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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 June, 1906

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Friday, June 1, 1906

Adam W. Ager was born in Ohio in Feb. 1869. He came to Worthington with his parents in 1873, where he secured a high school education. He went from here to Chicago where he graduated from a school of pharmacy. Returning to Minnesota he went to work in a drug store at St. Peter, where he remained three years. Later he was engaged in the drug business at Fargo, and at the time of his death he was in charge of a store at Grafton N.D. He was married at St. Peter and two children are the result of the union.
Mr. Ager was a 32d degree Mason, he was also a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles and the Modern Woodmen, in which latter he carried an insurance of $3000. The remains were accompanied to Worthington by his brother Herbert C. Ager.
Busy Time in Judge Dow's Court on Several Days of This Week.
On Monday Andrew Peters, a blacksmith of Lismore, was arrested and arraigned before Judge Dow on charge of assault and battery. He plead guilty and paid a fine of $5 and costs of $9.15.
Frank Koessler, the complainant in the case against Peters, was arrested on Tuesday on a charge of larceny. When first arraigned he plead not guilty, but a few hours later he changed his plea to guilty and was given 30 days in the county jail. It appears that Koessler stole some from the blacksmith Peters, who, when he found it out, administered corporal punishment to the culprit, the latter had Peters arrested. Koessler's arrest on charge of stealing followed, and he is now boarding with the county for thirty days.
On Tuesday morning Albert Zollmer and N.J. Bank of Adrian, were given a preliminary examination before Judge Dow and held to the grand jury in the sum of $500 each. They are charged with gambling. C.M. Crandal appeared for the state and G.W. Wilson for the defendants.
Ex-Policeman Henry Twitchell was arrested last Thursday evening by Sheriff Fauskee on a charge of drunk and disorderly. He demanded immediate hearing, plead guilty, and paid a fine of $10 and costs. After leaving the court room he assaulted the sheriff. He was again arrested and was arriagned before Judge Dow on Friday morning and his hearing set for June 4th. This escapade of the ex-policeman has caused much comment.
Prominent Young People of Nobles County Joined in Bonds of Matrimony.
The pleasant farm residence of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ely in Dewald township was the scene of an auspicious and happy event on Saturday evening, May 26. The occasion was the marriage of their daughter, Miss Nettie M. Ely, to Mr. Henry B. Dilley. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Edwin W. Lanham of this city in the presence of a company of relatives and friends of the contracting parties.
The parlor was tastefully decorated with plants and flowers. To the strains of the wedding march from Lohrengren, played by Miss Florence Lysle, the bridal couple advanced to their place. After the ceremony a dainty wedding supper was served.
The young people are well known popular and start life under very favorable conditions. They have a host of friends whom the Advance joins in extending congratulations.
Mrs. Aug. Lebairve was taken to the Rochester hospital Thursday night being taken seriously sick Wednesday evening and her condition would not warrant any delay.
Mr. and Mrs. F.B. Pettingill and children returned Friday from Ashton, Ia., having attended the funeral of Mr. Pittingill's brother.
Frank Abbott of Luverne came over between trains Friday.
Wm. Johns, of Luverne, was over on business Saturday.
Mr. Everson the former Democrat foreman departed Saturday noon for his home at Minneapolis. On June 12th he will start on a European tour of three months as leading Cornetist with the St. Olaf Band of Northfield Minn.
Miss Pauline Christopher went to Luverne Saturday to visit relatives over Sunday.
Mr. Chas. Mylius went over to Magnolia Saturday.
Dr. Arthur Rice Sundayed at Pipestone.
Mrs. Geo. Tinnes very charmingly entertained a large number of friends at her home Tuesday afternoon.
Born - to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Esser Sunday, a boy.
Alf Becker returned Monday from Chicago.
Maj. B.F. Thurber of Wilmont, was a Worthington visitor Wednesday.
J.F. Flynn went to Canada on Tuesday to look for investments in cheap land.
A.M. Renner made a business trip to Heron Lake Wednesday afternoon.
Louis Olson of Bigelow township, was in the city Wednesday.
J.W. Hogan of Indianapolis, Ind., spent a couple of days visiting at the home of his uncle Christ Hogan.
Miss Edith Schanck is visiting friends in Adrian this week.
Born - to Mr. and Mrs. G.F. Hastings, a daughter, May 23rd.
Mrs. G.W. Wilson left for Minneapolis on Wednesday to attend the convention of the Federation of Women's Clubs.
General Manager Mylius of the Adrian telephone exchange was a county seat visitor Wednesday.
Col. J.A. Town delivered the Decoration day oration at Adrian.
Oliver Thompson and Anton Holm, of Indian Lake, were callers at the Advance office yesterday.
Judge Quinn, before whom the case was heard last fall, has handed down a decision in the Whiskey Ditch case. The court cancels the contract between the village and Sykes and restores the land to Sykes with costs and disbursements in the case.
Editor Chas. Hamstreet departed Tuesday for Wyoming where he expects to remain several weeks with an uncle. Mrs. Hamstreet and the children accompanied him part way and expect to visit for a time in North Dakota after which they will go to the old home in Iowa.
O. Malmquist is farther improving his farm by the erection of a large barn. Mr. Malmquist has one of the best places in the county.
W.R.D. McChord has treated his house to a new coat of paint.
The Rushmore State Bank closed a deal last week whereby Andrew Larson disposed of his Stock Horse and two mares also some machinery for a quarter of land near Driscoll, N.D. The car left Wednesday accompanied by Luves Peterson who will visit friends in South Dakota before returning.
J.B. Ludlow made a business trip to Sioux City returning Saturday.
Rev. S.B. Smith has been very sick the last week with rheumatism.
Indian Lake.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Abbott last Wednesday.
Mr. A.G. Anderson and Miss Nellie Johnson attended Uncle Tom's Cabin at Worthington last Monday evening.
Walter Saxon was the first of the road overseers to have a crew at work on the roads this season, he has been doing some fine work, let the good work go on.
C.R. and Walter Saxon had a fine two year old steer killed by lightning last Wednesday night.
Lightning struck the rural telephone line last Friday night splitting a few poles and disabling for a few hours one of the branch lines. Another bolt set fire to Hans Nystroms house but was extinguished before any amount of damage was done.
About fourteen farmers of east Bigelow township have erected a telephone line and got it in good working order last Saturday.
Arnold Sisk was among the Elk visitors Monday.
W.G. Ramage has bought Dr. Gould's fine driving colt.
I.W. Jenkins was in from Bigelow township Wednesday.
J.E. Flynn spent last Sunday with relatives at Ellsworth.
B.E. Smith of Brewster, was in the city on business Tuesday.
Harry Hodges of Sheldon, visited Worthington friends this week.
W.A. Lackey came over from Sioux Falls on business Monday.
J. Burr Ludlow of Rushmore was a Worthington visitor over Sunday.
Austin Hudson of Jackson county was here Monday on a trading trip.
Geo Hackett of Indian Lake transacted business at the county seat Monday.
A. Tompte last week bought an interest in C.M. Hardings barber shop.
Fred Dring a prominent farmer of Loraine, was a business visitor Monday.
Dr. F.E. Walker of Hot Springs S.D., spent a few days here this week.
Rev. Darnell made a trip to Fulda last Sunday, where he conducted service.
F.E. Scott, of Round Lake, registered at the Allen house last Friday.
Dr. Jas. O. Wentz of Round Lake, was a guest at the Western hotel Monday.
G.W. Wheeler and wife of Rushmore were in the city Monday on a trading trip.
G.T. Bullick a prominent Summit Lake farmer, was here on business last Saturday.
O.H. Thuesen, of Bigelow township, was a business caller Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. I.P. Fox and Mrs. F.M. Hickman went to Sibley to spend Decoration day.
C. King, postmaster and merchant of Org, transacted business at the county capital Monday.
The interest of John Schweppe in the Worthington creamery has been sold to Wm. Peterman, of Waconia, Minn., and Mr. Burchard, the other partner will have active charge of the business.
The addition to Dr. Manson's residence, which is to be used for a hospital, is nearing completion. The exterior is finished and the carpenters are waiting for the lathers and plasterers to get out of the way, when they will put on the interior finish.
Jacob Linen, of Elk, was in the city Monday.
W.P. Jenkins of Bigelow, was in Monday on a trading trip.
S.M. Grunyer of Adrian was a county seat visitor on Monday.
I.C. Scriven was in from Elk township Monday on a trading trip.
D.M. Holland of Route 1 transacted business in the city Monday.
Rev. M. Graves of Lismore registered at the Worthington on Monday.
A.N. Douglas of Minneapolis was here the first of the week on a business trip.
F.E. and Floyd Matheson, of Elk township, did trading in this city Monday.
Prof. C.S. Jones came over from Rushmore Monday evening to take in the show.
Orvil Tupper left last week on a trip to Colorado. He will be absent several weeks.
S. Kindlund left on Wednesday evening for a visit to his old home Aflo, Sweden.
Miss Bessie Tripp of Round Lake, visited at the home of her uncle E.A. Tripp, Monday.
Mrs. Thos. Dovery and two daughters left Monday for a two weeks visit at Barron, Wis.
Alex Wass of Indian Lake was in the city Monday on business and made this office a pleasant call.
M.E. Lawton mad a business trip to Crookston last week where he closed an important real estate deal.
Robt. Morris, who had charge of the Omaha round house here for some days, has gone back to Sioux City.
The militia company on Wednesday morning marched out to their new rifle range for their first target practice.
J.I. Deihl, a leading merchant of Reading, transacted business at the county capital between trains Wednesday.
Mrs. J.S. Kies and daughter Mona left yesterday for Cambridge, Ia., where they will spend a couple of weeks on a visit.
C.A. Peterson came up from Round Lake Monday and took charge of the Fairmont Creamery Co's station at this place.
Thos. Cunningham, of Hersey township, was a business visitor at the county seat Tuesday, and made this office a pleasant call.
Em. Burchard has sold his interest in the Fulda creamery to his partner, and will hereafter give all his attention to his interest here.
J. Simmers, of Estherville, Ia., Supt. of bridges and buildings of the Rock Island Ry., spent a couple of days here a guest at the residence of E.A. Tripp.
Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Patterson on Monday evening entertained the teachers of the public schools at dinner at their pleasant home on McMillan street.
L.F. Miller of Kinbrae was a business visitor at the county capital this week. He reports that crops in his section of the county are looking fine.
Prof. and Mrs. H.R. Edwards on Wednesday evening gave a reception to the teachers of the Worthington schools. A very pleasant social evening is reported. Refreshments were served.

