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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 June, 1907

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Friday, June 7, 1907

Lost Fingers in Feed Grinder
Fred Kasten, who lives four miles west of Worthington on the Luverne road, on Monday had two middle fingers of his right hand taken off in a feed grinder at W.E. Larim__e's place. He had about finished his grist and was raking the leavings into the mill, when the fingers were caught by the cob-crushers and taken off. One of the fingers was left in the mill, the other hung by a part of the skin and the doctor who dressed the injury sewed it back on with the hope of saving it.
Mrs. D.S. Wilkinson, of Rolette, N.D., was called to Slayton by the death of her father, Mr. Scriven. She will visit Worthington before returned to North Dakota.
The "Hello girl" Miss May Cass, G.G. Hess and Robert Merideth were in Worthington Tuesday.
Miss Fannie Miller was at the county seat Monday.
Mrs. R.J. Jones and little daughter Gladys left Monday forenoon for Ocheydan for an extended visit with her folks.
Ed. Eggleston with a crew was on the road north of town the first of the week and did some good work.
The tiling crew who have been doing some work for A.J. Bostrom, finished that job Saturday afternoon.
The newly married couple, Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Wasmund, were in town Saturday doing some shopping and meeting friends.
Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Hawkins spent Sunday at the home of G.T. Bulick.
From the Tribune.
About 30 school children gathered at the VanHorsen home and surprised their teacher D.B. Kumler. The evening was spent in singing and playing games. Refreshments were served. All report a very enjoyable time.
Geo. Wyckoff returned to his home in Worthington Tuesday after several days visit with friends in this vicinity.
Miss Elmira Mead went to Worthington Tuesday to take examinations during the closing week of the schools there and visit her friend Miss Mildred Lewis.
From the News.
About seventy friends attended a reception last Saturday by Mrs. William Z. Newell at her home in the north part of town The affair is said to have been a pleasant one.
H. Schlottman returned Friday morning from Herman, Minn., with his wife and family and they are now nicely settled in their rooms over the Schlottman store.
Lawrence Esser was up before "His Honor" Justice Smith Monday on the charge of voluntary intoxication and was given 90 days in the county jail.
Indian Lake.
Rev. Oberg and Miss Tillie Larson accompanied Mrs. E. Nordquist to St. Peter, where she was placed in the hospital.
Gust Nordquist, of Minneapolis, arrived last Wednesday to attend his brother who is critically ill.
Alvin Anderson returned from Minneapolis last Sunday, where he has been attending school the past winter.
Henry Nystrom returned last Saturday from Sioux Falls, S. Dak., where he attended the commencement exercises of the Sioux Falls Business College.
From the Signal.
Mrs. Dr. Gould, of Worthington, came down on the afternoon train Friday and assisted in the music at the school entertainment in the evening. She is a sister of Prof. Oakes.
Mrs. E.M. Wyatt, of Glouster, Ohio, mother of our fellow townsman, W.C. Wyatt, arrived in Bigelow Friday night and will spend a short time at the Wyatt home. She has been visiting at the homes of relatives in Colorado and is returning to her home in Ohio and will make a short stay here before proceeding on her journey to her home in the east.
Miss Lena Reynolds returned home from Dundee Monday afternoon. She closed her school year at Dundee Friday and has given excellent satisfaction to the patrons of the district. Miss Lena intends to spend the greater portion of her vacation with her parents in Bigelow.
From the Democrat.
Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Mylius arrived in this country from Italy May 1st, and have since been visiting relatives in Minneapolis. Mr. Mylius came down from the city Friday and remained here over Sunday with friends. He says the winter was unusually severe in northern Italy. He lives near Lake Como, which is surrounded by mountains and during the winter season, when storms rage in the Alps, the north winds are not always balmy.
Mike Hendel, Tom Roach, Chas. Lugert and William Hitching went to Round Lake Tuesday to fish. If they have poor luck they can't blame the weather. The past few days have been nice enough to encourage any fish to bite.
Mrs. W.H. Prideaux has gone to Grand Rapids, Minn., to spend a couple of months with her daughter, Mrs. Jacob Gole.
From the Tribune.
A letter from Mrs. C.R. West to her husband contains the information that she and Theodore are seeing many interesting sights in Scotland and are having a very good time. They get the Brewster Tribune every week and like all sensible people, appreciate it very highly.
Miss Ida Hagerman came home this week from the vicinity of Sanborn, Redwood county, where she had been teaching school and will spend her vacation here. She has been offered the same position for another year, and will probably accept it.
Tuesday morning at 10:30 o'clock, at the Catholic church, Rev. John Sherman, of Worthington, read the marriage service for Nicholas Costello and Sarah McCarvel, the former a resident of Lake Crystal, and the latter a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip McCarvel, of this place.
Round Lake.
From the Graphic.
The Harris pupils and teachers enjoyed a picnic in Nels Johnson's grove, on the north side of Round Lake yesterday.
J.P. Hoffman, who completed a course of study at the Mankato Business College, arrived home on Tuesday.
H.R. Tripp and wife and two youngest children were visiting relatives and friends here yesterday. They returned to Worthington on yesterday evening's train.
John Kindstrom, aged 68, died Tuesday night at ten o'clock at his home in Round Lake, of pneumonia having taken sick last Friday night. Funeral services will be held in the church tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock. His brother and two nieces arrived from Bricelyn, this state, yesterday to attend the funeral.
