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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 July, 1906

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Friday, July 6, 1906

Depot Burned.
The Omaha depot at Sheldon was destroyed by fire Thursday.
Lawn Party.
Last Friday afternoon Mesdames E.J. Wolven and Edward V. Voak entertained a party of about forty ladies on the Wolven lawn. A very pleasant social afternoon was enjoyed by those in attendance.

At the residence of the bride in this city on Saturday June 30th occurred the marriage of Miss Emma Tryon to E. Peters, of Oelwein, Iowa. The groom was a former resident of this city but is now employed as a boilermaker in the shops of the C. & G.W. railroad at Oelwein. The bride has long been a resident of this city, where she has many friends.

Death at Round Lake.
At the family residence in the village of Round Lake on Saturday evening of last week occurred the death of Charles Antritter at the age of 59 years. His death followed several years of suffering from a cancer and came as a welcome relief. Deceased is survived by a wife and several children. The funeral was held on Monday and was largely attended.
Picnic and Campfire.
The Misses Lear treated a party of young people to a sail boat ride last Friday afternoon, followed by a picnic supper and campfire at the Foelschow grove. It was a most enjoyable affair.
Robt. Wilson of Chicago, is here on a visit at the home of his uncle, Judge G.W. Wilson.
Rev. R.L. Webber of Marshall, district organizer for the Sunday School Union was here a number of days this week visiting old friends.
Jud Mattson is at home for a visit with his family this week.
Miss Carrie M. Kinley visited friends at Lakefield last week.
Miss Ethel Dunlap of Heron Lake is a guest of her sister Mrs. Calvin Moen.
Miss my Forbes was the guest of Miss Hazel Stephens at Luverne last week.
Miss Levridge of Mankato was a guest at the home of M.P. Mann this week.
E.L. Ecker, contractor of Heron Lake, was a business visitor to our city Saturday.
Miss Ella Larson went to Sioux City for a short visit with friends Tuesday morning.
The family of Carl Bishop have removed to Pipestone where they will spend the summer.
Mrs. Claribel Hart, of Rock Valley, Iowa, visited friends in this city last Friday and Saturday.
P.H. Brown and wife returned from their trip to Wisconsin on Friday last. They had a very pleasant time.
Ray Hawley came down from Minneapolis last Saturday for a short visit with his parents and many friends here.
John Larson, of Bigelow township was a welcome caller at the sanctum of this great family journal, Monday afternoon.
J.E. Johnson of Org, who has been spending several months in Texas, has returned home and made us a pleasant visit last week.
Miss Esther Clausen returned to her home at Chicago Saturday after a weeks visit with the family of her uncle and friends in this city.
Lost - A pair of glasses between 9th street, 6th ave. and depot. Finder please return to Amanda M. Anderson and receive reward.
F.H. Densmore, editor of the Wilmont Initiator, accompanied by his brother C.H., were welcome callers at this office on Saturday last.
A.R. Albertus and daughter were at Minneapolis over Sunday visiting Mrs. Albertus who is undergoing treatment in a hospital at that place.
Mrs. Frank Dean has so far recovered from her recent accident at to be able to be about again which will be pleasing news to her many friends.
Mrs. Marie Marple has returned to her home at Minneapolis after a very pleasant visit with her mother Mrs. Biltgen and other Worthington relatives and friends.
C.R. Larson and Charles G. Larson, prosperous young farmers of Indian Lake were among our visitors on Saturday arranging for weekly visits of the Advance at their homes.
Miss Rose Perry, of Adrian spent her Fourth in this city.
Sheriff Fauskee made a business trip to Adrian on Tuesday.
Dr. and Mrs. Dodge visited with friends at Wilmont last Sunday.
A.G. Anderson of Indian Lake was in on a trading trip Tuesday.
Alfred Mahlberg a prominent young farmer of Bigelow township attended the celebration the 4th.
Miss Ada Montgomery, of Wilmont was the guest of Miss Mamie Smallwood during the past week.
Miss Helen Nichols, of Lake Park, Iowa, was the guest of Mrs. M.P. Mann and family this week.
Harry Allen and wife of Iowa Falls, Iowa are guests of his parents and numerous friends in this city.
Miss Myrtle Walters of Estherville, Iowa, was a guest at the home of M.P. Mann a day or two this week.
Mrs. S.W. Meyer, daughter and three children of Hastings, Minn., are guests at the home of her sister Mrs. H. Hawley.
Mrs. W.C. Hawley of Hammond, Wis., is a guest of her son County Recorder Hawley, and will spend the summer in Worthington.
