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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 July, 1909

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Friday, July 2, 1909


Al Wells was a business caller from Brewster Wednesday.

James Messer made a business trip to Minneapolis Wednesday.

Oscar Larson left Saturday for a visit with Fairmont friends.

G.A. Deichman, of Wilmont, was in the city on business Friday.

W.C. Wyatt, of Bigelow, transacted business in this city Wednesday.

B. Klatt, of Sibley, was in Worthington on a business mission Friday.

John Mitchell took in the Farmers' Gala Day at Rushmore, Friday.

Miss Emma Nelson is spending a few days with her parents at Jackson.

Miss Edith Glasgow left Friday for a short visit with friends at Mankato.

Miss Leah May, of Lake Park is a guest this week at the home of J.A. Snyder.

James Goodwin, of Woodstock, was in the city over Sunday, the guest of friends.

D.E. Harvey and Bert Dragoon, of Sheldon, were calling on Worthington friends Sunday.

Edwin and Franklin Swanberg went up to Mankato, Friday for a visit with relatives.

Miss Margaret Mackay returned Friday afternoon from a visit with friends at Minneapolis.

Grant Morrison attended the meeting of the Ticket Agents' Association at Sioux City Friday.

Mrs. J.S. Kies returned Thursday night of last week from a visit with relatives at Chicago.

Miss Mary Phillips went to Castana, Iowa, Friday evening, where she will visit with friends.

Mrs. Maude Grant left Saturday for Rushmore, where she will visit with relatives for a time.

Mrs. A. Hardow and children returned home Saturday from a visit with relatives at Hills, Minn.

Mrs. T.C. Newell, of Adrian, arrived in the city Friday for a visit with Worthington relatives.

___ Herran spent several days this week with friends in the twin cities, returning home Saturday.

S.A. Wheeler, of Hancock, Minn., was calling on friends and transacting business in Worthington Friday.

Miss Bertha Leins, who was operated upon last week for appendicitis, returned to her home in Adrian Tuesday.

Miss Freda Blumgren returned home Saturday from Sioux City, where she has been visiting for the last month.

Misses Emma and Jennie Strom left Sunday night for Redwood Falls, where they will visit with relatives for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Wood, of Mankato, arrived Saturday for a few days visit with their niece, Mrs. J.D. Humiston.

Mrs. Harry Johnson, of Grano, N.D., arrived in the city last week and is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Charles Hamstreet.

Everett Mohl, of Adrian, stopped over for a swim in Lake Okabena Wednesday on his way home from Dundee, where he played with Flint's orchestra the night before.

Mrs. Nellie Mott was here from Worthington and spent Sunday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Earl _oss. --Luverne Journal.

Mrs. W.M. Jennings returned home the latter part of last week from Brookings, S.D., where she had been visiting for a few days.

Mr. [Mrs?] J.S. Frink, who has been visiting relatives in Luverne, during the absence of her husband to Chicago, returned home Wednesday afternoon.

L.B. Converse was a business visitor from Windom Saturday evening.

C.F. Wood, of Windom, was an over-Sunday visitor in Worthington.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dahl, of Ellington, S.D., returned home Saturday after a few days' visit with Mrs. Dahl's sister, Mrs. Charles Hamstreet.

Eric Paul returned home Saturday from a month's vacation spent with relatives and friends at Madison, Wis., Charles City and other Iowa points.

E.C. Pannell and son, Harry, who have been visiting Mr. Pannell's sons, at Drinkwater, Canada, for the past few weeks, returned home Saturday.

George Roeber and daughter, May, of Luverne, were in the city Saturday between trains on their way through to Sioux City for a visit with relatives.

Mrs. A.J. Honeywell, of Wenatchee, Wash., who has been the guest of Mrs. A.C. Dickens for the week left Saturday for Heron Lake, where she will visit friends.

Miss Ella Cloud came home last week from Milwaukee, where she is employed as stenographer, to spend the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Cloud.

Mrs. George E. Brown, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Johnson, left Friday for Minneapolis, where she will visit for a few days before returning home.

A new street light has been put up at the intersection of third avenue and tenth street. The light is composed of four Tungsten burners and makes the corner as bright as day.

Herman Leistico returned Saturday from a business trip to Raymond, Minn., where he went to look at some land. He reports the weather in that section worse than in Nobles county.

Mrs. Charles Olson, of Heron Lake returned to her home Friday after a pleasant visit with Ross Nelson and family. She was accompanied by Miss Elisa Mosseng, of Austin, who has also been a guest at the Nelson home.

Charles Skewis, of Minneapolis, was looking after his elevator interest in Worthington and Nobles county the latter part of last week.

Mrs. Nick Klaras, of Pipestone, arrived in the city Saturday for a visit with friends.

Mrs. E.R. King, of Sioux City, is the guest of A.T. Latta and wife, and will remain until the close of Chautauqua. Her daughter, Leslie, who was a visitor at the Latta home last week, departed Saturday for a visit with St. Paul friends.

Oscar Nebel, of Worthington, the new buttermaker for the Beaver Creek Creamery, arrived Monday and is now in charge. Mr. Nebel is an experienced buttermaker and we feel assured he will give satisfaction to all. --Beaver Creek Banner.

Mrs. A.H. White, formerly a resident of Worthington, but now living at Frederick, S.D., accompanied by her nephew, Everett White, of Aberdeen, S.D., arrived in the city Sunday and will attend the Chautauqua, and spend some time with relatives and friends.

Sheriff Fauskee this week received circulars requesting the arrest of Leon Ling, the murderer of Elsie Sigel in New York, should he happen to come this way. It is hardly probably, however, that the Nobles county official will be called upon to place the recreant Chinaman under arrest.

Nels N. Nelson will run the stand in the bath house pavilion during the present season. Mr. Lloyd Clabough, of Jackson will be in charge. Mr. Nelson will give a series of dances in the pavilion each night during Chautauqua, and if the young folks desire it a number of dances will be given during the season.

Erastus Church arrived Sunday morning from Minneapolis, where he has been a guest of the Soldiers' home for several months. "Ras" looks as though the home agreed with him. He looks considerable younger than when he left, and his step is spyer [spryer?]. He is on furlough, and came down to attend the Chautauqua.

A party of four members of the Sanger Carnival Co., which exhibited at Adrian last week, came over to Worthington Saturday night and spent Sunday enjoying the pleasures to be derived from boating, fishing and bathing in Lake Okabena. Two of the gentlemen proved their skill as fisherman by catching a string of 113 perch in less than an hour and a half Sunday afternoon.

Miss Mabel Price, of Fulda, was in the city Friday calling on friends and soliciting subscriptions for the Pioneer Press, of St. Paul. Miss Price is one of the leaders in the Pioneer Press contest, standing third in the race, and is making a strong bid for the first position. While here she took a number of subscriptions and her friends in the city hope to hear of her landing the coveted prize.

W.A. Cloud was in the city Saturday and favored this office with a call, leaving with us a box of homegrown strawberries that are just a trifle bigger and better than anything in that line we have had the pleasure of sampling this season. The luscious samples are all uniformly large and have a flavor that is above the average. The thanks of the editor are hereby extended for the courtesy.

Joseph Taylor, living four miles west of town, returned last Thursday from Haswell, Colo., where he had been to look at land. He was well pleased with the country and filed on a homestead five miles from Haswell. He expects to move to Colorado about October 1st and occupy his land. Mr. Taylor is impressed with the idea that any one looking for a location can do no better than to go to that part of Colorado, where he has located.

On June 15th, the St. Paul Daily News published a statement to the effect that the Western Implement Co., had gone bankrupt, having lost a lawsuit in which it was defendant, whereby the state sued for $6,000 due for prison twine. The concern is a foreign company, incorporated under the laws of the state of Oklahoma, and has no connection whatever with the Western Implement Company of Worthington and surrounding towns.

W.I. Humiston added a span of Shetland ponies to his collection this week. The little fellows are about the prettiest specimens of diminutive horse flesh in this vicinity, and have attracted a great deal of attention. We have not learned whether or not Will Hawley will have them in charge, but we may expect to hear of his assuming tutorship over them and teaching them all manner of extraordinary things as he has done with the other members of Mr. Humiston's Shetland colony.

Mrs. M.E. Fish left Friday for Spirit Lake, Iowa, where she will spend a few days as the guest of her sister, Mrs. Stillwell. Upon her return journey, she will stop off at Lake Park for a visit with her husband, who is employed at that place.

Ed. Moberg left Friday for Jackson on a business mission. The object of the trip was to arrange matters with A.P. Rose, whereby Ed. becomes a member of the staff engaged in getting out the history of Jackson county.

Banns were published last Sunday in St. Mary's church for the approaching marriage of Mr. James Cary of this city and Miss Claire Cashel of Winona, Minn., formerly a teacher in the Ellsworth schools. --Ellsworth News.
Miss Claire Cashel, spoken of in the above item, is a sister of Attorney J.A. Cashel, of this city, and is well and favorably known here, having visited with her brother on numerous occasions. The ceremony was performed Wednesday at Winona.

Father Sherman, pastor of St. Mary's church, received word Monday morning of the death of Bishop Cotter, of Winona. The bishop had been ill for some time, and his demise was not unexpected. He had been a resident of Winona for thirty-eight years, eighteen of which was spent as pastor and twenty as bishop. He was universally beloved, not only by the membership of his own church, but by all with whom he came in contact, and especially active in temperance work. Father Sherman left Monday night for Winona, to be present at the funeral.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cooper, of Frederick, S.D., arrived Saturday afternoon from Rushmore, where they have been visiting friends and relatives, and will be the guests of relatives in Worthington during the Chautauqua assembly. Mrs. Cooper will be remembered by Worthington citizens as Miss Edna White.

Will Hawley arrived home Saturday with his trained ponies. Since leaving on the last trip he has been playing the larger towns and cities in South Dakota, and the ponies have earned a great deal of praise from the newspapers and the resident managers of the houses in which they have appeared. They will be given a rest during the hot weather insofar as active work is concerned, but Mr. Hawley will continue to teach them new acts, and when he resumes his tour will have one of the best acts of the kind extant.

The Sunshine club met at the home of Mrs. A.J. Carroll last Thursday, June 24. Although the weather was not as nice as it might have been, a large number ventured out and were well repaid by a most enjoyable time. As usual a bountiful repast was spread and all did ample justice to the tasty viands. The club will meet next with Mrs. Jens Christensen on July 15th and it is requested that every member be present, as important business will come up. It is hoped that the weather man will have exhausted his rain surplus before that date and will furnish good weather for the occasion.

Quiet Wedding

A.V. Fellows, brakeman on the Sioux Falls branch, and Miss Hazel Pepple were quietly married at the Methodist parsonage at seven o'clock Wednesday evening by Rev. G.A. Cahoon. The groom was attended by John Pepple, a brother of the bride, and Miss Maybelle Kunzman was bridesmaid.

The groom is a son of Guy Fellows, living in Elk township, and is well and favorably known to nearly all the citizens of Worthington, having been at one time a clerk in the postoffice, resigning that position to accept the position on the railroad.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Pepple, and is a young lady who has many friends in the community, and during the past year has been teaching in the Fellows district.

Both Miss Pepple and Mr. Fellows are graduates of the Worthington High School being members of the Class of 1907, the latter graduating with honors.

The groom has resigned his position and the happy couple left Wednesday night for Grand Forks, where they will spend some time and then seek a home in the west. The best wishes of all their friends will accompany them wherever they may cast their lot.


At the home of   the bride's parents in this city, in the presence of the immediate family of the bride, at ten o'clock Monday night, occurred the marriage of Miss Hattie Bedient to Mr. Alfred Kalkbrener, of Lake City, Minn., Rev. Wm. M. Jennings, D.D., officiating. The bride is well known in the city and is an attractive young lady with many friends. The groom is a clerk in a grocery house at Lake City, at which place the newly wedded couple will reside.

