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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 January, 1906

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Friday, January 5, 1906

Prominent Worthington Young People Married on New Years Day.
Banker Tupper's Residence the Scene of a Happy and Auspicious Event.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Tupper, on Fourteenth street, was the scene of a happy and auspicious event on the evening of New Years day, when their daughter, Miss Pearl Gilmore Tupper, was married to Mr. Robert Ross Smith of this city. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Edwin W. Lanham, of the Presbyterian church, and was witnessed by a large assemblage of relatives and friends of the two families. After congratulations had been extended the wedding party sat down to a daintily appointed banquet.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith left on the early morning train for Minneapolis where they will spend a short honey moon visiting relatives and friends.

Mr. Smith, the groom, is one of Worthington's most energetic and wide-a-wake young business men. He is a member of the Smith Implement Co, and has management of the extensive business of this firm. He is a native of Nobles county and a graduate of the Worthington High school, and has spent the greater portion of his life here. He is a young man of splendid character and fine ability and has already made a good start towards making his mark in the world.

The bride is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Tupper. She is a young lady of fine education, and possesses many admirable qualities of mind, which endear her to all who know her.

The young people have a host of friends whom the Advance joins in extending congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy wedded life.

Marriage Licenses

Issue during the month of December by Clerk of Court Humiston:
Herman Gotmer to Lena Onken.
John Althoff to Lena Martin.
Henry E. Thompson to Minnie J. Brandt.
Auren Williams to Rushia Hagerman.
F.W. Schaffenberg to Lola Stubbs.
Theo L. Mitchell Jr., to Marjorie R. Cunning.
R.R. Smith to Pearl G. Tupper.
J.W. Perry to Lottie A. Lee.
Wm. Devaney to Margaret C. Biltgen.
Jas. G. Duncan to Elmira Taylor.

Kitchen Shower.

Last Friday evening Miss Josephine Coughran gave a kitchen shower, in honor of Miss Pearl Tupper, attended by a large company of the friends of the young ladies. Miss Tupper was made the recipient of a large collection of tinware and kitchen utensils. Refreshments were served.

Local News.

E.J. Helmick  has accepted a position as traveling salesman for a wholesale house at Sioux Falls.

Mrs. E.W. Silvernai of Bradford, Minn., who has been visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. G.A. Cahoon returned home Thursday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Jens Christenson returned from Tilden, Neb., Wednesday, where they had been visiting her parents and other relatives. They report a very pleasant time.

 Little Pearly Myron is quite sick with pneumonia.

Frank Hoffmeister of Brewster, while engaged in pressing hay last Saturday, had the misfortune to break his leg.

Fred Tripp returned Tuesday from a weeks visit in the twin cities.

M.M. Knapp a hotel man of Estherville, Iowa, was a guest at the Worthington last Friday.

W.S. Crowley, a cigar manufacturer of St. James, was in town last Friday calling on his trade.

Miss Malinda Grabe, of St. James, visited Mrs. Heinl this week.

Miss Mabel Fagerman of Sioux City is a guest at the home of John Fitch this week.

Misses Jennie and Mamie Jones, of Cherokee, Iowa are here on a visit to their parents Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jones.


Guy Thom of Rushmore was in the city on business Saturday.

D. Behrens and wife of Worthington township were in the city Monday.

George Wyckhoff is home from St. James on a visit under the parental roof.

F.C. Stitser returned last Saturday from a business trip to Waverly, Iowa.

Herman Doeden last Saturday bought a fine surrey from the Smith Implement Co.

Miss Anna Morris of Mankato was a guest at the residence of Frank Glasgow last week.

C.A. Eikenberry of Reading bought a new buggy last Saturday of the Smith Implement Co.

Mrs. T.P. Fox and Mrs. F.M. Hickman went to Sibley, Iowa, Monday to visit their mother.

Miss Myrtle Stowell returned Friday from an extended visit with Mrs. K.W. King of St. Paul.

Miss Grace Geyerman of Brewster was the guest of Miss Minnie Ecklund Friday and Saturday.

Will Fagerstrom, of the Nobles County Bank, is visiting his parents at Richland Centre, Wis.

Ray Hawley left the first of the week for Minneapolis where he has a position in a job printing office.

Miss Annie Ellingson, of Indian Lake was a guest at the residence of Sheriff Fauskee the first of the week.

Wm. Cullen of Murray county was in the city last week, and made an exchange for Nobles county property.

Last Saturday A. Oberman shipped a carload of lambs to Chicago, also two carloads of fat cattle to Sioux City.

Last Friday evening Frank Saxon gave a party to a large number of his bachelor friends which was a very enjoyable event.

Miss Bessie Tripp of Round Lake, passed through town Monday on her way home from Iowa, where she had been on a visit to friends.

Misses Blanche and Virginia Matteson last Friday served a luncheon in honor of Miss Pearl Tupper. A large company of young ladies were present.

M.J. Barber last week sold one of his dwelling houses to Chas. F. Drake, of Jackson county. The deal was negotiated through M.E. Lawton's real estate agency.

The Advance is in receipt of a request from F.H. Peyton for an occasional copy of the paper. Mr. Peyton is a former Worthington boy, but is now an involuntary sojourner at the Missouri state castle at Jefferson City.

The pleasant home of Frank Glasgow was the scene of an enjoyable social event last Friday evening, when a card party was given in honor of Miss Anna Morris of Mankato and Miss Ida Nelson of Ellsworth. After some time spent a cards [?] refreshments were served.

Duff Tompte spent Monday with friends at Luverne.

Miss Mattie Bryan visited friends at Luverne New Years day.

W.L.O. Bartlett spent New Years day with friends at Edgerton.

Geo. Allen returned Monday from a visit at Fort Dodge, Iowa.

John Pepple was down from St. James New Years day on a visit.

Born - On Sunday, Dec. 31, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smalley a daughter.

Georgie Butler, of Heron Lake is the guest of his cousin Marion Fairfield, this week.

C.J. Smallwood spent several days at Omaha the past week on business matters.

M.E. Lawton made a trip to Wilmont last Friday in the interest of a real estate deal.

Judge G.W. Wilson had legal business at Jackson last week, returning Saturday.

Will Sutherland of Sioux City was here last week on a visit to his sister, Mrs. D. Davis.

Mrs. Martin Levine and little daughter were guests of friends at Rochester last week.

C.F. Thorkelson of Sac county, Ia., exchanged property there for Nobles county land.

Henry Weller of the town of Worthington is visiting at his old home in Iowa for a few days.

Joe Hine, who lives near Adrian, had business in Worthington the later part of last week.

Born - On Dec. 23, to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Doeden of the town of Worthington, a fine pair of twin girls.

Miss Helen Anderson of Round Lake who was visiting Miss Helma Nelson last week and returned home Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jens Anderson of Indian Lake returned home Sunday after a weeks visit with friends at Sibley, Iowa.

