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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 May, 1908

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Friday, May 1, 1908

At a recent meeting of the Twentieth Century Club the following officers were elected: Mrs. A.H. Clark, Pres., Mrs. Wm. Chaney, Vice Pres., Mrs. C.H. Sibley, Secy. and Treas. The club will study modern drama the coming year.

Art Firth, one of the solid agriculturists of Loraine, was in the city Saturday doing trading.


G.C. Fellows of Elk was in town last Saturday doing trading.

Mrs. R.H. Patterson has returned a visit with relatives in Iowa.

Oscar Kunzman went Lamars on Wednesday for a short visit.

J.M. Scriven of Seward was in town Tuesday doing trading.

F.S. Burroughs of Route 5 was in town Wednesday doing trading.

Miss Ethel Patterson spent Sunday with friends in Indian Lake township.

The Rev. Father Carey of Sibley visited in Worthington on Wednesday.

W.F. Kasdorf of Dewald, transacted business in Worthington last Saturday.

Mrs. Jas. Suddaby enjoyed a visit from her father and another relative last Sunday.

Jim Mann again presides over the delivery wagon of the Worthington steam laundry.

H.F. Rockwell came over from Fairmont on Tuesday to look after business affairs.

Dr. J.N. Gould has received a handsome new automobile, bought through E.J. Wolven.

Francis Morgan, the Singer sewing machine hustler, returned on Wednesday from a visit at Faribault.

Atty. Wilson Borst of Windom had business before Judge Brown here this week at the special term of court.

Miss Hazel Pepple will close a very successful term of school this afternoon in the Paine district, east of town.

Mrs. Wm. Devaney returned from Minneapolis last Sunday, where she spent a week with her sister, Mrs. Marple.

Mrs. E.K. Smith and children spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I.T. Branigan, at Rock Rapids.

The Missionary Society of the Congregational church will meet with Mrs. C.J. Smallwood next Wednesday afternoon.

P.H. Brown of Minneapolis was in the city Tuesday looking after business interests and shaking hands with his numerous friends.

The Rock Island has curtailed its force on the Lake Park run and brakeman Tousley has been laid off. He will return to work on the main line.

Miss Grace Campbell, who had spent several weeks in St. Paul studying millinery styles, returned last week, and has taken a position in Mrs. Gilletts store.

The Birthday Club was entertained Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. J.S. Kies, where a very pleasant social time was had. Contests of various kinds furnished amusement. Refreshments were served.

Lost -- Between my house and the Episcopal church on Sunday, a large gold brooch, 3 pearls in a leaf on front, watch hook on back. Finder please return and receive liberal reward. Mrs. E.A. Wheeler.

Grand Receiver J.F. McGuire, of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, will be in Worthington May 11, and will speak at the regular meeting of the order that evening. All Workmen and Degree of Honor members are requested to be present.

The Nobles County Ministers' Meeting will hold their next meeting Monday afternoon May 4th, at two o'clock in the Methodist church. Rev. Wilder will speak on "The Pro and Con of Modern Rival Meetings." Carl O. Swan, Sec.

F.L. Humiston, secretary of the fair association and A.R. Albertus, superintendent of the speed department went to St. Peter Monday, where they made arrangements for the entry of the local fair association in the Southern Minnesota short shift racing circuit. The opening races will be in Worthington, and this insures a full entry in all classes, and some first class races.

Mrs. A.J. Snyder visited in Iowa last week.

For Sale -- Horse and buggy. Apply to Otto Leabeck.

Theo. Bahls was up from Round Lake on business Tuesday.

Kenneth Pettit has accepted a job on the road for a cigar factory.

W.L.O. Bartlett made a trip to Wilmot and Lismore this week.

H.C. Carstensen, of Round Lake, was a county seat visitor Tuesday.

W.E. Oxford of Seward was a Worthington visitor last Saturday.

Miss Anna Flentje, of Round Lake, visited in Worthington last Friday.

J.M. Addington made a business trip to Lake Benton the first of the week.

Andrew Nelson, of Indian Lake, was in the city Wednesday on business.

Fred Tripp of Round Lake came up Tuesday to attend the election contest.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Herline, of Rt. 3, were in town Wednesday doing trading.

Ex-Mayor E.A. Tripp came up from Round Lake Tuesday to attend the election contest.

Miss Lizzie Ryan closed a successful term of school in district No. 72 last week, with appropriate exercises.

The annual business meeting of the Tourist Club will be held at the home of Mrs. Wm. Chaney next Monday afternoon.

WANTED - Experienced girl for general house work, none other need apply. Wages $4 per week. -- Mrs. E.A. Hart.

Miss Agnes Ryan, who has been teaching in district No. 82, north of Reading, closed a very successful term of school last week.

LOST -- Pair of glasses, between my residence and Lutheran church, about two weeks ago. Finder please return to Mrs. L.J. Larson.

Miss Hannah Haack resigned her position at the H.W. Steffens' restaurant last week and is now employed at the depot lunch counter.

President R.L. Morland of the State Board of Pharmacy, who is attending a session of the board in Minneapolis, spent Sunday at home.

W.E. Moses came down from Northfield yesterday to take personal charge of his hardware store here until he secures a suitable manager.

Dr. J.N. Gould is the proud owner of the newest automobile in town, a Ford runabout. The machine runs very smooth and is apparently easily handled.

Bank Examiner Root, of St. Paul, was here last week and went over the books of the Citizens National bank. He found everything in fine shape and the institution in a sound condition.

On account of the disagreeable weather Friday, April 17, the box social in District 106 was postponed until Friday evening, May 1st. Everybody is invited to attend. Beulah B. Dring, Teacher.

Banker S.M. Stewart has carpenters at work remodeling and making extensive improvements in his residence on Fifth avenue. He will change a number of partitions, put in hardwood floors and paper and paint throughout.

The District Federation of Women's Clubs will meet at Mankato next Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs. G.W. Wilson and Mrs. Stanley Moore are the delegates from the Tourists Club of this city and will attend the meeting.

Bud Baker helped out in Lewis' store Saturday.

C.O. Wells of route 3 was in the city Saturday on business.

A.C. Heberg of Mankato was in the city on business Tuesday.

J.W. Hamilton of route three did trading in town last Saturday.

For Sale -- Good seed potatoes. Two varieties. A.J. Strand.

