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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 November, 1905

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Friday, November 3, 1905

Mrs. Albertus Entertains.

Last Friday evening Mrs. A.R. Albertus was "at home" to a number of her lady friends and the pleasant fifth avenue home was the scene of an evening of pleasure. Social amusements entertained the guests and dainty refreshments were served.

Company Order No. 1.

Worthington, Minn., Oct. 31, 1905.

We are advised from headquarters of the Minnesota National Guard, that the Company at Worthington will be organized and mustered in on or before November 20, 1905.

There will be a meeting for organization and drill at Masonic Hall Friday evening November 3, 1905, at 8 p.m. sharp.

All who propose to inlist [enlist] should be present and be measured for uniforms.

By order of A. Schaefer, Captain.
I.P. Box, Acting Sergeant.

Will Lose a Finger.

Some days ago Mrs. Alex Cree accidently pricked her finger with a needle. Blood poison set in, and for a time it was feared she would lose the whole arm, but the inflamation has so far yielded to treatment that now it is believed only part of one finger will have to be amputated.

Many Important Cases Disposed of During the Past Week.
The Ditch Proceedings Attracted Considerable Interest - No Decision Yet.
Many of the Cases Are Taken Under Advisement by the Court.

District court was adjourned last Friday afternoon until 2 o'clock Monday, but the Omaha train being late Judge Quinn was unable to get here until evening, and the session was resumed Tuesday morning. The following is a digest of the business transacted since our last report:

In the matter of the appeal of the C.R.I. & Pacific Ry. Co., in the ditch proceedings, the case was argued and submitted on briefs.

The cases of Isabel D. Laythe vs W.N. Shanks, and E.L. Laythe vs Minn. Loan and Investment Co., are to be submitted together on briefs.

E.J. Jones, trustee, vs J.E. Darling, judgment for plaintiff by stipulation.

Theo. Ham Brewing Co. vs B.F. Kniese, et al, submitted on briefs.

Village of Worthington vs Ursula Klasey, taken under advisement.

L.H. Alexander vs Peter Thompson to be submitted on briefs.

Carrie Fields vs Edward E. Fields, tried Oct. 27, argued Oct. 31. Decision reserved.

A special grand jury was called to meet at 11 o'clock on Thursday, presumably to investigate the case against John Adams.

Birthday Party.

Last Saturday a company of about 60 neighbors and friends enjoyed the bounteous hospitality of the Dring home, four miles east of town. The occasion being a surprise on Clarence who is just past the eighteenth mile post of life's journey The evening was spent with games and music, interspersed by a few selections on the phonograph. After refreshments had been served the company departed all expressing themselves as being well pleased and wishing Clarence many happy returns of his birthday. He received several beautiful and useful presents.

Organization Completed.

The organization of the Men's Club was completed at the meeting held last week when bye-laws were adopted, and the following permanent officers elected:
President - Prof. H.R. Edwards
1st Vice Pres. - Dr. F.M. Manson
2nd Vice Pres. - Gus Swanberg
Treasurer - E.A. Tripp.

At the meeting held on last Monday evening the following executive committee was elected: Dr. F.M. Manson, Gus Swanberg, S.S. Smith, Rev. Edwin W. Lanham and Thos Dovery.

The object of the club is to provide high grade entertainments for the people of Worthington and in other ways promote the moral and intellectual upbuilding of the community.

This laudable motive should enlist the cordial support of every good citizens and the membership of the club should grow until it includes every man who has the highest welfare of the city at heart.

Marriage Licenses

Issued during the month of Oct. by Clerk of Court Humiston:

Jsa. H. Lebens to Anna Didier, Floyd Newell of Wisconsin to Jessie Bryden of Nobles county, S. Montgomery to Millie Shad, Aug Holm to Fanny M. Larson, C.R. Utley to Carrie B. Rose, John J. Marx to Dora M. Heidahl, Nick Reschon to Lizzie Strobun, John C. Miller to Emma Fillman, Allen E. Gillman to Mary Koonnan, Aug McMurphy of South Dakota to Josephine M. Gustafson, of Hennepin county.

At the M.E. Church.

Dr. F.B. Cowgill will preach in the morning and conduct the communion service. Dr. Cowgill is the new presiding elder of Marshall District and this is the first opportunity the people of this vicinity have had of hearing him. He should be heard by a large audience.

In the evening the pastor, Rev. G.A. Cahoon will preach on the subject, "Preaching on Mar's Hill."

The first quarterly conference will be conducted by Dr. Cowgill in the lecture room of the church Saturday evening at eight o'clock.

Local News.

Born - On Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. S. Kall a girl.

Mrs. H.D. Moeller is visiting in Lake Park this week.

Rev. Muelnausen has gone to Freeport, Ill., on a business trip.

Rev. Eugene Bailey left on Tuesday on a business trip to southern Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Kelley of Hartley, Iowa, are here on a visit to their son I.F. Kelley.

I.F. Kelley returned last Friday from a business trip to Chicago and New York City.

G.W. Mattoon a Heron Lake real estate man was here last Saturday on business.

Mrs. Harthun and daughter Mrs. Duba of Brewster were visitors in this city Wednesday.

I.F. Kelley and Co., this week shipped two carloads of poultry to the New York market.

C.M. Colton and wife of Sioux Falls were guests at the Worthington the first of the week.

Born -- On Oct. 24th, 1905, to Chas. Wasmund and wife, of Round Lake village, son.

Miss Anna Flinchey of Round Lake had the misfortune to break an arm while going home on Hallowe'en.

A.P. Darling has opened a shoe store in his building on Second avenue, where he will be pleased to see all his old friends.

Mrs. G.A. Cahoon and Miss Gutzler entertained their Sunday school classes at a Hallowe'en party at the Cahoon home on Tuesday evening.

Nels O. Langseth of Round Lake was in the city Wednesday transacting business. He is making arrangements to go to California for the winter.

Special Grand Jury Finds three True Bills.

The special grand jury convened by order of Judge Quinn returned into court last evening and reported three indictments against John Adams, charging him with the crimes of abortion, rape and incest. He was at once arraigned and given until Tuesday next in which to plead to the indictments.

There are indications as we go to press that the village "whiskey" ditch case will be settled without trial.

Court will adjourn this morning until next Tuesday. Judge Quinn goes to Mankato this afternoon, and on Monday will open the November term of court in Martin county, but will at once adjourn and return to clear up the docket here.


Arthur Johns was born at Lester, Iowa, Sept. 8, 1889. He was the first baby born in that town. He was devoted to his school work and graduated from the 8th grade in the Mitchell, S.D., highest in a class of 65. He was a very bright boy, of affectionate disposition and being the only son of his parents his loss is a serious blow to them. He died on Thursday Oct. 19, after an illness of a few days. The cause of death was heart failure. The funeral was held on Saturday from the Baptist, the service being conducted by Rev. G.A. Cahoon. The pall bearers were his class mates in the high school. Many beautiful floral tributes adroned [adorned] the coffin.


Mr. and Mrs. Peter Begler of Cherokee Iowa who have been in Wilmont for the past week in the interest of their farm, returned home Tuesday.

J.D. Lasswell formerly editor of the Wilmont Initiator left Tuesday for Chicago.

Mrs. C.M. Cross of St. Paul was in Wilmont Monday and Tuesday with a line of millinery.

Sheriff Fauskee was in Wilmont for a short time Monday evening.

Alfred Albinson of Minneapolis visited in Wilmont Tuesday.

Wilmont is planning a dance for Friday evening Nov. 3, at Scholtes Hall.


The Org Merry go round will meet Saturday afternoon with Mrs. G.W. Dealand for a social afternoon. Refreshments will be served at five p.m.

C. Borst had the misfortune to run a rusty nail in his hand and poisoned it making it quite painful for several days. It is quite improved at this writing.

Little Blanche Gano was quite sick the first of the week but is much better now.

J.E. Johnson who has been threatened with consumption the past two months is much improved under the skilful treatment of Drs. Walker and Geyerman.

Mrs. Fred Johnson will make a visit at Reading and Kenneth the last of the week with her son O.F. Johnson and daughter Mrs. Royce at Kenneth.

A.L. Swenson has contracted 800 bu. of No. 3 corn to the H. & P. Co., to be delivered before Dec. 1, 1905. He has several huskers at work at present.