Miss Mildred Pendergast entertained a number of her young playmates Monday afternoon at a birthday party. The little people had an excellent time and greatly enjoyed the afternoon.
P.G. Anderson and family are at home after a brief visit with relatives and friends at Philipsburg, Kansas. Mr. Anderson thinks that the soil down there doesn't begin to compare with that of Southwestern Minnesota.
R.F. Lamb, of Slayton has been with us the past week looking after the business of the Western Implement Co. of which he is a member. "Dick" has many old time friends in this vicinity who are always glad to meet him.
C.J. Wilson and wife of Estherville, Iowa, and Mrs. Charles Smith and daughter, of Minneapolis were guests at the home of C.J. Smallwood over Sunday. Mr. Wilson is division superintendent of the Rock Island railroad.
Round Lake Graphic: Ralph Beckley, of Worthington, is Round Lake's new butcher, he having closed a deal with F.E. Scott the forepart of this week, so we understand. He took possession of the business Monday.
Fulda Press. The Western Implement Co. bought the farm implement business of J.M. Dickson and took possession Tuesday.
Frank J. Liepold, of Heron Lake, was a caller at the Advance office yesterday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. James Bigson came over from Luverne Wednesday for a short visit with Worthington relatives and friends.
Mrs. Glattly a former resident of this city has been renewing old acquaintances here this week. She now resides in Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Krusenwark from Slayton spent the Fourth at Worthington and visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meier.
Mrs. William Smyth, of Rockford, Iowa, has been the guest of her sisters Mrs. Frank Dean and Mrs. G.W. Patterson this week.
B.B. Sontag and C.H. Cabot, with their wives and children and Mrs. L.F. Lammers and two children, of Heron Lake, were among the crowds in this city yesterday.
Ed Moberg, of Bigelow made professional calls in Indian Lake the first part of the week.
Miss Alice Nystrom, who had a limb fractured last week, has been very sick. We hope she will soon recover.
To the best of our knowledge Wm. Wickstrom was the first farmer to commence haying this year, putting up some hay stacks in June.
Dr. Jordan of Sioux Falls, S.D., preached morning and evening at the Swedish Baptist church last Sunday, to a very attentive and appreciative audience.
Dr. Jordan, President of the Sioux Falls College, has been visiting a few days at the home of Hans Nystrom, his son Henry being one of Dr. Jordan's pupils.

Friday, July 13, 1906

A.W. Buss is making arrangements to build a new farm residence.
Mrs. Newberg, of Murray county, is visiting relatives in Bigelow this week.
Peter Carlson, has accepted a position with Wm. Wickstrom for the summer.
Wm. Robertson, a prominent figure in threshing circles has bought an Advance threshing rig for this season.
A sociable was held last Friday evening at P.A. Johnson's. The young people present all report a very enjoyable evening.
Route One.
Mr. E.E. Fields left Monday for his home near Rushmore after spending the Fourth here and visiting relatives in this vicinity.
Mr. Henry Fields and lady were among the ones to attend the show here.
Mr. Clarence Tweeten was up from Lake Park to spend the Fourth and take in the show.
Miss Ella Tweeten was up from Lake Park the 4th and 5th to visit relatives and to take in the doings in town.
Mr. Kuntz and wife of Elk was visiting at the home of Mr. Crafts last Sunday.
Mr. Fields and Mr. Pratt were visiting at the home of Mr. Jim Shanks last Sunday at Seward township.
Miss Layman of Lorain is visiting her sister Mrs. Craft this week.
Miss Lottie Jenkins came up the Fourth to visit relatives and friends here.
Indian Lake.
Roy Anderson celebrated the Fourth and attended the Hagenbeck circus at Sioux Falls last week returning Saturday.
Rev. Gravander occupied the pulpit at the Baptist church last Sunday forenoon and evening.
Miss Unda Saxon who has been at Denver, Col. for over a year returned last Wednesday for a few months with her parents.
Mr. Andy Christensen of Luverne visited friends here last week returning Friday.
C.R. and Walter Saxon were in Jackson county last week and purchased some registered Aberdeen Angus stock, they believe as land raises in value they will raise higher priced stock.
Miss Josie Anderson of Denver, Col., arrived last Wednesday for a months visit with old time friends.
S.B. Bedford, T.H. Prideaux, and J.H. Bryden transacted business in the twin cities last week.
Capt. and Mrs. A. Schafer are spending a month at Madison Lake.
J.H. James and wife of Minneapolis have been the guests of W.E. James.
Miss Ivie Baird spent the Fourth at Elkton S.D.
