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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 June, 1908

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Friday, June 5, 1908

Co. F Inspected.
The quarterly inspection of Company F was made last evening by Lt. Col. Whitney, and Maj. Mollison, of the 2nd Reg't M.N.G. The company was found in its usual good form and elicited hearty praise from the inspecting officers.
The ceremony was followed by a camp supper, in which chicken pie figured quite prominently.

Surprise Party

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Wiedow, last Friday evening gave a very successful surprise party at their home in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jones and Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Buchan and family, which was attended by about 150 of their friends. The evening was very pleasantly spent in social intercoarse and wound up with toasts and speeches, and ice cream and cake. Messrs. Jones and Buchan left on Tuesday afternoon for the west to look up new locations.

Interesting Exercises Held Tuesday Evening at the Methodist Church.
Address by Prof. A.E. Jenks was a Masterly Discourse.

The graduating exercises of the Worthington High School was held Tuesday evening at the Methodist church, when that spacious edifice was, as usual on such occasions crowded to the doors by friends of the schools and the large class of graduates. The program proved very interesting, and was attentively listened to. The commencement address by Prof. A.E. Jenks, of the State University was a masterly discourse that received the closest attention. His subject was "The American Citizen" and was largely descriptive of the heterogeneous mass of humanity which constitutes the average of the citizenship of these United State today.


Invocation.........Rev. Schmidt
Piano Duet.......Mrs. Hensel, Mrs. Lincoln
Salutatory.........Stanley Swanberg
Music................High School Girl's Chorus
Commencement Address....Dr. A.E. Jenks, U of M.
Music................High School Orchestra
Valedictory.......Oakley Tripp
Music................Girl's Chorus

Diplomas were presented to the graduates by Mr. G.W. Patterson, president of the Board of Education, who made a characteristic and appropriate speech. The following were the recipients of diplomas:

Florence E. Webb
Anna M. Asman
Julia B. Town
Oakley R. Tripp
Stanley G. Swanberg
Warner M. Hubbard
Jay P. Voak
Marjorie Shell
Mabel F. Nicklas
Myrtle M. Turner

The Annual banquet of the High School Association was held Wednesday evening at the parlors of the Presbyterian church. The spread was furnished by the ladies of the Cemetery Aid Association, and was a very elaborate repast. The function was, as usual, the society event of the school year. A large number of toasts were responded to.

The senior class play presented last Monday evening at the opera house was one of the best home entertainments seen in a long time. The bill included two very funny farce comedies, entitled, "Rosberry Shrub" and "Snowball." Every one of the performers acted their part like a professional.

The bacalaureate sermon to the graduating class was delivered at the Presbyterian Church last Sunday evening by Rev. R.C. TenBroeck, before a large congregation, and was a fine discourse.


The funeral of Chas. Bauman, the 18 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Bauman of Spafford, was held on Tuesday, the service being conducted by Rev. G.G. Schmidt of this city. The lad had been a cripple all his life, having been injured by a fall down stairs when only a month old.

Stanley Moore, landlord of the Worthington, spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday at Sioux City, attending a reunion of the Moore family, of which there are six children. This was the first time in 43 years all had been together at one time. During the Indian massacre in 1863 the father was killed and family became dispersed, and while they had seen each other frequently this was the first time all had been assembled since those dreadful pioneer day. Mr. Moore states they had a very pleasant visit.


C.O. Peterson of Bigelow township was in the city Wednesday.

B.F. Young of Reading was in the city Wednesday on business.

Miss Edith Glasgow went to Mankato yesterday to visit relatives.

Judge G.W. Wilson went to Jackson on Thursday to attend court.

Wm. Chaney was called to Spafford Tuesday to conduct a funeral.

J.A. Cashel and wife returned home last week from their trip to Nevada.

Mrs. Sisson of Reading was a Worthington visitor on Saturday last.

Wanted -- Dressmaking and plain sewing. Please write Mrs. Mabel Brown, Route 3, City.

John Wilson left Tuesday for Spokane, Wash., where he will spend a short time visiting friends.

The Misses Ida and Emma Nelson left on Wednesday for their home in the eastern part of the state.

O.W. Johnson spent a few days here this week calling on his customers and visiting his parents at Org.

Rev. G.A. Cahoon went to Rushmore Saturday, where he delivered the address at the Memorial exercises.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Pfeil of Route 2 are away on a two weeks' visit with relatives and friends at Milwaukee, and Laporte City, Ia.

The bridge builders are hard at work on the new bridge which is to be erected across the Ocheda Lake near Harm Doeden, on Route 2.

Last Friday J.N. Westlund of Center City was assisting S. Kindlund erecting a fine monument at the Worthington cemetery for N. Barnes.

The Leistico Bros. and Geo. Craft went to Heron Lake on Monday to build a large barn for one of the wealthy farmers living near there.

Miss Mabel Wheeler left on Wednesday for Minneapolis, where she will spend a few days visiting before proceeding to Montana, where she will spend the summer vacation.

