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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 April, 1906

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Friday, April 6, 1906

Rev. and Mrs. Muehlhausen the "Victims" of a very Happy Social Event.

The flock of the Rev. Muehlhausen on Thursday evening of last week gave him and his family a very successful and enjoyable surprise party.

The event was in the nature of a farewell party, as Mr. Muehlhausen has filled this appointment as long as the regulations of his church permit, four years, and he leaves next month for conference, when he will be sent elsewhere.

The evening was pleasantly spent in social intercourse, and at a late hour dainty refreshments provided by the self invited guests were served. As a token of the high esteem in which they are held Mr. and Mrs. Muehlhausen were presented with a handsome mahogany music cabinet and a beautiful Brussells rug.

Those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Apel Sr., Mr. and Mrs. H. Pfeil, Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Moss, Dr. and Mrs. Geo. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Schuck, Mr. and Mrs. H. Apel Jr., Mr. and Mrs. F. Meier, Mr. and Mrs. James Mackay, Mr. and Mrs. H. Zimmerman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wasmund, Mr. and Mrs. John Rippberger, Mr. and Mrs. L. Fischer, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wasmund, Mr. W.J. Burkhart, Mr. and Mrs. John Dahlheim, Mr. and Mrs. John Apel, Mrs. Wm. Apel, Mr. John Bebense, Mr. Geo. Doeden Sr., Mrs. Philip Anton, Miss Margaret Apel, Miss Rudy Rippberger, Miss Sarah Muehlhausen, Miss Ethel Burkhart, Lilian Apel, Edna Meier, Esther Apel, Nita Wasmund, Florence Fischer, Alma Wasmund, Willie Rippberger, Ernest Fischer, Edna Wasmund, Louisa Wasmund and Chester Wasmund.

Mrs. Oaks Adjudged Insane.

Mrs. Oaks, who has been afflicted with a melancholia for a year past, last Saturday reached a condition where it was decided to place her in an institution. She was committed to the St. Peter asylum and was taken there Monday night by Sheriff Fauskee.

The many friends of the old lady will be pained to learn of her misfortune.



John Mitchell of Worthington, was a visitor at the home of William Schroeder, south of town the early part of last week. He became lonesome for the wife and children who had been visiting here for several days and came after them.

L.B. Bassett has been suffering from an attack of typhoid fever at the state agricultural college, but our latest advices are to the effect that he is now recovering.

R.E. Wedge has sold his barber shop to Fred Zinn. Mr. Wedge goes to Luverne, where he will have the management of a large shop.

C.A. Smith and family of Sheldon, Iowa, arrived here last week and as soon as the weather will permit intend building and making their home on their farm on section three of Ransom township.

Prof. W.H. Gillis, of Amboy, is spending his vacation with his parents at this place.


John E. Salstrom was a Worthington visit[or] the early part of last week.

Rev. Glick, who has been on the sick list for some time past has sufficiently recovered to be able to take charge of his church work again.

Miss Virgie Matteson of Worthington, was the guest of Bigelow friends several days last week.

Frank Wagner has gone to Clear Lake, S.D., where he expects to make his future home.

Walter Doolittle is enjoying a visit from his father who came up from Storm Lake, Iowa, last week for an extended visit.

Round Lake.

W.I. Carpenter of Worthington, was in the village one day last week looking over the field with a view to establishing a telephone central here.

Leon Ewers and Miss Anna Holmes, two popular young people of Round Lake township were married at Jackson on Monday of last week. They have the congratulations of a large circle of friends in this vicinity.

Thomas Edwards and family moved to Worthington last week, expecting to make that place their future home.

E.H. Richman was a Worthington visitor last week Tuesday.


Last week F.A. Fink secured a judgment against George and Frank Mocke for damages sustained by the burning of some hay last fall. The Mocke boys set a fire that spread over to Fink's land and burned the hay.

Attorney John Flynn, of Worthington, transacted business at this place several days last week.

C.A. Bird was a Worthington visitor the early part of last week.


Mrs. Bunch and sister Mrs. Kees returned to their home at Laurens, Iowa, last Friday after a weeks visit with their sister Mrs. Chas. King.

P.C. Anderson shipped a car of cattle and one of hogs to Chicago Saturday.

Wm. Malcolm and Hjolmer Tilander each shipped a car of cattle to Chicago last Saturday.

