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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 August, 1906

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Friday, August 3, 1906

Business Change.
The firm of Fagerstrom and Clark, shoemen, has been dissolved, and Mr. Fagerstrom retires. The business will be continued as before by Mr. Clark, who has had the management of the store the past two years. Mr. Clark is one of our most enterprising young merchants, and enjoys a profitable and growing trade.
Chas. Martin draws 5 years. Evans 2 years and 3 Months.
Judge P.E. Brown came over from Luverne last Monday to sentence the two burglars who looted a saloon at Ellsworth. Chas. Martin, who is an old offender was given the limit, 5 years. His partner Ed Evans, was given 2 years and 3 months. Martin has demonstrated that he is a dangerous man, and the judge told him it was not safe to let him be at large.
Real Estate Notes.
Nobles county farm lands are beginning to move. During last week H.S. Hobson has sold nearly 4000 acres, all to Iowa parties. The following are the tracts and the buyers.
J.F. Skroble, ne1/4, sec. 7-103-41.
W. Beneck, se1/4, 7-103-41.
E. Struting, nw1/4, 23-102-41.
To Iowa party 400a in Loraine.
J.H. Blume, the genial proprietor of the Worthington steam laundry, surprised his many friends on Wednesday evening by stealing quietly out of town and getting married. The happy event took place at the pleasant farm residence of the brides' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thueson of Bigelow, the bride being their daughter Minnie. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. G.A. Cahoon of this city, and was witnessed by a large company of relatives of the contracting parties, and was followed by a wedding supper and social festivities.
The groom is one of the well known and successful young business men of this city, and has been a resident of the county for many years. The bride is a popular young lady of Bigelow township, highly esteemed by all who know her for her many womanly qualities.
Mr. and Mrs. Blume have gone to housekeeping in a house on 8th avenue owned by the groom. The Advance joins their many friends in extending congratulations.
New Rector.
The Rev. Mr. Ten Broeck, the new rector of St. John's Episcopal church will preach his first sermon here next Sunday evening at 8 o'clock.
Rev. Ten Broeck graduated last June from Seabury Hall, Faribault at the head of his class. He is the son of a clergyman and a bright young man of fine attainments.
Drowned In a Well at Adrian.
Last Saturday a 4 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Larson was drowned by falling into a well. He had been playing around the yard and when he was missed search soon lead to the well, where a displaced board aroused the gravest fears, and in a few minutes the lifeless body of the child was fished out of the cold water. The parents have the sympathy of the people of the whole county in their sad bereavement.
Elk Center
Geo. Hart visited his old home at Graham Lake last Sunday.
Mrs. Linen is spending a few weeks with her daughter at Ashton Iowa.
Miss Marie Anstrom, departed last Sunday for St. Paul, to resume her duties with Field, Schlick and Co.
Miss Nellie Johnson, one of our popular school mams returned last Friday from Mankato where she has attended Normal school.
Gus Rudquist, has accepted a position with the Olund Threshing Co., for the season.
Misses Violet Saxon, and Alma Larson, returned last Saturday from Mankato where they have attended school.
After an absence of two weeks Rev. Oberg returned last week from his western trip, where he purchased two teams of fine black drivers.
Indian Lake.
Miss Mary Anstrom returned to her home at St. Paul last Sunday.
Clarence Langseth has his large fine dwelling house soon ready for occupation. What then.
The Misses Mary Sunman and Mamie Saxon of Worthington attended a birthday party of Mrs. John A. Saxon last Tuesday evening.
The Misses Alma Larson and Violet Saxon returned last Saturday from Mankato where they have been taking a course at the teachers training school.
Emery Hactor, Alvin Anderson, Arthur Johnson, Arthur Larson and Ensel Thomson took in the excursion at Spirit Lake last Sunday. A fine time is reported by all.
Miss Nellie Johnson, of Nobles County's most popular school mams, returned home from Mankato last Friday where she has been attending the teachers training school.
Route Two.
J.E. Peterson has a field of oats that will yield 75 to 90 bushels per acre.
Mail Carrier Rippberger will take in the National Encampment, held in Minneapolis, Aug. 13, 14, 15.
Henry Pfeil was the first in the field stacking barley, commencing on Monday of this week.
Herm Doeden has certainly a fine field of corn that beats anything on the line.
Arrested for Assault.
Frank Timmons and Chas. Blumeneau of Adrian were arrested west of Magnolia on July 30th by Marshall Mitchell of Adrian charged with assault in the second degree made upon Ferdinand Keisling, at his home three miles west of Adrian. It occurred between 5 and 6 o'clock on the morning of their arrest. Keisling was wounded in the head, the scalp being badly cut. He was taken to the hospital at Rochester the same day for treatment.
Bimueneua [Blumeneau?] is section foreman at Adrian, Timmons is a carpenter and also lives at Adrian. No particulars as to the cause of the assault can be obtained. The hearing of Timmons and Blumeneau has been set for Saturday.