Friday, June 8, 1906

A Farmer Suicides.
Jacob Linen, a farmer living in Elk township died last Friday from poison taken with suicidal intent. He was a renter, and operated one of G.W. Patterson's farms. Despondency resulting from ill health and other reverses are alleged as the cause of the rash act.
Pretty Event Celebrated at Home of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Wade.
At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Wade in Elk township Mr. Clarence H. Borst, of Round Lake, and Miss Nellie P. Wade were united in the bonds of holy matrimony Saturday evening, June 2nd at six o'clock. Rev. G.A. Cahoon pastor of the Methodist church performed the ceremony in the presence of a few of the immediate relatives. At half past six o'clock a bountiful wedding supper was served. Mr. and Mrs. Borst have many acquaintances among the young people of this vicinity. They will reside in Round Lake.
Seven Months Old Baby Victim of Peculiar and Unfortunate Accident.
The little 7 months old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ridesel of Indian Lake was the victim of a peculiarly sad accident Tuesday afternoon. The little one was laying in a cab and was given a 22 calibre rifle to play with. In some way the piece was discharged and the bullet entered the childs head above the left eye and came out at the top of the head. Drs. Dolan and Manson were summoned and they worked over the little one until late, and when they left the child was in a critical condition. Dr. Dolan went out again Wednesday morning, when he found the child resting easy, and at last report the little one was getting along as well as could be expected. It is another ase of not knowing the gun was loaded.
Common School Graduates.
The following is a list of the names of the pupils receiving diplomas of graduation in the common school course in Nobles county during the past year together with the name of the teacher and the district from which each graduated.
District No. 3.
Angela Erie, Teacher.
Pupil - Grace Groscup.
District No. 10.
C.J. Anderson, Teacher.
Pupils - Bridget McCall, Gertrude Geyerman, Freda Lees, Fred Casper, Harry Nelson, Blanche Morgan, Mary Halile, Eva Montgomery.
District No. 17.
C.S. Jones, Teacher.
Pupils - Daniel Scott, Earl Beack.
District No. 19.
Laura Cain, Teacher.
Pupils - Arthur Graves, Anna L. Graves, Lenora Klessig.
District No. 22.
Lillian Webb, Teacher.
Pupils - Nellie Veeder, Jessie Veeder.
District No. 23.
Esther Peterson, Teacher.
Pupil - Arthur Larson.
District No. 27.
Mattie Bryan, Teacher.
Pupils - Minnie Westby, Mable Westby, Margaret Bird.
District No. 28.
Alidia Loveless, Teacher.
Pupils - Louise King.
District No. 32.
Clara Main, Teacher.
Pupils - Lee Green, Julia Green.
District No. 37.
Cora Dow, Teacher.
Pupil - Maud Scriven.
District No. 57
Matilda Mattison, Teacher.
Pupil - Nellie Zimmerman.
District No. 59.
Anna King, Teacher.
Pupil - Bridget King.
District No. 75.
Evelyn McCann, Teacher.
Pupils - Gertrude Knips, Anna McCann.
District No. 81.
Lillian Thom, Teacher.
Pupil - Blanche Mitchell.
District No. 82.
Pearl Luehrs, Teacher.
Pupil - Pearl Hawkins.
District No. 92.
Ethel Beack, Teacher.
Pupil - Jennie Sietsema.
District No. 95.
F.A. Seely, Teacher.
Pupils - Mabel Shirlie, Bertha Mattison, Lillian Olson, Floy Seely, Floss Seely.
District No. 96.
Amy Darling, Teacher.
Pupil - Myrtle Selby.
District No. 100.
Ora McDonald, Teacher.
Pupils - Clara Homan, Mae Van Rossum.
District No. 104.
G.W. Ager, Teacher.
Pupil - John Emerick.
District No. 105.
Mary King, Teacher.
Pupil - Robert O'Connor.
District No. 107.
Mabel Brock, Teacher.
Pupil - Ivie McKenzie.
District No. 108.
Jessie Wyatt, Teacher.
Pupil - Ethel Osborn.
L.W. Abbott, Co. Supt. of Schools.

