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 September, 1908

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Friday, September 4, 1908

Notes of Interest In And About Worthington

Mrs. L.H. Gray is visiting friends and camping at Sauk Center, Minn.

Frank Eastman went to Kinbrae Tuesday morning for a visit with relatives.

Mrs. Nerva Stetson, of Cherokee, Iowa, is the present guest of Mrs. Chas. Loveland.

Mrs. J. Jack returned home Tuesday from Chicago, where she has been the guest of relatives.

Mrs. E.G. Nelson, of Rockford, Ill., is the guest at the home of C.A. Steinman this week.

Mrs. Dominick Chermack and son James left Tuesday morning for St. Paul to take in the fair.

C.T. Tupper left Tuesday morning for a business trip to St. Paul and incidentally to attend the fair.

R.R. Smith, sr., left Tuesday morning for St. Paul, where he will spend the winter with his daughter.

Mrs. J.S. Coch returned to her home in Kinbrae Tuesday after a few days' visit with her sister, Mrs. Frank Eastman.

Mrs. C.H. McGowan and two daughters, Gertrude and Blanche, went to Altamont, S.D., where they will visit relatives this week.

Mrs. R.C. Kellar, of Chicago, who was the guest over Sunday and Monday of Mrs. A.C. Dickens, returned to her home in Chicago Tuesday morning.

F.A. Stevens and wife went to St. Paul Tuesday morning to attend the fair. Mr. Stevens will also attend the reunion of his regiment at the fair grounds.

Warren Rose expects to leave soon for Bonesteel, S.D. to be present at the land opening on October 15th, at which time the Rosebud lands will be opened for homestead entry.

Loyal Wilson, who has been visiting with the family of C.A. Steinman, went to Sheridan, Wis., Tuesday for a visit with relatives before returning to his home in Rockford, Ill.

The following have been licensed to wed during the past week: Peter Nystrom and Adelia Hector, both of Nobles county; Julian Denckman, of Dickinson county, Iowa, and Marie Flentji, of Nobles county.

J.D. Humiston sold one of his farms in Dewald township last week, being the N.E. quarter of section 34, to Gust Marotske, who has occupied the place for the past nine years, the consideration being $55 per acre.

A Concrete Building.

John Masgai, who recently purchased the Ramage lot on Second avenue, will erect a one-story concrete building upon the premises. The contract has been let to the Worthington Concrete and Tile Co., for the concrete work, the balance of the work to be performed by J.H. Peterson. The building will be a one-story structure 24x64 feet and will be occupied as a business room. Work will be commenced as soon as possible and the structure pushed to an early completion.

Dogs Attack Turkeys.

Two dogs attacked a flock of turkeys on the Dr. Moore farm one day this week, scattering the flock and biting a couple of the fowls so severely that death resulted. A shotgun was brought into use, but owing to distance or poor marksmanship the dogs escaped with their lives. Ele Ogg, who tenants the farm is practicing shooting and a different result may be expected the next time dogs attack any of the stock on the farm, so it would be a wise move on the part of the owners of the canines to keep them at a safe distance and not allow them to visit that particular vicinity.

Local Intelligence

Henry Pfeil took in the State Fair this week.

J.H. Scott was a Sioux City visitor Wednesday.

Joseph Lowe is quite ill at his home east of the cemetery.

Raymond Steffens is visiting his uncle at Red Wing this week.

H.R. Tripp and family are camping at Indian Lake this week.

Miss Edith Schancks went to St. Paul Tuesday to visit friends.

Misses Carrie Bisch and Sophia Kraft visited Brewster Wednesday.

Supt. E.C. Meredith and sons spent Monday fishing at Spirit Lake.

Ed. Warren has resigned his position with Joe Nazerenus and gone west.

Miss Mable Westby, of Bigelow, was in the city Wednesday on school business.

Ed Moberg, of Worthington visited friends in Indian Lake township last week.

Mrs. P.J. Sliver, of Brewster, is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Emma Ferguson.

Carl Olson, of St. James, came down to Worthington Tuesday to put in a day hunting.

Mrs. A.O. Wensberg spent the first of the week with her mother, Mrs. A. Nazerenus.

Messrs. Chas. Schaffer and A. Nazerenus returned home Wednesday from the state fair.

Mrs. W.H. Buchan and two sons left Monday night to join her husband at Custer, Wash.

Miss Hulda Wass returned this week from a six weeks' visit with Fergus Falls relatives.

Miss Mary Tinnes, of Adrian, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E.K. Smith, a few days this week.

A.C. Todd left Wednesday afternoon for Voge, S.D., to assume charge of a store at that place.

Mrs. Curtis Morgan, of Round Lake, was in Worthington Wednesday on a shopping expedition.

Miss Jennie Torrance is home from an extended business trip to the northern part of the state.

Dr. Geyerman went to Yankton Wednesday night where he will attend the State Medical Society.

Mrs. Alice Jack returned from Chicago Tuesday, after spending the summer with relatives there.

Mrs. Dr. J.A. Watson and two children, of Minneapolis, are the guests of Dr. B.O. Mork and family.

Miss Daisy Vail left Monday for Linden, Wash., where she will make an extended visit with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Dahlberg, of Rushmore, were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hamstreet Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Ed. McAleer, of Watertown, S.D., was the guest for a couple of days this week of C.A. Baker and wife.

J.N. Holbrook now resides in the Stoltenberg place in Clary addition, having moved during the past week.

Mrs. Stanley Moore went to the twin cities Wednesday, where she will visit with friends and attend the fair.

John A. Carlson has accepted a position on the farm of Dan Nystrom, of Indian Lake, for the month of September.

Miss Emma Herman, of Dewald, has been spending the past week at the home of her sister, Mrs. Joe Nazerenus.

M.E. Fish and wife returned home Thursday morning from Oshkosh, Wis., where they have been for the past month.

E.G. Blackert, editor of the Spirit Lake Beacon, and wife, were sojorning in Worthington, Sunday the guests of Dr. Gholz.

Henry Nystrom, of Bigelow township, has accepted a position it the Citizens' National Bank, assuming his duties Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. David Strang of New York have been spending this week at the home of the latrter's sister, Mrs. David Anthony.

Miss Fernney Schmidt, of Dundee, who was the guest of Van Duba and family a few days this week returned home Wednesday.

Mrs. William Hastings left Monday for Chicago. She will make an extended visit at various points in Illinois before returning home.

Walter Saxon has entirely recovered from an operation for appendicitis, performed at Rochester, Minn., and is expected home this week.

Mrs. M.P. Mann and daughters, Grace and Genevieve, and Mrs. R.W. Mercer went down to Lake Park Thursday and spent the day with friends.

Gus Swanberg and wife and twin boys are visitors at the Twin Cities this week where they will attend the fair and Mr. Swanberg will purchase goods for the Hub.

Miss Grace Fuller, of St. James, was the guest of Mrs. A.A. Goodrich a few days this week, leaving Wednesday for a visit with friends at Merrill, Iowa.

V.E. Grounden, who preached at the Indian Lake church Sunday and at the Mission in Worthington Tuesday night returned to his home in St. Paul, Wednesday.

George Wage and wife, who have been here for a couple of weeks looking after land interests left Wednesday for Malome, Minn., upon a similar mission.

Mrs. Gillette wishes to call special attention to her fall and winter line of millinery. She now has on display a very fine line of trimmed hats of the very latest styles.

Rev. Ira D. Alvord, of Payansville, Minn., will occupy the pulpit in the Baptist church next Sunday, Sept. 6, morning and evening. Members are requested to be present.

A.J. Kannel accompanied his daughter, Mrs. C.O. Sterling, of Grand Forks, B.C., as far as the twin cities on her return trip and stopped off for a day to take in the State Fair.

Minnie, the nine year old daughter of Wm. Moss, near Reading, stumbled and fell Tuesday, breaking her arm. She was brought to Worthington and the fracture reduced and she is now doing nicely.

F.R. Dring, who was seriously injured by a hay stacker a couple of weeks since, is getting along nicely. This will be good news for his many friends and it is hoped that his recovery will be speedy.

The Indian Lake band has an offer to furnish music at Harris, Iowa, during the fair at that place. One change has been made in the band, leaving Dan Nystrom on solo cornet, and the way he goes at it isn't slow.

G. Shaeffer, auditor of the Shaeffer Bros. Grain Co., of Tripp, S.D., was in this city Tuesday looking after the affairs of his elevator at this place. He went from here to Windom, where the company also has an elevator.

Charles Persons and wife, of Panama, visited over Saturday and Sunday at the home of A.F. Dring. Mr. Persons is in the government employ, being bookkeeper in the commissary department of the construction of the Panama canal.

J.B. Vail and wife left this week for Ithica, N.Y., and other eastern points, where they will visit for about six weeks before returning home, after which they will go to Washington and California for the winter, returning to Worthington next spring.

Fred Parker and wife are guests of Mrs. Parker's father, Mr. Peter Thompson, this week. Mr. Parker and wife had been visiting at Prairie du Chien, Wis., and were enroute to Hot Springs, S.D., in search of health. They were traveling in their private car and a wreck at Kilgour caused them to be delayed, so they decided to pay a visit to Worthington and renew old acquaintances while the opportunity was at hand.

Mrs. Chas. Sterling, of Grand Forks, B.C., who has been the guest of her father, A.J. Kannal during the past month, returned to her Canadian home last Sunday morning. Her husband is now a conductor on the Great Northern railroad running between Grand Forks and Spokane, Wash., and is employed at a fine salary. He enjoys the distinction of never having a single discredit since he entered the employ of the railroad. It will be good news to the many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Sterling to know that they are succeeding so nicely in their Canadian home.

