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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 September, 1905

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Friday, September 8, 1905

Childrens Party

The home of Mr. Frank Glasgow was the scene of a pleasant event last Saturday afternoon when his daughter Miss Edith gave a party attended by about twenty five of her little friends. The little folks amused themselves with games of various kinds for some time after which dainty refreshments were served.


J.D. Matteson went to Heron Lake Tuesday.

Miss M.J. Fahy returned from her vacation last week with a beautiful line of millinery. She was accompanied by her sister.

Miss Edith Glasgow returned last week from a visit in St. Paul and Hastings.

Mrs. Geo. Wheeler of Rushmore passed through Saturday on her way to Kasota.

Ge. Wheeler, of Rushmore was a visitor between trains Saturday.

Duncan Sutherland of Round Lake was in the city between trains Tuesday on his way to St. Paul to take in the fair.

Hugh Barry went to St. Paul Monday.

H.L. Durfee spent the week in St. Paul at the fair.

Miss Black of Rushmore passed through town on her way to Cherokee, Iowa, Tuesday.

Miss Mildred Lewis will return to her home in Wilmont Friday after a visit of several days here.

Attorneys Cashel and Flynn and H.F. Rockwell were fishing on lake Ocheda Tuesday afternoon. They report no luck at all.

Mrs. J.E. Forbes left for St. Paul Saturday, where she visited a few days, going from there to Wisconsin where he will visit relatives.

Mrs. Alma Connor went to the cities Wednesday to take in the state fair.

E.A. Tripp left on Monday for Denver to take in the G.A.R. reunion there.

Wm. Thom and daughter of Rushmore passed through town Wednesday on their way to Denver where Mr. Thom will take in the G.A.R. reunion.

R.H. Owen of Adrian was at the Worthington Tuesday.

Mrs. J.G. Nelson, of Lake Park visited at the Worthington over Sunday.

F.E. VanHouten on Tuesday brought his family down from Slayton. Mr. VanHouten is arranging to start a magazine here.

W.N. Jones, of Minneapolis, is visiting relatives here for a few days.

A.W. Johnson of Chicago spent Sunday here visiting his parents.

W.S. Aagard is here from Brandon, Manitoba, on a visit.

Mrs. Robert Smith of Lake Park visited friends here over Sunday.

H.P. Williamson, district agent for the Standard Oil Co., returned Sunday from a business trip.

A.W. Stangland spent last Sunday with friends at Sioux Falls.

Miss J.M. Malmster arrived from her home in Iowa last Friday and assumed her duties in the public schools the first of the week.

John Kingsbury of Pipestone was here Monday on business.

Mark Graves and family of Lismore are stopping at the Worthington. They will make this city their home.

Mr. and Mrs. H.P. Lewis, of Wilmont passed through town Tuesday on their way to the twin cities. Mr. Lewis moved to Wilmont from this city last February, and still has a warm spot in his heart for Worthington.

Jas. Montgomery of Wilmont was in the city Tuesday on business.

O. Marston of St. James registered at the Western Monday.

Otto Heberlee of Lismore was a Worthington visitor Tuesday.

Henry Mahler of Hills, Rock county, passed through town Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Torrance and son Ray left for St. Paul Sunday to attend the state fair.

Miss Jennie Torrance left for St. Paul Sunday to take in the fair.

Miss Helen Smith of Wilmont was the guest of friends here Wednesday.

Mrs. R.E. Hecox after a pleasant visit here with relatives and friends left for her home in Barron, Wis., Monday.

Mrs. M.E. Stowell, left for Rock Rapids Wednesday morning after a pleasant visit here with her daughter Miss Myrtle.

Mrs. L. Jordan, left for her home in Minneapolis after a week's visit with Miss Myrtle Stowell.

Mrs. Wm. Thom of Rushmore did shopping in Worthington Tuesday.

Miss Nellie Plotts is home from Chicago is a visit under the parental roof.

Rudolph Dieckoff Sundayed with his family in the city.

Mr. W.H. Gillis was a visitor in the city a few hours Tuesday.

Mrs. Pat Colman, of Alton, Iowa, passed through the city Wednesday on her way home from a visit with relatives in St. Paul.

Harry Hawley left Tuesday night for Minneapolis where he will attend school this winter.

C.O. Peterson has been confined to the house the past week with an attack of quinsy. He was taken ill at Westbrook last week and returned home Saturday. Dr. Geyerman is treating him.

Joe Devlin of Windom is the new night operator at the telephone central.

E.J. Fry of Wilmont had business at the county capital Thursday.

W.F. and Henry Moss of Reading transacted business in Worthington Wednesday.

Joe Kugler was down from Reading Wednesday.

Jas. Knutson of Round Lake was a Worthington visitor Wednesday.

Mrs. Thos. Dovery and children arrived yesterday for Barron. Mr. Dovery has rented the Anton house on 6th street, and will move his family in as soon as his household goods arrive.

Theo. Jentjes, who had been visiting his old friend, Theo. Feidt of the town of Hersey, returned to his home in Iowa yesterday.

Miss Gillis, of Rushmore, passed through the city Wednesday on her way to Wis., where she will teach this winter.

A. Joche, baggageman on the Omaha train No. 16, is taking a layoff and is spending a few days at the state fair.

Dayton Staubus is taking in the state fair this week.

C. Mullen is among the state fair visitors.

Jesse Hamstreet, of Clear Lake, Iowa was in the city Monday between trains, a guest of Miss Nettie Fitch. He was on his way home from Rushmore, where he has been working for some time.

Miss Nettie Fitch has accepted a position as simplex operator on the Advance. Miss Fitch will also devote part of her time to reporting, and any favors shown her in this connection will be duly appreciated by this paper.

Mrs. Eric Olson of Spirit Lake, Iowa, arrived on Wednesday night on a visit to E.G. Larson and family. On Thursday they drove out to Albert Hectors of Indian Lake township, spending the day.

J.H. Maxwell and daughter Miss Richie, who are travelling on the Pacific coast, recently were the guests of A.P. Miller, the founder of the Advance, who is now a resident of Los Angeles, where he is engaged in the newspaper business.

Marshall Twitchell on Tuesday afternoon did a much needed piece of street cleaning, when he run in a bunch of hobos who had been making themselves offensive about the streets.

Rev. Gustaf A. Tornkvist of Minneapolis preached at the Swedish Covenant Church Wednesday night and for a couple of days visited old friends. Rev. Tornkvist is publishing in the Swedish language a monthly pamphlet called "The Way to Holiness."

Rev. P. Berg pastor of the Scandinavian free mission at Windom, Minn., preached at the Swedish Tabernacle here Thursday night. He was on his way to Iowa and made the stop over to renew old acquaintances. Rev. Berg and Rev. Moberg used to exchange pulpits.

(From the Leader)

Mr. Bailey, of Worthington, missionary for the Sunday School Union was in Thursday accompanied by Mr. Robinson, who represents the state organization.

Roelofs Bros. are building an addition to their store this week. The new part is 18x11 feet, one story, and is well provided with light, as well as having a wide entrance at the south, thru which bulky articles may be readily taken.

Several parties of hunters, including Chas. Hargrow, Frank Walters, Fr. Zanher, Tom Hayes, Ernest Leonard, Frank McV_nes and others, started out from here before sunrise this morning. We understand the reason for the early start was to catch the chickens asleep.


The following invitation is being circulated in Minneapolis to all who are known to have lived in Worthington. Over 100 invitations are now out:

Mrs. Dayton and I are asking those in this city, who formerly lived in Worthington, to take dinner with us at the Dayton Tea Rooms, Seventh and Nicollet, 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 13th.

Mr. Chas. W. Smith will preside. Mr. Smith, Mrs. Clement (formerly Winnie Shell) and Mr. Ashworth will assist in receiving. Every one will be allotted five minutes to tell some incident about Worthington. It is necessary to know just how many to plan for -- kindly indicate your acceptance of this invitation.
Geo. D. Dayton
Take elevator at 710 Nicollet Ave.


Mrs. John Lawson is on the sick list.

Joe Poots, of Adrian, was in town Tuesday.