John Antritter suffered a compound fracture of his right arm about an inch above the wrist yesterday. He and Clarence Bass were engaged at moving a boxcar containing coal so that it could be unloaded into a bin. John got on top of the car to loosen the brake with a crowbar, which slipped at the time the brake was released and threw him off. Besides breaking his arm he was somewhat bruised.
From the Enterprise.
L.D. Wheeler went down to Sibley, Iowa, last week where he has accepted a position in a barber shop and on June 1st will take the position as leader of the Sibley band.
Mrs. Flora Simons one of the pioneer settlers of this country but now living at Sherman, S. Dak., came down from that place last Saturday for a visit with Rushmore friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, living north of town, in Summit Lake township, are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby boy at their home, born on Friday morning, May 25th.
C.S. Jones, who taught two years in the Rushmore schools has been engaged as principal of the public schools at Dundee for the coming year.
B.E. Foster and W.E. Roberts made a deal last week whereby Mr. Foster traded his residence property to Mr. Roberts for some farm machinery. Bert contemplates going on a farm next spring and is getting things in shape for work. He has leased the house until next spring or until he gets ready to move on a farm.
The following local people took dinner at the Worthington Sunday: Dr. C.P. Dolan and family, Judge and Mrs. G.W. Wilson, F.C. Brace and family, F.R. Durfee and family, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Messer, W.B. Stoutemeyer and family, W.W. Loveless and family.
C.T. Tupper made a trip to Heron Lake on Tuesday.
City Clerk C.L. Mann visited in Adrian Decoration Day.
Mrs. R.J. Jones, of Reading, was a Worthington caller Tuesday.
Lute Austin, of Adrian, visited friends in the county seat Sunday.
J.W. Pettit, of Reading, transacted business in Worthington Tuesday.
H.R. Rockwell returned last Saturday from a short visit to Emmetsburg, Ia.
A.T. Latta has been laid up several days this week with an attack of erysipelas.
Mark Marden and crew came home from Salem, South Dakota to spend Sunday.
Mrs. I.A. Roshon visited with her parents near Lake Ocheeda several days the past week.
Frank Cutler and crew are busy this week installing new cement crossings on Third avenue.
Miss Della Granis, of Lakefield, accepted a position with the Hub Mercantile Co.
G.W. Patterson spent the week in St. Paul attending a meeting of  the board of managers of the state fair.
G.W. Patterson on Wednesday moved into the John Humiston residence which he will occupy for the summer.
The Sewing Society of the Swedish Mission Church met at Mrs. John Johnson's, south of town, Thursday afternoon.
G.A. Fairfield, of the Advance force, was last Friday called to Nebraska by the illness of a relatives and was absent all week.
Mrs. E. Muck left for Sioux City Tuesday afternoon for a short visit.
Miss Eva Muck has accepted a position as bookkeeper in Fred Rose's dray office.
Mrs. E.K. Knapp, of Tyler, Minn., is here on a visit to her sister, Mrs. H.A. Stricker. She is accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Isaac Starr, and her daughter, Mrs. Ernest Paul.
John A. Sahlbom returned last Saturday from his trip to the Pacific Coast. He visited Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and other points, and met many former Nobles county people. He reports a very enjoyable trip.
Last Sunday J.W. McBride had an attack of illness that threatened to terminate seriously. He got up with a severe headache, and procured some headache tablets of which he took several. They had a very harmful effect on him and it was with difficulty he reached home. A physician was summoned and after several hours hard work brought the patient around all right.
Jas. S. Ramage left last week on a trip to North Dakota.
Geo. Slade, of Adrian, was a Worthington visitor Monday.
Fred McNair, of Chicago, is here on a visit at the home of M.G. Hurd.
J.F. Bowman and Mike Welch, of Ocheyedan, were in the city Monday.
Roy V. Lewis and ladies of Wilmont, registered at the Worthington Monday.
Attorney C.M. Crandall made a trip to Mankato Tuesday on legal business.
W.E. Larimoure, who lives on the Luverne road, was in the city Wednesday doing trading.
Mrs. A.R. Albertus and daughter, Gene, left this week for a visit with relatives at Marshall.
Mrs. E.J. Wolven last Friday afternoon entertained a party of lady friends at an afternoon tea.
Attorney J.A. Cashel had business before the Federal Court at Mankato, Wednesday of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Axel Sterling entertained the several branches of the Sterling family for dinner on Sunday.
The Swedish parsonage was on Monday sold to S. Kindlund, who will move it on a lot near the lake shore.
Mrs. Charles Sterling and family have returned from Pillager and will make their home in Worthington for the future.
The ladies of the Swedish church gave a tea at the home of John Nelson on the west shore of the lake yesterday afternoon.
Jno. Humiston and family left on Tuesday night for Colorado Springs, Colo., where they will make their home during the summer.
Vic Anderson was in from his farm near Org on Wednesday. He says that crops are looking fairly good in spite of the unfavorable weather.
M.E. Foley, a well known attorney of Fulda, died a few days ago in the northern part of the state. Mr. Foley was formerly a resident of this city.
Frank Seeley, who has been principal of the Dundee schools, this week moved back to Worthington. He has bought a property near the fair grounds.
W.W. Loveless returned last week from Columbus, Ohio, where he spent a couple of weeks in attendance on the general assembly of the Presbyterian Church.
