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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 April, 1909

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Friday, April 2, 1909

Company F, of Second Regiment Passes Ordeal With Excellent Showing

The annual inspection of Co. F, 2nd Reg., M.N.G., was held at the Chautauqua pavilion last Monday afternoon, conducted by Col. Wm. Gerlach, U.S.A., retired. Captain S.S. Smith had out a full company, under heavy marching order, with blue uniforms, shelter tents, cups, canteens, blankets, etc., and the boys passed the rigid inspection with credit both to themselves and the commanding officer.

Col. Gerlach was met at the depot by a squad of the soldiers and escorted to the Worthington hotel, where he was allowed a short rest before continuing on to the Chautauqua grounds, the members of the company forming at the armory and marching to the place of inspection and everything from then on was strictly according to military discipline.

In the evening a military ball and reception was held at the Worthington hotel, attended by a large number from this and surrounding towns, and to the choicest of music dispensed by Abbott's orchestra "tripped the light fantastic" until after the midnight hour, when the crowd dispersed regretting the fact that similar functions are not more numerous.

The members of the company have been busy this week removing their equipment from the armory to the room occupied by G.B. Hildyard, where the paraphernalia will be stored for the time being. The armory has been sold to Dr. Ray Humiston, who expects to move it to the lot adjoining his residence where it is to be remodeled and made into a hospital, and Co. F was compelled to vacate by April 1st.

Local Intelligence

E.J. Jones spent Sunday with his parents in Adrian.

S.M. Stewart was a business visitor to Sioux City Monday.

George Bonde was a business caller from Reading Saturday.

John F. Flynn spent Tuesday with relatives in Ellsworth.

A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Green on March 20th.

R. Klatt was a business caller in this city from Sibley Friday.

Miss Edith Clark spent Saturday with Heron Lake relatives.

Nick Leinen came down from Fulda Friday on a business mission.

Henry Marshal made a business trip to Sheldon Saturday afternoon.

Arthur Peterson was a business caller from Sheldon, N.D., last Saturday.

M. Ronan, of Reading, was in the city Saturday on a business mission.

E. Knudson, of Madelia, was the guest last Friday of Arba Bedford.

Dr. J.N. Gould was a visitor to Dundee Tuesday on professional business.

Claude Farmer, of Round Lake, was calling on friends in this city Friday.

Mrs. George Herman, of Rushmore, was a Saturday caller in Worthington.

R.J. Jones, of Reading, was transacting business in Worthington Saturday.

Vic Anderson left Saturday afternoon for a visit with friends in Hawarden, Iowa.

Rev. W.A. Dennis, of Luverne, officiated at St. John's church last Friday evening.

P.D. Peterson, of Westbrook, was calling on business friends in this city Tuesday.

Oscar Kunzman returned home Tuesday from a week's visit with relatives at Plano, Ill.

Selmer Solem and Chester Peterson, of Windom were Worthington business visitors Tuesday.

Al Dougherty, of Rushmore, was a business visitor to the county seat the first of the week.

Mrs. J.L. McConkey, of Brewster, was spending a few days this week with Mrs. John Meyers.

Rev. C.M. Johnson will preach in the Robertson school house next Sunday afternoon at Three o'clock.

Misses Alma and Pearl Taylor, of Emmettsburg, Iowa, were the guests this week of Miss Almina Willock.

Dwight Ludlow, came down from St. Paul Friday for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Ludlow.

The four-year-old daughter of John Hames, who has been quite ill with pneumonia, is reported much better.

Mrs. F.R. Tripp, of Round Lake, visited with her parents, R.H. Patterson and wife, the first of the week.

For Sale -- Cheap is taken at once, two pure bred Wyandotte roosters, fat and free from vermin. Mrs. Henry James.

Eggs for hatching -- Barred and Buff Rocks and Partridge Wyandottes. $1.50 for 15. C.S. Eastwood, Heron Lake, Minnesota.

Mrs. Rev. Jennings and children returned home Friday from a visit with her parents and other friends in Janesville, Minn.

Prof. H.D. Kies, superintendent of the Britt, Iowa, schools, is spending his spring vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Kies.

Mrs. A.R. Abertus and daughter, Jean, returned home Tuesday from Jackson where they had been spending a week with relatives.

The stork paid a visit to the home of Charles Schaeffer, living northeast of town in Hersey township last Thursday and left a bright baby girl.

Mrs. Wm. Fletcher and son, William, left Wednesday morning for Minneapolis, where they will visit with Mrs. Fletcher's mother and sister.

A delegation of ten or twelve from Brewster came down Tuesday afternoon to attend the concert given by the Minneapolis Symphony quartet.

Mr. and Mrs. O.W. Dieckhoff and daughter, Helen, of Cherokee, Iowa, arrived in the city Saturday for a visit with R.H. Dieckhoff and family.

Neal Leverich, who is now running between Sioux Falls and Salem, with headquarters at Sioux Falls, spent Sunday in this city, the guest of friends.

S.M. Stewart on Monday disposed of the stock of hardware which he recently came into possession of at Estherville, Iowa, the new owner being John Frederickson, of Lakefield.

J.H. Lutjenn, of Hull, Iowa, was calling on Worthington friends Sunday.

S.J. Shaw, of Rushmore, was transacting business in the county seat Friday.

Mrs. C.J. Smallwood has been quite ill the past week with bronchial trouble.

J.T. Smallwood was in Minneapolis Friday on business, returning home Saturday.

John Van de Berg, of Hull, Iowa, was the guest of Worthington friends over Sunday.

Herb Noren left Saturday for Hanley, Saskatchewan, where he will spend the summer.

Mrs. Otto Orloske and son, of Rushmore were calling on friends in this city Saturday.

Miss Bertha Grundman, of Storden, Iowa, spent the day with Worthington friends Friday.

Reuben Oakes, of Rushmore, was in the city Saturday on a visit to Worthington relatives.

Mrs. Theodore Johnson, of Vernon Center, was the guest this week of J.R. Selby and family.

Mrs. S.T. Wood and daughter, of Rushmore, were Saturday visitors with Worthington friends.

J.S. Frink and wife spent Sunday with Mrs. Frink's parents, D. Beer and wife, at Luverne.

Wm. Burchard was looking after the interests of the Worthington creamery at Brewster Saturday.

Mrs. J.S. Frink returned home Tuesday afternoon from a week's visit with her parents at Luverne.

Mrs. G.V. Pettit left Tuesday afternoon for Pipestone, where she will visit with her son, Kenneth, and wife.

Mrs. A.J. Olund, who recently took up her residence in Bigelow, spent Saturday with Worthington friends.

Miss Edith Seline returned to Sioux Falls Monday afternoon after a short visit with her mother in this city.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Young, of Luverne, were guests Monday and Tuesday of Jay W. Wolven and wife.

Mrs. Robert Erickson and daughter, Lillian, went to Brewster Saturday for an over Sunday visit with relatives.

FOR SALE: -- 800 bushels early white oats. Terms cash, 48c. --A.F. Eisele, Reading, Minn.

Mrs. Wilson Ager and daughter returned home Saturday from a visit with Mrs. Rob. Dougherty, of Rushmore.

Miss Anna Johnson left Saturday morning for the twin cities where she will visit for a time with relatives and friends.

Adolph Amundson and daughter, Helen, left Wednesday morning for a visit with Minneapolis relatives and friends.

Clyde McConkey, of Brewster, a member of Co. F, who is attending school at Minneapolis, came down for inspection Monday.

Mrs. F.A. Torrance and Miss Jennie Torrance paid a short visit to the twin cities the first of the week, returning home Tuesday afternoon.

Miss Emma Ferguson, who is teaching in the public schools at Tracy, Minn., is spending her spring vacation with her parents in this city.

Oakley Tripp and George Wykoff, who are attending school at St. Paul, came down Monday to be in attendance at the inspection of Company F.

D.B. Kumler closed his school term at Payne school in district 47, Lorain township, last Friday, and has since been fighting an aggravated attack of the grip.

The members of the drill team of Okabena lodge, D. of H. will give a social tea at the home of Mrs. Will Madison, Friday afternoon, April 2d, from 3 to 6 p.m.

C.L. Thompson, of Pearson, Iowa, arrived in the city Saturday evening and spent the intervening time until Monday afternoon visiting with his brother-in-law, C.C. Erwin.

P.S. Davis, of Eldora, Iowa, was in the city the first of the week on business. He is the owner of some of Nobles county's best land and was here looking after his interests in that direction.

William Minder, who has been residing in Bigelow, was in the city Monday settling up some business affairs before taking up a temporary residence at Sheldon, Iowa. Among other business calls was one at this office, at which time he renewed his subscription for another year.

Jay Jones, of Luverne, a member of Co. F, came over Monday for inspection and attended the reception in the evening, returning home Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Burt Petticord, who have been in the city the past two weeks canvassing for a mop and wall cleaner combination, left Tuesday afternoon for Luverne.

Louis Mohl, a former Worthington resident, but now located at Sioux City, spent Friday in this city shaking hands with friends and transacting business. He left Friday afternoon for Mankato.

John F. Flynn returned Saturday from Vale, Ore., where he has been looking after land interests. He reports that farmers are plowing in that vicinity and that spring is on in full blast.

C.H. Austin, of DesMoines, Iowa, was called to Worthington Friday by the illness of his mother, Mrs. R.A. Austin. By Monday she improved to such an extent that Mr. Austin returned home.