Emil Bromz and Jessie Ager are Quietly Married and Keep it Secret.

It has just leaked out that a couple of Worthington's prominent young people have been sailing upon the matrimonial sea for over a week, unknown even to their most intimate friends, and this announcement of their marriage will no doubt occasion a great deal of surprise.

On Wednesday evening, August 26th, Emil Bromz and Miss Jessie M. Ager went to the residence of Rev. G.A. Cahoon, and there in the presence of the minister's family listened to the words which united them in the holy bonds of matrimony, the ceremony taking place at eight o'clock. Mr. Bromz left Monday night for a short visit with his parents at Alexandria, Minn., and will soon return and he and his bride will then leave for Colorado, where they expect to make their future home.

The groom is well known and popular among Worthington people, having been for some time a valued and faithful employe of the Rock Island railroad at this place. He is the possessor of a rich baritone voice, and has been engaged in the evening as singer of illustrated songs at the Grand, and has made many friends in that capacity.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Ager, and is a young lady of estimable qualities. She has grown to womanhood in this city and is esteemed by all.

So carefully did the young couple guard their secret that on the evening of the ceremony, Mr. Bromz was not on hand at the appointed time to sing his song at the Grand and another reel of film was run, after which the groom appeared and rendered his part of the program, offering no reason for the delay beyond the fact that it was impossible for him to get there on time, but their was nothing in his manner to indicate that he had just a few minutes before taken unto himself a life partner. The bride too kept her own counsel and not even her most intimate girl friends were let into the secret.

They are an estimable young couple and the Advance-Herald joins with their multitude of friends in wishing them a safe and pleasant journey upon the sea of matrimony.

Were Married Here.

Mr. Hugh J. Dienckman, of Lake Park, Iowa, and Miss Emma Flentji, of Round Lake, were married Wednesday at noon at the parsonage of the Presbyterian church, Rev. Wilder officiating. The ceremony was performed in the presence of a few intimate friends of the contracting parties, including the bride's sister, Miss Anna Flentji, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stoltenburg, of Lake Park, relatives of the groom. The young couple left for the twin cities on the afternoon train, where they will visit the state fair and other points of interest. They will reside in Lake Park.

Local Intelligence

Bert Settle, of Bigelow, attended the fair Friday.

J.J. Kies went to Heron Lake Sunday for a short visit.

K.G. Chrysler, of Lake Park, spent Sunday in Worthington.

A.C. Robertson, of Lake Park, took in the fair last Friday.

Dr. Geyerman was in Brewster Sunday on professional business.

H.S. Myers is home from a business trip to Mason City, Iowa.

Mrs. A. Olson is the guest of relatives at Valley Springs, S.D.

A.R. Alburtus is attending the fair at the state capital this week.

H.E. Shelquist, of Wilmont was a Worthington visitor Saturday.

G.A. Dieckman, of Fulda, was in Worthington Friday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. George Morgan are attending the State fair this week.

Wm. Eckstrom visited with his parents at St. Peter over Sunday.

B.B. Anderson, of Estherville, was in Worthington on business Friday.

Dr. F.S. Hough, of Sibley, spent Tuesday afternoon in Worthington.

Postmaster Frank R. Coughran spent Sunday with Sioux Falls friends.

Mrs. A. Thomte was the guest of Bigelow friends the first of the week.

S.T. Wood, came down from Rushmore Thursday and attended the fair.

Miss Bertha Dirks left Monday for a visit with her cousin at Barnstrom, Neb.

Joseph Masgai, of Adrian, was calling upon his brother in this city Friday.

J.A. Snyder and wife are parents of twins, a boy and girl, born August 28th.

C.M. Brooks, of Sibley, was in Worthington Thursday attending the fair.

Mrs. J.G. Henderson, of Brewster was the guest of Worthington friends Friday.

Jay Glasgow, of Sioux City, spent a few days with his parents in this city last week.

Dr. Bullock, of Lake Park, was the guest for a few hours Monday of Dr. H. Weidow.

Daniel Shell is in Minneapolis this week on business and also attending the State fair.

George Calvert and wife left Monday for an extended trip to points in South Dakota.

Mrs. J. Casareto and daughter visited the family of N. Casareto at Sibley Tuesday.

Dr. Palmer of sibley, came up Thursday to root for the Sibley team and attend the fair.

Mrs. E.J. Helmick returned Thursday of last week from a week's visit at Sioux Falls.

Misses Clara Malinquist and Belle Scott, of Rushmore, were Worthington visitors Tuesday.

Mrs. Winnie Newton, of Luverne, was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Wilson Abbott this week.

Samuel Anderson submitted to an operation Sunday night to relieve a strangulated hernia.

Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Torrence are among the Worthington visitors at the State fair this week.

Mrs. F.R. Durfee and son, Lawrence, left Monday morning for a visit with Mankato relatives.

Dan DeVaney, of Chicago, spent a couple of days last week with his brother, Wm. DeVaney.

Walter Gilchrist, the popular barber at Thomte's shop, is confined to his home with an afflicted leg.

Ben Young and two sons, of Elk township, were in Worthington Sunday, enroute to the State fair.

Oscar Cree and Ray Mosher are visiting with St. Paul relatives and viewing the sights at the State fair.

Miss Edna Everett left Monday for Ames, Iowa, where she will attend school during the coming year.

R.L. Morland left this week for Isle Royal on Lake Superior, where he hopes to find relief from asthma.

Stelle S. Smith returned home Sunday from Camp Peary, O., where he attended the national military school.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Murray, who have been visiting Worthington relatives returned home to St. Paul Sunday.

Landlord Stanley Moore informs the scribe that the Worthington will serve a baked pigeon dinner next Sunday.

Mrs. P. Paulson, who has been the guest of the family of J.W. McBride, returned to her home in Alta Monday.

Mrs. Chas. Foelshau went to Rochester, Minn., Saturday to consult with the physicians at the Mayo sanitarium.

Miss Lizzie Schmidt returned to her home in Dundee Monday after a week spent as the guest of Vandy Duba and family.

Mrs. E.W. Colleran left for Canon City, Colo., Tuesday afternoon, where she will visit with relatives for a few weeks.

Miss Rose Distal, of St. Paul, has accepted a position with Mrs. Frank Glasgow as trimmer for the coming season.

T.T. Strand and wife, of Brewster, were calling on Worthington friends Friday and taking in the sights at the fair grounds.

The new vitrified brick platform at the Omaha depot was put in this week and adds materially to the appearance of the depot.

Mrs. Henry Franks, of Minneapolis, spent last week in Worthington, the guest of Mesdames Dr. Dodge and Dr. Geyerman.

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Landis, of Adrian, attended the fair on Thursday and Friday, and also called upon friends in the city.

Mrs. Hannah Clark, of Bingham Lake, and Mrs. Ella Martine, of Sibley, are guests this week of the family of R.B. Plotts.

W.J. Bock, of Lake Park, was transacting business in Worthington last Friday and also representing his village at the fair.

Mrs. Wm. Fletcher and son, William, returned home Tuesday from a two weeks' visit with Minneapolis relatives and friends.

Miss Anna Johnson left Monday for St. Paul, where she has a position as trimmer in a millinery establishment during the coming season.

James Mackay returned home from Chicago Wednesday, where he has been taking a course of auctioneering at the Carey Jones school.

Mrs. Cora Maxwell returned home Sunday from a visit with Sibley friends and was among the Worthington visitors to the State fair.

Miss Blanche Matteson, who has been visiting at the home of C.J. Smallwood, returned to her home in Minneapolis Sunday afternoon.

Chas. F. Steffens and Misses Ethel, Mary, Lelia and Winnie Jones composed a merry party from Adrian in attendance at the fair Friday.

S.M. Stewart shipped a fine Shetland pony to Milwaukee Monday morning. The little pet was a present from Mr. Stewart to a nephew.

G.W. Roth left Monday on a business trip to Grant county. He will stop off at the twin cities on the return trip and visit the State fair.

Nels Olson, of Worthington, is here looking after his farms. Mr. Olson owns two of the finest farms in Everts township. --Battle Lake Review.

A.E. Hart left Tuesday for St. Louis, Mo., where he will look after the interests of the Hart Commission Co., and purchase goods for the store.

Mrs. C.M. Ryder, drove in from Round Lake Monday and took the train from here to Sheldon, where she will visit with relatives for a few days.

Loren Clark left Monday night for Appleton, Minn., where he will look after business interests, and will stop off at the twin cities and attend the fair.

FOR SALE -- Registered Red Polled Angus bull; registered buck and 85 young sheep; sheep dip tank. John Dahlheim, section 31, Elk township, Route 5.

Among those who went to the State fair Sunday were Misses Zoe Addington and Mabel Kingman, Messrs. J.F. Green and J.A. Town and Mrs. Wm. Rippberger.

Art. Fellows, who resigned his position at the post office the first of the month will leave the first of next week for Pierre, S.D., where he has a position.

Miss Rosa Green, of Cherokee, Iowa, who has been the guest of the family of Frank Stevens, left Monday for a visit with Lakefield friends, before returning home.

Mrs. Henry Spartz, of Wilmont, who has been the guest of Worthington friends during the fair week, left for Carroll, Iowa, Monday, where she will spend a few days with relatives.

Ed Lawton left Monday afternoon for Jackson, where he will visit for a few days before going to Minneapolis to resume his studies for the coming year at the University of Minnesota.