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Herbart Johnson went with his uncle, Charley Johnson, to St. Paul where he expects to work the coming season.
Mr. and Mrs. O.F. Johnson were down from Reading over Sunday.
Mrs. John Somer is quite sick at this writing.
H. Mitchell is a little under the weather at present.
Miss Mable King is spending her weeks vacation at home.
Mrs. W.B. Royse is visiting her parents for a week.
M. Smith from Iowa has moved to this place and is located on section three Ransom township.
J. Masteller, of Rushmore spent Saturday and Sunday in Adrian.
Ray Abbey has resigned as city electrician to take effect May 1st.
Clarence Faragher moved into his house in the east part of town Saturday.
Rev. Hanson moved into the Faragher cottage Monday.
Mike Reiter, transacted business in Adrian Saturday.
Dr. Wm. Thompson returned Thursday from Chicago.
Chas. Abbott, of Lismore Sundayed with relatives in Adrian.
Mrs. Viola Hvid Nelson returned Monday from a two weeks visit with parents at Luverne.
Will Becker of Wilmont, Sundayed with relatives in Adrian.
John R. Jones, left Tuesday for Breckenridge this state to look after the seeding on his farm.
Charles Slade and Ray Landis went to Chicago Saturday with 2 carloads of cattle belonging to Aug. Eichmeier.
S.J. McKenzie returned from Louisiana Sunday morning.
Mrs. Ray Abbey returned from a short visit at Luverne Monday.
J. Umhoeffer of Primghar, Iowa, arrived with his household goods Monday. He has rented the Peter Lenz property.
J. Borgen of Minneapolis was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. H. Swanman over Sunday.
Mr. Young and E. Meyer who has been connected with the Democrat for several years have both resigned. They intend to obtain out door work for a change. The Democrat has a great deal of work and has a new force of men already installed.
Rev. W.M. Backus, of Chicago will give a lecture on Modern Conception of Life, at the Peoples church, Friday evening April 6th.
Mr. Iverson of Minneapolis the new foreman in the Democrat began work Monday. Mr. Iverson is also a cornet player of very high rank and will be a splendid addition to our band, if he will decide to play with them.
Misses Ella and Lizzie Hall and Jennie Nash departed Tuesday for Clinton, Iowa where they intend to spend the summer.
Messrs. Weir and W.L. Dumble will be the new proprietors of the C.A. Sands hardware and implement store here. Mr. Dumble will be the active partner as Mr. Weir has several stores and 2 banks to look after he will spend only a part of his time here. The new firm has the financial means necessary to conduct a large business and we welcome them to our city and hope for their success.
Miss Everett went to Mankato Saturday to spend vacation.
Sheriff Fauskee was over from the county seat Wednesday.
S.J. McKenzie left for a short business trip to Minneapolis Monday.
Sam Gasel was down from Wilmont Wednesday.
Miss Dott Mott returned on Wednesday from Washington.
Prof. C.S. Jones of Rushmore was in the city last Friday.
Jas.Mackay made a business trip into the country Wednesday.
Ed Moberg was in from Bigelow Tuesday transacting business.
Wm. Buhls of Round Lake transacted business in town Tuesday.
Mrs. Gant Morrison returned last Saturday from a visit at Balaton, this state.
Miss Maude Conrad is spending the week's vacation with friends at Heron Lake.
M.I. Christensen, day operator at the Omaha depot, visited his family at Lake Crystal Sunday.
Miss Eva Fairfield was the guest of Heron Lake relatives and friends a day or two last week.
The Bath House Association is figuring on extensive additions to its lake front property the coming summer.
Mrs. G.A. Fairfield and son Marion left Tuesday morning for a visit with her parents and sister at Elma, Iowa.
W.J. Ross, agent of the Omaha at Heron Lake, was shaking hands with his many Worthington friends Monday afternoon.
Prof. Harry Kies, principal of the schools at Dodge City, Iowa, is home spending his Easter vacation under the parental roof.
The following Worthington Attorneys attended court at Mankato last week: J.A. Town, G.W. Wilson, E.C. Wilson, S.S. Smith, and Flynn and Cashel.
Misses Prue and Julia Town returned last Friday from Minneapolis, where they attended the W.R.C. convention. They stopped off at Owatonna on their way home for a short visit with friends.
Miss Ethel Dean, who has been operator at the telephone central for some time past, left on Wednesday for Bellingham, Washington, which place is to be her future home. Her many friends here wish her much happiness in her new home.
Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Hawks who have been living at Mitchell the past year, stopped off here this week to visit at the home of his uncle, J.M. Addington. They were on their way to Minneapolis where they will make their future home.
WM. Burchard, of the Worthington Creamery Co., and John Schraan of Carver county, recently formed a partnership and established a creamery at Fulda. Mr. Schraan will take charge of the creamery there, while Mr. Burchard will remain in charge of the Worthington creamery.
Mrs. Wiggs, of the cabbage patch fame, was presented to a very large and appreciative audience of our citizens at the operahouse last Friday evening, by the local talent assisted and directed by Miss McCune. Everyone of the characters was well assigned and faithfully presented, each acting the part in a manner that indicated that they had fully studied the subject. The play was under the auspices of the Y.P.S. of the Congregational church.
Miss Mildred Mackay is on the sick list.
Carl Anderson has moved into the Boberg house.
Harry Lear made a business trip to Sioux Falls Monday.
C.L. Maxwell's people have just Bigelow house 9th Avenue. [This sentence doesn't make sense.]
Banker W.M. Evans left Tuesday on a business trip to Gowrie, Ia.
Mrs. C.M. Harding who is at Hot Springs, S.D., is getting along nicely.
W.C. Meyers made a trip down into Iowa last Saturday on a real estate deal.
Rev. Wm. Wilk of Fulda drove down here Monday to take the train for Minneapolis.
Louis Larson of Indian Lake Township, was a business visitor in town Saturday.
Mrs. Frank Eggleston and daughter were in Worthington on Tuesday doing trading.
Mrs. Netter has moved into the Bloom house corner of 6th street and 8th Avenue.
Miss Clarice Goff is spending her vacation with her grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Goff.
Born - On Sunday, April 1st, 1906 to Mr. and Mrs. M. Swedberg of Bigelow township, a son.
Rev. E.R. Pope of Minneapolis will conduct services in the Baptist church next Sunday, April 8th.
Henry Gust, who has operated E.L. Nances farm the past year, on Wednesday moved to Wisconsin.
H.R. Veeder a prominent pioneer of Loraine township, had business at the county capital last Saturday.
Miss Mildred Harding went out in the country to spend her vacation with her aunt, Miss Esther Harding.
Loren Clark, our popular shoeman, spent a couple of days at Mankato the first of the week visiting friends.
At the regular Masonic communication on Monday evening H.C. Frank was raised to the degree of a Master Mason.
J.W. Dickey and wife of Kendrick, Idaho, are here on a visit at the home of Mrs. Dickey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jones.
Prof. H.R. Edwards was at Minneapolis last Saturday attending a meeting of High School Superintendents. While there he secured a number of new teachers for the Worthington Schools for next year.
Conductor H.C. Frank on Monday night made his last run on the Soo Falls branch of the Omaha. He went at once to Minneapolis to assume a run on the main line between Minneapolis and Sioux City.
Mr. John Sickler of Fairmont Minn., who has been visiting his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Bishop, for some time, left for home last Monday accompanied by Mrs. Bishop and daughter Beth, who will visit at Fairmont and Lakefield.
Harry S. Hobson has moved his real estate office into the build, lately occupied by Will Bartlett as a tobacco store. When the improvements are complete, Harry will have one of the best offices in town and a first class location in every respect.
Col. H.C. Grass and Judge B.W. Woolstencroft of Slayton were in the city last Saturday in the interest of the candidacy of Clarence Dinehart for state treasurer. They stated that Mr. Dinehart was meeting with splendid encouragement, and that at the present time he was the leading candidate for that place.
J.A. Boberg and family left on Wednesday for San Jose, California, where they will make their future home, and where Mr. Boberg expects to engage in business. Mr. Boberg and family have hosts of friends here who sincerely regret their departure, yet wish them success and happiness in their new home. Miss Sundberg of Reading, a sister of Mrs. Boberg accompanied them to California.
The management of the Albinson-Boberg Lumber Co. will be in the hands of Mr. Sahlboom, who has held a position as bookkeeper there for some time.
Will Bartlett has established his cigar factory in the Torrance block.
Geo. Dealand of Org was a business visitor in Worthington Tuesday.
A.G. Williston of Round Lake, was in the city Saturday on business.
Mrs. I.P. Fox went to Sibley Monday to visit her mother, Mrs. Wilbern.
Mrs. B.B. Morris who has been very sick for the past week is improving.
King Rushon has gone to the twin cities to seek employment at his trade.
J.W. Spielman of Hersey was in the city Tuesday doing trading at Torrances cash store.
Hugh Barry returned Sunday from the Pacific Coast where he has spent the past winter.
D.J. Green a prominent Wilmont farmer was in the city Tuesday on a real estate transaction.
Henry Uden came over from Jackson county Tuesday to buy supplies at Torrance's cash store.
Wm. Nebel and family left on Wednesday for Prairie de Chien, where they will make their home.
Miss Edna Mackey is taking a vacation from her school duties this week on account of the illness of her mother.
A. Albright has just moved in the Mitchell house corner of 8th Ave. and 10th street. Mr. Albright is employed on the Omaha railroad.
F.T. Graves, of Ransom township, was a business visitor in Worthington last Friday. He made the Advance office a pleasant call.
Ole Ellingson a prominent Indian Lake farmer transacted business at the county capital Saturday. Mr. Ellingson made the Advance a pleasant call.
A number of the teachers are spending their vacation out of town. Miss Glasoe is visiting near Winona, and Misses Herman, Janey and Rank are at Minneapolis.
Amandus Anderson and C. Cedarholm two prominent Reading farmers each took home a large load of farm machinery from the Western Implement Co., last Saturday.
The boys of Mrs. Cahoon's Sunday school class gave a social at the home of their teacher Tuesday evening. They report a jolly good time.
Prof. J.P. Hoffman of the Round Lake schools, was in the city last Saturday on a visit. He is enjoying his vacation visiting friends at different points. Prof. Hoffman is one of the progressive rising young educators of the county.
Lakefield Standard:  -Mrs. A.J. Fauskee returned on Tuesday from Worthington, where she had been visiting relatives for several weeks.
Local News
The ladies Aid Society of the German Evangelical church met with Mr. Herman Wasmund on Thursday afternoon.
Rev. J.H. Muehlhausen went to Wells today to hold quarterly meetings for Presiding Elder L.S. Stapf. Rev. Muehlhausen was accompanied by his wife and daughter.

