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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 December, 1906

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Friday, December 7, 1906

Harness Shop Sold.
F.C. Stitser has sold his harness business to Herman Schmid and Al Snyder, of Iowa. Mr. Snyder has been working in the shop for some time and Mr. Schmid was formerly employed there. They are both experienced harness makers and good business men. The deal was consummated Dec. 5, but Mr. Stitser does not give possession until Jan. 1st. He expects to move to Kansas City, where he will engage in some business. He has been in business in Worthington for 13 year, and has built up a large and profitable trade, and has acquired a large circle of friends who will regret his departure.
Mr. Potter's Troubles.
F.M. Potter and Co., have been making arrangements to run a meat market in the Wilson building, next to Harry Lewis' grocery. They expected to have been ready for business last week, but the health department called attention to some legal regulations and they were delayed a few days while posting up on the law and complying with the requirements. They will open for business next Monday, Dec. 10, with a full line.
Mr. Potter believes that the Federal constitution guarantees to every man life, liberty an pursuit of happiness, and he will go ahead with his venture on the same basis as the three other shops. He says his establishment will be open for inspection at any time.
O.E.S. Officers.
The election of officers in the O.E.S. Wednesday evening Dec. 5, resulted as follows.
Mrs. Stella Lincoln W.M.
W. Dunbar W.P.
Mrs. Ethel Gould, Asso. M.
Mrs. Etta Stanton, Sec.
W. Evans, Treas.
Prue Town, Cond.
Lillian Webb, Asso. Cond.
W.H. Eikenberry arrived here last week to be present at his sale which will be the 6th, and to visit with his sons and daughter.
Rev. J.J. Filburn left on Saturday for Aurelia Iowa, where he will conduct a series of meetings.
Miss Jessie Metz left on Saturday for Lake Park after spending a few days with friends.
Paul Schulz and daughters, Emma and Alma spent Sunday with D.W. Holland and family.
Miss Fannie Hinrich was home to spend Thanksgiving with her parents.
D.P. Schechter pulled down his threshing machine on Saturday night, but on account of having a break down on the ay, he was compeled to leave it before he reached home.
The many friends of Roscoe Eshleman are glad to see him back again after a serious illness and a number of operations at Kansas City. Those that have seen him say he is looking well, and is feeling pretty good, we are all glad to learn.
Arnold and Theodore Schulz had the misfortune to loose a good shepard dog Tuesday.
Mrs. J.I. Deihl is on the sick list.
Mrs. J. Schechter enjoyed a visit from her uncle's, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sunderg [Sundberg?] and sons.
Lester and May Holland visited at Frank Greens on Sunday.
Miss Reka Johnson went to Kenneth last week for a short visit with her sister Mrs. W.B. Royse.
A.L. Swenson is very sick with the pneumonia. It is hoped that he will soon be up and around again.
Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Glick went to Bigelow last Monday afternoon and visited with his father, who is very sick, until the evening train.
J.E. Johnson went to Kenneth last Tuesday. He expects to stay only a few days.
Little Elsie Johnson has been sick but is now able to be around again.
H.L. Glick went to Sheldon, Ia., last Tuesday afternoon. He returned on the night train.
Chas. Fairfield is operator at Org now. He is relieving Mr. Glick for a few days as his arm gave out so he couldn't work.
Mr. and Mrs. O.F. Johnson returned home last week. They spent Thanksgiving with their parents.
Mrs. Smith, living on section 3, is reported on the sick list.
G.W. Dow, of Worthington has concluded to make his home for a time at least with his daughter, Mrs. F.T. Graves. Mr. Dow was a near neighbor in the early days, and his friends here will be pleased to have him with us once more.
Matt Jensen having a sick cow wished to call Dr. Gould, our Worthington veterinary. He called him by telephone, paid twenty cents for the service, and saved a trip, going and returning, of twenty four miles. Whether or not the telephone service pays the company owning it, it certainly pays those who are accommodated by it. The time has been, and not away back in the dark ages either, when hardly anyone would have dreamed of telephones, of telegraphs, of ocean cable, of wireless telegraphy, and of numerous of other invention which are commonplace today. And we can well believe that we are but on the outer edge of a field of discovery and invention boundless as the universe. Who can guess what the future has in store for us!
Mr. and Mrs. Barron of Rushmore came over to Ransom on Sunday last. These good people are always heartily welcomed. Their eldest daughter, Mrs. Rankin is now living at Eveleth, this state, Mr. Rankin having assumed the pastorate of the Presbyterian church [at] that place. The letter received from her indicates that they are doing a good work among the people of that place and are happy in the work. Mrs. Rankin was raised near Rushmore, and her many friends will be pleased to learn of her prosperity. Eveleth is a mining center, a place of about seven thousand inhabitants, most of whom are foreigners. The surroundings are novel but not unpleasant.
Robert Shore.
From the Tribune:
J.S. Loucks came up from Arnold Park Tuesday. He has rented his farm to Robert Erickson for next year, and A.L. Wells will leave it March 1st. Mr. Wells will probably build a residence in the village. His telephone business now takes up his time so thoroughly that he has been obliged to give up farming altogether.
S.J. Norland's closing out sale is in progress today. He will leave in a few days with his family for Norway, Benton county, Iowa, where they will make their home with Mr. Norlands mother, who is very old and feeble and in need of considerable care and attention. The Norlands have been good citizens and our people regret their going.
From the Leader:
There was a Royal Neighbor birthday party at the Emil Graf home Friday evening, all report having spent a very pleasant evening.
Mr. Tompte's brother and wife, of Worthington, were here last Thursday.
Mrs. R. Prideaux of Worthington spent a number of days with her daughter Mr. [Mrs.?] A.M. Feathes. She returned to her home last Wednesday.
On Tuesday of this week at 10 o'clock a.m. in the St. Anthony's church occurred the wedding of Miss Lou Hendel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hendel, to Mr. Frank Thompson, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Thompson, Rev. Father Greave officiating.
A.S. Frane moved to Worthington last week, where he has engaged in the restaurant business.
R. Meredith lost a calf, recently, at the hands of some careless hunter who failed to calculate how far a bullett will carry with fatal results.
From the News:
James Cox, the threshing engineer who was injured here a month or so ago and whose leg the physicians were obliged to amputate, was over from Adrian last Saturday, greeting his old friends. Jim says that while the loss of that member inconveniences him considerable, he is thankful that he escaped with his life.
From the Signal:
Judge of Probate C.M. Cory, was on our streets Monday afternoon. The Judge is the same genial gentleman that he was when he was elected to that office fourteen years ago and at the expiration of the term to which he was elected this month he will have filled the office for sixteen consecutive years, which proves the popularity of the gentleman.
The new barn of Ubbe Feekin west of town in [is] nearing completion under the hands of Foote and Yates. When done he will have one of the largest and best barns in that part of the county. The corner parts of the structure is twenty four feet and gives the structure the appearance of being up in the air and Mr. Feekin will have plenty of room for hay as well as stock.
A new enterprise was opened in our town Tuesday when the butchers and P.C. Roos commenced to dress poultry for the eastern market. This line of work will prove a profit making one and will make a much more steadier market for poultry here.
Miss Minnie Cummings, who had spent the week at the Hand home returned to her home in Worthington Friday evening. Miss Minnie expected to accept a position at the lunch counter at the Omaha depot in the county seat.
Michael Sorem closed a deal with F.E. Duroe Thursday of last week whereby he became the owner of the hardware and furniture stock formerly owned by Sorem Bros. Michael does not get the implement stock as he did not think that he would have the time the business required to attend to it.
Mrs. Luck the mother of Dell was taken to the hospital at Worthington by her son Dell Monday. Mrs. Lusk has been suffering with an affliction of the stomach for a number of years and suppose the trouble to be dyspepsia, and of late years the trouble had grown worse and she went to Worthington and after a thorough examination the physicians pronounced the trouble to be an ulcer of the stomach. The doctors would give but little encouragement that the trouble could be cured without an operation but they took the case under a two weeks trial treatment and by that time they could tell whether the trouble would yield to treatment or not.