The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Lottie, and Mr. Ed. Ulrich acted in the capacity of best man. The happy young couple left on the morning train Tuesday for their future home. The Advance-Herald joins with their many friends in extending congratulations.

Wedding in Indian Lake

The home of Nels Langseth in Indian Lake township was the scene of a very pretty wedding Wednesday afternoon, at which time his daughter, Nina, was united in marriage to S. Fagerness, of Rushmore, in the presence of about fifty friends and relatives, Rev. Babcock, of Rushmore, officiating.

The couple were attended by six young ladies, Misses Oleanna, Hannah and Ellen Langseth, sisters of the bride, Anna Ellingson, Ella Langseth, and Mary Haggard. An elaborate wedding dinner was served.

They will be at home to their many friends after September 1st, at Rushmore.

Local Intelligence

Pete Peters, of Bigelow, was in the city for a short time Tuesday.

J.E. Erickson made a business trip to Brewster Wednesday.

Herman Hart made a business trip to Marshal, Minn., Monday.

Nels N. Nelson was a visitor to Luverne the first of the week.

Stewart Hart was a business visitor to Mountain Lake Monday.

R.B. Tibbetts, of Preston, Minn., is a guest at the home of W.S. Myers.

John Webster returned Tuesday from a business trip to Rock Rapids, Iowa.

Miss Cora Grunstad, of Windom, was the guest of friends in this city over Sunday.

Vic Strom went up to Mankato Sunday night and spent Monday with friends.

Mrs. Anna Davis went over to Adrian Monday for a few days' visit with friends.

A girl baby [Libbie] arrived at the home of Albert Levine and wife Thursday of last week.
[Source: MN Historical Society Birth Certificate Index.]

L.H. Crane, of Woodbine, Iowa, was a business caller in Worthington Saturday.

Will Eckstrom returned Sunday from a week's vacation spent with friends in Sleepy Eye.

S.N. Braden, of Minneapolis, spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. J.P. Loveless.

Mrs. L.M. Austin is entertaining her friend, Miss Lillian Magee, of Marcus, Iowa.

Harry Hobson and family are spending the week camping and fishing at Round Lake.

Wm. Yahn and wife were called to Bigelow Monday by the death of Mrs. Charles Yates.

Mrs. Frank Anderson, of Indian Lake, left Tuesday for a visit with Sioux Falls friends.

The Tuthill Lumber Co. have a full line of screen doors of all sizes. Secure your supply now.

Vanda Duba and family returned Tuesday from a visit with relatives at Blue River, Wis.

Fritz Johnson, of Windom, spent Sunday with friends in Worthington and Indian Lake.

Mr. T.R. Vaughan and wife, of New Castle, Ind., are guests of Dr. and Mrs. Jennings.

Mrs. A.J. Olund, of Bigelow, was the guest of relatives in this city the first of the week.

Miss Christina Erickson, of Home City, Minn., is visiting her sister, Mrs. Will Olson, this week.

F.A. Borkenstedt and W.A. McFadden, of Fulda, paid a visit to Worthington friends Friday.

A son and heir made his appearance at the home of Axel Wass, in Indian Lake township last Saturday.

P. Pulscher, the Sibley Implement man, was transacting business in Worthington and vicinity Saturday.

W.S. Lewis returned home the last of last week from an extended visit to relatives and friends at Preston, Minn.

E.W. Langer left Monday for a business trip to Aberdeen and Leola, S.D., returning the latter part of the week.

Miss Ella Horton, of Elmore, came down Saturday and spent Sunday with friends, returning home Monday morning.

D.W. Chute was down from Wilmont Tuesday looking after business interests and made this office a pleasant call.

A.E. Powers, of Breckenridge, Minn., was looking after business interests in this locality the first of the week.

Mrs. Vere Hurlbert and children departed Tuesday afternoon for Lawton, Mich., where they will be guests of Mrs. Hurlbert's parents.

Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Bloxham arrived in Worthington Monday from Sheldon, at which place they have been visiting since their marriage.

Miss Alice Bloom returned home Wednesday from a three weeks' visit with friends at Pipestone, Woodstock, and other points in the state.

Jacob Glenn, a comrade of J.E. Erickson during the Spanish-American war, was calling upon the latter gentleman Wednesday of this week.

Mrs. A.R. Schmidt and children, of Dundee, who have been guests of Mrs. Schmidt's mother, Mrs. Carl Leistico, returned home Monday afternoon.

J.A. Peterson and wife, of Denby, N.D., returned home Monday after a ten days' visit with relatives and friends in Worthington and Indian Lake.

R.W. Johnson, of Wessington Springs, S.D., came last Saturday and visited until Wednesday of this week with his sister, Mrs. Henry Stephens.

Mrs. Wm. Hummis, who has been the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Tryon, for the past month, returned to her home in Des Moines Tuesday.

Mrs. Paul Schiltz and daughter, Alma, and Mrs. Charles Hillary, of Elk township, attended the Love Feast service of the Brethern church at Sheldon Sunday.

Miss Alta Blood, of Sioux City, of Sioux City, arrived in the city Sunday night and will be a guest at the home of her brother, Oscar F. Blood until after the close of Chautauqua.

Miss Alice Anson, who has been visiting her parents at Luverne, returned Monday and left immediately for Sioux City, where she attended the wedding of a cousin.

Miss Goldie Creever, who has been spending a couple of weeks with her parents in this city, returned to Minneapolis Monday. She is employed in the mill city as stenographer.

Mrs. F.M. Crane and daughters, Mary and Helen, of Breckenridge, Minn., arrived in the city Monday and are guests at the home of F.R. Durfee and will remain until after Chautauqua.

H.D. Woodford returned home Saturday from a prospecting trip to Texas. Although Mr. Woodford did not invest in any land in the Lone Star State, he was very favorably impressed with the surroundings.

S.F. Kelly, of Kenneth, has rented the Burlington hotel building near the Rock Island depot from D.W. Chute, and will conduct a hotel and restaurant. Mr. Kelly took possession of the premises last Tuesday.

C.O. Ford, of the Arcade restaurant will run the dining hall at Chautauqua this year, and has erected a temporary building for the purpose. the building is located close to the auditorium and should prove a remunerative investment.

J.J. Harper, court stenographer, well known in Worthington, was united in marriage Wednesday morning at Minneapolis, to Miss Loretta O'Keefe, of that city. His many friends will be surprised to learn of this event, but will extend congratulations.

Mrs. B. Hamm, of Minneapolis, sister of Mrs. Wm. Yahn, was called to this city Monday by the death of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Charles Yates, at Bigelow. After the funeral, which was held Tuesday, she visited a few days at the Yahn home.

An assistant nt at the Rock Island depot arrived Tuesday morning. We are unable to learn his first name, but he will make his home with A.W. Little and wife. Art is more genial than usual this week as a result of the birth.

Joseph Masgai, of Adrian, spent the time between trains Tuesday with his brother, John Masgai. Upon his return home he was accompanied by his nephew and niece, John and Ella, of this city, who remained until Thursday, returning home in time for the circus.

Rev. Ira Alvord and Dr. W.A. Saxon left Tuesday for Sherburne, Minn., where they assisted in ordaining Rev. Robert Stevens of that place as a minister of the Baptist church. Rev. Stevens has heretofore been identified with the Presbyterian denomination.

Bans announcing the forthcoming marriage of Miss Mae Boyle, of Adrian, and M. Ronan, of Reading, were announced at St. Adrian's church on Sunday, June 20th. The prospective groom is a brother of Mayor Ronan, of this city, and has many friends here who will extend congratulations.

John Ronan returned home Saturday from a trip through Montana. While there he purchased a car load of colts which were shipped to Worthington and put on  pasture. On Tuesday he left, accompanied by his little daughter, Ella May, for Beresford, S.D., where he will visit with his parents for a few days, and upon his return will be accompanied by the old folks who will spend some time with relatives in this vicinity.

J.S. Frink returned home Wednesday from Chicago, where he went to participate in the American Handicap shooting tournament. On his first day Jack shot at a 94 per cent clip, but was compelled to shoot some doubles, and owing to the change of guns lost his eye, and his later records did not come up to his usual standard. We were not present, but we are positive that those who succeeded in making better scores than Jack, were compelled to shoot hard just the same.

T. Langager, of Omaha, and Miss Elizabeth Holmbeck, who resides near Sioux Falls, were married in this city Monday afternoon. The couple arrived on the branch train about 1:30 and repaired at once to the court house and secured the necessary license. Rev. Cahoon was the officiating clergyman and tied the nuptial knot with his usual neatness and dispatch. The groom is a traveling salesman, with headquarters at Omaha, at which place the happy couple will reside. They left for that city on the four o'clock train.

Friday, July 9, 1909


Bohumir Kryl band tomorrow.

Mrs. Tillie Doeden spent Wednesday with relatives in Sibley.

Capt. Wigham, of Adrian was a business visitor to this city on Wednesday.

Al Wells, of Brewster, was a business caller at the county seat Tuesday.

Editor Mattison, of the Rushmore Enterprise, attended Chautauqua Tuesday.

Dave Lees and daughter, Freda, were Chautauqua visitors from Brewster Monday.

Clyde and Emily McConkey, of Brewster, attend the Chautauqua Tuesday.

J.A. Albinson made a business trip to Sioux Falls, S.D., and Raymond, Minn., Wednesday.

Bohumir Kryl band at Chautauqua tomorrow.

Miss Laura Tessmer, of Stuart, Iowa, arrived Wednesday for a visit with Mrs. Carl Leistico.

Bohumir Kryl band, forty musicians and double quartette of opera singers at Chautauqua tomorrow.

George Nelson and family, who have been guests of Robt. Erickson and family, returned home Tuesday.

Mrs. Annie Halstrom and daughter, of Chicago are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Steffens.

Miss Mary Wilson departed Wednesday for Pipestone, where she will spend the summer with relatives.

Miss Blance Runyan, of Minneapolis, is the guest of Worthington relatives and friends during Chautauqua.

Miss Hazel Brown arrived Tuesday from Luverne and is the guest of Miss Gladys Humiston for a few days.

Rev. Roi. B. Tibbetts, of Preston, Minn., will preach in the Congregational church next Sunday morning.

Miss Agnes McNamara returned to her home in Madelia Wednesday after a brief visit with Miss Amy Forbes.

Miss Sarah Glasgow, of Adrian, was the guest of relatives and friends in Worthington for a few days this week.

Mrs. E.K. Smith and children returned home Tuesday from a visit with friends and relatives at various points in Iowa.

Mrs. G.G. Allen and children went down to LeMars, Iowa, Sunday to visit for a couple of weeks with Mrs. Allen's parents.

Fred DeBoer and sisters, Emma and Rensie, went to Minneapolis Tuesday to attend the Christian Endeavor convention.

Mrs. E.V. Baldwin returned to her home in Lake Mills, Iowa, Wednesday, after a pleasant visit with D.M. Anthony and wife.

Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Gray left Saturday for Sauk Center, Minn., where they spent the Fourth with relatives, returning home Tuesday.

Miss Louise Albinson, who has been the guest of Alfred Albinson and family, returned to her home in Minneapolis Wednesday morning.

T.R. Vaughn and wife, returned to their home in Newcastle, Ind., after a pleasant visit at the home of Rev. Wm. M. Jennings and wife.

Miss Emilie Behnken, of the Behnken real estate company, left last Friday for Huron S.D., where she will sojourn for a couple of months.

Howard Rippeberger, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Rippberger, was attacked suddenly with appendicitis Friday, but is at present getting along nicely.

Dr. O.C. Selby, of Redfield, S.D., arrived Tuesday afternoon and is spending a few days shaking hands with friends and attending Chautauqua.