Mrs. G.W. Dealand who has been visiting relatives in the east returned home last week after a months visit and rest.

Miss Rose Bucknole the teacher of District No. 80 has changed her boarding place from Mr. Dealand's to O.B. Thuesons, where she will be nearer to her work.

Mrs. K. Groanirga returned from Sibley the first of the week after a few days visit with friends.

C. King is improving his place by adding a new hen house dimensions 13x24 feet, let the good work go on.

Miss Alida Loveless has been very successful as teacher of District No. 28 this fall. She is competent in every particular to fill her position.


Mrs. L.T. Arduser, a former resident of this place, died on Monday of last week at her home in Colton, South Dakota. Her remains were taken to her former home at Monticello, Iowa, for interment. Many friends in this vicinity will deeply regret to learn of the untimely close of her life.

Milton Ludlow was over from Worthington the early part of last week visiting the family of his brother, J.B. Ludlow.

Drs. Walker and Geyerman, of Worthington, assisted Dr. Carrell in performing a second operation for appendicitis upon Mrs. A. Dougherty last week. She is recovering nicely and all hope he will soon be able to be about again.


John J. Marz, butter maker at our creamery, and Miss Dora Hildahl were married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson, on Tuesday of last week, Rev. John H. Hansen, of Adrian officiated.

The members of the Modern Woodman and Royal Neighbors gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mactier one evening last week to give them a farewell party and presented the worthy couple with a set of silver knives and forks as a remembrance of Lismore friends and neighbors.

F.J. Forkenbrock is in the market for potatoes and is paying 30 cents per bushel. He is buying for shipment.

Thursday morning last the Martin Johnson residence was practically destroyed by fire but prompt work of our firemen prevented a total loss. The blaze is supposed to have originated from a lamp which had been burning on the stairs during the night.

Will DeBoer who is just completing a course in the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Chicago is visiting friends in this vicinity.

Several from this place were attending court at Worthington last week.

The Halverson building on Main street has been repainted greatly improving its appearance. There are other buildings which should be similarly improved.


L.A. D'Autremont, a former well known resident of Adrian died at his home in Redwood Falls on Oct. 19th, at the age of 70 years. He was the owner of the Gazette which was edited and published by his son in law, S.S. Haislet.

L.P. Roerig, of this place has granted a patent on a watch pendent which will render a screw case watch absolutely dust and waterproof. The invention is a great improvement over any pendent now in use and we trust Mr. Roerig will reap a fortune from its sale.

The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.B. Pettingill died October 22nd of cholera infantum.

C.R. Utley, of Westside and Carrie B. Ross, of Larkin, were married at this place on the 19th by Justice F.J. Kilpatrick.


Chris Widman, a former resident of Bigelow township and well known to many of our people, was through this neighborhood one day last week. Chris moved to Cass county, this state, about two years ago, and he makes his home there still. Where he lives is a wooded section, and there is comparatively little farming done, the settlers pending more on lumbering and cutting cord wood than on raising crops. North Dakota furnishes a market for the cord wood. Chris would prefer Nobles county to Cass county if he had a farm of his own here.

Oscar Vosberg, one of the grain buyers at Bigelow, informs us that he has "taken in" fifty thousand bushels of grain this fall. This is but one of three elevators there and if the others have done equally well, and I presume they have, it is not a bad showing for a small village like Bigelow. No danger of starvation just at present, one would think.

Stella Rowland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Rowland, was married on Tuesday the 17th of this month. For many years Mr. Rowland owned the Northwest quarter of section 30 in this town and made his home there, and himself and family were known to almost every one in this section of country. The young couple were married at the Rowland home at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, at which place they have lived since leaving here. Stella's many friends here will be pleased to hear of the happy event, and will wish her a long and happy life.


Will Bulick has invested in a new hay press.

Mrs. Shaffenberg came up from Estherville for another Sunday's visit with her son Fred.

G.T. Bulick was a business visitor to the county seat Monday.

Albert Clark, of Peterson, was up the latter part of last week, looking after his real estate interest in this section.

The ladies Aid Society met Thursday, at the home of Mrs. DeLong.

J.A. Good left Tuesday, for Sioux Falls, where he went to look for some sheep. Mr. Good is of the opinion that sheep are good property and proposes to stock his farm with them.

F.D. and W.C. Hulser were Worthington visitors Friday.

The many friends of our former townsman A.N. Cheney, will be interested in learning that he has opened a bank in the town of Winlock, Wash. A letter received from him states that everything is favorable to a good business and he seems pleased with his new location.

A.I. Rothschild looked after business matters at the county metropolis Monday.

F.E. Eggleston drove to Worthington Monday.

C.B. Lutter was a business visitor to Wilmont Saturday.


The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Rasmussen died last Wednesday and was buried in the Ewington Cemetery.

Mr. Baumann has been entertaining relatives from Gilman Illinois the past week.

A number of the young people from here attended a surprise party A.F. Dring's in Lorain last Saturday night.


Attorney E.J. Jones had a business at Adrian last Saturday.

Mrs. Ned Stonesifer left this week for a visit with relatives in Chicago.

Dr. F.E. Walker made a professional trip to Rushmore on Tuesday.

O.H. Hawkins of Reading had business in Worthington last Monday.

Mrs. A. Hovey of Wilmont was in the city last Friday on a trading trip.

John McCord of Adrian registered at the Western Hotel last Monday.

John Whalen of Reading was in the city last Friday transacting business.

R.D. Smith and wife of Brewster were visitors in Worthington last Sunday.

For Rent - Good half section farm, 5-1/2 miles from Worthington. E. Wolven.

H.N. Meyer and A.T. Ray of Lake Park did business in the city last Monday.

Editor Laswell, of the Wilmont Initiator transacted business in Worthington Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Larson of Indian Lake, were in the city last Saturday transacting business.

Miss Mary Robinson left Sunday for Waseca where she accepted a position in the depot lunch counter.

Miss Bessie Tripp of Round Lake passed through town last Friday on her way to Sioux Falls to visit an aunt.

Attorney L.F. Lammers, of Heron Lake transacted legal business at this place Tuesday and Wednesday.

H.W. Shore a prominent and progressive farmer of Ransom was in Worthington Tuesday transacting business.

J.P. Hoffman, principal of the Round Lake school was a business visitor at the county capital last Saturday.

Mrs. H. Heuermann of Elk township came home Saturday morning from an extended visit with relatives in Iowa.

Ben B. Sontag, a hustling business man of Heron Lake, was in our city Tuesday evening on business matters.

J.W. Benson, one of the oldest and best known business men of Heron Lake, was a business visitor to this city Tuesday.

Miss Tweed who is employed nights at the Omaha lunch counter spent Sunday with friends and relatives at St. James.

Miss Wilson came down from St. James Monday morning to accept a position as second cook at the Worthington Hotel.

The following Worthington people took dinner at the Western Hotel last Sunday: C.M. Harding and family, F.C. Stitser and family, H.J. Blume and lady, Will Loveless and lady.

C.H. Stevens of Cherokee, Iowa, is here on a visit with relatives.

J.H. Pauler of Fairmont was a Worthington visitor last Monday.

For Sale Cheap - Two Shropshire rams. Milton Ludlow.

Mrs. Dodge entertained the Euchre club last Monday evening.

Charles Stanton is now employed at the Omaha depot as messenger boy.

Geo. Baurer of Round Lake, was a business visitor in Worthington Saturday.

Mrs. Klasey went to Edgerton Tuesday for a visit with her daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. John Salstrom and son Paul of Bigelow visited relatives here over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Humiston left Tuesday for California where they will spend the winter.

Harry Lear left on Thursday for Minneapolis where he will spend a week visiting relatives.

Miss Myrtle Walter, of Estherville, Iowa, is a guest at the home of M.P. Mann, this week.

Mrs. Salpaugh of Mankato is the guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Sam Allen and other relatives this week.

Milton W. Petty from Scranton, Pa., arrived Wednesday afternoon for a visit with his sister Mrs. S.N. Rose.

R.H. Sykes of Baylis, Ill., was here last week attending court, being interested in one of the Hitch cases.

Rev. C.H. McIntosh has been called to the pastorate of the First Congregational church of Plymouth, Wis.

