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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 March, 1905

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Friday, March 3, 1905


Muscatine, Ia, Feb. 24 -- Mrs. Tomka Krause, defendant in a Worthington, Minn. murder trial for the murder of her husband, August Krause, in January, 1904, has sued the Modern Woodmen lodge for the death benefit of her husband. Payment was refused owing to the peculiar death of her husband.


Stillwater Special, Feb. 17. -- The matinee on the ice for trotting and pacing horses, was witnessed by a large crowd of enthusiasts notwithstanding the cold wind. The horses ran with the wind down the St. Croix. There were three regular heats and a dead one. Ethlyn, owned by H.W. Doolittle, took three straight heats and first prize.


Dr. P.T. Geyerman is confined to his home and is suffering a great deal of pain from some bad burns which he received yesterday afternoon. Immediately after dinner he lighted an oil stove in the bathroom at the Geyerman residence and then went into his bed room for a moment. While he was gone the stove exploded and in a moment the room was filled with flames and smoke. The doctor hurried to the room and seizing the stove started to carry it down stairs and out of doors. This he succeeded in doing, tho his hands were frightfully burned. The flames scorched his face, neck and chest in terrible shape, but the fire was put out and the house saved. F.R. Geyerman, who came to the doctor's assistance, was also badly scorched, but his injuries are not serious. The damage to the house and furniture is damaged to the extent of $100. The accident is a most distressing one under any circumstances but coming at a time when so many people are ill and need the doctor's assistance, makes it doubly bad. It certainly requires a superior quality of nerve for a man to go into a mass of flames and carry a red hot stove from the building, while every moment is one of agony; and we believe that the doctor is richly entitled to a prize from the Carnegie Hero Fund. --Brewster Tribune.


The library dedication will take place Saturday evening March 4, 1905 at 7:30 p.m. sharp. Program at the Presbyterian church:

Prelude: Mrs. Roberta Mackay
Opening: quartette, E.H. Nicholas, James Mackay, Jas. Ramage, Clifford Loveless.
Invocation: Rev. W.F. Lanham.
Duett: "Still is the Night", Mary Louisa Damon, Clifford Page Loveless.
Introductory: Pres. of the Library Board. Clarence T. Tupper.
Solo: "Sing Me to Sleep."
Address: "Books as our Friends.". Rev. C.F. Bronson.
Selection: _______ Male quartette
Address: The Educational Value of a Library. Supt. E.H. Nicholas.
Duett: "See the Pale Moon", Clara L. Thomas, Mary Louisa Damon.
Address: "The Relation of the Library to the Public" Rev. G.A. Cahoon.
Song: America, By Everybody.
Benediction: Rev. J.H. Muehlhausen.
Postlude: Mrs. Roberta Mackay.

Followed by a general reception at the Library, by the librarian, members of the library board and their wives. Light refreshments will be served in the basement, by the ladies of the Improvement League.


E.L. Nance went to Sioux City Monday on a business trip.

Will Bartlett went to Sioux Falls last week on business.

S.A. Harding returned Friday from a visit in Minneapolis.

Mrs. Roi B. Tibbets is visiting here with her father, W. Lewis.

Chas. Swanson is moving onto his farm in Seward township this week.

H.D. Woodford has received his household good from his former home.

Mike Reiter of Adrian, formerly sheriff, visited here last Friday and Saturday.

Geo. Dobner and family left last week for Faribault, where he will make his home.

Pettit and Mitchell's meat market is now located in one of the Wilson buildings on 10th.

Mrs. Hazzard and family went to Sioux Falls after a two weeks visit with Robert Free.

The Congregational church is being torn down, Sam Allen and son Gay, are doing the work.

Otto Kall won the $60 overcoat which was raffled by A. Segerstrom. No. 7 was the lucky number.

Biltgen and Devaney's restaurant is being fitted with a gas lighting outfit. This will be a big improvement.

Percy Rose underwent an operation for appendicitis Wednesday at the home of rank Eastman. He is getting along nicely.

E.G. Hutchinson and wife, of Phoenix, N.Y., arrived Tuesday for a short visit with Ira Fox and wife. They have been visiting at Sibley.

Bert Lundgren, of Gowrie Ia., was here the first of the week visiting friends. He was employed here at one time as teller in the Nobles County Bank.

Hugh Conn, brother-in-law of Hardy Everole, of Del Rey Ill., was out looking after his farm interests and returned Tuesday. He was much pleased with the outlook here.

H.D. Woodford, of Carroll, Ia., has rented the house occupied by J.D. Pratt, and expects his family soon. His son, Arthur, will run the farm formerly occupied by Geo. Dobner.

The Misses Mabel and Ida Anderson gave a card party at their home last Wednesday evening. Refreshments were served and a most enjoyable evening spent. Earnest Borst carried off first honor, and the honors at the foot table were fairly won.

W.E. Moses arrived Saturday to look after his hardware store.

