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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 February, 1908

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Friday, February 7, 1908

Old Settlers Honored

A reception was tendered Mr. and Mrs. M.K. DeWitt and family on Monday evening, Jan. 27th, at the home of J.R. Selby.

The house was filled with neighbors to bid their last farewell to the departing ones. Various games were played, while Fred Hasting entertained the party with choice selections from his phonograph. A bounteous supper was served under the management of Mrs. Selby.

They were presented with a handsome rug as a token of esteem with which they were held in this vicinity. They left Wednesday for Kansas to visit for a short time before going to Colorado, where they will make their future home, seeking better health for Mr. DeWitt who has been failing for the past few years.

Sudden Death

Word was received here from Bigelow last Saturday that Oscar Fosberg, one of the grain buyers of that place, had died suddenly the night before of heart failure. Mr. Fosberg had gone home about nine o'clock in the evening and succumbed a few minutes later while setting in a chair. They funeral was held on last Sunday morning from the church at Bigelow. Mr. Fosberg was unmarried.


Miss Bessie M. Ling, a daughter of Theodore Ling, and Richard G. Davies of Indian Lake township, were married on Wednesday evening, at the home of the bride's parents, in Horton township, Osceola county, Iowa. Rev. G.B. Wilder of this city officiated. The ceremony was followed by the usual festivities, about forty relatives and friends being present. The young people will go to housekeeping on the groom's farm near Round Lake.

An Interesting Wedding

Henry James, one of the substantial retired farmers of this city, and a sprightly youth of 76 years, was on Tuesday joined in bonds of wedlock to Mrs. Alice Wilson, of Geronimo, Oklahoma, Rev. J.S. Kies officiating. The bride is a dashing widow of 67. The happy couple dispense with a wedding trip and have gone to housekeeping in the groom's residence near the Rock Island depot. The mature  years of the high contracting parties makes the affair one of unusual interest to the people of this community. Mr. and Mrs. James were brought into communication by mutual friends in this city. The Advance join the people of Worthington in extending hearty congratulations.


W.C. Wyatt of Bigelow was in town on business Friday last.

John Wolf of Dundee was a guest at the Allen house last Monday.

Mrs. Stanley Moore has recovered from a long siege with the gripp.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Emil Graf, Saturday, Feb. 1st, a ten pound boy.

G.T. Bulick, one of the bonanza farmers of Summit Lake, attended the farmer's institute here on Wednesday.

S.J. Carey and wife, G.A. Shelquist and T.J. Carey, of Wilmont, registered at the Western house Saturday.

The very reverend W.H. Knowlton, the Archdeacon of southwestern Minnesota, will preach in the Church of St. John the Evangelist, next Sunday evening at 7:30. An invitation is extended to all to attend this service.

Local News

Banker Ned Jones made a business trip to Reading Tuesday.

Attorney Roy Lewis of Wilmont Sundayed with friends in this city.

Robt. Meredith of Onarga, Ill., is here looking after business matters.

Fred Tripp now a merchant at Round Lake, Sundayed in Worthington.

Harry Allen, of Iowa Falls, Ia., is here on a visit to his parents and other relatives.

Several Worthington young people attended a masquerade ball at Round Lake last week.

G.A. Engbretson, the druggist in Myers store, has an attack of the gripp this week.

Miss Nellie Palmer of Sioux City, was a guest at the home of her uncle, E.C. Pannell, this week.

Mr. and Mrs. E.V. Voak left the first of the week for a visit with relatives at Burlington, Wis.

Judge C.W.W. Dow went to St. James Tuesday to visit his daughter, Mrs. Otis Bigelow, Jr., who is quite ill.

Chas. Haggard, who is attending the state university, spent Sunday under the parental roof in Indian Lake.


Sheep to let out on share. Inquire of H.D. Pratt.

H.W. Steffens is a victim of the gripp this week.

S.J. Anderson of Route 1, was a caller last Saturday.

V.E. Gustaffson of Bigelow was a caller last Saturday.