Miss Olive Paul, deaconess, of Asbury hospital at Minneapolis, was in the city Saturday between trains on her way home from Rushmore, where she had been working in the interest of the hospital.

A small wreck on the Rock Island between Ocheyedan and Harris Saturday necessitated the passenger trains on that line using the Omaha tracks from this place to Sibley until the debris could be cleared away.

Dr. O.C. Selby, who is located at Ortonville, where he is engaged in the practice of veterinary surgery and medicine, arrived in Worthington Sunday and spent a few days visiting his parents, J.R. Selby and wife.

Mrs. G.F. West and children, of Omaha, arrived in the city Saturday for a visit with her sister, Mrs. A.N. Wetheral. Mrs. West's husband is general passenger agent for the Northwestern railway and has headquarters at Omaha.

Dr. C.P. Dolan received notice the first of the week of a semi-annual dividend had been declared upon some stock which the doctor holds in a Mexican sugar plantation and refinery, and enclosing a substantial check for the amount of the dividend.

M.A. Mattison, of the Rushmore Enterprise and wife were in the city Saturday. Mrs. Mattison went on to Fulda for a visit with relatives, and Mr. Mattison remained in Worthington transacting business, returning to Rushmore on the afternoon train.

David Wolliscroft, of Redlands, California, was the guest last week of his brother-in-law and sister, H. Haggard and wife, leaving Friday for a visit with friends and relatives at Iowa points before returning to his western home.

Fred Humiston returned home Monday morning from Brownsville, Texas, where he went to look over the land conditions. He invested in some of the Texas real estate and reports that he considers that the country has a promising future.

"Two Lonely Helmicks!" That is what appears on the register of the Worthington for Sunday dinner, and thereby hangs a tale. Mrs. E.J. Helmick went over to Sioux Falls last week for a couple of weeks' visit with friends and relatives.

Peter Thompson, who has been acting in the capacity of night clerk at the Western Hotel for several months, left Tuesday for Grand Forks, N.D., where he has secured employment for the summer on a big ditching machine which is to be operated in that vicinity.

Charles Loveland, formerly employed as baker at the Loveless bakery, is now employed at Cherokee, Iowa, and will remove his family to that city. His daughter, Margaret, and son, George, left Friday for that point, and Mrs. Loveland and the rest of the family will leave sometime during this week.

Mrs. Henry James has returned from her ten days' trip to Florida. She is more than pleased with the prospects of prosperity for St. John's Park. While there she bought more land and refused $30 in advance over what she paid for it. They contemplate moving to Florida as soon as Mr. James feels able to travel.

"Col." Otto Leabeck left Monday for Centerville, S.D. where he will visit for some time with his uncle. The "Col." was unfortunate enough some weeks ago to receive an injury to his leg by stepping in a hole, had received his accident insurance money, which he is putting to good use in transportation and incidental expenses during his visit.

Friday, April 9, 1909

Sterling-Kannal Nuptials

At the home of the bride's father, A.J. Kannal, at 8:30 o'clock last night, occurred the marriage of Ernest Sterling and Miss LaRetta Kannal, Rev. G.A. Cahoon performing the ceremony in the presence of a few of the immediate relatives and friends of the contracting parties.

Mr. and Mrs. Sterling left on the night train for Minneapolis where they will visit for a short time with friends, and will be "at home" after May 15th. They will reside in Worthington.

The groom is employed as a traveling salesman for a Minneapolis firm and the bride is the daughter of A.J. Kannal, and is a held in high esteem by her many friends. The good wishes of all are extended to the happy couple.


Mrs. A.N. Cheney is on the sick list.

J.B. Ludlow was a business caller from Rushmore Monday.

C.F. Wood, of Windom, transacted business in this city Friday.

A.C. Turnbull came down from Currie Friday on a business mission.

Dr. Ray Humiston was in Sheldon Monday on professional business.

Claude Farmer, of Round Lake, paid a visit to the county seat Saturday.

Fred Malone, of Woodstock, spent this week with Worthington friends.

Theo Bahls, of Round Lake, was calling on Worthington friends Saturday.

John Montgomery made a business trip to Brewster the first of the week.

Martin Johnson, of Lake Crystal, spent Sunday with Worthington friends.

J.E. VanVleet, of Lake Park, was a business caller in Worthington Friday.

Chas. Johnson,  of Jenkins, Minn., is visiting with relatives in Worthington.

Mrs. N.C.A. Berg, of Luverne, was the guest of Worthington friends Sunday.

L.H. Gray and wife spent Sunday with C.S. Morton and wife, of Rushmore.

Herb Barnes, of Sibley, was in the city Friday on business with F. Glasgow.

Miss Anna Walkup left Friday for an over-Sunday visit with Pipestone relatives.

Mrs. H.M. Berkhimer, of Rochester, was calling on friends in Worthington Sunday.

J.D. Gigerson, of Wilmont, was transacting business in Worthington Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Prideaux and daughter, Miss Clara, spent Saturday in Rushmore.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. James went to Adrian Monday for a brief visit with relatives.

Miss Jeanette Clark has for her guest this week Miss Evelyn Lysle, of Pipestone.

Mrs. Daniel Shell returned Saturday afternoon from a short visit with Sioux City friends.

Mrs. G.V. Pettit returned home Saturday from a visit with her son, Kenneth, at Pipestone.

Miss A_y [Amy?] Forbes, who is teaching at Woodstock, Minn., is spending her spring vacation with relatives in this city.

Mrs. William Hastings has been very sick the past week.

Pete Peters, of Bigelow, was transacting business in Worthington Saturday.

Mrs. W.E. Nichols, of Lake Park, spent Wednesday with Mrs. M.P. Mann.

P.J. McCann and John King, of Lismore, were visitors to the county seat Tuesday.

G.F. Bulick, of Reading, was a business visitor to Worthington Tuesday afternoon.

Loren Clark returned home Saturday morning from a business trip to Olewein, Iowa.

The high wind Friday uprooted a tree at Dr. Manson's residence and also blew out a window at the Hart cash store.

Miss S.E. Coggins went to St. Paul Sunday, and while there she will purchase some new stock for her millinery store.

Mrs. H.A. Strong and son, of Sheldon, Iowa, who have been the guests of John Ramage and family, returned home Saturday afternoon.

Miss Jeannette Clark has opened a fancy goods store in the room over Sterling Bros.' store, formerly occupied by Dr. Dodge as a dental room.

Miss Alma Peterson and Mrs. A.F. Collins attended the Yoeman (sic) State conclave at St. Paul Tuesday as delegates from the Worthington homestead.

John Baylor and family, of Lodi, Ill., are now located on the Dow Mitchell farm east of town. Mr. Baylor is a brother-in-law of John W. Sliver.

Henry Bish has secured a contract to erect a residence for George Kraft, of Brewster, and will commence work as soon as the weather will permit.

H.S. Jones, of Spencer, Iowa, was visiting with Worthington friends Friday. Mr. Jones is a former resident of Nobles county and has a large circle of acquaintances in Worthington.

S.T. Wood, of Rushmore, was in the city Monday on a business mission. Mr. Wood last week purchased a Buick of I.F. Kelly & Co., and will enjoy the pleasures of automobiling this summer.

Ross Meader, of Sibley, stopped off Saturday for a visit with Worthington friends on his way home from Wilmont, where he had been attending to business appertaining to his farming interests in that vicinity.

The Sunshine club met with Mrs. H.A. Veeder on April 1st, and a most enjoyable time is reported. An elaborate lunch was served to which all did ample justice. Mrs. J.C. Williamson will be hostess for the club on May 6th.

Surprised Teacher

Miss Beth Ames, one of the teachers in the high school, was the victim of a surprise party tendered her last Thursday evening, by the members of the freshman class, at the home of one of their members, Miss Hazel Anderson. Forty-three scholars were present and a delightful evening was spent. A feature of the evening was the huge birthday cake presented in honor of the occasion and a beautiful spoon from the scholars of the class was given to Miss Ames as a slight token of the esteem in which she is held.

Verdict for Defendant

The first three days this week were busy ones in Justice C.W.W. Dow's court. Mrs. Clara F. Moore, was plaintiff in a suit against Eli S. Ogg, alleging unlawful retention of property, the property in question being a farm about three miles north of the city on the diagonal road. The case was given a jury trial and attracted a large attendance from the curious, and late Wednesday night the jury brought in a verdict for the defendant.

Babe Near Drowning

Doris, the three-year-old daughter of Walter Payne, came very near being drowned Wednesday at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C.W.W. Dow. The accident happened under peculiar circumstances. The little one had been playing about the premises and in some manner succeeded in raising the cellar door, and apparently lost its balance and fell headlong into the cellar, which contained about two feet of water. Fortunately, Mrs. Payne heard the splash and went to the rescue. The tot was revived and is none the worse for her impromptu bath.

Local Intelligence

J.S. Frink was a business visitor to Heron Lake Tuesday.

M.E. Lawton was a business visitor to Heron Lake Monday.

Mrs. W.E. Roberts, of Rushmore, was the guest of friends in this city on Monday.

J.H. West came up from Hartley Tuesday to cast his ballot in the city election.

Miss C.T. Free is now operating the photograph gallery formerly conducted by Miss Lillian Yates.

B.C. Baker is lying seriously ill at his home in this city, and fears are entertained that he cannot recover.

E.W. Cass, of Luverne, returned home Monday afternoon after a visit with his brother-in-law, James Mott.

H.A. Gould came up from Sibley Tuesday to cast his vote. He is now employed at the City bakery of that place.