L.P. Babcock left Saturday for Spencer, Ia., where his home is located. He was employed here as night clerk at the Worthington House. Lee Forbes will take his place.

A deal was closed Tuesday by which Smith Implement company secured the implement and wagon business of Klessig and Son, of Reading, the entire stock is now being moved to their Worthington ware house. Their ad elsewhere in this paper will prove interesting.

Miss Margaret Wienandt died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Joseph Foehr at Kinbrae, Sunday forenoon. Deceased had been sick for about two years, the cause of death being tuberculosis, aged of 24. The burial was held Tuesday morning at Heron Lake. Deceased was a sister of Editor Wienandt of this place.

Court is still in session. The case of Pease vs McKeever, verdict was given plaintiff. The case of Agne vs Skewis and Moen, verdict was for plaintiff. The case of J.D. Humiston vs McKeever verdict was for plaintiff. The case of Dieckhoff vs Kelly is before court as we go to press. Jury cases will probably be finished this week.


An infant of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Paine died, Feb. 22, aged four days. Rev. Cahoon officiated at the burial services.

Mary Beeler the ten year old daughter of John Beeler died Feb. 25 and the body was shipped to Osceola county Iowa, for burial.

Friday, March 10, 1905


Misses Katie Pfiel and Lena Apel left for a visit at Lake Park for several days.

Miss Nellie Lyon is having a two weeks rest from her duties as school teacher.

Miss Ethel Bloom is enjoying a two weeks vacation from her duties as school teacher.

John Tryon now has his barber shop located over Ivan Erickson's saloon on Hay street.

Mrs. Archie Hirt left for her home Tuesday after a pleasant visit with her parents here.

Ed. McDonald, a former clerk at the Worthington house was here Monday between trains.

Wm. Geano, living west of town on the Erin Peterson farm, is reported as being quite sick.

The building just east of Loveless's grocery store is being repaired. E. Bloom is doing the work.

Mrs. F.H. Hickman erturned Monday from a few days visit at Sibley with her parents and friends.

Rev. Roi Tibbetts, of Gilmore City, Ia., is here for a few day visit with his father in-law, W.B. Lewis.

J.H. Maxwell, John Scott, and J.H. Binham went to St. Paul Tuesday to attend G.A.R. encampment.

L.H. Beckley's team broke through  near the bath house Tuesday and had to be pulled out with ropes. No damage done.

Died -- Robert Thom, son of Wm. Thom Rushmore, died March 3, of cancer, deceased being 16 year old at time of death.

E.J. Wolven and wife returned home Monday from a trip to Texas and New Mexico. Ed. says he feels bully and he certainly looks fine.

Harvey Rew and wife are going to move into the Wilson building just east of this office. The place is being plastered and papered to receive them.

Rev. Erickson and family left Tuesday for Home City.

John Glovka of Lismore was in town Tuesday on business.

Art Steinhaus attended his brother's wedding at Elysian Tuesday.

G. Henniker, of Adrian, was in town Tuesday on court business.

A. Oberly, of Leota township, was in town Monday on business.

Mart Scott left Monday for Washington to look over prospects there.

Nels Johnson, of Wilmar moved onto his property here last week.

Born -- To Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Amondson, Tuesday, March 7, a girl.

Information states that L.M. Bliss has purchased a residence in Seattle.

N.H. Austin has vacated his house which is now occupied by Mr. Webster. The house is being repaired and shingled.

Nystrom Bros. machine shop is the place to get your drill shoes and plow lays sharpened. General blacksmithing and woodwork. Engine and boiler a specialty, machine work, horse shoeing and bicycle repairing. Opposite Omaha passenger depot, place is known as the C.T. Shattuck building.

We notice by the Minneapolis Journal that C.F. Johnson, of Reading, was elected vice president of the American Grain Buyers Association at their convention held in Minneapolis this week - Wednesday. Mr. Johnson many friends here will be pleased to note the honor the convention conferred upon him.

The young people from Worthington attending school in Minneapolis organized a Worthington Club recently and had an informal banquet at 1222, 6th St. S.E. The officers elected were Don Carlos Dow, pres; Miss Goldie Crever, vice pres; Clayton D. Bedford, sec-treas. A committee consisting of J.T. Smallwood, G.M. Damon and H.G. Hawley was appointed to arrange for another meeting and draft by-laws and a constitution. The object of the association is largely social.

We take pleasure in stating that the Musical Hoyles Orchestra gave a concert for this lodge which was first class in every respect. Their selections, while of a high order, are not beyond the average listener to enjoy. We are expecting the have them with us again this season. Ordered signed by unanimous vote of Parlor City Lodge No. 6, Ancient Order of the Red Cross, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Edward Hetzel, President. M.L. Casner, Secretary. At Maccabee Hall, Monday March 13, 1905. Reserved seats at Morland's. The concert will commence at 8:15 sharp.

Sheriff Fauskee made a trip to Adrian Tuesday.

Sam Swanson went to Round Lake Friday on business.

J.J. Kies left Tuesday for a business trip to eastern Iowa.

