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Newspaper Articles
from Worthington Advance
 July, 1905

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Friday, July 7, 1905


On Wednesday of this week at high noon, the nuptial ceremony was performed which joined in marriage Miss Catherine Cowing, one of Jackson's fairest daughters, to Mr. Malcolm T. Weikle, of Marshall, Minn. The ceremony took place at the elegant home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Cowing, of this city, in the presence of the members of the contracting parties, Rev. H.G. Cheadle, of Blue Earth, officiating.

The bride was born and brought up in Jackson, and is one of our brightest and most accomplished young ladies, and possesses a charm of manner and is endowed with traits of character which have endeared her to a host of friends who regret to lose her from the social circles of our city.

Mr. Weikle, who has won the heart and hand of this fair daughter of Jackson, is a comparative stranger in our city, but we have reliable information that he is a gentleman of high character and standing in his home town, where he holds a responsible position in one of the leading banks.

Those in attendance from outside of town were Mrs. Harry Addison, of Marshall, a sister of the groom, and Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Albertus and daughter, Jean, of Worthington, Mrs. Albertus being a sister of the bride.

They left on the afternoon train for their home in Marshall. --Jackson Republic.

W.V. Olin of the Leader Takes Unto Himself a Wife

Wallace V. Olin and Miss Eva Kingsley were married Wednesday morning, June 28, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Kinglsey, brother of the bride and Miss Ida Glass attended the couple on this happy occasion.

It was a purely home affair, none being present except immediate relatives. At noon all sat down to a table laden with all the solids and delicacies that go to appease the appetite.

Will Higgins drove to Edgerton and brought the happy pair to Lismore where they arrived in the evening.

Mr. Olin is the editor of the Lismore Leader, a young man of hustle, integrity and honor, and altho the writer has known him but a few months it has been long enough to find in him a man among men. The esteem in which he is held by the citizens of Lismore was shown by the reception received upon arrival here. Mr. Olin's class of young ladies which he has been instructing in vocal music greeted them at the hotel, sang several numbers and presented the couple with a fine rocking chair; the band played several pieces, guns and crackers were fired and a general jollification indulged in.

The bride is a social favorite in her home town, and altho we are unacquainted, we know Olin well enough to know that he would take nothing but the best. In the language of Rip Van Winkle, "May they live long and prosper." -- Lismore Leader.

The many friends of Mr. Olin will extend hearty congratulations.


A most beautiful home wedding took place Saturday evening at the home of the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tuttle, 442 Reed street, when Miss Pearl M. Dean became the bride of Harold S. Tuttle.

The house was artistically decorated, the reception room, where the ceremony took place, was beautiful with greenery and white blossoms, the special feature being an aisle of ferns and palms.

To the strains of the wedding march from "Lohengrin," played by Harris C. Worcester, the bridal party advanced up the aisle of ferns, taking their places by a bank of white blossoms, where the Rev. W.T. Patcheel pronounced the solemn words of the marriage service.

Very fair the young bride looked in her bridal robes of cream silk, and carrying white roses and ferns.

Only relatives witnessed the marriage ceremony, those present being A.E. Tuttle and wife, Miss Hattie Tuttle, Fred Tuttle and wife, Mrs. M.L. Dean, Miss Kittie Dean, H.C. Worcester and wife, E.E. Worcester and wife, Walter and Howard Worcester, H.B. Worcester and wife.

A reception was held at eight o'clock with the Christian Endeavor Society of the Congregational church as the guests.

The bride, an attractive and capable young girl, is the daughter of Mrs. M.L. Dean, and a direct descendant of Miles Standish. About one year ago she came with her mother to San Jose from Los Angeles and has been a student in vocal music at the University of the Pacific.

The groom is the son of A.E. Tuttle, and an '05 graduate of the U of P. He is a bright young man of fine character and excellent prospects, having been elected to the principalship of the commercial college of the U. of P.

Their romance dates back to the days when Miss Dean lived in Worthington, Mr. Tuttle meeting her there. After a short wedding trip, they will make their home in College Park. --From a San Jose paper.


Indian Lake

Miss Mary Anstrom of Minneapolis has been spending a few days with friends and relatives.

P.A. Seline [Saline?] and wife, who left home four years ago for Alberta Canada, to reside there, returned here last week and expect to make their home in this country again.

Rev. Palmborg who has been pastor of the Baptist church for over four years, shipped his household goods to Long Prairie, Minn., where his family will live on his farm while he goes to Canada as a traveling missionary.