Editor J.S. Randolph of Brewster was a county seat visitor Saturday.

Elmer Tripp, of Round Lake, was a Worthington visitor on Tuesday.

A.R. Albertus made a business trip to St. Peter the first of the week.

Mrs. S.M. Stewart returned on Saturday last from a visit at Chicago.

Banker C.A. Sands, of Adrian, had business at the county seat Wednesday.

J. Burr Ludlow of Rushmore was a business caller to this city last Saturday.

Geo. Hurd has sold his farm north of town to F.J. McCabe for $52.50 per acre.

Miss Gertude [Gertrude?] O'Connel, of Esterville, Iowa, spent Sunday with friends in Worthington.

Albert Hactor, one of the heavy weights of Indian Lake transacted business in Worthington Saturday.

Mrs. J.N. Dodge, of Round Lake, has been visiting at the home of her son-in-law, H.S. Hobson, the past week.

Friday, May 8, 1908

Will Mcgowan, Bridge Carpenter, Victim of Peculiar and Fatal Accident.
Deceased Was a Well Known Railroad Man and Very Popular.

A shocking accident occurred on Wednesday afternoon, shortly before 6 o'clock, at Sibley, in which Will McGowan, a well known railroad man lost his life. Mr. McGowan was superintending the taking down of a windmill, when the guy collar of a jennypole broke, and he was hit under the chin by a piece of the casting attached to the end of a swiftly flying rope. His neck was broken and death must have been instantaneous. The remains were brought to Worthington and prepared for burial. The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon.

The deceased was a brother of C.W. McGowan, a conductor on the Omaha line, and F.J. McGowan, who lives northwest of town. He also leaves a mother and brothers and sisters in New York state. He was a single man, of genial disposition, and very popular with all who knew him. His untimely death was a shock to the entire community. The remains will be taken to New York.

Elk Center

Venus Eshleman went to Cherokee last week to visit with relatives and friends.

The Mission Band will meet with Mrs. Ralph Eikenberry on Thursday of next week.

Paul Schutz who was quite seriously injured in a runaway several weeks ago, is getting along real nicely and will be able to be up soon.

Addie Ely spent Sunday with her parents near Rushmore.

Roy Fowler is kept quite busy shearing sheep.

Leisa Schulz is sewing for Otis Hankins.

Orvie Anderson who had his leg broken several weeks ago, is able to get around on crutches.

Indian Lake

John A. Saxon has recently added a fine phonograph to his collection of musical instruments.

Bennet Johnson of the Worthington Swede Band visited the Indian Lake Band last Thursday evening and assisted in playing a few selections, he reports the band improving wonderfully fast.

A large number of our citizens were over in Jackson county last Wednesday and attended the wedding of Miss Ella Larson one of Indian Lake's former young ladies. Rev. Oberg officiating.

Dr. Frank Peterson of Minneapolis, will preach at the Baptist church next Sunday forenoon and evening.

The revised Philathea met with Miss Amanda Nystrom last Tuesday evening.

Miss Rensie DeBoer closed a very successful eight month term of school in the Saxon district last Friday.

Ernest Foelschow and Miss Emma Thueson were married Tuesday at the home of the bride's parents in Bigelow township. They are well known young people of Nobles county, and have a very bright future before them.

F.C. Stitser and family, who are on the Pacific coast, took in the naval review at Long Beach a few days ago. They were accompanied from Corona to Long Beach by M.C. and Chester Harding, I.B. Newkirk and other former Worthington people.


G.C. Fellows, was in from Elk, Saturday.

Mrs. Jas. Suddaby visited at Bigelow last Saturday.

Miss Etta Moen visited at Heron Lake last Saturday.

J.W. Hamilton of route three, did trading in town Saturday.

Dave Hulton, of route three was in town Tuesday doing trading.

F.A. Viblen of Round Lake, did trading in Worthington, Saturday.

M. Thompson of Ransom township was a county seat visitor last Friday.

W.H. Hawkins and wife of Reading traded in Worthington last Saturday.

George E. Thompson of Rushmore made this office a pleasant call last Friday.

Mrs. D.W. Chute of Wilmont spent a few days in the city last week doing shopping.

J.W. Pepple of St. James spent a few hours under the parental roof here Sunday.

W.R. McLeod, wife and daughter, Lillian, of Rushmore did trading in Worthington last Saturday.

Mrs. A.H. Rice and daughter Magnolia, of St. James, were over Sunday guests of Mrs. E.E. Hurd.

For rent -- After June 1st, 5 room cottage, on 6th ave. near 10th st. Address D.W. Chute, Wilmont.

Mr. and Mrs. I.L. Noggle, of Sioux Falls, were over Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Helmick.

Miss Lelah Walker entertained a number of her young friends Tuesday afternoon in honor of her birthday.

J.B. Ludlow assistant cashier of the Rushmore state bank, came over on Tuesday to attend a meeting of the Alumni association.

Wm. Jensen of Seward township was in the city yesterday on a shopping trip. He says the crops in his section are looking fine.

K.V. Mitchell, assistant cashier of The Citizens National bank, is taking a week's vacation, and accompanied by Mrs. Mitchell is visiting at Oshkosh, Wis.

H.S. Myers will move into the cottage vacated by O.W. Dieckhoff, and G.W. Patterson will move into the residence at present occupied by Mr. Myers.

The Patterson-Erickson Co. has sold a car-load of draft horses to W.G. and Jas. R. Ramage, which are to be shipped to Spokane, Wash., for use in their fuel and dray business.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Scott and daughter returned last week from their sojourn on the Pacific coast. They visited numerous places of interest and saw a great many former Worthington people, and altogether had a very pleasant trip.

John Humiston and family returned last Friday from Colorado, where they spent the past year. They will occupy their residence on 4th avenue as soon as it is vacated by G.W. Patterson, the present occupant. Their many friends are pleased to have them back to Worthington.

O.W. Dieckhoff and family left on Tuesday for Cherokee, Ia., where Mr. Dieckhoff will assume the management of the leading hotel, the Lewis house. In the removal of the Dieckhoffs, Worthington's business and social life loses one of its best families, whose place it will be difficult to fill. They have a host of friends here whose best wishes follow them.

A.E. Little was in from Elk Saturday.

