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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 June, 1909

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Friday, June 4, 1909

Local Intelligence

P.H. Nystrom and wife are proud parents of a boy baby, born Thursday.

T.H. Bloxham went down to Sheldon Wednesday for a visit with his parents.

Miss Nellie Lyons returned Wednesday afternoon from a visit with friends at Clark, S.D.

Mrs. Olaf Nelson, of Hills, was operated on Monday at the City hospital for appendicitis.

Dr. B.O. Mork was called to Sibley Tuesday to assist Dr. Hough with a surgical operation.

Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Berg, of Sibley, spent the day with Dr. and Mrs. J.N. Gould Wednesday.

Miss Daisy Vail left for Fulda Wednesday, where she will be the guest of friends for a few days.

Mrs. Jacob Stoven, of Rushmore, is a patient at the City hospital for medical and surgical treatment.

Charles and Richard Kay departed Wednesday for Duluth, where they will look after some land business.

F.A. Seely returned Wednesday from Minona [Winona?], where [he?] has been for the past three weeks on business.

Have pasture room for several head of cattle. Robt. Ryan, 3 miles west of Worthington on the Luverne road.

Mas. Will Barnard and son, Douglas, of Little Rock, Iowa, spent Wednesday with Mrs. Barnard's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I.N. Wilson.

The ladies of the Episcopal church will give a tea at the home of Mrs. Wm. Madison on Thursday, June 10, from 3 to 7 o'clock. All are cordially invited.

Mrs. John Tulley and little daughter left Wednesday for their home in Graceville, Minn., after a pleasant visit with Mrs. Tulley's sisters, Mrs. Frank Glasgow and Mrs. Howard Durfee.

Mesdames W.I. Carpenter and K.V. Mitchell departed Wednesday for Spencer, Iowa, to witness the commencement exercises, Mrs. Mitchell's sister being one of the graduates.

Dr. J.N. Gould this week received an elegant specimen of moose head mounted in fine shape, one of the trophies of his hunting trip last fall. It will be placed in one of the offices of the court house for public inspection, but the doctor will still retain the title to it.

The seating capacity of the Presbyterian church was taxed to its utmost last Sunday evening by the friends of the class of '09, who assembled to hear the baccalaureate sermon, and all were amply rewarded. Rev. Cahoon's discourse was a masterpiece and was most effectively delivered.

J.A. Town was a business caller at Wilmont Tuesday.

F.S. Cone was a business caller from Windom Saturday.

A.M. Renner was a business visitor to Heron Lake Tuesday.

Dave Anderson was an over-Sunday visitor to the twin cities.

Tom Hogan spent Sunday and Monday with friends in St. Paul.

I.F. Kelley returned Wednesday from a week's fishing at Alexandria.

Lloyd Patterson was calling on Rushmore friends Monday evening.

F.L. Humiston returned home Sunday from a trip to points in Texas.

George Pope spent Tuesday and Wednesday with relatives in Easton, Minn.

Rev. G.A. Cahoon left Tuesday for a brief visit with relatives in Blue Earth.

Mrs. A.M. Renner entertained her mother, Mrs. Roll, of Adrian, this week.

Robt. Erickson made a pilgrimage to Heron Lake Tuesday on a business mission.

Mrs. C.J. Gordon, of Reading, spent a few hours with Worthington friends Saturday.

Charles Skewis, of Minneapolis, was looking after his grain interests in this city Wednesday.

Charles McCaskey returned home Monday morning from a trip to South Dakota relatives.

G.R. Henderson, of Brewster, was in the city a few hours Tuesday, on his way to Spirit Lake, Iowa.

Sheriff Fauskee has recovered from his attack of smallpox and was released from quarantine Monday.

Mrs. G.H. Doeden left Tuesday morning for Jackson where she went to attend the wedding of a friend.

J.F. Glasgow, of Sioux City, was the guest of his father, Frank Glasgow, and family, a few days this week.

Miss Hattie Detrich, of Lake Crystal, was the guest over Sunday of her brothers, Albert, Gus and Walter.

Chas. Hasson is the new barber employed at Anthony's barber shop. Anthony now has five chairs in operation.

Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Frink returned home Tuesday afternoon from a visit with Mrs. Frink's parents, D. Beers and wife, of Luverne.

Mrs. Fred Vollman, of Round Lake, who has been visiting friends in this city, left Tuesday afternoon for a visit with friends at Matlock, Iowa.

Mrs. M.A. Coughran, who has been the guest of her son, F.R. Coughran, left Tuesday afternoon for Reedsburg, Wis., where she will visit with relatives.

Harvey Henton, the popular conductor on the Sioux Falls branch, was summoned to Hot Springs, S.D., Tuesday by the illness of his father. During his absence Conductor Tim Desmond is in charge of his train.

Mesdames G.W. Roth and S.M. Stewart left Tuesday for Chicago, where they will be guests of relatives and friends for a short time, going from there to Burlington, Wis., for a visit with their parents.

J.C. Mullen left Tuesday for Haswell, Colo., where he will prove up on his claim. He expects to be absent about six weeks. He was accompanied on the trip by Ora Taylor, who will look over the prospects and if everything is satisfactory will file on a claim.

Frank Hill, of Sioux City, came up Wednesday to see his mother, an account of whose injury is given elsewhere in this issue. Mrs. Hill's son-in-law, R. Mahling, of Alton, came up Tuesday and returned on the early morning train Wednesday. Mrs. Hill is still confined to her bed.

Dr. H. Weidow was called to Harris, Iowa, Saturday, where he assisted in an operation upon Miss Kollam, one of the teachers of the Harris school. She was suffering from appendicitis, the troublesome organ having become perforated. It was removed and she is making a rapid recovery.

Mrs. Charles Fairfield and little son spent the time between trains Wednesday with Worthington friends. Mrs. Fairfield had been visiting with friends at Rock Rapids and was enroute to Heron Lake, where her husband is confined to the hospital, having recently undergone a surgical operation.

C.E. Sims left Tuesday for his former home at Lincoln, Ill., for a visit with relatives. He will be absent about ten days. On his return trip he will stop off for a few days at Urbana, Ill., for a few days' visit with Mrs. Sims' parents. Mrs. Sims, who has been visiting her parents for some time, will return with him.

G.W. Cunningham, A.E. Kearney and negro chaueffer, of Kansas City, arrived in the city Friday in an auto, enroute to Alexandria for a few days' fishing. The intention of the party was to motor through to their destination, but eh excessive rains put the roads in such a condition that they were compelled to abandon the machine at this point and proceed by rail. They returned to Worthington Monday night and started on the return journey Tuesday.

Local Intelligence

Dr. Simpson here June 11 and 12.

Miss Jeanette Carleon [Carlton?] left Monday for her home in Minneapolis.

Miss Sarah Rowe spent Sunday with her parents in Rushmore.

K.V. Mitchell was a business visitor to Brewster Monday morning.

Carhart's overalls and jumpers, $1. Hart's.

A.C. Brokke, of Round Lake was a business caller in this city Saturday.

Elmer Gardner, of Brewster was calling on friends in this city Monday.

Educator shoes -- Hart's.

Miss Gladys Finck, of Ellsworth was the guest last week of Mrs. Roy Lewis.

Mrs. A.A. Goodrich left Saturday for a short visit with Sioux City friends.

Coroner A.B. Williams, of Wilmont, was a brief visitor in the city Friday.

Miss Eve Montgomery, of Brewster spent Sunday with Worthington friends.

Clem Hanson was a business visitor to the county seat, Friday from Lismore.

Miss Ethel Bloom returned Friday from a week's visit with Rushmore friends.

Walter Townsend, of Fulda, was an over-Sunday visitor with Worthington friends.

Mrs. A.R. Bielke, of Reading, accompanied by her son, was a Worthington visitor Friday.

Miss Elmira Mead, of Wilmont, was the guest this week of Miss Gwendoline Swanberg.

W.W. Loveless returned home Friday afternoon from a short vacation spent at Fairmont.

Mrs. Joseph Beach, of Mankato, arrived Friday for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. W.T. Hayes.

G.F. Hillstrom, of Callandar, Iowa, was looking after business interests in this vicinity Saturday.

Mrs. J.S. Sullivan and son, Francis, were guests of Brewster relatives a few days this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Manuel came down from Brewster Sunday for a visit with Worthington relatives.

Tim Keevey, of Sioux Falls, was renewing old acquaintances in Worthington the latter part of last week.

Emil Graff, of Lismore, was in the city between trains Friday, on his way to Canon Falls for a short visit.

Miss Hilma Johnson returned to her work at Red Wing, after a short vacation spent with David Anderson and family.

Miss Bertha Grundman, of Storden, was visiting with friends and relatives in this city the latter part of last week.

Mrs. Dr. W.J. Dodge left Thursday night for a week's visit with the family of Conductor Francks at Minneapolis.

Mrs. M.A. Coughran, of Sioux Falls, arrived in the city last Friday for a visit with her son, Postmaster, F.R. Coughran.

Mrs. Thos. Barnard, of Little Rock, Iowa, who was called to Worthington last week by the illness of her mother, Mrs. I.N. Wilson, returned home Friday. Mrs. Wilson is reported as somewhat improved.

Mrs. L.D. Veltum, of St. Paul, spent several days last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Goodrich.

Round Lake sent down a goodly bunch of rooters to cheer their home team in the ball game Monday afternoon.

Miss Iva Lyons, who has been attending school at Chicago, arrived home Saturday to spend the summer vacation.

Lynn Lawton went to Minneapolis Friday for a few days' visit with his brother, Edward, who is a student at the U. of M.

Among those from out of town who attended the class play last Friday evening was Mrs. F.R. Tripp, of Round Lake.

Emil Leistico left Saturday morning for Hector, Minn., where he will remain for some time, having secured employment there.

Miss Maud Townsend returned to her home at Watseka [Waseca?], Monday morning after a few days spent with Miss Ethel Bloom.

