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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 December, 1907

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Friday, December 6, 1907

Oddfellows Elect Officers
The Oddfellows at their last meeting elected the following officers for the ensuing year:
N.G. -- Lee B. Leonard
V.G. -- H.R. Tripp
Sec. -- E.W. Goff
Treas. -- L. Clark
K. of P. Officers
The Worthington lodge of Knights of Pythias elected the following officers for the ensuing year, at their last meeting:
C.C. -- H.S. Hobson
V.C. -- G.A. Cahoon
Prelate -- J.S. Kies
K. of R. and S. -- Dr. A.H. Clark
M.A. -- A. Thomte
M.T. -- T.A. Palmer
M. Ex. -- Loren Clark
M.W. -- Grant Morrison
I.G. -- C.L. Mann
O.G. -- A.W. Little
Trustees -- W.J. Dodge, E.K. Smith
Mr. Manke and wife of Duluth spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Winchell, Mr. Manke being a brother of Mrs. Wincell. After partaking of Thanksgiving good cheer, Mr. and Mrs. Manke returned to Duluth Saturday.
Agent Gillson was promoted this week to a station on the Farmington branch of the Milwaukee road, where he went to assume his duties Monday, his place here being filled by a gentleman from Fulda.
Mrs. Westenhaver and Mrs. Holmes who have been visiting at the Winchell home for a short time, returned to their homes Wednesday.
Mr. Joseph Foehr, one of our most prosperous farmers, made a business trip to our sister down of Dundee, on Tuesday.
Mr. F.H. Habberman and Miss Josephine Langer were Fulda visitors Tuesday between trains.
Mr. Lorenz Dobereiner, the hustling stockman who hales from Fulda and buys here on Thursdays each week, was taking in stock Tuesday.
Mr. F.E. Ridgeway made a run and return to the neighboring town of Fulda on Tuesday. He went on the steam cars and also returned on them.
Misses Hattie Schreiber and Edna Grosscup drove to Heron Lake Friday, where they tarried over night with friends and returned to Kinbrae Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mead drove to Heron Lake Tuesday to attend to business matters.
Mr. Hendricks and family spent Sunday at the home of Mr. Estes.
Mr. W. Williamson, of Sheldon, Ia. who has been visiting at the J.R. Tipton home for the past week, returned home Tuesday.
Miss Kate Galvin, who is teaching in the Ben Young district spent Thanksgiving at her home near Rushmore.
Mrs. Hagberg, who has been quite ill for some time, is better at this writing.
Miss Fannie Hendricks came down from Mankato to spend Thanksgiving with her parents.
Leonard Scrivens and Guy Tipton left for Estherville Tuesday, where they will attend the business college.
Received too late for last week.
Mrs. Harding and Mrs. McMaster went ashopping to Fulda Monday.
Mr. and Mistress Fred Stife broke bread with friends in Kinbrae, Sunday. Mr. Stife has charge of the Skewis Grain Co's elevator at Dundee.
Mr. Francis Nelson returned from Northern Minnesota Saturday, where he had gone to look after some real estate holdings he has in that section. On his return he found several members of his family ill with tonsilitis. At this writing they are all improving fortunately.
Monday Mr. Roy Harding came home from his school duties at Winnebago to spend his Thanksgiving vacation with parents and friends at the old homestead. "Stub" likes to get home when opportunity offers and that is as it should be, for the youngster thinks much of home and home folks usually does not go far wrong in his associates when abroad.
On Monday, being the 11th of November, the year of our Lord 1907, the stork visited the home of Mr. and Mistress J.A. Gardner and left them a beautiful baby boy. James wears a very genial countenance these days and the Mistress thinks the little one the very dearest thing on earth, and doubtless it is.
Mesdames Livingston and Stife, of Dundee, came over Friday to meet with the Methodist Ladies Aid at Mrs. Ed. Harding's.
Our doughty Philippine war veteran, Mr. A.A. Anscomb, is remodeling his residence in the southern section of town and will soon have it as cosy as can be before the north wind gets too cold, we hope.
Mrs. Westenhaver and Mrs. Holmes mother and sister of G.C. Winchell are visiting him and his family this week. His mother comes from Mapleton, this state, and his sister from Silesia, North Dakota.
Albert Selberg was in the city last Friday.
A.R. Mann spent Sunday with his family at Windom.
K. Deuth of Org was in town Saturday doing trading.
C.F. Martin of Reading was in the city Friday doing trading.
A.M. Renner spent Thanksgiving with R.H. Lamb at Slayton.
Oluf Noreen returned last Saturday from a business trip to Canada.
Louis Nebendahl of Elk, was in the city Saturday doing trading.
Miss May Cox of Adrian was registered at the Worthington last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. K.V. Mitchell spent Thanksgiving with relatives at Spencer, Ia.
Conrad DeGuse and family of Elk, were in the city last Saturday doing trading.
Rev. C.E. Oberg of Indian Lake transacted business in Worthington last Friday.
T.A. Fallgatter and Thos. Hayes, of Wilmont, registered at the Worthington last Saturday.