Friday, April 13, 1906

Epworth League Officers.
At the business meeting of the Epworth League held Monday evening the following officers were elected for the ensuing term:
President - vacant
First V.P. - Edna Mackay
Second V.P. - Chester Harding
Third V.P. - Rena Babcock
Fourth V.P. - Miss Shattuck
Treasurer - Lloyd Helmick
Secretary - Arthur Hansberger
Organist - Myrtle Turner
Head usher - Clyde Hansberger
Rev. C.O. Swan, the new pastor of the Swedish Lutheran church, has taken up his work here.
Real Estate Transfers
Recorded during the month of March, 1906.
Eliza Severance to Peter Heuerman, lot 4, block 16, Moulton's resurvey of Clary add., Worthington, consideration...$225.00.
Joseph Fischneck to Lucy E. Kenney, s1/2 ne1/4 and n1/2 of 1/2 of se1/4, section 26, 102, 42...$6500.00.
Joseph Cowin to Jos P. Lynch, nw1/4, sec 18 and e1/2 sw1/4 and w1/2 of se1/4 sec 18, 102, 42...$14580.00.
Lewis Johnson to N M Casper ne1/4 sec 18, 101, 41...$8000.00.
Mark Graves to Andrew Peters, all of block D Graves ad, Lismore...$300.00.
Lillian L. Chaefer to Newman E. Enger lot 1, block 30 Adrian...$800.00.
Henry B. Devries to N M Sorem sw1/4, sec 36, 101, 41...$500.00.
U S Frye to W P Whipple e1/2, sec 5, 102, 39...$26000.00.
Chas A Lutner to G T Bullick, part nw1/4, sec 23, 103, 41, 38 and 34-100 acres...$1284.39.
Minn Loan and Inv Co to M J Barber, lot 11, block 12, Clary's add Worthington...$150.00.
John Grove to M J Barber, lots 1, to 16, block 16, Clifton add, Worthington...$1000.00.
John Grove to M J Barber, lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10, block 12, Clary add, Worthington...$1250.00.
W G Meyers to M J Barber, blocks 2 and 3, Clifton add, Worthington...$2200.00.
Geo Miller to Chas H Hayes, sw1/4 nw1/4, sec 23, 23, 102, 40...$4000.00.
Poppe Hickman to Julius Wallendorf, nw1/4, sec 26, 101, 43...$9120.00.
Thos Edwards to J F Murphy, lot 13, block 4, Round Lake...$340.00.
Johan Hickman to Poppe Hickman, nw1/4, sec 34, 101, 43...$9000.00.
Henry Droste to L O Bathen, s1/2 nw1/4, sec 4, 104,39...$3500.00.
Roelof Schilder to J A Ogg n1/2 nw1/4, sw1/4 nw1/4, sec 28, 104, 43...$4800.00.
Harm Meester to Henry Sivut, nw1/4, sec 6, 101, 43...$4800.00.
F L Humiston to W I Humiston, und 1/2 of n1/2 of n1/2, and sw1/4 of sec 32, 102, 39...$3250.00.
W R Mansel to F A Zehringer, lots 1 and 2, block 8, Adrian...$650.00.
Ira Knapp to S M Sorem, nw1/4, sec 12, 101, 41...$8000.00.
E R Rutheford to Millie M Duba, ne 81 feet of lots 1 and 2, block 12, Hersey...$625.00.
W H Blume to Frank H Glasgow, ne1/4, sec 25, 102, 41...$6000.00.
Frank H Glasgow to Henry Blume, lot 2, blk 31, Worthington...$1000.00.
Emma Chute to R P Free part, of lot 4, block 51, 2nd add to Worthington..$870.00.
I F Kelley to E Miller, lot 1, block 9, Worthington..$3500.00.
And J Bastrom to C H Thomas, se1/4, sec 6, 102, 40...$9200.00.
Dan Shell to F A Howard, lot 16, block 6 Clary add, Worthington...$175.00.
John Buhner to Carl J Johnson, se1/4 and e1/2, sec 11, 104, 40...$13200.00.
Anke Sipma to Rokns Moret, lot 16, block 6, Lismore...$800.00.
And Austin to O W Austin, lot 8, block 14, Hersey...$1.00.
C R West to Brewster State Bank, lot 8, block 14, Hersey...$960.00.
Ned Jones to J E Thwing lots 4, 5 and 6, in block 3, Drake's add Worthington..$3000.00.
A F Labrie to Leon H Fish, lots 19 and 20, block 15, Clary's add, Worthington...$1500.00.
Henry Schroeder to Reiner Enninga, n1/2 of fr sw1/4 and part of sw1/4 sw1/4, sec 18, 104, 40...$3600.00.
Chas Fletcher to Floyd Matteson, ne1/4, sec 3, 104, 39...$6400.00.
Hans Erickson to Thos Loonan, 100 acres in se1/4, sec 1, 103, 43...$5100.00.
Lars Sorem to Martha Calvert, lot 1, block 41, Worthington...$300.00.
D J Green to Aug Mecklenburg, lot 20, block 14, Clary add, Worthington...$100.00.
J L VanEman to Edward McWilliams, sw1/4 sec 9, 104, 4...$6400.00.
H Neill to Reuse Bents, s1/2, sec 20, 101, 41...$11840.00.
Tolerton & Warfield Co., to F A Howard, w1/2 lots 13 and 14, block 5, Clary add, Worthington...$2000.00.
John M Dickson to Frank Patch, e1/2 se1/4, sec 12, 104, 40...$94.30.
J M Dickson to Frank Patch, e1/2 se1/4, sec 12, 104, 40...$1708.64.
O W Austin to C R West, lot 8, block 14, Hersey...$880.00.
G W Allen to Bank of Canby w1/2 of se1/4 and w1/2, sec 11, 104, 39, also lot 1, 2, 25 and 26, block A, Vil of Kinbrae...$21000.00.
W W Courson to G W Young, und 1/6 of e1/2, sec 14, 104, 41...$1.00.
Miss Lena Reynolds visited friends at Worthington the early part of last week.
Warner Hubbard, who is attending school at Worthington, spent the vacation last week at home.
F.H. Lord and wife are happy over the advent of a little daughter at their home.
N.P. Stromblad and family were the guests of relatives at Rushmore one day last week.
Mr. Parks, assistant superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League of Minnesota, gave a very interesting address at this place on Tuesday evening of last week, in which he outlined the objects of the league.
Round Lake.
At a meeting of the village council Monday night of last week D. Sutherland was selected as village marshal at a salary of $15 per month. W.I. Carpenter, of Worthington, was granted a permit to establish a telephone central station.
Wednesday evening of last week a large number of neighbors and friends met at the H.C. Carstenson home to participate in the celebration of Mrs. Carstenson's birthday. A social dance furnished ample enjoyment for the guests.
O.L. Bixby, B.S. Sorensen and J.C. Thomsen were Worthington visitors last week.
George Gasahl left on Thursday of last week for Eureka, Montana, where he will take up a homestead and make his future home.
Harvey Morgan, who was married at Eureka, Montana, on the 26th of last month, arrived here with his bride on Monday of last week. They will go to housekeeping at once on his farm north of town.
Frank Bauman was arrested at this place last week on charge of obtaining goods on false pretense. He had secured goods from several merchants here and at Luverne by representing that he had just rented a farm in the vicinity. After securing the goods he would sell them for what ever sum he could secure. He has confessed to having served a term in the South Dakota penitentiary for grand larceny.
Miss Rose Dobner, of Worthington , was the guest of relatives here several days last week.
County Superintendent Abbott was over from Worthington last week Tuesday on business matters.
Charles Dillehay last week purchased the saloon property of Bird & Klinkammer.
Route One.
William Shanks of Seward township was visiting in this neighborhood last Monday.
Mr. Balvin of Elk was through this neighborhood looking for sheep to shear this coming season.
On Friday evening of last week Mr. and Mrs. F.T. Graves were treated to a genuine surprise. If they did not remember that they were married April 7, 1881, twenty five years ago their friends remembered it and they thought that to remind the good couple of it would be the right thing to do. About seventy-five persons were present, and these were far from being the whole of the friends of these good people, indeed if they would entertain all their friends at the same time they would need to make quite an addition to their dwelling, although at present it is one among the best residences in town. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Graves wish them happiness and prosperity for the twenty-five years to come, even a more propitious future than the past has been.
Frank Henneckes returned from San Diego, Cal., Tuesday having spent the winter there.
Einar Oien was assistant clerk in Marstons drug store during the absence of Ray Landis.
Henry Swanman and son Martin went to Minneapolis Tuesday as witnesses before the U.S. Court returning home Thursday.
Chas. Slade and Ray Landis returned from Chicago Wednesday.
P.M. Oien is painting his residence this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knips, of Lismore done trading in Adrian Thursday.