List of those who will tent with us during Chautauqua:
Robt. Jones and family, Ole Johnson and family, L.D. Fanchier and family, Reading; Mrs. Voloth, Ireton, Iowa; Thomas W. Barbour and family, Thos. Barbour for friends, Slayton; Mrs. Ora Rice, Fulda; C.R.J. Kellam and family, Heron Lake; G.E. Briggs and family, Mrs. H.P. Lewis and family, Wilmont; F.W. Stanton and family, Ellsworth; Miss Carrie Hawed, Luverne; Hilda Hammer, Mountain Lake; Mrs. Roddis, Pipestone; Mr. Bedford and family, Dr. F.A. Carroll and family, Rushmore; L.C. Churchill and family, Windom; Mrs. G.W. Wilson, Mrs. Ira Fox, Mrs. H.J. Ludlow, James Ramage and family, James McKay and family, Miss DeBoer, W.M. Evans and family, Harvey Beckley and family, Rev. Cahoon and family, Thos. Dovery and family, Gus. Swanberg and family, L.H. Beckley A.T. Latta and family, J.M. Addington and family, Loren Clark, Rev. Darnell and family, Mrs. John Peterson and family, T.A. Palmer and family, Rena Dow, C.T. Tupper and family, Worthington.
Co. F Returns From Camp.
Co. F., 3d Regt., returned on Wednesday evening from Camp Lakeview, after having spent ten days playing soldiers. The boys made a creditable showing for a new Company and all enjoyed their outing very much. The company has three sharpshooters and eight marksmen to it scredit as a result of the work on rifle range also two expert riflemen, which is the highest rank in marksmanship. Out of the three men in the 3d regiment who qualified for this position Co. F has two, viz Sergts. Smith and Dodge. Lieut. Smith remained behind to take part in the regimental shoot, when the best shot in the regiment qualify for the team to go to the national shoot at Seagirth, N.J.
City Clerk C.L. Mann visited Spirit Lake last Sunday.
W.C. Wyatt of Bigelow was in the city on business Tuesday.
A.M. Schroeder of Lakefield was in the city on business Monday.
Prof. Edwards came from Mankato to spend Sunday with his family.
Mrs. Mary Miller of Sioux City is visiting at the home of John Fitch.
Nels Anderson has the frame of his new dwelling on 9th street up and enclosed.
The bath house association has bought six new boats for the benefit of the Chautauqua crowd.
Mrs. O.H. Wheeler of St. Paul is visiting at the home of J.S. Kies. Mrs. Wheeler is a sister of Mr. Kies.
The Carnegie Public Library will be closed each evening during Chautauqua session. C.M. Crandall, President.
Engineer Ellison, of the steam dredger crew, had a foot badly crushed last Friday while moving the engine.
Merle Hurlburt, a member of Glasgows bridge crew, had a foot badly cut last Thursday, by the slipping of an axe.
On Monday last Mrs. Chas. Kuhl of Rushmore had a fall in which she fractured several of the small bones in one of her feet.
Postmaster Coughran is home from Sioux Falls, where he has spent a month taking treatment for rheumatism. He is much improved in health.
Leslie Holbrook is carrying his arm in a sling as the result of an attack of blood poisoning. A little sore to which no attention was paid, is the cause.
H.S. Hobson left yesterday on a trip to Minneapolis and Winnipeg. He was accompanied by Mrs. Hobson and daughter Vivian, who will visit in Minneapolis.
Miss E. Wolven of Fort Dodge, Iowa and Misses Bessie and Olive Ferris of Harvard, Illinois, are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Wolven for a few days.
W.R. Mansel of Adrian was a Worthington visitor last Sunday.
"Teddy" Ostrom of Adrian is the new night clerk at the Worthington.
Mrs. C.H. Curtis of Rochester is a guest at the residence of County Auditor, E.C. Pannell.
Miss Kitty Sullivan of Adrian was a guest of Miss Georgia Lear at the Worthington over Sunday.
Miss Mary Anstrom who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Helen Anstrom of Indian Lake, returned to St. Paul Sunday.
Banker Edwin Brickson of Adrian came over last Saturday night, and on Sunday joined the excursion for Spirit Lake.
Miss Anna Hedberg of Mankato visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. Clark a couple of days the first of the week. She left for Adrian on Wednesday.
H.S. Hobson last week concluded negotiations for the sale of a quarter section of land in Dewald township to Ernest Sterling. The land was owned by a Sioux Falls party.
Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Tupper are entertaining the following guests who will remain over the Chautauqua season: Miss Emma Partch, Miss Florence Horton, and Miss Gladys Norton of Rock Rapids.
Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Wolven gave a reception Wednesday evening in honor of their guests, Mrs. E. Wolven, and Misses Bessie and Olive Ferris. There were about thirty present. The evening was pleasantly spent in social intercourse. Refreshments were served.
A little 1 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tedman, who live near Round Lake, met with a painful accident last Saturday. While playing in the kitchen she plled the plug out of the washing machine, the hot water rushed out and scalded her badly about the neck, face and shoulders. Medical aid wa summoned and she was made as comfortable as possible, and at last report she was resting easy.
Blacksmith Fosberg of Bigelow was a Worthington visitor last Monday.
Mrs. Engwald returned last Saturday to her home in Sheldahl, Iowa after a visit of a week in Bigelow township.
Sergt. and Mrs. I.P. Fox returned last Saturday from Lake City, where the sergeant had spent a week in camp with Co. F.
Mrs. Peter Cedargreen and daughter Vera, who had been visiting relatives in Bigelow township, left on Tuesday for their home at Boone, Iowa.
Misses Nelli Johnson, Violet Saxon, and Alma Larson returned last Saturday from Mankato, where they had been attending summer school for teachers.
John R. Scott, of Bigelow was a welcome caller at this office Saturday last. He informed us that he would leave the early part of this week for Culbertson, Montana where he expects to make his future home. The Advance will keep him posted on Nobles county affairs.
Herman Radtke formerly night operator at the Omaha depot, now located at Leefer, Mo., was here Sunday renewing acquaintances. He went from here to St. James.