C.J. Johnson has left for Brandon, S.D., to locate there.

Mr. Foote returned last week from a two months visit in Oklahoma.

The many friends of H.M. Palm and family will regret to learn that Mrs. Palm has been quite sick since the death of their daughter, Miss Addie.

F.H. Hickman is shingling his drug store and he will also paper and re-arrange the interior. He expects to occupy the upper story as a dwelling place.

J.S. Frink is at Emmetsburg working on a job of plumbing for W.E. Moses of this place. The work will take a month or two and he will then return here when it is completed.

Jens Christiansen had a well bored near his house last week bored 59 feet struck a vain that forced the water up 22 feet in 3 minutes and now there is 43 feet. Jens wears smiles. r.D. Cramer and Oscar Edstrom did the work.


Indian Lake.

Eric Torrain arrived from Boone, Iowa, last Wednesday where he has been overseer on the Cedargren farm in Bigelow township.

A.G. Anderson, one of Indian Lake's young and progressive farmers contemplates the erection of an up to date silo in the near future.

The Beeler family moved the first of the week to Ocheyedan Iowa, where they have rented a farm.

Rev. Johnson, of Minneapolis preached at the Baptist church last Sunday and gave a temperance lecture in the evening.

E.A. Eklund has his photo car completed and it is a neat up-to-date structure ten by twenty four feet and will soon be open to the public. The artist will endeavor to give his patrons complete satisfaction.

Miss Peterson, teacher of the Saxon school, gave another school entertainment at the school house last Tuesday evening. the program was one of the best that the people of Indian Lake have ever had the pleasure to attend. Home made candy was sold.

Mrs. Al Johnson and Peter Nystrom, of Worthington visited their parents John Nystrom and wife over Sunday.

Rev. F. Johnson, of Kiron, Iowa, preached at the Baptist church last Sunday forenoon and at Vahlin's at to [two?] p.m.

Rev. Palmberg and Mr. August left last Saturday for Lake Sarrah, Murray county, to hold revival meetings.

The gun club held another shoot last Tuesday. Emil Larson winning the highest percentage.

Mrs. Frank Saxon, of Worthington spent several days visiting relatives last week.

David Hactor, of Allamakee county, arrived last Wednesday for a three weeks visit with relatives.


On Saturday the Rushmore Creamery Co, held their annual election of officers and directors. a good number of stockholders were present and everything was found to be in a most satisfactory condition as shown from the report. Much credit is due Mr. Renshaw for his faithful work as secretary the past year. As he live in the country and is busy with other matters he refused to take the office another year. The following officers were elected: Pres. Wm. Thom; Sec, Steve Fagerness; Directors - Mike Thompson of Ransom, J.J. Rohwer of Olney and C.N. Peterson of Dewald.

The pleasant weather of spring brings the homeseekers and landbuyers to the front again. Last week a deal was made by the Rushmore State bank whereby J.L. Dickerson disposes of his excellent farm near town to Henry Ivers who has already moved in. Mr. Dickerson moving north three miles to the Ivers quarter S.E. of six, Dewald, which he procures in the deal. Will Ivers who has been on his fathers place moved to the old Loger property recently vacated by Henry Ivers.

Another deal just closed is the Gus Keller place, the old Alfred Reese farm three miles south of Rushmore which is sold for $5000 to a party near the Iowa line who expects to make it his home next year. Knute Hokeness who has the place rented will remain another year.

On Friday morning occurred the death of Robbie Thom who has been low for several months with consumption. The family and relatives have the sympathy of the entire community. The funeral was held Sunday, the sermon being delivered at the church in Rushmore by Rev. Lanham of Worthington.

Jacob Stoven returned Tuesday from Brewster where he has been for several days doing carpenter work for his brother.

J.A. Dahlberg departed Tuesday night for St. Paul to consult a specialist in regard to throat trouble which he has had for some time.

J.H. Bryden has moved the building on the south of their hardware store to the rear of the building and fixed it up for a tin shop. They will now move the partition between the storeroom and the old shop and finish it up. This will give them about the space they now have and give a better opportunity to display goods.

S. Bedford was a Worthington visitor on business Friday.

Friday, March 17, 1905


Miss Erie, of Kinbrae visited here Saturday.

T.H. Prideaux, of Rushmore, was in town Monday.

Miss Bush left Friday for a visit at her home in Sheldon.

Mr. Young, of Luverne, supt. of schools, passed thru here Saturday.

The public dance given the 9th by the Borst Bros. was well attended and the music was good.

Miss Julia Chaney left Monday for a weeks visit with Mrs. Geo. D. Dayton at Minneapolis.

Mike Shanahan and John Darby left Friday night for Chicago with a car of horses sent by Bob Erickson.

There will be a box social given in the Fellows school district, number 8, March 14. Miss Blanche Sain Teacher.

Mrs. J.H. Maxwell left Monday for Pipestone and Lake Benton. She will visit with her son, Willis, at Lake Benton.