B.B. Epley was here last Friday from St. James.

Mrs. Geo. Sellers left Monday morning for Rochester.

M.C. Mann spent Sunday at Adrian visiting friends.

Chas. Loveless and Will Boddy drove to Adrian last Sunday.

M. Murphy, of Rushmore was in the city the first of this week.

T.L. Mitchell left for St. Paul Sunday to take in the state fair.

J.A. Kennecott, of Luverne, passed through here Tuesday noon.

Mrs. P. Cedargreen, of Boone, Ia., was here last week visiting friends.

Mrs. Cunningham, of Brewster, was the guest of friends here Monday.

Frank Hale, of Rock Rapids, Ia., registered at the Western last Friday.

M.N. Allen of St. James was a business visitor in Worthington last Friday.

Miss Grace Mann returned on Saturday from a weeks visit at Windom.

Miss Ethel Patterson returned Saturday from a two week's visit at Sheldon.

Mrs. G.E. Mitchell has been quite sick for the past week, but is somewhat improved.

Miss Laura Pepple left the first of the week for Duluth to attend Normal school.

Mrs. G.W. Lear and daughter Grace left Saturday morning for a few days visit in Minneapolis.

A. Hart returned the latter part of last week from St. Louis where he spent a week on business.

Landlord C.A. Ward of the Western hotel, and Will McGowan went to the cities Monday to take in the state fair.

C.A. Stegel, who had been foreman in the Advance office for some weeks, left last Friday for Hurley, S.D., to assume a similar position.

Roy V. Lewis of Wilmont was in the city Sunday.

C.H. Cowing of Reading was in the city Sunday.

Mrs. Stelle E. Smith and children went to Minneapolis Sunday noon.

Walter Aagaard, jr., of Brandon, Manitoba, is here visiting friends.

H.C. Franck and wife went to the cities Sunday night to take in the fair.

Rastus Church left Saturday for the National G.A.R. encampment at Denver.

Druggist R.L. Morland was a visitor at the state fair several days of this week.

Miss Tina Campbell of Lake Wilson visited Friday with Miss Arloine Loveless while enroute for Spirit Lake.

H. Hawley and wife and son R.W. left Saturday via the Rock Island for a week's visit with relatives at Hastings.

Sterling Lawton is employed in Goff and Gibson's store this week during the absence of Chester Harding, who is taking in the fair at St. Paul.

D.C. Dow left for Minneapolis Monday to complete his law course at the university. He will also teach commercial law at the State business college in the Dayton block.

A.T. Latta, the enterprising dry goods merchant, is remodeling the interior arrangement of his store. The shelving on one side is being rebuilt and a stairway will be put in leading to a new room upstairs, which will be devoted to the cloak and carpet departments. In anticipation of a increased business this fall Mr. Latta has enlarged his stock in all lines.

Mr. Jones, of Spencer, arrived Thursday for a visit with Frank Kaynor and Louis Lear of the Worthington House.

Alderman Madison made a business trip to Sioux City Wednesday.

E.F. Whitney and family are expected back here from Seattle this week on a visit.

160 acre farm for sale or rent A.B. Traeder Worthington, Minn., phone K L 3.

Anyone wishing quilting, mending or sewing of any kind done, telephone Mrs. F.R. Coughran.

Mrs. Nic. Weinandt and children are visiting at Brewster this week, and Nic wears a lonesome look.

Theodore Olson of Malcolm, Ia., was here last week looking after a farm he owns situated south of town.

H.D. Moeller, who lives a mile south of town, was in the city Friday on business. This office acknowledges a pleasant call.

F.L. Humiston and wife spent several days of this week at the state fair at Hamline. They also visited friends in the twin cities.

The infant son of Chas. Murphy and wife, of Spafford, died on the 29th and was buried the 30th of August.

G.W. Patterson has spent the past two weeks at Hamline where he has been on state fair business. Mr. Patterson had charge of the horse exhibit at the fair, and his work gave eminent satisfaction to the many exhibitors.

Miss Jessie Munson of Rushmore is the guest of Miss Nettie Fitch this week.


(From the Tribune.)

A.H. Anderson and Miss Laura Evenson were united in marriage on Tuesday of this week, the ceremony being performed at Windom by Rev. O.C. Myhre, of the Norwegian Lutheran church. The groom has leased the D.H. McKellar farm, and immediately after the ceremony the young couple returned to that place to begin housekeeping. Mr. Anderson is well known and highly respected member of our community, and his bride is a most estimable young woman. Both have many friends who extend hearty congratulations.

Misses Gertie Geyerman and Freda Lees have been visiting in Sioux City this week.

Mrs. T.E. Bly returned home last Saturday from a visit at her old home at PawPaw, Ill.

Miss Emily McConey arrived home last Saturday night from her visit with the Starner families at Revillo, S.D.

The Alliance Insurance Company, of Austin recently made a very satisfactory settlement with George Groen for the loss which he sustained from the hail storm a few weeks ago. We understand that Mr. Green received about $250.

R.J. Smits, formerly principal of the Brewster school, arrived here last Saturday to visit with the family of A.L. Wells and other friends. Mr. Smits and family now reside at Granada, Martin Co., where he will act as principal of the school next year.

(From the Initiator.)

Enoch Anderson made a trip to Heron Lake on Monday. He drove to Slayton and from there took the train. Mr. Anderson was in search of a location for the winter, as this is their last week in the Commercial hotel. He selected Slayton, where they will move at once and where Mr. Anderson expects to take up the real estate business.

Frank Glasgow, superintendent for the Omaha Ry. Co., and Will McGowan, foreman of a bridge crew, of Worthington, came to Wilmont last Sunday on a railroad velocipede, and were guests at the O'Connor restaurant. Mr. Glasgow's trip was partly to look after his farm a few miles northeast of Wilmont.

(From the Signal.)

A number of the young people of this vicinity gathered at the home of John Paulson on Saturday night and enjoyed a dance with these people. The music for the occasion was furnished by Joe Hand. All present report a very pleasant time and hope they may be able to enjoy many more evenings of this kind with these people.

The trade of the hotel property that has been in progress for some time was closed Tuesday afternoon by J.M. Ball and Mr. Brinkhaus secures a quarter section of raw prairie about 12 miles north east of Crookston. Mrs. Brinkhaus will visit with relatives at Doon Ia., for a short time and they will move on a farm in Polk county in about two weeks.

Mr. Sietsma returned to Wilmont Monday afternoon and spent a few days at the home of his father near the Ransom church. Mr. Sietsma has been employed as salesman in a general store at Westbrook for the past year but has secured a like position with a firm at Wilmont at better salary than he received a year ago.

Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Hubbard and two daughters, Misses Lodema and Bessie, drove to the County Seat Friday morning where they spent the day with friends and secured rooms for their children Warner and Bessie, who expect to attend the high school during the coming year.

(From the Democrat.)

The seven year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Prideaux, four miles south of town, fell about eight feet, while playing in the granary last Saturday, sustaining a very bad cut on the lower lip and tearing the lip loose from the gums. It required several stitches to close the wound.

E.W. McFarland and Phil Landes went to Sioux City Wednesday night to buy some stock to feed. Mr. Landes would like to buy a nice bunch of sheep, and if he cannot find what he wants there, he may go to Montana or Wyoming where sheep are plentiful.

A tramp entered Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Ader's home, southwest of town, while they were away last Sunday and scattered things around in great shape. Nothing was taken, however, but it is supposed that the marauder was not looking for any thing but money.

Miss Isabel Stene, of Minneapolis, is the assistant principal in the High School, and Miss Jessie Everett, of Mapleton, has been engaged to teach in the third and fourth grades in place of Miss Nickerson, who tendered her resignation about a week ago. The board had but a very short time in which to get a teacher, but in less than five days half a dozen applications were received. It appears from this that there is no dearth of teachers.

Round Lake
(From the Graphic.)

Nels Langseth reports a yield of 20 bushels of wheat to the acre and over 79 bushels of oats. This is the best yield so far reported this season.

Chris. Wassmann sold his livery outfit last week to Orton Richards and John Murphy, of Jackson county, who are to take possession by September.