Mrs. Flynn spent the Fourth with her son at Worthington.
Born - On July 4th, to Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Terhark, a daughter.
Miss Ella Martens was married at Los Angeles June 15th, to Mr. Richard Forsyth.
The four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Beak, who live northeast of town was badly bitten in the face by a dog a few days ago.
The Burk Bros. of this place have bought a stock of hardware at Torronto, S.D. M.B. Burk will be in charge of the new store.
Round Lake.
(From the Graphic)
The Misses Bessie Tripp and Pearl Bass were passengers yesterday morning to Arnold's Park.
Rev. Morgan, of Windom, arrived here last Friday afternoon to assist in a series of meetings begun that night in the E.G. Larson's grove, Round Lake township.
Dr. C. Dolan, of Worthington, made professional visit to the J.P. Iverson home in Round Lake township, Monday. Mrs. Iverson, who has been sick for the past four months, he says is improving.
Chas. Nienaber drove to Worthington yesterday with his daughter Lena, to consult a doctor about a wound in the bottom of his girl's foot, made a few days ago by running a sliver of wood into it. She is getting along nicely and is able to be out and around.
Henry Studebaker was in from Elk Wednesday.
F.I. Hendrick of Wilmont was in the city Sunday.
Miss Julia Hyland is visiting in Chicago for a few weeks.
Dr. and Mrs. L.R. Gholz visited at Sprit Lake over Sunday.
Sterling Lawton made a trip to Sheldon the first of the week.
Wm. Fowler of Brewster was a Worthington visitor Sunday.
D.S. Morris of LaGrange, Ill., is a new addition to Bridge Supt. Glasgow's force.
Harry Hodges of Sheldon, lineman for the Western Union, was a visitor here Tuesday.
D.E. Harvey, Ole Wicklund and Geo. Olund of Brewster were business visitors Tuesday.
Jas. Fadden of Ocheydan on Wednesday shipped a carload of horses from here to South Dakota.
Mark Graves the hustling real estate dealer of Lismore transacted business at the county capital Tuesday.
Miss Rae Leverich returned to her home at Mankato Monday after a weeks visit with friends at this place.
Ed. Jones and family left Wednesday for Adrian where they will spend a week with Mr. Jones' parents.
Miss Myrtle Walter who has been a guest at the home of M.P. Mann, returned to her home at Estherville, Ia., Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Salstrom of Bigelow, are spending a couple of weeks in Chicago on a visit with relatives and friends.
Mrs. J.H. Wickman, and children, and Mrs. Oscar Sterling and children are visiting relatives at Gowrie, Iowa, this week.
Marshal A. Anderson and family returned on Tuesday night from Madison Lake, where they spent several days visiting at the home of his parents.
E.L. Ecker of Heron Lake, who has the contract for the stone work on the new Congregational church, arrived Monday and began operations on the job.
Judge Quinn this week handed down two decisions in the matter of County Ditch No. 6, which drains east lake. The decisions are in favor of the county in each instance. The appelants were, Elizabeth Anton in one action, and Geo. Doeden in the other.
Division Supt. Chas. Wilson of the C.R.I.&P. Ry., was in the city Wednesday on official business. Mr. Wilson was at one time operator for the Omaha at this place, but has made rapid advances in life until he now fills the position of division superintendent. His home is now at Estherville, Ia.
C.H. Kunz of Elk spent some time in the City the latter part of last week looking for his son, who had disappeared since the circus. Mr. Kunz learned that the young man had bought a ticket for Sioux City. The boy is considerable past 20 years of age and should be able to take care of himself, but as no intimation was had of his intention to leave, his actions caused considerable surprise and some apprehension to his family.
S.S. Taylor of Heron Lake was a Worthington visitor Monday.
R.F. Lamb of the Western Implement Co. spent Sunday at Slayton.
Born - To Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Harris on Tuesday evening July 10th, a son.
J.H. James of Minneapolis, who is interested in a line of elevators spent Monday in Worthington on business.
Miss Myrtle Robinson of the Advance force spent from Saturday until Monday at Luverne, visiting at the home of Jas. Gibson.
Dr. J.P. Fostere, state veterinary for South Dakota, came over from Huron this week for a short visit with his friend G.W. Patterson of this city.
H.B. Williamson, district manager for the Standard Oil Co., has transferred his headquarters from Worthington to Pipestone and has been given a new territory.
Mr. Harry and Miss Georgia Lear left last Saturday for Lake Okaboji, where they will remain until next Monday. On Saturday Mrs. Lear and Miss Grace will go down to remain over Sunday.