W. Higgins of Lismore passed through town Tuesday on his way home from a visit in the eastern part of the state.

Mrs. Nels Nelson of Indian Lake returned home last Thursday after a few days visit with Miss Esther Peterson of Sioux Falls.

Nels M. Nelson left Saturday for Walnut Grove to attend the Lund and Pehrson wedding. Mr. Pehrson is a cousin of Mr. Nelson of Indian Lake.

Misses Grace and Georgia, and Messrs Lewis and Harry Lear, accompanied by Lee Forbes, spent New Years' day with Adrian friends.

Jas. F. Cotter of Ransom was in the city last Saturday on a trading trip. Among other things he bought a new wagon from the Smith Implement Co.

One of the livery man Oberman's teams indulged in a spirited runaway last Saturday morning, on second avenue. They collided with the office of Ronan Bros., and smashed the door. The rig was also somewhat the worse for the trip.

Ole Landberg returned last week from Alberta, Canada, where he spent several weeks looking after his brother's estate. Mr. Landberg is greatly taken up with the northern country, and never tires of telling of the fine climate there.

A party of Worthington young people last Friday evening organized a party and repaired the home of H.J. Ludlow on the lake shore, where they spent a very pleasant social evening. The conveyance was a well filled hay rack, and all enjoyed the ride very much.

Ben Voss of Elk, was in the city Saturday on a trading trip.

Born - On Wednesday January 3, 1906, to C.A. Eikenberry and wife of Reading a daughter.

Attorney J.A. Town is taking steps to appeal from the action of the council in revoking the saloon license of Ivan Erickson.

The congregation of the M.E. church presented Miss Minnie Shattuck with a very nice set of furs on Christmas, in appreciation of her work as pianist.

Mr. and Mrs. Tolverson of Appleton, Wis., Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Partch of Rock Rapids, Iowa, and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Kennedy, of Thornton, Iowa, came here to attend the Smith-Tupper wedding.

Editors Schaeffer of Adrian, Hamstreet, of Rushmore, Randolph of Brewster, Lovrien of Ellsworth and Clower, of Bigelow were gathered at this place Wednesday. The county printing honey (sic) was the attraction.

Otto Berreau of Currie, and F.R. Geyerman of Brewster, were guests of Dr. P.T. Geyerman Wednesday. Mr. Berreau was the hero in a great conflagration which occurred recently while he and a friend were driving from Currie to Tracy. The blankets in the bottom of the buggy caught fire and before the occupants became aware of the situation their coat tails and the bosom of their pantaloons were totally destroyed. No insurance. While Dr. Geyerman and his guests were taking supper at the Ideal restaurant Wednesday Mr. Berreau recounted the adventure. His companions ascribed the catastrophy to a leakage of firewater, but this Mr. Berreau stoutly denies.

Friday, January 12, 1906

Wedded at Heron Lake.

At noon, Thursday, Isaac Evans, a well known engineer of the Omaha railroad, and Miss Grace Jones, for a number of years in charge of the telephone central at Heron Lake, were married at the residence of the bride's parents in that village. Both have many friends in Worthington who will join the Advance in extending hearty congratulations and well wishes.

Relief Corps and Grand Army Post Hold Joint Installation.

A joint public installation of the new officers of the G.A.R. Post and Woman's Relief Corps was held at their hall last Saturday evening. J.A. Town acted as installing officer for the Post and Mr. Brant installed the Relief Corps officers.

After the installation ceremonies those assembled sat down to a delightful supper. The bill of fare included oysters, army beans, and other toothsome delicacies.

The following are the new officers of the Relief Corps:
Pres., Miss Prue Town
S.V.P., Mrs. Lucy Dow
J.V.P., Mrs. Emeline Hurlbert
Sec., Mrs. Mellie Fitch
Treas., Mrs. Francis Nichols
Chap., Mrs. Ella Leonard
Con., Mrs. Anna Wilson
Asst. Con., Mrs. Flora Smith
Guard, Mrs. Josephine Forbes
Asst. Guard, Mrs. Matilda Clark

Color Bearers --
1st, Mrs. Carlina Wyatt
2nd, Mrs. Olive Gronerud
3rd, Mrs. Ella Mosher
4th, Mrs. Hannah Stevens

Delegate to Dept. Convention, Mrs. Francis Nichols
Alternate, Mrs. Jennie Vail

The following are the new Post officers:
Commander, J.H. Scott
S.V. Com., J.P. Vail
J.V. Com., Henry Stevens
Quarter Master, I.N. Wilson
Asst. Q.M., C.W.W. Dow
Chaplain, J.H. Maxwell
Officer of the Day, J. Fitch
Officer of the Guard, Thos. Crever
Surgeon, A. Dillman
Adjutant, J.J. Bingham.


Mr. Frank G. Dean and Miss Clara E. Gutzler were quietly married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Patterson Wednesday at twelve o'clock. The ceremony was performed in the presence of a few friends by Rev. G.A. Cahoon. After the service a bountiful repast was provided.

Mr. and Mrs. Dean are both well and favorably known in the community. The groom is a Nobles county boy and has grown to manhood among us, while the bride has resided here for the past five years. They have a large circle of friends who are pleased to have them settle among us. They will go to house keeping in the residence owned by the groom situated on Burlington Avenue.

The Advance unites with many others in extending most hearty congratulations.


Mr. John B. Knudson and Miss Lillie Dearholt of Lake Park, Iowa, were married last Saturday afternoon at the hotel Worthington, Rev. E.W. Lanham, officiating. The young people will make their home in St. Paul.

Mr. and Mrs. D.V. Lees of Brewster were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore Sunday.

John Meyer of Brewster accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Oberlee of Brandon, Minn., visited at the home of her nephew Stanley Moore, Sunday.



Will Downes went to hear the Ladies' orchestra at Rushmore last week. He thinks it was "just fine," good enough for any audience in village or city. The attendance was good, though if the weather had been favorable it would doubtless have been much larger.

Mrs. Will Scott is at home again after her visit in Iowa. During the holidays she went down to Tama county to see her mother who is now well advanced in years. In the years past the old lady came to see us occasionally, but now she prefers that her children shall go to see her. There is deep snow down there, eighteen inches to two feet, enough to make a good old fashioned blizzard.

John Brink, I learn, has gone back to his old home in Michigan intending to spend a short time there calling on relatives and old friends. Well, John's lay off has been well earned, and his friends hope he may have a good time.


Mrs. Delong was the recipient of a surprise Tuesday afternoon. A large number of her friends dropped in and spent the afternoon with her.

A train load of stock, consisting of eleven cars of fat lambs left this place Monday evening on a special train. The stock was owned as follows: F.A. Durfee, two cars; B.F. Young, two cars; P.R. Long, two cars and P.D. VanHorsen, three cars. These shippers could not get any assurance that they could procure stock cars until Sunday and some had made arrangements to ship over other roads but through the efforts of station agent, Shaffenberg, the business was all secured for this point. The owners accompanied the shipments to Chicago.