Rev. Bronson returned on Tuesday from Sleepy Eye, where he spent last week assisting in revival work.

Mrs. E. Cunningham and son Charles of Brewster came up Tuesday night to attend the Episcopal supper at the A.O.U.W. Hall.

Dr. Wiedow was called to Round Lake Tuesday evening to attend a young lady who had broken an arm while out celebrating Hallowe'en.

A. Hardow traveling salesman for J. Capps and Son left on Tuesday his regular tour with spring samples. He takes orders at this time for spring and summer goods.

Aug Wilson has sold his half section farm, located between Worthington and Brewster, to U.S. Frye of Iowa, for $18,500. Mr. Wilson will go north to invest in cheaper land.

H.D. Fox, who has spent several weeks here visiting his son, Asst. Cashier I.P. Fox of the Citizens National Bank, left on Sunday for the Pacific coast. He will visit a son at Seattle and from there will journey down the coast through California, returning there in two or three months.

Dr. Walker of Worthington, was in Windom again one day this week in consultation with Dr. DeCoster on a case. --Windom Citizen.

J.C. Shore a prominent Nobles county farmer living near Rushmore, transacted business at the county capital last Saturday.

Messrs. Hinchow and Guderian, of Algona, Iowa, have purchased the Madelia Times-Messenger, and assumed control last week. Mr. Hinchow is an able writer and we predict things will soon move lively in Madelia newspaperdom.

Much interest has been manifested by Worthington people in a happy event which occurred at Mankato last evening, when Mr. Jos. J. Kies of this city and Miss Grace Thumler were joined in holy bonds of wedlock. The wedding took place at the home of the bride's mother in that city, and was witnessed by a large company of relatives and friends. The ceremony was performed by the groom's father, Rev. J.S. Kies of this city. The Advance will have a full account of the event next week, when full particulars will be available.

Friday, November 10, 1905


Gilbert J., the 9 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. N.A. Johnson of Seward Township, died on Tuesday Nov. 7, 1905, of quick consumption after an illness of only 10 days. The funeral was held Thursday, interment being made in the Worthington cemetery. The deceased was a bright little boy and his early taking off is a sad blow to his parents. They have the sympathy of all in their sad bereavement.


D. Mahony of Sibley was here Wednesday on business.

Chas. Wasmund was in from Round Lake Monday last.

H. Pinz a Brewster merchant was here Tuesday on business.

Chas. Nienabor of Round Lake was in Worthington Wednesday.

Mrs. Jas. Maher of Ellsworth was a Worthington visitor last Saturday.

Mrs. I.P. Fox went to Sibley last week to attend the wedding of a friend.

T.E. Barry of Round Lake was in Worthington last Friday on business.

C.L. Maxwell of Scotland, S.D. has taken up his residence at Worthington.

F.M. Hickman went to the twin cities last Tuesday to buy his stock of holiday goods.

Mrs. E.V. Voak and Miss Lyda Bedford came home from the twin cities on the Monday evening train.

J.J. O'Neill of St. James, Assistant Superintendent of the Omaha line, was here Wednesday on a tour of inspection.

Banker Edwin Brickson and Jas. Montgomery of Wilmont were business visitors at the county seat between trains Wednesday.

Dr. and Mrs. M.H. Manson of Minneapolis arrived here this week and will spend the winter with their son Dr. F.M. Manson.

Word was received here last evening that W.E. Stoutmeyer, a former resident of this place, had died at his home near Cannon City, Col.

Chas. Skewis of Minneapolis, a member of the Skewis-Moen Elevator Co., was here the first of the week looking after the interest of his company.

Wood Allen of Arnold Park and F.C. Sargeant of Spirit Lake, Iowa, were here Monday looking for a stolen horse, which they located in this neighborhood.

Harry B. Lewis this week installed in his store a new show case, of novel design, which is being used for holding his large stock of high grade candies, of which he carries a big assortment. Mr. Lewis has also made many other improvements and alterations in his store.

M. Dobner was up from Ellsworth last Saturday.

Mrs. C.P. Dolan entertained the Euchre Club last Monday.

I.F. Kelley made a business trip to Mankato last Tuesday.

The Tourist club will meet with Mrs. H. Hawley next Tuesday.

Alvin Anderson of Indian Lake is clerking in the Hub Merc. Co's store.

House for rent - Inquire of H.D. Pratt, one half mile north of Worthington.

B.H. Basing of Ellsworth transacted business at the county seat last Friday.

F.L. Slaker was down from St. James Saturday for a brief visit with Worthington friends.

Dr. F.R. Walker went to St. Paul last Friday on business. While there he purchased a number of surgical instruments.

Mrs. Blair of Minneapolis left Saturday for her home after a three weeks visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sorem.

W.F. Robinson and wife returned to their home at Ponca Neb., last Friday after a visit here of a month at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Jas. Gibson.

Mrs. J.H. James was in the city between trains Saturday on her way to her home in Minneapolis after a visit with friends and relatives at Adrian and Rushmore.

Mrs. Elizabeth McCarville and daughter Miss Julia, of Cresco, Iowa, are making an extended visit at the home of P.J. Martin. Mrs. McCarville is the mother of Mrs. Martin.

Rev. Moberg left Thursday to attend a Mission Conference at Minneapolis and will remain over Sunday. Rev. Axelson from Omaha will preach at the Swedish Tabernacle during his absence.

W.O. Bartlett, the cigar manufacturer returned on Friday from a trip to Adrian, Luverne and other points on the Sioux Falls branch of the Omaha. He reports taking a bunch of big orders on the trip. His goods are very popular and his trade is increasing every month.

Prof. Jones of Rushmore was in the city Friday evening.

R.L. Morland was a business visitor in the cities this week.

Rudolph Geyerman of Brewster was a business visitor Monday.

Miss Amy Forbes was the guest of friends at Luverne a few days last week.

Mrs. Verne Anderson of Brewster was the guest of friends here Monday.

Miss Margaret Biltgen left Monday for Chicago where she will visit a brother.

J.A. Town and daughters Prue and Julia went to Minneapolis Friday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. John Fitch went to St. Paul Saturday morning to visit friends a few days.

Lost - Black fur collarette, Oct. 22nd near M.E. Church. Finder leave at this office.

Miss Chat. Kingsbury, of Heron Lake, was an over Sunday guest of Miss Eva Fairfield.

Mrs. Warren Davis returned on Saturday from extended visit with relatives at Heron Lake.

Jim Mackay, Dave Herline, and Dr. Dolan left for Breckenridge Monday on a hunting trip.

John McChord of Rushmore was in the city Friday evening on his way to Minneapolis to take in the foot ball game.

J.M. Messer went to Crookston Monday on a business trip and will spend a few days looking over the land in that vicinity.

Headquarters Worthington, Minn. Nov. 6, 1905.
Notice is hereby given that by reason of the fact that the hall was previously engaged for Friday night next, the meeting and drill set for that evening is postponed to Saturday evening November 11th, 1905, at 8 o'clock.

All measurements for uniforms should be listed with Corporal S.S. Smith on or before that evening, without fail.
By order of A. Schaefer, Captain.

Rev. Glick was a Worthington visitor one day last week.

Judge Ladd, of DesMoines, was with us a day or two last week looking after his real estate interests in this vicinity.

Grandpa Norman, who has been a resident of this village for several years past has removed to Iona.

Rev. Cowgill the new presiding elder for this district was with us on Monday of this week, at which time the first quarterly meeting of the new conference year was held.

Mrs. J.P. Metters is in Chicago visiting relatives and receiving medical treatment. Her many friends here hope to learn of her complete restoration to health.

Round Lake.

John Kindstrom made a business trip to Worthington one day last week.

Mrs. M.J. Barber, of Worthington, was the guest of Round Lake friends a day last week.

Misses Bessie and Allie Tripp visited with relatives at Sioux Falls, S.D., the early part of last week.

N.H. Austin, of Worthington, shook hands with Round Lake friends on Monday of last week.

Miss Florence Barber, of Worthington, was the guest of relatives here recently.

While returning home on Hallowe'en, Miss Annie Flentje stumbled over a cart which had been left in the street and dislocated her right elbow, causing a very painful injury.

Mrs. Ed. Venable and baby, accompanied by Miss Bessie Gowen, have gone to Yorkton, Canada, where their parents reside.