Mrs. Wm. Case, of Lyons, Neb., returned home Tuesday after a pleasant week spent in this city as a guest at the home of Charles Paine and family.

Rev. Schwimley, of Sibley, was in Worthington Tuesday, attending Chautauqua and boasting for the Sibley Chautauqua.

Mrs. J. Suddaby went up to Pipestone Saturday for an over-Sunday visit with her husband, who is now making headquarters at that place.

A.E. Tuttle, of San Jose, Cal., a former Worthington resident, was renewing acquaintances and shaking hands with friends in this city this week.

Walter Carpenter and wife, of Sioux Falls, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Carpenter. Mr. Carpenter is a printer on the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader.

Mrs. Martha Morton, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell, of this city, and relatives in Rushmore, returned to her home in St. Paul, Wednesday.

J.E. McElligott, superintendent of the municipal light and power plant, went to the twin cities Monday night on a business mission, returning home Wednesday.

Mrs. Emily Upstrom, of Denver, returned to Worthington Tuesday from a visit with friends at Sioux Falls, and is again a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Swanberg.

Valder College, Decorah, Iowa, comprises Valder Business College, Valder Normal School, and Valder Shorthand School. Catalog free on application. 3 months tuition free.

Miss Sadie McHale, of Estherville, was in the city a short time Wednesday between trains, enroute to Minneapolis. While here she was the guest of Miss Edith Glasgow.

Loren Clark came home the first of the week for a few days' visit with relatives and to attend Chautauqua. He is now engaged in conducting a general merchandise store at Aurora, Iowa.

Will Gillespie, a former Worthington boy, was renewing acquaintances the first of the week and taking in the good things offered at Chautauqua. He is now located at Vermillion, S.D.

Miss Kate McManus, of Sibley, returned home Tuesday after a short visit with her sister, Mrs. Mark Marden. Mrs. Marden returned with her and will visit with her parents in that city for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Clements were guests this week of Mrs. Clement's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shell. Mr. Clements returned to his home in Omaha Wednesday, and Mrs. Clements expects to return today.

Some time ago J.C. Casareto announced a number of prizes to be given to users of Teddy Bear coffee. These prize awards will be made next Monday. Patrons are requested to present their tickets on that day.

Mrs. J.S. Cochs, of Windom, sister of Mrs. Frank Eastman, and formerly a nurse in the Worthington hospital, left last week for Pittsfield, Mass., where she will take a three-months' postgraduate course in Hillcrest Surgical hospital.

Orville Tupper, who is now located at Outlook, Sask., was calling on Worthington friends and relatives the first of the week. Orville is connected with a big mercantile establishment at that place and is well pleased with the climate and the country.

Mrs. Slaker, and daughters, Helen and Doris, of Los Angeles, Cal., spent Monday with E.C. Pannell and family. Mrs. Slaker is a former resident of Worthington, her husband having at one time held the position of telegraph operator at the Omaha depot.

Rev. J.E. Shipp and wife, late of Minneapolis, will arrive in Worthington today. Rev. Shipp is the new pastor of the Swedish Lutheran church, and will assume charge at once, occupying the pulpit next Sunday. All are extended a cordial invitation to be present.

Rev. and Mrs. Cahoon will leave next Monday night for Portland and Seattle where they will spend a month visiting with friends and taking in the great A.P.Y. exposition. On the twentieth, at Portland, Rev. Cahoon will officiate at the marriage of a friends.

Miss Rudelphia Rippberger returned Sunday afternoon from Chicago, where she has been visiting for the past month with her sister, Mrs. Giroux. Upon her return she was accompanied by her cousin, Miss Amanda Rippberger, who will visit for some time at the Rippeberger home.

The Norris & Rowe circus lost a number of the principal performers at this point last Thursday. The family doing the bicycle act and one of the riders, making eight performers in all departed the next morning for Chicago, where they went to join a similar organization.

Goff and Dean have put into commission a brand new delivery wagon, which is a beauty, and is the product of Worthington parties. The wagon itself was made by D. Bear, shortly before that gentleman left for his claim in South Dakota. The painting, and striping is the handiwork of A.J. Kannal, and the combined efforts of the two gentlemen have placed Goff & Dean in possession of the handsomest delivery wagon in the city.

Edgar a. Nelson, the efficient piano accompanist with the Hinshaw Grand Opera Quartette, is a cousin of Mr. Gus Swanberg, of this city. The fact that he had relatives in Worthington was nearly forgotten by Mr. Nelson, but when he recalled it, a most pleasant time was spent with the Swanberg household. Mr. Nelson is, when not on the road, in charge of the pipe organ department of the Bush Temple Conservatory of music at Chicago.

Local Intelligence

J.A. Town  was in Adrian Friday on professional business.

A.L. Canfield and family spent the Fourth with Luverne relatives.

Mrs. Wm. Webber, of Dell Rapids, S.D., is visiting with her mother, Mrs. Emma Levine.

Mrs. F.H. Petrie, of Madison, Wis, is spending a couple of weeks with Mrs. Stello S. Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Cole, of Brewster, were guests at the home of M.E. Fish over Sunday.

Miss Mary Brown, of Magnolia, is the guest of Mrs. James Jack and will attend the Chautauqua.

W.J. Newton, of Newell, Iowa, arrived Friday for a visit at the home of J.A. Smith and family.

Bee keepers' supplies, berry boxes and crates. We have them. Schmid & Snyder.

Rev. Darnell, who has been the guest of friends in the city, went up to his home at Bryson over Sunday.

Mrs. G.W. Curtiss, of St. Paul, is visiting at the Harry Hobson home, and will remain during Chautauqua.

Miss Ida Roll, of Adrian, is visiting with her sister, Mrs. A.M. Renner during the Chautauqua assembly.

J.A. Dingwall, who has been employed at Walthill, Neb., arrived Friday for a visit with his family in this city.

Miss Arlouine Loveless, of Minneapolis, is spending a month's vacation with her parents, W.W. Loveless and wife.

Mrs. David Wyre, who has been the guest of Mrs. C.R. Bishop, returned to her home in Sioux City, Friday.

Anthony Malmquist and John J. McChord, of Rushmore spent Friday and Saturday with Worthington friends.

M.L. Holbrook and wife are entertaining Miss Sana Stevenson, of Ferguson, Iowa, during the Chautauqua.

Miss Catharine Coughran of Sioux Falls, is visiting with her cousin, Miss Josephine Coughran arrived Thursday last.

Edward, Rophael and Frank Ulveling, of Adrian, are visiting with their aunt, Mrs. Anna Davis, during Chautauqua.

Herbert H. Smith, editor of the Minot Optic, Minot, N.D., was in the city Friday on a business and sightseeing mission.

Mrs. T.G. Newell and children returned home to Adrian, Friday after a visit of several days with Worthington friends.

Mr. and Mrs. John Corncross returned home Thursday night from a week's visit with relatives and friends at Lodi, Wis.

Miss Thea Olson returned to her home in St. Peter, Friday after a pleasant three weeks' visit with her sister, Mrs. Elmer Kysar.

Messrs. Fred Rome and Charles Love, of Wayzata, spent Sunday in Worthington, guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Loveless.

Amos Todd, who upholds the peace and dignity of Beaver Creek, in the capacity of marshal, spent Sunday with his family in this city.

Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Albertus have for their guests Mrs. Malcolm Weikle, of Pelican Rapids, who will remain during the Chautauqua.

E.C. Himley ad Miss M.C. Nelson, of Magnolia, were in the city, Saturday and Sunday in attendance at the opening of the Chautauqua.

John Sather went up to Wells, Minn., Saturday for a brief visit with friends and relatives, and from there to Minneapolis, returning home Wednesday.

Mr. Frank Hand, who has been visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I.N. Wilson, returned to her home in Hatfield, Minn., Monday morning.

Miss Nell Creever returned home from Minneapolis, where she has been working, and will spend a couple of weeks with her parents in this city.

Will Merwin, who has been employed at his trade of printer at Barron, Wis., until recently, is visiting with Worthington friends during the Chautauqua.

F.B. Duster and wife passed through Worthington Friday on their way from Fulda to Remsen, Iowa, for a Fourth of July visit with Mr. Duster's parents.

Mrs. Dr. Carroll, formerly a resident of Rushmore, but now living at Hewitt, Minn., arrived Friday for a visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell.

Mrs. John Lawson and daughter, Marie, of Worthington, visited a few days at the Pat O'Connor home in this city the first of the week. --Wilmont Tribune.

Lee and Elmer Low, went to Worthington Tuesday to visit their uncles Frank and George Low. They will remain until after Chautauqua. --Beaver Creek Banner.

Ed. Barkelew, who is working at Sioux Falls, came over Sunday for a few days' visit with his parents.

Ivan Pettit, of Trosky, spent sunday with his mother, Mrs. G.V. Pettit.

Mrs. A.C. Dickens departed Friday morning for Webster City, Iowa. She was accompanied by her children, and will spend the ensuing two months with her parents in that city.

Miss Winnifred Gaugh, daughter of Dr. Gaugh, a former practicing physician of Worthington, arrived Saturday from her home in Granada, and will be a guest at the W.W. Loveless home until after Chautauqua.

Word has been received in Worthington to the effect that a girl baby arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ager, who are now living at Talent, Ore., the event having transpired on the 24th ult.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greig stopped off at Worthington Sunday to attend Chautauqua, enroute home from a visit with friends in the east. They will reside at Magnolia, where the groom has taken the management of a lumber yard.

The boys composing the Junior Y.M.C.A. party of campers from Sioux City returned home last Thursday, and on Friday fifteen of the older Y.M.C.A. boys arrived and are now encamped at Ludlow's grove.

J.S. Frink and wife went over to Luverne, Friday for a visit with Mrs. Frink's parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Beers, and to take in the Fourth of July celebration on Saturday. While absent Mr. Frink also attended the shooting tournament at Sioux Falls.

Joseph Weaver and wife left Friday for a week with Brewster friends and relatives. Both Mr. and Mrs. Weaver are in very poor health, and will on their return from Brewster depart for Charlevioux county, Michigan, where they will reside in the future, in the hope that the change of climate and surroundings will assist in restoring them to health.

Joseph Ullrich is the latest victim of "automobilitis," having last week appeared upon the streets in a brand new $2,000 Overland car. The car was purchased at Ft. Dodge, Iowa, and Mr. Ullrich made the trip from there to Worthington to initiate the machine, and is getting a great deal of pleasure out of his new acquisition.

 Chas. Boddy entertained his father the latter part of the week the old gentleman having come over from Worthington to attend our Gala Day doings. --Rushmore Enterprise.

Dr. A. Sollwold, D.C., from Worthington, will be in Round Lake at the postoffice building every forenoon between trains. --Round Lake Graphic.

Mrs. Aoron Wensberg, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Nazarenus, of Elk, returned to her home in Mankato Saturday.

Guy Harden was circulating among friends in Worthington Saturday. He is employed upon the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railway with the civil engineering crew, and is now living in Minneapolis.

We learn that an 8 pound daughter put in appearance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Rouse in Worthington on last Wednesday, June 23rd. Everybody concerned is surviving the affair in the best manner possible -- and there is no immediate danger of Floyd getting son-struck. the fond mother in this case will be remembered best by our people as Miss Maude Butcher. --Ellsworth News.

J.H. Maxwell and wife, who have been spending the winter in the west most of the time being spent at Seattle, returned Friday. Mrs. Maxwell's health has not improved to the extent that her friends would like to see, and her eyesight is now almost entirely gone, she being just able to distinguish light from darkness. Her many friends in the city and county will unite in wishing her a speedy and permanent restoration to perfect health.