Prof. C.S. Jones came down from the county seat Tuesday on a few days' visit with friends. He will begin his second term as principal of the Rushmore school next Monday.

Dr. Wiedow, of Worthington, made a professional visit to the Jno. Hemmingson home in Round Lake townthip last Saturday and Tuesday to treat Mr. Hemmingson's little boy, who is very sick with cerebro-spinal fever.

Friday, September 15, 1905

High School Notes

The total enrollment of the high school averages about 80. Of these, 33 are freshmen and 12 of the freshmen are from other localities.

The athletic board of control has been elected for the ensuing year. It consists of Charles Haggard, James Mott, Lloyd Patterson and Alida Bedford as student members and Mr. Edwards, Miss Glascoe and Miss Herman of the faculty.

The Foot ball team has begun its practice for the coming season. There are about 18 candidates for the team. It will average about 180 (?) lbs and is being coached by Mr. Edwards.

Miss G. -- Will the freshmen please bring their bottles so Miss Janney can fill them.

The first debate of the season will be held Friday, Sept 23, when teams consisting of Lloyd Patterson, Ernest Gillis, James Mott and Vergil Fellows, Emma Ferguson and Oakley Tripp, will argue the question: Resolved, That all elective state, district, county and city officers should be nominated by direct primaries held under state regulations, rather than by delegate conventions.


Mr. and Mrs. I.F. Kelley returned from St. Paul Saturday.

W.H. Brown of Adrian took in the fair here Wednesday.

Mrs. Fox arrived Wednesday to visit her son Ira Fox and family.

Fred and Ike Jenkins of Elk township were business visitor Monday.

Milton Black of Rushmore came over Wednesday to take in the fair.

Jas Carey a leading business man of Ellsworth was a fair visitor Wednesday.

Chris Kuntz and wife went to Sioux City Wednesday to take in the fair.

L.N. and Wm. Johnson of Lismore were here Wednesday taking in the fair.

Colman Lbr Co., sells the genuine Sandy Creek hocking coal that is the very best.

A new line of fall and winter styles just arrived at Johnson and Kindlund's.

Come in and see the new styles in fall hats at Johnson and Kindlund's millinery store.

Arvid Sahlbom came over Tuesday morning from Sioux Falls to ___ with relatives.

R.E. Meader and John Whalen of Wilmont were here Wednesday taking in the fair.

C. Chrisler and wife  of Lake Park are guests of his brother-in-law I.F. Kelley, this week.

Misses Sarah and Margaret hosmer, of Edgerton are the guests of Mrs. A. Roshon this week.

The Otis Bowers minstrel company were quartered at the Western hotel during their engagement here.

Mmes M.E. Hines and Addie Johnson of Round Lake were guests at the Western hotel Sunday.

Mr. Nolt, of Mitchell, S.D., was in the city Friday night advertising the corn palace to be held at that place.

Ellen and Nina Langseth of Indian Lake, leave today for a visit in Eagle Grove, Iowa, with Miss Gena Johnson.

Miss Gena Johnson left for her home today in Eagle Grove, Iowa, after a visit with Miss Sophia Ellingson.

Miss Cora Korslund of Thor, Iowa, will leave today for her home after a visit with her cousin Miss Sophia Ellingson.

Miss Smith, of St. Paul, designer and trimmer arrived Tuesday having been employed by Miss M.J. Fahy to assist her during the season.

J.H.J. Black, representing the Minnesota Type Foundry Co., of St. Paul, was in the city Wednesday, and sold the Advance a large order of new job type.

Albert Firth of St. Paul came down Sunday for a visit with his daughter Mrs. Thos. Cunningham near Brewster, and also look after his property in this city.

H. Hawley and wife returned Tuesday night from Hastings and the twin cities where they have been visiting relatives. They returned in a new touring car which they purchased in Minneapolis on their trip.

Roy Lewis of Wilmont was in the city Wednesday.

A. Joche went to Windom Wednesday on business.

Geo. Lear returned from Sioux Falls Wednesday.

Hans Hanson, of Rushmore was in the city Wednesday.

Wm. Ebert of Brewster was a visitor in the city Wednesday.

Mrs. Gray of Brewster, and daughter were in the city Wednesday.

Miss McKenzie, of Adrian, is the guest of friends in the city this week.

Miss Winnie O'Connor of Wilmont was the guest of friends here Wednesday.

Miss Ida Roll, of Adrian was the guest of her aunt Mrs. Nic Weinandt, this week.

Miss Pearl Bass of Round Lake is in the city visiting friends during the fair.

C.S. [O.S.?] Frye, of Van Horne, Iowa was here this week looking after farming interests.

Mrs. John Salstrom and son Paul, of Bigelow, are guests of Mrs. John Biltgen this week.

Mrs. Wilbern of Sibley came up Wednesday to visit her daughter Mrs. F.J. Hickman.

Mrs. Boge, of Little Rock, left for her home Tuesday after a visit with her daughter Mrs. Fred Smith.

Carl Swanson went to Sioux Falls Wednesday to work on the Western Union Telegraph line.

Miss Maloy, of Montrose, S.D., passed through here Wednesday on her way to Sioux City with her brother who she is taking to the hospital for treatment.

A marriage license was issued on Tuesday to Ernest Noeremberg and Minnie Maske, both of Iowa. They were married the same day at the Hotel Worthington by Rev. McIntosh.

J.M. Morrison of Brewster was here Wednesday attending the fair.

Dr. C.P. Dolan went to Mankato Wednesday to attend a meeting of the Southwe4stern Minnesota Medical Association.

T.A. Palmer, assistant secretary of the Fair Association was on the sick list this week, and unable to attend to his official duties or business, much to the regret of both himself and friends.

The following Worthington people took dinner at the Western hotel Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Jones, Mrs. Smith and daughter, Will Loveless, Mr. and Mrs. Matteson, Harry Stowell and daughter.

Mrs. G.C. Hyde and two daughters Florence and Hazel left Saturday for a visit in St. Paul.

Miss Iris Clow of Pierre, S.D., left last Saturday for her home after a visit at the residence of Conductor H.C. Franck.


(From the Initiator.)

President O.H. Tilman and wife departed on Monday for Fargo, N.D., from where they will go to Buffalo and Clifford. Mr. Tilman went with a view to selling one of his farm near Clifford, N.D., and also to look after his interest in the crops. They will stop in Fargo a few days, and expect to return to Wilmont in a week or ten days.

Last Friday Attorney Morris Evans of Pipestone, was a passenger to Worthington. Mr. Evans' business was to see Sheriff Fauskee, who he brought back with him as far as Lismore to look after a land deal of some kind.

(From the Tribune.)

Mrs. Ray D. Smith went out to Kimball, S.D. the first of the week to visit her people, who reside there. She will be gone about two weeks, and Mr. S. will eat mush and milk during her absence.

Mrs. John Tjossem and Miss Abbie Tjossem, of Gaza, Iowa, arrived here Monday to visit S.J. Norland and family. They were accompanied by Rachael and Martha Norland, who had been visiting relatives in O'Brien County.

The social last Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Hagerman was a success, both socially and financially.

T.E. Bly and Herman Gruver left here last Saturday for the state fair with a car of stock for exhibition. Mr. Bly took thirty-eight Duroc Jersey hogs, thirty-five Shropshire sheep, and a few young cattle. Mr. Gruver took twenty-nine Duroc hogs. The former expected to go from Hamline to the South Dakota state fair at Huron, but was not fully decided at the time of leaving here. Mr. Gruver will probably return directly home.

O.B. Holden, of Petersburg, Jackson County, has been engaged to go on the road for P. Geyerman and Son's wholesale grocery establishment.

Amont those from Brewster and vicinity who attended the state fair this week are, C.F. Kolp, John Gilomen, Robert Erickson and wife, Clark Olsen, Will Barton, Jas McGee and D.H. McKeller and wife. Many of those who went combined business with pleasure, as in the case of Mr. Gilomen, who planned to buy a small threshing rig for his own private use, if he found a good bargain while in the city.

School opened Monday with an enrollment of about ninety pupils. This number will be greatly increased in a few weeks by the addition of those who are now busy at home. We neglected to state in former issues that Hans Olson has again been hired to do the janitor work.