G.F. Hastings of route 1 was in Saturday on a trading trip.

J.A. Saxon of Indian Lake was in the city on business Saturday.

Mrs. Theo. Heirdrichs of route 5, did shopping in town Saturday.

Clyde Williams of route three was in the city on business Saturday.

J.M. Kimmel of Elk transacted business in Worthington Wednesday.

Vic Anderson, the bonanza farmer of Org, was in the city on business Saturday.

Mrs. Ross Schwartwood, of Currie is on a visit to her daughter Mrs. John Donovan.

The Ladies Cemetery Aid will meet next Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock with Mrs. E.C. Pannell.

Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Seymoure, of Denver, Colo., were guests of Mrs. G.A. Lincoln the first of the week.

Mrs. C.M. Cory had the misfortune to step on a rusty nail, Wednesday afternoon, causing a very painful wound.

Mrs. W.J. Parry of Little Rock township, was a guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Prideaux, a few days the first of the week.

Wanted -- A place in country for boy to work for board in kind family. Please write or call. Mrs. Eleanor Conger, care A.E. Hart, Worthington, Minn.

Joseph Taylor received a telegram from Stevenson county, Illinois, announcing the death of a brother. He left yesterday afternoon for that place to attend the funeral.

Mrs. C.A. Lee left the first of the week to visit her children who live at different points in the state, after which she will go to Arroyo Grande, Cal., to make her home.

Mrs. Hattie Bassett and daughter, Mrs. Frank Thom, Miss Lillian Thom, Mrs. J.M. Black and Mrs. Frank Palm, of Rushmore, were at the county seat on a shopping trip last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Wickstrom of this city were made the victims of a very pleasant double birthday surprise party last Saturday evening by about 25 of their relatives and friends who came in to help celebrate Mr. Wickstrom's 60th and Mrs. Wickstrom's 51st birthday. The party included their children, grand children and a few friends, who brought means for a bounteous repast, and left a handsome rocker as an expression of love and esteem.

Jas. Baird of Reading did business in town Saturday.

P.C. Anderson of Org, was in town Wednesday on business.

Fred Humiston left on Tuesday on a trip to Kansas City.

Geo. Butcher of route 5, was in town on business Saturday.

Andrew Hogberg of Reading, transacted business here Saturday.

Frank Baker of Reading was in town on business last Saturday.

Peter Spartz came down from Wilmont in his automobile Monday.

Theo. Shontz was a guest of Senator Shell and family the first of the week.

Frank Roth, of George, Ia., was a guest of his brother G.W., a few days this week.

Born -- On Tuesday, May 5, 1908, to Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Gilchrist, a daughter.

C.J. Smallwood went to Minneapolis last Wednesday to pick out an automobile.

Senator and Mrs. S.B. Bedford of Rushmore, visited in Worthington Tuesday evening.

Ed. Stoltenberg of Walcott, Ia., spent last week here looking after his farming interests.

G.B. Hilyard last Sunday visited his family at Mountain Lake, where they are running a hotel.

Jet Smallwood and Miss Blanche Matteson came down from Minneapolis for a short visit Sunday.

Ex-Mayor E.A. Tripp, who is now a resident of Round Lake township, Jackson county, was a Worthington visitor last Saturday.

W.E. Moses, of Northfield, was here Monday looking after his hardware business. He informed the Advance he would have a new manager for the store here in a few days to succeed O.W. Dieckhoff.

The social given by Miss Beulah Dring's school last Friday, in the Fitzgerald district, was a decided success. The proceeds, about $12, will be used to buy decorations for the school room. The social was the closing feature of the school where Miss Dring has taught very successfully.

The Whist Club gave a farewell party Wednesday evening in the parlors of the hotel Worthington in honor of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Ramage, who leave soon for Spokane, Wash. After a sumptuous dinner, some time was devoted to whist, four tables being filled. A very pleasant evening was spent. Mr. and Mrs. Ramage were presented with a handsome post card album, as a reminder of the occasion.

A real estate deal of unusual interest was consummated last Friday, when G.W. Patterson sold the University farm, of 200 acres, to Wm. Shanks of Elk township. Consideration $75 per acre. Mr. Shanks will take possession next spring. Mr. Shanks has sold his farm in Elk to L.J. Holland, at present a tenant on one of Mr. Patterson's farms.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thompson came over from Rushmore last Saturday to buy an outfit of furniture to again set up in housekeeping. Last fall they sold their goods and went Bellingham, Wash., where they spent the winter. They became disgusted with the climate of that country and returned to Rushmore a few weeks ago.


Miss McNary is at her old place schoolroom this week. She was away last week, went home to Humbolt, Iowa, in order to be present at the marriage of a sister, but returned on Saturday.

T.B. Thompson has not been feeling well for some time, and the other day he concluded to see a doctor and learn what ails him. After an examination the doctors thought that he would need to undergo an operation for appendicitis. Perhaps the operation may be postponed for a time.

Charley Shore marketed a very nice bunch of hogs the other day. There were nine of them, all young hogs and they tipped the scales at 2800 pounds.

Miss Boyce, who taught the winter and spring terms in the Graves district has been engaged to teach in the graded school in the village of Rushmore.

N.R. Carper is doing a little draining this spring. Haken Larsen is working with him. The Courson brothers have made preparations to do considerable tiling this season on the north half of section 23. Mr. Courson came here the other day and brought with him three men from Iowa who will to the work. Robert Shore.

Friday, May 15, 1908

W.F. Scott One of the Leading Farmers of Ransom Township Has Sudden Death

Farmers and business men over the County were pained the first of the week to hear of the death of Mr. W.F. Scott, one of the leading farmers of Nobles county. On Friday Mr. Scott was riding the disk in the field when about 5 o'clock in the afternoon he was taken with great inward pain. He got to the house and a physician was called who relieved the pain somewhat with hypodermics, but the patient suffered intensely throughout the night. Saturday noon a consultation was held between Drs. Dolan of Worthington and Spaulding of Luverne and it was found that an ulcer in the stomach had formed and broken through so that the contents of the stomach passed into the bowel cavity. It was thought that an operation could not be held at the home and Saturday evening the neighbors brought the patient as carefully as possible to the home of his sister, Mrs. J.H. Bryden in Rushmore, and on the early morning train Sunday he was taken to the hospital at Luverne. On arrival he was found to be in such low condition that an operation was not advisable and at ten o'clock he passed away.