Glen Baker spent a few days at Heron Lake the first of the week looking after farming interests.
J.W. Pepple, of the train dispatchers force at St. James, visited his parents in this city over Sunday.
J.E. Hornbeck of Streator, Ill, returned home Monday after a visit with his two sons in Loraine township.
Wm. Williamson of Weybourne Sask., Can., was a guest at the home of J.R. Tipton, in Elk township, last week.
Miss Rose Perry, Miss Ida Roll and Ted Ostrom, of Adrian, came over to attend the Club dance last Friday evening.
Dr. A.H. Clark left on Monday for Denver, Col., to attend the annual convention of the Rock Island railroad surgeons.
Ed. Lawton came home from the state U. to spend Thanksgiving under the parental roof, and also visited friends at Adrian.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Featherstone of Red Wing have been visiting at the home of Rev. and Mrs. G.A. Cahoon the past week. They left for home Thursday.
R.A. Firth, of St. Paul, spent Thanksgiving with his son-in-law, Thos. Cunningham, of Hersey. He also spent a few days in Worthington renewing old acquaintances.
Attorney M.P. Thornton of Adrian was at the county seat on business Monday.
Loren Clark, our popular shoedealer, spent Thanksgiving with friends at Mankato.
G.V. Pettit has moved into the Congregational parsonage, now owned by Miss Allen.
S.A. Harding left on Sunday for South Dakota, where he will spend the winter with relatives.
Mrs. Jas. McDonald, of Missoula, Mont., was a guest at the home of her brother, G.A. Engbritson, the first of the week.
Fred Dolheim and family left on Monday for Spokane, Washington, where they expect to spend the winter with relatives.
Dr. and Mrs. F.M. Manson spent Thanksgiving with Dr. and Mrs. Curren at Mankato. Mrs. Manson remained over a few days.
Frank Keith and family, of Hartley, Ia., moved here last week. Mr. Keith has accepted a position in Hart's store, and comes highly recommended as a first class salesman.
O.W. Buss has been bound over to the grand jury on a charge of forgery. It is alleged he secured a loan of $500 on a note purporting to have been signed by his father, but which the latter repudiates as a forgery.
H.H. Myrum and E.E. Hashberger have formed partnership to engage in merchant tailoring, and have opened a shop in the Darling building on 2d avenue, where Mr. Hashberger had already arranged to engage in the business. Both members of the firm are experienced workmen, and will no doubt enjoy a profitable business.
Rev. J.E. Evans last Sunday morning preached his farewell to the congregation of the Congregational church. In the evening he preached at a Union meeting held in his honor at the M.E. church, when he was honored with a large audience. Mr. Evans labored faithfully for his church here for about a year and a half, and has made a host of friends both in and out of his church, who will always hold him in kindly remembrance. Mr. Evans and family left on Monday afternoon for Prairie Du Chien, Wis., where his family will reside, while he engages in lecturing and evangelistic work.
S.V. Colven of Dewald was in the city on business Wednesday.
Harris Darling, who is working in Minneapolis, spent Thanksgiving at home.
H. Wickstrom has built a new barn on his property near the Catholic church.
Will Corbett left last Monday for his old home in Streator, Ill., for an indefinite time.
Jet Smallwood and Chas. Haggard came home from the state U to spend Thanksgiving.
Mrs. Cora Maxwell of the telephone central, spent Thanksgiving with relatives in the twin cities.
G.W. Roth went to Chicago last Sunday to spend a few days at the International Live Stock Exposition.
Rev. and Mrs. W.A. Putnam, of Luverne, were Thanksgiving guests at the home of their son, A.A. Putnam.
Miss May Connell, a teacher at Wells, this state, spent Thanksgiving with Miss Hazelton, one of our teachers.
O.W. Tupper, who is attending the State U., spent Thanksgiving here at the home of his sister, Mrs. Robt. R. Smith.
Miss Marjorie Steigleder, of Spencer, Ia., visited a few days the first of the week at the home of her sister, Mrs. K.V. Mitchell.
I.F. Kelley went to Minneapolis Tuesday,expecting to return the latter part of the week with Mrs. Kelley and their daughter Marjorie.
Charles Schaefer and Miss Augusta Borchese, of Elk township, were married on Monday at the office of the judge of probate, C.M. Cory, who officiated.
J.W. Kunz, the pop manufacturer, has decided to go out of business here and this week shipped his plant to Storm Lake, Ia., where he intends to locate and engage in the same business. Mr. and Mrs. Kunz are estimable people and we are sorry to lose them from the city.
On Wednesday afternoon Gus Swanberg fell from the top of a trolly ladder at the Hub store, and sprained his ankle so seriously that he will for a few days be forced to navigate with the aid of crutches. He was removed to the hospital, where his ankle was examined under the X-Ray machine, to determine if any bones had been fractured.
Local News.
Wm. Hastings has been quite sick the past week.
E.D. Tripp was up from Round Lake Tuesday.
I.F. Kelly has bought the Dean residence on Okabena street.
I.T. Branigan was up from Rock Rapids Wednesday on business.