(From the Signal.)

The Advance came to its reader last week with a new man by the name of Thomas Dovery, of Wisconsin, at the helm. If the publication continues as well as the first copy it will give his patrons satisfaction.

Monday was Grandma Millers seventy second birthday day and a number of the many friends decided to have a surprise on Mrs. Miller, so they gathered at a convenient place and went in a body to grandma's home in the east part of town and spent the afternoon.

C.C. Irwin, from near Org was on the streets Tuesday and while in conversation with him he informed us that he was thinking of going south for a year when he left his farm and see if it would not benefit his wifes health which has not been very good for some time.

Messrs Moody, Lindsay and Beckman not being able to procure a threshing machine to do their threshing when they wanted it done have purchased a machine and are now busy shelling out the golden grain. They consider they have made a good investment.

(From the Enterprise.)

R. Prideaux is over from Worthington today to visit his son, T.H. Prideaux and family.

J.L. McConkey, of Brewster, county commissioner of the first district, was in town last Thursday, having brought over a county charge to place in care of County Physician Carrell. The Enterprise was favored with a pleasant call from the county father.

Miss Ida Greig left this week for Eugene, Oregon, where she has a position as teacher in the primary department of the Eugene high school. It is there were Wm. Kerr's people live and we believe it was through Mr. Kerr that she got the position. Miss Greig is a very fine young lady and has lots of friends here who regret to have her go so far from home.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thom and James Baird left last evening for a extended visit in the west. They will first visit the Exposition at Portland and from there Mr. and Mrs. Thom will go to Eugene and Junction City to visit relatives and Mr. Baird will go down into California to look over the country in quest of a location for his son-in-law. They will be gone several weeks.

(From the Democrat.)

Alfred Day, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Day, was the victim of a very painful accident last Saturday. He and some other boys were handling a 22 rifle, which was accidentally discharged the ball entering the palm of his right hand. The wound is quite serious but it is not likely the hand will be permanently crippled.

Bro. Dovery, the new editor of the Worthington Advance is putting a little ginger into the columns of that paper. It looks as if he "belongs" all right, and when he gets accustomed to his surroundings, we expect to see him do some strenuous stunts.

Mr. and [Mrs.?] Mike Hopp, who live north of town, will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their wedding next Sunday. A number of their neighbors and friends will be asked to participate in the festivities.

Round Lake.
(From the Graphic.)

Pete Wiese, Jr., of Round Lake township, had the misfortune last Sunday of being painfully wounded by the discharge of a rifle which sent the bullet into his foot. Dr. Wiedow was summoned and extracted the bullet and according to latest reports the lad is getting along as well as could be expected.

Next Sunday Rev. P.A. Davies will preach his last sermon here, and next Monday he will depart for Chicago to resume his studied in McCormick theological seminary. During his short stay in Round Lake Mr. Davies has made many friends, whose best wishes will accompany him.

Word reached here this morning that Chas. Hegardt and Miss Etta Seymour were married on Sept. 2, 1905, in Washburn, North Dakota, and that they have taken up their residence in McLean county, that state. Mr. Hegardt's many friends and acquaintances in Round Lake and vicinity extend congratulations to him and his estimable bride.


Mrs. Patton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milton, is here visiting with relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Prideaux were calling on some of their old friends here in Ransom last week. Mr. Prideaux still owns the farm that the family occupied for so long in the years gone by, and they like to come out once in awhile to take a look at the old homestead that sheltered them for so many years. these friends do not come to visit us very often, but they are always more than welcome.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sorem were Ransom visitors last Sunday. They were up to the state fair, and Mr. Sorem tells me the exhibit was very fine and what is especially gratifying is that some of the first prizes were awarded to Nobles county exhibitors. Mr. Malcolm of this county had, perhaps, the finest hogs on the grounds. We are always pleased to hear of Nobles county coming to the front.

Mr. and Mrs. John Scott, old neighbors of ours, are thinking of spending the winter on the Pacific coast, so I am told. They have a number of relatives out in that country, so they will be able not only to take in the sights, but they can also spend the winter very comfortably among friends that they have not seen for many years. We wish them a safe journey and a pleasant time while they are gone. Robert Shore.


T.L. Mitchell returned from a St. Paul Saturday.

Mrs. Lackay, of Brewster was in this city Monday.

Jacob Hanson of Elk township was in town Saturday.

Fred Goff returned last Sunday from a visit to the twin cities.

J.R. Blue, of Loraine township was a business caller here Monday.

The Fixtner auction sale advertised for last Monday was called off.

Fred and Sam Carmain of Elk township were visitors here Monday.

H. Nelson, of Heron Lake was the guest of friends here the first of the week.

Miss Daisy Vail began a term of school in the Lincoln district last Monday.

Mr. Lackay and daughter Miss Dora of Brewster, were callers here Saturday.

Dave Fauskee left for Rochester, Tuesday, where he will undergo an operation.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Cowles of Jackson county were here on business Saturday.

Prof. C.S. Jones, of Rushmore, was a visitor at the county capital Saturday.

Morrill Ramage left on Monday for Minneapolis to enter the state university.

Mr. Flemming, of Reading was in the city Monday making arrangements for an auction sale.

T.H. Crever this week brought into the Advance office a tomato weighing one pound and eleven ounces. It is of mammoth size and demonstrates what Nobles county soil will produce.

H. Poppen of Reading was in the city Monday making arrangements for an auction sale to be held on the 22nd.

Chaney and Mackay have brightened up the exterior appearance of their store by painting the wood work.

Walter Reiter and wife, of DeSota, Wis., have been guests at the home of E.C. Pannell the past two weeks.

Wm. Bagan and family spent Sunday with friends at Jasper. Mr. Bagan returned Monday and his family will remain there for a week.

Geo. Storing had business in the city Saturday.

Wm. Apel was in town on business Saturday.

Born -- On Sept 5, 1905, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith, a son.

21 cents for cream this is the price Kelley and Co., are paying.

J.H. Osborne, of Worthington township was in town Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Sisson of Reading were in the city Monday.

Thos Lowery and family were visitors in Worthington Saturday.

Born -- On Sunday, Sept. 10, to Dr. and Mrs. King, of Fulda, a son.

Ellan Ecklund, of Chicago, is here on a visit to her sister Minnie.

Mrs. Wm. Madison is at Fulda attending her sister-in-law, Mrs. Dr. King.

John Scott of Ransom had business at the county capital last Saturday.

Ole Ellingson of Indian Lake did business in the city Saturday last Monday [??].

Mrs. Alma Connor came home Monday, from her visit at St. Paul and Mankato.

Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Wilson returned from their visit to the twin cities last Sunday.

O. Sather came home Monday night from a trip to Wisconsin. He reports a very pleasant time.

Miss Jennie Torrance returned Monday from a weeks visit with friends in St. Paul and Mankato.

Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Torrance returned Saturday from their visit to the twin cities and the state fair.

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Bingham returned last Saturday from their trip to Denver. They report a pleasant time.

I.B. Meyers and daughter of Iowa City are here on a visit at the residence of Dr. Wiedow, a nephew of Mr. Meyers.

Wm. Malcolm returned from the state fair Monday. He took several first prizes there on his herd of Duroc Jersey swine.

Miss Anna Johnson returned Monday from St. Paul where she spent a few days at the state fair and looking up fall styles in millinery.

Miss Mae Tupper and Miss Helen G. Ludlow left on Monday for Northfield where they will enter Carlton college for the school year.

O.W. Dieckhoff returned on Sunday from a trip to Grant county, where he went to look after farming interests. He returned by way of St. Paul, where he took in the fair.

Mrs. C.M. Thompson of Rock Rapids, Iowa, was a guest at the home of Banker Tupper between trains Monday. Mrs. Thompson was enroute to Nebraska points to visit friends.

Miss Helen Kindlund returned last Friday from a visit of a month with relatives at Fergus Falls. She came by way of St. Paul, where she made some additions to her fall line of millinery.