Mrs. Ray Williamson and her mother, Grandma Austin, left on Tuesday night for Montrose, Col., where they take up their residence. Mr. Williamson has a position at that place.
W.E. Bloom has a crew of men at work at Round Lake moving a large store building for Chas. Nienaber. Mr. Nienaber will erect a handsome new bank building on the lot vacated.
Mr. Nordquist, aged 62 years, residing four miles south of Worthington, in Indian Lake township, died Wednesday. He had been in poor health for some time past and since the removal of his wife to the hospital at St. Peter, failed rapidly until the end came to relieve him from his suffering. The funeral will be held today.
Mrs. Herbert W. Eggleston left Tuesday morning for her home in Fort Madison, Iowa, in response to a call from her aged mother who is in very poor health. "Herb" says that he will either have to batch it or board. Well, we never knew "Herb" to say he could do a thing unless he could do it.
Born -- On Tuesday, June 4th, 1907, to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lunquist, a son.
Miss Pearl Pettit, who had been attending school here, left this week for her home in South Dakota.
W.E. Bloom last week sold his barn to Will Devaney, and moved it to its new location in the rear of Mrs. Biltgen's residence.
The following Worthington people took dinner at the Western last Sunday: Dr. and Mrs. W.J. Dodge, E.J. Wolven and family, Thos. Hogan, A.M. Gregerson and family, Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Blume.
Company F will leave on June 17 for the summer encampment at Camp Lakeview. During the past month the boys have been getting a little practice in camp life by going out to the rifle range in the afternoon and after a few hours target practice would cook their supper there.
Robt. Smith is the new night clerk at the Worthington.
Earl McBride returned on Tuesday from his trip to Alta, Iowa.
Local News.
O.H. Nystrom, of Bigelow, was in town Saturday.
S. Wilcox, of Route 3, was a caller last Saturday.
J.J. Kimmell, of Reading, was a Worthington visitor Monday.
Alfred Mahlberg was in from Bigelow township Saturday.
Col. J.A. Town returned last Saturday from his trip to the South.
R.O. Williams, of Kinbrae, was in the city on business Monday.
John Hart, a prominent pioneer of Graham Lakes, transacted business at the county capital Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J.L. McConkey, of Brewster, came down Monday night to attend the graduation exercises.
Conductor Crosby, of the Rock Island road, was called to Hot Springs, Ark., by a dispatch, announcing that his wife's case had taken a turn for the worse.
Friday, June 14, 1907
Company Order No. 20
Armory Company F, 3rd Inf., M.N.G.
Worthington, June 10th, 1907.
Company F will entrain for the annual tour of camp and field duty on train No. 10, C., St. P.M. & O. Ry leaving depot at Worthington at 1:15 a.m., Monday, June 17, 1907, returning June 26, 1907.
Each man will be equipped with the following state property: Khaki uniform, leggins, campaign hat, hat cord, two chambray shirts, rifle, bayonet, cartridge belt, canteen, haversack, shelter tent half, blanket roll straps, blanket and rubber poncho.
Each man should provide himself with three white collars, extra handkerchiefs, comb, needle and thread, towels, soap, extra stockings and underwear, toothbrush. The color and an extra pair of shoes is optional. All other baggage is prohibited.
The blue uniform complete shall be turned in to the quartermaster at the earliest opportunity to be packed for shipment.
It is the earnest desire of the officers, and should be of every man, that Company F maintain and if possible excell the record established in 1906. This can only be done by a full attendance of men who are resolved that for ten days they will spare no effort to perform and perfect themselves in the duties of a soldier.
It is not the intention of the officers nor is it the spirit of the National Guard organization that any man shall make any unwarranted financial sacrifices, nor that his duties as a soldier shall unreasonably interfere with his business, but on the other hand, only actual and reasonable cause will excuse the performance of this or any other prescribed duty. It is imperative that a full complement of non-commissioned officers attend.
Accordingly notice is given that failure to report for duty, unless excused on account of sickness of himself or family, will be sufficient ground to reduce any non-commissioned officer to the ranks, and that all enlisted men unless excused by the commanding officer upon written application made before the time of departure may be discharged from the service if recruits are available ready for duty.
There will be special and final preparatory drills at the armories at Worthington and Rushmore on Saturday, June 15, 1907, at 8:30 p.m., which every man must attend fully uniformed and equipped for inspection.
Let every man retain and refer to the first part of this order in procuring his equipment.
A. Schaefer, Captain.
Annual Gathering One of Special Interest and Enjoyment
The annual banquet of the Worthington High School Alumni Association was held at Hotel Worthington Saturday night, June 8, attended by 48 members of the association. The event proved to be one of the most enjoyable occasions ever held by the organization, and one long to be remembered by those participating.
Before the banquet a business meeting was held, at which the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, J. Burr Ludlow; Vice President, G. Foster Moore; Toastmistress, Helen Ludlow; Treasurer, Lloyd Patterson; Secretary, Flora Buchan.
It was 9:30 o'clock when the doors of the spacious dining room were thrown open and the guests assembled at the banqueting board. The table fairly groaned under the weight of the good things that had been prepared by Landlord Stanley Moore, and the dining room and table were beautifully decorated with flowers.