Chas. Selberg has bought the John Bass dwelling in Anderson's addition.
Misses Ferna Hanson and Iva Faragher of Adrian, visited Worthington friends last week.
Mrs. E.J. Jones entertained about a score of lady friends at a dinner party yesterday noon.
Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Riley, of Sioux Falls, were Sunday guests at the home of H.R. Tripp.
Mrs. J.F. Murphy and Mrs. Heinrichs, of Adrian, are visiting at the Klar_s home on 5th avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thievolt of Round Lake, were guests at the residence of Harry R. Tripp Monday and Tuesday.
Eugene Stanton, who travels in the Pacific coast territory for a St. Paul millinery house, spent Sunday with his family here.
Miss Edith Scharck, who is teaching near Lake Park, Ia., spent Thanksgiving at home, returning to her school Monday morning.
A.J. Correll and wife of Lorain left this week for their old home in Pennsylvania, where they will visit until after the holidays.
Mrs. Susan Smith, formally a resident of Lorain township, is visiting friends in Worthington and vicinity. From here she goes to Illinois for the winter.
The Birthday Club on Wednesday evening gave a surprise party in honor of Mrs. G.A. Fairfield, at the home of Mrs. W.E. Madison. A very enjoyable time was had. Mrs. Fairfield has shipped their household goods to St. Paul, and leaves tomorrow to join Mr. Fairfield there.
M.F. Sullivan, district manager for the Singer Sewing Machine Co., has been transferred to Mankato, and the business heretofore transacted here will hereafter be done there. The company will however continue their store here with an agent in charge.
Mrs. May Peyton nee Miss May Rhuprecht was married in Dallas, Texas, last week and Mrs. May came home Tuesday. The wedding was kept a secret.
John Hand is able to be around again.
Peter Peters and family were taken sick Wednesday morning, but are now improving.
Miss Myrtle Yates visited at Sibley the past week.
Wm. Brink went home to O____dan Saturday, having severed his connection with O.H. Scott.
Miss Marie Okey was a passenger for Little Rock Monday. Miss Lena Harrington accompanied here as far as Sibley, returning on the 12:30 train.
While little Wilma Lane was whittling with a knife it slipped and struck her in the eye so that the pupil of the eye dro_ed a little. Mrs. Lane took the little one to Sheldon, and the doctor believes he can save the eye.
Silver Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. G.V. Pettit on Wednesday evening celebrated their 25th or silver wedding anniversary at their new home on 7th avenue. About 30 of their oldest friends had been invited and assisted in making the occasion an enjoyable one. After an elaborate dinner the evening was pleasantly spent in social intercourse. Mr. and Mrs. Pettit are among our most estimable people, and have a host of friends whom we join in extending congratulations on the occasion. They received a large number of appropriate reminders of the day.

Friday, December 13, 1907

Company F. has been transfered from the 3rd to the 2d regiment, and all the insignia of their equipment has been sent to headquarters to be exchanged.
Wm. J. Peters, foreman at the Omaha round house, and Miss Laura M. Bixby were married Tuesday afternoon at 2:30, at the home of the bride's parents in Clary addition. The knot was tied by Rev. G.A. Cahoon, the ring ceremony being used. A large company of relatives and friends were present, including a young brother of the groom from St. Paul. Miss Iona Barclew played the wedding march. The ceremony was followed by a very elaborate luncheon. Mr. and Mrs. Peters will go to housekeeping in one of the Darling cottages on Humiston avenue. They have a large circle of friends whom we join in extending congratulations.
Local News.
Fred Doeden was a caller last Monday.
Geo. Estes of Elk was a caller last Saturday.
Guy Fellows of Elk, was a caller last Tuesday.
D.M. Holland was up from Bigelow Wednesday.
City Clerk Clinton L. Mann spent Sunday at Adrian.
Clarence Williamson of Loraine, was a caller last Monday.
H.T. Wasmund of Dewald was a pleasant caller last Saturday.
Sam Swanson has bought the D.R. Chaney property on the lake front.
Banker Edwin Brickson, of Adrian, was in the city on business last Tuesday.
Mrs. W.E. Needham of Bristol, Ia., visited at the home of Henry Stevens last week.
Banker W.M. Evans and family returned last week from their visit at Gowrie, Ia.
Mrs. Wm. Vogelsberg of Ellsworth, was registered at the Allen House last Sunday.
Misses Sarah Glasgow and Mary Becker, of Adrian, were guests of Miss Edith Glasgow last Sunday.
Mrs. W.J. Parry of Lemars, Ia., is here on a visit at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Prideaux.
J.G. Mitchell and family spent Sunday at the home of his son-in-law, Will Schrader, south of Rushmore.
The Whist Club was entertained on Monday evening by Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Stewart. An unusually enjoyable session is reported.
Sam Swanson and crew returned last week from Gowrie, Ia., where they put the finishing touches on a business block erected there by W.M. Evans.
The Degree of Honor Grand lodge has settled the case brought against it by Mrs. Luella Schultz, by paying the face of the policy and some of the costs.