Miss Dorothy Booth, of Sioux Falls, came over Friday to attend the class play and spent a day with Miss Josephine Coughran.

G.M. Stuart and little son, of Kansas City, Mo., were guests a few days last week of A.A. Goodrich and family, returning home Friday.

Mrs. Alfred Rusted, of Alton, Iowa, spent a few days this week with Worthington friends, returning home Monday afternoon.

Miss Cora Dow returned to her school work at Heron Lake, Monday, after a short visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.W.W. Dow.

Miss Lizzie Schmidt, of Dundee, came down Friday for a short visit with Vanda Duba and family, returning home Monday morning.

Miss Alida Bedford, of Rushmore, was among the out-of-town people who attended the performance of the "Sweet Girl Graduate" last Friday night.

Mrs. Geo. W. Hill and daughter, Mrs. R. Mahling, of Alton, arrived in the city Friday and visited with Worthington relatives over Decoration day.

Miss Emma Ferguson, who has been teaching at Tracy, Minn., closed her school work last Friday and returned home Saturday for her summer vacation.

Rev. Wm. Jennings, D.D., has been secured as one of the judges at the oratorical contest to be held in the college chapel of the state normal at Madison, S.D., Saturday evening.

C.A. Baker and wife left Monday for Sioux City, where they will visit for a time, and if Mr. Baker is successful in securing employment they will reside there in the future.

Miss Hattie Bedient left Sunday night for St. Paul, where she will spend a week with the family of John Davis, after which she will continue her journey to Lake City for a few days' visit with friends.

Dr. C.G. Harrington, of Mankato, was in the city Tuesday in consultation with Dr. Wiedow, regarding the illness of Mrs. A.D. Cheney, mother of Mrs. G.A. Lincoln. Mrs. Cheney's condition is reported as about the same as for several days.

Brewster was well represented at the class play Friday night. Among those in attendance from that village were: Misses Daisy McChesney, Anna Rolph, Ila Wells, Florence Hill and Marguerite Becker, and Messrs. Albert Oberly and Theodore West.

J.W. Beckett, of Sibley, was in the city Monday. Mr. Beckett will again be with the bridge crew of the Omaha this year and came up expecting to start to work Monday, but owing to the fact that it was a legal holiday the car did not go out until Tuesday.

Dr. J.N. Gould last week received a fine Morgan stallion. The animal is one of the prettiest of his kind seen in this section for some time. He was shipped from Ft. Ethen Allen, Vermont, and made the trip without a mishap of any kind, arriving in Worthington in good flesh and apparently none the worse for the long journey.

Among those in attendance at the trap tournament which will close this evening is John Frink, of Worthington, a well-remembered former resident of Luverne. Mr. Frink has developed into one of the strongest amateur shots in the Northwest, and in the several tournaments he has attended this spring has made numerous records equal to those of the professionals. --Rock County Herald.

The Grand was dark last week owing to the making of decided improvements. The wooden partition which separates the lobby and the theater has been replaced with a new structure, and the operating room is now built of solid steel, eliminating entirely any danger from fire, should the film accidentally catch fire. F.G. Bulick has purchased the grand, and took possession June 1st. Mr. Bulick comes from Reading and has for some time had a moving picture show on the road. He will continue the progressive policy of the former proprietors.

Friday, June 11, 1909

Largest Class in History of School Received Diplomas Friday Night

The twenty-second annual commencement of the Worthington high school was held in the Methodist church last Friday night, at which time twenty-four pupils were graduated, having completed the assigned course, and were granted diplomas.

The church was crowded as was also the Sunday school room and the galleries. It is estimated that between six and seven hundred friends of the pupils were assembled to witness the exercises. The decorations were in the class colors of green and white, a row of tissue paper of the colors extending around the gallery railing and the pillars, while on the platform the same color scheme was carried out with flowers.

At eight o'clock the graduates took their places upon the platform and the high school orchestra, composed of Messrs. Arnold Moeller, Ben Hildyard, Arthur Sather, Outhwaite Kumler, Joe Hildyard, and Miss Beth Sibley, rendered an appropriate and pleasing selection.

Rev. Schmidt in a short invocation followed, after which came the salutatory, by Grace V. Mann. Miss Mann chose for her subject "Memory," and the young lady delivered her address in a clear distinct voice and showed that she was possessed of the quality that goes to make public speakers. There was no time when she could not be distinctly heard and understood. That she had given considerable time and preparation to her paper was evident from the masterly way in which she handled the subject.

Outhwaite Kumler then sang two tenor solos in good voice, accompanied by Miss Beth Sibley at the piano.

Dr. S. Arthur Cooke, of Marshall, Minn., was selected by the class to deliver the address of the evening, and they could not have made a better selection. His address was a masterpiece of thought and was ably rendered. He is a deep thinker and has the happy faculty of expressing his thoughts in a clear, concise manner.

Messrs. Arthur Sather, Arba Bedford, Joseph Hildyard and Outhwaite Kumler composing the Senior Brass quartette then rendered the "Pilgrim's Chorus," by Wagner, in an exceedingly fine manner, followed by the valedictorian, Helen Ramage. Miss Ramage selected "Lives Worth Living" as her topic and brought out many points worthy of study by older and more experienced people than herself. She cited instances of numerous lives that had been worth the living, showing that she had devoted much time and careful attention to her subject.

Superintendent E.C. Meridith, in a short address then presented the diplomas. The parchments were tied with the high school colors of crimson and black instead of the class colors, making a very pretty contrast.

The Senior male quartette then sang two selections, "Shepherd's Lullaby" and "The Shoogy-Shoo." The quartette is composed of George D. Lawson, 1st tenor; Outhwaite Kumler, 2nd tenor; Arba Bedford, baritone and Joseph Hildyard, basso. These young gentlemen are all the possessors of excellent voices and rendered their selection nicely, the voices blending in perfect harmony. Their work was highly appreciated.

The senior class song was then rendered by the entire class with Arba Bedford at the piano, after which came the class yell and the exercises were over and twenty-four young men and women were pronounced able to enter into the battlefield of life.

A pleasing feature of the commencement was the fact that two more pupils were graduated than whose names appeared upon the program. These pupils had given up the idea of passing, but by dint of extra hard work they made up their back grades and secured the necessary credits. These two, Misses Alice Bloom and Grace Hagerman, probably deserve an extra measure of credit for the pluck and perseverance exhibited in winning out after the case seemed hopeless.

The class of '09 was the largest ever graduated from the Worthington schools and was composed of the following: Misses Edna Fellows, Beth Sibley, Emma Strom, Lottie Kall, Thresa Sibley, Ella Guernsey, Mary Ramage, Alice Pannell, Bernice Weidman, Lillian Darling, Gertrude Mishler, Helen Ramage, Emma Dysthe, Grace Mann, Alice Bloom, Grace Hagerman and Messrs. Paul Ventioner, Arba Bedford, Arthur Sather, Outhwaite Kumler, George Kunzman, Joseph Hildyard, Joseph Hagerman and George D. Lawson.

Where They Will Spend It

The following teachers of the Worthington schools have departed for the various towns and cities opposite their names, where they will spend their summer vacation:
Miss Eva Parish, Rusford [Rushford], Minn.
Miss Lizzie Swanson, Mankato.
Miss Elizabeth Thompson, Spencer, Iowa.
Miss Mary Ashe, Mankato.
Miss Ida Ainsworth, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Misses Ida and Minnie Nelson, Kasota, Minn.
Miss Freda Otto, Red Wing.
Miss Margaret Brooks, Canon Falls.
Miss Carrie Bachtel, Delavan, Minn.
Miss Blanche Donahue, Clear Lake, Iowa.
Mrs. Julia Hensel, Royalton, Minn.
Miss Martha Wick, Jackson, Minn.

Of the out of town pupils the following have returned to their homes.

Arba Berford [Bedford?], John Roberts, Ivie McKenzie, Rushmore; Freda Lees, Gertrude Geyerman, Grace Hagerman, Bridget McCall, Joe Hagerman, Brewster; May Holland and Edna Comer, Bigelow; Ada and Emma Dysthe, Chandler.


Mrs. A. Thomte was a Bigelow visitor Wednesday.

M.G. Milburn was a business visitor from Lakefield Friday.

Andy Dillman is visiting with relatives in Blue Earth this week.

Louis Moeller has accepted a position in the bank at Harris, Iowa.

Elmer Kaiser spent a few days this week with his parents at St. Peter.

Postoffice inspector Carl Egge was in the city Monday on official business.

Pete Peters was a business caller at the county seat Monday from Bigelow.

Mrs. Chas. T. Beh, of Lake Park was calling on friends in the city Monday.

O.E. Dieson, of Heron Lake, was in the city on a business mission Monday.

Thos. Hayes, of Wilmont, was transacting business at the county seat Friday.

Miss Alice Anson, nurse at the City hospital, is visiting her parents at Luverne.

Mrs. Jacob Buck, of Clarion, Iowa, is the guest this week of Mrs. J.W. Baker.

A. Light, of Sioux Falls, was in the city Tuesday looking after business interests.

W.H. Thomsen, of Round Lake, was calling on Worthington friends Saturday.

Mrs. C.A. Dickens went up to St. Paul last week to visit some time with friends.

Mrs. A.J. Olund, of Bigelow, spent Monday and Tuesday with Worthington relatives.

Frank Hand, of Hatfield, Minn., is visiting with I.N. Wilson and family this week.

Mrs. C.B. Ward is spending the week with Mrs. Francis Anderson, at Sioux Falls.

Robt. Smith and Peter Heuerman took in the carnival at Sheldon Tuesday evening.

Stewart Hart was a business visitor to Sheldon and Primghar, Iowa, the first of the week.

Mrs. E.L. Gillette returned home Tuesday from a week's visit to her sister in Chicago.

E.E. Beckley, of Blue Earth, came down Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mr. Montgomery.

Mr. and Mrs. John Ramage and daughter, Josephine, spent Monday with Sheldon friends.