William F. Scott was born May 4, 1861, being at the time of his death 47 years of age. His boyhood days were spent near Traer, in Tama county, and 16 years ago he moved to Nobles county an dlocated on the farm where he has ever since lived.

It is the general expression of all that no finer man lived in the district than the one who passed away. A good farmer - a good business man - a good man morally, and a pleasant man to meet socially. There is none that has not a good word for Will Scott. He will be missed in the community but mostly by his wife, and three children, Dora, Bernice and Kenneth who are all younger than seventeen years of age. A tender and loving father has left the home.

The funeral services were held on Wednesday at one o'clock at the home and two at the Ransom church where he was an active member. The remarks made by the pastor Rev. W.W. Gills were appropriate and fitting. The remains were laid to rest in the Ransom cemetery.

New Sunshine Club

Mrs. Jens Christensen gave a tea party Thursday, May 7th, to her lady friends for the purpose of organizing a social club, which will be known as the Sunshine club. Their daughter Annie, entertained the guests with their fine Edison phonograph. Then Mrs. Christensen showed them through the house, which they all pronounced fine. They were much surprised at the number of chickens she has hatched under hens, 190. This is the most we know of. the meeting was called to order and the following officers elected: Mrs. J.A. Hansberger, Pres. Mrs. A.F. Dring, Vice Pres.; Mrs. Jens Christensen, Sec. and Treasure. They named their club Sunshine. It will meet alphabetically, so Mrs. Dring will be the next hostess. 10c as dues will be charged each month. It will meet the first Thursday of each month. After all rules were adopted the club adjourned and Mrs. Christensen spread the table with plenty of good things to eat, enough for twice the number present. All departed with compliments for the hostess, having had a very pleasant afternoon. Many a good time is hoped by the club.


Mrs. Lee Shell visited in Minneapolis this week.

Fred Trip was up from Round Lake last Sunday.

Nels Langseth was in from Indian Lake Wednesday.

Mrs. J.N. Gould is visiting in St. Paul for a few days.

Warner Hubbard spent Sunday at his home at Bigelow.

Miss Mildred Lewis spent Sunday at Wilmont with her parents.

I.F. Kelley has moved into his own residence on Okabena street.

H.F. Rockwell came over from Fairmont Wednesday to look after business matters.

W.L. Barton, a former resident of Spafford, now living at Zion City, Ill., was in the city this week.

Mmes. J.C. Thomsen and B.C. Denkman, of Round Lake, were in the city on a shopping trip Wednesday.

Rev. C.O. Swan will go to Avoca the forepart of next week, to attend a district meeting of the Lutheran church.

Mrs. A.E. Jones came down from Minneapolis to attend the golden wedding of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Humiston.

Mrs. A.C. Dickens was called to Heron Lake on Tuesday to attend Mr. Dickens' mother who had received serious injuries in a fall.

Tom Hogan, the genial and gentlemanly assistant manager of the Western Implement Co., has been ___ busy the past two weeks erecting windmills sold by the company.

C.F. Modisett, a prominent Democrat and stockman, of Bigelow township, passed through town last Saturday on his way to and from Adrian, to attend the Democrat county convention.

The Birthday Club was entertained on Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. J.W. McBride, in honor of her birthday. An unusually pleasant session is reported. Dainty refreshments were served.

C.M. Crandall this week sold his handsome residence on 4th avenue to G.W. Patterson, who will take possession June 1st. Mr. Crandall received in part payment 240 acres of farm land near Wilmont.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Cashel left last Saturday afternoon for Caliente, Nev., where they will spend several weeks Mr. Cashel having been employed to do the legal work of forming a new mining company. They will also visit points on the Pacific coast before they return.

Death of Aug. Danielson

Aug. Danielson, who has been an invalid the past three years, died at his home in this city last Thursday , aged 58 years. The funeral was held on Saturday from the Swedish Mission church. The deceased was an old railroad man who _________ sustained injur_ ________ capacitated him ___________________ a wife and several children _____________.


Miss Nellie Eggleston and Mr. Ralph B. Long were married at noon Sunday at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Eggleston. The bride's maid was Miss D__ Hiller, and the groom's man was John E. Eggleston, the ceremony was performed by Rev. G.A. Cahoon  ___ M.__ church. They will go to __ek _______ a house near the __________________.


Fred Wagner of Reading registered at the Western last Tuesday.

Mrs. J.P. Biltgen is at Bigelow visiting her daughter, Mrs. J.E. Salstrom.

Jas. Finnegan of Lismore had business in the probate court here on Monday.

Wm. Chaney went to Rushmore on Tuesday to conduct funeral of Wm. Scott, who died on Monday.

H.S. Hobson and family went to St. Paul Wednesday afternoon, where Mr. Hobson is to attend the Democratic state convention.

Misses Louise and Bertha Renner, came down from Comfrey on Saturday afternoon, and spent Sunday with their brother, A.M. Renner, manager of the Western Implement Co.

G.W. Patterson this week sold two lots on the corner of 2nd avenue and 11th street to the Smith Implement Co., who expect to erect a modern warehouse thereon in the near future.


J.J. Kies made a business trip to Ellsworth on Tuesday.

Mrs. G. Larson was operated at the Worthington hospital on Monday for cancer of the breast.

C.F. Starr, a real estate man of Rugby, N.D., spent a few days here on business this week.

Editor J.S. Randolph, of Brewster, attended the K. of P. banquet at this place last Friday evening.

Miss Alida Bedford returned to Hamline last Sunday after a week's visit with her parents at Rushmore.

Mrs. F.D. Wells, of Brewster, who had been at the Worthington Hospital a couple of weeks returned home on Monday.

W.G. Ramage last Saturday shipped a car load of draft horses to Spokane, Washington. Frank Turner accompanied the car.

Ray Kerr, of Annapolis, arrived here Sunday for a few weeks visit with friends and relatives at this place and at Rushmore.

Dr. Geyerman on Tuesday received a new Ford automobile, but owing to the unfavorable conditions of the roads has been unable to try it.

Dr. A.J. Simpson, Eye Specialist and Optician, will make his next regular visit at Brace's jewelry store, Worthington, May 22 & 23rd.

