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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 April, 1908

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Friday, April 3, 1908

Mrs. I.P. Fox and daughter, of Verdi, and Mrs. Wilbern, of Sibley, were guests of Mrs. G.W. Wilson this week.


Emil Larson of route 2, was in the city Tuesday on business.

Herman Doeden of route 2 was a Worthington caller Tuesday.

Hugh Toohy, of Fulda, spent Sunday at the home of P.J. Martin.

Dr. Ray Humiston has moved his office into rooms over Loveless' store.

Mrs. Fred Keith left last Saturday for a visit at her old home at Hartley, Iowa.

E.E. Kelley, of Hartley, Ia., came up last week for a short visit at the home of his son, I.F. Kelly.

Prof. Harry Kies, who is teaching at Dow City, Ia., is spending his vacation under the parental roof.

A.J. Kirk and family left yesterday for Rockwell City, Iowa, where they will make their future home.

Mrs. J.J. Kies entertained a number of lady friends Tuesday afternoon in her usual delightful manner.

Mrs. G.A. Cahoon and children spent a few days visiting at the home of C.D. Brown, on the Jackson road, this week.

E.E. Harshberger, the tailor, has moved his shop into the rooms in the Bigelow building, formerly occupied by H.H. Myrum.

Wallace Saxon one of the sturdy and progressive young agriculturists of Indian Lake, was a Worthington visitor Monday.

Miss Anna Flentje, of the register of deeds office, visited at her home at Round Lake from Friday until Sunday.

A.W. Fagerstrom, the genial cashier of the Worthington National bank, visited at New Richland last Sunday.

Ex Mayor E.A. Tripp moved to his farm near Round Lake last Saturday. Rev. Walker moved in the house this week.

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Lanham, of Cedar Rapids, Ia., are in the city on a visit with the numerous friends of the doctor.

Miss Augusta Hegardt and Ed. Comer, who are attending school here, went to their homes at Round Lake to spend their vacation.

A new boarder was lodged with Sheriff and Mrs. Newton Fauskee last Monday, who will stay with them for an indefinite time. She was a homeless little waif brought in by the stork.

Dwight Ludlow came home last Saturday from the State Agricultural School for a couple of weeks vacation. He has finished the school work for the year, but will return to Hamline to take a position in L.B. Bassett's office.

J.J. Cronan, of Chicago, was arrested on Tuesday at Wilmont, charged with jumping a board bill at the Worthington. He had his trial on Wednesday morning before Judge C.W.W. Dow and a jury composed of W.I. Humiston, J.G. Mitchell, Harry Lewis and Will Boddy. The defendant was discharged.

A. Thomte last Monday moved his barber shop into his new quarters in the Buchan block, where he is now comfortably settled. Mr. Thomte put in entirely new furnishings and now has one of the most handsomely equipped shops in this section of the state. The equipment also includes a bath room, as well as a boot-blacking stand.

Mrs. Munchow, who lives alone in one of Mr. Bizans houses, met with a very painful accident Tuesday morning. She slipped and fell on the floor in such a way as to fracture her hip, and lay in a helpless condition for several hours before she was able to attract attention of neighbors. Dr. Wiedow was called to attend the injuries which will confine her to her bed for some time.

Col. J.A. Town went to St. Paul Tuesday on business.

Axle Hedstrom, of route 5, was a caller last Saturday.

C.A. Lutner, of Reading, was in town Monday doing trading.

Emil Larson, of Indian Lake, was in the city on business Tuesday.

Miss Ethel Reynolds, of Bigelow, did shopping in Worthington Friday.

Andrew Hagberg, of Reading, did business in Worthington last Monday.

C.W. Johnson, of route 2, was in the city Saturday transacting business.

Pat Congdon, the Bigelow butcher, did business in Worthington last Saturday.

C.F. Modisett, of Bigelow, transacted business at the county seat last Saturday.

Wm. Oxford, one of the prominent farmers of Seward, was in the city on business Tuesday.

G. Hacker, a leading agriculturist of Elk, transacted business in Worthington last Saturday.

Alferd Jacobson returned last week from a visit of several weeks with friends in Sac county, Iowa.

Frank Turner returned last Friday from his visit to New York state. He reports a very pleasant trip.

Mrs. Gust Olson and Mrs. John Martin, of Round Lake, were in the city Monday doing shopping.