Miss Agnes Elliott has resigned her position at the Variety store, and is now behind the counter at Latta's dry goods store.

Mrs. J.B. Snyder, of Clarion, Iowa, arrived in Worthington Saturday for a visit to her father, B.C. Baker, who is critically ill.

Mrs. C.E. Sims and infant child left Monday night for a visit with relatives and friends at Urbana, Ill. Mr. Sims accompanied her as far as Sheldon.

Miss Agnes Elliott was down from Worthington the first of this week to visit relations and friends in Round Lake and vicinity. --Round Lake Graphic.

Misses Lillian and Belle Yates left the first of the week for Edgemont, S.D., where they will file on a claim, if the conditions meet with their expectations.

J.P. Dunn, traveling solicitor for the Minneapolis Tribune, is again making Worthington his headquarters, after an absence of four weeks. He arrived in the city Monday and will remain in this locality for a few days.

Ed E. Schuchs, J.H. Schucks, Sam M. Stewart, John Ronan and John F. Flynn composed a party of gentlemen who left Tuesday afternoon for Vale, Ore., to look over land prospects in that locality. J.F. Flynn is chaperoning the party.

Miss Freda Otto, one of the teachers in the Worthington public schools, was in the city Saturday a guest at the John Michelson home while enroute to Worthington from Clark, S.D., where she had spent her spring vacation. --Rock County Herald.

Carl Bramel spent Saturday with Fulda friends.

E.V. Voak and son, Jay, spent Wednesday in Brewster.

J.H. Bryden made a business trip to Wilder Wednesday.

Jacob Seline left Wednesday morning for a visit with St. Paul friends.

Jos. Masgai, of Adrian, spent Saturday with his brother, John Masgai.

A.H. Cooper, of Rushmore, was a business caller in Worthington Saturday.

S.J. Vincent was a business caller in Worthington Tuesday from Algona, Iowa.

Marguerite Cabot, of Heron Lake, is the guest this week of Margaret Dieckhoff.

Mrs. Dr. Gould went over to Rushmore Saturday evening to attend an entertainment.

Carl Meyer, of Fairmont, was in the city Tuesday afternoon, looking after business matters.

Henry James left on Tuesday for Jasper where he will visit for a short time with his daughter.

Mrs. J.S. Kochs, of Windom, spent a few days this week with her sister, Mrs. Frank Eastman.

Miss L. Davis returned to her home in Sioux City Saturday after a two weeks' visit with Mrs. M.C. Carr.

Mrs. A.H. Bedient and daughter, Hattie, returned Monday afternoon from a short visit with Heron Lake relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Saulpaugh, of Mankato, spent Sunday with Mrs. Saulpaugh's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Allen.

Mrs. Stage, and son, Cecil, of Sibley, were in the city a short time Saturday on their way home from a visit with Wilmont relatives.

Miss Emma Ferguson, who has been visiting her parents in this city the past week, returned to her school duties at Tracy Saturday.

Sterling Lawton, who is attending Morningside college at Sioux City, arrived Monday for a visit with his parents in this city during his spring vacation.

Miss Mary Gerdes, who recently underwent an operation for appendicitis, returned to her home in Fulda Saturday, where she will recuperate for the next few weeks.

A.E. Hart & Co. this week put in a bundle carrier and all purchases are now sent to the cashier's desk to be wrapped. The carrier is the first one to be installed in Worthington, and gives the store quite a metropolitan appearance.

Rev. Fletcher received a telegram Monday evening from Greensburg, Ind., announcing the fact that his son, who is attending college at that place, was critically ill with pneumonia and that life was despaired of. He left Tuesday morning for Greensburg.

E.W. Wakefield, wife and two children, were guests this week of Mrs. Wakefield's brother, James Mott. Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield are residents of White Rock, S.D., and were on their way to Medford, S.D., where they will visit after leaving Worthington.

The stockholders of the Worthington real estate company will hold a business meeting on Friday, April 16th to determine what action shall be taken regarding the erection of a new building upon the site of the old A.O.U.W. hall, which recently was destroyed by fire.

Wm. Burchard was up from Worthington last Saturday and while in town he made this office a pleasant call. He informed us that he had closed his cream station at this place as he didn't think that it was right to work against a co-operative creamery. He wishes to thank the patrons of this station and whenever they are in Worthington with cream, would be pleased to have them call. --Brewster Tribune.

 E.W. Langer informs the Advance-Herald, he will retire from business in Worthington about the middle of May. He will remove from the city to a point where an advantageous opening in another line of mercantile business is offered him. Since coming to Worthington Mr. Langer and his estimable wife have made many warm friends who will regret their departure from the city, but will unite in wishing them their full measure of success wherever they may cast their lot.

Local Intelligence

George W. Dow, of Bigelow, is the guest this week of his brother, C.W. Dow.

Manning Plotts is temporarily employed at the Citizens bank in the absence of S.M. Stewart.

Will Loveless is again back in the store, after an enforced vacation, the result of an attack of appendicitis.

Mrs. August Williams, who has been visiting her parents at Clinton, Iowa, returned home Wednesday afternoon.

L.W. Abbott and wife had for their guests over Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Gilbertson and Earl Beede, of Pipestone.

Mrs. R.W. Mercer and daughter went up to St. Paul the end of the week for a few days visit with relatives.

Mrs. J.B. Lloyd, of Lake Mills, Ia., returned home Monday after spending several days in the city as the guest of D.M. Anthony and wife.

Misses Pearl Cramer, Elsie Chase and Lillian Holst and Paul Cramer, of Windom are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eastman this week.

Herb Herrick and wife, of St. James, who have been spending the winter in California, have returned home, and it is expected that Herb will soon resume his old run between St. James and this city.

They Were Surprised

Last Saturday evening, about thirty friends and neighbors of Eric Grandella and wife, who reside on Route 1, swooped down upon them and took possession of the premises. The visitors brought well-filled baskets with them and a sumptuous repast was soon produced to which all did ample justice. The evening was spent in pleasant social intercourse, and an enjoyable time was had. A.N. Johnson presented Mr. and Mrs. Grandella with a handsome set of silver knives and forks as a token of the esteem in which they are held.

Indian Lake

Rev. Edstam bought a fine driving team last Monday.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Swedberg is at present quite ill.

Joseph Bilsten left last Thursday for Willmar, where he will work during the summer.

Miss Mary Nystrom, who is attending school in Worthington, spent Saturday and Sunday at home with her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Saxon left on Monday for Wisconsin, where they will seek medical aid for their son, Eddie.

C.R. and Walter Saxon sold one of their heavy teams to Iowa parties last Monday. The team was well matched and brought a fine price.

Elk News

Mr. A.I. Standafer was sick the fore part of the week with grip.

The Schultz family are all on the sick list this week suffering from grip.

Mrs. A.G. Finck has been quite sick the past week with a severe cold.

John and Henry Hagge spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. William Dalheim.

R.H. Matheson and wife visited Sunday at the Wolff and Standafer home.

A surprise party was given at home of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Hankins last Friday evening in honor of Miss Rowe, teacher in Dist. No. 24.

R.C. Free had the misfortune to lose a horse last week. This is quite a neavy loss for Mr. Free, being the second horse he has lost within the last two weeks.

Org Observations

Joe Deuth, of Austin, Iowa, spent Sunday at the home of his parents.

Mrs. Ernest Foelschow was an over-Sunday visitor at her parental home.

Vic Anderson shipped a couple of cars of stock to Chicago Monday night.

Mrs. Gustafson has recently purchased the Swenson farm near here.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Larson were Ransom visitors the latter part of last week.

Ole Johnson has been busy the past week helping G.W. Dealand remodel some sheds.

John Deuth, of Holland, Minn., returned home last Monday after a few days' visit with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Newman, of Worthington, spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Newman's father, Vic Anderson.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Bjornstad entertained Mr. and Mrs. Henry Larson and Mr. and Mrs. O.F. Johnson last Monday evening.

J. Rabenberg started out to walk to his home at Meadowlands last Sunday. Meadowlands is a small town forty miles northwest of Duluth. He will soon be there if his expectations are realized as he expects to walk fifty miles a day.

Friday, April 16, 1909

Brakeman Hurt by Falling Pipe

John Donovan, a brakeman employed on the Omaha, was severely injured while at work at Alton Monday. He is employed on a freight crew and while engaged in performing the duties incident to the position, a bundle of iron pipe which had been fastened upon the side of the car, fell, striking him on the back of the head and shoulders, stunning him and inflicting severe bruises. He was brought to his home in this city and placed under the care of a physician and is now resting easy and will soon be about again.

Erwin-Deuth Nuptials

On Wednesday evening at seven o'clock at the home of the bride's father, K. Deuth, at Org, occurred the marriage of Miss Fanny Deuth and Mr. Ray Erwin. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Cahoon in the presence of over one hundred invited guests, and promptly at the hour named the contracting couple took their places beneath a bower of green and white. They were attended by Miss Effie Erwin, sister of the groom, as bridesmaid and Kriem Deuth, a brother of the bride acted as best man. Miss Millie Edstrom played the wedding march in a most accomplished manner.

An elaborate wedding supper was served and the young folks were the recipients of many useful and valuable wedding presents.


Born -- On Monday, to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Allen, a girl.

A.E. Hart was in Heron Lake on Wool business Wednesday.

Mrs. C.P. Dolan is spending a few days with St. Paul friends.

Matt Fish returned Tuesday from Hot Springs, S.D., and other points.

Frank Turner returned home Wednesday from a business trip through the east.