After the wants of the inner man had been supplied the evening was devoted to the responses to toasts. Robert R. Smith officiated as toastmaster. The following toasts were responded to:
To the Babies -- Mae Gwen Tupper, 1904.
Get Out of the Road -- Virgil Fellows, 1907.
The Servant Question -- J. Burr Ludlow, 1897.
Spuds -- Flora Buchan, 1905.
Who's Who -- Arthur P. Rose, 1894.
What's What -- G. Foster Moore, 1890.
It was twelve o'clock when the guests left the tables, and after giving the association yell, the company departed, voting the occasion one of the most enjoyable banquets ever held.
Bride From Illinois and Groom From South Dakota
Illinois and South Dakota joined hands on Minnesota soil Tuesday evening, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Eversole, in Elk Township.
Miss Alice G. Walsh, a sister of Mrs. Eversole, and Daniel Johnson were schoolmates in Illinois. The young man went west to make a home for himself and the young lady of his choice, and having succeeded in his purpose arrangements were made for the wedding at the home of the bride's sister. A number of guests were present at the ceremony, several of whom were friends of both the bride and groom in the Illinois home. Among these were Mr. and Mrs. Charley Murphy of this place, who were schoolmates of the contracting parties. Rev. G.A. Cahoon, pastor of the First Methodist church of this city, tied the nuptial knot.
The wedding repast was a most dainty one to which native sons and daughters of Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois did equal justice. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson will spend a brief honeymoon visiting friends and relatives after which they will take up their residence in Jerauldleo [sic], South Dakota.
Mrs. Hugh Mitchell and her daughter made us a short call the other day. Mrs. Mitchell is thinking of taking an outing this summer and visit her mother who lives in eastern Washington. Some other members of the family are also there, and also her son, who went there something over a year ago. Mrs. Mitchell is looking forward to a very pleasant time, and doubtless she will have it.
From the Democrat.
Miss Ethel Jones, who has been staying with her mother, Mrs. Jas. R. Jones, at Sacred Heart Sanitarium in Milwaukee, returned home Saturday. Mrs. Jones is improving in health and will remain at the sanitarium several weeks longer.
W.H. Brown left yesterday with a car load of household goods and farm implements for Ross, N.D., where he will establish himself on a claim. If he likes the game he may continue to live on the claim after he has proved up on it. He is a first class auctioneer and will work to build up a business in that line, while transforming his claim into a fine farm. We wish him success.
Sylvester, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. T.P. Roach, died about ten o'clock Tuesday evening, of concussion of the brain, which is supposed to have resulted from a fall the little fellow received while playing in the barn with some other children on Friday.
From the Signal.
Mrs. Thomte and sister came down from Worthington Wednesday and spent the afternoon at the Cain home.
Evaline and Mabel Sorem were passengers for Worthington Thursday morning where they visited at the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J..H. Scott, until Saturday afternoon.
The High School graduation class of Worthington contained one of the young men of our village, Harry Gray. Harry had spent three years in that institution completing the four year course with honor, standing second in the class. Harry has grown from invancy in our village and has progress in school has been watched with interest by all.
Ralph Beckley came down from Worthington Saturday morning and went to work for Guy Ostrom in the butcher shop. Ralph is a man that understands the trade thoroughly and is a gentleman that will gain trade in the business as well as a valuable man for his employer.
From the Tribune.
Mrs. Thomas Hebig and Joe Rader were called to Illinois the last of the week by the death of their mother.
Jack Reilly went to Chicago Saturday night with several cars of stock.
Mr. and Mrs. Balster Hendrich took their infant child to Worthington Sunday to have an operation performed on it. Dr. Williams accompanied them. We understand the operation was a success and that the baby is improving nicely.
Sheriff Fauskee came up from Worthington Friday morning and took John Swaley to abide at the poor farm until he is able to care for himself. It will be remembered that while riding a horse a few months ago, he was thrown and had his leg broken.
From the Tribune.
Orville K. Olson came home the first of the week from Jeffers, Cottonwood county, where he had been principal of the school the past year. He states that the school will have four teachers next year.
A letter was received this week by the Tribune family from Mrs. Leon Morris, who is at Rockford, Washington. She states that she and the old man are thoroughly disgusted with that country and are coming back to Minnesota as soon as they can get here, possibly the latter part of the summer. In her letter Mrs. also states that Mrs. Frank Humiston died at a hospital in Mankato a few days ago.
From the News.
Miss Margaret Holleran returned Saturday evening from Omaha, Neb., where she spent a number of months in fitting herself as a stenographer in one of the best business colleges of Omaha. She finished her course with honor to herself and is now thoroughly equipped for this line of work.
Announcement cards reached this city Monday for the graduation recital of Miss Maude Graves from the Johnson School of Music, Oratory and Dramatic Art at Minneapolis, on June 5th.
From the Enterprise.
Little Francis Barron came home from the school for the deaf at Faribault to spend the summer vacation with her parents.
Mrs. G.S. Mitchell and daughter, Blanche, left on Tuesday for Owatonna to visit a few days with friends. Miss Blanche will go from there to Canton, Ohio, to spend her summer vacation with an aunt.
Round Lake.
Mrs. H.R. Tripp and little girl came down from Worthington this morning to spend the day.
At a regular monthly meeting of the council Monday night Louis Gathompson was hired as village marshal and street commissioner at a salary of $40 per month.
Herbert Horton and family, of Worthington, returned home on Monday forenoon, after a three days visit in Round Lake with relatives and friends.