A.C. Dickens, who has been laid up several months with a broken ankle, resumed his run on the Omaha road this week.

Geo. Butcher returned on Tuesday from Little Rock, where he went to attend the funeral of his housekeeper, Mrs. Mary Coster.

Editors Hamstreet, of Rushmore, Randolph, of Brewster, and Lovrein, of Ellsworth, were at the county seat on business last Friday.

Clarence Pannell returned last week from Canada, where he had spent the winter with his brothers. He has been absent from Worthington about a year.

John A. Anderson, of Graham Lakes, who some weeks ago bought the John Harden dwelling, moved in last week, and is now a resident of the county capital.

A.F. Lucht and Wm. Kuehn, of Bloom, had business in the probate court here Monday. They were accompanied by Carl Vendt, of Illinois, who is visiting the Kuehns.

Evelyn, the little 4-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Hardow, died last Monday evening from a tumor on the brain. The funeral was held Thursday afternoon. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of a large circle of friends in their affliction.

Mrs. Mary Coster, the housekeeper for Geo. Butcher, died last Friday afternoon at his home in Worthington township, of pneumonia, aged 63. The remains were taken to her old home at Little Rock, for interment. She leaves three daughters and two sons. She had been with Mr. Butcher since Jan. 21st.

Mmes. Coss, Stevens and Danielson, of Luverne, attended a meeting of the D. of H. Lodge here last Saturday evening. Mrs. Coss spent a number of days here last week drilling the degree team, and brought them to a high state of efficiency. The team was invited to Luverne to confer the degree on a class of candidates tomorrow night.

The Moses hardware store adopted the cash basis April 1st.

G.W. Baker, of Wilmont, was a county seat visitor Wednesday.

Miss Hannah Haack has taken a position in Steffens' restaurant.

Theo. Heinrichs, of route 5, was in the city Wednesday doing trading.

Miss Opal Luehrs, who is teaching at Luverne, is home for the vacation.

Mrs. Ward, the cook at Thurber's restaurant, was on the sick this week.

Wanted -- A girl for general house work. apply to Mrs. Grant Morrison.

Miss Alfreda Otto, one of the teachers, went to Rushmore Wednesday to visit friends.

Miss Clara Ackerman was a patient at the Worthington hospital a few days last week.

Rev. G.A. Cahoon went to Hamline Tuesday to attend the post graduate institute.

Wm. Schroeder, of Rushmore, has been a patient at the Worthington hospital the past week.

P.W. Ledine, one of the leading farmers of Bigelow, was in town Wednesday doing trading.

Rev. Wm. Fletcher has been chosen to preach the anniversary sermon to the Odd Fellows on April 26th.

Mr. Aaron G. Hancock and Miss Eva M. Mack were married on March 21st, by the Rev. Wm. Fletcher.

I.F. Kelley last week was taken down with acute bronchitis and has since been confined to his room.

Mrs. J.G. Mitchell and children went to Rushmore Wednesday to spend a few days with relatives.

A 6-year old son of John Martin, of Round Lake, was operated on Wednesday at the hospital for adnoid.

Dr. E.E. Stover, G.P. Ostrom and H.E. Lindsay, of Bigelow, were at the county seat on business Wednesday.

Mrs. Gilfillan, of Pipestone, came down Tuesday to visit her husband who is down with a siege of pneumonia.

Foster Moore will dispose of his household goods at auction tomorrow and move to Chicago to engage in business. The Moore farm will be run by Eli Ogg the coming season.

The Birthday Club was entertained on Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. A.c. Dickens. April fool tricks made up a large part of the entertainment, and of course everybody had a good time. Dainty refreshments were served.

Prof. E.C. Merredith, of Emmettsburg, Ia., was in the city Tuesday looking over the town. He was one of the applicants for superintendent and the board of education tendered him the position, and he signified his intention to accept provided he could make satisfactory arrangements with the Emmettsburg board.

Howard L. Durfee has moved into the Vic Anderson house.

Etta Moen is visiting in Heron Lake during the vacation.

Mrs. J.W. McBride is enjoying a visit from a sister and a niece.

Fritz Johnson of Worthington township, was a caller yesterday.

Jas. Gibson has rented the house vacated by Rev. G.M. Walker, and will move back to Worthington.

Mrs. W.J. Dodge leaves today for Illinois, where she will spend several months visiting relatives and friends.