Friday, August 10, 1906

The marriage of Miss Katie Poppen to Mr. Arthur E. Smith was celebrated on Wednesday afternoon at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. Poppen of Summit Lake township. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J.E. Evans of Worthington in the presence of a company of relatives and friends. The usual festivities followed. The happy pair will spend a little time on a trip to South Dakota, after which they will return to Wilmont which will be their future home.
A.M. Giesler, of Sibley, was in the city Tuesday on business.
Arvid Ledine, of Canada, arrived last Thursday to spend a few weeks under the parental roof. Mr. Ledine went to Canada three years ago, and took a homestead and has just proved up this summer.
McCoy and Toll of Estherville, Iowa, has just completed a three hundred rod ditch for the Nystrom's.
Mrs. Svante Kall spent a few days last week visiting her sister Mrs. J. Schechter Jr.
Mrs. J.J. Filburn is home again from an extended visit with her daughter, near Hancock, Stevens Co., this state.
Fred Dohlheim visited Elk last Sunday.
J. Schechter Jr. was called to S. Dak., to conduct a funeral service Tuesday last.
Mrs. Jordan, of Redlands, California, has been spending some two weeks here and as is her custom whenever she visits this part of the country, she makes us a pleasant call. She is enjoying very good health; it is evident that the climate of California agrees with her. She leaves this week on her return home.
Round Lake.
(From the Graphic)
A farewell reception was given in honor of the J.J. Crowley family, Tuesday night on C. Schmidt's lawn, under the auspices of the Glee Club. Ice cream and cake were served and a very pleasant time was the result.
L.R. Long underwent a surgical operation Tuesday, at his home about a mile north of town.
E.L. Nance, of Worthington, was transacted business in Round Lake yesterday.
Chas. Nienaber was up in the vicinity of Westbrook, Cottonwood county, the latter part of last week to look at a piece of land for which, we are informed, he traded his stock of general merchandise to parties from Iowa.
(From the Tribune)
Rev. H.J. Mueller and family are home from their visit in St. Paul. Their son Ernest and his bride arrived on Monday, and will visit here for several weeks, after which they will leave for California, where Ernest has been principal of a public school for the past five years.
A. Oberman shipped a car of hogs to Sioux City lst Saturday.
Mrs. Salstrom and son ob Bigelow, are guests at the Biltgen home.
A.E. Hart made a business trip to South Dakota last week, returning Saturday.
Miss Eva Salstrom of Rockford, Ill., is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Biltgen.
Mrs. Richard Withrow, of Estherville, Ia., is a guest at the residence of Dr. Dolan.
Mrs. J.E. Sims of Sheldon attended the Chautauqua a few days the first of the week.
Miss Mary Kirk left Monday afternoon for a few days visit with her brother in Chicago, Ill.
Dr. C.R.J. Kellum and wife of Heron Lake are among the campers at the Chautauqua grounds.
Mart Twichell of Heron Lake is here visiting his son Henry, and old friends and acquaintances.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Gutterson of Lake Crystal, spent several days here this week attending the Chautauqua.
Misses Claudia Bede, Nellie Sauter and Gilbertson, of Edgerton, are guests at the home of County Supt. Abbott.
H.A. Stryker of Tyler, Minn., an expert collector, has been working in different parts of Nobles county the past week.
W.C. Renshaw of Rushmore was in the city yesterday transacted business, and favored this office with a pleasant call.
R.L. Morland, president of the State Board of Pharmacy, is in Minneapolis this week attending a meeting of the board.
Miss Eugenie Parmenter and brother Donald, of Scotland, S.D., are guests at the home of their uncle, C.L. Maxwell.
Mrs. Walter Clement and son of Minneapolis, is here on a visit at the home of her parents, Senator and Mrs. Daniel Shell.
S.M. Stewart and F.L. Humiston last week bought three quarters of a section of land which was a part of the Stangland estate.
Miss Stella Lewis a former teacher in our schools, came down from Cottonwood last Saturday for a short visit with friends.
Wanted - To do plain sewing at my home, ladies please write or call on Mrs. Nellie L. Well, R.F.D. No. 3 Worthington Minn.
John Wassem of Leota passed through town Thursday on his way home from Iowa where he had been called to attend the funeral of a relative.
The following Lismore young people came down to attend the Chautauqua: Misses Eva McCann May King, Anna King, Rosa McCann and E. Knipps.
The Advance is in receipt of the announcement of the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Lovrien of the Ellsworth News. The happy event occurred on Aug. 7th.
W.E. Bloom visited Brewster Monday on business.
Theo Bahls and son came up from Round Lake Wednesday.
E.G. Gillis of Rushmore is here attending the Chautauqua.
Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Rockwell visited in Luverne yesterday.
Chas. Harthun, the Brewster livery man, was in the city Sunday.
I.F. Kelly is spending the week in Iowa buying a carload of poultry.
Mrs. Grace Ager and three children of St. Peter, are visiting relatives here.
H.J. Rupert and family of Bigelow are guests at the home of P.H. Brown.
Miss Christe Campbell of Lake Wilson is a guest at the home of W.W. Loveless.
Mrs. H. Littlechild and Mrs. W.L. Taylor of Sibley are attending the Chautauqua here.
Miss Minnie Ruesink of Minneapolis was a guest at the home of Dr. Gholz last week.
S.B. Bedford and family of Rushmore are among the campers on the Chautauqua grounds.
Mrs. F.M. Hickman and Mrs. I.P. Fox were called to Sibley on Monday to attend the funeral of an aunt.
