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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 August, 1908

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Friday, August 7, 1908

Married in Worthington.

The office of the county clerk was the scene of a wedding Monday afternoon, the contracting parties being Gustave Meyer and Miss Regina Brandt, both of Potawatomie county, Iowa. The couple appeared at the clerk's office and made application for license, and as both qualified satisfactorily, the necessary permission was granted. They then asked where they could find a justice who could unite them in a quick and satisfactory manner. They were informed that they need seek no further as Court Commissioner Stevens was an expert in that line, and in a very few minutes the ceremony was concluded, with Commissioner Stevens in the role of justice. County Clerk Humiston and Auditor Pannell witnessed the ceremony.

Local Intelligence

Nels Sorem, of Bigelow, spent Wednesday in Worthington.

Miss Stella Gray, of Bigelow, spent Wednesday in Worthington.

James Mackay was called to Brewster Wednesday on business.

Rev. Oberg and wife were Wednesday visitors from Indian Lake.

D.H. Sisson, of Reading, was a business caller at the county seat Monday.

Mrs. W.S. Wyatt is entertaining Mrs. L. Narty, of Sioux City this week.

T.H. Prideaux, of Rushmore, spent Wednesday with his father in this city.

John Salstrom, the Bigelow banker was here on business Wednesday morning.

Mrs. A.J. Wilson, of Luverne, was the guest of Worthington friends Tuesday.

W.D. Shuttleworth, of Ocheyedan, Iowa, was in the city on business Tuesday.

H.D. Barnard, of Reading, was transacting business in Worthington Monday.

Miss Vera Shell, of Sibley, is the guest of her cousin, Miss Marjorie Shell.

J.B. Ludlow, of Rushmore, was transacting business in this city Wednesday.

Dr. Dodge now has his office in the Wilson building over A.T. Latta's store.

Miss Elva Chrysler, of Sibley, was up Wednesday looking after her large music class.

Mrs. Wm. Watson, of State Center, Iowa, is visiting at the home of Mrs. C.H. Sibley.

Charles Antrittor, of Round Lake, was a business visitor to Worthington Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Shell and Miss Marjorie Shell were callers at Spirit Lake Monday.

H.E. Raymond, Lake Park's popular dentist, was calling on Worthington friends Tuesday.

Thos. H. Smith, of Sheldon, was calling on business acquaintances in Worthington Wednesday.

Mrs. J.L. Hammond and child are visiting the family of Geo. Hackett, at Sioux Falls this week.

I.F. Kelley is making a ten days' auto tour of S.D., visiting Mitchell, Watertown and other cities.

James Murray returned Wednesday from Brewster where he has been engaged on a painting contract.

Misses Isabelle and Ruth Bugh, of Cherokee, Iowa, are visiting the family of A.F. Eshleman this week.

Ben Richardson will remove his family from town to a farm about eight miles west of the city in a few days.

Ole Hanson, of Mankato, spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Worthington as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Duel.

Mrs. C.P. Dolan and daughter, Marie, returned home Wednesday from a visit with friends and relatives at Faribault.

FOR RENT -- Twelve room rooming house partly furnished; rent $20 per month; possession given at once. Mrs. R.A. Post.

Mr. Charles Skewis, of Minneapolis, was in this city Tuesday and Wednesday looking after his interests at his elevator here.

The family of Henry Lastico [Lestico?], who have been in quarantine for diphtheria for some time, were removed from the restraint Monday.

The farm supper given by the ladies of the M.E. church at the home of John Hansberger, Wednesday night was largely patronized.

Henry Palmer, of Reddick, Ill., was in Worthington Wednesday. Mr. Palmer was here looking after his farm interests in Elk township.

Nick Weinandt will leave in a few days for Minneapolis with his family. Nick goes to the Mill City to assume charge of a job printing plant.

E.P. Amy, Canistota, S.D., returned home Wednesday afternoon after a pleasant ten days' visit with his daughter, Mrs. C.A. Baker.

Mrs. S. Olson and Miss Minnie Haaeske, of St. Peter, and Miss Josie Olson, of Minneapolis are spending a few days with the family of Mrs. T. Kysar.

Miss Jennie Smith returned to her home near Brewster Wednesday. Miss Smith was in Worthington taking the teacher's examination for second grade teachers.

Mrs. Ida Hoeffling, who has been the guest of Mrs. Mary Hulser, of Reading for the past five or six weeks left for her home at Sheldon Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. H.C. Thom and daughter left last Saturday night for their home in Omaha after a month's visit with the family of E.K. Smith, and other Worthington friends.

Herman Peterson and family have been entertaining the Misses Anna and Emma Diehn, of Round Lake, the past week. The young ladies returned home Wednesday afternoon.

John Wood, who was formerly in charge of the Peevay Elevator here, but lately stationed at Mankato, has again resumed charge of the Peevay interests at this point.

Misses Grace Haggerman and Eva Montgomery returned to their homes at Brewster Wednesday morning after a week's pleasant visit with the families of Messrs. Alex and John Montgomery.

J.R. Robson and young son returned Wednesday from a trip to Montana and Washington. His aged mother from Helena, Mont., returned with him and will make an extended visit with relatives.

LOST -- On last Monday between the postoffice and residence of Wm. Hastings, a pair of glasses in an open end black enamel case. Will find please leave at Harry Lewis' grocery. Mrs. Hastings.

Sam Thompson, of Sibley, accompanied by his cousin, Miss Anna Thompson, of Rushmore, were in the city Wednesday enroute to Sibley, where Miss Thompson will visit relatives for a few days.

Miss Nellie Anderson, of Little Rock, Iowa, was the guest of Miss Mary Wilson the early part of the week, and on Wednesday accompanied by Miss Wilson went to Rushmore for a short visit with friends.

Mrs. Mabel Garin, of Sioux Falls, was the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.A. White the early part of the week, returning home Wednesday. Mr. White will shortly remove his family to Sioux Falls.

Mrs. Lowrey, of Fonda, has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Dring and family for a few days. She left Wednesday, accompanied by Miss Beulah Dring for a weeks visit with relatives at Cherokee, Iowa.

Thos. Dovery, formerly editor of the Advance, left Tuesday night for his new field of labor at Buhl, Idaho, where he will not only engage in the newspaper business, but will look after his land interests near that city.

L.M. Austin and wife arrived in Worthington this week and are visiting relatives while Mr. Austin is looking for a business location. He recently sold his newspaper at Jefferson, Iowa, and will look around some before going into business again.

Moulton Smallwood entertained about fifty of his little friends at a lawn party Wednesday evening, in honor of his cousin, B. Austin, of DesMoines, Iowa, who is a guest at the Smallwood home. Games and refreshments were enjoyed by the young folks.

Miss Rudy Rippeberger and Mrs. Giroux, who have been spending several weeks at West Okoboji, Iowa, returned home Monday for the Cunningham-Rippeberger nuptials. Mr. Giroux and Howard Rippeberger came up Tuesday for the same purpose.

There was considerable activity among the grain interests here Tuesday, the following grain men being here inspecting their properties, F.E. Crandall, Mankato; S.M. Granger, Adrian; J.M. Shaefer, Tripp, S.D.; John Kingsley, Pipestone and L.B. Beardsley, Minneapolis.

John McManus, of Sibley, was the guest of his sister, Mrs. Mary Marden, the first of the week. John was formerly a clerk at the Worthington Hotel and has many friends in Worthington. He recently returned from Haswell, Colo., where he has homesteaded a quarter section of land.

C.H. Brodt and wife, of Fairmont, were Tuesday guests of the family of E.L. Schwartz. Mr. Brodt is a prominent furniture dealer at Fairmont and he and his wife are taking an automobile tour of some magnitude. They went to Pipestone from here and from there will make an auto trip through South Dakota.

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Scott will leave on August 11th for Traer, Iowa, for a visit with relatives there. Mr. Scott has three brothers and one sister who reside at that place. While absent he will also attend a reunion of old soldiers of that county which is to be held on August 12 and 13 at Traer. Mr. Scott is an old resident of Tama county having settled there in 1858, and at that time the nearest railroad was 100 miles distant. He enlisted in the Union army in 1862, and on August 14th of that year, when his company started south the nearest railroad was fifty-five miles. The soldiers' reunion is expected to be a big event this year. Gov. Cummins and others are billed for addresses.

Death of Philo Hawes

Philo Hawes, one of the pioneers of Southern Minnesota, and a maker of the history of this section, passed away at his home at Luverne, early Tuesday morning, death being due to cancer from which he had been a suffer for some time.

Philo Hawes, in 1865, homesteaded on what is now the present site of Luverne, and for years was the mail carrier over the old mail route from Blue Earth, Minn., to Yankton, S.D., through Jackson, Graham Lakes, Luverne and Sioux Falls, and after the Sioux Falls railroad was built he was appointed mail agent on that line and served in that capacity for many years.

Deceased was a veteran of the civil war, serving as lieutenant in the 11th Minnesota volunteers. He was three times elected as commander of the Minnesota G.A.R. association.

The funeral was held Thursday afternoon and was largely attended, large numbers being present from Worthington and other towns.

Local Intelligence

Jay Wolven visited at Mankato Monday.

Mrs. Niles Eggleston is on the sick list this week.

W.E. Collins, of Ellsworth, was a business caller Friday.

Sheriff Fauskee was in Rushmore Saturday on business.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Ned Jones died Sunday.

Sheriff Fauskee was in Lismore Saturday on official business.

W.W. Loveless was a business visitor at Minneapolis last week.

Dr. Dieckhoff was in Cherokee, Iowa, Sunday, the guest of friend.

Attorney Flynn was a business visitor to Sibley and Ellsworth Saturday.

A.M. Renner spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday with Adrian friends.

W.E. Roberts, of Rushmore, was in Worthington on business yesterday.

Mrs. A. Schmidt and infant child are visiting Brewster relatives this week.

Dr. F.S. Hough, of Sibley was in Worthington Sunday, the guest of Dr. Weidow.

Herbert Noren left Tuesday morning for a visit with friends at St. Peter, Minn.

Melvin Thompson, of Paullina, Iowa, was transacting business in Worthington Friday.

Miss Julia Ager returned home Tuesday from a short visit with Adrian friends.

Mrs. John M. Wilson and two children are guests of Mrs. G.A. Fish, of Fulda, this week.

Mr. and Mrs. G.D. Curtiss of St. Paul, are guests of Harry Hobson and family this week.