Rev. McIntosh of Worthington, Minn., preached Sunday morning and evening in the Congregational church. Baldwin, Wis. Bulletin.

Tom Palmer received a new Victor phonograph Saturday that has a very large bell which improves the sound of the instrument greatly and does away with the harsh grating sound.

Mrs. W.A. Shelmar shipped two fine White Wyandote pullets Saturday to E.C. Wilson of Worthington. The birds were among those of the pen which won so many prizes at the various poultry exhibits the past winter and will make a valuable addition to the pen of their new owner. --Herald Luverne.

S. Schoonhoven, who owns a farm between Lakes Henry and Thompson, was in the city Saturday and made the News a pleasant call. Mr. Schoonhoven was in good spirits because on that day he paid the mortgage off his farm and was completely out of debt. Mr. Schoonhoven is an old man and relates a hard luck story that would have discouraged one of less perseverance. In his younger days he owned a farm near Worthington, Minn., and was in comfortable circumstances. About this time he married a widow with two children. His wedded life was not a happy one and he left them and came west where he hired out as a farm hand for $150 a year. Out of this meagre sum he saved some money and in a few years purchased his present farm, making a small payment down. By hard work and perseverance Mr. Schoonhoven has arrived at the day when his free from debt and has a valuable farm and a comfortable home. --News DeSmit, S.D.

Druggist Manning of Lismore was in town Tuesday.

E.L. Nance made a business trip to Brewster Wednesday.

O.W. Johnson, of Minneapolis spent Sunday with E. Sterling.

A. Oberman moved into the Alford house Thursday from his farm near Org.

G.H. Carter left this week for a trip to the northern part of the state.

Richard Sprague arrived Tuesday from Jackson for a visit here with friends.

John Dyer, the gunsmith now has his shop located back of Chaney and Mackay's furniture store.

Hugh Barry returned Tuesday from a pleasure trip to Los Angeles and other places in California.

Miss Gravy left Tuesday for St. James. She has resigned her position with Hart and Co. and will now make her home at St. James.

I wish to announce that I will run for street commissioner for the village of Worthington next Tuesday March 21, 1905. Pat Whelan.

A.R. Albertus and family returned Tuesday from Chicago where he has been in the hospital for quite a while and his health is greatly improved.

We neglected to mention last week that Charley Buchan was here for a visit with friends. He has been employed as core maker in Michigan City Indiana.

A. Oberman and partner have leased the Western Hotel barn and will run it as a feed and sale stable. Mr. Oberman will buy and sell stock and solicit your patronage.

Richard Shultz is now employed with F.C. Stitser and he announces that any one who has left harness for repairs at J. Harden's can get the same by calling at Stitser's.

Any one who has bed springs that need tightening can have it done by calling on A.M. Keelty at the Western House. He guarantees his work if not satisfactory no pay. Will be here all next week.

The Ladies Aid of the Baptist church will give a tea at the home of Mrs. C.F. Bronson next Wednesday March 22 from 3 to 5:30. A most cordial invitation is extended to all ladies.

Wm. Hill made a trip to Adrian Sunday.

Mrs. Biltgen went to Bigelow Wednesday for a visit.

Mr. Shannon, of Checoiko [Chokio?], Minn., spent Sunday with E.J. Helmick.

J.. Kies and J. Mitchell made a business trip to Wilmont Tuesday.

Walter Collins of Roleau, Canada, is visiting relatives and friends here.

I.P. Jenkins has moved back here from Illinois and located on the Barry farm.

A.D. LaDue, of the National Bank of Luverne, called on C.T. Tupper Tuesday.

The Tourist Club will meet with Mrs. J.M. Messer next Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.

Sheriff Fauskee took Barnes McCarthy to Stillwater Saturday returning here Sunday.

Mrs. W.I. Humiston returned Tuesday from a trip to Colfax Springs and Newton Ia.

John Anderson, a former resident here but now of Madelia, called on his friends here Wednesday.

Mrs. A.H. Petrie left Monday for her home at Milwaukee after a pleasant visit with her daughter Mrs. S.S. Smith.

Mrs. Bob Davis returned this week and is living in the country  north of town. Mr. Davis remained in Canada.

Nels Olson returned home Sunday morning from Fergus Falls and Battle Lake where he has been looking after his farm.

A.S. Frane, who formerly lived on one of the Forbes farms, moved to North Dakota, has moved back to this county and located on a farm west of town.

Lynn Lawton has been quarantined with the scarlet fever. Mr. Lawton, Edward and Sterling are rooming at Larson's so that the boys can continue at school.

Bert Willner has been quarantined at the residence of F.M. Hickman with scarlet fever. Mr. Willner's father, of Red Wing, arrived Wednesday and being a doctor, he will take charge of the case.

Herman Schmid, of Iowa, has purchased the John Harden harness stock and moved it to the room vacated by T.A. Palmer. Mr. Schmid will increase the stock so as to be able to supply the needs of all patrons in every line. He is an experienced harness maker and will employ an experienced harness maker and there by fitting his shop with ability to do all kinds of work.


