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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 October, 1906

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Friday, October 5, 1906

Real Estate Transfers.
During the past week there has been quite a bit of activity in the local real estate market. Several good farms have changed hands, and there seems to be an increasing demand for Nobles county soil. Prices are ranging upward and good farms will shortly command first-class prices. In the city, residence properties have changed ownership.
I.F. Kelley purchased the Hawley residence on Tenth street; Ed Jones has bought the Helmick property and Frank Durfey secured the Ramage residence now occupied by A.R. Albertus.
Pioneer Pastor Visits City
Rev. J.W. Lewis spoke at the services at the Methodist church last Sunday morning. The gentleman was one of the pioneers in this community having been pastor of the Methodist church here thirty-three years ago. He now resides in California and has been visiting in Ohio. Many of the old settlers remember him and he has been enjoying a few days visit in this vicinity, being entertained by Mr. and Mrs. John Vail. Mr. Lewis left Tuesday, to attend the Minnesota annual Conference at St. Paul.
Miss Ida Clar, of Worthington began her duties as teacher in Dist. 26.
C.R. Larson, of Indian Lake, visited old friends in our midst last Sunday.
We have noticed that O.H. Nystrom has this week been out with his stupendous old blower less threshing machine.
A daughter came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. Person last Wednesday, and now her father is wearing the smile that never wears off.
Nystrom Bros. attended the Blind Boone concert at Worthington last Friday evening.
Operator Fairfield, of the Omaha, was a Brewster visitor Tuesday.
Miss Maude Conrad was an over Sunday guest of relatives at Heron Lake.
P.H. Brown has been at Parker, South Dakota, during the past week.
A.S. Frane, of Reading, was a welcome caller at our office Saturday last.
Dr. King and wife of Fulda, were guests of Worthington relatives Wednesday.
Mrs. Biltgen went to Bigelow Tuesday for a short visit with friends and relatives.
Glenn Baker left the early part of the week for New York state, where he will spend the winter.
Mrs. Arthur Dickens was the guest of relatives and friends at Heron Lake several days this week.
Mrs. Frank Humiston and children, of Heron Lake, were guests of Worthington friends several days this week.
Will Swift, formerly of this place, and Miss Mame Begen were married last Wednesday at Estherville, Iowa.
Henry Pfeil, one of the prosperous farmers of Indian Lake has just completed a large new barn on his farm.
Mrs. M. Levine returned Tuesday evening from a two weeks visit with her daughter, Mrs. William Butcher, at Watertown, South Dakota.
Charles Larson of Elk has been compelled to erect additional room for his live stock and surplus crops and has just completed a large barn.
J.W. McBride was at Rochester a day or two this week.
George Slade, of Adrian, was a Worthington visitor on Friday last.
Mrs. John Frink visited friends at Luverne a day or two this week.
Matt Brayton, of Round Lake, was a welcome caller at the Advance office Saturday.
Harry B. Lewis has been on the sick list this week, suffering from a severe attack of the grip.
J.D. Humiston departed the first of the week for an extended visit to Oregon and Northern California points.
Mrs. I.T. Branigan and daughter Inez, of Edna, Iowa, were visiting her daughter, Mrs. E.K. Smith, Monday and Tuesday.
F.H. Lyon this week sold a car of bucks from his famous herd of registered Shropshire sheep to Blanchar Bros., Winnebago, Minn.
Christian Peterson departed on Saturday last for Tilden, Nebraska, where he will visit for some time with his grandparents and other relatives.
Mark Sharp, of Sunnyside, Wash. is here on a visit with relatives and attending to business matters. He is very much pleased with his new home in the far west.
There will be a meeting of the young ladies of the parish of St. John the Evangelist at the residence of Mrs. Stanton next Monday evening at half past seven.
Miss Myrtle Robinson who has been assisting at the Advance office for some time past left on Monday morning for Luverne where she has a position in one of the stores.
Rev. G.A. Cahoon, of this city, was elected to the responsible position of secretary of the Minnesota Methodist conference now in session at St. Paul, a position he is well qualified to fill.
John Koferd will have an auction sale on the John Dohlheim farm 6 miles northwest of Worthington, on Thursday October 18th, at which time he will dispose of all his live stock, hay, grain and farming utensils.

Friday, October 12, 1906

Mission Convention
The district mission conference of the Swedish Lutheran church was held in this city Monday and Tuesday. Several clergymen from out of town were present, among them the following: Rev. Anderson, Rev. Eckman, Sr., Rev. Eckman, jr. Rev. Kraft and Rev. G.A. Krans, president of the Minnesota Conference. During the meeting Rev. C.O. Swan, pastor of the local Swedish church was duly installed in his charge.
Changes in Publishing Firms
Harvey G. Beckley has sold his interest in the Worthington Herald to his partner, N. Weinandt and will leave shortly for Minneapolis, where he has a good position in view. Mr. Weinandt is again in full control of The Herald, and will continue to give the people of Worthington a first class paper.
The Globe has been sold to Editor Birkheimer of Wilmont, who takes possession today.
Surprise Parties.
Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Fairfield were given a very successful surprise party on Wednesday evening by a large party of their Worthington friends. The event was intended to commemorate the silver anniversary of their wedding day, Oct. 8th. The evening was delightfully spent in social intercourse and games, after which refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. Fairfield were presented with a set of sterling silver tea spoons, as a reminder of the occasion, and after wishing them many happy returns of the day, the guests departed. Altho the party was a complete surprise Mr. and Mrs. Fairfield proved equal to the occasion and entertained their friends royally.
Mrs. G.W. Babcock, who has spent the summer with her daughter, Mrs. Thos. Dovery, was given a very delightful surprise party Thursday evening, on the eve of her departure for her home at Barron, Wis. A large number were present and a very enjoyable evening was spent. Refreshments were served. Mrs. Babcock and two daughters will leave in a day or two for their Wisconsin home.
From the Enterprise:
A deal was completed this week whereby W.C. Thom purchased an interest in the Innes Lumber Co. Will Innes retiring. The deal includes the yard at Magnolia and this place.
J.C. Thom, of Olney township, has been appointed by Governor Johnson as a delegate from Nobles county to the National Farmers Congress, which meets at Rock Island, Ill., Oct. 9th to 13th. Mr. Thom is one of the representative farmers of Nobles county and would make a good representative in that meeting. He has not fully decided whether he will attend or not, but it is probable that he will.
Mrs. H.C. Constable and Ernest and Miss Alida Bedford left on Wednesday for Indiana for a couple of months' visit, the former with her mother at Ketland, and the latter with her sister at Goodland, Mrs. Constable's health has not been very good for some time and it is hoped that the change will do her good.
From the Tribune:
Emil Peterson is laid up with a broken leg at his home one mile southwest of town, as the result of a runaway on the street in this village last Saturday afternoon.
James Mackay, the Worthington tombstone man was here Wednesday and set up a beautiful monument at the Hersey cemetery for the Sam Tow family.
Charlie Fairfield, night operator at the Omaha depot in Worthington, was here Monday on business, and also called on friends. Mr. Fairfield was formerly a printer and newspaper man, but in some unaccountable manner he was led astray and finally landed in the railway telegraph service.
On Tuesday of this week occurred the marriage of Edward H. Schraan to Miss Lillian Elizabeth Neihaus, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Niehaus of Waconia, the ceremony taking place in St. Paul.
Indian Lake.
E.A. Eklund, of Lake Park, was visiting friends here Sunday, returning Monday.
Mr. A.G. Andersen is erecting large handsome dwelling house on his farm.
Mr. Amon Amondson and Louis Larson are here from Allamakee Co. Iowa, for a few days visit with relatives and friends.
Langseth Bros. have been buying steers to feed this winter.
W.G. Meyers made a business trip to the twin cities this week.
B.S. Sorensen, of Round Lake, was a guest at the Worthington, Monday.
G.W. Patterson made a business trip to Minneapolis the latter part of last week.
C.J. Anderson, a prominent farmer living near Round Lake, was a pleasant caller last Saturday.
Theo. Bahls, of Round Lake, passed through town last Friday, on his way home from the twin cities.
U.G. Cmmings [Cummings/Commings?] a prominent business man of Wilmont was at the county seat on business Monday.
T.O. Wilburn came up from Sibley, last Saturday and bought a fine driving horse from Senator Dan Shell.
John Flynn spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday campaigning in the northwestern part of the county.
Mr. [Mrs.?] A.H. Petrie, who has spent the summer with her daughter, Mrs. S.S. Smith, returned to her home at Milwaukee on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Dorgan, of the Worthington, left last Friday for Minneapolis, where they spent several day son business and visiting friends.
H. Ream, of South Omaha, is here with a car load of western horses, which he is disposing of. He had an auction sale last Saturday and will have another this week.
J.A. Walstrom, manager of the Fairmont Creamery, came up last Saturday to look after his business at his cream station here. He found the business satisfactory, as usual.
J.D. Matteson has packed his household goods and will ship them to Minneapolis, where he will take up his residence with his family. The Matteson's have been residents of Worthington for many years and have a host of friends who regret their departure from this city.
Sam Dawson, of Minneapolis, well known to many Nobles county people, last week accompanied Harvey Rew on a trip through the southwestern part of the county. Mr. Dawson expressed himself as greatly surprised at the fine country in that section of the county.
Frank Eggleston of Reading was in Tuesday on a trading trip.
Mrs. Willis Maxwell has taken the night shift in the telephone central.
Rev. E.W. Lanham spent a few days the first of the week in Chicago.
Druggist W.H. Johnson came down from Wilmar this week visit his family.
Miss Daisy Vail spent Saturday and Sunday at the home of Chas. A. Erickson.
Mr. and Mrs. Winterfield of Harris, Ia., did shopping in Worthington last Saturday.
T.H. Hugeboom and wife of Round Lake, were in the city Tuesday on a shopping trip.
Chaney & Mackay last week put up ten tombstones in different parts of the county, many of them quite expensive monuments.