Mrs. Ella P. Horton, of East Tawas, Michigan, is visiting with her son, E.M. Horton.

Mrs. W.E. James, of Rushmore, spent Wednesday with the family of J.H. James.

Miss Millie Edstrom went down to Org Wednesday to attend the Erwin-Deuth nuptials.

For Sale -- Pure bred Poland China sow and 7 fine pigs, also several shoats, cheap. Dr. Moore.

George Tryon and wife are the happy parents of a young son who arrived on Thursday of last week.

A young lady took up her residence with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kruger in Ransom township Monday.

Mrs. Lee Shell and mother, Mrs. C.F. Herms, left Wednesday for a visit with Minneapolis relatives.

Ed Geyerman, of Brewster spent Wednesday in Worthington, the guest of his brother, Dr. P.T. Geyerman.

Mrs. J.S. Jole, of Grand Rapids, Minn., returned home Wednesday from a pleasant visit with her sister, Mrs. J.H. James.

Fred and Marie Wills, children of Julius Wills, residing east of town on the Jackson road, are down with typhoid fever.

E.W. Wakefield, wife and children, of White Rock, S.D., who have been visiting Mrs. Wakefield's mother, Mrs. Nellie Mott, left Wednesday for Medford, Ore.

The tower is being torn from the old armory, preparatory to removing the building to the new site, where it will be remodeled into a hospital by Dr. Ray Humiston.

The Methodist church is organizing a chorus choir, under the direction of Miss Elva Chrysler. Miss Chrysler is an excellent vocalist and teacher and will no doubt develop the chorus to a high standard.

James Mackay went to Brewster on Wednesday to prepare the body of Olaf Torgerson for burial. Incidentally he attended to the necessary preliminary work pertaining to the appearance of Worthington Concert band in that village this evening.

"Farmers' Co-operative Hail Association" is a new company organized by the actual farmers of Minnesota, who are members of their Local Mutual Fire Insurance Companies, and guarantees an honest and conservative transaction of its business. If you are looking for good and reliable hail insurance don't fail to see S. Kindlund, their agent, for by-laws and particulars.

Eugene, little son of F.H. Schoeneman, living near Round Lake, was badly injured on Tuesday of last week. The little fellow was doing some chores about the barn, and while he was attending to some work in a manger, a cow crushed him against the side of the stall, bruising his shoulder and side. He was taken to a surgeon and his injuries attended to and is now on the road to recovery.

It was hard to determine the first of the week whether M.L. Holbrook had moved his dry cleaning establishment or not. To the casual observer it appeared as though A.J. Kannall had taken possession of the premises for a painting and paper hanging establishment. Inquiry, however, elicited the information that "Les" was merely doing some spring papering and painting and that Mr. Kannall was engaged to do the work.


Mr. Jno. Hollebrands, of Pella, Iowa, visited with his brother Rev. Hollebrands, looking after his land interests in South Dakota. He departed for his home Monday.

Rev. Gulker preached in Edgerton Sunday forenoon. He delivered a sermon here in the afternoon.

Elk News

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Steinmann spent Sunday with Mrs. Steinmann's parents Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schulz.

A pleasant surprise party was given last Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Burger, in honor of Miss Hazel Pepple, teacher in District No. 8. A number of young people were present and all report a fine time.

Miss Zetta Eshelman visited several days last week with relatives at Reading.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wolff, Mr. and Mrs. A.I. Standafer were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Free last Sunday.

H.J. Hector, who has resided on the Erickson farm the past year, is moving this week onto the farm recently vacated by Q. Barnes, in Lorain township.

Mrs. Andrew Fincke is on the sick list this week.

Mrs. Abe Anderson and Miss Sarah Rowe were passengers to Lake Park last Friday for a short visit with Miss Rowe's aunt, Mrs. Q. Barnes.

Miss Lelsa Schulz is sewing for Mrs. Chas. Sundberg this week.

Local Intelligence

Charlie Wod [Wood?] spent Sunday with Minneapolis friends.

Miss Nellie Lyons spent Sunday with Mankato friends.

Ross Nelson made a business trip to Blue Earth Monday.

C.M. Crandall was a business caller in Luverne Monday.

Mrs. E.L. Gillette, spent Monday [with?] Heron Lake friends.

R.J. Jones, of Reading, was in the city between trains Monday.

R.M. Grimes, of Bigelow was in the city on a business mission Saturday.

Ed Christle [Christie?], of Lakefield, spent Sunday with friends in Worthington.

Manley P. Thornton, of Adrian, was in the city Monday on legal business.

Harry Gray, of Bigelow, was a business visitor in Worthington Monday.

Gust Schmidt, of Rushmore, spent Sunday in this city, the guest of friends.

Hubert Pass, of Wilmont, spent Easter with his cousin, Joe Pass, of this city.

Mrs. Gilbert Anderson is entertaining her daughter, Mrs. Hawley, of Sioux Falls this week.

Mrs. Charles Kilburn left Monday afternoon for a visit with relatives and friends in St. James.

LeRoy Davis, of Cokato, Minn., was visiting with friends in this city the latter part of last week.

Mrs. Charles King and Miss Chloe Anderson, of Org, spent Monday in the city the guest of friends.

Mrs. John Dingwall and daughters, Alma and Susan, visited with relatives in Round Lake last week.

Lace curtains cleaned. Careful attention given to fine work. Phone 72-J-2. Mrs. Chas. Barkelew.

Voices tried out for the Methodist chorus choir. Call on Miss Chrysler at Mrs. Frank Turner's residence Monday.

Walter Snook left Monday afternoon for Luverne, where he has accepted a position in Snook & Snook's grocery store.

Mrs. G.A. Bradford returned to her home in St. James, after a pleasant week's visit with her sister, Mrs. G.A. Lincoln.

Mrs. J.S. Cochs, of Windom, who has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. Frank Eastman, the past week returned home Monday afternoon.

Miss Emma Scheid, who has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. George Pope, the past week, returned to her home in Easton, Minn., Monday morning.

Dr. G.R. Curran and wife, of Mankato, came down Sunday and spent the day with Dr. F.M. Manson and wife, returning home Monday afternoon.

C. Synkerson went up to Brewster Monday. Mr. Synkerson has a contract for repapering and painting the interior of the Catholic church at that place.

Miss Blanche Runyan, who has been the guest of her cousin, Mrs. Jay W. Wolven, for the past month, returned to her home in St. Paul Monday afternoon.

Misses Pearl and Pauline Creamer and Lillian Holst returned to their home in Windom Monday morning after a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eastman.

TAKEN UP -- Three stray calves came to my place, four miles east of Bigelow. Owner may secure same by identifying and paying charges. Henry Minden, Bigelow, Minn.

Rev. Wm. Jennings left Tuesday for Blue Earth, where he attended the spring meeting of the Mankato Presbytery which met in that city Tuesday evening and Wednesday.

Mrs. J.N. Gould, of Worthington, and Miss Laura Cain, of Bigelow, were guests last Saturday of Prof. Oakes. Mrs. Gould is a sister of the Prof., and Miss Cain is -- oh, dear, we came very near giving it away that time! --Rushmore Enterprise.

Mrs. Addie B. Baker, Grand Past Chief of the D. of H., was in the city Saturday and addressed the local lodge of D. of H. Saturday evening. While in the city she was the guest Mrs. Will Madison. She returned to St. Paul Monday morning.

A.P. Rose and wife, of Jackson, spent Easter with Mr. Rose's parents in this city. Mr. Rose informs the Advance-Herald that work upon the history of Jackson county is progressing nicely and he has every reason to believe that the sale of the history will equal that of Nobles county.

Elva Chrysler has been engaged to sing at the morning and evening services at the Methodist church, at Worthington, next Sunday. She has just returned from Chicago, where she took a three months' course in voice culture. During the coming summer she will again teach at Sibley and surrounding towns. --Lake Park News.

Harvey Henton was a visitor to St. Paul Friday.

H.R. Tripp spent Sunday with Round Lake relatives.

Frank Coughran made a trip to Turtle Lake, Wis., Friday.

L.W. Abbott made a business trip to Adrian Tuesday afternoon.

F. Landis, of Adrian, spent Saturday with Worthington friends.

James Pascoe, was a business caller from Sheldon, Iowa, Saturday.

George Bonde was a business caller from Sheldon, Iowa, Saturday.

Margaret Becker, of Brewster, spent Easter with her mother in this city.

Pete Peters, of Bigelow, was transacting business in Worthington Friday.

G.W. Moeller, of Harris, Iowa, spent Sunday with relatives in this city.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Thomte spent Sunday and Monday with Luverne relatives.

James Baker paid a visit to St. Paul Saturday, returning home Sunday night.

Ed Moberg returned home Tuesday morning from a visit to the twin cities.

a.H. Larson, of Dell Rapids, S.D., was a business caller in Worthington Friday.

Judge P.E. Brown and wife are rusticating at the springs at West Baden, Indiana.

The Worthington Concert Band will give a concert in Rushmore next Friday evening.

Dr. W.A. Saxon and brother, Frank, made a trip to the twin cities Tuesday morning.

Robert Clack, of Grinnell, Iowa, was the guest of Worthington friends last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Newman spent a few days this week with friends in Sioux City.

Miss Nell Addington spent a few days last week with Mrs. Fred Tripp, of Round Lake.

M. Kurlans, of Whitewater, Wis., was the guest of Worthington friends over Sunday.

A.D. Carpenter, of Rock Rapids, Iowa, was transacting business in Worthington Friday.