Indian Lake.

Miss Hilma Nelson returned from a six weeks visit at Tracy last Friday.

David Hactor left last Monday for his home at Elon Iowa.

Oliver Thompson and August Anderson are among those that have recently purchased incubators.


H.B. DeVries of Bigelow who recently purchased the G.A. Keller farm south of town was doing business in Rushmore Tuesday.

Election day passed off quietly as usual. On Saturday preceding election the Dewald voters held a caucus and on Monday eve. the people of Rushmore got together and made up a ticket. The poling list was very light in each place and resulted as follows: Rushmore village - Pres. of Council S.T. Wood, members of the board, S.B. Bedford, H.C. Constable, F.A. Carroll Recorder, T.H. Prideaux, Treas., Burr Ludlow; Justices E.S. Wemple and E.G. Edwards; Constables, Melvin Hovey and Jacob Stoven.

Dewald township. H.C. Wasmund re-elected for a term of three years. F.J. Johnson clerk; W.F. Kasdorf, treas.; A.W. Renshaw, assessor; Henry Ivers, justice of peace; T.M. Renshaw, constable; Road Overseers, Dist no. 1. Thos. Fletcher, no. 2, Jos. Bendax; no. 3, Wm. Linderman; No. 4, J.D. Ely; No. 5, L.E. Fisher; no. 6, Bennet Fagerness.

Mrs. T.H. Prideaux returned Tuesday from Worthington where she visited over Sunday.

Miss Susan stoutemyer now living in Worthington visited the latter part of the week with Mrs. J.B. Ludlow.

Leon Leazer has somewhat improved after a severe sickness that at one time looked doubtful for his recovery.

L.T. Arduser who has been assistant cashier of the National Bank since its organization has severed his connection with the bank here and will go to Colton, S.D. to take up similar work in a bank there. Mr. and Mrs. have gained many friends while here and the people of Rushmore will be sorry to loose these young people from their midst.

E.A. Hale and wife of Luverne visited friends in Rushmore Tuesday.

J.H. Bryden and won have unloaded a car of machinery the past week preparing for the spring sales.

Frank Kerr has just completed building a kitchen on the rear of his house and is now putting another addition of a porch.

Miss Eunice Constable  who has visited friends in Indiana for the past six months and taken up a course in music returned Friday.

T.D. Palmer of Worthington was in town Tuesday and disposed of a Victor phonograph to S.C. Wemple.

Friday, March 24, 1905

Asks for Discharge.

A petition for the discharge of the bankrupt in the case of the bankruptcy of John M. Shanahan of Worthington was filed with Clerk Ebhart today. Mr. Shanahan desires to wind up the bankruptcy as rapidly as possible, so that he can start in business again, with the assistance of his brother. -Mankato Free Press.



Peter Ruffing, chairman; John Hotz and Sidney Boden, trustees; A. Brooks, clerk; Fred Lenz, treas.; Grant Cross, assessor; Fred Keisling, Justice of the Peace.


J.C. Thom, chairman; John Weidert and Gerhart Lewis, trustees; J.A. Grieg, clerk; John Rohwer, treasurer; Wm. Thom, assessor; highway supervisors: 1st dist. Roy Thom; 2nd, D. Keller; 3rd J.C. Hoskins; 4th, John Althoff; 5th, S.A. Jacobson, 6th J.K. Behrens.

Little Rock

Williams Royer, chairman; C.C. Hanson and Martin Galvin, trustees; P.C. O'Connor, clerk; Gus Joul, treas; James Faragher and John McCarthy, justices of the peace; Paul Keinetz ad Bud Patterson, constables.


Nic Hendel, chairman; Bernard Their I am is, trustees; Arthur Hensley, clerk; Thomas McLean, treasurer; Thomas Noonan and Albert Thompson, justices of the peace; Thomas Marr, assessor; Henry Mulroy, constable.

Ellsworth Village

President, William Boffenkamp; councilmen, W.Z. Newell, F.M. Sadler, P.B. Sholtes; recorder, C.C. Crowley; assessor, B.H. Basing jr.; treasurer M.B. Burke; justice, G.W. Smith, A.A. Burns; constable M. Finnerty.


Supervisors, H.W. Shore; clerk, Robert Shore; treasurer, J.E. Shore; assessor, F.T. Graves; overseers of highway, Dist. No. 1, Gus A. Selberg; No. 2, Lewis Johnson; No. 3, L.T. Eide; No. 4, John Brink.

Wilmont Village

O.H. Tillman, president; A. Shelquist, Peter Spartz, and Thomas Hayes, trustees; E. Brickson, recorder; W.O. Tillman, assessor; C.W. Mead, justice; John Lebens, constable.

Lismore Village

E. Graf, president; Wm Tentler, A. Greig, M. Plemp, trustees; W.V. Olin, recorder; John Roelofs, treas; Will Higgin, assessor; C.A. Manning, Fred McVennes justices; constables, Geo. Greig, red McVenis.