Mrs. J.E. Peterson went to Luverne for a visit with her sister Mrs. Rev. Hvid Thursday returning Friday.

J. Umhaeffer is having new shelving put in and painting done and getting ready for the opening of his racket store in the Rice building.
Robert Thom of Kenneth was in town Friday.
Lillian Hvid, of Luverne came over Saturday for a weeks visit with Adrian relatives.
Frank Bobendes lunch room has a new coat of paper.
Peter Lenz is having his buildings here painted this week.
Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Pat Rooch Thursday April 5th a boy.
Henry Siegel of Siegel Bros., Chicago, is again here buying horses.
Miss Charlotte Grapes, went to Rushmore Saturday with a supply of new millinery for Mrs. C.B. Swanman.
Frank Henneckes is erecting a new barn for M. Hansen south of town.
Dr. Carroll and family, of Rushmore were in Adrian Saturday.
Pat Rooch returned from Beaumont, California, Friday morning, were he spent the winter. Mr. Rooch has purchased land near Beaumont and intends to move there with his family in the near future.
John Klaich, of Magnolia was over on business Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dahlberg, of Rushmore was business visitors in Adrian Friday.
Mr. A. Larson, of St. Paul visited in Adrian over Sunday with our night operator, Mr. Hopkins.
Thomas Daultry of Sioux City was in Adrian Sunday calling on all old friends, and also looking up business.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thom, of Kenneth lost their two weeks old child Friday morning. Funeral took place here Saturday at the St. Adrian church. Rev. Fr. Schels officiating.
Geo. Eppers moved into his own residence on the west side Tuesday.
Nick Wallace of Magnolia was in Adrian Saturday.
Thom Robinson, is giving his building north of town a new coat of paint.
Miss Everett returned from her visit at Mankato Monday morning.
Ed Cooper is painting his large sheep shed in town this week.
C.A. Snads is now stationed at his desk in the first National Bank having just sold and closed up his hardware interests.
A.J. Schaeffer returned from his business trip Wednesday.
Mrs. Ray Abbey went to Luverne for a visit with her parents Wednesday.
Ruth Mohl returned from Chicago Wednesday.
Ben Benson went to Luverne to visit his sister Wednesday.
Lillian Hvid returned to her home in Luverne Wednesday.
Miss Reinhart returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Burr of Alta, Ia., Monday.
J. Umhoeffer moved into his new residence two blocks west from the Catholic Church Tuesday.
James Pembroke went to Flandreau, S.D., Tuesday where he has a position in a restaurant.
Wm. Brown went to Luverne Tuesday morning.
Noman [Norman?] Enger is making some repairs to his barber shop this week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Cox returned from the Rochester Hospital Wednesday. Mr. Cox had to submit to an operation there, however he is steadily regaining his health and will soon be about his business.
Marriage Licenses
Issue by the Clerk of Court since our last report:
John J. Prins to Minnie Mohns.
Brown Herderbrink to Nanna Behrns.
Herman L. Zimmerman to Minnie Boots.
Emil L. Tschirgi to Maude E. Royse.
Benhard Graf to Bertha Kunz.
Route One.
E.E. Fields left Thursday for his home near Rushmore after visiting at Lake Park and this vicinity.
Henry Fields left Saturday for Lake Park to visit relatives, returning home Thursday.
R. Johnson of Org was in town doing trading Monday.
L.R. Shaw was up from Bigelow on business last Saturday.
Mrs. Ike Hanson, of Fulda, visited friends in this city last week.
O.H. Pearson of Route 4, was in the city Wednesday doing trading.
A.A. Abbott of Indian Lake had business at the county capital Monday.
Geo. Anderson of Round Lake was in the city on business Saturday.
Miss Maude Conrad returned from her vacation visit at Heron Lake on Sunday.
G.W. Lear spent a number of days in the twin cities on business this week.
G.W. Patterson spent a number of days of this week in Minneapolis on business.
P.H. Brown came up from Corwith, Iowa, Saturday, remaining until Tuesday.
Born - On Saturday, April 7, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Paine, of Hersey, a daughter.
Horse pasture all woven wire. Terms reasonable. Enquire of J.N. Gould, Worthington, Minn.
L. Goodwin, M. Lang, H. Hagerman and C.M. Davie, of Brewster, were in the city on business Saturday.
Capt. A. Schafer was present at the drill of Co. F. Tuesday night, and put the boys through a number of new evolutions.
C.M. Crandall had legal business at Ellsworth Tuesday. He reports that the seeding is nearly all done in the part of the county.
Alderman Stewart is devoting part of his time to the management of the Stewart & Voak lumber yard at Brewster.
M.J. Martin, the 4th avenue merchant, has had his store repapered and painted, and it now presents a greatly improved appearance.
Jas. Vietch, the fat and genial representative of the Racine-Sattley Buggy Co., was here this week calling on his customers the Smith Implement Co.
Mrs. Henry Heuerman of Elk township for nine years.
H.G. Stumm arrived from Heron Lake Sunday and is now occupying a position with the State Bank of Worthington. He was formerly operator at the Omaha depot in this city and has many friends who will be pleased to note his return to this place.
J.W. Pepple, of St. James visited friends in the city Sunday.
Mrs. Grant Morrison is a guest of her mother at Balaton, Minn.
Born - On Friday, April 6, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Gibson, a son.
Born - On Saturday, April 7, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Williams, a daughter.
Born - On Friday, April 6, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. John Koefoed, a daughter.
S.A. Harding, who is employed in Minneapolis, is home on a visit to his family.
Miss Maude McConkey of Brewster was the guest of friends in the city this week.
Mrs. Cunningham and son Charles of Brewster were Worthington visitors Saturday.
S.M. Stewart this week shipped two carloads of cattle and a carload of hogs to Chicago.
John F. Flynn made a trip to Pipestone and Ellsworth this week on legal business.
Born - On April 3, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Prideaux, of Rushmore, a daughter.
Co. F. is drilling faithfully twice a week now, getting ready for inspection on the 25th.
I.T. Branigan and family left last Saturday for Edna, Iowa, where they will spend the summer.
Mrs. R.J. Beaton of Heron Lake was a guest at the home of P.J. Martin a few days last week.
Mrs. Thompson of Round Lake was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Thos. Edwards the first of the week.
Mrs. G.A. Fairfield and son Marion returned from a visit at Elma, Iowa, Wednesday morning.
Mrs. C.D. Stocks, of Fairchild, Wis., is here for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Z.M. Smith.
Misses Mae Tupper and Helen Ludlow returned from Carleton College Northfield, for the Easter vacation.
The 7-months old infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John McCarvel, of Brewster, died on Tuesday, after an operation.
Mrs. Bernard Dougherty and son, of St. Cloud, were guests at the home of P.J. Martin a number of days this week.
Alex Sutherland, of Minneapolis, was an over Sunday guest at the home of his sister, Mrs. Warren Davis, of this city.
G.R. Leonard, while driving in Elk township Tuesday, broke through a bridge and had a narrow escape from serious injury.
R.B. Moberly returned the first of the week from Indian Territory, where he has spent the winter. He will go to work on the railroad.
Henry Hornstine last week sold a carload of fat hogs to A. Oberman. Many of the porkers netted Mr. Hornstine nearly $20 a head.
J.J. Murphy of Adrian, chairman of the County board, was at the county capital on business a number of days the first of the week.
Clark Pannell left Sunday night for Drinkwater, Canada, to join his brothers on their farm. He will remain there during the summer.
Christ Nieman will dispose of his household goods at auction tomorrow afternoon. The auction will be held on Peter Tompson's corner.
Mrs. F.S. Kingsbury and daughter Chat and Miss Grace Moore, of Heron Lake; Mrs. Harold Clark, Lakefield; Albert Moore, Balaton and P.W. Moore, Mankato, were guests at the G.A. Fairfield home Tuesday afternoon and evening.
Jam. Ramage took an involuntary plunge in Okabena lake Monday afternoon. He took his canoe out for a little ride, but the animal was frisky after its long rest and turned turtle. Mr. Ramage had to swim ashore.
Dr. L.R. Gholz made a trip up north Monday.
Born - On April 3rd 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Morris, a daughter.
J.G. Lund of Minneapolis is one of the latest candidates for gubernatorial honors.
F.C. Turner has gone to Moose Jaw, Canada, to superintend his farming operations.
Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Harding are expected home soon. Mrs. Harding is greatly improved in health.
Miss Bedford of Minneapolis, designer and trimmer, is employed in Miss Fahy's millinery store for a few weeks.
Mrs. M. Burnett well known to many Worthington people, is reported very sick at her home in Cherokee, Iowa.
The Ladies Foreign Missionary Society met with Mrs. M. Clark on Wednesday afternoon and after the meeting closed light refreshments were served.
W.B. Stoutemeyer and family returned last Friday from Cannon City, Col., where they spent the winter. Mr. Stoutemeyer will, we understand, resume his work on the road, representing a firm of wholesale druggists.
The Worthington Whist Club was entertained last Saturday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hobson. A very pleasant evening is reported. Miss Jennie Torrance won first prize, and Mr. J.J. Kies the consolation prize. Refreshments were served.
Mr. Charles R. Ross and Miss Violet G. Irwin, both of Denver, Colorado, were united in marriage Wednesday afternoon at the home of Rev. G.A. Cahoon. Mr. Ross is engaged in the wholesale lumber business with head quarters in Denver. The young people took the afternoon train for Sioux Falls.
Arrested for Horse Stealing.
A young man named Hazel Pierman was arrested last week by Sheriff Fauskee on a charge of horse stealing. It is alleged he stole a horse from Chas. Rowley, a farmer living west of Reading, and disposed of it. Pierman's preliminary examination will be held tomorrow.
Local News.
Dr. H. Weidow made a professional call to Sibley last Monday.
Walter H. Collins was up from LeMars, Ia., last week on business.
Mrs. G.V. Pettit and son Ivan visited at Storm Lake this week.
Wm. Cline of Reading, was a business visitor in Worthington Wednesday.
Jas. Murphy, of the Ideal Restaurant, visited his home in Rock Valley last week.
Editor Schaefer of Adrian was at the county capital on business between trains Monday.
L.B. Bassett, of St. Paul, was called to his home in Rushmore on account of the illness of his mother.
King Rushon returned on Wednesday from a trip to Omaha and points in that section looking for work.
A.J. Schweppe was down from St. James Monday, looking after business at the Worthington creamery.
S. Kindlund, the agent for the improved, frictionless Empire cream separator, has an adv. in this issue.
John Raines and family of Springfield township, Cottonwood county, were over Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Raines.
W.H. Buchan is expecting the arrival of his family, this afternoon, from the Pacific coast, were they have spent the winter.
Jas. Gibson has bought a grocery stock at Luverne, and will embark in business at that place. He leaves tomorrow to take possession.
At the annual meeting of the congregation of the Westminster Presbyterian church, held April 5th E.F. Buchan and G.V. Pettit were re-elected elders, and Jas. Ramage, O.W. Dieckhoff and Jas. Mackay were elected trustees.
Dr. Nicholson of Mitchell, S.D. stopped off here Sunday on his way home from Omaha, where he had been called to assist in the dedication of a Methodist church. Dr. Nicholson will preach in the Methodist Episcopal church here next Sunday morning and evening.