October 28th, at noon, occurred the marriage of Miss Jessie Bryden to Floyd H. Newell, of Baraboo, Wis. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Bryden, and has grown to womanhood in our midst, winning the esteem of all who enjoyed her acquaintance. After a short wedding tour the newly married couple will make their home at Baraboo, Wis.

We are pleased to report that Mrs. A. Dougherty, who underwent a second surgical operation recently is getting along nicely. She is yet very weak but gaining strength daily.

Rev. Gibbs, of Amboy, occupied the pulpit of the Presbyterian church last Sunday.

Mrs. J.A. Dahl has been quite sick with an attack of appendicitis, but is reported as recovering.


Johnie Janssen had an exciting runaway in Brewster last Saturday. He bought a hog at the bargain sale and loaded it into his wagon, but the brute jumped out when Johnie wasn't looking and run all over town before being captured.

A literary and debating society was organized last Friday evening at the Spafford school house with the following officers: Miss Agnes Murphy, Pres., George Smith, Vice Pres., Mrs. Ethel Hankins, Sec. The meetings will be held in the different school houses every two weeks, the next meeting will be held in the same place, Nov. 17th. The debate last Friday evening was upon the subject, Resolved, that it would be of benefit to the public school system to have consolidate school houses, the decision was given to the negative.

We are pleased to learn that Walter Spafford is on the gain and is able to be up around the house.

Chas. Murphy thrashed his clover last week, he got about two and one half bushels of seed, this sounds like a small amount but when seed is worth from $12 to $20 a bushel every little helps.


Sheriff Fauskee went through here Monday going west.

M.E. Lawton of Worthington was here on Wednesday of last week on business.

Mr. Kettlewell, agent for the Commercial House and James O'Niel of Windom were in town Monday.

Mr. Brown auctioneer from Adrian and Dr. Thompson, were here Tuesday.

Mr. Cleveland of Heron Lake was in town from Wednesday of last week until Tuesday of this week looking after his implement house here.

Meader Bros., got out a fresh supply of bills advertising their sale this week.

Henry Spartz was in Reading between trains Tuesday.

Alice Spitz left Wednesday for Lismore to visit a few days with her sister Mrs. Geo. Huber.

Mrs. Wetherall of Estherville visited with Mrs. H. Peter Lewis Monday returning home Tuesday morning, she was accompanied here by Mrs. Leo Wetherall of Jasper.

Elk Echoes

Mrs. Jim Wood of Morris, Minn., is visiting her daughter Mrs. Maurice Eikenberry.

Joshue Schechter and H.S. Studebaker drove 405 head of sheep from Sioux Falls last week making the trip in three days.

J.J. Lighter of Conrad who owns the south west quarter of Section 28 Elk township is having the same fenced sheep tight and will build two sheds 20x60 feet. J. Schechter and H.S. Studebaker have rented the quarter and will put on four hundred sheep as soon as the fence is completed.

The Sister's Mission Band met with Mrs. J. Schechter last Thursday and the following officers were elected: Pres. Miss Emma Schulz, Vice Pres., Mrs. Frank Williams, Sec., Miss May Kimmel, Treas. Mrs. E.J. Brubaker. The next meeting will be held at Mrs. Brubaker's Nov. 16. Everybody is invited to come.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Byant who have spent the last couple of months in Minnesota returned to their home in Laurence Kansas last week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Good of Reading were Elk visitors Monday.

Oscar Edstrom just completed a well on the Lighter quarter this week.

Org. 4130

Miss Fannie Deuth returned home Tuesday after a three weeks visit with her brother Joe in Ashton, Iowa.

Little Frances Deuth of Ashton is making a two weeks visit with Grandma Deuth of this place.

Mabel King has been quite sick with an attack of plurisy the past week. Is some better at the present writing.

Louis King returned home Tuesday after a weeks visit with her sister Mrs. Johnson of Reading.

The Merry go round met with Mrs. Dealand Saturday afternoon and the ladies had a chance to walk home in the rain. But never the less they must have had a good time for they all came home with a broad smile on their face.

Miss Bucknole will give a hard time social the latter part of the month. The date has not yet been announced.

Mrs. Fred Johnson has not yet returned from her visit at Kenneth.

Miss Reca Johnson is keeping house for her father and brother during the absence of her mother.

The Merry go round will meet with Mrs. P.C. Anderson a week from Saturday. The ladies are all invited.

Indian Lake.

Miss Jennie Saxon spent several days at Worthington visiting her sister Mary.

Gust Larson expect to soon leave for Kenosha, Wis.

George Gray left last Tuesday for Sioux City Iowa.

Mrs. Peter Nordberg of Sioux Falls, S. Dakota is making a ten days visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Anderson.

Alvin Anderson left last week for Worthington where he has accepted a position at the Hub Mercantile Co.

E.A. Eklund returned last week from Harris Iowa with his photo car, where he has been having a large trade.

Frank Saxon finished his seasons threshing last Saturday evening at Oliver Thompson's where he threshed some over seven thousand five hundred bushels in a trifle over three days.

Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Seline left last Monday for Alberta Canada where they will again make their home.


The home of Mr. and Mrs. L. Larson of Indian Lake was the scene of a happy event Wednesday afternoon, when their daughter Lucy Elizabeth Larson was married to Chas. R. Saxon of the same place. The ceremony was witnessed by a large company of friends and was followed by the customary festivities.

The contracting parties are well known and highly esteemed young people, and have a host of friends whom the Advance joins in extending congratulations.

The bride was the recipient of a large collection of presents.


The marriage of Miss Lillian R. Rohr of Sioux City, Iowa, and John F. Ryan of Worthington, occurred at the Cathedral of Epiphany on Wednesday, Oct. 25, at 9 o'clock, Rev. J.L. Kerby, a friend of the bride's family officiating.

As the pipe organ pealed forth the strains of the wedding march, the bride and groom, attended by Miss Rose Grady of O'Neill, Nebr., and Robert Ryan of Worthington, moved down the aisle and took their places in the Sanctuary where the marriage ceremony took place.

The bride was becomingly attired in a gown of white silk with point lace trimmings. A bridal veil and wreath of orange blossoms most fittingly completed the costume.

Immediately following the ceremony the wedding party was driven to the home of the bride's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Homer V. Garretson where an elaborate wedding breakfast was served to the relatives and immediate friends of the bride and groom. The house was tastefully decorated with potted plants, cut flowers and autumn leaves.

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan departed on an evening train for their future home in Worthington, where Mr. Ryan has been for some time successfully engaged in business.

Upon their arrival a reception was tendered them at the home of the groom's mother. The young couple will begin housekeeping at once in the newly furnished home which Mr. Ryan has prepared for his bride. They will be at home after Nov. 10.


Born - On Saturday Nov. 4, 1905 to Joe Hansen and wife a boy.

J.D. Humiston returned last Friday from a business trip to Fulda.

Dr. Andrews of Mankato was a visitor in Worthington Saturday.

Mrs. Ned Stonesifer left last week for Chicago where she will visit relatives.

J.D. Matteson and Lee Shell returned on Monday night from the twin cities.

The Lismore Leader has been leased to E.J. Conrad by the former editor, Mr. Olin.

Mrs. D.W. Chute has been summoned to Hamilton, Ill., by the illness of her mother.

Everet Hayden of Morland's drug store took in the big football game at Minneapolis last Saturday.

W.A. Fagerstrom of the Noble County bank transacted business at St. Paul last Friday and Saturday.

Mrs. Harry Hobson and daughter returned last Friday from a visit of a couple of days with friends at Adrian.

C.J. Anderson of Round Lake was in the city last Saturday looking for carpenters to do some building for him this fall.

J.J. Kies and bride returned on Monday from their wedding trip. They have taken up their residence in the Glasgow house in the Clary addition.

Sam Scranton, an engineer on the Omaha road, died in a hospital in Sioux Falls last Sunday, after an illness of a month's duration. He was well known among the railroad boys, and highly esteemed for his many sterling qualities.

E.L. Nance last Monday shipped 5000 pounds of his famous mince meat, and more has been going forward since then. Mr. Nance is enjoying such a phenomenal trade in his product that it seems destined to make Worthington as well as Mr. Nance famous.