In a letter to W.M. Evans, J.S. Ramage, who is now engaged in the fuel and feed business at Spokane, says that their daughter, Muriel is just recovering from a severe case of pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Kimmel and son left on Tuesday for their old home at Somerset, Parents., to visit for a few weeks. They have not been back for twenty years and will no doubt have a pleasant time. The fathers of both Mr. and Mrs. Kimmel are still living.
The following Worthington people attended the dedication of the Swedish Baptist church in Indian Lake last Sunday: Mr. Gus Swanberg and children, Mrs. J.E. Peterson, Rev. I.H. Darnell, S. Kindlund, Dr. and Mrs. Ray Humiston, H.J. Blume, Andrew Nystrom and wife, Peter Nystrom and wife, J.E. Erickson and wife, O.F. Blood, N. Fauskee and family, Sam Swanson, Will Olson, and Thos. Dovery.
Local News.
Leo McDonnell of Route 2 was a caller last Friday.
Will Frenz of Hersey was a Worthington visitor Tuesday.
Born -- On Dec. 4th, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Paine, of Loraine, a son.
Walter Saxon and S. Solomonson were in from Indian Lake yesterday.
Pat Sullivan came down from Brewster Tuesday evening to take in the show.
Miss Schodin of Lansing, Ia., visited in the Saxon neighborhood in Indian Lake, this week.
Miss Matilda Clark, who occupies rooms at J.S. Kies house, has been on the sick list this week.
W.L.O. Bartlett, the cigar manufacturer, made a trip to Wilmont, Lismore and Adrian, Monday.
Misses Elizabeth and May Schanck of Belmond, Iowa, were over-Sunday visitors at the H.R. Veeder home in Loraine.
Mrs. Sam. C. Anderson, of Elon, Ia who had been visiting relatives in Indian Lake a few days, returned home latter part of this week.
Fulda Republican: H.P. Lewis and family of Wilmont, spent Sunday at this place with old friends. Roy consulted the doctor while here as his health has been quite poor of late.
Mrs. Wilder, the wife of the new pastor of the Presbyterian church arrived from Council Bluffs, Ia., last Monday, accompanied by their three children. They occupy the Manse on 11th street.
County Commissioners O.D. Bryan of Ellsworth, J.G. Murphy of Adrian, J.L. McConkey of Brewster, and W.F. Moss of Reading, attended a meeting of the county board here Tuesday and Wednesday.
H.R. Free, of Crestward, S.D., came home the first of the week for a few days visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Free. Mr. Free, who is engaged in carpenter work at Crestward, has not been home for four years.
C.E. Eikenberry, of Elk township, last Monday shipped a carload of household goods and farm implements to Barnum, this state, where he has a large tract of land and will engage in farming. Mr. Eikenberry went with the car, and Mrs. Eikenberry went to Aurelia, Iowa, where she will visit rel- [The rest got cut off in the original.]
Miss Nellie Eggleston left the hospital Wednesday.
Mrs. G.W. Roth returned on Wednesday from an extended visit at Burlington, Wis.
Mr. A.J. Olund will preach at the Congregational church next Sunday both morning and evening.
The Misses Esther and Ellen Johnson, on [of] Indian Lake, were in the city yesterday on a shopping trip.
C.F. Modisett, Geo. Lutz and the Kepka brothers, of Bigelow, attended the horse sale here yesterday.
Miss Alice Moe, who had been at the ospital for three weeks, left for her home at Wabasha on Wednesday.
Will Hagberg and wife went to Reading last Saturday to attend the fifth wedding anniversary of his brother Charles, and wife.
Nelson Dayton came down from Minneapolis yesterday to attend the Patterson-Erickson Co's horse sale. He bought seven horses for his large farm near Anoka.
Miss Hulda Wass has taken a position in Torrance's store.
The Misses Cass of Reading did shopping in town Tuesday.
Miss Mamie Jones of Cherokee, Ia., is home on a visit to her parents.
Peter Lentz, Mat and Anthon Pint, of Adrian, had business in probate court Tuesday.
Mrs. D.T. Cain of Bigelow was in the city Monday doing shopping and visiting friends.
Mr. and Mrs. K.V. Mitchell on Monday evening entertained a few friends informally at cards.
J.B. Ludlow and family of Rushmore visited the home of his parents, on the lake shore last Sunday.
The will of the late Matt Pint of Ellsworth has been filed for probate. Some of the heirs are taking steps to contest it, and the hearing has been set for Dec. 27.
Banker J.S. Tolverson, of Fulda, was in the city Wednesday and Thursday. He came down to attend the Patterson-Erickson Co's. sale, and to transact other business.
Jacob Miller, who lives in Clary addition was arrested on Tuesday charged with beating his wife. He was sentenced to 40 days in jail, but sentence was suspended on condition that he leave town, and he has vanished.
Alfred Williams of Worthington township transacted business in town Tuesday.
Miss Ethel Patterson is assisting in Braces jewelry store during the holiday rush.
Mr. Faragher, of Adrian, visited friends and did shopping in Worthington the first of the week.