The above is a group portrait of the members of the famous Rock Rapids Iowa, band of twenty-two pieces which is one of the leading organizations of the kind in our sister state. This band with the Windom band of eighteen pieces and the Sibley, Iowa band of fifteen pieces will form a leading feature in this city. There will be no lack of "concord of sweet sounds" to stir the blood and set your feet a dancing.
The secretary of the Rock Rapids band writes as follows regarding that organization.
The Rock Rapids City Band has been under the instruction of the veteran Band Master, Prof. C. Tonolli, for the past four years. This band has been praised very highly by all who have heard it and the citizens of Rock Rapids feel very proud that they have such a band. The individual members own their instruments and uniforms and they have a full set of silver instruments, manufactured by C.G. Conn Co., of Elkhart, Indiana, and we claim that there is no other band in the west having a set of instruments like ours. Last August, the Professional Musicians of the United States presented our Professor C. Tonolli with an elegant, double bell Euphonium, which instrument took the First Prize at the World's Fair at St. Louis. It is a silver plated instrument, with gold plated bells, very handsomely engraved and set with jewels. The mouth-piece alone is worth $50.
DR. George Rice, of Pipestone, spent Sunday with parents and friends in Adrian.
Saturday evening was class night of our High school graduates, 1906. The floral decorations as well as the class colors were in evidence everywhere and were tastefully arranged. The opera house was taxed to its capacity, and each graduate rendered his or her part of the program with credit. The class of 1906, was composed of the following members: Misses Genevieve Becker, Ida Roll, Iva Grapes, Messrs. Verner Lindgren and James McKenzie.
Mrs. William Hitchens went to Luverne Monday.
Fred Mohl returned from Wadena, Minn., Saturday.
Timothy Hurd, P.A. Nelson, Thom Gunderson and Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Pederson, went to Luverne Monday to be present at the graduation exercises in that city.
Charles Kilpatrick left Monday night for Chanout, Kansas, to visit relatives and also to meet Mrs. Kilpatrick and children, who have spent the winter with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Porter, of Beaumont, California.
Miss Mamie Roll came down from Edgerton, to be present at the graduation of her sister, Miss ida Roll.
Miss Roxie Slade is expected home from the Rochester hospital in a few days.
Married - At St. Adrian's church Tuesday morning, June 5th, occurred the marriage of Louis Driess, of George, Iowa, to Miss Maggie Spartz, of Adrian, Minn. The ceremony was performed by Father Driess, a brother of the groom. The young couple will reside at George, Iowa. We extend congratulations.
Prof. and Mrs. Louis Anderson left Wednesday night for Minneapolis, where they will visit a few weeks before going to Sandstone, Minn., the place where Prof. Anderson will instruct the coming year.
Alice Smith, who was operated on in the hospital at Worthington, is able to sit up.
Dr. Geyerman is in Philadelphia for a special course in diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat. His partner, Dr. Walker, will go to New York city when Dr. Geyerman returns, to take another course in surgery.
Miss Minnie Eckland visited here Sunday.
W.W. Kane, of Mankato, was a guest in our city Monday and Tuesday.
Dr. Nessa was called to Worthington Friday, to assist Dr. Walker.
Mrs. Sullivan, of Worthington, is visiting friends here this week.
Miss Selma Salstrom visited relatives in Worthington over Saturday.
John Nelson was quite badly injured last thThursday a car door he was endeavoring to open falling on him.
Harvey Chute is working for H. Studebaker for the present.
D.P. Schechter, who has been attending college at Mount Morris, Ill, during the winter returned to Worthington Sunday morning, and will work for his brother Joshua this summer.
J.J. Filburn and wife, E.J. Brubaker and wife and Mrs. Vern Smith, left for Springfield, Ill., last Friday morning to attend the Brethren conference held at that place this week.
Hiram Robbins is working on the railroad.
Miss Lottie and Carl Kall visited over Sunday with their aunt, Mrs. J. Schechter.
Little Martha Brubaker is staying with Mr. Schulz this week.
The Sisters' Mission Band elected new officers at the last meeting: Pres. Miss Lelsa Schulz; V. Pres., Mrs. A.M. Wells; Sec., Mrs. R.E. Eikenberry; Treas., Miss Emma Schulz. The next meeting will be held with Mrs. J. Schechter, June 14.
Elk Center
The Ladies' aid society of the German church met with Mrs. John Apel, Thursday of this week.
The sudden death of Mr. Leinen last Friday morning, was a shock to the entire community, although he had been in ill health for some time. A number of his friends from Iowa were up to attend the funeral, which was held in the Catholic church at Fulda. The remains were interred in the Catholic cemetery. Mr. Leinen was a kind neighbor and never refused to help one in need. The bereaved family have the sympaty of all the neighbors.
Mr. Gaiser is going to lose his tenant. The family that has been staying with him is going to Kansas Monday, to take up a homestead.
Indian Lake.
Mrs. N.M. Nelson left last Saturday for a visit with friends and relatives in Murray county.
Miss Esther Peterson, who is teaching a two months term of school in the northwest part of the county, came down last Saturday to spend Sunday with friends.
John A. Saxon is remodeling and building an addition to his dwelling house this week.
J.O. Larson and Roy Anderson were at Worthington on business last Monday.
Mrs. Al. Johnson returned to her home at Adrian, last Saturday, after a two weeks visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Nystrom.
Henry Nystrom returned home from Sioux Falls, S.D., where he has been attending college the past five months, last Saturday.
Andrew Johnson left last Monday for Worthington, where he will work at the printer's trade. We hope that when folks now go to the city that instead of finding the town all mud it will be all red.
A very pretty home wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Holmberg, on Saturday, May 26, 1906, when their eldest daughter, Carrie, was given in marriage to P.J. Nystrom.
At the appointed hour, preceded by Edith, sister of the bride, as flowergirl, and Lizzie, another sister of the bride, Amanda, sister of the groom, Ole, brother of bride, P.H. Nystrom, a cousin of the groom, the bridal couple took their places under a beautiful canopy of roses and ferns, where Rev. Oberg pronounced the words that joined two hearts as one.
Following the ceremony a three-coursed supper was served.
The bride looked beautiful in a white Shanghai silk and carried cream brides roses. The groom was dressed in the conventional black.
The bride and groom expect to make their home at Worthington, where he conducts a blacksmith and implement business.
Both parties are well known by the residents of Round Lake and vicinity who extend congratulations to these estimable young people. -Round Lake Graphic.
Prof. H.R. Edwards has been appointed one of the instructors in the summer school at the Mankato Normal school for this summer. He will leave for there June 20.
The teachers left for their several homes the first of the week. The following is the destination of some of them: Misses Herman, Janey and Rank, Minneapolis; Miss Brooks, Cannon Falls; Miss Dabner, Faribault.
C.J. Nelson, of Indian Lake, was in town Saturday.
Jens Langseth and son, of Indian Lake were in town Tuesday.
Judge G.W. Wilson attended court at Windom on Monday.
Wm Cline of Summit Lake, transacted business in town Monday.
J.F. Ullrich, of Worthington township, was in town Monday.
Master Marion Fairfield spent the week with his cousin at Heron Lake.
Sheriff Fauskee made a trip to Adrian Wednesday on official business.
Born - On Tuesday June 6, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. P.G. Johnson, a son.
Mrs. D.M. Holland, of Elk township, was in town Wednesday on a trading trip.
G.T. Bulick, a prominent farmer of Summit Lake, transacted business here Monday.
E.L. Johnson a prominent farmer of Org, transacted business in Worthington Monday.
Clifford Loveless is at home from Minneapolis where he has been attending the state university.
Edward Lawton was at Heron Lake last Thursday evening to hear Geo. Johnson's address to the graduating class.
Clinton Mann was at Adrian Monday evening attending the graduation exercises of the public school of that village.
Geo. Dayman is home from Minneapolis, where he has been attending the dental college at the State University.
D.M. Holland has gone up north to look over some land he owns there, and make arrangements to move on it in the near future.
Vandy Duba has made a new departure in his restaurant business, and his establishment is now open at all hours, day and night.
Mrs. Calvin Moen and children attended the closing exercises of the Heron Lake school last week and remained for a visit with friends this week.
A.R. Beilke, a leading merchant of Reading, accompanied by his family came down to Worthington on Monday to have their photograph taken.
Charles H. Stanton, who for some time past has been apprentice operator at the Omaha depot has been promoted to the position of assistant agent at Montrose.
Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Jones and Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Fancher of Reading, came down Sunday evening to attend the cantata at the Presbyterian church. Messrs. Jones and Fancher participated in the program.
The following ladies attended a district convention of the Degree of Honor, held at Heron Lake, Wednesday afternoon and evening; Mesdames, Madison, Cree, Torrance, Free, Kall, and Miss Amy Darling.
Mrs. D.M. Holland, of Elk, returned a few days ago from New London, Ia., where she had been called by the death of her mother.
A.W. Holland of New London, Ia., is spending the summer with his son D.M., of Elk township.
Stanley Moore this week concluded a deal whereby he comes into possession of the one-third interest in the estate of the late Henry Torrance owned by Mrs. Harry Mason, of New York City. This property includes the block occupied by the department store of F.A. Torrance & Son, and real estate in this county and elsewhere.
One Shetland pony for sale, weight about 400 lbs. Sound and gentle. Will Oliver.
Ella Morton visited in Worthington Friday and Saturday driving home Saturday evening.
Geo. Fell and wife and Geo. Wilson of Cherokee, Ia., were guests at the Western last Saturday.
Chas. Futz and Wm. Foelsner of St. Killian transacted business before the Probate Court on Monday.
Editors E.F. Clower of Bigelow and J.S. Randolph of Brewster attended the county convention here Wednesday.
Ed H. Pank, C.J. Graf and lady, S.W. Greene and Wm. Fell and wife of Lismore were registered at the Western Saturday.
M.I. Christensen, day operator the Omaha depot, was called to Lake Crystal Sunday morning by the sickness of his wife. H.G. Stumm is filling the position temporarily.
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan came up from Estherville Tuesday to attend the funeral of Burt Brayton. Mrs. Donovan is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Barber and a sister of Mrs. Brayton.
E.W. Cutler has turned out a fine lot of building blocks for Dr. J.N. Gould, who will use them in a foundation for his hospital. The doctor intends to raise the building and move it back from the street a few feet and put a foundation under it.
Mrs. G. Morrison returned on Sunday with her son, who had been taken there for an operation for appendicitis. The little fellow has nearly recovered from the effects of the operation, a fact which the many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Morrison will be pleased to learn.
Editor Chas. Murdock of the Clarkston, Wash., Journal spent several days here this week visiting friends and looking after property interests. Mr. Murdock was for several years engaged in the mercantile business here and has a host of friends who are glad to see him.
J.A. Marshman of Duel county, S.D., was here a few days last week, a guest at the home of N.H. Austin.
Mrs. M.M. Mullian came home from Chicago Tuesday, where she had been visiting two daughters and other relatives since last September.
Rev. G.A. Cahoon preached at Seward and Kinbrae last Sunday and presented the Conference Claimants Endowment Fund. Over one hundred dollars was secured for the cause.
P.J. Karpen of St. Peter, deputy factory inspector, was in the city last Saturday on official business. He made this office a pleasant call and gave us a number of pointers on Gov. Johnson's good qualities.
A.N. Douglas, of Minneapolis, who spent last week here, disposed of the last of his real estate holdings. He traded the brick block occupied by Hart & Co. to Jas. Ramage for farm property. The residence property on 6th avenue, occupied by Wm. Chaney, was sold to A.T. Latta. J.G. Mitchell negotiated the first deal.
Death of Burt Brayton.
Burt Brayton, son of the late Henry Brayton of Round Lake, and son in law of M.J. Barber of this city, died on Monday at Fargo, N.D., where he had been engaged in the barber business. The remains were brought to this city on Tuesday by Mr. Barber, and on Wednesday were taken to Round Lake for interment.
Marriage Licenses
Issued by the clerk of court since our last report.
John J. Fury to Josephine Langer.
Ed. A. Geyerman to Agnes L. Ludtke.
Henry B. Dilly to Nettie M. Ely.
Peter J. Nystrom to Carrie M. Holmberg.
Frank Kaiser to Lena Heidebrink.
Clarence H. Borst to Nellie P. Wade.
Alysius Dries to Margaret Spartz.
Eighth Grade Graduates.
The graduation exercises of the 8th grade were held in the assembly room in the High School building on Thursday evening of last week when a class of 23 graduated. A pleasing program was rendered. The following are the graduates:
Elizabeth Cree, Lee Darling, Martha DeBoer, Carlyle Dovery, Harold Dutton, Joe Franck, Lloyd Helmick, Mabel King, Leslie Luehrs, Teresa McClernon, Emil Nelson, Hilma Nelson, Nellie Pieper, Willie Rippberger, Dorothy Ryan, August Strand, Floyd Voak, Ray Wolven, Delia Wood, Ogda Sterling, Marguerite Williams, Louis Moeller, Paul Ventioner, Pearl Pettit, Harry Bloom. The last four have been doing H.S. work but were back in one or two grade subjects that were completed this year.