W.O. Tillman and U.G. Cummings of Wilmont passed through town Tuesday on their way home from Rochester, where Mr. Cummings had been operated on for appendicitis. The operation was very successful and Mr. Cummings made a speedy recovery.
Fred Trip has bought W.I. Capenters' [Carpenters'?] gas launch.
County ditch No. 6, which drains east lake, was finished this week.
John Swanson of Rushmore was a guest at the Western last Sunday.
W.E. Madison on Tuesday shipped a car of hogs to Chicago.
F. Landin of Adrian transacted business at the county seat last Friday.
G.A. Nichols of Estherville, Ia., was registered at the Western last Saturday.
W.M. Cline of Summitt Lake transacted business in Worthington Friday last.
Miss Irene Coster of Hawarden, Ia., is here on a visit at the residence of J. Ronan.
J.M. Kimmell of Reading was in the city Wednesday laying in a supply of building twine, etc.
Thos. Ronan and wife of Hawarden Ia., are here on a visit to their sons, the Ronan brothers.
Hon. Gilbert Gutterson stopped off between trains yesterday. He was on his way to Magnolia, where he is to deliver an address today at a farmers' picnic.
Miss Nettie Fitch returned on Saturday from Minott, N.D., where she has spent several months. Miss Fitch has taken a claim in that section and will return there in the fall.
Prof. C.K. Warne, of Waterloo, Ia., who had spent a couple of weeks here looking after matters pertaining to our Chautauqua, left last Saturday for Charles City, where he is interested in another Chautauqua.
Miss Lottie, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wes Jenkins, and Mr. Frank Nienkerk, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Nienkerk, were united in marriage at Worthington last Thursday. The contracting parties are both residents of Little Rock township.
Geo. Jones of Reading was a Worthington visitor Friday.
A. Oberman made a trip to Nebraska the first of the week.
Banker W.P. Rempel of St. James, transacted business in Worthington Friday.

Friday, July 20, 1906

A Pretty Home Wedding.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Morris of this city was the scene of a pretty home wedding at high noon Wednesday, July 18th, when Miss Edna Mae Mackey the daughter of Mrs. Morris, and J. Arthur Hansberger were joined in the holy bonds of wedlock. The ceremony was performed by Rev. G.A. Cahoon in the presence of about 40 relatives and intimate friends. The home was beautifully decorated with flowers and ferns. A group of bells was suspended from the center of the parlor ceiling and festoons of ferns reached from these to the corners of the room. The bay window in which the wedding party stood was decorated with fern and a wedding bell covered with sweet peas. The bride was attired in cream colored silk and carried brides roses, she was attended by Miss Myrtle Turer who was attired in white and carried carnations. The groom was attended by his brother Mr. Clyde Hansberger. Mildred Mackey, sister of the bride, acted as flower girl and Donald Wilson, nephew of the groom, as ring bearer. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Morand for the past few years has been a well known and highly esteemed teacher of our county.
The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hansberger of Lorain and has been reared to manhood in Nobles county, where he has a host of admiring friends.
They left over the Rock Island Wednesday afternoon for a short wedding trip and were followed by a shower of rice and old shoes and the best wishes of their many friends.
Quiet Picnic.
A quiet and very enjoyable picnic party was held at the park Tuesday evening. Those present were the families of Jas. Mackay, Wm. Chaney, and J.A. Town. Miss French of Rochester, and Messrs. Sterling and Henry Palm, of Winona, were also present.
Co. F Going Into Camp.
Co. F, 3rd Regt., M.N.G., will leave here Sunday morning for Lake City, where they go into camp for ten days at Camp Lakeview. The commissioned and non commissioned officers are all expected to go, as well as privates, who have no valid excuse. The Company will muster about 60 officers and men. The boys will be drilled under the eye of Regular Army officers and will in other ways become familiar with the life of a soldier.
Arthur Dewey, of Hersey township, was quite seriously hurt last Saturday in a fall from a stack of hay that he was building. Dr. Dolan was called to attend him and he reports the injuries serious, though not necessary fatal.
At the pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Diehn of Round Lake township, Jackson county, was solemnized on Thursday, July 12, the marriage of Mr. Herman Soenke of Lake Park to their daughter Miss Etta Diehn. Rev. G.A. Cahoon of Worthington performed the ceremony in the presence of the immediate relatives of the parties. They are both well known and popular young people of Jackson county. They will make their home in South Dakota.
The Last Call.
E.A. Peterson, died suddenly Wednesday afternoon at his home south of the Omaha track. He had been up town shortly after dinner, and returning home he went to bed.