Miss Fannie Miller was at Worthington Tuesday, between trains.

Agent Shaffenberg is in the throes of batchelordom, his wife having gone to Estherville on a visit.

H.H. Read visited the county seat Monday.

J.B. Ludlow, C.H. Hamstreet, H.C. Constable and C.B. Andrews were over from Rushmore Monday to attend the telephone meeting.

A.I. Rothschild was a west bound passenger on Tuesday's train.

Director A.B. Williams, of the telephone company was in town Monday.


Mr. and Mrs. Jake Teinen visited friends in Iowa last week.

W.H. Eikenberry a former resident of this town has been visiting old friends here the past week. Mr. Eikenberry is running a store up near Duluth and likes the country up there.

Eugene and Hurbert Stinman started last Saturday on a visit to Illinois.

J.H. Schechter Jr, spent Sunday of last week in South Dakota.

Mr. Lindquist from Dundee was through this town last week talking telephone. He wants to run a line from Worthington to Fulda.

Mrs. Hagberg is visiting friends at Sioux Falls.

C.W. Schulz Dead.

Word was received here yesterday of the death of C.W. Schultz, which occurred at his residence in St. Louis on Wednesday.

Mr. Schultz was a former resident and business man of this city, and had many friends here who will greatly regret to learn of his death.

The cause of death was cancer of the stomach from which deceased has suffered for several years.

He is survived by a wife and five children, a son and four daughters, who will have the sympathy of their acquaintances here in the bereavement which has come to them.

Route One.

Mrs. H.D. Pratt returned Tuesday after visiting relatives and friends at Luverne and Adrian.

E.E. Fields and son Henry came up from Rushmore Tuesday to visit relatives, returning home Wednesday.


Henry Apel of Elk was in the city Tuesday.

Mrs. Sisson of Reading visited friends here Saturday.

L.E. Fischer of Rushmore was a business visitor in the city Tuesday.

A marriage license was issued this week to Iver Brown and Lizzie Haibeck [Halbeck, Hafbeck?].

J. Wolven returned last Thursday evening from a visit with friends at Minneapolis.

George Manuel and Burley Lackey of Brewster were Worthington visitors Saturday.

A little daughter of County Supt. and Mrs. Abbott has been quite sick the past week.

Herman Doeden was in from Worthington township Saturday on a shopping trip.

Fred Trunk was in from Worthington township Monday on a trading trip.

Frank Lane of Hanna City, Ill., was here last week looking after property interests.

Mrs. E.L. Schwartz returned last Saturday from a visit with relatives at Fairmont.

P.H. Carey, an Illinois attorney, was here Tuesday looking after business matters.

G.A. Engebretson of Detroit City, Minn., has accepted a position in Meyers' drug store.

W.G. Meyers went to Rochester last Sunday to visit F.C. Turner, who is in a hospital there.

Mrs. P.H. Brown returned on Friday from a visit among old friends and neighbors at Heron Lake.

Rev. H.E. Sandsted from the Augustant college will preach morning and evening at the Swedish Lutheran church next Sunday, Jan. 14th. A cordial invitation is extended to all to come and hear him.

Mrs. Bassett and son Pierre, of Rushmore, were the guests of Worthington friends on Saturday. Mrs. B., is a member of the W.R.C. and attended the installation of officers.

Chas. Segerstrom, who had spent a couple of weeks here visiting his father and brother, left last Saturday for Iowa, where he will spend a few weeks, visiting relatives and friends before returning to his home in Canada.

Mrs. Thos. Dovery and children returned last Sunday from a two weeks visit with relatives at Barron Wisconsin. Miss Irene Babcock, a sister of Mrs. Dovery, accompanied them. She will take a place on the Advance force.

Adam Olson of Org was in the city yesterday on business.

Mr. Ayers is operating a coal mine at Rich Hill.

M.K. DeWitt of Hersey made this office a pleasant call on Wednesday.

A. Rust a prominent resident of Summit Lake, was a pleasant caller Wednesday.

Mrs. W.H. Hawkins of Rushmore, was in the city Wednesday on a trading trip.

Elmer Helling was down from Minneapolis the first of the week visiting friends.

W.I. Carpenter was at Round Lake Monday on business for the Telephone Co.

The Ham Brewing Co., of St. Paul have built a warehouse on the Omaha side track.

W.R. Mansel, Cashier of the Adrian State Bank, was at the county capital on business Tuesday.

Rev. J.J. Filburn, pastor of the Dunkard church in Elk, last Saturday went to Ireton, Ia., to hold service.

S. Wilcox of Dewald, was in the city Wednesday on business. He favored this office with a pleasant call.

G.W. Lear and daughter Georgia left last Sunday for LosAngeles, Cal., where they will spend the winter.

Editor E.E. Blodget, of the Spirit Lake Beacon, was here Sunday on a short visit to his old friend Dr. L.R. Gholz.

G.W. Patterson went to Hamline the first of the week to attend a meeting of the board of managers of the state fair.

Robt. R. Smith and bride returned last Sunday from their wedding trip. They will be at home to their friends after Feb. 15th.

There will be a meeting of the Improvement League Thursday afternoon, Jan. 18, at 3 o'clock, at the home of Mrs. C.P. Dolan.

Mrs. G.A. Fairfield goes to Heron Lake this afternoon for the purpose of installing the officers of the Royal Neighbor camp at that place.

Miss Ada Roll and Miss Alexie McKenzie returned to their home at Adrian last Saturday after a visit at the home of Editor Weinandt.

Uriah Ayers of Rich Hill, Mo., a former court reporter of this judicial district, was in the city a few hours Monday renewing old acquaintances.

G.N. Smith Ruhmore [of Rushmore?] was a welcome caller at this office Wednesday morning. He was on his way home from a week's visit with relatives at Sibley Iowa.

E.L. Peterson a prominent farmer of the town of Bigelow was in the city Wednesday transacting business. He favored the Advance with a pleasant call.

H.L. Kingsbury of Heron Lake the grain expert of the Benson Grain Co., was in the city between trains Saturday, being on his way home from a trip to Nebraska.

J.R. Blue, a prominent farmer living between Worthington and Brewster, was at the county seat on business Saturday. Mr. Blue says he is feeding several carloads of cattle, which will be ready to ship in about six weeks.

Aug. Danielson was adjudged insane last week and on Friday was taken to the insane hospital at St. Peter by Sheriff Fauskee, assisted by Dr. Walker. Five years ago Mr. Danielson was injured on the railway wreck, when he lost a leg. His head was also injured, and his mind has been failing ever since.

Roy Lewis, of Wilmont, visited friends here between trains Monday, while on his way back to Minneapolis, where he is attending the State University. Mr. Lewis is a promising young man who has many friends here who will be pleased to note his success.

Mrs. Fred Knapp is on the sick list.

Ben Voss was in from Elk this week.

Orville Tupper is visiting relatives in Iowa for a few days.