John Shanahan who lost his house by fire recently has rebuilt the same on the old site, and will soon have it ready for occupancy. Mr. Shanahan secured a satisfactory settlement from the insurance companies.

Hardy Eversole of Elk township was in town Monday.

Dr. Wiedow made a professional call to Round Lake Saturday.

Rudolph Roose of Loraine township was in town Monday on business.

J.L. Broeffle of Lake Park is here on a visit at the home of his son, R.A.

Mrs. J.J. Schecter of Elk township was in the city Saturday on a shopping trip.

Mrs. M.E. Sisson, of Reading went to Sanborn, Iowa, to visit friends, Monday.

Fred Slaker and family returned Saturday from a two weeks sojourn at points in Colorado.

Joe Hagerman of Brewster was visiting his sister Mrs. A. Montgomery the first of the week.

Miss Beulah Sain went to Melvin, Iowa, Sunday night where she will teach school this coming winter.

Howard Durfee express agent at the Omaha Depot, returned Sunday night from his visit to St. Paul.

King Roshon of the Globe was on the sick list Friday, and his paper was printed by the Herald force.

Mrs. M.E. Patton, of Sanborn, Iowa, who has been the guest of her daughter, Mrs. D.H. Sisson, left for her home Monday.

Rev. P.A. Davies of Round Lake passed through town Monday enroute for Chicago, to resume his studies at the McCormick University.

The Misses Florence and Nellie Stuart left for their home in St. Paul, Saturday, after a pleasant visit here with their aunt Mrs. G.C. Hyde.

Miss Kennedy who came down from Minneapolis Monday for a visit with Mrs. A. Roshon. Miss Kennedy has been in the City Hospital for three years.

J.M. Kimmell, a prominent farmer of the town of Elk, was in the city Saturday. He favored this office with a call and treated the force to some fine apples raised on his farm.

Geo Sellers returned last Saturday from Rochester where he had taken Mrs. Sellers for a surgical operation. The operation was a success, and Mr. Sellers left his wife resting comfortably.

Mrs. Jack Frink who has been visiting at Portland since last June passed through here Sunday morning enroute to Luverne, accompanied by her parents, who live there. She returned to Worthington Monday.

At the Baptist Church: Morning service at 10:45, subject "The Way the Truth and the Life." Evening at 8, subject "The God of the Hills." A cordial invitation to all is hereby extended. C.F. Bronson, Pastor.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore left on Wednesday on a pleasure trip to New York City. Mr. Moore is traveling representative of the Minneapolis Tribune in this section, and won the prize for the largest collection, for the month of August. This prize consisted of a trip to New York for himself and wife.

Editor J.S. Randolph of the Brewster Tribune was a Worthington visitor last Saturday and favored this office with a pleasant call. Mr. Randolph is a bright young man and is giving the people of his town a lively local paper, which the businessmen of that enterprising burg seem to appreciate with a liberal advertising patronage.

Bert Timmens of Adrian was in the city Tuesday.

If you want good coal buy of C.L. Colman Lbr. Co.

Miss Rose Parry of Adrian arrived Tuesday to visit Mrs. Alma Connor.

Mrs. Z.M. Smith and two daughters returned home Tuesday from an extended visit with relatives in Ohio and Wisconsin.

Harvey Shepard of Stillwater is down this week visiting old friends. Mr. Shepard was one of the first settlers [in] Worthington, and his many friends are pleased to see him once more.

Friday, September 22, 1905


The youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Gano, died last Sunday morning at the family residence west of town. She was a sweet and beautiful child of two years and three months. The parents have the sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement. The funeral which was conducted from the residence Monday morning at eleven o'clock by Rev. G.A. Cahoon was attended by a large company of friends and neighbors. the interment was made at the old home at Ida Grove, Iowa.

Chas. Voss, an old resident of Loraine, died at his home in that town Sunday, and was buried on Tuesday from the Presbyterian church in this city. The deceased was about 55 years old and was a prominent farmer, highly esteemed by all who knew him.


Mr. Henry Studebaker and Miss Ires B. Eshelman of the town of Elk were married Saturday Sept. 16th. The ceremony took place at the home of the bride's parents, and was witnessed by a party of relatives and friends. After the mystic words which made the twain one had been pronounced the party sat down to a dainty wedding supper. Mr. and Mrs. Studebaker are well known and highly esteemed young people of the town of Elk, and have a host of friends who wish them a happy and prosperous journey through life. The bride received a large collection of presents.

There was a pleasant company assembled at the home of Elder G.M. Walker of Worthington Sept. 15th to witness the happy marriage of Miss Pearl Christenson to J.M. Pettis, both of this county. Evangelist J.P. Childs, who is conducting special services here officiated. May joy be with them is the wish of their many friends.

Divorced and Married.

Henry Kraft secured a decree of divorce which was recorded with clerk of court last Monday forenoon. At 6 p.m. the same day Mr. Kraft was married at Sibley, Iowa, to Miss Hulda Myers of this city. The former Mrs. Kraft is living in Sioux City.


A.R. Albertus went to Sioux City Tuesday.

Mrs. Wm. Madison came home from Fulda Sunday.

Henry Sorem of Bigelow was a visitor here Saturday.

Sam Tow and wife of Brewster were in the city Thursday.

Arthur Hogan returned from Sioux City Sunday night.

J.M. Black and sister from Rushmore visited the fair last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson of Fulda were visitors in the city Friday.

Mr. Joe Ulrich of Worthington township was in the city Monday.

C.M. Osborne of Worthington township was in town Saturday.

W.J. Dougherty and family of Rushmore visited Nobles Co., fair Friday.

Harry Christenson, of Madelia was in the city Thursday evening on business.

Fred Frink of Worthington township was in town Saturday on a trading trip.

John Eversol from Belvey, Ill., is visiting his brother Henry near Worthington.

Roy Wilbern of St. James visited friends here between trains Monday on his way to Mitchell.

Mrs. M. McNerney and son of Sibley came up Saturday for a few days visit with her sister Mrs. Fred Smith.

Geo. Wheeler and wife and Miss Munson of Rushmore were in the city Friday taking in the fair.

Mrs. Frank Albertus of Jackson arrived Tuesday for a visit at the home of her brother-in-law A.R. Albertus.

Mrs. Arthur Jones left Saturday for St. Paul after a visit at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Humiston.

Ed Frink from Chatsworth, Ill., is here visiting his brother Fred, who is a prominent farmer near Worthington.

Herman Hart left for Chester, Ill., where he will take charge of a store during the illness of his brother living there.

Mrs. G.C. Hyde was at Waseca Sunday.

Attorney Nelson of Slayton was in the city Wednesday.

Dr. Wiedow made a professional call to Round Lake Monday.

Editor Rudolph of Brewster was here Friday taking in the fair.

Gearda Tweed of St. James came down Wednesday to work in the depot lunch counter.

John James is now employed at the power station filling a vacancy made by Ed Allen leaving.

Mrs. Z. Hazzard of Sioux Falls arrived Wednesday for a visit at the home of her parents Robt. Free and wife.

Miss Kinley of Des Moines, a trained nurse arrived in Worthington last Saturday, and will make this her home.

Ed Allen left last week for Sioux Falls where he ha a day position in an electric light plant at an increased salary over what he received here.

The Advance on Monday received a post card from Stanley Moore, mailed from Niagara Falls Sept. 15, where he and Mrs. Moore were sojourning at that time.

A little five year old daughter of Jas Baird of Reading was operated on Monday for appendicitis by physicians of this city. The operation was a success in every way and the little girl is recovering nicely.

The family of B.C. Pierce of Bigelow is under quarantine for diphtheria, one of the children has the disease. The little patient as well as the other members of the family have been inoculated with the anti-toxine, and a favorable outcome is anticipated.

H.S. Hobson received from the State Fish Hatchery on Monday afternoon about ten thousand black bass a year old, and he planted the same in our lake here. If care is taken that these fish are not allowed to run out, or be illegally caught, we will doubtless have fine fishing.

Assemblyman S.O. Morse of Slayton stopped off here last Friday to take in the close of the fair. He was well impressed with the display of agricultural products. Mr. Morse was on his way to Adrian where he had business, and was accompanied by Wm. Hitchins of that place.