His wife went to call him for supper, but found him dead. The coroner was called, but he concluded that death was caused by heart failure, death having occurred while Mr. Peterson slept, and he made no further examination. The remains were yesterday shipped to Andover, Ill., for interment. The deceased was 72 years of age. He had been a resident of Nobles Co. about five years, and had made his home in the city the past three years. He leaves a widow and two married daughters.
Mrs. C.W.W. Dow is calling on old friends in Ransom this week. Mr. and Mrs. Dow were among the very first settlers in Ransom township.
Mrs. L.M. Guernsey of Rushmore, is spending a few days this week with her people here in Ransom. Quite recently she returned from Turner county South Dakota, where she went to visit a son with whom she made her home in that country for some years; there as here the crops promise well.
Mrs. Carper, we learn is on the sick list at present. Mr. Carper was around the other day looking for a girl to help in the house until Mrs. Carper is better. The health of the neighborhood generally is quite good.
Mr. and Mrs. N.M. Sorem of Bigelow, were Ransom visitor last Sunday. Mr. Sorem has taken an active part in organizing the Bigelow telephone company and in company with others, has put the service in good running order. It is pushing men of this kind that keep the world moving.
Ernest Wiese of Round Lake transacted business at the county seat on Monday.
Brewster Tribune: E.F. Buchan, the Worthington photographer, was here Tuesday to fill his appointment, as had been announced. He expects to come to Brewster on regular dates if business warrants. Mr. Buchan does fine work and invites the public to call on him when in town. His next visit to Brewster will be on Tuesday July 24, from 10:30 to 1:30.


(From the Leader)
Miss Davis of Worthington, arrived Monday for a visit out at the A. Obele home.
Ida Deuel arrived from Worthington Friday, for a visit at the home of John Glovka and other Lismore friends.
About twenty-four boys and girls gathered at the Knips home just north of town, and enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon in the form of a lawn party in honor of Miss Katie and Master Henry Sawyer who are visiting here.
Saturday afternoon Mr. Harry Shad severed his connections with the Higgins livery barn and Monday took his household goods to Adrian, his wife and child following him that day. Tuesday he returned for the remainder of the goods.
O.H. Nystrom was the first to finish haymaking this season, completing that work last Friday.
Miss Marie Anstrom, of St. Paul, arrived last Sunday for a visit with her mother, Mrs. Helen Anstrom.
Mr. Ed. Moberly, one of the old and prominent threshermen of our community has accepted a position with the Thompson & Saxon rig as water hauler.
The Hedlund threshing company has secured the services of Bill Johnson as engineer for the fall.
Dr. A.B. Williams and Louie Harris spent Sunday at Rock Rapids visiting with friends and relatives.
E.W. Hayes drove to Adrian Tuesday evening.
Mrs. A.B. Williams is spending this week visiting with her parents at Rock Rapids.
Mrs. Cummings, who has been visiting with her son U.G. Cumming departed for her home Wednesday.
Miss Edith Sell spent Sunday with her parents north of Lismore, returning on the train Monday morning.
Left over from last week.
Mrs. E.W. Hayes spent Wednesday afternoon with the Young family near Reading.
Emerich & Sons took a trip to Adrian in the Auto Saturday evening.
Miss Emma McKeever who has been working at the Commercial Hotel returned to Worthington Monday.
Chas. Densmore of this place is now visiting with relatives near Slayton.
Mrs. Linen, who has been quite sick the past week is now recovering and is able to be about.
Mr. and Mrs. Holland, of Kinbrae, and Mr. D.M. Holland and family of Elk, were guests at the home of Geo. Storing last Sunday.
Miss Booth of Seattle, is home on a visit and has been staying with her sister, Mrs. Will Shanks.
(From the News)
Rev. Father Griffin returned Wednesday from Clinton, Iowa, where he every fortunately secured five Sisters for next season's work in the new Parochial school.
Mrs. C.A. Bird and Margaret Holleran were hostesses Monday afternoon at a lawn party, in honor of Misses Reihsen [Reishen?]. The party was given on the lawn of the Bird home and about twenty-five were present to enjoy the afternoon's pleasures. Croquet and tennis were the amusements indulged in, and a delightful luncheon was served.
The new elevator for Ellsworth is now an assured fact. John P. Coffey, the Luverne miller, has been granted a site by the Rock Island company.
G.W. Lear was at Sioux Falls Monday.
S.B. Bedford was over from Rushmore Wednesday on business.
Miss Anna Johnson returned on Monday from a visit to the twin cities.