F.C. Turner, who was taken to Rochester for an operation, is doing as well as could be expected, and there are fair prospects of his recovery.

Mrs. Walter Clement and son returned to Minneapolis Sunday after a visit at the home of her parents, Senator and Mrs. Dan. Shell.

Mrs. J.S. Kies entertained a party of ladies Thursday afternoon at a thimble bee. Pitt, flinch and other games were played. Refreshments were served.

Mrs. John Fitch accompanied by Mrs. Wyatt went to Sioux City Iowa, yesterday afternoon, the latter returned today but Mrs. F., will remain for a visit with friends.

C.H. Cabot, member of the firm of Benson Cabot & Co., leading general merchants at Heron Lake, was in the city Wednesday on his way to Wilmont, where the firm has a branch store. Mr. Cabot made the Advance office an agreeable visit.

J.S. Kies has spent the week in Iowa on business.

I.W. Jenkins of Hersey was in the city Wednesday doing trading.

J.A. Saxon, Indian Lake township was a welcome caller this week.

Mrs. N.H. Austin returned Wednesday from a visit with relatives in Iowa.

Jesse Hunt is perssing hay for D. Chute, on the latters farm near Wilmont.

Clyde Hansberger and brother are building a hay shed on the Omaha right of way, to store their hay.

Andy Dillman spent last week visiting relatives and friends at Sherburn, Minn.

Charles Foelschow was in the city Thursday to attend a meeting of the board, of which he is a member. The meeting as called to select a town clerk to fill the vacancy caused by the removal of Fred Cooley from the county.

Wanted - Information as to the address of Jas. A. Newkirk of heirs if dead. He served in Co. A., 8th U.S. Regular Infantry in the Civil War and his address was Nobles County about 1873. Small recovery can probably be made. Address Harvey Spalding & Sons, Washington, D.C.

The following named gentlemen contributed substantially to the Advance exchequer this week, and now read their titles clear: N.M. Nelson, and C.R. Larson of Indian Lake township; John Ryan and Charles Foelcho [Foelschow?], Worthington township; Paul Schultz, Elk; C. Linstrom [Lindstrom?] and Alfred Malhlberg [Mahlberg?], Bigelow; Henry Stevens, city.

Miss Maude Conrad of Chicago, has accepted a position as teacher in the 3rd grade of the Worthington school. She arrived last Saturday.

Dr. King of Fulda drove down last week to attend the monthly meeting of the board of pension examiners. He was accompanied by his mother in law, Grandma Madison, who visited at the home of her son, W.E. Madison.

Real Estate Transfers for December.

A Stangeland estate to Edwin R Humiston, nw 1/4, sec 36, Dewald, $5600.

E A Brown to Aoil P Hayenga, lot 7, blk 3, Myra addition, Ellsworth, $20.

Frank Lane to Sarah E Bailey, lots 3 and 4, Blk 9, Moultons resurvey Worthington, $1000.

Henry Borgeson to Bernard Burgeson, lots 1, 2 and 3, sec 15, Graham Lakes, $4605.

E A Brown to F W Stanton, lot 4, 5 and 6, Blk 5, Myra ad, Ellsworth, $30.

A E Brown to Wm Hadden, lots 2, 4, 5 and 6, Blk 2, lots 3, 4, 5, and 6, Blk 3, Myra ad, Ellsworth, $80.

E A Brown to Lawrence Finerty, lots 5 and 6, Blk 17, Ellsworth, $800.

Edward Egan to Henry A Peterson, n 1/2, sec 35, Little Rock, $14720.

Edward Egan to Henry A Peterson, e 1/2 of sw 1/4, sec 26, Little Rock, $3680.

L L Fillman to George Fillman, e 1/2 of se 1/4, sec 5, Seward, $3200.

Maria K Brabender to Mary Bullerman, lot 5, Blk 1, Schneiders ad, Adrian, $650.

John James to Milton S Smith, lot 14, Blk 2, Park ad, Worthington, $1000.

Robert J Jones to William Miller, Blk 2, 1st ad, Reading, $150.

Marie N Oppen to Otto E Oppen, lots 1 and 2, blk 12, Clary ad, Worthington, $1.

Frank Kilpatrick to S R Ewart, lot 10, blk 7, Adrian, $2000.

Ursula Klasy to Dorothea Weidmann, lot 5, blk 40, Worthington, $800.

W P Riley to M F Hanson, 1/2 int, s 1/2, sec 26, Ransom, $6400.

Joseph Schwab, to B F Holland, lot 1, blk E, Kinbrae, $350.

T E Sims to F S O'Neil, lots 3, 4 and 20, blk 8, Wilmont, $5000.

George N Burger to Jarvis S Burger, n 1/2 of sw 1/4, and se 1/4 of nw 1/4, sec 26, Graham Lakes, $1.

Minn Loan and Inv Co to John Grove, all blks 2 and 3, Clifton ad, $2277.

Christian Vollmer to M G Hurd, ne 1/4, sec 10, Worthington, $7200.

Alfred L Wells to James S Loveks e 1/2 of ne 1/4, and ne 1/4 of se 1/4, sec 25, Hersey, $10000.

R B Beeson to W C Sargent, nw 1/4 sec 25, Wilmont, $8000.

W C Sargent to Robert Fuerstenberg, nw 1/4 sec 5, Hersey, $200.

G F Hilstrom to John F Flynn, n 1/2 of sw 1/4, of sec 10, Elk, $3800.

S B Bedford to W G Myers, ne 1/4, sec 28, Seward, $1.

H S Myers to W G Myers se 1/4, sec 21, bloom, $1.

G L Hahn to W Davis, se 1/4, Graham Lakes, $840.

Minn Loan and Inv Co, lots 4 and 5, blk 1, Clary ad, $800.

A A Randall, to Gracie Mitchell, lot 3, blk 54, 2nd ad, Worthington, $20.

J T Smith to J F Flynn e 1/2, sec 7, Hersey, $12800.

Friday, January 19, 1906

Farewell Reception.

A farewell reception was tendered by the Baptist congregation at the church parlor, last Monday evening to Rev. F.C. Bronson, the retiring pastor, and his family. There was a large attendance of people who desired to say good bye to the Bronsons. Refreshments were served.

Rev. Bronson and family left on Wednesday for their future home at Aberdeen, S.D.

I.O.O.F. Installation.

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows held an open session for the installation of officers Wednesday evening. After the ceremony a short time was spent in social intercourse, after which all present repaired to the Western hotel, where an oyster supper was served. The following are the officers for the ensuing year.
Noble Grand - R.R. Smith
Vice Grand - Loren Clark
Secretary - A.L. Rushon
Treasurer - C.T. Tupper
Warden - S.J. Kall
Chaplain - E.A. Tripp
Conductor - P.J. Larson
Inner Guard - Emil Lucke
Outer Guard - Ed Johnson
Right and left supporters of Noble Grand - N. Fauskee, E.K. Smith.

