Victor Strom Albert Anderson, and Will Anderson went to Minneapolis Friday evening to attend the football game between Minnesota and Michigan Saturday afternoon. Clyde Fronk of Worthington was also a witness of the game.

Ed Goerndt, who has been employed as buttermaker at the creamery for several months, went to Blue Earth City Friday, where he secured a position with a creamery at that place. He returned home Sunday and on Tuesday moved his household goods to that place and he and his wife left that afternoon.

Rev. Hans M. Hilley of Glasgow, Scotland, who has a charge in the Presbyterian church at Sandstone, passed through this city Monday on his return to Sandstone from Lismore and Wilmont, where he preached Sunday.

Mrs. M.P. Karpen, who for the past month has been visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. Sjoholm, south of town, returned Monday to her home at Sibley, where her husband is engaged in farming.

Rev. Paul Gramness, missionary of the American Sunday school union, who has been working in this vicinity for a week, left Monday for his home at Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Despite a long cold drive during the severe snow storm Sunday evening he is very favorably impressed with Nobles county, so much so that he expects to return to Worthington again this winner [winter?].

Marriage licenses were issued this week to Henry Shelquist and Elsie Adolphson of Wilmont; Christ Hiller to Genist Siemer, Clyde Hansberger to Myrtle Turner. The first-named couple were married Wednesday noon at the Swedish parsonage by Rev. J.E. Shippe. They left in the afternoon for Hanskey, where the groom has purchased a meat market and where they will live.


Stelle S. Smith made a business trip to Brewster Saturday.

E.J. Wolven went to Minneapolis Saturday on business.

N. Moberg, of south of town, spent Sunday with friends at Slayton.

James Boddy spent Sunday with his brother, Charles, at Rushmore.

Miss Ellen Manhan is visiting this week with Mrs. W.T. Hayes in this city.

Miss carrie Hanson visited with friends at Rushmore Monday between trains.

G.W. Patterson and Robert Erickson transacted business in Brewster Monday.

F.O. Swain, merchant at Madelia, was transacting business in the city Monday.

W.M. Evans and J.A. Albinson were passengers to Round Lake on Monday.

Miss Florence Hill of Brewster was the guest of Miss Eva Parish Saturday and Sunday.

Gus Dietrich and his sister, Miss Hattie, spent Sunday with their parents at Lake Crystal.

J.A. Rake, a real estate dealer of Montgomery, Iowa, was here on business Monday.

Mrs. P. Colman went to Minneapolis Saturday, where she will visit relatives for a short time.

M. Naylon of Adrian was in Worthington from Saturday until Monday transacting business.

J.E. Wolven returned Friday from a week's stay at Denver, Col., where he had been on business.

Miss Lucile Otto came down from Red Wing to spend Thanksgiving with her sister, Miss Freda Otto.

T.F. Ryan, solicitor for the Minneapolis Journal was here from Saturday until Monday of this week.

A. Sietsema, fireman on the Omaha between here and Sioux City, spent Sunday at his home at Bigelow.

Misses Clara Larson and Martha Pank of Ellsworth attended the teachers meeting in Worthington Saturday.

Phil Landes and Arthur Perman, the Adrian electrician, were transacting business in the county seat Saturday.

Mrs. C.B. Anderson and Miss Cora Fox of Rushmore were shopping in Worthington Saturday between trains.

Tom Hogan went to LeMars, Iowa Wednesday in order to partake of Thanksgiving dinner under the parental roof.

Mrs. H.W. Schmid, who has been visiting for two weeks with relatives in Hartford, S.D., returned home this week.

Mrs. Laura Leistico went to Mankato Saturday to consult a physician in regard to her eye sight, which is failing her.

Fred Humiston arrived home Saturday from Texas, where he has been for three weeks looking after farm interests.

Mrs. C.A. Gordon and daughter, Miss Frances, visited with Mr. Gordon's father at Brewster Monday of this week.

Miss Lilly Rathlisberger went to Iona Monday for a few days visit with her brother, Edward, who resides near that place.

Benson Bros.' furniture store received a fresh coat of paint this week and now presents a much bright- (sic) appearance.

John Reifenberger of Adrian transacted business in Worthington between trains Tuesday.

Mrs. G.A. Lindgren of Adrian was in our city Saturday transacting business at the court house.

Miss Sadie Moeller and her brother, Walter, who has been spending a week at home in Worthington, left Tuesday for Harris, Iowa, where the former will spend Thanksgiving with her brother, Gus. Walter Moeller is returning to Manilla, Iowa to resume his position as mail clerk on the Milwaukee road between that place and Canton, S.D.

Celess Benns, an experienced restaurant man of St. James, has accepted a position in Nels. N. Nelson's restaurant for the winter.

Jas. R. Jones, father of county attorney, came over from Adrian Monday to take in the entertainment given by the Cambrian singers.

Mrs. W.A. Hawley went to the twin cities Tuesday on business connected with her millinery establishment.

Emil Olson, proprietor of the branch office of the Smith Implement company at Bigelow, was in the city between trains Tuesday.

Frank Austin, teacher in the schools at Bigelow, has an assistant in the person of a baby boy, who arrived in the family Monday.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained November, 2007.

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