Sterling Lawton has purchased a new pop corn and peanut machine and the public can now be supplied with first class pop corn and peanuts.

P.S. Anderson, of Reading was in the city Wednesday on a trading trip. He recently moved back from Northern Wisconsin, where he spent several years.

Miss Laura Lemman is on the sick list this week.

L. Clark left on Tuesday on a business trip to St. Paul.

Dr. H. Wiedow made his regular visit to Round Lake Tuesday.

C.O. Peterson of Route 2 was in town Tuesday on a trading trip.

Fred L. Humiston made a business trip to Luverne Monday afternoon.

Miss Lizzie Will is spending a few weeks with her parents east of town.

Mrs. Lamb, of EauClaire, Wis., was a guest at the Hastings home over Sunday.

Dr. Henry Wiedow this week received a handsome new automobile of the Lambert make.

A. Rust, one of the leading farmers of Summit Lake, transacted business in Worthington Monday.

J.H. Scott went to Bigelow last Saturday to look after his extensive farming interests near that village.

The Yeomen order through the secretary of the local lodge, Miss Mattie Hastings, paid the policy held by the late F.H. Lyons in the order, last Monday.

Mrs. L.D. Veltum, who had been here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Goodrich, for several weeks, returned to her home at Minneapolis last Thursday.

Geo. Voak and family came down from Brewster last Saturday afternoon and visited  at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.V. Voak over Sunday.

W.I. Humiston went to Kanarauzi on Monday, where he bought several head of thoroughbred shorthorn cattle from Ed. Morgan, a well known breeder of that section.

Chas. Loveless spent Sunday with friends at Windom.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Devaney spent Sunday with relatives at Bigelow.

Mrs. E.W. Goff left on Monday for Minneapolis to spend a few days visiting at the home of her son, Ralph.

Miss Clara Ackerman closed a very successful term of school near Reading last Friday and has accepted a position as "Hello Girl" at Rushmore.

Wilmont Tribune: Charles Fritz, one of the oldest settlers of Wilmont township, died at his home in St. Kilian, Tuesday evening at 10:00 o'clock, of heart trouble.


Louis Olson was in from Bigelow township, Tuesday.

Mrs. E. Smith and little son visited in Adrian, Wednesday.

Geo. Hacker was in from Elk Wednesday on a trading trip.

J.J. Dunnecliff has spent a couple of weeks visiting at Chicago.

Mrs. N. Barnes went to Sioux City Wednesday on a shopping trip.

Mrs. Wm. Devaney is at Minneapolis visiting her sister, Mrs. Marple.

W.C. Wyatt of Bigelow was registered at the Western on Wednesday.

J.E. Thompson of Brewster registered at the Worthington on Monday.

The sewing society of the Lutheran church will meet with Mrs. Alfred Mahlberg Friday afternoon.

Dr. A.B. Williams of Wilmont passed through here Tuesday on his way to and from Mountain Lake.

Dr. W.T. DeCoster, the prominent physician of Windom, was in the city Wednesday on a business trip.

Mrs. Beers, of Luverne, returned home Monday, after a short visit at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J.S. Frink.

Rev. C.A. Hulkrans, of St. Paul, will visit Worthington next Sunday and will preach in the Lutheran church.

Lost -- Two calves, one red and one black, about 5 months old. Finder please notify Chas. Anton, Worthington, Minn.

M.A. Greggerson, accompanied by his little son, visited a number of hospitals at different points in the state last week, seeking relief for the little fellow who is afflicted with brights disease. The boy will be taken to St. Paul again next week for treatment.

Lieutenants S.S. Smith and C.B. Ward and Sergeant O.F. Blood went to St. Paul, Monday to take examinations before the examining board of the state guards, which is required before receiving their new commissions as captain, first and second lieutenant, respectively.

Friday, May 22, 1908

Death of Old Settler

Mrs. Caroline Munchow died at her home in this city Tuesday morning from the effects of a cerebro embolism, aged 73 years. The funeral was held on Wednesday afternoon, from the Lutheran church, the German minister of Brewster conducting the service. About two months ago Mrs. Munchow, who was then in feeble health, met with a very painful accident, which had since confined her to her bed. She fel on the floor of her home in such a way as to fracture her hipbone. For several weeks she suffered intensely, but had about recovered from this injury when she was stricken with the ailment that caused her death. The deceased had no immediate relatives in this section, but leaves a step-son, Fred Munchow, of this city.

May Wedding

The pleasant farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Anderson, in Bigelow township, on Monday evening was the scene of a happy and auspicious event, when their daughter, Ida, was joined in bonds of matrimony to C. LeRoy Newman, a well-known railroad man of this city. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Wm. Fletcher of this city and was witnessed by a large company of relatives and friends, including Mr. and Mrs. Newman, of St. James, parents of the groom. After congratulations had been extended the party sat down to an elaborate wedding supper, and several hours were spent in merry making. The young people took the afternoon train from here on Tuesday for a short wedding trip to the twin cities. On their return home they will at once go to housekeeping in the Smith cottage on 11th street. Mr. and Mrs. Newman are both popular young people and well known in this city, where they have a host of friends who the Advance joins in extending congratulations.

Surprise Party

Mr. and Mrs. Swanson were agreeably surprised by a number of their friends and neighbors on Tuesday evening. The party which numbered about 80 arrived about 8:30 and brought with them plenty of good things to eat. The evening was spent with different amusements until a late hour when light refreshments were served. The company presented Mr. and Mrs. Swanson with a nice large rug and a rocking chair as a remembrance of the affair after which they departed for their many homes feeling that they had been royally entertained.


Fritz Oberlo of Bloom township, transacted business at the court house Monday.

H.M. Anderson of Bloom township was a business visitor at the court house on Thursday.

Miss Marie Flentje and Mrs. Fred Vollman of Round Lake, visited in Worthington Monday.

Mrs. Petrie of Madison, Wis., is here on a visit at the home of her daughter, Mrs. S.S. Smith.

The two little sons of Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Smith have been quite sick the past week, but are reported to be recovering.

Mrs. A.J. Fauskee and two children arrived last Friday from Lakefield and joined her husband, who has a position in Thomte's barber shop.

Miss Pearl Luehrs, who has been teaching music the past year at Marathon, Iowa, returned home last Friday, and will spend the summer here.