Several families from Rushmore expect to camp on the banks of Lake Okabena during the Chautauqua season at Worthington. among those who are making plans are the families of S.B. Bedford, S.T. Wood, H.C. Constable, W.G. Babcock and J.B. Ludlow. The men folks will probably remain in Rushmore during business hours and run over evenings, while the families will camp the entire ten days if the weather permits. --Rushmore Enterprise.

An old soldier by the name of Myers, 94 years old, who was returning from Mobile, Alabama, where he had been to attend the funeral of his son, had his pockets picked of what money he had while enroute on the train. He was put off at St. James because he could not pay his fare further. Robert Rowland took him in charge and kept him over night. He was furnished money to pay his fare to Worthington, on his way to his home in Omaha. The Post at Worthington was notified to care for him and give him another lift on his way home. --St. Peter Herald.

The officials of the Rock Island have purchased a tract of land forty feet wide by three miles long north of the right-of-way beginning on the Fredinand [Ferdinand?] Hartman farm and running west through the Honif and VanHoltum farms. This strip of land will be made into a large drain [several missing words] that now runs under the road bed in several places, along one side. The bridges will be taken out. This will put the track through that section in splendid shape. The farmers owning the land purchased by the company received $100.00 per acre. --Wilmont Tribune.

P.J. Bauer, of near Cherokee, Ia., closed a deal Tuesday morning for the John b. Hennekes farm of one hundred and sixty acres half mile west of town, paying $115 per acre or $18,400 for the quarter. This is the highest price yet paid for Nobles county land, but even this figure will not be considered high in a few years. Mr. Hennekes bought the farm from Jas F. Cox four years ago for $77 per acre, a price which was then thought to be about the limit. Now it sells at an advance of $38 an acre, giving Mr. Hennekes a profit of more than $5,000 in four years. The new deal was made through the agency of Hennekes & Kramer. --Adrian Democrat.

 Friday, July 16, 1909


Miss Lillian Carpenter is the guest of Sioux Falls relatives.

C.W.W. Dow made a business trip to Sioux City Tuesday.

Mrs. Carl Leistico is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Schmidt, at Dundee.

Misses Florence and Pearl Brazel, of Luverne, are guests at the home of J.S. Frink.

George W. Dow, of Bigelow, spent a few days last week with his brother, C.W.W. Dow.

C.B. Ward is spending a few days with his sister, Mrs. Francis Anderson, at Sioux Falls.

Robt. Hogan, of LeMars, Iowa, is visiting his brother, Tom Hogan, of the Western Implement Co.

Miss Marguerite Becker is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. Alweis, at Hartford, S.D.

Mrs. Charles Boddy, of Rushmore, was the guest of Worthington relatives a few days this week.

Miss Amelia Bahlke left Tuesday morning for Aberdeen, S.D., for an extended visit with friends.

Mrs. Wm. Royse and children of Sunnyside, Wash., are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson of Org.

Mrs. E.L. Gillette has had for her guests the past week, Misses Mayme and Lizzie Dempsey, of Windom.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cooper of Adrian came over to hear Mrs. Maybrick Friday returning on the afternoon train.

Miss florence McIntosh returned home the latter part of the week from a visit with friends in St. Paul.

Mrs. Joseph Cowin came over from Adrian Friday, to attend Chautauqua. She was the guest of Miss Mattie Hastings.

Will Gillespie returned to his home in Vermillion, S.D., Tuesday after a pleasant week's visit with friends in this city.

Mrs. Frank Petrie returned to her home in Madison, Wis., Wednesday after a pleasant visit with S.S. Smith and wife.

Miss Mary Miller, of Lismore, who has been visiting with Miss Ethel Bloom, left Tuesday for a visit with her brother in Sibley.

Rev. Swan, Presbyterian pastor, of Jackson, was in the city Monday attending the Bryan lecture and shaking hands with friends.

Ray Fulton and sister, Miss Ruth, who were guests at the home of A.P. Darling, returned to their home in Marshall, Wednesday.

Winnifred Gaugh returned to her home in Granada Tuesday morning after a ten days' visit at the home of W.W. Loveless and family.

Mrs. J.S. Tolverson, who has been the guest of friends in this city during the Chautauqua assembly, returned to her home in Fulda Tuesday.

Hap Lawton had the misfortune to lose his black waterman fountain pen at the Chautauqua grounds Sunday, and offers a liberal reward for its return.

Valder College, at Decorah, Iowa, offers thorough courses in business, normal and shorthand. $45 for 6 mo. in business or shorthand. $9 per term in normal.

Miss Florence Lewis, who was a member of one of the many happy camping parties at Chautauqua, returned to her home in Minneapolis Tuesday morning.

The installation of officers of the I.O.O.F. to serve for the ensuing six months, took place Tuesday evening, at which time the following officers assumed their duties: A. Gustafson, N.G.; C.C. Erwin, V.G.; Oscar Kunzman, Secy.

[Illegible words] Thompson and daughter, Vera, returned to their home in Lakefield Tuesday morning after a most pleasant visit with relatives in this city.

Mrs. Dr. Richardson and Misses May, Leeds and Corinne Whitney, returned to their home in Slayton Tuesday morning after a pleasant week with Worthington friends.

A.C. Finck, who presides over the destinies of the Hills Crescent, accompanied by his wife, spent several days last week at the home of Dr. B.O. Mork, and attending Chautauqua.

Mrs. P.J. Silvers and children returned to their home in Brewster Tuesday after a week spent with relatives and friends in this city, and attended the Chautauqua.

Mrs. L.F. Lammers and daughter, Mildred, and Mrs. Wm. Drews, of Heron Lake, returned home Tuesday, after a pleasant visit in Worthington, spent with Mrs. G.W. Wilson.

Dr. J.N. Gould left Tuesday afternoon for Stillwater, Minn., where he will attend the meeting of the State Veterinary society. Mrs. Gould will visit with Bigelow friends during the doctor's absence.

Mrs. Donald Pettit, of Backoo, N.D., who has been the guest of her parents, C.W.W. Dow and wife for several weeks, left Tuesday for St. James, where she will make a brief visit before returning home.

The stenographic field offers greater opportunities than any other. You can become a good stenographer by attending Mankato Commercial College. It will pay you to send for their year-book.

Miss Sana Stephenson, who has been visiting M.L. Holbrook and wife, left Tuesday for Shullsburg, Iowa, where she will join her father and sister and make a journey to Salt Lake and other points in Utah and Colorado.

Miss Lizzie Hazleton, of Minneapolis, a former teacher in the Worthington schools, visited last week with Miss Jennie Beckley, leaving Tuesday for Clear Lake, Iowa, where she will be the guest of Miss Bridget Donahue.

Messrs. E.W. and Albert Schmidt and families, of Valley Springs, S.D., were in Worthington a few hours Tuesday, on their way through to Round Lake, where they will spend a week or ten days in camp, and luring the finny tribe from its haunts.

Mrs. Claude White and baby left Wednesday for Frederick, S.D., where she will visit with her husband's parents. Claude who is now in camp with the militia at Lake City, will also pay a visit to the parental home before returning.

Carl Eastwood, of the Heron Lake News, was in attendance at the Chautauqua last Friday, and also busy circulating among friends. Owing to the washout on the Omaha, which delayed all trains from the south, he was compelled to remain over until Saturday.

J.S. Frink has been awarded the contract for plumbing and heating Dr. Humiston's new hospital, which is a guarantee that the work will be done in a first-class manner. A central heating plant is to be established to heat both the hospital and the doctor's residence.

Carl Schwartz, of Amboy, Minn., is a guest at the home of his son, E.L. Schwartz, where he will visit for several weeks. Miss Agnes Schwartz, who has also been a guest at the Schwartz home, left Tuesday for Mankato, where she will take treatment for an injury to her arm, before returning to her home at Amboy.

Cards have been received in this city announcing the marriage at Minneapolis, Wednesday of A.E. Ritz and Miss Vita Walson. "Ted" is one of the most popular conductors on the Omaha and a former resident of this city, and his many friends will unite in wishing him and his bride a long and pleasant journey through life.

Sterling Lawton came up from Westbend, Iowa, Saturday for an over Sunday visit with his parents, and to take in the Chautauqua. "Hap" is employed by Success Magazine, and combined business with pleasure by securing a number of new clients for the magazine on Monday and Tuesday. He returned to Westbend Tuesday.

A transformer on the electric light pole in front of the residence of Mark Marden short circuited and burned out shortly after one o'clock Tuesday night. The insulation on the wires burst into flames and an alarm of fire was turned in. The department responded, but as there was no danger it was allowed to burn out.

Peter Ringler, who has been confined in the county jail awaiting trial on the charge of receiving stolen goods in connection with the robbery of Tripp & Son's store, at Round Lake, was admitted to bail Wednesday afternoon, his brother, Anton, putting up the required $500 to insure his appearance when the case is called for trial in the district court.

Word was received in this city Wednesday of the death of Rev. S.B. Smith of Rushmore. Deceased was well known in this city, and the sympathy of the entire community will go forth to the bereaved family. He has not been actively engaged in the ministry for a number of years, but up until his illness made it impossible, he was interested in promoting religious work.

Selma Adelia, the one year and three months' old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Swanson, succumbed Thursday morning to an attack of brain fever. The deceased was an exceptionally bright child and the parents have the sympathy of the entire community at bereavement. The funeral services were held from the residence Saturday afternoon, and a large concourse of friends followed the remains to their last resting place.

Co. F left Wednesday night for Lake City, Minn., where they will go into annual camp for ten days. About fifty of the local company left at that time, and others will follow later. Seven members of the company, Chef Amos Todd and assistant, Otto Voight, Quartermaster Sergeant, Chas Loveless and Head Waiter, Claude White, with Will Rasmussen and "Hinney" Ehlers, as assistants, and Bennett Johnson, police, went up Tuesday night to have everything in readiness for the company upon arrival.

Popular Couple Wed

At nine o'clock Wednesday night, at the home of the bride's parents in this city was solemnized the marriage of James Mott and Miss Josephine Coughran. The ceremony was performed by Judge Frank Stevens, in the presence of the immediate relatives of the contracting couple, and a few intimate friends. The bride is the only daughter of Postmaster Frank Coughran, and is a young lady of many accomplishments, while the groom is the assistant postmaster, and is well and favorably known and universally liked by all who are acquainted with him.

The happy young couple left on the night train for Dorset, Wis., where they will spend their honeymoon camping on the banks of Long Lake. They were given the customary charivari by "Young America," and a goodly number of friends were at the depot to see them safely started on the honeymoon tour. The Advance-Herald joins with the multitude of friends in extending congratulations and best wishes.

Death of Mrs. F.G. Crandall

The following clipping from a Kansas City newspaper will be on interest, as the subject of the sketch was at one time a resident of Worthington and will be remembered as Miss Nellie Roberts.

Mrs. Nellie Crandall, aged 49 years, died at 8:25 o'clock yesterday morning at her home, 1114 Paseo, after an illness lasting more than a year. Mrs. Crandall was the wife of F.G. Crandall, city salesman for the Parke Davis Drug Company. She is survived by her husband, two daughters, Mrs. James Richardson, Omaha, Neb., and Laura B. Crandall, a teacher in the Kansas City public schools, and two sons, Harry E. Crandall of New York and Frank G. Crandall came to Kansas City with her family from Omaha five years ago. She was a prominent worker in the Central M.E. church.

Local Intelligence

A.P. Rose came over from Jackson to take in the Chautauqua Sunday.

Ernest Colvin came over from Adrian Saturday to attend Chautauqua.

Mrs. Fred Mohl and daughters, Ruth and Hazel, were Chautauqua visitors Friday.

W.O. Tillman and wife, of Wilmont, were in attendance at the Chautauqua Monday.

Miss Duchess Goodenough, of Adrian, was in attendance at the Chautauqua Saturday.