March 29th was Mrs. Jens Christenson's birthday. Friends gathered with numerous presents to remind her of the occasion. Music and games were indulged in.

Mrs. Jas. Kitterman returned on Monday from a visit to her husband, whose headquarters is at Pipestone. They contemplate moving there.

M.C. Carr, an engineer on the Omaha, moved here from Heron Lake Tuesday. They will occupy the house heretofore occupied by H.R. Edwards.

"The Coon-town Minstrels," April 3, will be given by the friends of Miss Carrie McCune, as a benefit entertainment. The program is jolly in every feature, and well worth the price of admission.

Friday, April 10, 1908

Mrs. Elof Nordquist died on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, at her home in Indian Lake, aged 57, of a complication of diseases. The funeral services will be held next Sunday afternoon. The services at the house will be at 2 o'clock and at the Indian Lake Baptist church at 3 o'clock. Rev. C.E. Oberg will officiate. The deceased had been a resident of Nobles county since 1872, and has lived on the farm ever since. Her husband died in June 1907.


P.C. Anderson of Org was a county seat visitor last Saturday.

Mrs. Elon Williamson visited at Rushmore last Saturday.

Gust Nystrom of Indian Lake, was a Worthington visitor last Saturday.

Chas. Nyberg of Indian Lake was in the city last Saturday on a trading trip.

Mrs. G.W. Wilson visited Mrs. I.P. Fox and Mrs. Wilbern at Sibley last Saturday.

Mr. Hattie Basset, of Rushmore, was in Worthington last Saturday doing shopping.

Cashier J.B. Ludlow of the Rushmore State bank, was in the city Monday on business.

Nels and J.E. Moberg of Bigelow townships transacted business in Worthington last Saturday.

H. Bjornstad, one of the hustling agriculturists of Ord, did trading at Worthington last Saturday.

E.P. Johnson one of the substantial farmers of Indian Lake, transacted business in town last Saturday.

Prof. S. Solomonson, the efficient leader of the Indian Lake band, was a Worthington visitor last Saturday.

Jesse Hamstreet, of the Advance force, who spent a week at a hospital in Minneapolis, where he underwent an operation, returned yesterday.

Emil and Henry Lestico, who left last week on trip through North Dakota and Montana to look up farm lands, are expected home tomorrow.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hansberger have returned from New Mexico, where they spent several months visiting their daughter, Mrs. E.C. Wilson.

J.G. Mitchell drove to Rushmore last Sunday and spent the day with relatives. His family which had been visiting them several days returned home with him.

Wm. Eagle, who had been an inmate of the poor farm for about two years, died last Monday, aged 66 years. He leaves a wife and seven grown children.

Mayor W.E. Madison has let a contract to Julius Palm for entirely remodeling his residence on Third avenue. When the improvements are completed Mr. Madison will have one of the most handsome and completely modern residences in the city.

O.W. Johnson, who had spent three weeks visiting his parents near Org, resumed his work on the road the first of the week. Mr. Johnson is traveling salesman for a Chicago firm which manufacture furnishing goods.

Mrs. G.W. Wilson had an attack of the grip the first of the week.

The Tourist club met with Mrs. Stanley Moore Monday afternoon.

W.S. Lewis is at Preston this week, visiting his daughter, Mrs. Roi Tibbitts.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Chermack of Route 3 did trading in the city Saturday last.

H.A. Eversole, a prominent farmer of Elk, was in the city last Saturday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Larimoure of Worthington township, did trading in town Saturday last.

F.L. Humiston made a trip to Pope county the first of the week to look after a farm he has there.

O.C. Selby, who has been attending business college in Chicago for some months, returned last Sunday.

Harry Allen, who had been under quarantine for small pox the past three weeks, was released on Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. K.V. Mitchell entertained a few friends at cards last Monday evening. A pleasant time is reported.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore entertained the Whist Club Monday evening at the Worthington, where an unusually pleasant session was held.

F.M. Hickman passed through here on Tuesday on his way to Sibley with the remains of Mrs. Hickman, which will be interred there in the Wilbern family lot.

N.O. Langseth returned yesterday from a sojourn of several weeks at Hot Springs, Ark. He says he is much improved in health and had a pleasant time.

A box social will be held in district 106, known as the Fitzgerald school, April 17, 1908. A short program will be given. Everybody is invited to attend. Beulah B. Dring, Teacher.