John Cashel has spent the past week at points in Wisconsin, Minnesota North Dakota and Manitoba on a combined business and pleasure trip.
Prof. L.A. Gregory, leader of the Adrian's splendid cornet band, a good all around musician and piano tuner, was in the city Tuesday looking up work in the latter line.
Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Tolversen, of Fulda, passed through town Wednesday on their way home from Iowa, where they had been to attend the wedding of Mrs. Tolversen's brother.
Miss Grace Wood has resigned her position in the telephone central, and left the forepart of the week for Minneapolis, where she will spend ten days visiting friends and doing shopping.
E.C. Kies is here from Old Mexico on a visit to his brother Rev. J.S. Kies, and will spend several weeks here for the benefit of his health. Mr. Kies has spent five years in Mexico, and has many interesting stories to relate of the land of Montezuma.
The following young ladies of Fulda accompanied their foot ball team to Worthington last Saturday, and rooted loyally for their side: Misses Mae Atwood, Elsie Booth, Mamie Plut, Nettie Trumble, Mable Price, Vera Bathen.
T.K. Olson, a prominent farmer of Hersey, made this office a pleasant call on Monday.
George Hoffmeister, a prominent farmer of Lorain township, was in the city yesterday on business.
Attorney G.W. Murphy and R. Miller, of Wheaton, Minn., were in the city last Friday transacted business in the probate court.
Mrs. Ann Patterson of Burlington, Wis. is here on a visit to her daughters, Mrs. E V Voak, Mrs. S M Stewart and Mrs. G W Roth, and her son G W Patterson.
Roadmaster Walter Dunbar and D.H. Campbell, of the engineer's department of the Omaha, went out duck hunting, Monday morning. They report splendid luck.
Register of Deeds Hawley has sold off his household goods, and he and Mrs. Hawley will board until Jan. 1st, when he will look up a new location.
Merrill the two year old son of Rev. and Mrs. J.V. Roberts, formerly of Worthington, now of Appleton, Wis., is very low with complication of diseases, at the home of Mrs. Roberts' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pratt, in Albert Lea, Minn. At last report he was not improving any.

Friday, October 19, 1906

Mill of Justice Grinding Away on Big Calendar. Long Term Anticipated.
Grand Jury Reported Six Indictments up to Thursday Night.
Only Two Cases Tried this Week.
Many Settled or Continued.
The October term of the district court convened last Monday morning at 10 o'clock with Judge Brown on the bench, and the other court officers in their respective places.
The following is a list of the grand and petit jurors in attendance:
Grand Jurors.
J.L. Flint... Round Lake
W.R. Abbott... Indian Lake Township.
J.M. Paine... Hersey Township.
W. Dierks... Graham Lakes Township.
Joseph Foehr... Graham Lakes Township.
A.W. Bus... Bloom Township.
Herman Mohr... Bloom Township.
Robert Black... Dewald Township.
John Good... Summit Lake Township.
A.M. Becker... Adrian Village
L.W. Reig... Adrian Village
John McCord... Adrian Village
Mike Vieder... Larkin Township.
L.T. Engen... Lismore Township.
L.W. Johnson... Leota Township.
John F. O'Connor... Leota Township.
E.W. Cutler... Worthington Village
Fred Howard... Worthington Village
Ned Jones... Worthington Village
Arnold Tchirgi... Grand Prairie Township.
A. Schultz... Little Rock Township.
Robert Shore... Ransom Township.
Petit Jury
J.N. Horton... Round Lake Village
John Capa... Graham Lakes Township
E. Latourell... Wilmont Village
William Wolf... Wilmont Township
Charles Hildreth... Bloom Township
John Dahlberg... Rushmore Village
Frank Baker... Summit Lake Township
F.A. Durfee... Summit Lake Township
C.F. Modisett... Bigelow Village
Fred Bird... Bigelow Township
Andrew Hanson... Little Rock Township
John Crowley... Ellsworth Village
Peter Lenz Jr... Adrian Village
J.H. Brabender... Adrian Village
J.E. Faragher... Adrian Village
James F. Britt... Leota Township
H. Magee... Lismore Township
John Apel... Elk Township
Frank Thom... Olney Township
Emil Graff... Worthington Township
Frank Dean... Worthington Village
Wilson Ager... Worthington Village
C.M. Harding... Worthington Village
Ernest Sterling... Worthington Village
The printed calendar contained 40 cases and the grand jury has returned six indictments, as follows:
Against George Gimberline, for assault in the second degree, the victim being Miss Ager; against Thomas Foley, for assault in the second degree; against Barney Jaggers, for assault in the second degree; against Joe Stearns, for incest; against Frank Timmons and Charles Blumeneau, of Adrian, for assault in the second degree.
The only case tried, up to the time of going to press is that of E.J. Wolven vs Peter Ryan, to recover rent to the amount of $200. Mr. Ryan claimed he had a receipt for the amount and Mr. Wolven claimed the money had not been paid over, the defendant having taken the receipt and refusing to pay. The jury found for the plaintiff in the sum of $3.93.