Yoemen Officers.

The installation of officers of Worthington Homestead No. 22, Brotherhood of American Yeomen, was held at the homestead hall Tuesday evening, January 9, 1906. Archer Earl W. Cutler acting as installing officer assisted by Mrs. Etta P. Stanton, as chief Yeomen. The following officers have been chosen for the ensuing year.
Foreman - W.D. Boddy
Master of Ceremonies - J.D. Matteson
Correspondent - Miss Mattie M. Hastings
Master of Accounts - E.C. Pannell.
Chaplain - Miss Zoe Addington
Overseer - Mrs. A.J. Collins
Watchman - A. Amondson
Sentinel - J.E. Norris
Guard - Arthur Borst
Lady Rowena - Mrs. E.C. Pannell.
Lady Rebecca - Mrs. Alma Peterson
Courier - Miss Sophia Sterling
Examiner - Dr. F.E. Walker

After the installation ceremonies dainty refreshments were served by Lady Rowena and her assistants and a social time enjoyed by all present.


The friends of Miss Lura Moberly will be interested to learn of her marriage on New Years Day to Mr. Chadwell Poland at Denver, Colo., Rev. Vosburg of the First Baptist church of Denver officiating.

Mrs. Poland is a former Worthington girl raised from childhood here and a graduate of the "High School Class of '93" and of the Mankato Normal school, and has been associated with the schools of Noble County as teacher for the past ten years.



On Tuesday last at St. Mary's church in this village, occurred the marriage of John Althoff and Magdelina Martini, well known and highly esteemed young people of this locality.

Mrs. Nick Lenz now occupies the position of book keeper at the German State Bank.

J.A. Bratsberg was called to McGregor, Iowa, last week, by a telegram announcing the death of a sister.


Our telephone exchange is now an established fact, and the twenty five patrons are well pleased with the service rendered.

Mrs. John E. Salstrom was on the sick list a day or two last week, but is again able to be about.

C.F. Modishet was a Worthington visitor last week. He is one of the viewers and appraisers for drainage ditch No. 7.

Horace Norman, now a resident of Bemis, South Dakota, was a welcome visitor among old friends in this neighborhood last week.

Round Lake.

Last week Nels Langseth and Gus. Olson departed for an extended trip to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico.

John Knutson and Elsie Dearholt of this township, started the new year right by entering into a life partnership on January 21st. They are now visiting relatives at St. Paul.

 Miss Ella Larson, of Worthington, was a recent welcome visitor at the home of her brother Oscar in this township.

C.J. Smallwood, the telephone man of Worthington, was a recent business visitor to our village.

Dr. Wiedow, of Worthington, was in the village last week, on professional business. He is attending H.C. Carstensen, who is suffering from an attack of appendicitis.

Last week Thursday was the anniversary of the birth of Mrs. Charles Nienaber, and she entertained a large number of her lady friends in honor of the event. A very pleasant time is reported.


The annual meeting of the members of the Little Rock Mutual Fire Ins. Co., was held January 6th at which time the following officers were elected: President, J.C. Thom; secretary, W.C. Thom; treasurer, Julius Pieper; directors, J.C. Thom, W.C. Thom, C.N. Peterson, Julius Pieper, John Shutz, J.E. Shore and August Newkirk. The secretary's report showed a healthy increase in business and a comfortable balance in the treasury.

C. Barron and sister Helena, were guests of Worthington friends last Tuesday.

George Innes and wife left the latter part of last week for Florida, where they will spend the winter months.

Mr. and Mrs. O. Malmquist last week enjoyed a visit from Ed. Wilson and wife, who are now residents of Clark county, S.D.


Mrs. A.M. Wells and son Lawrence returned Thursday from a two week visit at Primghar, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. Abe Eikenberry are visiting Aurella this week.

C.C. Nicholson and daughter went to Hancock, Minn., the first of the year where Mr. Nicholson expects to work the coming year.

Willoughby and Orla Bicknese visited at Butler County, Iowa, during the holidays.

The Sisters Mission Bank met at the home of Mrs. Frank Williams Thursday Jan. 11, with a good attendance. The next meeting will be held at Mrs. A.G. Finchs', Jan 25th.


Quite a number from this town attended the auction last Tuesday, west of Reading on John Reed's farm.

John Kofoed will have an auction the 25th. John is going to dispose of some of his surplus stock.

If any one wants to buy or trade for a horse call on Thos. Hagge.


John Quin, a former resident of Little Rock, died at Breckenridge, Minn., January 2nd.

Lawyer Knox has concluded that there is not sufficient business in his line at this place and has returned to his former location at Lake Crystal.

Edgar McKnight, of Worthington, was a recent visitor with friends in our village.

John Faragher was at Worthington several days last week on drainage ditch matters.

Manuel Cross, of this township, has purchased a fine Percheron stallion from importers in Illinois.

W.H. Bedford, for several years past teller at the Adrian State Bank, has accepted a position with the First National Bank at Cedar Falls, Iowa.


Last week Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Wells were the victims of a surprise party, which proved a most enjoyable affair.

Drs. Walker and Geyerman, of Worthington and Nessa, of this place operated upon Mrs. B. LaGrange last week Monday with beneficial results.

P. Geyerman and Son have a new bookkeeper in the person of Miss Salstrom of Worthington.

Mrs. V.C. Anderson was a Worthington visitor a day or two last week.

Indian Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Saxon returned from Elon, Iowa, last Wednesday.

Miss Sophia Ellingson left last Tuesday for a two weeks visit at Salem, S.D.

Rev. Oberg, missionary in Iowa and Nebraska, has accepted a call as pastor of the Baptist church and will take charge in February.

The young folks who attended the party at Will Olsons near Worthington last week all report a very enjoyable time.

Route One.

Mrs. Edwin Fields left Friday for Little Rock to visit relatives and friends returning home Monday.

B.T. Hislop was up last Thursday from Illinois looking after his fathers farm interest in this vicinity.


L.E. Fitch left on Tuesday for the twin cities.

Louis Olson of Bigelow township was a caller last Saturday.

E. Graff of route 2 was in the city last Friday doing trading.

Bert Smith was in from Loraine last Saturday on a trading trip.

Erick Anderson of Dewald, had business in the city last Saturday.

O.H. Nystrom of Bigelow was in the city last Saturday transacting business.

Mrs. J. Marty of Edgerton is here on a visit to her mother, Mrs. T. Kleasey.

Miss Alice Clow of Pierre, S.D., is a guest of Mrs. H.C. Franck for a few days.

Mrs. Wm. Devaney left last Monday for Bigelow to visit a sister who is quite ill.

A.E. Hart reports the hen strike off and that eggs are coming in quite freely.

J.W. Spielman, who lives on route No. 2, was a business caller last Saturday.

W.E. Larimoure, who lives on the Luverne road, was in the city last Saturday on business.

Aug. Seils of St. Paul was here last week on a visit at the home of Albert Schmidt, the shoeman.