A picnic will be held at Gust Nystrom's on the fourth.

P.A. Johnson and wife are the happy parents of a boy which was born last Friday.

Lou Christensen has rented the telephone which was at the parsonage and is now in touch with the busy world.

The residence of Mr. and Mrs. Gust Nystrom was the scene of a wedding last Wednesday when their eldest daughter, Emma, was married to John Blixt. Both of these young people have been born and raised in our town and who have in every person they know, a friend. The wedding was attended by about two hundred guests from the country and nearby towns and the presents were too numerous to mention as nearly everything in the line of silver and glassware was seen besides furniture and a large sum of Uncle Sam's currency. The rich farmers with which Indian Lake is blessed again closed their eyes and dug deep in their pocket books to see who could outdo the others in honoring the young couple. Mr. and Mrs. Nystrom had from all appearances spared neither time or money in making the affair one of the most enjoyable that one could ever wish to attend. Flowers, decorations and attractions were perfect in every detail. When the ceremony was over almost a score of waiters were seen moving about the crowd with huge trays of nearly everything in the line of food and it seemed as if it would never stop. It was one of the biggest and most delicious dinners that has ever been our privilege to attend. In the evening a reception was given and a most enjoyable time was had by the young folks after games, music and social conversation, a bounteous supper was served, after which all departed for their homes. Mr. and Mrs. Blixt go at once with the best wishes of prosperity and happiness of their many friends, to housekeeping on Mr. Blixt's farm which is one of the best farms in the county.


Lewis Jones of Mitchell, spent the fourth here.

Mr. [Mrs?] Amondson of Elon, Ia., is visiting her son Adolph.

Pat Brown attended the carnival at Heron Lake Saturday.

Born -- To Mr. and Mrs. H. Eversole Saturday June 24, a daughter.

Mrs. Charles Saxon returned last week from a visit in Elon, Iowa.

Roy Ross and wife of Kasota visited with relatives here this week.

W.L. Clement wife and son, Dan, visited at the home of D. Shell this week.

F.E. Slaker and family of St. James spent Sunday here with friends.

C. Korsland has resigned his position in the state bank and will leave for St. Paul.

Mrs. C.D. Wilbern, of Sibley and father of Aurelia, Ia., visited here with relatives the 4th.

Born -- To Mr. and Mrs. O.B. Congdon, at Charles City, Iowa, Saturday June 17, a daughter.

Art Lundgren resigned his position at Hart's this week in order to accept a position at Waterloo, Ia.

George Wyckoff left Friday morning for St. James where he has accepted a position in Supt. Slaker's office.

Chas. Foote and family left Monday with their household goods for Cornell, Neb., where they will make their home.

Mrs. McCune of Worthington will put on a play for the Christian Endeavor society the last of July. --Windom Reporter.

Bert Forbes, who is employed as clerk in Mr. McCormick's office in Eau Claire, Wis., spent the Fourth in this city with his mother.

Miss Sadie VanValkenberg and Miss Dunham, of St. James, stopped off here the 4th on their way home as the guests of Mrs. W.J. Dodge.

Fred Tripp is now employed as roadmaster's clerk at Mankato. The vacancy caused by his transfer has been filled by George Wyckhoff of this place.

Last Monday evening while Mr. Richards was driving along the road south of T.A. Voss lightning killed his team. Mr. Richards was on his way from his home in Worthington to visit with his daughter Mrs. Condon. He reached the place where his team was killed, about dark and while coming upon a culvert his team became frightened and shied to one side of the road and there the bolt did its deadly work. It is quite a loss for Mr. Richards but he considers himself fortunate that he escaped with his life. -Signal, Bigelow.

Elof Swanon [Swanson?] left Tuesday night for Pillager.

Jack Frink spent Sunday and the 4th in Luverne.

A.E. Hart moved into the Leistico house on 4th ave this week.

Miss Bessie Woodford of Sioux Falls, is visiting Miss Georgia Lear.

Miss Grace Snow of Sioux Falls is visiting this week at the Coughran home.

J.G. Christie and daughter of Lakefield, are visiting here this week.

Jeff Scott resigned his position in the Citizen's National bank the first of the month.

Emil Olson has returned to Worthington and will probably remain for the summer.

Mrs. W.H. Johnson and child, left Wednesday for a few weeks visit in Minneapolis.

Miss Blanche S. Runyon, of St. Paul, is here visiting with her cousin, Miss Flora Buchan.