The case that is on trial as we go to press is that of William Popkin vs Rev. William Wilk, for slander. This is probably the most important civil case on the calendar and is attracting considerable attention. There are over 40 witnesses to be examined and the case is expected to occupy the rest of the week. The defendant is the pastor of the German Lutheran Church in Seward township and the case is the result of a church row, the plaintiff having been expelled from the congregation.
The grand jury is still out and it is possible more indictments will be returned.
Mr. and Mrs. O.F. Johnson, of Reading, spent Sunday with relatives in Org.
Several of the young people in this vicinity attended the lecture in Worthington Monday. Among those who went were Lynn King, J.E. Jones, M.A. Bjornstad and Miss Reca Johnson.
H.S. Glick's baby has been quite ill the past week but is somewhat improved at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. G.M. Glick, of Bigelow, were up to visit their son and daughter-in-law last week.
Miss Mable King returned from Reading Sunday, after a few days visit with her sister, Mrs. O.F. Johnson.
Mable King expects to go to Minneapolis for a short visit the first of the month.
From the Enterprise:
George Innes returned the first of the week from a trip to Canada in the interests of his land business. While there he closed a land deal for another large tract of land comprising nearly two townships.
E.G. Edwards left on Tuesday night for Calgary, Canada, with a party of land seekers to look over the country. In the party were J.K. Jensen and Mike Thompson. If they like the country they will no doubt invest in some land.
From the Tribune:
One of the saddest accident that has ever occurred in Wilmont happened at the home of Adam Balk last Wednesday, when their little son, Willie swallowed a piece of broken glass which resulted in his death at 7:30 Saturday morning after passing through a night of intense sufferings.
Heny [Henry?] Anderson, living six miles northeast of town, reports a big baby boy, a recent arrival at his home.
Henry Butchaw had the misfortune to break through a small bridge the other day with his steam thresher. No great damage was done, however, and he got out alright and is at work again. The serious accident near Ellsworth will be a warning to threshermen to be careful when crossing bridges.
Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Neils Sorensone, on Saturday the 13th, a boy. Mr. Sorenson is always good natured, but at present he wears a broader smile than usual.
Miss Bessie Hubbard, who has been visiting here for several weeks will return home in a few days. For months to come she will pass many happy hours thinking of the pleasant days she spent with her good friends in Minnesota.
James F. Cotter, on section 11, has bills out announcing the sale of his personal property. John Haken has rented the place for next year and will take possession in the spring. Aug. Klessig too will have a sale at about the same time, having rented his farm to his son. In these United States no special sadness seems to attach to the old homesteads as in many of the older countries. We are a restless people, always on the move.
The Sorem Bros., of Bigelow, we learn, have sold their property in Bigelow, both the store building and also their stock of goods. In the trade they get a half section of land near Windom. The Sorems lived in Ransom township before going to Bigelow, and they have many warm friends here who will always feel an interest in whatever is of interest to them.
Mrs. Will Scott is on the sick list at present.
Births, deaths and marriages are always items of interest to some people, at least. Last week our young friend Remmer Siesema, joined his fortunes with those of a young lady of Westbrook, Cottonwood county. The young lady's name we did not learn, but I doubt not she is worthy of the man who won her. Remmer called on us only a few days before, but the sly dog said not a word of what was uppermost in his mind. Well, he has our best wishes all the same; we hope that his fondest dreams may be realized. Robert Shore.
From the Tribune:
F.D. Wells has sold his 7 horse power gasoline engine which he has used in his mill for several months and will do no more grinding for the present, but later will probably put in a larger engine. The purchaser of the engine first referred is John P. Hein, who will install it in his blacksmith shop as soon as possible.
Claud Hornbeck and family of Streater [Streator], Ill., arrived here last Saturday and will live on the east half of section 11, Lorain township. Roy Forney a nephew of E.H. Russell, brings his family from the vicinity of Streator in February, and will occupy S.O. Tow's place on section 12. Our Streator colony is growing steadily, but the people from that locality are good farmers and good citizens, and we can find room for many more of them.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Pinz arrived home Monday night from St. Paul, where Mrs. Pinz recently endured a surgical operation for serious internal troubles. Mrs. Pinz is recovering slow, but will not be able to do any work for several months.
From the Signal: Geo. Stokes of Swea City, Iowa, arrived in town Tuesday morning with a helper and commenced to tear down the livery barn with the intention of shipping the lumber to his farm in Iowa to be used in the erection of new barns. The barn has not been occupied but very little of the time since George became the owner and he thought that he could use it to better advantage.
What came near being a very serious affair occurred at the home of F.T. Graves Tuesday night. While the family were all around the hanging lamp reading, some one thought to pull the lamp down a little and the hook came out of the ceiling and the lamp came down with a crash and broke all to pieces on the center table under it the oil at once caught fire and soon the table and all on it was in a fierce blaze as well as a large Morris chair which was near. Some water was thrown on but it did no good. Then quilts from the bed were thought of and the fire was smothered enough to carry the table out doors and the chair as well. No great harm was done and no one hurt except a few bruises and burns. Arthur was afire on his shoulder but Will Morgan threw water on him. All were frightened but were glad it was no worse.