H.A. Folsom, came up from Spirit Lake and spent Sunday with Worthington friends.

Miss Minnie Breen, of Mitchell, S.D., spent Friday and Saturday with Worthington friends.

C.L. Coyle and Miss Theresa Didier, of Pipestone spent Sunday with Worthington friends.

Miss Helen Ramage returned home Monday from a visit with Miss McConkey at Brewster.

Mr. and Mrs. K.V. Mitchell went to Madison, S.D., Tuesday morning for a visit with relatives.

Miss Jennie D. Smith, of Brewster, spent Sunday in this city as the guest of Worthington friends.

Mrs. Nicholas Weinandt returned Tuesday from a visit with relatives and friends at Adrian.

L.J. Hagerty, H.C. Kruse, C. Weaver and Miss Lulu Smith were Sunday visitors from Harris, Iowa.

Dr. Weidow was in Sibley Tuesday assisting Dr. Hough of that place in a surgical operation.

Miss Pearl Lewis left for Minneapolis Monday morning where she will enter the conservatory of music.

Messrs. J.B. and B.G. Yates, of Madelia, were looking after business interests in Worthington Friday.

R.H. Dieckhoff left Tuesday morning for a business trip through northern Minnesota and Canada.

Gus Engelbritsen returned Friday from Mason City, Iowa, where he has been invoicing a drug stock.

Mrs. G.A. Fish, of Fulda, returned home Sunday after a week's visit with J.M. Wilson and family.

Robt. Reed, oil inspector for this district, was in Adrian Monday on business connected with his position.

Mrs. H. Biltgen returned home from Bigelow Tuesday after a week with her daughter, Mrs. J.E. Salstrom.

Miss Marie Hester, of Emmettsburg, Iowa, has accepted a position as stenographer for G.W. Patterson.

Hollis Goodrich returned to Williston, N.D., Friday night after a short visit with his parents in this city.

Mrs. M.E. Lawton and mother, Mrs. F.E. Little, were visiting with friends in the twin cities Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. A. Hafele and two children left Monday morning for a week's visit with Mrs. Hafele's mother at Kinbrae.

Mrs. Milton Daily, of Sioux City, and Miss Effit Bowen, of Sheldon, Iowa, are visiting at the home of G.W. Roth.

J.S. Frink was in Heron Lake Thursday and Friday of last week repairing the plumbing at the hospital at that place.

Miss B. Gray, who has been spending the summer in Worthington, spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Sibley.

Miss Iva Lyons left the first of the week for Wallace, S.D., where she will spend a week with an aunt and other friends.

Fred Humiston went to St. Paul Tuesday where he attended the meeting of the Republican state central committee.

Ole Alingson purchased the McGee property on the lake front Tuesday and will shortly remove his family to town.

Messrs. James Mott and Thos. Hogans, Misses Flora Buchan and Blanche Runyan were guests of Luverne friends over Sunday.

Miss Hulda Munson returned to her home in Minneapolis Tuesday morning after a ten days' visit with the family of A. Hardow.

Mrs. Esther Koser returned Tuesday to her home in Eagle Grove, Iowa, after a pleasant visit with Dr. Weidow and family.

Mr. and Mrs. G.F. Albertus, of Owatonna, arrived in Worthington Saturday and will spend a few days with their son, A.R. Albertus.

D.A. Haggard and wife, of Algona, Iowa, are guests at the home of Mr. Haggard's brother, Mr. Henry Haggard, of Indian Lake township.

Prof. Edwards returned home Tuesday from Mankato, where he has been acting as instructor at the normal school during the summer term.

J.E. Farragher, of Adrian, spent a few hours with Worthington friends Monday, on his way from a visit with his brother, Philip Farragher.

Dr. C.D. Chalfant, of Streator, Ill., arrived in Worthington Friday and has been busy the past week looking after his various farms in Nobles county.

Verne Hayden left Sunday morning for the twin cities. Verne has a position offered him in both St. Paul and Minneapolis and has gone to investigate them.

Miss Clara Kinley, the efficient nurse at the hospital, left Monday night for her annual vacation, which will be spent with friends and relatives in Dakota and Canada.

Mrs. Anna Schraeder, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Jacobson, at Rushmore, was in Worthington Tuesday between trains on her way to her home in Montana.

L.M. Herbert, of Sauk Centre, Minn., was in the city the latter part of the week upon a business enterprise, which if consummated will make Mr. Herbert a resident of this city.

A.J. Fauskee, the popular tonsorial artist, has moved his family to this city from their former home at Lakefield. Worthington welcomes this worthy addition to our city.

Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Fish left Tuesday morning for Oshkosh and Eau Claire, Wis., where they will spend a couple of weeks with relatives and friends.

J.H. James left Monday for a week's trip through the grain section of South Dakota in the interest of Somers, Jones & Co., of Chicago, with whom he is employed as business solicitor.

The family of Charles Loveland arrived from Sac City Saturday and will reside in Worthington in the future, Mr. Loveland having recently accepted a position as baker at the Loveless bakery.

Miss Ada Ainsworth, who has been a guest of Rev. Wilder and family in camp at Chautauqua grounds, the past week, returned to her home in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Tuesday afternoon.

W.M. Evans and family will leave in a few days for a trip to Los Angeles, Cal. On their way out they will pass through the Canadian district which was devastated by fire the first of this week.

Miss Prue Town, accompanied by Miss Jennie Torrence, left Tuesday morning for a visit with St. Paul friends. From there Miss Torrence will go on to Duluth and other points in the northern part of the state.

Christ Hanson, formerly a barber at the Addington barber shop, was in Worthington Monday calling on his many friends. He has just returned from Hot Springs, Ark., where he has been for the past year in search of health.

Mr. Edwards, who until recently has been in charge of the depot lunch counter, together with his wife, left Tuesday for Cherokee, Iowa, where they will visit friends and probably locate if a suitable opening is secured.

Frank Williams and little son went to Sibley Tuesday afternoon to meet Mrs. Williams, who has been spending the past month at Colfax, Iowa, for her health. They will visit relatives at Sibley before returning.

Mrs. James Barnes and H.S. Myers left Saturday for Tabor, Iowa, where they were called by the serious illness of their mother, Mrs. Wm. Myers. Another daughter, Mrs. Brace, also resides in Worthington, but was unable to go with Mr. Myers and Mrs. Barnes.

Misses Sophie Sterling, Minnie Luehrs, Clara Prideaux, of Worthington, and Mable Birkett, of Sheldon, Iowa, left Saturday for a three weeks trip to Chicago, Detroit, and Niagara Falls. They will also visit Toronto, Thousand Isles and other Canadian points of interest.

Mrs. Thos. Dovery and family left Friday for Barron, Wis., where they will visit with relatives until such time as Mr. Dovery can get things settled at their new home in Buhl, Idaho. Mr. Dovery shipped his household goods and printing outfit to that place Saturday.

Lloyd Patterson has accepted a position in the State Bank at Adrian and left the first of the week to assume his duties at that place. Lloyd is a good, clean boy and will no doubt make many friends in his new location. His many friends here at home wish him success in his new position.

John Mitchell and wife, of Sanborn, Iowa, and Mrs. A. Peterson, of Watertown, S.D., were in Worthington the first of the week, called here by the death of their brother, Dow Mitchell. They accompanied Mrs. Mitchell and children to Peccatonica, Ill., with the remains.

S.M. Stewart lost four head of cattle by lightning during the terrific storm Monday afternoon. The cattle were standing in the field on Mr. Stewart's farm, about a half mile north of town when the fatal bolt struck them. Among the cattle killed was a fine young bull for which Mr. Stewart recently refused $100. The loss is partly covered by insurance.

Dave Fauskee is nursing a very sore hand. While assisting J.S. Frink in repairing the plumbing at the Moe hospital at Heron Lake, he accidentally cut a deep gash in the middle finger of his left hand. The wound was dressed by the hospital physician at that place, but it is of sufficient moment to incapacitate him for work and he is laying off this week.

H.J. Ludlow, the pioneer apple grower of this section, was in town Monday with a load of home grown Tetofsky apples, the first we have seen this season. The Advance-Herald man had the pleasure of sampling the fruit and is compelled to admit that they tasted as well as their appearance would indicate. Mr. Ludlow says that he is harvesting about five bushels a day at the present time.

James Mackey will leave Saturday for Chicago, where he will enter the Carey Jones school of auctioneering for a three weeks' course. This is the foremost school of its kind in the country, and while it is a question in the minds of those who have seen Jim conduct a sale, whether or not he needs any tuition in that line, still the "best is none too good," so he selected the Jones school. Jim, however, thinks the school will improve his already extraordinary ability in his line and when he finished the course there will be no better auctioneer in this section of the state.

Death of Dow Mitchell

the sad news was heralded about town Monday morning that Dow Mitchell had passed away during the night. Although not unexpected, still the intelligence cast a gloom over the entire community, where Dow's friends were limited only to his acquaintances. To know him was to like him. Death came early Monday morning, following an attack of blood poisoning, from which he had been a sufferer for several weeks.

The injury which ultimately resulted in death was received last spring. While making some repairs on a fence at his farm residence in Lorain township, he accidentally drove a nail into his knee. Little attention was paid to the injury and it apparently healed up and was to all appearances as well as ever, but the bone was injured and about chautauqua week it began to pain him. Thinking it merely a soreness resulting from the old injury, and failing to realize the seriousness of it, he worked all week at the chautauqua grounds. The next week, however, the inflammation had become so intense that he was compelled to seek medical attention, and took to his bed, from which he never arose. In spite of all that surgical skill could accomplish, he continued to decline until it was deemed advisable to amputate the limb. This Mr. Mitchell refused to consent to until last Sunday, when Dr. Weidow, assisted by Dr. F.S. Hough, of Sibley, removed the injured member. It was necessary to amputate the bone twice, as it was found upon examination that the bone was diseased higher up than at first supposed, so the extremity was moved about three inches further up to a point a little more than half way between the knee and the hip. The patient came out from under the anaesthetic in good shape and had apparently a chance to recover, but the magnificent physique had been too strongly undermined by the poison and about four o'clock he went into a sinking spell from which he never rallied, death being due directly to heart failure.

Dow Mitchell was born in Winnebago county, Ill., February 2, 1861, consequently he was aged 47 years, 5 months and one day, at the time of his untimely death. Deceased was for a number of years engaged in the meat business in Worthington, where he made friends with all with whom he came in contact.  He was married and the father of a bright little daughter, who with his widow and adopted son are left to mourn his loss.

Funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, attended by a large concourse of sorrowing friends and relatives.

The remains were sent to his former home at Peccatonica, Ill., for interment, leaving here Tuesday afternoon.

Lawn Social.

There will be a lawn social held at the home of G.M. Walker on Thursday evening, August 13th. Everybody is invited to attend and enjoy themselves. It will be under the auspices of the Christian Endeavor.  -Committee.

Friday, August 14, 1908

Phenominal Record of Rev. M.J. Ashin in This District.
Rev. M.J. Aschin, of Worthington, who is working in the interests of the American Sunday School Union, has certainly been doing very creditable work in his district, which comprises the counties of Pipestone, Nobles, Jackson, Cottonwood and Murray.

In the past three months he has established sixteen Sunday schools in the district, with a total of 455 scholars and forty-nine teachers. Of these, four schools have been established in Nobles county as follows: 1 in Bigelow, 1 in Bigelow township, 1 in Elk township and 2 in Bloom township.

The American Sunday School Union is non-sectarian, leaving the choice of denomination to the community in which the Sunday school is founded, and has for its slogan "The American Sunday School Union Makes Good Citizens." It aims to evanglize (sic) destitute neighborhoods not reached by the churches and to combine all christians through union work. The Union accomplishes its purpose by house-to-house visitation, organizing Sunday schools, distributing of Bibles and Christian literature, holding evangelistic meetings and aiding Sunday schools which have already been established. The Union aims to do a fundamental christian work without bringing up sectarian differences.

Emil Thoren and Mamie Saxon United in Marriage Thursday.

The beautiful "Maple Grove" farm in Indian Lake township was the scene of a pretty and impressive home wedding last Thursday afternoon, when Mamie, the eldest daughter of John A. Saxon and Mr. E.J. Thoren, of Princeton, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. Rev. Oberg, pastor of the Indian Lake Swedish Baptist church, performing the ceremony in the presence of about one hundred and fifty invited guests.

The parlor had been very prettily decorated for the occasion and promptly at the appointed hour the guests assembled and the contracting parties took their places beneath an arbor of ferns and after invocation by Rev. F. Peterson, of Minneapolis, Rev. Oberg spoke the words that joined the happy pair in wedlock.

The bride carried a bouquet of white roses and was becomingly gowned in white and was attended by Miss Josephine Thompson and her sister, Miss Jennie Saxon. The groom was attended by Olaf Nystrom and Walter Saxon.

The groom is a cement products manufacturer at Princeton, Minn., and enjoys the confidence and respects of the entire community while the bride is one of the most popular young ladies in Indian Lake township.

After receiving the congratulations of their friends an elaborate wedding dinner was served out on the lawn and as the evening shadows fell the guests departed wishing the happy pair all the best blessings that life can hold. They received numerous beautiful and costly wedding present. The Advance-Herald joins with their friends in wishing them a safe and smooth journey o'er the matrimonial sea, and heartily commends the bride to the citizens of Princeton, where they will make their future home.


LeRoy Couch of Warren, Ind., is a guest at the John Hansberger home.

Harry Furgeson, of Luverne, was in Worthington Friday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Hobson entertained a party of friends Monday afternoon at bridge in honor of Mrs. G.W. Curtis of St. Paul, and in the evening Mrs. Walter Dunbar gave a whist party in honor of Mrs. Curtis, at which the latter carried off the prize.

Miss Bessie Wood is visiting her sister, Mrs. Grace Sprague, at Fairmont this week.

Oren Amy of Canistota, S.D., returned Tuesday to his home after a week with his sister, Mrs. C.A. Baker.

Local Intelligence

Jay Wolven is home from a business trip to Chicago.

Ora Hale, of Rock Rapids, Iowa, was in the city a few hours Wednesday.

Mrs. H. Iverson, of Rushmore, was shopping in Worthington Wednesday.

E.E. Harshberger went to Rock Rapids, Iowa, on business Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Thoren left Wednesday for their future home in Princeton.

Miss Olive Benson, of Rice Lake, spent Wednesday with Worthington friends.

Mrs. J.S. Hunt and daughter are spending a few days with Rushmore relatives.

Mrs. Ray Weimerskirsk, of Sibley, was calling on Worthington friends yesterday.

Miss Hilda Nelson, of Adrian, spent Wednesday in Worthington, the guest of friends.

G.L. Melcher, of Rochester, was transacting business in Worthington Thursday.

Frank Esser, of Ellsworth, was in Worthington on a business mission Wednesday.

H.S. Myers and Gus. Engelbretson were passengers for St. James Thursday morning.

Mrs. Guy Swearingen and son, Ralph, of Round Lake, were Worthington visitors Monday.

Mrs. E.B. Hubbard, of Riverside, Cal., arrived this week and is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Humiston.

Mrs. Herbert Ager, who has been visiting at the Wilson Ager home returned to her home in Hastings, Neb., yesterday.

Nels Sandstrom and wife, former residents of Worthington, but now residing in Minneapolis, have been here the past week visiting old time friends.

John Holbrook went to Rushmore Tuesday where he will act in the capacity of nurse for Mr. E.L. Wemple, who is unfortunately afflicted with paralysis.

A.L. Wells and wife, of Brewster, were Wednesday visitors. Mrs. Wells went to Kansas City, Mo., and came here to take the train, which does not stop at Brewster.

Marriage licenses were issued the past week to William Jacob Spartz and Theresa Geise of Nobles county  and E.V. Lehr, Sergeant, N.D., and Grace Whalen of Nobles county.

Miss Josephine Olson, of Minneapolis, and Mrs. Simon Olson, of St. Peter, who have been visiting Elmer Kiser and family returned to their respective homes Wednesday morning.

Miss Rena Myers, of Iowa City, Ia., who has been visiting the past week in Worthington as the guest of her cousin, Dr. Weidow, and family, left Wednesday for Victor, Iowa, where she will be the guest of relatives before returning home.

Mrs. Will Runyan, of St. Paul, is visiting with the family of W.W. Loveless. She came as the guest of Mrs. Wm. Buchan, but the illness of Master Lyle Buchan made it necessary to visit with other friends to avoid quarantine.

Roy Pfeil, the 13-year-old son of Henry Pfeil, a farmer living three miles south of town, was kicked on the chin by a horse Saturday, which inflicted a painful injury. The lad was hurriedly brought to town and the wound dressed and he is getting along nicely.

The "Sunshine" club, of Lorain township, met at the home of Mrs. J.Fitzgerald on the usual date, the first Thursday of the month, and the meeting was a grand success. Two new members were admitted to the club membership. Mrs. Fitzgerald served refreshments and proved to be a liberal provider as there was enough of the tasty viands to supply a company of twice the number present, about twenty-five. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. David Jones on the first Thursday in September.

An alarm of fire was turned in about five o'clock Tuesday afternoon. An oil stove in Herman Hart's residence caught fire around the tank and for a time threatened to make things extremely interesting, but Pat Whalen, who was digging a ditch across the street and Emil Lucka, who was driving by, rushed into the house and threw the stove out into the yard. They then seized some wet sheets which were hanging out on the line and smothered out the flames which had attacked the carpet. But little damage was done aside from smoked walls, and the department did not respond.

Mrs. A.A. Goodrich and the Stewart baby are visiting with Sioux City friends.

 Mrs. Alice Hazzard and little son are guests at the home of her sister, Mrs. John Lawson.

WANTED - At once, housekeeper on small farm. Address Wm. Oxford, Fulda, Minn.

Mrs. Frank Crane and two children, of Breckenridge, Minn., were guests of Worthington friends last week.

Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Lehmann are entertaining their nieces, Misses Anna and Martha Lemke, of Paullina, Iowa.

Mrs. N. Nelson and two children, who have been visiting her father, August Anderson, returned to their home at Minneapolis Tuesday.

C.F. Boostrom and wife left Saturday for their home in Louisberg, Minn. The best wishes of the community follows the young couple.

P.C. Coleman, of Lake Crystal, moved his family to Worthington last week. Mr. Coleman will take the position on the Sioux Falls line now held by Neal Leverich, and Neil will go on a freight run.

WANTED - Four or five heavy teams for grade work, and two men who understand wheel scraper work and dump building. Stabling and camp on the work. W.C. Wyatt, Slade Hill., Adrian, Minn.

Word has been received that James Hayes, a former resident of Worthington is confined to his bed in a Colorado hospital, a sufferer from tuberculosis. The report says that Mr. Hayes has been afflicted with the dread malady for two years past.

J.B. Barlow, Sr., returned to his home in Ripon, Wis., Tuesday morning after a six weeks' visit with his daughter, Mrs. H.J. Ludlow, and family. Mr. Barlow is past ninety years of age, but is hale and hearty and is apparently good for an additional quarter century at the least.

In Quarantine.

Mrs. Wm. Buchan and two sons, Lyle and Lloyd are at present in quarantine for diphtheria, Master Lyle, being the member of the family afflicted. The infection is of a mild character, in fact is not a fully developed case of diphtheria proper, but only a diphtheretic sore throat, but as it was caused by the germ which exists in the malignant form, it was deemed advisable by the attending physician to place the family under quarantine restrictions, Mr. E.F. Buchan and Flora, and Miss Blanche Runyan, are staying with friends in other parts of the village until the ban is lifted.

Receives Gold Medal.

Milton Black is the proud possessor of a handsome gold medal, the gift of the State of Minnesota, in recognition of his ability as a rifle shot during the encampment at Lake City, Minn., recently. One medal is awarded to each regiment to the person making the highest score on the rifle ranges and Milton proved his superiority in the second by making a score of 359 at 200, 300, 500, 800 and 1,000 yards and the rapid fire contest and the skirmish. This is also the second highest score made by anyone in the three regiments in camp. The medal, which is of solid gold, was received Saturday and is a handsome specimen of the jeweler's art.

Local Intelligence

Wm. Sowles is on the sick list this week.

Herman Hart was a north bound passenger Monday.

Frank Bremer, of Wilmar, spent Tuesday in Worthington.

Dr. DeCoster was down from Windom on business Monday.

Miss Stella Gray, of Bigelow, was shopping in Worthington.

H.S. Myers was a passenger for Sheldon Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. Anna Davis left Monday for a visit with friends in Luverne.