Rev. W.H. Knowlton, of St. James, Archdeacon for Southwestern Minnesota, held service in St. John's Episcopal church last Sunday evening. On Monday he went to Wilmont where he held service in the evening. The Archdeacon informed the Advance that arrangements will soon be concluded to hold service in the St. Johns church here twice a month. A Sunday school will also be organized.

The case of birds afforded an object lesson to the pupils of the 3rd grade under Miss Malmsten who brought them up for a study of the sandpiper, after reading Celia Thaxter's "The Sandpiper."

D.W. Chute and family moved back from Wilmont last Friday.

J. Croxen of Elk was in the city last Saturday on business.


Friday, November 17, 1905



Andrew Placer has rented the old Carson farm and is now moving in his family.

Frank Murphy is having well bored, a new barn built and a wind mill added to his farm improvements.

Dr. F.E. Walker a surgeon from the county seat was called to consult with Dr. Williams on an operation upon Mrs. Butcher who has been very sick. The surgeon thought an operation would not do any good. We all hope for her recovery.

Sam Swanson is showing indications of leaving single blessedness.

Tillie Larson is home from Adrian.

Dr. A.B. Williams, T.R. Fallgettor and C.W. Becker left Saturday for Heron Lake to hunt. They returned Tuesday evening.

Mark Graves of Worthington was in Wilmont Tuesday.

Harvey Beckley and Mr. Weinandt of the Worthington Herald were in Wilmont Sunday.

J.J. Kies of Worthington went through here Tuesday afternoon.

Friday evening Nov. 17 is the date set for the next big dance in the Scholtz hall.

Ira Mishler deputy sheriff from Worthington was in Wilmont Saturday on business.

Will Bullick of Reading spent Sunday in Wilmont.

Frank Scott and George Bass both of Round Lake were in Wilmont for a short time Wednesday forenoon.

Mrs. L. Pierce visited in Hardwick for a few days this week returning home Friday.

Tom Hendrichs spent Sunday at his mothers home at Adrian.


Fred Redshaw, residing with his parents west of town, is critically ill with an attack of appendicitis.

Miss Stella Gray, who is teaching school near Sibley, Iowa, is enjoying a three weeks vacation among friends here.

Editor Clower, of the Signal has been summoned as a petit juror in the United States court for the November term at Winona, which convenes on the 21st.

Gus Swanberg chairman of the board of county commissioners was a Bigelow visitor recently. He was looking over the proposed drainage outlet to the slough north of town.

A.T. Galbraith was at Worthington the early part of last week on business before the probate court.


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mylius, who have been touring in Europe for the past five months returned home last week. They report a most enjoyable trip.

Mrs. M. Sullivan was called to Sioux City, Iowa, Monday of last week by the serious sickness of her father, Patrick B. Devy, who died on Thursday morning. He had reached the advanced age of 95 years. His remains were brought here for burial.

John Glovka has purchased the Lismore residence property of Mark Graves. The price paid was $3,000.

Oil Inspector Robert Reed was over from Worthington one day last week.

R.W. McCune has removed to this place from Harris, Iowa.

Mrs. Mark Graves was over from Worthington a day or two last week for a visit with friends here.

Dr. Newell is short a cow. It was killed by the west bound passenger train last week Tuesday evening.

At a meeting of the village council last week L.S. Knox was appointed as village attorney.

Cory and Basin, of Ellsworth, shipped nearly 1600 sheep from this station recently.

Night Operator Watson is at Magnolia relieving the agent at that place.


B. Basin was a visitor in Worthington the other day.

Henry Roll is at Toronto, S.D., looking after his farming interest out there.

At the recent sale of the state land held at Worthington, James Burke purchased 87 lots in the Butler addition to Ellsworth.

J.J. Mackay of Rock Rapids, Ia., has purchased the W.F. Marten farm near this village, and will shortly become a resident of Nobles county.

Albert Pieper and Anton Good have returned from a trip to Weyburn, Canada, and are well pleased with that country. They will probably move over there.

Mrs. Frank Rose was called to Ocheydan, last week by the serious illness of her mother, who died shortly after her arrival.

Rev. Cowgill, the new presiding elder held the first quarterly meeting at the M.E. church last week Tuesday.

Miss Margarett Radermacher is at home from Mankato, where she has been attending school.


F.D. Wells has put in a new gasoline engine and a large feed grinder. He is prepared to do feed grinding for all who desire.

A.W. Weinandt is now a constable, having been appointed by the council to fill a vacancy.

The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Sanders died suddenly Friday night from heart trouble and was buried in the Hersey cemetery on Sunday. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of numerous friends in their affliction.

E.H. Schraan was at Mankato last week attending the State Buttermakers' convention.

Dr. R.G. Stevens has removed from this place to Heron Lake. He will be succeeded here by Dr. Nessa, of Madelia.

Dr. Geyerman, of Worthington, was shaking hands with his numerous friends at this place one day last week.

A daughter was born to Rev. and Mrs. I.B. Holman, November 2nd. Congratulations.


Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schroder have moved into the village from their farm.

Chris Hanson is able to be about after a severe sickness with typhoid fever.

G.W. Wheeler, of our creamery attended the Minnesota Buttermaker's convention at Mankato last week.

Miss Minnie Horstman was the victim of a pleasant surprise party last Wednesday evening. She left on Saturday for an extended visit at her former home in Britt, Iowa.

Fred and Frank Thompson are enjoying a visit from their brother E.R., of Brooklyn, New York.

The M.E. church has discarded its kerosene lamps and is now brilliantly lighted by a gasoline gas lighting plant.


John Baird was a Worthington visitor Monday.

F.A. Durfee made a business trip to the county seat Wednesday.

Vic. Malmberg drove to the hub Wednesday.

R.J. Jones left last Thursday for the twin cities and Big Stone county on business, returning Sunday.

J.I. Diehl went to Edgerton Saturday to fill the pulpit in the Brethern church at that place, Sunday.

Mrs. A.R. Beilke is quite sick, having undergone an operation Tuesday. At present writing she is resting easily and her many friends hope for a speedy recovery.

John Hertel is again numbered among our citizens, having returned from Canada last week. He said he came back to save postage.


T.A. Palmer the hustling music dealer of Worthington delivered an organ in this town last Tuesday.

Mr. Sampson collector for P. Geyerman and Sons of Brewster was looking up some old accounts near here this week.

Round Lake

J.W. Webster of Worthington was a business visitor here one day last week.

Chris Peterson and family have moved into the cottage recently vacated by the Venable family.

Dan Knutson of St. Paul who has been visiting in this vicinity for the past two weeks has returned home.

Oscar Anderson has gone to Des Moines, Iowa, where he will attend business college this winter.

Albert Tysver, who has a claim near Nisbet, N.D., is here to spend the winter.

N.H. Austin was down from Worthington one day last week.

Mrs. E.J. Knudson of Luverne has been visiting relatives in this neighborhood for the past week.

Charles Neinaber has removed to Sherburne county having purchased a farm near Elk river.

Geo. Morgan was called to Cherokee, Iowa, last week by the death of his brother Lloyd in the hospital at that place.

W.E. Stoutemyer

A former citizen of Worthington and prominently interested in its affairs, Mr. W.E. Stoutemyer died at his home in Canon City, Colo., on Thursday Nov. 9th.

Mr. Stoutemyer, met with a serious accident several weeks ago, from which he was apparently recovering, but on the day mentioned suddenly expired from heart failure.

He was nearly 59 years of age having been born in 1847, in Troy Ohio. He came to Worthington in 1888 and until changing his residence to Colorado, was actively engaged in farming, just outside the city limits and interested in all endeavors to build up Worthington.

The creamery and county fair were both objects of interest to Mr. Stoutemyer and he freely gave of his time and money to make them a success.

He was a staunch Baptist, being a charter member of the local church acting in various official capacities, as deacon, Sunday school superintendent and trustee.

A good man has finished his life work and he has entered into rest. A formal funeral service was held at Canon City, the large Baptist church building being crowded to its limit by those who knew him and desired to honor his memory.

Two daughters Misses Jeannette and Susie were with him at the time of his death and accompanied the body here. A brief service was held at the home of his son residing here and the body was laid beside that of his wife in the Worthington cemetery on Wednesday p.m.

Mrs. Geo. Hurd, another daughter also resides in Worthington.

Rev. C.F. Bronson conducted the service here assisted by the Baptist church choir.