Mrs. J.W. Baker and son attended the Watson-Hagerman nuptials at Brewster Wednesday.

Edit and Mrs. Mattison, of Rushmore, visited over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hamstreet.

Mrs. C.H. Schecter, of Marshalltown, Iowa, is visiting this week at the home of Mrs. C.H. Sibley.

J.J. McChord, of Rushmore, was a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hamstreet Monday night.

Mrs. W.I. Carpenter returned home Tuesday afternoon from a brief visit with relatives at Spencer, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. John Montgomery, who recently moved to Sibley, were call-on Worthington friends Wednesday.

Neal Dow went down to Bigelow Tuesday and will spend a portion of his vacation of a farm near that village.

Mrs. Dr. W.J. Dodge returned home Tuesday morning from a visit with Mrs. Henry Francks, at Minneapolis.

Allen Mackay and George Foot left Tuesday for George's home at Hills, where Allen will visit for a few days.

Mrs. H.W. Steffens left on Monday morning for Chicago, where she will visit a couple of weeks with relatives.

Miss Bertha Grundman, of Wapello, Iowa, was in the city Monday on her way home from a visit with friends at Wilmont.

Loren Clark is now conducting a general merchandise store at Aurora, Ia., having been located at that point a little over a month.

Mrs. Peter Noberg and children, of Sioux Falls, arrived in the city Monday for a visit with relatives and friends in Worthington and vicinity.

R.A. Bixby, former agent for the Rock Island at Reading, but now employed as operator at Sibley, was in the city a few hours Sunday.

J.J. Kies and James Mackay, of the local fire department are in attendance at the fireman's convention in session at Cloquet, Minn., this week.

Miss Laura Pepple, who has been teaching the past year in the northern part of the state, returned home Monday for the summer vacation.

Mesdames Lee Leonard and John Fitch went to St. Paul Wednesday, where they will represent the local corps at the State meeting of the W.R.C.

J.A. Town and John Bingham of Stoddard Post, G.A.R., are in attendance at the Departmental meeting in St. Paul.

Henry Becker left Wednesday for Hartford, S.D., where he will spend the school vacation with his sister, Mrs. A. Aulwes.

Mrs. Frank Peterson arrived Tuesday afternoon from Minneapolis, and will visit for some time with Gus Swanberg and family and other relatives.

W.I. Carpenter is nursing a sore hand. As a consequence of scratching the member on a rusty nail blood poisoning set in and is causing him much pain.

Mrs. Henry Steinhagen had a tumor removed from the left eye Tuesday afternoon at the City hospital, returning to her home at Round Lake immediately.

Misses Jeannette and Ida Clark went over to Adrian Monday to attend the commencement exercises, at which time their niece, Miss Newell, was one of the graduates.

Miss Florence Lawson, of Grove City, Minn., arrived in Worthington the first of the week and will visit with the family of P.J. Nelson until after Chautauqua.

Kelley & Co. opened their garage Monday morning. They will carry a full line of automobile supplies, do general livery work and repairing. Frank Saxon will do the shop work.

Misses Bessie Reilley and Amelia Carstensoa, of Superior, Iowa, were in the city between trains Monday on their way home from a visit with Wilmont relatives and friends in this city.

Judge P.E. Brown has designated the first and second days of the October term of district court to be set for hearing on applications for naturalization. The term will begin on October 24th.

Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Renner departed Monday for Little Falls, Minn. Mr. Renner is a delegate to the State Convention of the Catholic Foresters, which is being held in that city this week.

Mrs. Jacob Stoven submitted to an operation at the City hospital Saturday at which time a large tumor was removed. She withstood the shock of the ordeal nicely and is making a rapid recovery.

Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Creever went to Heron Lake Wednesday. Mrs. Creever will visit with friends at that point and Mr. Creever continue his journey to [St?] Paul where he will attend the G.A.R. meeting.

A.C. Hedbeg [Hedberg?], of Mankato, formerly of this city, was renewing acquaintances in Worthington for a few hours Tuesday. He left on the afternoon train for Luverne and Pipestone on a business mission.

Miss LaReina Dow, who is one of the nurses at the Asbury hospital, St. Paul, came home Sunday night and will nurse her sister, Belle, who is critically ill, with little hope being entertained for her recovery.

M.L. Holbrook has added a new feature to his dry cleaning establishment in the nature of a messenger and delivery service. Gus Strom is now employed there in that capacity and is filling the bill admirably.

Mrs. Bertha Roll returned to her home in Adrian Monday evening, after a week's visit with her daughter, Mrs. A.M. Renner. Miss Margaret Roll came over on the afternoon train and accompanied her mother home.

Mrs. G.W. Hill and daughter, Mrs. R. Mahling, returned to their home at Alton, Iowa, Monday. Mrs. Hill has recovered sufficiently from the terrible fall received on Decoration day to be removed, but is still suffering greatly.

Miss Ada Dawson, who has been engaged as trimmer for Miss Coggins during the past season, returned to her home in St. Paul Wednesday afternoon. Miss Florence McIntosh accompanied her home and will visit with her for a short time.

The Southwestern Minnesota Baptist Association is in session at Pipestone this week. Among those present from Worthington are: Dr. W.A. Saxon, who is secretary-treasurer, and Mesdames W.A. Saxon, L.H. Gray and Miss Mary Johnson, who went as delegates.

Mrs. thos. Dovery and two daughters, Margaret and Marie, former residents of Worthington, but now of Twin Falls, Idaho, arrived in the city Monday night for a few days visit with L.W. Abbot and family. Mrs. Dovery and children were enroute to their former home at Barron, Wis.

The following letters remain uncalled for at the Worthington postoffice. Parties calling for the same will please say "advertised:" Claus Swenson, N.W. Burtis, Miss Grace Elmer, Ross Grant, Mrs. J.C. Buseboe, Miss Jeannette R. Anderson, Harry Hubens, Mrs. Dorothy F. Ward, Mrs. M. Shoff, Mrs. Lizzie Gabrielson, Mrs. G.W. Bowers.

Harold Oakes is limping this week, the result of having stepped on a nail which penetrated through his shoe into his foot. He is engaged in assisting in tearing down a building and the accident happened while he was at work. Precautions were taken to prevent blood poisoning and he will probably suffer no inconvenience beyond the initial soreness.

Miss Mary Clark returned to her home in Sioux Falls Monday. Miss Clark has been at the hospital at Rochester for several months, being discharged but two weeks ago, when she came to Worthington and has since been the guest of her sisters. She is somewhat improved in health and her many friends in this city hope for speedy and complete restoration.

Oscar Nebel has resigned his position as buttermaker at the Worthington creamery, and will leave on the 21st inst., for Beaver Creek, where he will assume charge of the creamery at that place. Oscar is a first-class buttermaker and a fine young man personally and the management of the Beaver Creek concern are to be congratulated upon securing his services.

H.J. Blume will probably not retire from the photographic business in this city after all. He has removed his paraphernalia to the Maccabee hall and is casting around for a location. Some time ago a sale was apparently consummated between him and E.F. Buchan, but the plans seem to have miscarried and the familiar name of "Blume" on photographs and post cards may again appear in connection with Worthington photographic products.

"Col." Otto Leabeck is again trouble, this time at Centerville, S.D., but we are unable to learn the exact nature of his latest escapade. It will be remembered that Leabeck disappeared last week to avoid facing trial for a misdemeanor. He evidently brought up at the South Dakota town, as a letter received from a lawyer at that place conveys the information that Otto had been fined $25, and requests a remittance to cover the fine and $5 for attorney's fees. The money was not forwarded.

The Sunshine club met with Mrs. Anton Cordes on June 3d, and the weather man took up the spirit of the occasion and gave them an excellent brand of weather. The club, as usual, enjoyed a fine time. Upon their arrival the excellent dinner which Mrs. Cordes had prepared was partaken of with a relish and on their departure for home, ice cream and cake were served. Henry Cordes, acting in the capacity of photographer, made a picture of the club. The next meeting will be with Mrs. A.J. Carroll.

The death of Mrs. A.. Cheney occurred yesterday mornig at 4 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. G.A. Lincoln. Mrs. Cheney had been ill for several months from grip, but the immediate cause of death was heart failure. She was 68 years of age. She is survived by four children, as follows: Mrs. G.A. Lincoln, Mrs. G.A. Bradford, Messrs. A.N. and C.R. Cheney. A short funeral service will be held at the house at 12:45 this afternoon, and the remains taken to Madelia, her former home for interment.

W.C. Montgomery, brother of Mrs. M.P. Mann, died at the residence of M.P. Mann Tuesday after an illness of several weeks from pneumonia. Mr. Montgomery was 52 years of age, and leaves to mourn his demise, two children, Dan, of this city, and a daughter in New York, and two sisters, Mrs. M.P. Mann, of Worthington, and Mrs. E.E. Beckley, of Blue Earth. The funeral services were held from the house Wednesday afternoon, Rev. G.G. Schmid, of the German Evangelical church, officiating.

Local Intelligence

Stanley Swanberg was a Round Lake visitor Friday.

F.C. Turner was transacting business in Bingham Lake Monday.

Jean Albertus is spending a few days with relatives at Jackson this week.

Ex-Mayor, C.M. Brooks, of Sibley, was in the city on a business mission, Monday.

Mrs. Wm. Devanney and mother spent Sunday with John Salstrom and wife at Bigelow.

Roscoe Smith, accompanied by a couple of lady friends, drove down from Brewster Sunday.

Dr. O. Porter, of Minneapolis spent a few hours between trains with Dr. W.J. Dodge, Saturday.

Mrs. Will Oliver and children left Friday for a week or ten days with friends in Minneapolis.

Miss Florence Wickman left Monday morning for St. Paul, where she will spend a week with relatives.

Mrs. Wm. Pendergast, of Jasper, returned home Monday morning after a few days visit with Mrs. A.F. Collins.