Louis Stoltenberg was up from Lake Park last Friday to see about tileing his farm in Round Lake township, which is being cultivated by Fred VonHoldt.
E.A. Tripp, wife and daughter, of Worthington, are Round Lake visitors today.
Miss May Ruprecht came up to Worthington Tuesday to visit her sister, Mrs. Pat Brown.
Geo. Butcher was in town Saturday doing trading.
H. Peter Lewis, of Wilmont, was in the city Tuesday.
G.W. Myers made a trip to Redwood county this week.
Clarence Thompson, of Indian Lake, was in the city Tuesday.
G.W. Dealand was in from Org Saturday transacting business.
F.W. Johnson, of Fulda, was a Worthington visitor Wednesday.
Mrs. W.I. Humiston entertained the Eucre Club Tuesday afternoon.
Harry Butcher, of Wilmont, was in the city Saturday on a trading trip.
P.W. Ledine and bride, of Bigelow township, were in the city Tuesday doing shopping.
Frank Hickman came down from Minneapolis last Saturday and spent a few hours here on business.
Oliver Thompson, a prominent pioneer of Indian Lake, transacted business in the probate court Tuesday.
Peter Croxen last week bought from E.J. Wolven the Bergstresser dwelling. The deal was negotiated by John Webster.
R.R. Smith, the aggressive and enterprising young manager of the Smith Implement Co., made a business trip to Sioux Falls Monday.
M.J. Hubbard and daughter, Lodema, came up from Bigelow Tuesday. The young lady took the Sioux Falls train for Canova, S.D., where she will visit a sister.
Clinton DeWitt Wilson, aged 80, the father of Mrs. Rebecca Post, died last Friday at his daughter's home, after a short illness. The remains were taken to Lynn county, Iowa, for interment.
Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Roth expect to get into their new residence the latter part of this week. Mr. Roth has remodeled the house so as to entirely change its interior arrangement, and has made a large number of other improvements.
Fred Tripp is home from Minneapolis where he is employed in a wholesale drug house. He has a three months' vacation and will spend most of the time here. He is getting his launch in shape for the Chautauqua season.
Mrs. R.W. Moberly, who has been an invalid for a year or more, was taken to the hospital at Rochester, Monday, for treatment. Her many friends will hope for a favorable outcome of the trip, and that she may be fully restored to health.
H.J. Ludlow this week began operations on a handsome new residence on his farm on the south shore of Okabena lake. (...)
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Sam Voss, of Bigelow township, was in the city Tuesday.
Loren Clark is in Minneapolis this week on business and pleasure.
Erick Granell, of Seward, was in the city Tuesday doing trading.
Mrs. Weinandt on Thursday gave a party in honor of her little daughter's birthday.
Mrs. Frank Long, of Larimore, N. Dak., is visiting with her mother, Mrs. Seline.
Miss Ethel Patterson entertained a party of young ladies at dinner last Sunday, in honor of Miss Mae Tupper.
J.S. Frink went to Rushmore Wednesday to do a large job of plumbing in Mrs. Bassett's new residence.
C.H. Cabot of Heron Lake passed through the city Tuesday on his way home from Wilmont, where he had been on business.
A.M. Burley, living on section 35, Bigelow township, is down with the smallpox. Two of his children also have the disease.
Mrs. M.E. Wheeler left this week for Iowa, where she will visit for some time before going to her home in Minneapolis for the summer.
Died -- Mrs. Elizabeth Wilkinson died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Truax, in Clary addition, Tuesday evening, aged 70 years. The funeral will probably be held today.
Christ Hogan has bought an interest in the leading meat market at Lemars, and has already assumed the duties of his new vocation. His family will move down there the later part of the week.
A.C. Hedberg, of Mankato, spent last Friday and Saturday in Worthington visiting old friends. Mr. Hedberg was formerly engaged in the real estate business here. He expects to leave in a few weeks for the Pacific Coast, to make his home.
Miss Eva Fairfield has been on the sick list the past week.
Ed. Moberg was in from Bigelow Tuesday.
Mrs. W.V. Olin left last week for Edgerton to visit her parents.
Mrs. Thos. Flecher of Rushmore, was a guest at the residence of J.G. Mitchell last Saturday.
Will Mitchell, of Rushmore, was here Saturday visiting his father, J.G. Mitchell.
Mrs. Newton Fauskee left on Sunday for Minneapolis, where she will spend the week visiting friends.
Ray Hawley was down from Minneapolis Saturday to attend the Worthington High School Alumni banquet.
Mrs. F.R. Coughran has been taking a short vacation from her duties in the postoffice, and is visiting friends in the country.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Burr Ludlow, of Rushmore, were in the city Saturday and attended the banquet of the Worthington High School Alumni association that evening.
Miss Nellie Crever last week left for Minneapolis where she will take lessons in china painting and decorating. She has been given to understand that when she acquires sufficient skill she will have an opportunity to enter the employ of the famous Pickard at Chicago.
Dr. Sullwold and family who had been under quarantine for diphtheria for six weeks, were released on Tuesday. Dr. and Mrs. Sullwold lost their little girl from the disease after a brief illness, and their little boy was also taken down but prompt application of the antitoxine treatment brought him around in a few days, and for several weeks past was apparently all right.