M.J. Barber is about to open a general store in the Davis building on 2d ave. He has secured the services of Mr. Keith, formerly with Hart & Co., as assistant. Lee Kinzman has taken Mr. Keith's place in Hart's store.

Prof. H.R. Edwards has again been appointed on the staff of teachers to be held at the Mankato Normal, and will assume his duties next Tuesday. Next year Prof. Edwards will be located at Morris, Minn. Mrs. Edwards and son Carroll will spend the summer with her parents in Wisconsin.

Theo. Bahls was up from Round Lake, Tuesday.

L.L. Bryan of Luverne was over Monday on business.

M.A. Gregerson has moved into a house in Clary addition.

J.S. Kies was on the sick list the first of the week with an attack of acute indigestion.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tripp came up from Round Lake to take in the commencement exercises.

County Supt. L.W. Abbott has moved into the McCartney house on the south side of the track.

W.L.O. Bartlett, our well-known cigar maker made a business trip to Round Lake and Sioux Valley Tuesday.

Mrs. M.C. Carr returned on Monday from a week's visit in the twin cities and points in the eastern part of the state.

S. Kindlund made a trip to Dundee last Thursday to set up a granite monument on the grave of Chas. Nelson of Kinbrae.

Mrs. H.G. Free of Los Angeles, Cal., is here on a visit at the home of her brother-in-law, Robert Free, and sister-in-law, Mrs. Merl Hurlbert.

Mrs. Sprague and daughter of Fairmont, returned home Monday after a visit of a few days at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood.

Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Tripp came up from Round Lake on Monday to attend the senior class play, and remained until Tuesday night to take in the graduation exercises. Their son, Oakley, was valedictorian of their class.

Miss Laeta Ramage, of Washington, D.C., an authoress of considerable fame, is visiting at the home of her brother, John Ramage. Miss Ramage's book, Judith McNair, has been read by most of our people, and was very favorably received by the reading public.

Miss E. Ramage will remain here a couple of months after which she will go west to visit her other brothers, James and Will.

Dr. Dieckhoff is having his dwelling painted.

Mrs. Walter Phillips is a patient at the Worthington hospital.

J.H. James left Tuesday on a trip on the road for his company.

Dr. W.E. Bullock of Lake Park, Ia., had business in the city Tuesday.

Mrs. M.J. Barber is taking treatments at the Worthington hospital.

Lee Darling has been taken home from the hospital, and is able to sit.

Frank S. Burroughs of Worthington township was in the city Tuesday.

Gust Mecklenberg spent Sunday at the home of F.S. Burroughs north of town.

Mrs. A.R. Mann, of Windom, spent Sunday here at the home of M.P. Mann.

Mrs. Ida Grimes last Tuesday submitted to an operation at the Worthington hospital.

Mrs. J.E. Darling has an attack of blood poison in her hands caused by scratches while cleaning fish.

Miss Bertha Hegardt came up from Round Lake Tuesday evening to take in the commencement exercises.

Miss Delia Wood has returned home from Sioux Falls, where she has been at work for some time.

G.W. Patterson has moved into his own residence, which he recently purchased of C.M. Crandall.

Jay Voak left on Wednesday for Twin Falls, Idaho, to look over the country with the view of locating.

B.F. Thurber came down from Wilmont Tuesday to pay his taxes and look after other business matters.

Stewart Hart is carrying his hand in a sling with an attack of blood poison caused by scratches received while cleaning bull heads.

Mrs. Emily Tripp and her daughter, Mrs. Jno. Martin of Round Lake, visited relatives and friends between trains, in Worthington last Tuesday.

Miss Evelyn Parry, of Little Rock township, visited at the home of her grand parents the first of the week, and took in the commencement exercises.

C. Korsland and son of Livermore, Ia., were in the city Tuesday, attending the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Worthington State Bank.

Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Ramage left Tuesday night for their new home at Spokane, Wash., going via Minneapolis. Their departure takes from Worthington two of our most highly respected people, of a class we can ill afford to lose. They take with them the best wishes of a large circle of friends.

Luverne Herald: Luverne will celebrate the Fourth Settlement of the question of whether or not to celebrate was had at an adjourned meeting of the business men held Tuesday evening, when the soliciting committee -- J.W. Ulrich, V.C. Mead, and Wm. Jacobson, Jr., -- appointed the meeting held last week, reported that they had succeeded in raising $725, and had found the business men, almost without exception, strongly in favor of a celebration.

Harry F. Dilley, an itinerant painter, who had been in the employ of C. Synkerson a few days, was arrested last Saturday on a charge of destroying property at the Western House, where he had been stopping. On Monday he had a hearing before Judge Dow, and was given 30 days in the county jail.

R.W. Mercer, the new superintendent of the city's light and water plant, arrived last Sunday from Decatur and has entered upon his duties. Mr. Mercer is a bright, intelligent, young man, comes highly recommended and we believe he will prove the right man in the right place. His family will follow him in a few days.