P.J. Martin has been a victim of the gripp the past week.

D.E. Harvey of Hersey was a Worthington visitor Tuesday.

A.M. Berry of Route 1 attended the institute Wednesday.

M.T. Rosenberg of Wilmont registered at the Western on Tuesday.

I.A. Roshon was on the sick list a couple of days the first of the week.

Clarence Williamson, of Loraine, was in the city on business Monday.

H.R. Veeder's family in Loraine, is under quarantine for scarlet fever.

Mrs. Elmer Kyser left on Saturday for St. Peter to visit her parents.

Druggist Bill of Medelia [Madelia], was in Worthington on business the first of the week.

J.A. Good and wife of Reading were in the city Wednesday attending the institute.

Mrs. Wm. Devaney went to Bigelow Wednesday to visit her sister, Mrs. J.E. Sahlstrom.

J.W. Baker left on Monday for Mountain Lake, where he will run a hotel for a few months.

A.R. Albertus returned last Saturday from Owatonna, where he had been to visit his mother.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Yates of Sleepy Eye, Minn., were guests of his father and sister here this week.

Mrs. S.R. Dubetz and daughter, Emma, of Lakefield, visited her sister Mrs. C.R. Bishop, this week.

Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Putnam visited in Luverne last Sunday with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. Putnam.

Frank Marrs of Wolford, N. Dak., was an over Sunday visitor at the home of Fred Dring in Loraine township.

Banker J.B. Ludlow of Rushmore transacted business at the court house on Wednesday, and also looked in on the farmers institute.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hutton, Sunday, Feb. 2, a fine boy. The first intimation the neighbors had of the event was that they saw Ed. out in the yard with his head down in a big drygoods hollering papa. Mother and child doing fine and it is hoped that Ed. is past the critical point.

Mrs. A.N. Wetherall was on the sick list last week.

W.E. Madison had a tussel with the gripp the first of the week.

Mrs. Jas. Suddaby entertained a few friends last Monday evening.

Mrs. S.S. Smith returned on Saturday last from a visit in Minneapolis.

E.G. Johnson of Jackson county attended the institute on Wednesday.

O.H. Nystrom of Bigelow township was in the city Saturday doing trading.

A.P. Rose made a trip to Adrian this week in the interest of his county history.

Gerald Sharp of Elk township was in the city Saturday last transacting business.

Banker C.A. Nienaber of Round Lake, transacted business at the county seat Monday.

Clinton Mann, our popular city clerk, was a victim of the grip last Friday and Saturday.

D.E. Hutton is accused of going ground hog hunting last Sunday, and bagged a little gopher.

Mrs. J.P. Biltgen has been at Bigelow some time attending her daughter, Mrs. Salstrom.

Mrs. H.C. Frank returned to Minneapolis last Friday after a week's visit with Worthington friends.

G.H. Cromwell has sold his family medicine business to J.E. Darling. Mr. Cromwell expects to go west.

E.E. Baxter returned last Monday night from a visit of several weeks in Illinois. He reports having a pleasant time.

Frank Schmidt, of Bigelow township, was in the city Saturday last transacting business. He favored this office with a pleasant call.

Mr. A.R. Albertus entertained a party of ladies Thursday afternoon and a very pleasant time is reported. Dainty refreshments were served.

John Larson will hold an auction sale on Feb. 12 to dispose of his personal property, notice of which appears elsewhere. He assures all a square deal.

M.K. DeWitt and family left last week for Colorado, where they will make their home, and where Mr. DeWitt has invested in irrigated lands. The DeWitts are estimable people and they take with them the best wishes of a large circle of friends in Nobles county.

Mrs. Carrie McCune was reported on the sick list last week.

Wm. Devaney made a trip to Dell Rapids, S.D., the first of the week.

Mrs. Wm. Devaney returned last Saturday from a visit to Minneapolis.

The Tourist Club met with Mrs. Wm. Chaney on Tuesday afternoon.