Heron Lake News: Lina St. John left last week for Stillwater where she will join G.W. Hill's excursion for Europe. The trip will last three months and all the principal cities of the Old World will be visited. She was accompanied to Stillwater by her mother, Mrs. Charles Fairfield, of St. James, and Mrs. Fairfield, of Worthington, were here Tuesday to attend the commencement exercises, guests of Mrs. Butler. --L.L. Lammers is home from a business trip to Crookston. --E.H. Simmones, of Dundee, was a News caller yesterday. He will soon be a resident of Heron Lake.
Slayton Gazette: M.J. Geary was up from Worthington last Friday night to attend the dance. He remained a few days to visit friends. (Avoca Cor). --Hon. S.O. Morse came down from St. Paul last Saturday and is busy this week moving a stock of goods into the old Woodgate drugstore building. --Miss Bell Krall and Mr. Mark Woolstencroft were united in marriage last Monday evening in the Catholic Church at Pipestone by Father Mangan. --Judge and Mrs. Woolstencroft and Mrs. C.J. Frederickson went to Ruthton last Monday evening to attend the Krall-Woolstencroft wedding. --Mr. Dinehart shipped thirteen of his horses to Minneapolis yesterday. Mr. Ralph took them up and will train them there this season.
Mrs. J.S. Friank is visiting in Luverne this week.
Carl Schwartz and two grand daughters, of Amboy, are here on a visit to his son, E.M. Schwartz.
Miss Marie Anstrom returned to St. Paul last Sunday after a visit to her mother in Bigelow township. Miss Anstrom is employed in the Golden Rule department store.
Mrs. Frank Eggleston of Reading, was in the city Tuesday.
Will Barton, formerly of Spofford Jackson county, but now of Zion City, Ill., was in town on business Wednesday.
Rudolph Miller, of Wheaton, visited at the home of his sister-in-law Mrs. Geo. Goodrich, this week.
Local News.
E.O. Slifer was in from the Diagonal last Friday.
A class of 18 were graduated from the Windom High Schools this year.
A class of 17 graduated from the High School at Luverne last week.
M.A. Adams, of Loraine, was a pleasant caller at this office last Friday.
Edwin Brickson, the Adrian banker, was married at Fort Dodge, Iowa, June 4th, to Miss Florence R. Burnam.
Mrs. Carrie Lutner arrived recently from Minneapolis, and is keeping house for Geo. Butcher, in Worthington township.
C.S. Jones, formerly principal of the Schools at Rushmore and Round Lake, has been engaged to teach at Dundee the coming year.

Friday, June 28, 1907

Three Weeks Old Infant Left at Dr. Dolan's Door Wednesday Night.
Child's Mother Discovered Shortly Afterwards and Owns Up
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People mentioned in article:
Dr. C.P. Dolan
Miss Lizzie Wade (of Nobles county and Iowa).
Company F Home From Camp.
Company F returned from Camp Lakeview Wednesday night covered with the glories of war -- we mean the rifle range and parade grounds. They added to the honors taken last year, especially on the rifle range.
Claude Ventioner and Fred Netter Plead Guilty to Grand Larceny in Second Degree.
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Mrs. Rasmussen died at her home in Clary addition last Saturday. The funeral was conducted from the Congregational Church, of which the deceased was a member, Monday afternoon at two o'clock. The pastor being out of the city the service was conducted by Rev. G.A. Cahoon. The church choir furnished the music. Mrs. Rasmussen, who was 52 years of age, had resided here for some time and was known to many. Her two sons, Henry and William, who have resided with their mother, were present at the funeral, as was also an elder brother from Lismore.
The funeral of Mrs. Wilkinson, mother of Mrs. Truax, was conducted from the latter's home in Clary addition, June 14th, at two o'clock, by Rev. G.A. Cahoon. The deceased had resided in Worthington for some years, but was unable to go out but little. She was 54 years of age and had three children living, all of whom were present at the funeral. Her son and daughter, Eva, reside in North Dakota. Interment was made in the Worthington cemetery.
Five Year Old Boy Run Over By a Dray at Rushmore
A terrible shocking accident occurred at Rushmore one day last week. The five-year old son of B.E. Foster, met a terrible death in that village about five o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Foster, who is a drayman, was hauling a heavy load of sand, and the boy was riding on the load behind him. In attempting to move about the boy slid off and one of the hind wheels passed over his chest, crushing it almost flat. Mr. Foster picked the poor little fellow up and carried him home, where he died in a few minutes.
The funeral was held at Sibley last Thursday.
Father and Three Sons in the Ministry.
Rev.. W.P. Ten Broeck and his three ordained sons conducted the service Sunday evening at St. Stephen's Episcopal mission, Randolph and View sts.
The elder Dr. Ten Broeck is one of the pioneer rectors in Minnesota. He is in his 66th year and for several years he has been stationed at Faribault. The youngest of three sons is Rev. R.C. Ten Broeck, who was ordained Sunday morning by Bishop Edsall at St. Mary's Episcopal church, Merriam Park. Rev. George H. Ten Broeck, the eldest son, is rector of St. Mary's at Merriam Park, and Rev. J.A. Ten Broeck is in charge of a Calument (Mich.) parish. The newly ordained rector will be stationed at Windom. --St. Paul Daily News.