J.H. Schuck has built quite an addition to his barn.
C.A. Bird of Ellsworth was a county seat visitor Monday.
Sheriff Fauskee had official business at Dundee Wednesday.
Mail carrier Rippberger is taking his 15 days vacation these days.
S.M. Granger of Adrian was at the county seat on business Tuesday.
John Albeman of Wilmont was a business visitor in Worthington Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Wyatt, of Bigelow, were in the city on business Tuesday.
A.L. Wells, the Brewster telephone magnate was in town Tuesday on business.
Rev. and Mrs. G.G. Schmid are visiting at Wilmont and other points this week.
J.F. Atkinson of Chicago, was a guest at the home of M.P. Mann a few days this week.
T.C. Cunningham and family of Brewster were in the city Tuesday on a shopping trip.
Mrs. W.I. Dodge of Sioux City is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Robinson.
Miss Delia Wood, night operator at the telephone office, visited friends at Adrian Wednesday.
Deputy sheriff David Anderson has official business in Wilmont, Elk and Boom townships Wednesday.
Hon H. Peter Lewis, manager of the Benson Merc. Co. store at Wilmont, was in the city Tuesday on business.
C. Korsland of Livermore, Ia., one of the stockholders of the State Bank, was here on business one day this week.
W.H. Eikenberry a merchant of Barnum, Minn., is here on a visit to his sons and daughter, who live in Elk township.
C.E. Boddy and wife of Rushmore came over Thanksgiving day to eat turkey with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Boddy.
Mrs. Jas. Gibson of Luverne came over to spend Thanksgiving with Worthington relatives, and has been visiting here the past week.
Misses Fannie Hinrichs, Rose Sather, Amy Darling, and Emma Ferguson, who came home to spend Thanksgiving returned to Mankato, Sunday evening, where they are attending Normal school.
Will Hagberg and Miss Larson were married last Sunday by Rev. C.O. Swan, pastor of the Swedish Lutheran church. Mr. Hagberg is employed on Ramage's dray line and is a steady and industrious young man.
A. Oberman made a business trip to Reading Tuesday.
D. Behren was in the city Saturday doing trading.
W.A. Johnson of Bigelow is reported on the sick list.
Born -- On Sunday, Dec. 2, 1906, to Emil Will and wife, of Loraine, a son.
Judge C.M. Cory made a business trip to Bigelow last Monday afternoon.
W.M. Evans and son Lind spent Thanksgiving with his mother at Gowrie, Ia.
Mrs. C. Foelschow is suffering with a lame hand, being threatened with blood poisoning.
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson on section 8, Elk township, are the happy parents of a daughter.
Ed Cummings and family went to Lake Park Tuesday to attend the wedding of a relative.
L.M. Scriven of Reading left last Saturday for Spencer Ia., to attend the business university.
G.W. Roth has stored his household goods and he and Mr. Roth expect to spend the winter in California.
Miss Mabel Morton of Windom, was the guest of Mrs. A.C. Dickens, of this city several days the past week.
J.F. Flynn and John A. Cashel spent Thanksgiving at the home of Mr. Flynn's mother, at Ellsworth.
The Daily Globe made its appearance on Monday, and reflects credit on publisher, J.L. Berkheimer.
W.I. Humiston and family have move back into their handsome residence on the corner of 5th avenue and 10th street.
Geo. D. Dayton of Minneapolis on Monday sold a piece of property in that city for $92,000 that he had bought for $31,000 seven years ago.
Mr. and Mrs. John Rippberger entertained their son in law, Geo. W. Giroux, of Chicago, Ill., over Sunday. He was on his way to the Black Hills. Mr. Giroux is on the road for a Chicago house.
Gust Nystrom of Indian Lake was in the city last Monday doing trading.
Mrs. Warren Davis was the guest of her parents at Heron Lake over Thanksgiving.
Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Dickens ate Thanksgiving dinner with relatives at Heron Lake.
J.S. Kies spent a couple of days the first of the week transacted business in Lismore.
Misses Nettie and Mary Fitch were guests of Sioux Falls friends the latter part of last week.
Miss Maude Conrad spent her Thanksgiving vacation with her grand parents at Heron Lake.
Orville W. Tupper left the first of the week for Cherokee, Ia., where he will spend a month, working in a bank.
Attorney S.S. Smith went to Jackson last Saturday on legal business, returning on Monday of this week.
Georgie Butler, of Heron Lake spent his Thanksgiving vacation with his cousin, Marion Fairfield, in the city.
Dr. and Mrs. R.B. Raleigh, of Little Rock, ate Thanksgiving dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Suddaby of this city.
C.B. Fairfield is at Org this week relieving the operator at that place, who is threatened with an attack of telegrapher's paralysis.
Julius Palm and crew left on Monday for Sibley to build a dwelling house for I.P. Fox. Mr. Fox is having the house built to rent.
Atty. J.F. Flynn was at Mankato Monday, attending federal court. He appeared for the creditors in the Ackerman bankruptcy case.
Luverne Journal: Mr. H.J. Miller, editor of the Herald, left last night for California, for the benefit of his health and will probably remain until spring.
Mrs. J.W. Armstrong, of Pipestone, has had erected a handsome pipestone monument on the graves of her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Tryan, who are buried in the Worthington cemetery.
P.D. McKellar, county auditor of Jackson County came down from Heron Lake Thursday afternoon for a short visit with his old school mate J.W. McBride and family. He departed for Jackson Friday morning.
Roscoe Eshleman has returned from Kansas City, where he had spent some months. He is now in the hospital here. He was taken ill at Kansas City some weeks ago, and for a while was in a precarious condition. He returned to Worthington as soon as he was able to stand the trip.
Born -- On Monday Dec. 3, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Olson, a son.
Mrs. Wm. Apel Sr. died Tuesday night at her home in this city.
Mrs. Nellie Mott, spent Thanksgiving with her daughter, Mrs. Earl Coss, at Luverne.
Mrs. Calvin Moen this week enjoyed a visit from her mother, Mrs. A.L. Dunlap, of Heron Lake and aunt Mrs. Hamilton, of Toledo, Ohio.
Jones-Tripp Nuptials.
The spacious parlors of the Hotel Maine at Round Lake, were occupied by more than a hundred guests who came to participate in the festivities attendant upon the marriage of Miss Bessie L. Tripp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Tripp of Round Lake, to Prof. Clyde S. Jones of Spencer, Iowa. The wedding march was played by Miss Marie Flentji. Miss Anna Flentji was bride's maid and Mr. David Tripp of this city acted as best man to the groom.
Rev. G.A. Cahoon pastor of the First Methodist church of Worthington performed the ceremony. A boutiful wedding repast was served. The happy couple were the recipients of many useful and valuable presents. The Worthington people who attended included the family of E.A. Tripp, Mr. and Mrs. Barber, Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Abbott, and Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Roshon. The bride has for the past two years been one of the successful teachers of this county while the groom has taught in our county schools for the past five years. Both parties are well and favorably known and they will carry with them to their new home in Spencer, Iowa, the best wishes of a host of friends.

Friday, December 14, 1906

Mrs. A.R. Albertus Entertained a Party of Friends Friday Afternoon.
Mrs. G.W. Wilson and Mrs. I.P. Fox Entertained on Friday and Saturday.
The latter part of last week was enlivened by a series of social events that proved unusually delightful affairs.
On Friday afternoon Mrs. A.R. Albertus entertained a party of sixteen lady friends at an afternoon tea. The afternoon was very pleasantly spent in social intercourse.