Friday, June 15, 1906

Noted Billigerent Runs Afoul of the Law.
Sheriff Fauskee was called to Wilmont on Thursday of last week to arrest one Burnie Jaggars, who was accused of assaulting Ernest Kruger with a knife. Jaggars was given a hearing Friday before Judge Dow, and was bound over to the grand jury in bail sum of $500. Jaggars is said to have been in several scraps during the last year or two.
Henry Kunze of Elk was in town Saturday doing trading.
Thimble Party.
Mrs. J. Peterson entertained a number of friends at her home Tuesday afternoon. It was a "thimble party" and the hours were occupied with sewing but they found time to enjoy some social amusements as well as the dainty refreshments served.
Mrs. Will Humiston entertained the members of the Euchre Club Monday and a very pleasant afternoon resulted. At the tables Mrs. Hobson carried off the honors and Mrs. Evans was awarded the consolation prize.
Attempted Burglary.
Last Saturday evening the family of W.M. Evans were aroused by noises at one of the windows on the second floor and on investigation revealed the fact that a man was attempting to effect an entrance, but the fact that Mr. evans was about, frightened him and he made his escape before the police who had been summoned by telephone could reach the scene.
For the Annual Encampment to be Held at Lake City.
The members of Co. F., are preparing themselves for the annual encampment of the Third regiment which is to be held on the state grounds at Lake City beginning July 23rd. A new and not overly pleasant feature has been adopted this year, which requires the various companies to assemble at St. Paul and march to Lake City. It will give the members of the guard a taste of the "real thing" in a soldiers life.
Adjudged Insane.
Andrew Erickson, a farm laborer of Little Rock township was taken in custody last week by Sheriff Fauskee on complaint alleging insanity. On Saturday he was examined before Judge of Probate C.M. Corey, and adjudged insane. He was committed to the asylum at St. Peter. His halucination seemed to be that some one was trying to poison him.
Mr. Cashel went to Hermann on business Thursday.
Wedding is Announced.
A wedding that was celebrated at Toledo, by Rev. W.A. Briggs, pastor of the Congregational church, on May 12, was just made public today to friends in the city.
Miss Marie Pearson, of Pearson & Co., conducting a pantorium at the corner of Main and Second avenue, was the bride was given in marriage to Mr. M.L. Holbrook.
Mr. Holbrook is a plumber, and until recently was in the employ of Hecker & Calkins. Mr. and Mrs. Holbrook left this morning for Worthington, Minn., where they will reside. -Marshaltown, Iowa, Republican.
Route One.
Mr. Evans has the lumber on the ground for a new kitchen on his farm house north of town.
Mr. Craft had the misfortune to loose one of his cows last Sunday.
Mrs. Fred Green returned from Luverne last Friday after visiting relatives and friends there.
Mother Guernsey of Rushmore and Mrs. J.E. Shore of this town, leave this week for a short visit with relatives at Parker, S. Dak. They expect to be gone a week or more.
Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Fellows and B.F. Young and wife visited friends in Wilmont Sunday.
Miss Maud Lutner spent Saturday and Sunday with B.F. Young's.
Mr. and Mrs. Vail passed through this town Monday on their way to visit friends in Seward.
Miss Briggs attended the show at Worthington Friday.
Miss Florence Wheeler, of Spirit Lake, Ia., is visiting with her sister Mrs. Chas. Knudson of Wilmont.
Mrs. S.A. Williams is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Williams of Wilmont this week.
Mrs. Green, of Rock Rapids, is visiting her daughter Mrs. A.B. Williams of Wilmont this week.
C. Emrich and sons took a trip to Worthington and Luverne in their automobile last Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Wilhelmine Becker left for an extended visit to St. Paul and Winona Wednesday.
Wm. Hitchens attended the circus in Luverne Friday.
Mrs. P.A. Nelson returned Monday from Luverne after a stay of three weeks there with her parents Rev. and Mrs. Hvid.
Marie Schaeffer left Friday for a couple months visit at Chicago and Edgerton, Ohio.
Rev. Fr. Henneckes returned Friday from a call at Luverne.
WM. Tentler, of Lismore was in Adrian on business Friday.
Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thompson Friday evening, a boy.
Miss Roxie Slade returned from the Hospital at Rochester Saturday.
Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Umhaeffer Tuesday, a girl.
Miss Grace McLean who has held a position at Helena, Montana, is quite sick and expected here soon as well enough to travel.
Mr. and Mrs. James Garvey of Tacoma Wash., was here this week visiting his brother William Garvey. Mr. Garvey is a prominent attorney and real estate dealer at Tacoma.
Mr. A.J. Schaeffer moved Monday into the W.E. Timmons property.
Mrs. W.E. Timmons and children left Tuesday for St. Paul where they will join Mr. Timmons and live in the future.
Ray Landis and Hugh Lynch left Monday evening for Wyndmire, N.Dak.
Charles Mylius has been confined to the house with a severe cold the property.
Jasper Grapes went to Minneapolis Tuesday as delegate from here to the meeting of Odd Fellows.
Mrs. Fred Mohl left for Minneapolis and St. Paul Tuesday for a few weeks visit with friends and relatives.
Will Johns, of Luverne transacted business here Saturday.
A.E. Little of Elk was in on business Saturday.
Wilmont Initiator: Sheriff Fauskee was transacting official business here yesterday....Mrs. George Calvert and children came up from Worthington last Friday for a few days visit at the home of her sister, Mrs. Matt Michels, and at her parental home, southeast of town....Attorney J.A. Town, of Worthington, was a Wilmont visitor Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. While here Mr. Town was consulting the village council in regard to waterworks bonds.... Mr. and Mrs. George Smith, and sons Leslie and Harold, came up from their home near Worthington last Saturday and are spending the week at teh home of their son Roy, north of this village.
Mrs. O.F. Johnson of Reading is visiting a few days at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. King.
P.C. Anderson, road overseer, is doing some good work on the roads and now the farmers can come to town with more comfort and a larger load than formerly.
There was a lawn party at the home of J.H. Schuck, Monday night and the young folks held sway until the wee small hours had come.
A nine pound daughter arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Warren, June 11. Mother and baby doing well and "papa" is very happy.
Clifford Black and O.F. Johnson of Reading came down to fish at lake Ocheyda last week, but did not succeed in landing any large fish.
Andrew Nelson has just finished hauling barley to the elevator at this place, for which he received a very satisfactory price.
J.F. Flynn returned this week from his trip to Canada.
Rev. E.W. Lanham was a Minneapolis several days this week.
A.E. Hart mad a business trip to Tyler, Minn., the first of the week.
Mrs. L.W. Abbott went to Pipestone Tuesday for a short visit with friends.
John Mier, of Brewster, was a welcome visitor at this office on Saturday last.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Prideaux drove to Rushmore last Sunday to visit their son.