Arrested for Operating Blind Pig
Marshall S.A. Roshon on Friday afternoon arrested Geo. Giles on a charge of operating a blind pig. The marshal says he caught his man in the act of dispensing of beer in the barn on Mr. White's place on 9th street. The defendant was taken before Judge Dow on Saturday and his hearing was set for today.
Indian Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Anderson celebrated their third wedding anniversary last Sunday.
Roy Anderson accompanied by his nephews, Emery and Milton Nordberg, returned from Sioux Falls last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Johnson completed their twenty-fifth year of married life last Sunday.
Philathea met with Miss Ida Nystrom last Tuesday evening.
Rev. Oberg left last week for the northern part of the state to be in attendance at the Baptist conference.
Mrs. John Brostrom [Bostrum?] of Sioux City spent several days last week visiting friends.
Mr. Fred left Saturday for Wilmont returning Monday with some full blooded stock hogs.
This community will regret to learn that Irwin Smith is suffering with a broken limb.
A sister of Mrs. Frank Bickness returned home Wednesday after spending some time visiting here.
Mr. A.F. Eshleman and wife, R.C. Free and wife and W.S. Ramer and wife took Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. J. Schecter.
From the Tribune.
Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Voak moved Monday into the Erickson house, which they recently bought, and George has since been running around with his overalls on and a piece of stovepipe in his hands.
From the Democrat.
Miss Nettie Ellsworth and Mr. Frank Frakes were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Ellsworth, in Adrian, Friday evening, June 14th, 1907, by Rev. H.M. Hancock.
Miss Maude Graves, who recently graduated from the Johnson school of oratory and dramatic art, will give a dramatic recital at the Adrian opera house, Friday, June 28th. As will be seen from the program, the entertainment will include pleasing vocal and instrumental numbers.
B. Esser's new barn on his farm in Lismore township was badly wrecked by the wind last Sunday night. The building was moved on the foundation and the middle forced in for two or three feet.
From the Signal.
Attorney Town, one of the leading lawyers of the county, came down from the county seat Tuesday afternoon and spent a few hours in the village.
Raymond Steffins, of Worthington, came down from his home on Sunday afternoon and visited at the home of his aunt, Mrs. John E. Salstrom, until Wednesday morning.
Mrs. Hugh Mitchell and daughter departed Thursday afternoon for Seattle, Wash. They will travel west over the Northern Pacific but will return over the Canadian Pacific. They will visit at different points of interest as well as at Ed Mitchell's, who is holding down a claim in Washington, and expect to be absent about two months.
From the Enterprise.
J.B. Ludlow left Monday night for a two week's trip through the northern part of Minnesota and the two Dakotas on real estate business for the Rushmore Land Co.
Rev. and Mrs. H. Wehrenberg are in St. Paul this week visiting friends and will go from there to Amboy to visit Mrs. Wehrenberg's mother and will not get home until the first of July.
News was received from Minneapolis yesterday of the birth of a ten pound son to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Innes. George writes that the new heir has already spoken for a quarter section of Canada land.
From the Tribune.
Lizzie and Dorotha Ryan, of Worthington, spent several days the first of the week visiting with Mamie and Winnie O'Connor.
Mrs. W. Ager, of Worthington, mother of our townsmen, Ray and Walter Ager, visited with her sons a few days the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Sterling are visiting a daughter in Minneapolis this week.
A new cement sidewalk is being laid in front of Wm. Clark's residence.
Henry Pfiel and J.H. Schuck made a business trip to LaPorte City, Ia., last week.
Mrs. Fred Parker and children are here on a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson.
Rev. W.H. Pond, of Wilder, filled the pulpit at the Episcopal Church Sunday evening and preached a very fine sermon.
Mrs. S.M. Atkinson and daughter, of New London, Conn., and Mrs. J.B. Haddock, of Minneapolis, sister and niece of Judge C.W.W. Dow are guests at the Dow home.
Peter Anderson, of Loraine, was in the city Monday.
Senator S.B. Bedford, of Rushmore, was in the city Tuesday.
Erick Ledine, of Bigelow, was in the city Monday doing trading.
Jos. Lenz, of Adrian, had business in the probate court on Tuesday.
Geo. R. Shaw, of Little Rock township, had business before the probate court Tuesday.
Peter Jacobson, a prominent farmer living near Ocheeda lake, was in the city Monday doing trading.
Mrs. Will Hawley, of Escanaba, Mich., is home on a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Wolven.
Andy Dillman left on Monday for Blue Earth City, where he will spend a week visiting with relatives and friends.
Mr. Edward Woodworth and Miss Nina Henderson, prominent young people of Ocheyedan, were married at Luverne last week.
Mrs. Wilburn, of Sibley, stopped off here Wednesday to visit friends while on her way to Minneapolis to visit her daughter, Mrs. F.M. Hickman.
J.A. Cashel was called to Arcadia, Wisconsin, Tuesday on business. That section was visited by a cyclone, and he went up to look after some insurance.
While watching the circus parade last Friday Mrs. A.T. Latta was taken with a fainting spell. She was conveyed to her home in a carriage and was confined to her bed for a couple of days.
Judge and Mrs. Wilson last week attended the wedding of Miss Smith of Heron Lake. The bride was a former teacher in the Worthington schools. Rev. Lanham performed the ceremony.
Mrs. A.C. Dickens and son, Harold, returned last week from a visit of several weeks at Webster City, Iowa. She was accompanied by her sister, Miss Gladys Humbird, who will visit her a couple of weeks.