Mrs. G.W. Wilson and Mrs. I.P. Fox gave a series of parties last week at the residence of Mrs. Wilson. On Friday afternoon a party of ladies were entertained at progressive euchre. Several tables were filled, and an interesting session was had.
On Saturday afternoon Mmes. Wilson and Fox entertained another party of lady friends at an afternoon tea. Entertainment was furnished by an adjective game, which afforded much merriment. Dainty refreshments were served at both gatherings and a very pleasant time was had.
Birthday Club.
The birthday club was entertained on Tuesday evening by Mr. and Mrs. John G. Mitchell at a 6 o'clock dinner. The occasion was to celebrate Mrs. Mitchell's birthday, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Mitchells' twelfth wedding anniversary. Mrs. Mitchell was presented with a pair of handsome rope portieres, and a handsome rocker was presented to the pair as a memorial of their wedding anniversary.
After the sumptuous dinner several hours were spent in pleasant social intercourse, the guests departed wishing Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell many happy returns of both events. The function was attended by the ladies of the Birthday Club, their husbands and a few invited guests.
Rev. Huisinga, of Rock Valley, Ia., held service in the school house last Sunday.
O.A. Thompson and wife are now living over the Olbering store.
T.O. Savig left last week for Norway, where he will spend the holidays among the scenes of his childhood.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Asquith were given a surprise party the forepart of last week.
Round Lake.
B.T. Sorenson transacted business at the county seat Wednesday.
Rev. T. Hunter, the new Presbyterian pastor of the church at Brewster and Round Lake, held his first service here last Sunday. Mr. Hunter made a favorable impression and we believe he will do much good here.
Mr. and Mrs. Denkman spent Thanksgiving with relatives at Lake Park.
N.H. Austin was down from Worthington one day last week.
The Andrew Wood Co. has opened a cream station at this place.
A.J. Olund and [sic] launched forth as an auctioneer. If in need of such services, try him.
The little nine year old son of G.H. Bunker and wife had a finger smashed in the gearing of a cream separator last week. Amputation was found necessary.
Mrs. Arthur E. Woods has returned to her home in North Dakota after a visit here and at Reading.
Attorney Roy Lewis has been appointed a trustee for the Ackerman estate, which is subject of bankruptcy proceedings in the U.S. Circuit Court.
Section Boss Besin has made some needed improvements at the Rock Island stock yards.
Harry Martin and wife have returned to Minneapolis. Mr. Martin spent the fall here threshing.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taylor entertained company from Elk last Friday.
Mrs. Turner of Cherokee Iowa was a recent visitor at the Eshelman home.
Harm Robin has been busy this week repairing telephone line No. 5.
Hazel Palmer returned Monday to her home at Lake Park, after an extended visit at this place.
J.J. Filburn is expected home Monday from Aurelia where he has been doing evangelistic work.
On account of the sickness of Miss Daisy Vail, the school in district 106 was opened this week by Miss Bessie Scott.
Mrs. Maurice Eikenberry and son left Tuesday morning for Morris, Minnesota, where they will spend some time visiting her parents before joining her husband at Barnum. Her sister Ethel Wood accompanied her.
Mrs. F.A. Durfee who has been very sick with pneumonia, is reported to be improving.
C. Soderholm made a business trip to the county seat on Wednesday.
A.S. Frane will have an auction Dec. 19.
Route Two.
Edward Moberg and Fritz Johnson left a week ago last Tuesday for Chicago, returning on Tuesday.
John Larson has leased the N. Moberg farm for another year.
Erick Thoren was seen last Tuesday hauling a load of corn to Worthington.
B.G. Blomgren transacted business in Worthington last Tuesday.
From the Enterprise:
In the removal this week of C.N. Peterson and family to Sioux Falls Rushmore has lost one of its best families and their place will be hard to fill. They have lived here a good many years and have a large acquaintance who regret to have them leave here. Their object in going to Sioux Falls is for the purpose of giving their children better school advantages and be nearer Mr. Peterson's banking business at Colton.
Mrs. Geo. Carll, of Faribault, a sister of Mrs. H.A. Bassett, and her daughter Mrs. Hattie Blake, of Minneapolis, arrived here Monday morning for a visit at the Bassett home.
Clayton Bedford came down from the state university to spend Thanksgiving with his parents. He returned to the university Sunday night.
A deal was completed the first of the week where by C.N. Peterson sold to Andrew Schoeder the northeast quarter of section 11, Little Rock township, the consideration being $8000. Possession is to be given March 1st.
There was a jolly gathering of young people at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Hale last Saturday night. They spent a very pleasant evening playing games, etc., and it was close onto Sunday morning before the party broke up. Everyone present had a good time.
H.C. Constable went into Chicago Saturday night to purchase some more Christmas goods, will run down to Ketland Ind., to spend a few days with Mrs. Constable, who is there visiting her parents. He will not return until the early part of next week.
Mrs. H.J. Rew is a patient at the Worthington hospital.
Henry Leistico of Stewart, Minn., is here on a visit to his brother Albert.
M.J. Connor of Lismore was a guest at the Hotel Worthington Monday.
Will Bartlett, the cigar manufacturer has been enjoying a visit from his brother, R.V.O. Bartlett, of Waterloo, Iowa.
Mrs. E. Nordquist, living four miles north of town, has been taken to Minneapolis to consult a specialist in regard to nervous ailment.
Herman Radtke, of Indian Lake, had his leg broken in a fall on the slippery walk at Round Lake. He was brought to Worthington to have the limb set.
W.H. Blume has returned from a business trip to southern Missouri, where he went to look at some real estate he was figuring on trading Chicago property for.
Route One.
Henry Kunze and Hardy Eversole were trading in Worthington Wednesday.
C.A. Cedarblade was at the Worthington market Saturday with fat hogs.
Grandpa Firth arrived in Worthington Wednesday and will spend the winter with his son, Art.
Mrs. John Wallin, of Storm Lake, Iowa, arrived Thursday for an extended visit with her sister Mrs. Alfred Burger.
W.N. Shanks, one of the enterprising stock men of Elk, is making some satisfactory sales of his pedigree Duroc Jersey hogs.
J.H. Tipton moved up from Sheldon, Iowa, last week and is getting settled on the Patterson section in Elk. Mr. Tipton and family come highly recommended and are heartily welcomed in the community.
I.P. Fox spent a number of days this week in Omaha on business.
Miss Berkheimer is visiting her uncle at Wilmont for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Stewart returned on Wednesday from Chicago.
F.M. Potter opened his meat market last Monday, and reports good trade.
Rev. W.M. Gillis of Rushmore, has been attending the Sunday meeting this week.
Mrs. John E. Salstrom came up from Bigelow Saturday to visit her mother, Mrs. Biltgen.
Foster Moore returned on Monday from Chicago, where he had attended the stock show.
Rev. F.O. Krause of Jeffries, has been in attendance on the Sunday meetings this week.
G.W. Patterson and daughter Helen returned on Wednesday from a visit to Chicago.
Rev. I.H. Darnell went to Luverne Thursday to attend a district convention of the Baptist church.
J.J. Parson, who has been confined to the house for some time with pneumonia, has nearly recovered.
Rev. W.S. Shepherd of Watertown, S.D., is visiting at the home of E.J. Helmick, and taking in the Sunday meetings.
Editor Berkheimer of the Wilmont Tribune was in town over Sunday, the guest of his brother, the editor of the Globe.
Mrs. F.L. Humiston left yesterday for Cedar Falls, Ia., where she will spend a couple of weeks visiting relatives and friends.
Phillip Plotts, who is employed as lineman by the Tri State Telephone Co., was here this week repairing the lines of his company.
At the meeting of the fire department held last Friday evening considerable routine business was disposed of. Will Boddy was elected a member of the department.
The funeral of Mrs. Wm. Apel who died last Wednesday, was held last Saturday from the German Evangelical church. Mrs. Apel leaves a husband, two son and one daughter.