Mr. and Mrs. Ned Jones and family left Saturday for a few days visit at Mr. Jones' home at Humboldt, Iowa.

Mrs. Wm. Murray, who has been visiting with Mrs. A.F. Collins, returned to her home in St. Paul Monday morning.

Miss Belle Dow is reported quite ill at the home of her parents, C.W.W. Dow and wife, suffering from a complication of diseases.

Mrs. Margaret Murray returned to her home in Minneapolis Monday after a pleasant visit with her sister-in-law, Mrs. A.F. Collins.

James Mann returned from Luverne Friday, at which place he has been operating the pumping station for the Omaha railroad.

Miss Myrtle Minnou, of St. Paul, returned home Monday after spending several days with the families of A.F. Collins and Ed. Murray.

Mrs. I.C. Horton, of Minneapolis, accompanied by her little son, spent a few days this week with E.M. Horton and daughter, Miss Ella.

The 5th of June will be a birthday anniversary in the Andrew Nystrom household hereafter, a young lady having arrive there last Saturday.

Miss Minnie Mellington, formerly employed at Myers' pharmacy, was renewing old acquaintances in this city Friday, stopping off on her way up to Rushmore for a visit with friends.

Mrs. A.F. Collins left Monday morning for Minneapolis. She went as a delegate from the Worthington Homestead of the Yoemen to the Supreme conclave which is in session in that city this week.

The infant boy of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Burchard died Sunday. The remains were taken to St. James Monday morning for interment, accompanied by Mr. Burchard and son, Henry and daughters, Dora and Minnie.

Rev. Ira Alvord left Monday morning for Pipestone, where he attended the commencement exercises Monday night, and is in attendance at the southwestern Minnesota Baptist Association which convened in that city Wednesday.

Mrs. F.R. Durfee and son, Lawrence, departed Saturday afternoon for Minneapolis, where they will be the guests of friends for a couple of weeks and will take in the commencement exercises and class play of the U. of M.

Leonard Spencer the popular clerk at Herbert's drug store was absent from his post of duty a few days this week on a visit to his home at Truman. The occasion of his visit was to attend the wedding of his sister, which occurred Tuesday morning.

Dr. A.B. Williams, of Wilmont, was in the city for a few hours Saturday.

Mrs. E.L. Schwartz left Saturday for a visit with relatives at Amboy, Minn.

F.L. Kieth was a business visitor to the county seat from Reading Saturday.

Miss Martini Smith visited with her brother, Karl, at Brewster a few hours Saturday.

Mrs. E.K. Smith spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. I.T. Brannigan, of Rock Rapids.

Bessie and Warne Hubbard, of Bigelow attended the commencement exercises Friday night.

Miss Marie Wendt, of Sioux Falls, arrived Saturday for a visit with her sister, Mrs. A.W. Little.

Mrs. G.V. Dodge, of Sibley, visited between trains Friday with Dr. W.J. Dodge and Mrs. Harry Hobson.

Dorothy Curran came down from Mankato, Saturday for a visit with the family of Dr. F.M. Manson.

George D. Lawson went up to St. Paul Saturday and witnessed the commencement exercises at McAllister college.

Will White, who has been visiting his brother, Claude, for some time, left on Thursday of last week for his home in Frederick, S.D.

Miss Cora Dow, who has been teaching at Heron Lake, is spending her summer vacation with her parents, C.W.W. Dow and wife.

Miss Amy Forbes closed her school duties for the year at Woodstock last week and returned to her home in this city Saturday for her summer vacation.

Mrs. Alice McRoberts, of Ellsworth, a niece of Matt Bryan, spent Friday and Saturday with Mr. Bryan and family, returned home Saturday afternoon.

C.A. Mishler, of Rock Rapids, Ia., spent Friday and Saturday in this city, the guest of his brother, Ira Mishler. C.F. Kuehne, of Lake Park, was also Mr. Mishler's guest on Saturday.

Misses Anna Erickson and Blanche Miller, of Ocheyedan, Iowa, were guests a few days last week of Mrs. John Saline. They left Saturday for a visit with friends at Heron Lake and other points.

Harry Carnes, of Ocheyedan, was in the city Sunday and Monday on a business trip. Harry, who occupies the proud position of being the best baseball catcher in this section of the country, is one of the most pleasant young men in Ocheyedan, and one is always glad to renew his acquaintance.

George Pope, who has been employed at the Thonite barber shop has resigned his position and left with his wife Monday for Fairmont, where he has secured a similar position. George will also be a member of the Fairmont baseball team and he and his wife will assume positions in an orchestra in that city.

The members of the chemistry class of the W.H.S. held a delightful picnic breakfast at Chery Point Friday morning. Wolven's launch conveyed the students and teacher, Miss Blanche Donahue, to the picnic grounds. The morning was spent in having a general good time and the company returned home about the noon hour.

George Rew, wife and son, of Mitchell arrived in the city, Friday and visited until Saturday morning with Harvey Rew and wife. From here they went to Faribault, where they were present at the graduating exercises of the military school of that place, which took place on the 9th inst. Mr. and Mrs. Rew have a son who was a member of the graduating class.

E.M. Horton and daughter, Ella, accompanied Mrs. I.C. Horton, who has been their guest the past week, to her home in Minneapolis Monday. From Minneapolis Mr. Horton and daughter will go to Elmore where they will look around with a view of securing a residence. Mr. Horton has been transferred to the Elmore branch recently, and will make his home in Elmore in the future.

James Mackay and daughter, Margaret, and Miss Julia Town departed Sunday night for Minneapolis, where they went to attend the commencement exercises of the North Minneapolis high school, at which time Miss Aline Chaney was one of the graduates and valedictorian of her class. Miss Kitty Chaney, of Dundee, came down Sunday and was also a member of the party.

Round Lake added another scalp to the belt of its base ball team Sunday defeating Bigelow by a score of 5 to 2, in a well played contest.

Miss Margaret McCall, who has been spending some time in Lismore, arrived in Worthington Saturday morning and accompanied her sister, Miss Bridget to Brewster, their home, where they will remain during the summer vacation.

J.A. Glenn and son, Rollo of Osceola, Iowa, spent Thursday and Friday with Mr. Glenn's brother, John T. Glenn, of the Advance-Herald force. They left Friday evening for Woonsocket, S.D., where they will visit with relatives.

The first of last week, Mrs. John Johnson, mother of Ed Johnson, of Round Lake township, suffered a stroke of paralysis, and although all that medical science could do for the afflicted woman was performed she succumbed on Thursday morning. The funeral was held Friday, with interment in the Norwegian Lutheran cemetery.

Mrs. Daniel Shell was the victim of a decidedly painful accident Sunday morning last at her home, and as a result will probably be laid up for some time. In some manner she slipped on the hardwood floor and fell, striking in such a manner as to break the hip bone in one of her limbs. A physician was immediately summoned, who reduced the fracture, and everything possible is being done to prevent the injury having any permanent effect.

J.S. Frink went to Sioux City Monday where he will participate in the Iowa State shoot. From Sioux city he will go to Hudson, S.D., where another shoot is to be held, and on the 18th he expects to go to Chicago to take part in the American Handicap shoot. Jack is rapidly forging to the front in the ranks of amateur shooters and we will be greatly surprised if he does not give an excellent account of himself at each of the various matches attended.

Friday, June 18, 1909

Rev. Cahoon Honored

Last week Rev. G.A. Cahoon attended the commencement exercises at Hamline University, and on Wednesday the faculty honored him by conferring upon him the degree of Doctor of Divinity. Dr. Cahoon is a graduate of Hamline and the honor was conferred in recognition of his work since leaving the college. the Advance-Herald in common with all his friends extends congratulations.


George Kunzman was the guest of Brewster friends Sunday.

Mrs. Jay Wolven left Wednesday for a visit with Luverne friends.

Marshal Reddy, of Ellsworth, was in the city Friday on official business.

For Rent -- Seven rooms for housekeeping, over S.V. Wyckoff's store.

Mrs. E.K. Smith left Wednesday for a visit with her parents at Rock Rapids.

Miss Rudie Rippeberger is visiting with relatives and friends in Chicago.

W.C. Thom, of Rushmore, was calling on Worthington friends Saturday.

Mrs. Ada Moen, of Heron Lake, spent Sunday with L.W. Abbott and family.

Miss Winnifred Dempsey spent Friday evening with Worthington friends.

Louis Horwitz, of Sibley, was calling on Worthington friends between trains Saturday.

Rev. c.M. Johnson left Monday for Canada. Rev. Ahlberg, of Reading, accompanied him.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Ashim spent the day in Heron Lake, Friday, the guests of friends.

N.H. Elliott was a "rooter" who accompanied the Round Lake ball team to this city Wednesday.

Edward Brickson and wife of Adrian, were Worthington visitors between trains Saturday.

Miss Mary Wilson left Monday for a visit of a couple of weeks with relatives at Hatfield, Minn.

J.E. Taylor and Wm. Burkholder returned last week from Wyoming, where they filed upon claims.

Miss Myrtle Selby departed Monday for a visit with her grandfather, G.W. Selby, at Brewster.

Miss Helen Ludlow went up to Rushmore Wednesday for a short visit with her brother J.B. Ludlow, and family.

Miss Katherine Bisanz went to Mankato, Saturday night, and will attend the summer term of school at the Normal.

George Wyckoff, who has been attending the University of Minnesota, returned home for the summer vacation Sunday night.

John Buse, of Reading, returned Saturday from an extended trip through Arkansas, Oklahoma and other southern states.

An operation was performed Wednesday morning on Miss Bertha Leins, of Adrian, at which time a badly infected appendix was removed.

The Degree of Honor will give a tea at the home of Mrs. W.S. Wyatt on Tuesday afternoon, June 22. Serving will begin at three o'clock.

Louis Smith and family, of Liscomb, Iowa, have been visiting the families of N.H. Elliott and E.A. Tripp at Round Lake the past week.