G.W. Patterson returned home Saturday from Des Moines, where he had an exhibit of Percheron horses at the Iowa State fair. He is in attendance at the Minnesota State fair this week.

Nils Erickson purchased the Hardow place on the south shore of Lake Ocheda last week, the sale being made by M.P. Mann. The tract embraces 194.5 acres and sold for $62 per acre.

Miss Chrysler, who has quite a large class in music in Worthington, was compelled to omit her visit here last week as she is very ill at the home of her sister in Sibley, from pneumonia.

Mr. and Mrs. George Marsh and family, of Sibley, were in Worthington between trains Monday enroute home from Reading, where they were called last week by the serious illness of Mr. Marsh's father.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nowka, of Beaver Creek, were guests last week of Wilson Abbott and family, and while here Mr. Nowka assisted the Worthington Concert band in furnishing the music for the fair.

Edd Shuk, of Decorah, Iowa, returned home Wednesday after a two weeks' visit with his sister, Mrs. H. Pfeil. He was accompanied by his son, Langdon, who has been spending the summer here.

Miss Gladys Skinner, of Watertown, S.D., was calling on Worthington friends between trains Tuesday, on her way to Toronto, Canada. It is rumored that Miss Skinner will change her name during her visit to Canada.

"Duff" Thomte has a new revolving sign in front of his barber shop. The motive power is the breeze and the air currents will have to be very quiet not to keep the sign going. It has attracted considerable attention and comment.

E.E. Loverin, of the Ellsworth News visited the county seat Monday with a party of friends in his automobile. Brother Loverin enjoys the distinction of being the newspaper man in Nobles county who can sport a "benzine buggy."

Henry Knipe and family, of Cherokee, Iowa, and Miss Jane Wheeler, of Harris, Iowa, were guests of George Morgan and family last week and accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Morgan to Minneapolis Monday, where they will attend the state fair.

Bert Schmit has announced a public sale to be held at his farm on the S.E. quarter of section sixteen in Lorraine township. The sale will be held on Thursday, September 10th, commencing at 1 o'clock, at which time he will sell a number of horses, cattle and a lot of farm machinery.

A cripple riding a tricycle and carrying a monkey as ballast attracted some degree of attention Saturday. Although it was evidently his intention to attract attention and in this he was successful, yet he became very abusive when a crowd of little children followed him down the street.

Chas. Erickson, who resides four miles northeast of Worthington on the west half of section eight, Worthington township, will have a public sale on Thursday, September 17th. Mr. Erickson has decided to farm on a smaller scale and will dispose of a number of head of horses, cattle and hogs and farm implements.

Friday, September 11, 1908


Last Thursday afternoon at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hactor of Indian Lake township, occurred the marriage of their daughter, Adelia, to Mr. Peter H. Nystrom, of Bigelow township. The ceremony took place at two o'clock, Rev. Carl Oberg pastor of the Indian Lake Baptist church pronounced the words which joined the happy couple in the holy bonds of wedlock. An elaborate wedding dinner was served immediately after the ceremony about two hundred persons partook of the tasty viands. The young couple have the congratulations and best wishes of the entire community.


The fourteen year old son of A. Swanson, of Fairmont was probably fatally gored by a mad cow last week. One of the animal's horns pierced his side and entered the lung. He may recover.

Local Intelligence

John, the two-year-old son of Mrs. J.E. Bass is quite sick.

R.L. Morland is home from a trip to the northern part of the state.

Mr. J. Dunn, of Minneapolis, spent Sunday with Worthington friends.

Mildred Lewis, of Wilmont, is attending school at Worthington this year.

Mrs. J.W. Gould, of Fairmont, Minn., is visiting her son, Dr. Gould.

Mrs. Dr. Dodge entertained the Birthday club Thursday of last week.

Miss Alida Bedford, of Rushmore, spent Sunday with Worthington friends.

H. Robinson is quite ill with sciatic rheumatism at his home on Second avenue.

Lee Darling has returned home from a trip to Bisbee and other North Dakota towns.

Miss Laura Kane, of Bigelow, is spending a few days with Dr. Gould and family.

Miss Myrtle Briggs, of Wilmont, was the guest of Worthington relatives over Sunday.

W.I. Carpenter and son, Walter, returned home Sunday from a week's visit at the twin cities.

Miss Virginia Matteson, of Minneapolis, spent a few days this week with Mrs. J.A. Cashel.

Mrs. Alma Peterson returned home the early part of the week from an extended western trip.

E.W. Langer was in Minneapolis Tuesday and Wednesday purchasing goods for the Variety store.

Rev. H.M. Hancock, of Adrian, and Rev. J.L. Kenderdine, of Ellsworth, spent Tuesday with Rev. G.A. Cahoon.

Mayor Will Madison and Chief of ____ Charles Duel went to Sioux City Tuesday to take in the Livestock fair.

Senator S.B. Bedford and wife, of Rushmore, were in Worthington Monday attending the funeral of G.V. Pettit.

Mrs. Samuel Allen and Mrs. W.W. Loveless went up to Minneapolis Wednesday for a couple of weeks' visit with relatives.

Ronan Bros. closed a deal this week thereby they come into possession of _.J. Gerber farm in Summit Lake township.

Mrs. Alvin Langley, of Rolette, N.D., arrived in Worthington Sunday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. _.E. Darling.

Arba Bedford, Ivas McKenzie and __n Roberts, of Rushmore, came over Sunday and will attend school in Worthington this year.

Miss Zoe Addington returned home Monday morning from Minneapolis where she spent last week viewing the fair and visiting friends.

Donald Pettit, of Backoo, N.D., spent a couple of days with relatives in this city, being called here to attend the funeral of his brother.

A.G. Beckley, formerly interested in ___ Worthington Herald, now located in Minneapolis, is spending the week with his father, L.H. Beckley.

John H. Scott went to Bigelow Tuesday, where he spent the day with friends, continuing to Sioux City, where he is in attendance at the Livestock Fair.

Miss Marie Lorge, of Randolph, Neb., spent a few hours with Worthington friends Monday, on her return trip from Adrian, where she has been the guest of friends.

Mrs. R.H. Patterson, who has been spending the past two months with her son, R.H. Patterson, and family, returned to her home in Hinton, Iowa, Monday afternoon.

H.D. Woodford and wife left Monday night for a short visit with friends in Nebraska. After spending a short time there he will  his journey to Texas, where he will spend the winter.

S.O. Morse, of Slayton, candidate for the legislature, was over from Murray county Monday examining the condition of the political fences in this vicinity. He found several gaps which will be difficult to close.

Miss Florence Stearns, of Valley Springs, S.D., and Miss Francis Barron, of Rushmore, were in Worthington Monday. Both young ladies are mutes and will attend the school for the deaf at Faribault this year.

Mrs. J.A. Tossini, of Sioux Falls, was in the city for a few hours Tuesday, the guest of her brother, J.C. Casareto. Mrs. Tossini went from here to Sibley where she will visit with relatives for a few days.

Mrs. J.F. Atkinson, who with her husband, has been camping at the park for the past two or three weeks, left for her home in Chicago Tuesday. Mr. Atkinson also returned to Chicago this week, leaving Worthington Monday.

F.C. Brace made himself a "good fellow" Monday evening by distributing a box of good cigars among the band boys in appreciation of the weekly concerts which the band has given upon the court house lawn during the summer.

Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Evans returned home last week from a trip to California and other western points. In speaking of California, Mr. Evans says that he does not think it compares with Nobles county and the latter is good enough for him.

The following letters are unclaimed at the Worthington postoffice: Mr. Elmer Taylor, J.W. Olson, Mrs. Mable Moore, Mr. August Wehking, C.M. Johnson, Miss Lauretta Landis, Rev. W. Pond, Mr. Fred Payne, Mr. George B. Campbell and Mr. George Campbell.

Charles Wilson, formerly train dispatcher located at this place, but now superintendent of this division of the Rock Island road, was in the city Saturday. He spent several hours renewing old acquaintances and had a number of old friends to dinner at his private car.

Sheriff Fauskee and Ole Berg went to Sibley Tuesday as witnesses in the case of the State of Iowa vs. James Lynch and Earl Smith, charged with breaking into a box car and stealing several pairs of shoes. They were apprehended here by Sheriff Fauskee after they had disposed of a pair of the shoes to Mr. Berg.

J.W. Loveless had his troubles Tuesday afternoon trying to shoe a horse which had never before been through the ordeal. The animal was roped and yet succeeded in kicking Mr. Loveless twice upon the left arm in the space of few seconds. She also threw herself upon the floor and writhed and kicked until exhausted, and when she had finished her acrobatic performance it was discovered that she had skinned both rear legs to a considerable degree. She was finally brought to submission and the shoes fitted much to the relief of the blacksmith and his assistance.

Purchased Hardware Stock

Worthington business men were parties in an important business transaction at Bigelow recently, whereby the Smith Implement Co., of this city purchased the hardware stock of M. Sorem, the consideration being $11,400. The deal was made during the closing days of August and the new firm took possession September 1st. The first five days of the present month were spent in taking an invoice of the stock and business was commenced under the new regime on September 5th.

The business will be under the management of Emil Olson, of this city, who has been in the employ of the Smith Implement Co. here for several years and has earned a reputation second to none in the county for honesty and square dealing.

The Smith Implement Co. has been in Worthington for many years and are known as reliable and trustworthy merchants, and the new firm are commended to the people of Bigelow and vicinity as honest merchants and genial men personally.

Mr. Sorem retires from the commercial life of Bigelow with the best wishes of all who know him, and has as yet made no definite plans as to the future. He will continue to make his home in Nobles county for the present at least.