On Wednesday, Dec. 19, A.S. Frane will dispose of at auction his household goods, farm machinery and live stock at his old home at Reading. W.H. Brown, of Adrian, will cry the sale.
The board of ditch viewers, composed of F.D. Linquist of Dundee, P.W. Farragher of Adrian, and John Lentz of Ellsworth, has been in session at the county auditors office several days this week, assessing benefits and damages in some proposed new ditches.
Carl Anderson, the leader of the Worthington Cornet Band, was given a very delightful surprise last Friday evening, when he went to band meeting. The boys had planned carefully, and carried out successfully the little coupe. During an intermission one of the band boys arose and presented Mr. Anderson with a beautiful soprano saxophone. The new instrument will prove a valuable addition to the band and Mr. Anderson is spending most of his spare time in practicing on it.
C.M. Black was in town Wednesday doing trading.
Robt. Smith made a business trip to Sioux Falls Wednesday.
W.C. Wyatt of Bigelow was in the city Wednesday.
Postmaster F.R. Coughran made a trip to Sioux Falls Tuesday.
Mrs. I.P. Fox entertained the Euchre club Monday afternoon.
Born -- On Tuesday, Dec. 11, to Henry Dilley and wife, a daughter.
Born -- On Sunday, Dec. 9, to Mr. and Mrs. R.U. Hattenhauer, a daughter.
Wm. Chaney was called to Brewster on Tuesday, where he conducted the funeral of a Mrs. Tobault.
Ed Moberg returned on Tuesday from Chicago where he attended the great international stock show.
Court commissioner F.A. Steven on Wednesday afternoon married Mr. Fred J. Vollman and Miss Blanche Fuqua.
W.I. Humiston who had been confined to the house several days with a carbuncle on his face, is able to be out again.
Mrs. E.C. Wilson has been on the sick list a number of days this week. Her many friends will hope for her speedy recovery.
Lieuts. Smith and Ward went to St. Paul Wednesday night to attend a meeting of the officer's association of the M.N.G. the 13th and 14th.
Dr. A.H. Clark has returned from Chicago where he attended a meeting of railroad doctors. He reports a pleasant and profitable trip.
Rev. I.A. Darnell and Miss Richie Maxwell held a series of Sunday school institute, in the northern part of the county last week.
Miss Luella Hansberger has left a few articles of fancy and art work from her recent sale. They will be on sale at the residence of E.C. Wilson.
H.A. DeFreese, of Ewington township, Jackson county, was a business visitor in Worthington Thursday, and made this office a pleasant call.
Born -- On Sunday, Dec. 9, to Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Little, a daughter. Mother and child are doing nicely and Mr. Little will pull through with careful treatment.
Rev. LeRoi Tibbitts, pastor of the Methodist church at Mabel, Minn., spent a few days here this week attending the Sunday meetings. He stopped at the home of his father in law, W.S. Lewis.
Ben Voss of Elk was in Tuesday doing some Christmas shopping.
O.E. Sliver of Worthington township, was in on business Tuesday.
A.R. Mann from Windom has taken charge of the new pumping station.
Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Wolven returned last week from a visit at Pecatonica, Ill.
Rev. Cook of Windom, was down Monday and Tuesday attending the Sunday meetings.
D.W. Chute has opened a meat market in his building near the Rock Island depot.
Mrs. E.A. Gillette of Heron Lake, came down Saturday to hear Mr. Sunday preach.
Miss Wetherell, of Estherville, Iowa, visited friends and acquaintances in the city Tuesday.
Mrs. W.E. Madison entertained the Whist Club last Saturday evening. A very pleasant session is reported.
Joe Fronk has been laid up a couple of weeks with a sprained ankle, and is on a visit with friends at Montrose.
Alex Cree and crew returned Monday from Sheldon, where they have finished putting in a purifying plant for the Omaha line.
Jas. Gibson came over Sunday night to hear Mr. Sunday. Mrs. Gibson, who had been visiting a week accompanied him home.
G.B. Hildyard, local manager for the Fairmont Creamery Co., recently was the recipient of a legacy of $425, left him by an aunt, who died recently in England.
W.A. Barton, a former resident of Spafford, Jackson county, now living in Zion City, Ill., was here on a short visit last week. Mr. Barton is on the road selling the product of the Zion City office supply factory, with his territory in the east. His visit here was on private business.
From the Signal:
Misses Minnie and Mabel Westby came down from the northern part of the county Wednesday afternoon and enjoyed the time until Tuesday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Westby and numerous friends. They are teaching in Bloom township and are highly pleased with their work and are meeting with success in that part of the county, but would rather be located where they could reach home oftener. Their schools are only two miles apart and the young ladies spend their Sundays together.
Miss Lenora Klessig came down from the county seat Friday afternoon and was in attendance at the dance in the hall that evening. Miss Lenora spent the time until Sunday at the home of her brother Henry and some of her friends in this vicinity.
From the News:
Miss Margaret Holleran left last Friday afternoon for Omaha, where she is to begin a thorough course of study in stenography at the Boyles' Business College.
John Lasher and Albert Peiper, Little Rock township, were passengers to Canada last Tuesday. Their destination was Davidson, near which city their recently acquired farms are located. They intend spending a number of weeks there, erecting buildings and getting things in readiness for moving their goods there in the spring.
Philip Marshall, the Jew injured in the wreck near here about a month ago, was discharged from the Luverne hospital Tuesday and came down to look up witnesses preparatory to beginning a suit against the Rock Island for heavy damages. It will be remembered that Mr. Marshall was able to move about quite readily until the arrival of the physicians and almost immediately began to suffer the most excruciating pains.
From the Democrat:
Fred Mohl was in Sioux Falls Wednesday to inspect a stock of hardware, which the owner thinks of trading for Wadena county land.
Slade and Landis have opened their roller skating ruink at Becker's hall, and the sport is enjoyed nightly by many of the young people. The skates are of the latest and best design and the floor is in fine condition.
Ferdinand Esser and N.J. Bank left Tuesday for New Ulm to visit Arnold Esser. From there Ferd. will go to Redwood Falls to look over a business proposition, and Bank will go to St. Paul, where he has a position offered him.
Benjamin Wise, of Primghar, Iowa, has bought Ferdinand Lenz's fine farm of 280 acres in Westside township. The consideration is understood to be not far from $18,200, a big bunch of money, not too much for a property so desirable. The land is as good as the best in this part of the county and is well improved. Mr. Wise expects to take possession next spring.
C.C. Hanson, of Little Rock, was in Worthington Monday on business concerning the estate of the late Lena Hanson, of which he is administrator.
Sheriff Fauskee was here Tuesday subpoenaing viewer on ditch No. 8, near Worthington. The viewers will meet on December 10th.
From the Tribune:
While playing with some other children at the Presbyterian fair Wednesday night, little Emma Ebert fell off from a chair and broke the large bone in her arm. The bone was at once set, and no serious results are expected.
Ed and Andrew and Joe Weinandt are home from Page, North Dakota, where they have been working for about a year. Brewster looks so good to them that they will probably remain here until spring, and possibly longer.
Tom Bryngelson and family came back from O'Brien County, Iowa, last week, and took the train here Wednesday night for their new home at Bellingham, Washington.
Married in Washington.
Mr. Arthur P. Moffat, and Miss Gertrude E. Stuart were married at Rockford, Wash., Dec. 11. The bride is a sister of Mrs. Leon Morris of Brewster, where she lived until two years ago. Mr. Moffat is also a former resident of Hersey township. They will make their home at Davenport, Washington.
[NOTE: if you want more info about this article, please email me. People named in the article are below.]
Ivory E. McKusick, Stillwater.
Frank Gunther, Minneapolis.
John Mark & Co., Minneapolis.
John Clark, Minneapolis.
Hans Nelson, Minneapolis.