Friday, April 20, 1906

Mr. and Mrs. Silo McLean and daughter, arrived the first of the week from Seattle, and are spending a few days here visiting friends. Mr. McLean was formerly engaged in business in Worthington, but has been a resident of Seattle for many years.
Miss Dot Mott, who has been teaching school at Bellingham, Wash., for the past year, arrived home last week, and will spend the summer with her mother in this city.
A.E. Washington left on Wednesday for Humboldt, Can., where he takes a position on a railroad. Mrs. Washington accompanied him as far as Burtrum, Minn., where she will visit for a short time before proceeding to Humboldt.
Cree on a Spree
Axel Cree, who is employed as a bridge carpenter on the Omaha road last Monday celebrated his pay day by getting gloriously drunk. During the evening he got out a revolver and threatened to commit suicide. It is said he told his wife he would try the weapon on her to see if it worked, and fired, the ball passing close to her. The marshal was informed of the disturbance, but when he arrived Cree had sobered down considerable, and his wife did not wish him arrested. Cree has the reputation of being all right when he is sober, but very ugly when under the influence of liquor.
A Happy Event Takes Place At The Residence of J.H. Staubus.
The residence of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Staubus on Sixth avenue was the scene of a very pretty home wedding on Tuesday evening, when their daughter, Avis, was married to Mr. Henry J. Blume. The ceremony was performed by Rev. G.A. Cahoon in the presence of a number of guests.
Miss Ura Staubus, a sister of the bride, acted as ring bearer. The bridal couple were escorted into the presence of the guests by Miss Maxwell, while Miss Grace Smith presided at the organ.
The bride wore a gown of white silk and carried a boquet of white roses. The groom wore the conventional black.
The rooms were beautifully decorated with roses and ferns, and above the bridal pair hung drapings of lace from he center of which suspended the wedding bell.
After congratulations had been extended the party sat down to a dainty wedding banquet.
The contracting parties are well known young people of Worthington, and have a host of friends, whom the Advance joins in extending congratulations.
Mr. and Mrs. Bloom were the recipients of many beautiful and useful gifts. They left on the early morning train for the cities. They will return and take up their residence here and will be at home to their friends after June 1st.

Dr. F.E. Walker came over from Hot Springs, S.D., last week for a short visit, and while here he assisted Dr. Geyerman in a number of surgical operations.

M.E. Barns, son of N. Barnes of this city, is the new editor of the Mercury, published at Motley, Morrison county. Mr. Barnes is a Worthington boy.
Local News.
Mrs. Minnie Matheson visited in Bigelow last week.
Rudolph Geyerman, of Brewster, was in the city Saturday.
G.W. Roth left on Tuesday on a business trip to Breckenridge.
Ed Geyerman, of Brewster, was a business visitor last Friday.
Christ Hanson attended a dance at Brewster last Monday evening.
H.H. Defreeze, of Brewster, was in the city on business last Monday.
For sale - Barred Plymouth Rock eggs 50c per setting. Mrs. Will Madison.
Jos. Scholtz a prominent Wilmont merchant, was a business visitor at the county capital Tuesday.
Mrs. C.D. Stork of Fairchild Wis., and Mrs. C.E. Gray of Eau Claire, Wis., are here on a visit to their mother Mrs. Z.M. Smith.