Wm. Wichmann, of Lake Park, was in the city on business Monday.

Mrs. Will Scott has purchased the Geo. Calvet property on Third Ave.

Miss Loretta Ferguson left Tuesday for a short visit with Brewster friends.

Miss Sarah Rowe, of Rushmore, was in this city on school business Monday.

B. Joul, principal of the Rushmore school, was in Worthington Wednesday.

Mrs. S.H. Robbins, of Round Lake, spent the day in Worthington Monday.

Delbert Scott, of Rushmore, was in Worthington Monday enroute to Adrian.

Rev. Johnson, of Harris, Iowa, is the guest of C.J. Wickstrom this week.

Mrs. Budd Thompron [Thompson?], of Newkirk, Okla., is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Shaefer.

M. Sorem, Bigelow's hardware dealer, was in Worthington on business Tuesday.

H.D. Puscher, the Sibley implement dealer, was a Sunday visitor in Worthington.

Mrs. James Suddaby went to Sioux City Monday where she will visit with relatives.

E.D. and E.R. Tripp, of Round Lake, were in town Monday on business.

F.A. Tripp, of Round Lake, was calling on friends in Worthington Tuesday.

Mrs. M.C. Carr has for her guest this week Miss Susie Tuttle of Minneapolis.

W.F. Martin, of Ellsworth, was transacting business in Worthington Saturday.

Fred Darling had his new barn blown off its foundation by the storm Saturday night.

Miss Blanche Carr is entertaining her friend, Miss Leola Walkup of Pipestone this week.

Mrs. Maud Martin, of Round Lake, spent Monday with her sister, Mrs. M.C. Barber.

Carl Carlson, of Sibley, was calling on lady friends in Worthington Saturday evening.

Ivan Pettit, who is now working in St. Paul, was the guest of his mother over Sunday.

Nick Cassaretta and family of Sibley spent Wednesday with his brother, J.C. Cassaretta.

Guy Fellows, of Elk, was in Worthington Tuesday evening attending a lodge meeting.

Geo. Bulick and H.D. Barnard, of Reading, were Worthington visitors Tuesday evening.

Paul Dunbar was a passenger for Sioux City Monday afternoon where he will visit friends.

Dr. Mork was in Sibley Sunday assisting Dr. Hough of that place in a surgical operation.

P.V. Manning, of Chicago, was a visitor at the home of Dr. C.P. Dolan and family this week.

Mrs. L.W. Abbott and sister, Mrs. Flora Campbell were Tuesday visitors with Ellsworth friends.

George W. Lear, proprietor of the Worthington Hotel property, was in the city Monday on business.

Mrs. Jennie Sutherland, of Heron Lake is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Warren Davis, this week.

Mrs. E.A. Tripp, of Round Lake, spent Wednesday in Worthington, the guest of H.R. Tripp and family.

Dr. F.S. Hough and son, Randall, came up from Sibley Tuesday to enjoy a swim in the lake.

M.K. Skrone and wife, of Limon, Colo., were guests of Worthington friends the first of the week.

A haystack on the Terry place was struck by lightning during the storm Saturday night and burned up.

Miss flora Duth returned to her home in Pipestone Tuesday after a week's visit with Mrs. E. Hutton.

Lars Nyquist, of Slayton, was in the city Saturday and visited over Sunday with friends in Indian Lake township.

Mrs. J.P. Heim returned to her home at Brewster Monday morning after a visit with Mrs. George Pfarrer.

Mrs. Frank Coughran and daughter, Josephine, returned Sunday from an extended visit with Wisconsin friends.

Mrs. Art Rose left Wednesday afternoon for Browning, Mo. where she was called by the serious illness of her sister.

Mrs. Walter Ager went to Rushmore Wednesday morning where she will spend a few days with relatives and friends.

Miss Emma Meier, of Brewster returned Monday afternoon after a pleasant week's visit with Mrs. Anna Nebenthal.

Miss Mary Fitch went to Willmar Monday afternoon where she will spend a few days with Mrs. Inley and other friends.

Dr. Dodge, dentist, has removed his office from the Baker block to the rooms over Latta's store in the Wilson block.

Mrs. O. Sather departed Wednesday morning for Redwood Falls, where she will spend some time as the guest of relatives.

Mrs. T. Bonnallie returned to her home in Windom Wednesday morning after a visit with her sister, Mrs. G. Morrison.

Rev. Peterson and wife returned to their home in St. Paul Monday after an extended visit with friends in Indian Lake township.

Mrs. Will Weed of Spirit Lake left Sunday for a visit with friends in at Windom. While here she was the guest of John Fitch and family.

The Repath [Redpath] Chautauqua Indians passed through Worthington Tuesday afternoon enroute to their reservation in Wisconsin.

Mrs. Jacob Atrops and family left Wednesday morning for a month's visit with relatives at Fairfax and other points in the state.

Henry Ewy returned to his home in Heron Lake Wednesday after a pleasant vacation spent with his uncle, John Bisanz and family.

Mrs. S.C. Pixley, of Janesville, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. C.A. Peterson, for the past ten days returned home Monday.

Nick Weinandt, formerly editor of the Herald left Wednesday for Minneapolis to assume his position as superintendent of a job printing office.

Miss Emma Conrad, of Omaha, spent Monday with Worthington friends, on her way home from a visit in Wilmont, with the family of Daniel W. Chute.

Ed. Manska left Tuesday afternoon for Minneapolis and from there he will make a trip through North Dakota, with a view to settling some place in that state.

Prof. R.H. Edwards shipped his household goods to Morris, Minn., Wednesday, at which place he will be in charge of the public schools for the ensuing year.

Mrs. J.D. Tann, of Princeton, who has been visiting Wm. A. Mosher and family, left Wednesday for Sioux City, where she will be the guest of relatives for a short time.

J.F. Atkinson, of Chicago, is the guest of M.P. Mann and family. Mr. Atkinson's family will arrive in a few days and will go into camp on the banks of Lake Okabena.

 Misses Grace Sol and Henrietta VanSurksum, of Alton spent Monday morning with Worthington friends. They went to St. Paul from here where they will visit for a couple of weeks.

LOST - On July 4th, in Worthington, male shepard dog; color red and black; marked like fox hound; liberal reward will be paid for his return to H.R. Morgan, R.F.D. No. 4, Worthington.

Miss Anna Garf, of Rock Rapids, Iowa, spent a portion of Tuesday with Worthington friends and left for Minneapolis in the afternoon, where she will guest of relatives for a few days.

Jesse Hamstreet had the misfortune to get two fingers on his left hand pinched in a job press at the Advance-Herald office Monday afternoon. No bones were broken and Jesse will soon be O.K. again.

Mrs. G.W. Curtis and daughter, Margie, of St. Paul, who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Hobson, went to fulda Tuesday, where they will visit with Mrs. Curtis' mother for a few days before returning home.

Messrs. E.M. Eckman and Henry Elvidge and wives and K. Chatfield, of Omaha, members of the firm of Paxton-Eckman Chemical Co., and W.R. Smith, Minnesota representative of the firm, were in camp here the first of the week.

Dr. C.D. Chalfant returned to his home in Streator, Ill., Wednesday after a ten days' visit to Worthington and Nobles county. The doctor owns considerable real estate in Nobles county and each year makes a pilgrimage here to look after same.

Dr. R.W. Miller and wife, of Sioux City, spent Sunday in Worthington, the guests of Dr. G.O. Moore. Dr. Miller is an old Nobles county pioneer, and was renewing old acquaintances. He is at present a practicing dentist at Sioux City.

Mrs. Arthur Pickering, of Council Bluffs, Iowa, is spending a few days with Rev. Wilder and family in camp. Rev. Walter M. Swan, of Jackson, pastor of the Presbyterian church at that place, is also a guest at the Wilder camp.

A.M. Renner attended a convention of implement dealers at the twin cities this week and read a paper on cream separators. Attorney Flynn is authority for the statement that Mr. Renner is seriously contemplating adopting lyceum and Chautauqua work next season.

M. Galvin, who has been laid up for several weeks with a sprained ankle came back Tuesday from a visit with his parents at St. Paul and returned to his duties as brakeman on the Omaha. Jas. Coleman, who has been taking his place, will return to his old place __ Nos. 1 and 2 on the main line.

Mrs. A.N. Wetheral and daughter, Miss Pearl, returned home Saturday from a two-weeks' visit with Omaha relatives. Miss Pearl left again Tuesday for Chicago, where she will attend the fall opening of the wholesale millinery houses, after which she will return to her work at Sheldon, Iowa.

John Thielvoldt and wife, of Round Lake, were the guests of Register of Deeds, H.R. Tripp and family, Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Thielvold __ principal of the schools at Round Lake, and was on his way home from Minneapolis, where he has been in attendance at the summer school of the U. of M.

Monday in probate court Mrs. E.__ Oakes was adjudged insane and was returned to the hospital at St. Peter. Mrs. Oakes has been under the care of relatives but it was deemed best that she receive the care of persons skilled in the treatment of mental disorders so Sheriff Fauskee, accompanied by Mrs. Allen, took her to the St. Peter hospital on the Tuesday morning train.

Friday, August 21, 1908

Some Interesting Data in Regard to the Coming Year.

The Worthington public schools will open for the ensuing year on Monday, September 7th, and we are safe in predicting a most pleasant year for both teachers and scholars. The teachers for the year 1908-9 have been selected with great care by the board and the result has been an eminent corps of instructors, as the list appended will verify. Quite a number of new faces will be seen among the personnel of those who will be in charge of the various rooms, while a number of the old favorites will occupy their accustomed places.

Prof. E.C. Meredith, who will preside as superintendent, comes to us from Emmettsburg, Iowa, and comes highly recommended, as a scholar and an educator. He is a man of pleasing personality and has already made a number of friends during his short residence among us. The following is the complete roster of teachers:

Principal High School, Anna Bernard.
Latin, Julia B. Hensel.
English, Jean L. Galt.
History and German, Carrie A. Bachtle.
Science, Blanche Donahue.
Room 11 -- Julia Hyland, Beth Ames.
Room 10 -- Elizabeth Thompson, Eva Irene Parish.
Room 9 -- Mary E. Ash.
Room 8 -- Almino B. Willock.
Room 7 -- Edith B. Clark.
Room 6 -- Martha M. Wick.
Room 5 -- Fredda Otto.
Room 4 -- Blanche Dyer.
Room 3 -- Minnie Nelson.
Room 2 -- Ida Nelson.
Room 1 -- Margaret Brooks.
Librarian -- Jennie M. Beckley.