Lou Johnson, trustee; Henry Hofkamp, clerk; James Ten Cate, treas; John Wassen, assessor; justice, A. Obele; constable, Mr. Doyema.

Grand Prairie

Al Faragher, trustee; A. Tschergi, clerk; Herman Lenz, assessor; John Lenz, treas.; Matt Gerardy, justice of the peace; Frank Smith, constable.

Adrian Village

President, L.M. Marston; councilmen, W.R. Mansel, R.H. Doe, W.E. Timmons; recorder, John McChord; treas, John Colvin; assessor, Wm. Wigham; justices of the peace, F.J. Kilpatrick, O.W. Freeman; constable, Jas Mitchell.


Supervisor, P.C. Anderson; treas, H.A. Voss; clerk E.F. Clower; Assessor, C. King; D.A. Reynolds, Justice of the Peace, Chas King, John E. Salstrom, constables, Owen Hand, Fred Lord; road overseers, 1st dist. Wm. Minden, 2nd John Singree, 3rd C. Borst, 4th Andrew Nelson, 5th J. Erickson, 6th Oscar Pearson, 7th L. Johnson.

Bigelow Village

President, J.A. Fialka, trustees S. Westby, P. Metter, E.H. Brown; recorder E.F. Clower, treasurer E. Salstrom, justice of peace Daniel Colgrove, constables O. Hand, C.F. Millard.

Rushmore Village

Pres. of Council S.T. Wood; members of the board, S.B. Bedford, H.C. Constable, F.A. Carroll; Recorder, T.H. Prideaux, Treas., Burr Ludlow; Justices E.S. Wemple and E.g. Edwards; Constables, Melvin Hovey and Jacob Stoven.


President, Henry C. Wasmund F.J. Johnson clerk; W.F. Kasdorf, treas.; A.W. Renshaw, assessor; Henry Ivers, justice of peace; T.M. Renshaw, constable; Road Overseers, Dist No. 1, Thos. Fletcher, No. 2, Jos. Bendax; No. 3, Wm. Linderman; No. 4, J.D. Ely; No. 5, L.E. Fisher; No. 6, Bennet Fagerness.


C.R. West, president; B.T. McChesney, F.D. Will, Leon Morris, trustees; Otto Knuh, recorder; T.T. Strand, treas; M. McCall, assessor; J.S. Randolph and John Wey, justices of peace; D. Lees and Chas Hartnune [Harthune?], constables.

Indian Lake

Supervisor, J.A. Saxon; clerk, R.W. Abbott; treas., Frank Anderson; assessor, A. Hactor; justice, O. Larson and David Larson; constables, David Larson and Roy Anderson; road overseers, O. Lanseth, dist. 1; M. Lanseth, No 2; J.O. Larson, No. 3; J. Hoffman, No. 4; John Saxon, No. 5.

Round Lake

J.J. Crowley, president; trustees, C.D. Antritter, treas, Charles Ninaber; recorder, J.L. Flint; assessor, F.A. Tripp; justices, W.E. Thielvoldt and F.E. Scott; constables, Duncan Sutherland and John Mercer.


Supervisor, S.J. Anderson; treas, Gardner Estes; clerk, G.C. Fellows; assessor, Geo. Staring; justice, B.T. Young; constable, Geo Hart; road overseers, dist. 1, Henry Apel; 2nd, Fred Mahr; 3rd, Henry Neilsen; 4th, Martin Ogg.


Olaf Noren left Tuesday for a trip to Canada.

Nels Anderson left Tuesday for a visit in the Twin Cities.

Emil Craft recently purchased a nice young working team.

Burr Ludlow passed thru here Monday enroute for Bigelow.

Mrs. Sahlstrom and child of Bigelow arrived Monday for a visit.

Robert Miller arrived last Friday from Soo City for a visit with H.J. Ludlow.

Bert Willner is improving nicely. His father left Monday for his home at Red Wing.

Miss Pearl Leuhrs played a violin solo at a Woodmen social at Reading last week.

Art Jenkins was up from Rushmore visiting his sister Mrs. Edwin Fields last week.

Misses Julia Town and Marjorie Shell went to Sibley Friday, to visit a few days with friends.

Ed. Moberg and Jacob Seline left Monday for a trip through Texas and other southern States.

Mrs. Willner, of Red Wing arrived Friday to take care of her son, Bert, who is ill with scarlet fever.

Ed Klein, of Rushmore, was visiting at the home of E.E. Fields of this city, returning home Sunday.

Mrs. Collins left Monday with her son Paul for Rochester where the boy will undergo an operation.

Edwin Fields of this city left Sunday for Rushmore to visit relatives and friend, returning home Tuesday.

Frank Williams held a sale at his farm north of town last week and everything brought a fair price.

Leonard Stuteback from northern Wisconsin, passed thru here Friday enroute for his former home at Wilmont.