Fred Jatho and wife, of Holstein, Iowa, arrived Friday for a visit with the Kasdorf and Wasmund families and other relatives in Dewald township.

E.C. Pannel and son, Harry left Sunday for Drinkwater, Canada, where they will visit with Mr. Pannell's three sons, who are located at that place.

Miss Kate Galvin, of Rushmore, one of the contestants in the Advance-Herald piano contest was in the city Saturday and favored this office with a call.

Mrs. Charles Wilkinson, who has been making her home in Spokane, Wash., the past year, returned to Worthington, Friday for an extended visit with relatives.

Mrs. E. Hesselroth and daughter, of Kinbrae, visited in the city Thursday and Friday.

George Harker, of Spirit Lake, transacted business in Worthington Thursday.

Mrs. J.H. West, accompanied by her children, departed Saturday morning for the home of her parents at Harlan, Iowa, having been summoned to that place by the illness of her mother.

Mrs. s.E. Glenn and granddaughter, Miss Hazel Glenn, arrived in Worthington Thursday night and will reside here in the future. Mrs. Glenn is the mother of John Glenn of the Advance-Herald force.

After a long and tedious term at the Heron Lake hospital, C.B. Fairfield returned home, Tuesday. He is still weak but, considering the gravity of the case, he is doing well. --St. James Journal-Gazette.

Miss Goldie Dring left Friday for a visit with her son, Harris, at Minneapolis. She will also spend a few days with Mr. and Mrs. H.c. Beckley.

Sterling Lawton, who has been attending Morningside college at Sioux City returned home Friday. He has taken a position for the summer with a well-known magazine and will place their proposition before the people.

Mrs. Thos. Dovery and children, of Twin Falls, Idaho, who have been guests of L.W. Abbott and family, left Monday morning for Mrs. Dovery's former home at Barron, Wis., where they will spend the summer with relatives.

Ross Meader, of Sibley, was circulating among Worthington friends business trip to Wilmont. Ross was very much interested in the mechanism of a certain automobile owned in this city, and we may expect at any time to hear of his investing.

Robert Reed returned last evening to his home at Worthington, having completed the installation of new shelving, etc., in Martin Bros. store. It is the intention of the new firm to move over from Worthington within the week. --Ellsworth News.

C.J. Hanstrom and daughter, Mildred, arrived in the city Thursday from Shelby, S.D. Mr. Hilstrom returned to his South Dakota home Friday, after spending the day with P.J. Nelson and wife, but Mildred will remain for some time and make her home with Mr. and Mrs. Nelson. [Note 2 different spellings: Hanstrom/Hilstrom.]

E.M. Horton, left Saturday for his future home in Elmore. Mr. Horton, who has been employed as conductor on the Sioux Falls branch, has been transferred to the Elmore branch, necessitating the change of residence. His daughter, Ella, left Monday.

The annual revival meeting will be held in the Swedish Mission church in this city for three days, commencing, Friday evening, June 25th. There will be three meetings Saturday and Sunday. Among the speakers who are to be present are A.G. Sporrong, of Sioux City, Oscar Dahlberg, of Ogden, Utah, and Joseph V. Johnson, of Mankato.

Cards have been received here announcing the marriage on June 7th at Belle Fourche, S.D., of Walter Teal Wyckoff, son of S.V. Wykoff, of this city, and Miss Helen Irene Hanson, of Belle Fourche. The groom is well and favorably known to Worthington people and is engaged in the plumbing business at the place where the ceremony was performed.

Mrs. Lavina Freyborg, wife of Peter Freyborg, of Ellsworth, was committed to the State Insane hospital, at St. Peter, last Friday morning. Mrs. Freyborg has been an inmate of the hospital on a previous occasion, but has been discharged as cured, but recently a recurrence of her malady appeared, making it necessary to return her to the hospital.

Emma Giles, a six-year-old girl whose parents reside near the Rock Island depot, accidentally ran one of the tines of a pitchfork through her left foot Wednesday. The tot was attempting to drive the fork into the ground and struck the foot instead, the sharp point penetrating clear through that member. The wound is a painful one but as surgical attention was at once secured, no permanent ill-effects are anticipated.

The Sanger Carnival Co., which is exhibiting in Luverne this week, spent Sunday afternoon in Worthington, having come this far on the journey from Sheldon. There is in the neighborhood of one hundred persons connected with the organization in the various capacities, and naturally their descent upon the city without announcement filled all available hotel space until their departure at 4:20 Monday morning.

C.M. Crandall and family left Friday night for their new home at Boise, Idaho. Mr. Crandall had expected to leave on the 8th inst., but the job of packing was more than he had reckoned on, and he was delayed. He will probably engage in the practice of law in his new location, but will return to Worthington for the next term of district court, having considerable unfinished legal business which will come before that tribunal.

Loveless-Black Nuptials

At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Loveless, at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, occurred the marriage of Miss Alida J. Loveless and Mr. J. Milton Black. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Wm. M. Jennings, D.D., in the presence of the immediate families of the contracting couple.

The happy couple left on the afternoon train for Sioux Falls, from whence they went to Duluth on the wedding trip. Upon their return they will go to housekeeping in the home they have fitted up on Seventh avenue, and will be at home to their many friends after July 15th.

Dr. B.O. Mark [Mork?] went to Jackson Saturday, making the trip in his auto. The doctor was a witness in the case of the State vs. Adrian and Mark Jenkins, for the brutal assault upon Henry Diehn, near Round Lake. The preliminary hearing was to have taken place Saturday, but the attorney for the defendant insisted that all testimony be taken down verbatim, and as it was impossible to secure a stenographer, the case was postponed until Wednesday.

The M.E. Sunday School picnic was held Wednesday under difficulties. It was at first planned to have it at Moeller's and to make the trip to and from Mr. Moeller's country home in autos, but the heavy rain of the early morning made that course impractical. after the weather had cleared up it was decided to hold a picnic supper in the park. A number of members of the Sunday school assembled for the purpose when rain again interfered and drove the picnickers into the pavilion, where the supper was served and greatly enjoyed.

Mrs. C.F. Kuehne and the children went to Worthington, Friday, and on Saturday were joined by Mr. Kuehne. Mrs. S.G. Palmer and two of the children also went up Friday morning; Fern Palmer Saturday morning and Mayor Palmer Saturday evening. Mrs. Gertrude Mishler graduated from the Worthington high school, Friday evening and the delegation from here went up to assist in celebrating the event, all being relatives. These people have more genuine pleasure in mingling together than any families we know of in this locality. --Lake Park News.

Local Intelligence

Miss Lizzie Ryan is spending a brief vacation with friends in Ellsworth.

I.F. Kelley left Monday night for Minneapolis on auto business.

Mrs. I.L. Hanson, of Fulda, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. John Wilson.

H.D. Barnard, of Reading, was in the city Tuesday on a business mission.

J.H. West went down to Sioux City Tuesday on a business mission.

Peter Doeden, of Brewster, spent Sunday with Worthington friends.

Mrs. Dr. J.N. Gould is a patient at the Worthington hospital.

Mrs. S.T. Wood, of Rushmore, was calling on Worthington friends Tuesday.

E.B. Ulrich, of Cambridge, Ohio, is now employed at the Thomte barber shop.

Mrs. A.C. Dickens returned Monday from a visit with her mother at Heron Lake.

Mrs. Ray Weimerscirsch, of Sibley, spent Tuesday with Worthington friends.

Miss Edna Everett, of Ames, Iowa, is visiting her sister, Mrs. L.R. Gholz, this week.

George Hoffman, of Faribault, is the guest this week of Dr. C.P. Dolan and family.

Miss Hannah Nelson, of Windom, spent Sunday with her brother, Ross, and family.

Mrs. Charles Sowles and daughter, Ruby, left Monday for a visit with relatives in Duluth.

M.B. Dunn, deputy game warden, of Jackson, was in the city Tuesday evening.

Miss Lora Meyers departed Wednesday for a short visit with relatives at Sioux Falls.

Mrs. W.T. Hayes went to Pipestone Wednesday where she will remain for the summer.

Mrs. C.H. Saulpaugh, of Mankato, is the guest of Samuel Allen and family this week.

Rev. and Mrs. Ira Alvord returned home Tuesday from a visit with Pipestone relatives.

Will Fagerstrom is spending a few days with Minneapolis friends, departing Saturday night.

J.H. Bryden went to Rock Rapids, Iowa, Friday on a business mission, returning home Monday.

H.A. Eames, of Webster City, Iowa, was transacting business in Worthington Monday.

J.A. Town went to Fairmont Wednesday to attend the District encampment of the G.A.R.

Good top buggy and harness for sale cheap. Call at our office. Kay Bros. Office over postoffice.

An operation was performed on Mrs. Joseph Martin at the Worthington hospital Wednesday morning.

Frank Weatherwax, mayor of Mason City, Iowa, visited at the G.W. Patterson home Wednesday.

Harry Hobson and wife and daughter, Vivian, are spending a few days with friends in Sioux Falls.

James Mann is substituting on Route No. 3 this week in the absence of the regular carrier, Lee Leonard.

Mrs. Ivan Erickson left Tuesday afternoon for Sioux City, where they will visit with relatives for a days.

C.E. Sims and wife returned home Sunday morning from a visit with relatives at Lincoln and Urbana, Ill.

Mrs. Charles Rowell, of Onawa, Iowa, is spending a few days with Mrs. M.P. Mann and other friends in this city.

W.E. Larimore went up to Brewster Sunday. Mr. Larimore is engaged in doing some work for T.E. Bly at that place.

William Hommas, of Des Moines, returned home Tuesday after a visit with his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Tryon.

Lloyd Buchan left Friday night for Washington, where he will spend the summer with his father, W.F. Buchan.

Mrs. R. More, of Wayzata, Minn., arrive in the city Tuesday afternoon and is the guest of J.P. Loveless and family.

Mrs. Mike Carrigan, of Adrian, came over Tuesday afternoon for a visit with her sister, Mrs. A.M. Renner.