Mrs. G.A. Engbretson departed Tuesday for Beloit, Iowa where she will visit for some time.
Mrs. A.V. Hamlin has been enjoying a visit from her mother, Mrs. Howard of Pipestone this week.
A.M. Hagerman, assessor of Loraine township, transacted business at the county capitol Monday.
Mrs. G.H. Saulpaugh of Mankato spent Sunday here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Allen.
Wm. Featherstone, an electrician of Wallace, Idaho, has been visiting friends in the city several days this week.
Court Reporter J.H. Harper came over from Luverne to spend Sunday with Clerk of Court Fred Humiston.
Mrs. Calvin Moen returned on Saturday last from a weeks visit with relatives and friends at Heron Lake and Pipestone.
State Bank Examiner W.R. O'Hearn of Minneapolis, spent a couple of days here the latter part of last week a guest of J.A. Cashel.
Georgie and Kenneth Butler of Heron Lake are visiting their cousin Marion Fairfield. They accompanied him home from that village last Saturday.
Mrs. C.M. Palmer of Corunna, Michigan, who has been visiting her daughter Mrs. A.A. Putman for past two weeks returned to her home the first of the week.
A.H. Freer, C.L. Humiston, Morton W. Smith, Attorney Dieson, Dr. Stevens and H.G. Stumm were a part of the Heron Lake delegation which saw the elephant at this place last Saturday.
Mrs. C.H. Cabot and Mrs. Blinkiron, of Heron Lake, with their daughters, were guests at the home of G.A. Fairfield last Saturday afternoon and evening. Of course they did not come down to see the circus.
Chas. Murdock, who had spent a week here looking after property interests, left on Monday for his boyhood home at Waterloo, Ia., where he will spend a few days before returning to his home at Clarkton, Wash.
Operator Christensen is again on duty at the Omaha depot, after a weeks absence visiting his family and getting acquainted with that new son, at the Lake Crystal home. He expects to remove his family to this city in about two weeks.
Chas. Murdock last week bought a thorough bred Duroc-Jersey boar from the farm herd of Wm. Malcolm of Bigelow, which he shipped to his ranch at Clarkston, Wash., where he owns a large ranch. Mr. Murdock is very favorably impressed with Mr. Malcolm's herd of swine, which is natural for it is the finest in the northwest.
Dr. Williams of Wilmont was a visitor to our city Monday.
Miss . Slade, of Adrian, was in the city between trains Tuesday.
John Nelson of Bigelow township came in to see the circus last Saturday.
G.W. Lear left Monday afternoon over the Rock Island road for Chicago.
Miss Laura Pepple is home from Duluth where she has been attending school.
Ramiel Nance is visiting at the home of his uncle James Gibson, at Luverne.
G.C. Fellows was among the Elk people who came in last Saturday to view the circus parade.
Mrs. Aug. Johnson and daughter of Kinbrae were in Worthington Monday on a trading trip.
Clinton Mann drove over to Adrian Sunday. He informed us that it was a business trip.
For Sale - A brand new piano and also house plants. Mrs. George Miller.
C.W. Becker the Wilmont lumber man came down last Saturday to transact business and take in the circus.
Judge G.W. Wilson and wife departed for the republican state convention at Duluth Tuesday morning.
Charles B. Lutner has been appointed carrier for rural mail route No. 1, Reading, with John Baird substitute.
Harry Lear went to Le Seuer Tuesday to attend the Firemen's Association and from there went to Minneapolis.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kyser returned from St. Peter Monday where they have been visiting Mrs. K___ysers ts. (sic)
F.C. Ullrich, organizer for the National Association of Retail Druggists was a Worthington visitor Monday afternoon.
Joseph Arbes, formerly pharmacist with R.L. Morland, now engaged in business at New Ulm, was visiting friends in the city this week.
Jet Smallwood returned last Saturday from Minneapolis where he had been a student in the law department of the state University the past year.
Foster Moore last Saturday shipped a carload of fine Angus beef cattle to the Chicago market. They were an unusually fine lot and brought a fancy price.
Chief Jas. Mackay and W.I. Carpenter  and Loren Clark left on Tuesday for LeSeuer to attend the annual convention and tournament of the State Firemen's Association.
Rev. Swan, of Rock Island, Ill., the newly elected pastor of the Swedish Lutheran church in this city is expected to arrive this week with his mother to take up the work of the parish.
Andy Gustafson, who for a long time has been in the employ of Fagerstrom & Clark, the shoemen, left the latter part of last week on an extended visit to his old home in Sweden. He will be absent several months.
Cards have been received in this city by friends of the bride announcing the marriage of Mr. Vernelle R. Long to Miss Edna A. Goodrich, which event occurred at Los Angeles, Cal., June 7th. Miss Goodrich is a daughter of Barton Goodrich, of the town of Worthington and is well known to Nobles county people. The Advance joins her many friends in extending congratulations.
Maj. B.F. Thurber of Wilmont was a visitor in town Monday and Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Kelley of Hartley, Ia., are here on a visit at the home of their son I.F. Kelley.
Prof. W.W. Ager and family came down from Wilmont last Saturday to attend the circus.
Clint Goodrich came down from St. James last week for a short visit with his parents and friends in the city.
Mrs. Frank Long of Larrimore, N.D., is here visiting her brother John Seleen and friends and relatives.
Charles Murdock last week sold his residence property in this city to George Morgan, the consideration being $1,250.
Charles Whetmore and wife of Sioux City, Iowa, were guests at the home of "Doc" Goodrich several days the past week.
James Mann has severed his connection with W.W. Loveless and is now in the employe of Blume's Steam Laundry as solicitor.
Misses Mae G. Tupper and Helen Ludlow returned last Thursday from Northfield where they had been attending Carlton college.
G.W. Patterson left on Monday for Minneapolis, where he transacted business a day before going to Duluth to attend the state convention.
A.M. Renner resident manager of the Western Implement Co. has been enjoying a visit from his sisters Misses Clara, Louise and Bertha Renner of Comfrey.
P.H. Brown arrived home from Corwith, Iowa, Sunday afternoon. We understand that Mr. Brown has disposed of his mercantile business at Corwith trading for a fine farm in Nebraska. He will continue to reside at Worthington.
Leslie Holbrook and bride arrived in our city last Friday and will make this their future home. Mr. Holbrook is a son of Col. J.N. Holbrook, but has been absent for a year or more. His bride was a resident of Marshalltown, Iowa.
The members of the Lentz family living in Adrian and Grand Prairie township appeared before Judge of Probate Cory Monday to have the estate of the late Peter Lentz divided among the heirs. The estate amounted to something near $50,000.
Mrs. H.C. Franck and children left last Saturday for Minneapolis, where they will reside, Mr. Franck having a run on the main line with headquarters there. Mr. and Mrs. Frank have a host of friends here whose best wishes follow them to their new home.