Mrs. Frank Klein, of Rushmore, came up Tuesday for a visit with relatives and friends returning home Thursday.

Marriage licenses were issued to Edgar F. Spielman and Cora Alters; W.O. Tilman and Anna Young; Chas. Schaefer and Katie Bhrens [Behrens?].

Miss Mae Tupper is enjoying a two week vacation from her school which has been closed because so many of the scholars were afflicted with whooping cough.

H. Pfeil, one of our prosperous farmers residing four miles south of town, received one of the noted $400.00 cabinet grand Brambach pianos, of New York last Thursday.

D. Cramer and A. Edstrom recently completed a well on the farm of G.W. Patterson seven miles north west of town. The water rose 112 feet and forced the apparatus out in a few minutes after the vein was struck.

Mrs. Wyatt went to St. Paul Friday.

Jas Ramage made a business trip to Minneapolis Friday.

J.J. Kies made a trip north the first part of this week.

W.F. Johns of Luverne spent Sunday here with his brother.

George John of Beloit Kansas, is visiting his aunt Miss Nettie John.

Mrs. H.P. Lewis expects to move to Wilmont the first of next week.

Dr. Dodge and wife, have moved into the house vacated by J.D. Matteson.

W.H. Stranger and wife, of Wilmont spent Sunday here with J. Green.

Rev. Berg, of Windom, and Rev. O.K. Moberg exchanged pulpits last Sunday.

Art Steinhaus is putting on some spouting for Mr. Steinman who lives in the country.

G.O. Westman returned Saturday from Conifrey, Minn., where he has conducted religious meetings.

Grand Millinery Opening at Miss Fahy's, Thursday Friday, and Saturday, Mch, 23, 24, and 25.

W.H. Stranger has sold out his draying business at Wilmont and will move to Arkansas to make his home.

Geo. Calvet will move into the Lars Sorem house and Mr. Sorem will move onto his place in the country.

Mr. Brown, of the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co., was here this week looking for a house so that he could move his family.

Frank Kaynor left Tuesday for a weeks visit at his home in Spencer, Ia., Cliff Loveless taking his place at the Worthington House.

Mr. and Mrs. Carlson arrived the 10th from Denmark and will make their home here in the future. They are related to Jens Christensen and wife.

C.O. Peterson, returning from a two weeks visit at Chicago, Joliet and Lemont, Ill., amongst relatives, brought with him a friend. Joseph Hamvin, of Joliet, Ill., who wants to find work on farm for the season.

A. Oberman and partner have leased the Western Hotel barn and will run it as a feed and sale stable. Mr. Oberman will buy and sell stock and solicits your patronage.

H. Peter Lewis has purchased the property formerly owned by Cornelius Poort. After having some papering and painting done in the house Mr. Lewis will have his family moved up from Worthington. --Wilmont Initiator.

Miss Rae Leverich has arrived in the city from Mankato to assume charge of the trimming department at the BonTon Millinery. Miss Leverich spent the last season in St. Cloud also, and made numerous friends here. Miss Shaughnessey is working a force of ten girls. --St. Cloud Times.

Word was received Wednesday of the death of Mr. Wilbern at Sibley, Ia. His daughters, Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Hickman left for Sibley as soon as possible. Mr. Wilbern was in charge of an elevator and while looking after some cans of coal, was run over by a car. The Sioux City Journal reported that a flying switch was being made. Funeral was held Tuesday.

The sewing society of the Swedish Mission church met Thursday with Mrs. Nels Grelson.

The Misses Ida and Julia Blegen, of Hills, Minn., who have been making their home with their sister Mrs. A. Hardow, of this city, were unexpectedly called home Wednesday on account of sickness but expect to return in a short time.

Axel Nordtrom writes from Canada to his sister Mrs. Moberg that he has succeeded in homesteading a fine piece of land and is now engaged in cutting wood, boarding with Rev. Moberg's brother who lives up there and is doing well. Axel is well pleased with the venture and satisfied in all respects.


Indian Lake

Chas. G. Larson, of Cherry Hill Farm is making preparations for the erection of a fine residence this coming summer.

A joint birthday and surprise party was given at the residence of N. Nelson and wife Thursday in honor of their son, Carl.

Friday, March 31, 1905


Harry Lear left Thursday for Okiboji.

Mr. Luehrs left Friday for a trip to Cherokee Ia.

Brakeman Manchester's trial has been postponed until Friday.

Dr. Wiedow made a business trip to Round Lake last Saturday.

Jim Devaney left Friday for a visit with his sister at Estherville.

Frank Turner returned last week from a trip to Michigan and New York.

Mrs. Walter Clement and son, Dan arrived Wednesday for a visit with her mother, Mrs. Shell.

White Wyandotte eggs for sale at one dollar per setting. The best for hatching. Mrs. Foster Moore.

Frank Kaynor returned Wednesday from Spencer, Ia., where he has been duck hunting for the last week.

Ira Fox and Frank Hickman returned Monday from Sibley where they were called by the death of their father-in-law, C.D. Wilbern.