G.H. Leuhrs was in Sioux City last Saturday.

G.H. Leuhrs was on the sick list the first of the week.

Miss Mary Fitch visited friends in Sioux City Saturday.

Postmaster Jones of Reading was in the city yesterday.

W.E. Kelley the thresherman was in from Dewald Wednesday.

Dr. Geyerman made a professional trip to Heron Lake Tuesday.

Chas. Brandon of Mankato was a guest at the Worthington Monday.

A gentleman from Creston, Iowa, was here this week looking for a farm.

W.L. Mitchell of Sibley, Iowa, registered at the Worthington last Monday.

Arthur Steinhaus was under the weather a couple of days the first of the week.

Joe McKay of Winnipeg arrived Thursday for a few days visit with his brother James.

Mrs. Jas. Freas of Hastings is visiting her daughter Mrs. H. Hawley this week.

Christ Broic of Wilmont tarried in town a few hours Sunday, being on his way to Jackson.

Christ Larson of Brewster showed a fine herd of Duroc Jersey swine at the fair here last week.

Mrs. Ed Wemple and daughter Lillian of Rushmore were visitors here Thursday of last week.

Mrs. Johnson left Wednesday for her home in Sioux City after a visit with her brother James Baker.

The monthly tea given Wednesday afternoon by the ladies of the M.E. church was well attended.

J.S. Kies made a trip to Windom, Brewster, Wilmont and other points this week in the interest of his insurance business.

J.c. Boddy who has been engaged in carpenter work at Rushmore was home during the fair and subscribed for the Advance.

Wm. Oxford from Fulda, visited the fair Thursday and also subscribed for the Advance. Mr. Oxford is one of Fulda's prominent farmers.

Frank Day of Pipestone arrived Monday to take charge of the Omaha round house. Mr. Day will take the place of A. Hamlin who has resigned.

J.J. Kies, the hustling young real estate man, had a party out Wednesday who was looking over Nobles county land with the view of buying a farm.

A lady's dress trimmed in drawn work, exhibited at last week's fair by Mrs. I.P. Fox, attracted much attention and favorable comment by the lady visitors at the fair. It was certainly a beauty.

W.F. Robbinson and wife of Fonka, Neb., arrived here this week and will make their home with their daughter Mrs. Gibson, for the winter. They also have another daughter here, Mrs. E.L. Nance.

David Bergstresser of this city who has been a resident for 12 years, goes with his family to Jasper, Minn., where he has a position with the Rock Island. Sorry to lose the family from our midst.

Attorney Town attended court at Luverne Tuesday.

Roy Lewis left for St. Paul Monday night to attend the University.

Miss Alida Loveless began her fall term of school in the Malcolm District.

Jett Smallwood left for the cities Monday night to attend the University.

Mrs. John Shanahan returned here this week after an absence of some months. She was accompanied by her sister Miss Healey.

E.J. Helmick left this week on a trip for E.L. Nance. Mr. Nance is manufacturing a prime brand of mince meat, for which Mr. Helmick has worked up a fine trade all over the southern part of the state.


Elk Echoes.

Mrs. Dave Moothart of Cando, N. Dakota, is visiting relatives in this vicinity. She reports good crops in that part of the state.

Wm. Ogg wife and son Everall arrived here recently from Pope county. After a brief stay the will leave for Idaho.

John Koser from near Ocheydan Iowa was a visitor in Elk last Saturday. Mr. Koser is farming quite extensively says crops with him are good.

Peter Brubaker wife and daughter, formerly of this place, but who since May 1st have been working in behalf of a Brethern mission in Minneapolis, arrived at this place Friday last. Bro. Brubaker expects to leave soon on further work, but his wife and daughter will remain here until after the conference.

Quite a few friends were treated to watermelon at G.W. Smith's Sunday afternoon, Sept. 17.

(From the News.)

Carlyle Carpenter, of Kiester, Minn., is now assisting in the German State bank, coming here Thursday from Walters, Minn., where he had been employed in a similar capacity.

B.H. Basing returned Tuesday from his trip to Jasper, Wyo., with 1700 head of lambs.

The fire company was called out at 5:45 Tuesday afternoon by a fire alarm from the residence of P.B. Scholtes.

There was excitement caused by a gasoline stove, at the T.J. Fagan home on which Mrs. Fagan was getting dinner for threshers one day last week. The gasoline had leaked onto the floor and when the stove was lit the place about the stove ignited, and had it not been for the quick wit of Maurice Fagan, in throwing a heavy blanket over the flames and hurling stove and all into the yard, there would have been a serious fire.

Round Lake.
(From the Graphic.)

Dr. C.P. Dolan, of Worthington, was hurriedly summoned to the W.J. Bliedorn home, Monday afternoon to relieve the intense suffering of their infant daughter from some sort of intestinal trouble. No hope was entertained for the recovery of the little one, whose death occurred at 1:45 o'clock a.m. Tuesday.

Duncan Sutherland returned on Saturday's morning train from a visit with relations in Heron Lake, St. James and Minneapolis. He also spent a few hours at the state fair in Hamline.

Last week Henry Hinz traded his farm on the east bank of Indian Lake to E.A. Muhs of Harris, Iowa, the latter's saloon being take in the trade. Possession of the farm will be given March 1.

H.R. Tripp W.H. Thomson J.W. and Richard Martin took in the fair in Worthington yesterday.

(From the Enterprise.)

Mr. and Mrs. Nels Hokeness are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby boy at their home since the 4th inst. This is their first child and the parents are correspondingly happy.

O.W. Freeman has sold his law practice at Adrian to L.S. Knox an attorney from Lake Crystal. Mr. Freeman expects to move to Southern California some time this fall, where he will engage in the law business and look after a fruit farm he owns there.

A special meeting of the board of directors of the Little Rock Mutual Fire Insurance Co. was held at the First National bank last Saturday afternoon. J.H. Farragher tendered his resignation as secretary of the company, which was accepted, and W.C. Thom was appointed to fill the unexpired term. Mr. Farragher's reason for resigning is owing to poor health, which incapacitated him for attending to the duties of the office. The appointment of Mr. Thom is a good one and will meet with general approval.


Miss Mae Thompson will give a public recital in the Unitarian church at Luverne Friday.

Prof. Louis Anderson was one of two people to receive a life certificate from the State department of public instruction.

Misses Helen and Mae Boyle left Saturday for Lucan, Minn., where they will teach school.

Miss Elizabeth Murphy who has been visiting in South Dakota returned home Monday.

(From the Democrat.)

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hopp, north of town, entertained more than a hundred guests last Sunday in honor of the tenth anniversary of their wedding. Refreshments of all kinds were served in great profusion, and it is needless to say that all present enjoyed themselves immensely.

Mrs. Fred Uphoff, who lives north of Magnolia, is convinced that she has the best neighbors in the world. Her husband died a few months ago, leaving her with very little means and several children to care for. When harvest time came her neighbors cut her grain, and last Monday and Tuesday they turned out again and helped to thresh and haul it to market.

C.H. Burr, who has operated the Adrian Roller Mills for the past year, under lease from J.B. Scheier, has decided not to continue in the milling business here after the expiration of his lease on September 23. He has arranged to take charge of the mill at Alta, Iowa, which was under his management for some years before he came here last fall.

(From the Initiator.)

Bans were announced Sunday for Theo. Sandgereth and Anna Tiefenthaler, of Holbur, Iowa, sister of John Tiefenthaler. Mr. Sandgereth is now employed by Mr. Tiefenthaler, with whom he and his wife will make their residence.

While John Reilly was to the State Fair he bought two cars of young cattle and shipped them to Brewster, from where they were driven to Wilmont and put to pasture on Saturday.

Last week it was announced that Ernest Latourell was called to Lakefield on account of illness of his brother at that place. On Tuesday Mr. Latrouell returned with the sad intelligence that while at Lakefield his brother, Horace Latourell, succumbed to typhoid fever.

President O.H. Tilman and wife returned from their trip to North Dakota on Tuesday, which, he says they enjoyed very much. Mr. Tilman says the crops are not as good in that part of the country as reported sometime ago.