J.M. Plotts came down from Duluth last week for a few day's visit with his father and sisters.
Mrs. A.M. Feathers of Lismore came down Tuesday to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Prideaux, and to do shopping.
L.T. Eide, one of the prosperous farmers of Ransom township, on Monday took out a new organ, bought at Palmer's music store.
Mrs. R.R. Smith and son left last Sunday evening for Spokane, Wash., where she will visit her parents until after the holidays. Mr. Smith expects to join them by Christmas. Her brother, O.W. Tupper, who had been visiting here a week, accompanied her.
W.E. Roberts of Rushmore was in the city Monday.
John Clark of Fulda was in town on business Tuesday.
Bert Waage of Round Lake was in Worthington on Tuesday.
Ernest Larson of Round Lake registered at the Western Tuesday.
Miss Pearl Luehrs returned on Tuesday from a visit at Marathon, Ia.
C.P. Taylor of Reading was hauling hay to this market Wednesday.
M.A. Adams, or Lorain township, was in the city Tuesday doing trading.
G.W. Baumgardner and wife, of Eugene, Ore., registered at the Worthington Monday.
B.G. Blomgren and Albert Nelson of Indian Lake went to Chicago the first of the week for a few days visit with friends.
Thos. Hendricks of Wilmont visited friends in this city Monday.

Friday, December 20, 1907

Will Study in Europe
Dr. H.W. Darling, assistant superintendent at the state hospital, has been granted leave of absence and will take postgraduate work abroad. Dr. Darling intends to leave on Jan. 8th, next, and will go to Vienna, Austria where he will study in one of the larger universities and where he will have the advantage of clinical work in some of the finest hospitals in Europe. Dr. Darling has been connected with the local institution for thirteen years. Nine years ago he was promoted to the assistant superintendency. His friends in the city hope that his stay abroad will be both pleasant and profitable. -- St. Peter Herald.
Dr. Darling is a brother of Mrs. T.H. Creever and the Darling brothers of this city.
Last week Ole Sorem went out to Lismore to visit his sister, Mrs. Stangland.
T.F. Halferty ... [NOTE: If you would like more info on this article, please email me.]
Mrs. Neils Sorenson is still quite sick, a bad case of erysipelas.
On Wednesday of last week Mr. and Mrs. Cole Guernsey were treated to a genuine surprise. Mr. and Mrs. Guernsey have decided to go to Worthington, and as they are among the oldest residents of the township, their friends thought it fitting to give them a parting call. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Sorem, Mr. and Mrs. N.R. Carper, Mrs. Atwood, Mr. and Mrs. I. Milton, Mr. and Mrs. I.A. Milton, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Milton, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Downes, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Shore and daughter Alice, Mr. and Mrs. B.L. Sorem, Mr. G.W. Dow, Mrs. F.T. Graves, Mr. J.J. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. T.F. Halferty and her mother, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Shore, Mr. and Mrs. C. Shore, Mr. and Mrs. N.W. Shore, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shore and Rev. and Mrs. Gillis, of Rushmore. Their company of friends brought baskets filled to overflowing with good things to eat. The day was very pleasantly spent by all present, and these old neighbors will leave this community with the best wishes of a host of friends.
Local News.
Ed. Moberg of Bigelow was a caller last Saturday.
C.J. Anderson of Round Lake was a caller Wednesday.
D.M. Holland of Bigelow was in the city last Saturday.
W.G. Meyers made a business trip to Slayton Monday.
Mrs. F. Mohl of Adrian was a Worthington visitor last Saturday.
C.P. Taylor of Reading was a pleasant caller Tuesday.
J.F. Cass of Summit Lake was in the city Tuesday transacted business.
Chas. Belknap of Osakis, is visiting old friends in and around Worthington.
C. DeBoer of Worthington township was in the city on business Tuesday.
G.W. Dealand of Org transacted business at the county seat Saturday last.
A.M. Renner and Thos. Hogan spent Sunday at the latter's home at Lemars, Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. E.K. Smith spent last Sunday at Rock Rapids, visiting Mrs. Smith's parents.
Mrs. T.H. Prideaux and son Richard, of Rushmore, visited at the home of R. Prideaux Tuesday.
J.M. Scriven of Seward and Ernest Beckman of Bloom township had business at the county capitol Monday.
Fritz Johnson, of Indian Lake, last Saturday bought a fine driving horse and buggy from the Western Implement Co.
I.P. Fox, cashier of the Bank of Verdi, was in the city last Saturday, renewing acquaintances and transacting business. He transferred to C.T. Tupper an undivided half interest in a farm in Elk township.
Mrs. A.K. Webb of Cambridge, Ia., was a guest at the home of J.S. Kies last week.
J. Fitzgerald one of the substantial farmers of Loraine township was in the city on business Tuesday and made this office a pleasant call.
Rev. I.L. Cory, pastor of the Congregational church at Wankesha [Waukesha?], Wis., was a guest of his brother, Judge Cory, a number of days the first of the week.