Mrs. Thomte of Worthington came down on Wednesday afternoon and attended the meeting of the Ladies Aid society at the home of Mrs. Bird that afternoon. Mrs. Thomte will be remembered here as Miss Bryan, the principal of our schools for the past two winters. This is the first time she has visited among us since the close of her school last June. Mrs. Thomte will always receive a cordial welcome to our village.
Pete Heuermann completed a cement cistern for T.D. Palmer the past week and Mr. Palmer says it is a very creditable piece of work.
Geo. Shaw was over from Bigelow several days the forepart of the week negotiating for the purchase of a new power mixer with which to build sidewalks.
Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Young, of Reading, were in the city Friday on a trading trip. Mr. Young says that next week he will ship two cars of sheep to the Chicago market. His flock has done well during the past year and he is well pleased with the result.
Mrs. J.S. Frink returned on Monday from a visit at Luverne.
Rev. J.J. Filburn, of Elk, was in town Tuesday doing trading.
Landlord Esser of Ellsworth, is again a boarder with Sheriff Fauskee.
H.S. Myers spent a few days the first of the week in the twin cities.
J.R. Selby, of Hersey, was a business visitor in Worthington Wednesday.
Attorney Flynn made a trip to Ellsworth Wednesday, on legal business.
A.L. Wells, of Brewster, was a business visitor in Worthington yesterday.
James Mackay is serving as one of the bailiffs at this term of the district court.
Dr. M. Sullivan, A.J. Rice and A.M. Becker, of Adrian, were visitors here Monday.
Editor Clower, of Bigelow, came up Monday to hear Vice President Fairbanks speak.
Mrs. H. Bassett and Mrs. Dr. Carroll, of Rushmore, were in the city last Friday on a shopping trip.
W.E. Bloom spent last week in Ewington township, Jackson county, doing a job of house moving.
J.P. Filbrick, of Luverne, and J.H. West, of Wayne, Neb., are new employees at the electric light plant.
Em. Klothc [Klothe?], who had been in the employ of Chaney and Mackay for some months has moved onto the Day farm now owned by Pete Thompson.
W.F. Buggy, of Wells, has been assisting in R.L. Morland's drug store during the absence of Mr. Morland, who is attending a meeting of the state board of pharmacy at Minneapolis.
F.D. Lindquist, chairman of the Republican County Committee, accompanied Vice President Fairbanks on his trip through Nobles county, and stopped off here to look after business matters.
S. Solomonson was in from Indian Lake on Tuesday.
W.F. Drews, of Heron Lake, was a Worthington visitor Sunday.
H. Veeder came down from Lorain to see and hear Vice President Fairbanks.
A.R. Albertus and Gus Swanberg made a business trip to Jackson on Wednesday.
The Indian Lake band has received its new instruments and is practicing regularly.
John I. Diehl, a prominent Reading merchant, was in town Monday on business.
H.S. Hobson has spent most of the week in the country, negotiating real estate deals.
Mrs. G. Schmidt, of Philadelphia, is visiting at the home of her nephew, Rev. G.G. Schmidt.
Mrs. C.P. Dolan entertained the Euchre Club last Monday afternoon and a pleasant time is reported.
Clifton Christianson left several days ago for Tilden, Neb., to visit his grandparents and other relatives.
H.S. Hobson recently negotiated the trading of the Sanosheck house on 9th street, to Iowa parties for South Dakota land.
J.H. James, of Minneapolis, has bought the Baxter property on 3rd avenue, and will move back to Worthington in a short time.
H.R. Wilburn and I.P. Fox spent a number of days this week in Lincoln county, looking after the threshing and marketing of the crop of a large tract of land they own there.
Ben Johnson, of Indian Lake, was a caller on Monday. He reports that his sale last week was very successful, the stock and machinery bringing good prices.
Mr. and Mrs. I.B. Newkirk, who have spent the past two months here on a visit with their daughters, Mrs. C.M. Harding and Mrs. Harry B. Lewis, leave tomorrow for their home at Corona, California.
Jas. Mackay has taken out an auctioneer's license, and is now prepared to cry sales in all parts of the county at any time. Mr. Mackay is an accomplished vocalist and can sing a song that will fetch a good price in any kind of weather or in any kind of crowd. Give him a trial.
Mrs. Damon is again having quite a siege of illness.
Miss Hannah Anderson leaves for Seattle, Wash., next Monday night.
W.N. Shanks, of Elk, was in the city yesterday and made this office a pleasant call.
Ole Ellingson, was up from Indian Lake Monday and stopped to hear Vice President Fairbank's speech.
G.W. Smith, of Summit Lake, was in the city Monday on business. He made the Advance a pleasant call.
Supt. of Schools H.S. Kirk, of Heron Lake, accompanied by Mrs. Kirk, escorted the basket ball party from that city to Worthington last Saturday.
The ladies of the Congregational Church will hold their monthly tea at the home of Mrs. Ned Jones, Thursday, Oct 25th, from 3 to 6 in the afternoon. All are cordially invited.