Frank Condon and wife of Humboldt, Iowa, were the guests of Mr. Condon's sisters, Mrs. Geo. Fredan and Mrs. Jacob Miller over Sunday and Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Condan have but recently been married and the visit to Worthington was a part of their wedding tour. It was their expectation when they came to Worthington to spend several days here, but an urgent business call hastened their departure and shortened their visit.

Local Intelligence

Floyd Duel was a Sioux City visitor Monday.

John Magai, of Adrian, spent Tuesday in the county seat.

W.E. Roberts, of Rushmore, was a business caller Monday.

Mrs. Rose McCall was the guest of Brewster friends Tuesday.

G.N. Miller of Luverne was calling on business friends Monday.

Mrs. Rev. Fletcher and daughter are visiting Minneapolis friends this week.

George Vallner, of Fulda, was in Worthington on business, Monday evening.

Mrs. Dan'l W. Chute, of Wilmont, was visiting Worthington friends, Monday.

Mrs. Ralph Smith is quite ill at the home of her mother, north of Rushmore.

Mrs. Minnie Weed, of Spirit Lake, is visiting at the John Fitch home this week.

Mrs. A.E. Little left Tuesday morning for a visit with relatives at Pipestone.

I.M. Berg and R.E. Zea, of St. James were Tuesday callers in Worthington.

J.A. Cashel is home from an extended visit to Winona, Minn., and points in Wisconsin.

Mrs. C.H. Hurlbert left Wednesday morning for a visit at Ottawa, Minn., with relatives.

W.C. Thom and Henry Pielhop, of Rushmore, were in the city Tuesday on probate business.

John McBreen, of Livermore, Iowa, transacted business in Worthington Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. Will Madison pleasantly entertained the Birthday Club at her home Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. Herman Kolander, of Sioux City, is spending a few days with the family of E.L. Schawartz [Schwartz?].

Arthur Hansberger has purchased a resident [residence?] in Worthington and will soon take possession of same.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Palmer and family left Tuesday morning for a visit with friends in the twin cities.

Lee Humiston went to St. James Monday night where he took the railroad examination for brakeman.

Miss Minnie Haeseck, of St. Paul, spent several days the past week visiting her friend, Miss Fannie Hendricks [Hendricks?].

The family of J.F. Atkinson, arrived from Chicago last week and are now with Mr. Atkinson in camp at the park.

A baby boy has taken up his residence at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Mitchell, arriving Tuesday night.

Mrs. Anna Otis, of DesMoines, and her friend, Miss Lampert, of Denver, are visiting at the home of M.P. Mann.

Mrs. W.T. Hayes left Wednesday morning for Mankato where she will spend a month with relatives and friends.

Mrs. N. Burnett, of Cherokee, Iowa, visited last week with her sister, Mrs. Carl Arneson, returning to her home on Monday.

FOR RENT -- Twelve room rooming house partly furnished; rent $20 per month; possession given at once. Mrs. R.A. Post.

Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Martin and Father Sherman attended the funeral of Mrs. Theressa Ebert at Brewster Wednesday morning.

Mrs. J.H. James went over to Adrian the first of the week for a few days' visit with her mother, Mrs. W.H. Prideaux.

C.I. Moulton, electrical engineer at the Chicago public library, is spending his vacation with his sister, Mrs. Dr. Ray Humiston.

WANTED -- Boy about sixteen years of age to work in drug store. Must have at least one year high school education. Write or call on M.G. Johnson, Fulda, Minn.

Misses Clare and Laura Cashel, who have been visiting at the home of C.J. Smallwood, returned to their home in Winona, Tuesday.

Miss Lillie Rathlesberger returned to her home in Iona, Minn., Wednesday after a month's visit with her sister, Mrs. Charles Anton.

Misses Alida Bedford, of Rushmore, and Margaret Akerman, of Minneapolis, were calling on Worthington friends Monday and Tuesday.

Miss Coila Free, who is conducting a photographic studio and Kingsley, Iowa, is spending her vacation with her father, R.P. Free, in this city.

Mrs. W.W. Frost and son, Lloyd, of Emmettsburg, Iowa, arrived Monday and will be guests of Prof. E.C. Meredith and family for a few days.

The two little daughters of Fred Knapp returned home last week from LeMars, Iowa, where they have been visiting relatives for some time.

Mr. Albert Olund will occupy the pulpit in the Baptist church next Sunday, August 23. Sunday school after morning service. No evening service.

A. Thomte, now that the Worthington laundry has closed will again start to shipping laundry and any bundles left at his shop will receive his personal attention.

The many friends of Charles Sowles will be glad to know that his condition has so improved as to permit him to be around again without the use of crutches.

Arthur Steinmann, north of town has been entertaining his friend, Arthur Swensen, of Rockford, Ill., the past week. Mr. Swensen returned home Wednesday morning.

The two-year-old son of P.J. Arbes pushed a grain of corn into his nostril yesterday morning. He was taken to a physician's office and the obstruction removed before causing any serious inconvenience.

Henry Sorem, of Braddock, N.D., arrived here Wednesday morning, being called home on account of the sickness of his mother. He says that crops are very good in the part of North Dakota where he is located.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Anderson left on Monday for Kewanee, Ill., where they will visit for some time with relatives. Mr. Anderson will go from there to his old home in Sweden to visit his parents and will probably remain in the old country until next spring.

E.J. Zumsteg, who has been working through this district in the interest of the Prohibition movement, was taken ill last week with symptoms of typhoid fever and was sent to the home of his brother at Big Stone, Minn.

George Storing, a former resident of this section, but now residing in St. James, was in Worthington Wednesday. While here he rented one of G.W. Patterson's farms and will move back to Nobles county this fall.

The funeral of Charles Hagberg, of Reading, who passed away Sunday from tuberculosis, was held Wednesday, the remains being interred at the Worthington cemetery under the auspices of Reading lodge M.W.A.

Miss Blanche Runyan left Tuesday for Shakopee, Minn., where she will visit for a short time before returning to her home in St. Paul. Miss Runyan has been spending the summer in Worthington with Miss Flora Buchan.

Misses Clara Prideaux, Minnie Luehrs,, Sophie Sterling, of Worthington and Mabel Birkett, of Sheldon, returned Monday from a trip to Niagara and Canadian points. The ladies were gone two weeks and report a pleasant trip.

A number of Worthington young men went to St. James Monday to take the examination for railroad work. Among the party were Harry Blume, Ed Eggleson, and Guy Borst, who took the examination for brakemen and Floyd Duel for fireman.

Mrs. J. Suman and daughter, Besse, of Hudson, Iowa, visited Mrs. Suman's sister, Mrs. Clyde Williams and Mrs. Auren Williams, last week, returning home Wednesday. A picnic was held at the Worthington park in their honor on Saturday.

Mrs. J. Peterson and daughter, Ora, left Thursday for Anoka, Minn., where they will make their future home. It is regret that we see these estimable people depart from our midst, and the best wishes of the community follows them to their new home.

Rev. Elijah Haley will occupy the pulpit at the Congregational church next Sunday morning and evening. Rev. Haley is an able man and has been in the ministry for fifty-two years. He is at present located at Bigelow where he preaches twice each Sunday in the M.E. church and once upon the street.

A jolly party of eighteen people spent Monday and Tuesday at Graham Lakes in camp. Those composing the party were M.P. Mann and family, of Worthington, Mrs. A.J. King, Mrs. Talmann, and son, Miss Jeannette Brown, Miss Lina King, Myron King, of Kansas City, Mo., Mrs. Otis, of Des Moines, and Miss Lampert, of Denver.

Monday afternoon the Tourist Club entertained their new members at the home of Mrs. G.W. Wilson. The time was spent in discussing plans and work for the coming year. Mrs. Lincoln gave a number of charming selections on the piano. At five o'clock all repaired to the dining room where dainty refreshments were served. The decorations were green and white - the club colors. Those present were: Mesdames Wilson, G.W. Roth, J.M. Messer, Wm. Chaney, A.E. Hart, K.V. Mitchell, E.K. Smith, G.A. Lincoln, E.J. Jones, A.R. Albertus, Frank Dean, Jas. Montgomery, and Mrs. Voland, of Iowa City.


Mr. Russell Moberly and Miss Louise Pass were quietly married Monday afternoon at the residence of Father Sherman at the Catholic church, who performed the ceremony in the presence of a few of the immediate friends of the contracting parties. The happy couple left on the afternoon train for the twin cities, where they will spend a week or so with friends, after which they will go to housekeeping in Worthington. The groom is a well known brakeman on the Omaha railroad, and the bride is a highly respected young lady whose home is in Adrian, but who for some time past has made her residence here.

May Settle Here

Mr. E.M. Eckmann, one of the proprietors of the Iowa Stock Food Co., was in camp here a few days last week and became so taken up with Worthington and the surrounding territory that he at once took under advisement the idea of moving his family here from South Omaha. Mr. Eckmann has been in Worthington many times before upon business, but had never had an opportunity to really form an opinion of the city, as a place of residence. While here he tried to negotiate for a piece of property, but we understand the owner placed a higher value on the property than Mr. Eckmann desired to pay for it, and the deal has not as yet been concluded.


C.W. Hutton, of Worthington, has purchased from H. Harbinson, of Sibley the route, good will, etc., for the sale of the W.T. Rawleigh stock and household remedies and will hereafter look after the interests of the Rawleigh company in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.

Local Intelligence

Ben Hilyard spent Sunday with Fulda friends.

J.G. Mitchell was a visitor to Miloma, Monday.

Dr. Selby made a business trip to Sheldon Tuesday.

George Calvin spent Sunday with his family in this city.

H.C. Hanson, of Rushmore was a Worthington visitor Friday.

C.W. Hutton made a business to Sibley Monday afternoon.

Mrs. E.L. Gillette is visiting with twin city friends this week.

H. Harbinson, of Sibley, was in Worthington on business Saturday.

Miss Bernice Weidman was the guest of Fulda friends last Sunday.

Miss Bessie Scott was the guest of friends in Bigelow over Sunday.

W.G. Myers went to Butterfield Monday on a business mission.

Theo. Bahls, of Round Lake, was in the city Friday on business.

Dr. Weidow was in Brewster, Saturday on professional business.