Wm. Jones left on Wednesday afternoon for Idaho and Washington to look up a location. Mr. Jones was engaged in the clothing and tailoring business here for several years, and made a host of friends, whose best wishes accompany him. He will visit Twin Falls and other sections of Idaho, and the Spokane district of Washington.

Judge Geo. W. Wilson spent Monday at Windom attending court.

J.J. Crowley of Madelia passed through here Tuesday on his way to Round Lake for a short visit.

Rev. and Mrs. G.G. Schmidt left on Wednesday for Blue Earth, where they will spend a week attending a camp meeting.

Miss Way enjoyed a visit from a brother this week, who remained until e high school commencement exercises.

Four children of Peter Larson, Ova, Mary, Anne, went to Mitchell Friday afternoon for a visit at the home of Austin Hansen.

Dad Allen still holds the record as champion fisherman. Last Tuesday he landed a pickerel tipping the scales at 17 pounds. It pretty near used Dad up to land the fish.

Friday, June 12, 1908

Dan Cupid Does a Rushing Business in Mating Lovers

June opens up with quite a rush of weddings' showing that the old, old story is ever new, and that Nobles county young people are quite susceptible to the arts of little Dan Cupid.


On Thursday June 4th, at the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. N.M. Nelson in Indian Lake, occurred the marriage of their daughter Miss Helma Henrietta, to Mr. Charles O. Peterson, of Bigelow township. The ceremony was performed at 11 o'clock by Rev. C.O. Swan of this city. The bride was attended by Miss Chloe Anderson and Miss Bertha Peterson and the groom by Hjelmer Peterson and Albert Nelson. An elaborate wedding dinner followed, to which guests to the number of about 80 sat down. The afternoon was spent in celebrating the happy event.

The bride received a large collection of gifts, testifying to the esteem in which the young people are held. They are popular and prominent young people of the neighborhood in which they live and have a large circle of friends, whom we join in extending congratulations. They have gone to house keeping in the new house on the grooms farm and have already taken up the duties of life.


Miss Ada M. Montgomery and Roy V. Lewis were married at 11 o'clock, Wednesday morning, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Montgomery, Rev. G.B. Wilder, pastor of the Presbyterian church officiating. The marriage was a quiet home affair, for only forty relatives and intimate friends were present in the parlor, where the vows were spoken, the color scheme was pink and white, colors which predominated throughout the house. Miss France d'Argent sang 'O Promise Me.' As Mendelsohn's was played by Mrs. G.A. Lincoln, Misses Ruth Montgomery and Mildred Loveless, stretched white ribbons to the improvised altar. The bride was gowned in white bastite over white silk, trimmed in cluny and valenses lace, and carried a bouquet of bride's roses. Miss Florence Lewis, a sister of the groom, was maid of honor, and wore a gown of pink shadow silk, over pink silk. Mr. Lewis and his best man, Mr. Gustave Bachman, awaited the bride at the altar. After the service a dainty wedding breakfast was served in the dining room. The bride's going away gown was of light brown, trimmed with dark brown silk.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis left on the 2 o'clock train for Minneapolis and Crookston where they will spend a short honeymoon. After August 10th they will be at home at St. Hilaire, Minn., where Mr. Lewis is established in the practice of law, and has already acquired a lucrative business. The young people have a host of friends here and at Wilmont who join in extending congratulations.


The home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mosher was the scene of a very pretty home wedding on Wednesday, June 10th, when their daughter, Stella May, was married to Leslie M. Austin. At 10:30 the bridal party took their places under a bower of smilax and white flowers where the service was read by Rev. Grant Wilder of the Presbyterian church.

The bride has been reared to womanhood in Nobles County and has been one of our most successful school teachers for the past four years.

The groom is a former resident of Worthington and is now a business man of Mountain Lake.

After a fine wedding breakfast, Mr. and Mrs. Austin left on a short wedding trip after which they will be at home to their many friends at Mountain Lake, Minn.


Charles Anton, one of the prominent and popular young farmers, living south of town, was married on Wednesday, June 10th, at Iona, to Miss Rose Rathlisberger, of that place. The service was read by Rev. G.G. Schmidt, of this city, and took place at the home of the bride's parents in the presence of a large assemblage, many of whom were from Worthington and vicinity. The usual festivities followed. The bride received a large collection of presents. Mr. and Mrs. Anton will visit at Iona until the 15th, when they will go to housekeeping on the groom's farm south of town. The Advance joins the many friends of the young people in extending congratulations.

Interesting Service at the Lutheran Church Last Sunday

At the morning service at the Swedish Lutheran church last Sunday the rite of confirmation was conferred on a class of 14 young people as follows: Bessie Margaret Larson, Winnie Lorinda Larson, Alpha Josina Ekdahl, Alice Myrtle V. Cedarblade, Dolphie Vicloeia [Victoria??] Anderson, Arthur LeRoy Gustafson, Victor Alexander Steinman, George Frithiof Anderson, Alma Eleanor Sjoholm, Selma Frideborg Nelson, Gertrude Victoria Johnson, Esther Marie Noren.