Miss Katherine Beck, the Sibley milliner, was in the city Friday on a business mission.

Mrs. Joseph Gill came up from Sibley Monday afternoon to hear the Bryan lecture.

Alex Thuemmler, of Minneapolis, arrived Tuesday and will visit for a time with his sister, Mrs. J.J. Kies.

Major and Mrs. Harry Hobson entertained Governor John A. Johnson during his stay in the city last Sunday.

Mrs. E.R. Coss, of Luverne, arrived Friday and wil visit for a week or ten days with her mother, Mrs. Nellie Mott.

Harry Grant, the Sibley real estate man, and son, Charles, were in attendance at the Bryan lecture Monday afternoon.

Carl and Sydney Norberg, and Vere Jensen, of Sioux Falls, visited this week at the home of Gus Swanberg, arriving Friday.

Mrs. Black and daughter, Ethel, of Rushmore, returned home Tuesday after a week's visit with Worthington relatives.

Rev. Babcock and wife, who were campers at the Chautauqua, returned to their home in Rushmore Monday afternoon.

Mrs. A.G. Lindgren and sons, Everett and Harold, of Adrian, were in the city attending Chautauqua Monday afternoon.

Mrs. Peter Arbes, and daughter, Minnie, of New Ulm, are paying a visit to their son and brother, Peter Arbes of this city.

Mrs. Henry Francks, of Minneapolis, arrived Tuesday for a few days visit with Mrs. W.M. Evans, and other Worthington friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Pedvin and daughter, Miss Laura, arrived Friday from their home at St. James, and are guests of C.R. Bishop and wife.

Mr. Thompson and Ed. Barnes, of Vernon Center, were Chautauqua visitors the first of the week and visited at the J.E. Darling home.

Ben Burns, the Lismore tonsorial artist was among the passengers from that place to attend the Bryan lecture at the Chautauqua Monday.

Rev. and Mrs. Ervin, of Heron Lake, were guests last week of Dr. and Mrs. B.O. Mork, and were regular attendants at the Chautauqua.

Clerk of court, A.M. Schraeder, of Jackson, arrived in the city Monday to pay his allegiance, to William Jennings Bryan at the Chautauqua.

Miss Margaret Becker, who is employed at Geyerman's store in Brewster, is spending a two weeks' vacation with her mother, Mrs. Matt Becker.

Stanley Swanberg is now with the Stoutemyer transfer line, taking the place of Charles Loveless, who is at Lake City with the military company.

J.B. Sawyer and wife, who were guests at the home of E.C. Pannell and family for a few days last week left for their home in Revere, Minn.

Cliff Loveless came in off the road last week for a couple days' visit with his parents, W.W. Loveless and wife, and to take in a portion of the Chautauqua.

Mrs. J.S. Blair and sister, Miss Nellie Plotts, of Minneapolis, are visiting their father, R.B. Plotts. Mr. [Mrs.?] Blair came down Saturday and remained until Tuesday.

Misses Muriel Swanman, of Adrian, and Josephine Marr, of Oldham, S.D., attended the Bryan lecture Monday afternoon and remained for the dance in the evening.

H.D. Barnard and F.L. Kieth, of Reading, were in attendance at the Chautauqua Monday and boosting for the big celebration to be held at Reading next Saturday.

Will Siler and little son, William, of Ash Creek spent a couple of days this week attending the Chautauqua and visiting at the home of his brother-in-law, Wilson Abbott.

E. Paine, of Edgemont, S.D., is renewing acquaintances in Worthington this week. Mr. Paine has a claim near that city, and reports the Worthington colony as well and prosperous.

J.J. Kies, of this city, is a former pupil of Prof. Amhert Ott, when that gentleman was one of the instructors at Drake University, at Des Moines, and during his stay in Worthington, Prof. Ott was a guest at the Kies home.

A.B. ("Bert") Thurber and wife are the proud parents of a new boy, who appeared on the scene of action last Thursday night. It is probably that "Bert" and wife will survive the incident, but "Uncle Oscar" is in a precarious condition.

L.D. Manchester and wife, of Sioux Falls spent a few days last week as guests of E.J. Helmick and family and attending the Chautauqua. Mr. Manchester is the proprietor of the Manchester Biscuit Co., which firm Mr. Helmick represents.

Reading is to have a gala day next Saturday, and an excellent time is promised to all who are present. A program consisting of music by the Wilmont band, vocal quartette, baseball game and other sports, and addresses has been arranged. A dance will be held in the evening.

Dr. O.C. Selby left Sunday night for Sioux Falls, where he will take an examination in veterinary work, after which he will go to Belle Fourche, S.D., on official business. The doctor was recently re-appointed assistant State Veterinarian, and the trip to Belle Fourche is taken in the capacity of that office.

Mrs. F.R. Durfee had for her guest last Friday and Saturday, Mrs. Perry Starkweather, assistant labor commissioner of Minnesota, who lectured Friday morning before the pupils of the summer training school. The older residents of Worthington will remember Mrs. Starkweather as Mrs. Thayer who resided in this city about twenty years ago.

For Sale Cheap -- 1907 White Steamer in perfect condition; thoroughly ring winter and newly enameled; complete equipment including top, glass front, gas tank, gas lights, oil lamps, clock and extra tire. Owner going away and must sell or trade. W.L. Greenly, 1915 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.

Married at Adrian

The following account of the Ronan-Boyle nuptials, from the Adrian Democrat will be of interest to our readers, inasmuch as both the bride and groom have an extensive circle of friends and acquaintances in this city:

Miss Mae Boyle, of Adrian, and Mr. M. Ronan, of Reading, were married at St. Adrian's church, by Rev. Fr. Schels, Wednesday morning, July 7th, 1909.

The beautiful and impressive ceremony was performed in the presence of a number of relatives and friends. Miss Helen Boyle, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid, and William Ronan, of Worthington, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. The bride was elegantly gowned in white silk mull and carried white roses. the bridesmaid was attired in green silk mull and carried pink carnations.

After the ceremony, the bridal party enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Boyle, and later drove to Reading, where a comfortable home was in readiness to receive them.

Mrs. Ronan, who has been a successful teacher for several years, is a young woman of pleasing personality and high character. Mr. Ronan is a brother of Mayor Ronan, of Worthington. He is an able and energetic business man and one of the successful stockbuyers of the county.

Their many friends here and elsewhere unite in wishing them an abundance of the good things of life.

Married at Beaver Creek

A marriage was consummated at Beaver Creek on Saturday of last week which will create a measure of surprise among the many friends of the contracting couple in this city, at which time Mr. Oscar Nebel, until recently employed as buttermaker at the Worthington Creamery, and Mrs. Maud Grant, who for the past year or more has been the efficient cook at the Hotel Western, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony.

The groom is now in charge of the creamery at Beaver Creek, and the Banner of that place gives the following account:

"Oscar Nebel, of Worthington, Minn. and Mrs. Maud Grant, of Gibson, Ill., were united in marriage last Saturday evening, near Rushmore, Rev. Babcock, of the M.E. church in Rushmore, performing the ceremony.

The bride is a charming young woman and has the respect and esteem of all.

The groom (who is in charge of the Beaver Creek Creamery) is a man of energy and is admired for his many good qualities.

They will go to housekeeping as soon as they can obtain a house.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Nebel are well and favorably known and have many warm friends in the community, who will join with the Advance-Herald in extending heartiest congratulations, and wish them all the happiness and prosperity usually meted out the deserving.


On Tuesday morning July 13th, at the Manse, Dr. Jennings, pastor of the Presbyterian church solemnized the marriage of Carl Swanson and Miss Anna Justina Fenske. The young couple are well known throughout the community, the groom being a farmer, residing four miles south of town. The couple were attended by a couple of intimate friends who witnessed the ceremony. They will reside on the farm operated by the groom south of the city.

Friday, July 23, 1909

Co. F Making Excellent Reputation and Having an Enjoyable Time

Letters received by the Advance-Herald from members of Company F now in camp at Lake City, all report that the company is making good in every way and the individual members are having a good time.

A card from Quartermaster Sergeant Charles Loveless says: "We are having a fine time and wish we could stay here all summer."

James DeVaney, of the Advance-Herald force writes: "We have the reputation of being the best behaved and best all-around company in the regiment. We have made good on the shooting, and nearly all of us have got to be marksmen and a good share sharp-shooters. so far we have been going through the same drill as before, but we get a change the last five days. They are going to try something new, but just what I do not know. We have got six orderlies out of ten. We get all we can eat and are getting fat and enjoying life."

Warren Rose writes the following comprehensive letter to the reporter:

"Company F entrained at 1;45 a.m., Thursday, July 15 for the annual tour of inspection and field duty, arriving at Mankato at 5:10 from which point they left by special train of seven cars, via the C. & N.W., arriving at Owatonna at 8:20 and leaving at 8:40, via the C.M.& St.P., for Lake City, arriving here about 11:40. We found dinner about ready and surely did justice to what was waiting for us. After mess the company in a body watched "guard mounting," then went for a company drill for about two hours, then prepared quarters and had supper after which they went out on dress parade.

"On Friday morning six companies, including Co. F, went out on the rifle range for practice, finishing in the 200, 300 and 500 yard ranges with a good showing for increasing the number of marksmen and expert riflemen.

"Second lieutenant R.r. Smith and Privates Earl and Leslie Black and W.W. Brekkon, of Rushmore, arrived Sunday morning and corporals Oberman and Cloud, privates J.Q. King, Oakley Tripp, Claude White, and Joe Hagerman, returned home Tuesday.

"Co F won orderly on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, two on Sunday and one Monday.

"The following have received promotions: J.H. Elliott and George King to sergeants; Joseph Hildyard to corporal.

"The regiment is composed of the following companies: Co. A, New Ulm; B, Faribault; C, Winona; D, Northfield; E, Fairmont; F, Worthington; G, Austin; H, Mankato; I, Owatonna; L, Redwood Falls; M, Madison.

The following additional account is written under the date of Tuesday, July 20, at 3 p.m.: "Battallions are now preparing for a hike to be gone over night in the jungles, carrying three meals in the haversack. This is an intolerably hot day. Corporal Rose, privates Sowles, Edwards, Rasmussen and Murphy are on guard detail, forfeiting the pleasure of the hike. Co. A won the team shoot by 5 points."

Mr. Rose encloses a program of the general routine of each day in camp, together with the order for religious services, but lack of space and time precludes its use in this issue.


Mrs. J.F. Donovan is visiting with Currie relatives this week.

Big auction at the Thompson corner, Saturday, July 24. Don't fail to attend.

J.H. Scott and wife are spending a few days on their farm near Bigelow.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Rew returned Wednesday from a visit with friends in Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Strom are the proud parents of a new boy [Walter Floyd; mother's maiden name = Harrington], born Thursday, July 22d.
[Source: MN Historical Society Birth Certificate Index.]

Will Johnson, of Ladysmith, Wis., is the guest of A.J. Fauskee and wife this week.

Lee H. Darling left Wednesday morning for Watertown, S.D., where he will seek employment at his trade.

Mrs. D.M. Anthony and children left Wednesday for Birchwood, Wis., for a couple of weeks' visit with relatives.

Joseph Weaver, wife and baby left Wednesday for Charlevioux, Mich., where they will make their future home.

Miss Lois Bradford, who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. G.A. Lincoln, returning to her home in St. James Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fauskee are rejoicing over the arrival of a bright little baby girl who came to their home yesterday morning.

Mrs. John Trummel and children, who had been visiting for a couple of weeks at the home of Mrs. C.H. Sibley, returned on Tuesday to their home at State Center, Iowa.

Prof. Gordon, who was to lecture before the teachers who are attending summer school, postponed his discourse until Tuesday morning, at which time he delivered a brief but interesting address.