Mrs. M.C. Carr returned home Friday from a short visit with friends in Sioux City, Iowa.

R.C. Larrabee, of Aurora, Ill., was in the city several days this week on a business mission.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Manuel, of Brewster, spent Sunday with Worthington relatives and friends.

Frank Mitchell, of Brewster, spent the Easter-tide with his brother, K.V. Mitchell, of this city.

Miss Alice Hawley, of Cedar Rapids, was the guest of Worthington relatives during the past week.

W.C. Wyatt and wife returned home Tuesday afternoon from a short visit with Sioux City friends.

Mrs. Oscar Pearson and Miss Margaret Malcomb, of Org, were guests of Worthington friends Friday.

Mrs. Daniel Shell and daughter, Margie, went to Minneapolis Tuesday afternoon for a short visit with friends.

Dr. and Mrs. H.R. Gholz and little son departed Tuesday morning for a short visit with friends in Mankato.

Miss Myrtle Walters, of Cedar Rapids, is spending the week in Worthington, the guest of M.P. Mann and family.

Clifford Loveless, who is travelling out of Minneapolis, spent Easter with his parents, W.W. Loveless and wife.

Warren Kilpatrick, of Adrian, was in the city Saturday on his return home from an extended trip to southern Iowa.

Misses Ella Horton and Delphia Henton returned home Tuesday afternoon from a visit with friends in Mitchell, S.D.

D.G. Miner, of Minneapolis, representing a concrete and steel bridge concern was a Worthington business visitor Friday.

Miss Marjie Cabott, of Heron Lake, spent a few days this week in Worthington, the guest of Miss Margaret Dieckhoff.

E.G.C. Amy, of Canistota, S.D., visited with his sister, Mrs. C.A. Baker over Sunday and Monday, returning home Tuesday afternoon.

Ivan Pettit has received a nice offer from Brandon, S.D., to play ball at that place during the coming season. He has not as yet decided whether he will accept or not.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sterling returned home Monday night from their honeymoon trip to the twin cities. Mr. Sterling left Tuesday morning to take up his work as travelling salesman for a St. Paul firm.

J. Shannon, of Washington, Iowa, spent Sunday in Worthington. Mr. Shannon is the representative of the George Paul Texas Land Co.

George M. DePetit was in Round Lake Saturday assisting the new proprietor of the Graphic, Mr. E.H. Richman, to get out his weekly issue.

The Eagles' dance Monday night was not as well attended as had been anticipated, but those who were in attendance report a first-class time.

Last Saturday morning the "thirst parlors" in Worthington went out of existence for at least a year. The council last Friday evening voted to refund the balance due on license and between nine and ten o'clock of the next morning the money was handed to the various proprietors and the doors closed.

John Brabender, of Adrian, has received word that he is one of the heirs to an estate in Germany, although the amount of the inheritance is not mentioned. The property is one which Mr. Brabender's father turned over to a relative when he emigrated to America some forty years ago, and returns to his heirs through the death of the relative.

The following Worthington people were registered at the Worthington Sunday for the special Easter dinner: W.B. Stoutemeyer and wife, J.D. Humiston and family, E.J. Wolven and wife, E.J. and L.P. Helmick, Ray Wolven, J.M. Plotts, P.T. Geyerman and wife, E.W. Langer and wife, A.N. Wetherell and wife, M.G. Hurd and family.

The Worthington Concert Band, and the Glee Club, assisted by Mrs. L.H. Gray, reader, and George D. Lawson, will give a concert at Brewster tonight. We can conscientiously recommend the band and their concert to the citizens of Brewster and if the residents of that bucolic burg enjoy music that is of the best quality, they will turn out and greet the company in large numbers.

Fred Glovka, of Swiftcurrent, Sask., who has been visiting with Adrian relatives for some time, stopped off in Worthington Friday on his return trip for [several illegible words]. Mr. Glovka was fortunate enough to file on a claim near that place and has just received word from the Canadian government that a townsite was to be placed upon his claim, and requesting that he return immediately to adjust the price desired for his property.

Word has been received here from Dr. O.C. Selby to the effect that he has purchased a half interest in a hospital and veterinary practice at Redfield, S.D., and has removed to that place this week. We are glad to learn that the doctor is making such rapid headway in his chosen profession and the best wishes of his multitude of friends will join us in congratulating him upon his success. The doctor has been located at Ortonville until making this move.

Sudden Death at Brewster

Olaf Torgerson, a farmer, residing east of Brewster, dropped dead Monday afternoon. He had just returned to the farm from a visit to the village, and was doing the chores when he received the sudden summons. When discovered life was extinct, Coroner Williams rendered a verdict of death from heart failure.

Deceased was born in Stavanger, Norway, March 13, 1856, and emigrated to Minnesota in 1877. When twenty-four years of age he was united in marriage to Miss Carrie Evenson and to this union was born seven children, six of whom survive.

The funeral services will be held this afternoon from the Norwegian Lutheran church in Brewster.

Friday, April 23, 1909

Merritt Metran, an aged man, who was found in a strawstack near Luverne a couple of weeks ago was sent to the state hospital for the insane at St. Peter last week. He was an escaped lunatic from an institution at Kalamazoo, Mich. When found he had spent two days and nights in the straw pile, but apparently suffered no ill effects from the exposure.


Ross Nelson made a business trip to Mitchell, S.D., Monday.

J.B. Ludlow was a business caller from Rushmore Wednesday.

J.D. Giberson, of Wilmont, was a county-seat visitor Saturday.

W.C. Wyatt came up from Bigelow Tuesday on a business mission.

Seed corn for sale; white and yellow dent; tests 98. Milton Ludlow.

J.H. Bryden spent Sunday and Monday with his family in Rushmore.

Mrs. Dr. W.A. Saxon spent a few days this week with Windom friends.

Mrs. Frank Glasgow spent Saturday afternoon in Sioux City, the guest of friends.

G.W. McMackin was a business visitor in Worthington Thursday from Madelia.

Clyde Fronck and Henry Cramer were visitors to Luverne Saturday afternoon.

A girl baby arrived to grace the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hansberger last Tuesday.

Miss Elva Chrysler will have charge of the evening chorus choir of the Methodist church.

T.H. Smith and George Rohlf, of Sheldon, Iowa, were in Worthington Saturday on business.

John Nystrom is recovering at the City hospital from an operation performed Tuesday morning.

Mrs. Frank Lewis returned to her home in Owatonna Tuesday morning after a pleasant visit with Mrs. J.A. Cashel.

E.E. Avery and wife, residing east of town, are the proud parents of a bright baby girl, born last Friday morning.

Wm. Johnson, of Ladysmith, Wis., arrived in the city Wednesday morning for a visit with his sister, Mrs. A.J. Fauskee.

Henry Fauskee has been appointed as substitute mail carrier on Route 2, in place of Aaron Hardow, who recently resigned.

John Fitch and J.R. Selby left Saturday afternoon for Edgemont, S.D., where they will look after claims in that vicinity.

B.G. Blumgreen, on Route 2, is building an addition to his house, and when finished will add much to the appearance of his place.

Mrs. C.D. Stocks and baby returned to their home in Minneapolis Tuesday afternoon after a week's visit with her mother, Mrs. Z.M. Smith.

Miss Myrtle Walters returned to her home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Wednesday, after a pleasant week's visit with the family of M.P. Mann.

Rev. E.H. Rasmussen, state evangelist of the Baptist church, will begin a series of meetings at the Baptist church next Sunday morning.

The Anniversary exercises of the I.O.O.F. will be held in the Methodist church next Sunday morning. Rev. Cahoon will preach the sermon.

Dr. Jennings has been invited to deliver an address during commencement week before the students of the State Normal college at Madison, S.D.

Miss Alice Anson, a Red Cross Nurse, is now employed at the City Hospital. Miss Anson is a graduate of the Philadelphia Red Cross Hospital training school.

Rev. Paul Doltz will speak at the Presbyterian church next Monday evening at 8 o'clock. He is a speaker of great ability and has an interesting story to relate about the Philippines.

Ludwig Anderson, of Hartford Connecticut, spent several days this week with his brother C.A. Anderson, leaving Wednesday for Chicago, where he will visit a short time before returning home.

Mrs. Henry Green, a resident of Summit Lake township, was operated upon at the City hospital last Saturday for the removal of a cancer. The operation was successful and she is getting along nicely.

Mrs. W. Doughty, of Flushing, N.Y., was the guest the first of the week of A.A. Goodrich and family. She left Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. L.D. Veltum for Minneapolis, where she will visit with Mrs. Veltum for a short time before returning east.

R.W. Mercer, superintendent of the municipal light and water plant last Monday tendered his resignation to the city authorities, to take effect May 1st. Mr. Mercer has accepted a position in a larger city, at a greatly increased salary and will leave as soon as his successor is appointed.

The Epworth League of the Methodist church will give a May Day social in the church parlors Friday evening, May 7th, at 8 o'clock. The installation of the newly elected officers will take place during the evening. Light refreshments will be served and everybody is welcome.

Special Evangelistic services will be held in the First Baptist church, commencing next Sunday morning, April 25th by Rev. E.H. Rasmussen, the state evangelist. There will be special music by the chorus each night, also solos and duets. Service every night during the week except Saturday.

Henry Blume, who recently sold his photo gallery in this city, left Tuesday for South Dakota, where he went to look up a location and again engage in the photograph business. He went first to Hot Springs, and if nothing materializes there to suit him he will go to Rapid City and other points before returning.