The service was most interesting and was largely attended, the building being filled to the doors.

Drowned in Well

A 3 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Johnson, who live near Round Lake, was drowned in an open well Tuesday afternoon. The child was missed and a search instituted with the result that the body was found in the well. It is a very sad accident and the parents have the sympathy of a large circle of friends in their affliction.

New General Store

Mr. M.J. Barber and Mr. F.L. Keith have formed a partnership to engage in the general merchandise business, and have opened a new store in the Davis building on 2nd avenue. The building has been remodelled and renovated and they have ample accommodations for their large and varied stock. Mr. Barber is an old and respected resident of Worthington and was formerly engaged in the hardware business here, consequently is well known to our readers. Mr. Keith had been in the employ of Hart & Co. for a year and has demonstrated that he fully understands merchandising.


My wife, Mary O. Lahym, having left my bed and board without cause or provocation, all persons are forbidden to harbor or trust her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting. Willard Lahym.


Mrs. J.S. Frink is visiting her parents at Luverne.

H.A. Stricker of Windom was in the city Wednesday on business.

J.S. Frink is attending a gun club shoot at Sioux City this week.

E.A. Tripp came up from Round Lake Wednesday on business.

Mrs. Torry is here on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Ray Humiston.

Mrs. Harvey Rew is at Colfax Springs, Ia., taking treatment.

C.J. Smallwood made a business trip to Chicago the first of the week.

Mrs. Howard Durfee is out again after a three week's siege of illness.

Earle Beede of Pipestone is here on a visit to his uncle, L.W. Abbott.

Judge J.A. Town attended court at Windom the latter part of last week.

C.C. Dessem is building a new porch on his residence in Clary addition.

Joe Bizans returned to Minneapolis Tuesday after a short visit with his parents.

Mrs. S.M. Stewart Monday afternoon entertained a few lady friends informally.

Dr. J.N. Gould made a trip to Austin and Fairmont this week to investigate tile factories.

Mrs. Wm. Chaney left last Saturday for Rochester to spend a few weeks visiting her parents.

R.H. Dieckhoff returned today from a three week's trip and will visit his family over Sunday.

Mrs. Frank Glasgow went to the twin cities Wednesday to replenish her stock of millinery goods.

Mrs. W.M. Evans and Miss Jeanette Clark went to Sioux City Wednesday on a shopping trip.

Miss Margie C. Cabott of Heron Lake, is visiting her friend, Miss Marion Dieckhoff for a few days.

R.R. Smith, of Minneapolis, is down on a visit with his son, Nult, and grandsons, Stelle and Robt.

John Tryan has moved his barber shop from the second to the first floor in the Darling building on 2nd ave.

Mes. M.F. Nichols and J.P. Vail are attending the state convention of the W.R.C. at Minneapolis this week.

The Congregational Missionary Society met with Mrs. T.A. Palmer. The subject under discussion was Japan.

The W.C.T.U. has been reorganized by 23 members, and will meet this afternoon with Mrs. R.H. Dieckhoff.

The Euchre Club was entertained on Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. F.M. Manson. Refreshments were served. A pleasant time is reported.

Mrs. R.H. Dieckhoff on Tuesday afternoon entertained the Art Embroidery. Refreshments were served and a very pleasant session was had.

Rev. Loenner, of Greely, Neb., was here a couple of days on a visit at the home of Nels Olson. Rev. Loenner was on his way to South Dakota.

The Worthington Plumbing Co. has secured the contract for the plumbing and heating of W.C. Thom's new residence at Rushmore.

Mrs. J.P. Ullrich and daughter Augusta left on Tuesday for South Elgin, Ill., where they will spend a month visiting relatives and friends.


Thos. Hegge was in from Elk Monday.

S.J. Anderson was in from Elk Saturday.

Miss Jennie Clark visited in Luverne last week.

Mrs. Anna Davis went to Adrian last Monday to visit relatives.

C. King and family of Org, attended church here last Sunday.

C.J. Smallwood transacted business in the twin cities this week.

Albert Hactor, the tall pine of Indian Lake, was a Worthington visitor Tuesday.

Chas. Haggard returned last week from Minneapolis where he had been attending the state U.

Nick Weinandt and family were over Sunday visitors with relatives and friends at Adrian.

Mrs. J. Staib of Watertown, S.D., is visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bizans.

C.O. Peterson and bride of Bigelow township were in the city Monday on a shopping trip.

Register of Deeds, H.R. Tripp and family went to Round Lake last Saturday to attend a picnic.

Andy Dillman opened his pool hall again last week, and has since been enjoying a fine business.

Otto Knuth of Brewster passed through town Saturday on his way to Round Lake to visit friends over Sunday.

Miss Hulda Wass has resigned her position in Torrance's store, and her place has been taken by Miss Anna Asman.

Harry Kies came home last Friday from Dow City, Ia., where he has been teaching, and will spend the vacation at home.

J.A. Saxon, one of the substantial and progressive farmers of Indian Lake, transacted business in Worthington last Saturday.