Mrs. A.G. Patterson, of Lisbon, N.D., was the guest for a few days this week of Dr. and Mrs. Ray Humiston, departing for home Wednesday. While purchasing her ticket, Mrs. Patterson accidentally dropped a $5 bill, and discovered the loss soon after. A stranger, who had noticed a man pick up something near the ticket window, told her of the incident and pointed out the man, and the latter immediately returned the money, much to the relief of the lady.

Carlos Hardy came down from Worthington, Minnesota, last Thursday eve. for a visit at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ray Lamb. Mr. Hardy was one of the early day land owners of this township. Being an old soldier and one who served faithfully in the Northern army during the trying days, 60-65, he is now able to spend his declining years at the "Home" at Leavenworth, Kansas, and journeys from place to place as best suits his liking. We have known him since 1890 and are always pleased to meet him. --Lake Park News.

Local Intelligence

Robt. Reed was a Sibley visitor Thursday.

M.E. Schmidt was a business visitor from Blue Earth Friday.

Charlie Won spent several days this week with St. Paul friends.

Prof. Wilson Abbott was a business visitor to Windom Tuesday.

C.K. Cady was an over-Sunday visitor to this city from Fairmont.

Mrs. M.C. Carr was the guest of friends in Sioux City Monday.

John Wilson spent Friday and Saturday with relatives in Fulda.

Miss Ella Cloud spent Tuesday evening with Sibley relatives.

E.M. Taylor, of Sibley, was in the city Monday on a business mission.

E.L. Phillips came down from Brewster on a business mission Saturday.

Miss Mary Morris, of Mankato, is visiting her cousin, Miss Edith Glasgow.

Mrs. Anna Davis left Monday for a few days' visit with Adrian relatives.

Miss Iva Grapes, of Adrian, spent the day with Worthington friends Monday.

J.H. Brower, of Winona, was transacting business in Worthington Saturday.

Lee Shell made a business trip to Mankato Monday, returning Tuesday morning.

John Ramage and wife returned home Friday from an extended trip through the west.

Attorney J.T. Knox, of Jackson, was a business visitor to this city Tuesday.

A.L. LaDue and C.A. Jones, of Luverne, were business visitors to this city Friday.

W.W. Overholser, of the Sibley Gazette, was transacting business in this city Monday.

For Rent -- The G.R. Leonard property on Lake street. Inquire of Lee B. Leonard.

John Flynn left Friday for Vale, Ore., after a two weeks' sojourn in Worthington.

E.H. Cantine, of Cherokee, was calling on business friends in Worthington Monday.

Raymond Bahne, of the Sibley Tribune, was in the city Tuesday on a business mission.

G.W. Turnbull, the Sibley real estate man, was transacting business in Worthington Monday.

Miss Marguerite Becker returned home Monday from a visit with relatives at Hartford, S.D.

Mrs. L.W. Turnbull, of Denver, Colo., arrived Tuesday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Mark Marden.

Attorney L.F. Lammers, of Heron Lake, was transacting legal business in Worthington Monday afternoon.

M.J. "Maj." O'Connor, of Lismore, and H.D. Barnard, of Reading, spent Sunday with friends in Worthington.

J.L. McConkey, of Brewster, was in the city Monday on a business mission connected with the county board.

The Catholic ladies aid society will give a tea at the home of Mrs. Frank Green on Thursday afternoon, July 29.

George Cassidy and wife and A.R. Schmidt were over Sunday visitors in Worthington from Valley Springs, S.D.

Miss Marguerite Becker returned to her duties in Geyerman's store at Brewster Tuesday after a two weeks' vacation.

Mrs. D.A. Reynolds of Bigelow, spent Sunday with her daughter, Bessie, who is in the city attending summer school.

Miss Prue Town, who is employed in St. Paul, is spending a two week's vacation with her father, J.A. Town, and family.

J.E. Blackart, editor of the Beacon at Spirit Lake, Iowa, was an over-Sunday visitor at the home of Dr. and Mrs. L.R. Gholz.

Mrs. George W. Wilson went down to Sioux City Thursday afternoon for a brief visit with friends, returning home Saturday.

Sterling Lawton left Tuesday for Marshalltown, Iowa, where he will work in the interests of Success magazine.

George Harper, the real estate man from Spirit Lake, Iowa, was doing business in Worthington the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. M.T. Weikel, of Pelican Rapids, arrived Monday afternoon for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Albertus.

Mrs. W.H. Prideaux, of Adrian, who been visiting her daughter, Mrs. J.H. James returned home Tuesday afternoon.

Miss Marie Wigdahl returned to her home in Vermillion, S.D., Tuesday after a pleasant visit with the family of M.J. Hogan.

Loren Clark returned to his home in Aurora, Iowa, Thursday afternoon after a two weeks' visit with Worthington relatives.

K.V. Mitchell and wife left Monday morning for Deadwood, S.D., where they will visit for a time with Mr. Mitchell's sister.

James Boddy left last week for Halbrite, Sask., Canada, where he will visit for some time with his brother, and may possibly locate.

Mrs. Elder and daughter, Bertha, of Sibley, were in the city Tuesday between trains on their way to Adrian for a visit with relatives.

Misses Florence and Pearl Brazel returned to their home in Luverne Monday afternoon after a ten days' visit with J.S. Frink and wife.

Cyril, Gladys and Pearl Taylor came down from Minneapolis last Saturday for a visit with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Taylor.

Mrs. Dow Mitchell and family went down to Lake Okaboji last week for an outing of several days spent in fishing and other forms of camp life.

Sam E. Geisel, of Chicago, was in the city Sunday, on his way to Wilmont for a visit with his parents. He is employed in Chicago as a chaffeuer.

Miss Amanda Rippberger returned to her home in Elgin, Ill., after a two weeks' vacation spent with her cousin, Miss Rudelphia Rippberger, of this city.

A.C. Petrie, of Lakefield, will preach at the Methodist church next Sunday morning and evening. Everybody is cordially invited to attend these services.

John Benosn, of the firm of Benson Bros., with his family, has been visiting the past two weeks at Crookston and other points in the northern part of the state.

H.A. Eames, of Webster City, Iowa, was a business visitor to Nobles county last week. He owns some Nobles county real estate and was here to look after his property.

Ivan Pettit spent Monday and Tuesday with his mother in this city. He has given up his position at Trosky and is now a member of the salaried baseball team at Pipestone.

Mrs. Scheier and daughter, Miss Robbie, were in the city Tuesday between trains on their [way] home to Adrian from a visit with relatives and friends at Omaha and Fremont, Neb.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Klenken and Ben Klenken were at Worthington Tuesday attending to some matters pertaining to the estate of the late John B. Klenken. --Wilmont Tribune.

C. Peterson returned home Saturday from a visit to Saskatchewan, Canada. He was greatly pleased with the climate and crop conditions, and may decided to return there at some future date and take up his residence.

E.C. Himley and sister, Miss Bertina, and Miss May Nelson, of Magnolia, spent Saturday and Sunday in Worthington, enjoying the waters of Lake Okabena. Mr. Himley is the efficient and popular agent for the Omaha at Magnolia.

Mr. Dempsey, of Columbus, Wis., a nephew of Mrs. Henry Holmes, of Graham Lakes township, came last week for a visit at the Holmes home. It has been thirty years since these people met and this visit will be greatly enjoyed by all.

Mrs. J. Casereto went down to Sibley Monday for a short visit with Nic Casereto and wife. The latter had the misfortune last Thursday to cut her hand quite severely with a grass sickle, inflicting a wound which required the services of a surgeon.

Miss Henrietta West, of Omaha, who has been a guest at the home of A.N. Wetheral for the past two weeks returned home Tuesday. She was accompanied by Miss Pearl Wetheral who will visit for a time at Omaha.

Superintendent McElligott requests us to announce that citizens should hereafter always look upon the electric light wires as alive at all hours of the day or night, and thus avoid accident should the current be turned on unexpectedly in the day time.

Mrs. Carl Leistico, who went up to Dundee last week for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Schmid, was called home Saturday on a business errand. She returned to Dundee Tuesday, accompanied by Florence Duba, who will spend a couple of weeks with relatives.

George M. DePetit took in the Chautauqua at Sibley last Thursday night. Ralph Bingham, who was the star attraction of that date is an old friend whom Mr. DePetit has not seen in several years and the trip was made to visit with his friend as well as to enjoy his performance.

R.L. Morland went up to Minneapolis on Sunday to attend the meeting of the State Board of Pharmacy for the purpose of conducting examinations. Mr. Morland is president of the board and it is his duty to preside at this meeting, which will be held at the University commencing Monday morning.

Hugh Lynch, who has been out with Dillenback's tent show since the first of June, returned home last Friday. The company is at Pipestone at present and may take the road again later in the season, but Mr. Lynch has not been altogether pleased with the management and does not expect to be with the show if it starts out again. --Adrian Democrat.

Ab. Haffey returned Saturday from a month's vacation spent in the west. While absent he visited Portland and Seattle, attending the A.Y.P. exposition at the latter place. He reports the exposition a success in every way, and while not as large as he expected to see, it is plenty large enough to keep one busy for several weeks if he expects to see it all. He reports a large attendance, but says that the weather has been so cold out there that he more than once wished for his fur coat.

Friday, July 30, 1909


Mrs. Roy Newman spent Sunday with her father at Org.

Herman Hart made a business trip to Windom Tuesday.

S.M. Stewart made a business trip to Sioux City Tuesday.

Mrs. A.J. Allen went to Brewster Wednesday to visit with relatives.

John Reily, of Wilmont, was a business visitor to this city on Tuesday.

Dr. Vail, of Rock Rapids, Iowa, was a business visitor to this city Tuesday.

Harry R. Tripp visited with his mother at Round Lake, Wednesday afternoon.

Miss Jessie Cain, of Bigelow, visited between trains Friday with Mrs. J.N. Gould.

J. Forkenbrock, of Adrian, was a business visitor to the county seat Tuesday.

Dr. A. Sullwold returned Friday from Sheldon, where he had been on a business trip.

C.H. Borst, of Shurdan, Iowa, is visiting with relatives in Worthington this week.

George Hargrove, of Groton, S.D., was the guest of Ed. Ulrich of this city last Friday.

Frances Sullivan visited over Sunday with his sister, Mrs. P.H. McCall at Brewster.

Lost -- Gold Watch, Saturday afternoon. Suitable reward for return to Ray Humiston.

Miss Florence Hill, of Brewster, is attending summer school in Worthington this week.

Mrs. Marie Marple, of Minneapolis, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. DeVaney this week.

Walter Dunbar, accompanied by his son, Paul, made a business trip to Heron Lake, Friday.

Mrs. M. Levine returned Saturday from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Dagal at Sanborn, Iowa.

Mrs. E.C. Pannell entertained a number of her friends at a six o'clock dinner Wednesday.

Mrs. Stanley Moore and Miss Louise Leary were the guest of friends at Brewster, Wednesday.

Miss Leonora Klessig, of Bigelow, visited last Saturday in Worthington with Mrs. Jas. Suddaby.

Mrs. Garlick, of West Salem, Wis., came last week for a visit with her sister, Mrs. Daniel Shell.

Misses Ella Roerig and Ethel Boyle, of Adrian, visited friends in Worthington a few days this week.

Mrs. Charles McGowan and daughters, Blanche and Gertrude visited friends in Luverne Tuesday.

Mrs. Roy Newman and sister, Miss Bessie Anderson, visited with friends at Heron Lake, Wednesday.

Sterling Lawton made a business trip to West Bend, Ia., Friday in the interest of the Success magazine.

Miss Beth Humiston is spending the week visiting with her aunt, Mrs. Arthur Jones, at Minneapolis.

Chas. Becker, of Adrian, passed through Worthington Tuesday afternoon on his way to Minneapolis.