Dr..Edward Murray/Murray institutes for inebriates, Minneapolis.
Amos Bacon, Wadena.
Ethel Agnes Krause, St. Paul.
Ida Strucke, Lester Prairie.
Henry Murphy, Minneapolis.
Dell Fuller, Lake Crystal.
Thomas Whelan, St. Paul.
Peter Glassrud, Eldred.
Thomas S. Outram, Minneapolis.
Christine Elgeross, Willmar.
Andrew J. Foster, Minneapolis.
Morgan Jones, Minneapolis.

Friday, December 21, 1906

New Masonic Officers.
The installation of the new officers of Fraternity Lodge No. 101, A.F. and A.M. was held last Monday evening. The following are the officers for the ensuing year:
Worshipful Master -- W.E. Bloom
Senior Warden -- C.M. Crandall
Junior Waren -- S.S. Smith
Treasurer -- Lee Shell
Secretary -- W.M. Evans
Senior Deacon -- Jas. Mackay
Junior Deacon -- O. Carncross
Tyler -- A.J. Kannal
Chaplain -- W.W. Loveless
Stewards -- W.G. Ramage and Walter Dunbar.
O.W. Johnson who has been spending a few days visiting his parents near Org, is assisting in Sterling Bros.' clothing store during the holiday rush. After Christmas he goes to Chicago to spend a few days in the house before starting on his trip for spring business. He is traveling for a firm manufacturing men's neckwear.
Nick Hendel is harvesting his ice crop.
Frank Koessler is still a single man, despite many rumors and carefully made arrangements.
Peter Bonzellet has sold 160 acres at $49.50 per acre to Anton Webber.
Edward Pank was married at Ocheyedan on Wednesday of last week, to Miss Emma Hindt of that place.
Dr. Dickman has bought the drug store and will put in a full stock of goods.
Round Lake.
From the Graphic:
W.H. Thomsen and J.L. Mangleson are attending a convention this week of the Retail Implement Dealer's association in Sioux Falls, S.D., which is holding a three days session in that city.
The Misses Anna Flentje and Edna Comer were in Worthington yesterday between trains.
E.D. Tripp, Theo. Bahls and E.H. Wellhausen attended the Sunday meeting last night in Worthington.
Duncan Sutherland is on his way home from Canada and is expected to arrive this afternoon.
From the News:
The two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Mackay fell off a chair this morning and suffered quite a serious injuries by coming in contact with a nail during the course of his fall. The injuries are on the body and are quite painful.
Mrs. Edward Fogarty was a passenger to Hardwick this morning to make the acquaintance of the little grandson who arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kennedy last night. May his life be a happy one.
Albert Peiper and John Lasher returned the latter part of the week from Winnipeg, Canada, where they went last week with the intention of commencing the work of erecting buildings on their farm. On arrival at Winnipeg they found that there were no trains running on the new road over which they had intended to travel and their land could not be reached. On their return they were in the big wreck near Fergus Falls but fortunately suffered no injuries.
Matt Pri_ster, one of the members of the Board of Supervisors of Lyon county, Iowa, committed suicide at 11 o'clock Tuesday morning by cutting his throat with a pocket knife. The deed was committed in the barn on the rear of his property and the act was the outcome of an investigation of Mr. Preister's official record by the Lyon county grand jury which has been in progress for several weeks and which resulted in their returning a bunch of indictments against him the day before.
From the Democrat:
Misses Grace and Maud Cooper, Maud Graves and Mary Tinnes were made members of the Eastern Star, Wednesday evening.
William Johns and W.R. Grapes returned from Rochester Tuesday. On examination the surgeons found that Mr. Johns is not afflicted with cancer of the intestines and that the ailment is of a much less serious nature. He is to return to the hospital in about two weeks and may at that time undergo an operation.
John E. Faragher started for southern California last Tuesday. He expects to remain there until the cold weather is over in Minnesota.
Mrs. Frederika Martens left Tuesday for LosAngeles, Calif., where she will spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Ella Forsythe. She was accompanied by her grandson Harvey Martens.
From the Enterprise:
Eddie Wemple who had one of his eyes injuried [sic] sometime ago, had to submit to an operation one day last week and have the eye ball scraped. A growth had formed over the pupil of the eye and it was necessary to remove this before the sight could be restored. Since the operation he is getting along nicely.
H.C. Constable returned Tuesday evening from a ten days absence. He was in Chicago two or three days buying goods and from there went to Ketland, Ind., and visited with Mrs. Constable, who is spending the winter with her parents.
From the Tribune:
Misses Margaret and Rose McCall returned Monday night from sojourn at Excelsior Springs, Missouri, where they had been for the former's health. Miss rose is very much improved, and will probably spend the remainder of the winter at home.
F.C. Stitser, the Worthington harness maker, has sold out his business and may move to Kansas City. He was a candidate for county treasurer two years ago, and was well known in this part of the county. He was among the few really enterprising businessmen of Worthington, and that town will miss him very much.
Rev. Samuel Wallace, the newly appointed pastor of the Methodist church in this place, arrived  last week, and on Sunday occupied the pulpit both morning and evening. Mr. Wallace was a schoolmate and neighbor of Mrs. Leon Morris several years ago, when the Wallace and the Stuart families resided near Westbrook.
I.F. Kelley made a trip to Minneapolis Tuesday.
Thos. King of Lismore was [a] county seat visitor Wednesday.
J.S. Frink made a business trip to Estherville Wednesday.
Dave Herline is reported to have suffered a stoke appoplexy.
A.M. Renner transacted business at Brewster between trains Tuesday.
John Sather is assisting in M.J. Martin's store during the holiday rush.
Thos. Cunningham of Hersey was in town Wednesday on a trading trip.
Glen Baker has returned from a visit of several months in Garval, N.Y.
John Nelson of Bigelow did trading in Worthington Wednesday afternoon.
Chas. Lindstrom was in from Bigelow Wednesday marketing poultry.
Born -- On Saturday Dec. 15, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. Will Johnson, a daughter.
Rev. Sam Wallace of Brewster attended the Sunday meetings Wednesday evening.
Rev. J.P. Child came over from Fairmont last week to attend the revival meetings.
Lee Humiston is home from the military school at Culver, Ind., for the holiday vacation.
John Hill of Sioux City, Ia., is visiting at the home of his brother Will Hill, the cigar maker.
The Misses Anderson of Round Lake were at the county seat Wednesday on a shopping trip.
A.E. Ober, who lives on the west side of Jackson county was in Worthington doing holiday trading.
Mrs. Wilber Dodge returned to her home at Sioux City, Ia., Wednesday, after a visit with relatives here.
W.E. Madison shipped a car of hogs to Chicago last Saturday. Sunday night he shipped a car of cattle to Sioux City.
Mmes. Randolph and Morris, and Miss Ehlers of Brewster came down Wednesday evening to attend the tabernacle meetings.
Mark Scott returned yesterday from Montana, where he has spent some time on a claim. He will remain over the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Moffatt of Davenport, Wash., who came east on a wedding trip, are visiting friends here and at Brewster.
Mrs. Alvina Friborg of Ellsworth was examined before Judge of Probate Cory, Tuesday, as to her mental condition, and committed to the asylum at St. Peter. Sheriff and Mrs. Fauskee took her to that institution Tuesday night.
G.F. Hillstrom of Callendar, Ia., was in the city few days this week visiting friends and looking after business matters. Mr. Hillstrom was a former resident of Worthington, but is now engaged in the real estate business at Callander.
John O. Larson a prominent farmer of Indian Lake township, was a pleasant caller yesterday afternoon. Mr. Larson says he completed his corn harvest and the crop turned out better than anticipated. He says he has raised (...)
J.J. Kies made a business trip to Fulda last Friday.
Capt. A. Schaffer of Rushmore spent Monday in the city.