The family of Wm. Malcolm in Bigelow township is under quarantine for scarlet fever.

Mrs. F.R. Coughran entertained a party of lady friends on Wednesday afternoon of last week.

The Mission society of the Congregational church met on Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Ray Humiston.

Rev. G.A. Cahoon, who has been in the clutches of the grip the past two weeks, is convalescing and expects to resume his duties next Sunday.

John Nelson left yesterday for the twin cities, where he will spend a couple of weeks on business and visiting friends. He will also visit other parts of the state before returning home.

W.W. Ramage, the iceman, has about completed the work of harvesting this year's crop of ice. He has orders for several thousand tons from out of town. On Saturday last one of his teams broke through the ice, but were rescued without much trouble.

C.O. Toren of Route 1 was in the city yesterday arranging for bills for an auction sale he will have on Feb. 25th, when he will dispose of several head of horses and cattle, and a large lot of farm machinery. Mr. Toren has bought Mrs. Jack's place in town, and will move in about March 1st.

Fred Meyer of St. James gave a very fine talk on tile drainage, which was something every farmer in the county should have heard. Mr. Meyer has had wide experience in draining land and is an expert on the subject.

Friday, February 14, 1908


For Sale -- A few light Brahma roosters. L.B. Leonard.

J.E. Moberg of the town of Bigelow was in the city Tuesday on business.

Will Post, who is employed on the Rock Island road, visited his mother here on Monday.

Editor Chas. Hamstreet of Rushmore transacted business at the county capitol Tuesday.

To have your old harness look like new bring them to Schmid & Snyder and have them oiled.

Mrs. Elon Williamson has been taken sick with scarlet fever, and they are under quarantine.

J.J. Kies had a tussel with the gripp and was threatened with quinsy the latter part of last week.

Mrs. Fred Mason of New York city, is here on a visit with her sister. Mrs. J.F. Goff, and other relatives and friends.

R.A. Torrance of the firm of Torrance & Son, was the victim of the gripp or kindred ailment the first of the week.

Mrs. R.L. Morland entertained a party of ladies on Monday afternoon. A very pleasant time is reported. Refreshments were served.

Mrs. S.R. Dubetz and daughter Emma, returned to their home at Lakefield on Monday, after a visit at the home of her sister, Mrs. C.R. Bishop.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cedergren, of Boon, Ia., will come up Saturday to remain on their farm in Bigelow township until after their auction sale, which will be held on Tuesday next.

G.W. Wheeler, who has been running a creamery at Rushmore for several years, passed through Worthington Wednesday, bound for Melvin, Ia., where he will establish a new creamery.

Mrs. A.R. Albertus yesterday afternoon entertained a large party of lady friends at cards. Several tables were filled and a very pleasant time is reported. Mrs. Albertus is an accomplished entertainer. Dainty refreshments were served.

Mrs. Henry Foote, of Westbrook, was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Erickson over Sunday. Mrs. Foote was on her way to visit friends at different points in Iowa and Indiana, after which she will join Mr. Foote at Grants Pass, Oregon, where he has bought a fruit ranch.

If you only knew that pneumonia can be cured in three days and that without medicine, you would not suffer from three to six weeks with it. Dr. A. Sullwold, the Chiropractic Nerve specialist, will guarantee to cure any case of pneumonia in three or four days, until Feb. 22, 1908, or take no pay. Do not hesitate to give him a trial. Phone 128. Office over Sewing Machine store. Worthington, Minn.

G.C. Fellows was in from Elk on Tuesday.

Mrs. W.S. Wyatt is visiting in Minneapolis this week.

Mrs. L.W. Abbott was on the sick list the first of the week.

Jas. Kain returned last week from a sojourn at Darlington, Wis.

Dr. F.M. Manson made a professional visit to Bigelow yesterday.

W.M. Tedman of Loraine did trading in Worthington last Saturday.

Oscar Young of Wilmont was a Worthington visitor on Friday.

A.S. Johnson of Round Lake was in the city on business Wednesday.