Miss Graves of Adrian is said to be a candidate for county superintendent.
A Miss Christianson of Minneapolis is a guest at the home of O.G. Grundsten.
Robt. Smith has moved into his house on the corner of 7th avenue and 10th street.
W.E. Bloom has spent the week at Reading, where he has a job of moving a house.
Harry B. Lewis' store was broken into Tuesday night, but nothing of value was taken.
I.F. Kelley and family returned the latter part of last week from their visit in Iowa.
Mrs. G.A. Fairfield entertained the Birthday club last week in a most delightful manner.
A.T. Latta made a trip to Sheldon on Tuesday to distribute advertising matter for the Chautauqua.
Mrs. Lear and two daughters and son Harry returned on Monday from a ten days outing at Okoboji lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Holmes of Graham Lakes, accompanied by Mrs. Soles transacted business in the city Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Dorgan, of Minneapolis, were in Worthington Tuesday and Wednesday. Mr. Dorgan came here on a business deal.
S.B. Bedford and wife, of Rushmore, were in the city Monday on their return from a trip to Ashland, Bayfield and other Wisconsin points.
Wm. Burchard, proprietor of the Worthington Creamery on Tuesday received the silver medal for butter exhibited by him at the St. Louis exposition in 1904.
T.A. Palmer and Ernest Sterling made a tour of the town on the Sioux Falls branch on the Omaha, Tuesday and Wednesday, to distribute Chautauqua advertising.
A party of Worthington gentlemen including H. Hawley, Ray Hawley, Louis Lear, Lee Forbes and A.W. Stangland went down to Lake Okoboji Monday, returning in the evening.
W.E. Proper, of Worthington township, on Tuesday evening took home a new hay stacker, bought of the Western Implement Co. Mr. Proper is one of the progressive farmers of the county.
Rev. W.B. Gage, of the Highland Park church of DesMoines, Iowa, will occupy the pulpit of the Westminster Presbyterian church next Sunday, both morning and evening.
Harry Stowell is soon to remove to Sioux Falls having been given the position of engineer on the yard engine at that place. He is succeeded on the yard engine here by Clint Goodrich.
Dr. G.O. Moore, 34 years ago planted two soft maple trees on his residence lot. Today these trees measure 6 feet 7 inches and 6 feet 2 inches in circumference, respectively, or a little over 2 feet in diameter. If our farmers had planted more trees in early days their wood lots would now be quite a source of revenue.
Warren Rose was the complaining witness. [Don't know what this sentence goes to. It's just sitting here, all by itself.]
Anna and Rosa Saiter are visiting relatives at Algona, Iowa, this week.
Mrs. W.M. Evans and Miss Grace Wood visited friends at Sioux City Monday.
F.L. Runyon of St. Paul has spent the past week here visiting old friends.
Rev. Sanders of Fulda, preached at the M.E. church last Sunday morning.
Nic Weinandt went north on Monday to distribute advertising matter for the Chautauqua.
Mrs. Stone and daughter of Pipestone, visited Worthington friends last week.
Two daughters of Aaron Johnson are home from Chicago on visit under the parental roof.
E.J. Thorem came up from Bigelow township Sunday to meet a guest coming on the afternoon train.
The Oyen Art Co., of La Crosse, have force of men at work decorating the interior of the court house.
Rev. Irving H. Darnell, pastor of the First Baptist Church, will preach at the Rust school house next Sunday.
E.J. Jones and family returned on Tuesday from Adrian, where they spent a week visiting relatives and friends.
Messrs. Elon Williams and Chester Harding and Misses Rena Babcock and Esther Harding picnicked at Round Lake Sunday.
Miss Pearl Snyder of Fulda, spent the past two weeks here visiting at the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Bloom.
Miss Mary Anstrom returned Sunday from St. Paul and is spending her vacation visiting at the home of E.J. Thoren in Bigelow township.
John Hogan, a prominent merchant of Turtle Lake, Wis., spent several days here last week visiting at the home of his brother, Christ Hogan.
Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Nance last Friday joined the excursion to Ashland and Superior on the Omaha line. They were absent several days.
E.L. Johnson, of Org, did trading in town Tuesday.
I.P. Fox transacted business at Sibley last Friday.
C.C. May of Adrian registered at the Worthington Tuesday.
Merton Yeomans, Jr., of Brewster was in the city Saturday.
Geo. Jones of Reading registered at the Western last Saturday.
Attorney E.H. Canfield of Luverne was a Worthington visitor Monday.