Ed. Ells formerly employed here with the House of Torrance and also with A.R. Albertus, is now located with George E. Lennon's clothing store in St. Paul.

F.C. Stitser has moved his harness shop into the blue front building just one door north of where he had his store. This building has been fitted up and it will give him more room to display his goods.

A party was given at the home of Mrs. Geo. W. Wilson, by the ladies of the tourist club last Friday evening in honor of Mrs. H.P. Lewis, who will leave for Wilmont in a short time to make her future home.

Engineer Jenkins Morgan, on a freight train was killed in Mankato yards Wednesday morning by the engine running off the track and tipping over. He was badly scalded. Cause of accident unknown, but a broken rail was found which is supposed to have derailed the engine. The fireman was unhurt.

A.A. Wheeler, of Chicago, spent Sunday with his cousin, J.J. Kies.

Miss flora Buchan left Saturday for a few days visit with friends at Rushmore.

E.H. Nicholas left Monday to spend the week attending grand opera at Minneapolis.

Miss Rose Dobner returned Tuesday from Ellsworth where she visited with her sister Mary.

Andrew Gustafson is now employed in the workshop of Swanson and Anderson's furniture store.

Mrs. W.M. Evan left last week for Los Angeles, Cal. Her children are visiting with their grandmother at Gowrie, Ia.

Mrs. Adams, national superintendent of purity work for the W.C.T.U., will speak at the Baptist church on April 10th and 11th.

The ladies of the W.C.T.U. will hold their mother's meeting on Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Hedberg. Let there be a good attendance.

Charley Anderson, who is employed on Ramage's dray line speared a 20 pound pickerel Sunday night. Many people are astonished to hear that pickerel of such size excited [existed?] in our lake.

Cyrus D. Wilbern Met Instant Death

Cyrus D. Wilbern one of the most substantial and highly respected citizens of Sibley met instant death yesterday afternoon at two o'clock under the wheels of a Rock Island freight car. He had left the office of the Harris Elevator Co. and started up the side track toward the Rock Island depot. About the time he reached the wagon crossing an engine and freight train came up behind him. Hearing the noise from behind he stepped out of the way of this train and got over on the main track just as a second train headed west was backing up. The train on the main track had "kicked" a car to run it in side track and as he stepped inside the rails the loose car struck him from behind, two wheels passing over him just below the groin. He was shoved along a distance of thirty of forty feet and both legs were frightfully mangled. The accident was witnessed by Will Redmond and a brakeman, who pulled him from under the car after it had stopped. He made two or three inarticulate cries, gasped and died.

Just how he came to be caught in such a terrible manner is difficult to explain, but it is presumed that he was not aware of a second train being close and the noise of the engine on the side track covered the stealthy approach of the loose car on the main line. Mr. Wilbern was the last person one would suspect of being the victim of such an accident. Of a careful, methodical disposition, and extreme alertness of body, the only conclusion is that he was caught in a veritable trap, formed by a most unfortunate combination of circumstances.

Funeral services will be held this afternoon at two o'clock at the house, and the remains will be interred in the Sibley cemetery. All business houses will be closed from 1:30 to 3:00 o'clock.

Mrs. F.M. Hickman and Mrs. Ira P. Fox, daughters of the deceased, arrived here yesterday afternoon from Worthington. -Sibley Gazette.


Fern Mauskey died March 9, at Worthington, aged 6 months, cause of death being scarlet fever.

Marie R. Marden, a daughter of Mark Marden, died Monday March 27, of pneumonia. Deceased was 18 month old.

James Jack died this week and was buried Thursday March 30. Deceased was born 54 years ago in Robertown, Scotland.


Axel E. Larson, to Hulda E. Jacobson, Wednesday March 22nd 1905, Rev. S. Anderson officiating. After the ceremony a bountiful supper was served at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Strand. They received many useful presents.

Council Meeting

The council met last Friday night and all were present except W.I. Humiston. Minutes of last meeting were read and approved. bill to the amount of $461.34 were allowed.

The bonds of Root. Free for constable, C.W.W. Dow and W.I. Carpenter for recorder were referred to city attorney for approval.

A. Dilman and C. Hogan made application to run pool halls and both were accepted.


Call or address C.B. Andrews, Rushmore Minn., local agent for Avery Threshing Machine Co, for Nobles county.


Indian Lake.

August Anderson contemplates the erection of a handsome new residence this summer.

Andy Christensen arrived last Wednesday from the twin cities for a few days visit with relatives.

Miss Lottie Kunzeman closed a very successful term of school in the Doeden district last Friday.

Albert Gustafson had the misfortune to get the knee cap on his left knee dislocated last week while dehorning cattle.

Andrew Johnson has accepted a position with John Carlson, of Worthington and will work at the carpenter trade this summer.

Misses Nellie Johnson and Violet Saxon, who are attending school at Worthington, came home last Friday to spend a week's vacation.

----End Transcription----


Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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