J.J. Kies made a trip to Spirit Lake last week. He reports that section to be suffering more from the heavy rains than Nobles County.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Peter Lewis and daughter of Wilmont came down Wednesday to attend the marriage of their son Roy V. to Miss Ada Montgomery.

John, Henry and Christ Apel, Geo. Hart, G.C. Fellows were in from Elk Saturday to attend a meeting of the Farmers' Telephone Co., owning line No. 8.

W.C. Wyatt of Bigelow was in the city Saturday on business. Mr. Wyatt has a force of men at work making the fill at the new bridge across lake Ocheda.

J.C. Boddy returned last week from a visit of a couple of weeks in Kansas and reports having had a very pleasant time. On Monday Mr. Boddy left for Rushmore to visit his son.

E.S. Cahoon of Cambridge, Ia., spent a few days here last week visiting at the home of his brother, Rev. G.A. Cahoon. He went from here to South Dakota to visit another brother.

Mrs. J.S. Cocks of Kinbrae had charge of the Worthington hospital last week while the head nurse, Miss Kinley was at Sioux City, Ia., attending a convention of registered nurses.

The district convention of the Baptist church was held at Luverne last week. Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Saxon and Mrs. Cora Maxwell attended as delegates from the local church. A number of others went over to look on.

The Toland Business School has just issued a handsome new catalogue containing stories of success. They offer to those beginning Sept. 1 free tuition and guarantee a position when through. Address Toland Business School, Mankato, Minnesota.

Frank Eastman has been at work for about two months on a gasoline launch with a carrying capacity of 25 or 30 passengers, which will be put on the lake here about June 15th and will be ready for the public at all times on short notice. This is the largest boat that has been on our lake for years and will be an advantage for large picnic parties as well as small ones.

Thos. Hutton, of route 3, was in the city, Wednesday.

J.W. Burkhart of Elk was in the city Wednesday doing trading.

Miss Ordell Asman has accepted position in Barber & Kieth's general store.

Miss Flora Buchan last Monday resumed her position in Latta's store.

A.T. Latta made a trip to his farm in Dewald Wednesday afternoon, to inspect the crops.

Morrill and John Ramage came up from Ransom township and spent the day with their parents.

Miss Opal Luehrs went to Minneapolis Saturday, where she will spend the month visiting friends.

Mrs. Ivan Erickson went to Sioux Falls Tuesday to attend the high school graduation exercises.

Rev. C.E. Oberg and Aug. Anderson of Indian Lake, were in the city Wednesday on a trading trip.

John Saxon is building a new dwelling in McLean's addition, adjoining the one he now occupies.

Sam Swanson and crew went to Org on Tuesday to begin operations on a large new barn for E.L. Johnson.

Ed Lawton, who has been attending the State University the past year, has accepted a position at Hibbing.

Miss Rudy Rippberger closed a successful term of school in district No. 37 last Friday and returned home Saturday.

Frank Baker and daughter, of Reading, and the latter's guest, Miss Pearl Dopking, from North Dakota, were in the city Wednesday on a shopping trip.

Rev. E.R. Pope of Minneapolis preached in the Baptist church last Sunday. Rev. C.T. Hallowell of Northfield is expected to hold services there next Sunday.

Gust Swanberg, manager of the Hub Mercantile Co., left last Monday on a visit to friends in the northern part of the state. He will visit Breckenridge, Pillager and other point.

Mrs. Geo. W. Giroux of Chicago, who has been visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Rippberger, leaves next Monday for Lake Okoboji, where she will e summer in a cottage.

On Saturday evening, June 20th, a concert will be given at the Lutheran church by the Arpi Male quartette of Gustavus Adolphus college, St. Peter. A fine program will be presented. Admission 25c.

Miss Clara Renner last Friday closed a very successful term of school in the Fellows district with a picnic that was largely attended by the patrons of the school. A program was presented after which a picnic dinner was served, and all proceeded to enjoy themselves the balance of the day.

A meeting of the stockholders of the new tile factory was held last Friday evening to discuss various matters pertaining to the project. Frank Glasgow and John A. Albinson were appointed a committee to visit different point to investigate various machines and plants. Another committee was selected to secure a site.

Miss Arlouine Loveless met with a serious mishap in Minneapolis last Saturday. While crossing a street in company with her brother, Clifford, she was knocked down by a street car and rendered unconscious for several hours. She received a bad cut in the head besides a number of other bruises. Mr. and Miss Loveless hastened out of the way of one car only to get in the way of another. At last report she was making satisfactory recovery and is expected home this week.

W.H. Hawkins of Reading was a county seat visitor Tuesday.

Ross Anderson of Round Lake registered at the Western last Saturday.

Att'y S.S. Smith had legal business at Chandler Monday and Tuesday.

H.L. Kimmel and Nick Feit of Reading were in town on business Saturday.

Editor Carl Eastwood of Heron Lake was in Worthington on business Tuesday.

Wanted -- Dressmaking and plain sewing. Please write Mrs. Mabel Brown, Route 3, City.