Resident of Worthington Drops Dead at Backoo, N.D., Friday.

Word was received here Saturday that George V. Pettit, a will [well?] known resident, and former merchant of this city had dropped dead at Backoo, N.D., on the afternoon of the previous day, the cause of death being heart disease. The remains were sent to this city, arriving here Sunday afternoon and were met at the depot by a delegation of the Odd Fellows lodge, of which the deceased was a member, and escorted to the undertaking rooms of Chaney & Mackay.

The funeral was held Monday from the Presbyterian church, under the auspices of the Odd Fellows, and was attended by a large concourse of friends of the family and representatives of the Odd Fellows and Workmen orders. The religious services were conducted by Rev. Wilder, after which Rev. Fletcher delivered a strong sermon. The Odd Fellows then took charge of services at the church and also at the grave, and the deceased was laid to rest with the solemn impressive service of that order. The pall-bearers were selected from the members of the I.O.O.F. and the A.O.U.W. as follows: E.W. Goff, John Mitchell, Loren Clark, Newton Fauskee, W.D. Boddy, L.B. Leonard.

George Vanverge Pettit was born at Flushing, N.Y., May 28th, 1859 and at an early age removed with his parents to Jo Daviess county, Illinois. On December 4, 1882 he was united in marriage to Miss Delia Viall, who still survives him. To this union three sons were born, two of whom, Kennith and Ivan, survive him.

Besides the widow and two sons he leaves to mourn his untimely death, a mother three brothers and four sisters, as follows: Mrs. Mary E. Pettit, Minneapolis; J.D. Pettit, Backoo, N.D.; J.H. Pettit, Macoun, Saskatchewan, Canada; J.A. Pettit, Pendleton, Oregon; Mrs. A.J. Kitchen, Minneapolis; Mrs. J.W. McLeod, McCoun, Sask.; Mrs. G.L. Cray, Cumberland, Wis.; and Mrs. F.W. Hewitt, Minneapolis.

Mr. Pettit was well and favorably known throughout Nobles county, having conducted a meat market in Worthington up until about a year ago, when ill health compelled his retirement from active business.

Mr. Pettit was the fifth member of his family to meet death in the same quick unexpected manner, his father, sister and two brothers of his father passing away in the same tragic way.

Among the relatives from abroad who were present at the funeral were the mother of the deceased, Mrs. Pettit, of Minneapolis, J.D. Pettit, Backoo, N.D., and Mrs. G.L. Cray, Cumberland, Wisconsin.

Elected Officers.

The annual meeting of the Worthington Fire department was held last Friday evening for the transaction of the regular order of business and the election of officers to serve for the ensuing year. The following officers were elected: Chief, James Mackay; first assistant, T.A. Palmer; second assistant, J.D. Humiston; secretary, L.M. Shell, treasurer, A.R. Abertus [Albertus?]. Tuesday evening a meeting was held for the purpose of testing the hose.

Local Intelligence

S.M. Stewart was a Sioux City visitor Monday.

S.S. Smith was a business visitor to Bigelow Monday.

Miss Ethel Patterson is visiting Sioux City friends this week.

Charles Martin, of Reading, was a visitor to the county seat Saturday.

Charles T. Bey, of Lake Park, paid a visit to Worthington Sunday.

G.H. Luehrs spent last week at Minneapolis, returning home Saturday.

Fred Frankert spent a couple of days this week with Sioux City friends.

E.L. Atherton of Winnebago City, was in Worthington on business Friday.

Miss Coggins of St. Paul is trimming for the season at Miss Kindlund's.

H.J. Thomte, of Luverne, was the guest of his son, A. Thomte, over Sunday.

C.S. Reynolds, of Rock Rapids, Iowa, was calling on Worthington friends Sunday.

Mrs. B.C. Loveland, of Council Bluffs, Iowa, is visiting her son, Charles Loveland.

Attorney John T. Flynn is sojourning in Seattle, Wash., for a couple of weeks.

F.A. Folsom, of Spirit Lake, Iowa, was in Worthington Friday on a business mission.

Mrs. J.W. Thuemmler, of Minneapolis, is a guest at the home of J.J. Kies this week.

M.C. Howard, and wife of Union Iowa, are guests at the home of N.H. Elliott this week.

Miss Florence Dahlberg of Round Lake, spent Sunday as the guest of Mrs. Roy Newman.

Kennith Pettit is home from Pipestone this week, called here by the sudden death of his father.

Miss Amy Forbes left Monday for Woodstock, Minn., where she will teach during the coming year.

Rev. Carl Oberg is attending the conference of the Swedish Baptist church at St. Paul this week.

W.H. Thomson and Edw. H. Willhausen, of Round Lake were business visitors to this city Friday.

Miss Cloe Anderson spent a few hours in this city Monday, the guest of Miss Bessie Loveless.

Mrs. Wm. Post will remove this week to Cedar Falls, Iowa, where she will make her home in the future.

Mrs. J.B. Ludlow and family, of Rushmore, spent several days last week with the family of H.J. Ludlow.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Thom, of Rushmore, were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. James on Sunday.

Mrs. N.H. Elliott, who has been sojourning in Indiana and Iowa for the past three weeks, returned home last week.

Mrs. J.A. Watson, of Minneapolis, who has been the guest of Dr. B.O. Mork and family, returned home Monday.

H.R. Tripp and family and Miss Ethel Patterson returned Saturday from a week spent in camp at Indian Lake.

M. McNerney, of Sibley, was in Worthington Monday in attendance at the meeting of the National Union of Railway Trackmen.

Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Prideaux and children, of Rushmore, visited on Sunday at the home of R. Prideaux and family of this city.

Misses Helen and Edith Sanborn, of Omaha, who have been guests of the family of Rev. Carl Oberg returned home Monday afternoon.

Mrs. P.A. Johnson left Wednesday for St. Paul to attend the conference of the Swedish Baptist church, to which she is a delegate.

George Wykoff was one of the guards at the state fair last week and remained in Minneapolis at the close of the fair. He will attend the U. of M. this year.

Fred Nebendahl left Saturday for Keystone, Iowa. We understand that Mr. Nebendahl has rented his farm and will remove to Iowa in the near future.

N.C. Gasalk, of Lester, Iowa is the new operator at the Rock Island depot, having been appointed to the vacancy caused by the resignation of Emil Bronz.

Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Nystrom left Sunday night for Princeton, Minn., where they will visit for a few days before attending the Swedish Baptist conference at St. Paul.

"Hap" Lawton has sold his pop corn and peanut stand to Lloyd Helmick, who took possession Monday. Hap will go to Chicago in the near future, where he will take a course in a business college.

Mrs. P. Nordberg of Sioux Falls, spent Sunday and Monday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. August Anderson, Mrs. Nordberg was a delegate to the Swedish Baptist conference, which convenes at St. Paul this week, and stopped off en route.

Miss France D'Argent, of reading, was in the city Monday morning on her way to Heron Lake for the day. She had with her two of the prettiest specimens of the Boston terrier, that we have seen in some time, which she was delivering to purchasers at Heron Lake.

Samuel Anderson died Thursday of strangulated hernia, aged 48 years. The remains were removed to the home of his brother-in-law, John Nelson, from which place the funeral was held Saturday morning, conducted by Rev. Swan.

Roy Earl Willy of Kimbal, S.D., was the guest over Sunday of his uncle Rev. Cahoon, and family. Mr. Willy has been a member of the newspaper fraternity, having been foreman of the Graphic at his home town, but has resigned and will attend school at Ann Arbor, Mich.

Mr. and Mrs. Gust Larson and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Johnson, of Sioux City, were in attendance at the Hactor-Nystrom nuptials and are guests of the families of Chas and Oscar Johnson of Indian Lake township. Mr. Larson recently underwent a serious operation but has fully recovered and is now in the best of health.

Rev. Alvord and wife of Paynesville were in the city over Sunday. Rev. Alvord occupied the pulpit at the Swedish Baptist church Sunday and made such a good impression among the members of the church that it is more than likely that he will be appointed to this church. Rev. Alvord and wife went to Pipestone Monday for a few days' visit with friends.

Mrs. A.J. Allen is visiting Brewster relatives.

A.R. Alburtus took in the ball game at Fulda yesterday.

Frank Austin was the guest of Bigelow friends yesterday.

Harry Ferguson, of Luverne, was a business caller yesterday.

Mrs. Emil Will of Round Lake, visited friends in the city Monday.

Mrs. S. Allen went to Minneapolis Wednesday for a short visit.

Mrs. J.W. Gould, of Fairmont, is visiting her son, Dr. Gould.

Miss Laura Lehman and cousin visited Brewster friends Sunday.

L.H. Herbert made a business trip to the twin cities Wednesday.

C.M. Crandall drove to Fulda yesterday to attend the celebration.

W.C. Lehan is now engaged as helper at the Brewster depot.

J.J. Kies left Wednesday night for Redfield, S.D., on a business trip.

Miss Lillian Peterson is visiting with friends in Clutier, Iowa, this week.

W.C. Renshaw, of Rushmore, was in Worthington on business Wednesday.

W.M. Hubbard now occupies the Hesselroth property in Clary addition.

Miss Mable Little, of Colona, Ill., is the guest of M.E. Lawton and family.

Miss Louise Will went to Milwaukee Saturday for a month's visit with friends.

Rudolph Geyerman, of Brewster, visited his brother, Dr. Geyerman, Wednesday.

Miss Lena Harrington, of Bigelow, spent Thursday with Worthington friends.

Mrs. G.W. Giroux and Willie Rippberger have returned from an outing at Okoboji.