C. Mylius and W.R. Mansel of Adrian were in the city on business last Sunday.
Frank Schwab, of Fulda, passed through town Monday on his way to Luverne.
Wanted - A girl for general house work. Apply to Mrs. Foster Moore, R.F.D. 5, City.
H.S. Hobson, our hustling real estate man, had a number of land buyers here the past week.
Cashier John S. Tolverson of the Farmer's State Bank at Fulda, was in the city on business Tuesday.
J.A. Walstrom manager of the Fairmont Creamery Co. was here on business Tuesday and Wednesday.
Jeweler F.C. Brace transacted business at Sioux Falls last week.
Miss Josephine Coughran spent Sunday at Sioux Falls, visiting her father.
W.I. Humiston went to Duluth last week to sit as a juror in the federal court. Mrs. Humiston and daughter accompanied him.
Editor Randolph and family transferred here Monday being on their way home from Magnolia, where they had visited relatives over Sunday.
Ralph Beckley is running a meat market at Round Lake.

Friday, July 27, 1906

C.G. Anderson, who had been a resident of Worthington for upwards of 15 years, died at his home on north 10th street Sunday, July 22, aged 68 years. The funeral was held on Monday, interment being made in the Worthington cemetery beside the remains of his wife, who died last winter. The deceased leaves two sons, John and Chas. Anderson.
Mrs. H.R. Edwards and daughter returned home from their Wisconsin visit Saturday.
Lost End of Finger.
Little Helen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Madison met with a painful accident on Sunday afternoon. With some other little girls she was playing with a lawn mower and in some manner the first finger of her right hand was caught by the revolving blades of the machine and completely severed just below the nail. Dr. Humiston was called and dressed the injured member and the little one is doing as nicely as possible under the circumstances.
Called to Iowa by Death of Father.
Mrs. G.A. Fairfield received a telegram last Friday morning containing the sad news of the death of her father, T.C. Ely which occurred at Elma, Iowa, on Thursday afternoon of last week. He was 77 years of age. Mrs. Fairfield accompanied by her son Charles went to Elma Saturday morning to attend the funeral which was held on Sunday. She will have the sympathy of many friends in the bereavement that has come to her.
F.J. Killpatrick of Adrian was in the city Monday.
W.E. Madison last Saturday shipped a carload of hogs to Chicago.
Marshal M. Finnerty of Ellsworth was a visitor at the county seat last Friday.
Miss May Stockslager of Boone, Ia., is a guest of Mrs. G.W. Lear for a few days.
Mrs. J.S. Seeley of Round Lake on Tuesday bought a driving horse from A. Oberman.
Attorney E.H. Canfield of Luverne had legal business in Worthington Monday.
A. Oberman held an auction sale of western horses last Saturday at the Omaha stock yards.
J.W. Pepple, of the train dispatcher's office at St. James, spent a few hours here Sunday visiting his parents.
A.M. Renner, manager of the Western Implement Co., returned on Sunday from his trip to Boston, much improved in health. He says he had a very enjoyable trip.
L.A. Fancher, the genial manager of the Colman Lumber Co's., yard at Reading was in the city Monday arranging for accomodations for himself and family at the coming Chautauqua.
Mrs. A.C. Dickens, of Heron Lake was the guest of Mrs. Calvin Moen Monday. Mr. Dickens is a brakeman on the Sioux Falls line and is arranging to move his family to this place soon.
Dr. G.O. Moore, president of the Worthington State Bank, makes gardening something of a hobby, and usually has one of the best gardens in the city. He recently picked a tomatoe which measured 15 inches in circumference.
J.D. Wood manager of the Peavy elevator made a trip into the country Tuesday. He says he drove a long way, and never saw small grain looking better. A fine hay crop has been secured and corn is coming on in good shape.
P.C. Miller, of Sioux City was in the city yesterday in the interest of the Interstate Fair, to be held there Sept. 10 to 15. He says they are going to have a bigger and better fair than ever before. The entries in the live stock exhibit will be larger than ever.
The Misses Salmonson, who have been visiting with relatives and friends in the city for the past three weeks returned to their home at Laport City, Iowa, Tuesday. They were former residents of Worthington and greatly enjoyed their visit among old scenes. The Advance acknowledges a very pleasant call.
Mrs. E.M. Crosby is visiting friends at Sibley for a few days.
Col. J.A. Town, transacted legal business at St. James last Friday.
Jos. Houser of Elk township was in the city Monday doing trading.
J.P. Biltgen, has bought the Oliver residence property on 3rd avenue.
Miss Mildred Harding returned last Saturday from a visit at Rushmore.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hansberger returned last Saturday from their bridal tour.