Misses Rose and Mary Alberts, of Mankato, are visiting their sister Mrs. H.F. Rockwell, this week.
G. Bachman of Fulda, has been assisting in Mr. Morland's drug store this week during the absence of the proprietor.
Dr. and Mrs. Chalfant, of Streator, Ill., are here on a visit. The doctor is also looking after extensive landed interests.
Mrs. S.J. Madison, of Fulda, is spending the week here visiting her son. Mayor W.E. Madison, and taking in the Chautauqua.
Mrs. N.J. Hudson and children, of California, and Rev. and Mrs. Roi Tibbitts of Mabel, Minn., are guests at the home of H.B. Lewis.
Miss Bertha Renner of Comfrey, Minn., is here on a visit to her brother, A.M. Renner local manager for the Western Implement Co.
Rev. Erickson, a former pastor of the Swedish Lutheran church of Worthington, now located at Home City, Douglass county, is here on a visit at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Olson, and other relatives.
E.F. Clower, of Bigelow, came up on Monday to hear Mrs. Maude Ballington Booth's lecture. Mr. Clower has been considering coming out for clerk of court, but had not yet made up his mind. He felt inclined to let it go for the present.
O.W. Tupper and Jas. Mott returned last week from their sojourn of two months in Colorado. The trip was made partly for pleasure and partly for work. They spent some time on a ranch near Colorado Springs, and got pretty well inured to rough western life, and enjoyed the experience very much. They tok in the sights around Denver, Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek, and were delighted with the scenery.
Geo. Eppers of Adrian was a county seat visitor Tuesday.
Miss Louise Iles, of Sioux Falls, is a guest of Miss Mae Tupper this week.
M.I. LaShell, of Aurelia, Ia., spent several days here this week on business.
Mrs. C.A. Wagner of New Richland is a guest of Mrs. J.H. Dieckhoff this week.
Mrs. P. Norberg and children of Sioux Falls, are guests at the home of Gus Swanberg.
Prof. J.P. Hoffman, of Round Lake, was here Wednesday attending the Chautauqua.
E. Swanson and H.L. Kimmel, of Reading, were guests at the Western on Tuesday.
Miss Ida Wagner of New Richland is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O.W. Dieckhoff.
Born - On Wednesday, Aug. 8th, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Studebaker of Elk, a daughter.
Rev. F.G. Wilcox of Zumbrota, has spent the week here visiting his old class mate, Rev. J.E. Evans.
Misses Partch and Norton, who had been visiting at the home of C.T. Tupper, returned to their homes at Rock Rapids Wednesday.
Miss Coila Free is home from Kingsley, Ia., on a visit and attended the Chautauqua. Miss Free has been operating a photograph gallery at Kinsley the past year, and is meeting with gratifying success.
The Brewster Tribune recently celebrated its 8th anniversary. Bor. Randolph is giving the people of his village a good paper and the business men seem to appreciate his efforts by giving him generous support.
Bro. Lovrien last week finished his first year as editor of the Ellsworth News and in honor of the event the News was printed on pink paper. Bro. Lovrien has made many improvements in the paper during his administration.
U.S. Frye, of Van Horne, Ia., spent a number of days here this week looking after property interests. He owns a fine 320 acre farm in Hersey township and was looking after harvesting of the crop. The Advance acknowledges a pleasant call from Mr. Frye.
The Advance is in receipt of the announcement of the marriage of Mr. A.P. Rose to Miss Theo. A. Russell at Spokane, Washington on July 31st. Mr. Rose was at one time foreman of the Advance office and has many friends here who will congratulate him on his new venture.
W. Thompson has opened a restaurant in the Klassy building formerly occupied by the Ideal.
Mrs. W.J. Parry, of Lemars, Ia., is here on a visit at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Prideaux.
Vernon Hayden came here from Graceville, Minn. last Friday and has taken his old place in Morland's drug store.
Miss Alma Werner of Wolcott, Ia., is visiting at the home of her uncle, H.D. Moeller, and taking in the Chautauqua.
Jas. Montgomery president of the First National Bank of Wilmont passed through the city on his way home from Minneapolis Tuesday.
R.J. Jones and family, L.A. Fancher and family and O.F. Johnson and family of Reading, are camping at the Chautauqua grounds.
C.N. Peterson, formerly cashier of the First National Bank of Rushmore, now operating a bank at Colton, S.D., was in the city Tuesday on business. He is making preparations to sell his interests at Rushmore, and move his family to Colton.

Friday, August 17, 1906

Wedded Chautauqua Week
Mr. Avin Langley of Rolette, North Dakota, and Miss Eva Darling were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Darling, in this city at six o'clock Tuesday evening. The ceremony was performed by Rev. G.A. Cahoon. Miss Sadie Darling sister of the bride was bride's maid, and Mr. Hillard best man to the groom. Mrs. Cahoon played the wedding march. A bountiful wedding supper followed the ceremony. Mr. Langley was formerly employed in J.M. Addington's barber shop and is an agreeable and capable young man. The bride is a graduate of our public schools and one of the successful teachers of the county.
They will make their home at Rolette, N. Dak., for which place they departed Wednesday morning. They will no doubt make many [The rest of this article didn't get copied.]
Wilmont Initiator: Mr. and Mrs. G.E. Briggs, daughter, Myrtle, and little son, and Mr. H.P. Lewis and daughter Mildred, departed for Worthington on Tuesday and are spending the week in camping at the Chautauqua grounds and taking in the many pleasing events of the week there. Roy Lewis accompanied them returning home Wednesday.