Local News.

Carl Oppen of Pipestone was in town Thursday.

Loren Clark visited with friends in Mankato over Sunday.

J.A. Boldt of Bigelow visited here Monday and Tuesday.

John A. Albinson of Minneapolis was in town the fore part of the week.

A. Rust of Reading was in town Thursday enroute home from Minneapolis.

Robert Davis of Minot, N.D., is in town this week the guest of his brother D. Davis.

Miss Nettie Fitch of the Advance force took in the fair at Sioux City last Saturday.

Miss Clara Prideaux, deputy county auditor, returned Tuesday from her trip to Denver.

Clerk of Court F.L. Humiston and Sheriff Newt Fauskee attended the market day at Adrian last Saturday.

Miss Rose Perry returned to her home at Adrian Saturday after a few days visit with Mrs. Alma Connor.

M.P. Mann spent Sunday at Windom visiting his brother A.R., who was about to leave on a trip to the Pacific coast.

Mrs. M.E. Lawton and mother left last week for a trip to the Portland exposition. They will be absent several weeks.

Attorney J.A. Cashel and A.P. Darling went to Aberdeen, S.D., this week, where Mr. Cashel will try a case in which Mr. Darling is interested.

Emil Olson, a recent graduate from a business college at Fergus Falls, has accepted a position in A.H. Segerstrom's clothing store, where he will be pleased to meet his many friends and acquaintances.

Miss Lillian Webb is teaching the Obermann school south of town.

Miss Amy Darling opened school in the Holland district last Monday.

Mrs. Wagner of New Richland Minn., is the guest of her sister Mrs. Dr. Dolan.

Mrs. W.H. Buchan and children left the first of the week for Washington for health improvement.

Clifford Feathers of Lismore has been the guest of his grand parents Mr. and Mrs. R. Prideaux the past week.

Mrs. A.G. Lindgren and sister Miss Maude Graves of Adrian came over Friday to call on friends and attend the fair.

Mrs. Kunzman returned Saturday from Sandwich, Ill., where she has been visiting her daughters for the past six weeks.

Miss Gertrude Oliver, of Minneapolis is visiting her brother W.E. Oliver and family and is rapidly regaining her health.

O.W. Johnson who has been spending his vacation at his farm south of town returned to Chicago Monday night to pack his trunks for business.

Mrs. Olive Hastings and daughters, and Mrs. Thos. Wood of Sparland, Ill., arrived Wednesday and are the guests of William Hastings and family.

County Attorney Crandall on Tuesday moved into the E.C. Wilson residence, and Mr. Wilson moved into the residence vacated by Mr. Crandall.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Benjamin and daughter of Chicago visited last week with Mrs. Benjamin's brother Chas. Kinsman and family south of town. They were enroute from Denver Colorado.

Friday, September 29, 1905


Mr. and Mrs. Holmes of Graham Lake township were in town Monday.

Mrs. Harthun of Brewster was in the city Monday on a shopping trip.

E. Peters went to St. Paul Friday night to visit his mother a few days.

Mrs. F.M. Hickman left Thursday for a visit with her mother at Sibley.

Mrs. Fox went to Sibley Friday for a visit with relatives and friends.

Mrs. Lanhpere came up Friday for Estherville for a visit with friends.

John Salstrom and wife of Bigelow were the guests of Mrs. Biltgen Sunday.

Frank Logan and Chas Loveless went to Rushmore Sunday for a visit with friends.

Mrs. Burgess Jones of Kinbrae was in Worthington last Saturday on a shopping trip.

Miss Hurlbert of Luverne came over Friday for a few days visit with Miss Ina Saine.

Miss Nellie Thompson was called to Windom Thursday on account of the illness of her father.

Mrs. Geo. Lear returned from Sioux Falls Friday where she had spent some time visiting friends.

Edith Saleen, Rosa McCord, Orie Obermann, and Roy Borst took in the dance at Bigelow Saturday night.

Mrs. Sellars returned Sunday from the hospital at Rochester where she had submitted to a surgical operation.

Chas. Shafer was in from Hersey last Saturday on a trading trip. He reports threshing pretty well advanced in his neighborhood, but there is still considerable of it to be done.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Thom of Rushmore were in Worthington Saturday last on a shopping trip. Mr. Thom made the Advance office a pleasant call and had his name placed on our subscription list. Mr. Thom held the sheriff's office here four years a few years back, and at that time knew most every one here, but he finds the town has changed greatly since that time.

Wm. Malcolm was in from Bigelow Monday.

Thos Hart of Wilmont was in the city Tuesday.

Kelley and Co., are paying 21 cents for butter fat.

Herbert Stokes is building a house on his farm in Loraine township.

Sheriff Black of Luverne was here Tuesday on official business.

John Klontz of St. Killian had business at the county capital Tuesday.

Miss Sophia Ellingson went over to Mitchell Thursday morning to take it [in?] the corn palace.

J.H. Wickman was on the sick list a few days the first of the week being a victim of the grip.

Miss Ellen Ellingson left for Sioux Falls Wednesday of last week where she will visit friends.

Grant Barnes, of St. James, was here the first of the week on a visit to his uncle, Nathan Barnes.

The second installment of taxes falls due Oct. 1st. County treasurer Smith informs the Advance many have already paid up.

D. Maloney and wife of Grand Junction Iowa were here this week. Mr. Maloney was looking after farm interests near the city.

The Misses Alma and Freda Fagerman of Sioux City were in the city  few hours Wednesday night on their way to Mitchell to the corn palace.

John W. Barnes, of Grand Mound, Ill., is here on a visit to his brother Nathan Barnes, and family. The brothers had not seen one another for fifteen years and are enjoying their visit very much.

The Rev. W.H. Knowlton, archdeacon for southwestern Minnesota, will hold service and preach at St. John's Episcopal church in this city on Sunday, Oct. 1st, at 7:30 p.m. Everyone is cordially invited.

Hon Dan'l Shell returned last Sunday from his western trip during which he visited the Portland fair as well as the principal cities on the north Pacific coast. He also made a trip to Skaguay, Alaska. Returning he went to Duluth, where he spent a couple of weeks on account of hay fever.

Mrs. A.J. Kirk returned yesterday from a visit with relatives at Omaha.

C.A. Bird and R.J. Creswell of Ellsworth had business at the county capital Tuesday.

Misses Lottie and Mable Kunzman left Thursday morning to take in the corn palace at Mitchell.

A. Obermann the liveryman made a trip to Wilmont last Monday to ship a couple of carloads of stock.

Conductor Crosby of the Rock Island is on the sick list this week. Mr. Wilson of Estherville is taking his place.

C.L. Rowley's big stock sale two miles west of Reading Oct. 9. Don't miss it. See bills at Citizens National Bank.

Mrs. J.D. Matteson and son Ward returned home last Friday from New York state, where they spent the summer.

Mr. A. Bishop of Plattsville, Wis., is here on a visit at the homes of Harry Hobson, Dr. Dodge and J.M. Dodge. Mrs. Bishop is an aunt of Mrs. Hobson and Dr. Dodge.

Rev. LeRoi Tibbitts and wife of Gilmore City, Ia., were guests at the home of Harry Lewis last Friday and Saturday. Rev. Tibbitts was on his way to Sheldon to attend the conference of the M.E. church for the Western Iowa district.

Work on the reconstruction of the Congregational church has been begun. The remains of the old building, which was partially destroyed by fire some months ago, is being cleared away, and a handsome new structure will take its place.

Rev. C.H. McIntosh closed his work as pastor of the Congregational church last Sunday, his resignation was accepted at the close of the morning service with continuation of salary for three months. Largely for reason of health Mr. McIntosh makes this change. His future plans are unsettled other than that he will go to Wisconsin next week to be gone some time.

Miss Mary Robinson was on the sick list a few days last week.

Harry Whitchurch of St. Paul was the guest of friends here Sunday.

B.F. Young of the town of Elk was in the city on business last Saturday.

Miss Margaret Bassett of Rushmore was the guest of friends a few hours Saturday.

John Hill came up from Sioux City last week Wednesday for a visit with his father and brother.