S.M. Stewart was called to Minneapolis Tuesday by the death of a brother-in-law, and remained until after the funeral, which was held on Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Thievoit of Round Lake, were in the city Tuesday evening. Mr. Thievoit came up for the purpose of taking his final ride on the Odd Fellows' goat.

Julius Palm has a force of men at work finishing up the east room in the basement of the court house, which will be used by the G.A.R. Post. An outside entrance has been cut through the basement wall.

The weekly meeting of the ladies guild of the Episcopal church was turned into a farewell reception for Mrs. E.M. Wheeler who will depart from Worthington the first of June to make her home elsewhere.

Miss Helen Thompson, the demonstrator for the Chi-namel paint company, arrived on Monday afternoon, and during the week held classes in painting and decorating at Moses' hardware store. The work was very interesting and attracted considerable attention.


C.F. Martin of Rt. 5 did trading in town Tuesday.

R.S. Hurd made a business trip to Rushmore Tuesday.

Girl Wanted for light housework. T.F. Mrs. W.H. Gilcrist.

Mrs. Jesse Hunt and children visited in Rushmore over Sunday.

W.C. Wyatt, of Bigelow, was in the city on business Monday.

E.L. Johnson, or Org, is building a large new barn on his farm.

Harry Strom, of Route 5, was in the city Tuesday on a trading trip.

Miss Rose Perry of Adrian visited Worthington friends on Tuesday.

Mrs. James Montgomery went to Minneapolis Wednesday on a short visit.

P.H. McCarvel, of Brewster, transacted business at the county seat Monday.

Editor Hamstreet, of Rushmore, was in the city on business the first of the week.

Attorney O.E. Dieson of Heron Lake was in Worthington on legal business Wednesday.

Miss Catherine Twomey of Independence, Ia., is visiting at the home of Jas. Montgomery.

Mrs. W. Messenger, of Tamah, Ia., is here on a visit at the home of her sister, Mrs. F.E. North.

Fred Leistico is building a large new residence on 2nd avenue, near 14th street. The frame is up and enclose.

Dr. A.T. Aldrich, of Matlock Iowa, was in town the first of the week. He is looking over the country for a location, and went from here to Rushmore.

W.R. Mansel of Cherokee, Iowa, passed through town Monday on his way home from Adrian. He was about to start on a business trip to New Mexico.

Last Saturday afternoon Mrs. E.V. Voak entertained the public school teachers at an afternoon tea. A pleasant social time was had. Refreshments were served.

Miss Travery reports that the work at the steam laundry is increasing every day and in the course of a month more it will be larger than ever. She will make a specialty of family work.

While putting a screen on a second story window at his home one day this week Geo. W. Roth fell from a ladder and had a narrow escape from breaking his neck. He fortunately escaped with a badly bruised arm.

J.E. Moberg has been a patient at the Worthington hospital the past two weeks, with an attack of double pneumonia. He was very low for a week, but at the last report making satisfactory recovery.

W.C. Tillman and M.R. Berkhimer chaperoned a party of Wilmont landseekers on a trip to Washington county, Colorado, to look over farm lands. The party included John O'Connor, T.H. Hoageboom, Herman Mohr, H. Bunker and Dan Myers, of Wilmont and Mr. Ilsley, of Reading.

Fred Derden was in town yesterday doing trading.

R.L. Morland has been on the sick list the past week.

E.A. Little of Elk transacted business in town Wednesday.

W.S. Ramer of Elk had business at the court house on Tuesday.

Anton Teitenburg of Wilmont, was a county seat caller last Friday.

For Rent -- The flat in which I am now living. George W. Wilson.

Mrs. Warren Davis went to Heron Lake Wednesday for a short visit.

Born -- On Sunday May 17, 1908, to Mr. and Mrs. Will Olson, a daughter.

Mrs. Wm. Devaney returned last Sunday from a visit in Minneapolis.

J.M. McConnell was in from Indian Lake Wednesday on a trading trip.

S.C. Freeman of Indian Lake was in the city Wednesday on a trading trip.

Mrs. Elmer Albertson of Sanborn, Iowa, is here on a visit to her aunt, Mrs. John Palmer.

M.E. Fish came up from Estherville Monday for a couple of days visited with Mrs. Fish.

County Commissioner W.F. Moss was in from Summit Lake Wednesday buying farm machinery.

Jas. MacKay has spent several days in the country this week canvassing for the sale of monuments.

Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Post, of Bigelow, were in the city Monday being guests at the Western house.

Louis Larson is building an addition to the dwelling house on his farm occupied by Peter Christensen.

Mr. Herman Hart and Mrs. Hart arrived last Friday from St. Louis. The former will spend several weeks here looking after the business of the Hart Commission Co., while the latter visited with Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Hart.

Sam Swanson has just finished a new house for Chas. O. Peterson in Bigelow township. Charles is a single man, yet but the new house would indicate that something is likely to happen soon.

Miss Anna Bauman has returned from school where she has completed the commercial and stenographers course. Her friend, Miss Ida Breidenfldt from Montana, who has also finished this course accompanied her home. They will visit at Miss Bauman's home at Heron Lake until June 1st, when they will go West to fill positions.

J.W. Spielman was in from Rt. 1 Saturday doing trading.

Nels Langseth was in from Indian Lake Saturday last on business.

Emil Olson returned yesterday from a trip to Reading.

John Webster made a business trip to Nebraska the first of the week.

A.M. Gleason, of Jackson county, was in the city Friday on a trading trip.

Mrs. John Palmer returned last Friday from an extend visit at Sanborn, Ia.

Dr. Henry Wiedow made a trip to Windom Wednesday on professional business.

Dr. Ullrich, Round Lake's new physician, was at the county seat on business Monday.

Fred Tripp came up from Round Lake Saturday evening and spent Sunday with friends in the city.

J.M. Barber came down from Reading yesterday where he has spent several days on business.

Miss Mullaney, one of our farmer school teachers, came down from Heron Lake last Saturday for a short visit.

Jos. Ullrich, the prominent agriculturist on the Luverne road, marketed several loads of prime hogs in town Wednesday.

Bennett Joul passed through town Saturday on his way to his home in Little Rock township. Mr. Joul had just closed a very successful term of school north of Brewster.

Henry Hornstine returned last week from the west central part of the state where he had spent several weeks looking after the seeding operations on several farms he owns there.