Moses Jantze of Bloom township, was in the city Wednesday ordering bills for an auction on Jan. 2. He has sold his farm and expects to leave shortly thereafter for Ontario, Canada.
Miss Avis Voak is home from Dakota.
J.S. Kies made a business trip to Sibley Wednesday.
Lyle Cross of Brewster was a Worthington visitor Friday.
Mrs. G.A. Lincoln spent Sunday with relatives at St. James.
Mrs. Fred Munchau has been quite sick the past week.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Broeffle has been quite ill.
M.E. Lawton made a trip to Windom last Friday on business.
Mrs. A.P. Darling spent Sunday with her son Harris at St. Paul.
D.A. Smith and wife of Rushmore visited in Worthington Tuesday.
Albert Selberg of Bigelow township transacted business here yesterday.
Claus Groninga of Org was in the city yesterday looking for holiday good.
A pleasant party was given at the home of John Larson in Bigelow township, last evening.
A. Obermann left last Monday for Elk River to start logging operations on his timber land there.
Postmaster A.R. Beilke, a leading merchant of Reading, transacted business at the county seat Tuesday.
L. Morris, of Rockford, Wash., a former hardware merchant at Brewster, was registered at the Western Monday.
The choir of the Catholic church met with Miss Ryan at her home west of town, Wednesday evening, for practice.
Dr. H. Wiedow attended a meeting of the Upper Des Moines Medical Society Wednesday, where he read a paper on surgery of the brain.
Division Supt. C.J. Wilson, of Estherville, and District Passenger Agent John G. Farmer, of Cedar Rapids, Rock Island railway officials, passed north over the Pipestone branch on Wednesday.
E.J. Wolven and family, Judge and Mrs. G.W. Wilson, S.S. Smith and family, Mrs. Petrie, Mr. and Mrs. F.C. Brace, A.N. Wetherall and family, took dinner at the Hotel Worthington Sunday.
Mrs. John Sprague, of Fairmont who was operated on for gall stones and appendicitis, at Rochester, is doing nicely and will be able to leave for her home by the last of the month. Mrs. Sprague is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood, of this city, and has many friends here who will be pleased to hear of the favorable outcome of her case.
W.M. Evans made a trip to Round [Lake?] yesterday.
F.C. Stitser came up from Waverly, Iowa, yesterday to look after business matters.
Born -- To Mr. and Mrs. George Fowler on Wednesday, a girl.
Mrs. Ballard gave a party Wednesday in memory of her 53 birthday.
The rural carrier is thankful to the following patrons on his route: To Mrs. Gus. Selbe[r]g for some nice meat, to Mrs. Lillian Ramage for the yellow-legged chicken, all dressed, and to Mrs. Julius Dalkey for the nice potatos.
Aug. Klessig's brother from Wisconsin and another from near Mankato were here a few days visiting him.
Our new lumberman, Mr. Kraus, is busy man these days.
Postmaster F.S. Lane has bought the Ed Michaels property.
A.E. Yeske and Mrs. Bird expect to go to Downer's Grove, Ill., to spend Christmas.
F.L. Lane took little Wilma to Sibley to see an eye specialist regarding her eye that was hurt some time ago.
Round Lake
Theo. Bahls, our leading grain dealer, made a business trip to the county seat Wednesday.
Will Thomsen, the implement man, attended the convention at Watertown, S.D., this week.
Miss Augusta Holst of Garrison, N.D., is visiting relatives here. Her sister, Miss Amanda, who visited in North Dakota, came home with her.
Mrs. L.R. Long is said to have been hurt in a runaway a few days ago.
Roy Mead, after a week's visit with his folks in Illinois, returned home Saturday.
Mr. Ullman, of Paulina, Ia., is visiting with his sister, Mrs. Jas. Gardener, this week.
B.N. Boodelson, of Dundee, was interviewing friends here Saturday evening.
From the Tribune:
If Teddy Roosevelt has any more anti-race suicide medals to spare he can send one to Mr. and Mrs. B.T. McChesney at once, for the birth of twin daughters Sunday.
Archie L. Wiley and Miss Mildred M. Denny were married at Worthington on Thursday, Dec. 5th. The groom is a prosperous young farmer living near Brewster, and the bride is a charming young lady who has for a time been employed in the Wiley household.
George Henderson has been spending the past ten days with his sister, Mrs. Strand and Mrs. Henderson. He has been rusticating on a claim near Pierre, S.D., for several months.
From the Enterprise:
S.B. Bedford and Chas. Hamstreet were at Worthington Saturday attending a meeting of the school boards of Nobles county.
Rev. J.D. Gibb was called to Amboy last Thursday to officiate at the funeral of a citizen of that place. He returned Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Bassett, of St. Paul, came down Saturday morning and are spending a short time at the Bassett home north of town.
From the News:
Wm. Marr, of Dodgeville, Wis. who has been spending a few weeks with his brothers Charles and Nate and other relatives here and at Adrian, took the morning passenger at this point Monday for Sioux Falls.
Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Williams departed Saturday for their future home at Santa Monica, California. They have long bee residents of Ellsworth and our people bid them farewell with genuine regret. They are followed to the new home by the hearty well wishes of our people, and it is the firm wish of all that they will meet with good fortune in that western country.
Mesdames Lovrien and Nowell and Miss Mae Smith were pleasure seekers at Rock Rapids last Friday.
Carstenson Brothers left yesterday for South Omaha, Nebr., where they expect to purchase fifty or sixty head of feeders from the yards there, and this stock they will feed on their farm west of town during the winter season.
Chas. Erickson, of Route 5, was in the city Monday doing trading.
J.F. Ullrich of the town of Worthington was in the city Monday doing trading.
A.M. Renner and W.I. Humiston attended the auction near Round Lake, Tuesday.
Oscar Ellingson of Indian Lake marketed $35 worth of furs with the Hart Commission Co. Tuesday.
A.C. Todd has leased the bowling alley in the Davis building on 2d avenue, and will open it for business the first of the week.
Mrs. .L. Gillett returned on Monday from a visit to the twin cities.
F.C. Turner returned on Monday from a trip to Mankato, Rochester and St. Paul.
Miss Ida Roll, of Adrian, was a guest at the home of Editor Weinandt the first of the week.
Harry Hedges, the genial machine agent of Sheldon, Ia., called on the implement dealers here Monday.
Banker Jas. R. Jones, of Adrian, was a guest of his son, County Attorney E.J. Jones, the first of the week.
Peter Behr, one of the substantial pioneer farmers of Seward township, had business at the court house Monday.
Jay Wolven returned last Monday from Aberdeen, S.D., where he has a position in a hardware store, to spend the holidays.
John and Henry Apel of Elk township marketed poultry here Tuesday.
Fred Little of Elk township, has gone to New Orleans to spend the winter.
Albert Dolheim and wife of Bigelow township were in the city Monday doing shopping.

Friday, December 27, 1907

Happily United in Wedlock.
Monday evening, Dec. 23, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mitchell, near the Wass' School House, occurred the marriage of their daughter, Mary Mills, to Mr. Victor E. Gustafson, eldest son of Mrs. Ida M. Gustafson. Promptly at eight o'clock strains of the wedding march were heard and the groom, accompanied by his mother, entered the parlor, and awaited the bride who was escorted by her father. The impressive ring ceremony was used, Rev. Carl O. Swan of the Lutheran church, officiating. Miss Chloe Anderson was the bride's maid of honor.
The bride was attired in a becoming gown of white silk, and carried pink roses and carnations. The maid of honor also wore white and carried pink roses.
After congratulations and good wishes, the guests, numbering about fifty, were served with a bountiful supper, in the dining room, which as well as the rest of the house was artistically decorated with holly, ferns and evergreen. A large number of beautiful and costly gifts showed the appreciation of the many friends of the bride and groom.
The bride, who has taught school for several years is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, a young lady of sweet disposition, and a general favorite. Mr. Gustafson is an energetic, ambitious, young man, with a promising future, and the many friends of the young couple extend to them the heartiest congratulations, and best wishes for a happy future.
Mrs. Gertrude Brown Dead.
O.G. Grudsten received a letter the past week from Mrs. C.H. Alford, of Davenport, Ia., informing him of the death of Mrs. Gertrude Brown, a former resident of this city. Her death occurred at a hospital in Pueblo, Col., where she was undergoing an operation. Mrs. Brown at one time owned and managed the Western Hotel and had considerable property interests in Worthington
Local News.
Miss Mabel Hogan, who has been for some time in Minneapolis, is spending the holidays with her parents in this city.
Ollie Taylor and sister, Mrs. Eikenberry, left Friday for Aurelia, Ia. for a several weeks visit with relatives and friends.
Miss Millie Crane, teacher in district 97, six miles west of Worthington, returned to her home at Panama, Ia., to spend the holidays with her parents.
Aug. Habeck of Round Lake, did trading here Tuesday.
Miss Elsie Boyce, who teaches school near Bigelow, passed thu here Saturday on her way to Adrian to spend the holidays at her home in that place.
Mary McCann and son, James, of Sioux Falls, were guests at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Ronan, from Friday until Monday. Mrs. McCann was a former resident of Nobles county.
A family reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Prideaux on Christmas day, the first time for several years that all the children were gathered together under the parental roof. Those present were Miss Clara of Worthington, T.H. Prideaux and family of Rushmore, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Patty and children of Little Rock, and Mrs. A.M. Feathers and three children, of Lismore.
J.P. Vail visited friends in Elk Monday and Tuesday.
Clifford Loveless is home from Minneapolis for the holidays.
Miss Lillian Thom of Rushmore, did shopping in Worthington Monday.
Miss Daisy K. Vail, who is teaching at Reading, is home for the holidays.
Clayton Bedford of Rushmore transacted business at the county seat Monday.
Mrs. Wilson Ager is spending Christmas with relatives at Hastings, this state.
Misses Nellie Lyon and Jessie Ager assisted in Brace's store during the holiday rush.
Miss Grace Kimmel, of Elk township, was a guest of Miss Daisy L. Vail, Christmas.