Mrs. Aaron Wensberg, of Mankato, arrived Sunday and is the guest of her parents, A. Nazarenus and wife, of Elk township.

Ray Sims, a former Worthington boy, now a resident of Sheldon, Iowa, was visiting with Worthington friends this week.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Malenke, on Route 1, was made happy last Friday on account of the arrival of a baby girl.

Miss Minnie Shattuck went to Mankato Tuesday to attend the state meeting of the Minnesota Music Teachers' Association.

Miss Thea Olson, of St. Peter, arrived Sunday afternoon and will visit for a short time with her sister, Mrs. Elmer Kyser.

Mrs. Francis Nichol returned home Tuesday afternoon from Adrian, where she has been visiting with relatives for past month.

Miss Ethel Black, of Rushmore, came down Tuesday to be present at the marriage of her brother and Miss Alida Loveless.

Miss Alice Jones returned to her home in St. Paul Tuesday after a season as trimmer at Mrs. E.L. Gillette's millinery store.

Wesley Rippeberger, after a few days spent with his parents in this city, left Wednesday for Sioux City, where he has accepted a position.

Miss Edith Cale returned home from Cottonwood, Minn., on Thursday of last week. She has been engaged in school work in that village.

Mrs. Rev. Ripley, of Pueblo, Col., arrived in the city Wednesday for a visit with her sister, Mrs. Dr. P.T. Geyerman, and other relatives.

Dr. Jennings went to Pipestone Wednesday where he delivered the opening address to the Christian Endeavor Convention on "The Ideals of Life."

George Lemon, of Reading, a sufferer from appendicitis, was operated on at the Worthington hospital and the offending member removed Friday.

Henry Cortes was discharged from the Worthington hospital Wednesday having fully recovered from an operation for appendicitis performed last week.

Mrs. L.H. Gray spent a few days this week with Rushmore friends. Upon her return Wednesday she was accompanied by Miss Clara Ackerman, of that place.

Miss Ameliae Bahlke returned home Tuesday from a month's vacation spent with friends at Pipestone, Rochester, Mankato and other points in the state.

Dr. A.E. Spalding, of Luverne, was the guest between trains Tuesday of Dr. C.P. Dolan, stopping off here on his way to Rochester on professional business.

Miss Nancy Clark went to Pipestone Wednesday afternoon as a delegate from the Presbyterian Christian Endeavor Society of this city to the C.E. convention.

Ivan Erickson started Tuesday night for his native home of Christiana, Norway. He was accompanied by his young son and will be absent for several months.

Mrs. Olaf Nelson, who recently underwent the ordeal of a surgical operation at the city hospital, has fully recovered, and departed for her home at Hills, Wednesday.

"Neglected Opportunities" is the subject for the Epworth League at the Methodist church next Sunday evening. All members are requested to come and bring their friends.

Mrs. Dr. W.J. Dodge submitted to an operation Wednesday morning at the Worthington hospital for appendicitis. The operation was successful and she is getting along nicely.

Miss Mary Ryan, who is engaged as a trained nurse at Sioux City, spent a couple of days this week with her mother, Mrs. Mary Ryan, returning home Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. Ivan Erickson returned Monday from a brief visit with relatives at Adrian. Her sister, Miss Maud Anderson returned with her and will be her guest for a short time.

The body of Jesse Gregg, a night watchman of Mitchell, who suicided Monday afternoon, was transferred at this point Wednesday, enroute to Rome, N.Y. for interment.

Mrs. E.J. Helmick is entertaining Mrs. J.S. Holverson of Fulda, who arrived in the city Wednesday from Rock Rapids, Iowa, where she had been visiting with friends.

Mrs. W.M. Jennings and children have gone to Brookings, S.D., for a few days' visit at the home of Prof. Whitehead. They will return Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Roy Smith, of Wilmont and L.G. Chizum of Adrian, were in the city Tuesday between trains on their way to St. Paul, where they go as delegates to the I.O.O.F. grand lodge.

C. Korslund, of Livermore, Iowa, Leon Vincent and E.H. Rich, of Ft. Dodge, Iowa, were in the city Tuesday and Wednesday on business connected with the Worthington State Bank.

Wesley Rippberger arrived home Thursday for a visit with his parents. Wesley has been making a tour of the west and south, but has for some time been located at Kansas City.

Stanley Moore went to Mankato Tuesday morning, from which place he accompanied the Mankato Elks to Faribault, at which place a new lodge of B.P.O.E. was instituted Tuesday night.

The Worthington Concert band gave the first of the regular weekly concerts on the court house lawn Monday evening. The music, together with the excellent weather, brought out a large crowd.

At the Presbyterian church next Sunday, Rev. William M. Jennings, D.D., will preach morning and evening. His evening subject will be: "Neglect Insures the Disaster of Death."

Lee Leonard and Fred Dahlheim left Tuesday afternoon for St. Paul. Mr. Leonard goes as a delegate to the Grand Lodge of the I.O.O.F. and Mr. Dahlheim accompanies him as a visitor.

G.R. Lawrence, who recently purchased the Chaney & Mackay furniture store, has rented the Ronan property, lately vacated by conductor Harvey Henton, and will start housekeeping in the near future.

Mrs. E. Rumsey, of San Diego, Cal., who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Mark Marden, departed Tuesday for Red Rock, Minn., where she will spend several weeks with relatives before returning to her western home.

Mrs. L.D. Veltum came down from St. Paul Tuesday, visiting with her parents, A.A. Goodrich and wife until Wednesday afternoon at which time Mesdames Goodrich and Veltum left for an extended visit with friends at Denver, Col.

Mrs. Donald Pettit, of Backoo, N.D., arrived Tuesday, being called here by the critical illness of her sister, Miss Belle Dow. Miss Dow underwent an operation Sunday for the removal of an abscess, and is now improving slowly.

Miss Minnie Carstens, of Wilmont is at the Worthington hospital suffering from an attack of blood poisoning. Some time ago she scratched her hand on a rusty nail and the infection set in and has caused her a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Local Intelligence

Robt. Smith was operated on this week at the Worthington hospital to secure relief from throat trouble.

A "rough house" occurred Monday in Ewington township, Jackson county, between a ditcher named Wintery and Herb Horton, who formerly resided here. After the fracas a Worthington physician was called to patch up Wintery, but upon arrival found that the worst wound was to his feelings.

Ernest Meier, of Hartley, Iowa, a brother of Louis Meier, who resides on the Rew farm, near Org, was in the city the first of the week seeking medical advice. He returned to his home satisfied with the diagnosis of the local physicians and will shortly come to Worthington and enter a hospital for treatment.

Miss Alice Bloom departed Tuesday for Pipestone where she goes as a delegate to the C.E. convention from the Congregational church of this city. The convention is in session from the 16th to the 18th, inclusive. From Pipestone, Miss Bloom will go to Woodstock and Holland, where she will visit for a few days with friends before returning home.

The Worthington Concert band has been engaged to furnish music for the Fourth of July celebration at Windom. The town up the line will celebrate the national birthday on July 5th and is making preparations for a big time. Clarence Dinehart will be the speaker of the day and sports and amusements of all kinds, including baseball, horse races, etc., will be a part of the program.

A band of gypsies struck town Wednesday morning and as is usual with that class of nomads, the women of the party at once began a begging tour of the business section of the city. They had just gotten nicely started when Sheriff Fauskee put in an appearance and in polite, but convincing manner persuaded them that the entire outfit was needed elsewhere. They took the hint and made a hasty exit.

John Ramage and wife departed Tuesday for a trip through the west. They went from here to Sheldon, where they will be the guest of friends for a few days, after which they will go to California by way of Denver and Salt Lake. After a short sojourn in that state, they will return by way of Seattle and Portland, taking in the sights of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition. They expect to be absent about a month.

Something went wrong with the mechanism of J.T. Smallwood's auto Tuesday afternoon, and he brought up against one of the trees along the court house walk on third avenue. He succeeded in stopping the machine, however, before any real damage was done. One of he mud guards was a trifle bent by the impact. S.M. Stewart says he thought Jet was trying to give the machine a drink and missed the fountain.

Martin Bros. shipped the balance of their stock and their household goods to Ellsworth Tuesday. M.J. Martin and family left Wednesday morning for that place. the Martins will engage in the general merchandise business at Ellsworth and we bespeak for them a liberal share of the patronage of that village. Ellsworth people will find them honorable, upright business men, and the families will be valuable acquisition to the village.

J.S. Frink returned home Saturday night from Sioux City, Iowa and Hudson, S.D., at which places he participated in shooting tournaments. Although he did not break any records, he succeeded in making some excellent scores in extremely fast company. Jack left last night for Chicago, where he takes part in the American Handicap shoot. On his way to Chicago he will stop off for a day's visit with W.V. Hubbard, a former Worthington resident, at Pecatonnica, Ill.

Otto Wenstrom, of St. James, was in the city Tuesday attending to the publicity work for the M.W.A. Picnic at St. James, which is to be held on June 24th. Camp 1538, of that city is making elaborate preparations to entertain a large crowd and have arranged an excellent program for the entertainment of their guests. Lieutenant Governor A.O. Eberhart and humorist W.I. Nolan have been engaged for addresses, and drills, baseball games, band contests, dancing, etc., will add to the pleasure of the visitors. Arrangements have been made for a special train to leave Worthington at 7:30 a.m., which will make all stops and returning will leave St. James at 9 p.m.

Tom Palmer, Jrs., had the misfortune to saw off the end of the thumb on his left hand Tuesday morning. The little fellow was engaged in the manufacture of an "automobubble" and inadvertly (sic) got the digit under the blade of the saw in such a manner as to completely sever the member just back of the nail. Mrs. Palmer was away from home at the time of the accident, but the domestic summoned a physician, who rendered the necessary surgical assistance, and in a short time the lad was back trying to manufacture the "automobubble" with one hand. However, he has given up the idea of making an auto until such time as the injured hand is healed sufficiently to permit of its use.