Robt. Hogan, who played with the High School foot ball team at Luverne last Saturday, was quite severely injured during the game, but fully recovered in couple of days. He was rendered unconscious for three hours.
Little Merril Roberts, whose serious illness was noted in last week's paper, died on Sunday at Albert Lea, of typhoid fever, aged 2 years and 5 months. The remains were taken to the home of his parents at Appleton, Wis., for interment.
W.J. Kunz, proprietor of the Worthington Bottling Works, had his right forearm badly lacerated one day this week by the explosion of a bottle he was filling. A piece of the glass cut a gash several inches in length along the wrist.
A.T. McGinnis, of Lockport, Ill., was arrested here Tuesday evening for stealing an overcoat out of Frank Becker's buggy. He also hid Nic Reisdorfer's overcoat back of Mauch's saloon and put Barney Esser's top coat out of sight. McGinnis was given a hearing before Justice Kilpatrick Wednesday and sentenced to 90 days in the county jail. -Adrian Democrat.
Ellsworth News: While Leonard Shaw was moving his threshing outfit over the small bridge on the road near Tom Lenz's place, last Friday afternoon, the structure gave away just as the front wheels of the engine reached the opposite side, allowing the end of the engine and the coal tender to come together in an almost fatal embrace for the men. They were Engineer James Cox and Mr. Shaw, and both were caught and most painfully crushed.

Friday, October 26, 1906

Five Couples This Week Join The Ranks of Benedicts.
W.G. Ramage Married at Carlton. The Other Weddings Take Place Here.
W.G. Ramage left last Saturday for Carlton, Minnesota, where on Tuesday last he was united in bonds of holy matrimony to Miss Jesse Coxe, a former teacher in the Worthington Schools. The ceremony took place at the home of the bride's father, in the presence of a company of relatives and intimate friends, among whom were Mr. and Mrs. .S. Ramage, of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Ramage will return to Worthington after a short wedding trip, and will make their home in Fauskee residence at present occupied by W.I. Humiston.
Mr. Ramage is the proprietor of the Worthington Transfere Line and is one of the city's most popular and enterprising business men. During his residence in Worthington he has gained the confidence and esteem of everybody. His genial disposition and gentlemanly bearing secures the friendship of all with whom he comes in contact.
The bride was at one time a teacher in the Worthington schools, and is well known to many of our people who hold her in high esteem.
The Advance joins the many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Ramage in extending congratulations and the best wishes for a long and happy wedded life.
On Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock occurred the marriage of Miss Grace Wood of this city to Mr. John H. Sprague, of Fairmont, Minn. The ceremony occurred at the home of the brides parents Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Wood and was performed by Rev. G.A. Cahoon in the presence of a large company. Miss Armond attended the bride and Claude Wood was best man. After congratulations the party sat down to a dainty wedding breakfast. The bridal couple took the morning train on the Omaha for a short wedding rip and were given a very enthusiastic send off at the station.
The groom, Mr. Sprague, is connected with one of the banks at Fairmont and is a promising young man held in high esteem in his home city. The bride is one of Worthington's best known and popular young ladies. For some month's she was employed at the telephone office where her work gave eminent satisfaction and gained her a host of friends. The Advance joins in extending congratulations.
A very pretty home wedding was celebrated at the residence of Mrs. Nellie Mott Wednesday evening Oct. 24, 1906 at 8 o'clock p.m.
At that time Mrs. Mott's youngest daughter, Dot E. Mott, was united in marriage with Mr. Earl R. Coss of Luverne. The ceremony was performed by Rev. G.A. Cahoon in the presence of a large company of invited guests.
A most dainty repast was enjoyed by all present. Many useful and beautiful gifts were received by the happy pair. Mr. and Mrs. Coss will reside in Luverne where the groom has grown to manhood.
The bride is one of our well known and choice young ladies who has grown to womanhood among us and has a host of friends. She has been one of the successful school teachers of the county.
The Advance joins with many friends in extending congratulations and best wishes.
Miss H. Post and Mr. Nathan Davis were quietly married Thursday evening at 8 o'clock at the home of the bride's foster mother, Rev. Edwin W. Lanham officiating.
Mr. August Habeck and Miss Hannah Bunning, of Round Lake, were married at the court house on Wednesday by Court Commissioner Stevens.
Term Dragging on Slowly. Rev. Wilk Wins Slander Suit. New Indictments.
Grand Jury Resumed its Work on Wednesday After Two Days Recess.
Synopsis of Calendar. Many Cases Settled, Dismissed or Continued.
The fall term of court continues to drag slowly on. Up to the time of going to press this week only nine jury cases have been disposed of.
The following is a synopsis of the calendar, with notation as to the disposition made of each case that has been called.
Henry Agne visitor Douglas Elevator Co., dismissed.
Ben Voss vs Sievert Poppen, continued.
Edwin J. Wolven vs Peter Ryan, to recover $200 for rent of land; verdict for plaintiff for $3.93.
Industrial Chemical Co., vs Consumers Brewing Co., to recover on contract; continued.
Mike Hendel vs Louis M. Mulhall, settled.