Miss Anna Diehn, of Round Lake, spent Wednesday with friends in Worthington.

L.T.L. held their regular meeting t the home of Mrs. Wm. Schroeder last Saturday.

E.J. Helmich has moved into the house on 6th avenue, recently vacated by E.K. Smith.

Mrs. W.T. Hayes returned the first of the week from a two weeks' visit with twin city friends.

Kenneth Pettit returned to Pipestone Wednesday after a short visit with his mother, Mrs. G.V. Pettit.

Miss Anna Leebens went to Fulda yesterday to attend the ceremonies in celebration of Colonization Day.

Miss Rudy Rippberger enjoyed a short vacation with her brother, Julius, at St. Paul, returning home this week.

Andrew Cordes is having a serious time with blood poisoning in his hand, being confined to his home in Ewington.

Mrs. W.C. Renshaw, of Rushmore, and Mary L. Ames left Wednesday for a short visit with relatives in Minona, Iowa.

Mrs. Luella Vincent returned to her home in Cherokee, Iowa, Sunday after a short visit with her sister, Mrs. Carl Arneson.

Master Alfred Nazerenus of Elk township spent the first of the week in the city with his sister, Mrs. A.O. Wensberg.

Henry Hauenstein, of Reading, was in the city Wednesday seeking medical relief from a case of blood poisoning in his hand.

L.S. Kenney and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a brand new girl who took up her residence with them last Saturday.

Mrs. J. Atrops returned home last week from an extended visit with relatives and friends at New Ulm and other points in the state.

A visit from the stork resulted in the increase of Nobles County's population Monday, a son being born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson.

Miss Donahue, one of the high school teachers, had the misfortune to dislocate her ankle Monday and was unable to attend school for a few days.

G.H. Luehrs went to Cherokee, Ia., Wednesday, where he will visit friends and will probably go on to Sioux City and take in the Live Stock Fair before returning.

C.J. Smallwood was in Graham Lakes Wednesday superintending some threshing. He reports that the corn and oats in that locality are as fine as any he has seen in years.

L.V. Blair, of Clarinda, Iowa, is the guest of the family of R.B. Plotts. Mr. Blair is a former resident of Worthington, having been in the milling business here some years ago.

Wesley Hankins, of Chicago, who has been visiting his sister, Mrs. C. Hoffmeister, left Wednesday for Bassett, Neb., where he will look up land conditions and possibly homestead a claim.

Hon. Paul Ewert will speak at the opera house next Monday evening at 8 o'clock, at which time he will define his position upon political topics and urge his candidacy for congress in the second district.

Gus Swanberg and wife were passengers for Sioux City Wednesday afternoon. They will probably take in the Live Stock Fair, and Mr. Swanberg expects to purchase a few seasonable goods for the Hub.

Mrs. A.M. Bedient and daughter, Hattie, attended the Colonization celebration at Fulda yesterday. They are former residents of that village and will spend a few days with relatives before returning home.

Miss Hazel Culp, of Paullina, Iowa, who has been the guest of Mrs. J.E. Stonesifer, returned home Wednesday. Mrs. Stonesifer accompanied her and will spend a few days with relatives and friends in that city.

Jacob Atrops, foreman of the section on the Sioux Falls branch has been quite ill with stomach trouble for the past ten days. Mr. Atrops, however, worked up until Wednesday, when he was relieved by J. Hart, of Hartford, S. Dak.

A delicate operation was performed upon the ten-months'-old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Doling, of Ewington, Jackson county last Thursday. A tumor which had formed upon the brain was removed by Worthington's surgeons and the little one is getting along nicely.

Mesdames C.J. Smallwood, J.D. Humiston and J.A. Cashel were hostesses at a delightful "At Home" last Wednesday afternoon at the residence of C.J. Smallwood, from three to seven o'clock. About 150 ladies were present and a most enjoyable afternoon reported.

The following went to Fulda yesterday to attend the celebration, making the trip in autos: I.F. Kelly's machine contained besides himself, E.J. Wolven, J.W. McBride, Ed. Jones, W.B. Stoutemeyer, while C.J. Smallwood conveyed J.A. Cashel, Dr. Dolan, Fred Humiston, A.R. Albertus and John Ronan.

 Marian, the five-year-old daughter of Charles Drake, of Brewster, who was so horribly injured by becoming entangled with a mower, a couple of weeks ago, returned to her home Tuesday afternoon. The little one has been here for medical treatment and is getting along nicely. In spite of her terrible misfortune and suffering she is bright and cheerful.

C.E. Doolittle, who had charge of the building of the Concrete works and installing the machinery and his foreman, Joel E. Dalby, returned to their homes in Webster City, Iowa, for a few days' rest before going to a point in Iowa, where another plant of the same kind will be erected. C. Allen, also of Webster City, who has been an employ upon the construction of the plant also returned home Wednesday.

Friday, September 18, 1908

Quiet Home Wedding.

The home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood, was the scene of a quiet home wedding last Wednesday night, when at eight o'clock in the presence of immediate relatives, Rev. Cahoon spoke the words which united their daughter, Delia W. to Thomas R. McCulloch, of Sioux Falls, in the holy bonds of matrimony. A bountiful wedding supper was served and the young couple left on the night train for Sioux Falls, where the groom is employed as an electrician. The best wishes for a happy and prosperous future follow them.

Married at Sioux City.

Albert Lavine and Miss Lila Duell were married at Sioux City, Iowa, last Thursday. The young couple are both residents of Worthington and will make their home in this city. So carefully was the affair guarded that but few friends were "in" on the secret and these kept the fact very quiet, but there were a number of the friends of the interested parties who suspected their intention and eagerly watched the Sioux City papers for some notice of the wedding, and were rewarded by seeing the licenses published Thursday.

Farewell Sermon.

Next Sunday morning at eleven o'clock, the Rev. Carl Oberg will preach his farewell sermon at the Indian Lake Swedish Baptist church. rev. Oberg is a man of sterling qualities and during his ministry at Indian Lake has made many friends both inside of his church and abroad, who will join in expressions of regret at his departure. May he and his estimable family receive all that is choicest in life wherever the path of duty may lead him.


On Saturday afternoon at 2:30 at the residence of Rev. G.A. Cahoon, in the presence of the bride's sister and James Kiesey, of Ellsworth, occurred the wedding of Earl Cooper and Miss Maude Davey of Rushmore. They will make their home on a farm about five miles north of Rushmore. May peace and plenty attend them.

Local Intelligence

Ned Jones made a business trip to Iowa last week.

Hon. Dan Shell was a passenger for St. Paul Tuesday.

Four good stoves for sale cheap. - George W. Wilson.

J.W. Kimble, of Sibley, was a business visitor Monday.

Mrs. Fred Johnson, of Org, was in Worthington Tuesday.

Frank Swenson, of St. Peter, spent Sunday in Worthington.

Fred Mitchel, of Brewster was a Worthington visitor Saturday.

J. Colman, of Minneapolis, spent Sunday with his brother, P. Colman.

Miss Anna Stromblad of Bigelow, was shopping in Worthington Tuesday.

Mrs. Dr. P.T. Geyerman spent the day with Brewster friends Tuesday.

Will Tedman has gone to Vermilion, S.D., where he will tenant a farm.

Mrs. Jas. E. Hiller, of Org, was in Worthington Tuesday on a shopping tour.

John Randolph, of Brewster Tribune, was a business visitor Monday.

S.E. Peterson, of Wilmont, was transacting business in Worthington Friday.

J.W. Nation, of Fremont, Neb., was the guest of Worthington friends Monday.

Miss Rose Jensen left last week for Omaha where she will attend high school.

C. Grant, who has been visiting R.B. Shulz and family, returned home Monday.

Ed Moberg, of Bigelow township, returned home Monday from a visit with Anoka relatives.

J.H. Harper, court reporter, of Minneapolis, was the guest of Worthington friends this week.

Frank Johnson, of Sioux Falls, was in the city on business Saturday and called upon old friends.

Fernie Smith returned to her home in Dundee Monday after a visit with the family of Van Duba.

Dr. F.M. Manson has recovered from his recent illness and is again attending to his medical practice.

P. Fanberg and wife returned to their home in Windom Monday after a visit with John Peterson and family.

J.W. Spielman will shortly begin the erection of a house in the Clary addition and will remove his family to this city.

Neal Leverich, who is now employed on a freight run out of Mitchell, S.D., was calling on old friends in Worthington Friday evening.

Mrs. Peter Anderson and son, of Round Lake, left for Vermilion, S.D., last week where they will buy or rent a farm and make their future home.

Ed Canfield and Walter Newgard, of Clear Lake, Iowa, were business visitors to Worthington and Nobles county the latter part of last week, returning home Saturday.

The Sunshine club of Loraine did not meet this month on account of busy times, but will meet the first week of October at the home of Mrs. John Hansberger, at which time there will be a surprise in store for someone.

The corps of nurses at the Worthington hospital has been increased by the addition of Miss Anna Walkup, who comes from the nurses training school of the Methodist church at Des Moines, Iowa. Three nurses are now constantly employed at the hospital this year with Miss Kinley as head nurse.

E.J. Jones is nursing a sore nose caused by being thrown against the top of an auto while making a trip to Fulda last Thursday to attend the Colonization celebration. In approaching a bridge the auto struck an obstruction of some kind throwing all the occupants from their seats, but Jones was the only one to receive injury.

Returns to Worthington.