 Local disciples of Walton have been engaged this week in attempting to classify a fish caught by W.I. Humiston at Lake Ocheda Sunday. The fish is a stranger to this section and all the known varieties have been closely examined, but still it remains in a class by itself. The fins and tail are red, red spots appear in the eyes, and there is a reddish color dominant throughout the entire body. It is about the size of a large perch but the resemblance ends there. Each nimrod that views the strange animal suggests a different  name, and Harry Hobson, who now has it in his possession is searching numerous authorities in an endeavor to discover its pedigree. It is a strange fish and is attracting a great deal of attention and comment.

Friday, June 25, 1909


S. Kindlund was a business visitor to Dundee Monday.

Senator E.L. Canfield, of Luverne, was in the city Tuesday.

Sheriff Frank Stevens, of Sibley, was in the city Wednesday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Will, of Iowa are guests of B.S. Uden and wife.

Mrs. M.C. Carr left Tuesday morning for a visit with Minneapolis friends.

R. Geyerman, of Brewster, was transacting business in this city Tuesday.

Miss Carrie Bish left Tuesday for a couple of weeks' visit with Brewster friends.

A new boy arrived at the home of A. Sullwold, the chiropractic, last Sunday morning.

E.J. Wolven left Wednesday for Minneapolis, where he will visit for a few days.

Herman Hart made a business trip to Mitchell and other South Dakota points Monday.

Mrs. Dr. Clark and daughter, Edith, went up to Heron Lake Tuesday morning for a visit with relatives.

J.A. Cashel, wife and baby left Wednesday afternoon for a week's visit with relatives at Winona.

James Devaney, of Dell Rapids, S.D., is the guest of his brother, Will, and other relatives in Worthington.

Mrs. S.M. Stewart returned home Tuesday morning from a visit with relatives at Chicago, Ill., and Burlington, Wis.

G.C. Moyer, of Little Rock, Iowa, came up Saturday for an over-Sunday visit with his brother, northeast of town.

Mrs. J.S. Tolverson returned to her home in Fulda Saturday after a pleasant visit with E.J. Helmick and family.

A number of the young folks from Worthington attended the social at the home of Will Olson, in Indian Lake Thursday night.

Mrs. E. Swartwood and Miss Hazel, left Tuesday, for Currie where they will spend the ensuing two weeks visiting with friends.

Mrs. Ned Jones and children returned home Tuesday afternoon after a pleasant two weeks visit with relatives at Humboldt, Iowa.

John Mosher, of Minneapolis, son of Wm. Mosher, of this city, was calling on friends and visiting with relatives in this city Wednesday.

Miss Anna Ellingson went to Waseca, Minn., Tuesday to be present at the marriage of her cousin, Miss Dora Johnson, which took place Wednesday.

Send a postal card to Valder College, at Decorah, Iowa, for the handsomest catalogue ever sent out by a western school. Business, Shorthand and Normal.

Mrs. J. Suddaby went to the twin cities Sunday night and remained until Tuesday on business connected with the millinery firm of Hawley & Suddaby.

Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Whipke, who reside on the McKeever place, east of town are happy over the arrival of a daughter, who made her debut Wednesday morning.

Miss Anna Graves went to Luverne Monday afternoon for a few day's visit with friends and to be present at the wedding Wednesday of Mr. Iver Skyberg and Miss Agnes Anson.

Mrs. C.H. Saulpaugh, of Mankato, returned home Friday, after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Allen, and sisters, Mrs. Stanley Moore and Mrs. W.W. Loveless. She was accompanied by Will Loveless, who will visit for a time in Mankato.

Misses Lottie Kall, Emma and Jennie Strom, Mabel Kunzman, Eureka Solbom and Mrs. Roy Newman, were passengers for Org Friday to attend the social at the home of P.C. Anderson.

The tower, cornice, door and window casings, etc., of the court house are being repainted. C. Synkerson and a force of workmen are busily engaged at the work, and a first-class job is assured.

Children's Day exercises will be held at the Congregational church at the hour of morning service. Rev. J.A. DeRome, of Towner, North Dakota, will take part in the service and will preach in the evening.

The Baptist Sunday school held its annual picnic at the home of Charles King, at Org Wednesday. A large portion of the members braved the threatening weather and were rewarded by a most enjoyable time.

Henry Cotton, of Mapleton, Minn., arrived in the city Monday and has accepted the position of buttermaker at the Worthington Creamery, taking the place of Oscar Nebel, who has gone to Beaver to accept a similar position.

Miss Myrtle Selby departed Wednesday for Edgemont, S.D., where she will spend the summer with her parents, who are now located on a claim at that place. She will return to Worthington for the school year of 1909-10.

Rev. Darnell, former pastor of the Baptist church of this city was renewing acquaintances in Worthington this week. Mrs. Darnell, who has been quite ill for some time, but is now convalescent, has been the guest of Mrs. Alma Peterson and other friends in the city for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Gardner, of Kinbrae, were in the city Wednesday and made this office a pleasant call. Mrs. Gardner is one of the leaders in the Advance-Herald piano contest, and while in the city added several new names to the subscription list of the paper and several thousand votes to her standing in the contest.

Fifty-nine tickets were sold from this point for the special train to the Woodman picnic at St. James yesterday morning. Most of this number was for transportation for the Worthington Concert band and the Indian Lake band, the majority of the pleasure seekers going up on the regular train at ten o'clock.

The Men's Sunday Club will have a special program next Sunday at the Congregational church from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. Drs. Jennings and Cahoon and Rev. Alvord will each give a short talk. Mrs. L.H. Gray has consented to give one of her famous readings. The male quartette will sing and there will be piano solos and other music. Ladies Day. Everybody invited.

Mankato has established a chain gang to work upon the streets. The move is made in order to make that city an undesirable abiding place for the tramp, hobo and professional beggar. A large healthy rock pile will soon be added, and it is safe to say that as soon as the news of the innovation becomes noised about in trampdom, Mankato will be scratched off the visiting list of these undesirables.

Miss Martha Peterson, of Worthington, and Aaron Anderson, of Los Angeles, Cal., were quietly married at the home of the bride Wednesday afternoon. The ceremony was performed in the presence of the immediate relatives and a few friends by the Rev. C.M. Johnson, of the Swedish Mission church. The happy couple left on the afternoon train for California, where they will make their future home.

Will Cain, a brakeman on the Rock Island is laid up as a result of injuries received in a peculiar manner. While at work Wednesday the coupling between two cars broke just as he attempted to step from one to the other. In order to prevent going down between them he was compelled to jump off to the side of the track, landing in such a way as to bruise one foot severely, and turn an ankle, which will give him an enforced vacation of a week or ten days.

Ruth Christensen, daughter of William Christensen, celebrated her twelfth birthday last Sunday. A number of her young friends were invited to spend the day with her, and these presented her with a beautiful rocker as a token of esteem. At the noon hour a fine dinner was served, which was greatly enjoyed by the young folks, but an elaborate supper had to be forgone owing to the threatening clouds, which caused them to depart for their several homes rather prematurely.

A couple of Indians, a squaw and a buck were in the city Tuesday afternoon selling trinkets of bead work and other handiwork of their tribes. They disposed of quite a lot of their gaudy offerings at good prices, most of it being purchased by travelers at the depot. The Indians were fairly well educated, well along in years, and dressed in the garments of their white brothers, and aside from their swarthy complexions and the general contour of their features did not look the part of "Poor Lo."

Dr. Weidow has the distinction of being the first owner of an auto to equip same with electric lights. The change was made Friday of last week, the machine being fitted with two Tungsten lights in the front lamps. The auto appeared on the street Friday night with the innovation and attracted considerable attention. The power is furnished by the same batteries that are used for the ignition and the lights can be thrown on or off at the will of the operator by the throwing of a switch, and without leaving the car.

William A. McKinney, of this city, and Miss Luella Burton, of Ashton, were quietly married yesterday at the home of a relative of the bride at Minneapolis. The groom is the popular baggage master and express messenger on the Sioux Falls branch, and is well and favorably known, as a man of excellent habits and genial personality. The bride has for some time conducted a millinery establishment at Ashton, and has many friends in this city, having visited here on several occasions. Hearty congratulations and well wishes are extended not alone by the Advance-Herald but all friends as well.

Sheriff Fred Jones, of Spirit Lake, Iowa, was registered at the Worthington hotel Tuesday night. Mr. Jones had just received word that Mary Roth and Jessie Dougherty, of the same place, had been placed under arrest at St. James, in answer to communications sent out, charging them with being implicated in the death of a few days' old babe, whose body was found in Lake Okaboji. It is claimed that one of the girls is the mother of the infant, and took this means of disposing of the child to hide her shame. Sheriff Jones went up to St. James Wednesday morning to secure the prisoners and return them to Iowa for trial.

The traveling expert for the New Home Sewing Machine Co. will be at Geo. R. Lawrence's furniture store (successor to Chaney & Mackay) on July 1st. He will clean and repair all "New Home" sewing machines free. There will be no charges made for the work. The only charge that will be made will be for a new shuttle if needed or any part that should be replaced. Bring the head or the whole machine to our store not later than June 30th. This is a rare opportunity to have your machine put in first-class order by the best sewing machine adjuster in the country. This expert is in the employ of the New Home Sewing Machine Co. and must be first-class to hold so responsible a position. Call us up on the phone, or come in and ask us about the proposition. Geo. R. Lawrence, (Successor to Chaney & Mackay) Worthington, Minn.

Scaffol Broke

Robert Reed and Gay Allen were victims of an accident Wednesday morning which fortunately did not have any serious results, although Mr. Allen will nurse several sore spots for some time. The gentlemen were engaged in constructing an automobile shed for the use of Dr. Dolan, upon the rear of his lot at his residence. The structure had reached the point where the carpenters were putting on the roof, and while thus engaged, the nails holding the scaffold upon which they were standing gave way, precipitating them to the ground, about eight feet below. Mr. Reed landed in the soft earth, and escaped injury, but Mr. Allen was not so fortunate. He fell in such a manner that he landed on his back upon a small pile of lumber, which struck just over the kidneys, rendering him unconscious for about five minutes.