Dr. Dickhoff made a flying visit to Bigelow Tuesday afternoon.

Everett Mohl, of Adrian, spent Monday with Worthington friends.

C. Konlund, of Luverne, made a business trip to Worthington Friday.

Miss Katie Beard, of Sioux Falls visited Miss Myrtle Maine Monday.

Dr. Manson submitted to a minor surgical operation Tuesday morning.

Warren, the six-year old son of L.S. Kenney, is quite ill with pneumonia.

Editor John Randolph, of Brewster, was in Worthington Monday on business.

Miss Minnie Davis, of St. Paul, is the guest this week of Mrs. John Humiston.

W. Bartholemew, of Heron Lake, was a business caller Saturday morning.

Mrs. James T. Hiller, of Org, was in the city Monday on a shopping expedition.

Dr. Selby, Clarance Pannell and A. Austin spent Sunday with friends in Bigelow.

Frank Richter, of Ellsworth, spent Friday in Worthington on a business mission.

Mrs. Anna Aulwaes of Hartford, S.D., is the guest of Matt Becker and family.

Arba Bedford, of Rushmore, was calling on Worthington friends Monday afternoon.

W.F. Sisson, of Reading, was transacting business in the county seat last Friday.

H. Harbinson, of Sibley, made a business trip to Worthington Saturday afternoon.

Thos. Prideaux and family of Rushmore, spent Monday with R. Prideaux and family.

Mrs. C.W. Smith, of Minneapolis, is the guest of Mrs. C.J. Smallwood this week.

Misses Laura and Clara Casbel, of Winona, are guests of their brother, J.A. Cashel.

Wm. Moriarity, of Heron Lake, was shaking hands with Worthington friends Friday.

E.M. Lawton and Robert Smith were in Bigelow on business Saturday morning.

Miss Edith Selene returned to Sioux Falls Tuesday after a visit with Mrs. Roy Newman.

Mrs. Harvey Rew left Monday for Artesia, S.D., where she will spend a week with relatives.

Mrs. E.M. Lawton arrived home Friday night from a visit with relatives at Northfield.

Rev. Oberg and Henry Noystom left Tuesday night for the twin cities on a business mission.

John Sheplee, of Clarion, Iowa, spent Sunday in Lorain township the guest of J.C. Williamson.

Leo Dolan returned home Monday from a visit with relatives at New Richland and other points.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Suddaby are entertaining Miss Lillie Kozier of Nebraska City, Neb., this week.

FOR SALE - One-year-old English pointer; male; partly trained. G.W. Ager.

Rev. Meyers, of Beaver Creek, occupied the pulpit at the Presbyterian church last Sunday evening.

Ivan Pettit returned to Minneapolis Sunday after a weeks vacation spent with his mother in this city.

Miss Mary Glynn, of Adrian was in the city Monday in attendance at the Moberly-Pass nuptials.

Mrs. H.L. Durfee left Monday evening for a visit with her mother and sister at Graceville, Minn.

Dr. Curran of Mankato spent Tuesday in Worthington, the guest of his brother-in-law, Dr. Manson.

Miss Edith Saline returned to Sioux Falls, Tuesday after a pleasant visit with Worthington relatives.

Oscar Lucker, who has been the guest of Ole Carlson, returned to his home in Slayton, Monday morning.

Mrs. Frank Crane and two daughters of Breckenridge, Minn. are the present guests at the home of F.R. Durfee.

H.E. Beller, of Ponca, Neb., was looking after business interests in Nobles county the latter part of last week.

Mrs. T.M. Renshaw and Misses Ethel and Lois, of Rushmore, were calling on Worthington friends Saturday.

The forty-second national encampment of the G.A.R. will be held at Toledo, Ohio, August 31st to September 5th.

Thos. Hayes, of Wilmont and Miss Julia Hayes, of Storm Lake, Iowa, were calling on Worthington friends Friday.

Miss Lenora Klassy of Bigelow spent a few hours in Worthington Tuesday, the guests of Miss Margaret Dickhoff.

G. Braley and wife, of Cherokee, Iowa, were in the city the first of the week looking after property interests.

Msis Hazel Rider, who has been visiting her uncle, C.T. Rider, returned to her home in Sheldon Tuesday afternoon.

V. Helms and wife returned Monday morning to their home in St. Paul, after a visit with the family of F.M. Potter.

Mrs. Will Humiston and little daughter left Saturday for a visit to Colfax, Iowa, where they will rusticate for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Moore, of Wayzata, Minn., returned home Monday from a week's visit with J.P. Loveless and family.

Mrs. P.D. Moore departed Tuesday afternoon for St. Joseph, Mo., where she will make an extended visit with relatives.

Dr. F.W. Palmer, of Chicago, was in the city Monday calling on Dr. P. Geyerman, who was a class-mate at the medical college.

Mrs. J. Sutherland, of Heron Lake, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Warren Davis, the past week returned home Monday morning.

Miss Leola Walkup, who has been visiting Miss Blanche Carr for the past couple of weeks, returned to her home in Pipestone Tuesday.

Miss Alene Chaney returned to her home in Minneapolis Monday afternoon after a pleasant vacation spent with Worthington relatives.

Miss Mary Twitchell left Monday morning for her home in Chicago, after a pleasant visit with her brother, Mr. H. Twitchell and sister, Mrs. H.L. Gillette.

Mrs. E.L. McIntosh and daughter, Florence, returned Saturday from Audubon, Iowa, where they spent a week with Mrs. McIntosh's mother, Mrs. A.I. Brainard.

Marriage licenses were issued the past week to Miles O. Wells and Anna M. Thompson and Jacob Versteig and Haldegonia Kooiman, all of Nobles county.

The Sunday school of the Methodist church held their annual picnic at the park Tuesday afternoon. An enjoyable time is reported by those in attendance.

Mrs. Will Guernesy and son, Paul, of Minneapolis, left Monday for Parker, S.D., after a visit with Mrs. L.M. Guernesey, of Rushmore, and Cole Guernesey, of this city.

H. Knoche and wife of Livingston county, Ill., were in Worthington the first of the week, their visit here being for the purpose of looking over Nobles county lands.

The number of automobiles in Worthington has been increased by one during the past week. C.J. Smallwood received his new Rambler touring car Tuesday and it is a beauty.

Miss Theressa Didier returned to her home in Grandville, Iowa. Tuesday afternoon after an extended visit with the families of Nicholas and Ellis Didier and Joseph Lebens.

J.S. Frink, of this city, and E.C. Schwartz, of Luverne, left Monday for Des Moines, Iowa, where they participated in the three days' shooting tournament held in that city.

P.J. Arbes, of New Ulm, Minn., is the new prescription clerk at the Morland drug store. Mr. Arbes will remove his family to this city as soon as he can secure a suitable residence.

Miss Millie Mellenthin, the pleasant clerk at the Herbert Drug Co., is taking a week's vacation, which will be spent at her home in Marshall, Minn., and other points in the state.

Miss Gertrude Gottschaemer, of St. Paul, was calling on Worthington friends Monday. While here she was entertained by Mrs. Robt. Smith and Misses Flora Buchan and Blanch Runyon.

Mrs. E.L. McIntosh has resumed her duties as librarian at the public library after a two weeks' vacation. Miss Julia Hyland was in charge of the library during her absence and made an efficient substitute.

Attorney John F. Flynn went to Minneapolis Monday afternoon, where he spent a couple of days with friends before the Democratic state convention convened at St. Paul, to which body he was a delegate.

Mrs. Dr. Williams, of Slayton, and sister, Miss M.L. Bemis, of Auburn, N.Y., were in Worthington Monday. Miss Bemis will visit for a few days with her sister before returning to her home in the Empire state.

The hot water heating plant for Dr. C.P. Dolan's office has arrived and will be installed by J.S. Frink in the near future. Doc. says he is going to keep warm this winter and he don't care who knows it.

While hauling grain Monday morning, Rodney Daney's team of mules ran away throwing him out of the wagon. Fortunately he escaped serious injury, but sustained a bruised spine that will lay him up for a few days.

J.R. McKenzie, of Adrian, was in Worthington Monday, Mr. McKenzie is a student of mining engineering at the U. of M., and has just returned from Utah, where he has been studying the conditions as they exist in the mines there.

Capt. Anton J. Schaffer, state bank examiner, was in the city Tuesday on his way home to St. Paul from Rushmore, where he was called by the serious illness of his father-in-law, Mr. Wemple. Mr. Wemple is quite low with paralysis.

Death of a Former Resident.

The following obituary notice may be of interest to the older citizens of Nobles county as the subject was one of the first settlers in the county, having come to Nobles county before the present site of Worthington was surveyed. The notice, taken from an Iowa paper follows:

Benjamin Franklin Tanner was born at Oxford, Michigan July 8, 1842 and died at Camanche, Iowa, August 11th 1908, aged 66 years 1 month and 3 days.

On February 4th, 1861, he was united in marriage to Miss Harriette M. Oakes and in October of that year, moved to Minnesota, and in 1862 he enlisted in Company K, 9th Minn. Vol. Infantry, and served until the close of the war.

After leaving the services of his country he moved his family to southwestern Minnesota where later he took up a soldier's claim where the most of their lives were spent and where six children were reared, one son and five daughters, all of whom with his wife, survive him, Nellie, Mrs. J. Mortenson, residing in Minnesota, Clara, Mrs. Danielson of Oregon, Carrie, Mrs. O.B. Lacy, residing in Camanche, Iowa, Georgianna, Mrs. Marshall, who resides in the state of Washington, Sylvester B. Tanner, of South Dakota, and Lydia, Mrs. McLeod, whose home is in Minnesota.

In June, 1907, Mr. Tanner and his wife came to Camanche, Iowa, to be near their daughter,  Mrs. O.B. Lacy, where their home has since been and where on Tuesday, August 11th, 1908, the end came after months of suffering from ailments brought on by exposure during his time of service in the civil war.

The funeral service took place from the Baptist church in Camanche at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 13th, following which interment was made in Camanche cemetery.


W.A. McKinney, baggageman on the Sioux Falls branch has a beautiful cigar band placque. It is about thirty inches in diameter and as it is his own work he is justly proud of it.

Friday, August 28, 1908

E.L. Wemple Prominent Citizen of Rushmore Died Monday.