Friday, June 22, 1906

Well Known Young People Joined in Bonds of Holy Matrimony.
Again the wedding bells have been ringing and two more hearts are made happy. Mr. Adolph Thomte and Miss Mattie Bryan were united in the holy bonds of matrimony Wednesday evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Bryan on Ninth street. Only immediate relatives and friends were present at the very pretty ceremony which was performed by Rev. G.A. Cahoon, pastor of the Methodist church.
Both the young people are well known and popular in the community. The bride has since graduating from our public schools been one of the successful teachers of this county, having taught at Bigelow the past two years. The groom is one of Luverne's young men who has made his home in Worthington for some years and a member of the successful firm of Harding & Thomte.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomte will reside at 319, eleventh Ave., where they will soon be at home to their many friends.
On Monday June 18, 1906, at St Mary's Catholic church. Mr. George H. Allen of this city to Elizabeth Wood, of Ft. Dodge, Ia. The young people left for St. James, where they will make their home. Mr. Allen is the son of E.G. Allen of the Allen house, and is employed on the Omaha line as a brakeman and makes his headquarters at St. James. The Advance joins the many friends of the young people in extending congratulations.
W.F. Brown of Lexington, Neb., was a Worthington visitor this week.
Dr. John Conway of Minneapolis is here renewing old acquaintances. The doctor formerly practiced dentistry in Worthington.
Rose Casper of Brewster Ends Life With Carbolic Acid.
Rose Casper, a young woman of 20, and a daughter of G. Casper, of Hersey, last Sunday committed suicide by taking a large dose of carbolic acid. No motive is known for the rash act. For the past year she had been employed more or less of the time as a domestic in the family of Alderman S.M. Stewart. About three weeks ago she went home to assist in the preparations for her sisters wedding. She, herself, was engaged and was to have been married in a few weeks.
The funeral was held on Wednesday from the family home.
Miss Katie Feit, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theadore Feit of the town of Elk, died last Friday at her parent's home, of consumption after a lingering illness, aged 26 years. The funeral was held Monday from the Catholic church in the city and was largely attended by friends of the family. Miss Feit was a popular young lady possessed of many admirable qualities, and her taking off by the great White Plague is a sore affliction to her parents.
An infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anton Garmar of Ewington, Jackson county, died last Sunday, aged one day. The funeral was held on Wednesday.
June Wedding Business Picking Up Some Around Brewster.
Between the hours of ten and eleven o'clock Tuesday morning Rev. Father Sherman, of Worthington, performed the ceremony which united for life Anthony W. Weinandt and Miss Alice McCall, the affair taking place at the Catholic church.
The groom was attended by the bride's brother Michael, who was formerly his partner in business. The bridesmaid was Miss Kate McCall and little Miss Bridget acted as flower girl.
The witnesses of the event included only the relatives of the contracting parties, and these were afterward entertained at the home of the bride's mother in this place. Among the guests present from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Beaton and daughter Alice and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sullivan, of Heron Lake, Mr. and Mrs. John O'Connor, of Sioux Valley, Mr. N. Weinandt and Miss Julia McCarvel of Worthington.
In the evening the Brewster band gave the wedding party a pleasant little serenade, and at its conclusion the boys were invited in to partake of the wedding feast.
The groom was formerly engaged in the meat business here and also acted as chief of police for some time. He has many friends in this locality who congratulate him upon the step he has taken. The bride has grown to womanhood in Brewster and vicinity, and for a number of years has been a successful teacher in the rural schools of Nobles and Jackson Counties, as well as a respected and popular member of our community.
Mr. and Mrs. Weinandt left yesterday for Mankato, where they will reside during the summer, Tony having taken a position in a meat market at that place. In the fall he expects to return to Brewster to run his threshing rig.
On the same day that the above mentioned parties assumed their perpetual partnership a similar scene was enacted at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Caspar three miles northwest of town, their daughter Ida having been joined to Nicholas Kaufman by wedlock's holy bonds. The officiating clergyman was Rev. Hayenga, of Sibley, Iowa. The bride's sister Rose attended her as maid of honor, and Tillman Kaufman, brother of the groom, was best man.
A large number of relatives and friends were in attendance at the wedding and reception, and the band went out to liven up affairs for a short time in the evening.
The happy couple came to town the following day, and commenced housekeeping at the Kaufman residence. -Brewster Tribune.

Indian Lake.

Mrs. Bennett Fagerness of Rushmore is making her parents Mr. and Mrs. N. Langseth a few days visit.

Mr. Henry Haggard returned last week from Minneapolis where he had been visiting friends.

Rev. Obert returned last Saturday from St. Paul where he had been attending the conference of the Baptist denomination.
Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Anderson left last week for a visit with their daughter Mrs. N. Nelson of Minneapolis.
The Misses Violet Saxon and Nellie Johnson our popular school mams left last Monday for Mankato where they will attend the teachers training school.
Miss Alma Larson left last Monday for Mankato.
Mr. Gust Nystrom bought a fine driving team in Worthington last Tuesday.
Miss Mamie Saxon returned home from Worthington last Tuesday for a few days vacation.
James Pembrae returned Thursday from Flandreau S. Da., where he had been employed in a restaurant the past three months.
Mrs. Grace Brazzell, of Mitchell, S. Da., was here this week visiting relatives and friends.
Phill Landis and Wm. Faragher have each bought touring cars of the latest type. The machines are here and will be tried soon as the roads get in better condition.
Andrew Johnson and wife returned Thursday from a trip to Altoona, Pa.
Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Mike Carrigan, Friday a girl.
Miss Lillian Hvid, of Luverne came over Saturday for an extended visit with relatives.
Louis Mohl, of Sioux City, was in Adrian over Sunday.
George Schuster of Rochester, Minn., was here a few days this week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Slade.
Ray Landis and Hugh Lynch returned Monday from Wyndmere, No. Dak.
Dr. and Mrs. Sullivan left Monday for Madison Wis. to be present at the graduation of their daughter Katherene.
Louis Mohl left Monday for Ellsworth looking after a cattle deal in the interest of Wood Bros., Sioux City.
Miss Lavina Becker who has attended a college at Winona the past year returned home Monday, accompanied by Miss Wilhelmine Becker.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mohl returned Sunday morning from a trip to St. Paul and Wadena.
Mrs. Chas Kilpatrick and children who have spent the winter at Beaumont, Cal. returned here Wednesday. Mr. Kilpatrick met them at Chenaut, Kansas, to accompany them home.
Dr. Newel of Adrian done dental work at this place Friday and Saturday of last week.
Mr. Hattey and Miss Tehurney of Iona attended the ball game at Kenneth Sunday.
Mrs. Green who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. A.B. Williams of this place, returned to her home in Rock Rapids Tuesday.
Among the Old soldiers who attended the G.A.R. reunion at Luverne this week were J.P. Vail, John Fitch, Henry Stephens.
E.A. Tripp returned on Wednesday from Minneapolis where he had been to attend a meeting of the Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows.
Mrs. W.E. Madison entertained on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons in honor of her guest, Miss Sophie Booth, of Waupun, Wis.
Mrs. G.W. Patterson had a severe attack of heart failure the first of the week, and on Tuesday was in a critical condition, but she rallied and at last report was much improved.
E. Ober of Loraine did trading in Worthington Tuesday.
J.H. Sprague of Fairmont was a guest at the Western Saturday.
Mrs. E.K. Smith and two youngest children are visiting at Edna, Ia.
Mayor W.E. Madison and family spent last Sunday with relatives at Fulda.
W.A. Cloud went to Sibley on Wednesday to attend the Woodman picnic.
A. Anderson of Forrestville, S.D., registered at the Allen house Tuesday.
Miss Dott Mott went to Luverne Monday for a weeks visit with friends.
C.G. Jones of Lemars, Ia., was registered at the Allen house last Saturday.
Miss Sopha Booth of Waupun, Wis., is a guest at the home of Mayor Madison.
Mrs. Carl Bishop and daughter Beth went to Pipestone Saturday for a weeks visit.
Mrs. R.H. Dieckhoff went to Luverne Tuesday to spend a few days with friends.
The Hubbard & Palmer elevator at Heron Lake was destroyed by fire last Saturday night.
O. Cairncross, of the Omaha freight office force, went to Minneapolis Tuesday on a visit.
A.M. Renner went to Mankato Tuesday to attend a meeting of the Knights of Columbus, when a large class was initiated.
A new boat pier is being built on the lake shore near the bath house. It will accommodate all the boats on the lake.
Misses Evelyn and Grace Parry of Lemars, Ia., spent last week here visiting at the home of their grandfather, Thos. Prideaux.
T.A. Palmer and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Mishler attended a reunion of the Palmer family at Lake Park Iowa, Tuesday of this week.
Prof. H.R. Edwards and family are visiting relatives in Wisconsin. On their return the professor will take up his work in summer school at the Mankato Normal.
F.L. Humiston returned last Saturday from the state convention held at Duluth. On his way home he visited in Aitkin county where he owns a large tract of land.
A.N. Douglas came down from Minneapolis last Saturday, and has concluded to spend the summer here, as he finds his health much better here than at Minneapolis.
B.B. Buck is the new night clerk at the Western Hotel.
Peter Spartz of Wilmont was a Worthington visitor Monday.
F.H. Schoenman of Round Lake, registered at the Western Monday.
Miss I. Bjornstad of Org was in the city Wednesday doing shopping.
Col. J.A. Town went to Luverne on Tuesday to attend the G.A.R. reunion.
Mrs. B.F. Teall of Belle Fourche, S.D., is visiting at the residence of S.V. Wyckoff.
Lee Leonard the first of the week bought a spirited team of drivers from the Ronan brothers.
Nels Anderson is making arrangements to build a new residence on 9th street near 2d avenue.
Mrs. G.W. Babcock and daughter of Barron, Wis., are here on a visit to Thos. Dovery and family.
Mrs. Christ Hogan and two children returned on Tuesday from a week's visit with friends at Pipestone.
Attorney John Flynn returned on Monday from Canada, where he spent several weeks looking over land.
Mrs. James Cowin came down from Minneapolis Tuesday and will spend several weeks in Worthington and vicinity.
Mrs. Joseph Cowin returned to her home in Adrian Tuesday having spent several days at the county seat the guest of Miss Mattie Hastings.
Janitor Kall has been busy the past week trimming the trees in the court house square. They now present a great deal better appearance.
Mrs. Eloise Brant, who was operated upon last week at the Windom Surgical hospital, returned to her home at Worthington today. -Windom Reporter.
W.W. Loveless and daughter Mildred, E.V. Voak and daughter Florence, and G.W. Roth spent a few days at Round Lake camping the first of the week.
W.F. Robinson of Ponca, Neb., was here a few days last week on a visit to his daughters, Mrs. E.L. Nance and Miss Myrtle Robinson, of the Advance force. Mr. Robinson had visited his daughters Mrs. Geo. Mackay of Hinckley, Minn., and Mrs. James Gibson of Luverne. He left on Friday for a short visit with his son in Sioux City before returning home.
Mr. and Mrs. Grass went to Minneapolis last Saturday. Mr. Grass will remain there some time at a sanitarium. Mr. Grass' health has been failing for some time and his friends hope that rest and treatment will bring him out all right in a short time. Mrs. Grass returned on Monday. -Slayton Gazette.
Thos. A. Palmer spent a few days the first of the week at Lake Park visiting his brother.
For rent - Furnished rooms. Steam heat and toilet. Enquire of Mrs. C.M. Corey, 3 doors west of P.O.
Geo. Wyckoff, who has been home for some weeks on a visit, will leave shortly for Belle Fourche, S.D., where he has been offered a fine opening.