Andy Hagberg of Reading was in the city last Friday on a trading trip.

Henry Gloreka of Lismore registered at the Worthington last Tuesday.

T.J. Haggett of Wilmont was a guest at the Western house Saturday.

Miss Mary Weber of Lismore was a guest at the Worthington last Tuesday.

Mrs. John Mercer of Round Lake did shopping in Worthington last Saturday.

Sam Bach, of Round Lake, transacted business at the county capitol Saturday.

H.D. Barnard of Reading transacted business at the county capitol last Saturday.

J.W. Jones of Fulda spent a number of days in Worthington on business this week.

Mrs. E.R. Tripp of Round Lake, visited at the home of her son H.R. Tripp last week.

The family of I.K. Baker is under quarantine for smallpox. Their daughter, Margaret is the victim.

W.E. Thievolt and wife of Round Lake were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Tripp on Tuesday.

John Thomsen, the hustling hardware merchant of Round Lake, was a county seat visitor last Saturday.

Margaret, a little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Hildyard, was taken sick with scarlet fever, and they are under quarantine. Mr. Hildyard and the other children are out and are boarding with friends.

Emmett Higgins, who spent several weeks in Worthington last fall, having come here in the hope of benefitting his health, died at the home of his father-in-law, at Seneca, Ill., on Monday. His brother, John Higgins, of Lismore, passed through here Tuesday on his way to Seneca, to attend the funeral.

The Tourist club will meet with Mrs. E.K. Smith next Tuesday afternoon.

Vern, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Al Sterling is having a siege of pneumonia.

R.L. Morland went to Minneapolis Monday to attend a meeting of the state board of pharmacy.

The little infant of Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Smith which has been seriously ill with lung fever is improving.

Miss Jamie Durfee of Sioux Falls, spent a few days here this week visiting her sister, Mrs. A.R. Albertus.

Mrs. Grant Morrison went to Albert Lea last Saturday where she will spend a week or two visiting relatives.

The Euchre club was entertained last Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. C.P. Dolan, when a very delightful session was held.

Milton Ludlow returned on Tuesday from a visit to Chicago and other points east of there. He was absent a couple of weeks.

Friday, February 21, 1908

W.J. Dyer At Rest

W.J. Dyer, the gunsmith, died last Friday at the poor house, after an illness of a few days duration, aged 70 years. The funeral was held Monday from the undertaking rooms of Chaney & Mackay. Mr. Dyer was one of the odd characters of Worthington. He was a single man and lead a very retired life. While he was a first class workman, and seemed to have plenty of work, he was so modest in his charges that he led a hand to mouth existence. The same characteristic prevailed in all his relations and he probably did not have an enemy on earth.


Mrs. Orange L. Howard died at her home in this city Monday, Nov. 17, aged 66 years and 4 months. The funeral was held on Wednesday afternoon from the Congregational Church, the service being conducted by Rev. Wm. Fletcher.

Sarah A. Crissy was born in New York State Oct. 26, 1831. She moved with her parents to Ohio, and on April 14th, 1858, was married to Orange L. Howard. They moved to Brown county, this state, in 1867, and in 1872 came to this county, where they lived on a farm in Bigelow township until they moved to town in 1905. Mr. Howard died a few months ago. Eight children were born to them, four of whom are still living. Mrs. Howard joined the Congregational Church in 1897.


Mrs. Wm. Parry, a resident of Little Rock township, died at her home in that place last Sunday at an advanced age. The funeral was held on Tuesday from the house. The deceased had been in poor health for some time.

The Tourist Club met with Mrs. E.K. Smith last Tuesday, when a very profitable session was held.

Geo. D. Dayton was down from Minneapolis on business this week.

Born -- On Monday, Feb. 17, to Geo. Doeden and wife, of Indian Lake, a daughter.

Mrs. A.N. Wetheral went to Cedar Rapids last Saturday to visit a brother. Later word was received that the brother had been killed by a train.