A. Nazarenus, a prominent farmer of Elk township, was in the city Tuesday doing trading.
Miss Martha Kindlund, who is teaching in Little Rock township, is home for the holidays.
Wm. Chaney went to Rushmore last Saturday to conduct the funeral of the late Peter Dahlberg.
Miss Mabel Olson, who is clerking in Torrance's store, is spending Christmas at her home in Windom.
Mrs. Wing of Lake Park, was an over Sunday guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.N. Wetherel.
Arba Bedford, who is attending high school here, is spending the holidays at his home at Rushmore.
Miss Nellie Addington, who has been visiting a sister in Chicago for some months returned home on Tuesday.
Miss Alida Bedford, who is attending Hamline University, is spending the holidays at her home at Rushmore.
Mrs. J.H. Goff and her sister, Mabel Clark, of Slayton, are spending Christmas under the parental roof.
Miss Emma Holm, who has been teaching in Green district, has gone to her home at Mankato for the holidays.
The Misses Judas and Ella Swanson of Minneapolis, are spending Christmas at the home of J.H. Wickman.
Miss Emma Ackerman, who is teaching at Britt, Ia., is spending the holiday occasion with her parents near Reading.
Miss Arlouine Loveless and Miss Carrie Allen, who are attending business college at Minneapolis, are home for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Parmeter and son John [of?] Scotland, S.D., are visiting at the home of his brother-in-law, C.L. Maxwell.
Mrs. Wm. Chaney went to Rochester last Friday to spend Christmas with her parents. Mr. Chaney joined them on Wednesday.
R.H. and Archie Moberly left on Wednesday for Oklahoma, where they expect to spend a couple of months visiting their father and other relatives.
Frank, June and May Johnson from Wessington Springs, S.D., spent Christmas with their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stephenson.
R.W. Ager of Wilmont, passed through town Monday on his way to Preston to spend the holidays. Mrs. Ager has been visiting there for some days.
Gust Swanberg was in the store again this week, after being confined to the house some weeks by the injury to his foot. He still has to use crutches, and suffers considerable pain from the injury.
J.R. Selby of Loraine was a caller Monday.
Miss Hazelton has gone to Dubuque for the holidays.
Miss Williams is spending the holidays at Madison, Wis.
C.S. Johnson of Bigelow township, was in the city Tuesday.
Alfred Jacobson was up from Bigelow Monday doing trading.
Curtis Brown has moved on the Hurd place on the Jackson road.
R.O. Williams of Graham Lakes, was in the city Friday on business.
Fred Schaefer moved into town last week from his farm in Elk township.
Ed Gustafson of Loraine, transacted business in Worthington on Tuesday.
Harry Smith of Wilmont was registered at the Western house Saturday.
Miss Stella Moshier, who is teaching at Bigelow, is home for the holidays.
Miss Blanche Donahue and mother are spending the holidays at Mason City, Ia.
Miss Ethel Bloom is home from her school near Lismore for the holiday vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Frink spent Christmas with Mrs. Frink's parents at Luverne.
Harry Kies, who is principal of the schools of Dow City, Ia., is home for the holidays.
Fred L. Haggatt of Wilmont passed through Worthington Sunday on his way to Iowa.
Miss Frankie Clark, who is teaching at Heron Lake, is home for the holiday vacation.
Mrs. j.P. Biltgen visited her daughter, Mrs. J.E. Sahlstrom, at Bigelow last Saturday.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Morrison has fully recovered from his recent sick spell.
E.E. Baxter left Saturday night for Cherry Valley, Ill. to spend the Christmas holidays.
Frank Spohn, one of the progressive farmers of Dewald, was in the city Saturday doing trading.
A.G. and Ray Anderson left last Saturday for Chicago, where they will spend a few days visiting.
Ernest Gillis, who is attending the high school here, is spending the holidays at his home in Rushmore.
Miss Ora Barnes, of Seward township, was a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.C. Brace over Sunday.
J.H. Peterson and family went to Sioux City on Wednesday, where they will visit relatives until after the first of the year.
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Marple, of the Minneapolis Journal linotype force, are spending the holidays with Mrs. J.P. Biltgen.
Miss Opal Luehrs, who is teaching at Luverne, and Miss Lillian Luehrs, who is teaching at Princeton, are home for the holidays.
Guy Tipton and Len Scriven returned last Saturday from Estherville Ia., where they are attending business college, to spend the holidays with their parents in Elk township.
Gust Blomgren and Albert Nelson returned last week from a visit to Chicago and Batavia, Ill. Miss Freda Blomgren, Gust's sister, returned home with them.
Henry Hanson of Elk township, was a caller last Friday.
Chas. Haggard is home from the state U. for the holidays.
Alfred Mahlberg of Bigelow was in the city Saturday doing trading.
Albert Selberg of Bigelow was in the city Saturday doing trading.
Mrs. Henry Schinkle, of Dewald, was in the city Monday doing trading.
Miss Emma Ferguson assisted in M.J. Martin's store during the holidays.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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