He was assisted to the house upon his recovery and when the reporter called on him was seated in a rocking chair, and expressed himself as felling pretty sore. He was able to resume work, however, the next day, handicapped of course by the soreness which would naturally follow an injury of the character received.

Local Intelligence

Ned Jones was a business visitor to Bigelow Saturday.

J.T. Johnson was a business visitor from Windom Friday.

For Sale -- Heavy brass trimmed harness. Lee B. Leonard.

F.C. Brace made a business trip to Mankato Saturday night.

W.C. Wyatt was a county seat visitor from Bigelow Monday.

Dr. F.M. Manson went up to Minneapolis Monday on a business mission.

Mrs. Elon Williamson spent several days last week with Luverne friends.

Henry Hanson, of Luverne, was the guest of friends in the city Saturday.

Charles Ashbaugh was a caller in this city from Rushmore Saturday.

Frank Ennenga, of Little Rock, Ia., paid a business call to this city Friday.

Clint Rickabaugh, of Sibley, was transacting business in this city Saturday.

Mrs. A.F. Collins returned home Saturday from a visit at the twin cities.

Misses Ellen and Evelyn Anderson were guests of Rushmore friends this week.

Prof. C.S. Jones and wife, of Dundee, were in the city for a short time Friday.

Mrs. Guy Hancock, of Minneapolis, was the guest of relatives in this city last week.

Mrs. L.F. Sprague, of Luverne, was the guest of friends in Worthington Sunday.

M.L. Holbrook has taken up his residence in the rooms recently vacated by M.J. Martin.

L.J. Gibson, of Beaver Creek, spent several days this week transacting business in Worthington.

Jean Albertus returned home Saturday from a visit of a couple of weeks with Jackson relatives.

George Wyckoff departed Monday afternoon for Deadwood, S.D., where he has obtained a situation.

Mrs. J.S. Cochs, of Windom, returned home Monday from a brief visit with Worthington relatives.

Mrs. Selina Martin left the first of the week to spend several weeks with relatives at Somerset, Wis.

Mrs. K.V. Mitchell, who has been visiting relatives in Spencer, Iowa, returned home Monday afternoon.

Joy and Gladys Tripp left Saturday for a visit with the family of their uncle, C.J. Riley at Sioux Falls.

Mesdames J.J. Carey and W.O. Tilman, of Wilmont, were guests of friends in Worthington Friday.

Five room cottage for rent or sale on very easy payments. Inquire of Tom Hogan at Western Implement Co.

Garrett Ellerbroek, of Sibley, was in the city Saturday between trains on his way to Magnolia to land business.

Earl Barkelew left Sunday night for Sioux Falls, where he has accepted a position in a baking establishment.

Mrs. Mike Carrigan returned to her home in Adrian Saturday after a visit with her sister, Mrs. A.M. Renner.

Ray Wolven has been doing some effective advertising for the Chautauqua in the neighboring towns the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Corncross left Friday night for Lodi, Wis., where they will be the guests of relatives for a short time.

R. Wallace and wife departed for Minneapolis Monday afternoon, and will reside in that city in the future. Mr. Wallace, who has been employed as brakeman on the branch, has been transferred to a run out of the Mill city.

The bath house has been liberally patronized by bathers during the past week and the warm weather has made the water fine.

J.W. Jones, district agent for the Provident Life and Trust Co., left Saturday for an over-Sunday visit with his relatives at Fulda.

Mrs. R. Moore, of Wayzata, Minn., returned to her home Monday night after a week's visit with her sister, Mrs. J.P. Loveless.

Miss Emma Watson, who has been the guest for several months of her sister, Mrs. R.L. Morland, returned home Saturday morning.

George and Alice Rugg, of Artesian, S.D., who have been visiting at the Harvey Rew home, left Saturday for a visit with Luverne friends.

John Sickler, of Fairmont, who has been visiting his daughter, Mrs. C.R. Bishop, left Saturday morning for a visit with relatives at Lakefield.

Amos Todd, who is now looking after the peace and dignity of Beaver Creek in the capacity of town marshall, spent Sunday with his family in this city.

Oscar Nebel departed Monday morning for Beaver Creek, at which place he will act as manager and buttermaker at the creamery at that place.

Walter T. Wyckoff and bride, of Belle Fourche, S.D., spent several days last week with the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.V. Wyckoff.

P.D. Moore, who is engaged with A.P. Rose, in getting out the history of Jackson county, came over from Jackson Sunday and spent the day calling on friends.

Miss Christina Nelson, of Grove City, Minn., visited over Sunday with her brother, P.J. Nelson, and family, and left Monday afternoon for a few days' visit with friends at Luverne.

Mrs. K.W. Johnson and daughter, May, of Wessington Springs, S.D., the former a sister-in-law of Mrs. Henry Stephens, came last Friday for a weeks' visit at the Stephens home.

The branch of the Western Implement Co., at Fulda, has been sold to M.J. Dixon, of that place. A.M. Renner went up Monday to take an invoice and make a transfer of the property.

John F. Flynn returned to Worthington Saturday after a prolonged business trip to Vale, Ore. Mr. Flynn has extensive land interests in that section and has been kept busy looking after the same.

Ivan Pettit, who is engaged as manager of a meat market at Trosky, Minn., spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. G.V. Pettit, leaving Sunday night for St. Paul where he will visit for a few days.

Mrs. E.E. Beckley, of Blue Earth, who was called here by the death of her father a couple of weeks ago, and has since been the guest of her sister, Mrs. M.P. Mann, departed for her home Saturday.

Mrs. Sarah Murray, of Sioux City, who has been the guest of her brother, J.A. Smith, and family, returned to her home Monday afternoon. Mr. Smith accompanied her and will visit with her for a few days.

Mrs. G.A. Lincoln left Monday for her home in Worthington, after being here for a short visit with her sister, Mrs. G.A. Bradford. Miss Lois Bradford accompanied her to spend the summer. --St. James Plaindealer.

Revs. Pottsmith, of Brewster, and Stevens, of Reading, exchanged pulpits last Sunday and on Monday both were in Worthington on their return journey and were guests of Rev. Jennings during their brief stay in the city.

Elon Williamson is limping around these days with the assistance of a cane. Saturday he had the misfortune to step upon a nail, which penetrated through his shoe and entered his right foot, inflicting a painful wound.

A sacred concert will be given at the Methodist church next Sunday evening under the direction of Miss Eva Chrysler. The entire evening service will be given over to the musical program. All are cordially invited to be present.

W.R. Rogers and wife, of Mapleton, are registered at the Hotel Worthington, and will remain in the city for several days. Mr. Rogers is looking about with a view to engaging in the mercantile life of Worthington, although he has not as yet made any definite arrangements.

Mrs. I.N. Wilson has been entertaining Miss Emma Madison the past week. Miss Madison left Tuesday for Sibley, where she will visit for a short time before returning to her home north of that town.

Miss Fuhlbigger, of Mankato, a trained nurse who came to Worthington to assist in the care of Miss Belle Dow, was summoned to Ballaton, Minn., Sunday by a telegram announcing the death of her grandmother.

Mr. and Mrs. F.C. Turner departed Tuesday for a visit with Iowa friends, and before returning will make an extended tour of the west, visiting with a brother of Mrs. Turner, who resides in California, and also taking in the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition at Seattle.

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Black returned to Worthington Saturday night from their honeymoon trip to Duluth, and are now domiciled in their home on seventh avenue. The house was appropriately decorated for their arrival by their friends and neighbors, mottoes, trite sayings and bunting being very much in evidence.

Messrs. S.S. Smith, Fred Humiston, H.R. Tripp, Chas. Hamstreet, and Newton Fauskee attended the dedication of the Jackson county court house Tuesday, making the round trip in Mr. Smith's auto. On the return journey they encountered the heavy rain storm which visited this region, but arrived home safe and sound about the midnight hour.

Robert Smith was over from Worthington Tuesday giving demonstrations with a two-thousand dollar White Steamer. He made a trip to Ellsworth with a party of Adrian gentlemen. Where the roads were nice and smooth the steamer attained a speed of over forty-three miles an hour, which, we should say, is about the limit on country highways. --Adrian Democrat.

Will Thomson who was injured some time ago at the Oliver & Madison farm by falling from a platform, has suffered since that time with a pain in his right side. His physician diagnosed the trouble as appendicitis and on Saturday he submitted to an operation at the Worthington hospital, and the diagnosis was confirmed and the offending member removed. He is now getting along nicely.

The parochial school of the Swedish Lutheran church opened a six-weeks term in the high school building Monday morning, with A.F. Sandquist, of Scandia, Minn., in charge. Twenty-seven pupils reported for the opening, and it is expected that the enrollment will reach forty within a few days. Rev. Sandquist is now in charge of the Swedish Lutheran church in this city in the absence of a regular pastor.

Ab Haffey, the popular brakeman on the Rock Island is taking a vacation. He went down to his home at Rock Rapids Thursday, returning Saturday, and immediately left for Estherville, where he will spend a few days with friends. From Estherville, he will accompany a party of friends to the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition at Seattle, and will also visit several other western cities.

Manly P. Thornton, of Adrian, was in the city Friday. It is Mr. Thornton's intention to locate in Worthington, according to the Nobles County Democrat which says: Attorney C.M. Crandall will leave Worthington in about six weeks for his new home in Boise, Idaho, where he will open a law office. Lawyer Thornton, of Adrian, expects to move to Worthington when Crandall leaves, so the number of attorneys at the county seat will remain the same. Mr. Thornton will maintain an office in Adrian, however, and come over once or twice a week to look after business.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained November, 2007.


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