Mrs. M.E. Stowell, came over from Rock Rapids for an over Sunday visit with her daughter.

Gus Toren of Brewster transacted business at the county seat Saturday. He favored this office with a pleasant call.

Next Sunday Rev. A. Fauguet, of Sioux Falls, will occupy the pulpit in the Baptist church morning and evening.

W.W. Kane, the representative of the Western Thresher Co, was home over Sunday. He left on Monday for Mankato.

John P. Salberg of Worthington township was in the city Tuesday. He sold a fine draft horse to Albert Leistico, the stock buyer, who will ship it to Chicago.

Rev. Moberg returned on Monday from Scandia. He left the same day for a trip to Wilmar and points in that vicinity, and will be absent a couple of weeks.

Rev. Lanze of Scotland, South Dakota, will preach at the Swedish Mission church next Sunday, morning and evening. On Jan. 25th, Rev. Osterholm, of Wilmar, will preach there.

Henry Hornstine returned last Saturday from Sioux City where he had marketed two carloads of fat stock. The cattle were of his own feeding and he reports fair profit on his venture.

John Kofoed has issued bills announcing a sale of surplus stock and farm machinery at his place near Reading on Thursday of next week January 25th.

G.F. Moore made a trip to the eastern part of the state Monday to buy some breeding hogs of the Poland China Breed. He made his selections from the herd that took first prize at Minnesota State Fair. This will bring some fine Poland China blood into the locality.

Dr. F.E. Walker left Tuesday on a trip to Chicago.

Senator Dan Shell left on Wednesday for St. Paul.

Mark Landis, the Adrian cattle buyer, was in town Wednesday.

P.G. Blumgren, town of Bigelow, was a welcome caller on Monday.

Lee Forbes is in Minneapolis visiting his friend, Mr. Stangland.

Aug Wilson of Loraine made the Advance office a pleasant call Tuesday.

A.W. Nelson of Bigelow was in the city Wednesday marketing grain.

The lady Maccabees met on Tuesday after noon with Mrs. Newton Fauskee.

Sheriff Fauskee left Wednesday with a prisoner for the reformatory at St. Cloud.

W.H. Bloom and C.M. Crandall are at St. Paul attending the Grand Lodge of Masons.

C.H. Layman, an insurance man from Mankato, was in the city several days on business.

Miss Mary Fauskee of Mason City, is here on a visit to her brother, Sheriff Fauskee, and other relatives.

Mrs. Voltz was operated on last Monday for appendicitis and is recovering as rapidly as could be expected.

Herman Radtke and Miss Nellie Addington went to Mankato Wednesday to attend the annual ball of the O.R.T.

Rev. S.G. Rogers of Minneapolis, will preach at Maccabee Hall next Sabbath morning and evening at the usual hours. Sunday school at the usual time.

Geo. O. Moore & Son have fresh milk cows of the dairy type for sale, also grade Aberdeen Angus cows or heifers, bred to their prize bull, also have cream and milk for sale.

J.A. Mace of Durand, Wis., is the guest of Rev. and Mrs. J.H. Muehlhousen. He came here to look after his land interests in Jackson county.

Wm. Staufer of Reading on Tuesday loaded his household goods here and took the train for Vinton, Ia., where he has rented a farm and will make his future home.

Rev. G.M. Bailey returned on Wednesday from Murray county, where he had been conducting revival meetings. He reports fourteen converts as the result of two weeks work.

Last Thursday a large number of friends and relatives gathered at the home of Henry Apel Sr., in honor of his 71st birthday. He was the recipient of many present on this occasion.

Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Wolven gave a party last Saturday evening in honor of their son Jay, who recently returned from North Dakota. Games were played, refreshments served and an enjoyable time is reported by all present.

W.R. McChord and wife of Rushmore were in the city Tuesday doing trading. They are old residents of the town of Dewald, Mr. McChord having taken a homestead in section 18 of that town in 1872. Mr. McChord made the Advance a pleasant call.

The following officers were elected by the Young People's Society of the German Evangelical church on last Sunday evening: Pres. Addie Schuck; Vice Pres., John Doeden; Sec., Irwin Schuck; Treas., Lena Apel; Organist, Katie Pfeil; Librarian, Sarah Muehlhausen.

S. Kindlund went out to Reading last Tuesday to clerk an auction for A.J. Benson.

Gus. Blumgren, left on Monday for a visit with former schoolmates and friends at Odebolt Iowa.

Miss Sophia Ellingson left last Tuesday for Salem, S.D., where she will engage in the restaurant business.

Mrs. C. Diehl of Hudson, Wis., and Mrs. A.C. Diehl, of Ruthton, Minn., were here this week on a visit to Dr. F.E. Walker.

P.G. Solomonson, of Spring Valley, Minn., was here on business Tuesday. He was the guest of his old college friend, Carl Anderson, while in the city.

Miss Plotts, who is conducting a dancing class, gave an assembly hop Wednesday evening at Masonic hall, which was attended by the class and their friends. A very pleasant time is reported.

The annual business meeting of the congregation of the Swedish Lutheran church of this city was held last Monday, when the following officers were elected: Deacons, P.C. Anderson, Oscar Sterling; trustees, P.G. Johnson, E.L. Johnson; Secretary, Peter Thompson; organist, Miss Emma Kindlund. A call was extended to Mr. Sandsted, a student at the Augustana College of Rock Island, Ill., which it is expected will be accepted as soon as the young man is ordained next spring.

Local News.

Conductor H. Franck is reported on the sick list this week.

Will Cunningham of Brewster was a business visitor here Wednesday.

The militia company is improving rapidly under the instruction of the officers.

John Kofoed of Elk was in the city Wednesday transacting business.

For sale - Several thoroughbred Plymouth Rock cockerels. Fine stock. O.W. Dieckhoff.

Mr. Olsen of Summit Lake was at Worthington last Saturday tending to business.

O.E. Field, of this township left on Thursday for a business trip to Luverne, Minn.

Attorney S.S. Smith made a trip to the western part of the county yesterday on legal business.

Mrs. Keegan, who has been visiting her daughter Mrs. A.E. Washington, left Saturday for Nebraska, where she will spend the winter.

John Blixt of Indian Lake was in town Wednesday and made this office a pleasant call. Mr. Blixt is a pioneer of Indian Lake, where he settled in 1871. He now owns 400 acres of land in that town.

Rev. G.A. Cahoon returned Wednesday afternoon from a brief visit to Rochester. He was accompanied on the return trip by F.C. Tiurner [Turner?] who recently underwent an operation at the hospital in that place.

Judge P.E. Brown came over from Luverne last Saturday and held a special term of court to hear the appeal in the Ivan Erickson case. The matter was ordered submitted on briefs. Wm. Sheldon, who had made application to plead guilty to a charge of larceny, was sentenced to the reformatory for an indefinite term.

Friday, January 26, 1906

Wedding Anniversary.