Mrs. James Addington and daughters, Mrs. Murial Schutte and Misses Zoe and Nell, and Jesse Hamstreet, left Wednesday morning for their future home in Vale, Ore. The party will stop off and view the sights in Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake and other points, arriving at their destination Saturday or Sunday.

The following ministers from Worthington were in attendance at the Nobles County Ministerial meeting, which was held at the Methodist church, Rushmore, Monday evening: Revs. Cahoon, Schmid, TenBroeck, Alvord and Jennings. An interesting program was rendered, after which Rev. and Mrs. Babcock served a delightful luncheon to the visiting brethren.

The Yoeman held an interesting meeting at the Torrance hall Monday evening. State Manager Murphy, of Owatonna, was present. A large class of new members was initiated and at the close of the work of the evening refreshments were served and a social good time enjoyed by all present. Worthington Homestead has just purchased a fine new regalia.

The 15-year-old son of John Miller, of Bigelow, met with an accident Saturday that came near costing him the sight of one eye. He was driving a nail and struck it in such a manner that it flew up and struck him in the left optic. He was brought to Worthington and placed under the care of a physician, who rendered the necessary surgical attention, and if nothing unforseen transpires he will not lose his sight.

Mrs. C.W. Yost, of St. Cloud, who was quarantined in this city for small pox, having developed the disease on the train while enroute from her home in St. Cloud, Minn., to Okaboji, Iowa, was released from Quarantine Monday, and continued her journey. Her husband, who has been acting in the capacity of nurse, accompanied her. The premises occupied by the patient were thoroughly disinfected by health officer Saxon and there is now no danger of the malady gaining a foothold in the city.

Card of Thanks

We desire to publicly express our thanks to neighbors and friends for their many acts of kindness during our late bereavement in the loss of our son. -Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Edwards.

Local Intelligence

Neal Leverich spent Friday with Worthington friends.

W.J. Warner was a business visitor from Madelia Friday.

W.W. Loveless was a business visitor to Minneapolis Saturday.

T.H. Bloxham was transacting business in Brewster Saturday.

John Reilly, of Wilmont, paid a visit to Worthington Saturday.

P.F. Glynn, of Adrian, spent Sunday with Worthington friends.

Art Hildyard went to Bigelow to attend the dance Saturday night.

John Masgai went up to St. Paul Monday night on a business mission.

Henry Hegardt was a county seat visitor from Round Lake, Saturday.

Mrs. J.W. Martin, of Round Lake, was calling on Worthington friends Monday.

Messrs. Dave Lees and Al. Wells were business visitors from Brewster Monday.

The Worthington Concert band gave a concert on the street Monday evening.

Major B.F. Thurber was a business visitor to Wilmont the first of the week.

Hon. Dan Shell was in Salem, S.D., on a business mission the first of the week.

Ivan Pettit left last week for Trosky, Minn., where he has secured a position.

Mr. and Mrs. E.K. Smith and children spent Monday with friends in Sioux City.

M.E. Lawton was transacting business in the twin cities the first of the week.

Misses Effie Parker and Alice Holley attended the dance at Bigelow Saturday night.

Mrs. Fred Tripp, of Round Lake, spent Monday with Worthington relatives and friends.

Mary Robinson left Monday for Pipestone to resume her position in the Calumet hotel.

A.J. Kannal has been under the weather the past week, a sufferer from rheumatism.

Mrs. L.D. Veltum, of Minneapolis, was the guest of friends in Worthington this week.

Herbert Dawson, of St. Paul, was the guest of his sister, Miss Ada Dawson last Sunday.

Clyde Tripp came down from Round Lake Saturday for a visit with relatives and friends.

Mrs. Frank Johnson and children departed Friday for their future home in Minneapolis.

Dr. F.S. Hough, of Sibley, was a visitor to Worthington Friday on professional business.

J.L. Seeley, of Round Lake, visited the county seat on business Thursday and Friday.

Mrs. John Ronan departed Monday afternoon for Sioux Falls, where she will visit with friends.

Miss Fannie Hinricks returned to Montgomery after spending two weeks vacation at home.

Anton Osterman of Sigourney, Iowa, was in the city Friday looking after business matters.

Mr. and Mrs. Al Daugherty, of Rushmore, were guests of Mrs. G.V. Pettit the first of the week.

Mrs. H.J. Ludlow and daughter, Helen, spent Friday with the family of J.B. Ludlow, at Rushmore.

M.E. Butterfield, of Sheridan, Ore., was looking after business interests in this vicinity Thursday.

Dave Lees, the genial boniface of the Brewster hotel, was in Worthington for a short time Saturday.

Miss Susie Dingwall returned home Monday from a visit with relatives and friends at Round Lake.

Mrs. A.M. Renner spent several days last week with her parents in Adrian returning home Saturday.

Mrs. A.C. Dickens and children went to Heron Lake, Friday for a visit with her mother, Mrs. Humiston.

Mrs. A.L. Canfield returned home last week from Warren, Ill., where she was called by the death of her brother.

Joe Mackay went to Heron Lake, Friday where he played with Mackay & Mays' orchestra for a dance that evening.

Clinton L. Mann left Monday for Minneapolis, where he has accepted a position as cashier for the General Electric Co.

Miss Ethel Kinsey, who is teaching at Heron Lake, spent Saturday and Sunday at the home of her friend, Miss Fannie Hinricks.

Miss Effie Parker returned to her home in Sioux Falls, Monday afternoon after an extended visit with her uncle, Loren Clark.

Miss Alice Holley, who has been the guest of relatives in this city the past week, returned to her home in Sioux Falls, Sunday.

Miss Sophia Goltz, who has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. W.G. Meyers, returned to her home in Ballaton, Minn., Saturday.

Miss Amy Forbes returned to her school duties at Woodstock, Friday after a two weeks' vacation spent with relatives in this city.

Jake Wilson went to Brewster Saturday, where he has secured employment. He will shortly remove his family to that village.

Baker Bros. meat market underwent spring renovation in the guise of new paper the first of the week, and presents a neat appearance.

B.S. Uden returned home Friday from a business trip to Luverne. The Col. reports that the farmers in that section are pretty well along with seeding.

Andy Gustafson was down from Worthington Tuesday viewing round Lake as a suitable location for a harness and repair shop. Round Lake Graphic.

Mrs. C.L. Sampson and son, of Excelsior, Minn., who have been guests of the family of G.W. Cale, for some weeks, returned home Monday morning.

Mrs. E.H. Canfield returned from St. Paul to her home in Luverne, Friday and stopped off here for a day's visit with her son, A.L. Canfield and wife.

John McManus, of Sibley, spent several days this week with Worthington relatives and friends. John was formerly clerk at the Worthington hotel.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peterson are rejoicing over the arrival of a steady boarder at their home, a young lady having taken up her residence with them on Thursday last.

Miss Loretta Ferguson went up to Brewster, Friday to witness the concert given by the Worthington Concert band and remained over Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Silver.

The Advance-Herald is indebted to Hon. Daniel Shell for a copy of the 1909 Legislative Manual. It contains many thing of interest and our thanks are hereby extended to Mr. Shell.

Conductor H. Hinton returned home Saturday from Hot Springs, S.D., where he accompanied his father from St. Paul, who journeyed to the South Dakota resort in search of health.

Miss Rose Becker was among the passengers from Worthington to Brewster to attend the band concert Friday night, and remain in Brewster until Saturday afternoon as the guest of her sister, Miss Margurite Becker.

The senior class of the high school will present a class play "The Sweet Girl Graduate." Rehearsals are now in progress, and as the class contains much excellent amateur talent, a first-class presentation of the comedy may be expected. Ed. Murray wishes to announce that he will hereafter contract painting and paper hanging. After ten years of residence in Worthington his work is too well known to need comment and he solicits a share of your business upon his merits as a workman.

Chas Ashbaugh was at the Worthington hospital a couple of days last week and had a growth in his throat removed. This tumorous growth has bothered him considerably for some time, and it was quite a relief for him to have it removed. --Rushmore Enterprise.

George Cunningham is wearing the smile that won't come off, and if your watch was not properly repaired this week, don't blame George as he is not accountable. The event that so upset his equilibrium was the advent of a girl baby, who arrived Saturday night at his home.

A new boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Payne on Friday of last week.

John Montgomery has leased the Sibley feed barn, and on Monday shipped his household goods to that city.

William Parry, of Little Rock township, left Monday for Minneapolis. At Minneapolis, Mr. Parry will meet his daughter and together they will journey to South Dakota, locating near Presho, where a son of Mr. Parry has a claim, and will make their future home there. Mr. Parry is an old resident of Little Rock, and will be greatly missed by his many friends.

Henry Yates, of Sleepy Eye, spent several days last week with his aged father, Jerome Yates. Misses Lillian and Belle Yates, with whom the elder Mr. Yates has bee making his home, will leave shortly for Edgemont, S.D., where they will take up a claim, and Mr. Yates, senior, will then go to Sleepy Eye, and make his home with his son. Mr. Yates is nearly ninety-nine years of age and is well and hearty for a man of his years.

While out hunting Tuesday A.F. Diehn was very fortunate in killing a large crane. The bird is of a beautiful light gray color weighing thirteen pounds and the distance between the tips of the wings is five and a half feet. It was on display at the Diehn store in the afternoon and many people gazed on a great curiosity. Wednesday morning it was taken to Worthington by Dr. Solwald to be mounted. --Round Lake Graphic.