H.B. Sontag of Heron Lake, came down Tuesday to hear Tillman's lecture.
Adrian Democrat: George Eppers went to Worthington Wednesday wo see what the Chautauqua looked like. There were no seats at the ground and he kicked in standing up. The management procured him a chair, and then he wasn't satisfied with the performance, which consisted of an exhibition by educated birds. It takes a pretty wise bird to interest an Adrian man.
Adrian Democrat: Mr. and Mrs. Mark Graves and son James left Monday for Seattle, Wash. On their way out they will stop for a few days at Yellowstone Park and also spend some time in Spokane. They expect to spend the fall and winter on the Pacific Coast and may make arrangements to make their permanent residence at Seattle. Mr. Graves has been one of the successful business men of Nobles county, and, having acquired a competency, he feels that he can afford to be a little less strenuous than he has been for the past twenty years.
On Tuesday evening occurred the death of the seven weeks child of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Thom, living on the home farm north of Rushmore. The little one was sick but a short time and death was the more sad. The funeral was held at the home on Thursday at 10 o'clock and the remains interred in the Rushmore Cemetery. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of a large circle of relatives and friends.
The people of Rushmore were greatly surprised on Wednesday to hear of the sudden death of Louie the 15 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Hans Smith of Rushmore. So sudden was the death as the sickness was but of few hours. On Saturday the boy had been working in the harvest field and on Sunday and Monday complained of lameness. On Tuesday rheumatism set in of the inflamatory type and soon the pain went upward in his body and he was compelled to go to bed from which he never arose, passing away at 4 o'clock Wednesday, having been delirious for several hours.
The disease had taken hold of his heart and the end came. The remains were interred in the Lutheran cemetery, south of Rushmore, on Thursday. Louie was a good boy friend to everyone, an excellent ball player with the boys at school, holding the position of catcher in the school nine. He was conscientious and a good worker. The many friends will sympathize with the family in this their great loss, having lost member of the household in the beginning of life.
Married, Wednesday evening, Aug. 15, on the beautiful farm lawn of the bride's parents, Miss Helen Barron daughter of Mr. and Mrs. alter Barron, to Rev. Joseph Rankin, of Evelyth, Minn. These two young people are in the first ranks as ideal young neighbors, friends and associates. The bride is the eldest daughter in the family having been brought up on the home farm which she is about to leave. Her character as a woman is unsurpassed having all the qualities of a perfect lady. The groom is known to most of the people of the vicinity having spent part of each summer here for a number of years. He has proven himself an excellent young man and worthy of the one whom he takes for a life partner. The ceremony was performed in the open by Rev. Gibb of Rushmore in the presence of a large number of invited guests. The young couple left on the night train for St. Paul after which they will be t home at Evelyth, Minn. where Mr. Rankin has a charge. The well wishes of scores of friends go with them and wish them the best there is thru life.
Mrs. John Mackay, sister of Mrs. John Kofford returned to her home in St. Paul last Monday.
H.S. Studebaker had the misfortune to lose a horse last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sundberg and daughter of Dewald, Mr. and Mrs. Kall, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson of Worthington, were guests at J. Schechters Sunday afternoon.
A new man at the wheel, D.P. Schechter has purchased the Saxon and Thompsons threshing outfit and will open up his fall run at A.M. Wills.
Indian Lake.
Rev. Oberg left Thursday for Sioux Falls, Dak. remaining over Sunday.
During the electric storm last Wednesday evening lightning struck the house of Charles G. Larson doing considerable damage, setting fire in the attic but was extinguished before doing much damage.
The Emil & Chas. Larson thresher Co. started their machine at Wallace Saxon last Tuesday, they have a big run this fall.
Miss Huldah Malm, who has been the guest of Mrs. Emil Larson the past week left last Monday morning for her home at Kenosha, Wis.
Miss Selma Nordquist who has been visiting her Uncle and Aunt Mr. and Mrs. E. Norquist for the past ten days left last Tuesday for her home at Minneapolis.
The stork made its first visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Saxon last Thursday the result of its visit being a bouncing boy.
Route Two.
Charley Johnson has already begun plowing and is believed to be the first one out with the plow this fall.
Round Lake.
The Nienaber store has been opened by the new firm of Lashell & Parker.
H.R. Tripp our candidate for Register of Deeds is meeting with much encouragement, and we hope he will be successful.
J.C. Thomson and family and Mrs. T.R. Edwards and son are visiting at Joliet, Ill.
Chas. Carlson has sold his harness business to J.E. Smith.
O.D. Bryan is a candidate for re-election for county commissioner from this district.
Glen Baker visited the twin cities this week.
R.W. Shaw of Bigelow, was in the city last Saturday.
S. Norton, of Rushmore, was in the city Saturday last.
Dr. Nessa was among the Brewster people in town Tuesday.
Ole Ellingson was in from Indian Lake last Saturday.
Editor J.S. Randolph of Brewster attended the Chautauqua here last Sunday.
Editor Chas. Hamstreet and family came over from Rushmore on Sunday to take in the Chautauqua.
Mrs. Kipple, and Mrs. Petty, of Scranton, Pa., are here on a visit to their sister, Mrs. S.N. Rose.
J.P. Vail and wife expect to leave this week for an extended visit at their old home in New York state.
Milton Jenkinson of Philadelphia was the guest of his cousin, Mrs. A.C. Dickens, a day or two last week.
Frank Adair, of Loraine Ill., is visiting the family of D.W. Chute, looking after land interests in Graham Lake township.