Monday marked the sixth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burnham, of Org, and their friends to the number of 70 gathered at their residence in the evening and gave them a genuine surprise party. It was a very pleasant surprise and heartily enjoyed by all who participated. Mr. and Mrs. Burnham were presented with a handsome clock as a souvenir of the occasion, with the congratulations of the assembled friends.

Farewell Party.

Herman Radtke, who has been day operator at the Omaha depot here for some time, was last Friday evening given a farewell party by a large number of friends. The party was held at Maccabee hall and was a very enjoyable affair. Games of various kinds were played until a late hour, when refreshments were served.


Round Lake.

A number of our citizens transacted business at Worthington last week, among them being F.E. Scott, J.C. Thomsen, Duncan Sutherland, N.L. Reistroffer and Thomas Edwards.

H.C. Carstensen has recovered from his recent severe attack of appendicitis.

Mrs. T.R. Edwards gave a birthday party Tuesday.

___ [Miss or Mrs.?] John Martin entertained a goodly number of invited guests Wednesday in honor of her birthday.

Louie Langseth and Martin Langseth departed Tuesday evening for Chicago. They accompanied several cars of stock.

M.V. Riestroeffr (sic) departed Tuesday evening for Sioux City for a days visit.

Hans Carstensen is recovering from an attack of appendicitis. We are informed that he intends to go to Rochester in the near future for an operation.


The Advance endman visited Adrian on Tuesday of this week, and was agreeably surprised to find there a very pretty and thriving little city. It has many substantial and modern business blocks, and busy business establishments. One thing that struck the writer as quite remarkable is that the town is without a lawyer, and as the citizens allege, consequently without law suits. In case of disputes between the denizens of that Utopia the matter referred to some well known business man for arbitration. Matters that cannot be so settled are taken direct into the district court.

One of the most genial men that the writer met at Adrian was Col. Slade, the genial and affable landlord of the city's leading caravansary. The Colonel is one of the pioneers of Adrian, and is a whole-souled gentleman whom it is a pleasure to meet. His hotel is very popular among traveling men.

The writer was shown through the extensive mercantile establishment of Mr. Becker, and was greatly surprised at the size of the store and the completeness of the stock. Mr. Becker's establishment is a vivid object lesson in what can be done by judicious and persistent advertising.

The farmers near Adrian are many of them engaged in stock feeding on an extensive scale. Ed Cooper one of the leading farmers, is feeding $30,000 worth of stock, and many others are each feeding several hundred head.


There have been a number of important changes in our local banks during the past week.

C.A. Sands has been elected president of the first National Bank and a reorganization has been effected in the affairs of the State bank. The foreign stockholders have transfered interests to Edwin Brickson, of Wilmont and some of his friends connected with the First National Bank, of Fort Dodge, Iowa. Mr. Brickson will become vice president of the institution and the capital is to be increased to meet demands.

On the 14th occurred the death of William Shaw, a prominent farmer of Little Rock township, at the advanced age of 70 years.

Adrian has a new real estate firm, James F. Cox and Frank J. Kilpatrick having formed a partnership.

C.A. Sands and W.R. Faragher made a business trip to St. Paul last week, remaining several days.

T.S. Robinson has gone to Oklahoma for a visit of a month or two.

Frank Glasgow, bridge superintendent for the Omaha road, was over from Worthington a day or two last week, viewing bridges in this vicinity.

A.J. Rice left last week Tuesday for a western trip which will include visits to several points in California, Arizona and New Mexico.

J.J. Donlinger of Dumont, Minn., was thrown to the platform while attempting to board a moving train at this place last week Tuesday, and but for the prompt action of bystanders would have gone under the wheels of the train. It was a narrow escape.


P. Brandon, of St. Paul, is now employed as assistant at the Omaha depot.

Mr. and Mrs. D.T. Cain enjoyed a visit from Mrs. Damon, of Worthington, several days this week.

Joseph Kennedy has gone to Arkansas to investigate the beauties of the "suny south."

Its a boy and Mr. and Mrs. John Groas are rejoicing there at.

Mrs. John Salstrom has almost entirely recovered from the injuries received in a fall recently.

Our young people are preparing to enjoy themselves at a basket social to be held at Miss Stella Gray's school this week Friday evening.

Mrs. Mashall [Marshall?] is again able to be about after a long spell of sickness, much to the pleasure of her numerous friends.


W.C. Hamilton, night operator at the Omaha depot, was at Mankato last Wednesday evening attending the O.R.T. dance.

William Willis and family have removed from this place to a farm near Lemars, Iowa.

Dr. J.N. Gould was in our village on professional business last Wednesday.

G.H. Tarter left the early part of last week for the home of his boyhood in Kentucky, his first visit for a number of years.

Attorney Smith, of Cherokee, Iowa, visited friends in our village recently, while on his way to St. Paul.

Presiding Elder Cowgill is to be with us on Friday evening of this week, at which time the second quarterly meeting will be held.

(Too late for last week.)

J.A. Mace of Durand, Wis., arrived last Monday for a visit with friends and to look after his property interests here.

Henry Uden sold his winter faced driving team last Tuesday to Hurd and Son of Worthington.

Otto Baily came up from Spirity Lake, Wednesday.

Mr. Pete Halverson sale was attended by a very large crowd and the horses and cattle sold for good prices. Mr. Halverson says he received several hundred dollars more than he expected.

The Ladies Aid met with Mrs. Otis Hankins last Wednesday.

Will Boddy of Worthington made a business trip out here last Friday and stayed over to take in the school entertainment at Perry Atwoods school.

The entertainment and social in Perry Atwoods school last Friday evening was quite well attended for such a stormy evening. The debate was "Resolved, that women should be allowed to vote," the decision was given in favor of the negative. Prof. Hoffman carried off the honors in the ciphering match. The school realized about $10 from the sale of the baskets.


Will Ash, a former resident of this village was killed by a collision of two locomotives in the railroad yards at Iowa Falls, on the morning of the 13th. His remains were brought to this place for burial on Monday of last week, the funeral being held from St. Mary's church Tuesday morning.

J.E. Putney has sold his barber shop to J.V. Rice, of Wilton, Wis. Mr. Putney and wife will spend the winter with relatives at Luverne and in the spring will remove to Presho, N.D. We greatly regret their removal from our midst.

John Raabe got his left foot crushed between the flywheel of the gasoline engine and the floor at the Brown elevator, on the 13th, and received severe injuries.

P.B. Scholtes has disposed of his interest in the firm of Scholtes, Crowley & Bratsberg to his partners, who will continue the business. We regret to state Mr. S., contemplates removing from our village.

John F. Colwell and Miss Mary A. Nelson, two very popular young people, were married at St. Mary's church on Wednesday of last week.


Mrs. R.F. Merrick who has been visiting her mother Mrs. J. Bedford and other relatives the past week returned to her home in Sioux City Tuesday.