Mrs. J.H. Wickman and children returned last Friday from a visit in Iowa.
Mrs. A.W. Bartlett, of Cambridge, Ia., is visiting at the home of Rev. J.S. Kies.
H.G. Beckley, of the Herald, spent several days in Minneapolis on business this week.
Mrs. Herman Stephens and son of Chicago are here visiting her mother Mrs. J.P. Biltgen.
Lew Salstrom of Bigelow and Mr. Christenson of Chicago were visitor at the Biltgen home last Sunday.
Peter Cedergreen and wife of Boone, Ia., are spending a few weeks on their farm in Bigelow.
Mrs. M.P. Kennedy and daughter Helen visited here over Sunday with her daughter, Miss Ella Kennedy.
Alma Conner and Eva Fairfield, day operators at the telephone central, spent Sunday with friends at Adrian.
G.W. Patterson was exhibiting on the streets on Monday a stock of grass measuring over 8 feet in length.
Mrs. W.M. Evans, spent the week camping at Round Lake. Mr. Evans joined her as soon as he was released from the coroner's jury on Tuesday.
Mr. Lawrence Bates, Mrs. Wm. Fulton and Mrs. Chambers, of Sioux Falls, are here on a two weeks visit with Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Lear, at the Worthington.
Mr. and Mrs. John Harden, left last Monday for Rochester, where Mrs. Harden will submit to a surgical operation. Her many friends will hope for a favorable outcome.
County Supt. L.W. Abbott and family visited at Ellsworth over Sunday. They drove over there and back, and stopped at several places on the way. They report a pleasant trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sprouse and the latters mother, Mrs. E.A. Peterson returned last Sunday from Andover, Ill., where they had gone to attend the funeral of Mr. E.A. Peterson.
Mrs. G.W. Billington of Spring Green, Wis, has been visiting her sister Mrs. J.N. Dodge the past three weeks. She leaves Worthington Friday morning for an extended visit with her daughters in Iowa and South Dakota, expecting on her return to her home in Wisconsin some time in Nov. to again visit her sister at Worthington.
Miss Ruth Funston, of Mankato, is a guest at the home of G.A. Fairfield.
Ernest Wiese of Round Lake transacted business at the county seat on Monday.
Joseph Gates, and son of Heron Lake, were in the city Monday on their way to Graettinger, Iowa.
R.F. Lamb, who has been looking after business for the Western Implement Co., at this place during the absence of Manager Renner, has returned to his home in Slayton.
Route One.
Mrs. Frank Klein, of Rushmore came up Sunday and spent the day visiting relatives.
Miss Davey of Rushmore came up Saturday to visit friends.
Mrs. Engwall, of Sheldahl, Ia., arrived last Saturday for a visit with her brother E Thoren, manager of P. Cedergreen's farm.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Cedergreen, of Boone, Ia., are making a few days visit on their farm in Bigelow. Mr. Cedergreen is a locomotive engineer on the C.&N. W. Ry.
Some of our Bigelow folks and other friends spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Holm, of Indian Lake. Following a three course dinner the afternoon was most agreeably spent, and the honored few present report a very pleasant day.
Wm. Robertson a prominent farmer of Bigelow believes in up-to-date farming. He took out a manure spreader, Tuesday afternoon.
A.G. Finck's mother, who has been visiting here for some time returned Tuesday to her home in Fillmore county.
Ruth Edna, two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Kimmel died, July 21st. She had not since her birth enjoyed the best of health and in the early morning of Saturday last her little spirit entered the realm into which the power of man cannot reach to recall. Interment took place in the "Brethern" cemetery Sunday forenoon.
Mrs. W.H. Booth of Sioux Falls arrived Saturday to spend a few days with her parents Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Wemple.
Mrs. Dorson Bedford of Provo, Utah is visiting relatives and friends in Rushmore on her way home from Chicago where her son Fred is employed.
Mr. S.C. Wemple made a business trip to Adrian Tuesday.
J.B. Ludlow has received a thoroughbred Scotch Collie puppy from southern Iowa. It is of high breed and ought to make a good dog for sheep and cattle purposes.
H. Hawley, Register of Deeds, was over from Worthington in his automobile Tuesday evening.
Chas. Mylius and wife of Adrian were over Friday visiting at the home of S.B. Bedford.
S.T. Wood drove to Worthington Tuesday evening to meet his son and daughter, Lester and Helen, who had been visiting at Traer, Iowa for two weeks.
T.A. Falgether of Wilmont was in the city on business Wednesday.


----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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