Miss Pearl Wetheral returned Wednesday afternoon from Omaha, where she has been the guest of friends.

Miss Lillian Wood returned home Monday from a week's visit with her sister, Mrs. Sprague, of Fairmont.

J.J. Weitzel, of Wilmont, passed through Worthington Monday enroute to Minneapolis on a business mission.

Mrs. Redding, of Chicago, arrived in the city, Tuesday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Bingham.

Mrs. Albert Sullivan, of Adrian stopped off at Worthington between trains, Friday on her way to Sioux City, Iowa.

Mrs. T.A. Gordon and daughter, Francis, departed Wednesday for Goblevile [Globeville?], Mich., for an extended visit with friends.

Dr. Daniels and wife, of Mitchell, S.D., were in Worthington between trains Saturday on their way to Denver, Col.

Mrs. Terry [Torry?], mother of Mrs. Ray Humiston, went to Bigelow Friday afternoon for a few days visit with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Blake and son, Everett, of St. Paul, are visiting at the home of R.E. Smith in Worthington this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jacobson, of Hersey township, are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby boy at their home on Friday last.

Miss Leona Peterson left Tuesday for her home at Paulina, Iowa, after a pleasant week's visit with friends in Worthington.

Mrs. Claude Wood, of Windom, returned to her home Monday after a week's visit with the family of Mrs. Frank Wood.

Misses Minnie Shattuck and Gertrude Dow left Wednesday afternoon for a visit with friends at Minneapolis and Annandale, Minn.

Emery Hector of Indian Lake has about recovered from a severely bruised limb which he received some time ago in an accident.

Edgar Cooley, of Clear Lake, Iowa, has accepted a position in the Worthington creamery and enteerd upon his duties last week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. James left this week for Dodgeville, Wis., where they will be the guests of relatives and friends for some time.

Mrs. Herman Lestico went up to St. Peter last week to visit Wm. Lestico, who was recently committed to the hospital for the insane.

Miss Marie Larson, who has been visiting with Mrs. A.M. Gregerson, at Round Lake, departed Tuesday for her home at Ellsworth, Wis.

Mrs. Wm. Webber, of Dell Rapids, S.D., daughter of Mrs. M. Levine, of this city, whom she has been visiting, returned to her home Saturday.

Misses Illa and Effie Wells and Eva Montgomery, of Brewster, drove to Worthington Tuesday and spent the day visiting with friends.

Mrs. H.J. Ludlow and daughter, Helen, departed Wednesday for Mankato, where they will be the guest of friends for several days.

Mrs. Harry Hobson and daughter, Vivian, departed on Wednesday for Plattville, Wis., where they will visit several weeks with friends.

W.J. Newton, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Smith for the past week returned to his home at Newell, Iowa, on Tuesday.

Verner Lindgren, of Adrian, passed through Worthington Tuesday on his way to Minneapolis, where he goes to attend a short hand school.

Misses Maybelle and Minnie Westby, who have been attending summer school in Worthington, spent Sunday with their parents at Bigelow.

J.H. Meany, of Milwaukee, was the guest of Jas. Mackay, Wednesday afternoon, between trains, while on his way from a trip to Washington.

Harry Kies, superintendent of schools at Britt, Iowa, is spending his vacation at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Kies in this city.

Mrs. Aug. Swanson came down from Minneapolis last week, being called here on account of the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. Sterling.

John Montgomery visited with friends in Worthington between trains Friday, while on his way to his home at Sibley from a business trip to Brewster.

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Dryden, of Marmoth [Mammoth?], Mont., are visiting at the home of Mrs. Dryden's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Barber in this city.

Miss Emma Nelson visited with her brother, Nels Nelson in Worthington, from Saturday until Tuesday, when she returned to her home in Jackson.

The birthday club held their annual picnic at the park, Tuesday afternoon. Almost all the members of the club were present and a real good time was had.

Miss Alta Blood, who has been the guest of her brother, Oscar Blood and family, of this city for the past month, left for her home in Sioux City, Saturday.

Henry Schinkle, formerly a resident of Dewald township, but now living in Minneapolis, was here several days the past week looking after his land interests.

Miss Ella Tabler, who has been spending her summer vacation at the home of W.A. Cloud and family, returned to her home in Minneapolis Saturday.

W.H. Peterman, of Waconia, Minn., who is interested with Wm. Burchard, in the Worthington Creamery Co., is here this week looking after business matters.

Frank W. Wilson, an electrician of Lake City, is employed as lineman at the electric light plant while some needed repairs are being made about the city.

Miss Prue Town, who has been spending a week with her father, J.A. Town, left Wednesday for St. Paul, where she has employment as stenographer.

You get value received for every dollar invested when you purchase a suit made by Mark G. Harris & Co. All the latest styles to choose from. --M.L. Holbrook.

Cyril, Gladys and Pearl Taylor, of Minneapolis, departed Saturday for their home after a week's visit at the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Taylor in this city.

Mrs. Stelle Smith returned from a visit with friends at Minneapolis, Wednesday afternoon. She also visited a few days with her husband, Capt. Stelle S. Smith at Camp Lake View.

Nels Anderson moved his family and household goods to Kenneth, Minn., this week, at which place Mr. Anderson will take the management of a lumber yard for the Colman Lumber Co.

Clyde Booth, who has made his home in Worthington for some time, left Tuesday afternoon for Sioux Falls, at which place he has secured employment in an automobile garage.

Herman Peterson was a passenger to Bigelow Monday afternoon. Mr. Peterson is doing the carpenter work on an addition being made to W.C. Weitzel's residence at that place.

Mr. and Mrs. A.N. Rice and Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Carrigan, of Adrian, were in Worthington between trains Friday on their way home from a few days' outing at Spirit Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Salstrom and two children returned to their home Tuesday at Bigelow after spending a few days at the home of Mrs. Salstrom's mother, Mrs. J.P. Biltgen.

Miss Ethel Bloom left Thursday for St. Paul, where she will visit for a short time with relatives. From there she will go to Menomonie, Wis., to attend a school of domestic science.

Rev. Wm. L. Dibble, of Columbus, Neb., will conduct services at the Congregational church in Worthington, during the month of august, beginning Sunday morning, August 8th.

A base ball game between Wilmont and Iona was played at Wilmont Sunday, which was a one-sided affair, Iona scoring 9 times while a goose egg recorded the tally of the Wilmont team.

Mrs. Ivan Erickson, who has been visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Anderson at Adrian, returned home Saturday. She was accompanied by her father, who visited over Sunday.

The Mountain Lake canning factory which was started two years ago, is evidently not a success. It will not open for business this year unless some outside parties rent the factory. --Lake Wilson Pilot.

Mrs. M.S. Boyle and daughter, Isabelle, of Adrian, were in Worthington between trains Saturday, on their way home from Reading, where they had been to visit Mrs. Boyle's daughter, Mrs. M. Ronan.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Williams left Sunday afternoon for Mankato, where Mr. Williams has received appointment as operator for the Omaha railroad. Mr. Williams has been relieving Mr. Locke here during his absence.

Miss Fandrey, who has been the guest of Misses Ama [Anna/] and Josephine Schmidt for the past week, left Friday for Austin, Minn., where she will visit for a few days before returning to her home at Mankato.

Dr. C.C. May , of Adrian passed through Worthington Friday on his way home from Slayton, where he had been in attendance at a meeting of a medical society composed of doctors of southern Minnesota.

Dr. B.O. Mork, accompanied by his mother, returned Monday from Wood Lake, Minn., where he has been spending his vacation at his home. Mrs. Mork will visit for some weeks with her son in this city.

Mrs. S.M. Nelson and Mrs. A.M. Dalin, of Minneapolis, who have been guests at the home of their brother, J.A. Albinson, of this city, for the past three weeks, returned to their homes on Saturday of last week.

Mrs. George Horton, better known to Worthington friends as Mabel Smith, a former teacher in the Worthington schools, accompanied by her daughter, Elizabeth, visited Worthington friends Monday and Tuesday.

A fishing party composed of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Albinson, Mrs. S.M. Nelson, Mrs. A.M. Dalin and Misses Anna, Mable and Ella Olson and Messrs. David Anderson and Will Olson spent a very enjoyable day at Round Lake last Friday.

A letter received in Worthington last week from J.M. Addington and family, of Brogan, Ore., states that they enjoyed a short visit from Dr. F.M. Manson, who passed through that place on his way home from a trip to the coast.

Mrs. Marie Hannah, of Pipestone, who has been the guest of Mrs. Edward Carr in Worthington for a week, left Wednesday for Westbrook, Minn., for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Harry Maxwell, of that place, before returning to her home.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. James and son, left Wednesday for Dodgeville, Wis., where they will visit their parents for several months. Mr. James, who travels for a Chicago Grain Commission company, will make that place his headquarters, while there.

Misses Genevieve Mann, Marie Dolan, Florence Voak and Marion Evans attended a house party at Mankato from Thursday until Monday at the home of Dr. Curran, in honor of his daughter, Doris. The girls report having had a most delightful time.

Amos Todd moved his family to Beaver Creek, the first of the week, where they will make their future home. Mr. Todd is employed in the capacity of marshal and street commissioner at Beaver Creek and finds it more convenient to reside there.

Sunday Morning From Ten Days Outing at Camp Lake View

Last Sunday morning the major portion of Company F returned from their annual encampment at Lake City. Those remaining were Captain Stelle S. Smith, Lieutenant Dodge, Corporal Joe Hildyard, and Private Claude Johnson, who were the sharp shooters of Company F, appointed to take part in a contest of all the expert riflemen from the various companies. The Worthington participants in this contest have good records and are expected to capture some of the medals offered for those making the highest scores.

The inspection and drills at camp were quite rigid this year, being conducted under the same rules and regulations a govern the regular state troops, while on duty. One new feature of the encampment was sham battle between different battalions. A very bad accident occurred during one of these encounters, which made some of the company begin to doubt whether or not they were engaged in actual battle.

On last Wednesday morning about 7:30 a.m. the 3rd battalion were sent out on the bluffs near camp where they were to repel an attack by the 1st and 2nd battalions in sham battle. Strict orders were given for every man in these battalions to leave all loaded shells at camp and to carry only blank cartridges with them to be used in this encounter. About 10 o'clock one of Co. B's men was struck in the right knee and severely wounded. The wounded man was Wm. Paschke of Faribault. He was attended at once by the hospital staff, who, fortunately, were near at hand, and who succeeded in checking the flow of blood by means of a tourniquet, until he could be removed to the regimental hospital, where it was found necessary to amputate his leg.

A strict investigation was made to detect the one, who had disobeyed orders and fired the ball cartridge, but as yet the officers have met with no success in this matter. The  loaded and unloaded shells are of entirely different shape and the only possible explanation for the mistake is that some one was inattentive to orders given. Co. F was with Co. B in the 2nd battalion at the time of the accident and therefore it was not a member of their company, who was responsible for the misdemeanor.

Brewster Wedding

A very quiet but pretty home wedding took place, Tuesday at 12 o'clock, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. f.R. Geyerman at Brewster, at which time their daughter, Grace A., was united in marriage to James E. Jacobs, of Sioux City, Rev. Taylor, of Tacama [Tekamah?], Neb., officiating.

The bridegroom was formerly in the lumber business at Brewster, but is now located at Sioux City, as a teller in the Northwestern National Bank.

Only immediate relatives were present at the ceremony, those from out of town being, Dr. P.T. Geyerman and wife, of Worthington, Mrs. Jacobs, mother of the bridegroom, and his sister, Miss Dessie Jacobs, of Paullina, Iowa.

The newly wedded couple left Tuesday afternoon for their future home at Sioux City. Their many friends extend to them best wishes for a long and happy married life.