Wm. Malcolm of Bigelow, the well known breeder of Duroc Jersey Swine, had a piece of unlooked for hard luck at Sioux City, where he took a car load of his hogs to enter at the live stock show held a couple of weeks ago. Owing to a delay of 6 hours in the railroad yards he was unable to get his stock entered in time to compete for the prizes, most of the awards in that class having been made before his stock reached the grounds. As it was he took one second prize, and sold a number of animals. At the Hamline state fair he took fourteen first premiums, seven second and two third, besides sweepstake for his breed. He also sold a large number of animals at this fair.

Marriage Licenses.

Issued during September by Clerk of Court Humiston.

Geo. W. Huber to Lena Spitz of Lismore.

Ernest Norenberg to Minnie Musk of Iowa.

J.W. Pettis to Pearl A. Christenson, Nobles county.

Henry Studebaker, Kansas, to Ires B. Eshelman of Elk.


At the home of the bride's mother Mrs. Biltgen of this city, on Sunday, Sept. 24th, Miss Marie A. Steffenss and Mr. Jas. E. Marple, both of Minneapolis, were joined in bonds of holy wedlock, Rev. Edwin W. Lanham officiating.

The ceremony was performed in the presence of a number of relatives and friends and followed by a banquet. The following from our town were present at the festivities: Mr. and Mrs. john Salstrom of Bigelow; Louis Salstrom of Wilmont; Mrs. Jay Long and sons Stacy and Jay, Minneapolis, Miss Marrion Long of Windom.


Albert Idso of Brewster was in the city Monday on business.

H.S. Connelly, the cement man of Sioux Falls s in town this week looking after his work here.

John Darby went over to Parkston, S.D. the first of the week to visit his daughter Mrs. Herman Meiser.

Mrs. C.D. Dolan on Wednesday afternoon entertained a few friends at tea given in honor of her sister, Mrs. Wagner, who is visiting her.

The following Worthington people went to Luverne Wednesday to hear Gov. LaFollette's lectuer on "Representative government." G.W. Patterson, J.A. Town, Prof. Edwards, C.T. Tupper, F.L. Humiston, Gus Swanberg, E.K. Smith, A.R. Albertus, L.W. Abbott, Dr. Gould, R.L. Morland, E. Tripp, S.S. Smith, J. Flynn, S.M. Stewart, W.I. Carpenter,  N. Weinandt, J.M. Messer, F.C. Stitser and wife.

John Adams had his hand quite badly burned Sunday night while at the ditch camp northwest of town, by a lamp exploding. The lamp was carried out of doors and as Mr. Adams was about to attempt to extinguish it the explosion occurred throwing oil over him and setting his clothing on fire. The fire was soon put out with little damage except the disabling of the right hand.

The Ladies Home and Foreign Missionary society, held a popular meeting in the parlor of the church, Wednesday evening and rendered a most interesting program. The following well prepared and interesting papers were read. The Religion of Japan, by Mrs. F.M. Manson. Christianity's opportunity in Japan, by Mrs. E.V. Voak. China, by Mrs. Wm. Jones. After the program the ladies served refreshments and a social time was enjoyed by all.


(From the Democrat.)

Bans for the marriage of Miss Mary Eppers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Eppers, of Adrian, and Mr. Arthur Dautremont, of Lewistown, Montana, were announced in the Catholic church last Sunday.

Rev. Hanson's buggy was badly damaged in a runaway at the Kanaranzi Nursery last Saturday. L.W. Johnson, of Leota, and Sievert Ostrom had driven in the Nursery with Mr. Mohl's team and the preacher's buggy. They left the horses without taking the precaution to tie them and stepped away from the rig a short distance to examine some fruit. Something frightened the equines, and they started off through the grounds distributing pieces of the buggy over the land scape.

Mrs. John Weidert was taken to the hospital at Rochester, yesterday to be operated upon for appendicitis. Mr. Weidert accompanied her.

(From the Enterprise.)

Geo. Innes is in Canada again this week showing land. He was accompanied by J.F. Ryan, living northwest of town, and Harry Rider, of Magnolia. On his trip last week Mr. Innes sold A.N. Peterson a quarter section of Canada land.

Henry Ivers is doing considerable improving on his farm this year. He has had the house painted and the cellar tiled, a new well dug and a wind mill put up and now he is building a new barn, the dimension of which is 36x60 with 18 foot posts.

Mrs. E.S. Peterson returned last Saturday from Boone, Iowa, where she has been for a couple of months working in a telegraph office. Monday morning she commenced teaching school in Little Rock township in the same district where she taught last year.

The Lutheran Free church in Ransom township will be dedicated on Sunday, Oct. 15. The dedication services will commence at 10:30 a.m., conducted by Rev. Harbo, of Minneapolis, assisted by Revs. Vang, of Hills, Norberg, of Luverne, and Pederson, of Chippewa Falls, Wis., and the local pastor, Rev. J.H. Hanson. An English service will be held in the afternoon at 3;00 o'clock, and the closing services in the evening. They extend a cordial invitation to all to attend the services.

Geo. Jay, of Ransom township, is the champion gardener in Nobles county. At the county fair last week he took first premium for the largest and best display of vegetables, he also secured twenty first premiums on vegetables and six seconds, and in addition got first premium for dairy butter, making in all twenty eight premiums that he won.

(From the Initiator.)

Mike McCloskey was unfortunate enough to lose two good cows by lightning Sunday night. They were near a wire fence and it is thought the lightning first struck the fence. Mr. McCloskey had been offered $30 for one of the cows the day before which he refused to accept.

Roy Lewis left Monday for Minneapolis to resume his studies at the State University. This will be his last year in his law course and he expects to graduate from there next June.

John Henning, who has been sick for sometime, the result of hemorrhage of the lungs, died Monday morning. The funeral services were held in the church at St. Kilian Wednesday morning, Rev. Father Holper officiating, and the remains were laid to rest in St. Kilian cemetery. He leaves a wife and children to mourn his loss.

(From the Signal)

Mrs. Brinkhaus was a passenger for Sibley, Saturday afternoon where she will visit with her sister. She will visit with other relatives at Rock Rapids and Doon, Iowa, before she returns to her home.

Grandpa Norman came down from Worthington Saturday and spent a few hours in the village.

Miss Ethel Black, of Rushmore, came over Thursday evening and visited with her many friends in the village and vicinity for a few days this week. Miss Black will again have charge of the Center school in Ransom township for the coming year but we did not learn just when she would take up her school work.

Several days ago the fifteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McNeil had the misfortune to run the blade of his penknife in his limb near the knee. Nothing was thought would result from the wound as it healed all right but the knee was left so that it could not be bent. The parents have consulted several doctors and at present the young man is receiving treatment and will be compelled to remain idle for some time.

Ole Marston, a brakeman on No. 30 of the Omaha railroad with headquarters at St. James, met with a painful accident while in the yards at this place Friday night. No. 30 was switching and Ole was doing some coupling and when he stepped between the cars which he took to be standing still, to arrange coupler the train came together catching his left hand between the bumpers bruising all the fingers of his left hand and smashing the third finger quite badly.

From the News.

Thomas Burke purchased forty head of steers from A. Schroeder, of Rushmore, Tuesday and will feed them for the markets. Theo Bofenkamp at the same time purchased seventeen head, which he will fatten for his trade.

(From the Tribune.)

A meeting was held Monday evening at Stewart and Voak's office, at which time an organization was effected to be known as the Brewster Business Men's Association. This club includes every business man in town, and was formed for the purpose of promoting the monthly market days. Robt. Erickson, F.D. Wells and F.R. Geyerman were elected as directors, and these gentlemen will choose a president, secretary and treasurer from among themselves.

S.M. Stewart, C. Synkerson and Dr. Geyerman were up from the county seat the first of the week.

Mrs. Leon Morris and children are at home once more, having reached Brewster on Tuesday after an absence of about three months. Mrs. Morris left here in June, accompanied by her sister, Miss Gertie Stuart, for the home of their parents near Rockford Washington, and the summer was spent at that place and at the exposition at Portland.


----End Transcription----


Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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