David Beers and wife, of Luverne, and their daughter, Mrs. Jack Frinck left Wednesday night for a three months visit in Oregon.

Lou Lidberg of Albert Lea spent the 4th here with friends. He was formerly employed here as cabinet maker with Swanson & Anderson.

Tuesday morning while putting up decorations on his residence, Attorney Town fell from a chair and was quite badly injured but no bones were broken and he is recovering rapidly.

Mr. Ulrich, eldest son of Joe Ulrich, returned from Minneapolis a week ago where he was employed with the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co. He owns and will operate one of their outfits here and is thoroughly experienced with their machines.

James S. Ramage returned Tuesday morning from a trip in California. He intends to return there sometime this month and engage in business. A railroad corporation has been formed in the lumber region of northern California. Mr. Ramage is one of the heaviest stock holders and will be general superintendent. Sixty miles of standard gauge will be immediately built for an outlet of the lumber. His many friends will hope that the venture will prove successful. His family will not be moved out there until about the first of the year. A couple of parties from here may be associated with him in the enterprise, their names are not yet mentioned.


Indian Lake

S. Solmonson left last Monday for Sioux Falls to spend the Fourth.

C.W. McElroy and family left last Saturday for Rushmore to spend the Fourth with relatives, returning Wednesday.

Miss Ellen Ellingson, of Minneapolis, arrived last Thursday for a few weeks at the Ellingson home.

Miss Minnie Johnson who has been visiting in Chicago for over a year arrived home last Saturday.

Lewis Lidberg, of Albert Lea, was visiting friends here last Wednesday.

Miss Mary Sunman of Chicago, arrived last Saturday for a few weeks visit with relatives.

Mrs. Chas. Saxon arrived from Elon, Ia., last Wednesday.

Friday, July 14, 1905


S. Kindlund insures threshing machines while in operation.

Will Fagerstrom is spending a week's vacation in Gowrie, Ia.

S.B. Bedford and wife of Rushmore, passed through here Tuesday.

Miss Gertie Norgard, of Canton, S.D., visited here last week with friends.

Miss Grace Doolittle of Soo Falls, passed through here Tuesday enroute to St. Paul.

Miss Minnie Ecklund went to Mankato Tuesday to visit Mrs. A.C. Hedberg.

Miss Ada Montgomery, of Wilmont, is visiting here this week with friends.

Miss Minnie Olson of Beresford, S.D., is visiting Miss Helma Nelson of Indian Lake this week.

Mrs. Sterling, sister of John Sahlbom, left Tuesday for her home in Pillager after a visit here.

Frank Cronsell of Chicago visited at the home of Nels M. Nelson of Indian Lake Sunday and Monday.

Born -- To Mr. and Mrs. Newton Fauskee, Friday, July 7th, a daughter. It was not a son because the present sheriff is good enough, therefore another is not needed.

Wesley Hankins, brother of Otis Hankins, of Ewington, and of Mrs. Chris Hoffmeister, was operated upon for appendicitis at St. Francis Hospital in Burlington, Ia., last Friday, and expects to be moved to the home of a brother in Ottumwa today, having made a very rapid recovery. The young man left here last spring, and has since been working on a farm near Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. --Brewster Tribune.

C.T. Tupper made a business trip to Fulda last week.

James Ramage made a trip to Windom last week on business.

Mrs. Knox of Cherokee is visiting with Mrs. Wm. Jones this week.

E.L. Nance and family left last Friday night for a week's visit in Hinckley.

Miss Alida Bedford of Rushmore, is visiting this week with Miss Mamie Smallwood.

Miss Lula Lamm of Adrian, visited with Miss Ethel Dean the fore part of the week.

Loren Clark and Joe Kies left last week to take in Barnum and Bailey's circus at Mankato.

Misses Jane and Mamie Jones, of Cherokee are visiting this week with their father, Wm. Jones.

Mr. Hickman father of F.M. Hickman left last week for his home in Redwing after a visit here.

MARRIED - Royal H. Williamson and Mattie M. Jorgenson. Miss Jorgenson is a member of the Salvation Army and has been stationed here for some time. The wedding took place Tuesday evening.

Jeff Scott left Thursday afternoon for Russel, N.D., where he has a position in the Russel state bank. The town is a new one on the Soo road. Mr. Scott is an excellent young man of the best of habits and character, and his numerous friends here will wish him success in the new location.