Robt. Schmidt has gone to Blue Earth City to visit relatives.
Tom Rosen of Rushmore was a guest at the Western Sunday.
Mrs. Cora Maxwell of Sibley, has been attending the Sunday meeting here.
Mrs. Jas. Montgomery of Wilmont did shopping in Worthington last Monday.
County Commissioner Timens was down from Wilmont on business last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Barron of Rushmore did trading in Worthington Friday, last.
Rev. Sage of Windom was here a couple of days attending the Sunday meetings.
Dr. and Mrs. Carrell of Rushmore attended the meetings at the tabernacle Sunday.
Mrs. A.P. Vail and children of Seward attended services at the tabernacle Sunday.
Adolph Amondson left on Tuesday for Elon, Ia., to spend Christmas with his parents.
Miss Lillian Webb is clerking in Braces jewelry and art store during the holiday season.
Harry Hobson was in Minneapolis for a few days this week on Canadian land business.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Kelley has returned home after a visit of several days with their son I.F. Kelley.
Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Ludlow of Rushmore, attended the Sunday meetings here last Sunday.
The Sundberg farm of 200 acres was sold Monday to parties in Worthington. Harry Hobson made the deal.
Mrs. I.T. Branigan of Edna, Ia., was a guest at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E.K. Smith, over Sunday.
F.W. Green, who has been fireing on Nos. 15 and 16, has gone to Council Bluffs to spend Christmas with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Jones, of Adrian, have been visiting their son Ed, and occasionally taking in the Sunday meetings.
Dr. E.C. Dieckhoff left last Tuesday for Brownsville, Texas, where he will spend several weeks of the cold weather this winter.
J.J. Kies transacted business at Kinbrae Monday. He drove over and back, and found the weather anything but agreeable.
H.R. Tripp, register of deeds elect, has moved his family up from Round Lake. They will occupy the Torrance dwelling on 10th ave and 7th street.
Rev. G.M. Bailey, district missionary for the American Sunday School Union, returned Monday from a campaign in Murray county. As the result of ten days gospel meetings he reports sixteen conversions.
Senator Dan Shell went to St. Paul Monday on business.
H.G. Eggleston of Reading was a Worthington visitor Monday.
Ed Moberg and J.B. Blomgren came in from Bigelow last Thursday evening to attend the Sunday meetings.
R.H. Diechoff spent last week with his family in this city. He left Monday on a trip through eastern Wisconsin.
Sam Swanson and crew returned on Saturday evening last from Elk township, where they had completed a farm building for Geo. Hacker.
W.H. Gilbert, a former resident of Worthington, and at one time proprietor of the roller mills, died recently at his home at Dayton, Washington.
Mrs. J.P. Biltgen, who sustained some very painful injuries a couple of weeks ago in a fall down a stairway at the court house, is making rapid recovery.
O.F. Blood, of the Worthington Plumbing Co., spent last week at Sioux City installing a team heating plant in a new residence recently completed for his mother.
J.E. Walling of Butte, Neb., was a guest at the home of W.E. Bloom a few days this week. He also visited in Elk and Seward townships. Mr. Walling was a Nobles county pioneer in grasshopper times.
A delegation of Mankato people including Dr. J.W. Andrews, G.M. Palmer, T.C. Piert, Humphrey Roberts, Rev. Peter Clare, A.C. Gran and W.W. Davis came down last Monday to interview Evangelist Sunday in regard to a series of meetings at Mankato.
[NOTE: if you want more info about this article, please email me. People named in the article are below.]
Mary Little, Marysburg.
Frank H. Miner, Janesville.
Edward Dawson, St. Paul.
Nora/John Meyer, St. Wendel.
Ole Niestad, St. Paul.
Sanford S. Small, Minneapolis.
Haakon Johnson, Red Wing.
Daniel Dahmans, Maywood.
Antonio Pucci, Grove City.
C.P. Dopson.
C.M. Olson, Mankato.
Sarah Critchley, Mankato.
Indian Lake.
Miss Ellen Johnson was at Worthington last Tuesday doing her holiday trading.
R.T. Clark left last Tuesday for a two weeks visit at his old home at Hope, Kansas, he will also stop at Superior, Neb. before returning to take charge of the Cedergren farm for the coming year.
Andrew Thompson of Rushmore is spending a few days with his brother Oliver.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Saxon left last Tuesday for Worthington where they will take in the Sunday meetings.
The band is progressing finely their latest member being E.P. Johnson who comes as a saxaphone player and Gust Rudquist with a piccolo.
From the Signal:
Howard Westby accompanied his cousin to the county seat Friday where he spent the day at the home of Ole Carlson.
Theodore Cramer received a telegram Friday containing the news of the death of his father which occurred at his home in Wisconsin on Thursday. Theo departed on the afternoon train Friday and would reach his old home about 8 o'clock Saturday morning and would be there in time for the funeral. The father had been under the care of attendants for some time and his death was expected might occur at any time on the account of his advanced age. All extend their sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Cramer.
Route One.
Oscar F. Larson with a party of young people attended preaching at the tabernacle Saturday night.
G.F. Hastings and family were also in attendance at the Sunday meeting Saturday night.
F.A. Matheson and D.M. Holland was among those from Route 1 to attend the men's meeting at the tabernacle Sunday afternoon.
We are glad to note that C.M. Holland is able to be out again after being shut in with typhoid fever for about six weeks.
Will Hodgson returned from Spencer, Iowa, the first of the week and will do chores for Henry Holmes this winter.
Miss Rensie DeBoer closes her school in the Holland district Friday for a two weeks vacation. Miss Rensie is making a success of this her first school and the parents of the district may congratulate themselves for securing so estimable a young lady to instruct their children.
Ed Moberg was in from Bigelow Saturday.
Will Cunningham of Brewster was a visitor Wednesday.
Henry Haggard of Indian Lake was in town Wednesday.
J. Low of Loraine was in the city Wednesday doing trading.
J.E. Shore of Ransom was a county seat visitor Wednesday.
A.M. Renner made a business trip to Heron Lake last Friday.
Jens Langseth of Indian Lake did trading in Worthington Wednesday.
D.J. Chambers of Wilmont was a visitor at the county capitol Tuesday.
F.T. Graves of Ransom transacted business at the county seat Wednesday.
Gust Nystrom of Indian Lake was in town Saturday taking in the sights.
Sam Tow and wife of Brewster attended the tabernacle meetings here Sunday.
Born -- On Tuesday, Dec. 18, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. W.N. Shanks, of Seward, a son.
A. Oberman will leave on Tuesday of next week for Elk River to look after his logging operations.
Mr. and Mrs. V.E. Butler of Heron Lake were guests at the home of G.A. Fairfield last Saturday.
Chas. Erickson, who lives four miles northwest of town, was in Worthington Wednesday doing trading.
D.H. McKellar and wife of Brewster were guest at the Western last Sunday. They came down to hear Mr. Sunday.
Prof. G.B. Haverson, principal of the Luverne high school, come over Wednesday to hear Rev. Sunday's sermon in the evening.
J.F. Flynn spent a number of days at Ellsworth the first of the week visiting his mother and looking after business matters.
John Hogan of Turtle Lake, Wis., a prominent insurance man, stopped off here Tuesday on his way home from a trip to Mexico.
Mr. Earl Coss of Luverne spent several days here this week visiting her mother, Mrs. Mott, and attending the Sunday meetings.
Rev. A.S. Willoughby and N.W. Boyes, of Edgerton, Minn., were guests at the Allen Wednesday and Thursday. They came down to hear Mr. Sunday.
M.W. Taylor, district deputy for the Ancient Order of United Workmen, is in the city working in the interest of that excellent order. He expects to put through a large class of candidates here in and few weeks.
Wesley Young, cashier of the First National Bank, Morton Smith, assistant cashier of the State Bank, and Theo. Behrenfeld, stock buyer, of Heron Lake were down Saturday night to hear Mr. Sunday.