Among Worthington people, who were in attendance at the band concert at Brewster Friday were: L.H. Gray, John Lawson, W. Lock, G.B. Hildyard, Misses Ella Horton, Emma Grelson, Alice Hawley, Florence Wickman, Bernice Weldman, Julia Town, Rose Becker, Loretta Ferguson and Mrs. James Mackay. a number went up on the train with the band, and others drove up in the evening. In all there were over sixty tickets sold for Brewster.

Edward, the eighteen-year-old son of Edward Edwards, died at the home of his parents in this city last Friday morning from dropsy. The deceased had been an invalid for years, having lost the use of his limbs some time ago. The funeral was held from the house Sunday morning. Rev. G.G. Schmid conducted the services. Interment was had at Round Lake, and a large circle of friends and relatives of the deceased followed the remains to their last resting place.

Mr. Francis Anderson left Saturday for Mankato, where she was united in marriage Saturday evening to Mr. Al. C. Anderson, the ceremony being performed at the home of the groom's brother. After the ceremony the newly wedded couple went to the twin cities for a short visit with friends, and from there will return to Sioux Falls, where they will reside, the groom being engaged in the harness business in that city. Mrs. Anderson is a sister of C.B. Ward, of the Western hotel, and has for some time made her home with her brother. A host of friends in Worthington will join with us in wishing the newly wedded couple a long, happy and profitable journey through life.

The Brewster Tribune will continue publication. In week before last issue, Jess Hamstreet, who was then proprietor of the paper announced that the publication would be discontinued as he had interests in Oregon which demanded his attention, and that he would pack up the plant and ship it, but had failed to come to time, but when it was assured that Jess intended to do as he said Messrs. B.T. McChesney and G.R. Henderson came to the rescue of the village and purchased the plant and good will, and the publication of the Tribune will continue uninterrupted. Karl Kent Smith, who for several months has been an employee of the Advance-Herald has been engaged to take charge of the mechanical department. Karl is a good, faithful boy, and if the new proprietors attend to their end of the work as well as Karl handles the mechanical part, Brewster will have a first-class paper. The Advance-Herald welcomes the new addition to the newspaper fraternity of Nobles County, and we hope that they will receive the support from the citizens of Brewster and vicinity that they deserve.

Charlie Fairfield, for the first time since he was operated on at the hospital, was allowed to partake of solid food, Monday morning, the boy has certainly had a hard siege and it will be a great source of satisfaction to his many friends to know that he is on the road to recovery. --Jackson County Times.

Miss Marie Fauskee, who has been quite ill for several months, and was compelled to enter a hospital at Eau Claire, Wis., for an operation, returned to Worthington Monday, and is now at the home of her brother, sheriff Newton Fauskee. She is much improved in health, but is still quite weak as a result of the operation.

M.E. Fish and wife spent Sunday with Brewster friends, and left Tuesday for Hot Springs, S.D., where Mr. Fish has a five months' contract in a tonsorial parlor, with privilege of renewing the contract if everything is satisfactory. Matt says he wants to find out how the winter is in that country before he agrees to remain permanently.

Friday, April 30, 1909


Henry Butcher visited his brother in Bigelow Wednesday.

John Ronan returned home Wednesday from a trip to Oregon.

George Bonde, of Reading, was in the city between trains Wednesday.

Miss Mabel Atherton is again employed as cook at Nelson's restaurant.

W.I. Humiston on Tuesday received a fine Shetland stallion from Rockford, Ill.

M.J. Aschim is at the Worthington hospital recovering from a slight operation.

Dr. F.M. Manson was a visitor to Minneapolis Sunday, returning home Monday.

Edw. Brickson, the Adrian banker, was in the city Tuesday for a short time on business.

Rev. C.M. Johnson will preach Sunday afternoon at the Robinson school house, at three o'clock.

C.M. Atwood, of Dundee, was in the city on business Thursday and made this office a pleasant call.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Nelson went up to Heron Lake Wednesday for a few days' visit with relatives.

Robert C. Bethel, of Clarion, Iowa, came up Wednesday to attend the Williamson-Dring wedding.

Mrs. E.L. Gillette went to Heron Lake Wednesday to look after business at her branch millinery store.

If you intend putting down a concrete walk, let me figure on it. I will save you money. Peter Heuermann.

George Thomte, of Kenneth, Minn., was the guest of his brother A. Thomte, Sunday and Monday of this week.

Harry Lesticoe, the young son of Herman Leisticoe [two different spellings], residing northeast of town, is quite ill with pneumonia.

Mrs. T.H. Creever departed Wednesday morning for St. Paul, where she will be the guest of relatives for a few days.

The Smith Implement Co. have been advised of the shipment of a carload of White Steamers to arrive about May 10th. The entire lot is sold in advance orders except one car.

Mrs. Otto Orloske and son, of Rushmore, were in the city Wednesday between trains, on the return trip from a visit with Lakefield relatives.

Twin girls arrived at the home of John A. Johnson, who recently moved to Worthington from Adrian. The former boiler inspector bears the honor well.

Mrs. R.W. Mercer left Tuesday for St. Paul, where she will be the guest of friends for a short time, preparatory to removing to Chicago where Mr. Mercer has accepted a position.

Mrs. J.R. Selby and Miss Addie Payne left Wednesday afternoon for Edgemont, S.D., where Mrs. Selby will join her husband, who has filed on a claim, and Miss Payne will take up her residence on a claim.

The civil action brought by Ed Baxter against David Griffith to recover the amount of $11, alleged to be due from the defendant for hay taken, etc., was settled out of court Tuesday, the costs paid and the action dismissed.

Mrs. K. Low, a sister of Frank Eggleston, died at her home in Beaver Creek Wednesday morning from tuberculosis, aged 43 years. Mr. Eggleston went over to Beaver Creek Wednesday night to attend the funeral, which was held Thursday afternoon.

Edward Williams, the negro who was taken to the "poor house some four months ago, suffering from pneumonia, was released Tuesday of this week, having recovered sufficiently to be able to be about again. He was sent to his home in St. Paul Tuesday afternoon. [There was no second quotes in this sentence.]

This paper was in error last week when we stated that Mrs. M.E. Fish accompanied her husband to Hot Springs, S.D. Mr. Fish has accepted a position there, but Mrs. Fish will remain in Worthington, for a time at least.

K.E. Wing, an experienced piano tuner, will be in Worthington about May 1st, and solicits orders for piano tuning. Satisfaction guaranteed. all orders left at the Worthington hotel will receive prompt and careful attention.

Local Intelligence

M.J. Martin was a business caller in Heron Lake Friday.

R.L. Hessler was a caller from Round Lake Thursday.

Mrs. J.S. Park spent Friday visiting with Sioux Falls friends.

H.A. Gould, of Sibley, spent Sunday with his family in this city.

M.B. Dunn of Jackson, spent Sunday with friends in this city.

F.A. Tripp was the guest of Worthington friends Monday.

Miss Bertha Thompson visited with her parents at Windom Monday.

Will Thielvoldt came down from Round Lake on business Monday.

Theo. Bahls, of Round Lake, was in the city Saturday and Sunday.

Herb Barnes, of Sibley, was in the city Friday on a business mission.

Adolph Amondson returned Thursday from a business trip to St. Paul.

E.J. Keenan, of Luverne, was calling on Worthington friends Thursday.

Dr. B.O. Mork was a visitor to Sibley Friday on professional business.

G.W. Moeller, of Harris, Iowa, spent Sunday with Worthington relatives.

W.A. Davis, of Luverne, spent Sunday in Worthington, the guest of friends.

coroner A.B. Williams, of Wilmont, was in the city between trains Saturday.

O.N. Williams, of Bingham Lake, was a business visitor to Worthington Thursday.

Fred Berg and Mert Mitts spent Sunday with relatives and friends in Storden, Iowa.

Mrs. J.W. Martin, of Round Lake, was the guest of friends in the county seat Monday.

George Mohr, of Sibley, was calling on Worthington friends Saturday afternoon.

B.C. Denckman was a business visitor to the county seat from Round Lake Monday.

R.J. Mathews, of Kasota, Minn., was transacting business in Worthington Friday.

When wanting anything in the photo line call on Miss C. Free. Studio over Globe printing office.

Mrs. Lee Shell returned home Saturday night from a week's visit with Minneapolis relatives.

S.M. Stewart returned home Thursday from an extended trip to Oregon and the west.

Mrs. J.R. Selby and daughter, Myrtle, spent Saturday and Sunday with Brewster friends.

Will Stoutemyer was a business visitor to Sioux Falls, Friday, returning home Saturday.

Charles Hamstreet and family drove over to Rushmore Sunday and spent the day with friends.

W.I. Carpenter was a business visitor to Sioux Falls Thursday, returning home Friday afternoon.

George McManus, the Sibley tonsorial artist, was the guest of his sister, Mrs. Mark Marden, Friday.

Fred Allen and Magnus Wold, of Luverne, were business visitors to Worthington Friday and Saturday.

Sam Foight, of Luverne, accompanied by his wife and children, were guests this week of J.S. Frink and wife.

Karl Kent Smith, who is now employed on the Brewster Tribune, spent Sunday with his relatives in this city.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wood and baby came down from Windom for an over-Sunday visit with Worthington relatives.

Albert Pope, of Easton, Minn., was the guest of his brother, George Pope over Sunday, returning home Monday morning.

Thos Hogan and Miss Helen Ludlow visited Sunday afternoon and evening at Rushmore with Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Ludlow.