Mrs. W.P. Jenkins, who lives two miles south of Bigelow, was operated on Tuesday for appendicitis. Her case was a serious one, but she is making satisfactory recovery.

Geo. Deuth of near Org is reported very sick with inflammation of the bowels.

Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Eversole of Route 1, presented their carrier with a valentine on the 14th, it being a pail of fine sausage.

S.R. Thompson of Elk is quite sick with the gripp.

Mrs. Matilda Clark was on the sick list this week.

Little Monona Kies was on the sick list the first of the week.

Theo. Hendricks of Route 5 was in the city on business Wednesday.

Miss Irene Malmo, one of the teachers, spent Sunday at her home.

S.M. Granger of Adrian was a guest at the Worthington Friday.

W.S. Fell of Summit Lake was in the city this week attending court as a juror.

Born -- On Thursday, February 13, 1908, to Mr. and Mrs. Otis Hankins, a daughter.

Louis Meier, a sturdy young agriculturist of Bigelow township, was a caller Tuesday.

Arba Bedford resumed his studies in the high school Tuesday after a siege of illness.

H.W. Larson and H.J. Shelby, of Wilmont, registered at the Worthington last Friday.

A.L. Wells and J.S. Randolph of Brewster were Worthington visitors Sunday afternoon.

Rev. G.G. Schmid has been holding special meetings in Elk township the past two weeks.

Loren Clark went to St. Paul on Monday to attend the annual session of the grand lodge of the A.O.U.W.

Miss Marie Rosedell, of Mankato, was a guest at the home of Rev. and Mrs. G.A. Cahoon a week, returning home Monday.

C.F. Cook, of Austin, captain of Co. G of that place, was in the city Tuesday in the interest of his insurance business.

Thos. Dovery went to Dell Rapids last Saturday, where he closed up a voting contest conducted by the Dell Rapids Times.

A.E. Hart went to Marshall on Wednesday to conclude a deal for 100,000 pounds of wool. The deal involved about $21,000.

G.B. Hildyard received a dispatch on Wednesday morning announcing the death of his mother in Iowa. The old lady was 90 years of age.

The 20th Century Club will meet on Friday afternoon at the home of the secretary, Mrs. Wm. Ramage, to take up the study of Ibsen's "Ghosts."

For Sale -- My brick building, first floor and basement, for sale, rent or exchange for a good Minnesota farm. Will fit up the north side of Maccabee Hall for a modern flat for good tenants. F.C. Stitser, Waverly, Iowa.

Mrs. C.W.W. Dow returned on Tuesday from St. James, where she spent a couple of weeks nursing her daughter, Mrs. Otis Bigelow, Jr., through a siege of illness. Mrs. Bigelow has recovered sufficiently to be able to sit up, and her sister, Miss Rena Dow, is now staying with her.

Co. F will have a rifle match with Co. G of Austin on March 2d.

Dr. and Mrs. W.J. Dodge spent the week at Round Lake visiting his parents.

Attorneys M.P. Thornton of Adrian, R.V. Lewis of Wilmont, A.W. Tierney of Fulda, and E.T. Smith of Jackson, attended court here this week.

Mrs. W.G. Ramage dislocated an arm in a fall on a slippery walk on Tuesday last.

Harry Miller and wife of Spirit Lake were guests of Dr. and Mrs. L.R. Gholz Tuesday.

D.R. Chaney and wife of Dundee came down Wednesday to attend the funeral of her mother, Mrs. O.L. Howard.

The Whist Club met last Friday at the pleasant farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Foster Moore, northwest of town.

E.V. Voak left last Tuesday on a trip to Idaho and other western states to look over the country. He will be absent a couple of weeks.

The girls of the Junior class in the high school gave a party to the boys of the class last Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Sibley, when a very enjoyable time was had by all.

On Tuesday evening of next week Co. F will hold an election to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Capt. A. Schaefer, which was recently accepted by the governor. The probabilities are that 1st Lieut. S.S. Smith will be elected, as it is owing largely to his faithful and efficient work that company has reached its high standing in the National Guard of the state.