Mrs. Wm. Hawley, returned to her home at Hammond, Wis., on Tuesday, after a visit of several weeks at the home of her son H. Hawley.
Oscar Barton was married on July 10th last to Miss Elsie Bliss, at Zion City, Ill. Mr. Barton was formerly a resident of Spafford, and Miss Bliss is from Wilder, but she had been teaching in the schools at Zion City for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. I.B. Newkirk arrived last Saturday from Corona, Cal. They will spend a couple of months here visiting at the home of their daughters, Mrs. C.M. Harding and Mrs. Harry B. Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Newkirk are former residents of Worthington, but have been living in California several years.
J.L. McConkey, of Brewster, came down Tuesday.
H.S. Hobson returned last Friday from his trip to Winnipeg.
S.O. Morse, of Slayton has filed for representative in this district.
W.G. Ramage has bought the sailboat Harlou, from the Lear boys.
Editor C.S. Eastwood, of Heron Lake, came down Tuesday to hear Tillman.
Born - On Thursday, Aug. 10, to Chas Saxon and wife of Indian Lake, a son.
Col. J.A. Town has spent the week at Minneapolis taking in the G.A.R. encampment.
R.B. Plotts and daughter Emeline, went to Minneapolis Monday to spend a few days visiting friends.
J.F. Tinnes and S.E. Tower, of Adrian, attended the Chautauqua a number of days this week.
C.G. Larson's farm residence, in Indian Lake, was struck by lightning one day last week and slightly damaged.
Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Stevens left on Tuesday for Minneapolis, to take in the G.A.R. Encampment and visit relatives.
Frank Leonard, wife and son, of Andover, Ohio, are here on a visit at the home of his brother, E.A. Leonard. They will remain a couple of weeks.
S.M. Stewart, Geo. Cunningham and A.R. Albertus went to Windom yesterday to see a much advertised ball game between Jackson and St. James.
Mr. and Mrs. James Gibson came over from Luverne Tuesday to take in the Chautauqua. Mr. Gibson returned on the night train, while Mrs. Gibson remained over a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. John Tolverson, drove down from Fulda, to take in the last day of Chautauqua. They remained over until Wednesday and were guests of Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Tupper.
Miss Maude Graves of Adrian, attended the Chautauqua here several days this week. On Wednesday she made the Advance a call and informed us she expected to come out as a candidate for the Republican nomination for county superintendent. Miss Graves filled the office six years, and is well qualified for the place. She says she is meeting with much encouragement and expects to make formal announcements in a few days.
Among the Fulda people who attended the closing day of the Chautauqua Tuesday were the following: Dr. E. King and family, John Hyslop and family, Rev. R.L. Jones and family, J.A. Smith, J.M. McConnell, Mike Cullen, C.H. Helwig, L.O. Bathen, T.L. Murphy, Frank White, Dr. Jas. McCrae, J.M. Dickson and wife, E.H. Beadle, Mrs. G.B. Turner, Mrs. W.H. Blaire.
Victor Strom, our genial and accommodating assistant postmaster is taking a few weeks off, and is rusticating among the farmers, assisting in harvesting and threshing with the view of improving his constitution, as close confinement indoors had begun to tell on him. His many friends hope to see him back in his old place in a short time. Jas. Mott has taken his place in the postoffice.
Wilmont Initiator: E.W. Hayes informs us that he is soon to leave this village and will go onto a farm in Iowa. He expects to hold an auction sale on the 25th of this month. Adam Broich, who has been at Melrose, this state, since leaving here will return and take charge of the livery business.
Wilmont Initiator: As a result of having blood poison in the third finger of the right hand it was necessary to amputate that member from the hand of Jos. Humiston, of St. Killian on Tuesday evening of this week. Some weeks ago Mr. Humiston had a small wound on that finger, to which no attention was given.
H.C. Constable, a prominent merchant of Rushmore, came over Tuesday to hear Tillman.
E.W. Cutler has finished a new cement sidewalk between 8th and 9th streets, on 2nd avenue.
O.W. Tillman and wife were among the Wilmont people who took in the Chautauqua, Tuesday.
Mrs. Fred Anderson, of Bismark, S. Dak., is here on a visit at the home of her sister, Mrs. G.A. Engebretson.
"Dad" Cramer, for a long time chief chambermaid in Oberman's livery barn, has transferred to the Hurd livery.
Editor F.A. Dunnicliff, of Windom, came down Tuesday to take in the closing numbers of the Chautauqua program.
W.R. Mansel and C.A. Sands, leading bankers of Adrian, came over Tuesday to take in the windup of the Chautauqua and hear Tillman.
Mrs. Stanton gave a reception on Wednesday in honor of Rev. Ten Broeck, the new rector of St. Johns Episcopal church, which was attended by members of the church. A pleasant time was had.
E.G. Allen and wife of the Allen House, returned yesterday from Morland, Iowa, where they had been called by the illness of a grandchild.
C.W. Sipes, of Wilmont, a veteran of the Civil War, passed through Worthington Wednesday, on his wya home from Minneapolis, where he had been to attend the G.A.R. encampment.
Will Schrader returned on Wednesday from his trip to Washington and Oregon. He has been absnet several months and traveled over a great deal of country, but found nothing to compare with Nobles county.