Howard Durfee, express agent at the Omaha depot, one day last week sprained his ankle, with the result that he was partially incapacitated for duty one day, and with difficulty attended to his work for some days more.
The following Heron Lake people attended the Sunday meetings Wednesday afternoon and evening: Rev. Sage and wife, Mrs. W.L. Callison, Mrs. A. Blinkiron, Misses Mary Luenberg, Ethel St. John, Lucy Ecker.
Windom Citizen: The following composed the party to Worthington Sunday to hear the noted evangelist: Mr. and Mrs. Borst, Miss Borst, Mr. and Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Officer, Mrs. Morton, Mr. Yerkes, Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Gillam, Dr. and Mrs. Beise, Mr. Perkins, Prof. Williams, Mrs. Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. D.U. Weld. They returned with expressions of the greatest admiration for the man wonderful ability. Mr. Borst says he pulls off his coat, rolls up his sleeves and works like a human dynamo, a man of keen intellect, powerful feeling and great command of language. Fifteen hundred people listened to him. Several of those who went Sunday will return and spend two or three days.

Friday, December 28, 1906

Clayton Bedford is home from the State U. at Minneapolis, and Arba Bedford is home from the Worthington High school for the holidays.
The new officer of the M.W.A. camp will be as follows: V.C., Chas. Hamstreet; W.A., S. Fagerness; Clerk, H.C. Constable; escort, J.J. Rohwer; physician, F.A. Carrell, Watchman, Ivie Baird; Sentinel, S.T. Wood.
R.J. Jones and family headed a large delegation of Reading people who went to Worthington Sunday to hear Rev. m. A. Sunday preach.
Mrs. Chas. Hagberg went to the county seat the latter part of last week to have some dental work done.
Will Bullick held a turkey shoot last Saturday. Clay pidgeons were used for targets.
Mrs. F.W. Shaffenbergs is visiting in Nebraska.
Our townsman James Baird intends soon to start for California where he goes to visit his daughter, Mr[s]. Mactier. He expects to be gone about three months.
Misses Tillie and Jennie Sietsema are at home for the holidays, from the Mankato normal school. They have a vacation of two weeks.
From the Tribune:
Stude and Pinz are rushing the work on their new mill, and expect to be ready for business next week. The main building is 18x20, with 14 foot post, and attached to this is an engine room 12x18, with 10 foot posts. The motive power for the grinders will be furnished by a traction engine belonging to H.R. Pinz.
Rev. Hunter's family, consisting of his wife and two daughters, arrived here Wednesday from North Carolina, and are now getting settled at the manse.
G.W. Roth was up from Worthington Monday. He reports that the Sunday meetings are booming, and it is all he can do to keep off from the front seat.
Mrs. T.K. Olson left here Wednesday for Wahpeton, North Dakota, where her eldest daughter, Mrs. C.E. Johnson resides. Mrs. Johnson's four year old son is very ill with a complication of diseases and is not expected to recover. Mrs. Olsen intended to go sooner, but was kept by the illness of her own children.
From the Signal:
James Runger went to Worthington Sunday noon where he remained until the local freight Monday morning. He was at attendance at the tabernacle Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Pingel were passengers for Worthington Thursday morning where they spent a few hours viewing the Christmas sights.
Cards are out announcing the wedding of Miss Nellie Hubbard to Mr. William Widman. The ceremony is to take place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard on the evening of January 10, 1907 at 8 o'clock.
Michael Hand, who moved his family to Sibley a short time ago, decided he would much rather be here so he moved them back to Bigelow Wednesday and now occupies the room over the store room occupied by M.J. Hubbard.
From the New:
A.E. Huntington came down from St. Paul, Tuesday, to spend several days in looking after business matters. He has disposed of [h]is interest in the St. Paul National bank and soon after the first of the year will leave for the Pacific coast, where he expects to enter business.
Patrick E. Fogarty for many year a resident of this community, passed away at the hospital, in Breckenridge, Minn., Saturday, December 15th.
Fred Essman was a passenger to Worthington yesterday morning, to undergo a medical examination preparatory to applying for a pension.
Through her attorney, S.D. Riniker, Mrs. J.K. Fisher of Little Rock has entered suit against her husband for $1,700.00 alimony and a divorce permitting her the custody of her minor children, of which there are four. Mr. Fisher's personal property has been attached to guarantee the payment of any judgement that may be rendered in the courts.
Route One.
R.H. Matheson left Monday for a two weeks visit at the old home near Mason City Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Nazarenus departed Tuesday for a ten days visit with relatives and friends in Benton county, Iowa.
Mrs. C.A. Steineman placed the carrier and family under obligations Saturday for a nice roast of beef. Thanks, many Thanks.
One young man of the north end is starting a new fashion, he was buggy riding with his best girl Christmas eve, with sleigh bells on his horses.
Leonard Scriven is spending a few weeks with friends at Spencer, Iowa.
The carrier is indebted to Mrs. Car Graff for a dressed goose and Mrs. G.F. Hastings for a dressed duck, nice fat one which he found in their mail boxes Monday, and which he and his family and a few friends did justice to Christmas for dinner. He also received substantial favors, viz, from Fred Lundeen, sack of corn, Ed Larson sack of oats, Mrs. Edith Palmer Putnam a book of poems, he sincerely thanks the many friends for their kind remembrances.
Rev. P.A. Schwarz of Windom, and Rev. H.M. Hancock of Adrian, attended the Sunday meetings Wednesday.
Mr. Spartz of Wilmont was a county seat visitor Wednesday. He made the trip in an auto of his own manufacture.
Mr. and Mrs. John Whalen of Reading were in the city yesterday doing trading and transacting other business. Mr. Whalen made this office a pleasant call.
W.G. Ramage is gathering his ice harvest.
Max Cale is home from Minneapolis for the holidays.
Mrs. H.D. Woodford is reported to be seriously ill.
Albert Leistico is buying horses for the Chicago market.
WM. Free of Wilmont was a Worthington visitor Tuesday.
J.J. Kies is on the sick list, being threatened with tonsilitis.
H.D. Kies of Dow City, Ia., is home for the holiday vacation.
Miss Stillwell of Spirit Lake, is a guest at the Fish residence.
Geo. and Albert Damon are spending their holiday vacation at home.
Miss Anna Morris of Mankato is a guest at the home of Frank Glasgow.
W. Borst and wife of Wilmont were registered at the Worthington last Saturday.
Banker Chas. Nienaber and Theo Babls of Round Lake were county seat visitors Wednesday.
Mrs. Mina Johnston of Minneapolis is visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. Lee Shell.
Miss Marie Dovery has been on the sick list this week, having been threatened with lung fever.
Miss Gladys Humiston, who is attending school in Minneapolis, is home for the holiday vacation.
Dr. N.J. Nessa and C.J. Anderson of Brewster attended the Sunday meetings here Wednesday.
Wilber Hunt is spending part of vacation visiting at the home of his grand parents near Rushmore.
J.E. Johnson and John Anderson of Org were in the city Sunday to attend the tabernacle meetings.
John Hyslop and wife and R.L. Jones and wife of Fulda, attended the Sunday meetings here Wednesday.
Mrs. Stanton entertained the Sunday school of St. John's Episcopal church yesterday afternoon at her home.
Joe Pass of Wilmont passed through town Wednesday on his way to Des Moines, Ia., to visit relatives.
Deputy Public Examiner C.E. Johnson has spent the week here checking up the accounts of the several county officers.
Mrs. Clark who was seriously hurt a couple of weeks ago by a all [sic] at the Glasgow home, is making satisfactory recovery.
Mrs. A.R. Mann came down from Windom to spend Christmas with her husband, who is running the Omaha line's pumping station here.