The local camp of Woodmen are forming plans to capture the annual picnic of the Southwestern Minnesota M.W.A. Picnic Association, and the indications are that the boys will be successful. J.G. Mitchell, M.E. Fish and A.M. Renner constitute to committee to look after the matter and the Commercial Club is also lending a hand. Worthington is the natural location for this picnic, and we have the grounds and other advantages necessary to give the boys a good time.

Friday, February 28, 1908


The leading event in social circles Reading, occurred Wednesday at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.T. Bulick, in the marriage of their daughter, Effie May, to Raymond J. Conner, of Superior, Wis. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. D'Argent, in the presence of about sixty relatives and friends. The newly married couple start out in life with the well wishes of a host of friends and with a bright future before them. The bride has lived in the neighborhood from infancy and has grown to womanhood loved by all who knew her for her many virtues and womanly qualities. Wherever help or kind words were needed she was always there to fill the need and by her many kindnesses has endeared herself to all her acquaintances. The groom was formerly employed in the neighborhood and is well known in the locality, is at present in the employ of the Great Northern railroad, with headquarters at Superior, and is esteemed by all, for his numerous good qualities. The army of wedding gifts was large and contained many costly articles.


Mr. A.P. Dahlberg and Miss Sophie O. Nelson, two prominent young people of Rushmore, were married on Wednesday, Feb. 26th, at the home of the bride's mother. They went to housekeeping at once on the groom's farm near Rushmore.

Century Club

The Twentieth Century Club met with the secretary, Mrs. Wm. Ramage last Friday afternoon, for the discussion of "Ghosts," carrying out the following program:

Story of play, with readings from drama, Mrs. A.A. Putman.

Characterization, Mrs. C.H. Sibley.

Compare plot and purpose of ghosts with a "Doll's House," Mrs. Sibley.

Ibsen as an Ethical Teacher, Mrs. Wm. Ramage.

After a general discussion, of unusual interest, the club adjourned to meet Tuesday afternoon, March 3rd, to take up the study of Lohengrin. The meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. C.P. Dolan.

Is the New Commander of Company F, Second Regiment, M.N.G.
Election Held Tuesday Evening. C.B. Ward is First Lieutenant

At the close of the regular drill of Company F on Tuesday evening occurred the election of a captain to succeed Capt. A. Schaefer, who has been appointed on field staff with the rank of major. First Lieut. S.S. Smith was chosen unanimously to fill the vacancy, and second Lieut. C.B. Ward was advanced to first lieutenant, and First Sargent O.F. Blood was elected second lieutenant.  This causes a vacancy in the ranks of the non-commissioned officers, which will be filled by appointment, and will probably cause an advancement all along the line.

Maj. W.T. Mollison, of Faribault, was present at the drill and made an unofficial inspection of the company and found the organization in such excellent condition that he stated he would recommend that his report be accepted as the official inspection which was scheduled for some time later.

After the election at the armory the company repaired to the Western house, where a banquet was held, which proved a very enjoyable affair. About fifty covers were laid. Maj. B.F. Thurber of this city and Maj. W.T. Mollison, of Faribault, were guests of honor. Speeches were made by several of those present. Major Mollison complimented the company very highly on high standard of efficiency attained, and spoke an encouraging word for the future.

Company F is a little more than two years old, and during its short career has made a record that has been the envy of many an older organization. the credit for brining it to its present high standard belongs mainly to Capt. Smith, who as first lieutenant has practically had full charge of the company since its organization, and his elevation to the captaincy is a fitting recognition of faithful and efficient service. First Lieut. Ward and Second Lieut. Blood are both veterans of the Spanish war, and have both done good service in the company. Company F is an organization in which every one in Worthington takes pride, and we hope it will have a long and honorable career.