Mr. M.L. Holbrook, who formerly was in business in this city, but of late has been conducting a dry cleaning establishment at Marshalltown, Iowa, has sold his establishment at that place and removed to Worthington. Mr. Holbrook will open a dry cleaning establishment in this city in the Darling building on Second avenue, and will be prepared to do the very best class of work at reasonable prices.

Advertised Letters.

The following letters remain uncalled for at the Worthington Postoffice. Parties calling for same will please say "advertised."

B.H. Buchanan, Miss Idabelle Gerbert (2), Albert Forrow, Harry Buchanan, Ray Coultas, Joseph Houghes, Miss Hattie Adamski, C.W. Greenwood, Miss Elsis Goltz, Miss Jennie A. Johnson, Wm. Wm. Krudwid.

Local Intelligence

Bud Baker has moved into the Post residence on Third avenue.

C.B. Antriter was a business visitor from Round Lake Wednesday.

LOST - Eastern Star Pin. Reward for return to Mrs. M.C. Carr.

Theodore Bahls, of Round Lake, was in the city Wednesday on business.

Abe Light has removed with his family to Sioux Falls where he has a position.

The G.A.R. has moved its headquarters into the basement of the court house.

Frank Roth and family, of George, Iowa, spent Sunday with the family of G.W. Roth.

WANTED - Girl for general housework. Good wages. Inquire of Mrs. G. Morrison.

Miss Anna Nienaber, living east of Round Lake, is recovering from an attack of appendicitis.

Messrs. Ed and Alf Leacher, together with their families, of Luverne, spent Sunday with J.S. Frink.

J.A. Cashel left Tuesday for Calienta, Nev., upon a business trip. He will be absent about two weeks.

Mrs. Chas. Ward and Mrs. Frances Anderson left Monday afternoon for a visit with Sioux Falls relatives.

Miss Lulu Veltum, of Minneapolis, returned home Monday from a visit with the family of A.A. Goodrich.

Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Sisson, of Reading, left Wednesday for Akron, Colo., where they will reside in the future.

Miss Anna Longstreet returned to her home in Sheldon, Iowa, Wednesday after a visit with friends near Lismore.

John Thompson, of Round Lake, was in the city Wednesday calling upon his wife who is receiving medical treatment here.

The tent gospel meetings conducted by the Christian church under Rev. Osgood, of Winona, are being well attended.

Miss Margaret McCall, who has been the guest of P.J. Martin and family, returned to her home in Brewster Wednesday.

Mrs. George Pfarrer went to Ionia, Minn., Wednesday where she will visit for a time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. Groth.

Mrs. E. Nelson, has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. C.A. Steinman, returned to her home in Rockford, Ill., Monday morning.

James Gibson has moved his family to Sheldon, Iowa. Mr. Gibson is traveling, and finds Sheldon a more conven-[?] place of residence.

Dr. F.S. Hough, H.D. Wendt and Ray Wolfe, of Sibley were Sunday visitors to Worthington, having come up to take a dip in the lake.

Mrs. F.E. Little and daughter, Miss Mabel, who have been visiting M.E. Lawton and family, returned home to Champagne, Ill., Wednesday.

The Ladies' Aid Society of the Catholic church will hold their monthly tea on Tuesday, September 29th at the home of Mrs. Peter Larson.

Mesdames G.A. Fish and G.W. Haigh, of Fulda, accompanied by Mrs. S.A. Norcott, of Chicago, were calling on Worthington friends Saturday.

Mrs. R. Mahling, of Okabena, returned home Monday after a week with her father George W. Hill, who has been quite ill with heart trouble.

B.F. Reyman, of Beloit, Wis., was the guest this week of L.F. Dow. From here he will continue his trip to the coast upon business and pleasure combined.

Sterling Lawton left Friday for Morningside, Iowa, where he will college for a course in vocal and instrumental music, and will also take a few studies.

George Gulich, of Edgerton, was in the city Wednesday. Mr. Gulich has been threshing in Little Rock township and reports corn in that section badly in need of rain.

Miss Rena Dow is visiting friends at Backoo, N.D. Upon her return she will go to Minneapolis and enter one of the hospitals to finish her course as a trained nurse.

Miss Nellie Plotts, who is employed at Adrian, spent Tuesday evening with her father and sister in this city. she went to Minneapolis on business Wednesday morning.

Miss Clara Haack, of Bigelow, spent a few days with her sister, Miss Hannah Haack, this week, and upon her return home Tuesday was accompanied by the latter.

Miss Grace Smith returned home Saturday for an extended visit with relatives at Grantwood, N.J. While absent Miss Smith also visited friends in New York and Vermont.

M.J. Barber is walking with a cane these days. Saturday he had the misfortune to step on a nail, which penetrated his right foot and is causing him considerable inconvenience.

J. Lennon and wife, of Decorah, Ia., Charles Webster and wife, of Ocheyedan, Ia., and George Webster, of Lisbon, N.D., were guests the past week of John Webster and family.

Jud Duell, of Sioux City, is spending a few days with his brother, Charles Duell. From here Mr. Duell expects to go to Bonesteel, S.D., to be present at the land opening on October 5th.

M. Sorem, of Bigelow, who recently disposed of his hardware stock at that place has leased a residence property in Worthington and will move his family to the county seat in the near future.

The Grace Hayward company transferred here Monday enroute from Sioux Falls to Mankato. Mr. Gatts, manager of the company is an old friend of the writer and we enjoyed a pleasant visit with him.

Mrs. J.J. Kies entertained about twelve friends last Wednesday evening at an informal card party in honor of her mother, Mrs. J.W. Thuemmler, of Minneapolis, who has been her guest for a couple of weeks.

Miss Mable Horne, who has been the guest of Mrs. Hastings for a few days, went to Brewster on business Tuesday morning. Miss Horne is introducing a musical work and is meeting with considerable success in this vicinity.

The boats were all removed from the pavilion Monday, as the boating season is about over. The bath house, however, will be open after four o'clock each afternoon and on Saturdays as long as the weather will permit.

Paul Underwood, of Heron Lake, was in the city Wednesday. Mr. Underwood's health is in bad condition and he was here consulting with physicians, and went from here to Rochester, where he will enter the Mayo hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Humiston pleasantly entertained the school faculty last Friday evening with a sail boat party. About twenty guests availed themselves of a beautiful moonlight sail in Carpenter's big sail boat and all report a delightful time.

A social dance was given at the bath house pavilion last Wednesday night by the young folks of the village. It was an informal affair and was fairly well attended. Messrs. Mackay and May furnished excellent music for the occasion.

J.G. Geister, sheriff of O'Brien county, Iowa, was in the city Tuesday, on his way to the northern part of the state where he goes to look after some land interests. He was accompanied by R. Hinman, who has some land interests in Nobles county.

Walker Barry, near Brewster, had the misfortune to catch his hand in a belt while threshing Friday and had a finger badly crushed. A physician was called, who dressed the wound and he is getting along nicely; although the injured member is still quite painful.

A few changes have been made in the corps of teachers since the list was published. Miss Jean Galt, English teacher, resigned and miss Beth Ames takes her place in the high school, and Miss Mildred Powers has been elected as assistant in the 8th grade.

Colonel A.J. Olund expects to cry sales this season. He has been exceptionally successful in the past and has several large sales engaged for the coming season. His work is satisfactory and prices reasonable. Any one needing such services should see him at once or you can arrange with Bob Smith for dates and terms.

Harry Lewis, the enterprising grocer, this week put in a new Stimson coffee mill. The machine is ball bearing and nearly automatic, but little power being required to operate it, and can be adjusted to six different sizes of granulation. Besides being a handy and useful article, it is also an ornament to the store.

H.A. Kunze will hold an auction sale of stock and farm implements at his farm in Elk township, 7 miles north of Worthington on the west Fulda road, on September 24th. The sale will commence at one o'clock and a free lunch will be served at noon. James Mackay will act as auctioneer and S.M. Stewart as clerk.

H. DeFrees, an aged farmer living in Ewington township, Jackson county, was the victim of a peculiar accident last Friday. While attending to the horses on his farm, one of them squeezed him against the side of the manger in such a way as to fracture two ribs. A Worthington physician was called and rendered the necessary surgical attention and he is now on the road to recovery.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Nazarenus, of Elk Township, Celebrate Anniversary.

Today marks the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary of A. Nazarenus and wife, of Elk township, and the event will be fittingly celebrated by a silver wedding reception at their farm home. They were married at Vinton, Iowa, September 18, 1883, where they resided until March, 1889, when they came to Nobles county and settled on section 13, Elk township, where they now reside. Their residence upon the farm has been continuous except for a short term spent in Worthington, after which they returned to their homestead.

To the union were born three children, Joseph, Anna and Alfred, all of whom are still living. Joseph, the eldest, is married, and lives on a farm in Elk township, adjoining his parents and Anna was recently united in marriage to Mr. A.O. Wenzberg, foreman of the Advance-Herald office, and resides in Worthington. Alfred the youngest still resides at home.

The silver wedding anniversary will be becomingly observed by about forty relatives and friends, and an elaborate dinner and supper will be served. May they be spared to enjoy many more anniversaries of the event.

A Reading Wedding.

Frank Sisson and Miss Alice Hulser, both of Reading, were quietly married Wednesday morning at the residence of the bride's parents in that village, at 10 o'clock. The ceremony was performed in the presence of the immediate relatives of the contracting parties by Rev. d'Argent. The happy couple came at once to Worthington, where they took the train for Akron, Colo., at which place they will reside in the future.


The Worthington Concert Band have added a new Sousaphone and Grand Eb [E-flat] tuba to the equipment. The instruments are beautiful silverplated horns and necessitated an outlay of approximately $390. With the new instruments the band will be in possession of as fine equipment as any band in this section.