W.E. Roberts of Rushmore spent a couple of days at the county seat on business this week.

Grandpa Doeden has been carrying his head in a sling for a number of days with an attack of neuralgia.

B.J. Thurber one of the hustling young bachelor farmers of Wilmont, was in the city Tuesday on business.

Miss Zora Sweezie, of Aberdeen, S. Dak., was a guest at the home of G.H. Luehrs Saturday and Sunday.

C.H. Ager of Minneapolis, spent a few days here this week visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Ager.

Miss Maude Ager, who has been teaching at Wilmont the past year, returned home last week for the vacation.

J.G. Willey of Estherville, Ia., was in the city Tuesday between trains transacting business and visiting friends.

Pearle and Pauline Creamer of Kinbrae returned on Monday from a two week's visit with friends and relatives here.

Misses Ursula and Florence Wiedman left on Tuesday for Edgerton, where they will spend a couple of weeks visiting at the home of an aunt.

For Sale -- Fresh milch cow, also two dozen fullblooded Plymouth Rock hens and one rooster. Frank Williams, Rt. 1, City.

J.M. Addington has put a new barber pole in front of his shop that illuminates the street for several blocks in each direction.

Jas. Galvin, a brakeman on the Sioux Falls branch of the Omaha line, dislocated his ankle while out on his run last Saturday. He left for Minneapolis this week, where he will spend some time receiving treatment.

Geo. Wiedman, wife and one daughter left on Thursday for Peoria, Ill., where they will spend a couple of weeks visiting at Mr. Wiedman's old home and taking in the festivities at the head camp of the Modern Woodmen.

G.W. Ager, principal of the School at Wilmont was in the city last week visiting relatives and transacting business. Mr. Ager informed the Advance that he will leave shortly for the Pacific coast to look up a location and situation.

Rev. C.O. Swan left the first of the week for Chicago, to attend the annual session of the Augustana Synod, which convened on Wednesday, and will be in session two weeks. Carl Anderson accompanied him as a lay delegate.

John O'Connor was down from Wilmont Saturday.

A.A. Abbott, one of the substantial pioneers of Indian Lake, was in the city on business Tuesday.

The Aid Society of the Lutheran church will meet with Mrs. O.B. Thueson, near Org, this afternoon.

FOR SALE -- Some fresh milk cows; also 18 mo. Short Horn bull. D. Behrens, 2 mi. west of town.

O.F. Blood returned on Wednesday from Sioux City, where he had spent a few days visiting his mother, who lives at Morningside, a suburb of Sioux City. While there Mr. Blood secured the contract for the heating and plumbing of a new $20,000 church building being erected by the Methodists at Morningside.

Friday, June 19, 1908

Worthington Plumbing Co.
An enterprise that is fully up to the highest standards and is in every way a credit to the town is the establishment of the Worthington Plumbing company. This firm is made up of Messrs. Oscar F. Blood and J.L. [J.E.?] Erickson, both capable and experienced workmen in every branch of their business, and who have won an excellent reputation for prompt and careful work in their line during the two years that they have been in business here. They have an attractive office and well appointed shop on Tenth street, and their work includes the installing of sanitary plumbing, heating systems by hot air, hot water and steam, as well as water systems and roofing. In fact, there is no contract in their line of work that they are not prepared to handle. They have a well equipped shop for machine work and forgings, and all work of this kind entrusted to them receives their best attention.

Friday, June 26, 1908

Thurber-Van Horsen Nuptials.

On Monday, June 22, occurred the marriage of Mr. Barlow J. Thurber and Miss Etta Viola Van Horsen, two prominent young people of Summit Lake township. The ceremony took place at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.D. Van Horsen, and was performed by Rev. Gibbs, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Rushmore. A large company of relatives and friends of the contracting parties were present, and after congratulations had been duly extended, all sat down to a sumptuous wedding dinner.

The groom is a son of Maj. B.F. Thurber, and has been engaged in farming near Wilmont for a number of years. The bride is a well known and estimable young lady of the neighborhood. They have commenced housekeeping on the groom's farm near Wilmont.

Malenke-Young Wedding.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Young, in Elk township, was the scene of a happy event on June 18th, when their daughter, Ada, was joined in bonds of holy wedlock to Mr. Wm. Malenke, a prominent and prosperous young farmer of Seward township, Rev. E.J. d'Argent, of Reading, read the service in the presence of a large company of relatives and friends of the contracting parties. A sumptuous wedding feast, followed by the usual festivities, filled the afternoon with pleasure.

The young people are prominent and popular in their neighborhood and have a large circle of friends, whom we join in extending congratulations. They have gone to housekeeping on the groom's farm in Seward township.


On Wednesday, June 24, at the residence of Dr. and Mrs. A.H. Clark, at noon, was solemnized the marriage of their youngest daughter, Frances Augusta, to Ernest Henry Poppitz, of Heron Lake. The marriage service was read by Rev. Grant B. Wilder of the Westminister Presbyterian church of Worthington. Only the families of the bride and groom were present. After the wedding breakfast the happy couple left for a short bridal trip. They will be at home to their friends, at Heron Lake, Minn. after the first of August.