On Saturday Feb 22, 1908, at eleven o'clock a.m., Richie Maxwell of Worthington, was united in marriage to Wm. A. Peterson of Windom. The wedding occurred at the home of the bride's parents, in the presence of the relatives, Rev. I.H. Darnell performing the nuptial ceremony. The bride was garbed in white throughout and the groom was clothed in the conventional black. A number of lovely and useful presents were tendered the couple as a token of esteem. After a bountiful dinner the couple left on the two o'clock train for Windom where they will reside. The bride has lived in this vicinity since childhood. For a number of years she was one of Nobles county's successful school teachers and for the past seven years has been secretary of the Nobles County Sunday School Association.

The groom has lived in Windom for a number of years and is one of its prosperous business men. The many friends of the married couple join in well wishes for their future happiness and prosperity.

Surprise Party

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Janes, who have lived on the J.H. Blume farm, west of town, were given a very pleasant surprise party last Friday evening by about twenty of their neighbors, when a very pleasant time had. Mr. and Mrs. James were presented with a handsome rocker as a reminder of the occasion. Mr. Janes and family left on Wednesday for Witaskin, Canada, where they will make their future home. They have a large circle of friends here whose best wishes follow them.


Mr. Fred E. Lundeen and Miss Emma E. Malenke were married on Wednesday afternoon at the M.E. parsonage by Rev. G.A. Cahoon. Miss Ada Young of Reading attended the bride and Mr. Wm. Malenke supported the groom. The young people will go to housekeeping on a farm in Seward township.


Ole Landberg returned the first of the week from a sojourn in the twin cities.

E.P. Johnson of Indian Lake transacted business in Worthington on Monday.

J.R. Jones of Adrian visited his son, the county attorney, a couple of days this week.

Mrs. G.W. Roth and Mrs. S.M. Stewart went to Ashton, Ia., on Tuesday to attend the funeral of an aunt.

Dave Tripp came up from Round Lake Tuesday evening to attend the election and banquet of Co. F that evening.

The Japanese social at the M.E. church last Friday evening was largely attended and pronounced a success by everyone present.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Madison entertained the Whist Club on Monday evening. A very pleasant session is reported. Dainty refreshments were served.

Hans Jorgenson of Org last Saturday shipped a car of household goods and farm implements to Bauman county, N. Dak., where he has taken a homestead and will make his future home.

Mrs. A.A. Putman, Mrs. G.V. Pettit and Mrs. John James went over to Rushmore last Saturday to attend the funeral of Iva Bess, the five-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Al. Dougherty.

Mariam and Lynn Evans last Saturday evening entertained a large number of their little friends at their home. Games of various kinds were played and all had a good time. Refreshments were served.

Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Engbritson, of Worthing, S.D., spent a number of days here this week visiting at the home their son, Gus, the druggist in Meyers' store. From here they left for the west, intending to visit in Montana, Idaho and Washington.

Hugh Mitchell, of Bigelow township, was a caller last Saturday. He informed us that he had given up the notion of moving to town, for the present at least, and has bought the old Chas. Sahlbom place in Sec. 6, Bigelow, and will continue farming, but on a smaller scale. He has rented his old farm to his son-in-law, Mr. Gustafson.

Wm. Whelan of Reading registered at the Western on Monday last.

Dr. A.B. Williams of Wilmont was a county seat visitor Monday.

Rev. C.E. Oberg of Indian Lake was a caller on Wednesday.

Rev. d'Argent of Reading registered at the Worthington Monday.

Curtis Brown has moved on the Hurd farm on the Jackson road.

T.A. McCracken has moved to town from Worthington township.

John Jensen of Spafford has moved on the Geo. Doeden farm south of town.

Claude Mackay left on Wednesday for North Dakota to seek employment.

Frank Spohn and Peter Swanson made a trip to the twin cities Wednesday.

J.H. Anglum of Creston, Ia., was here the first of the week looking for farm lands.

A.F. Diehn, the Round Lake merchant prince, was a county seat visitor on Tuesday.

Misses Mary and Ada Connor, of Hinckley, attended the Connor-Bulick wedding at Reading Wednesday.