(Left over from last week.)

A dance managed by A. Joche and Paul Jenson will be given at the Maccabee hall tonight.

Mrs. Bert McKee arrived here last week from her Nebraska home for a visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Kendlen.

Estrayed or stolen - Two light red calves one larger than the other. Any one giving information of their where abouts will be paid the cash. H.S. Jones.

Wm. Kane and wife left Sunday for Rochester.

Dr. Gould left Friday for the northern part of the state on a hunting trip.

Miss Jessie Ager visited relatives in St. Paul over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Kelley left Monday for their home in Iowa after a pleasant visit with their son I.F. and family.

F.M. Hickman went to Minneapolis Monday night on business.

Miss Nell Lyons went to St. Paul Friday for an over Sunday visit with relatives.

Company Order No. 3 - IMPORTANT

Company Headquarters, M.N.G.
Pursuant to order received from Brigade Headquarters, M.N.G., proposed members of the Worthington company shall sign enlistment papers and be examined by the Surgeon prior to the time of muster.

Accordingly a meeting for that purpose will be held at Masonic hall Tuesday evening, November 21, 1905, at 8 o'clock.

Let every man be present or report to Corp. S.S. Smith before that time.
By order of A. Schaefer, Captain.
N.B. - The rifles are received.


Miss Carrie Allen is a victim of typhoid fever.

Mrs. C.W.W. Dow has been on the sick list the past week.

H.R. Veeder of Loraine was in the city Tuesday on business.

Rev. Moberg went to Sioux City Wednesday returning Saturday.

Mrs. Alex Cree is recovering from the effects of a slight operation.

Draper Dayton of Minneapolis is here renewing old acquaintances.

Mrs. Ed Fagerman, of Sioux City is visiting Worthington friends for a few days.

J.M. Messer returned on Sunday from his trip to the northern part of the state.

Jos. F. Ullrich of Worthington township was in the city last Friday on business.

Miss Marie Schaeffer of Adrian is a guest of her friend Miss Ethel Dean for a few days.

Miss Grace Tuttle left on Tuesday for Lake Park, where she has charge of a case as nurse.

Miss Pearl Tupper is at Thornton, Ia., spending a few days at the home of her grand mother.

Rev. G.A. Cahoon went to St. Paul the first of the week to attend meeting of Methodist ministers.

The Swedish Mission church services Sunday morning and evening a usual hours. Preaching by Rev. Moberg.

Rev. G.A. Cahoon went to Lakefield Monday to attend a ministerial meeting, after which he made a business trip to St. Paul.

J.N. Holbrook has moved from eleventh street to a dwelling on tenth avenue, near the Rock Island depot.

The Herald has moved into new quarters in the Maccabee block, occupying the room next to Fagerstrom and Clark's shoe store.

Joe Arbes, who has held a position in Morland's drug store the past four years, left Tuesday for New Ulm, where he has bought a drug store.

Sheriff Newton Fauskee, under-sheriff Ira Mishler and Orval Tupper made a business trip to Lismore last Monday. Mr. Tupper remained over a couple of days.

Chas. Lewis, who plead guilty at the late term of court to the charge of abduction, was taken to the state reformatory at St. Cloud Tuesday evening by Sheriff Fauskee.

The Y.P.S.C.E. of the Christian Church will give an ice cream social at the residence of N.H. Austin 8th Ave, and 12th street, Tuesday evening Nov. 21st. price 15 cents. Every one is cordially invited to attend. A short literary program will be given during the evening.

We enjoyed a pleasant visit with Charles Sundberg last Saturday. He is one of the pioneer farmers of Dewald township, having located there when Worthington contained but three buildings. That he has prospered is shown by the fact that his farm consists of 360 acres, well stocked and supplied with all modern conveniences for intelligent farming.

A. Oberman on Tuesday shipped a car load of stock to Sioux City.

F.H. Thompson of Rushmore was in the city Tuesday on business.

Miss Nettie Fitch was on the sick list couple of days the first of the week.

Undersheriff Ira Mishler went to Wilmont last Saturday on official business.

W.G. Meyers returned on Tuesday from a visit of a couple of weeks in the twin cities.

Mrs. Wm. Weed of Spirit Lake, Ia., was a guest at the Fitch home the first of the week.

Oliver and Madison this week shipped two car loads of hogs to the Sioux City market.

James Mott and Orval Tupper drove to Rushmore Sunday for a short visit with friends.

Jud Deuel arrived here on Saturday evening from Glencoe, Minn., for a visit with his mother.

A.T. Latta spent a few days at DesMoines the first of the week visiting a brother, who is quite sick.

Gus Swanberg, chairman of the county board, transacted business for the county at Mankato on Wednesday.

Editor Chas. Hamstreet of the Rushmore Enterprise was a business visitor at the county capital Monday.

Bruce Yale spent a couple of days on his farm the first of the week, superintending the threshing and marketing his crop.

F.M. Hickman returned last Saturday evening from a trip to the twin cities where he bought a large stock of holiday goods.

Married at the Baptist parsonage, Wednesday by Rev. C.F. Bronson, George Marsh and Grace Reims, both of Osceola county, Iowa.

E.J. Helmick has taken a position as traveling salesman for the Sioux City house of A. Booth and Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Frink have returned from an extended visit with friends and relatives in North Dakota. They arrived home on Saturday.

Jas. Ramage left on Tuesday for California, where he will make his future home, and engage in business. His family will follow him in a few weeks.

Dr. F.E. Walker was called to Hot Springs, S.D., on Tuesday to perform a number of surgical operations on patients of the local doctors.

Miss Nellie Devaney came over from Dell Rapids, S.D., last Friday for an over Sunday visit with relatives and friends in this city, returning home on Monday.

Judge Geo. W. Wilson has been called to Redfield, S.D., to assist in the trial of a case there. Mrs. Wilson will accompany him as far as Watertown, where she will spend a few days the guest of Miss Alma Walters.

For rent - New house, 10 rooms. Call on Flynn and Cashel.

Born on Tuesday Nov. 14, 1905, to Fred Muchow and wife, a son.

W.H. Sivert was down from Wilmont Monday last on business.

C.E. Rucho and wife of Wilmont, registered at the Worthington Wednesday.

T.C. Hendrix, a piano tuner of Sioux Falls, was here a few days on professional business.

Charley Gholz of California was the guest of his son Dr. Gholz a couple of days the first of the week. He went from here to Duluth to visit a son.

Friday, November 24, 1905

Fifty-One Signed The Roll at Tuesday Evening's Meeting.

At a meeting of the Militia Company, held Tuesday evening at Masonic hall for the purpose of enlistment, 51 men signed the roll, and will be examined by the surgeon prior to being mustered in, which ceremony will take place at the meeting called for Nov. 28th. There was a splendid turn out at the last meeting, and the promoters of the project feel highly encouraged with the outlook.

The rifles and accoutrements arrived last week, and the company will begin to drill as soon as the organization is completed.

The following signed the roll Tuesday evening:
I P Fox, H M Mitchell, Pfiel, John McChord, C S Jones, L Patterson, Dave Bear, Carl Anderson, Wilson, John Selene, O Tupper, C W Ventcout, H A Nelson, Milton Black, R Oberman, Earl McBride, Warren Rose, R R Smith, B B Buck, D Fauskee, Joe Devline, E H Black, Sterling Lawton, Geo Cunningham, Jas Mott, Ed Lawton, C E White, W J Dodge, A R Albertus, S S Smith, E H Bassett, A E Hayward, Chas Loveless, Morrill Ramage, W B Stoutemeyer, Jonas Williams, John F Glasgow, C B Ward, C M Crandall, J M Barron, Burt Malmquist, Chas Ashbough, Thomas Rowe, G M Borst, E M Devaney, J N Humck, C Haggard, V Fellows, C Anton, A S Bedford, Geo Dueth, Lee Humiston, Oscar F Blood.

Order for Mustering

State of Minnesota, adjutant General's Office.
St. Paul, November 22, 1905.
Special Order No. 60.
1 - Colonel Charles A. VanDuzee, Third Infantry, M.N.G. or an officer appointed by him, will on Tuesday Evening November 28th, 1905, muster into the military service of the State of Minnesota, a company of Infantry, at Masonic Hall, Worthington, provided the minimum number of men allowed by law are present and ready to take the oath of enlistment.