Will Johnson returned to his home in Ladysmith, Wis., Friday afternoon after a short visit with his sister, Mrs. A.J. Fauskee.

Tony Wachtel, of Sibley, county treasurer of Osceola county, accompanied the Sibley baseball team to this city Saturday.

Mrs. M. McNerney, of Sibley, accompanied by her two children, spent a few days this week in Worthington, the guests of Mrs. John Boog.

Major M.G. Dillenback and wife are now in Windom where they have been engaged in staging a production of "The Girl I Left Behind Me" with local talent, presenting same on Wednesday and Thursday nights of this week.

Mrs. Hensel, one of the corps of teachers in the Worthington schools, has been quite ill this week, suffering from a bad case of erysipelas.

A May basket social will be held at the Sharp school, north of the city, Saturday evening, May 1st. Ladies bring baskets and lunch enough for two.

Mrs. M.B. Dunn, of Jackson, was the guest of Mrs. Wm. Schraeder and sister, Miss Wick, Saturday and Sunday. She returned home Monday morning.

Herman Hart arrived in the city Monday from Chester, Ill., and will spend several months looking after the wool business for the Hart Commission Co.

Mrs. Eunice Baumgartner passed away in this city Friday, aged 32 years. The remains were sent to her home in Lake Park for interment, Saturday morning.

Pete Heurman was a business visitor to Bigelow Saturday. Pete will contract cement sidewalks again this summer and went to Bigelow to look after a contract in that village.

James Ramage, who is now a resident of Spokane, Wash., arrived Thursday for a visit with his brother, John Ramage, and other Worthington friends, and went to Rushmore Friday evening and assisted in the band concert.

Mrs. Minnie Herbert, of Luverne, arrived in the city Friday afternoon for a short visit with her brother, R. Shulz and family. She left Monday morning for Bird Island, Minn., where she will be the guest of relatives for a few days.

Money to loan on improved farms at five per cent interest. I also make loans on city residence and business property. Loans closed promptly. Write or call, M.P. Mann. Office in Patterson-Evans building over Albertus' clothing store.

Mrs. M. Donovan and son, William, of Slayton, were in the city this week visiting with John Donovan, the brakeman who was injured at Alton a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Donovan has fully recovered and will be able to return to work again in a few days.

Albert & Rockwell were in the city Friday superintending the removal of the fixtures recently used by them in the saloon business. The fixtures and glassware have been sold to Ole Hanson at Magnolia, and were shipped to that point the last of the week.

Among the Worthington people who accompanied the band to Rushmore and assisted in swelling the attendance at the concert were: Mesdames Roy Newman and P.J. Nelson, Misses Bess Anderson, Iona Barkelew, Lulu Palmer, Julia Town and L.H. Gray, Bevin Austin, Robt. Mackay.

The following letters remain uncalled for at the Worthington post-office. Parties calling for the same will please say "advertised:" W.R. Corey, Geo. Mann, Jess Weaver, Master John D. Siler, Mrs. August Samulson, John Kurlson, Holvig Bros., Miss Pearl Ramer, C.S. Wychoff, W.E. Thune, B.F. McCargor, Warren MacDonald.

John H. Behnken and sister arrived in Worthington Thursday and have taken up their residence in this city where Mr. Behnken will enter into the real estate business, handling Texas properties. He has opened up offices in the Torrance block. Mr. Behnken is a bright, pleasant young man to meet, and we bid him welcome to Worthington.

A colored woman going under the name of Mrs. Washington has been in the state soliciting aid for the Mr. Zion Israel of God Church, White Horse Army, of Chicago. Mrs. Washington claimed that this church worked among the slum children of Chicago, and was doing an extensive work among both the colored and white people. An investigation by Winona parties proves that the institution is not in line for support. --Mankato Free Press.

G.H. Bunkers, of Wilmont, was in the city on business Monday.

L.A. Gregory came over from Adrian Monday on a business mission.

J.P. Hoffman, of Round Lake, was a business visitor to this city Monday.

Mrs. Bertha Roll, of Adrian, was the guest this week of her daughter, Mrs. A.M. Renner.

Miss Marguerite Becker, of Brewster, was the guest of her mother over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. George Bauer, of Round Lake, were calling on friends in this city Monday.

CATTLE WANTED to pasture: Plenty of grass and water; woven wire fence. P.R. Long, Reading, Minn.

Guy M. Borst went to Sioux Falls Monday afternoon for a visit of a couple of days with relatives and friends.

Mrs. Olaf Swanson returned to her home in Minneapolis Monday afternoon after a short visit with her relatives in this city.

Dr. C.P. Dolan sold his Shetland pony last week to Stephen Golden, of Redwood Falls, Minn. The little animal was shipped to its new home Monday.

A card received from Jess Hamstreet announces his safe arrival at Vale, Ore. He states that so far as he has investigated he is well pleased with the country and environments.

C.A. Pederson, who recently removed with his family to Dundee, where he went to take charge of a creamery, was in the city Monday on business. In conversation with the reporter, he stated that the creamery was not a success and suspended after he had been there but a month, and he has since been out of employment.

R.L. Morland, president of the state board of pharmacy, is in Minneapolis this week attending the meeting of the board and conducting pharmaceutical examination. The board is holding a two weeks' session, and Mr. Morland went up a fortnight ago, returning for an over-Sunday visit with his family and going back to Minneapolis Sunday night.

One of the largest purchases of woven wire fence that has been made in this city for some time, was executed last week, at which time G.W. Patterson contracted with the Western Implement Co., for twelve hundred rods of that kind of fencing. Mr. Patterson believes in fencing and believes in securing the best, and for that reason purchased the woven wire.

Henry Blume returned home Saturday morning from a week's business trip to Hot Springs, S.D., where he went to look up conditions with a view to locating. He expresses himself as well pleased with the country in that vicinity, but has not as yet decided whether he will locate there or not. He has other opportunities open and will not decide until further investigation which he will accept.

Work on the removal of the old armory to the lot adjoining Dr. Ray Humiston's residence is progressing rapidly. The small house, which occupied the site, has been removed and in a few days the armory building will be in place, after which work upon the remodeling will be pushed rapidly, with the result that by the latter part of June or first of July Worthington will be equipped with a third modern hospital.

A fairly good crowd was in attendance at the Presbyterian church last Monday evening to listen to the lecture on life in the Philippines given by Rev. Paul Doltz. Rev. Doltz has been a missionary in that country for the past six years and had many interesting stories to relate, and those who attended the discourse were amply rewarded. The speaker is on a vacation at the present time, but will return next September to his work in our western possessions.

C.D. Smith, a traveling man, residing in Minneapolis sprained his ankle at the Omaha depot Monday night. In stepping from a freight train on his return from a trip to Rushmore, he slipped and fell, turning his ankle and skinning up his leg a trifle. A hack was called and he was taken to the Worthington and on Tuesday afternoon he left for his home in Minneapolis, where he will remain until he recovers the use of the limb.

Ivan Pettit returned home Saturday from Trosky, Minn., where he had been to assist in installing a local meat market. He left Monday afternoon for Des Moines, Iowa, accompanied by his brother, Kennith, of Pipestone, where they went to look after business interests.

Will Bray, proprietor of the Wonderland theatre at Sheldon, Iowa, was in the city Monday looking over the performance of the Humiston ponies, having booked the act to appear at his theatre the last three nights of the week. He returned to Sheldon on the night train and expressed the opinion that the ponies were wonders in the equine world.

Worthington is to have an additional real estate firm. The Co-Operative Real Estate and Loan Association, of Chicago, have opened an office in this city, in the Worthington State bank building, with Messrs. Morton & Kay in charge. The young men who have the management of the Worthington office are well and favorable known in the city having been connected with the railroad business for several years, and we bespeak for them a liberal share of the real estate business of the locality.

Carl Bramel was nursing a sore hand last week due to a peculiar accident. He was assisting in removing and shipping the fixtures of the Alberts & Rockwell saloon and in carrying a box he caught hold of it in such a manner that a nail that had been driven into the lid, and came out of the side of the box, was driven into the hand about an inch. The wound was at once dressed and unless some unforeseen complication arises will cause no serious or permanent injury, but is rather tender.

R.W. Marcer, who has been superintendent of the municipal light and water plant, an account of whose resignation was given in these columns last week, left with his family Tuesday afternoon for Chicago. Mr. Mereer has accepted the position of operating engineer in the sanitary district, having charge of the distributing system of the electrical department, all over-head wires and underground conducts, etc. The position carries with it a salary of $2400 per-year, and Mr. Mercer is to be congratulated upon his good fortune. At the time of his resignation Mr. Mercer did not expect to leave until the first of the month, but received a message Friday ordering him to report at once. [Note 3 different spellings of same name.]

Gets a Bad Fall

Will Thompson, who resides on the Oliver & Madison farm, was badly injured Tuesday by a fall of about eight feet. On the farm is a large rendering kettle used in the manufacture of lard and a platform surrounds it, being built about eight feet from the ground. While at work on this platform Mr. Thompson slipped and fell to the ground below with sufficient force to render him unconscious, in which condition he was found by his young son.

The son gave the alarm and his father was carried to the house and a physician summoned. In the meantime Mr. Thompson had regained consciousness, but was unable to tell how long he had lain on the ground before his condition was discovered. When the physician arrived he was suffering great pain internally, and afterwards began to vomit small particles of blood clot, and there is danger of internal injuries of a serious nature. At this writing, however, nothing definite can be stated regarding the extent of his injuries.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained November, 2007.

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