John F. Flynn returned Monday from southern California, where he spent several months in company with friends looking over the country. He reports having had a splendid trip, and saw a great deal of the county along the southern part of the coast.

Dr. W.P. TenBroeck, professor of ecclesiastical history at Seabury divinity school, Faribault, will preach in St. John's Episcopal church in this city Sunday evening, April 12th. The doctor is an eloquent and scholarly speaker and his sermon is sure to be a great treat. All are invited to the service.

Among the prominent Republicans from around the county in attendance at the convention yesterday were the following: Senator S.B. Bedford and Chas Hamstreet, of Rushmore; F.D. Lindquist, of Dundee; J.H. McRoberts, of Ellsworth; Geo. Slade, E. Cooper and J.C. Becker, of Adrian; J.E. Salstrom, of Bigelow; Chas. King, of Org; A.F. Eshleman, of Elk; Frank Green, of Worthington township; H.W. Larson and C.W. Becker, of Wilmont.

A.A. Abbot of Indian Lake was in the city Monday.

J.A. Saxon of Indian Lake transacted business in Worthington Saturday.

J.R. Selby, one of the substantial farmers of Hersey, was in town Saturday.

Miss Nellie Erickson of Bigelow township did shopping in Worthington Saturday.

P.R. Long, one of the hustling and progressive young farmers of Reading was in the city Saturday on business.

A.P. Rose and R.P. Moore have been canvassing in and around Adrian the past week in the interest of Mr. Rose's county history.

The two young children of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Leistico, who have been very low with pneumonia, are reported to be improving at this writing.

George Eggleston, first engineer at the city power house, was married on Thursday, April 2, to Mrs. Sadie Wagner, at Sibley, Ia. They have gone to house keeping in Mr. Eggleston's house in the Clary addition.

Friday, April 17, 1908


John Apel was in from Elk yesterday doing trading.

G.C. Fellows was in from Elk township on Tuesday.

E.A. Little was in from Elk last Saturday on a trading trip.

Banker Ned Jones made a business trip to Fulda yesterday.

D.C. May of Lake Park was a Worthington visitor Wednesday.

F.E. Post of Reading transacted business in Worthington yesterday.

M. Thompson of Ransom township was a Worthington visitor last Saturday.

Mrs. S.M. Stewart is visiting relatives and friends in eastern Wisconsin for a few weeks.

Thos. Heggs and S.J. Anderson of Elk attended Woodman lodge here Monday evening.

G.T. Harker a real estate dealer of Spirit Lake, Ia., was in the city yesterday on business.

J.A. Anderson, practical painter and paper hanger. Leave orders at Harry Lewis's store.

Dr. F.M. Manson made a trip to St. Paul the first of the week, returning Tuesday afternoon.

Ross Nelson came down from St. James Tuesday afternoon, to resume his old place in Albert & Rockwell's saloon.

Andrew Dillman left on Wednesday for Blue Earth City, where he will spend a few weeks visiting relatives and friends.

Nels Olson returned yesterday morning from Fergus Falls, where he spent a couple of weeks looking after extensive farming interests.

M.A. Gregerson took a party of land seekers to Bowman county, N.D., last week, and this week took up another party, who expect to invest in land there.

The many friends of H.W. Doolittle, a former landlord of the Worthington, will be interested in the fact that he is now running a hotel at Detroit Lake, this state.

Danl. Shell went up to Mankato on Tuesday to attend the district convention on the following day. From there he went to Minneapolis to attend state convention.

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Miller of Wheaton, Minn., came down last Friday evening to attend the sale of the real estate of the J.B. Sharp estate. Mrs. Miller is a daughter of the late Mr. Sharp.

F.C. Stitser writes the Advance from Caliente, Nevada. He expects to go from there to Corona, Fresno and San Francisco, Cal., Grants Pass and Portland, Oregon, Spokane and Pasco, Washington.

A.N. Wetherall and family have moved into the Shanahan house, on Lake ave. Herman Schmid, who bought the Stitser house which Wetherall's formerly occupied, has moved in there.

Dr. Rea, the Minneapolis specialist, who has been making this territory monthly for the past six months, was at the Worthington again yesterday. The doctor says he is working up a very satisfactory practice in chronic cases.

The anniversary sermon for the Independent Order of Odd Fellows will be preached at the Congregational church, Sunday morning, April 26, by Rev. Wm. Fletcher. The Odd Fellows will meet at their hall at 10 o'clock that morning and march to the church in a body.