Friday, June 29, 1906

The Graham-Moon Nuptials.
Wednesday, in the Catholic church at Tipton, Iowa, occurred the marriage of Mr. Peter Graham, of this city, to Miss Anna Moon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Moon, of Tipton.
The groom is one of our jolly, good natured bachelors. He has made his home here for several years past and has earned for himself a host of friends, to whom the announcement in last weeks issue came as a pleasant surprise. He is in every way worthy of the bride he has won and will make her life one of the happy enjoyments of the pleasures of this world, with none of its sorrows. -Ellsworth News.
Marriage Licenses

Issued during June by Clerk of Court.

Mark Chatfield to Gertrude Burkitt.
Adolph Thomte to Mattie Bryan.
Ray C. Thom to Bertha E. McChord.
Elmer H. Atwood to Lona B. Carter.
Jas. E. Lottingham to Eva L. Kerr.
Geo. H. Allen to Elizabeth Wood.
Nic. Kaufman to Ida L. Caspar.
A.W. Weinandt to Alice R. McCall.
Clarene H. Borst to Nelle P. Wade.
Alysius Dries to Margaret Spartz.
Rushmore Weddings.
The Rushmore Enterprise of last week gave an account of the following weddings which occurred in that village and vicinity June 20:
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.R.D. McChord, parents of the bride, at eight o'clock, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Roy Thom and Miss Bertha McChord, Rev. J.D. Gibb officiating. In this wedding two of our pioneer families have been brought closer together. The bride's parents came to this county in an early day and homesteaded the farm on which they now live and it was here that the bride first seen the light of day. The groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thom, were among the first settlers of Olney township, and in the old homestead where his parents have lived for more than thirty years, the groom was born and has grown to man's estate.
Mr. Elmer Atwood of Newton, I., and Miss Lona Carper of Ransom township, were united in marriage by Rev. Oxley of Dickens, Iowa, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.K. Carper.
At four o'clock at the home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. B.W. Kerr, occurred the marriage of their daughter, Eva Lou, to Mr. James E. Tottingham, of Eyota, Minn., Rev. W.A. Putnam, of Luverne officiating, the ceremony being witnessed by a large number of relatives and friends of the bride and groom. The newly married couple will make their home near Eyota, where the groom is engaged in farming and they will be followed to their home by the well wishes of their many friends.
(From the Enterprise)
Clayton Bedford, the champion mile runner of Minnesota and captain of the state university track team, arrived home Wednesday morning. Clayton is a popular young man both at the university and at home.
A delightful musical program was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Stanton, Tuesday evening, by members of Miss Putman's Ellsworth class of piano instruction.
A very pretty wedding occurred Wednesday at high noon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Miles Birkett, northwest of town, when their daughter, Miss Gertrude, was united in marriage to Mr. Mark M. Chatfield, in the presence of about thirty near relatives. Rev. M.R. Meyers, brother-in-law of the bride, pronounced the words that united this fine couple, being assisted in this pleasant duty by Rev. Wilson, of the Congregational church here.
Mr. and Mrs. Brigg attended the Sunday school convention at Reading Sunday.
Dr. A.B. Williams and Dr. L.A. Williams returned home from Minneapolis last Friday night.
L.A. Williams and family who have been visiting with Dr. A.B. Williams of this place returned to their home in Slayton Saturday.
Messrs. Larson, Hendricks, and Sulstron attended the ball game at Kenneth Sunday.
C. Emerich and sons made a trip to Worthington Sunday and on the way home their gasoline tank became empty and were compelled to haul it home by team.
Mr. Brown of Kenneth drove over Wednesday night and returned home Thursday morning.
G.T. Bulick was in Worthington last Saturday on business.
A business change that was a great surprise took place last week when John Baird and F.G. Bulick bought a large interest in R.J. Jones' hardware business. The new firm will push the business for all there is in it, and Mr. Jones will have more time for other matters.
C.B. Lutner has been appointed mail carrier vice. F.E. Eggleston, resigned.
Mr. and Mrs. O. Lind of Salem, S.D. are visiting old time friend of Bigelow township this week, after an absence of twenty-five years.
Alice Nystrom, young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. Nystrom met with a painful accident Tuesday evening. The young girl fell from a horse suffering a broken limb. Medical aid was rendered by Dr. Humiston and Alice is doing as well as could be expected under circumstances.
Frank Abbott of Luverne, Sundayed in Adrian.
Druggist Nelson and Dr. C.C. May were Luverne visitors Friday.
Charles McMahon, who graduated from the medical department of the Minnesota University this month is here visiting friends.
Miss Mae Thompson and Miss Iva Grapes accompanied by Messrs Ed Timmons and Everett Mohl went to Kenneth Saturday evening to furnish music for a dance.
Wm. Hicks, of Sioux City, formerly connected with the Adrian State bank Sundayed here with friends.
Raymond Lindgren who graduated this month from the Minnesota University in law arrived home Saturday.
Mrs. Rev. Hvid, of Luverne, came over Monday for a weeks visit with relatives.
Dr. M. Sullivan returned Monday from Madison, Wis.
Pat Roach and family left for Baumont, California, Wednesday.
Miss Nina Canfield of Luverne came over Wednesday to visit a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Nelson.
G.L. Sheeley of Iona was in town Monday.
Theo. Duvehoegger of Wilmont transacted business at the county seat Wednesday.
P. Meyers of Little Rock visited Wilmont Wednesday and returned home Thursday.
Miss Levene of Reading is sewing for Mrs. Hayes this week.
Golade Hulser, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Hulser had her arm broken by falling from a water tank.
Frank Emerich is now working for H.M. Anderson living north of town.
Mr. and Mrs. Goul of near Iona, transacted business in Wilmont Monday.
Jay and Alice Hulser living east of Wilmont drove to Sutherland, Iona [Iowa?] to spend the 4th.
Chas. Fritz of St. Killian transacted business in Wilmont Tuesday.
Banker R.J. Jones of Reading was in the city last Saturday.
Harry Kies of Waterloo, Ia., is here on a visit to his parents.
Mrs. J.S. Kies returned on Tuesday from an extended visit with relatives in Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Brown were the guests of Bigelow relatives last Saturday afternoon.
Assessor B.H. Basing of Ellsworth made his returns to the county auditor Tuesday.
Mrs. C.T. Tupper and children Ora and Cecil, left the first of the week on a visit to relatives in Iowa.
Mrs. M. Hickman, of Red Wing, Minn., is here for a visit with her son F.M. Hickman, the druggist.
Jas. F. Ullrich of Elk was in Tuesday doing shopping. He was accompanied by several members of his family.
Col. J.A. Town left on Wednesday for Hawarden, Ia., where [he] is to deliver the principal address at a G.A.R. reunion.
Miss Esther Clausen, of Chicago, is visiting with relatives and friends in the city. She was formerly a resident of Worthington.
A.R. Albertus went to Minneapolis last Saturday evening to visit Mrs. Albertus who has spent some time in a hospital there.