The social and concert given by the Worthington Concert Band at the auditorium Thursday evening was not as well attended as it should have been but those who did turn out were amply repaid for their time and trouble. Prof. Abbott has developed the band to a wonderful degree since it was organized a couple of years ago, and Worthington now has a musical organization of which it can well be proud as there are not many towns of this size where the band will compare with ours, and it seems a pity that their efforts to raise a small fund for the purchase of instruments and music should meet with as little encouragement as was accorded last week.


Friday, September 25, 1908

In Forest Fire.

Miss Helen Purvess, who was formerly a teacher in the Worthington schools was unfortunate enough to be within the district covered by the terrible forest fires in the northern part of the state. Miss Purvess was teaching at Virginia, Minn, at the time of the terrible holocaust, and according to advices received here lost everything of value which she possessed. Miss Purvess has many friends in Worthington who will be sorry to learn of her misfortune.

A Sad Case.

Deputy Sheriff Finnerty, of Ellsworth, arrived in Worthington Monday afternoon, having in custody Miss Kate O'Hern, who was suddenly bereft of natural reason at Wahpeton, N.D., and brought here for an investigation into her sanity. The circumstances leading up to her affliction are extremely sad. It seems that the young lady had been visiting relatives in and around Whapeton and Breckenridge, when she was taken sick and the illness left her in a weakened mental condition. Some ten or twelve years ago she was attacked in a similar manner, but a short period of treatment restored her to her normal self and it is hoped that treatment at the state hospital at St. Peter where she was taken Tuesday, will have a beneficial effect this time. Sheriff Fauskee and Mrs. Anderson accompanied her to St. Peter.

North of Town

Margret Hacker has been quite sick with stomach trouble.

Mrs. Chas. Erickson has been suffering from an attack of nervous prostration.

Herbert Steinman left on Monday of last week for Mankato and Minneapolis on a business trip.

The sale of Chas. Erickson which was held on Thursday of last week came off pretty good. Altho the crowd was very small things sold well.

Alma Schulz who has been suffering for sometime with ulcers of the stomach, was taken to the hospital last Friday for treatment, altho her case is a very bad one, it is hoped that she will be out in a few weeks.

Local Intelligence

Dr. Gould attended the fair at Windom Wednesday.

Miss Beth Ames spent Sunday with Rushmore friends.

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Olund were Bigelow visitors Wednesday.

Miss Esther Petersen spent Sunday with her parents in Indian Lake.

Mrs. Fred Cass and daughter, May, were Sunday visitors to Worthington.

S. Wilcox and wife, of Reading, were in the city Tuesday calling upon friends.

Andrew Nystrom and family were guests of Indian Lake relatives Sunday.

C.R. West, the Brewster banker, made a business trip to Worthington Monday.

Rev. Healy and wife, of Bigelow, were calling upon Worthington friends Tuesday.

Matt Jensen and wife, of Ransom township, were shopping in Worthington Saturday.

John Martin and wife, of Gladbrook, Iowa, are guests at the home of Louis Nebendahl.

Henry Nystrom, of the Citizens bank, spent Sunday with relatives in Bigelow township.

John Webster went to Sibley Tuesday afternoon for a short visit with relatives.

G. Klessig, of Reading, spent Sunday in Worthington the guest of relatives and friends.

Messrs. Kelly, Alburtus and Wolven made an auto trip to Windom Wednesday to take in the fair.

Miss Hazel Pepple, who is teaching in district No. 8, spent Sunday with her parents in this city.

Al. Grant, of Luverne, formerly proprietor of the Grand Theatre, was in the city Wednesday on business.

Mrs. W.C. Thom and Mrs. W.H. Christensen, of Rushmore, visited with Mrs. Chas. Hamstreet Tuesday afternoon.

Minnesota State Inspector of High Schools, Prof. Alton, made an inspection of our schools Monday and Tuesday.

FOR SALE -- My property one block east of the school house. A bargain if taken before October 15th. M.E. Fish.

Dr. H. Weidow is absent on a business trip to Iowa City, Iowa, after which he will go to Chicago for hospital work.

The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morgan, of Jackson County, Sunday morning and left a baby girl to gladden the hearts of the parents.

F. Kieth [Keith?] has resigned his position with M.J. Barber. He has not as yet secured another situation, but will in all probably go to South Dakota in a short time.

Mike Nichols, of Joliet, Ill., was in the city the first part of the week. Mr. Nichols has some land interests in Nobles county and was here looking after the same.

Mrs. J. Kies entertained about twelve of her lady friends at a "Thimble Bee" yesterday afternoon. Refreshments were served and a general good time by those present.

A.M. Feathers and wife, of Lismore, and their guest, Mrs. Linn Feathers, of Dodge county, Minn., visited a couple of days this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Prideaux.

The Ladies Guild wish to announce to the ladies of Worthington that are prepared to tie comforters and do plain sewing. For particulars inquire of Mrs. Etta Stanton, Pres.

Peter Ledine, of Bigelow township, lost a setting of grain by fire Saturday. The fire is supposed to have originated from a spark from the engine while threshing was in progress.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Nystrom have returned from their honeymoon trip to points in Minnesota and Iowa, and are now at home to their friends upon their farm in Bigelow township.

An operation was performed at the Worthington hospital Wednesday upon Miss Louise Von Behren, of Brewster, at which time a tumor in the young lady's throat was removed and she is getting along nicely.

Will Oliver went to Minneapolis Sunday, where he will spend a few days with relatives, after which, accompanied by his sisters, Misses Gertie and Katie Oliver, he will go on to International Falls, near which place he has a claim.

The Rev. C.H. Beaulien will preach in St. John's Episcopal church next Sunday evening. Mr. Beaulien was formerly in charge of St. John's church. His gentle qualities won him friends in Worthington during his sojourn, and they will be glad to welcome him back again.

The Ladies Aid Society of the Congregational church held their social tea in the parlors of the church last Friday afternoon. A large number were in attendance and a general good time reported. They will meet this week at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Fletcher this afternoon.

Rev. Osgood, who is conducting the revival meetings in the tent, will address the Men's meeting at the Congregational church next Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. His subject will be "The Standard of Value." A special feature of the meeting will be the singing by the high school quartette.

Miss Minnie Miller, daughter of Eilert Miller, was adjudged insane Friday and committed to the State hospital at St. Peter. The young lady had the misfortune to become demented on a previous occasion, but was discharged after treatment, and it is hoped that her present condition is only temporary, and she will soon be restored to her normal self.

Miss Jeannette Carlton of Minneapolis, arrived in Worthington Tuesday and will make her home in this city in the future. Miss Carlton is a singer and teacher of vocal music and comes highly recommended. For some time past she has been a vocalist in the Plymouth congregational church at Minneapolis, and hopes to establish a class in voice culture in Worthington.

Fred Barnes, who recently accepted a position at the Loveless blacksmith shop, had the misfortune to get a fragment of steel in his left eye, Wednesday evening. He went to a physician, but owing to the late hour the doctor was unable to locate the particle. A second visit Thursday morning was more successful and the obstacle was removed. He will not loose the sight of the eye, but the injury has caused him a great deal of pain.

Lismore Couple Wed

John A. Lang and Miss Inez Elizabeth M. Rusho of Lismore, were married in this city Tuesday afternoon, at the residence of Rev. Wm. Fletcher of the Congregational church. The ceremony was witnessed by the brother and sister-in-law of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Rusho, also of Lismore.  The ceremony took place shortly before four o'clock and the happy young folks took the train immediately afterward for Le Mars, Iowa, where they will spend their honeymoon.

It was evidently Mr. Lang's first plunge in the matrimonial sea as he had some difficulty in locating the proper official to secure his marriage license, but was set right by one of the county officials, who also gave him directions as to the location of the minister's residence.

Death of Mrs. Hagberg.

Anna Lisa Hagberg, wife of Louis Hagberg, of Elk township, passed away Monday after an illness covering a period of nearly two years from dropsy and heart trouble. Deceased was 73 years, 5 months and 29 days of age at the time of her death, and was a resident of Elk township for many years. Her son, Charles, recently preceded her to the grave, having been a victim of tuberculosis. The funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at one o'clock from her late residence and three o'clock from the Swedish Mission church in this city, Rev. Johnson conducting the ceremony. Interment at Worthington cemetery.

Round Lake Scrap.

H.C. Carstensen, of Round Lake, was before Justice Dow Wednesday evening charged with assault upon Wilmer Conklin, the village marshal of that place. It seems that Conklin warned a drunken man off the streets and instructed him to either go home or to a hotel. Instead of going home he went into Carstensen's saloon adjacent to the hotel and related his troubles to the proprietor, who stepped outside and began making remarks uncomplimentary to the marshal, and the cause of the trouble also came out and began to put up a formidable appearance, when the marshal reached for him intending to put him under arrest. Then the marshal claims he was set upon by Carstensen and choked and otherwise mistreated. Sheriff Fauskee went to Round Lake and placed Carstensen under arrest and brought him to Worthington, where he was given a hearing and fined $5 and costs, amounting to $12.25, which he settled and was discharged.

Local Intelligence

Mrs. J. Casereto visited relatives at Sibley Monday.

Will Chaney was a business to Dundee Saturday.

G.H. Luehrs made a business trip to Sioux City Monday.

Sheriff Fauskee had official business at Adrian Monday.

Stelle S. Smith went to Brewster Monday on business.

Chris Hanson spent Sunday with Rushmore relatives.

Mrs. A.K. Albright spent Saturday with Sioux Falls friends.