Leslie H. Gray, district representative of the DeLaval cream separator, who makes Worthington his headquarters, was married last week to a young newspaper woman at Joplin, Mo. The couple arrived in Worthington on Monday.

Passion week services have been held at the M.E. church the past week. On Tuesday evening the sermon was preached by Rev. Morse, of Madelia; Wednesday evening Rev. Benj. Gillis, of Windom, preached; on Thursday evening Rev. Petrie, of Lakefield, preached, and this evening Rev. Wm. Gillis, of Rushmore, will preach.

Mrs. W.H. Buchan visited at Reading last Saturday.

Nels O. Langseth of Indian Lake was in the city last Saturday.

Oel Ellingson of Indian Lake transacted business in town last Saturday.

Miss Flora Buchan, who is employed in Snyder's store at Reading, spent Sunday at home.

Mrs. G.W. Wilson and Mrs. G.A. Lincoln took a drive into Seward township on Monday.

I.F. Kelly was confined to his bed again a few days last week, but was able to be out the first of the week.

R.R. Smith is making preparations to make extensive improvements in his residence on 7th avenue and 11th street.

Are you interested in owning your own home? See the Western Land Securities Company's representative A.M. Gregerson.

The Werntz property, at Round Lake, occupied by E.A. Tripp & Son's general store, was sold recently to Mrs. Anna McDonald of Faribault.

Alfred Jacobson of Bigelow township took the train here Tuesday evening for the twin cities, where he will spend a few days visiting friends.

Dr. and Mrs. A.B. Williams of Wilmont accompanied the doctor's mother to Worthington Tuesday on her way home from a visit with her son.

At the district Republican convention held at Mankato Wednesday Daniel Shell was elected one of the alternates to the national convention at Chicago.

Axel Wass of Indian Lake was quite low last week with an attack of blood poisoning, resulting from a pimple, but at the last report was on the road to recovery.

The Slayton Herald, under the management of P.J. Thiesen, formerly foreman of the Worthington Herald, has improved greatly in appearance, and is now something of a newspaper.

E.J. Wolven and family Dr. C.P. Dolan and family, F.C. Brace and family, S.M. Stewart, Judge and Mrs. G.W. Wilson, Mrs. W.W. Loveless and daughter, took dinner at the Worthington last Sunday.

G.L. Patterson, F.L. Humiston and C.M. Crandall went to Mankato Wednesday morning to attend the Republican district convention which is to elect two delegates to the national convention. From there they go to Minneapolis to attend the state convention, which elects the four delegates at large from the state.

Mr. and Mrs. G.F. Moore left on Wednesday morning for Chicago, where Mr. Moore will make his headquarters for some time pending arrangements for going into business. He has an interest in a number of electric theatres, and he and his partners intend to establish a circuit of these enterprises which are now proving popular and very profitable amusement resorts. Mr. and Mrs. Moore will stop at Mankato and Minneapolis, where Mr. Moore will attend the Republican conventions.

Co. Supt. L.W. Abbott visited schools in Elk township last week.

Lynn Evans was on the sick list a couple of days the first of the week.

Albert Hactor of Indian Lake was in Worthington last Friday on business.

Editor Chas. Hamstreet of Rushmore was a Worthington visitor Tuesday.

Arthur and Chas. Flentje of Round Lake, visited in Worthington on Wednesday.

S. Wilcox one of the pioneers of Elk township was in the city Monday doing trading.

County Attorney E.J. Jones made trip to St. Paul Monday on legal and other business.

Rev. F.B. Cowgill, of Redwood Falls, was an overnight guest at Worthington Tuesday.

Christ Cramer and wife, of Bloom township, were in the city Wednesday on a trading trip.

Fred Vollman and Chas. Antriter, of Round Lake, were Worthington visitors on Wednesday.

Ben Schwarting, the famous longshoreman of Round Lake, was at the county seat Wednesday.

Loren Clark made a trip to Appleton, this state, to look after his interest in a farm he owns there.

Gus Selberg, one of the substantial farmers of Ransom township, transacted business at the county seat last Friday.

H.R. Schwartwood will leave next Monday for Rapid City, S.D., to look over a business proposition he has under consideration.

Jos. Mackay came over from Luverne on Wednesday, and left in the evening for Mankato to join May's orchestra for a trip on the road.