Miss Florence Hovey returned last Friday from Watonga, Okla, where she had been for three weeks visiting her sister, Mrs. A.W. Ferrin. She likes the country very much and if they can dispose of their property at Wilmont it is probable Mrs. Hovey and she may move to Oklahoma. Miss Hovey reports the Ferrins as getting along nicely Mr. Ferrin has not been troubled with the asthma since going there and the rest of the family are all enjoying the best of health. Mr. Ferrin is doing well in the hardware business and they are all satisfied with condition in their new home. -Rushmore Enterprise.

Miss Ida Roll, of Adrian, is visiting her uncle, Nic Weinandt.

At a recent meeting of the ladies aid society of Evangelical church elected the following officers for the ensuing year: Pres. Mrs. J.H. Muhlhausen, vice pres. Mrs. John Rippberger, Sec. Mrs. James Jack, treas. Mrs. J.H. Schuck. The society is in a prosperous condition.

Friday, July 21, 1905


E.E. Beckley left Tuesday for a business trip to St. Paul.

Born -- Sunday July 16, to Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Gholz, a boy.

Miss Grace Lear has been visiting friends in Sioux Falls the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Blair, of Minneapolis are visiting relatives in this city.

Hart Douglass, of Minneapolis, visited here with friends a few days this week.

Miss Ida Roll returned to her home in Adrian after a pleasant visit with her uncle, Nic Weinandt.

Miss Julia Devaney departed Wednesday for Estherville where she will visit her sister, Mrs. W.C. Butcher.

Gus Sterling, wife and daughter, Sophie, departed Tuesday for Pillager on a visit with friends and relatives.

Mrs. L.L. McCartney left Monday to Elkton, S.D., where she was called by the death of her father, James McCarthy.

Miss Olma Ludtke returned to her home in Fairmont Saturday after a pleasant visit of three weeks with E.L. Schwartz and wife.

DIED -- Carl Steinhagen, of Round Lake, July 15th. Mr. Steinhagen was 64 years old and of German descent. The body was shipped to Sioux Valley for interment.

Last Sunday evening the Young People's Alliance of the Evangelical church elected the following officers for the ensuing year: pres. Mrs. J.H. Muelhausen, vice pres. Geo. Pfeil, sec. Wesley Rippberger, trea. Walter Pfeil, librarian, Miss Sarah Muelhausen, organist, Katie Pfeil.

The school meeting last Saturday night was a quiet affair. E.A. Tripp and G.W. Patterson were elected to succeed themselves. The others of the board are, I.T. Branigan, G. Morrison, C.J. Smallwood, and A.T. Latta. The meeting was very largely attended.

Miss Ethel Patterson is employed in Torrance's store.

Mrs. Merritt Harding left Monday for a visit in Luverne.

Mrs. John Sahlstrom of Bigelow, spent Sunday here with relatives.

Fred Morton, of Sibley, spent Monday here with his cousin, Ira Fox.

A.C. Hedberg arrived here last Tuesday from Mankato for a visit here.

W.V. Olin, of Lismore, editor of the Leader, has purchased the Luverne Journal.

Miss Mary Johnson departed Wednesday to visit with Miss Jessie Hedberg at Mankato.

Mr. and Mrs. Myers of Homer, Neb., are here visiting their sons, W.G. and H.S. Myers.

Miss Arlouine Loveless left Wednesday for a visit with friends in Jackson and Minneapolis.

I.N. Wilson was prostrated by the heat Wednesday afternoon and is in a very serious condition.

Miss Ella Morton of Rushmore passed through here Saturday enroute from Woodstock to Rushmore.

Jay Wolven went to St. Paul Monday where he has secured a position in a wholesale hardware store.

Clarence Pannell went to Canada Monday night to join his brothers, Charles and Clark who have a farm at Drinkwater, Assinibois.

DIED -- July 16, Ruth P. Humiston, six months old daughter of F.L. Humiston. The funeral was held Monday, Rev. McIntosh officiating.

Geo. Lawson left Wednesday night for a three weeks' visit with friends in Omaha. Miss Fairfield is working in his place at the Herald office.

R.L. Morland left Monday morning for Duluth where he will attend a meeting of the State Pharmaceutical Association which meets there this week.

Major O'Connor representing the Stillwater Threshing Machine Co., was in town the fore part of the week. He is an old resident of this county and is well known here.

The Epworth League held a business meeting at the home of John Hansberger Monday evening. A mission study class to meet every two weeks was organized with Miss Edna Mackey as leader.