Stella M. Lincoln vs Fred S. Lewis, to recover rent, verdict for plaintiff directed.
C. Hopwood vs W.C. Waytt [Wyatt?], for trial.
Hans Smith vs Albert Dougherty, for trial.
E.B. Paul vs W.R. Lylse, to recover house rent; judgment for defendant.
Aug. Eichmeier vs K. Huisman, for trial.
Bently and Olmsted Co vs Keedick and Zager suit on judgment; continued.
Daniel E. Harvy vs Nettie M. Harvey, divorce; for trial.
Belle M. Matteson vs H.V. Millar, to recover on contract; for trial.
A.P. Darling vs Western Land and Securities Co., judgment for plaintiff. No defense.
Stella M. Lincoln, replevin appeal justice court, judgment for plaintiff.
Victor Anderson vs Hubbard and Palmer Co, dismissed.
Rock Island Plow Co., vs A.S. Meacham, to recover on a consignment; for trial by court.
Rock Island Plow Co., vs M.S. Smith, to recover on consignment; trial by the court. Judgment for plaintiff for $21.15.
P.T. Geyerman vs D.R. Harvey, to recover professional services; for trial.
R.W. Ady vs E.H. Burnfield, to recover on account; for trial by court.
P. Geyerman vs Ida G Watson, to recover on promissory note; for trial.
Joseph Hinrichs vs Charles Rowley, continued.
Susan E Brooks vs Fred Mohl, et ux; for trial.
James Burke vs Thomas J. Fagen, to recover on account; continued.
Minnie Netter vs H.S. Jones, slander; dismissed without cost to either party.
Court Cases.
State of Minnesota vs Armond Joche, bastardy, dismissed.
Sadie Wagner vs Charles Wagner, divorce; for trial.
Wm. Popkin vs Rev. Wm. Wilk to recover damages for slander, judgment for the defendant. This case was concluded last Friday.
State vs David Tripp, for trial.
Mary E. Sowles vs John Sowles, divorce; for trial.
State vs E. Henderson, tax citation; for trial.
State vs Peter Pien, tax citation; for trial.
State vs N.W. Thresher Co., tax citation; for trial.
Geo. J. Nietzel vs W.C. Garnt setting aside conveyance; for trial.
LaCrosse Boot and Shoe Co. vs W.C. Grant, for trial.
Charles Liden vs Eva Charlotte Liden, divorce; for trial.
Christina Salinen vs Grand Lodge of Ancient Order of United Workmen, to establish proof of death of husband, and recover the amount of insurance held in the order; for trial.
Rebecca A. Post vs Village of Worthington, personal injury suit; for trial.
M.J. Barber vs Thomas Palmer, to recover on account, appealed from justice court; for trial.
Criminal Cases.
State vs Chas. Merkle, murder, continued.
State vs Peter Ryan, motion to continue argued.
State vs Geo. Gimberline, assault in the second degree, for trial. Flynn and Cashel for the defense.
State vs Thomas Foley, assault in the second degree. Ed Wilson appointed to defend. Now on trial.
State vs Burney Jaggars, assault in the second degree, for trial. J.J. Parsons defending.
State vs Joe Stearns, incest; for trial. J.J. Parsons defending.
State vs Frank Timmons and Chas Blumeneaux, assault in the second degree, for trial. These are the two young men who assaulted and nearly killed a West Side farmer last summer.
The Grand Jury resumed its sittings on Wednesday.
They have returned several indictments, one of which is against Hazel Pearman for horse stealing.
Union Meeting.
A union platform meeting was held last Sunday evening at the Presbyterian Church. The speakers were Mr. W.H. Gold, of Redwood Falls, Dr. G.O. Moore, Mr. E.F. Buchan and Rev. Schmidt, of this city. Mr. Gold was president of the Evangelical Association at Redwood Falls during the Mr. Sundays meetings there, and he spoke of the good work done by the noted evangelist.
From the Democrat:
Peter Weist suffered a severe injury to his left leg last Friday at Valentine Lenz's place, southwest of town. He was struck by a heavy chain connecting the engine and separator of a threshing outfit, and thrown for eight or ten feet.
Ferdinand Seitz, father of Mr. John Seitz and Mrs. Ferdinand Lenz, of Adrian, died Tuesday, Oct. 9th, after an illness of about six months at Somers, Wis., aged 76 years and one day.
The Worthington Globe has changed hands once more. J.L. Berkheimer, senior editor of the Wilmont Tribune, is the new proprietor. If he can make a success of the Globe, he is the greatest financial genius that has ever emerged from the tall grass on this reservation.
James P. Cox, who was hurt in the wreck resulting from a traction engine breaking through a bridge near Ellsworth two weeks ago, is now rapidly recovering from his injuries, but the best medical and surgical skill could not save the leg that was so badly scalded in the accident. Up to last Thursday morning the surgeons had some hopes of saving the injured leg, but that evening they decided that amputation was necessary to prevent blood poisoning, and the leg was taken off about six inches above the knee. The patient withstood the operation remarkably well and will soon be able to leave the hospital.