My wife, Mary O. Lahym, having left my bed and board without cause or provocation, all persons are forbidden to harbor or trust her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting. Willard Lahym.


Mrs. F.M. Manson has been on the sick list the past week.

Rudolph geyerman was down from Brewster on business last Monday.

Pat Brown was down from Minneapolis the first of the week on business.

A. Oberman returned last Saturday from a business trip to the northern part of the state.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson attended an old settlers' convention at Carver this week.

Dr. and Mrs. Dudley, of Windom were among the Windom people at the Woodman picnic.

A.M. Renner ran a bowrey dance in the old skating rink on picnic day, and the place was well patronized.

Attorney S.C. Rea, of Luverne, headed a large delegation of his townsmen to the picnic Wednesday.

Mrs. Alma Peterson and children left Wednesday night for Spokane, Wash., where they will spend some time visiting her parents.

J.E. Peterson, an old settler of Bigelow township, died last Saturday, and the funeral was held on Tuesday from the Indian Lake church.

The Addington orchestra gave a social hop Wednesday night in Maccabee hall, which was well attended and proved to be a pleasant event.

Mrs. H.H. Center, of State Center, Ia., and Mrs. A.C. Biernatzki and daughter Helen, of Salem, S.D., were guests of Mrs. C.H. Sibley for a week.

Geo. Beacon, of Rushmore, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of assault and battery, preferred by his hired man. Beacom was fined $10 and costs by Judge Dow.

Mr. and Mrs. Nic Weinandt and family left today for Brewster, where the latter will visit relatives for a week, while Mr. Weinandt goes to the northern part of the state.

A little daughter of Arthur Dahlberg, at Rushmore, had a narrow escape from death on Wednesday by eating the heads off matches. Prompt medical attendance saved her.

Worthington certainly had great luck in the weather for the Woodman picnic, and the city owes a vote of thanks to the local weather wiseacre, Robt. Reed, who picked the day.

Aug. Lass' home east of town is reported to have been burglarized on Wednesday. The pennies in two children's banks and a number of small articles were taken. There appears to be no clew to the culprit.

When Rev. R.C. Ten Broeck came down from Windom last Sunday, to preach in St. John's church, he was accompanied by his sister, of St. Paul, and they spent a few days here visiting friends.

Mrs. L.F. Lammers, of Heron Lake was a guest of Mrs. G.W. Wilson on Wednesday.

Mrs. Em. Schrader and Mrs. E.V. Voak attended a W.C.T.U. convention at Luverne last Friday.

Mrs. Jas. Suddaby last Friday entertained a party of ladies at a luncheon. On Saturday afternoon she again entertained, this time at a euchre party.

H. Hawley, the former publisher of the Advance, is going into the banking business at Delano, Cal., where he takes a position as cashier in a new bank. Mrs. Hawley is to join him there in the course of a week. His many friends here will be pleased to hear of his good fortune.


Born -- on Monday, to Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Burns, a boy.

Clayton Bedford was over from Rushmore last Sunday.

Mrs. Matilda Clark is visiting in Rock Rapids, Ia., for a few weeks.

W.E. Oxford, of Seward, was in the city Saturday doing trading.

P.C. Anderson, of Org, transacted business in Worthington Saturday.

Born -- On Saturday, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Murphy, a bouncing boy.

Mrs. Beers, of Luverne, is here on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. J.S. Frink.

Earl Dunlap, of Heron Lake, visited his sister, Mrs. Calvin Moen, this week.

Editor C.E. Eastwood, of Heron Lake, was a visitor at the picnic Wednesday.

H.F. Rockwell came over from Fairmont to attend to business on picnic day.

Lost -- A gold chain and locket. Finder return to Mrs. J.H. Peterson for reward.

G.R. Newman, of St. James, visited at the home of his son, C.L. Newman, last week.

Banker J.S. Tolverson and wife, of Fulda, came down to attend the picnic on Wednesday.

Will Prideaux and son, of Dodgeville, Wis., is here on a visit to his sister, Mrs. J.H. James.

Mrs. Sands and two daughters, of Illinois, are visiting at the home of her niece, Mrs. J.S. Frink.

Wanted -- Man and wife to run farm this summer. Apply to Wm. Malcolm, Bigelow township.

S.G. Palmer and family, of Lake Park came up to take in the picnic and visit his brother, T.A.

J.A. Albert, of Luverne, was here attending to business at the Albert & Rockwell saloon Wednesday.

Misses Lillian and Ytive Newell, of Adrian, visited at the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Clark, this week.

Banker J.E. Salstrom, of Bigelow, headed a large delegation of Woodmen and others from that place to the picnic on Wednesday.

Miss Ethel Jones and Mrs. W.J. Thompson, of Adrian, were guests at the home of their brother, County Attorney E.J. Jones, Wednesday.