Misses Matie and Pearl Barnes returned Sunday from Morton county N.D., where they have been located on homestead farms. They will take charge of the same schools they taught last year.


A meeting will be held at Masonic hall, Worthington, Monday evening July 24, 1905 at 8 p.m. to meet Capt. A. Schaefer of Rushmore and perfect the preliminary organization of a company of the Minnesota National Guard. Men of good character and sound physique between ages of 18 and 45 are eligible for enlistment.
A.R. Albertus
C.T. Tupper
S.S. Smith

Friday, July 28, 1905

A Surprise Party

A farewell surprise reception was tendered Nels Sandstrom and wife residing upstairs over the Singer store last Friday evening by the members and friends of the Swedish Mission church where Sandstrom and wife have held offices, Sandstrom as secretary, asst. Sabbath school superintendent, revisor and janitor of the church while Mrs. Sandstrom has been secretary of the sewing society.

Between 25 and 30 had gathered at the home of Carolus Peterson and stole a march upon their friends. bible reading and a few appropriate remarks by local preacher, G.O. Westman presented a bottom tight sack containing some of Uncle Sam's currency, after which a social intercourse was enjoyed and Christian experience testimony given by several and the ladies served coffee.

Sandstrom has entered the employ of John Hoffman Tailoring Co. of Windom and left Tuesday. The family have only been here about a year, arriving from Sweden and their friends regret to see them leave, but the move is made for financial improvements.


Charles H. Alford, an old resident of Buffalo, and lately of Davenport, died at 5:45 Tuesday afternoon, from cancer of the stomach. Mr. Alford was 56 years of age, and was born at Keokuk, Ia. In his early years his parents removed to Buffalo, where he spent about 30 years of his life, before the family moved to Worthington 20 years ago.

From there Mr. Alford came to Jamestown about three years ago, to take charge of the store of his halfbrother E.T. Langwith, which he ran until illness compelled him to quit.

He leaves a wife and two sons, Clarence at Minneapolis and Bena to home {?}. A brother, W.E. Alford, lives at St. Louis, and a half brother, H.J. Ladner, at Blue Grass, and half sister, Mrs. F.E. Frank, on Henry street in this city, besides E.T. Langwith a half brother, living at 760 East High street.

The funeral will be held at 1:30 Thursday afternoon, from the home 514 West 16th st. Interment at Rose Hill Cemetery, Buffalo Ia.


Sheriff Fauskee made a trip to Mankato Tuesday.

Mr. Levine and Will Devaney left Monday for Estherville.

Mrs. C.M. Crandall and son departed Tuesday for Mankato.

Miss Marjorie Shell departed Monday for a visit in Sibley.

N.G. Bylander of Reading returned after a two weeks visit at Wakefield Neb.

Mrs. Z.M. Smith and daughter left Tuesday morning for a trip to Willsville Ohio.

Mrs. H.E. Lamb, of Eau Claire Wis. was in town this week looking after her mother's interests.

Miss Bramvold of Redfield S.D., arrived here Sunday evening for a few weeks visit with Mrs. Helmick.

C.W. Davis formerly located here and who moved from Dundee to Lewiston has again moved to Dundee.

John A. Anderson came down from Minneapolis Sunday morning for a short visit with parents and friends.

Albert Hagberg has purchased the Otto Fisher eighty acre farm west of town five miles. Consideration $40.00 an acre.

James Ramage is sick with typhoid fever. It is thought that he contracted the disease while absent from here last month.

Mrs. F.W. Stanton returned Tuesday from her visit with her husband in Portland. She will assist in nursing James Ramage.

DIED -- Julia Kruger age 53 years, of paralysis, in Ransom July 25th. She leave a husband and several children.

Mrs. F.C. Stitser returned home Saturday morning. Her many friends will be glad to learn that her eyesight is being restored slowly.

Dr. Walker who has been in Chicago for the past two months studying surgery, electricity and diseases of women will return next Monday to take up his work here.

W.H. Buchan has placed a boat pier at the foot of 3rd ave. It being the custom that all private piers on the lake shore become public, the public ought to feel very grateful to Mr. Buchan as his location should have a boat landing.

A meeting of militia enthusiasts was held last Saturday night in Rushmore. They are trying to get enough men to make two squads of eight men each and one sergeant. By doing this it is expected that they will not have to come here every week to drill.

Dr. Gould returned last week from a fishing trip to Duluth and vicinity.