Local News.
Mrs. T.C. Ely, of Elm, Iowa, arrived here on Friday morning of last week, and will spend the winter with her daughter, Mr. G.A. Fairfield.
Dr. F.E. Judd of Windom has consented to attend sick calls for Dr. Gould while the latter is away on his camping trip. Dr. Judd will been in Worthington Tuesday and Friday of each week beginning Oct. 26th. Urgent calls on other days of week can be left at Dr. Gould's office and will be forwarded to Windom.
Grip Stolen.
Mr. Richter, who has been foreman of a gang of men for Conley & Co., of Sioux Falls, who had been working here for some time, had a grip stolen from the Omaha depot on Wednesday evening as he was about to leave for Sioux Falls. The grip contained considerable valuable clothing and his time check.
C. Lindstrom, of Bigelow township, did trading in town Saturday.
Theo. Olson of Malcolm, Iowa, was in the city on business last week.
R.J. Jones, the popular Reading hardware merchant, was in the city on business Tuesday.
Loren Clark spent Sunday and Monday at Mankato. We learn Loren's visits there will soon end.
J.J. Kimmel of Elk, left last Friday for Sheldon, Iowa, where he will work for some weeks.
J.M. Kimmel, of Elk township, was in the city on business last Monday. The Advance acknowledges a pleasant call.
Wm. Malcolm, the well known farmer and hog breeder of Bigelow township, was in the city on business Saturday.
Miss Grace Wood was given a "Kitchen Shower" last Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Dr. Dodge. A pleasant time was had.
Mrs. Wm. McLain, Mrs. Maurice Maxwell and Miss Hannah Anderson left on Tuesday for Washington, the first two going to Ballard and the latter to Seattle.
Mrs. E.W. Cutler will leave today for Rockford, Ill., where she will spend most of the winter with relatives. Mr. Cutler will leave later for an extended sojourn in Montana.
Dr. J.N. Gould left the first of the week for the northern part of the state where he will spend several weeks on a deer hunt. He was joined enroute by his father, J.W. Gould, of Fairmont.
Mrs. E.K. Smith visited friends at Adrian on Monday.
Mrs. S.A. Harding left on Tuesday evening for Cordova, Minn., to visit her mother.
Born - On Tuesday, Oct, 23, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brubaker, of Elk, a daughter.
Alvin Howard smashed a thumb on Wednesday afternoon while he was at work lathing.
Mrs. Roy C. Wood of Heron Lake was the guest of Mrs. A.C. Dickens several days the past week.
Dr. Humiston last Friday moved into his handsome new residence on 6th avenue and 10th street.
Banker J.R. Jones of Adrian spent Monday and Tuesday here visiting his son, E.J. and family.
Attorney E.A. Canfield of Luverne was over a couple of days the first of the week attending court.
Mrs. F. Hollenfeltz and Mrs. Domm, of St. Paul, who had been visiting Mrs. J.P. Biltgen, left for home today.
Mrs. Edward Dolan last week moved into the Dr. Ray Humiston house just vacated by the doctor and family.
Wm. Oxford, of Seward township, transacted business in Worthington last Saturday. This office was favored with a pleasant call.
Mrs. J.W. McBride returned the first of the week from Rochester where she went for a surgical operation. She is still quite weak, but her complete recovery is only a matter of a short time.
The Birthday Club was entertained on Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. J.S. Kies, when a very enjoyable time was had. Mrs. Kies was presented with a handsome rocker as a reminder of her birthday. On next Wednesday evening the club will give a Hallowe'en party at the home of Mrs. S. Frink, when the husbands of the members will be present.
F.M. Grunger of Adrian was here Tuesday.
G.W. Patterson left Tuesday on a business trip to the twin cities.
Fred Schinkle of Reading was a business visitor in Worthington Wednesday.
Miss Pauline Ruprecht of Bigelow was in the city on a shopping trip Wednesday.
Claude Wood of Sioux Falls, came home to attend the wedding of his sister, Grace Wood.
Born - On Saturday Oct. 20, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bulick of Reading, a daughter.
Mrs. Frank Hinchon, of St. James, was the guest of Worthington relatives and friends this week.
Attorney John Cashell went to Grant county on Tuesday to try a case in the district court there.
Attorney Royal Stone, of the Attorney General's office at St. Paul was here Wednesday on official business.
J.C. Williamson, of Loraine, made a business trip to Iowa this week, attending several registered stock sales.
Mrs. F.T. Brinsmard, of Des Moines, Ia., is here on a week's visit to her sister, Mrs. W.M. Evans.
V.E. Butler, of Heron Lake, was Worthington visitor Tuesday. He was looking after the interests of the Benson Grain Co.
The mail carrier on route 1 informs us that a few days ago, when he came to D.M. Holland's box, he was agreeably surprised to find a generous chunk of fresh pork, which made his heart glad. The good people have his sincere thanks. Mrs. Steineman, Mrs. Kunz Mrs. Litle, Master Archie, and Sadie Darling, and others, also have his thanks for the tokens of kindness show him since he has been serving Route 1.


----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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