Mrs. W.H. Prideaux, of Adrian, returned Wednesday from a visit at Dodgeville, Wis., and stopped off here to visit her daughter, Mrs. J.H. James.

F.F. Ellsworth, of St. James, president of the M.W.A. Picnic Association, was one of the prominent Woodmen of the district in attendance on the picnic.

Rev. J.P. Childs, of Hepler, Kansas, was in town Thursday and preached in the Workman hall last night. Rev. Childs is an elder in the Christian church.

Bruce Yale returned on Monday from a sojourn in Iowa.

Hiram Veeder, of Loraine, was in the city Tuesday doing trading.

Mrs. G.W. Roth has returned from a visit with relatives in Wisconsin.

Ernest Swanson, of route 5, was in the city last Saturday on a trading trip.

Miss Lillian Moen visited in Heron Lake with her grandparents last week.

A.F. Dring, of Loraine township, was in the city Tuesday doing trading.

Editor Hamstreet spent Saturday and Sunday with his family at Rushmore.

Mrs. Andrew Patterson, of Burlington, Wis., is here on a visit with relatives.

Alfred Larson, of Bigelow township, was in the city Tuesday doing trading.

Miss Pearl Wetherall returned home Tuesday from an extended visit at Spencer, Ia.

Stewart Douglas, of Milwaukee, is visiting at the home of his uncle, S.M. Stewart.

S.H. Herrick and wife, of Riverside, Cal., are visiting at the home of A.P. Darling.

Frank Brabender and Hugh Lynch, of Adrian, ran an eating stand here during the picnic.

Lyle Thurber went to Wilmont Tuesday to attend the wedding of his brother, Barlow.

Mrs. J.L. Jones, of Mitchell, spent a few days in Worthington last week visiting old friends.

H.A. Eversole, one of the progressive Elk farmers, did business at the county seat Saturday.

Ruth Dunlap, of Heron Lake, is visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. Calvin Moen, last week.

Miss Maude Howes, Miss Taylor and Mr. Martin Torsdal are visiting at the R.H. Patterson home this week.

Mrs. J.F. Humiston, of Heron Lake, came down Wednesday to take in the picnic and visit at the home of her son, A.C. Dickens.

M.R. Berkhimer, of Wilmont, passed through town Monday on his way home from Colorado, where he took a party of landseekers.

Mrs. H.S. Hobson entertained the Euchre Club Tuesday afternoon, when a very pleasant session was held. Dainty refreshments were served.

J.F. Cass, Frank Baker, Jas. Baird and B.F. Dopking, of Reading, passed through town last Saturday on their way to Lake Ocheda for a day's fishing.

Mrs. Thos. Dovery entertained the Birthday Club on Tuesday afternoon, when a very enjoyable time was had. Contests of various kinds formed part of the entertainment. Refreshments were served.

Editor E.E. Loverin, of the Ellsworth News, chaperoned a large party of his townsmen and neighbors over to the county seat to take in the Woodmen picnic on Wednesday.

Mrs. Chas. Kuehne and children, of Lake Park, came up Wednesday to attend the picnic, and were guests at the home of her brother-in-law, Ira Mishler, during their stay here.

The bath house was opened for the season last Monday, with Geo. Kunzman as superintendent. The new pavilion above the bath house is completed and furnishes accommodations for a large number of spectators.

R.H. Torrance was a little under the weather on Thursday.

G.W. Voak and F.D. Wells attended the convention here Thursday.

Chas. Raiter, of Lake Park, was a visitor at E.C. Pannell's on Wednesday.

W.M. Evans left yesterday for Gowrie, Ia., where he will spend ten days on business.

Mrs. J.D. Rippberger and daughter Lulu are visiting at Lake Okoboji for a few days.

Miss Isa Coffin, of St. Paul, is visiting at the home of an old school mate, Mrs. Fred Goff.

John Baird and Frank Bulick, the two popular hardware merchants of Reading were callers Wednesday.

Senator S.B. Bedford and E.S. Wemple represented Rushmore at the county convention here Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lars Johnson, of Indian Lake, celebrated the 60th anniversary of their wedding Wednesday, June 4.

Dr. A.B. Williams and U.G. Cumins, of Wilmont, represented that village at the county convention here Thursday.

Mrs. F.K. Smith on Tuesday gave a 11:30 breakfast to a number of her lady friends, which was a very pleasant social function.

Miss Luella Hansberger has opened a studio in rooms over Torrance's store. Miss Hansberger is an artist of considerable ability and is executing some excellent work in oil.

No man is infallible, and the gentleman who wrote the material for our special edition of last week left out of the list of physicians the honored name of Dr. A.H. Clark, the oldest practitioner of the city.

C.P. Taylor, of Reading, passed through Monday on his way home from Colorado, where he had been to look up farm lands. He took up a homestead and bought a quarter, which will give him a half section of what he considers fine land. He also visited Denver and Colorado Springs on the trip, and reports having had a fine time.

----End Transcription----


Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained November, 2007.

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