Miss Anna Flentje, who has been employed in the register of deed's office for some weeks, returned to her home at Round Lake on Tuesday.

Col. J.A. Town went to St. Paul Sunday night, where he attended a case before the supreme court on Monday. From there he went to Owatonna to visit friends.

Dr. W.P. TenBroeck of Faribault preached a splendid sermon at the Episcopal church last Sunday evening. The doctor was accompanied on the trip by Mrs. TenBroeck, who remained until Tuesday, the guest of her son, Rev. R.C. TenBroeck.

Rev. and Mrs. G.A. Cahoon returned last Friday from Blue Earth City, where they had been called to attend the funeral of Mr. Cahoon's father. The old gentleman died very suddenly, having been ill only a few hours. He had reached the advanced age of 76 years.

B.F. Young came down from Elk on Wednesday looking for a wife, having kept bachelors hall since the first of February, when he returned from California. Mrs. Young accompanied him on the trip and remained there until this week. Mrs. Young failed to arrive on the afternoon train, and Mr. Young felt rather blue over the prospects of having to return home alone.

Friday, April 24, 1908

Mrs. W.A. Saxon entertained a few lady friends Saturday afternoon of last week in honor of her sister, Mrs. W.A. Peterson, of Windom. It was a very pleasant event and a complete surprise to Mrs. Peterson. Dainty refreshments were served.

Dr. W.A. Saxon and daughter took the train Tuesday afternoon. The doctor was bound for St. Paul to attend the annual State Sunday School convention, but his daughter stopped off at Windom to visit her aunt, Mrs. W.A. Peterson.

W.E. Eckstrom of St. Peter has accepted a position in Morland's drug store.


Sheriff Fauskee made a business trip to Wilmont.

Mrs. A. Thomte visited relatives at Luverne a few days this week.

Fred Hegardt, of Round Lake, was a county seat visitor last Tuesday.

John McKenzie, of Dewald, attended Odd Fellows lodge here Tuesday.

Mrs. E.S. Whipkey, of Rushmore, visited at the county seat Wednesday.

Mrs. A.R. Albertus is enjoying a visit from a sister, Miss Cowing, of Jackson.

G.C. Fellows, of Elk, came in Tuesday evening to attend Odd Fellows lodge.

Fred Dring came in from Lorain Tuesday evening to attend Odd Fellows lodge.

J.P. Selberg, of the town of Worthington, was in the city Wednesday doing trading.

Mr. and Mrs. John Thievoldt, of Round Lake, were Worthington visitors on Tuesday.

A.E. Hart is building a new barn on his place at the corner of 7th ave. and 10th street.

W.L. Buck a real estate man of Luverne was here a number of days the first of the week on business.

A marriage license was issued on Tuesday to Henry Albers and Florina Schroeder, both of Nobles county.

Mrs. A.F. Diehn and daughter, and Ernest Babls, of Round Lake, were Worthington visitors on Tuesday.

G.T. Bulick, Frank Bulick and H.D. Barnard, of Reading, attended Odd Fellows lodge here Tuesday evening.

Sheriff James Black, of Rock county, spent a number of days at the lakes in this vicinity fishing, the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Devaney and Mrs. H.W. Steffens went to Red Wing the latter part of last week to attend the funeral of J.E. Marple.

Mrs. H.S. Hobson and Mrs. Harvey Rew left on Wednesday for the twin cities, where they will spend a few days visiting friends and doing shopping.

Vernon Hayden, the gentlemanly young druggist in Morland's store, is in Minneapolis this week taking his final examination before the state board of pharmacy.

Andy Nystrom on Monday resigned his position as chaffeur for Dr. Humiston, and has resumed work in the machine shop, which he operates in partnership with his brother Peter.

Joe Arbes came down from New Ulm Tuesday to look after business at R.L. Morland's drugstore during the absence of the proprietor at Minneapolis, attending a meeting of the state board of pharmacy.

Andrew Doeden was in town Tuesday on a trading trip.

J.F. Cass of Summit Lake attend Oddfellows lodge here Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Ed Lasher of Luverne is here on a visit to her sister, Mrs. J.S. Frink.

Otto Leabeck has accepted a position as bartender in Levine Bros. saloon.

Mildred Moen and Gerald Dickens visited at Heron Lake the first of the week.

Misses Blanche and Gertrude McGowan visited friends at Luverne Tuesday.