Hans Nelson living five miles south of town has just finished pressing and hauling about 75 tons of fine timothy hay which he is shipping to the city market.

Mrs. Ray Ager went to Worthington Saturday remaining until Monday in consultation with physicians concerning her shoulder which was dislocated last summer. Mrs. ager had a fall and the shoulder was never put in proper place and at present she is considering an operation.

H.B. DeVries from near Bigelow has moved to the G.A. Keller farm south of town. Mr. DeVries purchased the place last summer. He now has a half section joining which will make him an excellent farm for a home.

Mr. K. Hokeness has moved to the Jesse Hunt place which he has rented for the coming season.

An old time country dance was held at the home of Henry Karstens in Little Rock township last Friday night.

E.K. Bebrends living west of town drove into Iowa for a short visit with relatives.

C.N. Peterson of Colton S.D. spent Sunday with his family at Rushmore.

Route One.

Amel Kraft and family were visiting at the home of his wife's parents, the Laymans of Lorain, one day last week.

Miss Lottie Jenkins came up from Rushmore to visit her sister Mrs. E.O. Fields.

Edwin Fields left Thursday for Luverne to visit relatives and friends.

Mr. Keys moved in H.D. Pratt's house near the Rock Island depot, a few days ago.

William Snow, an old settler and pioneer of Little Rock Township, died at his home Jan. 15. He leaves five sons and one daughter to mourn his loss.

Mrs. Ormanda Scott left Saturday for Wilmont being called there by the illness of her mother, Mrs. Butcher.

Indian Lake.

The Misses Adelia Ahlstrom and Ada Hactor of Allamakee County, Iowa, are making the A. Hactor family a few weeks visit.

Miss Esther Johnson has completed a course at dressmaking at Worthington and came home last Saturday to stay permanently.

Ole Fauskee was in Worthington last week Friday selling furs.

Miss Julia Fauskee started her incubator last week. Hope we may call around and pull a few wish bones later.

Mrs. Frank Blixt and Mrs. Anton Holm has been enjoying a few days visit from their parents Mr. and Mrs. Hans Nystrom of Bigelow township.

Miss Mary Anstrom left last Friday for her home at St. Paul.


Cashier Edwin Brickson of the First National Bank has resigned his position here, and taken an interest and a position in the State Bank at Adrian.

Arnold Esser made a business trip to the county seat Tuesday.

Mr. Gorri, of Iowa, is the new cashier at the bank.

Mrs. Geo. Butcher of the town of Bloom died last Sunday. The funeral was held at Worthington Tuesday.

Local News.

J. Reetsma of Reading was here on a trading trip Wednesday.

Born - On January 18, to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ager, a daughter.

M.N. Reistroffer of Round Lake was in the city Tuesday on business.

J.J. McChord of Rushmore was at the county seat on business Saturday.

A.J. Carrell of Hersey transacted business at the county seat Saturday.

A.F. Eshelman, a prominent Elk farmer, was in the city last Saturday.

W.C. Wyatt of Bigelow was a guest at the Hotel Western last Saturday.

A. Walstrom of Fairmont was a business visitor in Worthington last Monday.

O.E. Sliefer of Worthington township was a pleasant caller Saturday.

J. Burr Ludlow, of the Rushmore bank, was in the city Monday on business.

D. Behrens of Worthington township was an Advance caller last Saturday.

Dr. A.J. Simpson, the optician, made his regular visit here the first of the week.

C. Lindstrom of Worthington township was in the city on a trading trip Wednesday.

Mrs. Geo. Mackay of Hinckley, Minn., is here on a visit to her sisters, Mrs. Nance and Mrs. Gibson.

Clerk of Court Fred L. Humiston returned last Saturday from a weeks sojourn in South Dakota, where he looked after some land interests.

M.N. Knight of Devils Lake, N.D., and J.A. Larson of Walnut Grove, Minn., were here the first of the week looking for farm land.

Mrs. M. Heuermann will have a public sale of live stock and farm machinery at her farm on section 6, Elk township, Friday February 2nd. See bills for particulars.

A roller skating rink was opened last week in the hall over the store of F.A. Torrance and Son. Owing to the complaints of the occupants of the block and promoters of the rink have secured quarters in the Wilson building on 4th ave.

E.J. Jones was in Minneapolis last week.

S. Solomonson of Indian Lake was a pleasant caller yesterday.

Miss Mabel Olson is here on a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nels Olson.

E.O. Fields of Lorain returned on Monday from a visit with relatives at Luverne.

O.M. Sorem, of Rushmore, was among the welcome callers at this office Thursday afternoon.

Clarence Tweeten, of Lake Park, Iowa, is a guest of his cousin, E.O. Fields, of Lorain township.

Miss Margaret Marby of Stillwater arrived last Thursday for an extended visit with her sister Mrs. T. Klasey, who is quite ill.

The Misses Hilma and Annie Olson left Monday morning for Minneapolis where they will spend the winter.

Mr. and Mrs. Amos Burkholder of Sterling Illinois are spending a few weeks with relatives Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Erickson.

Rev. E.J. Nystrom of St. Peter will preach at the Swedish Lutheran Church next Saturday, Jan. 28, morning and evening.

Attorneys J.A. Town, C.M. Crandall and S.S. smith went to Windom Monday to attend the reception to Judge Brown.

C.W. collins late of Milestone, Canada, now residing at Lemars, Iowa, was shaking hands with many Worthington friends Monday. He also made this office welcome call.

A.L. Dunlap, of Heron Lake, is a guest of his daughter, Mrs. C. Moen, this week. He is working in the inteersts of the Modern Brotherhood of America.

R.W. Johnson and wife Wessington Springs S.D., were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stevens a day or so this week Mr. Johnson is a brother to Mrs. Stevens.

Edwin Brickson, late cashier of the First National bank of Wilmont, passed through Worthington Monday on his way to Adrian, where he takes the vice presidency of the State Bank.

Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Hart left last week for St. Louis, where they will spend a couple of weeks visiting relatives and friends. Mr. Hart will also look after business matters while there.

Born - On Saturday Jan. 20, to Mr. and Mrs. D. Draper Dayton, of Minneapolis, a daughter. Congratulations are in order to the happy parents as well as to Grandpa and Grandma Dayton.

Mrs. w.M. Evans gave an at home Tuesday afternoon, which was attended by a dozen lady friends. Mrs. Evans has an enviable reputation as an entertainer, which was fully sustained on this occasion.

Charles Brown, of Audubon, Iowa, arrived here last Saturday morning, for a visit with his mother, Mrs. M. Heuermann, Elk township, and many old time friends. The Advance acknowledges a pleasant visit.

Miss Gladys Humiston entertained a party of friends last Friday evening at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Humiston. Games of various kinds were played and refreshments were served. All report a pleasant time.

F.W. Bonnie of Centreville, S.Dak., was here the first of the week looking over the field with the view of establishing a fruit and confectionery business. He was well pleased with the outlook, but will look up other points before deciding on a location.


----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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