Norman Enger moved into his house recently bought in the west part of town Friday.
Rev. H.Z. Hvid, of Luverne was the guest of Thom Gunderson over Sunday.
P.A. Nelson has had several rooms in his house decorated.
Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Ader left Friday night for Sioux City where Mr. Ader has secured a position as buyer of horses for a Chicago firm.
Chas. Tinnes, who has been confined to the bed for over a year with paralysis, is reported much worse the last week.
Charles McMann of the State University is spending this week among friends and relatives in Adrian.
C.C. Scanlan, of Lansboro, Minn., called on our business men Friday also visited with P.A. Nelson who was located at Lansboro some years ago.
Thomas Gunderson, who has been sick with pneumonia for several weeks has sufficiently recovered to sit up a part of the time.
Born - To Mr. and Mrs. John Mauch, Tuesday, a girl.
Joe Biel was called to Lake Wilson, Minn., Saturday owing to the serious illness of his mother.
Jams R. Jones went to Worthington Saturday to spend Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Jones.
Mark Groves of Worthington, was in Adrian on business Saturday and Monday.
Clyde Hyke who is a barber in Joe Mars Parlors at sofa Sundayed in Adrian.
Miss Rose Ostern, a leading teacher in the Luverne high schools, was the guest of Prof. and Mrs. Anderson of this place Saturday.
Rev. Hvid, of Luverne, held services at the Lutheran church Monday at 10:30 the regular Easter sermon being delivered by the home pastor Rev. Hanson.
Nick Bank is having the King building painted and papered, he intends to open his restaurant soon.
Mrs. P.A. Nelson went to Luverne Monday to visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Hvid.
Miss Robinette Scheier is on the sick list.
Wm. Tentler, of Lismore, was in Adrian Monday.
Pill Landis went to Sioux City Monday with stock.
Tom Noonan, of Lismore, made a business trip to Adrian Monday.
S.J. McKenzie departed Monday night for Louisiana to look after his lumber interests there. Mr. McKenzie is at present erecting a saw mill and several dwellings on his property down there and good returns is expected of his enterprise.
Wair & Dumble the new Adrian hardware firm received a large consignment of new machinery and carriages Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Silas, of Luverne, visited Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Abbott.
Miss Terasse Barcley of Magnolia, visited Adrian friends Sunday.
Geo. Walden, of Lismore, was down on business Monday.
Mrs. Davis, of Luverne, visited Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Tinnes over Sunday returning to Luverne, Monday.
Miss Roxie Slade, who has been sick for several weeks, and confined to bed, is again able to be out.
Mrs. C.B. Swanman had a special sale at Rushmore Tuesday.
Rev. Hanson returned from Round Lake Tuesday.
J. Bratager and Andrew Peters of Lismore attended lodge here Tuesday evening.
Geo. Eppers, who recently had his ribs fractured while trying to show the on-lookers that he could throw Clarence Faragher two out of three times, is now improving rapidly.
Route Two.
John Steen has returned from Mankato Hospital where he underwent two operations. John still looks pale but is improving.
John Larson has leased the Nels Moberg farm for one year.
Aug. Nystrom has filled in around his mail post, so water cannot stand there, and is quite an improvement.
The old Wooden Bridge crossing the Ocheydan Lake is getting dangerous and should be looked after.
Indian Lake.
Emil Erickson left last Tuesday for Worthington where he will work on a steam ditching machine.
Rev. Oberg left last Tuesday for Nebraska and Iowa on business. He expects to be gone about a week.
George Olund left last Wednesday for Clear Lake, Iowa, for a two weeks visit with his parents.
Dan Fauskee captured a swan in Lake Ocheydan last week, he has it alive, it makes the only one in captivity around that we know of.
Nils Grelson, of Worthington, is re-shingling his barn and otherwise improving his farm preparatory to moving out next spring.
Mr. and Mrs. Nils Moellar, who left about a month ago to make their future home in Reynolds, Todd county, returned last week and will live at their former home again.
Gust Larson is among those who recently purchased a new buggy of the Smith Implement Co.
Mr. J.J. Kindlen is quite sick last week.
Wm Gamo, of Dewald, was in the city Monday.
Banker C.T. Tupper had business at Reading Wednesday.
J.J. Scheckter, a prominent Elk farmer was in town Tuesday.
Jas. Croxen, of Hersey, was in town Tuesday on a trading trip.
H.G. Bloomgreen, of Bigelow, was a Worthington visitor Tuesday.
Jens Christianson was in from Loraine Tuesday on a trading trip.
Wm Wickstrom and Albert Hactor were in from Indian Lake Tuesday.
Born - On Tuesday April 17th, to Mr. and Mrs. Carl A Anderson, a son.
Herman Leistico, of Loraine, was a business visitor in Worthington Tuesday.
P.C. Anderson, a prominent farmer of Org, was in Worthington on business Wednesday.
Abe Anderson and Will Hankins, of Jackson county, did trading in Worthington Tuesday.
Miss Avis Voak came home from the State University at Minneapolis for the Easter vacation.
F.S. Attwood the blind lecturer, will be heard at the Presbyterian church Wednesday evening.
Miss Mary Weatherby, of Adrian, spent Sunday in Worthington the guest of Miss Mattie Hastings.
The Sewing Circle of the Swedish Lutheran church met on Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. John Benson.
Sam Allen and Ira Mishler last week finished a job of carpenter work for Harvey Morgan of Indian Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Evans and children returned last week from a visit of a few days with relatives at Gowrie, Ia.
Chris Peterson, who has been assisting at Harding's barber shop, has gone to Brookings, South Dakota, where he may locate.
Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Harding returned from Hot Spring's South Dakota, Tuesday night. Mrs. Harding is much improved in health.
H.A. Tadtke was calling on friends in the city Tuesday afternoon. He was on his way to Leeper, Missouri, where he has a position as operator.
Mrs. George Goodrich and daughters Iva and Vivian and master Raymond arrived home last week from a winters visit in southern California. They had a lovely time while there.
Rev. C.O. Swan who spent a number of days here and conducted Easter services at the Swedish Lutheran church, returned to Rock Island on Wednesday to resume his studies at the college there. He will at once thereafter take up his work as pastor of the church here.
Miss Clara Cunningham of Brewster, visited friends in Worthington last week.
Mrs. C.P. Doland returned on Monday from a visit with relatives at Faribault.
Fred Trunk of Worthington township, was in the city on business last Saturday.
A Diehn, a prominent Round Lake merchant, was in the city on business Monday.
G.W. Meyers returned on Tuesday from a business trip to Chicago, Cedar Rapids and other points east.
Jas. and W.G. Ramage left on Tuesday on a business trip wo Winnipeg. They will be absent several weeks.
Miss Jeannette Clark went to St. James Wednesday to attend the wedding of her friend, Dr. Martha E. Rowland.
Editor J.S. Randolph came down from Brewster Tuesday to play with the Addington orchestra at the dance given that evening.
Jas. Ulrich a prominent farmer of Worthington township, was in the city on business Wednesday. He made the Advance a pleasant call.
William Nebel, who recently removed from this city to Prairie du Chien, Wis., died at that place on Wednesday of last week after a short illness.
John Greenlund, of Indian Lake township, who was seriously hurt a few days ago by being run over by a load of coal, is reported to be on the road to recovery.
Mrs. G.W. Wilson entertained the Euchre club last Monday evening, when a delightful time was had. Refreshments were served. Mrs. G.W. Lear carried off the head prize and Mrs. Harry Hobson captured the consolation prize.
Mr. W.P. Glasgow, of Butte, Mont, is here on a visit to her sister, Mrs. A.T. Latta.
Miss Louise Jones of Mitchell spent her Easter vacation visiting friends in Worthington.
Jet Smallwood who is attending the State University, came home last Friday for the Easter vacation.
Mrs. Rudolph Geyerman and Miss Luedtke of Brewster were Worthington visitors the latter part of last week.
Miss Mildred Jones of Adrian, who is teaching in the Sharp district north of town, went to Adrian Saturday to spend her Easter vacation.
Henry Brayton, a pioneer settler of Round Lake, died at his home in that village last Sunday at an advanced age. Mr. Brayton was the first treasurer of Nobles county, and in an early day was prominent in public affairs.