Rev. and Mrs. G.G. Schmid and family left last Monday for St. Paul, where they will spend ten days visiting relatives and friends and attend a reunion of the Schmid family, which occurs this week. There will be no service at the German Evangelical Church next Sunday.
G.T. Bulick was down from Reading Friday.
Mrs. J.C. Jessen, of Loraine, is on the sick list this week.
Paul Cooper, of Adrian, was a Worthington visitor last Saturday.
Mrs. W.J. Dodge and Mrs. James Suddaby made a trip to Sioux City Monday.
Mrs. J.G. Mitchell returned on Wednesday from a visit with relatives in Iowa.
Dr. Frank Hough, of Sibley was here Tuesday, assisting Dr. Wiedow in surgical work.
J.F. Cass, of Summit Lake, was in the city Friday taking in the sights and the show.
Mrs. Harvey Rew on Tuesday entertained the Euchre Club. A pleasant session is reported.
Miss Esther Harding visited at the home of Mrs. J.C. Williamson, in Loraine, Wednesday.
Mr. John Montgomery is going about this week with a lame leg, caused by the kick of a horse, Friday.
Mr. Staufer, of the amusement parlor, informs us that the ladies day at the place has been changed from Thursday to Wednesday.
John Bleidorn of Round Lake, was brought up here Monday night to be treated at Dr. Wiedow's office for a wound received by a rusty nail.
Mrs. John Hansberger was made the victim of a very pleasant birthday surprise party on Tuesday by a large number of her lady friends. A very pleasant time is reported.
The promptness with which the Degree of Honor transacts business was demonstrated last week, when the funeral benefits of the lodge in the case of Mrs. W. Moberly was paid the day before the funeral.
Rev. Edward W. Lanham will leave next Monday on a ten day's vacation, during which he will visit friends in southern Iowa. There will be no preaching service at the Presbyterian Church during his absence.
J. Buckio and V.E. Hitchcock have rented the Wilson building, next to Harry Lewis' store, where they will conduct a piano sale for the next 60 days, or more, as the business may justify. They handle the Price and Teeple pianos, an instrument well and favorably known in the east, but just being introduced in the west. They will open up with a car load of pianos and organs.
Col. J.A. Town went to Lismore yesterday on legal business.
Bun Becker, of Adrian, was a guest of Ed. Lawton last week.
Mrs. C.B. Fairfield, of St. James, came down Thursday to visit relatives.
Miss Mae Leverich, of Mankato, was a guest at the M.P. Mann residence this week.
Dr. Humiston reports three more cases of smallpox in Bigelow township, all in one family.
J.H. Howard, of Hancock county, Ill., is visiting his sister, Mrs. D.W. Chute, near Wilmont.
Mrs. Willis Maxwell went to Alexandria last Saturday to visit her mother, who is seriously ill.
Senator Dan Shell has bought a handsome new two-seated buggy of quite metropolitan appearance.
Andrew Nelson, of Bigelow township, is making extensive improvements on his farm residence.
Miss Mary Johnson left on Wednesday for Hot Springs, S.D., to visit her sister, Mrs. F.E. Walker.
Little Myrtle and Curtis James, of Rushmore, are visiting their aunt, Mrs. J.H. James and Vivan Hobson, this week.
Geo. Asquith and Matt Homan, assessors of Larkin and Lismore, respectively, were in the city yesterday and turned over their books to the county auditor.
Lars Larson, an old settler of Indian Lake township, aged 75, on Wednesday sustained a compound fracture of the leg below the knee as the result of a runaway. Owing to his advanced age the injury will naturally be slow in healing.
Mrs. Christ Hogan and daughters left on Wednesday afternoon for Lemars, Ia., to join Mr. Hogan, who has bought an interest in a meat market there, and where they will make their future home.
Rev. C.O. Swan on Wednesday moved into the Dahlberg house, on 5th avenue. The Swedish parsonage will be moved away to make room for a handsome new structure.
Mr. and Mrs. I.F. Kelley left the first of the week for Rochester, where Mrs. Kelley will submit to a critical surgical operation. Her many friends will hope for a successful outcome of the same. A sister of Mrs. Kelley is keeping house during their absence.
A.C. Stevenson, state agent for the Northwestern Life Ins. Co., of Milwaukee, was in the city Tuesday.
Bruce Yale returned Wednesday from Butte, Mont., where he went last week with the intention of attending the funeral of Mrs. Yale, but the remains had been shipped back to Iowa for interment before his arrival, so he missed connections.
Ben Jansen, of Seward, was in the city yesterday.
Vernon Hayden spent a few days in Minneapolis the first of the week visiting.
Oscar Schmidt, of Elgin, Ill., is visiting at the home of J.D. Rippberger.
W.H. Sievert, the Wilmont lumberman, was a county seat visitor yesterday.
Local News.
J.E. Sims, of Sheldon, was a Worthington visitor last Friday.
Herman Hart made a brief business visit to St. Louis last week.
Dr. DeCoster, of Windom, assisted by Drs. Geyerman and Manson, performed a difficult stomach operation last Friday, at the Worthington hospital.
Among the Heron Lake people here last Friday attending the circus were the following: Mrs. Jos. Gates, Mrs. Daniel Peffer, Mr. and Mrs. Pres Treninger.


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Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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