2 - Enlistment papers will be executed in duplicate by such recruit in accordance with General Orders No. 7 A.G.O., series of 1899, and together with the mustering in roll will be forwarded to this office by the mustering officer.

3 - Immediately after muster the mustering officer will hold an election of officers for the new company, and report the same together with the oath of office and statement of qualifications of the officers elect, to these headquarters.
By order of the Commander in Chief.
Fred B. Wood, Adjutant General.

Whist Club Entertained.

The Saturday evening Whist Club held its first regular meeting of the season last Saturday at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. H. Hobson, who on this occasion added to their enviable reputation as hosts. Five tables were filled and whist was indulged in until 10:30, when dainty refreshments were served. This was followed by a business session of the club, at which seven new members were admitted.

The head prize was won by Mrs. J.J. Kies, the consolation prize by Mr. Foster Moore. The club will next be entertained on Dec. 2nd, by Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore.

Stray - A bull, about 3 years old, color red, came to my place Section 4, Indian Lake township, on or about November 6th. Owner can secure same by proving property and paying charges. Henry Haggard.

Business Change

S.M. Seewart Sells Out to Western Implement Co., of Heron Lake.

A business change that occasioned considerable surprise occurred last Saturday, when S.M. Stewart sold out his implement business to the Western Implement Co., of Heron Lake, who took charge immediately. This is one of the largest implement concerns in Southern Minnesota, and will go after the business in a right way.

Mr. Stewart after closing up his affairs will leave early in December for Copenhagen, accompanied by Mrs. Stewart, who will take the Finsen treatment there for tuberculosis of the face. They will remain in Copenhagen this time until Mrs. Stewart is thoroughly cured, and Mr. Stewart concluded on that account it would be advisable to dispose of his business here.

Piano Recital

A piano recital will be given at Maccabee hall Saturday evening at 8 o'clock by Mrs. G.A. Lincoln's music class. A large and varied program has been arranged which will entertain all. The recital is public and an admission of 15 cents will be charged at the door.

Arrested For Larceny
Ben Morris, a Round Lake Laboring Man, Makes a Costly Break.

Ben Morrison, a young fellow working on a farm in Round Lake township, was arrested last Friday for stealing a $6.50 suit of clothes from in front of the store of Walker & Austin, in the village of Round Lake. Morris was given a hearing on Saturday before Judge Dow, when he plead guilty and was given his choice of a fine of $25 and costs, or 60 days in jail. He chose the former, and on Monday paid up and departed a sader and wiser youth. It was evidently his first deviation from the path rectitude, and it is to be hoped it will be a lesson that will last him a life time.

Farewell Suprise

A farewell surprise reception was tendered the Carolus O. Peterson family on Monday evening of last week at the residence of E.G. Larson on the lake shore, where the Peterson's had been invited for supper. All at once the house filled up with people representing all the denominations but mostly from the Swedish Tabernacle church where Mr. Peterson has been Supt. of the Sabbath school and a member of the orchestra while Mrs. Peterson has been president of their Ladies Aid Society. The evening was spent in social intercourse vocal and instrumental selections rendered and as a token of friendship and love a beautiful present was given in an appropriate manner by J.E. Peterson from the Swedish church of Indian Lake. Mrs. Peterson and sons, Wesley and Stanley, left on the Wednesday afternoon train for Sioux City, Iowa, where Mr. Peterson will join them shortly, after closing up his business affairs here, continuing to work for the Singer sewing Machine Co. Having lived in Worthington for eleven years, their friends wishes them prosperity and success in their new home.


A. Walstrom of Fairmont was a business visitor here Monday.

A.T. Galbreath and wife of Bigelow were visitors at the county capital Monday.

Dr. and Mrs. Dodge, Miss Smith and Earl McBride were Round Lake visitors Sunday.

Mrs. Severson and son George of Brewster were guests of friends in the city Monday.

L.E. Fischer of Rushmore was in the city last Friday. He made this office a pleasant call.

C.B. Lutner, a young and progressive Reading farmer was in the city Monday on business.

Miss Ethyle Luff of St. James is spending this week with Mrs. S. Wyatt at 909 5th avenue.

Esther Claussen, who use to work at the residence of Sheriff Fauskee, is now at Chicago having left Sioux City some two weeks ago.

Mrs. S.B. Bedford and Mrs. H.C. Constable drove over from Rushmore last Sunday, and attended church here in the evening.

Jeweler Brace the other day displayed in one of his show windows a consignment of Japanese china that was a revelation in artistic design and workmanship. The goods were shown in the original wrappings, which consisted of rice straw and chaff. The goods came direct from Japan.

Geo. Miller of Windom, the patentee of a new gass generator, was in the city the first of the week and contracted for the installation of plants of his system of gass lighting at the stores of F.C. Brace, H.B. Lewis and Wm. Loveless. The generator in Mr. Millers system is extremely simple, yet an improvement on all other patterns. The light produced is of the highest quality and consumes less gasoline than any other system now on the market.

Wm. McKinney came down from Mankato Sunday to take the baggage run on the Sioux Falls branch. He relieved A. Joche who takes a run on the main line.

Joseph Devlin, of Windom, who has been employed in the central telephone office at this place for some time past, has resigned his position and accepted a similar place at Mountain Lake.

Thanksgiving day will be observed at the Swedish Lutheran church by preaching by A.G. Hammarberg of the Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter. Service at 10:30 a.m.

C.L. Maxwell, who recently moved to this city, has bought the Truax elevator, which he has opened for business. Mr. Maxwell is an independent buyer, and his advent here will have a beneficient influence on the local grain market.

Rev. C.H. McIntosh and family left on Tuesday for their new home at Plymouth, Wisconsin, where Mr. McIntosh has accepted a call. In their removal Worthington loses a most estimable family. During their residence here they acquired a large circle of friends whose best wishes go with them to their new home.

A.P. Peterson and wife of Lake Park Iowa, came up one day, to do their trading here, and before leaving for home ordered a first class Singer sewing machine from C.O. Peterson to be delivered to their daughter Mrs. Oscar Larson as a present.

W.H. Davidson arrived from Austin, Minn., Tuesday to take charge of the Singer sewing machine store here, upon P.F. Gulden's departure for Mankato. Mr. Gulden could not move his family here on account of his wifes unwillingness to leave her home up there.

Rev. Frank Johnson the evangelist from Kiron, Iowa, held meetings at Round Lake on Saturday and Sunday and in the old M.E. church in Worthington on Sunday and Monday evenings. He departed for Luverne Tuesday for a weeks campaign. The meetings were held alternately in English or Swedish according to the majority in the audience.

Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Whitney, who had spent a month here visiting old friends, left this week for their home in Seattle. The Whitney's are old settlers of Nobles county, coming here with the earliest pioneers, and lived here until a year ago, when they moved to Seattle.

Farm for Rent - Two and one half miles from Bigelow, Minn. Enquire of Ed Brown, Bigelow, Minn.

For Sale - Hunting outfit, consisting of gun, decoys, boat and boat cart. E.W. Lanham.

For Rent - A part of the Presbyterian parsonage. Steam heat, electric lights and all modern conveniences. Apply to Rev. E.W. Lanham.

For Sale - One full blood Hereford bull, 4 years old weight 1600 to 1700. John Nystrom 7 miles south of Worthington.

For Sale - Short horn bull, Harry 178031. Color deep red, a sure breeder. H.R. Veeder nw 1/4, Sect. 23, Loraine township.

For sale - Boar pig. West D. farm. D. Behrens.

For Sale - Light buggy pole, shafts and set of sleigh runners. Edwin C. Wilson.

Wanted - Farm lands, in exchange for town property. Will give somebody a good deal. Enquire of J.D. Matteson.


Clinton Mann spent Sunday with friends at Adrian.

Judge Quinn is holding court in Jackson county this week.

Banker Schlegel of Fulda was here Tuesday on business.

Ira Sharp of Worthington township was in the city Tuesday.

M.B. Welch of Ocheyedan was registered at the Worthington Tuesday.

Pat Brown was called to Jackson this week to attend court as a witness.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore spent Sunday with relatives at Brewster.

Chas. Skewis of Minneapolis was here Monday looking after his grain business.