On Monday, August 24th, at 11 o'clock Hon. Evert Lansing Wemple passed away at his home in Rushmore, after a year of ill health caused by paralysis. Up to about three years ago Mr. Wemple was a rugged man and in excellent health, but since that time he has gradually declined in body, though his mind was as clear and active as ever. About six months ago his voice failed him, due to paralysis and this made it very hard for him and his family, as he was naturally energetic and loved to discourse with his neighbors and friends. Few men of his age retained the power to remember both ancient and modern history as did Mr. Wemple. Always a great reader and thinker, he was able to discourse on all subjects with ease and always commanding attention.

Mr. Wemple was born of revolutionary parents in New York state May 31, 1835, and has ever carried the patriotic spirit with him, both in his public and private life. Others may have forgotten the national holidays, but Mr. Wemple never. He remembered them with a patriotic feeling and often did his national flag from civil war times remind others of the occasion as it floated from the flag staff on his lawn.

On January 17, 1858, deceased was married to Elizabeth Sieber, who has ever been his helpmeet and a kind and loving wife. On January 17th last they celebrated their golden wedding at Rushmore with all the members of the family present.

In 1878 Mr. Wemple came to Rushmore with the New York colony, when the town was scarcely a spot on the map and that place has been his residence until the day of his death. With Mr. Al. Seney he helped to lay out the town site and has had more or less to do with the town ever since, having charge of the original townsite to the time of his death. No public matter came up in the town, township or county that Mr. Wemple was not interested in. He was ever ready to lend his services to old and young for the upbuilding of good principles and high motives; always had a good word for everybody, yet was ever ready to denounce wrong doing and conditions unfavorable to town or state.

Mr. Wemple was active in public life as well as private. Evera  staunch republican he made his stand and both the voter and the office seeker knew where he stood on all questions. In early times he served as one of the first judges of probate of Nobles county, was justice of the peace for several years and served on the township board of Dewald. For twenty years he was an active member on the school board, being treasurer the entire time. For six years he served as post master, but was forced to resign on account of ill health.

Mr. Wemple is survived by his wife and five children, all of whom have been with him during his last sickness. His children are: Edwin S., of Rushmore; Sheldon, of Minneapolis; James, of St. Paul; Mrs. A. Schafer, of St. Paul, and Mrs. W.H. Booth, of Sioux Falls.

The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon from the M.E. church, where deceased had been a contant [constant?] attendant for thirty years, and the remains taken to Sioux Falls and laid to rest with other relatives in the family lot.

Rushmore has lost one of her oldest and most highly respected citizens, a good neighbor and one who was always ready to lend a helping hand. He will be missed by old and young for it is hard to forget a face such as that of Mr. Wemple after thirty full years of continual association on the corner, where he has lived and where he passed away.

Child Dies.

Warren L. Kenney, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.S. Kenney, passed away Sunday morning after a long illness, death being due to pneumonia. The little fellow was aged 4 years, 8 months and 4 days. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at 2:30, Rev. Cahoon conducting services.

Local Intelligence

James Shay, of Jackson, attended the fair Wednesday.

J.A. Shay, of Jackson, was a Tuesday caller in Worthington.

G. Klessig, of Reading, was in Worthington on business Tuesday.

Hugh Riley, of Sioux Falls, is visiting with his uncle H.R. Tripp.

C.H. Runger, of Sheldon, was in the city Tuesday on business.

George Carkner, came up from Sibley Wednesday to attend the fair.

G.B. Gillis, of Tracy, was in the city Tuesday morning on business.

Miss Zella Guthrie, of Sibley, visited with Worthington friends Wednesday.

A. Nazerenus of Elk township will leave Sunday night to take in the state fair.

H.C. Hanson, of Rushmore, was transacting business in the county seat Tuesday.

D.F. Jennings and E.J. Crawford, of Fairmont were taking in the fair this week.

Miss Minnie Thompson of Rushmore, spent Wednesday with her sister in this city.

John Thielvoldt, of Round Lake, spent Tuesday calling upon Worthington friends.

Henry D. Brown and G. Pluim, of Fulda, were in attendance at the fair Wednesday.

Rev. Carl Oberg returned Wednesday from a visit to Willmar and the Twin Cities.

Philip Fader, of Lakefield, spent Tuesday evening and Wednesday in Worthington.

A party of young folks gave a dancing party at the Maccabee hall Wednesday night.

Mrs. John Salbom left Tuesday for a two weeks' visit with friends and relatives in Iowa.

Roy Faulkner and wife are the parents of an eight pound girl, born Thursday morning.

J.W. Gunning, of Sibley, came up Wednesday to renew old acquaintances and attend the fair.

Paul and Lee Cooper of Adrian are spending fair week in this city the guests of Ed. Lawton.

A brand new boy took up his residence at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Olson Sunday morning.

T. Burus, of Fargo, was in this city on business Saturday and remained in the city over Sunday.

H.W. Ferguson, of Luverne, is attending the fair and looking after the Luverne Brick Co.'s exhibit.

E.D. Tripp, of Round Lake, spent Monday evening and Tuesday morning with Worthington relatives.

J. Sorem, of Bigelow, was attending the fair Wednesday and looking after business interests as a sideline.

Dr. C.L. Burrill and wife and Miss Childs of Heron Lake, visited Worthington Sunday in the doctor's auto.

Miss Anna Thompson of Sibley, spent Wednesday in Worthington calling on friends and attending the fair.

Mrs. J.H. Maxwell, who has been ill for sometime, has so far recovered as to be able to be about the house again.

Miss Hilda Carlson and sister, of Minneapolis, are visiting at the home of Peter Swanson and other friends this week.

The Presbyterian Sunday School picnic which was to be held today, has been postponed until Friday, September 4th.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Peterson came down from Windom last Friday and visited relatives and friends until Monday morning.

Mrs. Eliza Austin returned last week from a visit extending over a year, with friends and relatives in Kansas and Colorado.

R.P. Yates and wife, of Sleepy Eye, Dr. C.P. Yates, wife and little son, of St. James, spent Sunday with the family of Jerome Yates.

George Bonde and wife, of Reading, were in Worthington Tuesday. Mr. Bonde has an exhibit at the fair and remained over to look after his stock.

W.S. Lewis returned home Tuesday from an extended visit with his mother at Marietta, Ohio. While absent he paid a visit to his daughter at Preston, Minn.

Mrs. R.L. Morland left Thursday morning for St. Paul Park, where she will visit for a short time with her parents. She was accompanied by her son, Edward.

Miss Tillie Sietsma of Ransom, who has been spending a few days with relatives near this city went to Sibley Wednesday, where she will visit with friends.

Miss Agnes Nelson, of Sheffield, Pa., and Miss Sarah Snyder, of Fulda, were attending the fair this week. While in Worthington they were guests of A.K. Baker.

R.A. Grant, of Luverne, is in the city assisting the Western Implement Co., in displaying its wares at the fair and incidentally learning how to manufacture automobiles.

E.E. Harshberger, the tailor, sold off his household goods Saturday afternoon and left Tuesday with his family for Lucas, Kan., where they will reside in the future.

Mrs. H.O. Kolander, who has been the guest of the family of E.L. Schwartz during the past week, left Wednesday for a visit with relatives at Wilder, Windom and Lakefield.

Miss Jones, an experienced trimmer from St. Paul, will have charge of the trimming department in Mrs. Gillette's millinery store this fall and will arrive here next week to take up the work.

Cards are out announcing the wedding on September 3 of Miss Adelia Hector, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hector, of Indian Lake township, and Peter H. Nystrom, of Bigelow township.

Mrs. E.S. Earnart, who is a guest at the M.P. Mann residence, went to Des Moines Tuesday to get things in shape for the return of her husband and herself after their summer outing spent in this city.

A.C. Campbell, of Lincoln, Neb., came to Worthington Wednesday suffering from a bite from a dog, received at some other point. The wound was dressed and Mr. Campbell proceeded on his way.

A "surface gang" of about 200 Italians are now quartered in this city under the supervision of Roadmaster Dunbar, of the Omaha road. The gang will be augmented by an additional force and they will probably be employed in this vicinity for several weeks.

N.C. Martin, a painter employed in painting a warehouse at Reading slipped and fell from a scaffold and sustained a fractured wrist on the left side Tuesday. He came to this city where the fracture was reduced and he was sent to his home at Estherville, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. John Kenney, of Perry, Iowa, arrived in Worthington Tuesday morning, being called here on account of the death of the four-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. L.S. Kenney. John is an old time friend of ye editor and while here made our office a pleasant call.

W.C. Hansberger, of Baltimore, Ohio, is the guest of his uncle, John Hansberger. Mr. Hansberger is a prominent merchant in his Ohio home, but was formerly a resident of Nobles county and this is his first visit here in fifteen years. He reports numerous improvements in Worthington during that time.

Leslie Austin, late editor of one of the Jefferson, Iowa, papers is the new clerk at the post office, having taken the place of A.V. Fellows, whose resignation takes effect September 1st. Mr. Fellows resigns because he finds the inside work injurious to his health and he will make an effort to secure outdoor employment.

A contested claim caused a lively lawsuit in probate court Tuesday afternoon, wherein the claim of Anton Pint vs. the estate of Mathias Pint, sr. for $1,203 was contested by Peter Lenz, executor of the estate. J.A. Town appeared for the claimant and C.M. Crandall for the executor. No finding has as yet been reported.

Mrs. A.J. King, son Myron and daughter, Nina, Mrs. N.M. Tallman and son, Thorne, and Miss Jeannette Brown of Kansas City, who have been spending the summer in Worthington at the home of M.P. Mann, returned home Wednesday afternoon. The party are enthusiastic regarding Worthington as an outing place, and expect to return next year and bring with them a number of friends. Several of the party have been spending their vacations here on previous occasions and each time leave thinking Worthington he "only" place to pass an ideal vacation.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Whitney's "Boy's Sextette" of this city, and am glad to record my high appreciation of their work. Some of the boys have unusual voices, especially John Crow, soprano and Harry Redmond, bass, indeed all the boys do fine work. Their entertainment is of a high order, pleasing and profitable. I hope them success. Frank Doran, pastor Central Methodist Episcopal Church, Winona, Minn., June 16, 1908. The above organization will appear at the M.E. church Thursday evening, September, 10th.

Kicked by a Colt.

Henry Marshall, who has charge of Chas. Martin's exhibit at the fair was kicked in the face by a colt Thursday morning at the fair grounds. The animal inflicted a cut on the left side of the head near the temple, but the wound was not dangerous. Marshall came to town and had the injuries dressed, and aside from a slight inconvenience is none the worse for the adventure.