H.S. Jones came up from Spencer, Ia., last Friday and spent a few days renewing acquaintances in and around Worthington.

Mrs. R.L. Gholz on Tuesday afternoon entertained the Euchre Club, when an unusually pleasant session was held. Dainty refreshments were served.

Friday, May 29, 1908

High School Commencement Exercises Will be Held Tuesday Evening in the M.E. Church.
Dr. A.E. Jenks, of the State University Will Deliver the Commencement Address.
Oakley Tripp is Valedictorian and Stanley Swanberg Salutatorian of the Class of 1908.


Florence E. Webb
Anna M. Asman
Julia B. Town
Oakley R. Tripp
Stanley G. Swanberg
Warner M. Hubbard
Jay p. Voak
Marjorie Shell
Mabel F. Nicklas
Myrtle M. Turner

The annual commencement exercises of the Worthington High School will be held next Tuesday evening, at the M.E. church, when the above class of ten bright young people will be graduated from the institution. The feature of the exercises will be the address by Dr. A.E. Jenks, of the Minnesota State University, who is expected to deliver his famous lecture "The Ideal American." Dr. Jenks is at the head of the sociological department of the state university, and is a careful student and deep thinker along his line of work. The address will be a treat that none should miss.

The following is the program for the evening:
Invocation.........Rev. Schmidt
Piano Duet.......Mrs. Hensel, Mrs. Lincoln
Salutatory.........Stanley Swanberg
Music................High School Girl's Chorus
Commencement Address....Dr. A.E. Jenks, U of M.
Music................High School Orchestra
Valedictory.......Oakley Tripp
Presentation of Diplomas
Music................Girl's Chorus

The baccalaureate sermon will be preached on Sunday morning at the Presbyterian church by Rev. R.C. TenBroick.

On Monday evening the class play will be given at the Masonic hall, details of which appear elsewhere.

On Wednesday evening the annual banquet of the Alumni Association will be held at the Presbyterian church parlors. This is always one of the most interesting social function of the season and the coming banquet promises to be a well attended and delightful affair. The spread will be furnished by the Ladies Cemetery Aid.

New Corps of Teachers

The Board of Education has signed all the teachers for next year, and they have been assigned as follows:

Superintendent.....E.C. Meredith
Principal.....Miss Anna Bernard
High School....Miss Julia B. Hensel
........................Mrs. Blanche Donahue
........................Miss Corrie A. Bachtle
........................Miss Jennie M. Galt
Grade 1.............Miss Margaret Brooks
Grade ....1.........Miss Ida Nelson
Grade 2.............Miss Minnie Nelson
Grade 2 and 3...Miss Blanche Dyer
Grade 3.............Miss Freda Otto
Grade 4.............Miss Martha Wick
Grade 4 and 5....Miss Edith Clark
Grade 5.............Miss Mino Willock
Grade 6.............Miss Mary E. Ash
Grade 6-7..........Miss Elizabeth Thompson
Grade 7 assistant...Miss Eva Parish
Grade 7 and 8...Miss Julia Hyland
Grade ...............Miss Beth Ames
Librarian............Miss Jennie Beckley


E.L. Peterson, of Bigelow, was in town Saturday doing trading.

C.S. Johnson was in from Bigelow township Saturday on business.

S. Solomonson of Indian Lake transacted business in town Saturday.

J.F. Cass of Summit Lake did trading in Worthington Wednesday.

C.O. Peterson and Fred Holmstrom of route 2 were in the city Saturday on business.

Albert Johnson, of Bigelow township, was in the city Saturday on a trading trip.

Ole Ellingson and Martin Jensen, of Indian Lake, were in the city Saturday on business.

Judge J.S. Randolph has been drawn on the federal grand jury, which meets at St. Paul, June 2nd.

J.T. McCleary, 2nd assistant postmaster general, will deliver the commencement address at Heron Lake June 2nd.

J.H. Peterson returned from Round Lake last Saturday, where he had finished a large new barn for Henry Diehn.

Albert Anderson, who has been taking a commercial course at Gustavus Adolphus college at St. Peter, returned home last Saturday.

Editor J.M. Cady, of the Magnolia Advance, is a candidate for register of deeds in Rock county. We hope Bro. Cady will land the persimmon.

Jens and Martin Langseth were up from Indian Lake Saturday transacting business. Martin is getting around reasonably well after his accident last year.

A.P. Rose and M.P. Moore returned home Saturday from Ellsworth, where they have been the last two weeks working in the interest of the Nobles county history.

Dr. A.H. Clark leaves tomorrow for Chicago, where he will spend a few days attending the meeting of the medical associations and taking lectures and visiting hospitals.

Ole Hanson, Henry and Charles Cline, and Henry Bartley, of Magnolia, passed through town Saturday on their way to Round Lake, where they spent several days fishing.

Miss Mabel Kunzman closed a successful term of school last Friday in district No 80, Bigelow township, with a social, which was largely attended. A very pleasant time is reported. A number of Worthington people attended.

The Eastern Star gave an old fashioned party last Wednesday evening at the Masonic hall. Old fashioned refreshments were served and a very enjoyable time was had. It was held in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Wheeler and daughter. E.F. Buchan took a flash light picture of the group.

E.A. Little, of Elk township, was in the city Tuesday doing trading. Mr. Little informed the Advance reporter that he had sold his farm to Wm. M. Wilcox, of Ida Grove, Ia., consideration $50 per acre, possession to be given next fall. Mr. Little has not yet made up his mind what he will do when he gets through farming.

O.A. Fauskee, who started a few days ago on a trip to Europe, sailed on May 20th from New York for Hamburg, where he will spend a few days before proceeding to his native land, Norway, where he will spend several months visiting relatives and old friends. Mr. Fauskee has not bee back to Norway since he left there when a boy, and the trip will no doubt reveal many changes to him.

Geo. Hart was in from Elk Friday on a trip.

John A. Saxon was in from Indian Lake Saturday.

Louis Olson of Bigelow did trading in town Saturday.

J.S. Kies made a business trip to Windom Wednesday.

H.H. Read of Reading was a county seat visitor last Friday.

A.M. Renner made a business trip to Fulda Wednesday.

Andrew Doeden was in from Bigelow township Tuesday.