Friday, April 27, 1906

The residence of Mr. and Mrs. O.W. Deichoff was the scene of a private wedding last Sunday evening, when Miss Martha Bliefernicht, a sister of Mrs. Dieckhoff, was united in bonds of holy matrimony to Mr. H.S. Meyers, our popular druggist. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Edwin W. Lanham in the presence of a few immediate relatives of the contracting parties. Mr. and Mrs. Meyers left on the night train for Omaha, where they spent a week visiting.
The bride is a most estimable young lady. She has been a resident of Worthington for four years, and for a year and half held a position as cashier in the store of Hart & Co.
The groom is one of Worthington's prominent young business men, having been engaged in the drug business here for a number of years.
The Advance joins the many friends of the young people in extending congratulations.
Dr. F.M. Manson Will Establish One in Worthington.
Dr. F.M. Manson has let a contract to Sam Swanson for the construction of a large addition to his residence on the corner of 4th avenue and 11th street. The additional rooms will be used by Dr. Manson for hospital purposes. This is a project Dr. Manson has long contemplated and he has finally taken steps to its consumation. Dr. Manson is one of our most successful physicians and we congratulate him on his enterprise in establishing this much needed institution.
Another Fire Checked.
At 11:20 o'clock last night the greater portion of our citizens were aroused by the clanging of the fire bell and the cry of "fire!"
The rear end of A.F. Diehn's store was ablaze and the flames were eating their way thru  back door when the water as turned on. The flames were soon subdued and the fire extinguished. Practically all the damage done by the fire was confined to the building, and again it was satisfactorily demonstrated to many of our citizens that our waterworks system is not such a bad investment after all; for without it hte buildings on both sides of Main street would undoubtedly have been consumed.
The fire apparently started in a storm shed at the rear door, but how it started is unknown. -Round Lake Graphic.