A picnic party composed of about forty neighbors and friends in the Dring neighborhood was recently held at the home of A.F. Dring. A bountiful picnic dinner with ice cream and other good things on the bill of fare was a feature of the gathering and the day will long be remembered by those present.

The National Amusement Co. is the name of a carnival company that arrived here Monday afternoon to amuse and entertain the citizens of this section of the country, but they have been poorly patronized, owing to the busy season, and another thing people generally have but very little use for carnival companies.

Major Harry Hobson left Wednesday morning for St. Paul, where he joined Gov. Johnson and staff and on Wednesday evening they departed for Seattle to attend the exposition. The trip will be made over the Great Northern road and will extend over a period of nearly three weeks. Gov. Johnson is the principal speaker at the exposition on Minnesota day.

The agricultural class of the summer school, under the direction of their instructor, Miss Charlotte Raymond, made a visit to the stock farm of Patterson & Erickson Tuesday afternoon for a study of the means of stock raising. There were about fifty students in the class and the trip was made in Mr. Patterson's automobile.

Pat O'Connor moved his family over from Wilmont this week and they are occupying the house on 10th St. next to the Advance-Herald office. [The rest of this article was not copied.]

John Locke and family returned Sunday morning from Midvale, Idaho, at which place Mr. Locke has been employed as operator. He was formerly operator at this station, but desiring a change of location went west. conditions there did not meet with their expectations, so they have returned to Worthington, where he will resume his former position at the Omaha depot.

Miss Hilma Nelson, who is employed at the residence of Sheriff Fauskee, met with an accident, Monday which nearly cost her the loss of a finger. She was putting clothes into the wringer as Mr. Fauskee turned it, when she caught the index finger of the left hand  in the cogs, nearly severing the member. Medical attention was secured at once and no bad effects are anticipated.

M.B. Fish, formerly in the newspaper business at Jeffers, has leased the Lismore Leader and took possession last week. The Leader has had a rather checkered career since A.J. Olin quit the town and it is to be hoped that the new man will put some life in the paper. Lismore is a mighty good little town and will give a paper good support if the editor is a live wire, but if he is a dead one he might just as well quit before he begins.

Monday evening of last week the directors of Jackson's base ball team held a special meeting at which time they decided to disband while their titles were yet clear as far as paying the salaries of the members of the team were concerned. The team was a fast one, having a splendid record, but owing to the fact that some local knockers had begun to put in their work, the management deemed it best to discontinue the organization.

A camping party, comprising Mrs. A.G. Tangeman and two children, Rubie and Leo and Mr. Bertram, of Steen, Minn., and Miss Hargesheimer, of Monoma, Iowa, who have been enjoying an outing at the Chautauqua grounds in Worthington for the past two weeks, broke camp Monday and left for their homes. Mr. Bert[r]am and Leo Tangeman made the return trip by team, while Mrs. Tangeman and daughter, Rubie, accompanied by Miss Hargesheimer returned by train Monday afternoon.

Mrs. J.L. Calvin, of Wilmont, returned Friday from Rochester, where she had accompanied her twelve-year-old daughter, Maude, to the Mayo hospital for treatment for tuberculosis of the bone. Her trip proved fruitless, however, as the doctors at the hospital pronounced the case incurable due to ___ that the case was too far developed for any relief to be offered. The result is that the child may never be able to walk again.

Mrs. Oscar Nebel, nee Maude Grant of Beaver Creek, was in Worthington from Thursday until Saturday visiting with friends. On Saturday afternoon she was joined here by her husband, who has had charge of the creamery at Beaver Creek. Mr. Nebel has resigned his position at that place owing to slack business which will not grant their engaging a manager. Mr. Nebel accompanied by his wife left Saturday afternoon for St. Paul, where he has secured a position with a creamery company.

Local Intelligence

Walter Dunbar, accompanied by his son Walter, made a business trip to Heron Lake Friday.

Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Jennings have as their guest this week Miss Blanche Goudy, of Marion, Iowa.

Fred Howard was a passenger for Dundee Saturday, where he will visit relatives for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. D.O. Dockendorf, of Sheldon, were in Worthington Saturday on a business mission.

Dr. D.B. Hart and wife, of Round Lake, were in Worthington Friday on a business and pleasure trip.

Mrs. Emily Tripp, of Round Lake, spent Sunday at the home of her son, H.R. Tripp, and family.

Misses Belle Scott and Lois Renshaw, of Rushmore, were calling on Worthington friends Saturday.

F.L. Humiston went up into Pope county this week to look after some land interests that he has there.

Mrs. W.F. Scott and children went down to Bigelow Saturday and visited over Sunday with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Turner are enjoying a visit from their niece, Miss Ruth Lindbauer, of Keota, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Penman, of Rock Rapids, Iowa, were business visitors to this city last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. A.O. Steffens, of Red Wing, are the guests of Mr. Steffen's mother, Mrs. J.P. Biltgen, this week.

Miss Christine Nelson, sister of P.J. Nelson, returned on Saturday from a week's visit with friends at Windom.

Miss Alma Larson, of Luverne, arrived in Worthington Saturday to take a position as waitress at Hotel Worthington.

Boyd McChord, of Rushmore, was attracted to Worthington Sunday by one of the attendants at the teachers' summer school.

Miss Emily McConkey, of Brewster, who has been visiting friends in this city for the past week, returned to her home Saturday.

Mrs. G.G. Allen returned the end of last week from LeMars, Iowa, where she had been for a couple of weeks visiting her parents.

Dr. Stover and wife, of Bigelow, were Worthington visitors last Saturday. This office acknowledges a pleasant call from the doctor.

Miss Mildred Bliefernicht left on Monday for a two weeks visit with relatives at Wheaton and Sauk Center, Minn., and Madison, Wis.

Miss Sarah Glasgow, who is an attendant at the teachers' summer school in this city, spent Saturday afternoon with her mother at Adrian.

Mrs. Mathew Lacken departed Saturday for her home at Windom, after a week's visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Anderson of this city.

Mrs. D.D. Spencer, of Truman, Minn., mother of Leonard Spencer, assistant at the Herbert Drug Co., visited over Sunday with her son in this city.

Misses Rose and Theressa Dobner, who have been the guests of friends in Worthington the past week, returned on Monday to their home at Faribault.

Mrs. M.P. O'Brien, of St. Paul, visited friends in this city Saturday while on her way home from Adrian, where she had been the guest of relatives.

Lew Salstrom, of Wilmont, was in Worthington Saturday en route to Bigelow for an over Sunday visit with his brother, John E., of the State Bank of Bigelow.

John Ronan returned Friday from Hawarden, Iowa, where he accompanied his father and mother to their home, after a pleasant visit with their sons in Worthington.

John Arens, a cousin of F.B. Duester, came down from Dundee Saturday and left in the afternoon for Norfolk, Neb., where he has secured a position in a creamery.

Dr. and Mrs. A.N. Rice and Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Carrigan, of Adrian, were in Worthington between trains Friday on their way home from a few days outing at Spirit Lake, Iowa.

W. M. Evans left last Saturday for a couple of weeks visit in the west. He will take in the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition and also visit several other points of interest while away.

Dr. C.C. May, of Adrian, passed through Worthington Friday on his way home from Slayton, where he had been to attend a meeting of the Southwestern Minnesota Medical Society.

Miss Freda Pieper returned to her home near Rushmore on Saturday, after spending the week with friends in this city. She was accompanied by Miss Martha Kindlund, who will be her guest for a few days.

C.M. Black, formerly of reading, but now engaged in the real estate business at Deer Creek, Minn., has been in Nobles county several days the past week trying to interest buyers in northern Minnesota lands.

Mrs. J.C. Thomas, better known to the people of Worthington as Ella Miner, daughter of Aken Miner, an early settler here, spent Saturday at the home of E.C. Pannell, returning to her home at Windom in the afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Venness, of Lodi, Wis., visited a few hours in Worthington between trains Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. John Corncross, while on their way to Sioux Falls to visit their son, Frank, who resides at that place.

Henry Nystrom arrived Sunday morning from Brogan, Oregon, where he has been since early spring. He reports the Worthington colony at Brogan as getting along nicely and all are well pleased with the country and the possibilities for future development.

John Masgai has purchased the Lesticoe property, located on 5th ave., between 10th and 11th streets, and last week moved into the house. He has made numerous and notable improvements about the premises and the property presents a much better appearance.

Wilmont is making preparations for a two days carnival to be held on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 20 and 21. The amusements are to be furnished by the Pipestone Amusement Co., which is advertised as comprising six up-to-date and first-class attractions.

Ben N. Nelson, of Jackson, who has been canvassing for the Underwood Typewriter company in this community for the past week left Friday for Okabena, where he will continue his canvassing. Mr. Nelson is a brother of Nels N. Nelson, the proprietor of the Nelson restaurant.

J.S. Fink, Will DeVaney and Will Wood attended a gun shoot at Fulda last Sunday, making the trip in the white steamer owned by the Smith Implement Co. Fulda, Chandler and Worthington were represented in the tournament, and Mr. Fink of the Worthington club made the highest average.

Mrs. J.O. Gilbertson stopped off in Worthington Saturday for an over-Sunday visit with the family of L.W. Abbott, while on her way home to Pipestone from LeMars, Iowa, where she had been visiting friends. She left for home Monday morning and was accompanied by Miss Garnet Abbott, who will be her guest for a few days.

E.W. Langer, who has conducted a variety store in this city since last August, closed his store last week and shipped the stock to Leola, S.D., where he will engage in the same line of business. Mr. and Mrs. Langer left on Saturday for Minneapolis, where they will visit a few days with relatives before going to their new home.

Mr. Edward Chester of Harvard, Ill., is visiting in Worthington this week, with her brothers, William and Ablert [Albert?] Levine.

Miss Rowena Feathers, who is attending the Teachers' Summer School, spent Sunday with her parents at Lismore.

Mrs. H.A. Bassett, of Rushmore, passed through Worthington, Wednesday on her way home from Minneapolis, where she has been paying a visit to her son, L.B. Bassett, who is Superintendent of the Minnesota Experimental station.

Mrs. Soram and two children, from Missouri Valley, Iowa, returned home last week after a two weeks' visit with Mrs. Soram's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Christensen. Mr. Soram came down from North Dakota,. where he had been on business, and accompanied them home.

The July meeting of the Sunshine Club was held at the home of Mrs. Jens Christensen and was a very pleasant and successful affair. Dainty refreshments were served and a very enjoyable afternoon was enjoyed by all. The club will meet August 5th with Mrs. Ernest Dewey.

Rev. Ten Broek, who has been rector of the Episcopal church of this city, left last Saturday for St. Paul where he has received a call to the pastorate of a church during the month of August, with the possibility of a permanent offer. His departure leaves the Worthington church without a rector, but it is probable that one will be secured in a short time, although nothing definite is known at this time.

Theo. Jacobson, who was here last week from Iowa looking after property interests, received a telegram Sunday conveying the sad news of the death of his sister and her husband at Menomine, Mich. They were riding in an automobile and in attempting to cross the railroad track near town were struck by a passenger train and instantly killed. Mr. Jacobson left Sunday night for the Michigan city to be present at the funeral.

The many friends of Miss Beth Ames, who was employed in the Worthington High School as English-Latin teacher and whose services had been engaged for the term of 1909-10, will regret to learn that she has resigned her position here and accepted a position in the schools at Waterloo, Iowa. Miss Ames is a very efficient teacher and has many friends in this city who will regret to learn that she will not be here another year. Miss Mary Cruiskshank [Cruickshank?], of Clarion, Iowa, who has been teacher of English in the High School at Humboldt, Iowa, for the past three years, has been engaged to take charge of the English department of the Worthington High School the ensuing year, while Mrs. Julia Hensel will be instructor in Latin. Mrs. Hensel was a member of the corps of teachers last year and is a very capable instructor in languages.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained November, 2007.


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