Leon Ewers, of Jackson county, was a business visitor Monday.

Fred Humiston went to Windom Tuesday to take in the fair.

John Mitchell was transacting business in Heron Lake Monday.

G.B. Hilyard has moved into the Schulz property on Fifth Ave.

L.B. Sage, of Kasota, was in Worthington Saturday calling friends.

Mrs. Roy Newman spent a few days this week with her parents at Org.

Postmaster Frank Coughran made a business trip to Heron Lake Tuesday.

Miss Ella Horton spent Friday and Saturday with friends in Sioux Falls.

Pete Peters, of Bigelow, was a business caller at the county seat Monday.

Mrs. H.W. Steffens went to Bigelow Monday afternoon for a short visit.

W.E. McDermott, of Luverne, was a business caller in Worthington Saturday.

H.D. Wendt and Ray Wolfe, of Sibley, spent Sunday afternoon in Worthington.

J.C. Hill, of Sioux City, was the guest of his father, George Hill over Sunday.

Fred Barnes, of Kansas City, has accepted a position at the Loveless blacksmith shop.

Mrs. Ross Nelson and two children left Monday for a visit with relatives at Heron Lake.

R.J. Jones, of Reading, was in this city Saturday and paid this office a pleasant call.

Miss Nell Addington began teaching in the Johnson district, northwest of town Monday.

Mrs. Sarah Mitchell returned home Monday from a visit with relatives at Algona, Iowa.

S.M. Stewart and wife went to Sioux City Sunday for a few days' visit with friends.

Furnished room for rent in the Bishop residence on 4th ave. Mrs. James Jack. Phone 230.

Deputy Sheriff Finnerty, of Ellsworth, was in the county seat Monday on official business.

Mesdames G.W. Wilson and W.M. Evans spent a few days this week with Sioux City friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vollman, of Round Lake, were calling on Worthington friends Monday.

Mrs. Stanley Moore returned home Friday night from a visit with relatives in the twin cities.

Miss Mollie Westby, who has been visiting Mrs. O. Carlson, returned to her home in Heron Lake Monday.

Miss Ida Olson return to her home in New Ulm Wednesday, after a short visit with P.J. Arbes and family.

Mrs. Roy Newman returned home last Saturday from a visit with relatives and friends at St. James.

Miss Mabel Horne, who has been the guest of Miss Mattie Hastings for some time left Tuesday for Rushmore on a business mission.

Mr. Eng, of Fulda, who was operated upon last week at the Worthington hospital for a diseased bone in the foot, returned home Wednesday. His condition is greatly improved.

Rev. Wilder will preach the second sermon in the economic series next Sunday evening. Subject, "Between Jesus and Caesar."

Miss Clara Benson, who has been the guest of the Misses Mabel and Theo. Hogan, returned to her home in Sioux City Monday afternoon.

J.H. Scott went to Ransom Monday afternoon to superintend some farm improvements which he is making on his land in that township.

Marriage license was issued this week to Nick Erpelding and Clara Scheitler; John A. Lang and Inez Elizabeth Rusho, all of Nobles county.

The Ladies' Aid Society of the Catholic church will hold their monthly tea on Tuesday, September 29th at the home of Mrs. Peter Larson.

Mrs. John Martin, of Round Lake, came to Worthington Monday, where she will remain for a few days while undergoing medical treatment.

Fred Mitchell and Charles J. Cunningham, accompanied by lady friends, came over from Brewster Sunday for a visit with relatives and friends.

Miss Emma Schroeder, of Rushmore, was in the city a few hours between trains Monday, enroute to Garner, Iowa, where she will be the guest of friends.

H.H. Hughes, of Jackson, was in the city Monday. Mr. Hughes is making some repairs upon his property on ninth street and was here superintending the same.

Emil Broms returned Saturday night from a visit with his parents at Alexandria, Minn., and will remain in the city a few days before leaving for the west where he expects to locate.

Word was received here Tuesday that Ole Diebedock, butter maker at the Luverne Creamery, had dropped dead from appoplexy while engaged in doing chores around his residence.

Miss Ruth Deming, of Luverne, spent a few hours with Worthington friends Monday. Miss Deming is a trained and was on her way to LeMars, Iowa, where she will spend her vacation.

Rev. Swan went to St. Paul Saturday and preached there Sunday morning and evening. His pulpit here was ably supplied by Rev. Frank Erickson, of St. Peter. Mr. Erickson returned home Monday morning.

Deputy Sheriff Dave Beers, of Luverne, was in the city Tuesday between trains having in custody a prisoner convicted of stealing several shirts from a Luverne store, whom he was taking to the Stillwater penitentiary.

Miss Waldavine Davidson, of Luverne, was in Worthington Monday between trains. Miss Davidson, who is a reporter on the Luverne Herald, is on her vacation which she will spend with friends in Wilmont and St. Cloud.

John Thomsen, of Round Lake, was in the city Monday. He was accompanied by his wife on his return home Monday night. Mrs. Thomsen has been under medical treatment in this city and returned home in a greatly improved condition.

Miss Laura Pepple returned to her school at Grand Marais, Tuesday afternoon. Miss Pepple was compelled to abandon her school there on account of danger from forest fires, but as the danger has passed, the schools were reopened this week.

Fred Humiston took in the fair at Mankato Saturday. Fred says that the stock exhibit is not equal to that of the Nobles county fair, while the agricultural display, owing to the fair being held later in the season, was better than that of the Worthington fair.

W.A. Murphy, of St. Paul, is now employed at the village waterworks and electric light station as chief engineer, vice J.H. West, resigned. Edw. Anderson, also of St. Paul, has been secured to fill the vacancy at the plant caused by the resignation of A. Montgomery.

Miss Blanche Dyer, primary teacher at the Worthington high school has resigned her position on account of trouble with her eyes and left Wednesday for her home in Windom. Her position has not as yet been filled and Miss Jennie Beckly, librarian, is substituting until a teacher is secured.

J.M. Addington, L.W. Abbott and Richard Torrance went to Duluth Sunday. These gentlemen have timber claims in the region of the recent forest fires and have gone to look after the same. On their return trip they will stop off at the Twin cities for a sight-seeing expedition.

Dr. Dieckhoff made a business trip to Des Moines last week and on his return stopped off with friends at Cherokee. Monday he returned home accompanied by his cousin, A.E. Steinhaus, who spent a couple of days with the doctor on his way to the Black Hills, where he goes to attend the land opening.

Robert Mahling and wife, of Okabena, came over Sunday and spent a couple of days with Mrs. Mahling's father, Geo. Hill. Mr. Hill has been in poor health lately, and Mr. Mahling has given up his position at Okabena and secured employment as car repairer here so that Mrs. Mahling may be near her father. They will move here in the near future.

Rev. C.I. Peterson and Gust Elenor, of Clay Center, Kan., were the guests a few days this week of Rev. Peterson's sister, Mrs. Nels Moberg, of Bigelow township. Rev. Peterson and Mr. Elenor were delegates to the Swedish Baptist conference at St. Paul and stopped off here on the return trip. Rev. Peterson preached at the Indian Lake Baptist church at the morning services last Sunday.

The annual conference of the Methodist church will be held at Fairmont next week, and next Sunday will be the last Sunday in the conference year. Rev. Cahoon will go to Fairmont as a delegate, and A.T. Latta is on the program for the layman conference. Yesterday was the end of the quarterly conference and District Superintendent Cowgill, of Redwood Falls, was in the city looking over the reports for the quarter for the Worthington church.

C.H. Langley, of Pipestone, was a business caller in Worthington Saturday.

M.F. Metler, of Hull, Iowa, was looking after business interests Friday.

Miss May Brown, of Sanborn, Iowa, was the guest of Worthington friends Friday.

O.L. Taylor, of Winona, was called to Worthington Saturday upon a business mission.

Ferdinand Steffens and wife are the proud parents of a new boy, who was born Saturday morning.

George Fletcher and wife, of Iowa Falls, Iowa, were callers up on Worthington acquaintances Friday.

Mrs. W.H. Christensen and Miss Grace Hunt, of Rushmore, were over Saturday the guests of Mrs. Charles Hamstreet.

A quantity of fly poison was partaken of by the 8-month-old child of C. Spears, of Ash Creek, last week. Prompt application of a stomach pump saved her life.

Harry Schuck, a 9-year-old Luverne boy was killed last week by being thrown from a horse. The accident occurred upon the Main street, and was witnessed by several people. His skull was fractured by coming in contact with the stone crosswalk.

Last Thursday Olaf Langseth went to Worthington on an errand and intended to return to Round Lake on the afternoon train. The train was in motion when he made an attempt to board it. When he regained consciousness he discovered that his right hand was considerably bruised and his thumb crushed. How it was done ha can not tell you. He was certainly fortunate in escaping more serious injury, and likely isn't anxious to run chances like this again. -Round Lake Graphic.

B.G. Blomgren, of Indian Lake township was a caller at the Advance-Herald office Saturday afternoon and although his subscription had not as yet expired he left another year's subscription. Mr. Blomgren came to this county about eleven years ago and purchased his farm where he now resides at the low price of $14 per acre, but has by hard work and improvement, brought it to a point where it is now one of the best and most productive farms in the county and if put upon the market would bring about $60 per acre. Mr. Blomgren returned last week from a visit to his brother at Ida Grove, Iowa, whom he has not seen before in twenty-two years, and while he enjoyed his visit with his brother, he still things Nobles county crops are in better condition than those in Iowa where he was visiting.

----End Transcription----


Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained November, 2007.

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