Friday, August 24, 1906

Family Reunion to be Held at the Home of John Hansberger.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. John Hansberger in Loraine township, east of the city will be the scene of a merry gathering on Thursday of next week, at which time a merry gathering at which time a general reunion of the Myers-Hansberger families is to be held. The clausmen will gather from east and west, north and south, and from present indications every branch of the families will be represented. Such a reunion cannot be other than enjoyable, and arrangements are about complete for making the event one that shall long live in the memory of those who participate.
A program has been prepared for the day, and there will be a "flow of soul and feast of reason" as well as bounteous feast for the body.
Bitten By Dog.
A little daughter of Charles Burnham, had her face badly lacerated by a dog last Thursday afternoon. She was playing with an old dog belonging to the family when suddenly he became infuriated and before assistance could reach here he had bitten her savagely in the face. She was brought to town where her wounds were dressed and at last accounts she is doing nicely.
Death of Willis Maxwell.
Willis Maxwell, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Maxwell died at the home of his parents in this city, Tuesday evening at the age of 32 years. The cause of death, hemorhage of the brain.
Deceased, who was a telephone lineman, was taken sick about six weeks ago, and came to the Worthington home for treatment some two weeks since, but medical skill was of no avail and death claimed him in the prime of manhood. He is survived by a wife, and aged father and mother, brothers and sisters, who have the deepest sympathies of numerous friends in their bereavement.
The funeral was held Thursday afternoon.
At the residence of the bride's parents in this city, at noon Monday, Aug. 20th, occurred the marriage of Miss Mary E. Robinson to Wilbur I. Dodge, of Sioux City, Iowa. The ceremony was performed by Rev. John Edward Evans, pastor of the Congregational Church, in the presence of the immediate friends of the contracting parties. A wedding dinner was served, following which the bridal party departed for their future home at Sioux City. Their friends extend congratulations.
Miss Elma Frane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Frane, of Reading, was united in marriage with Mr. Wilbur Conklin, of Toledo, Ohio, Sunday afternoon, Aug. 19th, 1906, at four o'clock, at the home of the bride's parents. Rev. G.A. Cahoon of the Methodist Church, performed the ceremony. Mr. Conklin has for some time resided in this vicinity and the bride has grown to womanhood in this county. The Advance extends congratulations to this worthy couple and invites them to continue to make Nobles county their home.
King Taylor, press agent for the Interstate Fair, Sioux City was a caller on Monday. He informs us that arrangements are being made for special trains over the Omaha that will enable our people to visit their fair and return the same day. The dates and fare are to be announced later by the railroad company.
Messrs. Harry and Louis Lear, accompanied by their mother and sisters, departed on Saturday last for Seattle, Wash., where they will remain for a time before deciding upon a location for business. Mr. Lear will join them soon at Seattle. Their many friends in Worthington with them unbounded success wherever they may cast their lot.
Joel Hansberger, of Baltimore, Ohio, is visiting among friends and relatives in our city this week. Mr. Hansberger resided in Worthington a number of years ago, and finds many improvements here since that time. He has been spending several months on the Pacific Coast and stopped over to attend the reunion of the Myers-Hansberger families, which is to be held next week.
Mr. Oberg, of Chicago is visiting with his son, Rev. Oberg of Indian Lake.
Mr. Russell and son of Chicago, are making a few days visit at the home of Rev. Oberg.
Olund Bros. took their monsterous new threshing rig from Worthington last Saturday.
P.W. Ledene was among the first to finish grain stacking in our vicinity.
We have been informed that the young men along the Bigelow and Indian Lake line have just organized a brass band with the following officers. President Wallace Saxon, Secretary O.H. Nystrom, Treasurer Alfred Larson, Music Director C. Salmonson.
Indian Lake.
We are now able to report that we are again to have a band as arrangements were perfected last Friday evening. The band will start with some sixteen pieces. It is made up of nine members of the old band the balance of the best musicians of the neighborhood and with following officers elected it success is assured. President, Wallace Saxon, Sec. O.H. Nystrom, Treas., Alfred Larson, Director, C. Salmonson. Their instruments are expected from J.W. Pepper in a few days.
Mr. Brostrom, of Sioux City is making the family of C.J. Wickstrom a few days visit.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Peterson of North Dakota are here for a few months visit with their daughter Mrs. E.P. Johnson.
Mr. Nils Grelson moved out on his farm last week; he is keeping bachelors hall pending his family's absence at Minneapolis which he expects home in September.
F.D. Lindquist the Dundee banker, was a business visitor to our city Friday last.
Ray Hawley, has returned to Minneapolis after a pleasant vacation visit at home.
Born - To Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Putnam on Thursday, Aug. 16, an eight pound son.
Mrs. Gilbertson, from North Dakota, is a guest of her friend, Mrs. Crosby, in this city.
J. Kitterman, engineer on the Omaha, moved his family to this city from Sioux City last Saturday.
Mrs. Edward Chester and daughter, of Harvard, Ill., are guests of her father Martin Levine this week.
J.G. Dunbar and wife of Greencastle, Ind., are guests of the family of Walter Dunbar, in this city.
L. Stevens, brakeman on the Omaha, removed his family from St. James to this place last Saturday.
Harry Stowell and daughter, Myrtle have removed to Sioux Falls and will make that city their future home.
The Ladies Aid Society of the Swedish Lutheran Church met with Mrs. Wass, on Tenth St., Wednesday afternoon.
Dr. F.E. Walker, of Hot Springs, South Dakota, expects to visit his friends in Worthington next week, arriving on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Ritz were among those who attended the G.A.R. encampment at Minneapolis last week, returned Saturday.
The ladies of the Congregational Church will hold their monthly tea at the home of Mrs. C.H. Smith, Friday, Aug. 31, from 3 to 5 o'clock.