J.W. Pepple and F.A. Tripp of St. James spent Sunday here with relatives.

MARRIED -- Rob Palmer and Naoma Caldwell at the court house Monday.

Miss E. McCall of North English Ia., visited here last week with Lou Harris and wife.

J.D. Humiston returned home from Duluth where he was in attendance as federal juror.

Mrs. Rod Hicox, of Barron Wis., arrived this week for a visit with Ole Fauskee and family.

Mrs. Coles of Riceville Ia., and daughter, Vera, are here visiting with E.F. and Will Buchan.

Mrs. F.R. Coughran and daughter Josephine, left Friday for a month's visit in northern Wisconsin.

Mrs. F. Little of Tolono Ill., arrived the first of the week for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. M.E. Lawton.

Walter Paine and wife left the first of this week for Nebraska where he was called by the death of his sister.

Misses Grace Carland and Margaret and Jack Grigby of Sioux Falls are visiting here with Miss Grace Lear.

The Lady Maccabees will give a lawn social Aug 2nd at Mrs. Stanley Moore's. Refreshments will be served for 15 cents.

Mrs. Biltgen and Miss Margaret left Friday for a family reunion at Bigelow. Mrs. Biltgen's 60th birthday was the cause of the event.

A.S. Schaeffer and wife of Rushmore were here Monday. Mr. Schaeffer is interested in the militia project which is being agitated here at present.

Miss Vesta Cornish of Vernon Center, and Miss Julia McDonough of Butterfield, spent Sunday here with Mrs. M.P. Mann. They were instructors in our summer school for two years.

A ball game between Heron Lake and Lake Park was pulled off Sunday at Diaen's grove Round Lake. Heron Lake was assisted by Verne Hayden of this place who played 1st base. Score 7 to 5 in favor of Heron Lake.

Frank McNair, who was deputy sheriff under Reiter from 1901 to 1903, was here a short time Monday on his way from Sioux Falls to Buffalo, New York. He is now in the detective service for the Lake Shore railway out of Chicago. --Ellsworth News.

R.V.O. Bartlett's restaurant, known as the Cafe Monico, was closed Monday. Mr. Bartlett made an assignment of the fixtures and stock to the Sibley State bank to satisfy the claim of August Grohman for rent, the bank being agent for Mr. Grohman, and also to satisfy a mortgage held by the bank. Mr. Bartlett and his wife have been careful, industrious people, who have tried faithfully to make the business pay but three years of bad crops and dull times have been too much to overcome. It is possible that there restaurant may by opened under new management soon. --Sibley Gazette.

C.H. Ager, of St. Louis, is the guest of W.W. Stuart. --- Dr. James Wallace, president of Macalester College, has resigned but remains as professor of Greek and sociology. --- C.H. Ager, of St. Louis, is out two grips containing a new suit of clothes, twenty yards of flannel, and other valuables. He gave them to a stranger whom he took to be an expressman for delivery, and started up town on a wheel. The night police found the empty grips in a box car that night. --Hastings Gazette.

A peculiar case of suffering with out physicians having known the cause is that of Mrs. Radl of Sleepy Eye, mother of Michall Radl in that town. She had great pains in her stomach for ten years and she found her only ease in drinking large quantities of strong whiskey. It is said that she drank enough when her suffering was intense to intoxicate any accustomed drinker, but upon her it had no such effect. Recently a large lizzard passed from her in the natural way, when her pains ceased, and since then she can not even drink a glass of beer with out feeling an effect. It is thought that the whiskey Mrs. Radl drank intoxicated the lizzard and its stupor then gave her stomach ease. -New Ulm News.

BORN -- To Mr. and Mrs. R.U. Hattenhauer Wednesday July 26th, a boy.

Alex Young had the misfortune to get his left hand caught in his hay carrier, which badly lacerated three fingers and thumb. -- Mrs. George Weidman, of Worthington, came up on Tuesday and visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Knudson till yesterday morning when she returned home. -Wilmont Initiator.

J.L. McConkey commenced cutting his early oats on John Silver's place yesterday. He has fifty acres now ready to cut that are expected to yield about sixty bushels per acre and the heads are hard as bullets. We are informed that Henry Knuth began cutting oats Tuesday. Small grain promises to yield more to the acre and to be of better quality than for several years past. --Brewster Tribune.

----End Transcription----


Microfilm, Worthington Advance; Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN; obtained March, 2008.

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