Henry Henneckes is painting his buildings north of town.
Chas. McMann returned to Minneapolis, Sunday night, to resume his studies at the State University.
Will Bartlett, of Worthington, was over on business, Thursday.
Clayton Cooper returned to the State University Sunday night.
Mrs Jas. R. Jones went to Worthington Friday to visit at the home of her son, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Jones.
Mat Mulroy, of Lismore, was in Adrian Friday, giving his usual humoristic political spiels and a few curb-stone stunts.
Mrs. B.F. Pettingill returned from Iowa, Friday.
John Brabender's house is being repaired this week.
J. Fackinbrack, of Lismore, transacted business here Saturday.
P.A. Nelson was in Luverne over Sunday, a guest of Rev. and Mrs. H.Z. Hvid.
Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Scheier entertained their friends at cards and dancing in Becker's hall Friday evening, in honor of their daughter, Robinnette. While the invitations extended chiefly to the younger people, they included the Citizens Band (who in a body furnished the dance music for the evening) and the local card club.
Mrs. Chas. Mylius went to Sioux City, Sunday night, for an extended visit.
C.L. Devendorf, of Sioux Falls, was in Adrian Thursday.
Norman Enger is making further repairs on his barber shop - a new roof of shingles is being put on.
Jos. Cowin contemplates the erection of a fine residence on his lots on the west side this summer.
Prideaux Bros. and L.W. Marston each had new awnings put up this week.
Pat Quinn returned Tuesday from the hospital at Rochester, where he underwent an operation for ulcers on the stomach. Mr. Quinn is doing nicely and hopes within a short time to obtain good health.
Death of Charles Tinnes - After three or four years of ill health and one and a half years steady confinement to his bed, the result of complete paralysis, Charles Tinnes passed away shortly after noon Wednesday, April 25th. The funeral will occur Friday, April 27th, at 2 p.m. from the residence of his parents. Further particulars will be given next week.
Anderson and Bost received car of sheep Saturday which they put on Mr. Anderson's farm south of town.
Guy Bost and G.F. King went to Rushmore Saturday night to the Army Drill.
K. Deuth is gathering cream for the Worthington creamery.
Erven Schuck went to Chicago with stock Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Smith were over from Ransom and left an order for one of the sure Hatch Incubators to be had at Chas. King's. They intend going into the poultry business on quite an extensive plan in the near future.
Miss Mary Mitchell is home after completing her seven months term of school.
Klans Groninger's little girl is improving, it was thought at one time she might have to have an operation on the bone of her right leg.
Mr. Fitch was out looking over the gravel prospects in view of putting in a tile machine but at present has not obtained the exact kind of material he would like.
Indian Lake.
Dr. Saxon and family of Worthington spent Sunday with relatives.
Peter Cedargren, of Boon, Iowa, arrived last Saturday for a couple days at his farm.
Miss Mamie Saxon spent Sunday at home. Miss Saxon is engaged in the dressmaking trade in Worthington.
Emery Hactor and Alvin Anderson attended church at Worthington last Sunday evening.
A. Hactor was in Round Lake on business last Saturday.
Gust Nystrom left last Thursday for Adrian by team returning Friday with 510 apple trees from 5 to 6 feet tall he purchased from the Kanaranzi nurseries.
Henry Brayton, One of Nobles County's Highly Esteemed Pioneers Passed Away.
On Easter morning, about 4:00 o'clock, Henry Brayton, one of Indian Lake township's aged and highly respected citizens, died at the age of 74 years, 1 month and 9 days, at his home 3 miles southwest of town.
Funeral services were held in the Presbyterian church in Round Lake, Wednesday, at 2:00 o'clock p.m., conducted by Rev. Walker. A large concourse of sympathizing neighbors and friends was present to pay their last respects to the deceased. The remains were interred in Round Lake cemetery, southeast of town.
Henry Brayton was born in Washington county, New York, March 6, 1832, and his early youth was spent among the pioneers of western New York in Erie county, near Buffalo. In 1853 he came to Delaware county, Iowa, with its first settlement when there was not a mile of railroad nearer than Rockford, Illinois. In that early day he established a boot, shoe and harness shop at Delhi, Iowa, where he remained for a bout 15 years.
He was married September 28, 1865, in Chicago to Celestia A. Clough, of Concord, New Hampshire, living in Delhi, Iowa, for some time thereafter, and where he still has a host of friends who hold him in the highest esteem for his unfailing honesty and manliness - while at Delhi he went to the front in 1861 as regimental musician under Col. Peters; serving until discharged on account of sickness.
The wife who survives him has followed him as a faithful helpmate thru pioneer vicissitudes in two states. After a year on the frontier of Kansas he took up his abode in Indian Lake township, Minnesota, on a soldier's homestead on the 29th of August, 1869, where he resided up to the time of his death.
It is believed that he built the first frame house in what is now Nobles county, and that his wife was the first white woman in the county. He helped to organize Nobles county and was its first county treasurer; an office he held for several years, and was also treasurer of the township in which he lived for many years.
He belonged pre-eminently to that sturdy class of pioneers who have left us sich a rich heritage in the memory of their unselfish lives.
"Hank" Brayton, as he was known to a host of friends in several states, was a man whose honesty was never questioned and it was the pride of his life that no man could justly question the purity of his motives. These pioneers are fast passing away, and the sacred duty is left ot us to build well on the honest foundations they have laid for us.
Mr. Brayton leaves an aged wife, two sons and four grandchildren, and an aged sister at Buffalo, N.Y., who with a host of friends will always cherish his memory.
Henry Brayton and Lucy Brayton, children of his only brother, of Manchester, Iowa, were in attendance at the funeral.
Another pioneer is gone and another landmark has become but a memory. --Round Lake Graphic.
W.G. Meyers is having his residence on Okabena street reshingled.
N.O. Langseth and Ole Ellingson of Indian Lake were pleasant callers yesterday.
A.R. Beilke a leading merchant of Reading was in the city Tuesday on business.
Thomas Hayes of Wilmont passed through the city Monday on his way to Canada.
C.A. Swanson is reported to have speared a 52lb muscalonge in Graham Lake last week.
Editor Chas. Hamstrel [Hamstreet?] of Rushmore was in the city between trains on Monday. He was in search of a printer.
Chris Peterson has returned from his trip to Brookings, South Dakota and will remain in Worthington for the present.
A.D. Pigman, who lives east of town, was in the first of the week to meet a daughter who came up from Iowa for a visit.
F.M. Hickman has found it necessary to extend the counter in front of his soda fountain in order to accommodate his business.
John Larson, of Gibson City, Ill., left here Tuesday, after a visit at the home of his uncle, P.C. Anderson. He went to North Dakota to look up a location for a cigar factory.
Misses Nettie Fitch and Edna Klassy left last Saturday for North Dakota where they will spend the summer. Miss Klassy has a homestead claim there and Miss Fitch intends ot take one.
Ground was broke the first of the week for the new residence to be erected by Dr. Ray Humiston on the corner of 10th street and 6th avenue. The workmen have been putting in the water works and sewer connections. Work on the excavation for the basement will be pushed along as rapidly as possible. Dr. Humiston has adopted plans for a handsome modern structure.
A number of Worthington people attended the funeral of Henry Brayton at Round Lake last Friday.
Mayor Madison made a business trip to Sioux City Monday returning Tuesday.
Bert Thurber left Monday night for Minneapolis where he has a position.
F.M. Potter has moved into the Jas. Gibson house in the Clary addition.
Mrs. H.M. Damon is out again after an illness of a month with bronchitis.
D.A. Scott and wife of Sioux Falls, were here Sunday, being guests at the Allen house.
W.I. Carpenter is putting his launch and fleet of rowboates in repairs for the summer season.
Banker C.T. Tupper made a trip to his farm near Reading Wednesday to look after the seeding.
H.R. Rockwell and family returned on Tuesday from a visit of a couple of days at Minneapolis.
J.P. Thurston a former resident of Worthington now living at West, N. Dak., was here the first of the week on a visit.
A. Anderson, of Forrestville, S. Dak., has spent a week here taking medical treatment. He is stopping at the Allen house.
Henry Hornstine left on Tuesday for Wilkin county, where he will spend a week visiting his sons and looking after real estate interests.
Rev. Darnell, of Ohio, will arrive the first of May and will take charge of the Baptist church for a couple of months. He comes highly recommended.
Dick Lamb, of Slayton, was a Worthington visitor last Friday. He is a member of the Western Implement Co., and was here assisting local manager Renner for the day.
Bob Town, who has charge of the depot lunch counter nights, last Monday morning had the misfortune to seriously burn his hand, arm and leg by an explosion of gasoline. The timely assistance of night operator Fairfield and others save him from serious damages.
Jos. Low of Loraine, was in the city Wednesday.
J. Shannan made a business trip to Sioux City Saturday.
Mrs. K.G. Chrysler, of Lake Park, visited here last Monday.
Prof. C.S. Jones, of Rushmore, was in the city Wednesday.
M.L. Loafman, of Reading, registered at the Allen house Wednesday.
Dr. F.M. Manson spent a couple of days in the twin cities on business this week.
Paul P. Schreiber of Kinbrae was a business visitor at the county seat Wednesday.
Miss Alice McCall, of Brewster, was a guest at the home of P.J. Martin on Sunday last.
County Treasurer Smith has moved into the house recently vacated by Jas. Gibson.
Mrs. Dr. Saxon spent the past week in Indian Lake township, visiting the doctor's mother.
L.T. Eide of Rushmore was in the city Tuesday on business. He made this office a pleasant call.
G.W. Lear returned on Saturday from a ten days sojourn at Sioux Falls, where he was looking after property interests.
Clinton DeWitt of Plattville, Wis., a brother of the late Mrs. Kendlen arrived here last Saturday, having been called by his sisters illness.
Jas. Gibson came over from Luverne last Sunday to visit his family. He reports business in his new location very satisfactory.
Chas. Nienaber, the banker and merchant of Round Lake, was at the county seat on business Tuesday.
Mrs. Bernard Dougherty and children who had been visiting at the home of P.J. Martin, left for their home in St. Cloud on Wednesday.
A number of the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Strom went out from the city Tuesday evening and gave them a very pleasant surprise party.
Rev. W.G. Fallansbee of Ellsworth, stopped off here between trains Wednesday on his way home from the ministerial conference at Windom.
T.D. Dunn, a recent arrival from Derbyshire, England, is making his home with Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Hobson for a short time. He has come to America to try his fortune in Uncle Sam's domain, and will seek employment on a farm for the first.
W.B. Stoutemeyer came home from his work on the road a cripple. About two weeks ago he strained his leg while boarding a freight train. For some time he paid no attention to the injury, but was finally compelled to give up work and come home. It developed that the ligaments at the back of the knee had been torn. He is now compelled to use a crutch.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Boberg, who recently went to San Jose, Cal., have felt considerable anxiety concerning them since the news of the earthquake, as no word was received from them. The parents of Mrs. Boberg, who live near Reading, have received a letter from her in which she states that beyond a severe shaking up they suffered no inconvenience.
John T. Smith went to Sioux City Wednesday evening on business.
John Glasgo came home from Los Angeles, where he had spent some time.
H. Stum of the Worthington State bank Sundayed with friends at Heron Lake.
Dr. Geyerman reports diphtheria in the family of Geo. Smith in Jackson county.
Capt. and Mrs. A. Schaefer, of Rushmore, attended the ball given by Co. F. on Wednesday evening.
Prof. A.W. Hawkes, a noted lecturer, is one of the latest additions to the Chautauqua program.
Chas. Kendlen arrived on Monday from Los Angeles, having been called home by the critical turn in his mothers illness. He arrived in time to see his mother alive.
Richmond Pearson Hobson, who is to appear here at the Chautauqua assembly, has been nominated for congress in his home district, where nomination is equivalent to election.
Christ Nieman and family left last Sunday night for Edmonton, Canada, where they expect to make their future home. Their many friends here will wish them success in their new location.
Bernard Voss, bonanza farmer of Elk township, was in the city on business yesterday and made this office a pleasant call. Mr. Voss is farming a section of land, has all his small grain in. He reports seeding about all done in his neighborhood.
Frank Dean is in receipt of a letter from a sister in San Jose, Cal., in which she informs him that they lost all their household goods in the earthquake last week. They were glad to escape with their lives. His sister Ethel, who recently left Worthington, was in Washington, and suffered no inconvenience from the shock.
Claude Wilhelm, an experienced cabinet maker who recently arrived from Germany, has been secured by Messers. Chaney & Mackay to take charge of their workshop. Besides attending to all repair work Mr. Wilhelm will do much new work, practically adding another department to the business of the firm. Mr. Wilhelm comes highly recommended as a first class workman.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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