W.M. Cline, of Reading, was a business visitor to Worthington, Monday. We understand that W.M. has one eye on the sheriff's office.
Jackson Green, residing northwest of town, has been in quite a serious condition the past week, suffering from acute mania, the result of over heating. His attending physician reports him as improving, with prospects that he will entirely recover in the near future.
Lawrence Durfee has been on the sick list this week.
Glenn Baker has returned from a week's visit at Minneapolis.
Miss Alice Devaney is visiting with relatives at Dell Rapids this week.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Jones was on the sick list several days this week.
Mrs. F.R. Durfee is at home after a visit of a week with friends at St. Paul and Minneapolis.
I.T. Branigan came up from Edna, Iowa, Wednesday evening for a visit with Worthington relatives and friends.
Mrs. Leicher, who has been a guest of Mrs. Frink, during the week, returned to her home at Luverne Tuesday.
G.B. Moulton and wife, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, were the guests of their nephew, Register of Deeds Hawley, a day or two this week.
Dr. R.D. Barber, of Cowna, California, uncle to Mrs. C.M. Harding and Mrs. H.B. Lewis, has been visiting at this place during the week.
Mrs. W.A. Putnam, of Luverne, is a guest at the home of her son, A.A. Putnam of this city and making the acquaintance of her new grandson.
R.A. Nance and wife, of Randolph, Neb., were guests at the home of E.L. Nance several days the past week. They were returning home from attendance at the G.A.R. encampment at Minneapolis.
Attorney John Flynn has file as the democratic nominee for senator from this district. He intends making a thorough canvass and says he will make the campaign interesting at least.
Mrs. M.J. Hudson, of Galop, New Mexico, who has been a guest of her cousin, Mrs. C.M. Harding for the past two weeks, left for Adrian, Thursday and after a short visit at that place will return to her New Mexico home.
Peter Heuerman and his cement crew have completed a fine walk in front of the Ole Berg property on 2nd avenue. They are doing excellent work in his line, their work comparing favorably with any done in the city.
A.E. Raynes, of the town of Worthington, brought us some samples of his corn and potatoes last Friday and they indicate that he has a splendid crop. The corn is well filled and will be beyond all danger of frost in another week, which insures him a bountiful yield.
Miss Esther Harding was the guest of friends at Luverne this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Kies returned from Cambridge, Iowa, Tuesday evening.
Jas. Kek and wife, of Odebolt, Iowa, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Vic Anderson this week.
Miss Ethel Blume returned on Saturday last from a month's visit at White Bear, near St. Paul.
Oscar Dieckhoff has been traveling about with the assitance of a crutch this week. Ask him why.
The Benson Grain Co. have reopened their elevator at this place with E.L. Schwartz in charge as buyer.
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Sterling have returned from St. Paul and Minneapolis, where they attended the G.A.R. encampment.
Lee Forbes caught the western fever and departed on Saturday for a short trip towards the golden shores of the Pacific.
Charles Sawyer, of Hull, Iowa, was in the city Tuesday on his way to Lismore to look after his interests in the Leader at that place.
Miss Bertha Henning of St. Louis, left Tuesday for Minneapolis; while here she visited with the families of S. Kindlund and O.G. Grundsten.
F.C. Stitser returned from Kansas City last Friday, Mrs. S. Remaining for treatment. Her many friends hope she may secure beneficial and permanent help.
The members of the birthday club were tendered a reception at the home of Mrs. J.G. Mitchell last Thursday afternoon, and they report a very pleasant social time.
Dr. F.J. Wagner, a nephew of Mrs. J.H. Dieckhoff, of this city, died at his home in New Richland, Minn., last Saturday of appendicitis after a short illness. Mrs. Dieckhoff left for that place on Sunday to attend the funeral.
Cards were issued this week announcing the approaching marriage of Emma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. August Klessig, of Bigelow, to Mr. Rudolph Charles Kielsmeier, which happy event is to take place at the home of the bride's parents on Tuesday, Sept. 18th.
J.L. Berkhimer, one of the new proprietors of the Wilmont Tribune made a business visit to Worthington the early part of the week and made the Advance a fraternal visit. He is a pleasant gentleman and a printer of experience, a combination which should give the Tribune a prominent place among the newspapers of the county.
News Notes of Interest Gleaned From Nearby Exchanges.
A.C. Lestico, of Worthington bought horses at Wilmont last week.
A little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hulser, residing east of Wilmont, is suffering from fracture of her right arm.
Lightning entered the house of Peter Carlson at Avoca and ruined the cook stove. The family were thankful it was no worse.
George Rhodes, a brakeman on the Rock Island, was knocked from a car at Ellsworth, and seriously injured. He is at the Luverne hospital.
F.G. Wahlin, a prominent Murray county farmer is missing. He wrote from Woodstock that he had left for good, but as his family suspect he is insane they have the police looking for him.
James Orkney, a veteran of the Civil war and one of the oldest and best known citizens of western Nobles county, who for many years had lived alone on his farm, the northwest quarter of section two, Lismore township, was found dead in a coal bin at his home last week Monday evening. Heart failure was the cause of death.
While driving a team on a wagon hauling bundles from the field at his farm north west of town Wednesday, John Kaufman, the aged father of N. Kaufman and Mrs. Albert Severson of this village, got one of his legs under the wheels and the bone was broken. A broken leg is a very serious affair for a man of Mr. Kaufman's age, but it is hoped that he will rapidly recover. -Brewster Tribune.

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Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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