Four Generations

Monday morning Miss Lillian Yates, the photographer, made a  unique picture inasmuch as it was a four generation photo and the principles were relatives of the photographer. Those who posed before the camera were Jerome Yates, of Worthington; R.P. Yates, of Sleepy Eye; Dr. C.P. Yates, of St. James, and Ballard Vermont Yates, of St. James. The picture is the more remarkable from the fact that all were male subjects and there is a difference of ninety years between the eldest and youngest people.

Local Intelligence

Mrs. H.A. Ring spent Sunday with Heron Lake friends.

Dr. C.P. Dolan is putting in a cistern on his office premises.

Mrs. George Sellers is convalescent after a prolonged illness.

C.E. Bobby, of Rushmore, was in the city Saturday on business.

Miss Stella Gray of Bigelow was shopping in Worthington Tuesday.

C. Synkerson left Monday for Brewster where he has a painting contract.

J.W. Hill went to Okabena Saturday morning for a visit with his daughter.

G. Bonde and G.T. Bulick, of Reading were Worthington callers Saturday.

Henry Nystrom, of Minneapolis was in Worthington on business last Saturday.

Miss Bertha Peterson, of Bigelow, spent Sunday with Worthington friends.

Miss Elsie Yost, of Brewster, spent Monday with her sister, Miss Nellie Yost.

Master Gerald Dickens went to Heron Lake Tuesday to visit with his grandmother.

Mrs. Frank Kieth [Keith?] is spending a couple of weeks with relatives at Hartley, Iowa.

Miss Barbara Gilfoyle went to Lismore Saturday morning for a visit with relatives.

Mrs. Ivan Erickson returned home Monday from a visit with relatives at Adrian.

C.P. Loveless came in off the road and spent Sunday with his parents in this city.

Mrs. Wilson Abbott visited with Mrs. J.W. Siler, of Ash Creek over Sunday.

S.P. Bach, the Round Lake butter maker, was a Worthington visitor Saturday.

Miss Emma Fauskee left Monday afternoon for a visit with relatives at Minneapolis.

Mrs. C.J. Smallwood is entertaining Miss Blanche Matteson, of Minneapolis this week.

P.S. Davis, of Eldora, Iowa, is in the city this week looking after his land interests.

Miss Emma Furgeson left Saturday morning for a visit with friends in the twin cities.

E.A. Tripp, of Round Lake, was the guest of relatives in Worthington over Sunday.

F.L. Kieth was called to Des Moines, Iowa, Saturday by the serious illness of his father.

C.W. Garretson, of Madelia, was in Worthington Saturday for the purpose of buying stock.

Miss Goldie Creaver, of Minneapolis is spending the week with her parents in this city.

J.W. Gray, of Sauk Center, was the guest of his son, L.H. last week, returning home Saturday.

Clarence Bugh, of Cherokee, Iowa, is visiting his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Eshelmann.

John Masgai, who recently purchased property here, has moved his family to this city from Adrian.

J.S. Frink returned home Saturday from Des Moines where he attended the state shooting tournament.

Mrs. R.J. Nystrom returned Tuesday afternoon from a visit with relatives and friends at Sioux City.

Miss Pearl Wetherell left Saturday for Spencer, Iowa, where she will trim during the fall millinery season.

C.I. Moulton, of Chicago, who has been the guest of his sister, Mrs. Dr. Ray Humiston, returned home Tuesday.

Mrs. J.C. Hazard returned Monday to her home in Omaha, after a pleasant visit with Mr. and Mrs. John Lawson.

George M. DePetit, of the Advance-Herald, is enjoying a visit from his mother, Mrs. Mary DePetit, of Dayton, Ohio.

Rev. and Mrs. Road, who have been visiting Rev. and Mrs. Swan, returned to their home in East Chain Lakes Saturday morning.

Miss Laura Coffit returned to her home in Fulda Saturday morning after a short visit with the family of Vandy Duba.

Miss Laura Pepple left Tuesday afternoon for Grand Marais, Minn., where she is under contract to teach the coming year.

Mrs. C.F. Petterson, of South Haven, S.D., was the guest of Peter Johnson and family last week, returning home Saturday.

Mrs. Hubbard, who has been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Humiston, returned to her home in California Saturday.

Miss Mabel Hansen, who contracted typhoid fever while attending the normal school at Mankato, is rapidly convalescing.

J.E. Darling is suffering from a severe attack of blood poisoning in his right hand. He is unable to trace the origin of the infection.

Rev. Cahoon and family returned home Saturday morning from an extended visit with relatives and friends in various parts of the state.

Misses Anna Strom and Hannah Anderson arrived home the first of the week from a six months' visit at Seattle and other coast towns.

Carl S. Otis, of Des Moines, Ia., spent Sunday with his wife in this city. Mrs. Otis is spending the summer here at the home of M.P. Mann.

Mrs. F.C. Brace went to Spirit Lake Friday to interview an artist upon painting of china, and while there she secured some beautiful new designs.

Mrs. James Suddaby, accompanied by her guest, Miss Cosmore, visited with friends at Canton, S.D., this week, returning Tuesday.

Henry Hornstein, a young man near Reading, who has been quite ill with blood poisoning, is improving and is now considered out of danger.

L.H. Gray left Saturday morning for a trip through the northern part of the state on business. While absent he will make a short visit with his parents at Sauk Center.

Mrs. Dr. Ray Humiston entertained the Twentieth Century club this week. The meeting was for the purpose of maping out the course of study to be followed in the club work during the ensuing year.

"Paddy" Tripp has opened up a stand for the sale of refreshments, sandwiches, cigars, etc. in the little house formerly used for the same purpose, on Main street, next to Albertus' clothing store.

Miss Florence McIntosh met with a painful accident Thursday evening. In some manner she tripped over an obstruction on the sidewalk and fell, injuring her arm so as to disable that member for a few days.

Ursala Wiedmann, an eleven-year-old little girl submitted to an operation Tuesday morning for the removal of several small tumors from the throat. The operation was successful and she is now doing nicely.

Miss Minnie Davis, of Minneapolis, who has been the guest of Mrs. J.D. Humiston, returned home Saturday. Miss Lizzie Davis of Madelia, also returned home Saturday after a pleasant visit with Mrs. Humiston.

Mr. and Mrs. John Salstrom and little child spent Sunday with Mrs. Salstrom's mother, Mrs. Bitlegen [Biltgen?]. Mr. Salstrom returned home Monday, but Mrs. Salstrom remained in the city owing to the sudden illness of the child.

Eris Ledine and son, John, went to St. Peter Monday morning, where they will spend a few days with relatives and friends.

Marie Bisanz went to Minneapolis Monday for a visit with relatives and friends.

The ladies of the German Evangelical church pleasantly surprised Mrs. George Cunningham at the home last Thursday evening. Music and refreshments contributed to the general good time enjoyed by those present.

Rev. Wm. Fletcher spent Sunday with his family who are visiting with friends in Minneapolis. Rev. Hadley, of Bigelow, occupied the pulpit of the Congregational church during his absence. Rev. Fletcher returned Wednesday.

Adrian seemed to have an extra attraction for Worthington people Sunday. Ed. Lawton, Will Ekstrom and L. Patterson composed a party who paid that village a call and I.F. Kelly and A.R. Alburtus [Albertus] also paid a Sunday visit there.

Guy A. Carlton and wife of St. Paul are guests at the Worthington . Mr. Carlton is engaged in the hay commission business and makes extended trips to Worthington on business and he and his estimable wife have many friends in the city.

The drill team of the D. of H. pleasantly surprised Mrs. J.J. Kies Monday night at the home of Mrs. J.S. Kies. Refreshments were served and an enjoyable time was reported by all present, and the team presented Mrs. Kies with a beautiful china salad bowl.

Sheriff J.E. Black, of Luverne, passed through this city Monday, having in his custody Sam Houston, whom he was taking to the reformatory at St. Cloud. Houston was arrested for burglary and pleading guilty was given an indeterminate sentence in the reformatory.

Dr. F.B. Cowgill, district superintendent of the M.E. Church, from Redwood Falls occupied the pulpit at the union meeting at the Methodist church Sunday night, and left Tuesday morning for Mankato where he attended the conference of the board of church extension.

Milton, the young son of John Thompson, of Round Lake, was badly bitten by a dog Friday morning. A number of children had been teasing the animal when it made a lunge at the Thompson child and buried its fangs into the thigh of his right leg, inflicting a painful wound. He was brought to this city and the wound dressed and no serious results are anticipated.

Bud Thompson returned home Monday morning from Newark, Okla., where he has been with his parents since last winter. He reports the crop prospect very poor in that section, due to too much rain early in the season, and supplemented by dry, hot weather which is virtually burning up the corn before it gets an opportunity to ripen. Bud says it is a nice country, but he prefers Nobles county.

The two-year-old son of Rev. Carl Oberg, of Indian Lake Township was badly bitten by a dog Monday. The child was playing with the dog which was a family pet and had never shown and disposition to be savage before, when the animal made a lunge at him, sinking its teeth into his face and scalp, inflicting painful injuries. He was brought to Worthington, where his wounds were treated by a physician and no serious results are expected.

Fred McNair had a few minutes excitement Friday afternoon. He was driving out through the country with the state veterinarian when his team took fright and threw him out. He landed in a barbed wire fence, but held on to the team, escaping with a few scratches. A bolt lost from one of the wheels was replaced and the journey was resumed without further incident. Fred says: "It might have been worse."

J.B. Ludlow and S.C. Wilson, of Rushmore, were in Worthington Friday on business. They did not state what the business was, but we suspect the trip to the county seat was for the purpose of purchasing a hunting dog so as to be ready for the sport as soon as the season opens. Perhaps S.C. was afraid to trust his own judgement and brought Burr along to help with the selection. At any rate they took home a splendid specimen of the canine family.


The residence of Ralph Long, opposite the Omaha depot, was entered some time Monday night by burglars and a ladies' necklace and bracelet taken. The loss was discovered Tuesday morning and reported to the police, but as there was absolutely no clue as to the identity of the miscreant he has not been apprehended.

The work was probably done my some of the many hoboes who infest the city at the present time, and the perpetrator probably left the city immediately.

----End Transcription----


Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained November, 2007.

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