E.W. Palmer of Osage, Ia., accompanied by his family have spent the week here visiting at the home of his brother T.A. Palmer.
E.A. Ritz, the new conductor on the Sioux Falls branch, the first of the week moved into the house recently vacated by H.C. Frank.
P.H. Brown left on Sunday for his old home at Mt. Horeb, Wis., where he will attend the marriage of a sister, and visit for several weeks among old friends and neighbors.
Grant Cross of Westside township, W.E. Hawkin of Grand Prairie township, and W.M. Thom of Rushmore were among the assessors who made their returns to the county auditor Tuesday.
Misses Grace, Bessie and Alvida Rasmussen, cousins of Sheriff Fauskee, were among the excursionists from Sioux City last Saturday. Miss Bessie returned home the same evening, but the other young ladies remained over for a weeks visit.
A.P. Anderson and family of Oakland, Cal., arrived last Sunday from the coast, and have been quartered at the Western hotel. The Andersons were formerly residents of Nobles county, Mr. Anderson having at one time been engaged in the blacksmithing business at Round Lake. They went through the earthquake which shook San Francisco, and shook their love for the golden state, and they have come east to look for a new location.
For Rent: Small cottage adjoining my residence. Edwin C. Wilson.
Jas. Mackay was at Brewster Wednesday on business.
G.T. Bullick was down from Reading last Saturday.
H.R. Veeder, of Loraine, transacted business in the city Monday.
Russell Gress of Northfield is spending the summer in Worthington.
O.H. Nystrom, of Bigelow, was in town Monday transacted business.
J.J. Kies made a trip to Murry county Wednesday with a land seeker.
Mrs. J.E. Marple of Minneapolis, is here on a visit to her mother, Mrs. J.P. Biltgen.
Wm. Onken and wife, of Carroll, Ill., are visiting at the home of Henry Wasmund in Elk.
Mrs. Fred Kasdorf, of Dewald, returned on Monday from a visit to her old home at Carroll, Ill.
J.P. Therkelson of Lakeview, Ia., was here the first of the week looking after farming interests.
Mrs. J.E. Salstrom of Bigelow came up last week and spent several days here visiting her mother Mrs. J.P. Biltgen.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Devaney and Mr. Biltgen were rendered ill the first of the week by eating something that did not agree with them.
Banker J.R. Jones, of Adrian, father of Atty E.J. Jones of this city, spent a number of days here the first of the week visiting his son.
John Cashel and A.P. Darling left last Saturday morning over the Rock Island for Aberdeen, S. Dak. where they will spend a few days on business.
Mrs. G.A. Lincoln of Worthington, sister of Mrs. Geo. A. Bradford visited here a few days this week. Her niece Lois Bradford accompanied her on her return. -St. James Plaindealer.
Rev. Ten Brook, the new rector of St. John's church, who was expected to arrive July 1st to begin his pastorate, will not be here until Aug. 1st. Archdeacon Knowlton will hold service at St. John's church July 1st.
I.F. Kelley and family left the first of the week for Des Moines, Ia., where they will spend a couple of weeks visiting relatives and friends. Mr. Kelley expects to make a trip or two into Kansas and Nebraska to buy eggs and poultry. He is buying these commodities in carload lots for the New York market.
The following Worthington young ladies left on Tuesday for a driving trip through southern Minnesota and Northwestern, Iowa. Misses Mae G. Tupper, Helen Ludlow, Flora Buchan, and Josephine Coughran. Their itenerary takes in Rushmore, and Little Rock, Minn., George, Rock Rapids, Ia., and returning through Ash Creek, Magnolia, and Adrian, Minn.
G.W. Lear made a business trip Sioux Falls on Monday.
Mrs. Wyatt spent a few days the early part of the week at St. Paul and Minneapolis.
Rev. Wilson Aull, formerly of Worthington, but now of Moscow, Idaho, has received a call to Pittsburg, Pa.
Mrs. Pendergast entertained the birthday club Tuesday afternoon and those in attendance report a very pleasant afternoon.
The Misses Parry of Lemars, Ia., who had been visiting at the home of their uncle, Thos. Prideaux, left on Monday for Lismore to visit other relatives.
Prof. C.K. Warne of Iowa City, arrived last Friday and will spend a month here advancing the interests of the chautauqua assembly.
Geo. Behrenfeld and G.J. Alexander, of Heron Lake, were in the city Tuesday evening between trains on their way to Sioux City.
Mrs. W.E. Madison entertained a number of lady friends Monday afternoon. The afternoon was spent in chain making and social visiting. Refreshments were served.
Deputy Sheriff Martin Finnerty of Ellsworth last Sunday lodged two boarders at the county bastile. They were John and James Morrison, who were sent up for 40 and 60 days, respectively, for being drunk.
E.W. Cutler has a crew of men at work this week putting in a cement sidewalk on the east side of 10th street from Anderson & Benson's store north to the corner of 6th avenue.
The Albinson-Boberg Lumber Co's. delivery team indulged in a lively run-a-way yesterday afternoon. The rig was wrecked, and the driver, Ernest Lucke, seriously injured.
Slayton Gazette - mMr. Grass received a telegram on Tuesday morning that Mr. Grass was worse at the hospital in Minneapolis and she and the children left on the freight for that city. In response to a 'phone from here yesterday afternoon it was learned that he went into a stopor on Tuesday morning and his pulse was scarcely perceptible, but after suitable treatment he revived and was considerably better in the afternoon. Yesterday morning he was very low again.
Chas. Martin was in from Elk Tuesday.
Frank Scott has sold his meat market at Round Lake.
M.W. Reistroffer of Round Lake was in the city on business Monday.
Clement Phillips of Lismore was at the county capital on business Monday.
Rev. G.M. Bailey last week organized a Sunday School in southeastern Rock county.
Harry Hodges was up from Sheldon Monday shaking hands with his many friends.
Geo. Shaw and Henry Fields of Little Rock township were in the city on business Tuesday.
J.A. Albinson came down Monday from Minneapolis to look after affairs at the lumber yard here.
The Misses Parry of Lemars, Ia., who had been visiting at the home of their uncle, Thos. Prideaux, left on Monday for Lismore to visit other relatives.
Mrs. Dickey and son left on Wednesday for her home in northern Idaho. She had spent several weeks here on a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jones.
Route Two.
Gust Blomgren was seen out riding in a new buggy last Sunday.
Mr. Edward Moberg and Miss Esther Blomgren went to Indian Lake Thursday fishing they report a very good time.
Ed Moberg and Gust Blomgren went to Bigelow on business last Monday.
Ed Moberg is making his regular rounds with that fine horse owned by Mr. Patterson.
A social was held at the place of John Larson a few days ago, and it is reported that twelve persons "Dyed" one of starvation.
Route One.
Mrs. E.C. Fields left Saturday for Rushmore to visit relatives and friends returning home Tuesday.
Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Klein, June 13th, a son.
Mrs. H.D. Pratt returned home from Rushmore Tuesday after visiting relatives and friends.
Mr. E.E. Fields was among the ones to attend the Woodmen picnic at Madelia.


----End Transcription----


Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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