REv. J.A. Saunders, of Fulda, and his father-in-law, Mr. Spracher, of Sibley, were guests of Rev. G.A. Cahoon on Wednesday.

Clayton Holland on Monday of this week purchased a fine draft team, one from Fred Netzger and the other from J.D. Halleck, consideration $400.

The right Reverend S.C. Edsall, D.D., the Bishop of the Diocese of Minnesota, will officiate in St. John's Episcopal church, Sunday morning, March 15th.

C.M. Davis loaded and shipped a car of household goods, farm implements and live stock to North Dakota on Wednesday, and will move his family there in a few days.

John Nelson returned on Tuesday from a visit of three weeks in the twin cities and points in the northern part of the state. He reports having had a very pleasant time.

Jas. Gibson came over from Luverne last Saturday to visit old friends. He recently sold his business at Luverne and has decided to engage in business again in Sioux City.

Sergt. J.M. Barron, Corp. H.A. Nelson and Priv. Clayton Bedford, A.P. Dahlberg, and Alfred Renshaw, of Rushmore, attended the drill, election and banquet of Co. F Tuesday evening.

Dr. W.J. Dodge this week resumed his dental practice, and will be pleased to see all his old patients and friends. Dr. Dodge was in the hospital several weeks and since then has been taking a vacation while recuperating his health.

A.M. Berry, of Route 1, was a caller on Monday.

S.V. Calbin of Route 3 was in the city on business Tuesday.

Attorney Sam Ray of Luverne attended court here on Monday.

F.A. Viblen of Indian Lake township was a caller last Saturday.

C.W. Johnson of Route 2 transacted business in Worthington Saturday.

Jacob Gregerson of Round Lake was a county seat visitor on Monday.

S.T. Wood, the implement magnate of Rushmore, was a county seat visitor on Monday.

Miss Mary Tinnes of Adrian came over Saturday for a day's visit with Mrs. E.K. Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. P.W. Ledine of Bigelow township were in the city Wednesday on a trading trip.

Mrs. Elizabeth Anthon and Mrs. J.H. Schuck returned on Wednesday from a visit to Lake Park.

Mr. and Mrs. I.L. Moggle of Sioux Falls, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Helmick over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Gold of Grand Rapids, Minn., were over Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. James.

John Harden has sold his residence in the north part of town to John A. Anderson of Graham Lakes township.

Miss Rudy Rippberger, who is teaching in district No. 37, has been kept home this week by an attack of the gripp.

Eugene Smith went to Bigelow last Saturday to attend Woodmen Camp, and assisted in inducting a number of candidates into the mysteries of woodcraft.

Richard Prideaux, who has been in poor health the past winter came up town on Tuesday, the first time in two weeks.

Alex. Thompson of Fairmont, N.D., a former Nobles county boy, came down this week to attend the Connor-Bulick nuptials at Reading.

Ole Freming of Ransom township was again committed to the asylum at St. Peter this week, and was taken there on Wednesday afternoon.

C.P. Taylor returned on Monday from a visit of several weeks at Kelihen [Kelliher?], in the northern part of the state. He says he had an enjoyable visit and altogether a very pleasant trip.

Ed Stoltenberg the first of the week shipped his household goods to Walcott, Ia., where he will make his home for the summer. Mr. Soltenberg says he expects to dispose of his property here in a short time, having several buyers on the string.

Wm. Marquardt arrived last Saturday from Blairstown, Ia., with three carloads of stock, farm implements and household goods, and has moved on the Filbrun place, which he bought last year. Mr. Marquardt is a progressive agriculturalist and a man of considerable means, and it is a pleasure to welcome such as him and his family to Nobles county.

Dr. Henry Weidow went to Estherville yesterday to attend a meeting of the Upper Des Moines Medical Association. He read a paper on "Catarrhal Pneumonia." This session of the association was to have been held at Worthington, but owing to the curtailment of train service on the Rock Island road it was deemed advisable by the officers to have it at Estherville.

----End Transcription----


Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained November, 2007.

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