Mrs. Wm. A. Sunday arrived last Saturday from Chicago, and will assist her husband in his evangelistic work. She was accompanied by Wm. Jr.
Miss Mattie Hastings has resigned her position in G.W. Patterson's office and will after Jan. 1st resume her old position as deputy Register of Deeds.
The Emrich Brothers, of Wilmont, passed through town Wednesday enroute for Chicago. They are making the trip overland in an automobile of their own manufacture.
The Misses Mamie and Jennie Jones, of Cherokee, Ia., are here for a week's visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jones. The Misses Jones are the leading milliners of Cherokee, and report a very prosperous business the past year.
Mrs. Randall of Adrian, who was on her way to Iowa Falls, one day last week, was taken ill on the train before reaching Worthington. At this place she was taken to the hospital, where a few hours rest and treatment enable her to proceed on her way.
Among the visiting clergy in the city in attendance upon the Sunday meetings are the following: Rev. W.J. Robinson, Pine Island, Rev. F.O. Krause, Jeffers, Rev. Mr. Firth and Rev. Mr. Carver, Luverne, Rev. Mr. Johnson, an evangelist, Rev. J.F. VanCamp, Pipestone, Rev. S.A. Cook, Windom, Rev. Mr. Wallace, Brewster, Rev. H.M. Hancock, Adrian.
Ben Voss was in from Elk last Saturday.
Dwight Harden came down from St. Paul, to spend Christmas.
Mrs. W.A. Weed, Spirit Lake, is visiting at the home of John Fitch.
M. Thompson of Rushmore, did shopping in Worthington last Saturday.
Mrs. Lottie Brayton returned from a visit with Bigelow friends, Sunday.
Miss Grace Watson, of St. Paul, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. R.L. Morland.
R.J. Jones and family were in from Reading Sunday attending the tabernacle meetings.
Mrs. Claribel Hart, Rock Valley, Iowa, was the guest of Worthington friends over Sunday.
Prof. G.B. Hayerson of Luverne came over Friday to attend the tabernacle meetings.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Thom of Rushmore, were attendants at the Sunday meetings Friday.
Mrs. William Marple, of Minneapolis, arrive Sunday for a visit with her mother, Mrs. Biltgen.
A.F. Bostrom, of Vinton, Iowa, is spending the holidays visiting at the home of his parents, near Reading.
Bennett Joel, the teacher in district No. 20, Ransom township, was a Worthington visitor last Saturday.
Misses Rose Sather, Emma Ferguson and Fanny Hendricks are home from Mankato for the holiday vacation.
Herman Steffins, wife and three children, of Chicago are visiting his mother, Mrs. Biltgen. They came Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lawson and little daughter Marie, went to Omaha, Monday for a holiday visit with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. John Salstrom and son Paul, and Miss Salstrom of Bigelow were over Sunday visitors at the Biltgen home.
Mrs. Hattie Bassett and daughter Bernice, and Mrs. James Dickerson, of Rushmore, were Worthington visitors Friday and Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ager, Rushmore, were the guests of Mr. Ager's parents, Friday, and attended the evangelistic meetings at the tabernacle.
Misses Amy Forbes and Laura Pepple are home from Duluth, where they are attending the normal school, for the holiday vacation.
L.M. Sorem of Ransom was in attendance at the meeting of the county school boards held last Saturday. He made this office a pleasant call.
John A. Anderson of Kinbrae came down last Friday to do his holiday shopping. His daughter, who is attending school here, accompanied him home.
The Whist Club was entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore last Saturday evening and a very enjoyable time resulted. Four new members were added to the club.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Walberg visited Worthington friends a few day the latter part of last week. Mr. Walbern has been on the road for the Cuddahy Bros. the past year.
Carl O. Swanson arrived last week from Prophet's Town, Ill., and is making his home with C.A. Erickson, who lives northwest of town. Mr. Swanson has taken out an auctioneer's license and will engage in that business.
G.C. Fellows of Elk was in town Wednesday.
Rev. I.N. Darnell held service at Org on Christmas day.
C.W. Becker of Wilmont was a Worthington visitor Saturday.
Mrs. Ivan Erickson and son visited relatives in Little Rock this week.
Mrs. W.V. Olin spent Christmas with her parents at Edgerton, Minn.
Cashier M.O. Page of the Beaver Creek bank, was a guest of C.T. Tupper Wednesday.
Hugh Barry who is attending Business College in St. Paul, came home to spend Christmas.
Miss Margaret M. Brooks is spending the holiday vacation at her home at Cannon Fall[s].
Miss Avis Voak, who is attending Business College at St. Paul, is home for the Christmas vacation.
E. Nordquist of Indian Lake went to St. Paul on Sunday to visit his wife, who is in a hospital there.
The Bible study class led by Miss Miller has nearly a hundred members and meets at half past three o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Coxe of Barnum, Minn., spent Christmas here at the home of their daughter, Mrs. W.G. Ramage.
J.P. Hoffman of Round Lake passed through town Tuesday on his way home from Mankato to spend Christmas.
C.L. Maxwell and family are spending the Christmas holiday visiting at their old home at Scotland, S.D.
A.M. Renner, local manager of the Western Implement Co., spent Christmas with his parents at Comfrey, Minn.
Miss Maude Conrad of the public school corps of teachers is spending the holiday vacation with her parents at Chicago.
O.W. Tupper came up from Cherokee, where he is employed in a bank, is to spend Christmas under the parental roof.
Jet Smallwood is home from Minneapolis for the holidays.
Attorney J.F. Flynn spent Christmas with friends at Ellsworth.
Attorney John A. Cashel spent Christmas at his old home in Winona.
O.H. Nystrom was in from township last Saturday doing trading.
Mrs. C.J. Smallwood is enjoying a visit from a sister, Mrs. Wilson, of Milwaukee.
Vandy Duba enjoyed a visit from a brother living at Brewster, the first of the week.
Banker C.R. West came down from Brewster Wednesday to attend the Sunday meetings.
A.L. And R.M. Gilman of Round Lake, were registered at the Western on Wednesday.
Wm. Oxford of Seward township attended the meeting of the school boards here last Saturday.
Geo. Innes, the mayor of Rushmore, was a business visitor at the county seat last Saturday.
Landlord D.V. Lees and family of Brewster, attended the tabernacle meetings here Wednesday.
Thos. Prideaux, manager of the Rushmore Mercantile Co's store, visited relatives here Christmas day.
Bert Forbes is home from Altoona, Wis., to spend the holidays visiting his mother and sisters.
Mrs. A. Schaffer, of Hersey township, left the latter part of last week for Chicago, to spend Christmas with relatives.
Misses Edith and Francis Clark are attending the meeting of the Minnesota Educational Association at Minneapolis this week.
Editor M.R. Berkheimer of Wilmont, passed through town Wednesday on his way to Humbolt, Ia., to visit relatives.
F.M. Hickman leaves this week for the twin cities. From there he will go in search of a location. Mrs. Hickman will remain here until the close of the school year.
A.H. Lawrence, of Reading, was a Worthington visitor yesterday and made this office a pleasant call. Mr. Lawrence has been working into the dairy business, until at present it is bringing him in an income of $75 per month. Does dairying pay. Well, ask Mr. Lawrence.
[NOTE: if you want more info about this article, please email me. People named in the article are below.]
Frank Johnson, Stillwater.
Andrew Magnuson, Stillwater.
George Burton Young, Young-Quinlan co., Minneapolis.
Frank Grandfield, Anoka.
Colonel Frank T. Corriston, Minneapolis.
H. Alden Smith, Smith & Wyman, Minneapolis.
Joseph Veigel, Mankato.
August Ohlius, Stearns county, St. Cloud.
Mr. and Mrs. George Dietz, Owatonna.
Christian Olstead, Wanamingo, Goodhue county.
Mayor A.J. Halsted, Brainerd.
Thomas J. Coleman, Minneapolis.

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Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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