Geo. Doeden of Indian Lake was in the city Tuesday on business.

D.F. Scott, of Rushmore, was a county seat visitor last Tuesday.

J.W. Speilman of Hersey was in the city Saturday doing trading.

W.H. Christenson of Bigelow township did trading in town Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Bedford spent Sunday with friends in Worthington.

O.B. Thueson of Bigelow township was a business visitor in Worthington.

R.L. Morland is making extensive improvements in his residence property.

J.M. Scriven of Seward transacted business at the county seat on Saturday last.

Nathan Davis  went to Minneapolis the latter part of last week in search of employment.

Mrs. F.R. Durfee was called to Minneapolis last week to attend the funeral of a cousin.

G.T. Bulick and L.H. Hawkins of Reading transacted business at the county seat Saturday.

Lee Darling was operated on Monday evening for appendicitis, at the Worthington hospital.

F.A. Durfee, the prominent stockman of Reading, was a business visitor at the county seat Saturday.

D.M. Holland, one of the progressive farmers of Ransom township, was in the city Tuesday on business.

Mrs. A.N. Wetherall went to Cedar Rapids the first of the week to spend a few days visiting friends.

Bert Forbes arrived in Worthington the latter part of last week for a short visit with friends and relatives.

Dr. Aldrich, of Matlock, Iowa, who has been i this locality looking for a location, has located at Rushmore.

John A. Piscator, of Ocheyedan, Ia., was a Worthington visitor last Friday and made this office a pleasant call.

A.N. Wetherall left on Monday for Des Moines to attend a reunion of veteran railroad men held there the first of the week.

Misses Simpson, Burton and Norn, of Ashton, Ia., visited friends here between trains, last Sunday. They had closed their term of school and were on their way home.

60 years ago this month J.D. Rippberger, with his parents and two uncles landed in Chicago. The voyage was made in a sail ship, by the name of Bangal, and took seven weeks.

G.W. Roth spent Wednesday looking after his farms in Hersey township. He says he was surprised to see how well the ground was taking care of the abundant rainfall. He expected to find crops drowned out in spots, but did not find it so.

Carl Lindstrom was in from Bigelow Tuesday.

Loren Clark has been on the sick list the past week.

Thos. Hegge was in from Elk Tuesday on business.

John Burton of Indian Lake, was in the city Wednesday.

Frank Anderson was up from Indian Lake Wednesday.

Miss Lyda Loveless returned last week from Minneapolis.

A.M. Berry of route 1 was in town Tuesday on a trading trip.

H.J. Miller and wife of Bigelow did trading in town Wednesday.

Miss Tillie Larson, of Indian Lake, took the train here Tuesday night for St. Paul.

G.C. Fellows, John and Henry Apel were in from Elk Wednesday on a trading trip.

C.S. Morton, the hustling hardware dealer of Rushmore, was in the city on business yesterday.

Miss Leonora Klessig of Bigelow was in Worthington Tuesday, between trains, doing shopping.

A.F. Diehn, the hustling merchant of Round Lake, transacted business in Worthington Wednesday.

Banker W.M. Evans has paper hangers at work at his residence papering and decorating.

During the storm Tuesday night a large maple tree was uprooted in front of T.A. Palmer's residence.

Merl Herlbert has started a cigar factory in rooms over Ivan Erickson's saloon. He is turning out first class goods.

Milk and cream delivered every morning from the University dairy. Call up Phone "4 Line 3" and leave orders. J.W. Sliver.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Hawley, of Escanaba, Mich., are here on a visit at the home of Mrs. Hawley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Wolven.

Oscar Nebel returned on Tuesday from a trip to North Dakota looking up homestead lands. He is again in charge of the Worthington Creamery.

J.E. Moberg, who has been at the Worthington hospital the past three weeks, with an attack of pneumonia, is convalescing. His many friends hope he will be up and around soon.

M.F. Sullivan, of Mankato, district manager for the Singer Sewing Machine Co., was in Worthington Tuesday and Wednesday looking after the business interests of the company.

Write the editor of this paper and give the postoffice address of Wilbur Rathbun, his wife or any of his children, or information that will lead to proof of his death without leaving heirs, and you will receive $10.00. Said Wilbur Rathun was born in the State of New York about 1817 and came from Allamakee County, Iowa, to Minnesota about 1856, and he was not married at that time.

An informal wrestling match between Francis Morgan and Oscar Larson was pulled off last Friday afternoon at the Western Implement Co's. buggy emporium. Larson secured a fall in five minutes, but for the first four minutes and 50 seconds Morgan seemed to have it all his own way. J.F. Flynn was referee, A.M. Renner timekeeper and Tom Hogan the audience.


Mrs. J.L. Mengelson of Round Lake did trading in town Tuesday.

Attorney S.S. Smith made a trip to Windom Wednesday on legal business.

F.E. Netzger of Bigelow township was in the city Monday on a trading trip.

Mr. and Mrs. John Levers of Osage, Ia., are guests at the home of Ira Mishler.

John A. Albert came over from Luverne Tuesday to look after business matters.

Mrs. J.S. Frink went to Luverne last Friday for a short visit with her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Barber, Vermilion, S.D., are guests at the home of J.W. McBride.

C.L. Maxwell is making extensive improvements in his residence on Straight street.

Mrs. Anderson is at the Worthington hospital, where she underwent an operation, this week.

Mrs. Geo. Messer entertained the Catholic ladies Tuesday afternoon, at a tea. There was a good attendance.

Conrad Bilsten of Rt. 2, who lost his arm and eye by a discharge of a gun a few months ago, has fully recovered.

G.E. Hughes, of Fonda, Ia., was in Worthington this week looking after business affairs and visitnig friends.

Louis Sundstrom of Bethel Academy Minneapolis will occupy the pulpit in the Baptist church next Sunday, May 31st.

Miss Clara Prideaux, the popular deputy county auditor, spent Sunday at the home of her brother, T.H. Prideaux, at Rushmore.

Mrs. C.P. Dolan entertained a few lady friends informally Tuesday afternoon. A pleasant social time was had. Refreshments were served.

Register of Deeds H.R. Tripp accompanied by Mrs. Ida Grimes went to Round Lake Tuesday to attend the celebration of his mother's 77th birthday.

----End Transcription----


Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained November, 2007.

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