Dave Herline of Worthington township was in the city Tuesday doing trading.

Mrs. Carsten and daughters, of Mitchell, S.D., are visiting at the home of Jens Christensen.

Mrs. J.J. Kies entertained a number of lady friends Thursday at an afternoon tea. A splendid time is reported by those present.

S.F. Pepple returned the latter part of last week from a sojourn of several weeks at Hot Springs, Ark. He is much improved in health.

Mr. and Mrs. Elon Williams have moved into the rooms over A. Schmidts shoe store, formerly occupied by Dr. Humiston as offices.

Carl Anderson and Oscar Sterling went to St. Peter Wednesday afternoon to attend the concert given by the Swedish Kronberg Regiment band.

Born -- On Monday, April 20st (sic), 1908 to Mr. and Mrs. J.H. James, a son and hair. Mother and child are doing nicely, and Mr. James is expected back on earth in time to make his regular trip on the road.

The County Board of Audit, composed of Gust Swanberg, chairman of the county board, County Auditor E.C. Pannell and Clerk of Court F.L. Humiston, on Tuesday began the semi-annual settlement with the county officers.

Mrs. Lettitia Russell died on Tuesday morning at the home of her son, E.H. Russell, in Loraine township, at the advanced age of 86 years. The body was taken to her old home at Dunlap, Ill., on Wednesday, for interment.

When Ed. Rozers returned home one day last week he found a note from his wife saying she had left to make her own living, and requesting her husband to care for their two children. The only reason apparent for the departure of Mrs. Rogers is that she had become dissatisfied with the quality of support given her.

A.E. Hart and family on Monday moved into their handsome new residence, recently completed by Contractor Julius Palm. This beautiful edifice adds one more to the long list of fine residences which adorn Worthington, and Mr. and Mrs. Hart are to be congratulated on coming into possession of such a fine property.

Rose Nelson spent Sunday with friends at St. James.

Geo. Hurd made a business trip to Rushmore last Tuesday.

Rev. G.A. Cahoon went to Hills on Tuesday for a short visit.

Atty. S.S. Smith made a business trip to Reading on Tuesday.

For Sale -- Good saddle, used only a few times. Mrs. G.W. Wilson.

J.W. Hamilton of Route 3 was in town doing trading last Monday.

The Tourist Club met with Mrs. Wm. Chaney on Monday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Suddaby have moved into the C.R. Bishop house.

Editor A.J. Schaeffer of Adrian was in town on business last Saturday.

Merle Hulbert and C.L. McCartney went to Minneapolis one day this week on business.

Editor Chas. Hamstreet of Rushmore was a business visitor to this city on Tuesday.

A. Rust, a prominent farmer of Summit Lake township was in the city on business last Monday.

Fred Tripp, one of the merchant princes of Round Lake, spent Sunday with friends at the county seat.

On Thursday F.C. Brace went to Mankato, to meet a traveling man and buy a line of fancy china.

Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Hayes returned on Wednesday from a weeks visit with relatives and friends at Mankato.

Miss Helen Ludlow spent a couple of days at Rushmore the first of the week visiting at the home of her brother, J.B. Ludlow.

Wm. Chaney bought ten acres of irrigated land about a month ago at $100 per acre. He has recently been offered $150 per acre for it, which indicates how rapidly values rise.

Ellsworth has a sensational scandal on its hands. A short time ago a prominent farmer living near there was arrested on a charge of bastardy, and now the complaining witness has left town and the illegitimate offspring has totally disappeared.

J.C. Salsbury, of Sherburne, general agent for the American Registry Co, and the Great Eastern Casualty G Indemnity Co., of Washington, D.C., was in Worthington Wednesday renewing the large number of policies held by local business people.

The officers and degree team of the Degree of Honor went to Luverne on Tuesday afternoon, where they conferred the degree on a large class of candidates on Tuesday evening. They were entertained by the ladies of the Luverne D. of H. The party included the following ladies: Mmes. R.G. Leonard, W.E. Madison, Alex Cree, J.E. Frink, Thos Dovery, Cal. Moen, E.E. Hurd, Chas. McGowan, A. Thomte, J.W. McBride, L.W. Abbott, W.A. Saxon, W.S. Wyatt, Francis Nichols, John Wilson, J.G. Mitchell, G.A. Engbretson, J.M. Addington, S. Kall and A.C. Dickens.

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Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained November, 2007.

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