H.E. Swanson of Adrian was here a guest at the Worthington hotel.

Mrs. Hattie Bassett and daughter Margarette of Rushmore were callers in the city Monday.

Rev. J.M. Thuston of Clarkston Washington spent Sunday with his nephew, S.N. Rose.

Miss Ida Anderson departed on Monday for Jackson, where she has accepted a position in a hotel.

Clarence and Alice Holley of Sioux Falls are visiting friends and relatives in this city for a few days.

Joe Voss of Brewster was in Worthington on business last Saturday, and favored this office with a pleasant call.

Rev. G.M. Bailey is conducting a series of very successful meetings at the Centre school house, six miles north of Worthington.

J.J. Shannon is now engaged as salesman for the singer sewing machines and is assistant manager of their store on main street.

Knut Franzen, the blacksmith with the Nystrom Bros. Machine shop, is now employed in the railroad shops of the Omaha Sioux City.

A.W. Schweppe, of St. James, president of the Worthington Creamery Co., was here Tuesday looking after the interests of his company.

Bertha Holm and Ida Erickson, who were employed at the Hotel Worthington laundry, are now employed in the same capacity in Rugby, N.D.

Gust Westman writes from the Swedish Seminary of Evanston, Ill., to friends here that he enjoys himself, his health is improving and he is kept busy attending his studies.

Vic Anderson went to Chicago Saturday evening with some stock.

Born, on Tuesday, Nov. 21, 1905, to Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Boberg, a son.

Mrs. Barton of Brewster was in Worthington Tuesday on a trading trip.

John Kingsley of Pipestone had business in Worthington on Saturday.

Wm. Oxford of Seward was in the city Wednesday transacting business.

John and Sam Geisel of Wilmont registered at the Western hotel last Friday.

Miss Annie Ackerman of Reading was a guest at the Western hotel Saturday.

Holiday shoppers will find something of interest in the adv. of F.C. Stitser in another column.

Stanley Moore left on Tuesday on a trip to Windom, Lake Crystal, and other points in that section.

Ed J. Jones one of our rising young legal lights made a trip to Kinbrae Wednesday on professional business.

H. Hobson and wife entertained a number of friends Saturday evening at which time a whist club was organized.

Miss Carrie Allen, who has had a run of typhoid fever, is improving with prospects of speedy convalescence.

Miss Eva Fairfield has accepted a position as night central at the local telephone station, and began her duties Monday.

Dr. and Mrs. Dodge entertained a number of friends at cards last Friday evening and a very pleasant time is reported.

Mrs. John Cadis, of Jackson county was in Worthington Tuesday taking advantage of the matchless bargains our merchants are offering.

J.W. Benson, of Heron Lake was in the city last Saturday completing the purchase of the Stewart Implement business. He is president of the Western Implement Co.

Pat Brown returned from Iowa on Tuesday where he closed a deal involving $20,000. He traded a farm near Fulda for a stock of dry goods and a nice bunch of money.

C.C. Erwin's sale was postponed on account of rain, the sale will now take place Wednesday, Nov. 29th, at 10 o'clock a.m. at his farm, Sec. 31, Worthington Township.

J.H. Helberg of Hennepin county is here on a visit to J. Olson, an old shipmate, they having in their younger days sailed the salt seas together for six years.

Christ Hanson of Prof. Addington's tonsorial force, who has had a run of typhoid fever, was in town last week shaking hands with his many friends who were glad to see him around again. He resumed his old position Monday.

Milton Petty brother of Mrs. S.N. Rose has returned to his home in Penn, his sister Mrs. Rose accompanied him as far as Kasota where they stopped for a few days visit with her son, Roy.

The Advance is informed by friends of the ladies that Mrs. Austin Hovey and her daughter Miss Florence, formerly of this city, but now living at Wilmont, will move to Oklahoma about the first of January, where Mrs. Hovey has another daughter.

Little Earl Wilson on Tuesday afternoon entertained a number of his playmates at a birthday party, the occasion being his 11th birthday. The little folks played games, partook of refreshments, and departed for home wishing their host many happy returns of the day.

Elk Echoes.

D.P. Schecher left for Mount Morris, Ill., week ago where he will attend college this winter.

Mrs. Frank Bicknese returned last Monday from a two week's visit with relatives at Butler Co., Iowa.

Martin Ogg and family left for Morril Minn., last week where they will make their future home.

The Sisters' Mission band will meet with Mrs. Paul Schulz Nov. 30.

Mrs. Maurice Eikenberry and her mother Mrs. Wood spent Sunday at Lake Wilson visiting relatives.


Sheriff Dunn of Jackson was a business caller at this place last week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Dodge of Worthington were visiting old friends here last Wednesday and Thursday.

Mr. Jacobson is building a large sheep and cattle barn on his farm on Sect. 30, of this township.

The ladies aid met with Mrs. A.D. Pigman last Saturday and in the evening the young people were invited in for supper.

Attorney Stelle Smith of Worthington came up from Jackson last week on business for the International Harvester Co.

Miss Agnes Murphy received over twenty dollars last Friday night from the sale of the ladies shadows after the literary program. This money will be used to help pay for an organ which Mr. Palmer left in Miss Murphy's school room in Dist. 54.


August Wilson last week sold his farm of 320 acres for the sum of $18,500. We understand that he contemplates moving to Dakota, but have no definite information at this writing.

John Singeree and family have gone to Wisconsin for a visit with relatives, after which they will continue their journey to Ohio where they expect to reside in the future. Their many friends in Bigelow greatly regret their removal from our midst but extend the wish that abundant prosperity may be their lot in the new home.

Miss Bertha Heitritter has returned to her home at Sheldon after an extended visit with Bigelow relatives and friends.

O.C. Fosberg was a Worthington visitor the early part of the week.

Mrs. C.F. Millard and daughter have gone to Davenport Iowa, for a visit with relatives.

Round Lake

S.P. Bach transacted business at Worthington one day last week.

N.H. Austin and son Percy were over from the county seat the early part of last week.

Mrs. Henry Wiedow was the guest of Round Lake friends several days last week.

Mrs. S.E. Griswold, of Montgomery, Iowa, is a guest at the home of her daughter Mrs. Art Erskine and family in Round Lake township.

On Tuesday evening of last week a number of neighbors and friends treated F.A. Schoneman to a surprise party, the date being the 58th anniversary of his birth. It goes without saying that all had a good time.

Miss Laura Bixby has returned to her home at Worthington after a pleasant visit with friends here. She was accompanied home by her grandmother, Mrs. Horton.

Miss Claudia Washburn and Bessie Tripp visited friends at Lake Park one day last week.

There is some agitation favoring the organization of a brass band in this village.

Walter V. Willey, grain buyer at Kenneth and Miss Emma Michelson were married on the 14th. The bride has numerous friends here who are extending congratulations.

Sheriff Fauskee was over from Worthington one day last week on official business.

W.V. Olin, formerly editor of the Leader, has removed his family to Luverne, where he has editorial charge of the Journal. Their many friends hope they may find prosperity and happiness in the new home.

At a meeting of the board of directors of the state bank held last week, G.C. Bixler was elected as assistant cashier. The old officers were all re-elected to the positions held by them.

O.W. Tupper of Worthington was looking after business matters in this locality several days last week.


Henry Hennekes, who lives three miles south of town had the champion corn yield of the season at least we have heard of no greater. He had ten acres which gave him 1100 bushels, an average of 110 bushels to the acre, and he is justly proud of the results of his labors.

The Catholic church at St. Kilian was the scene of a double wedding on Tuesday of this week. The contracting parties being Henry Stuntebeck and Miss Lizzie Petersburs [Petersburg?]; Joseph Lebens and Miss Anna Didier. All the parties reside near Wilmont.

Miss Mary Fronk was the guest of Worthington relatives last week.

Mark Graves came over from Worthington last week to visit among his numerous Adrian friends.

C.R. Rieckhoff has gone to California where he expects to remain until spring in hopes of benefiting his health, which has been quite poor of late.

Alfred Obele, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Obele, of Leota township, was thrown from a riding plow one day recently and sustained a fracture of the bones of his right arm below the elbow.

P.J. Roach has gone to southern California in search of health. He will spend the winter out there.

Miss Margaret Hosmer visited at Worthington last week.

----End Transcription----

Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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